Yes Boss (1997) Movie Script

- Good-day, sir.
- Your juice, sir.
Good-day, sir.
Stop here. Drop me near my vehicle.
Get the AC repaired and phone me
at six in the evening, okay?
Hey, what's this?
Take your car ahead.
- My madam wants to alight.
- Which madam?
Ask your driver to
take the car ahead. Hurry!
- Driver.
- Yes?
Tell the gentleman's driver
to ask his boss to talk politely.
Hey, driver! Ask your boss
to talk politely with my madam.
Tell her that it is their fault,
she need not advice me.
- Driver.
- Yes, madam?
Tell the gentleman's driver... ask his boss why he's
getting off from the wrong side.
Driver, tell her that it is my car.
I'll get off from any side I want to.
Driver, tell him that
this is my car too.
Even I will stop it
wherever I please.
That's it! Now speak!
Sir... say something.
Tell her that there is
no need to talk impudently.
And to display the false pride
of wealth before me!
One also requires etiquette
to move in big cars!
Sir, that's a long sentence.
Tell her directly.
- What did I say?
- Let it be, driver.
I do not have time to argue
with such worthless people.
- Take my Mercedes in the front.
- Yes, madam.
Whom did you call worthless?
- Sir, she called me worthless.
- She did?
- Yes, sir.
- Then it's okay.
Take the car to office.
- Sir, I can't spot your vehicle.
- It's in the front.
- Get the AC repaired.
- Yes, sir.
Hey, quickly move
your junk aside! Hurry!
It had to stall now!
Will matters end by saying sorry?
It certainly won't do.
Constable, how are you?
- What happened?
- She has no licence.
Then how can she ride?
Think coolly. Would you stop
a lady driving a Mercedes?
- No.
- Then?
Hey, I would stop!
So stop a lady driving a Mercedes.
Why are you harassing this poor girl?
Hey, poor girl, apologise. The
constable is our protector, Bela.
How is father? Has the
operation been done?
Her father is very ill.
The poor man's kidneys have failed.
- What are you saying!
- Both his hearts too have failed.
- What are you saying!
- The truth.
You should go to the hospital
at the earliest.
You are noble.
Hey, what are you doing?
Let's go?
My name is Rahul.
What is your name, Bela?
I was roaming in my company's car.
Whose car were you in?
It belonged to the person, whose
company I had gone to for some work.
I see.
What's wrong?
Has the Mercedes given way?
I'll fix it. I'm used to it. My
scooter keeps giving way at odd times.
There's petrol, isn't there?
There is... Where were you going?
To the hostel. I stay in a hostel.
I see.
Your scooter is repaired,
and my hand...
Take this.
Please don't feel bad if I said
something offensive in a fit of fury.
Thank you. Bye. See you again.
In a Mercedes, huh?
On these very roads.
Hey, Reema, your kerchief.
No... Seema, no...
What was her name?
Mrs. Joshi, how often have
I told you not to take any tension?
All the tests have been done.
So has the ECG.
You are afraid of tests
the way a school child is.
Doctor, my mother will
be fine, won't she?
Well, what I feared has happened.
She needs a bypass surgery.
Is there any risk involved?
No, there is no risk but it is
very essential to take precautions.
Dr. Pathak is the city's
most eminent cardiologist.
He'll come from America next month.
The surgery will be performed then.
In the meantime, I'll prescribe
some important medicines.
Can I take my sister to Nasik
until the operation date gets fixed?
Uncle, you're...
No. By the way, it's a good idea.
She'll also get some rest, away from
the hustle and bustle of the city.
But bear one thing in mind.
She should not undergo
any trauma or tension.
Hurry, the train will leave.
Don't roam around much
for the wedding.
That boy is, anyway,
of a loose character.
He will find himself a bride but
when are you going to get married?
My bride has come home long back.
You have not even blessed her today.
Come on, first bless her.
Okay, I have blessed her!
You know that I have
been wedded to my dreams.
To this advertising agency of mine.
Look, how huge and
beautiful the office is!
- How often will you show it to me?
- Every now and then!
I will continue to do so until the
advertising office becomes mine.
Someone has rightly said,
first acquire a status, then a wife.
You're really crazy.
I remained a bachelor,
searching for a job like this!
Dear uncle! The heart
has very little space.
It can accommodate
either money or love.
You'll never know when a girl
will walk into your heart.
- A girl... a girl!
- What happened?
Oh, I forgot! I had
an appointment at six.
I have to go to office
after that. I'll leave, mother.
Take care, mother...
Uncle, look after her.
- Hey, what are you doing?
- Bless you.
- I mean, you say...
- Bless you!
The scooter keys.
- Why are you so beautiful?
- Get going now!
Our whole family is beautiful!
Yes... fraud! All men
are alike! Liars!
What were the words?
'It is an eternal bond!'
You misunderstand me.
- I don't want it!
- Listen to me, please!
Everything's been said!
Scoundrel, cheater...
Not tire, boss... crook, rascal...
She was very invective.
I didn't know that the poor girl
was so madly in love with me.
Anyway, there are many
fishes in the sea!
The beauty contest arrangements
are going on in full swing.
I've given the details to Shukla
and told Mr. Sharma for the VIP...
Where are you going, boss?
Rahul, I am going to meet Tina.
But, boss, you are
forgetting something.
What am I forgetting?
It's your wedding anniversary today.
Oh yes! I forgot! And I also
forgot to get a gift for Sheela.
When will I be of help? I have
already bought a gift for your wife.
And, boss, when she sees that gift,
she will remarry you!
- Are you speaking the truth?
- Yes, boss.
This is why you are
my right-hand man.
Boss, this is my left hand.
The right hand...
Come in, Mr. Shukla.
- You've come at the right time.
- Really?
I was going to give Rahul
some good news.
The advertising agency
I had spoken to you about...
...its plan has been passed. Your
dream is going to be realised soon.
You will sit on the boss' chair.
Success will touch your feet.
There will be many people
working under you.
And I will fulfil
this dream of yours, Rahul.
Let's go, Mr. Shukla.
Boss, there's a problem.
I'll give the gift to
your wife but for that...
- In this pocket, boss.
- How do you know?
I mean, you generally keep it here.
Boss, thank you for the office.
My share?
Hey, don't you feel ashamed,
repeatedly asking for money?
Do you feel ashamed?
You don't, right? Then neither do I.
After all, I am your disciple!
I have only one ambition in life.
To become your stooge.
- Hey! Don't butter me so much!
- I'm not...
Take your share
and get ready soon.
We have to take
a gift for Mrs. Sheela.
- A gift?
- Not with your money but with this.
Come on!
- How are you?
- Show us the dance from 'Rangeela'.
Take it easy. Now, turn around.
Slowly open your eyes.
What's this?
From this angle,
it looks like a piano.
Actually, this is your
wedding anniversary gift.
Sent by Mr. Siddarth
with lots of love.
But where is Siddarth?
He must be on his way. I think, he
must be held up with some urgent work.
He's too busy these days!
But how is this gift?
It's very nice, isn't it? And see
what else he has sent for you.
Look at what's written.
This piano is made of seven notes.
Similarly, may our relationship
also last for seven lives!
- Has Siddarth written this?
- I have.
I'm joking, madam.
Mrs. Sheela, perhaps you are
not aware that in some corner...
...of the heart of Mr. Siddarth,
the businessman, lies a hidden poet.
- Really?
- Yes.
Anyway, you're so lovely that anyone
who sees you will become a poet.
- Right, Johnny?
- Yes, of course. Let me say...
Not now... Beauty, brains,
bank balance - all in one woman!
Where do you find one nowadays?
Where?... where is
your father, my big boss?
- Upstairs.
- I'll go and seek his blessings.
What's wrong, Bhushan?
Where are you lost?
How to make someone happy!
One should learn this from
your dear son-in-law Siddarth!
Why did you entrust
your entire empire to him?
After all, he is my son-in-law.
Well, I am your nephew.
Even I have a right.
Uncle, just give me one chance.
I'll do better than Siddarth.
That's provided, he gives me
a chance to complain.
What is my able son-in-law doing?
He is making very elaborate
arrangements for the beauty contest.
Really? I had phoned
the office just now.
Siddarth is not in the office.
When did I say that he was?
I told you, he's making elaborate
arrangements for the beauty show.
Sir, you know, a lot of meetings
are held for the preparations.
First, a meeting with the sponsors,
then with the photographers,...
...then, the models, and with
the photographers again... talk
of the models' meeting,...
...and then with the sponsors to
talk of the photographers' meeting!
And it's my boss who's doing
the job with love and sincerity.
This is for you on my behalf.
It's such a lovely necklace!
No, this is not a necklace
but an eternal bond.
Now, two hearts,
two lives, two bodies,...
...will become one forever.
Johnny, for the first time,
I have liked a girl.
- Does the girl stay in this hostel?
- Yes, she does.
Tell me what the matter is!
Nothing. I'm just getting nervous.
You are nervous! Whom should
you fear when you are a boy?!
- A girl!
- That's also right.
I have to return her kerchief.
Hey, mister! What are you
doing here at night?
- Nothing.
- We...
- Come here!
- Coming.
Why are you roaming here?
What is it?
- How are you?
- Fine.
- Hey, at least, salute!
- Hello.
I want to meet her...
- What was her name?
- How do I know? You should!
Tell me the name of the
most beautiful girl here.
Hey, what's her name?
- She is Seema.
- Seema is the one I wanted to meet.
- Sir!
- He'll come.
- But where are you going?
- I'll be back.
Hi! You?
Did you recognise me?
Mercedes, constable... remember?
Yes, of course, I remember.
My name is Johnny. I work
at your office, remember?
He is Johnny, he works
with me. She is Seema.
You had to return
Mr. Verma's file, right?
I returned it long back.
You had to send the design
for 'Sweety sherbet', right?
I'll send it tomorrow.
What's the hurry?
The Kotak file?
The Kotak file?
I gave it at 4 o'clock.
But you had to give it
to Mr. Malhotra. Go.
Kotak will give it to Malhotra.
Kotak will give it... Yes?
- Give the file to Malhotra now.
- I will, right away.
Come with me.
He's in a hurry.
I have come to return your kerchief.
Oh yes! I had forgotten. I am crazy!
- That you are.
- What!
I mean, you should remember
that forgetting is a bad habit.
- Where is my kerchief?
- It's here.
Then give it.
It's your kerchief. Take it.
I'm sorry, it had fallen.
I'll wash it and return.
- No problem, I'll wash it.
- No.
My mother says that one's character
and kerchief should be immaculate.
- No problem, I'll wash it.
- No, it's my fault.
I have dirtied it. It becomes
my duty to wash and return it.
Anything else?
I'll wash, dry and iron the kerchief
and return it within 2-3 days.
Will you come out with me?
What! What did you say?
Will you come out with me?
So, you want to become a big shot?
Yes, very big.
And I have many dreams too.
Let alone me,...
...everyone walking on this road
wants to reach somewhere, right?
Yes. Do you know
where I want to reach?
There. Galaxy Tower.
Goodness me! It's said that
each flat here costs Rs. 10 million.
I want a palatial house there.
Assume that you won't
get all this. Then what?
Then I will marry a man
who has all this.
Assume that this won't happen.
But in the midst,... fall in love with
a simple, working boy.
No, it's impossible. Two weak
people cannot make a successful life.
What's wrong?
You are very frank. You spoke
the bare truth so easily.
Rahul, it's no crime
to dream about being happy?
No, certainly not.
Then, will my dream come true?
What's the time?
What's the time in your watch?
- 7.30.
- 7.30. What's the day today?
- Monday.
- It's a Full Moon night?
Whatever you sincerely ask for
on Monday at 7.30,...
...on a Full Moon night,
on this road, will be granted.
Who said so?
This evening, in the name
of Venus Fashion Show!
They come out of balloons
like they've come from a saloon!
- Shall I give 4 points?
- It's your wish. Our show is a hit!
Bhushan, they want to take
an interview. Where is Siddarth?
He must be pursuing some models!
How many points do I give?
She wants no points
but a Mercedes car.
Watch, someday, I'll have a row
of Mercedes cars for her.
Hey, when you buy
a Mercedes and...
Rahul, I want this girl.
Me too.
I too was thinking that we should
sign her for our ad campaign soon.
You know that I am not
talking about only work.
How's she?
Why are you looking there?
You know your job.
Hey, Johnny, why don't
you understand...
...that for the first time
in life, I have loved a girl?
And my boss had to be an impediment!
Hey, fool, what is
your aim in life?
Your agency, your office,
your dream!
Who can fulfil your dream?
Only your boss can, understand?
Just think about what you want.
The girl or the office?
I came to Mumbai with only one dream.
To earn money. To make
an office of my own.
Then go and fulfil your
dream about your office.
Go and tell her that the boss has
signed her for a new advertisement.
Call her for the shooting.
Can't I get both of them?
Get going.
I told you once not to go!
That's final!
I don't want to go inside.
I only want to give a message.
No giving any message to girls
at this hour of the night.
Do I look a masseur to you? I want
to give a message, not a massage.
I know what a message is.
All the boys give me a message.
I go in and personally
give the girls the messages.
I have to give so many
messages for the day.
Okay. Now sit down.
- Don't try to talk me into it!
- I won't.
- I can give a message, can't I?
- Yes.
Give me a piece of paper.
Should I give the paper too?
Let it be. I'll find one.
Turn around.
- Suppose you go in, then?
- Hold this.
Hold it.
- Why are you moving?
- I'm getting tickled.
Sit straight for a while!
Just for a minute... It's over.
Give it to Miss Seema.
What should I tell her
about the sender?
She will understand
when she sees the kerchief.
Oh, I see! This kerchief
is the code word?
It was the code word.
Here's your dress.
- What's this?
- Your dress.
- Where's the rest?
- This is it.
But I was told that it's an
advertisement for ready-made clothes.
This is the ready-made product.
Today's woman, until yesterday,
would feel coy to wear this.
Wear this.
I do not wear such clothes!
When Sona can wear... I'm sorry...
When Sona and Mona can wear it,...
When both of them can
wear it, why can't you?
Aren't they humans?
Don't they have a heart?
- Why don't you understand?
- You don't understand, madam,...
The shorter the clothes,
the greater the success!
I will not wear it!
Call your producer.
Madam, I will suffer a loss if
you refuse. I wilI have to wear it.
I will not listen anymore!
I am leaving!
Wait! You want more money,
don't you? You will get it.
This is not the question
of money! I...
- Who the hell is it?
- What's going on! Stop this nonsense!
Who's talking in the dark?...
Hey, throw the spotlight on him!
Sir, you?
I couldn't identify your voice in
the dark, I mean, I couldn't hear it.
Then listen now!
A man who does not respect a woman
in this company, isn't fit to be here!
A woman's body is not something
meant to be exposed!
And you should know that we are
making an ad film, not a blue film!
Blue film!... I have never
seen a blue film, sir!
But a bikini is the
product of our film, sir!
I know.
A product can be changed
but not a model.
Henceforth, learn to respect
the beauty of a woman, understand?
The film will feature only Seema.
Didn't you hear?
We will not be able to
shoot in this atmosphere.
You ruined your mood
because of me.
No, sir.
I can understand your hesitation.
We will work well tomorrow
in a new mood.
I cannot come tomorrow.
Any special reason?
The reason is a bit personal.
No problem. We'll shoot when you
get time off from personal matters.
May I leave now?
Listen, Seema.
When you smile, you look very lovely.
You acted brilliantly. You spoke
better than how I had asked you to.
- It was good, wasn't it?
- It was very good, boss.
Assume that 90% of your job is done.
Forget the performance, but what
could this personal matter be?
Is she involved...
Look, it's written
in this bio-data...
...that it's her birthday tomorrow
on the 25th.
Yes! Now, plan number two.
Boss, I have such
a fantastic idea that...
Can I have some money?
In this pocket, boss.
Let it be. I'll return the rest.
The flower's are beautiful!
And look at this!
Rahul! What's all this?
Mr. Siddarth has sent you
all these flowers.
But how did he know
that it's my birthday?
Mr. Siddarth finds out all the
details about a person he likes.
And yes! He's sent you a message too.
From here to there and everywhere,
you are all I see, Seema.
- Has he written this?
- I have.
I'm joking.
Actually in some corner of the heart
of Mr. Siddarth, the businessman,...
...lies a hidden poet too.
Seema, here's a little flower
on my behalf.
There's a call for you.
Mr. Siddarth is on the line.
Mr. Siddarth's phone!
- It's Mr. Siddarth's phone for you.
- Hold this.
For you.
You are very shrewd, sir.
You send a message to one person
and take a kiss from someone else!
Hats off to you, sir! One should
learn from you how to win over a girl!
No, Shukla. The matter is
slightly complicated this time.
She is a middle class girl.
What are you saying! You know
that the girl is ambitious.
She wants to earn name and fame.
And who else but me
can fulfil this dream of hers?
I am leaving. I have a meeting
with her in half an hour's time.
It isn't luck. You have to
work hard to acquire this.
What's wrong?
Summon everybody from all
departments to the conference hall.
I want to hold an urgent meeting.
Sir, now?
- Sir, I had some appointments.
- Then cancel them.
The big boss does not attend
office daily. Right, uncle?
Okay. I'll arrange everything
and return. Please sit.
Hurry! Uncle has no time!
- Bhushan.
- Yes?
I'm here!
What are you doing here?
Job, madam. Livelihood...
- Where is Siddarth?
- He is doing his duty elsewhere.
And he has sent me to abide my
duty with a beauty like you.
Can you tell me when he will come?
He must be on his way.
Until then, I'm here.
Don't worsen my mood.
As it is, I am very...
Angry. Yes, you are angry!
I realise that you are angry.
Okay, I won't worsen your mood.
I'll settle my accounts, okay?
If a man keeps a daily account,
then a lot of money can be saved.
Popcorn for Rs. 100,
Rs. 400 for petrol,...
...Rs. 200 for flowers...
- Just a minute!
- Rs. 250...
- Rs. 200 for flowers?
- Yes.
- For these rotten flowers?
- Yes.
You are royally looting your boss!
I have the rate card for all these,
and my prices are fixed.
Look at my rate card.
Rs. 200 for flowers...
...Rs. 100 for roaming with
the girl for half an hour.
Rs. 10 for holding her hand and
Rs. 100 for flattering her beauty.
And if the bill for all this mounts
to Rs.500, then she gets a kiss free.
Should I give it to you now
or should I wrap it?
I don't want your disgusting service!
No problem. I have a complaint book
too where you can pen your complaints.
I'm leaving! There is
no need! Keep sitting here!
Hey, wait! Listen!
Tell him that I left!
And Rs. 1000 for singing
a song with the girl.
Listen to me. I know
that it is my fault.
It isn't so. Rahul's company
is fine to share a laugh or two.
But I was waiting for you.
Will you do the same
even after marriage?
Marriage? Yes... I mean, no!
I mean that you wilI never get
a chance to complain after today.
- You're listening, aren't you?
- Yes, I am. Go on.
Only you will come tomorrow, right?
Only I will come for the meeting
tomorrow. I won't send Rahul.
Listen, before keeping
the receiver down, won't you...
Before keeping the receiver down,
won't you say something?
- What?
- Anything.
Why not? Who else
will I tell if not you?
The phone got cut. Mumbai's rains
and telephones are unpredictable!
Never know when they let you down!
Just like you.
Like me?... Implying?
I appear beautiful to you, don't l?
Of course! You look very beautiful!
Remember one thing. Whatever you
are today, is because of me.
The day these eyes covet
someone else other than me,...
...then you know
its consequence, don't you?
Why are you speaking like this?
Don't you trust me?... Me?
Come closer. Come on!
Please stop the car
here for a minute.
- Why here?
- I want to do a little shopping.
- What do you want to shop here?
- I want to buy a gift for Susie.
- You can shop tomorrow.
- No, it's her birthday tomorrow.
I won't get time then. Please.
- Come soon.
- I'll be back in a jiffy.
Yes. I too liked it.
Carry on. I'll be back soon.
Seema is with me. I think,
my work will be done today.
Not 3 o'clock. Make it 8 o'clock.
I'll be there at the dot of 8.
- What are you doing here?
- I was shopping here with my friends.
- What are you doing here?
- Even I came here to shop.
Shopping? With whom?
With... what's his name?... Rahul.
Oh Rahul? I see.
I'll leave. Come home soon.
You have been coming late these days.
I'll come home at the dot of 8
and we'll also dine out today, okay?
Look, what I've got
for you. Cuff-links.
Are they nice? Do you like them?
They are nice but what was the need?
Why not? It's...
Aren't you getting late now?
Come on, let's go.
Just a minute, Seema.
Meet her. She is my wife.
Darling, she is Seema.
You said that you have
come with Rahul.
Yes, I have come with Rahul.
She is Rahul's wife.
Rahul's wife?
When did Rahul get married?
Darling, he got married
and didn't even inform us!
They have even had a fight
within two days of their marriage.
I am trying to patch them up.
Where is Rahul?... He must
be shopping inside.
Darling, 8 o'clock. Dinner.
- Seema, listen to me.
- Don't touch me!
But, boss, why did you tell
Mrs. Sheela that Seema is my wife?
Because of this,...
What could I do, Rahul? Sheela got
suspicious of me a day earlier.
She threatened me.
And when she suddenly stood before
me,... I couldn't think of anything.
I said whatever came to my mind.
I accidentally took your
name, Rahul. What do I do now?
Because of the
blunder you have made,...
Please listen to me.
Go and explain to Seema.
Explain to her. Ask her
to meet me just once.
I'll handle the rest.
I can do anything for you, boss.
But your wife, Seema,...
please keep me out of this mess.
Mess? You can't
do it, right? Don't!
You were right. I ought
to tell Sheela the truth.
I will tell her everything.
What will happen?
At the most, what will happen?!
What will happen? My honour
will be at stake, right?!
Boss, what are you doing?
So be it! Let everything
be destroyed!
This business will come to an end,
and so will this life, right?
The luxuries will cease to exist and
this office will be finished, right?
So be it! Let it be destroyed!
I don't want anything!
I'll be left nowhere, right?!
I shall break everything!
Everything, Rahul!
And this dream of yours!
This ad agency! The dream
which we had seen together.
When everything is being finished,
then let it perish too!
Why do I need it? I will break it!
Let it be finished!
No, boss! No!
- Move aside! I'll break it!
- No, boss!
Rahul, move aside! I am
really enraged! Move aside!
No, boss! I will not let you do this!
Please don't be furious.
Let go of this. I'm here.
I'm here. Relax.
Sit down. Don't get worried.
I'm here. I will talk to Seema.
I will talk to Seema.
Don't be furious.
- Do you want some money?
- No, boss, I don't.
Keep this. I'll go to Seema...
Hats off to you! Terrific!
You saw that this
formula always works.
In this world, if you speak the
truth softly, then none will heed you.
And if you scream and shout
a lie, then everybody listens!
I don't want to meet him!
I don't!
And you have also cheated me, Rahul!
How much money had Mr. Siddarth
given you to keep shut?
No, Seema, it certainly isn't so.
Well, Mr. Siddarth...
Mr. Siddarth! Mr. Siddarth!
Don't mention his name!
Seema, just listen to me once.
Rahul, go away! I say, go away!
- I will leave...
- I don't want to listen to anything!
- Fine, I'll go.
- No. You are hurt.
No... I'll leave.
No, Rahul. It's bleeding.
Please wait for a while.
I was unable to stop myself.
Seema, I can understand
what you are going through.
Actually, I may have also done
the same, had I been in your place.
But why did this happen to me?
It will be better if you
meet Mr. Siddarth just once.
Why should I meet him? Why?!
To hear another lie?
Seema, everything in life is
not just either the truth or a lie.
All of us have some drawbacks.
Which at times, compels us
to do something...
...that hurts somebody or the other.
All of us are incomplete.
I only wish to say,
meet Mr. Siddarth once.
Give him a chance to explain.
After that,... adhere to
whatever decision you make.
- But listen...
- I don't want to listen to anything!
- You have cheated me!
- I have not!
You have not cheated me? Why didn't
you tell me that you were married?
If I were to tell you that I was
married, would you have loved me?
No! Never!
Did you see? This is why
I never told you!
Because, Seema, I do not
want to lose you at any cost.
I cannot live without you!
No! Siddarth, you have
misunderstood me.
Will I settle down by
breaking somebody else's home?
Never! This is a sin!
No, Seema. This is not a sin.
How can you break
my already shattered home?
Yes! My marriage to Sheela was
a big mistake! It was my fault!
But I am soon going to divorce her.
- Yes, this is the truth.
- It's a lie! Another lie!
Look into my eyes!
Can't you see the truth
in them? Answer me, Seema.
- Come with me.
- Where have you brought me?
You want to know the truth,
don't you? That is the truth!
Do you see that woman?
That is Sheela, my wife.
And can you see that man there who's
walking with his chest jutting out?
He is my wife's paramour!
This is the truth
about my married life!
Look at what's happening there!
See for yourself, Seema.
I cannot bear it
any longer. I'll go crazy!
Let's go from here. Please!
- Who are you?
- Aren't you Dolly?
Foolish man!
- How was it?
- You are right, sir!
If you yet consider
my marriage to be valid,...
...and our love to be
a sin, then it's okay!
I'll accept whatever
decision you make.
But I will only
love you all my life.
I can't understand anything.
What's the problem now?
Susie, he is married.
His home is broken. You have seen
it for yourself, haven't you? Then?
Yes, but...
Seema, he loves you.
What is he asking you for?
Only a few days time.
So that he can divorce
his wife. That's all!
Had I been in your place, I would
have given him another chance.
You sent Seema to
your boss, didn't you?
You knew that he'd explain to her
and convince her with his talks.
But you weren't ashamed!
I was deeply ashamed.
But how could you be? You want
money, your commission and the office!
And then, you have to even
get mother operated, right?
But what about Seema?
What about Seema? What about her?!
She also wanted to make it big,
earn money, drive a Mercedes... what could I do?
And look, I'll tell you too.
You also quietly keep saying...
I cannot fathom how an ambitious
girl like Seema got married to Rahul.
Yes!... I too was
surprised. But love...
Darling, you know that a person
can do anything in love.
I think, we should
give them a wedding gift.
I'll send someone to their house
tomorrow itself with a nice gift.
No! We will personally go
and give them a gift.
We, go to their house?...
Darling, will we go to their house?
Why? Is there a problem?
No, there's no problem...
Then we will go to
their house tomorrow itself.
What! No, Siddarth!
What kind of a joke is this!
To appease your wife,... we'll
have to pretend to be man and wife?!
Try to understand.
It's a matter of just a day.
Siddarth, it's not
the question of days.
How many lies to hide one truth?!
Seema, I have
already promised my wife.
Why don't you tell Mrs. Sheela
that we have gone for our honeymoon?
Seema, what do you want? That my
wife always be suspicious of me?
Yes, I did make a mistake.
What do I do now?
Go to the gallows?! Shoot myself?!
I mean, yes, you are
absolutely right.
Why should you shoot yourself, boss?
Just tell us what we have to do.
Seema, you don't
have to do anything.
Sheela and I will
come home for dinner.
And we will give
the two of you, a small gift.
Small gift?
Both of you have to only pretend
to be a happy family. Nothing more.
- There is one problem.
- What is it now?
My house does not appear a
married couple's home from any angle.
Go and do up your house!
Yes. But for a house to look like
a married couple's home,...
...there should be a double bed.
Rahul! This is no time to joke!
No... excuse me...
Seema, I am not joking.
These things are needed.
Boss, I think,...
...I'll also buy sofas, curtains,
bedsheets and a washing machine.
- Fine.
- As you wish.
One minute... I want to
talk to Seema alone.
I feel very odd doing all this.
But what do I do?
It's the question of our future.
It's a matter of only 2 hours.
For the first and last time. Please!
Yes, boss. I'm here. I think,
even the painting of the house...
- You are...
- Let it be.
Seema, go with Rahul.
Hurry, Rahul.
How did you like my house?
It's nice.
I always tell Siddarth that you're
a very honest and hard working boy.
Since childhood.
- But I dislike one habit of yours.
- What's that, madam?
- You are very discreet.
- Meaning?
You got married and we
didn't even know!
Even I didn't know!
I mean, it all happened so fast
without any fanfare.
You have done up your
small house quite well.
That too, in such a short time.
Did you see that painting?
Seema has painted a replica.
She does all this.
- Does Seema paint too?
- Yes.
- She's painted the whole house too.
- She's painted?
Where is your Seema?
She's getting ready. I'll fetch
her. You watch the painting.
Is my attire okay?
I am feeling very strange.
Will everything be okay?
Everything will be okay.
Do I look all right?
You look very beautiful
in these wifely clothes.
A typical Indian wife.
- No.
- Yes. I'm speaking the truth.
Boss, you aren't eating anything.
Please pass me the curd dish.
Eat everything you want.
It's all yours!
Where did you go for your honeymoon?
We went for our honeymoon...
where did we go?
W... where did we go, boss?
Both of you went for a honeymoon.
How would I know?
Of course, it was our honeymoon.
I really wanted to go but boss
held me back due to some work.
Anyway, what would we have done?
I mean, what would Seema have
done all alone?... Right, Seema?
Seema, will you quit modelling
after marriage?
Why should she quit? She will
continue modelling... Right, boss?
Yes, she will continue modelling.
Why should she quit?
The boss' word is final.
Discussion over!
- Why don't you eat something?
- No, there's too much oil in this.
Anyway, we have to
go for another party.
Nowadays, you have
to be figure conscious.
Have some. There's no oil in this.
Mrs. Sheela is right.
Anyway, beautiful women
should maintain their figures.
By the way, why don't you model?
Ask Siddarth.
Boss is very fond of models.
What's wrong, boss?
- I'll get some sweets.
- Yes. I'll give boss some water.
Have some water.
Excuse me, she's newly married.
I'll go and help her.
I'm here.
What's wrong, darling? We'll leave
as soon as they come.
Why don't you eat something?
Above that, you also said that
we have to go for another party.
You had said that we'd leave early!
Enough, Sheela! Stop it!
Now, don't fight with me!
I think, they are having a tiff.
Sheela, sit down! Listen to me!
Hey, you're leaving?
At least, have some sweets.
No, let it be. We'll leave.
I'll have it packed!
Darling, what about the gift
we had brought for them?
Oh yes! This is a wedding gift
for both of you on our behalf.
- What was the need for this?
- Yes, what was the need?
Of course, there was.
We too have a right.
- Yes, you do, boss.
- Let's leave?
What a lovely couple they make!
I'm very angry with you!
Why? What now?
It's so wrong. You started a
fight with me in front of them.
What must they be thinking?
That we don't get along.
No, it's nothing like that.
The things one has to do for a
livelihood! You too acted very well!
Hey, you're crying!
lf I have erred, then...
No! There is no need
for you to say sorry.
I am very upset with myself.
Who am I deceiving?
What will I gain?...
These lies? This pretense?
Why did I do all this?
Despite being a woman, I staged
a charade of being married!
It's so cheap!
I have stooped so low!
This was not my dream, Rahul.
Seema, why are you asking
yourself so many questions? Why?
Don't worry.
Everything will be okay.
Don't cry.
Shall I tell you something?
I have not been able to understand
many questions in my own life.
But I have realised one thing.
That you are a very nice girl.
And good people always get the best.
Spray this on the moon,
and even its spots will disappear!
Hey, where are you going?
Are you very busy?
No. I was going to keep this there.
Angry with your wife?
I had forgotten.
This is the first time that a girl
is not coming into my clutches.
You are making such a big ad film
and spending so extravagantly.
I say, why don't you take her
for an outdoor shooting?
She will be in front
of your eyes for 24 hours.
Sir, your work will be done.
All of us are going for an outdoor
shooting. Make preparations for it.
We are going to Switzerland
by tomorrow morning's flight.
But all this, so suddenly?
Yes. I spoke to the party just now.
Come on! There's very little
time and a lot of work!
I thought, it's a joyous occasion.
So why not celebrate in a good place?
Joyous occasion? What is it?
Darling, Advocate Shukla has
given my divorce papers to the Court.
I've told her.
It's a question of 3-4 months.
Then I will be free!
What's it?
It's too much, Johnny!
I don't know why I'm hiding
all this from Seema.
Have you really become serious,
in the course of pretending?
Look at how happy she is!
Can you give her all this?
Can you?
She does not want only love.
She wants the love of a rich man
like Mr. Siddarth, understand?
You don't know Mr. Siddarth.
You don't know why
Mr. Siddarth is taking her.
And even though you know, what
can you do? What can you do?!
Just think about your agency!
What is your status? You are a joker!
You can liven up the lives
of these affluent people.
But without them, you alone have
no value. Understand? No value!
- Hey, Johnny.
- Yes?
Mrs. Sheela is not coming with us
for the outdoor shooting, is she?
From where did
Mrs. Sheela enter the picture?
Look there.
Why won't Mrs. Sheela come?
If she is invited,
she will surely come.
But why will she be invited?
It's an outdoor shooting.
Yes, it is.
- The boss is alone.
- Yes, he is.
With him will be beautiful models!
Yes. Why will he invite her if
there are beautiful models with him?
- He won't.
- He won't!
- He's gone.
- Yes.
- Did he hear?
- He must have heard.
You were calling me a joker,
weren't you? Now watch!
If a joker can
liven people's lives,...
...then he can ruin lives too!
Ask him to give me
a room facing the sea.
There is no sea
in Switzerland, sir.
There isn't? Okay, but
you can at least try!
You straightaway refuse. No wonder,
all of you are so backward!
How far is Hollywood from here?
I'm not asking about Mumbai's
Film City, but about Hollywood.
Your room number is 503.
Listen, how far is
Hollywood from here?
It's next to your room.
- Next to my room?
- In fact, it's in your room.
They are in adjoining rooms.
- Who's it?
- Your admirer.
What does my admirer want
at this hour?
He wants to come inside
at this hour. Open this door.
No, not now. Certainly
not now at this hour.
Please open. I know that
you will open the door.
All right, I'll count
till five, okay?
One... Two...
Three... Four...
Oh? You are coming from
the main door? No problem!
Coming! I'm coming!
- You here?
- Saw how I caught you!
Caught? What have you caught?
What are you saying?
Aren't you happy to see me here?
Happy?... Yes, I am very happy.
This... This is for you.
Take it.
Now, quickly thank Bhushan.
Why Bhushan?
It was Bhushan's idea that I come
here and give you a surprise.
Oh, it was Bhushan's idea?
I take care of you, or Siddarth...
What are you saying? Go from here.
Darling, come in.
Your timing is superb!
We were at the office and
suddenly it was decided...
...that we have to
make a very big film.
We have to go outdoors to
Switzerland. But you were in Delhi.
So I could not inform you.
But it's very good that you came.
- It's a very beautiful place!
- It is, isn't it?
We should have come here
for our honeymoon.
Of course, we should have.
Oh, by the way, where is
the honeymoon couple?
- Which honeymoon couple?
- Rahul and Seema.
Rahul and Seema?...
Oh, our Rahul and Seema?
- They must be in their room.
- Let's go to their room.
Yes. Let's meet them.
No, just a minute.
You have come from such a
long journey. You look very tired.
- Two minutes.
- Okay.
Not there... What are you doing?
- I'm going to the bathroom.
- Darling, the bathroom's over there.
Rahul, save my skin!
Mind your leg!
Come on! Come on, Rahul!
Pick up the phone!
Hey, the phone is ringing.
Let it!
Why isn't he picking up the phone?
Hey, pick it up!
I'll pick it up.
Why are you shouting?
Yes, boss, indeed!
Why did you take so long?
- We were settling the accounts.
- Okay! Explain later. Sheela's here.
- Here, boss?
- Yes, here!
She wants to meet
Seema and you right now.
Come to Seema's room with
all your luggage. Immediately!
No, boss. The state we are in...
We can't come now. I...
I don't want to hear anything! Come
to Seema's room in the state you are.
Come on! Once you come out,
you don't get scared.
- What's it?
- Do I look okay?
Hi. I'm here.
You? And that too,
only in a towel?
I couldn't come wearing only
an underwear, could I?
That's also a point.
Don't you have any shame?
You're standing before me in a towel!
Go away!
I'm leaving. Here's the baggage.
- You've even brought the baggage!
- It's not mine, it's his.
- I'm leaving.
- No! Where are you going?
What's happening?
I'll call the manager.
Don't call the manager. We have
to manage everything now.
Mrs. Sheela is here and she
wants to meet us right away.
- What?
- Yes.
- This is the room.
- Hey, it's just next door!
Rahul's there! Come in, darling.
Hello, madam.
Amazing! You're still in bed?
Boss didn't schedule any shooting
since morning. So I... I mean,...
...we thought of making the most
of this opportunity. Right, darling?
I'm sorry, I cannot get up
and welcome you. I mean...
Why? What's wrong?
I'm naked.
Have you worn anything? No?
That's okay.
No problem, we'll meet later...
Let's go?
I have some urgent work
with you. Come immediately.
Yes, I will. Carry on.
I'm sorry, I can't get up and
welcome you. I mean, I'm naked.
Yes, I am.
Stupid! Couldn't you
have said something else?
What could I say? I said
whatever I thought of then!
Get out of the bed! I say get out!
Why have you worn my nightie?
You kept shouting, I was shameless
and should change. So, here I am!
By the way, how do I look in this?
- Absolutely stupid!
- Then should I remove it?
We need such a location...
...from where we can get
a beautiful view from any angle.
What a beauty! What a figure!
Would you work for an
advertising film with me?
- Me?
- She is our madam!
So, when did I say that she
is my wife?... What a figure!
Will you come to India with me?
Sir, she's Mr. Siddarth's wife.
- Who is he?
- He is Madhav Advani.
He's the director of our company.
- That, you do look!
- No, he is!
I apologise on his behalf.
Looking at you, he...
I remembered my mummy.
In her youth, she used to also wear
a swimming costume like this and swim.
Let's go.
The audio of the TV too is spoilt!
Neither the hero nor the heroine are
talking. I'll speak for both of them.
Hello, Rita. How are you?
Raju, I have become
a fish in your love.
No, don't become a fish.
I cannot swim.
But I have already become
a fish. Please learn to swim.
Rahul... Girls don't
say such dialogues.
Really? How else do they speak?
If you know, then go ahead.
- I'll say it better than you.
- Let's see.
I'll say the boy's dialogue,
you, the girl's. Speak.
I've been waiting
for you since Friday.
What do I do?
My clock stopped working.
One should learn to
make excuses from you!
I'm not making excuses. I want the
evening to come to a standstill.
The time to cease existing.
- What are you doing?
- Come on.
Where will we get
such a chance again?
Enough now, darling.
No, just a little more.
It's such great fun!
Yes, it is fun but...
Look, if both of us are enjoying...
- What's happening inside?
- They are married.
One moment, I'll go inside.
Hey, they have come for their
honeymoon. What are you doing?
They have come for a honeymoon!
What about the shooting then?
- Shooting will go on!
- Hey, it's at 7 in the morning!
- Don't do all this now!
- If it's happening...
...then don't control
yourself. Go on.
Go on.
Go on, indeed! I'll...
Listen, you can hear
their voices in here!
Even I can hear! I am not deaf!
Now what?
Your intoxicating eyes, your pointed
nose, luscious lips, your long neck...
Something's happening to me,
listening to them.
A lot is happening to me!
Really?... Really?
After many days, something's
happening to you today. Sit down.
Place your feet up.
- Don't go anywhere.
- Okay.
I'll be back soon... close your eyes!
Don't change your mood.
It was fun, right?
- Seema, are you all right?
- Yes.
What was happening?
Nothing. We were watching TV.
Were you watching TV?
- Then watch.
- Okay, boss.
Strange man! First, he was worried
due to his wife, now due to the TV!
Don't know!!... Do you know
anything or not?!
You want proof, right?
Do not go out with Siddarth today.
He will not give up his habit
and we will catch him red-handed.
- What are you saying, Bhushan?
- Siddarth's involved with the models.
- But...
- After all, I am your relative.
- Your elder brother.
- But...
I know. I know it all.
What do you know?
Do you ever know anything?
Look at your face!
I won't be able to
come out with you today.
- Why?
- I am not feeling too well.
- What's wrong?
- Her head is aching.
- Head is aching?
- She has fever too.
You have fever too? Can I do
anything for you? Fetch a doctor?
Okay. I had to wind up
a meeting today.
Today, you...
Are you going out somewhere?
Yes. Siddarth suddenly phoned me.
We are going sightseeing.
It's a very nice city.
Mr. Siddarth must be coming?
In a while.
- I'll leave.
- Where?
- I have to make a phone call.
- To whom, Rahul?
- I have to phone my mother.
- Phone later. Sit.
Talk to me.
I am missing my mother a lot.
- How are you?
- I'm fine. Who are you?
I am Yakub... Yu.. Yunus... Yusuf...
I'm Aapus Aamwala. I have a
flourishing business of mangoes.
I want you to make a good ad film.
A film which a layman will watch
and then buy my mangoes,...
...thereby resulting in my income
being more than the common man!
I can understand
everything you say...
...but right now,
I have to meet somebody else.
- Meet somebody else?
- Yes.
Okay. Then I'll phone Mr. Bhushan.
No, sir. I'm ready to meet you
right away. Tell me where.
In front of Park Hotel
within 20 minutes.
But how will I identify you?
There will be two mangoes
in my hands.
And how will you recognise me?
You will also have two mangoes
in your hands, obviously!
I'll be there in a jiffy.
From where will I get
mangoes in Switzerland?
I have to do this, boss.
I have to save an Indian girl
in a foreign land!
It's the question of
the country's honour!
A fair, chic maiden.
One minute.
- I want to ask you a question.
- Yes?
Could you tell me where
I can get mangoes now?
Mangoes?... Where will you
get mangoes from now?
On the tree.
- What did you say?
- Tree.
On the tree!
Where else do mangoes grow?
The boss has gone to
buy mangoes. Let me do my job!
- What happened?
- Nothing.
- Siddarth is not coming.
- So what's new? His work is such.
But don't spoil your mood.
I'll take you around the city today.
Don't try to appease me.
I won't bore you.
I can see you get angry
or shout at me.
But I cannot see you
sad like this.
Will you take me?
I will take you out today.
I am a nice man, my intentions are
noble and the weather is first class.
- Shall we?
- Yes, let's go.
- Aren't you coming?
- No, I'll stay down for a while.
- Your coat.
- Keep it with the rest of my clothes.
Okay. Keep this... on my behalf.
Are you back after roaming out with
your wife or the boss' girlfriend?
- Look, sir,...
- I've seen, heard...
...and understood it all.
You are exceeding your
limits slightly, sir.
How much are you paid
for speaking this lie?
I'll pay you more than that
if you speak the truth... Mr. Arvind about his
son-in-law's involvement with Seema.
I'll make you rich.
- Who do you think I am?
- A broker.
Brokerage is what you want.
Be it money or the agency.
Be it Siddarth who gives it or me.
We will share everything.
I'll see you!
That's it. Stop here.
I'll manage.
Hey, Rahul.
You're forgetting your tie here.
There is somebody's wedding going
on. Let's have an ice-cream for free.
Will you have an ice-cream
for free? You are crazy!
Carry on. I won't come.
What's wrong?
Seema, come out. You cannot go now.
This is a function
celebrating our marriage.
- What!
- Yes, look. My mother is there.
So is Bhushan.
You mean, we have to stage
this charade once more?
- Yes, we'll have to. Come on.
- No, Rahul, I won't come.
- Please, Seema.
- Don't be silly. I...
This is not the time to argue.
- My mother.
- Welcome, dear.
- Congratulations!
- Thank you.
Don't say a word.
So, she is my daughter-in-law?
She's so beautiful.
An angel has come into our house.
You fool, you didn't even tell me!
- But...
- Fortunately, you told me everything.
Come in, dear.
I'll ward off evil eyes.
And yes! Nobody will leave the
place today without having food, okay?
- My job's done!
- No, sir! Have food and leave.
Anyway, charity is given at our
house during such joyous occasions.
Give away charity
for your well-being!
I'll teach you such a lesson
which you will remember for life!
Come. You may have been coming
to this house many times before.
But you have actually
entered this home today.
May all your misfortunes
become mine. Come.
What was the need to
do all this? Look,...
No, son. Don't try to stop me today.
You don't realise
how happy you have made me.
I am the groom's mother.
Enough, Rahul! Enough!
I am tired! Come what may, I will
not stage this pretense anymore!
Wait until my mother gets operated.
After that, I'll...
I'll find some other way.
Doing this repeatedly,
I feel...
Strange, right? I know that.
Yet, you wilI have
to stage this charade.
Didn't you see, my mother was
unable to control herself?
Didn't you see the
immense joy in her eyes?
And I cannot bear to see
my mother shed tears.
If anyone,... anyone even
tries to hurt her,...
...then I will not spare him!
Say yes.
Please don't compel me
to become a beast! Say yes!
Seema, in this world,...
...I have nobody else
other than my mother.
Please do not shatter
this illusion of hers.
I implore you!
Forgive me. Please do
not cry, Rahul.
Please sit.
Actually, I never thought about you.
What do I do? It may be because
I have never got a mother's love.
You are the only person
whom I can call my friend.
And I hurt you!
Now, I'll do exactly
what you ask me to.
Forgive me at least now.
Tell me...
Should I call her mother or mummy?
Here, this is your 'mangalsutra'.
What's the matter?
Did he say something?
No, I...
You look so lovely!
The weariness of my life
has disappeared looking at you.
You haven't had anything. Eat little.
I'm not hungry. Let's leave?
- Can I eat an apple?
- Yes.
- But wash it first.
- I had washed my face in the morning.
Let's go before mother comes.
She'll ask questions again
for which we'll have no answers.
She will. But don't worry. There's
yet time for her prayers to end.
Eat this sweet dish. Mother's
prepared it very well. Have some.
Eat the apple on the way.
Let's go, please. Just a minute.
Tell mother bye.
Let's go. Give me the coat.
Hey, wait. Where are you going?
Wow, Rahul! Now that your wife's
here, you've forgotten your mother!
Which wife?... I'm joking.
- What's this?
- My diary. Give it to me.
- I know that. What's written?
- Only a couple of phone numbers.
No! You've written the
expenses spent on your wife.
Rs. 5 for juice, Rs. 20 for
breakfast, Rs. 100 for a gift...
What a shame!...
Over that, a commission!
What's this commission?
He is very stingy. He writes
the account for anything that I eat.
You are a spendthrift!
Mother, she spends a lot of money!
Okay, do not fight.
Come home soon. Do you
remember what I had told you?
You're forgetting something.
- Can I take back this diary?
- No, let it be with me. Go!
- Will you have something to drink?
- No.
- Some soft drink?
- No.
Damn! What's wrong
with you, Seema?
And why are you
wearing a 'mangalsutra'?
I know that we had staged
this charade once to deceive Sheela.
The charade is over!
Remove it!
But Rahul has helped us all along.
Now, when he's in trouble,...
Just a minute!
Rahul did not help us. He did
everything only for his benefit.
He has struck a deal with himself,
whose price he will get!
Siddarth, do you set
a price for every man?
Even me?
Your way of thinking has changed
staying with them for just two days!
What are you thinking of now?
RahuI must be waiting
for me at the bus stop.
RahuI must be waiting at
the bus stop! Let him wait forever!
He will get his overtime!
You must have never had
such food before in Mumbai!
I am fasting today.
Since when did you start
believing in all this, huh?
The question is not of me believing
it or not, but of mother's devotion.
What! Mother's devotion?
To hell with mother's devotion!
Seema, you are getting confused
between reality and lies!
Forget Rahul, mother,
that house, the 'mangalsutra'!
All these are lies!
I am the only truth!
Siddarth, you always think only
about yourself, not about others.
You are very selfish!
Where are you going?
- Seema, where are you going?
- Let me go! Please!
- You can't leave me and go anywhere!
- Siddarth, do not be stubborn!
Seema, listen to me!
I'm so sorry,
I got late. Let's go.
One minute! Is this any time to
return? You are also too much, Seema!
- What could I do...
- You should have thought of mother!
She'll think that my wife
stays out till 9 in the night!
I was going to leave but...
Yes, but what to do? The service
at these 5 star hotels are so slow!
It does take time!
What would you have lost
if you hadn't gone out for a day?
Anyway, it's matter of a few days.
Perhaps, you have begun to think
that you are doing me a favour.
Sometimes, learn to
think of others too!
Actually, you have become blind...
blind in love!
Stop it, Rahul!
I too had some problems! Siddarth...
Yes Siddarth!
I don't want to argue with you now!
Why have you made such a long face?
Will you go like this before mother?
Bear one thing in mind!
My mother should feel that
we had gone out together!
And we are very happy
with each other!
Why are you wasting
more time now? Come on!
Rahul, leave my hand!
It hurts.
You are here? I've been
waiting for you since long.
Why did you get so late?
- There was some work at office.
- I see.
What's this? Even you
haven't yet eaten?
How could I have eaten alone
without you and my daughter-in-law?
Why are you standing there?
Come here.
Forget about my wife. She must have
eaten something at a 5 star hotel.
She's a model. Your daughter-in-law
is no ordinary girl. Let's eat.
No, my daughter-in-law
cannot break her fast.
Fast? For what?
Fool, do you know,
it's 'Karvachauth' today!
Take this and do the rituals.
I'll be back soon.
Have you really not eaten today?
Let's complete the rituals.
Why are you looking at me like this?
Please, Seema, I...
It's so strange!
We worship the moon which
is miles away from us.
But the one that's so close... near...
...isn't even recognised.
Seema, I...
Will you forgive me?
Hey! What's been happening?
Are the prayers over?
Then let's eat. You must
also be hungry. Come on.
- I'll get it.
- No! I'll get it. Seema, you eat.
Hey, what's wrong? Why do
you look so worried?
Are you hiding something from me?
You are happy with
my Rahul, aren't you?
My son is a little crazy.
What to do? He has become a bit
irritable, keeping pace with life.
But watch, someday, my Rahul is
going to become very successful.
He has a boss - Mr. Siddarth.
He has taken my Rahul
under his patronage.
He says that they
will open a huge agency.
Look there! That's the
model of Rahul's company.
Rahul watches it day and night.
Don't cry.
RahuI will surely become successful.
His dream will surely be realised.
Do you know, good people
always get the best?
Rahul! Come out!
- What's happening?
- What, boss?
What's going on
between Seema and you?
- Talk softly. My mother will hear.
- So what! Call her!
She should also know what's
happening in this house!
Rahul, what's happening?
Mr. Siddarth, you? Has my Rahul
done anything wrong?
No, mother. Go in.
There's nothing wrong.
Nothing's wrong? I'll tell her!
Your son and this girl
are deceiving you.
- Do not interfere!
- Don't do this!
Do not interfere!... She is
not your daughter-in-law.
The vermilion on her head, this
'mangalsutra',... everything's a farce!
They had staged this pretense at
my behest. You are being made a fool.
Mother, please go inside. Go in!
Come here!
What's wrong?
- Are you okay, mother?
- Don't call me that! Go away!
- What's the matter?
- Be quiet!
- Listen to me.
- Do not touch me!
I say, get out! Go away!
What's wrong, Siddarth?
You look worried.
I cannot understand
why I tolerate you!
Because we are related. And we
have the same objective too.
The wealth of this family.
Why don't we unite?
Suppose I refuse, then?
You'll stand to lose because Rahul
has really fallen in love with Seema.
Love should exist between
a married couple, right?
But if Seema also
reciprocates Rahul's...
Hands off.
I too can raise my hand.
But I have come to extend
a hand of friendship.
It's your wish.
If you don't act soon,
then Rahul will take Seema away.
I am saying this
because I am your relative.
Rahul and Seema...
Where were you? I've been looking
out for you since long.
- Is the work done?
- I've added this to Seema's drink.
Keep it in.
In a short while,
she will fall in your arms.
She has tormented me
a great deal. Where is she?
Behind, in the hall.
- Don't talk to us.
- We are depressed.
What's happening? Show me
what you're drinking.
Something is fishy. Who gave
it to you?... Did you?
- I am very depressed.
- Precisely why I'm asking you.
Don't drink that! And don't move
from here. I'll go and fetch Rahul.
- Can I move?
- You are totally shaken, sir.
Yet don't move.
Sad statue!
What's the matter with you?
We are statues - sad statues.
Sad statues? What childishness
is this!
Come on, Seema. I want
to show you something.
I will not move until Rahul comes.
I will not move until Rahul comes.
RahuI will not come. I know that.
- He won't come?
- No. He's gone elsewhere. Come.
You're looking for Seema, right?
No secret of yours is hidden from me.
Seema is not in the party right now.
I know where Seema is.
What does the moon mean to us?
Why does it stay up
the whole night for us?
By the way, what do you mean to me?
I don't know.
Drink this. Let me help you.
- Drink.
- No, you drink.
- You drink, it's good for you.
- You drink.
- Seema, drink.
- No, you drink...
Are you hurt?
No, I'm not. First, you hit
and then ask if I am hurt!
The other day, you hit my lip.
Today, it's my eye. What is all this!
I didn't do it intentionally.
Just turn for a minute.
For what! Don't do anything now!
Are you hurt here?... Just a minute.
Relax... No.
Is it okay now?
Do it again.
Go on.
First close your eyes.
- What's wrong?
- Nothing.
Let's go?
There they are.
Wait. Don't spoil the game.
Perhaps, you are right, Bhushan.
So, are we partners from today?
You will get what you want.
And I will acquire what I want!
This tale will end tomorrow!
Do you see this office?
How is it?
It's quite big.
Whose office is it, boss?
It is your office.
- My office, boss?
- Yes.
And this is your cabin.
How do you feel here?
Very good.
This was your dream, wasn't it?
The biggest surprise
is going to come now.
It's such an auspicious day today.
Each one has got what he wanted.
Rahul has got the office,
and Seema and I have got each other.
If Seema and I are together today,
then it's only because of you.
So, both of us have decided
to give you this office.
I am sure that you will be
very pleased to receive...
...the keys of your
new office from Seema's hands.
But Seema will be more pleased to
give them to you. Right, Seema?
Hey, why are you staring
at each other? Hurry.
Seema, give Rahul the keys.
...Rahul, take them.
Take the keys.
Now we ought to leave Rahul
alone with his happiness.
Let's go.
- I don't want this office.
- What! What are you saying!
Hey, sit glued to this chair!
No! This is only a bribe.
For what?
It's a price for not letting Seema
know the truth about Mr. Siddarth.
- I am going!
- Where to?
I am going to tell Seema
about Mr. Siddarth's intentions.
- Listen!
- I'm going!
Listen! Do you know
if Seema loves you or not?
But at least, I love her.
This hero has made everyone a zero!
It looks like I will have to
manage the climax of this story.
Hey, hero, do you want to die?
- I'll go.
- But I called out first.
But I sat first.
- Hey, who is standing?
- He is.
- Who is sitting?
- He is.
Okay. The one seated, will remain so.
And the one standing will
continue to stand! Good-day!
Sorry. Maybe, next time.
I'm in a hurry.
Let's go.
- Which place is this?
- Come on!
This is a place where I bring
only my special friends.
Just a minute.
I'll come in the front.
I'll get very late. It's a matter
concerning the heart. Please hurry.
Heart? Is that the
name of some vegetable?
No, it's a matter concerning love.
I have to reach my girlfriend soon.
- Love?
- Yes.
Then watch how fast I move!
Seema, what will you drink?
- I won't take anything.
- I will tell you.
We will drink champagne today.
To celebrate the occasion
of Rahul getting his office.
I'll get the champagne.
I want to talk to you. Should I
come in or will you come out?
One minute. I'll come.
- It's good you came.
- I never thought you...
Come with me.
Siddarth, if you try to deceive me,
then I shall destroy you!
How can I deceive you? I know that
you have learnt everything about me.
You were thinking about me, right?
Here I am!
Rahul, do you know...
- To hell with Rahul!
- Listen to me, Bhushan.
I don't want to listen to anything.
Siddarth, what had we agreed to?
That we are partners.
And the basis of the partnership
was that you'd give me the office.
Then how can you give
that office to Rahul?
How often have I told you
that giving the keys to Rahul...
...does not make the office his?
It is only yours.
All this was done to silence him.
Let him play with the keys.
We can take back the keys
just the way we gave it to him.
Seema! Where are you going?
I have heard it all. I never
thought that you could stoop so low!
No! Wait, Seema!
You are snatching Rahul's
office from him?
Do you know what it means to him?
It is his life!
Let me go!
Only I can fulfil all
your dreams and desires.
I do not want these dreams!
I'm going to tell Rahul everything.
Which Rahul are you talking about?!
The one who took the keys in a jiffy
and didn't even think about you!
If he loved you even a little, he
would have never accepted the office!
I do not know if he loves me or not.
But I have begun to love him.
What did you say!
Yes, I love Rahul, and I am leaving!
It's good that you have
realised my true colours!
Anyway, I am tired of staging
this charade of being decent!
Come with me!
Come on! Enough of being decent!
What will you do now?
Will you scream, huh?... Go ahead!
There's nobody to hear
your voice here. Nobody!
And if you think that some hero
is going to break through the glass... save you, then forget it!
Bhushan, you? Why have
you come here? Why?
- He pushed me.
- Who?
He did.
I did.
I came to say that
this man is cheating you.
- He certainly won't marry you.
- I too wanted to tell you...
...that he's cheating you.
He won't give you the office.
- Rahul, get out!
- Please don't go!
Be quiet!
- Stop ordering!
- Rahul, I shall sack you!
You cannot sack me. I myself do not
accept you as my boss anymore!
- What did you say!
- Leave my hand!
Rahul, I will not spare you!
Hey, Bhushan,
I am Siddarth Chowdhry!
- Why did you come here?
- Why didn't you stop me?
- My scooter gave way.
- It always does!
But why did you give me the keys?
You should have told Siddarth that... don't like him
and won't give me the keys!
Don't shout!
But you wanted the office.
You wanted to become a big shot.
I wanted to make it big,
but you didn't, right?
Just come there.
Seema, you had once said that
two weak people... what had you said?
- ...cannot make a successful life.
- Then?
But I had also said that
you can please any girl.
But you should have told me
that you meant yourself.
You only remember my mistakes.
Remember, I had kept a fast
for you during 'Karvachauth'.
I remained hungry the whole day.
You kept a fast! But don't forget
I had sung a song for you abroad!
- Both of you even sang a song?
- Yes, we did.
- What was I doing then?
- You were selling mangoes.
I was selling mangoes?
- You aren't hurt, are you?
- Yes, I am.
You sang such a long song. But
couldn't you say that you love me?
Even you could have
said that you love me.
Yes, I could have but
you should say it first.
Why should I say it first?
You say.
I... You say first!
- You say first.
- Look,...
- You say first.
- Let's say it together?
Close your eyes.
What's it?
But just think, Rahul.
When your traditional and orthodox
mother learns that...
...this girl, at my behest,
at the behest of a married man...
...staged a charade
of being married to you,...
then will she accept her?
Never! Why are you quiet?
Answer me.
I will answer.
I have brought her here.
I knew this question would arise.
Mother, I... I was going to tell
you that Seema and I...
Look at me.
There is no need to feel ashamed.
If my son, dreaming to make it big,
can get misled by wrong people,...
...then why can't you?
Why this discrimination?
Only because you are a girl?
It isn't your fault at all.
The fault lies with people
like him who should be punished.
Being a woman and a mother,
I accept you as my daughter-in-law.
Let's go.
The office is mine! It is mine!!
No problem. Let's go?
Seema, remember the Mercedes,
the constable, the kerchief?
No. I only remember your scooter,
the diary...
...and the flowers
worth Rs.200.
But watch, someday, I will
bring you a Mercedes like this.
With my hard earned money
Good people always get the best.