Yeouido (2010) Movie Script

- Have you all finished drawing?
- Yes!
Who wants to go first?
Ok, Hyun-Jun you start.
Hello. I'm Hwang Hyun-Jun.
I will introduce my family.
My father is a fund manager in a big
company in Yeouido Island.
I don't really know
what the company does
but my mom told me that you can
only work there if you are really clever.
She said people envy my dad.
And my mother is the prettiest
Miss Korea on our street.
All the neighbours tell her that
she should have become an actress.
'There would be no amazingly
handsome Hyun-Jun then'
she always says.
- No way!
- Quiet.
So what do you want to be
when you grow up?
I will study hard and exercise hard.
and earn a lot of money
like my father.
Mr, Hwang?
- Yes, Chief Cho.
- What do you think you're doing?
Your daydreaming is messing up
our profit revenues.
Are you out of your mind or what?
I'm sorry.
Have you made up your mind?
You have till the end of today
unless you're going to quit.
If then you still can't decide
who's leaving,
I'll decide for you.
What are you staring at?
Get back to work!
Oh, thanks.
You okay?
Yes, I'm fine
That Chief Cho, there is not
a touch of humanity in him
No, it's my fault.
You didn't do anything wrong.
I should just quit this damn job.
And if you quit, do you have
somewhere to go?
Of course, I got plenty of
places to go.
My friends have been calling
like crazy.
cheer up.
JF Asset Restructuring Form
- Honey?
- Daddy.
- Hyun-jun.
Uncle bought me these cards.
Hey! Get him what he wants
once in a while.
It's not like he asks for much.
Don't you think this is a bit too much?
Hold on.
What's gotten into you?
Are you feeling stronger
with your husband around?
Take Hyun-jun.
Let's talk outside.
You think you'll be able to pay
the interests without overtime at work?
I'll have the money prepared.
Please give me some time.
Where should I go?
I'm just an employee.
I kick, bury and drown when I'm told.
You know this.
The man upstairs said
you have until next week.
- I'll try my best.
- Fuck that...
Don't blame me for anything
after next week.
Oh and by the way, your wife is hot...
JF Asset Restructuring Subjects
Manager Hwang, Woo-Jin
Why me?
Well, I just thought that you were
carrying the cross on your back
since you haven't said anything.
Did I have it wrong?
What? Go back to your desk.
Chief, please give me another chance.
My father's in the hospital and
if I get fired, we're ruine.
Please help me Chief.
Damn! What's with all these
sad stories in this damned land.
Everyone has issues.
So, please step outside and
find yourself another job.
The damned economy...
Is it you dear?
Your man's not picking up the phone.
And I clearly told him that
we gave him until the end of this week.
That still doesn't give you the right
to come into our house.
Please leave! Go try his office.
I did try his office but he's not in.
Must be damn fucking busy!
Yea, he should work pretty hard
to pay back the interest.
We really don't have the money.
Just give us some time.
What is this! You telling me
to back off? You want to die?
We don't have the money.
- Mommy.
- Hyun-jun.
Were you asleep Hyun-jun?
Go back in.
God damn it.
You must not realize this
but they're telling me
to bring the kid instead.
No, not Hyun-jun.
I don't want to either.
But what choice do I have?
I only do what they tell me.
I won't let you touch Hyun-jun.
What are you going to do?
Get me with this?
Let's see if you can do it.
Go ahead. Go. Shit!
You don't even have the courage.
You can do whatever you want with me
but don't touch my kid.
Oh really?
Then, I can touch you, right?
I'll have the money ready somehow.
Are you gonna rob someone?
You don't have the courage to kill someone
but you can rob someone?
Is that it? Huh?
Son of a bitch!
I get too weak sometimes.
Actually, there is a way
to delay the due date.
How old are you babe?
If you do what I tell you,
I won't lay a finger on Hyun-jun.
You asleep?
Are you sick?
I'm just a bit tired.
I'm going to sleep.
Why are you outside?
Aren't you cold?
I guess...
you're going to have to forget
about your mother.
But don't cry. I brought you
another friend
instead of your mother.
A friend?
From now on, it's gonna be
just you, me and this Superman
can live happily together, Okay?
Where's Hyun-jun?
I sent him to mom's.
That's good.
It'd be good for him to get
some fresh country air.
I'm thinking about moving work?
Between dad's hospital bills
and our debts...
- Do you have a place to go?
- No, I'll figure it out.
Then what will we do until then?
Get another loan?
Do you know how hard it is for me
to deal with our debts?
I know. I know it's difficult
but I'm going through it too.
You do whatever you want
from now on.
Okay, okay, thanks.
- How did it go?
- Well, you see...
Just spill it.
There's more than I thought.
This place has 3 times the amount
that HK is trying to sell
and they want to send off
what they have, all at once.
Really? So how much?
30 million dollars.
The conditions are better on this side
and they said they'd give us
an additional discount of 1%.
30 million dollars and
the additional discount of 1%.
Good! Very good, well done.
I had a good feeling about you.
- Let's seal the deal right away.
- Yes, sir.
Park! We're celebrating tonight
over drinks!
I guess the negotiation went well.
Yes sir, finished
the 30 million dollar deal.
Really? That's great.
Thank you.
Cho asked to go out for a drink tonight.
You should come too.
No, I will feel out of place.
No. You should talk to him
when he's happy.
- Is Chief Cho not here yet?
- He came a while ago
but told me to tell you
to start without him.
He's meeting some friends of his
in the next room.
Oh, really? Alright.
I feel like I'm intruding.
No way. You have all the right
to be here.
This was all thanks to you.
No, you did a great job finishing it.
What finish...
I'll talk to Cho about it.
Who knows, he might just
change his mind.
Thanks. I've looked into a few places
but it's pretty hard these days.
Don't worry.
I'll take care of it.
Oh, I did a background check and
the final contractor is another place?
Oh yea... it changed. We couldn't
turn down the new deal.
Did you make the transfer?
Yes, we had too because the other
conditions were great.
Yes but aren't you a bit nervous?
Did you confirm the CB stock?
Don't worry.
I'll take care of everything.
Yes, but you should check on that.
I will. You just enjoy yourself today.
The girls will enter now.
From there, it'll be number one,
two, three...
You're here?
This way.
How come there aren't
any cute girls in Yeouido.
Oh, isn't this a surprise.
It's our Hwang.
Yes sir... Hwang practically made
this deal happen.
He should be here.
Work is work, enjoy yourself today.
What are you doing?
Call in some good looking ones.
Hey, waiter!
So, what do you do?
No, I wanna guess.
You work in stocks...
- How did you know?
- We're in Yeouido.
It's either a politician, media worker
or into stocks.
- Wanna sing?
- No, I can't sing.
Then, what are you good at?
Are you good in bed?
What's that asshole doing here?
Hey Park, did you bring him?
No, why would I. No one called him.
He just doesn't get it.
Doesn't he know
what kind of place this is?
You know, they feed the dogs
before sending them off
to markets.
What's the point in feeding him
if we're gonna sell him off?
So he can weigh a little more and
we can get a little more from that.
I knew you were a bad vicious motherfucker.
I knew it when you took over
the deal from Hwang.
I had no choice.
I was about to get fired.
That's why l like you.
You need to do things
to survive in this hell hole and
Hwang, he just doesn't get it.
Yeah, Hwang's a little slow.
You! That doesn't mean
I'll let you stab me in the back!
I only do it to those who deserve it...
I know my limits.
Hey, it's time to go watch cartoons.
Oh, it's a Superman doll.
- Where did you get it?
- My dad bought it for me.
You wanna know a secret?
A secret?
I'm Superman.
No way!
Tell me if there's anyone bothering you.
I'll take care of them all.
- Thanks.
- Let's go. Run.
Hey? What's this?
Let me see.
What is it?
Let me see.
- Where did you get this?
- My mom bought it for me...
Is it true that your mom ran away
with another man?
No! My mom went to work.
She said she'd buy me another toy
when she gets back.
Really? Then I guess there is nothing
wrong with me taking this one.
Ask your runaway mom
to buy you another one.
Give it back.
Give it back, It's mine.
It's mine!
It's mine! Give it.
Stop it.
- Who are you?
- Me?
- Yes you!
- I'm the master of justice.
And I will not tolerate you
bullying this kid.
How have you been?
I've been busy guarding justice!
There are too many bad guys out there!
I'm practically going out of my mind.
You haven't changed at all.
Of course. I'll always be
the guardian of justice.
Oh! And if you need anyone to disappear
from this earth, you let me know.
Cheers, my friend!
Woo-jin, you okay?
Sorry, I don't know
what's wrong with me.
We're here.
Shit, you should've heard
what the bastards were saying.
- It's okay.
- Sorry.
Oh, we're here.
This is my house.
Will you be okay?
Those bastards,
I'm going to kill them.
What... What happened?
Min-hyuk Park was killed yesterday.
Is it true that both of you drank
with Min-hyuk Park last night?
- Yes.
- Yes.
Did Min-hyuk Park seem strange
to you last night?
Like, did he get in a fight
while you were drinking
or anything out of the ordinary?
We were there to celebrate
his deal. So, no.
Oh! Mr. Hwang, you left early,
is that correct?
Yes, sir.
Did you go straight home?
I had another drink
in front of my house.
Why did you leave early then?
Relax. You don't have to be nervous.
I had a prior appointment.
I see. You can go now.
Oh and please give us a call
if you remember anything.
We'll stop by later.
- Okay.
- Thank you.
Mr Hwang!
Yes sir.
The contract needs to be
prepared right away.
They said they'd be here
by 11, so hurry up.
Excuse me?
What are you doing? Let's get on it!
- I look forward to working with you.
- Thank you.
- We also look forward to working with you.
- Thank you.
Job well done.
Hwang, you've exceeded my expectations.
I'm impressed.
Thank you, sir.
Cho, this calls for a celebration.
Everyone deserves credit
for a job well done.
Yes sir.
Pay special attention towards
pleasing them and
Ask them to contact us when they
come up with similar items.
- Yes sir.
- Ok.
- Hwang!
- Yes sir.
I'll be watching you!
How does it feel to just take credit
for someone else's work?
Excuse me?
Let's see what you're capable of.
Hey? Where have you been?
The hospital.
- I'm sorry, I never meant to...
- When have you ever paid attention?
What is that supposed to mean?
It means you are
a selfish inconsiderate bastard!
Why would you say that?
Honey, I'm tired too.
Why do you think you're the only one
suffering? I'm exhausted.
Honey, let's just wait a little
A deal went well at the office,
I'm thinking it will solve things.
- Then what?
- What's wrong with you?
I don't need anymore of this bullshit!
Insurance Policy
I had totally forgot about
this life-insurance. Store it well.
It's not much but better than nothing, right?
What are you still doing here?
It was your dream to keep
the world peace as Superman.
I'm not worried about world peace
just worried about peace at home.
It's hard enough to earn daily bread.
And that's your job, not mine.
Guarding justice is everyone's responsibility.
As you already know,
I'm not that strong.
I just wanted to be strong.
You just don't know,
I know you can do it.
The train is now approaching.
What are you doing?
You have to save him.
Last night, an accident took place
when a passenger
waiting for the subway train
fell into the tracks.
A courageous citizen jumped into
the tracks and save him.
After displaying the great act of courage,
this heroic man disappeared
into the crowd.
We will hear about this courageous man
from a witness.
I was in shock
because it was all so sudden.
A drunken man fell into the tracks
from there? or here?
Was it here?
Yea, he fell under there and
some guy popped out of nowhere,
wearing a trench coat,
saved the drunk guy and disappeared.
He was like Superman.
Are you going to the hospital today?
Check what I said earlier, ok?
How do you feel
being a hero?
He's gotten old!
Yea, very old.
Is he showing any improvement?
He's just breathing. That's all
Would dad want this?
To be breathing like this.
What are you trying to say?
He seems so exhausted.
Songsan Electronics is being sold
to Mirae Electronics.
The period for stock exchange to CB
is until the 1st of next month
and the price was 1,000won per stock.
When assuming that the major sales of
Songsan Electronics is Mirae Electronics,
such increase is forecasted to continue
until we exchange our CB to stocks and
forecasted to exceed 1,300won
by early next month.
That is all.
So, has the CB been stocked?
Oh, I'll check on that right away.
Bring the stock confirmation sheet.
It'll be fine if we confirm by this week.
You haven't checked it yet?
I will check again.
You take good care of him.
He's a very important employee
in our company.
You're too kind.
I need people like you.
He's just full of intentions.
The thoroughness that you have
is the basic to all business.
I'm still lacking much, sir.
No no. You're the one I can trust.
And I'm planning to pass
all the contracts over to you.
Also, report directly to me
and not to Cho.
You're 3 years older than Cho, right?
Cho, from now on think of Hwang
as your big brother and be good to him.
Dad? This is a continuance of your work.
This is why l can't trust you with work.
From now on, you need to
separate work from home.
This is all because I spoiled you...
Hwang, be a strict older brother to him.
Where are you?
Okay, we'll talk soon.
- Hwang.
- Yes sir.
You're going to be
my right arm from now on.
Let's have a drink.
Hey! Are you crazy? I told you
not to contact me before this ends.
Something important came up.
What is this account?
Anyways, he'll be the one responsible
at the company
when the people from
Financial Supervisory Service
come in for a review.
Didn't we decide to dump it on the guy
that died not too long ago?
It's better to dump it on two
than just one, right?
Of course.
- How much?
- Three big ones.
Isn't that too much?
It's more persuasive.
When should we do it?
Just be prepared. I'll contact you
when we're ready to go.
Why are you so heavy?
- Are you okay?
- Yes, I'm fine.
Maybe you drank too much.
Take off your clothes.
We should end what we began.
Should I take a shower first or
should we take one together?
- Go ahead. You go first.
- Let's take the shower together.
- No, you go ahead.
- No, I'll help you wash up.
Okay. I'll be right out.
What is this? A superman?
I like Wonder Woman better!
I'm not interested in you anymore.
I need your wife.
Huh? I got her a job to stop her whining
and she hasn't shown up for a few days.
What does that make me?
Hey, you can't pay up for shit and sill
you can't stand
seeing your wife paying for your interest
by selling her body? Huh?
Look at this dumbass with his fist
clenched and shit!
Hey asshole! Hey! Don't be stupid!
I can end you right now.
I don't know where you've hidden her
but tell her to call me
before things get nasty.
Korea's not as big as you think.
You hear me? It's frigging small.
How have you been?
It seems that Hyun-jun has grown.
I should've went to your father's funeral.
I'm so sorry.
No, he would understand.
- He always liked you.
- That's why l feel so bad.
I think... I'll be able to
pay back our debts.
Dad had an insurance.
If you're okay with it,
I believe we can go back
to the way we were.
I'm not sure
whether I can handle it.
- Go.
- Ok.
Bye Hyun-jun.
Daddy, stay the night.
Daddy wants to stay too
but I have to go to work early
in the morning.
Then I wanna come with you.
If you come with me
who will take care of mommy?
Here, daddy's gonna tell you a secret.
Daddy's actually Superman.
- Huh? Superman?
- Yes.
It's a secret to mommy
so you can't tell her. Okay?
It's the truth. I'm really Superman.
Since daddy's Superman
you're Superman too.
So, you have to take
good care of mommy.
You can do that right?
Promise. Pinky swear.
My good son.
Now go back to mommy.
- I'm gonna go.
- OK.
Chief Cho! I came to ask if you
had confirmed the CB stock.
And why would you come to me
when you're so capable.
You should do it yourself
and make the direct report
to the president.
I thought you should confirm it.
Why? Do you think
there'd be a problem?
Of course.
You're an important and
crucial person for the company
so I'll do the work for you.
Yes sir.
It's me.
Let's begin.
Hey mister, hello.
Did you win a lotto?
What's the hurry? Take this with you.
Let me check the amount first.
Oh yeah, he comes from time to time.
But he's a pain in the ass.
A big one.
He was drunk that day too.
Couldn't even hold himself up.
Oh really?
17, 18, 19, 20. Wow!
It's 200 million in total.
You've done it.
So, when you gonna pay back
the principal capital?
If you don't pay it back,
the interest will keep growing.
- What are you talking about?
- Do I have to say it again?
This is only the interest to your principal.
- That's nonsense! What interest...
- It's called the private loan interest.
That's why people always tell you
not use private loans.
There's a reason for it, you know?
You know that?
Tell your wife that she needs to
come back to work too.
It will be quicker to pay back
the capital then right?
Smells good.
Anyone home?
This was found at the homicide scene
of Min-hyuk Park.
Mr. Hwang!
You should told us earlier
if something like this had happened.
I just thought that
I had no relation to it.
Just go home for now
and if Jung-hun contacts you
please call me right away.
Is Jung-hun the suspect?
It hasn't been cleared but at the time
he's our prime suspect.
Next is you, Mr. Hwang.
Did you kill him?
I told you, it's my job
to take care of the bad guys.
What are you going to do now?
The police knows.
It doesn't matter.
I'm gonna go back to my home planet.
Woo-jin. You're going to
take care of the rest, right?
Go ahead.
Just do me a favor before you go.
- Appreciate the work.
- This way.
- Appreciate the work.
- Appreciate the work.
It was a cruel job.
It doesn't seem like a simple robbery
with the wallet and everything else in place.
It seems like a murder by grudge
with the method of crime being so cruel.
What's this guy's job?
Just by looking at him,
you can tell he's bad news.
This was in his pocket.
It looks like an IOU.
Number 187 seems to be lost.
What? Jung-hun doesn't exist?
What are you talking about?
Try it again.
The debtor is Hwang.
What? Hwang?
- Dear?
- Daddy.
My son!
Why is your voice so down?
What's wrong?
I don't want to let mommy know
that I'm calling you.
Daddy, I miss you.
Daddy misses Hyun-jun a lot too.
That's because we're Superman.
And there's nothing that
Superman can't do.
Yes, we are Superman.
- Hyun-jun, Let's eat.
- Ok mom.
I have to go daddy,
I'll call you back later.
- Okay sport. Listen to your mommy.
- Ok.
Hyun-jun, who did you talk to?
To daddy
To daddy?
No one inside?
Hello Investigator?
Did you catch your suspect?
Hey, do you remember the people
that were out drinking with him on that night?
People? No,
he only drinks by himself.
Oh yea, he has the drinking habit
of talking to himself
like there are others in the room.
Are you sure about this?
It sounds strange.
Wait a minute.
This place has surveillance, correct?
- Let's have a look.
- Yes sir.
You must be having a good day?
Chief Cho!
I checked the CB and
it has been stored.
That's good. Thank you.
Since I made the confirmation,
you should sign it yourself and
report directly to the CEO.
That right belongs to the
true right arm of CEO.
What the hell.
Isn't that some form of schizophrenia?
- What? Schizophrenia?
- Yea.
I have a friend like that and seriously
there is no cure.
- Are you telling me he's crazy?
- Yes.
Then, there is no Jung-hun?
That's right.
That crazy freak.
C'mon, let's move.
Mr. Hwang.
How can I help you?
What do you mean embezzlement?
We have the proof right here.
You transferred 30 million dollars to that account!
Bank Statement
It says the CB stock was completed
on the documents that
you signed but the CBs haven't been stocked
in the actual bank account.
- Well...
- And...
what is this money that came into
your account from that account?
Chief Cho, what's going on?
A person should not be so greedy.
What does that mean?
Did you already forget?
You took over something
that was completed by another.
Chief Cho.
You were gonna leave anyways,
what took you so long?
Oh and the money in your account
is your last gift from me.
Don't spend it all but use it to open up
a chicken place with your family or something.
Wait! Is it too much for a store?
Oh yeah,
it's probably confiscated by now.
- You bastard.
- Do you want to die?
You dumb piece of shit!
What? You wanna go tell my Dad?
You dumb piece of shit!
How dare you...
You know, they feed the dogs
before sending them off to markets.
You know, they feed the dogs
before sending them off to markets.
Since I made the confirmation,
you should sign it yourself and
report directly to the CEO.
you can't stand seeing your wife paying for
your interest by selling her body? Huh?
Is it true that your mom ran away
with another man?
If you ever bully my friend again,
I will kill you.
Hwang! I'm sorry, I was wrong...
Sir! You can't!
Captain, Captain. C'mon!
If you come at me again, I'll kill you.
Are you okay?
Hey, give me that doll.
What's so special about this.
- Hello.
- Daddy.
This is daddy.
- Where are you daddy?
- I'm at the office.
Where are you?
I'm home but we're outside
because mommy lost her key.
- Hyun-jun! Can I talk to mommy?
- Yes, hold on.
- Yes, it's me.
- Honey.
You seem real busy.
Will you be late today?
No no. I'll be home soon.
- Wait for me.
- Okay.
Hyun-jun's waiting for you.
Thank you.
I'm sorry.
Here he is.
Woo-jin Hwang, you're under arrest
for the suspect
in the murder case of Min-hyuk Park
and Chul-woo Im.
- No, I'm not.
- Don't move!
Arrest him.
- We know everything.
- Don't come.
- Don't resist and just come quietly.
- Don't come.
Hey back up. Back up.
- Don't come.
- Hwang!
- Back up, back up
- Think straight! You can't jump here.
- Ok! Calm down. Get down from there.
- I'm going to kill myself.
Ok! Calm down. Get down from there
I'm so scared.
I think I killed someone.
What should I do?
Is he really crazy?
Who are you talking to?
Come down.
No don't, let's take time.
It's okay Woo-jin.
You did it for justice.
You're exhausted.
Let's go back to our home planet
and rest up.
No, I don't want to.
I have to go home.
My boy is waiting for me.
Hey Hwang!
Come down from there.
Let's talk about this.
You're making the wrong choice.
Nothing gets solved this way.
And you need help so please
come down from there.
Help me, Jung-hun.
Please help me this one last time.
Woo-Jin. I can't help you anymore.
And even if you go back home,
you can't live the same way anymore.
Go back to our planet with me.
That's all I can do for you.
I have to go home.
I want to go home.
Trust me, my friend.
No! Stop right there!
No! It's dangerous!