Yennamo Yedho (2014) Movie Script

"Two hearts bound to one life
That's how true love should be"
"Take my hand in yours And
you'll notice how I feel"
"Lighter than a cloud afloat
All worries flown away"
"If this what heaven feels
like we can do this everyday"
"That is love That is love"
"Oh! That is love That is love"
"I will be there for you
You can always count on me"
"That is love That is love"
"Oh! That is love That is love"
'Somehow Something...'
How dare you try to escape?
You have no sense And my gun has no license
Stoopid fellow!
Get in
Amos! No worries, go ahead with
the wedding preparations, boss
I won't spare him at all
No wrong route I'll fix it right for you
Keep the balance amount you owe me in cash,
What are you glaring at me for?
Get in, man
Move aside
'He looks familiar'
Yov! Who are you? Why did you kidnap me?
Where are we now?
Who was that on the pho-?
I do the questioning here
If you irritate me my gun will reply!
Okay... okay
Be careful
- Uncle... huh?
- Oh sorry... sorry
Just let me go, please I'm in a big mess
I have to stop a wedding
I must stop you!
"Earrings two storey tinkle a story"
"Half sari in the breeze flutters to teas-"
Why did it stop?
Do you watch films?
I do
Sing one of your favorite songs
Why that look? Don't think... sing
I can't sing
I'm not requesting you It is an order...
"Where are you taking me?"
Stop it! Are you questioning me again?
Yov! This is a song
Enough of your songs
- If you sing, I'll kill you
- Did I volunteer to sing?
Tell me some story
Start now
There once lived a cow with 2 calves
When they were grazing
in a forest, a tiger-
Cow died,
tiger fled Is this Aesop's fables for kids?
Who wants to hear your childhood story?
Stoopid fellow!
You'll have your own story to tell
Somehow some love would've happened!
Tell me how it all began
'My name is Gautam'
'I have met many girls in my life'
'But Simran... she's different'
'She is amazing'
I am coming, Simran
'But God disposed before I proposed!'
Please do something, doctor?
Don't worry I'll take care
Thank you
Do you like it?
Has Dr Anand finished his rounds?
Yes, he's already going around Simran
- Who is Simran?
- This patient's girl friend
She came to see the patient
and hooked the doctor
What about him?
Instead of landing here
on just a stretcher...
...he got admitted by a chic figure
Careful, he might hear us
As if he is in any state
to set things right?
'Smt Lakshmi who heads Shanthi
child welfare association...'
'...has condemned child labor'
I strongly condemn child labor
We'll file cases on all
offenders and drag them to court
Do you know,
even I can file a case against you?!
This is also child labor
Are you a child?
It is 20 years since I
changed diapers for you
- Where did you go yesterday?
- To your sister's house
Don't give me all that crap
Where did you gallivant
using my sister as an excuse?
By all means indulge in your social service
But won't you ruin your health
if you are obsessed with it 24x7?
What's wrong with my health?
This is iron body
Whose, darling?
If you walk a little
fast you get breathless
You complain of pain in your knees often
If anything happens to
you I'll look after you
But who will take care of me?
Chocolate is your bum pal forever!
Sorry... sorry
Ooops! I almost forgot
You got a wedding invitation
- From whom?
- How will I know?
Marriage is last priority
for my entire gang!
Who is that unlucky fellow?
What is wrong if Simran gets married?
I know!
What 'I know'?
She dated him for 6 months
and is marrying someone else
How can Gautam take it?
He was the one who delayed
expressing his love to her
How can you blame her?
We are all attending her wedding
And that's final
Hey ducky! How can we decide?
Shouldn't we think of his plight?
How do you feel, dude?
Friends, God will offer many
girl friends to bad people
But in the end, he'll give them
a wife who is below pass mark!
But for good souls like me he'll
start with heart aches and break ups
You know He'll bless me
with a sooper figure as wife
- New theory!
- Look how he convinces himself
Mahesh, every girl who walks in with a
'hi' has said 'bye' to some guy!
Why should she call it off?
I'll do the honors royally
If not Simran then Sania Mirza
Hey! She's already married
Okay, some female!
I got sidetracked in haste
and fell in love with Simran
My range is different altogether
Forget your range What's your plan now?
I didn't miss her
She has to realize it is her loss
If just for a day gold rate
declines will gold lose its value?
If Power Star goes to America
James Bond will visit India
I swear I don't understand any of this
Try to understand what you can't understand
I am very clear
We are all attending Simran's wedding
Thank God! At last we reached in one piece
how did you drive nonstop without sleeping?
Do you know where food is being served?
Hey... hiiii!
Anand and Simran look sizzling hot together
Simran makes me sizzle too!
I left my wallet in the car I'll go and-
Hey... don't try the grand escape!
Why do you need money now?
Meet my husband, Dr Anand
Where is the bar counter?
This side
"I learnt my lesson well
And about my Simran as well"
What kind of 'blessed' life is this?
Why should this accident happen to you?
Why did these 2 bond?
Why torture yourself to
see this blissful state?
She bent backwards for me And now...'
meet my husband'!
How stupid of me to come all this way?!
When I think of life I
feel like throwing up
Is Simran already pregnant and
puking after her honeymoon?
No, wait a minute I'm coming
This is another girl
Excuse me
Come, my dear!
Just because it is free booze
should you drink yourself senseless?
Come... come and sit here
Hey you! Move Don't hog all the space
Alcohol? Same brand!
I agree, men and women are equal
But even in getting sloshed?!
What about our 'nativity' then?
Where did it fall?
I've seen you somewhere
But where?
Hello... puking again, huh?
Excuse me What are you doing?
Where is it?
My lucky bracelet
- Bracelet?
- Fallen somewhere
Down here?
There... no... here
Here... right here
Stop... wait
You look there I'll also... follow you!
Nice game!
Where the hell did I lose it?
You look so familiar
My bracelet...?
You goddamn mongrel and rotten thief Anand
If I became slim you promised to marry me
In 6 months I lost 25 kilos
And you ditched me Will you ever prosper?
That bill board on Kodambakkam bridge
That's you? Not graphics?!
Shut up
I'm on a serious scolding spree
Don't disturb
You bloody dastard
Son of a mongrel!
You married that scarecrow
Damn rotten disfigured face
- Uh... huh?
- Simran
Bloody Simran Donkey monkey pussycat
Hey! Why are you cussing her so decently?
My turn now
Wasted wastrel!
Villain of a vagabond
It... it... itch with a bee in front!
We are too far away She can't hear us
Let's go in and continue
You sit over here And I'll take this seat
Where do such scumbags come from?
Come up with some local swear words
My left hand smacks your misshapen face
I meant a swear word Not a film's title!
Given a chance,
they will even name a film this way
Happy married life
Just watch, I'll dub
their dialogs from here
Our lineage is...
...a shameless one!
Thank God
My family is blessed as I am now
married to this numb numskull!
Her face says it all That she is a bad omen
Where are you taking her
for your honeymoon?
Boat riding in the Coovum river
But won't it stink to high Heaven?
More than our crappiness?!
Shall we bless them?
May all melody and harmony
not even peep into your lives!
I want to go for a drive
Which car?
That car
Thank God it didn't rain today
Yes, sir
'Tsunami' is here!
Did you see Nithya anywhere?
I asked you to keep an eye on her
She is already depressed
Go and find her now
Am I to blame for her depressed state?
You kept calling that doctor-nephew
of yours as my 'son-in-law'
He right royally thrashed
your hopes to the ground
We should be looking for a son-in-law,
not our daughter
That's absolutely brainless!
I don't even think of
you as a human being?!
Bang on...
otherwise would I have married you?!
- I'll kill you
- You are a monster
"Do you think you're a celebrity?"
"Top cat, cat's whiskers, VIP?"
"Get lost, you imbecile!
To fall in love, you need 1 female"
"Another girl to walk down the
aisle Take a hike, you moronic male"
"Of all the girls in the world, you
declared I was Miss Universe, no compare"
"Why did you end up as spouse
to some lunatic louse?"
"You think you're the best of the best?
Are you every girl's coolest quest?"
"Take a leap,
nutcase woman One madcap just to have fun"
"One to marry traditionally Fly the coop,
you fraud 420!"
"Cakes you gobbled unrestrained plus
daily coffee in gallons, I paid"
"For some dash of a creep,
coolly you washed your hands off me"
"Are you God's gift to (wo)mankind?
Are you 'pick of the litter' find?"
"Tell me, Miss Wussy!"
"Are you favorite of all, Mr Daffy?"
"When I added kilos to my weight
you went for a flat-belly mate"
"I became pencil-thin and you
chose a roly-poly chubby spouse"
"My email password I selected as your name,
you lunkhead"
"Passwords are not hard to pick
I'll change it, you yo-yo chick!"
"Are you a 'wise guy'
apple of everyone's eye?"
"Hey... hey 'High society miss'
Are you on the 'who's who' list?"
all-knowing almanac I'm also a Smart Alec"
- Just 1 look, flat you fell?
- 'Hi' and a date as well!
- Solid check mate
- Zip zap zoom heart rate
- Was I cute yesterday?
- Am I a fruit today?
- Girl, take a different route
- Total country brute!
"Tuck in a royal feast!"
"Quit the race, you drama queen!
One to graze the pastures green"
"Vamoose, you virus nonentity
A wife to make babies plenty"
"After the honeymoon, Miss Know-all
you'll know your stupidity and bawl"
"You'll name your daughter after
me in your ex-girl friend's memory"
"You think you're cream of the cream"
"Are you every single girl's dream?"
"Are you the leopard's spot?
You think you're a big shot?"
Have you got up at last?
Open the door please
I won't Get lost
I've been waiting out for 3 hours
Keep waiting I won't open the door
You heard the flash news?
Anand and Simran had a
major world war last night
It seems the wedding may be cancelled
Are they getting divorced so soon?
Even the elders fought
Did they come to blows?
That's what I dreamt
Your parents were the
ones who fought last night
Got it?
I won't bless them!
You know very well it
isn't my favorite, mom
You can eat plateful of 'pongal'
to your stomach's content
Where the hell are these morons?
Hi... I'm Nithya
Hi... Gautam
- Yeah
- I thought as much
I'm from Chennai
Way we met was sheer serendipity
Little embarrassing... but-
It's okay, I feel a little relieved now
- Good
- Yeah
Next time instead of dating
a doctor or engineer...
...get yourself a good hearted guy
You too
Instead of finding girls who will
hug you tight, find your Miss Right
I got to go
All the best
Take care, bye
"Two hearts bound to one life
That's how true love should be"
"Take my hand in yours And
you'll notice how I feel"
I know why you attended that wedding
You thought she'd immediately
ditch her groom and elope with you?
- No...!
- Then why?
Somehow something was nagging my heart
You are a 100% verbal diarrhea party!
When 1 just left your life
another fell into your arms
Sneaky thief!
Very 1st meeting you
drank and even sang a duet
Have a ball!
It wasn't a duet It was a tragic song
Don't think you can mislead me
by pulling the wool over my eyes!
Continue with your story
'By the time I escaped
from 1 shock in my life...'
'...I got another shock!'
Sir, you can meet the doctor now
Doctor... my reports?
Just got the reports
Exactly what we wanted to avoid
No... no... no
I am sorry
Come on, Gautam
This is when you should be strong
You shouldn't lose faith
Doctor, how much longer?
Maximum 2 to 3 years
Can we just check just once more?
Don't worry
Scientists in USA have
started research in this
They'll definitely find some solution
Why should this happen to me?
Hair loss is so common
Doctor, I haven't got married even once
Don't worry
Being bald is a mishap
But that doesn't mean all men
who are bald will make a mistake
At times skinheads can
shine to great heights
What's the main reason for hair loss?
Tension naturally
Why are you tensed?
Because of hair loss!
Why are you boys so obsessed about hair?
Don't say 'you boys'
Only we know you are a girl
Hair loss is no big deal, dude
Imitate Super star Rajini in the movie
There is no record of
girls who laugh too much
And men who show off their crowning glory!
How many God-men sport long
hair and make a deep impact?
You'll share my same fate
Today, tomorrow or day after
your head is bound to be... smooth as a cricket ground
Thank God, ladies don't have
to go through this problem!
Do you know you lose a strand of
hair every time you speak the truth?
That's why boys get bald faster
Girls grow their hair real loooong!
I'll go and take a leak
Please go for God's sake
Dude, repeat!
Excuse me... move... move
Why is she rushing into the gents'
Puking... all over again, huh?
- Gautam...?
- Exactly
How come you are here?
I should be the one
asking you this question!
This is for gents
When did you come to Chennai?
I came with my friends from Hyderabad
That's my gang
For past 3 months your friend has tried
to hook that girl in the red dress
Didn't work out... right?
How do you know that?
I know to read faces!
You need special talent for it
You expect me to fall for all that crap?
Yeah? Watch
The girl in the corner
Her name starts with the letter 'P'
Less hair more brains
Anyone can guess that
She is a big time rowdy
She'll first swear and then speak!
I don't believe this!
Hey Nithu!
She's my classmate
Long time no see When did you come?
I am staying at my uncle's place
I'm here for a week
Tomorrow let's go on a shopping spree
Shucks! I have an important meeting
I'm not in town tomorrow
There must be so many other jobless fellows
- Rope some sucker in
- Well and truly caught
Not me, I have loads of work to do
Don't you worry, Nithya
He'll come for sure
You know his job is a mind-blowing one
His job urges and ensures
entire Tamil Nadu is sleepless
Good evening viewers
In our mechanical existence...
...we are unable to perform
to the optimum in any job
For best action and satisfaction
for those who face this problem...
...Guruji here will explain how
Kujli + enhances your sex drive
Good evening
Whatever job you undertake
should be a grand slam!
No half measures
What happens if you take the middle course?
You'll be on a limp trip!
Thank you
They say barking dogs don't bite
Why? A dog should either bark or bite
It cannot do both at the same time
But our people want to
multi-task in 1 minute!
Is that possible?
Did you understand?
Here is a list of making out tips...
...arranged by Guruji Peniseri Linganatha-
Cut... cut... cut
You're changing my job!
What have I 'arranged'?
You could use the word
'technique' or 'idea'
Don't pronounce his name
to suit his profession!
He is Ponisseril Linganathan
Repeat after me
Peniseri Linganatha-
God help me!
Why can't you get your vowels in order?
Stop piling on to me
Your language skill is pathetic
Who the hell employed you?
So you are the cause?
A small blunder was the cause
- When?
- Not 'that' blunder
This is a different kind of wrong doing
Whenever she anchors for me...
...I've stuffed her with
cotton where God has forgotten!
Otherwise my Kujli+ and I
will be the laughing stock
Who is she? Did she find out?
Why is she laughing like this?
- Who is that girl?
- She is... she is-
You know her?
Next time I could take her
I meant as anchor in my show
Will you leave now?
What about her?
Take her by all means
Crap! Follow me
Your wife is really lucky
You have a doctorate in all techniques
Way off the mark!
In our TV channel we are assigned
different shows on different days
This time I was stuck with Mr Linganathan!
Why say it as if you hated it?
You were happy shooting it, right?
Are you done? Now tell me where to go
Only window shopping?
I don't like anything here
You should enter a shop,
be clear, pick, bill, walk out
Instead we settled down here as
if we booked a room in a hotel
Ladies' shopping is a big secret
It's called psychology
A reason for wasting time
You need a separate degree for this
Girls don't have a choice in deciding
their names or which school to join
What course to study? Which guy to marry?
How many kids to have? What to name them?
They have no choice in
such important decisions
Only while shopping we are
left free to use our free will
If we like it we buy If not look elsewhere
Any doubts?
Hey! Nice dress
Are you shooting in this shopping complex?
No, I came to shop for heroine's costumes
Your heroine looks familiar
My cousin's relative's-
Oh! I remember Hyderabad wedding
Drink party
Car ride
- Last year we saw this same girl
- Both are 1 and the same chick
- That's what he's also saying
- You said she's your cousin!
Just a sudden idea
Rush affair?
Shut up
Pinky asked me to take her
shopping when I met her in the pub
Lay off!
He has planned a well laid out time ahead
Compromise, dude
What are you guys up to?
Pah! Get lost
Jingley Nellie
You called me 'Nellie'?
Don't embarrass me in front of her,
I beg of you
Next time I'll pay your pub bill for sure
Hey Gautam! How's this?
So is that on you!!
Why are we here?
Are you related to the commissioner?
Huh huh... no
Do you also have a criminal background?
Who knows?!
This little fellow looks smart
Is he the commissioner's son?
No, he is the commissioner!
- Sir
- Yes
- Thank you
- We can go in, sir
He won't even come up to my knees
and he is the commissioner?!
You may please ask your questions now
Congratulations, commissioner sir
Thanks to all of you
How do you feel, sir?
Do you want to say anything, sir?
1 minute
Is our city in the hands of this kid?
I will maintain strict
law and order in the city
He won't even reach up to the
theater counter to buy a ticket!
How will he be able to
encounter a criminal?
Sir, will you control the rowdies?
I'll eradicate them completely
Who is directing this episode?
Everyone must co-operate
to keep the city clean
He is suffering from blood cancer
He might live maximum for another month
People don't think God has defects
But God creates people with defects
I am a volunteer for 'Make a wish'
I came to know about his dream last month
I spoke to the DGP who agreed
to this on humanitarian grounds
His dream for a day
Today his ambition has been fulfilled
Maybe this might even be his last birthday
Your health problem?
No... no... please
Enough of questions
Please step out This way please
Please don't write about this child
Just write he was commissioner
for a day for a good cause
He doesn't know he has cancer
This was not organized for publicity
Please try to understand
This is my humble request
Will he live longer if we write about him?
What did you just say?
Did you think before asking that question?
If this news is telecast and
he happens to watch it... will he feel if he knows
he has cancer and will die soon?
Imagine his trauma He's just 10 years old
Don't do this to hike
up your channel rating
I don't want your sympathy Humanity...
You are different today
Different means?
Not your usual self
Somehow... something
"My sweet honey bunny you filled my heart,
every artery"
"Benjamin bunny, like salt and sea my dear,
you merged into me"
"The whole world is in a dizzy tizzy,
Flopsy, with your cotton paws fuzzy"
"Heights unimaginable my petite-paws scale"
"My kisses night and day
as carrot-bait I'll sway"
"My dearest bunny, Flopsy"
"You fulfilled me, filling me"
"My every action you'll pry and peer
But the love-beats when will you hear?"
"Your scent will do, I'm under your spell
You don't have to spell it out as well"
"It's a blazing bush fire in the jungle!"
"My sweet honey bunny"
"You are in every pore of my body"
Shut up!
"Softly... gently...
my princess before I can try to caress"
"Like a tempest and how you
feasted on me... wow!"
"9 months and 9 days will fly pronto
I want 100 babies like you ditto"
"Goodness gracious... amigo!"
"My sweet honey bunny you
filled my heart totally"
"Benjamin bunny, like salt and sea
you submerged into me, specially"
"The whole world is in a dizzy tizzy,
Flopsy, with your cotton paws fuzzy"
"Heights unbelievable my pretty-paws scale"
"My kisses night and day will
be carrot-baits I'll display"
- Want?
- No, thanks
Already the nuts you eat
make you a nutcase sweet
Satisfy your taste buds 100%
What you just spooned in is 100 calories
What you are about to eat is 750 calories
If you eat all this and if
someone calls you by your name... can only turn your head
like a fat slob of a table fan
By the way excessive
sweet creates hair loss!
What happened?
Hair will fall even if you
eat under the table it seems
Shut up, you idiot I saw someone I know
The couple over there
Lady in the brown dress?
What's her name?
Chandramukhi! Now get lost
Will she say 'Lakalakalaka'
like the spirit in the movie?
Pooh! Keep quiet
You sit properly!
Is this how playful you are always?
This is not a game, madcap
If they see me,
they'll make mincemeat out of me
They specialize in mincemeat
Isn't your name Chandramukhi?
- Do you know this girl?
- I don't know
Aren't you Gautam's friends?
Gautam is here
- Hello mom
- Over there
Did my sister call you?
Ages since I saw her
Terrific Wonderful
It's a wonderful life in
'The pursuit of happyness'
Are you real or am I dreaming?
Sis, I was just talking about you to mom!
And you are right in front of my eyes
Gods must be crazy!
Nithya, this is my dear sister
Kamal Hassan hasn't retired as yet
I swear, sis
Look right there
My bro-in-law
Do you know who he's talking to?
- Who?
- Our mom!
Who is this new chef you have
appointed without asking me?
My b-i-l? Have you stepped
into chef Damodaran's shoes?
In this house who else
will take such liberties?
Why did you brag that you know to cook?
I showed off all my
skills when I got married!
Cooking also turned out to be one of many
My bad time! I got trapped with your sister
Oh! So you are already committed as a chef?
B-i-l! Your 'Chandramukhi'
Shall I dice the tomatoes for you?
- Okay
- 2 minutes
Whatever you may say my sis
respects you exclusively
hey, don't cut the tomatoes too small
Small will be perfect I know what to do
You stick to your work
Don't you have a conscience?
Like mother like daughter!
Shall we share a beer?
Don't get me into further trouble!
Okay, fine
What's special for lunch?
Huh... mincemeat!
I saw him with a girl in a restaurant
- Maa...?
- Nail him down
- Steaming hot fritters ready
- What's cooking here?
How can a mother-in-law relax while
her son-in-law sweats in the kitchen?
Total waste buttering up
your dear brother-in-law
Your sister told me only about the
Your b-i-l spilled the beans, from
'under the table' to your 'pretence call'
How could you betray me like this?
Did you tell every itsy-bitsy detail?
Why not fill up all the blanks?
Me going to Hyderabad, meeting Nithya... drunken stupor dance
- I won't blabber
- Why not?
Because you blurted it all now!
Oh God!
Ma, you look sooper in this sari
Who is Sathya?
Not Sathya, Nithya
Okay, who is Nithya?
I don't know who Nithya is
What a sly fox!
Tell me, Nithya
Bad signal
Nithya Menen, how are you?
I saw your film You were awesome
Hi Nithya Tell me now
What are you doing?
I don't understand Bengali
You better talk to me in Tamil
What are you doing?
That's more like Tamil!
Booze for breakfast, huh?
Idiot! I've fixed myself a face pack
Six pack abs?!
Shut up and come to Cafe Coffee day
I like the way you respect me
Why don't you give me your mobile number?
- We can catch up later
- I use only a land line number
No mobile phone?!
Girls nowadays will even forget to breathe!
But will they forget their mobile phone?
Very true
I lost 3 expensive mobiles
That's why I decided to stick to land line
What if you need to make a call urgently?
How many gullible idiots own a phone?
I'll borrow from one
Gautam, give me your phone
- You are that idiot?
- In flesh and blood
Good night
- Thank you so much
- For what?
For introducing me to your friends
It was your plan
Uncle, 2 minutes
Hi uncle
They won't mind offering a lift
just to take a girl for a ride!
Is your uncle cursing me under his breath?
Nothing of that sort
I've told him in such a way he won't
Oh! Very nice
You glorified me as a good boy?
Who will believe all these tales?
Whether I certify you as
a good boy or a bad one...
...both spell disaster
The male gender itself
is a cause for trouble
That's why I've told him... are gay!
Imagining yourself as gay?
See... very simple logic
If I go out with girls uncle will say
'security problem'
If I go out with boys he'll say
'something fishy'
So I chose the in between
That's why I said you are gay
However late I get back, no problem
Sorry... sorry... sorry
Gautam... my bag
Are you trying to signal something?
Zip your lips and lie down
Control yourself
Every dog has its day
You will get your turn Mister Chocolate
One little Julie will come into your
life And your tail will wag automatically
So till then don't get tempted
Good boy
Ma, did you fall in love and get married?
Go away now
Then it's definitely 'yes'
Tell me, mom
Please tell me
- What do you want me to tell?
- Your love story
Ours was an arranged marriage
Then any love affair before that?
Sorry... continue
Like normal practice there was a
'meeting the bride' formality
So did you play the veena
and sing a popular film song?
Not me, that is Sridevi in 'Meendum Kokila'
Nothing like that happened
I was in a half saree and I served coffee
Then I stood quietly in a corner
Then did my dad fall flat for you?
Suresh uncle had accompanied your dad
Oh! Suresh uncle was dad's sounding board
Just the opposite,
your dad was Suresh uncle's sounding board!
- What are you saying?
- Suresh uncle was the groom!
Very interesting break Tell me some more
Suresh was almost fixed as my husband
Pre climax Real tension
Suresh always consults your dad, no?
I know
When Suresh asked your dad
do you know what he said?
What did he say?
'That girl looks half mad It is your call'
he said
He was bang on!
That is the twist in the climax
Trusting his best friend,
Suresh uncle dropped me like a hot potato
After some days...
...your dad was such a 'drama king'
He pretended to be the martyr
And he married me
That's how much your dad loved me
Dad, you are a rock star
How did you feel 1st time you met dad?
He is the right guy for you?
I felt like lightning flashing in the sky
My whole body was electrified
Colorful butterflies fluttering
their wings in my heart
- Really?
- Not at all
All this will happen only in reel life
Not in real life
Do you know when you will
identify your soul mate?
When it touches the right chord here
"Like a dimwitted dumbass"
"Hey! As a lame-brain ignoramus"
"Why did I become such
a buffoon and a bum?"
"My heart crushed into a ball
why did I throw it once for all?"
"Sky is a green lawn for me to graze on"
"I search, research and peep
Why my life changes deep?"
"This isn't the earth I live in, I swear
This isn't the 'me' within, I declare"
"I lie glibly, I swear I'm good at it
But you're not the cause for my habit"
"This isn't the earth I live in, I swear
This isn't the 'me' within, I declare"
"I promise I am a seasoned liar
You're not the reason, my dear"
"Like a dullard, dud and dodo"
"Hey! A senseless stupid fellow"
"Life is like a story"
"You can take it anywhere you want"
"What you feeling baby,
just come out and say it anyhow you want"
"Gotta take it slowly"
"Don't wanna miss the little
things that come my way"
"Wanna be your blessing and
light up everyone today"
"I'd have met a 1000 girls possibly
Fallen in love with 6 or 7 plausibly"
"My world never changed
then Now how did it happen?"
"Paper is the wall to write
My nose is the pen so right"
"Into the blue ink my nose I sink
to write your name in total sync"
"Your finger is my oxygen"
"I think topsy turvy often"
"To spoon feed in your ear I hasten"
"This isn't the earth I live in, I swear
This isn't the 'me' within, I declare"
"I promise I am a seasoned liar
You're not the reason, my dear"
"Bring it to the floor,
get your stuff and let's go"
"I know you want some
more of this mad beat yo"
"It's the heat it's hot,
it's the beat it's what"
"Shake your body Shake your body"
"Come, join the gang"
"Fool... idiot... brainless"
"Hey! King of dumbness"
"Why did I become such a clown and a bum?"
"My heart crushed into a ball
why did I throw it once for all?"
"Sky is a green lawn for me to graze on"
"I search, research and peep
Why my life changes deep?"
"This isn't the land I love I'm sure
This isn't I, me, myself either"
"I can certify I lie 24x7x365
You're not the reason why"
Nithya, do you know when you
entered this special spot?
Your social service... my mother's dedication hollow
- Hi Gautam
- Tell me, Nithya
Come to the railway station
I'll be there in 10 minutes
Why did you call me all of a sudden?
My dad wants me back urgently
Do you have to go today?
Can't you avoid it?
I'd love to stay a few days
more But I have no other go
I forgot... you wanted
to tell me something?
- Huh... uh... hmm
- What is it, Gautam?
Let me tell you, wait
Remember... the 1st time we met
No... the 2nd time we met
No... no... no Forget that
3rd time we met
4th time also we met, right?
Not then
5th time when we met
You planned it all I thought as much
Isn't that Gautam?
Finally, man
Awesome to see you
If I talk to her for half an hour she
talks only about you for 20 minutes
1st it was very boring
In fact bugging too
Then... you care for my Nithya so much
I was bowled over! That's why I love you!!
- Shameless
- Why should I feel bad?
1st time I looked at your snap
and immediately said 'yes'
And we got engaged, right?
Should not delay such things, dear
What do you say, brother?
Let me check about our tickets
I enjoyed myself thoroughly in Chennai
All thanks to you, Gautam
Next time your turn to
visit me in Hyderabad
- Nithya?
- Coming
You wanted to say something I'll call you,
then you can tell me
Thanks for everything
So Nithya said 'tata byebye see you'
From stone age same story repeats itself
When you buy a car,
you check the model and its mileage
But when you start dating a girl you
don't verify if she has a lover or not?
Stupid... stoopid fellows
She has left you empty handed now
I am fully equipped!
It's a gun Don't play with it
Only if I bump you off
I can stop the wedding
Give me the car keys
- Take it out
- Wait, I will
Can't find it Aah! Here it is
Don't play games
Hey! I load only 2 bullets at a time,
that gun is empty
My dear boy, you must propose at
the right time for your love to win
Same way,
a gun can't be fired without bullets
You are a small boy
Give me the gun Not safe in your hands
Fooled you, eh?
You take the gun from me again,
you'll be a dead duck doomed
Bloody! Continue What happened next?
Tell me
Dhoni is ultimate!
Maaaa... don't miss Dhoni
Gautam, get up
Get up, da
Go away, ma
Can't you hear me?
Get up now
Awww! You are hurting me
Don't run Gautam...!
Wait... listen to me
Lakshmi... no!
You dare call me by my name!
Why do you hit me like a school teacher?
At your age why get into this?
That's exactly what I am asking you too!
At this young age what's bothering you?
As if it is end of the world...?
It is 10 years since your dad died
If I had also mooned around in a corner... you think you, me, your sister
would have been like this today?
When people close to our
heart leave us behind... is tough to bear the pain
Some people keep mourning
and crying all the time
But others move on with
all their sweet memories
You are my son
I don't have to tell you what to do
Given a chance your dad will
telecast our wedding 'live'?
This is too much
Do you know Gautam is an
expert in TV programming?
But stupid fellow
I don't know why he is behaving like this
Raja, give me your phone
To Gautam again?
No reply
No reply to any of my calls or my emails
Acting pricey So irritating
don't call Then you won't be irritated
He's my friend, Raja
What does that smile mean?
Nothing, take it easy
No, tell me
Nithya, just because you are engaged,
it doesn't mean... should not like another person
What are you saying?
Ever since you returned from Chennai...'ve sent some 20 messages
and made 30 calls to Gautam
I am not doubting you
Then you are keeping tabs
30 calls 20 messages?
Look, all I am saying is...
...some introductions
can turn into friendship
While some friendship can
even blossom into love
We ourselves won't have a
clue what can happen and when!
Even I am not realizing that
are you claiming I am in love with Gautam?
No, I'm asking you to take a rain check
After getting engaged to you... think I may be in
love with someone else?
Actually... no I am saying-
Wait... wait
You are suspecting me before the wedding
Suppose you get these
doubts after we are married?
Come on, Nithya Try to-
You know what, Raja?
If you don't believe in
me this will not work out
"Shut up your mouth Shhhh... pipe down!"
"Shut up your mouth Shhhh...
hold your tongue!"
"Shut up your mouth Put the lid on...
"Shut up your mouth Zip your lips...
you show-stopper Why this show of anger?"
"Hey... son of a celebrity
Hotshot, come close to me"
"Hey you... lovable lad?
Why are you hopping mad?"
"Hey Mr Awesome, don't tease,
come to me, will you please!"
"Shut up your mouth Don't trumpet and tout"
"Shut up your mouth Shhhh... no doubt!"
"Lashes made of caffeine
Lips of cocoa lustrous sheen"
"Glam-doll as a cocktail mix
earthly desires I offer to fix"
"For you to feast on me
you were created specially"
"Cover a pot over your head
Shut your gob or drop dead!"
"Beauty is the reason for
heartache by the gallon"
"Oscillating heart is a doomsday dart"
"Like waves wavering ebb and flow
you swoon in my beauty head to toe"
"Come, graze in close proximity
You bask in my fire with vitality"
"Without batting an eye lid,
bang on to her beauty you are drawn"
"Shut up your mouth Don't
blabber and brag about!"
"Shut up your mouth"
"My heart is scarred In
the same spot marred"
"I became a beast Why is that such a feat?"
"My job is to kiss your hurt
To paradise I'll transport"
"As a needle into your skin I'll
inject joys to multiply within"
"I'll relieve your pain with pain
You'll re-live pleasure again"
"Shut up your mouth Hey!
Let your body shout"
handsome hulk Why are you awestruck?"
"Hey heartbreaker of a guy!
My eyes are the reason why"
"Hey sweet talker intoxicated
Let yesterday be deleted"
"Hey charmer I declare in
your breath I'm the air"
"Shut up your mouth Zip your lips...
'Few weeks later...'
Why have we come to a veterinary hospital?
Look over there
Look 'at what' over there?
My dear dear Kavya
Doctor for pets and all beloved beasts
She seems very familiar?!
"For you to treat me you
were made specifically"
"Shut up your mouth"
Enough of your reactions
6 weeks dating Most happening
- How do you do it?
- All thanks to Chocolate
I can also adopt a pet dog
Hi guys
Hey Chocolate!
How is he now?
Has the infection lessened?
Continue the medicine for another week
will you come home on Friday definitely?
I will be there for sure, sweetie
Madam, phone
Get them coffee or tea
Hold him I'll be back
Telugu girl? You never told me!
Good heavens! Your quota overflows
Nithya was your target
And now a Telugu vet!
You are an animal, man
Then what happened?
Then one day in Chengelpet-
'Red Cross Society organized a
flood relief camp and I went...'
' cover the news for my TV channel'
Take this
I'll be right back
What a surprise?!
Nithya... Nithya?
It has been decades since I saw you last
I carried your bags after shopping, right?
You forget your friends so easily
You call yourself my friend!
Did it occur to you to reply
to just 1 e-mail or phone call?
You know what? Just forget it
Nithya... Nithya
Come on, Nithya
Tell me, what should I do now?
'Whatever job you undertake
should be a grand slam!'
'No half measures'
'If you take the middle course
you'll be on a limp tri-'
'Appalam' cannot be eaten whole
It has to be broken, right?
But if already broken will we relish it?
Only if we ourselves do
the job will we enjo-
I am so happy
How is Raja?
Why didn't you invite me for your wedding?
Raja and I broke up
I am sorry
That's a long story It
just did not work out
But no regrets That's fine
Don't worry
Whatever is already written
for whomever will only happen
Lucky fellow he escaped Wonder who is next?
- Stupid
- Come on!
It has been ages you know since I
laughed or spoke freely like this
You should always keep laughing
Do you know how beautiful
you look when you laugh
Enough... your compliments choke me
Time just flies when I talk to you
Oh no! What's the time?
Looks like it will be very late
by the time I reach the city
Where are you staying?
Not yet decided
Okay, I've decided
Come in quietly
Be comfortable Sleep, sweet dreams
I will see you in the morning
Nithya, do you want any booze?
Hey, stupid!
Good night!
Hiiiiii! Who are you?
Come on, cutie!
What is this?
'Good morning!
Going out Will be back in an hour'
'Stay in the room'
'If my mom sees you we'll be in a soup'
'By the way his name is Chocolate'
Where are you, Gautam?
I need to rush to the bathroom
Chocolate, show me the bathroom
Good morning
Bathroom? Straight and left
Mom...? Tell me
Has she got up?
Don't know when she woke up
But she came out of the room on all fours!
Poor thing!
You don't know her
She'll sell you and me for a king's ransom!
You are too hard on her
She looks very innocent
That's her glorious trap!
If you fall for it that's
the end of the story
I'll take care
Sorry, aunty
Gautam is not at fault It
was quite late last night
That's why without your knowledge-
Gautam told me last night itself about you
He told you last night?
Such an idiot!
Sorry aunty, but he is really an idiot 100%
And this is his bosom pal!
Is this you?
Gautam is ditto you
Only in looks
But his nature is ditto his dad
And that is what troubles me
Why, aunty?
Isn't he a cool chap?
You tell me
As far as I know he's real cool
Very jovial Not finicky
But very sensitive
Tell... tell me more
When I'm with Gautam time just flies
I heard about it
1st time when you met in Chennai
you painted the city red, I believe?
Did he tell you?
So embarrassing This is too much
He has told you all my secrets
Now you must share Gautam's secrets with me
Gautam's secrets?
Oh my goodness!
How did you handle him, aunty?
I love his mischievous streak
- Come, let's eat breakfast
- Let me take a shower
Gents' toilet is on the left
He told me that too!
Aunty, when Gautam gets back, please
will you close your eyes for 2 minutes?
- Why, what will you do?
- I'll hit him black and blue
- Permission granted
- Thank you, aunty
I like it, Gautam
Your house, your mom, Chocolate,
I reeaaaally like it!
That's Kavya His girlfriend
He intends talking to her parents
and fixing the wedding date soon
Mom, where's Nithya?
- She left
- Where?
She said some urgent work
in Hyderabad and left
Didn't she call you?
Is she mad or what?
Why come and then why vanish
into thin air like this?
Is Hyderabad nearby?
Let me call-
Oh! I erased her phone number
I'll go mad because of her
"How much worse can it get?"
"This 'bolt from the blue' regret?"
"Love's catastrophe?"
"How will I face this calamity?"
"Isn't this misery enough for me"
"Why did I mess up my life into
a question mark of strife?"
"My tears that touch my toes beg
forgiveness filled with woes"
"However my heart hard and dense
is having fun at my expense"
"Won't this unholy mess do?"
"Love's folly and my Waterloo
How will I live without you?"
"Why did I make my life a riddle?
How do I solve this insane puzzle?"
I've booked rooms for your friends
Let me know if you need anything else
You were right
- About what?
- About me
I am mad I deserve this
What happened, Nithya?
My relationship with Gautam
Didn't you ask me to check?
I felt that way then
Then, now and always That's the only truth
Raja, I'm in love with Gautam
Hey! Congrats
Why are you upset about this?
Did you tell Gautam?
He is marrying Kavya it seems
- Who is Kavya?
- His fiancee
All because of you
Instead of saying check you
could've said it is confirmed
It's so late now
Why was that idiot Gautam
in such a tearing hurry?
Couldn't he have waited till
I expressed my love for him?
Sorry once again
I disturbed your function
Shall I leave now?
Gautam, have you started?
Yes, just about leaving
Everyone is waiting here for you
I have convinced my parents with
great difficulty to meet you
Please... make it fast
I am leaving right now
I am wearing your favourite blue shirt
Your entire family will accept me,
just wait and see
I'm leaving right away
'Very jovial Not finicky'
'But very sensitive'
'When I'm with Gautam time just flies,
Bye, ma
- What?
- 1 minute
Quick, I'm late as it is
Gautam, is this what you really want?
Want what?
Hello! I am half way through
Can't you hear the traffic?
Bye, ma
I'm just around the corner
Why are you so late?
Wow! You look soooper in this white dress
Sweets for my sweetie!
Please, Gautam Somehow impress my dad
Trust me I'll take care
Come inside
Finish all the work I
don't want anything pending
Father, Gautam
Welcome, young man
Kavya has talked nonstop about you
Happy Telugu new year, uncle
Didn't I tell you? Kavya's friend Gautam
This is my friend Sundaram
You work in a TV channel, right?
Correct, uncle
Ma, come here
1 minute I'll be back
That's Kavya Isn't she very pretty?
Ma, this is Gautam
Greetings, aunty
It would be nice if you
can offer him coffee or tea
Kavya, come with me
Gautam, you carry on
Let me introduce you to everyone
He seems very familiar
'What are you guys up to?'
'Jingilee Nellie'
You called me 'Nellie'?
What is he doing here?
I enjoyed your TV program Kujli plus
Madan, when did you come?
- Happy new year
- Same to you
This is Kavya's friend
The one I told you about
He is my childhood friend, Madan
You seem very familiar
I too feel the same
Is that so?
Wise men think alike and...!
Aren't you Nithya's uncle?
Uncle, I'm Nithya's friend
How could you forget me?
How many times I've dropped
Nithya at your place?
The one who used to drop her at home daily
- Gautam...?
- Yes...!
That same Gautam?
Hey hey...!
Yes! Confirmed gay!
Someone tells some rubbish
And how am I to blame?
That gay business was all for fun
What's fun, Gautam?
My dad wants us to score
10/10 in compatibility
And the very 1st point
should go for a toss?!
If someone calls you 'gay'
for fun how can you keep quiet?
Look what a mess it has got us into
I was put in such a spot
You don't seem to understand my problem
Oh! Your problem?
This is the difference between you and me?
I think of this problem as 'ours'
You differentiate it as 'my problem'
No point in us being married if
you can't think of 'my' as 'ours'
I am sorry, Kavya
This is not going to work out
Are you 'one of them'?
What is that look for? I'm not that kind
Neither am I My bad time
Nithya's joke to her
uncle boomeranged on me
You better keep your distance
I'll shoot you otherwise
Stop the vehicle
I cannot
- Stop it
- Why?
I need to step out, urgent
Why is it never ordinary for anyone
in the world... always 'urgent'?!
Really urgent Stop, man
- I won't stop
- Then I will jump out
Stop... stop...
stop I can't hold on... I just can't
- Get down
- Untie me
Don't think you can
escape This gun is loaded
I'll shoot you... beware!
Tsk... tsk
Take it off
Crap! I can't be unzipping you
Untie me for God's sake
Come here
Don't tsk-tsk me Say it loudly
Stupid fellow
Don't dilly dally Empty it fast
Driver, stop the car
Excuse me, sir,
is there any short cut to Tirupati?
Go straight
Take the next right which is a mud road
- You'll land up in Tirupati
- Thank you, sir
Getting married in Tirupati?
Love marriage?
- Yes, sir
- I like it
All the best
How long will you pee?
- I'm coming
- Come fast
I think you have forgotten something
Achacho! What did I forget?
No need
You trust me now?
Not you... this gun
So 'Kavya matter' took a turn for the worse
What is the next scene?
Carry on
Sorry, Mr Gautam
Your mother suffered a massive heart attack
She did not survive even till the hospital
We could not do anything
I am sorry
"I'm in search of a world new Let me go,
don't pursue"
"Dissolved memories on my lashes'
tip Don't follow me, my son, let me slip"
"A bud that bloomed in my womb dearly
I leave behind in my lonely journey"
"I want to start my life afresh
Somewhere in the distance I'll refresh"
"I'm in search of a whole new world
Don't follow, your steps with-hold"
"Dissolved memories on my lashes'
tip Don't follow me, my child, let me slip"
"Your scribbles while I nursed
You made them blessings instead"
"Seated on my shoulder
you made me feel taller"
"Your eyes are the best ever
No one can match or compare"
"Alcove of your eyes tear-filled
Where did I go, leaving you stifled?"
"Right next to God I'll be
protecting you diligently"
"I'm leaving to another place
Life without me you have to face"
"A whole new world I'm stepping into Son,
let go, I'll watch over you"
Nithya, listen to me
Nithya, where are you going?
Will you tell me or not?
At least you ask her
Dad, I am going to Chennai
I reached Chennai only yesterday
I came to know about aunt's demise
I am really sorry
- How are you?
- I am fine
Sorry, Gautam I couldn't convince them
My relatives also opposed strongly
Why rake all that now?
My parents had made their
own plans for my marriage
They used our tiff as a convenient excuse
And they decided without asking me
I wanted to tell you after my marriage
Are you happy now or not?
That's what matters
Thanks, Gautam
We first met as friends
So our friendship should
continue like this always
Sure, Kavya
You'll make the coffee?
No, thanks I'll make it myself
Kitchen is that way
Okay... okay, you go and freshen up
A superb cup of coffee
will be ready for you
Hi Chocolate How are you?
me and Gautam will live happily together
Okay... happy?
Sorry Wrong address
It's okay
Why ask her opinion?
We'll do as you suggested
Very happy to hear you
say so, we also agree
Look, Nithya is here
Doesn't she look prettier face to face?
Ravi uncle Anu aunty
Hello uncle Hello aunty
Come and sit with us
This is our son's photo
If you agree we will take
you with us right now
Your parents can come as
guests to the wedding!
- Take a look
- Not necessary, aunty
My parents' decision is good enough for me
In my life they will never
make a wrong decision for me
I'll see you later
finding such a girl in these modern times!
Nithya, you seem to be very happy
What's the problem?
Did you meet Gautam?
What happened?
Gautam is married now
What are you fiddling with?
You've started eating books now
Whose diary?
I thought we shared just a good friendship'
'Only after talking to
Raja I realized I love you'
'Only when I came to express my
love to you, I found out...'
' are in love with Kavya'
'But still, I love you'
Hello? Can I speak to Nithya?
She has gone out
Where has she gone?
She is getting married tomorrow morning
Not just run of the mill and ordinary
Extra-ordinary twists in your life, I say!
How did you take all this in your stride?
At least now understand I
must stop that wedding somehow
Otherwise my life is ruined
Your life... big deal!
First she will fall for you
Then she'll get engaged to Raja
Today she will marry a totally new Mr X
And you claim she is your life!
Stupid... stoopid fellows
One more word from you maligning Nithya...!
Oh-o! Emotion, huh?
Don't show your macho image
there But threaten me here!
What will you do if I talk ill of Nithya?
Hey! Where... where are you?
Where is my gun?
I made a mistake
I should have killed you
right in the beginning
It's not too late now
Anyone can shoot this gun
Shall I pull the trigger?
Hey... hey!
I know you are a scoundrel
K.Bal warned me on day one
Who is K.Bal?
As if you don't know him One
who asked me to kidnap you
Nithya's father
Yov! Nitya's father is Narayanan
Not K.Bal?
Not any bloody ball!
Didn't you plan to elope
with K.Bal's daughter?
No... no... NO
Idiot... stupid... stupid
Then who is he?
Relax, sonny
This seems to be XXL twist!
Somehow I seem to have
kidnapped the wrong boy!
I've never made such a silly mistake
in my 15 years of kidnapping service!
do you possess a doctorate in kidnapping?
If you are not 'him' then who are you?
Relax, Chucky You bungled somewhere
I am Varthi Chakravarthi
You are not worthy of even a name!
You don't even know to kidnap properly
What can I do?
If boys like you fall in love girls'
fathers assign me to kidnap
How many can I kidnap?
Do you have any clue of
the work hazards in this?
You refuse to sympathize with my plight...
Wonder how it got goofed up
Why were you standing near that car 1111?
Where did I go wrong?
What the hell did you do?
It's smoking like a 'tandoori' stove
Glutton! You can only think of food
- How long will it take?
- Don't know
Stop... stop... stop
Who is he?
Sir, I have to go to Hyderabad urgently
Emergency, sir Can you drop me?
- Get in
- Thank you, sir
I'll go in this car Follow me quickly
Don't worry, you go We'll catch up
Okay, sir
Driver, you also get down
Bro, 2 tea please
Okay, sir
Saw the car and the target
Consider your job done
- Aiyo...!
- Now what?
If K.Bal knows I kidnapped
the wrong chap...
...I won't get the money
and he will kill me for sure
If Nithya gets married I'll kill you myself
Wait... wait My phone is ringing
- Hello, who is this?
- Who the hell are you?
- What does it matter who I am?
- What do I care who you are?
Where the hell have you
kidnapped my daughter to?
Don't raise your voice
If I don't get my Nithya
you'll also be a corpse
Who is Nithya? Where is Chakravarthi?
I killed him long ago
Shut your gob and phone
Why did you say you have killed me?
If I tell him you are here, he'll send
50 of his thugs to kill you right now
Super, my dear groom
Hey! Who the heck is your groom?
I meant bridegroom!
You got into this mess all because of me
I have to set it alright for
you Only you will marry Nithya
Yes... hey... hey... hello
Stop... stop Oh okay! Right... right
Auspicious time is nearing
Bring all the items for the wedding ritual
What happened?
What if Nithya is married before we reach?
Sometimes such things happen
What did you say? How dare you!
Cool... cool... cool
Who is the madcap?
I am the madcap, I say something stupid,
shove my feet into my mouth!
I'll shove the gun in
We shouldn't be like guests eat sweet,
savory and go
See some unsavory character
you must scare them away
Trying to scare me?!
Sir, why so many henchmen in a wedding?
Who was killed last week in Vijayawada?
Bhima Rao
The groom is very close to him
That's why all this security
Idiot! Where is this Gautam?
He left hours before we did
Where is Gautam?
Here I am, Gautam
- Who is he?
- Software engineer
Lost my job in the recession
Please, 1 job Any job is okay
You go inside and do your job
How do we get hounded by all these losers!
- Bro... oh... you!
- Bad penny back again
If I go inside,
everyone is calling me a drunk
They are avoiding me
Do you expect them to treat you like a VIP?
Get me a VIP job then
- Please, bro
- Get lost
How do they make a beeline only to us?
Before Gautam gets here
shall we kidnap the bride?
Kidnap the brid-
Very good job
You'll be fixed, bro I'm already fixed
Confirmed Kidnap job, salute!
- Ouch!!
- Dai dumbass
What if he blabbers about the kidnapping?
Who'll take a drunkard's
gibberish seriously?
Let's go in and see what's up
- Why are you so serious?
- She's so beautiful
Can't you be a little shy?
Shut up!
Don't yell at me Give me some respect
There are 112 criminal cases
pending against me you know
Did you bungle all of them like this?
Jump the gun case!
By just hearing my name you know
they will pee in their pants
Like how you trembled at the name of K.Bal
I'll make you toothless Brag pot!
You are degrading me way too much, dude
If you open your mouth...!
Cool, Chucky... cool
"For 100 years and more
this couple should live"
So you are the bridegroom?
I swear you won't get married
- You won't get married
- Uncle, what is he saying?
Will you stop the wedding
because you didn't like the food?
You are dead today
He's getting beaten for deriding the food
If they know we intend kidnapping the brid-
Looks like a King Kong gang
Who are you? Bride's side or groom's side
- Groom's side
- Bride...!
What does it matter whose side, sir?
It's the wedding that matters
We know all that Where are you from?
- Chennai
- Bangalore
What does it matter which city, sir?
It's the wedding that matters
- Uncle
- Yov!
can I meet Nithya for just a few minutes?
No boys allowed when
the bride is dressing up
She's a GIRL!
You are passing off
Saet's son as a daughter?!
I am a girl
Look, she can even feel shy!
So she is a girl
Your bob cut fooled me
Boy-girl, only you can go in
My slipper will talk!
Before that I'll hit you
Who is this joker?
Knife and rope are ready
I've also fixed a dark room
like you see in Mysskin's films
Next step is kidnap Proceed, my boys
- Where's the liquor carton?
- In the Tasmac shop
- Who is that big-mouth?
- I don't know
Are you playing games with my life?
'I love you I'm not married'
Gautam should have told me this, right?
I've agreed to this wedding my parents
arranged and I'm decked up like this
Are you asking me to jump?
I will kill all of you
What shall we do now?
Gautam isn't married as yet, dad
Pinky told me just now
Pinky... Pinky?
In some confusion... I tho-
I thought he was married
Can I go, dad?
- Go
- Thanks, dad
Is the wedding over?
Not yet
You saved your skin... go
- Hey! Gautam
- Now what?
My gun
I'll give you
Next time bring a photo
before you kidnap anyone
Don't get fooled by a number plate, madcap
Shut up, madcap
Hey... hey
By the way, remember you wished a
man for his wedding in Tirupati?
He is the one you should
have actually kidnapped!
K.Bal's son-in-law
You and your Chucky bragging!
'Getting married in Tirupati?'
'Love marriage?'
'- Yes, sir' '- I like it'
'All the best'
Stupid... stupid... stupid
This is the height of stoopidity!
Young man...? This way
Where is the bride's room, little one?
Oh... lady's sari
Oh! Sorry Window sari
Kidnap started
Nithya... Nithya
Bring the bride
Nithya, open the door
What does your father do?
Farming, sir
That means fishing!
Looks like his father is one of us
- Nithya jump
- Nithya jump...?
Oh gawd!
What is she telling you?
Listen... Nithya is not opening the door
Bride is missing...? Let's go and check
Hold on to these hooligans
Move aside
Nithya madam Open the door
If they can bang on the door so hard
I can't imagine what they'll do to me!
Hello, friend Please... excuse me
If you let go, I'll fall
Has the bride been kidnapped so fast?
You are in the dark?
Bride's friends from Chennai
have come to kidnap her
Oh! They are knocking at the door
NO! Don't open the door
Who are you?
Where is the bride?
1 minute
Drunken dog!
Why don't you listen to me, Chitra?
I don't have the money right now
My plan got screwed up
I'll re-plan and get loads of money for you
Didn't you promise to take
me to Kalyan jewellers?
- I agree I said so
- What happened now?
Uncle, is this your car?
If I talk about jewelry-
Will you drop me in Chennai, please?
'Will you take me or not?'
'If so when?'
'Don't give excuses like a broken record'
My dear wifey,
I'll myself buy jewelry for you from Kalyan
Please catch
1 minute
Come, madam
Thank you
Thank you, uncle
- Where is the girl?
- Tell us
How many times to ask?
- Where is the bride?
- Tell us now
Speak one at a time
Is this a dubbing theater
to voice-check for clarity!
Are you a sound engineer?
No, art department
Sir, I'm a software engineer Don't touch me
Who the hell are you? What are your names?
What is your name?
Why are you repeating his name?
My name is also Gautam
Lift and see
Not down under! Stomach... ID card
Unbelievable He's also Gautam!
- Nice name, no?
- Beauty...!
Tell us the truth now Where is the bride?
Sir, actually this is not a kidnap case
One minute
This kidnapping is perfectly planned
Once committed I won't betray my job
- What work?
- Don't know
This won't work Call the police
Yes, call him Inspector Duraisngam
He knows the Inspector it seems
Of course I do
Not just me Everyone knows him
Actor Sivakumar's son
Suriya who acted in 'Singam'
"Singam... Lion king... Gautam"
I have no connection with him or the kidnap
No connection?
Yov! Moustache Come here
Question 1,
did you invite both of us for the wedding?
Question 2, why was he in the bride's room?
Question 3...!
Do I have to ask all the questions myself?
Why don't you take over?
Am I not right, friend?
- Pooh!
- Thank you very much
How many of you are involved?
Total 6 including me
6 of you?
Where are the other 4?
1-2-3-4-right or wron-
Hey! Are you guys here?
- Caught red handed!
- Who kidnapped the bride then?
They are the kidnappers
Brothers and single sister Plan success
Don't spare anyone Tie them also
Hey girl! Take off your jewels
Please drop me in Chennai After
that you can take all this
Take off your jewels right
now I'll drop you right here
Remove, right now
Don't cry
It's always like this
Whenever I want to see Gautam
a problem will crop up always
He won't know to tell Nor
will I be able to tell
1st time I went to express my
love Kavya's photo came between us
2nd time Kavya was in his house with the
wedding chain flashing round her neck
What was I supposed to think?
Fine, I'm destined to be jinxed
Kill me
But after that kill Gautam
Gautam... Kavya?
What will he do without me, poor fellow?
How do you know my name?
Nithya... Gautam... Kavya?
Kavya... Gautam... Nithya!
Who are you?
"Southern realm of the Pandya clan
Chariots grace the roads with elan"
I'm your BIG brother
"He came like a sprightly deer
Who could have hit him, I wonder?"
- Tell us
- Right Now
All of us are caught now, right?
What are you waiting for?
Pounce, pummel and punch
Who the hell is she?
Nithya... listen to me, please
Nithya, don't shoot
if you return my gun I can leave right now?
Okay... okay, your wish
- Shut up
- Take your own sweet time
You know what I'm thinking
Tell me
Let me... let me tell you
Don't mumble
1st time actually I thought
- Blurt it out, boy
- Allow me to tell, man
I thought I'll tell you
in the railway station
But Raja messed it up big time
Later with Kavya I agree I made a mistake
You never shared that episode of your
'miss-take' with Kavya?!
Keep quiet, man This man is a pain
What I'm trying to say is
It was my mistake to think
I was in love with Kavya
You won't be clear about all this
Phone... phone
Excuse me, please
Chitra, you have a knack of
calling me at the wrong time
My friends derided you
They said you weren't good looking
Their opinion Not my feelings
In my eyes you are-
Donkey! Why did I marry you?
1st kill that fellow
'Pain in the wrong place'
Sorry, my wifey I'll speak softly
You go ahead
- Tell me now
- I will
I will but I can't say it like
in the movies scene by scene
When I first met you I
didn't have any feelings
When I missed Kavya and Simran
I thought I was the problem
But I realize now...
...I didn't love them at all
I imagined it
Gawd! How do I explain it to you?
When I see you talking to any
guy I burn with anger inside
I feel like impressing you
with whatever lies possible
When you wear short dresses I
feel like giving you 1 tight slap
Imagine I went to the extent
of stopping your wedding
I had no clue I could be
so jealous and possessive
Until I met you
This is love for sure
Forget all this
I am crazy about you I
can't live without you
That's the truth
Call it what you want
I'll take care of you well
I swear on my mom
Chitra, you are just not listening to me
You are so stubborn Listen to me, please
Tell me those balance 3 words
Shall we get married?
You promised you'd change
our baby's diapers yourself
How can I do all that crappy job?
You utter one more word
I'll slice you to pieces
Shut up Stupid
What shall I do to him?
Kill him
Hey... hey... Nithya!
How could you tie me up!
Uncle has brought us together Poor man,
let him go
This madcap?
If we untie him,
he'll kidnap some other wrong chap!
Who is the nutcase? You are...!
Go home,
dear man Your wife is waiting for you
My wifey and I are very tight
What do you know about us, stoopid?
Who is stupid?
Me... me only
Okay, sing a song
I cannot
- No... I'll shoot you
- No... no... no
- Do what I say
- Please sing, uncle
"Quit the race, you drama queen!
One to graze the pastures green"
"Vamoose, you virus nonentity
A wife to make babies plenty"
"After the honeymoon, Miss Know-all
you'll know your stupidity and bawl"
"You'll name your daughter after
me in your ex-girl friend's memory"
"You think you're cream of the cream"
"Are you every single girl's dream?"
"You think you're the best of the best?
Are you every girl's coolest quest?"