Yeojaneun Namjaui Miraeda (Woman Is the Future of Man) (2004) Movie Script

Woman is the future of man
Produced by Marin Karmitz
Ahn Byungjoo, Choi Seongmin
Yoo Jitae, Sung Hyunah
Kim Taewoo
Cinematography- Kim Hyungkoo
Lighting - Lee Kangsan
Sound- Ahn Sangho
Editing - Ham Sungwon
Music - Jeong Yongjin
Recorder- Live Tone
Producer- Lee Hanna
Screenplay and director- Hong Sangsoo
- Quite a climb...
- Kind of
Luckily, the bus stop isn't far
- How are you keeping?
- We're on a hill
Cab drivers get lost up here
The bus is better
Is this your house?
It's beautiful!
Sorry to have brought you so far
No, don't apologize
This way, I get to see your place
That's true
the house is a real mess
my wife wants us
to go elsewhere
- Do you mind?
- All right
- So, how are you doing?
- Good
I have a present for you
A present?
It's not much
Now you're here
you may as well take a look
You're a rich man now!
My wife is
a very determined woman
We've settled here for good
but a 200-million-won mortgage
the loans from relatives...
It will take forever to pay that off
Well, you've certainly changed
I haven't
The present that I mentioned
- Is this snow, the first...
- It's a little late this year
You can walk on it
It's beautiful
I kept the dog off it
You even have a dog
- Walk on it?
- If you'd like to
All right
It will look like someone walked
just one way
When you went in and back out
- Shall we go?
- All right
Let's go
- This is great
- You don't have a mobile?
- I got rid of it
- Why?
I've forgotten my wallet
I'll be right back
I'll wait here
- Who is it?
- It's me, Open up
- Munho?
- Yes
Munho, is that you?
Just a second
- Thank you, Good-bye
- Thanks
- Thank you
- Good-bye
- What was university like there?
- Hm...
How can I put it...
It's a good university
they all say so
On the staff, they have
one particularly good lecturer
I took his class in the end
Know what he said about my film?
That it's a "gem"
A "gem"? What's that?
A "gem"?
A precious stone
A precious stone?
Isn't the word "treasure"?
Treasure can mean stones too
But a lot of them
Gem is one stone
and "treasure" is a lot
You were wise
to change your main subject
You're a smart one
- Smart, me
- Every university has a film department
Dozens have opened
in the last few years
I don't want to teach
I want to make films
You're right
Make films
So, you're not going to teach?
if a university in Seoul asks me to
why not?
I need to making a living
Exactly, all these film students
what will they do?
Film isn't like Korean or English
It will be hard for them
I pity them
I'll write a screenplay first
I'll need time to adjust here
This will make you laugh
When I went back for my wallet
my wife was smoking
in the bathroom
Does she smoke?
Usually, no!
I caught her red-handed
But I didn't say anything
Before, I'd have kicked up a fuss
I see her
less as a woman or a wife
and more as a human being
I tell her, "Live your life!"
Something like that
You're kind to her
There again, it's best not to smoke
When she sleeps by our kid
she looks so beautiful
I believe that proves
that she's a good wife
True, you made a good match
You're lucky to have met her
By the way, if you hug my wife again
you'll hear from me!
What do you mean?
Remember when we visited you
in the USA
you hugged her 'American-style'
- I didn't say anything...
- Hey, that's just...
I didn't hug her...
- That's hello
- Shut your mouth!
Just don't do that!
You're not a Yankee!
Chili pepper noodles
- Here you are
- Just a second, please
- I'm sorry but...
- Huh?
I make films
Are you interested in acting?
- Films?
- Yes
I'm a director
I'm looking for real people
to play parts in my film
Not for a documentary
but for a real film
I don't think so
Why not? Don't I seem honest?
You have an interesting face
That's why I'm insisting
I'll give you my number
You'll think about it?
No, really
I couldn't do it
I'll leave you now
Come here
Is something wrong?
What did he say?
He's a director
- He wants me to be in a film
- What kind of director?
- I don't know
- He's a director?
- So he says
- He asked you to act?
The idea of it!
You lack ambition
That's why life disappoints you
Look, he's watching you
What are you doing here?
What's up?
Are you well?
If you're not busy, we can talk...
I'd like to but...
Is your military service over now?
You didn't know?
I didn't know
So, how are you?
Why don't we go somewhere
to talk?
What about?
I'm supposed to meet a friend
You'll meet your friend
This won't take long, come on
I just got out of the army
You really don't have a minute?
I know but...
Can't it wait a day?
I have to meet a friend
Look at me!
It's me!
Snap out of it!
Don't do this to me
I'll bring you back in no time
Quickly, then
Why do you always
keep me waiting?
What's wrong?
Have you been waiting long?
It's a beautiful day
Sorry, I'm late again
What's the matter?
I was kidnapped
I'm really sorry
I was kidnapped
and taken by force to Puchon
By whom?
A guy I know
He turned up out of the blue
He found me
after he got out of the army
He knew we see each other
He knew what time
I go to the hospital
He was waiting for me
Who is this guy?
We used to be in the same club
at high school
And then...
Well? What happened?
In Puchon, he took me to a hotel
And there, he raped me
- Are you okay?
- I'm okay...
- Not too hot?
- It's ok
That's enough
I'm making love to you to cleanse you
You understand?
I'll really be clean again?
Of course
I'll make you clean
You'll be clean again
- You understand?
- I want to be clean
Make me clean
- Why are you here, Dad?
- You're here?
- You mustn't smoke
- Just one cigarette
- Is there time?
- Yes
Remember what I said
You must be
both daring and reliable
- Yep
- You understand?
I understand
What are you doing here?
- Hello, sir
- You're here!
- How are you, sir?
- Good
- Why are you all alone?
- I need to talk to you
What about?
I'll leave you two to talk
Don't be too long
We'll catch up
You can talk inside
We won't be long
- I have to talk to you
- What's the matter?
One thing bothers me
Sunhwa should be here
to see you off to the USA
She knows you're leaving
You have to see her
You cant just leave like this!
What's it to do with you?
That's what you had to tell me?
I told her to come here
It's the right thing to do
She's on her way
She'll be here soon
Come here
Take care
You'll wait for me, right?
I'll call you
Look after yourself, won't you?
I'll wait
I'll wait for your call
All right
Why are you crying?
Don't be silly!
All right, I'll stop crying
I love you
Me too
Do you remember Sunhwa?
How could I forget her?
What's she doing these days?
I don't know
How could I know?
That's right
It's been ages
You want to know?
I heard she runs a bar in Puchon
A friend said he saw her
in Puchon
It's probably true
Why would he lie?
- You said you didn't know
- You wanted to know
She was working in that kind of place
when she was a student
She dropped out of university
Really? Why?
I don't know
I don't think
she's a waitress anymore
She runs a bar in a hotel
How did she come to that?
I wonder
I can't believe it...
- It all started from then
- What?
These so-called "club rooms"
Half the girls are students
More than two thirds even!
I see
A real job is tough
and doesn't pay well
The myth of virginity means
girls have a high price on them
Koreans are too fond of sex
They have nothing better to do
- There's no real culture
- Right
Excuse me
I have to fetch my photos
- They're already done?
- It's an express service
Can I have a quick word with you?
I teach Western art
I was wondering...
would you like to model for me?
Model for you?
Yes, I teach at the university
You can trust me
I'm looking for
non-professional models
I see...
However, I must warn you
you'd have to pose nude
Could you do that?
No, I couldn't
Because of the nudity?
I understand
Let me give you my number
Think about it
You'd make an excellent model
No, really
I couldn't do it
I'll leave you now
Come here
Is something wrong?
What's he saying?
That he's a teacher
- He wants me to model
- A teacher needs a model?
- He's a painter
- Is he really?
- That's all he said?
- I'm not going to model for him
They don't look
like close friends
But they're knocking the drink back
That's why
they talk such rubbish
You think so?
- Hello
- Hello
Go on in
Are you going out?
We won't be long
- Where shall I put this?
- Over there
What is that?
An imaginary being
What beautiful flowers!
In autumn
when I see chrysanthemums
I feel that they have bloomed
just for me
I see
They're really beautiful
aren't they?
By the way...
May I call you by your first name?
I'm sorry?
If you want
All right
Stop it! Not so fast!
Get off me!
What did I just say?
I told you to stop!
I didn't understand
Was it unpleasant?
Couldn't you have just held me?
Men are all alike
If you'd simply held me
I could have let myself go
I'm sorry
It's my fault
You're all animals
You and that bastard
just want sex
Real animals!
- Hello
- Hello
You're here?
Do you know the bride?
The groom is an old friend
- Are you close?
- Yeah
This morning, I was in a cafe
and I called Sunhwa
She said she'd be at the wedding
I was coming anyway
so it was a chance to see her
- That's a good idea
- Shall we fetch her?
Will you do that for me?
Thank you
She's over there
You look so pretty
They're intrigued
The groom is a friend...
- It's a pretty wedding
- The bride's pretty too
I find you much prettier
Don't exaggerate
- Seen the chrysanthemums?
- I see
They attract the bees
Are you staying?
Are you going to the reception?
- Aren't you?
- No
I have to go to see my tutor
- Do you go there often?
- No
I'm sorry you can't come
Could I see you tomorrow?
- What day is it tomorrow?
- What day?
- It's Sunday
- That's right
All right, let's meet tomorrow
- Really?
- Really!
Thank you
You're not using my first name?
I don't really feel like it
- Did it go well yesterday?
- Yes, sit down
Your face is puffy
- It is?
- Yes, very puffy
Do you feel all right?
What's that new hairstyle?
Is it horrible?
Isn't anyone else home?
My father's in Japan
My mother will be home late
Your father's in Japan?
He goes there
about ten times a year
And your mother?
When he's away
she comes home late
There's no one else here?
My little brother
will be home late too
You needn't worry about him
It's better
when there's no one else
Well, there isn't
What's that?
That? It's just for fun
What's inside it?
What is it?
- Are they stones?
- Pebbles
Are they for your work?
No, It's to toughen my fist
- Toughen your fist?
- My fist
I punch it
every morning and evening
You do that?
To make me stronger
Every morning and evening?
Yes, Like this
Your skin is so soft
Can I moan?
Go ahead
You can
Your moaning sounds so sweet
Is that good?
Very good
I came too soon
Are you always like that?
Your legs are hairy
I haven't shaved them for a while
Shaving makes the hair thicker
I didn't know
that women shaved their legs
True, it has grown
I hear there's even more snow
in Kangwon province
It snows often
Shall we go and see Sunhwa?
- Now?
- Yep
Ask your friend for the address
- You want to go to Puchon?
- Since it's snowing...
Let's go and see Sunhwa!
- You go I'm not going
- Why not?
I enjoyed drinking with you
but we're pretty drunk now
So what?
Your face isn't even flushed
I have some papers to mark
Go by yourself
Why not?
How can you treat
an old friend like this?
You go!
My wife doesn't feel well
- I didn't tell you before
- She doesn't feel well?
She's a bit ill
I don't know...
I'll tell you the hotel's name
Is she really ill?
All this is just an excuse
Shall I call her to check?
What are you talking about?
I'm sorry but...
you're fishing for an excuse!
If I were you, I'd come
We've just met up again
You can't do this to me
It's snowing, we're drunk
where can we go like this?
- Do you want a sweet?
- Yes, thank you
- Munho
- Huh?
What is it that you want
more than anything?
There is one thing I want...
It's an old dream
Perhaps it won't come true
But I like having this dream
I'll succeed, even if it's tough
I think our university
is the best in all of Korea
I want to get tenure there
That's my dream
It will soon come true, right?
I have no idea
No one can really say
until it actually happens
I can imagine
But it will come true
You'll make a good teacher
Thank you
It's on the ground floor, isn't it?
It must be just inside
It's stupid arriving together
I'll go, Wait here for me
- Let's see if she's there
- That's why I'm going in
It's stupid going in together
Wait, I'll come back
You aren't too cold?
Let me see!
Are they from the bar?
Do you want to look inside?
Is it anything special?
It's just a bar
without windows
Forget it, then
Sunhwa told me to wait for her
- She hasn't finished yet
- Only natural for a bar
Where did she say to wait?
Apparently, she lives nearby
I think I should wait for her
Will you be all right?
I think I should wait for her
What can I do? She insisted
Let's wait, then
How long will she be?
She could be a while
Will you be okay?
Let's wait for her
You want to?
Give me the matches
Have you seen the time?
What's the matter?
You must be tired
You can go
It's late
What the hell
do you mean?
Eat some chicken
Come on, drink up!
I used to drink
liquor with chicken every day
That's all Sunhwa and I ever had
Sunhwa and you?
Every day liquor and chicken
It's not very important...
But there's stuff you don't know
When you left for the USA
Sunhwa suffered a great deal
She did?
Everyone blamed you
For dumping her so cruelly
That's all crap spread by assholes!
Fucking morons!
- Know what she told me?
- What?
That you're the worst kind of animal
She told me that one day
Here you are!
- Been waiting long?
- You've come!
- You're here!
- Shall we go? Come on
Where? You just got here
Have a drink
I'm tired, I'm happy to see you
but let's get out of here
Are you tired?
Get up, I'm tired
I hate the smell of chicken
Let's go, then
- How much do we owe?
- Just a second
Raw squid
three bottles of rice liquor
four beers, chicken...
You really went there
this morning?
Yes, I woke up way too early
Why did you photograph this?
Because that's the place
where I treated you so badly
I wanted to go back
confront the past
and see that place again
So you admit it?
I treated you badly
So you took these photos?
To show them to me?
It made me realize
how much I miss you
Munho helped me
The teashop hasn't changed
It has, a little...
It's the same outside
but the inside has changed
It looks the same
I've been back there too
I knew it before
but you're a funny man
Me? Funny?
What's wrong with your tooth?
My tooth?
- It's chipped
- He's right
You have sharp eyes
You noticed it?
- How did that happen?
- Not so long ago...
That's my neighbor
She's a yoga instructor
You're here!
Here's my baby...
Come to mommy
Come here!
Isn't my baby beautiful?
Is she yours?
- My baby... Isn't she beautiful?
- She's big
You have to obey Mummy
- You peed in her house?
- Yes, I scolded her
- What's her name?
- Mary
- She's excited
- Mary...
- Mary, come here
- Be careful
- Mary
- Be good
She's excited
She's so dark black dog!
Mary, the black dog
Hey, that hurts
Let go
Are you happy?
I have no idea
What does that mean?
It's been a while, you and me
You must be happy
You look good
Have you put on weight?
Did you bring Hunjoon here?
I was the one
who wanted to come
I don't know
It was snowing and...
that made me sentimental
Stop it
- Sunhwa
- What?
I'll buy some food
There's nothing left here
Are you going alone?
Hunjoon is drunk
- Hunjoon, are you okay?
- I'm okay
Put him to bed I won't be long
Stop drinking!
What are you trying to prove?
Give me that
Burn me
Burn me!
Burn me!
Somebody burn me!
Burn me! Burn me!
You want me to do it?
You know how I waited for you?
Do you have any idea
how I waited?
You waited for me?
Is that true?
Are you awake?
Give me a minute
Did I wake you?
Will you suck me off?
That felt so good
Thank you
You like the way it feels?
It's my tooth
You're awake?
You're already up
- What's that?
- Do you like kimchi stew?
I've added some tuna to it
My favorite dish!
How did you know?
Is that so?
I don't remember
You're up?
I'm making stew
Give me some water
Are you hung over?
Me too
Is this really you?
Mary, come and eat
It's cold today
It's warmer than yesterday
- Kick the ball
- Can you kick it?
Sir! What a surprise!
- What are you doing?
- Playing soccer
What brings you here?
They're all on the stands
- What are you here for?
- I'm here with friends
- Are they my students?
- Yes
They've come for
my son's birthday
- They came with me
- Is that so?
I have to go
Let's have a drink after
Wait for us
They'll be pleased
Quite a crowd
Sungwoon, come on!
Excuse me, I have to go
Wait for us
Go and say hello to them
All right
- Are they your students?
- Yes
I'm not coming to the spring
Go ahead without me
If you want
- You're staying?
- Yep
We'll bring you back
some spring water
- Sir, put this on
- I don't need it
I pinched it for you
Why are you staying here, sir?
Go with them
Shall I send them over?
No, it's okay, I'm fine
Go and play I'll see them later
- You took your time
- Why are you alone?
Sir, you're very elegant
I have to go
My friends are waiting
- Having fun? Not too cold?
- I'm not cold, sir
Sir, buy us a drink!
- A drink? It's too early
- Come on!
- Come and sit down
- All right
- Sir, sit here
- Thank You
- Thank you
- What brings you here?
- I had to come here yesterday
- What?
You saw my friends earlier?
They wanted to return to their past
I helped them
Do you have a problem?
No, If you're here
everything's fine
- Do I sound stupid?
- Not at all
You're the most intelligent person
I know
Really? You flatter me
- Sir, put this on
- Keep it
I'm not cold
For a second, then
It smells nice
Very nice
Really very nice
Sir, come on
they've already left
- Is it over?
- Yes
The cold made them hungry
They've left, Forgive them
Kim Wook! What are you doing?
Our teacher's here
Come with us
What about your friends?
I won't bother waiting
Are you eating now?
Yes, to start with
I'll come with you, then
- Hello
- Are you well?
- Yeah
- Hi
We took too long
Isn't that his bottle?
He has left
He must have been angry
Does he have a reason to wait?
What's the matter with you?
Why are you being so mean?
I'm being mean?
Okay, I'll go
See you later
Hunjoon! Hunjoon!
Isn't that a bit easy?
It's not easy
You treated me badly
I didn't sleep, not a wink!
- Hunjoon!
- Stop it!
You should do that
- Can you read palms?
- When I drink, it happens
A fortune-teller told me
I had to obey men
People read palms their own way
According to who they are
and the lines change...
Who hasn't answered?
Your turn, Kyunghee
Here's my question
It's always the same
The last time you had sex
when was that?
Who with?
What was it like?
Always the same questions
- What?
- I'm not criticizing you
- Ask something else
- Answer, now that I've asked
It was two days ago
I had been drinking
He really seemed to want it
I followed him
I didn't feel much
The place was pretty filthy
I envy him
Drink up and ask a question
You're being pretty coarse
So what are you?
You're not coarse?
You're classy?
What does that mean?
I just wanted to say
that you're being coarse
not that I'm classy
What does classy mean?
I'm classy
You think you're classy
with your borrowed ideas?
Have you read a lot?
The books you've read
are the remains of the dead
They're their self-justification
Their self-promotion!
At least know
what you're talking about!
What do you know?
What do we know?
What are we sure of?
Shit, why act so smart?
Fucking admit you know nothing!
You think you're the only one
who thinks that?
I'm not saying that
How can you believe in nothing?
Believing in nothing
is nothing to be proud of!
Is there another way to be happy?
How do you think
we can be happy?
Sir! Why are you so pompous
when girls are around?
I didn't mean to annoy you
but you have a problem
It's you! Why did you leave?
It's over anyway
I thought you'd come this way
I was right
You've had a lot to drink
No, I want to have a drink
with you
Now? More drinking?
Just tonight I promise
I'd like that
What am I going to do with you?
No, not like that
I like honesty
You're an honest man
I like that
Are you coming?
Just tonight I promise
That's a motel
I want to go in there
What about you?
That suits me, sir
Well then...
Let's go
This isn't what I imagined
It's really tiny
It's really filthy
You can't even sit down
Sir, do you want me
to suck you off?
I'll suck you off
No one's there, Who was it?
I think it was him
I think it was Minsoo
Who's Minsoo?
The one who annoyed you earlier
Him? His name's Minsoo?
He came this far?
When my phone rang
it was him
Why did he do that?
That's the way he is
He's a shit-stirrer
I think so, anyhow
He's weird
always following me around
What do we do now?
It's a problem for you
If you see him
at university tomorrow
Perhaps you'll find out more
He'll end up mentioning it
You'll let me know?
Of course
Only natural
If you don't see him tomorrow
and you call him
Do you think he'd find that odd?
I never call him
But don't worry
I'll see him in class
tomorrow or the day after
But what if he tells someone
before then?
Would he do that
knowing that I'm involved?
I think he'll talk to me first
What's his name again?
He has attended your class
I don't remember
My memory's not very good
Here's a taxi I'll go first
Go ahead
Take care