Yeom-lyeok (2018) Movie Script

Today's legendary dish is fried chicken!
Oh, my goodness. I'm already salivating.
Then, who's the owner of this restaurant
that serves this mouthwatering dish?
Boss, where are you?
I'm the owner of this restaurant.
My gosh!
Wait, this young lady here
isn't a part-timer?
She's actually the owner of this place?
Our secret is my deep-frying method.
The temperature of the oil
has to be 170C.
Chicken tastes the best when it's
deep-fried for exactly 11 minutes.
-And now, we just wait.
-Well, Ms. Shin.
Shouldn't you be out on a date
rather than frying chicken here?
When I was about ten years old,
my father suddenly left home.
Since then, my mom...
She's had a tough time.
You know those accessories like hairpins.
I'd buy them wholesale
at Dongdaemun Market...
and sell them at subway stations.
My mom still tells me that
I make the best fried chicken.
This young owner
is working hard toward her dreams.
Ru-mi Shin's future is surely bright!
Fried chicken with Cheongyang
chili peppers is amazing!
-It's amazing!
-It's amazing!
Hey, Ru-mi.
Mr. Kim.
-My place must be the first one.
-They're here.
-Oh, okay. I'll be right there.
-You jerks!
-Just push through!
-How dare you barge in here?
-Get over here.
Do you even have the permit? You assholes!
-Get out of our way!
-You bastards!
Get her out!
Behave yourself, will you?
-Let go! You bastards.
-Just drag her out.
My gosh...
Get lost already!
Hey, let go!
-Get her out of here.
-Let go!
-Just drag her out.
-I can't leave. I won't go anywhere!
-Stay out of this!
-You jerks!
-Drag her out!
Let's get this done quickly.
-Hurry! Hurry the hell up.
-Let go!
Let go of me. I won't leave! Let go!
-Don't move.
-God, you bitch.
Come help me here.
-Mom! You bastards...
-You little...
-Gosh, keep still.
-Drag her out.
-Don't you lay a finger on her!
Fuck, we're screwed.
Is she dead?
Is she breathing? Call Boss. Right now.
Gosh, fuck.
That woman isn't moving at all.
-Let us through!
-Jeez, what's this now?
-Ms. Kwon.
-My gosh.
-Ms. Kwon!
-You son of a bitch! Who did this?
Can someone please call 911?
Call the police!
-You bastards.
-Hey, call 911.
What's wrong with this spring water?
I think this water is polluted.
Let me get some.
Well, this is...
It tastes weird.
This water has gone bad.
Jeez, how come no one believes me?
WHILE YOU WAI Gosh, seriously.
Have some coffee if you're done.
Coffee sounds good.
Let's see.
Seok-heon, why did you buy
so many instant coffee packets?
I didn't buy these.
Why would I buy these when there's
always a pile of them at the bank?
But, they are for their customers.
I'm just a cleaning lady here,
so I never feel like I can drink
that free coffee.
God, don't be like that.
No one's going to say anything.
I even take toilet paper from here.
You sure got some balls.
-You should put it back.
-No, I won't. It's mine!
You're not having coffee?
My tummy is upset. It must be
from the spring water I had this morning.
You need to be careful
even with spring water these days.
I heard that tap water is better
because of pollution.
Don't you worry. A shot of soju
on my way home will totally cure this.
Jeez, don't drink too much.
You aren't young anymore.
You must take care of your health.
You don't even have anyone
to look after you.
Rub my tummy, please.
Oh, sir.
Let's see. Let's see now.
Hey, don't work too hard.
Don't be late tomorrow.
You were 30 minutes late
on the other day too.
Okay, I heard you.
Jeez, he's such a nagger.
Ma'am, these coffee packets
are for our customers.
Who told you that you can take them?
You're the one who's been stealing them,
aren't you?
No, this was my first time.
Look, do you think we put them there
for you to grab them like that?
Do you have no common sense?
I thought I could drink them
when I'm craving sweets...
I'm asking why you thought that way!
Can you at least look at me?
I'm talking to you now.
I'm sorry.
Ma'am, we'll have to take this
out of your paycheck.
God, that dumb woman. If you take
that many at once,
they'll obviously notice it.
Gosh, how stupid.
She's so tactless.
God, my stomach...
It hurts...
Sir? Hey, you!
Can't you drink responsibly?
Look at this mess!
-Go home already.
Get up and go home!
Oh, boy.
It's me, Ru-mi.
Mom passed away.
I thought you should know.
Gosh, Ru-mi...
I'm so sorry for your loss.
You poor thing...
Ru-mi. Stay strong, okay?
We're sorry we can't stay.
It's okay. You should get going now.
My gosh...
Honey, come on. Let's go.
Oh, God...
That poor thing.
Calm down.
I'll be okay.
-Take care.
-You should go back in.
-Let's go.
Sorry for calling you out of the blue.
Was she sick?
This is so sudden.
I called you because I found
your number on Mom's phone.
I mean...
You are my dad, you know.
Have some food.
-You scoundrels!
How dare you set foot in here!
-Have some shame!
-Be quiet, please.
-Let go!
-We're here to pay our condolences.
-Why are you being like this?
-Ma'am, please. Be quiet now.
-Let go. I said, let go.
-That son of a bitch...
-Why are you being like this?
-What the hell.
-Please, enough.
-What the fuck?
-That little...
Hey, did you get a perm?
-I even got a hair treatment.
-Jeez, what a moron.
What? Moron?
Mr. Min.
I thought I'd be seeing you in court.
Why would we see each other in court?
Ru-mi, you're making my life so difficult.
I'm really stressed out.
-Why would you be...
Your mother passed away while driving.
Why are you putting the blame on us?
You obviously think like that
because you're completely delusional.
-What? Delusional? Hey, let go.
-Hey, break it up.
-What is happening?
-Let go!
I told you to let go of me!
-How dare you call me delusional!
-Enough already.
-What's this?
Gosh, Mr. Min.
This country is governed by law.
Why don't we go by the law?
-You guys are acting like thugs.
-What? Thugs?
Hey, stop it.
Enough already.
Can't you try to be helpful?
I'm sorry, sir.
-Give her the condolence money.
Just leave. I don't need that money.
I'm sorry. This breaks my heart too.
-I said I don't need it.
I don't need your money,
you son of a bitch.
I said, leave!
Yes, please leave now.
I'm sorry.
You guys should go back in.
Go on. Please leave now.
Sorry again. We're sorry, okay?
-That little...
-Our deepest condolences.
Those pricks...
You'd better put it back up.
-Ru-mi, are you all right?
-Yes, I'm okay.
God, that prick...
Just leave if you're not going to eat.
Excuse me, sir.
Are you Ru-mi's father by any chance?
-Yes, I am.
-My gosh, hello. I'm...
Please allow me to introduce myself.
Sorry, here.
It's nice to meet you.
A large-scale duty-free shopping center
for Chinese tourists will be built here.
Taesan Construction won the contract,
so they'll demolish this entire area
to execute the redevelopment plan.
Oh, it's here. This is Ru-mi's restaurant.
Let me lift this.
The fried chicken here was so good.
Fried chicken
with Cheongyang chili pepper.
I heard that Ru-mi and her mother
worked very hard to develop the recipe.
It was so popular. Everyone loved it.
It was on TV too.
But, well...
All of those people
who were with Ru-mi earlier
were renting store spaces
in this area for their businesses.
They've been fighting
to get proper compensation
which they rightfully deserve,
but Taesan has no interest in compensating
them. You saw those guys, right?
They hired Mr. Min
and his guys to evict them.
What exactly are you after?
-Answer me.
What is it that you want?
Oh, I guess you didn't see it
on my business card.
-I work for an attorneys' group...
-What's your relationship with Ru-mi?
-Pardon? "Relationship"?
-Do you like her?
Don't lead her on unless you're going
to be responsible for your actions.
Mr. Shin. Wait...
We can win this fight, sir. Wait...
God, you scared me.
Is it already time for...
What? Why are you here so early?
Do magicians...
make a lot of money?
Magicians? What are you talking about?
Well, you know.
Those ones we see on TV
who can make people float
in the air and stuff like that.
I'm sure they make quite a bit.
You know the nightclub
down the street, right?
I heard those who do stunt shows there
make over a million won a night.
In one night?
Then in a month... God.
They can work a few nights
and earn over ten million won?
What's gotten into you?
Did you come this early
to make up for being late yesterday?
Look at you, Seok-heon.
You're finally growing up.
Let's go.
Let's see what's going on
with the prosecution
while we wait for the autopsy results.
-There she is.
-My gosh, that poor thing.
-She must be devastated.
-You must be exhausted.
Let's go in.
-My heart is with you.
-I know it's hard.
Let's go in.
-She's here.
-My gosh, we're glad to see you.
-Have a seat.
-My deepest condolences.
Those thugs are already camping out
just down the street from here.
What? They're still here?
They already came here earlier
and caused a scene.
Those hoodlums are roaming around
and smashing windows
of empty shops for no reason.
They're even drawing
grotesque images all over the walls
with red paint.
They've even been drawing skulls
all over the place, for God's sake.
Attention, please.
I know how devastated all of you must be.
I'm meeting with the prosecutor tomorrow,
so please bear with me.
But as you know, the prosecution
has been on Taesan's side.
The law won't help us, don't you think?
Everyone sides with money.
-She died for nothing.
-Gosh, stop it.
Our situation is bad,
but whenever I think about Ms. Kwon...
-We can't back down like this.
-Absolutely not.
Ms. Kwon worked so hard
for her restaurant...
It'll be great if all the men
can stand guard here tonight.
I'll stay too.
-No problem.
Why would you stay here?
You won't even be of any help.
Well, I mean, if those guys from earlier
bulldoze into this place,
you people won't be able to do anything.
Right, that's why I told you
that we have to be prepared.
Those in other redevelopment areas
even made Molotov cocktails.
Please, Mr. Kim.
See, 80 percent of this
is about winning public opinion.
Using Molotov cocktails
will only put them at an advantage.
-Don't even think about it.
-Then what should we do?
What about them?
They've attacked us with metal pipes.
Are you saying we should do nothing
and just let them beat us?
No, ma'am. That's not what I meant.
That is what you meant.
You don't even have a plan.
Ru-mi, staying here will be too dangerous.
I know it's hard, but just give up now.
I seem to have a bizarre ability now,
so I can definitely help you
-Let's talk later.
-open a new restaurant.
-Leave, please.
-You need to go to college too.
And you folks need
to come to your senses too.
Do you actually think you can win
this fight? This isn't a joke.
Don't waste your energy like this.
Figure out another way to earn a living.
-Watch your mouth.
-What did you just say?
-We don't even have any energy left!
-That's your problem!
Gosh, enough.
Why did you rope my daughter into this?
-How could he...
-What is with you?
I told you to just leave.
All right, I'm leaving.
Call me if anything happens, okay?
Take care.
-How ridiculous.
-What's his problem?
You did nothing wrong.
-I was just...
-I told you not to say anything.
Do you like that?
I heard you wanted to speak with me.
Yes, well...
It's about this special skill that I have.
I'm just wondering if I'd be able
to do some shows at your club.
-What kind of skill?
-Well, it's...
Well, its kind of like
a feat of super strength.
I'll show you an example. It's like...
You can think of it
as a type of magic trick.
How do you do this?
One second, please.
This is...
Everything about magic tricks
is a trade secret, you know.
-Hello, ladies.
We're colleagues now.
-Did you see that?
-Is he crazy?
Hello, there.
Come on in!
It's the third floor, the third.
Okay, I'll see you in a bit.
I'm already here.
All right.
-Is he almost here?
-Yes, he's here.
-Shouldn't one of us wait for him outside?
-No, he'll be fine.
Anyway, he's the prosecutor's
direct supervisor.
He knows about the autopsy
and how we've already
submitted the doctor's note,
so suss out what's going on
when he gets here.
Oh, he's here.
Sir, here.
-Hey, Mr. Kim.
-Good to see you.
Likewise. My gosh, it took me a while
to find this place.
-Isn't it like a maze?
By the way, who's this lady here?
Oh, this is Ms. Ru-mi Shin,
the victim's daughter.
The victim...
-The victim's daughter...
-Mr. Kim, this is...
Sir, you can be honest with me.
Please just tell me what's going on.
Gosh, this is...
I'm sorry, sir.
I don't feel comfortable saying this
in front of the bereaved,
but I don't think the autopsy report
will be enough.
Is there any firmer evidence?
Actually, one of the cars
that were parked at the scene
had a dashboard camera.
-Why haven't you secured it yet?
-The owner said it's fake.
I bet Taesan already got to him.
-Thank you again.
-Thank you for your time.
No problem.
I'll get going, then.
-Take care.
-You too.
-Hey, call me.
-Okay. Bye.
Shall we get going?
I'm going to meet the owner
of the dashboard camera now.
I should go with you.
No, it's okay. Seeing the victim's family
might make him uneasy.
-You think so?
Where are you headed now?
Back to the shopping arcade.
-I'll be off, then.
-No, wait.
Wait up. I'll come with you.
I should help you get your car out.
-No, it's really okay.
-Come on. Let's go together.
-Let me...
Mr. Kim!
-Yes, I'm coming with you.
-No, it's not that.
It's that way.
-My van is over there.
-Oh, I see.
Have some water!
-Please leave a message after...
-Why isn't she picking up?
Go give them a hand.
Gosh, hurry up.
Hey, Ru-mi's here.
-You're back.
-Hey, Ru-mi.
How did it go? Did you meet him?
What did he say?
It looks like we need to wait
and keep an eye on the situation for now.
Right, I didn't think it'd be that easy.
Why didn't you answer my calls?
I couldn't pick up because I was driving.
You were driving? How far did you go?
Did you miss work today or what?
I took some time off.
Anyway, that's not important.
Can we
talk for a minute?
All right. Let's talk over there, then.
I'll tell you everything later.
-All right.
-Okay. Get some rest.
See you later.
What do you need to talk to me about?
How much longer
are you planning to stay here?
I think I'll be able to earn some money.
I'll be the breadwinner, so you should
just go back to school and study.
Well, I'll show you. Here, look.
This is a tie.
I bought it for 3,000 won earlier today.
Look at this, okay?
What the heck are you doing now?
There's more.
You'll be shocked this time.
Good Lord.
Enough already.
All right.
Watch carefully now, okay?
I told you to stop it!
Did you spend the last ten years
learning magic tricks?
Well, that's not important.
You may find it uncomfortable,
but I want you to come live with me.
I've somehow acquired this bizarre ability
and I got a job at a club with it.
Let's start over, Ru-mi.
What happened to your mom
breaks my heart too,
but there are some fights
that you just can't win.
-A young girl like you...
You always run away like this.
Don't play dumb.
You ran away when I was a kid.
-You left me and Mom.
-Hey, Ru-mi.
Back then,
we couldn't afford to live together.
You were too young,
but that son of a bitch...
I ended up in huge debt because
I stood guarantor for my friend's loan.
I had no choice
but to divorce your mom
to protect you two.
Was that the only reason?
God, you're so irresponsible.
Do you remember the moment
our eyes met as you were leaving
at the break of dawn?
You pretended you didn't see me.
Do you think
that all the fighting
and protesting the people here are doing
are just pointless?
I'm also...
After losing Mom so suddenly...
I'm desperately trying my best to win
because that's the only way
we can survive.
I'm trying to pull myself together
to get my life back on track,
but you showed up
and you're ruining everything now!
I'm sorry.
But, don't act like you're my dad now
after being absent for years.
It's disgusting.
Guys, get in!
-They're coming. A lot of them.
Those hoodlums are coming!
My god. We're in trouble.
-What should we do?
Should we call the police?
What's the use?
They'll be here any second.
Cops won't even bother coming here anyway.
Go to the police station
and bring them here. That will be faster.
Good idea. Hurry!
-Hurry up.
-Yes, I agree.
I'll drag them here if I have to.
-Be careful.
-Use the back door.
-Go on. Be careful, okay?
-You go too.
-Ru-mi, we should stack them up.
-Oh, right.
-Hurry up, guys.
-Block those sides too!
-What are you doing? Move!
-Just bring everything.
-The heavy ones.
-Let's use this too.
-Let's go!
Go in!
My goodness, they sure can run.
Keep moving!
-Get out!
-Back off!
You bitch!
-Do you want to end up like your mom?
-Let go!
Guys, smash everything!
Shall we have a team dinner later?
Get out of our way!
-I need to...
Damn it!
Who did this?
-It's that prick.
-Get him!
What just happened?
Are you okay?
Behind you!
-Gosh, Ru-mi.
Are you all right?
-Don't come near us.
-Guys, it's okay. Just attack them!
-What are you waiting for?
Please let go of me!
-The cops!
-The cops are here.
-What is going on here?
-Everyone, freeze.
-That prick did it!
-Are you in charge?
-Did you see that just now?
-Just now...
-Quiet, everyone.
-Did you see?
-We were just...
-Please be quiet.
-As always...
-To settle it peacefully,
-We need to...
-we received all the permits
-before going in there,
-What the hell?
-but this man...
-Look at this.
-What a liar.
-He's totally faking it.
-I'm okay now.
Officer, how could weaklings like us
-possibly beat up these pigs?
-Did you call us pigs? That's an insult!
-Did you hear that?
-You saw that, right?
-Do you even know what it means?
-Educate me!
-Do you want to become human?
-This guy is the primary assailant.
Officer, we're the ones
that got beaten up with metal pipes
-and wooden sticks.
Do you have proof?
-Here's proof.
Look at this.
-They assaulted us ruthlessly!
-How can that be proof? We brought
real, irrefutable proof
-to prove what we're telling you.
-That's right.
Enough, both of you!
Mr. Min, let me see that proof you have.
-Bring the camera. Now!
-Officer, that's not even important.
You can obviously see
that some of us are injured.
I mean, we have injured people here.
How can he...
This isn't fair.
All right. Everyone, stop.
Go ahead and play the clip now.
Stop! Right there.
All right. This is very important.
Look. Look at this. And this.
Now this. Keep looking.
Don't take your eyes off. See that?
You saw that, right?
When this man swung his arm like this,
one of my guys, this one right here,
he flew like this and hit his head.
Let's watch the next one.
That one shows it more clearly.
Yes, this one! Stop!
When you see this,
you'll totally believe me. Let's watch it.
Here we go.
Look, okay?
Look. Look at this.
Keep looking at this guy.
Look at that. That's it!
Look! See what that does to him?
You saw that, right?
When this man did a fireball motion
and raised his arms like this,
my guy floated up in the air. Like this.
God, this is hard to explain.
Why don't you explain it to him?
You were there with me.
You crook!
-What did you just say?
-You call that proof?
Don't you dare try to bullshit us!
-Does it look like I'm bullshitting you?
He's making it up. It didn't even touch.
Let's watch...
-Gosh, this is really...
I want you to do exactly what you did
in that video to me.
What's his problem?
-What's wrong?
-What's the matter?
-That guy is crazy.
-They're fooling you together.
-Mr. Min.
-What's with you these days?
Gosh, what did I even do?
I'm just stating the facts.
-I'm speechless.
-What? Speechless?
-Be open-minded and...
-Okay, all right.
-You guys threw the bottle first,
-so both parties are at fault.
-Why are we at fault?
-That's not fair.
-Please leave for now.
-Why should we leave?
We've suffered more damage.
-That's enough, Ru-mi.
-We were defenseless.
-Let's get out of here.
-Why did you throw the bottle?
-No, that...
-Enough is enough!
Don't listen to her.
Hang on. What's your name again?
-Jun-ho? Jun-ho.
-They're fooling you.
Wait, let's...
Let's watch it again. Just once more.
I don't believe this!
Buddy, you knocked my socks off.
Tell me. How the heck did you do that?
I'm pretty fascinated myself.
I guess it's like magic?
We no longer need to worry about anything
since we have you now.
Of course!
-Right, Ru-mi?
-Oh, my goodness.
I almost jumped out of my skin.
-My gosh, it was incredible.
-Oh, there you are.
-Show me your hand.
-It's done?
Yes, it's all done.
-Ru-mi's dad finished them.
What do you mean? Are you okay, Ru-mi?
He put his hand up like this
and taught them a lesson.
-It's hard to explain.
You won't even believe it.
-Let's go, guys.
-But I need to know what happened.
She's so cute.
-Isn't she hotter?
-This one is hotter.
-I saw her in person.
-She's tall and pretty.
-Hey, listen.
What are you looking at?
Isn't she hotter?
-This one is hot.
-Right? She's drop-dead gorgeous.
She's definitely hotter.
-She's really pretty.
What the hell?
Go. Let's check it out. Go on!
Holy shit!
What the hell is happening?
A little more!
It worked. You did it.
You did it!
I can't believe what I saw.
-Buddy, this ability of yours
-Oh, my.
is certainly marketable.
I'll be your agent.
-No, hire me as your agent.
-Not a chance.
-Listen, everyone.
He'll need a lawyer.
A lawyer?
Anyway, let's go back down first.
Let's go.
-Mr. Shin, let's go.
-That was incredible.
-This ability of yours...
Can I be part of this? Please?
-I'm serious.
-Mr. Shin.
-I'll come up with a plan.
-Mr. Shin.
-Don't get ahead of yourself.
-Could I please
have a word with you about this?
Mr. Shin?
I have to be serious for a moment.
It's... Well...
Mr. Shin, wait. Sir?
Was that real magic?
I somehow acquired the ability overnight.
Is it possible to become
a magician overnight?
How can someone suddenly gain
that kind of ability?
I know. It's odd.
Maybe I've been given this ability
so that I can be
a good dad for a change.
A good dad?
Who'd give you such...
Ru-mi's mom, perhaps.
Oh, man...
Cigarettes can't be expensed.
Why not?
Hey, you guys can afford
to buy your own cigarettes.
Many of our favorites like cigarettes
can't be expensed.
Do you understand?
Hey, I told you guys to stand guard.
What are you doing here?
Sir, we have something to tell you.
Go on. What happened?
Just tell him.
We want to... We'd like to quit.
Sir, it's just that...
We're scared that... God.
We're scared that we're going to hell.
My mom said that I'll go to hell
if I do bad things like this.
Hey, why... Look.
-Stop crying already. Stop!
-Why would you go to hell?
-Don't bring up your mom.
-You're all good guys.
You're not going to hell.
Se-kwon, I'm talking.
-Look at me, okay?
-Sorry, sir.
-At times like this, we must
stick together
so that we can overcome
the obstacle together.
Hello, Mr. Kim.
-Guys, come over here.
-Yes, sir.
Oh, lunch?
-Do you have receipts to write off?
No, we were just doing some bookkeeping.
-The one from the restaurant earlier.
These are handwritten.
What's wrong with you guys?
Sorry? That's fine.
Handwritten receipts are not accepted.
Yes, I'd love that.
We just want to quit.
-Jeez, seriously...
Can't you do that tomorrow?
By the way, sir.
Who was that?
Taesan wants to have a lunch meeting.
Did you mess up our accounting?
Sir, I have the advanced certificate
in accounting.
Thank you for all of your hard work.
Look at all this.
We won't have to worry
about those thugs for a while.
God... This is incredible.
All right. Hang on!
Good work, sir.
Your father was against this
because he doesn't want you to get hurt.
Look at what's going on now.
He's become our hero.
My dad is not a hero.
Don't work too hard.
Do you know
what my name means?
"Ru" means "lowly" and "Mi" means "weak."
He named his own daughter like that,
for God's sake.
I guess it's like those names
that supposedly ward off bad luck.
-Back in the old days,
people believed that
ghosts would take away kids
with noble-sounding names,
so they gave such hideous names
to their children on purpose.
I think it shows
how much he cares about you.
Ever since then,
I've somehow known
that we were meant to cross paths.
I'm serious.
-After seeing what you can do,
I've already started mapping out
a business plan.
But do you think that my ability
can actually be used to make money?
You remember Uri Geller, right?
-You should travel the world like he did.
-Gosh, really?
I don't even have a passport.
Why have you been wasting
such a special talent?
All right, that should be enough for now.
Thank you so much
for coming all the way here.
-Thank you.
-Stay strong.
-I look forward to watching the interview.
-All right.
-Take care.
Thank you again.
They're from a small local channel.
The interview won't change anything.
But still, I'm grateful
that they're interested in the issue.
Who knows?
It might go viral on the Internet
and become
one of the top trending searches.
You all heard our lawyer saying
how crucial public opinion is.
Ru-mi, you should go
grab a bite with your dad.
-You haven't eaten all day.
-No, I'm busy.
Hey, don't skip meals.
You can faint if you keep that up.
-Let's go eat. Come on.
-I'm okay. Gosh.
There's a stew place nearby.
We can eat there.
She wasn't like that when she was a kid.
Just follow her. I'll see you later.
-You should eat something too.
Let's go.
-Hey, Ru-mi.
-I'm going for lunch.
-Have a good lunch.
Mom, I really want a cell phone.
Go warm up.
Please! All of my friends
have cell phones.
Come on.
Mom, I'll ace the exam. Please?
-You always say that.
-Not this time.
-Two bowls of seolleongtang soup, please.
About those magic tricks that you do...
Wouldn't it affect your health
if you keep using that ability?
No, not at all.
I don't think it matters.
But still, I think you should go
see a doctor.
No, I'm really fine.
Actually, I feel healthier.
My constipation is gone too.
You're not a doctor.
-I know my body very well.
-Gosh, please just...
Just go see a doctor, please.
You never know.
Let's eat.
-What is it?
-I can see my place from here.
-No, you can't.
Jeez. Sit down, will you?
Wow, this place is seriously so cool.
Stop it already. I'll take you
to nice places often from now on.
This place is awesome.
-Hello, Mr. Kim.
Director Hong is here.
What a beautiful day.
-Director Hong, this is...
-I know who they are.
I'm here to meet them
because I know who they are.
Hello, Mr. Min.
I'm sorry I'm a little late.
It's no problem at all.
I should've met you
and treated you to a meal sooner.
You haven't even touched the food yet.
The shrimp is still standing upright.
-The food here is so delicious.
When I was going to school in New York,
I used to eat at one of Woody Allen's
favorite restaurants.
The food here tastes similar.
We thought it'd be rude to start eating
before you got here.
I've put on too much weight recently.
I look chubby, don't I?
-Don't I have a fat face?
-No, you have the perfect oval face.
Director Hong,
what would you like to order?
-I want coffee.
-Sure, right away.
I guess we should talk about work now.
Oh, right!
I almost forgot.
Please tell them to come in.
Well, first things first.
Let's just get it out of the way.
Yes, totally.
-Who are you guys?
What are you doing now?
Stop it, please. Why are you doing this?
-Please don't do this.
-Just a second.
-Oh, god.
Please stop. Why are you hitting him?
Why are you doing this?
We came here for lunch.
What is your problem?
Who the heck are you guys?
Mr. Kim!
Please call the police. Now!
Hurry up!
Stop it, please. Don't hit him.
It must hurt so much. Please stop...
Stop it, please.
Stop hitting him, please.
You guys are going to kill him!
That was hard.
I'm sorry...
I'm sorry.
-I sounded fake, didn't I?
-I'm sorry, Mr. Min.
-No, please don't worry about it.
-We recently
got sued by some nutjobs
over things like this.
-I'm sorry.
-Those in our legal team
advised me to record the whole thing.
Oh, I see.
Did the recording turn out well?
Oh, this looks delicious.
-Please get up and sit over there.
-No, it's okay. I'm fine here.
Your chair is all busted though.
I'm fine like this. I'll just stand here.
All right, then.
-Let's talk business now.
-Mr. Min.
You're well aware of how important
this project is to us.
Yes, I am. I'm fully aware.
-I'm really sorry. I'm truly...
-So, what's the problem now?
Among the squatters
that we have to evict...
There's this strange man.
Oh, right. That was crazy.
I watched the video you sent me.
Does that man have
some sort of supernatural power?
That's right.
Then he's a hero, a Korean superhero.
Shouldn't people like him
wear a mask like Spider-Man
-and save people's lives?
Why is he helping those illegal squatters?
-He's a bad guy.
-I know.
-Have you figured out who he is?
-Yes, we have.
From what we know, he's the father
of a girl named Ru-mi Shin.
Oh, I see. It won't be a problem, then.
How long will it take to evict them
if he's not there?
A day will do.
-Then how about I give you 48 hours?
-That'd be great!
That will definitely be enough time.
-What else?
-Pardon me?
What else do I need to know?
A little while ago, Ru-mi's mother died
because of our mistake.
Oh, that. I'm already aware of it.
Just those two issues?
I'll go bring it.
Hey, come and eat.
Have a seat. Try the tofu.
Have more potato.
Everyone, come and look at this!
-There's something about us online.
-Let me see.
-Could it be the interview from today?
-What is it about?
-Show us.
-My gosh.
-Hurry up.
-My goodness.
Next news.
Have you heard of the term,
"the super-powerless"?
We received a video clip
from a demolition company
which was taken during a forced eviction,
and a strange phenomenon
is captured on it.
Lets take a look.
All of you who are watching this now
must be as shocked as we are.
The chairman of World Weapon
Research Association is here
to help us understand
what we saw in the video.
Let's hear what he thinks.
-Hello, Mr. Song.
-Hello, it's nice to meet you.
The clip we just watched
is definitely shocking.
Can something like that
happen in real life?
Yes, it's certainly possible.
How is it possible?
If you take a closer look
at the weapon he used...
Most people probably can't see it,
but he's holding
a small device in his hand.
And he presses it like this.
In my expert opinion...
As soon as he presses it,
powerful shock waves are generated.
I think that's how the weapon works.
How do you think the protesters
came into possession
of such a state-of-the-art weapon?
Right, that's the question.
How do you think they got it?
We all know the answer.
North Korea!
You see, North Korea
has already infiltrated
our society deeply.
They've been doing all sorts of things.
-What's he saying?
-I'm speechless.
-This video is proof.
He's spewing total nonsense.
Let's stop watching it.
He's not even making sense.
Oh, my. Something smells delicious.
Guys, get Mr. Shin some food.
-What's with everyone?
-What's the matter?
Are those morons coming again?
Don't you worry. I'm going to...
I'll teach them a lesson.
What's going on?
Can I have some food?
Empty house to be demolished
Come on down, everyone. The food is ready.
Hey, what's that over there?
-Come on down now.
-What's going on?
Mr. Kim, join us.
-Come and have lunch.
Someone is coming.
Who are you guys?
Oh, hello. We're the police.
-What are you cops doing here?
-Don't be rude, please.
Who's Mr. Seok-heon Shin?
-Hello, Mr. Shin.
Could you please come down for a minute?
Hang on a second.
You need to... What are you doing now?
You need to tell us what this is about!
-Do you think this is a joke or what?
-I never said that!
We're here to arrest that man!
-I haven't even done anything wrong.
-The thing is,
your employer is accusing you of theft.
-They said you've been stealing supplies.
-No, it's not true.
-I didn't.
-And you're on the run now.
If it's just a misunderstanding,
you can explain to us.
Come on down now.
-This is crazy.
-There must've been a misunderstanding.
I should go sort it out.
I'll be back shortly. See you in a bit.
-Mr. Shin.
-Mr. Shin.
Mr. Shin.
-Be careful.
All right. You have the right to remain
silent and the right to an attorney.
-What's this for?
-It's just protocol. Don't freak out.
-But this is...
-It won't take long.
Let's go.
Well, this is...
Watch your head.
-I'm shutting the door.
My goodness...
What should we do now?
This is nuts.
Hey, Ru-mi.
Wait. Hold on, okay?
Yes, hold on a second.
Ru-mi, could you try to calm down
and tell me slowly?
Basically, cops just showed up here
and arrested my dad.
He didn't seem to know
why they were taking him.
I think those at Taesan are trying
to remove your father from the site.
I'll head over there now.
Don't worry too much, Ru-mi.
Yes, I'll call you right away.
All right.
They're unbelievable. Those fuckers...
Yes, hello?
-Hey, Jeong-hyeon.
It looks like you have a problem.
That case of yours.
It seems like things are going haywire.
-What do you mean?
-A guy at the company
just turned himself in
for killing the woman.
All right. Now, let's solve
the problems one by one.
-Yes, ma'am.
First off, are any of your guys
in desperate need of money?
Yes, most of them need money.
Pick one and get him to turn himself in
for that woman's death.
After that, I want you
to shut down your business.
We'll also say that we've terminated
our contract with your company.
-Let's take a picture.
start another company
under a different name.
We'll draw up a new contract.
Won't that solve everything?
All right, sir. Smile.
Look at the camera now.
-One, two, three.
-You'll be so relieved.
We'll dig up dirt on that weirdo
and make sure the police
keep him in their custody,
so just bulldoze that place
and evict everyone that day.
We'll also make sure the police
give you guys full support that day.
-Hey, Ru-mi.
Yes, what happened?
It's all over.
Get out of there, all of you.
Hey, Ru-mi! They're coming.
-What the hell?
-Why are there so many of them?
There's nothing we can do.
Just give up.
You need to run away.
-I'm really sorry.
-Mr. Kim.
You see,
if we were going to give up,
we wouldn't even have started this.
I'm sorry.
Wait, Ru-mi...
Get ready, guys.
Mr. Seok-heon Shin.
Are you here to carry out
the eviction today?
Is it true that the police are working
with an eviction contractor?
-It's over there!
-Say a few words.
Just get them out. All of them, okay?
-Get them.
-Move back.
I work for Taesan Construction.
You can just call me Director Hong.
I'm pretty high up in the company.
-Taesan Construction?
-That's right.
The company that's holding you here.
Well, but...
I didn't even do anything...
I'm a busy person,
so I'll get straight to the point.
That ability of yours...
You developed it recently, didn't you?
That's what I thought.
I guess that's why
you wanted to show it off.
You probably just couldn't control it.
I have some friends like that.
They couldn't control themselves
and did illegal drugs. And now...
You know what, though?
That power you have is quite fascinating,
but I can easily say that it's dangerous
and that it can be used for crimes.
There are so many things
we can do to screw you over.
It'll really be a piece of cake for us.
Listen to me.
Wouldn't you be happy
if you could just make some money?
Why waste your talent when you can do
something productive with it?
From what I saw,
I think that your ability
will be very useful for Taesan.
You sure have a very special talent.
You're obviously far better
than those morons
we hired to evict everyone
from that district.
Well, I'm not sure what you're getting at,
but we just want
reasonable compensation for...
What is the matter with you?
Your daughter.
She'll probably get arrested today.
-You are
-Get lost, you prick!
-partaking in an illegal protest now.
-How dare you!
Please vacate the site immediately.
I repeat.
-You're partaking
-Get lost!
-in an illegal protest now.
-You son of a bitch!
Please vacate the site immediately.
If you don't cooperate,
we will have to use force
to remove you from the site.
-Go away!
-You sons of bitches!
Get lost!
-Take this.
You're partaking
in an illegal protest now.
-Go away!
-Watch out!
-I repeat.
-You bastards!
-You assholes!
-You're partaking...
-Oh, no.
-Run! Now!
-Guys, get out of here!
Run! Get out of here now!
Ru-mi! I'm here!
Mr. Kim!
We need help here!
Just go, Ru-mi.
Mr. Superhero.
Those with real power
aren't people like us.
They were born to win.
Do you know what they can do?
Do you think they can fire
energy waves or something? No.
They have power over this country,
the Republic of Korea.
The country itself is their power.
Everyone else, including you and me,
are just slaves of this society.
Why can't you accept it?
Know your place, please.
That's the lesson your daughter
will learn from getting arrested.
At the moment,
the police seem to have a total disregard
for the safety of the protesters.
Just a little more.
-Just a bit more.
Come on. Hurry up.
-Mr. Kim!
-Are you okay?
-Move her inside.
Let's go inside. Come on.
-Let's go.
-Be careful.
I'll give you two options to choose from.
Option number one,
you'll be named a dangerous man
because of that ridiculous ability
of yours, which means you
and your ex-con daughter will always
have to worry about how to make ends meet.
I guess you can use your power
to collect scrap paper to make a living.
Option number two,
just accept the fact
that you're a mere slave.
You'll do as I say and live a quiet life
so that you can provide
for your clueless daughter.
It's a no-brainer, right?
Is this hard for you?
Then I'll throw in another option for you.
Here's option number three.
You'll stage a coup and take the throne.
If you can pull that off,
you'll be able to live however you want.
Excuse my sense of humor.
This is my business card.
Call me when you make up your mind.
This is very valuable.
Other people suck up to me like crazy
just to get my business card.
Oh, right.
If you use your power
to pull scraps wherever you go,
it actually might be pretty lucrative.
You might be able to start a big company.
We can't really break through now
due to the fire from the explosion.
Well, they're saying
it's hard to break through at the moment.
What the hell?
Hey, just tell them
to bulldoze through, you idiot.
Don't you know where the order came from?
Tell your guys to raid the place
and kill them all. Hurry up.
Radio your guys now!
You need to see this. Now!
Can you all see that?
It's total mayhem here.
The fire keeps spreading.
What should I do?
Open the door!
-Ru-mi, where are you now?
I'm on the fourth floor
of the shopping arcade.
Go to the rooftop right now.
I'll meet you there.
If you guys get caught,
you'll all be arrested. You hear me?
Everyone, to the rooftop now!
Go up to the rooftop
and go to the adjacent building
from there.
Hurry up!
The building got engulfed in flames
following a blast.
-Wait, what is that?
-Hey, turn off the TV.
Is that happening right now?
I'm asking what's going on.
-Get in there.
-Be quiet.
-Turn the TV back on!
Yes, Mom.
There's an emergency, so I can't talk now.
What did you just do?
-What happened?
-Give it back.
Violence at Eviction Site
What are you doing with my phone?
-Detective Yun.
-Give it back now.
There's nothing you can do.
Give up already.
-Detective Yun, do something.
-I'm sorry, sir.
You'd better give it back this instant.
The cuffs came undone!
-My gosh.
-What is happening?
What the hell...
Violent Clash
Between Protesters and Police
Violent Clash
Between Protesters and Police
-Hurry up, guys!
It's this way!
-We need to hurry.
-Mr. Kim!
-Just go!
-Mr. Kim, no!
-You son of a bitch.
-Mr. Kim...
-Come on, Ru-mi!
-Let go!
-Just go!
-Don't push. Move back.
-Stop pushing!
Everyone, get in!
Move. Get in!
SWA On the rails...
I see a man hanging on to the rails.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry!
-My god, Mr. Shin.
-Where's Ru-mi?
-The roof. She's there now.
-The roof?
Gosh, that startled me. Who's that guy?
Hey, who's that man?
Get him.
Hey, get him!
Get him! Hold him down!
-I'm here!
Over here. Use this!
-Over here, everyone! Hurry!
-This way!
-Go over to the other building.
Go! Run!
Let go! Let go of me!
I just thought that this would be
like a regular part-time job.
My little brother is... I'm sorry.
Don't let any of them get away!
-Mr. Shin.
-Go. Run!
Come on, guys. Let's go!
Over here, sir. Hurry up.
Come on, you need to hurry!
Let go!
The situation is very bad up here.
We need to come down to the ground!
Mr. SWAT. Don't be such a pussy.
Just arrest them.
Arrest them all!
Help me.
Please help me.
Hold my hand!
A little more!
God, what just happened?
-Are you okay?
-Yes, I'm fine.
Mr. Shin.
Try to come up a little higher.
Hang in there, okay?
Put your leg up here!
Just a bit more. Hold this!
Just a little more!
You're almost there.
Thank God.
Thank you.
I'm sorry. Dad is so sorry.
Are you okay?
Please take good care of my daughter.
Mr. Shin.
Dad, wait...
-We have to go, Ru-mi.
-No, Dad...
-Let's get out of here first. Let's go.
-Let's get out of here, guys.
-Come on, Ru-mi. Let's go.
-Let's go.
-Come on.
-He's coming down.
-What is happening?
You guys won.
Are you happy now? You asshole.
Wake up!
-My gosh.
-Sir, please breathe.
Gosh, you really shouldn't be here.
-Don't do this again, okay?
-Grow up now, will you?
-Be good, please.
-I hope you learned your lesson.
Mr. Shin.
I thought I'd be on time.
I'm sorry I'm late.
Please get in.
Was it all right in there?
I'm sure no one bothered you.
It wasn't bad.
No one would dare to bother you
unless they want to get hurt badly.
-How's Ru-mi doing?
-Good. She's always busy.
Oh, right. I have something to tell you.
I'm getting married.
-You're getting married?
-I see. You are at the right age.
-Yes, with Ru-mi.
-You said you didn't like her.
-No, I did like her.
I lied to you back then.
I'm sorry about that.
-You little...
-I'm sorry, Mr. Shin. Well...
I should call you Father
from now on, right?
You know that
she's got a bit of a temper, right?
Yes, of course.
-Will you be all right?
-Yes, I'll just have to deal with it.
What's this place?
Oh, I guess you don't recognize this area.
This is where
Ru-mi's restaurant used to be.
Taesan inflated the construction
cost estimates way too much,
and there was
some internal corruption too.
Anyhow, that's why the construction
hasn't even commenced yet.
From the get-go,
the project wasn't even practicable.
Let's go. This is an eyesore.
-One spicy fried chicken, please.
It's 17,000 won. Thank you.
-Take care.
-Thank you.
Thank you.
Just a little bit, please.
Does it have green onions?
-Have more.
-I'm eating.
-Mr. Shin!
-My gosh!
-Welcome back.
-It's so good to see you!
Welcome back!
One fried chicken at table seven.
-I'm getting emotional.
-My gosh...
Are you ordering to go?
Dad, don't just stand and stare at me.
Give me a hand here, will you?
I'm so busy right now.
Come on. Get to work!
What are you doing?
I wonder if I still got it.
-Is it floating yet?
-It's floating now, right?
Look, what's that?
You still got it!
-He and I should really travel the world.
-It's so cool!
Wow. They're floating in the air.
Subtitle translation by Liya Choi