Yellowbrickroad (2010) Movie Script

One morning in 1940,
ran the entire population of Friar...
over a mountain trail in the wilderness.
Most of them were frozen to death.
Some were brutally massacred.
But most were
never recovered.
In this confidential information
is a sound recording of a survivor...
performed prior
of this study.
In office 8
reported at 11.00
on October 10, 1940.
File: 63708NA90
Subject is the last citizen,
and sole survivor of the missing.
provided at 257.
This case needs further study.
Gentlemen. Thank you.
Sir, how is it that you are the only
surviving are
I walked...
- You're the only survivor. Why?
"Everybody else dead...
"I could not... '
"I left them behind...
the path... '
Subject holds his hands over
his ears and pain. Mr...
What you heard?
- I heard...
What you heard, sir?
Do not you hear?
Do not you hear?
Am I the only one here?
No sir, I'm here.
I'm not too late, right?
- About two minutes we close.
Thank God.
You are here for Friar New
Hampshire, the old way.
Two forms of
Photo identification, if you want.
Mr. Barnes, you're asking,
There are certainly people...
who would rather not have.
I understand that.
I have full confidence in
you that my collection of letters...
will add to the gray
in the public domain.
You should be thinking more positive,
Mr. Barnes.
All for you The file,
photographs, and songs.
Oh, my God.
- In addition...
I want to apologize for all these years
of discomfort with your wife and you
Even if you do not really need.
But I do.
I will give you some photos, Mr. Barnes.
Excuse me...
We drink.
You drink.
You will now no classes, Teddy.
So drink.
Pour into well but, Walter.
Besides, the general view is
if you can not do what you like...
you than resorting
to education.
Except that I did not know where
I was going, that's what happened.
And that's why we drink.
I will really miss.
I do not know what to do.
What if we look at drinking
we throw everything out the window?
And work for what it is.
The Walters is staying here.
What if we do another book?
He has it.
- No, he does not.
In some ways it is real.
Mr. and Ms. Barnes, this is Jerry Abbott
from Hampshire.
We just want to pass
that your request has been through.
I can not say that people here
there are very enthusiastic about.
The Ranger will arrangements.
He will no firearms with them.
And you better not.
Good luck with the trip.
Who the hell do you think you are?
Stay away
Do not come here.
We do not talk to you.
We come here to help people
like you to avoid, transfer it.
Here you will be afraid of?
In a good way.
Would you be disappointed
if you go there and...
with a clear story
and pictures of a few bones?
I was very disappointed.
Just like me.
I love you, Bellamy.
I've already told you?
I love you more.
Well, day one: not very difficult.
Today we pack up and leave.
We want at noon in the path.
As many field studies
before dark.
Why do not yet summer camp
and we do the consultation here.
I'll go first. I'm Melissa Barnes
and do this regularly...
and put the compass in the field.
I'm Cy Banbridge, forest service,
They have asked me...
but it seems unnecessary.
Daryl Luger, I am reader.
- Luger Erin, we are readers.
There are no new maps of the north
added since the turn of the century so...
So apparently we are lucky.
Is that so, Cy.
- That's us.
Michelle Bateman,
Teddy and Melissa's intern.
Jill has the kit with them
so they can take care of the blisters.
Trent and painkillers.
Walter Myrick, I give behavioral psychology.
I'll do some testing day
and captured with this camera.
But you know, no stress,
Just as normal as possible.
It's still early I know, but...
I make enough.
Teddy Barnes, co-author.
Photographer, that's clear.
The story of the Friar fascinates me.
I'm not sure we all
will find answers.
But I can tell you that we
blessed that we get a chance...
a legend,
able to establish a history.
I'm going to a few questions
and want you to honestly answer, right?
not think too much, is that right?
- Great, but ask your questions.
What is your name?
- I have already..
I see, Cy Banbridge.
What are you here?
- Good enough.
What smell you associate with the color red?
- You're definitely a joke?
Cherry, I cherry.
What does that mean?
- That you have no brain damage.
- You keep him with you.
Here, this way.
- Here?
According to this, and the coordinates
that you should have given it here.
That thing is broken.
These coordinates are correct.
- Do you see a path somewhere then?
We are looking for a mountain path.
Are you a bunch of backward walking,
or something? For you are in a cinema.
Hey, wait a minute.
- Fuck you.
Tickets are eight dollars,
So 56 of you together.
So you go watch a movie?
Hey, you're awesome.
Forward, this is not happening.
We're outta here.
What are we looking?
Something with guns, tits,
and the end of the world.
Nobody wants to talk to us.
It's good. I am not one of the evil,
just jealous.
- Because you can walk down the road.
Only we can not,
for there is no path, right?
The coordinates were false,
in one way or another...
they lead us here, why we are here
Now go run like motherfuckers.
Has anyone ordered to
not to talk to us?
My grandfather has
worried me this job.
He has been the owner for a while, until
He died of throat cancer last year.
He was friends with the owner.
That was before everyone walked away.
- Your grandfather was here in 39, 40?
To houthaktripjes weekend, yes.
I have to change the coil.
- Wait a minute.
I am a movie star and become
now paid.
Reach right down
on the back.
Left over from the past:
"Gone With The Wind" original print.
That's half the Oz movie.
Who was stuck in the projector.
He plays it no longer, it is worn
touched by all the times playing.
Hey, I did not say
you could use me as a source, right?
I do not have much money. - You have
something much better, an expedition.
- You take me in the leg.
I walk my own stuff,
I can cook.
I can tell you everything
I know the book.
I have no real family anymore,
no money to go to the South.
Please, you must take me.
- I appreciate it, but you're not listening.
There is no path.
There is no journey.
But there is a path.
Have you seen it?
- There is even a marker.
It says 'yellow brick road' on.
We drink it now and then,
when we are afraid.
I have the first 100 meters once walked.
What is your full name
- Ann Liliane Luger.
I want you to talk Jibbrisch
until I say you should stop.
Ann, stop it.
- Okay.
Without looking at your watch
Can you tell me what time it is?
15.17 hours.
- Well done.
Two times two is four.
Four times four is eight.
Two times eight is sixteen.
Sixteen times two is thirty-two.
Thirty-two times two is sixty-four.
Sixty-four times two is
one hundred twenty-eight.
Another hour.
You could break your wrist again,
that would be nice.
Only one hour, right?
Indian cucumber,
Count on them but, they are tasty.
How do you feel now?
a bit excited, full of insects,
but otherwise great.
Make ongoing movement,
until I say stop.
I'm not finished.
- I said stop. Thank you.
Count prime numbers,
start at two.
Two, three.
Five, seven.
Eleven, thirteen. Seventeen...
nineteen, twenty-three.
- Fantastic. Stop.
I won the Olympics for fastest lighter
four years in a row.
Summer Camp Olympics, of course.
- Fastest lighter?
How do you do that?
You tie a rope 18 cm
above the ground...
and the first who, by
through fire, wins.
18 inches? Child's play.
I do it twice as fast, at least.
Hey, Cy!
Moose are dangerous?
Yes, with moose mess, for sure.
I have seen how someone on the horns
took him and threw 15 meters far.
If that's all you are worried about.
I do not hate bears.
A bear kills a lot more than a moose.
Yes, but it's the horns,
I'm not on the horns.
Hey, guys.
Give to me.
- Give me that.
One, two...
- You want to trade? Lollipop, lollipop.
No one moves.
Grab your soul!
- Asshole!
How do you get that?
- Just found.
In the woods when I had to pee.
I almost slipped on the leaves.
Have you peed on?
- Very out mid thirties.
Someone takes the piss us.
- Look at the label.
You chased me the meaning of fear.
- Wait, look.
Impossible for this hat
70 years is located here.
Maybe someone lost it.
At this time.
Someone close.
- So my spine.
Nice try, but that's wrong.
We should keep him well.
- Can I put it on?
Why would you want to put it on?
I do not know, it seems best
good way to keep the hat.
Of course.
Wait a minute.
Do not do it with the hat.
Your name?
- Melissa Barnes.
Where are you now?
- On the path. We are on the path.
How do you feel?
- Well, actually good.
Occasionally some pain in the stomach,
but otherwise...
What do you associate with the color blue?
ammonia or chlorine might
as in a pool.
Congratulations, or something.
- I'll see you at the camp.
So, fall in October 1940.
- Yes.
and that would be about 15...
And Roosevelt gave no
any attention to the woods.
Nobody does that.
People lose hope...
and spend all their time and I
mean all their time in the bios.
Sitting staring as gnomes.
- And in the Emerald City.
- How about the official records?
Was the only credible
of myself. So I went to Friar.
To see for yourself.
Spoke with a staff member.
What did you think?
They have not left everything behind.
Only the stuff they took.
Not the things you would expect.
He said the evening dress was gone.
hats, costumes and other things.
Melissa told us that only
after we took the hats.
He thought we music
it had taken.
On one of his old photos that he attended
the creek came back we just left
It's amateurish,
that's ridiculous.
Just wait until we're sure.
If you say...
Coordinate 5 at 11.9 degrees
to the northwest.
Coordinate 6 at 7.01 degrees
to the northwest.
Coordinator: are you ready?
- Go on.
Coordinate seven is 62 degrees,
it is now the North.
Demonstrate eyes, I have to recalibrate.
It tastes still nowhere.
Take that hat off.
I mean it.
- A problem.
Have you made it much?
This is Teddy, do you hear me?
We are over.
GPS indicates that we are Quam over.
What did you say about?
Over and out.
Intern, where did we get here?
Forty miles northwest of Florence.
Would be a Tide Mill.
Far away.
Wind tunnel.
Natural amphibian theater, anyone?
Hey, Jill the intern, where are we now?
Just outside Melbourne.
Hello Melborne.
The dingo took my baby
Object four, this is day three.
First memory that comes to mind.
My first cat, Reddy.
Remember how sounded Reddy
- Yes.
Can you imitate that sound?
- Should I meow?
Stop the engine!
I've heard.
- I heard it too.
Oh, my God, oh my God,
Oh, my God, oh my God,
Oh, my God, oh my God.
Theories, a: solar flares,
egomorfologie and magnetism.
Two: human presence.
As Cy suggested.
That we thwarted by the FBI.
Three: selective hallucination.
We the psychosis as
if it were a disease. Maybe far-fetched.
But Daryl and Walter's work with
indicate the noise levels on...
That the the end of the road.
Four: they are the people of the Friar.
- They are the "runners. "
In some ways they appear.
This is what we know: "We're not crazy '
Our instruments store stampedes.
We are five days away
from civilization with luggage.
Three no.
So here we are, this
meeting is officially...
the ability to go back.
No, no, you can not be serious.
For I am the one who proposes
to return.
None of your theories explain the music.
How do you explain the music?
How can we all crazy,
I do not understand that.
They listened to this music.
Over and over again,
My grandfather told me that himself.
You saw the film reels, they
were addicted to.
Wait, take it easy.
Jill, the intern said something funny
and I want more info.
Intern, repeat, please.
- Ikabi, never mind.
Theory five, "The act of God. "
- This is really ridiculous.
What if the population of Friar
assumed that this...
"The way to God. "
A magician, or something to stop the war.
You can always magician
ask for something, right?
- No!
Because if you was old enough to remember
The magician is a little bald dictator.
Everyone must make its voice heard.
- Can you please stop it?
I think we do not know what
going on here and we should go.
I'm afraid.
I think we should consider both.
- But Walter...
If there is an end, and there is something
or someone, what would you ask?
This is a very personal question.
What is your answer, Mr. Barnes?
- Ask him to smile at the camera.
That's all I need.
We both go.
- We do not know where North is.
I call Northeast North.
17 degrees.
How did you do that?
Your sister said you tools
not do well.
Yes, but I do.
That's the North.
You can almost map-reading,
or you're not so good?
I'm too good.
It's a triple magnetic force...
in the opposite direction, as
They flush toilets in Australia.
Leads to the center?
- Yes.
I think it comes from the music.
- Jill, I want to coordinate.
Just like us.
- We have not yet.
We have to go south.
Okay, start preparing.
- I'm working on it.
What is your full name?
- Liv Michelle McCann.
Should I look at you or the camera?
- Look into the camera.
Where is you now?
Daryl said we 100 km
In Yellow Brick Road are.
We hear the music since yesterday morning.
Say the alphabet backwards.
Z, y, x, w, v, u,
...That's enough.
No, let me finish.
V, u, t, s, r,
Q, p, n, m, I,
What was there again for L
L, k, j...
i, h, j, f...
e, d, c, b, a.
There's another one.
Another intersection, people.
What are you talking about?
- What do you think?
I'm not going back.
Not going back.
- I'm not going back.
Your little heart goes so fast again.
It is not small.
I think this is already the slope.
You're not where you are
supposed to be about.
Daryl, I know this should be fun...
but it is not.
Take the hat off.
How do you feel now?
I feel hondsmoe.
talk in Hebrew
until I say you can stop.
Well stop.
Repeat until the gesture
I say you can stop.
It's pretty good.
- Get your arm off me.
I was just...
I missed the music.
That's all.
Where it remained.
When it comes back?
We've heard it before,
you miss it?
What did you see on the tapes?
- No, it's different for everyone.
It's like separations, delays,
association, memory loss.
So many people forget the way back.
Daryl has the coordinates clearly
written down.
I'm not talking about the way home.
I'm on the way back to the beginning.
Who we were when we started.
- We are here, Walter.
We are passed.
I'm sure.
We have enough for the book.
It's not about the book,
but for you. You always try...
things to get you
not even understand. You do not see.
And this time it drives me really afraid.
- Do you see this?
Look carefully.
Go on, everybody.
Poisonous berries.
Atropa belladona.
Night Shade.
Make sure you can keep them apart.
Dangerous and poisonous berries.
I ate him up.
I pressed him fine.
It does not seem dangerous berry.
- Dangerous and poisonous berries.
You know what?
We have earned a celebration.
Okay, but look good,
I mean it.
The fastest lighter, so.
This will really happen.
Somebody get me some in the glass.
Put it on fire.
- Do not let it go out.
Burn it.
- Do not let it go out.
- Ten times closer than I thought.
Why do not we have a smooth
in case someone is cheating?
These are questions for the magician,
ask him that.
There are things...
I do not want to see.
What are you talking about, it's good.
I eat things.
- They look like hallucinations.
We should know.
- There's no place like home.
There is no place like home...
- Guys.
Let me, I want to sleep.
I lied.
That's different, yes.
I never knew my grandfather.
He lived in Maine.
But I am grown up in Friar.
Go to sleep now.
You should have known.
All that gevraag why they
went on the road.
The people of Friar questions
is not it.
If you live there you understand.
It's not something you
a book about writing.
The first thing I asked Jill morning
was a childhood memory.
She told me that it
the end of the Yellow Brick Road was.
We achieve the
end of the day, right?
We take the hint?
- Give her one day.
A day.
Wait a minute.
We must take sides.
Argo and take the bowl
behind us?
No, we wait.
Come on.
Everyone, this 15 minutes
ensure that we can continue.
Your fingerprints are everywhere.
- "Your fingerprints are everywhere. "
You know, you look out lousy.
Is it damaged?
- No.
You have damaged the lamp.
- No.
Is it damaged?
- No.
Take the hat off.
- Is it damaged?
Put that damn hat, I mean it.
Take that hat off.
Give it to me. Take it off
and give it to me.
Shut up and do the hat.
Take off!
If you do not alter...
Daryl, no!
He heads for the trees.
- Let me see.
Stay there and be quiet.
Jill, walk away. We walked...
- What have you seen Walter?
It killed her. Tore her to pieces.
- Why?
They had a fight about that hat.
Walter, what happened?
Listen to me all.
Eric is dead.
- Yes.
There is a terrible tragedy happened.
Walter, you and I set up an emergency camp
here, and Teddy and Cy...
take the knife and collect whatever you can.
Go find him.
- We just go home.
Daryl knows the way to go home.
- He has done it often enough.
He has no book.
If we can find the way home.
I can find our way.
I agree with Cy.
Let the music stop!
- Scaremongering.
Get him back.
Let it go and find him.
- No...
No, we do not.
- What?
Forget it.
- What is it, Jo?
I wondered if I had a candy bar
should have.
Well, I get it all.
It's pretty good.
It's all right, Jill. Teddy and Sarah
Daryl get back and then we go home.
Do you believe me?
- I believe you.
I do not.
I water
and some help, right?
We need to merge
and Mark, right?
We can not leave.
- We go back.
What are you looking?
- Something bright to the body marking.
Liz is not alone.
- I do not care.
They go through Aaron.
Did you go see him this way?
- I think so.
But I do not know what I saw.
Oh God, let it stop.
It seems it's doing that on purpose.
- Sure, instant.
Did you know?
- I saw it too.
I saw it.
Turn that thing off.
Daryl, give me answers.
We know you're there.
- Hello?
Guys, I think
I've done something really awful.
We know.
We know, and it's good.
I hurt my leg.
We will help you,
come here it's good.
Daryl, I want you to good
I listen.
You're not in trouble.
I know.
It seems like no one will forgive you.
But you did wrong.
Anyone who loves you
will forgive you.
We thought it all that he says,
but then again not, Daryl.
I thought it all day long,
we all.
I thought about killing him.
I thought so too, Daryl.
Can you
not just leave?
That you can not, do you?
Maybe we should get him.
- No, no, no. It is not necessary.
I'm coming.
- That's good.
That's right, Daryl, thanks.
I just tie a rope around your hands.
This is a security measure, right?
Yes. That's better.
That's it.
Okay, Daryl.
- Tie me up.
I love him for a while in the holes.
I feel my hands.
- I do not care.
Tie the rope to loosen.
I have questions about the coordinates.
- Do you like music, Teddy?
Music has never been my thing.
But that song...
That song starts to get me in his power.
Begins in his power to get you?
I hear the people and the music.
I hear those who have walked the path.
- The coordinates.
I can not our home.
- You can believe me, you.
Look at the pages, Teddy.
I mean, look.
Yesterday morning at
48.3 miles Pedo Meter...
and it turned out to be 29.2 miles
adding the coordinates when we...
and went to the South.
The next morning
We at 8.45 of the camp
8.2 miles from Pedo meter, while
There were 19 miles out.
We looked at three miles further back, and
we saw the camp on the scope not even.
The coordinates are correct, otherwise you would
have said anything, Aaron had said something.
No, if you follow the yellow brick road
The coordinates are difficult.
They count on, it becomes clear
as you go along.
That's exactly how we make choices
by moving forward.
Looking back is a different story.
Looking back, looking at
page to page.
The whole country is like...
- Show me how it works.
Look on the last page.
So you come to the end of the path, Teddy.
Think it on.
What does he do?
- I do not know, maybe nothing.
I hear a pattern.
- You're kidding.
We can not make it disappear?
You talk too much.
- Go away.
Please, get out.
That's the way home.
He wrote it down.
- Stay tuned!
Daryl was an analyst, so the
coordinates are all arranged.
No, it is there.
This is the way back, here it is,
He wrote it down.
I swear to God...
- You do not.
None of you know me.
You do not even look at me.
- Okay, it's good.
He left behind some equipment, but
we can survive, trust me.
Lady, do you make a joke?
Oh, I am now a "lady"
- Yes, you.
You have even forgotten my name?
- Take it easy.
Do not say that to me.
- Keep your hands off me.
Another reason why we
a word from you to listen?
Because everything comes true.
Teddy and I have to
Siberia looked in the desert.
It means nothing.
What is your plan?
- She did not.
We must stay together, eating
ration and drinking, and then we go.
Not on the path. Let the path dislocate.
To the south. We leave tomorrow morning.
We have the stuff is not it?
- No.
As I see it we go to the west.
- West?
I know there is nothing in the East and
even less in the North, but the West.
It's a better chance.
Maybe we come against them in Vermont.
I'm not very comfortable.
- You have had the chance to talk.
I am talking.
- Bullshit.
Want a reason?
I have a reason that it matters!
I have this knife!
That distinction, I do not take our roads.
I can make a way through the wilderness,
can kill a beast...
or a complete fool with my machete...
in an off-road driving.
I'm not wait until tomorrow.
I want to know what Teddy think of it.
I think we're heading north
must go further.
Really? It is not an option.
No further north.
Think we should go home with answers.
These questions cost us our lives.
These questions were never asked.
It does not matter anyway.
He's fine.
He fell, but there's nothing wrong.
We go to the south.
Liv and I go to the west
tonight, with or without you.
I'm going to personally kill.
This does not die with you...
anyway because they are denied.
And I do not belong to
of a democracy now...
I promise you.
We need to distribute the stuff.
Take the flashlight.
This is ours. The flashlight...
is yours.
And the water?
- I need you.
That we also need.
Do not let this happen.
We must stand guard.
Stay with me.
Stay with me.
Thomas, he is too far away.
Thomas, they see us,
Please stay with me.
Where are you, I do not feel?
- I'm here.
Near you.
- That's better.
I dreamed that we arrived home
but it was no longer there.
It's good.
- It was gone.
The grass was black and
sky filled with smoke.
And I was there but I was dead.
Everyone was dead and gone.
And I was really scared.
It was the worst time
I woke up because...
what if this path is now our home?
Focuses on three properties and make sure
you keep a straight line.
You're doing fine, really.
- Take it. I catch a squirrel later.
Why do not darker than this?
- I do not know.
Are we ever head north?
- You can forget.
Dangerous berries.
Not eat them.
I've tried.
I am not died, but...
You get get high.
- Is that so?
Really really stupid thing to do.
Too much poison, and you get in a daze.
I love this song great!
I think it's beautiful, really beautiful.
I want to walk.
No, no, too dangerous.
We stay here.
Can I touch your hair?
- Okay.
Are you sure we can not walk?
A few more kilometers.
Oh, my God, look!
A squirrel.
Have you eaten?
- I did.
I pressed it a few fine
on've tasted.
How it tasted.
- Bloody.
Yes, it is.
I'll kiss you, that's good right?
- No, Cy.
It was North Dakota.
I do not?
Then we have that woman
bribe to let the dogs.
She would not give for this trip.
Teddy had hives and hives
received from the hot tub.
I believe it.
Mickey will soon die.
Lilian also it is unreliable.
They will not notice that we do not
have come home.
He sits there for days
crying in the dark.
Stop it, Teddy...
He'll be fine.
We are now on their way home.
Here, do not listen to.
But take it.
These are good.
Ms. Taylor?
Pacman picked up,
Christmas was good.
Third grade, Ms. Scott.
Channel hairy.
I can check a box in one week.
I love Bradly,
but he does not know.
I think I love him.
Let's see if I can find the way back.
Holidays in Cape Corn.
I love the beach.
Are you...
Are you angry...
on me?
It's just hard.
Can you help me?
To summarize it all.
We walk right now.
We walk seems like an eternity.
- But that's not true.
We were part of a group
people who walked to the North.
Because we wondered why
Another group went to the North.
We are all ever born
and we all die.
We have done many things in between.
Like this.
Sometimes we have a job.
Like you had a job.
And your job was walking down this road.
I lived alone and sold popcorn.
And I lied because I knew it.
I think I have always known.
If you live in a city long enough you know
the real reason why you are walking.
Just as I feel
your eyes are focused on me,
while I can not even be seen.
You always know that the path is there.
Everyone knows the
and nobody says.
You're ashamed because it can be.
A way out.
You feel that the path you will understand.
I think that's the worst.
That it does.
Tomorrow we reach the mountains are.
Hey guys,
check this out.
Not really.
Have you already had all the time?
We need to distribute the food.
- And no one yet knows.
We are on rations, okay?
We still have a long way to go.
I'm sorry.
I was so hungry.
I'm sorry!
It happens to me.
What has happened to Daryl?
Go to sleep now.
- No.
As the music continues,
and we do not quickly find a village...
I'm something unspeakable with you.
Like what?
I thought of kilometers ago.
All those things I'm doing.
I thought about suicide,
If I was going to cut somewhere in
that I would get confused.
Grab the rope, honey.
Sign up, Teddy.
This is the song, right?
This is a fluke.
- It calls me.
Do not leave me.
I do not.
How did you find anybody?
I can not answer that.
So you're our best friend
been with Teddy and me...
In all these years?
Is not that amazing?
Everything changes when you are deep in
your heart think you tomorrow
maybe die.
Are you sure?
However small, these trees are.
I can go beg in the end,
but you should just work.
Do not like the others,
am not trying to persuade.
I do not talk anymore.
Do I stabbing you down?
- No.
No, I want my blood on that knife.
What do you want?
You have to break my neck.
I do not know how.
You take down my neck, and turns.
I'm not strong enough.
- Yes, you are, anyone can.
But I do not.
- Somewhere inside you can.
You must find your place in
that it can.
Sorry Liz, but
find the place that it wants to do.
Not stop!
Please, oh, God.
I'm sorry, view the recording.
Melissa, I hope you forgive me.
I've seen too much.
It's time for me to go.
I know you really
not want to see, it's just that
the timeline I know...
I know you're here with me.
Stay with me.
Do not look away.
What's your name?
My name is Walter.
How do you feel now?
lot better.
My earliest memories as a child...
over the bars of my bed to climb
to get out.
talk in Hebrew...
Where have you landed?
Teddy, can you hear me?
Leave me here alone.
I'm trapped here and do not...
I do not...
If you had to go...
If you had to go...
Then you had me that morning
awake to make.
I had gone with you.
I want you to know I'm here.
- In the cave behind you.
Going on the run?
I would not run for you.
Why not?
With my sore leg I
You might have a chance.
Will you kill me?
Here? Now?
Please, Daryl.
Should it do so much?
Here we go.
Melissa, are you there?
I heard you on a
If you hear me, maybe...
I'm somewhere on the map
I do not know.
I can not read the coordinates...
I can not trust the coordinates.
You think it... but the trick is that no
an end to it.
But here's the wind.
Are you there?
Are you asleep?
You lie somewhere to sleep without me?
I hope you like the way
home find.
Where it's hot...
and waiting for you.
I hope you give us
Life can still remember.
I hear the music now.
And you will be at Walter...
Walter will be happy too.
Do not think back to Brian.
Imagine never where I am.
And let no one a liar.
And one day..
One day you will not
more of me thinking...
Not even for me to curse.
I have loved you.
Go home.
Am I the only one here?
No, sir, I am also.
Who are you?
- I play the movies, of course.
You must help me...
Please, listen to me.
Listen to me.
- I listen!
There are others.
- Yes.
I need help finding them.
You must understand, I left them behind.
They no longer need your help.
How do you know?
- Because I've seen.
Is that so?
What happened to her?
Oh, Ms. Barnes?
I've just seen her.
Did you know?
Is she here?
Is it the end?
Indeed, sir,
she has reached the end.
But there are so many ends...
Enjoy your movies, Mr. Barnes.
Sit down, sir!
This is our house.
The grass is black.
And the air dirty.
All men are gone.
This is our home...
This is our home.