Yellowstone Romance (2022) Movie Script

So this box still needs
to be labeled.
And then these will be wrapped
as a series of three.
Oh! No, no, no. No.
That piece stays here.
It's just the Michaud
and the Vasquez
that need packing.
And please wrap them tight.
No wiggle room. Okay?
Hey, it's me.
Hey, Liv.
Just calling to check in
to make sure
everything's on schedule?
As long as
the carrier's not late,
I will be on the plane by 3:00
and back in time for Thai night.
Great, because I have some news.
What is it?
I'll tell you when you get here.
I've got to go,
but I will see you at home.
You can't leave me
hanging like that.
All right, we can't be late,
so let's get these on the truck.
Amber, I'm home.
I'll be right out.
Sorry if the food got cold.
My flight got delayed.
By the way,
I officially hate my job.
You hated it before you left.
This last tour confirmed it.
I'm essentially a UPS service
for the gallery.
Hey, maybe that's
what I should do.
Deliver mail
here in the neighborhood.
Then I wouldn't have to
miss out on my latte
from Jumpstart
or my best friend
in the whole world.
Or you could work on your art.
I don't want to talk about that.
What I do want to talk about
is your news.
Hold that thought.
It's open.
Why? Is that Justin?
He'd better not
know this news before me.
- Hey!
- Hey.
Liv, you remember Dylan, right?
Oh, yeah, yeah.
You two were, like,
hanging out before I left.
Yeah, yeah.
It's good
to see you again, Olivia.
And, ooh, I see the food
has arrived.
Dylan's been joining me
for Thai night
while you've been away.
That's great.
You haven't told her?
Told me what?
As you may recall,
Dylan's been in New York
sourcing some new
equipment suppliers,
but now he has to go back
to his ranch in Wyoming,
he asked me to go with him!
Is that?
Are you?
We are.
We're engaged!
Hi. Excuse me.
Dylan? Hi.
Do you mind just giving us
several moments alone, please?
Yeah. Yeah.
Babe, I'll go
for a walk around the block.
Thank you.
Amber, you two met,
like, four weeks ago.
Okay, and, you know,
it was all casual
because he wasn't staying,
Then I go away for three weeks,
and I come back
and you're engaged.
I didn't plan on falling
head over heels for him,
but I did,
and honestly?
This is the most excited
I've been
in, like, forever.
So please, please
be happy for me.
Of course, I'm happy for you.
Come here.
Thank you.
You totally got that.
I know.
I totally did.
You are so not happy for her.
Well, of course not.
But what can I say?
She asked me to be
her maid of honor.
Well, you two are like sisters.
Sisters don't just
spring it on you
that they're getting married
and moving away
to go live on a ranch.
Plus, we're city girls.
This is what we do.
We hang out here,
we go to yoga,
we get coffee and takeout,
and we talk about
all the amazing things
we're going to do one day.
Well, as unhappy as you are,
you still have to plan
a bachelorette party.
what about, like,
a Western theme?
If Amber wants
to go live on a ranch,
she needs to know
it's not going to be
all cute boots and hats.
I mean, they have
black widow spiders
that live in Wyoming.
That girl can't handle
anything creepy-crawly,
so how's that
for a reality check?
Oh, my gosh.
That's it.
As maid of honor,
I am in charge
of planning a sendoff,
so I am going to plan
not just a party
but a surprise
bachelorette getaway.
One that will show Amber
what a big mistake she's making.
Thank you so much.
You're welcome.
Okay, Liv.
We're at the airport.
Are you finally going to tell us
where the surprise trip is?
Check your phones.
I just sent the itineraries.
Dude ranch?
That's right.
Is this not the most epic
bachelorette getaway ever?
Because seriously,
dude ranches are hot right now.
It is busy season,
but lucky for us,
they just opened their doors
to the public.
Sure, but, I mean,
you could have at least told me
so I didn't pack
all of my heels.
Sorry, but you're going
to have to get used to that.
Seeing as you won't need
all your cute heels
once you live in the country.
But I'm sure we can get you
some boots on the way.
I just Googled,
and Yellowstone Airport
has a Western boutique.
They've got cowboy hats.
Ooh, they even have spurs.
See? We're all set.
All right, let's giddy-up.
Oh, my gosh.
This dude ranch is amazing.
Welcome to Big Sky.
I'm Wade McCleary.
Nice to meet you,
Mr. McCleary.
I'm Olivia,
and these are my friends,
Amber and Justin.
It's a pleasure,
and please, call me Wade.
I've brewed up
some fresh iced tea.
Mm, mm, mm.
Now, doesn't that taste
just like a country day?
Oh, there's my boy now.
Travis, our guests have arrived.
This here is Olivia,
Amber, and Justin.
Nice to meet y'all.
These folks came
all the way from...
Where is it you came from?
New York City.
The Big Apple.
any of you ever live
or work
out in the country before?
Oh, heck no,
but Amber here
is getting married
and moving to a ranch.
Probably just like this one.
So no experience, then,
riding horses
or handling cattle?
Let's put it this way.
The only experience we have
is dressing up
for the pub's Western-themed
Halloween party.
Are those the clothes you wore?
Oh, is this not...
I think we've got the picture
that these here folks
are in for a new
and exciting adventure.
And seeing as
you're our very first guests,
so are we.
Am I right, Travis?
Yeah, actually,
I have been
horseback riding before.
I took lessons.
- Really?
- Yeah.
Those two summers
I went to Camp Washonagin
when you were in summer school.
Well, that's something.
Right, Travis?
I guess so.
Now, how about
you graciously show our guests
to their lodgings?
Of course.
Follow me.
Here you are.
Ooh, rustic chic.
I like it.
Are these handmade?
Yeah, by my mom and grandmother.
That is exactly what we want.
All right.
Well, you've got
a few amenities.
Radio, coffee maker...
And the ladies' room would be...
That door right there.
Ah. Phew.
I was a bit worried
we might have an outhouse.
We're not totally
in the Dark Ages,
but since you're asking,
the shower is outdoors.
But don't worry.
It's completely private.
Yeah, and Wi-Fi?
Because I have to get
in touch with my fianc.
Oh, my gosh, fianc.
It sounds so weird.
Well, it kind of is.
She got engaged in,
like, four weeks.
Six... weeks, actually.
Now I'll leave y'all
to get settled.
But dinner should
be ready shortly.
You'll be notified
by the dinner bell.
So unless there's
anything else I missed...
Well, how about a tour?
You know, of the ranch,
so we can get a lay of the land.
Oh, sure.
Yeah, I'm going to have
to take a rain check
on that until
after I call Dylan.
I'm out, too.
I've got to put my feet up
after wearing
these bad boys all day.
I guess it's just
me and you, cowboy.
Is that politically
not correct, or...
I'll meet you out by the corral.
Yes, sir.
Is it just me,
or is he a bit rough?
If you mean prickly
as a cactus out here,
then yeah.
I'm guessing this is the corral.
Hey there.
You're pretty as a picture
with those big old soft eyes.
That's it.
You want to take
a picture with me?
Wait, I don't see you.
Here, I'll just move
this way a little bit.
Need a hand?
Yeah. Thanks.
That's good.
So I guess you figured out
here's where we keep the cows
and Cyclone the bull.
Because he can be a bit...
So are these
all the cows you have?
Most are out to pasture.
Then what else
other than the corral?
Well, we keep the horses
in the barn over there.
Hen coops are just in behind it.
And we keep the pigs
over in that barn.
other than 10,000 acres of land,
this here's about it.
So we're your first guests, huh?
That's right.
My dad put the ranch up on...
Trippy? Or Tripster?
Sure. Whatever.
I can see that
this whole hospitality thing
is kind of new to you.
Ha. Saved by the dinner bell.
Well, thank you
for pointing everything out,
and I guess
I will see you at dinner.
Which is...
Outside the farmhouse.
I'll see y'all there.
Thank you.
Wow, those were
some serious steaks.
I guess I should have asked
if any of you are vegetarian.
None here.
Good thing,
because out here,
we fuel up
on meat, meat, and more meat.
Keeps us going
from dawn till dusk.
And speaking
of days on the ranch,
is that what one should expect
living like this?
I mean, getting up at dawn
and working on chores
all day until dusk?
Well, that's about right,
wouldn't you say, Travis?
Pretty much.
So I guess vacations
are out of the question.
Like my grandpa used to say,
"If you want to be a rancher,
you've got to stay home
and do the work."
Sounds tough.
Definitely a way of life.
So what's on the itinerary?
I mean, we are celebrating
a soon-to-be bride.
Maybe some games
or some trail riding?
Do you have a pool?
Uh, no.
No pool.
But we do have a river
that runs through our property.
I'm sure we could plan
an outing out there
if we all manage
to finish what needs
to get done around here.
Is this another
bachelorette surprise?
I'm actually talking
about chores.
Because y'all booked
a working dude ranch.
You know that, right?
What does that mean, exactly?
Well, it means fun.
Getting your hands dirty,
your boots scuffed up.
So you're saying
we're actually
working the ranch?
That is the experience
you signed up for
on a "working" dude ranch.
Partaking in all the things
that make a place like this
run as smooth as a cattle drive.
Did I not tell you guys
that this is
a working dude ranch?
No, you did not.
Then, in that case,
Amber's right.
It is another surprise.
Don't worry.
I'm sure you'll find
your stay here
will be more than memorable.
Right, Travis?
No doubt.
I mean, what better way
than to get our bride-to-be
ready for her new life?
Am I right?
This is amazing.
It's so kind of you.
Well, that's what
best friends are for.
Well, here.
A toast, then.
To gettin' 'er done.
Starting tomorrow
at the crack of dawn.
Maybe we should
just call it a night.
Yeah, good idea.
What? What is it?
Am I late for work?
It is time to get up.
Let the bachelorette festivities
Yeah. I'm up.
Are you up?
That's great.
I'm totally up.
What? What's going on?
Why is it still dark out?
I don't know
if this was such a good plan.
Turning this place
into some kind of hotel.
Like, we're ranchers, Dad,
not event planners.
Look, I know you haven't
been keen on the idea,
but it's a way
to bring in more cash,
and right now
that's what we need.
So look at the bright side.
I guess.
I just wish Mom were here.
Because she'd be
so much better at all this.
But hey,
at least you're broadening
your horizons
and getting to know some new
and interesting folks.
Definitely interesting.
You all right?
Please tell me
there's hot water.
Of course.
It just takes a little while
to heat up
and travel out this way.
But I've got to warn you,
it's a small tank,
so you want to have
a quick shower
so there's enough
for all three of you.
So are you good?
Yeah, I'm good.
Well, when you're done,
I'll meet you over at the barn
All right.
How was the shower
the second time around?
It was...
Where are Amber and Justin?
They're off with my dad
filling the troughs.
- Ah.
- You and I are on eggs.
Just make sure
you ignore the rooster.
You don't want
to ruffle his feathers.
What will he do?
Protect his turf.
Now, we like to collect
eggs twice a day.
Once early,
and then again later
to help keep the nests clean.
So here, why don't you
collect what we've got?
And be careful.
This is part of breakfast.
Got it.
So what do you do in the city?
I'm a registrar
for the Norton Art Gallery.
It sounds a lot fancier
than it is.
You always done that?
Oh, gosh, no.
I've been a theater usher.
That was while I was in college.
Then I worked as a receptionist
for the Museum of Art.
And then I worked
at another art gallery
before I landed
the registrar job.
So I'm guessing
you enjoy the arts?
Well, maybe not packing them
with duct tape,
but yeah, I do.
I'm guessing you've
always done this? Ranching?
Born and raised.
Actually, I've never lived
outside of Main and Seventh.
What is that,
about seven square blocks?
- About that.
- Huh.
So seven square blocks is,
let's see,
it's about 482 acres.
And out here,
we've got over 10,000.
Sounds to me like your world
in the big city
isn't really all that big.
This is all just...
I mean, we've got so much.
Like this little coffee shop
on the corner
that makes
the most incredible lattes.
And then our local pub
right down the street.
And the best place
to get a mani-pedi.
This is all really nice,
but it's just, you know.
I don't.
Looks like your
friend's settling in.
Well, that's
just because so far,
it's been like a petting zoo.
I mean, when do we get
really down and dirty?
It's coming.
Oh, don't put it up there.
It's not very...
All right, folks.
Unfortunately, this morning,
we don't have any eggs.
But there's still plenty to eat,
so double up,
and then we'll get to work.
I mean,
it's probably a good thing
we don't have any eggs.
I think we've got enough
saturated fats here
to last a lifetime, right?
How are the new recruits?
Or should I say guests?
Just what I thought.
That good, huh?
I'll help you
whip them into shape.
I figured I could count on you.
When you've had enough to eat,
I'll meet y'all at the barn
so you can get to know
your horses.
All right.
Oh, and mucking the stalls
is really no big deal.
Oh, look. Horses.
You three ready to ride?
Gang, this is Kat.
She's been my right hand
on the ranch
since I can remember.
And sometimes his left.
All right.
Amber, this here'll be
your horse, Blaze.
Don't worry.
She's not as fast as her name,
but she handles well.
And Toro can be yours.
Toro? Like, as in bull?
He's a bit stubborn, that's all.
Where's my horse?
Right over there.
This here's Daisy.
She's beautiful.
And that mane!
Girl, we need
to talk conditioners
to make that shine.
All right, then.
How about we hop on
and get a feel for riding,
seeing as
at the end of the week,
we've got a cattle drive
to conquer.
I'm sorry. A what?
Cattle drive.
You know, when you round up
all the cattle
and lead them out to pasture
for the season?
And you want us to do that?
It is what needs to get done
around here, so...
I'm game.
- Let's get practicing.
- Yeah.
Let's do it.
Just put your foot
in the stirrup.
- Here, I'll help.
- I'm trying. I just can't...
Okay. Okay.
- There you go.
- Yep, okay.
And hang on to the reins
with the other hand.
- You got it?
- Mm-hmm.
There you go.
Great job.
I think I can... Okay.
- There you go. Okay.
- Okay. Okay.
All right.
Are you good?
- Yeah.
- You're good. All right.
Now if you're ready,
we'll go for
a bit of a trail ride.
Kat'll take the rear
so none of y'all
will wander off,
and I'll take the lead.
Okay, but hear me out.
I'm really thinking
if her mane was on the right,
it would really frame
her face a lot better.
Yes, yes.
This is stunning.
Good girl, Daisy!
Do you think you could
take a few photos for us?
Uh, yeah. Sure.
So I'm curious.
What would make you turn
your family ranch
into, like, a vacation spot?
It was actually my dad's idea.
He just thought
it would be great
to share all this
with folks like you.
What does that mean,
folk like me?
You know,
people who don't know
anything about...
well, all this.
And did you think
it was a good idea?
What was that?
Don't worry.
They won't bother us.
I think it's a good idea
if I go and get that cow
and her new calf
from the north pasture.
All right, listen up.
Seeing as this is
your first lesson in riding,
we're just going to sit tight
and let Kat head out
to the north pasture.
Sounds good to me.
No, no, no, no, no.
This is what
we came here for, right?
To dig into ranch life
and learn what it's really like.
So come on.
Let's giddy-up and do this.
- No, Olivia!
- Olivia, don't!
Stay here.
What is it?
You all right?
Yeah. I just...
I couldn't hang on anymore.
Don't worry.
We'll take it nice and slow
on the ride back.
Oh, no, no, no.
I am not getting back
on that horse right now.
No way.
All right, then.
Looks like we're walking back.
It was just like
Manhattan on a Friday night.
And then,
I cut to the right of the cows,
but it charged
in the opposite direction.
But I got a hold of it,
and I drove it back
to the others.
I mean, do we really have
to hear all day
about how she wrangled,
like, one cow?
I mean, there's all this tack
that needs cleaning, so...
Why don't you leave that,
and I'll show y'all
how we release tension
from the day.
Uh, Amber, I'm going
to help you with this tack.
So let me guess.
Now it's time to chop wood?
We are going to throw these
at that target.
Kind of like darts.
Well then, you are in
for a surprise
because we play
every weekend at McCool's,
and I've got to say,
I'm pretty good.
All right, champ.
Have at 'er.
So why do I get the feeling
you don't want
your friend, Amber,
to get the hang of all this?
Well, there's nothing to tell.
Except that my best friend
is getting married
and moving to a ranch,
so I just thought
that bringing her here
would be like a test run.
Well, I won't argue
if you're having your doubts.
What's that supposed to mean?
You three
are from the city, so...
This might not be your thing.
Well then, watch this.
Hmm. Not bad.
Meh. It was okay.
what does your friend, Amber,
do in the city?
She's an insurance broker.
But she hates her job
just as much as I do.
What do you want to be doing?
Well, if I could pick
my dream job,
I would be an artist,
but that's crazy.
Like leaving insurance
to go live on a ranch?
Yes, exactly.
Except your friend's
giving it a shot,
so what if you did?
Well, I did.
I brought one of my paintings
to the gallery I work at,
and Demetrie Faust,
who is one of
my favorite artists,
said that it looked "amateur".
for what it's worth,
you did all right
out there today.
Thanks, but now
you're just saying things.
If you fall off your horse,
you've just got
to pick up the reins
and get back in the saddle.
Otherwise, you'll never
be able to ride.
I am so sorry.
Hey, Dad.
Hey, son.
City folk.
Hey, your dad sent me out here
to do some fencing work.
I guess that's
what you're doing?
Not exactly exciting,
but necessary.
Why don't I show you
how it's done?
Uh, I may be from the city,
but I think I know
how to hammer a nail.
All right.
See? Ta-dah.
Why would you do that?
Because the fencing
has to be good and secure
or else an animal
can get through it.
So the beautiful thing
about fencing
is that you can do it
on your own.
It's like a seesaw effect.
You get the one side in,
and then you lift it up
on the other.
Go ahead.
Drive it straight through
and into the post.
There you go.
Not bad.
And I'm not just saying that.
Is this all you've ever done?
Do you ever find that
doing the same thing
day in and day out,
it gets a little,
I don't know, boring?
I mean, it doesn't seem like
you have a lot of time for fun.
We have our ways.
Besides, I like what I do.
What about you?
What do you do for fun,
other than darts
at this McCool's place?
Oh, we do lots of things.
Every Friday,
Amber and I order in Thai
from this amazing takeout place.
Mondays, we go
to the meditation lab
for yoga.
Wednesdays is movie night,
and Thursdays we do laundry.
Sounds to me
like you do the same things
day in and day out.
Well, call me boring,
but today's Monday.
And that means
topping up the manure.
We can come back to this later.
Look, why don't I just
stay here and work on this?
I don't think you're ready
to tackle all this fencing.
Of course I am.
All right.
Knock yourself out.
So how much exactly
do you need me to do?
Well, you see how the fence
carries on down the pasture?
So what you want to do
is just keep following it along
and keep fixing it
until there isn't
any more fence.
Okay, no problem.
Let me see...
How did he do the seesaw...
Good enough.
There's nothing out here,
I can at least catch
some rays out here.
You finished already?
All done.
That's great.
Did you need me
to do anything else, or...
Nah. Take a moment.
You deserve it.
Hey, I just got a call.
Some of the cattle
have wandered
over to Dawson Ranch.
Well, how'd they get out there?
I don't know.
Must be a gap in the fencing.
I did it
the way that you showed me,
but there was just so much,
and I couldn't finish the fence.
Wait. You did the fencing?
Come on.
Let's go get those cattle.
Did you need me
to come help, or-
Hey there, Mr. McCleary.
Do you need any help
with anything?
I think I'm doing all right.
We're just exercising
some horses.
Why don't you take a break?
Well, I already did that
when I should've kept
working on the fence.
I heard a few cattle
went wandering.
But don't worry.
Travis looked pretty upset.
He's just used to things
a certain way around here,
and change gets him
all bent out of shape.
I figured
after his mom died
that staying close to home
is what he needed.
But all it's done
is made him too set in his ways
for his own good.
So I guess us being here
must really be throwing him off.
A little.
But don't you worry
about them cattle or Travis.
They'll be fine.
Well, it looks like
you got the cattle
all rounded up.
And we put a temporary fix
in that fence.
I shouldn't have
left you out there alone.
All right,
well, I guess
I'll see you all at dinner.
Guess she didn't want
to get her manicure
or whatever mucked up
doing the fence properly.
I mean, this isn't exactly
the resort vacation
I'm sure she's used to.
Yeah, well, you and I
don't take vacations.
Maybe we should.
Olivia, you want
a custom-made Justin steak?
Comin' right up, y'all.
Hey, I hardly saw you today.
I know.
I was grinding feed.
Prepare yourself,
because apparently ranchers have
a thing called Manure Monday.
Speaking of which,
you know what today is?
- Yoga night?
- Yep.
Hey, we have fun
in the city, right?
Like movie night
and McCool's, of course.
I mean, it was.
It seemed depressing.
And when I met Dylan,
I feel like I just...
I fell in love with him
because he was someone new,
someone who just lives
outside of all of that,
and it seemed...
kind of exciting.
Olivia, Amber,
your J-steaks are ready.
Thing is, Liv...
we can't just talk about
all the things we hate forever.
Not without trying to change it.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Look, I just wanted to say
how sorry I am for not doing
the job properly.
I understand y'all
didn't grow up on a ranch.
Plus, this is supposed to be
kind of a vacation for you,
I'll ease up.
I think maybe I needed
to change things up a little.
Then here, why don't you
heat that up?
Yeah, there you go.
And I'll try and make this trip
as enjoyable for you as I can.
I promise to be
a model temporary rancher.
- Deal?
- Deal.
Okay, well,
I guess I'll see you
tomorrow morning.
See you in the morning.
Hey, Dazzle-Doozy.
- She's so worried.
- I know.
Where's Olivia?
Still sleeping?
Oh, heck no.
She was up before any of us.
Something about finishing a job.
You know, if you miss breakfast,
there won't likely be any left.
I'll just eat later,
once the job's done.
You really
don't have to do this.
A true rancher wouldn't
leave a job half-done.
Am I right?
Well, here.
It's no fun
working on an empty stomach.
Well then,
we'd better hustle
if we want to have some time
to go tubing.
Like down a silo, or...
You'll see.
Did you pack the sunscreen?
Because this skin
is not conditioned
for high noon.
Where exactly are we tubing?
I don't know,
but hopefully not down a silo.
Hey, gang.
Ready to go cool off?
Ready as ever.
Oh, you may want
to put on a closed toe.
You've got a better chance
of handling a rattler
in a pair of boots.
Sorry, what?
Meet y'all at the truck.
Did he mean rattler as in snake?
I guess they come
with the territory.
Here we are.
The river
that runs through our land.
So I suppose the water
must be pretty warm
on a day like today, huh?
Actually, no.
It's glacial runoff, so...
Oh, how refreshing.
This is bear territory,
so if we're lucky,
we'll spot a bear today.
Or two.
These bears you speak of,
are they nocturnal?
Well, if you're talking
about black bears,
they're a little bit of both.
Meaning they like
the mornings and late evenings.
I'm happy it's high noon now.
Now, grizzlies,
they're pretty much active
all hours of the day and night.
Foraging, fishing.
Don't worry.
I doubt we'll come across any.
let the river do the work.
All you've got to do
is sit back,
and enjoy the scenery.
Oh, it sounds just like
the lazy river at Club Med.
What is it?
Is it a bear?
It's a leech. It's a leech.
I can't, I can't deal.
Please don't tell me
you have to,
like, burn it off or something.
You could later.
As kindling for the fire.
I didn't mean to freak out.
It's an honest mistake.
So does that mean
that there are leeches here?
It's not like a pool, so...
Yeah, you know what?
I don't think I'm overheating,
so maybe I'll just go back
to see if there's more feed
to grind.
Uh, I'm out, too.
Are you sure?
Because once you get
deep enough...
We'll see you back at the ranch!
Where the water's moving...
I guess it's just us then.
Find her by the river...
It is so cold.
...Where the stones shine
Like the stars
And stories flow like water
To the ocean
Wide and far
She sees all the colors
that we used to see
But don't look for
these days
She hears a world
That doesn't speak
of doubt and fear
She's amazed
at all the tiny things
All the tiny things
So how do you and your friends
know one another?
Well, Justin met Amber and I
at McCool's
during their open mic night.
What's that?
Oh, it's so much fun.
Anyone can go up
and, like, sing
or do a comedy number.
So the three of us
ended up onstage together,
and we just improv'd this,
like, silly rap.
And now it's kind of become
our theme song.
Theme song?
Like our own personal anthem,
or "yee-haw" kind of thing.
I think I get it.
And what about you and Amber?
It all started
when our moms met
when we were in grade school.
It's like we became sisters.
So it must be hard on you, then.
Her getting engaged
and moving on.
I mean, Amber's a city girl.
We both are.
We don't do all this.
Would you ever leave the ranch
to go live in the city?
Heck no.
I wouldn't set foot in one
if I didn't have to.
That's because I've got
everything I want right here.
Maybe Amber doesn't
have that in the city.
I mean, do you?
Well, no,
but I'm not going
to just drop everything
and come live out here.
I get that.
For what it's worth,
you wear a pair of boots
real well.
I guess we should
head back, huh?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
You good to paddle upstream?
Just kidding.
Come on. The ranch
is just over the hill.
That water today
was so refreshing.
I feel so good.
Oh, look.
They're so pretty.
They're everywhere.
This has always been
the best spot
to find wildflowers.
You know, if you get those
in some water,
they'll likely last
the rest of your trip.
I guess I should go do that.
If you can't find
anything to put them in,
in the guest house,
I'm sure we've got something
in the main house.
Maybe I'll do that.
- All right, then.
- Thanks again.
How was the river ride?
It was only Olivia and I.
The others got scared off.
Well, we sure can't afford
a bad review.
I know, Dad.
I am trying.
I know you are.
And don't worry.
We'll get those back taxes paid,
and then we'll be able
to go back to the way
things were around here.
- Hey.
- Hey.
There's tea there,
if you want some.
Oh, thanks.
So where's Amber?
Giving Dylan
a Zoom tour of the ranch.
You know, you actually
missed a lot of fun today.
Well, it sounds like
maybe it was better
that we weren't there.
Well, maybe we did
prejudge him a little.
Especially since
the only reason
they're doing all this
is because they have to.
To pay the bills.
Well, maybe he'll get
something else
out of it, too, hmm?
No way.
I am not pulling an Amber.
we are complete opposites.
Are you?
I'm just saying.
Maybe not that different.
- Hey.
- Oh.
Don't you have a shower
in the big house?
Yeah, we do.
But I prefer to shower outdoors.
It's the best way
to start the day,
if you ask me.
I was just going
to get some coffee
because we ran out, so...
Oh, sure.
Yeah, I'll bring some over
in a moment.
All right.
Seeing as the cattle drive's
a few days away,
I think it's important
y'all learn some basics.
First, it's important to note
that everything we do
with our cows
comes down to driving.
Now, a lot of ranchers,
they aren't too concerned
about how to approach a cow.
But I was always taught
that the first point
of contact's critical.
Like a first impression.
I mean, how would you feel
if someone came at you
with their arms waving?
I'd feel like a cab driver.
So what you want to do
is approach the cow at an angle,
as if you're just going
to go on by,
so the cow remains calm.
Then, we'll put ourselves
in their pressure zone
to move them along.
So let's give it a try.
All right, Amber.
You're up.
All right.
Come on, girl.
Guys! Check this out!
All right, that's it. Yep.
Push 'em from the hip.
Whoa. Whoa.
I got it!
It's your turn, Justin.
Get out there.
Okay, come on, Daisy.
Here we go!
Yeah! Whoo!
So like with Amber,
you've got to push 'em
from the shoulder.
Yeah. Okay.
Turn 'em with the head.
Okay, we want to get him
in through that corral.
This is hard.
Come on!
I got it!
Okay, Olivia.
Pull back on the reins.
That's it.
Hey, come back here.
Where are you guys going?
Am I doing it?
Look at that.
I did it.
No stress here, baby.
I think that's enough
for one day.
Don't want you dancing
bowlegged all night.
Did you say dancing?
Yep. Saturday nights,
we all get together
at the Black Hoof
and kick up our boots.
What do you know?
Almost like home.
But first,
we need some fish
for tomorrow night's fish fry.
So who's up
for a little fishing?
I'm in.
Actually, I think Amber and I
will just stick around
and work on our driving
just a little bit more.
But you two go.
I mean, Olivia is
like a pro at this, so...
Um, okay,
but I haven't really done
any fishing, so...
Ah, don't worry about it.
It'll be the easiest
thing you do all week.
So what kind of things
do you like to paint?
Whatever inspires me, I guess.
But to be honest,
I haven't been inspired
to touch a paintbrush
in forever.
Does that mean
you're just going to keep doing
this job you hate?
Except now you won't have
your best friend
to commiserate with.
Hey, you could stand
to try something new yourself.
I mean, at least I'm here,
completely out of
my comfort zone.
Because you want
to convince your friend
of her mistake.
At least I'm giving it my all.
I mean, look at you.
You said you never
even set foot in New York.
You got that right.
It's a good thing.
Because you wouldn't have
a clue what to do
when you got there.
Yeah, I don't know about that.
Okay, so you're saying
you'd know how to get a cab
during rush hour
without getting it poached?
Or how to not get crushed
by the subway doors?
Or how about
which food vendors to eat at
and which to avoid?
Well, no,
but how hard could it be?
Don't even.
Because trust me,
it is as hard
as me trying to lasso a bull.
Or get this dang thing
Just give it a gentle tug.
I got it, I got it, I got it.
So how's the event plan?
All right.
That Olivia's
a bit of a handful.
Oh, here's the crew now.
Uh, guys, I think
we might be a tad overdressed.
There's no such thing.
This place could totally pass
for McCool's.
Guys, they even have a mic
for karaoke.
Are you thinking
what I'm thinking?
What are they doing?
My name's Olivia,
it's Liv for short,
and I'm an artist at heart.
I'm hanging with my girl,
she's Amber, my best friend,
who gets me
and makes it all better, yeah.
That's right, I'm Amber,
that's what we do,
raise a glass
and talk about things so true.
'Cause we fit like a glove.
Justin here,
and I love these two,
so I'm going to get in on it
and tell it all to you.
And okay, that's cool,
the cow goes moo,
but I miss Manhattan
and the taxis, too.
City life is the best
and there's nothing better
than us three
getting a latte together.
Hey, y'all, my name's Travis.
And I'm a rancher.
I lead
my cattle out to the pasture.
Been ranchin' my whole life.
It just feels right.
And if you know me,
you know that's no...
Give it up for the city folks.
Baby, won't you
come home?
I never felt so alone
It's been too long a time
Oh, how I miss you
baby of mine
Things with you
aren't always right
Oh, Lord how we tumble
Tussle and fight
Things will be
different someday
Oh, let
this hard-headed girl
Drive you away
Well, thank you
for not leaving us
out to dry up there.
Yeah, we look out
for one another around here.
I kind of like that little
two-step you taught us.
You know, we...
take it a bit easier on Sundays,
so if you want,
I can give you another tour,
seeing as my first one
may have been lacking.
You mean
the point-and-look tour?
"Oh, and over there
behind the barn"
is the hen coop.
House is over there.
"Land is over there."
Okay, I get it.
So what do you say?
I mean, I wouldn't want you
giving a bad review.
I would love a redo.
Thank you.
Hey. I hope I'm not
interrupting anything.
No, no.
We were just decompressing,
you know,
from driving cattle
and fishing today.
Too bad
you're only here for a week.
That's right.
Blowing in and out of here
like a tumbleweed.
- Well, see you tomorrow.
- Sure will.
How's the crew doing?
I think a bit too much
giddy-up last night.
How about you?
Slept like a log.
Actually, I've slept like
a log every night
since I've been here.
It's the country air.
It's like medicine.
So are you ready
for a little adventure?
You bet.
Then hop in.
This is the most stunning
view I have ever seen.
If you look to that point
way over there
and follow it all the way across
to that ridge?
What you're looking at
is all our land.
This really does make
the city seem pretty small.
I got you something.
It's not professional quality,
but it's all I had.
This is really so thoughtful.
I just...
I haven't painted anything
in so long.
Well, you said you'd paint
what inspired you,
and I don't know,
but to me,
it doesn't get more inspiring
than this.
I mean, my dad,
he goes to church every Sunday.
But here,
this is where I've been coming
ever since my mom passed.
Somehow, the sun, breeze...
it all just makes me
feel closer to her.
I think you're right.
Maybe it is time
I had another go.
But no peeking.
Don't worry.
I've got some chapters
to catch up on.
I promise to keep myself busy.
All right.
You ready?
I'm sure it looks amateur.
No, it's incredible.
You're not just saying that,
are you?
There are some things
is definitely one of them.
Now come on.
You want to try your hand
at a little off-roading?
For real?
Well, the only thing
you've got to be
on the lookout for around here
are animal crossings.
Piece of cake.
This is so much fun.
Oh, no!
Is it a flat?
I just... I didn't want
to hit that turtle.
I think I hit a big rock.
Yeah, looks like
a busted driveshaft.
Meaning we're walking back.
Sorry about your truck.
Don't worry about it.
I'll get it towed
back to the ranch.
If it's the wildlife
you're worried about,
don't be.
I mean, for the most part,
they don't want
anything to do with us.
And the other part?
Here's what you need to know
about the animals around here.
For starters,
this is their territory,
so we need to respect that.
Like the rooster.
Nothing's going
to come pecking at you
if it doesn't feel threatened.
And what about that?
The wolves?
We normally don't have
to worry about them.
well, when would you worry?
Well, when you're talking
about a lone wolf.
They can be more aggressive
because they don't have
the support of the pack.
Like that day
we went on a trail ride.
Normally, I would've left
those cows out to pasture,
but we both saw something.
Figured it'd be best
to drive 'em back.
I had no idea.
And here I was
trying to prove my point.
You're right.
I am bothered by how Amber
seems to be catching on
and not freaking out
like I thought she would.
Because then she'd stay.
I get it's hard
not having that person
you confide your thoughts to.
I mean, for me, it was my mom.
We'd sit by the fire
and talk about
all the adventures
we'd go on together.
It sounds like
you were really close.
We were.
She was so full of life.
I mean, she would have loved
this whole dude ranch thing.
After she was gone,
I just threw myself into work.
Didn't think about
any of those adventures anymore.
Just stayed the course.
Day in, day out.
Amber and I,
we always talk about
all the things
we're going to do.
Now she is doing something.
And me...
well, I'm not.
You can think about
that painting you did today.
Who knows?
Maybe that'll inspire
more good thoughts.
Maybe those memories of your mom
will get you thinking
about those adventures again.
Well, thank you.
For everything today.
Well, don't go writing
about it in your review.
Or else everybody
will think they'll get
the same special treatment.
Maybe a double espresso
would be good.
I'm beginning to think
this coffee tastes
a little better than my lattes.
It really gives you
that giddy-up and go.
I could use it.
Are you having
a 48-hour recovery?
I spent my entire Sunday
practicing my cattle driving,
and it was a lot of hours
on horseback.
Well, you'd better
get used to it.
All right. I am off
to do my morning chores.
Morning, rooster.
Don't mind me.
I'm just going to help out
the ladies here.
Throw that on bread
with a little ham,
got the perfect western.
Who's next?
All right.
There you are.
Step right up, sir.
Do you want to take a ride?
I'm headed into town.
I think I'll stay here
and keep an eye on the guests.
Well, I can't say I blame you.
I never would've believed it,
they're doing all right.
Especially Olivia.
She's really
throwing herself into it.
Well, I'm sure
it's going to make a great story
for her Instagram
when she gets back to New York.
I mean, we both know
she's still a city girl.
- Right?
- Of course.
- Hey.
- Hey.
I finished all my chores,
so I was thinking
I'd like to take
some of those paints
and head out on my own
into the pasture.
Hopefully get
some more inspiration.
Sounds like a great idea.
But hey, don't wander
off too far, now.
I won't.
Toro? What is it?
It's okay, Olivia.
Don't freak out.
You are not a threat.
It just stood there,
staring at me.
And then it started
to come closer.
You sure it was alone?
As far as I could tell.
Do you think it was
that lone wolf?
Could have been.
Either way, I think it's best
if we round up
as many cattle as we can
and bring 'em back
to the corral.
All right.
I'll go saddle up.
Olivia, wait.
I'll meet you by the barn.
Right over there.
That's where I saw it.
Yeah, I think
he should've gone back
to his pack by now.
If I didn't know any better,
I'd say you were a country girl.
You all right?
Yeah. All good.
Here. Back 'em up.
Back off.
Back off nice and slow.
Y'all all right?
Yeah, I think you scared it off.
Let's hope it goes back
to its pack where it belongs.
Well, I'd say
that's enough excitement
for one day.
How about we get
that cattle corralled?
Okay, like this?
That was pretty good.
Not bad, not bad.
- Hey.
- Hey.
I heard we missed
an exciting day.
Yeah, but Annie-Got-Her-Gun
over there came to the rescue.
I get that we're from the city,
but she doesn't have to make it
so obvious
that she thinks I don't belong.
I mean, I can do
a lot of stuff around here.
Of course you can.
You know what?
You are going
to show her what's up.
- I am?
- Yes.
Yes, you are.
Come on.
Hey, all.
Who's up for
a best set of three?
I'm in.
Okay, great.
Well, you and Olivia are up.
Go show her what's up, okay?
Here we go.
Okay. Not bad.
- Here we go.
- That's beginner's luck.
We'll see.
Whoo, Kat.
All right.
Here we go, here we go.
Good try.
That was great.
Bound to happen eventually, Kat.
You've got to miss sometime.
Eye on the prize.
Olivia! Oh, my gosh.
Oh, my gosh.
Amber, that was amazing.
I mean, she can't say that
we don't belong now, right?
We can so do this.
Yeah. I mean,
you definitely can.
Me, I am not so sure.
Come on.
Sure you can.
I don't know.
Maybe I am making a big mistake
by marrying a rancher.
What are you talking about?
Come on,
you're crushing it here.
No, I'm not.
I mean, it only looks that way
because I was trying to show you
that I'm not making
a big mistake.
I don't know what I'm doing.
I mean, I don't know
how to manage a ranch
or drive cattle.
I do know you.
Because you're like
a sister to me.
Which is why
I don't want you to leave,
it's time we made a change.
So what you're doing...
is not a mistake.
And you and I and Justin
are going to crush
this cattle drive.
The city slickers
All right.
We are going to show them
how it's done.
We're doing it.
Oh, we are doing it.
You really think
they're ready for this?
Ready as they'll ever be.
Well, I'm here if you need me.
Appreciate that.
Well, here they come.
I hear there's some cattle
that need
driving out to pasture.
You got that right.
Y'all ready?
Oh, we're more than ready.
Let's giddy-up and do this.
Well, gang, you did it.
Oh, um, do you think
you could take
some more photos for us?
Oh, why not.
So this is where
the cattle will graze
for the rest of the season?
That's right.
Then before the weather turns,
we'll round 'em back up
and bring 'em back
into the winter pasture.
Who's "we"?
You mean Kat?
Most likely.
You know, I get
why you came out here.
The whole bachelorette getaway,
showing Amber her mistake.
But whatever your reasons were,
you showed a real
go-get-'em spirit.
But I'm glad you took
a chance on us.
changing things up around here
may not have turned out
to be such a bad thing.
No. It's not.
And I think it might be time
that I made a few changes.
So these changes...
Any idea what they look like?
I won't know
until I set
my brush to the canvas.
We'd better head back
before we miss lunch.
Where's Justin?
He is saying goodbye to Daisy.
I swear, he's going
to miss that horse
something fierce.
What about you?
Oh, yeah.
Toro was a great horse.
He never steered me wrong.
Yeah, I'm talking about Travis.
- That's crazy.
- Is it?
Because I see how you two
get all moon-eyed
when you look at each other.
He gets like that?
And so do you.
So, what are you
going to do about it?
What do you mean?
There's nothing to do.
We leave tomorrow, right?
You could tell him
to come visit you.
There is no way that man
is setting foot in the city.
Just promise me
that you will tell him
how you feel before we leave?
Oh, no, no.
I can't do that.
Yeah, um...
of course you can.
Because if you don't,
it's just going to become
one of those things
you complain about.
But this time,
I won't be there
to commiserate with you.
go on.
Yeah. Now.
Okay. Okay.
You don't think I have the guts?
I'll show you.
I can do it.
So the day was a success.
Yeah, sure was.
You know,
I've really got to admit
it was super-weird
having other people here.
You know, outsiders,
they really don't get all this.
I was worried, too,
but I would say
it worked out even better
than I could have hoped.
Well, I'm a little bit worried.
About us.
You know, it's always been
just me and you out here,
and after this week,
I realized
that it might not always be
that way, so...
Look, I just want to tell you
that I care about you.
A lot.
And I've pictured a future
with you and I together,
and I know we have what it takes
to make it work.
I mean, we're not out here
for a week playing ranchers.
We are ranchers.
Sorry. I was just saying
goodbye to Cyclone, so...
You know, I'm just going to go.
Kat, wait.
I don't know what to say,
because for the first time
in my life...
I don't know
what my future looks like.
I understand.
And for what it's worth,
no matter what happens,
I'll always be your right hand.
And my left.
That too.
All right.
I waited up for you
as long as I could.
What happened?
I know maybe there was
a bit of moon-eye going on,
but it's not reality.
Reality is Travis and Kat.
Not me and Travis.
And I know
that you've found a rancher,
and you are going to live
happily ever after.
I'm just going to go home,
and I'm going to focus on
making some other changes.
Like with my painting.
Now, let's get going.
So remember,
she likes her mane
conditioned twice a week,
and her hooves
will need a polish
at least every other day
or else she starts feeling
a bit self-conscious.
We'll make sure
to take good care of her.
I'm going to miss her.
- Thank you.
- Mm-hmm.
One more selfie.
No problem.
So this is it.
Yeah, heading back
to the Big Apple
to lasso a cab home.
Well, I'm sure you'll have
no problem,
seeing as
you're a skilled rancher now.
Hardly, but thanks.
Well, I guess
we'd better get going.
Yeah, of course.
You forgot your book.
It's yours.
I don't have the gift.
Well, you don't know
unless you try.
Well, time
to get back to work now.
- Thanks, babe.
- Of course.
Well, this is it.
I'm off to the wild, Wild West.
Well, at least you're not
a rookie anymore.
I'm going to miss you.
You know we're going to talk,
like, almost every day.
You're going to be great.
I know.
So are you.
- Love you.
- Love you more.
Did you read the review
from our first guests?
What'd they say?
A lot of positive things.
Especially that Olivia.
In fact, she mentions you
quite a bit,
about how you were the thing
that made her stay so special.
She said that?
Of course she did.
I mean, anyone could see
how she came
into her own out here,
with thanks to you.
Look, I can see since she left
that you've been
keeping your head down,
doing what you do.
And I could let you be.
But I don't think
that'll help you.
So I'm kicking
you off the ranch.
What do you mean?
I mean that you seem to think
you've got
everything you need right here,
but you don't.
Because what you need
is to go on
one of those adventures
you and your mom talked about.
And head on out to New York.
You really think so?
Well, she ain't
from Denver, is she?
No, she most definitely is not.
Thanks, Dad.
Don't mention it.
Now go on. Git.
And yeah, I was thinking
instead of Thai tonight
that I would try
this new Indian place.
Oh, dang.
I miss takeout food so much.
Ooh, can you take a photo
of your food
and send it to me?
Yes, of course.
Are you all country now?
Oh, and be careful with those.
They're originals.
I've got to call you back.
See, you've got to get
his attention.
Like this.
I guess you were right.
I do not have a clue
what I'm doing
now that I'm here.
What are you doing here?
Well, thing is...
all those acres of land,
they always felt...
you know, of life.
But then after you left...
it just felt...
And I didn't know
what to do about it,
so my dad told me
to get my butt out here.
here I am.
here you are.
Yeah, I get it.
This feels totally off,
me being here,
so, clearly,
I don't know what I'm doing,
No. Travis, wait.
The only thing off
is how I've been feeling
since I got back.
Because all this...
it feels empty, too.
- Really?
- Yeah.
So what do we do-
It's the shelter
of your smile
A kindness
and a welcome to belong
Wish I could do this all day,
but we've got guests
coming tomorrow.
I'm sure you've got it
all under control.
Are you kidding?
I still have to
sweep out my gallery.
Then I have to finish
that painting of Daisy
I promised Justin.
Then we have to clean out
the chicken coop.
Oh, and don't forget,
Amber and Dylan
are coming in a week.
All right.
I'll let you go.
I'll just drive those cattle
out to pasture myself.
Maybe all that can wait?
And the yearning to be found
So many places
to call home...
So many places to call home