Yeolhan-beonjjae Eomma (My Eleventh Mother) (2007) Movie Script

A Showbox/Mediaplex, Inc. Release
a Sea Star Pictures production
I want a computer.
It doesn't have to
be a latest model.
Kyung-su always brags
about his mom and PSP.
He pisses me off.
I can't believe
I have housewife's eczema.
I wish I had a mom.
KIM Hye-su, KIM Young-chan
RYU Seung-ryong, KIM Ji-young
He's so stupid,
like his father.
I'm hungry!
You don't deserve to eat.
Take a look at this.
Why can't you pass
the driver's license test?
You'll be too old to drive
when you finally pass it.
You're beyond help.
I'm eating out.
That bastard!
Jae-su, you must be happy.
No more step mom to nag you.
This one didn't
last very long.
Tell me.
What kind of lady do you want
for a mom?
It doesn't matter.
Because a nice lady wouldn't
marry my dad.
What if she happens
to be a fox?
A fox would never want to live
in our neighborhood.
I know that, but what if?
All I want is one thing.
I'd want her to stay
with us forever.
Let me carry it.
Give it here.
My 11th Mother
Things are
so expensive lately.
I don't know
how others do it.
I'm always in the red.
You can call me Mrs. Red.
Will I be long?
I'm in a hurry.
No, you're almost done.
Let me neutralize it.
What now?
Get your ass out here now.
Earn your keep.
I've been feeding you
for over 30 years now.
When he finally got a job,
the company went down.
Where are the rubber gloves?
Just do it
with your bare hands!
I can't even sit down
and study!
Studying for what?
It's a state test.
State test my ass.
It's for a damn driver's license.
He failed
the written test 8 times.
I wonder
what he has for a brain.
- What's that?
- A comic book.
Let me see.
If you have time for this, study!
Come in.
I didn't know
you had a kid.
Does it matter?
Say hi.
Hi, Mom.
Are you sick?
They sold you off
for peanuts.
I'm not sick.
My liver isn't too good
from drinking too much.
Go wash up.
So cold.
It's getting warm.
Let's eat.
Didn't you hear me?
You look so different
without makeup on.
And you look sick.
What's up with your hair?
It's disgusting.
You can have it, Mom.
Did you tell him to?
He's not stupid.
If you are my wife,
you're automatically his mom.
Tell him not to call me that.
I might puke.
It's good to have a girl
in the house.
What do you think
about having a new mom?
It's okay.
Damn kid...
What's wrong?
Why the poker face?
Food Stamp.
Not going?
You put makeup on.
I had nothing else to do.
Don't you cook?
Why so cold here
even with the heater on?
That's mine!
Don't be so cheap over food.
I got it with a food stamp.
What's she like?
Why are you so interested?
She's not your wife.
You smart ass!
I'm just asking
as a neighbor.
Mind your own business.
Come here.
Tell me about her.
She seems nice.
She's a glutton.
She does nothing but eat
and sleep.
Jae-su's step mom?
I live right here.
If you need a perm,
come by anytime.
I don't know why but...
I'm constantly hungry.
No matter how much I eat,
I don't feel full.
You know what they say?
'A woman who eats well
has a great personality.' Right?
What a childhood for Jae-su.
He has a new mom every season.
Considering that you're here,
your life must be in shambles.
You're quite pretty and...
I'm sorry.
You want some?
It's cold.
Hey, eat some.
Come on, eat.
Can't use
chopsticks properly?
Why do you always sleep?
Why care?
My food stamps!
I can't believe this.
You saw her picture?
She's hot, isn't she?
She's on sick leave now.
She's pretty and smart.
A good asset for your business.
You'll get your money worth.
All right.
Alright! I can handle it!
I don't have time to do this!
Hit him! Hit him!
Hey, it's too loud.
That music is louder.
What are you doing?
Stop it!
- Give it to me.
- Give it back!
Give it back!
You worked
at a girlie bar, right?
So what?
Why don't you go back?
I don't need you.
I don't need you, either.
A Dog of Flanders
What are you doing?
It's my book!
Damn, you scared me.
Why make a fuss over a book?
It's an important thing to me.
Come on, it's in tatters.
My mom bought it for me.
How'd she find it?
Where'd you hide it?
There's no money.
You're in trouble if I find it.
No money?
What's this?
Isn't this money?
You freaking liar.
This income maintenance
isn't yours.
That's all we have for this month.
- Get off me.
- Give it back!
Stop whining.
I'll turn this into a fortune.
You never cry like your mom.
Damn kid...
My back...
That son of a bitch!
Why take it out
on the laundry?
I almost had my hands frozen
washing these!
Freaking asshole!
You know what?
Shit, she isn't any better.
KIM Jae-su.
What's this?
There's an envelope.
- Give it here.
- What?
- Give it back now!
- Hey!
Guys, Jae-su
is Mr. Food Stamp.
Pick them up.
Or I'll keep them to myself.
Give it here. Come on.
I'll call the cops.
Give it back.
- I'll really call the cops!
- Come on.
It's not what you think.
- Yes, it is!
- It's not what you think.
Of all the step moms I've had,
you're the worst.
You're a junkie.
You're nothing but trash!
I threw them all out.
Are you crazy?
Get out of here now!
You're a bad woman!
A vermin!
Get out!
Get out of here now!
How can chocolate
be medicine?
It is for diabetes.
I feel sorry for your mom.
Your mom is sick and...
She's not my mom.
It's $12.
I'm sorry.
No, I'm not freaking sorry.
You threw away my shots.
That's why I'm paying.
You're so shabby.
You have money, don't you?
If you do, you'd be better off
somewhere else.
Being here won't
do you any good.
Would I have come here
if I had money?
You haven't saved any?
With or without money,
I wouldn't be here if I were you.
You can go to your mom.
I don't have a mom.
Who doesn't have one?
Yes, you do.
She gave birth to you.
Yeah, she did.
And dumped me the next day.
Did you eat?
Yeah, dig in.
You don't need to talk.
Eat as much as you can.
I'm finally being a good dad.
Jae-su, how do you like her?
You still have a problem
with her eating too much?
You shouldn't take his food.
Your mom didn't do that.
should I kick her out?
What do you say?
You wouldn't stop me,
would you?
How about you?
Can you be his mom?
Hey. Answer me!
I'm not good enough
to be a mom.
You got that right.
Yeah, that's
how you should live.
Being attached is never good.
Because you never know
what might happen.
Eat more meat, not the rice!
Here, drink some.
You like drinking.
But you're sick...
There you go.
Give it.
You sure can drink.
You sing.
You don't like me
because I eat too much?
What's your favorite food?
I'll buy it for you.
What do you hate the most?
They're my favorite.
Why do kids hate oysters?
They're so good.
When'd you start cooking
for yourself?
You shouldn't be cooking.
We get income maintenance
and food stamps.
I didn't like it
when they gave microwave food.
'Cause we don't
have a microwave.
But I never trade food stamps in
for snacks like other kids do.
And I often visit
a food tasting stand at the mall.
When'd your mom leave?
When I was 4.
You remember that?
Whether I do or not,
it's none of your business.
I guess not... Damn it.
Do you know who is
the sorriest person on earth?
Dirt broke...
So many medical issues...
All alone...
It's me.
I thought so before I met you.
But I was wrong.
The sorriest person
on earth is you.
Those who beat kids
should rot in hell.
Forget it.
You're the sorriest person,
and I'm the second.
You don't have a mom.
The ending should be changed.
He shouldn't freeze to death
at the church.
He grows up and becomes...
A famous artist?
That's not it.
He grows up and becomes...
He becomes an art teacher
at a tiny school.
- I can smell alcohol
- It's a good job.
You teach them how to draw
and get paid for it.
Damn it.
Hey there.
What are you doing
in this shit hole?
You're so young.
I'm not young like you, Mister.
Come on, don't mister me.
You like me?
The best way to get chummy is...
You wanna fuck me?
How many of his step moms
did you fuck?
Do I look that easy?
You might be in heat,
but I'm not.
What I need the least is a man.
So leave me alone.
Give me a cigarette.
Yeah, it's me.
What is it?
Really? Okay.
I got it.
Come here, asshole.
- Fuck!
- Come on!
You piece of shit!
I never did it before.
What the...
Disgusting son of a bitch...
Fuck you.
Get me some booze.
Forget it.
KIM Jae-su...
People like you and me...
We shouldn't have been born.
Fuck off!
No! No!
You asshole!
Keep it up
and you'll end up like me.
Your wife will run away,
- and you'll be raising a kid alone!
- That'll never happen to me!
Son of a bitch!
Keeping this book won't
bring her back.
It can't bring her back.
She's dead!
I know that!
But I don't feel
she's dead at all!
Say she's dead.
Say it!
Say it now,
son of a bitch!
Say she's dead!
She's dead.
Mom is dead!
You're pigheaded after your mom.
Your real mom is dead.
That slut is your mom now.
Call her Mom.
Call her Mom now.
You won't? No?
Come here.
Call her Mom now.
Go ahead.
Do it.
Whoever she is...
If I say she's your mom,
she's your mom!
Mom! Say it!
You called all the others Mom!
Come here.
Call this slut Mom.
Call her Mom loudly.
No? Son of a bitch.
Stop it, asshole!
Stop it...
That's enough...
You should go to hell.
Leave him the fuck alone!
Are you crazy, bitch?
God damn it!
What's going on here?
What are you?
Are you his mother?
What the...
Shit, he's going crazy!
What the hell are you doing?
Move. Move.
Move, asshole!
Stay out of my sight,
or you're dead!
There are some hot patches
in the bottom drawer.
Use them for yourself.
I'm fine.
Use them for yourself!
Are you okay?
Any bone broken?
That mean son of a bitch...
He's dead
if I get my hands on him!
Got a cigarette?
A cigarette?
This is all I have.
Hold on.
Let me sterilize it for you.
It'll be as good as new.
Here you go.
Let me light it.
Why do you keep playing that?
Just to entertain my ears.
I used to
like this singer a lot.
I would cry, listening to his songs.
I hate him.
He has it all.
But he's damn good with sad songs.
Wait... You cried?
Long ago.
A theme park?
It's homework.
About what I do this weekend.
I can make it up like always.
But you're supposed to put
pictures here.
I don't have to.
It's a lie anyway.
Why don't we go to one?
With black eyes?
It'll be embarrassing.
Ever heard of
Marshal Beauty Parlor?
I thought not.
Across from there, there's this huge...
Welcome to Everland!
Wow, this is an Aesop's Village.
What's that?
It's a village in a fairytale.
Oh, that Aesop... I know.
An Aesop's Village!
Free Family Photo
Wanna check it out?
You need a photo
for your homework.
You sit over here.
Sit next to your son, Ma'am.
Make yourself comfortable.
Give me some smile.
That's not quite good.
How about this?
Can you stand up for me?
There you go.
You put your arms around him.
Like this... That's good.
Pretend you're kissing your mom
on the cheek.
Come on, go head.
Turn your face to the camera.
Look here.
That's good.
And you pretend to kiss her.
Show me some love.
- How is it?
- Good.
One, two, three...
Aren't you brushing your teeth?
I was going to.
Do it now.
It was really happy time.
It's hard to determine
at this point.
It's not clear
if it's cancer.
I need to see all of your previous
medical records.
But what concerns me more is
your blood sugar level.
Rest as much as you can.
What am I, a trash man?
- Baek-jung!
- What?
You can put more in it.
It costs to buy
these trash bags.
- Mom...
- What?
I saw this coming.
She's not a step mom type.
I'll get the change later!
Excuse me?
- Hello.
- Hello.
That woman made this.
What's wrong with him?
I could've taken her out.
It's mine!
We should bring our moms
for the talent show.
It's Saturday
so every mom should come.
- Your moms are coming, right?
- Yeah.
- How about you?
- My mom's coming, too.
That's good.
- What's up with him?
- He pisses me off.
I hate him.
I understand she has to work.
But can't she make it?
It's a yearly event.
Hi, is this Jae-su's mom?
I'm the mother
of his classmate.
This Saturday
is the talent show.
I hope you can make it.
You know the time, right?
You got the wrong number.
Literary exercises
Look. Who is that?
- Who is she?
- I've never seen her before.
She's Jae-su's mom.
Jae-su, your mom is here.
Why'd you come back?
You're gonna leave me again!
I'm sorry.
I was just...
Don't go, Mom!
Are you crying?
I cry when I'm truly happy.
I promise
1. I won't skip meals.
2. I will draw everyday.
3. I will never smoke.
Until when will you keep them?
You'll quit smoking, right?
I guess I've smoked enough.
I know you like this.
It's quite easy to make.
I've taken a lot of your food.
I'm sorry.
You're sorry now?
What's the most important
- The sauce.
- Right.
If you've put
in too much pepper?
Put more sugar in.
- Right.
- But why?
If you put in too much pepper,
it's spicy and salty.
When it's too spicy,
sugar will make it mild.
- Mild?
- Yes.
Where'd you learn to cook this?
But I can cook almost everything
that you can think of.
- Try it.
- Sure.
If you saved it for later,
don't eat it cold.
Add some water
and heat it up.
It looks good.
My mouth is watering.
It's almost done.
- You're good.
- Wow!
I can't die now.
There's this child
who needs me.
All I want is just another year.
No, 6 months.
Doctor, I'll do anything.
I've been looking
everywhere for you.
Come on.
- Aren't you cold?
- No.
Where'd you go yesterday?
I just went out
to get some fresh air.
You did?
Are you sick again?
You put on makeup.
You look different
with makeup on.
Are you okay?
We're almost there.
She's hot, man.
It's a bargain for you.
She's healthy now.
She's ready.
Just set the date.
God, she smells good.
What the...!
Did my dad come?
Why look for him here?
Jae-su, wait.
What does your mom like?
Pork? Fish?
Kids today are so rude.
Damn kid...
Why'd you leave it open?
Where'd you go?
I thought you left again.
What's that?
I got it from
the community center.
They gave you this for free?
On Sale, $499.99
Here's your pillow. Lie down.
You spent your computer money?
You fool!
It's supposed to be good
for diabetes.
It makes you
as healthy as a horse.
I looked it up on the net.
Return it and get your money back.
No way.
You should take it, Mom.
I don't need it.
It won't work.
Stop it!
If you don't take it,
I'll starve from today.
What the...
Bring her ASAP.
I'll pay the rest on delivery.
Do I need to count this?
I can't believe
you don't have a bank account.
Can I order over the phone?
All it takes is a push
of a button, right?
Yes. Oh, the address?
Try to use chopsticks
even when you eat alone.
But I won't be eating alone
It's me.
Where the hell have you been?
She didn't run, did she?
What's up with your voice?
Did you eat?
Pack her bag for me, okay?
Why what?
You thought
she'd live with us forever?
Dream on.
Mom! Mom!
Are you okay?
- Get out.
- What's wrong?
- I'm okay.
- Are you sure?
Let's get you inside.
Lie down here.
You should leave
tomorrow, okay?
Later on that bird...
Will you draw me next to you?
I will.
let me pour you a shot.
Damn, it's gone.
You drank it all.
You know what?
You're such a burden on me.
That's enough.
I have feelings, too.
You think I like being a bum?
Yeah, I know you don't.
God, I'm drunk.
Where are you going?
You didn't finish this.
It's freaking high.
Let me Go Get Your medicine.
You don't have to Go now.
It's okay.
Get inside. It's cold.
I'll be back.
Look, Mrs.
No, I'm sorry.
I'm 35 and have nothing
to show for.
Nothing seems to work for me.
Why don't we hit some booze?
One condition.
Do me a favor.
If I'm gone...
If that bastard hits him again...
You stop him.
Don't let him hit
my poor Jae-su.
Do it for me.
You should eat better.
My poor Jae-su...
Open it.
What are you gonna do?
Beat her up again?
You call yourself a man?
She's nothing
but skin and bones!
They're fighting!
God, he's gonna kill my son!
Hurry, please!
Did you fuck her?
You asshole...
Be a man and
stop treating her like shit!
Can't you see
how skinny she's gotten?
If she's sick,
take her to a hospital!
Who do you think you are?
Is she yours?
Is she your wife?
Because I like her!
And I feel so sorry for her!
A girl like that?
Don't even think about it.
Why not?
We're all losers.
She's not any worse than me!
I like her,
and if I know how she...
What do you think you know?
You think you know
that slut?
I do!
Unlike you...
She even asked me
for a favor...
What favor, asshole?
I won't tell you, asshole!
It was nothing
but a small fight.
Just for your information,
- Okay, okay.
- He's more...
he beat up my son.
Did you find out?
- I'm checking it now.
- Okay.
He's on the APB list.
- For What?
- Fraud.
- Wanted For fraud?
- Right.
You, out of the car.
- Get out.
- We'll just take him.
Come on, hurry.
Let's go.
- Mom?
- Huh?
I'm hungry.
What the...
Let's go eat.
Mom, get up.
Let's eat and leave
before Dad comes home.
We won't be eating well
on the road.
I prepared your meal.
You gotta eat that all. Okay?
I got you a lot of rice.
Eat it all, okay?
One, two, three...
Lying down in the bathtub,
covered with bubbles...
Come on, it's not funny.
Get up.
Get up now!
I know you're playing.
Mom, get up.
Get up, Mom.
Get up, please...
Please, get up!
To KIM Jae-su
Happy birthday, Son.
There're new clothes
in the drawer for you.
I never got
anybody a present,
but I wanted to be a good mom.
There's something
I've been wanting to tell you.
Thank you for
calling me Mom.
State Prison
Doing well in school?
Yes. Thanks to Mom.
You like her that much?
Like a real mom?
Yes. She's my real mom.
Isn't today your birthday?
Yes, it is.
Did she...
No. Did your mom
get you a present?
Directed by KIM Jin-seong