Yeopgijeogin geunyeo (2001) Movie Script

Presented by IM Pictures
Produced by Shin Cine
MVP Venture Capital
Jun Jee-hyun & Ja Tae-hyun
Exactly two years ago today,
she and I buried a time capsule here.
We promised to meet here
two years later, today,
but she hasn't come yet.
I'm going to wait.
Please don't move.
Wait a minute.
Oh, auntie
Don't worry, I will come.
I'm really sorry. Yes, I'm coming.
Sorry, I'm almost on my way.
I'm having my photo taken. Bye.
Are you ready?
Here we go.
One, two...
My parents wanted a daughter,
so they raised me like one.
So I thought I was a girl until I was seven.
I had to go to the women's public bath, too.
The older I got,
I thought my penis would get smaller and disappear.
But it was the opposite.
First Half
He hasn't changed at all.
No, I'm a real man now.
Whatever you say!
Do you really think civil work in the army
makes you a man?
What are you laughing at?
My job was tougher than you could imagine.
Hey!! I worked near the border to the north...
Who are you kidding?
Never mind. Anyway, welcome back home.
Hey, that girl,
she's just my type.
When l see my type, I can't help it.
I need to hit on her.
Who's interrupting me?
Your mother, you bastard. / Oh, mom...
Why aren't you at your aunt's house?
I'm leaving soon.
What's that noise in the background?
Keep quiet! It's my mom!
Make sure you pay a visit.
It's been over a year since you saw her.
That long?
You know she feels lonely after losing her son last year.
She says you resemble him.
She'll be so glad to see you.
Still there?
We don't look alike.
Plus, I hate when she rubs my face and kisses me.
Uncle does, too.
She'll introduce you to a girl. Hey!
I know the type she likes.
I want to meet a girl like the ones in romantic comic books,
that is the type of girl I wanna meet.
But on that day...
She's my type, but I don't Iike her.
Drunk girls disgust me.
Hey, get up!
Offer your seat to the elderly!
And, don't wear pink.
I'm not...
I don't know her.
Your girlfriend is completely drunk. You handle this!
I'm not...
Think I'm stupid?
Come here!
Are you laughing?
Why didn't you look after her?
Hurry and do something!
What are you doing?
I'm sorry.
Let me help with cleaning expenses.
Forget it.
Just take care of her.
Nothing's there when you need it.
Where did all those motels go?
I hate being with a drunk girl.
But carrying her on my back is even worse.
Wow, your honey's wasted.
No, it's not my fault.
Of course, it is. I know everything.
You see, we're engaged.
Western or Korean style?
Give me any room.
Room 405.
None on the first floor?
Fourth floor!
You forgot to check in.
It's 40,000 won, kid.
What? 40,000 won?
Why? Find another place then.
Count it!
This phone's owner?
She's sleeping beside me.
What? Here?
Where we are?
The Uk-su motel near Bupyung station.
Better wash and leave fast.
Aha, hands in the air!
What are you doing?
Hands in the air!
Take it, and share it amongst you!
And eat one a piece, okay?
Yes, boss.
You have a problem with us?
What are you looking at? Look away.
Gyeon-woo, you can leave.
Did you go to Bupyung?
Yes, I did.
Where did you sleep?
Your aunt said you didn't come!
And you're telling me a lie!
What happened to your sweater?
l'm such a poor guy.
All this because of a drunk girl.
I wanna die.
You asked if I went to Bupyung!
I did, but not to see auntie!
Come here!
Bastard! Wait till you come back!
Know me now, right? I'm a typical student.
An engineering major.
My studies?
I'm smart, but I never study.
My parents can prove that.
You're smart like me, but studying is your problem.
Since you inherited your brain from me,
you'll get good grades if you study harder, idiot.
Up four points in three years.
You call this a report card?
Since you inherited your brain from your mom,
you'll get good grades if you study harder.
If you raise kids, never tell them they're smart.
They'll never study.
My goals?
Haven't thought about it yet.
You understand now?
I'm a hopeless student.
Who are you, bastard?
What? Who's calling?
Why were you naked in a motel with me?
Come out to Bupyung station now!
How could she do this?
I went to jail and got beaten with a vacuum for her.
Excuse me.
This is you?
Follow me.
What do you wanna eat?
Cherry jubilee...
Mango Tango or Shooting Stars...
Jamonka Almonds good, too.
I'll just have a Love Me.
Hey, wanna die or what?
Drink coffee.
Two coffees.
You pay for it.
Tell me.
What happened last night?
Well, it's
You were drunk, so...
Don't stumble and speak clearly!
You see.
You were drunk and staggering at the subway station.
I saved you from the train.
I thought maybe this girl was a snake.
Pretending to be drunk and vomiting
to use the guy in a state of confusion.
So I called you honey?
That's right.
I kind of remember that.
You showered to wash off vomit and sweat,
and the police came?
That's right.
Would you believe that from my point of view?
To a girl like this, you need to show her who's the boss.
So I did that, right?
Yes, you did.
Sorry, for the delay.
When she's not drunk,
she's just my type.
you look prettier and livelier than yesterday.
Are you mocking me?
No, I'm not.
Then are you hitting on me?
I don't wanna date you.
We're not destined for each other.
Throw the trash away and follow me!
Damn it.
I think she's a heavy drinker.
You order.
Kimchi soup and Soju, please.
Eat Golbangee.
Then you should order.
Stop pouting!
Golbangee, please.
Let's go somewhere fun later.
I know what that means. A motel?
Are you rich? / Of course.
How much will you give us?
We'll see, so don't worry.
You kids are prostituting, huh?
Why'd you order Golbangee? Eat something else!
What's it to you? Mind your own business.
We're just having a drink with some friends. What's wrong?
You take friends to a motel?
How old are you kids?
Old enough to drink. Mind your own business.
Think I'm doing this 'cause you're drinking?
Show me your ID. You, too.
What's with you?
Show it, now!
This sucks.
She's a vicious chick. No matter how pretty she is,
I'm too embarrassed to be with her.
Who are you to butt in other people's business?
Don't you have a daughter?
No, but I could make you one!
Who the hell do you think you are?
How dare you, you wanna fight?
Come on, I'll show you!
Don't live like that!
Catch up with the girls.
Have a drink and calm down.
Seeing a girl cry makes me sad for some reason.
She's more attractive the closer I look at her.
Did you blow your nose on this?
Please stop crying.
The handkerchief is mine.
To be honest,
I broke up with my boyfriend yesterday.
Excuse me.
Wake up, please!
Your fiances wasted again?
What now?
Sign you in like before, right?
But mister, have any medicine for alcohol?
No, you buy it.
I saw her lips.
Her white neck.
I saw her breast, too.
while watching her sleep like a baby,
it may be forward, but this occurred to me.
I want to heal her sorrow.
Give me some water.
Why am I here?
You see.
I'm sorry,
but I saw your ID, and you're twenty-four,
you are a year younger than me
So be a bit more respectful.
So what are you gonna do? Just that...
Give me the towel.
Yes. You see, I'm a year older.
Then talk like friends. / Yeah?
In the bathroom.
Our relationship is so peculiar.
We met only three days ago
and slept twice in a motel.
That's how our relationship began.
- Lee Hyung-chul.
- Prsent.
Lee Hyung-chuI.
Kang Man-gyu.
Is he absent?
No, no! I'm here!
Then answer right away.
Lee Jung-min.
Gu Seol-soo.
(In a dialect) Yes, I'm here.
How about a break?
You're right. Let's take a break.
We continue in 5 minutes.
Let's go.
Go where? Class isn't over yet.
Don't be a coward. He called roll, right?
Let's go.
I can't. I can't miss this class.
Kill me instead.
All right.
Who is she? She's pretty.
Doesn't matter.
A girl needs to act pretty.
But she's still pretty. / Nice body, too.
Who's Gyeon-woo?
It's me, sir.
I won't mark you absent so you can leave.
Pardon me?
I said leave.
Wasn't that girl your girlfriend?
So go see her.
Thank you, sir.
Oh, Gyeon-woo.
If you can, raise it with her.
It worked.
What did you tell him?
That I'm getting an abortion, and you're the father.
No, no! Professor, it's not true!
She wanted to be a scriptwriter,
so she kept writing stories.
She called them synopsis.
To get me into the mood, she took me to the park to read them.
Reading her synopsis was stressful.
If I miss anything, I'm dead.
Wanna die?
Finish reading it.
I will.
Mister! How could you throw the butt here?
Pick it up!
And why did you wear that color?
Then what about you?
Don't wear the same color as mine!
The heroine is tough, like the 'Terminator'.
The year is 2137.
Villains kidnap her lover and travels to the present.
I don't know why.
To save her lover,
she travels in a time machine to the present.
They have to kiss in the end.
This isn't a melodrama. It's an action movie.
You don't know movies.
Koreans like melodramas.
Know what novel touched us when we were teenagers?
Shower by Hwang Sun-won.
It shaped our people's sensibility in their teens.
Koreans like sad movies all because of 'Shower'.
Shower? What's sad about it?
It's sad when she asked
to be buried in the clothes reminiscent of her love.
I couldn't sleep for one week.
The ending sucks.
Gotta change it.
It's sad.
Her family couldn't afford to pay for her medicine.
Their family line is broken up now.
But you know,
she must have been an extraordinary girl.
This was her last request.
When I die, please bury me with my loving friend.
To bury him alive, even.
Oh, my gosh.
What's the matter? / What's wrong?
No way!
This is wrong! This is wrong!
This is wrong!
Please. Don't!
I beg you, please!
Bury him!
They bury him alive.
Isn't that sad?
I think I'll never get over him.
I think
I'll never get over him.
How deep could it be?
I don't know.
Gyeon-woo, please go in the water and find out.
I wanna know how deep it is.
Come on.
Help me! Help me!
Wow, it's deep.
I can't swim!
Yes, it's deep...
My mind was getting blurry.
At that moment...
Heard you got a girlfriend.
Introduce me.
Really? / I'm serious.
Is she pretty?
Have you kissed her?
Gonna introduce us or what?
What are you looking at?
See that girl over there?
She's my girlfriend from today. Got it?
Excuse me...
Hey, baby!
Are you free? / Hey?
What? Gyeon-woo?
How did you call me?
Hey! Come here.
How could a coincidence like this happen?
Reporters say there is an incident of a runaway soldier...
You call a wrong number or the dial is not in service.
Please, call again.
Okay, guys, let's get drunk!
Since I was drunk,
I took the decision,
to take revenge on her.
If I'm would be laying at Bupyung station,
then she'll have to carry me on her back.
Hey, wake up!
Come on, wake up!
Where am I?
I'm at Inchon station. Be here in 30 minutes.
Wake up. Get up, idiot.
Go away, buttbrain.
Look at me you bastard!
Get up!
What did you say? Go away, buttbrain?
You got a bad mouth.
I'll set you straight the gangster's way.
Get down, on your head.
Get up!
Sit down.
Get up.
Roll right. Roll left.
Do it right. Keep going!
What's going on there? Stop fooling around.
Hey! You low-life thieves.
What officer? / Keep quiet!
What did you say?
Low-life thieves?
Hey. Want some of this?
No thanks.
Try it. It's delicious.
I don't want to.
Pay attention to your elders.
Eat it, buttbrain.
I told you no. How many times did I tell you?
Am I your toy? Leave me alone you petty thieves!
Stop toying with me, you jerks! It's humiliating!
I had enough!
Did you sleep well?
Keep quiet!
Thank you. Thank you.
You bastard!
Do that again, and you're dead.
What? Are you free, baby?
Your English is good, too.
Behave better!
Taste good?
It's so delicious.
If I sleep out, mom beats me with whatever's in her hand.
If she's sweeping, it's a broom stick
If she's cleaning, it's a vacuum.
When I'm lucky, it's a cucumber or eggplant.
So I have to come at the right time.
You're not looking at dirty pictures, right?
Of course not, dad. You don't trust me?
Of course.
Time for bed.
Good night, dad.
Hi, Gyeon-woo. My birthday's in two days.
You're dead if you forget. Got it?
Since I like you so much, better make me smile like this.
Got it?
I got it.
Phew! Her birthday!
If I prepare nothing, she may murder me.
I have a good idea.
Before going to the service,
I worked in a theme park.
So this is my plan.
At midnight, I'll be alone with her in the park.
It'll be completely dark all around us.
One by one, the lights to the merry-go-round flick on.
And I take her to the Caroussel
I raise my arms up there, and her birthday song starts.
Then all the lights turn on and it moves.
There will be lights and music.
And there will be fireworks, too. Isn't it fantastic?
She'll be thrilled.
I gave 200,000 won to my friends working there.
Jump over here? /Yeah. We have to.
I always wanted to come here at night.
It's my birthday, not yours.
Please, let's just try.
I'll go up first and help you.
Oh, there is something to put the feet.
Take my hand!
Answer me!
I'm Ieaving. I'm leaving.
Answer me! Gyeon-woo!
You're dead, when I find you!
Wanna die?
Why didn't you answer?
Come with me!
Hurry and get in.
Shut up!
Go in fast.
Move it!
Sit here.
If you're loud, I'll kill you. Got it?
Answer quietly! / Yes.
Is that a real gun?
Wanna see?
I believe you.
How are you two related?
We're just friends.
And friends come here late at night?
Why are you here?
We just wanted to come here at night.
Tell me the truth, idiot.
No, really!
What makes you trust a guy like him?
I trusted myself.
I had a girlfriend, too.
She visited me every week for one year.
I was so happy.
But that bitch fell in love with the guard house sergeant.
he was an idiot,
but I found out the fact only
after he was discharged.
Damn it.
While I'm in the service, even my dog...
ran away with some mutt, too.
My Yorkshire terrier
That bitch!
I came out to kill both bitches.
I have the worst luck in this world.
Damn it.
Know what special day is it today?
Huh, damn it? This sucks!
Hey, what are the odds to meet a runaway soldier in a park?
Don't know.
Heard your head blows up if you shoot in the mouth.
Yeah, the hole in your head is this big.
Really? A tiny bullet does that?
That's not possible!
Yeah, the bullet tears the...
Hey! What are you two doing?
Stop joking around.
Damn it. Damn it!
Even you bastards ignore me.
That's why you must not be foolish.
Why am I foolish?
Even if you do this, she won't come back.
I know. l know, too.
But if I die, she'll be heartbroken.
She'll never be the same.
You're wrong.
The pain goes away sooner than you think.
You went through something like this?
The things are changing.
If I'm caught, I'll end up in the can.
I'll always think of her there.
What does 'can' mean?
It means prison.
Don't interrupt. / Sorry.
Anyway, you're responsible for your actions now.
Excuse me, sir.
How about letting her go?
If I say no?
... let me go, instead.
You? Come to think of it,
your eyebrows remind me of that sergeant.
You act like him, too.
You can go.
And you...
We die together. Got it?
You understand?
Hey, lady. Forget about this bastard
...and look for a nice guy. Got it?
Can't we all three just leave?
Will you leave if I kill him?
Don't worry too much.
This soldier isn't a bad guy.
You'll come out safely.
You're leaving me alone?
I have no choice.
I was afraid to die alone, but I'm glad we're in it together.
Oh, right.
Over there,
there's an exit near the merry-go-round.
Nobody knows about it.
I used to work here.
You're not tricking me, right?
I'm a man, too. Why would I?
Walk in front of me.
See? I told you so.
What's going on?
It's Gyeon-woo.
Screw you! Don't come closer!
I'll kill him! I'll really kill him!
Tell that bitch to come! So she can see me die!
I'll give you an hour!
If not, I will kill him!
I will blow off his head!
Hurry up!
The hostage is in danger, but we can still fire.
Don't! Wait! Don't shoot!
Hey, soldier!
I mean sir!
Your girlfriend changed her mind, right?
Did you really love her?
Ask yourself.
I think you didn't.
If you really love her,
you should let her go.
If not, then it's not love.
What's wrong with someone you don't love getting married?
Stop this,
and go back to your unit as a real man.
A person like you should learn more about love.
If we want to learn,
then we should keep living.
Damn it.
She's the nicest girl I've met.
Hey! Don't Iet her go. Got it?
If you do, I'll take her.
Can I go?
Yes, go!
What the fuck?
Thank you!
Today's my birthday.
I'll live on until I learn what love is.
What was that about
we are just friends?
No, I said that to save you.
Let me go, instead?
Wanted to save yourself, huh?
He wouldn't have let you go.
Stop lying! Stop lying! Stop lying!
Have a nice life alone.
I screwed up her birthday,
but I feel good anyway.
Cause I'm proud to be with her,
and things turned out as planned.
I hope you beIieve in me.
You can't?
Second Half
I remember.
She always came with him until last year.
Was it last spring or winter?
One day, she came alone with flowers to ask a favor.
To not let anyone sit in his seat that day.
What's up?
Oh, hi.
You're early.
I was in the neighborhood.
Miss me?
Of course!
She always tried hard to look cheery.
I like her that way.
What would you like?
Coke, please.
Wanna die? Drink coffee!
Two coffees, please.
I start to know her.
She pretends to be happy,
but she's full of sorrow inside.
What are you doing? What are you smiling at?
No. It's nothing.
Looks fun, huh?
Another one?
Why? Don't wanna read it?
She may get disappointed,
but I should be honest for her sake.
Looks fun. I'll read it.
This time it's a martial arts film.
The heroine is a bounty hunter.
The villain wears rain slippers even on clear days.
The worst of his kind.
His name's Gyeon-woo?
The story's setting is a mess.
Japan invades during King Sejong's reign,
and the king's father is the tyrant Yeonsan.
In the end, the heroine fights the villain in a field.
Heavy rain pours down on a sunny day.
The heroine becomes a king.
King Jung-jo.
She's from the future, of course.
It's fun, huh?
Why is the heroine always from the future?
Science is advanced then,
so they invent a time machine.
And people go to the past to travel.
People from the future could be here now.
I think UFOs are time machines.
Someday, I'll meet someone from the future.
I have to.
If you do, ask him to take you.
If it's possible...
Give this to Shin Cine.
Tell them to cast Han Suk-gyu and Shim Eun-ha
as the main characters.
Jeon Do-yun is okay, too.
Excuse me, we talked on the phone, right?
Well... this is 'The Warrior's Sad Love Story'...
It's going to be a hit.
Shin Cine didn't call back.
Hey, kid.
Is the subway your sketch book?
Don't scribble on it.
Wanna die?
My lipstick!
I always take her home, even to Bupyung station.
It's something a man must do.
On the way, we play fun games, too.
Left foot over the line, I win.
With the right foot, you win.
What's the prize?
Let's see
How about a little kiss?
A kiss?
Wanna die?
You choose.
Hitting each other.
You can hit me, too.
Someone's coming.
I think this is unfair.
I'm a girI, so I'II sIap the cheek.
No. Then I'II change it, too.
But I'm a girI.
I thought men and women are equaI.
Okay, then.
You sIap, and I sIap, too.
Go easy on me, and I'II kiII you.
AII right.
You sIap, and I'II use my finger.
You see, that is fair.
See that guy step over with his Ieft foot?
I had my eyes cIosed. PIus he came the opposite way.
I thought it was this way.
Shut up. Here they come.
Left foot. Left foot.
It'II be the right foot.
Left! Left! Switch to the right.
You really
have to hit me?
As sure as the blue sky was made for me!
Get ready! Stay still!
When I'm with her,
I never know how the day will turn out.
What are you Iooking at?
I quit!
Is your face a racket?
Why does the baII aIways hit my face?
It's strange.
I never want to Iose a game.
So I pIay untiI I win.
Did you wait Iong?
My mom bought me these heeIs,
but they're kiIIing my feet.
Want a massage?
No, it's okay.
Instead, Iet's exchange shoes.
Don't wanna?
How can a guy wear heeIs?
It'II fit.
But, I can't...
I see.
I'II buy you some sneakers.
Forget it.
Ok, then wear mine, and I'II carry yours.
You don't understand women.
Okay! Let's exchange.
Against the pain
wanna know a secret?
What is it?
I don't wear panties on exam day.
And I had one today.
Catch me, honey!
Hey. If you don't, I'II kiII you.
Wait for me!
L'espace d'un instant,
It was just a second, but I feIt something in her eyes.
That's my house.
Wait. I'II bring you an umbreIIa.
I'm okay. I'm aIready wet so I'II just Ieave.
you are my daughter's boyfriend?
Yes, sir.
How much do you know about my daughter?
Not so much yet...
To start with: Next time, don't hang out tiII Iate.
For once, listen to your mother!
You missed already another date.
Why do you never go?
And what happened to your heeIs?
What's wrong with you?
I toId you not to meet this Gyeon-woo anymore.
He's dumb and has no future.
It's none of your business.
Why is he stupid?
You're the one how's stupid, you don't understand..
What has gotten in to you?
Let me Iive my own Iife!
I didn't hear from her for a Iong time.
HeIIo? / Gyeon-woo, it's me.
Her voice sounds cheerfuI as if nothing happened to her.
Our 100th day ceIebration is soon.
It's 100 days aIready?
When do you think a girI's the prettiest?
When a sexy woman is naked.
Where are you now? Stay right there.
No, I'm just kidding.
The prettiest is when she's pIaying the piano.
What's your favorite song?
That George Winston song.
PacheIbeI Canon?
Yeah, that song.
You're not gonna ask me?
When is the guy the prettiest?
Just give me a rose.
StiII have your high schooI uniform?
Yeah. Why?
Bring it on our 100th day,
and give me a rose during my cIass.
Do it yourseIf, okay?
What? What did you say?
How can I during cIass?
Hey! Just hung up on me! Damn it!
I don't wanna get beaten by her,
or get humiIiated at a women's coIIege.
I'm cIeverer than I Iook.
Hey, you! Where you headed? Come here!
I'm deIivering Chinese food.
I ordered it. Bring it here.
Bring a Iot of radish?
Oh, I forgot something!
Give me the food first! That's the wrong way!
Why do you go over there?
There's another customer.
But that wasn't enough for her.
We reIived our oId high schooI days.
After our visit,
a school uniform party was held every month in that club.
But she got wasted again.
Oh, wild teens! Here's a condom.
Let's prevent AIDS.
She's having a happy dream.
Compared to
when I looked at her in the motel the first time,
She looks so different.
Could her pain be cured now?
Who knows?
Maybe it means that she doesn't need me anymore.
Excuse me.
Can you drive slowly?
Have any plans after graduation?
Actually, I've never thought about it yet.
Can I see what's in your pocket?
Of course.
It's a condom.
What is this for?
Oh, right.
I learned that it prevents AIDS.
But I haven't used it yet.
Actually, on the way here. / Forget it.
Chicks Hen'?
What does this mean?
Oh, right. It's a chicken soup restaurant.
'We'll satisfy all your wishes?'
I think it's to satisfy our tastes.
'Hurry and tell him.'
How do feel about our daughter?
Oh, right.
We're just friends now.
Please don't worry.
If we get closer, I'll let you know, sir.
Don't see her anymore.
After that day, she never calls me.
It was sudden
but that's how we broke up.
We've broken up.
But now, I'm free.
It's me. Come to the cafe by seven o'clock.
We must meet.
What? Why?
What? I have a blind date today.
Come in 45 minutes.
I have a blind date, too.
Are you on your way?
I'm on a date with a girl.
Hurry up.
I have to go to the bathroom.
'Gotta go to the bathroom.'
I'm Cha Seok-won. Nice to meet you.
Same here.
Have a seat.
Were you really with a girl?
actually, I was with a guy.
Can I take your order?
Coffee, please.
You can drink coke.
I'll drink coffee.
Gyeon-woo. You're very lucky.
- Oui ?
I heard a lot about you.
That you're a close friend.
I need to go to the bathroom.
Where's Gyeon-woo?
He left already.
He told me ten rules to follow.
I have a good memory. I'll recite them.
don't ask her to be feminine. And don't...
Second, don't let her drink over three glasses.
She'll beat someone.
At a cafe, instead of coke or juice
order a coffee
If she hits you, act like it hurts.
If it hurts, act like it doesn't.
On your 100th day together,
give her a rose during her class.
She'll like it a lot.
Make sure you learn Kendo and squash.
Also, be prepared to go to prison sometimes.
If she says she'll kill you,
don't take it lightly. You'll feel better.
If her feet hurts, exchange shoes with her.
she likes to write.
Encourage her.
Step back behind the yellow line...
What's his name?
I'll do it myself.
Where are you?
I looked all over for you.
Gyeon-woo. Come to the escalator. Okay?
You're dead if you don't.
Hurry up.
Who told you to hug me?
Dummy. You're supposed to dodge.
Sometimes I feel like I know her
and sometimes I don't.
Nous tions arrivs un tournant.
What's going on between us?
Can this relationship last forever?
Who is it?
It's me, Dad.
She told me to write a letter and bring it.
To write it on paper.
To express my feelings,
I tried hard to find the right words.
When I first met her,
I wanted to cure her grief,
but now I can't give her up.
I wish we can get serious.
I'm writing about these feelings.
She's probably writing about me now.
This is how we're preparing to split up.
See that mountain top?
Could someone hear me from there?
Yes, probably so.
Or probably not.
I wonder if it is possible.
Come on, go over there!
If you hear, answer me.
You want me to go over there?
Can you hear me?
I'm sorry!
I really can't help it.
It is stronger than me.
I'm really sorry! I can't help it.
I thought I was different,
but I'm just a helpless girl.
Gyeon-woo! I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry!
Did you bring your letter?
What's that?
A time capsule.
We put our letters in it and bury it here.
And in two years time,
let's meet here again.
We'll read the letters that day,
and maybe we can find an answer then.
This was her way of saying good-bye,
and I kept repeating in my mind that two years
isn't too long.
Let's open this exactly two years later, at two?
We can meet two years later.
When we meet then, we'll be different from what we are now.
we'll be different from what we are now.
We may become closer,
or stay forever apart.
We can only choose one.
You go first.
Let's separate here.
Should we go together?
No, I'll take the next train.
I think that's better.
See you two years later!
Okay, in two years!
That's how we broke up.
Over time
I couldn't endure the loneliness after we broke up.
Thinking of those memories,
I started to write about our stories on the Internet.
Then I made up my mind.
If I meet her again,
I'll show her a different me.
Got to make use of my time.
For her and my future's sake.
Why does the ball I hit keep hitting my face?
I wrote our stories on the Internet everyday,
and I kept myself busy
during the two years.
Excuse me,
I wrote 'My Sassy Girl'.
Shin Cine saw my writing,
and offered to make a movie out of it.
I made her dream come true instead.
I wanted to tell her right away,
but I have to wait till that day.
She didn't come.
It's our only day to meet.
No one knows when she will come.
How did he get in here?
It's a mystery.
Gyeon-woo! How are you?
I was so happy while being with you.
I'm not sure if you knew, but the person I loved passed away.
but the person I loved passed away.
passed away.
The day when I first met you
was the day he died a year ago.
Actually, I tried to look for him in you.
c'est lui que je c'herc'hais
I know it was wrong.
I'm sorry.
I also met him on the subway like you.
I was really sick at that time.
He did everything
I wanted.
Just like you did to me.
Under this tree, we planned our future together.
But he suddenly passed away.
While I was with you,
I met his mother often.
She wanted to introduce a nice man to me,
but I couldn't.
The day I first met you,
I came under this tree,
and I prayed to him.
To let me free.
When I met you, this occurred to me.
That maybe... he introduced you to me.
But the more I met you,
he seemed to grow jealous of you in me.
The more I liked you,
I felt guilty inside.
While the two of us are apart,
I want to forget him alone.
After that day,
I went often to this place.
If I'm not with you after two years,
it means I still lack of courage.
How much will we change after two years?
I feel like you live in the future,
and I stay in the past.
I want to meet you soon,
so I can read your letter.
Why are you staring at me, sir?
Because you're so pretty.
I thought an angel came down.
Do you come here often?
This tree has a secret.
I have a secret here, too.
Three years ago,
I buried a letter here with my boyfriend.
And you, what's your secret?
So what happened?
We promised to read the letters a year ago.
But I couldn't come.
I guess you're a year late.
But two years didn't seem that long.
I haven't made any decision yet.
I just wasted my time on stupid thoughts.
Like what?
If we were destined to meet,
I thought we'd meet by chance somewhere.
Know what fate is?
Building a bridge of chance
for someone you love.
To be honest,
I read you guys letters.
I said this tree had a secret, right?
Look closely.
Does this tree look the same as before?
Well, it looks like it changed a bit.
But I'm not sure.
People are dead or alive.
There's a dead tree and a living tree, too.
This tree was struck dead by lightning last year.
It was split into two.
But this young man felt sorry for it.
During this spring,
he planted another tree
that looked the same.
When he planted the tree,
he asked me if it look the same.
He said that a girl would be very sad
if it died,
so no one should know.
It's been a while.
You've gotten even prettier.
You still look young. How have you been?
You were in England?
Yes. For one and a half years.
So I can forget him.
I see.
Feel better?
Yes. A lot better.
Is it true now?
My son might be sad.
He won't. He'll like it this way.
That's what I really hoped.
Auntie! I was getting my photo taken.
You naughty boy.
Know how long it's been?
Sorry I didn't tell you before.
This is Gyeon-woo. Doesn't he resemble him?
When you had a hard time,
I tried to introduce you to him for several years,
but he kept getting out of it.
Heard you came to Bupyung often,
but you never visited me?
Go out with him.
I thought
he'd make things easy for you.
Oh, yeah.
Gyeon-woo, you're going to England, right?
She's already been there,
so she can give you some tips.
I don't have to go there anymore.
You two know each other?
You may not believe it,
but I think I met a man from the future.
From your future.
This is how I met her again.
Think it's too coincidental?
It's building a bridge of chance for your love.