Yes Day (2021) Movie Script

Some people gravitate towards no.
Some people naturally lean towards yes.
I said yes to everything.
I'm up! Yes!
Come on! Hop on!
Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!
- Allison?
- And when I met Carlos...
- You're Allison?
- Yes.
I think I got your coffee.
I took a sip. You mind? was like finding a partner in yes.
- Arepa pabelln.
- Arepa pari.
- Pabelln. Yeah.
- Pabelln. Yeah.
Hey, should we play hooky
and go to the beach?
Yes! I'm ready.
- You think? Yeah.
- Yeah.
Do you wanna meet my parents?
Oh, yeah, I wanna meet your parents.
Wanna go rock climbing?
I'm coming! Carlos!Carlos!
I'm coming. Come here. Come. Come.
Yes was like
the theme of our relationship.
- Allison, do you take Carlos...
- Yes! Yes!Yes!
- Carlos, do you take...
- Yes! Yes!Yes!Yes!
And although having kids is
the best thing that's ever happened to us... became the new yes.
Oh, no, no, no.
- Four, three, two, one.
- No, no, no, no. No, no, no, no.
But no is part of the job.
No is the light.
- No is the answer.
- Hey! No! No, no, no!
Come on! Layla's parents let her!
No, no, no, no, no. Ah-ah-ah. No.
Okay, guys, screen time's over.
- Wait, no, no. Wait. Five more minutes.
- Nope.
Hey! Mom! Mom, Mom. Mom,Mom!
Saying no 50 times an hour?
No! Absolutely not!
Nope on a rope!
Uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh. Uh-uh.
Katie, you're kidding me.
You've done half of your homework.
No way, no how, not by a long shot,
under no circumstances,
not in a million years, no!
It's called parenting.
Hey, Cheryl, how's it going? Good morning.
Hey, listen, I have a quick question.
Um, I have a job interview this afternoon.
I was wondering if you could take Ellie
for a couple of hours after school?
What about the Girl Scouts?
Okay, put us down
for three boxes of Samoas.
Tagalongs? Who likes Tagalongs?
Okay, put me down. Ten boxes.
Cheryl Nelson is shaking me down.
Yep, I'll... I'll wait.
Mom? Fleekfest? Dad said
he's okay with me going if you are.
Oh, he did?
Wait, you're going to a freak fest?
You can finally be with your people.
It's called Fleekfest.
It's a music festival. It's cool.
I guess if you think it's cool,
I'm sure it's super cool.
- Did you hear what I asked?
- Yeah, you're 14.
You can't go without a parent.
Hi. You can? I'll put a blue note and
the check in her backpack. Thank you.
Nobody wants to go
to a music festival with their parent.
Dad, please help! Mom.
What... What? She said no?
If your mother says no, it's no, sweetie.
Really? Don't you mean if we say no?
Guys? Watch this.
I think I put the right amount
of baking soda in this time.
Get ready for a waffle volcano
in three, two...
Must've mixed the catalyst wrong.
You'll get it next time.
Can I sign your math homework?
Duh. Yeah, you can sign all my homework,
except for math. Whoops.
- You told me you finished everything.
- Hey, don't worry.
I get by on my charm.
Honey, I'm gonna stop by the gym
after work, okay?
I need to keep sculpting the Carlos.
- Tonight? You're stopping by the gym?
- Yeah. Tonight.
- Really? Tonight?
- Tonight.
Oh. Tonight? No, no, not tonight.
No, tonight is, um, is our...
- Your... The kids'... Uh...
- Come on.
- Anniver... Birthday? Soccer?
- Really? Come on. You can do it.
- Parent-teacher night, Daddy.
- Ah. That one. Yeah.
I don't understand how you can
open this refrigerator ten times a day
and not see this beautiful calendar.
Eh, because it's gotten
a little over-complicated.
- It hurts my eyes.
- Growing up, things were simple.
You wake up, go to school or work,
and then you have to...
I know how to twerk.
- Does she mean twerk twerk?
- "To work," not "twerk." Is she twerking?
She totally is.
- No!
- Not side to side, Ellie. Up and down.
- Let me show you.
- Katie. No.
- Do you want me to...
- No!
Really loosen your hips.
Nobody's loosening their hips. Child!
Really pop it, Ellie.
Carlos, help me out!
Yo. You gotta shake your body.
Come on. Pop it, Ellie!
Nobody's popping it! We are late!
Let's go!Let's go!Let's go!
The catalyst!
I mean, I'm so sorry.
You can put on your music if you want,
Daddy. I don't mind.
- Really, honey?
- Yup.
Okay. Thank you.
d Oh, I'm a gummy bear
Yes, I'm a gummy bear d
d Oh, I'm a yummy, tummy, funny
Lucky gummy bear d
d Oh yeah, gummy, gummy
Gummy, gummy, gummy bear d
d Gummy, gummy, gummy, gummy, gummy bear d
So, what'd she say?
Bad news, Lay.
Mom gave a thumbs-down to Fleekfest.
But your mom's so smart
and cool and gorgeous.
I know.
Sometimes I'm like, "Is she my mom,
or is she a runway model?"
If I'm so great, you won't mind me
coming with you, then you can go.
Yeah, no, thanks.
Never mind.
I don't get it. I took you two
to Taylor Swift a couple of years ago.
We had a blast.
I was 12 then. I was a little tween.
Dad said I could go. He believes in me.
He knows I can handle myself.
Your dad just wants to be the good guy
because he knows that I will say no.
And I do believe in you.
It's just that
concerts like Fleekfest bring out
a whole world of people
you have not been exposed to yet.
And it's not gonna happen
without a parent.
Well, when will I be able
to go to concerts alone?
Never. You will always have to go
to concerts with me your whole life.
- Even when I'm your age?
- Especially when you're my age.
You will love it because you love me.
Four more years.
Four more years.Four more years.
d Baby I need your loving d
d I got to have all your loving d
Mom, no.
- My ears are bleeding.
- Mom!
What is it with you and this song?
Because you love this song.
- I sang it when you were a baby.
- I'm not a baby.
d You want it all d
d But you can't have it d
d Yeah, yeah, yeah d
d It's in your face d
d But you can't grab it d
d What is it? d
d It's it d
What is it?
d It's it d
What is it?
Okay, I better... I better turn it down
for the school drop-off.
I don't wanna go to school today.
I don't wanna drop you off, but I have to.
You have to go to school,
and I have to go to work.
- No.
- Yes.
- No.
- Yes.
- No.
- Yes.
- No.
- Yes.
- No.
- Yes.
No drones inside, for the 50th time!
Sorry, Mom.
Hey, Mr. Torres.
I... I promise this never happens.
Look. Hey, I fixed it.
It's working. I fixed...
Guys. Guys, it's too loud.
Guys! Joan?
Guys! Guys!
It's still way too loud.
But the ads are going to say
these speakers will melt your brains.
- That wouldn't hold up with a waiver.
- Fine.
My job is to keep us from getting sued.
Bring the decibel level down.
Also, you're not supposed
to bring food in a testing area.
I have to ask you
to throw theMcGriddle away.
Joan? Both of you.
Mine's finished.
Look, I hate saying no, but it's my job.
- Mrs. Torres? Hi.
- Hi.
You were VP of marketing at Kulger Food?
For a long time. I loved that job,
but then I had kids,
and for a while, it was just too much.
I bet you're better at multitasking.
I never stopped working.
I just stopped getting paid for it.
I get it. I mean, I'm a mom too.
Yeah. Of course you are.
I mean, call me crazy,
but this feels so nice.
What do you think?
Listen, I would love to hire you
for something. I would, but...
- Oh, I'm so glad.
- Allison, this is an entry-level position.
I mean, I'm looking
for some entitled millennial
who I'd keep here until 10:00 every night.
Every night.
Who I could watch cry
while eating a gluten-free burrito
and hashtags,
"Hurt feelings. This job is so unfair."
I wouldn't want to do that to you.
I like you too much.
I like you too.
- I'm sorry about the job, honey.
- Oh, it's fine.
I don't know that I'm still passionate
about marketing anyway.
Not enough to cry
into my gluten-free burrito.
Hey. If I'm gonna go back to work,
I need to make sure
our kids are okay without me first.
Hi, Mr. and Mrs. Torres.
- Please, take a seat.
- Thank you. We're getting two for one.
I guess we'll be home early.
Is this about Nando's grades?
Because we are working on focus...
Uh, it's not about Nando's grades,
although, uh, they're not great.
Oh. Getting better.
We wanted to meet with you together
because, uh, we've noticed a common theme
in Katie and Nando's schoolwork.
What's the common theme?
Well, here's a haiku
Katie wrote in my English class.
"A caged bird am I.
My mother, my sweet captor.
Mother, let mefly."
"Mother, my sweet captor.
- Mother, let me fly."
- Five, seven, five. She nailed it. Haiku.
I didn't think much of it at first,
until Mr. Chan told me about a video
that Nando made for his history class.
He made a video? That's pretty cool.
Let's just have a look at the video.
The following program
is intended for mature audiences only.
It contains violence,
adult language, and nudity.
Viewer discretion is advised.
Don't worry. There's no nudity.
Oh, okay.
Stalin, Mussolini,
and Mom.
My mother might not have
had anyone tortured or killed...
Not yet.
...but in our house,
she's no less of a dictator.
So now I'm a dictator.
I'm not asking twice, Nando.
You will do what I say, when I say it.
I'm your mother. I don't need a reason.
I don't, so...
Her goal, maximum oppression.
You're not going
till you finish your homework.
I mean, that's parenting.
Stop. It's like 1984 in this house.
Big Mother is always watching.
I like that nickname. It's tough.
Why can't Miss Hoffling
ever assign a happy book?
Okay. They are depressing.
Have you ever read Little Women?
She gets scarlet fever.
- The Little Prince?
- He has no family.
Harry Potter's an orphan.
There are no happy books.
Don't walk away from me.
Where are you going?
Oh, come on, honey. You can make
anyone look bad with editing.
- You make me look bad.
- Me? Why me?
Because you get to be
the fun dad everybody loves,
and I am stuck being the bad cop.
You didn't see the dad
as the villain in that video, did you?
It'll probably get uploaded to YouTube.
Then I'll just be the viral psycho mom.
How'd you get to be the fun one?
I was the fun one.
Look, Ally,
I am the bad guy all day at work.
Every time I walk into that office,
people stop laughing and leave the room,
but when I come home, the kids,
they actually smile when they see me.
Yeah. Well, it's not fair.
I hear myself with the kids, and
I think I wouldn't even hang out with me.
I'm so sorry. I have a suggestion.
Sorry, I didn't mean to frighten you.
I was just eavesdropping or spying.
There are so many parents out there,
and I come in here to hide,
and then I got really hungry,
so I made a huge thing of tots.
Would you guys care for a tot?
Do you want a tot? A hot tot?
Come here. Have a hot tot.
Have a tot.They're perfectly lukewarm.
Who are you?
It's Mr. Deacon.
Katie and Nando's guidance counselor.
Yes, but thanks to budget cuts,
I'm also the PE teacher/football coach.
Go, Cougars!Shoot the layup
for the touchdown.
I don't know anything about sports.
No, I was a science major.
I specialized inthe gastrointestinal
behavior of field mice.
But I do know
a thing or two about parenting,
both professionally and personally.
I have six beautiful kids at home.
Timmy, Tommy, Tonya,
Tanya, Tyson, and Doug.
How come you look like
you're just back from Tahiti?
You want to know what my secret is?
I give my kids Yes Days.
Yes Days? What's a Yes Day?
You pick a day
in the not-too-distant future,
and for 24 hours, you say yes
to everything that your kids want.
- Really?
- Yeah.
- Are you serious?
- What, you say yes to everything?
Well, you set some ground rules.
They can't ask for
something in the future,
and they can't kill anybody,obvi.
I know it sounds crazy,
but it is a true game changer.
They liberate kids
and give them a rare sense of autonomy,
and it sets the parents free too.
Yeah, Mr. Coach Deacon,
I would love to just
take a day off from being a mom
and let my kids do whatever they want,
but I'd also love to find
a rainbow unicorn and fly it to the moon.
Then I think you'd want a pegasus.
More of a pegacorn.
The point is, you don't know our kids.
Oh, these tots have turned.
If we tried what you're proposing,
it... it would be apocalyptic.
You're right. I don't know your kids.
I don't know everything,
I will say this.
You should say yes to a Yes Day.
Ooh! Meatloaf!
"Kids who are given Yes Days
consume less sugar,"
not really,
"and spend less time on the Internet."
It doesn't make sense.
You're not falling for this?
Everything happens for a reason.
Maybe there's a reason
that guy showed up with those tater tots.
Maybe by being a little less serious,
we can make things better.
I mean, you said it yourself.
We've been tryingto do it the right way.
Maybe it's time to try something new.
So? Tired of hearing how great I am?
You want to give
Steven Spielberg here a Yes Day?
What's a Yes Day?
This new thing where parents agree
to say yes to everything
their kids ask for for 24 hours.
- Radical!
- How am I just hearing about this?
Well, don't get too excited.
Mom probably won't let us have one anyway.
Well, what does that mean? Why wouldn't I?
Yes Days are, like, fun.
And you're, like, a fun killer.
- Oh.
- Come on, Katie, your mom is plenty fun.
She is fun.
I have had a very long day,
and I'm gonna go to bed.
- So, good night.
- No, we...
We still need to...
- It's okay.
- Honey? Tell your mom she's fun.
- Nando?
- You told us never to lie.
Yeah, Daddy.
Hey, guys.
Of course you think your mom can't be fun.
You don't even know me.
I invented fun. I... I used to be
the funnest person I knew.
What happened?
What happened was I had three babies
that had to be kept safe and alive.
It was a lot of pressure,
but that's not the point.
The point is, I can be fun again.
Mom, really? There's no way.
I'll have a Yes Day.
We will have a super time.
Just you watch and see.
Mama can haiku too.
Sorry, but you couldn't make it through
a Yes Morning, let alone a Yes Day.
Would you like to have
a little wager on that?
Know what? I'd love to.
Hm. How about this?
If you say no one time,
I get to go to Fleekfest with Layla.
No adults, no parents.
Just us young, underage, vulnerable girls.
Wait, honey. Are you sure?
I'll take your wager, missy,
because I know that I won't say no.
And when you lose, and you will lose,
I am so fun that
you will still get to go to your concert.
- Really?
- Absolutely.
With me.
I'll sit next to you,
and we'll hold hands.
We'll put our hands in the air
like we just don't care.
I want in on this.
Me too.
Let's do this.
There are ground rules, though.
The Yes Day has to be earned.
Do your chores.
Finish your homework.
You can do better.
You can't ask to do anything
dangerous or illegal, obviously.
- What are you guys up to over there?
- Don't worry. It's totally safe.
You'll each have a budget,
and you can't ask to travel
more than 20 miles from home.
So this rules out Magic Mountain,
Japan, and all space tourism.
Will you have to say yes
to absolutely everything?
Close, but there are some rules.
Oh man!
Yes, bud.
But the last rule is the biggest,
that this family has the most fun
we've ever had in our entire lives.
Any second. Any second.
Any second.Any second. Any second.
It's Yes Day!
Everybody, wake up!
All right.
Come on, you sleepyheads. Get up! Come on.
Nando, it's too early.
We have the whole day. Go back to bed.
- Having regrets, Mom?
- Mom?
Look, she's so afraid,
she can't even move.
Who's ready for Yes Day? Whoo!
What've you done with our mother?
You know my rule
about no bouncing on the bed?
Wanna bounce on the bed?
- Yes!
- Sure!
Do it!Do it!
I know you're too mature. It's okay. Whoo!
- This is so much fun!
- Nando!
Oh hi!
- Get up!
- No!
Get up!
- Wake up!
- No! Get off!
Yes Day!
Sorry, guys, no screen time today.
- Are you serious?
- Sorry, Mama.
The entire day you can't use anything
that has a screen.
That means no cell phones,
no laptops, no iPads, nada.
What? Can I at least tell them
that I'll be off the grid?
- Please?
- I'm not the boss.
Okay, fine. You have one minute.
- Starting 30 seconds ago. Come on!
- Okay, okay!
Hey, hey, don't ship the speakers
until I get regulatory approval.
Yeah, the speaker...
You know what? Forget it. I'll text you.
Sorry, Dad. Time's up.
You knew to be prepared.
And we are so glad
that you're so prepared.
Ellie wants to get you dressed
and do your hair and makeup.
I have a vision.
Oh, but I have this shirt.
- Sorry.
- Ah.
I'm... I'm glad
you're using your watercolors.
Really get it everywhere.
- That's a great way to blend.
- Yeah.
- Really? You want to use glitter?
- Yep.
Really? She's gonna use glitter?
Should we make you look
as crazy as possible?
- Should Nando skate in the house?
- Yes.
Do you think we should get a dog?
- Hang on, that's in the future. Nice try.
- Okay.
- Oh yeah! Yeah.
- Yeah! I love it! That is it.
- We love that one.
- No.
No, no, no!
- Still not right!
- Oh, come on, Ellie, that's perfect.
That's the one!
d Bum-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-dum d
Do you like it, Daddy?
I love it.
This is the best makeover I've ever had.
How many makeovers have you had?
Before this one?
Oh. Nice job, Ellie.
- Thank you.
- What's that?
We made a list of our five big asks.
For the day to be a success,
we have to make it through all five.
I love a list.
Number one!
- Is that Korean?
- Breakfast surprise!
To the Explorer!
- We gotta change first, right?
- No!
- Katie?
- Right?
Nope on a rope.
Hey, kids, what is it
with the sparklies around number five?
The main event.
The only thing that
we can tell you about it is nothing.
Not even a hint?
The less you know, the better.
Oh, okay.
I'll be gone for the main event.
I'll be at Fleekfest.
It's gonna be so much fun!
I've been memorizing all the lyrics to
the H-E-R songs, and they're really good.
Mom, it's H.E.R.
Oh, H.E.R.? Okay.
- Who's H.E.R.?
- This is H.E.R. on the radio.
She's the headliner for Fleekfest.
You know,
Katie and my girls' night tonight.
You're not going.
Layla's cousin Julie's taking us.
I told her she could have the ticket.
Oh, you might want to tell Layla's cousin
Julie not to get her hopes up.
Last time I checked, it was a bet,
and I'm gonnawin.
No, you're not.
Yeah, I am.
- Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.
- No. Not like that.
- So embarrassing.
- Yes. Yes.
- Hi, we're celebrating our first...
- No! You can't tell him it's Yes Day.
Oh, coffee.
Ah, breakfast.
Hi. Where's the carnival?
Looks like Burning Man.
What can I get you?
Some acai bowls? Smoothies?
- Yes.
- We'd like that one, please.
The Gut Buster?
Yeah, definitely!
Hey, it's $40.
Not if you finish it in under 30 minutes.
Then it's free.
- That is true.
- What's in the Gut Buster?
Ice cream!
- Oh boy. I wanted a cappuccino.
- Oh my God. Wow.
Are you ready for this?
- Okay.
- Yes!
There's blueberries.
I love blueberries.
I want it.
So you must eat everything
inside the bowl and on the plate,
including ice cream, brownies,
waffle cones...
What is this?
Oh, just a standard contract.
And how many people
have lost their eyeballs?
You mean this month? Or all time?
He's a lawyer.
- Oh, is he?
- Yeah, I'm a lawyer.
- You have 30 minutes to finish this.
- Okay, ready.
I am looking forward to this.
Ready, set, go, go, go!
Ellie, go! Ellie, keep eating.
You guys are doing great,
but you have to pick up the pace.
It's a lot of ice cream.
Let's go! Keep it moving!
- Brain freeze!
- Help your brother.
The clown from your birthday party.
Snakes in the toilet. Summer school!
- Scaring's for hiccups.
- Hold his nose!
- Pull hard on your tongue!
- Also for hiccups!
Come on, family!
I can't do this anymore.
It's getting gross.
I'm gonna explode.
I'm full.
Jeez, Dad.
You're like a human ice cream vacuum.
I saw him eat like this once
at a HomeTown Buffet when we were dating,
and I knew it would pay off.
I'll take your spoon.
Daddy! Daddy!
Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!
Daddy! Daddy!
Daddy! Daddy!Daddy!Daddy!Daddy!
Daddy! Daddy!Daddy!
Ten, nine,
eight, seven, six,
five, four, three, two, one!
Do you believe in miracles!
Are you feeling okay?
- That was so beautiful.
- Is it coming up?
Uh, section 10 of the contract says
vomiting voids the win.
- Keep it down, babe. You can do it.
- Think of the family reputation.
Settle it right down.
Don't think of anything gross,
like beef sticks.
- You can do it.
- It's up to you.
There's a bucket there.
- I'm good.
- He's fine. You got this.
You have to hold it. Ah.
Well, we're officially losers.
Oh, make it stop.
- I am sorry.
- Yeah, that doesn't sound good.
He didn't throw up!He didn't throw up!
It came out the other end!
You did it!
Okay, kids.
Look at your father. Look at this man.
He is going down as a Yes Day legend.
Yes, but no more food, please, not today.
Dad, it's gonna be super chill.
It's relaxing.
And sanitary.
What could be sanitary?
I don't know.
- Are we buying toilets?
- Oh no.
Oh, now this is what I'm talking about.
A car wash is like being reborn.
This is exactly what I needed, kids.
Thank you.
- Yes.
- Yeah.
Yeah. This one's easy.
Hey, guys. One more thing.
- Windows down!
- What?
- Whoa, whoa, whoa. Whoa.
- What?
Well, you have to. It's Yes Day.
What do we do?
I don't know. It's your car.
Come on, Mom. You can say it.
One word. Two letters. N-O.
Windows down!
No, no, no, no, no!
Oh my God!
Mommy, your makeup!
Yes Day! Oh my gosh!
Yes! Yes! Yes!
Yes Day!
I don't have to shower for a week!
You don't already!
- Will we make it through this day?
- They might be trying to kill us.
Ew. Nando, you're...
- Ugh.
- Gross!
An unexpected plus
of a windows-down car wash,
the mystery smell is finally gone.
I'd love to know where I'm driving.
Oh, sorry, Dad. The rules say
you're not allowed to know.
Stop asking so many questions.
Oh, and, guys, so, new activity,
new clothes.
Here you go, Katie.
And this is for Dad.
Are we starting a dance crew?
You wish we were starting a dance crew.
Seriously, what are we doing?
Are those water balloons?
- Yeah!
- What's Kablowey?
It's capture the flag meets paintball
meets a butt ton of Kool-Aid.
A game Katie learned at camp. We played
once with the kids in the neighborhood.
Yeah, Mom was the first one out.
It was so embarrassing.
Only true warriors survive Kablowey.
- It was a disaster.
- Oh, but not today. Today we'll Kablowey.
- Today we'll Kablowey.
- Yes!
Where did you come up
with all of these people?
We told themthere'd be a casting director
for a new, sexy, romantic reality show.
That's you, Mom.
Yeah, Insatiable Island.
Come on, guys. Hey, guys!
Insatiable Island? All right.
I'm in it to win it. Let's do this!
Mr. Torres! You're on a Yes Day!
- Way to go!
- Yeah, yeah. What are you doing here?
Nando asked me to be here. Yeah.
- I'm gonna referee.
- You don't know anything about sports.
I don't know anything about sports,
but you can't say no on a Yes Day, right?
Okay, get in your spot.
Any of you jocks scared?
Well, you should be!
Anybody who wants to go home
to their mommy, now's your chance.
Who should I give my headshot to, sir?
Sir, I was a runner-up season 12
on The Bachelorette, in case that helps.
I was,uh, season 9.
Season 13.
Each team has a color of flag to protect.
The goalis to catch the other team's flag
without getting hit
by their Kool-Aid balloons.
If you get Kablowey-ed, you're eliminated.
When one team has all the flags,
game's over.
Now, let's play some Kablowey!
- Big Blue!Big Blue!
- What?What?
- Break it down.
- What?
Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!
Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!
That's enough of that.
That's a little awkward for everyone.
All right, guys, here we go.
Get your team's flag
and protect it like it's tots!
On the count of three,
I want you to charge!
Three, two...
Wait. No, I screwed that up. Sorry.
One, two...
Mom's our strongest enemy.
Let's go get her!
Don't worry about red.
My husband's on defense.
Don't worry about green. Katie's smart.
She's gonna go after her dad. Run!
Okay, guys. Okay, just...
Defense is the key. Okay?
Wait out here. Let them eliminate
each other. I know what I'm doing.
Go, go! Red team. Red team.
My dad's team first!
This is gonna be easy.
You with the hair thing, outta here!
You in the headband, you're out!
The other headband.
- Should we take a selfie?
- Yeah, sure.
- Sweet.
- Tag me on Insta, 'kay?
- One, two, three. Insatiable Island!
- Yeah!
Red team, what are you doing?
It's a bloodbath!
Half your team is eliminated!
Hold on. Change of strategy.
Run for your life. Billy, get out of here!
I love the smell
of Kool-Aid in the morning.
Wait a minute.
We're taking too many losses!
You're out!
Too many casualties! Go back! Fall back!
Fall back, team!
New strategy.
Ma'am. Hi, my name's Eric.
- I'm here to make muscles, not friends.
- I'm more shredded. Check this out.
I have a very relatable body.
It's great for TV.
For TV. Insatiable Island.
Put your clothes on.
We're getting killed. I need that bag.
Load me up with ammo!
- Get her ammo!
- Bring it!
Blue, who wiped your bottoms
when you were babies?
- My mom!
- Our moms!
- Who tied your shoes when you were babies?
- Our moms!
Fight for your mom!
- Go, Blue!
- Go, Blue!
Nando, look out!
Nice job, Commander Ellie.
You're out!
Do you see them?
Destroy my beautiful children!
You are going down!
Oh, this is bad.
You wanted to make me a warrior?
I'm a warrior!
Listen, I think we need to team up
to take her out.
Is that fair?
All's fair in love and Kablowey.
Go for it.
That was perfect.It's messing her up.
- Yeah.
- Are you playing dirty, Nando?
I don't see her. Where is she?
Do you see which way she went?
No, I didn't. Let's go.
Oh wow! You got Kablowey-ed.
- Ah!
- Ha-ha! You're done!
Mrs. Torres got the red flag!
If she gets the green flag, she wins!
- How'd you let that happen?
- What?
Hey, Brian,
can I use your phone for a sec?
I just gotta deal with a work thing.
Will you put in
a good word with your wife?
Wait. Hold up. Hold up.
Mom, come on. It's over.
You don't even have any balloons left.
Then why is there fear
in your eyes, daughter?
No, no, you have more fear.
No. !T!
- !T!
- !T!
That's my mom!That's my mom!
Whoo! We did it!
Blue forever!
We shipped the nano-cams?
We don't have clearance yet.
Tell Alan to issue a recall.
- Daddy?
- Honey.
- Were you talking on a phone?
- No. Phone? No, no.
I was just out here looking at...
Taking in the nature. I love nature.
- Well, it looked like you were.
- Nope, I wasn't.
- No.
- Daddy, do you hear that?
- What?
- It must be coming from that bush.
- Oh.
- Oh.
Oh, she fell out of her nest.
We have to put her back.
- What?
- I thought you loved nature.
Yeah, honey, but it's a very tall tree.
If you help the birdie, Daddy,
I won't tell anyone
I saw you talking on a phone.
Wait, wait. Ah.
Come on, Daddy! Hurry up!
Oh, they're a family again, honey.
Yay, Daddy!
It was actually a good idea, honey.
Thank you.
What's this?
She thinks you're stealing her babies!
We were just trying to help!
Ah. Ah!
Allison, baby!
- Come down, Daddy!
- I'm coming down, honey!
Ooh. You okay, Daddy?
Yeah, honey.
I'm okay.I'm okay.I'm okay.
I'm okay.
Oh my God! Stop!
Stop! Call your mom!
Wow, that was amazing.
See? I'm not always a fun killer.
Well, not today you aren't.
Mom, there's no way
you'll make itthrough the day.
- I'm still saying yes, aren't I?
- Call 911!
- Allison!
- Is that Dad?
Yup, that's him.
Your brother's taking you
to get dry ice, right?
We're good. By the way,
so many people are coming tonight.
It's gonna be awesome.
Are you sure you need
that much baking soda?
Yeah, it's a better catalyst.
Trust me. I'm an expert on catalysts now.
- Allison! Call 911!
- I'll have to call you right back.
Call 911!
We need a doctor, stat!
There's been a horrific bird attack.
What? Do I have rabies?
No, this hospital sucks, so I exaggerated
a little to goose 'em. No pun intended.
- She's kidding. You're kidding, right?
- Sure.
Here's a waiting room.
- Katie, you are in charge.
- Okay.
Everybody stay with her,
so I can find you later.
- Hurry up!Hurry up!Hurry up!
- Stay. It's okay.
Okay, Mr. Torres, you can relax.
The scratches are superficial.
You'll be fine.
Oh good. So no concussion,
no rabies, no bruises? He's good to go?
He's in the clear.
- I'll send in a nurse to discharge you.
- Thank you.
- You're okay. That's great.
- Yeah.
I will get the kids,
and you take your time.
Honey, I hate to be a party pooper,
but my body's done.
Can we finish this another day, please?
Yeah, I guess if you're not feeling well,
of course we'll go home.
- Thank you.
- Gosh.
Maybe I'll pop by the office,
then go home and crash.
- Sorry. What'd you say?
- Hm?
Maybe I'll pop by the office.
So you don't feel well enough
to finish this day for our family,
but you do feel well enough
to pop by the office.
It's a little crisis
that happened this morning.
Carlos, you want to cancel this day,
that's your choice,
but you're telling the kids.
It's your turn to be the bad guy.
Oh, Mrs. T. Hey, get this.
I told Karen I'd give her a Yes Day,
and she doesn't even want it.
We have an ambulance with a siren.
Think of the possibilities.
Grow up, Jean. Seriously.
How about you lighten up, Karen?
Take a chill pill.
Are you okay?
Yeah, I... I just got into a fight
with my husband.
Ah, and you want me to beat him up?
No, nothing like that.
Give him a wedgie?
No, no. It's just that today was
the first day in, like, a year
where I felt like
we were really in it together.
- Yeah.
- And then he just had to go and be a wuss.
Sounds like Karen.
She's mad because I took our life savings
and bought a fleet of ambulances.
I barely know how to drive this one.
But you can't force people to change.
You gotta do what works for you,
and he can either join the party,
or it's his loss. You know?
That's so true.
Hey, guys.
Honey, can I talk to you for a second?
Look, I... I feel real bad.
I don't want to be the spoiler here.
Well, don't feel bad.
You are not the spoiler. You do you.
You can either come to this party or not.
Hey guys, let me see what you got.
Big ask number four. Let me see.
Okay, number four. Putts N' Stuff.
That'd be very cool.
We'd have a great time.
But it does not compare
to Magic Mountain!
- What?
- Whoo!
But wait. What about the distance rule?
I've decided to make an exception.
And your dad has something
he wants to say.
Go ahead, Dad.
Well, guys, I'm feeling, um...
I'm... I'm feeling a little...
I'm feeling a little bit sick.
You're sick?
Are you going home?
I think I might be coming down
with Magic Mountain fever!
- But how are we gonna get there?
- Yeah.
Because the SUV is at the Kablowey field,
and even with traffic, it'll take forever.
Uh, duh. It's Yes Day!
Are we ready
for some roller coaster madness?
- Yes!
- Yeah!
Just so we're clear,
if an emergency comes in,
I gotta leave you on the side of the road.
- What if we're the emergency?
- Oh God.
Good one.
Oh boy. Hold on.
All right, you guys can make fun of me
if you want, but I brought clean clothes.
- Oh my gosh!
- Just in case!
- Thank you so much, Mom.
- That is a nice mom.
I know you hate when I dress you.
I took a stab.
Beats smelling like Kool-Aid, so...
It's Magic Mountain, baby!
Eyes on the road, please.
Got it. My bad.
Attention, park visitors.
The Torres family is here
for this Yes Day,
and I want you to say yes
and you to say yes. That is right.
It's all about those yeses,
so get ready for some fun!
Okay, guys. Can someone bring me a snack?
You gotta say yes.
d So good d
d So good d
d So good d
d Oh, yeah d
d The starting line d
d Batting gloves d
d Ready for business d
d Who's gonna apply, you're in love d
d Just a flash d
d A passing phase d
d A fleeting moment that's gone
At the end of the day d
d Just momentary... d
No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Why did I say yes to this, Katie?
d I feel good d
d Won't die young d
d I feel good d
d One last song d
d You light it up d
d Kiss it away d
d Climbing forever d
d Slide down the fire escape d
d You recognize d
d An open door d
d Scream out the letters d
d And count on the world to be yours d
d It's legendary d
d Won't fade away d
d Ciao bella bella d
d Come on d
d I feel d
d I feel d
d I feel good d
d Is that so wrong? d
d I feel good d
d All night long d
d I feel good d
d One more song d
d I feel good d
d So good d
d So good d
d So good d
- Great. There you go, honey.
- Thank you.
It's really nice to get out of the house,
with everyone.
And we have to do it more
'cause you are growing up.
We have to take advantage.
I'm gonna get cotton candy.You want some?
No. Thanks, honey.
Oh, hey, Katie. Your... Your...
I need you to text Layla right away
that her cousin isn't taking you
to Fleekfest. Your mother is.
- Stay here with your sister. Okay?
- Okay.
She's trying to hook you up
with some older guys.
- Why were you checking my phone?
- You left it there.
You're overreacting
because I can't control what Layla sends.
She was responding to a text you sent.
"Guys at my school are so boring."
You were snooping.
Once I saw the picture,
yeah, I opened your phone.
Dad, can you please back me up here?
I know you want your independence.
I get that I'm the bummer,
but let me be clear, Katie.
If I don't take you
to the concert tonight, you aren't going.
- I'm done with Yes Day. I'm done.
- Oh, well, you're grounded.
I can't believe I let you fool me into
thinking you actually changed.
You really don't trust me.
It isn't about trust.
It's about being your parent.
Please, give me a break.
What's happening is I don't need you
anymore, and you can't handle it.
Take your siblings to the carousel.
Go now.
Guys, come on.
- Where are we going?
- Carousel.
This is the best day ever!
- Yay!
- Yay!
- Yay!
- Yay!
- Yay!
- Yay!
Don't you guys get it?
Mom and Dad are just using this day
to take control of us.
They think by giving us a Yes Day,
we'll do what they want
for the rest of our lives.
Yeah, nuh-uh.
It's all a big con.
If today's just a big con, I hope
I get conned for the rest of my life.
Yeah. Me too.
Cardinal rule.
I shouldn't have looked at her phone.
No wonder she was mad.
But it was right there,
and there was a picture of a boy.
Ugh, I hate when she hates me.
She doesn't hate you.
She's just individuating.
Individuating? It's annoying.
I just hope she understands
that it all comes from a place of love.
- I know.
- Don't you?
She's just our little girl.
She's not that little.
Look at that gorilla.
It looks like the one
Katie used to walk around with.
She called him "Mr. Golilla."
Oh yeah,
I remember it got really filthy.
Well, yeah, it had its own car seat.
We took it everywhere,
and she was so cute with her pigtails
and her overalls
and a heart on the pocket.
Back when she loved me
and was my little buddy.
I know.
- What do you say? You wanna play?
- No, it's fine. Thank you.
Carlos, I wanna play.
I'm gonna win Katie that gorilla.
- Then she won't be mean to me.
- You sure?
- Hi.
- Hi.
I would like to win that, please.
You'll have to beat this nice lady.
Oh, okay. Hi. How are you?
I need to win this pink gorilla
for my daughter, Katie. We're in a fight.
What if...
What if I want to win that gorilla?
I already have
the blue and brown gorillas.
Now I need a pink one.
Oh. Well, just go easy on me, okay?
Just, girl code.
- Katie's not five years old anymore, okay?
- I know she's not.
When she sees the gorilla,
she'll know I'm her mama
and remember everything I've done for her.
All right, ready?
- I think that we should go.
- Don't distract me. I'm on a mission.
You're going down, lady.
Ooh, it's so close!
This is for driving her retainer
three hours to camp.
This is for peeing every time I sneeze.
- Will you be quiet?
- Okay, let's be good sports.
This is for making me
sleep-train you three times.
Shut up!
- It's for my daughter, Katie!
- Quiet!
I did it. Don't mess with Mama.
No. No, no.
I won.
What? I just won.
I've never won anything. I just won.
No, I won by, like, a nose.
Come on. We all saw it. She won.
It was me. I won.
- Miss Cheetah?
- What?
Can you tell her that I clearly won?
I was like a sniper.
I am a freaking sniper, okay?
- No, you are not. I won that gorilla!
- Honey!
- I'm staying out of this.
- It's not worth it!
This is my gorilla!
You cheating suburban soccer mom!
Hey! No, don't do this!
I got tickets here. Play again, okay?
I shouldn't have to win it again.
You're a lawyer. You know about justice!
That's my wife!
Get down!
No! Lady, please, no!
Calm down!
Why does this keep happening to me? Honey.
For my baby, give me the "golilla."
If you are such a great mother,
then where are your kids?
Don't talk to me about my kids!
Let go, lady!
- Carlos, get this "golilla" for me!
- Let go!
Is that all you got?
It's for my baby!
- Where is that woman? Where is the...
- No, honey, stop! No, you...
- Who's watching our kids?
- I love the law. It's why I'm a lawyer.
- Profile.
- Ellie usually has a snack around now.
- Thumb.
- But there are laws, and laws.
- Ma'am?
- There are organic smoothies in my bag.
- Stand still, please.
- Oh.
- Can I do that again?
- Chin up.
Go ahead, Antonio.
I put the picture of the bad guy
right here so that I will find you.
- Whatever you look like.
- Can you make him bald?
Oh, I don't know. Can I
make him bald? You know what I'm saying?
He looks like you.
Wait, what?
I want a beard.
Me too, you know?
Oh, you mean... Oh, yes.
Sorry. I should've known. Uh...
Let's see.
- Nice soul patch, brother. Snap it. Okay?
- Thank you.
Do you have mohawks?
- I do.
- Give him a mohawk.
Okay, wait.Uh, ha, ha!
Can you make him a pirate?
Oh, that's too elaborate, you know?
It would take a really awesome officer to...
- Uh-oh.
- Whoa!
Captain Poopypants right here.
Pirate Town.Pirate Town.
I mean, it was your gorilla, honey.
- Thank you. It was my gorilla.
- Yes.
I hope you're happy, ya cheater.
You know what, honey? I don't think
you're mad about the gorilla.
Watching you with Katie...
You're amazing.
That's being a parent.
All I've done is
force you to do the hard stuff, right?
You don't need help from a Yes Day.
What you need is a partner.
That's what I'll be from now on,
your partner.
I love you, my love.
Me too, my love. So much.
Come on. Hey! Good news.
We're getting out of your hair.
- Nana and Pop-Pop came to take us home.
- Those are cute nicknames.
And really quickly,
I just wanted to say how sorry I am
that you had to meet our parents this way.
They really are good people,
just bad judgment.
Oh, it's not your fault. You hear me?
Where is Nana and Pop-Pop?
So where is Nana and Pop-Pop?
They're waiting in the car.
Yeah, they're waiting in the car.
Our Pop-Pop's sciatica...
really bad flareup.
Oh Dios mo, no. Oh my God.
That sounds terrible. I am so sorry.
- He's brave. Don't make him wait.
- We're gonna go. Thank you.
I will sign you guys out. Best of luck.
Thank you.Bye.
I'll be lonely without you,
but don't worry.
I have other friends.
Hey, Julie.
Dude, I cannot believe
your parents are in jail.
It's crazy, right?
Are we really just gonna
leave Mom and Dad?
It's not our fault
they got put in the clink on our Yes Day.
But we're not supposed
to get rides from strangers.
Okay, well, you guys know Layla,
and Julie is Layla's cousin.
I mean, look, they even put in a car seat.
Think of the upside to this.
Now your big main event
can be even bigger.
- Awesome.
- What is this?
What's with all the tubes and buckets?
- It's just a nerd party. Hey, guys!
- Nando!
I feel like this is something
that we should have talked...
Hey, wait up!
Let's get the party started!
You look pretty!
Thanks, Ellie.
I can't go.
I can't go.
I'm sorry. I can't leave them.
What if something happens?
I'm the oldest. It's my responsibility.
But you've wanted
to go to this concert forever.
And we're gonna be fine.
We won't make poor decisions. Promise.
Promise to text meif something happens?
Come on, Katie.
The guys are already there.
Okay. Okay.
Be safe, please.
- Are the kids okay?
- Yes.
And I have some phenomenal news.
The park's not pressing charges.
- Thank God.
- Yes!
They looked at some security footage,
and it turns out you did win the gorilla.
I knew it.
I knew I won this gorilla. I knew I...
- Does she get to go too?
- In a little bit.
Oh gosh. Here, you have it.
You take the "golilla."
You won it fair and square.
- Thank you.
- Let's go.
Let's go.
- Katie?
- Nando?
Ellie? Where are our kids?
Sorry, I forgot to tell you.
Nana and Pop-Pop picked them up.
Nana and Pop-Pop live in Pittsburgh.
But they're here on vacation?
- No, they're not.
- You let our children leave by themselves?
You see, when you say it out loud,
I... I realize that it was a mistake.
Oh no.
Can you believe this?
We are actually pulling it off.
I'm gonna go check on the big surprise.
Yeah. Okay.I'll see you over there, man.
Who's ready to make some science miracles?
- Name?
- Hailey Peterson.
I live across the street.
Sorry, not on the list.
Just kidding.
I can't even read. Get on in here.
- Yes.
- Are you ready?
Go, Nando! Go, Nando!
Go, Nando! Go, Nando! Go, Nando!
Nando's not picking up either.
We know Katie's at Fleekfest, so
Nando and Ellie must be at the main event?
Whatever that is.
Oh, oh.
Your kids left this here.
Do you mean this main event?
Nerd party.
Where would you throw a nerd party?
He's 11. He's throwing it at home.
We have to divide and conquer here.
I go to the house and shut down the party.
You realize you're gonna have to be
a bad guy to a bunch of kids.
I know. I got this.
- Thanks for the extra ticket.
- Oh yeah, of course.
Well, my mom can't use it anymore
'cause she's in jail, so...
This is so sick.
- Hey.
- What's up?
- What's going on?
- What's up?
- Katie.
- Layla.
Rob. Killer shirt.
Thank you.
- How's it coming, dude?
- Almost done.
Once you get everybody in the backyard,
text me, and we'll add the catalyst.
- Don't forget the tubes.
- I got it.
This is gonna be awesome!
I know.
Tell Nando's mom
I'm never having a Yes Day, honey.
Okay, Mom.
Hey, look, I... I love flaring up my siren
and just absolutely flying through town.
We're going very fast.
But I think maybe
you might be overreacting a little bit.
This is a girl
who is angry with her mother,
and she's meeting up with some skeegy guys
who probably have a mustache
and need to shave.
I don't know if you know anything
about teenagers,
but this is a recipe for putting yourself
in a horrible situation.
I've never heard of "skeegy,"
but they sound bad.
- You know what? I won this bet.
- Yes.
I won this ticket fair and square,
and she stole it from me.
I did not say no on Yes Day.
That was the deal.
It's my first actual ride in this car.
- Do you need me to drive?
- No, I'm good. I am a grown man.
Yo! Yo!Yo!
- You wanna fight? Let's go!
- Hey, guys!Guys, that's not cool.
I'm gonna get you.
Come on. Stop!
You broke the lamp.
No! What are you doing?
Come on, Tyler!
Ellie, don't open that.
I love science!
I've never even had soda.
My parents don't let me.
This is so awesome!
We have to get this party under control!
How can that be fun?
I thought this was the main event.
Yeah, it is, but look at this.
Everybody, come to the backyard.
The main event is in the backyard.
How will we find her?
They're all dressed like animals.
- Get to the stage.
- Okay.
- Move! Move! Go! Go!
- I'm looking for my daughter!
- It's worse than I thought.
- My ankles are weak.
d Oyster pearls d
d Locked up in a shell d
d You better bring that diving bell... d
- Hey.
- Where were you?
Julie got us set up at the tent.
We're gonna hang there.
Why are we going to a tent?
Come on, Katie. Don't be lame.
Well, we just met those guys.
They could be shady.
Layla, I can't.
It doesn't feel right.
Guess I'll see you later, then?
- Excuse us, please.
- Katie?
- Katie?
- Hey!
Okay. I'm so sorry.
She's just freaking out.
I see a security guard.
- Great.
- Show him your badge.
- Excuse me, sir?
- Sir?
My daughter is here without my permission.
I need to find her.
No problem.
I'll just put her photo
up on the Jumbotron.
Thank you so much. Thank you.
He's being sarcastic. Smart aleck.
- Katie Torres?
- Thank you! Good night!
I need to get up on that stage.
No, that's where the musicians go,
No, no, she'll be so angry with me
that then she'll have to come down,
and then we'll have her,
and nothing else could go wrong.
But what if she hates you forever?
- Okay.
- Okay, uh.
What is this miracle powder?
The main event is out there.
I have a big surprise.
Everybody in the backyard!
Hey, that's my parents' wedding album.
- Who cares? Your parents are in jail.
- I said no!
- I thought it was Yes Day.
- Stop!
Oh no. What have I done?
Time for the surprise!
No! No! Ellie! Come back!
No surprise!
I'm gonna do it.
Ellie, no.
But it's Yes Day.
Give me the catalyst.
I wanna see foam.
You will, I promise.
But we just need to attach the tubes
so it sprays into the backyard.
But hurry.
Oh my gosh.
I'm sorry I didn't tighten the lids,
but at least it works.
Yeah, in the house.
My parents are gonna kill me.
Guys, Nando set off a foam bomb upstairs!
Whoa, it's coming down the stairs.
- It's so much.
- Come on, guys.
It's gonna eat us!
Don't worry! It's all simple products
you'd find in your kitchen.
Fire in the hole!
d This is gonna be
The best day of my life d
d My life... d
Go, Nando!
Stop! No!
d...the best day of my life d
My God!
d My life... d
This is not cool, guys! Come on!
d This is gonna be
The best day of my life... d
No! Stop throwing foam!
Please, stop!
What are you doing in Cleveland?
I'm not Tasha, and we're not in Cleveland.
I'm sorry. I gotta go.
No! No!
Does anybody have a charger?
Do you have a charger?
- I've never been backstage.
- We're close.
Stay focused on getting out there.
- We need to get past this guy.
- I got it.
- Whoa, whoa.
- Fellow man of the law. I appreciate...
- Should we run past him?
- No, definitely not.
I don't care. Tell him.
I'm like,
"We're going on in five minutes."
And that's H.E.R. Oh, my gosh, it's H.E.R.
- What do you mean?
- It's H.E.R.
Capital "H" H.E.R. Oh my God!
We don't care.
We're around celebrities all day, so...
Billie, I ripped my top.
I need a seamstress, like, ASAP.
Yeah. Hey,
do we have any seamstresses backstage?
Sure, sure.
At least get me a sewing kit.
I have a sewing kit.
She's got... We're coming in.
- I have a sewing kit. All the colors.
- She's got it. Very safe.
- I can sew it.
- You okay with that?
- Yes!
- Fantastic.
- Thank you so much. Thank you.
- I got it.
I like to stay prepared.
I have three kids.
You never knowwhen something comes up.
Listen, I have to tell you,
my daughter and I are such huge fans
and so grateful for your artistry.
We know everything about you.
- Wow.
- Like a stalker.
Thank you. Thank you so much,
and thank you for hooking me up.
You don't know how much
of a lifesaver you are now.
You should be in good shape.
Hang on. Sorry.
There you go.
I am so sorry to bother you,
and I hope this isn't inappropriate, but...
I need you to hook me up.
It doesn't look that bad.
- Thanks for the ride, officer.
- Okay.
Ellie! What's going on?
This party's over!
- Stop!
- Dad!
I said stop!
Yay, Daddy!
...this is my house,
and I'm telling you the party's over.
Okay? Where do you think you're going?
I said the party's over,
but the cleanup starts now!
Start to clean. Now! Gather all the foam!
Take it to the backyard.
Come on. Come on, kids.
Go, go, go!
Ellie, get off the table, please, my love.
Come on! Everybody! Help everybody else!
I'm so incredibly jazzed about tonight.
This is my eighth consecutive Fleekfest.
One year I got sick from nacho cheese,
but other than that,
I've been to every one.
That's a lot of people.
I panicked at my karate recital.
That was only two people in front of me.
Do you have a charger?
My phone just died. Sorry.
Do you have a charger?
My phone died. I wanna get home.
- You wanna go home?
- I wanna go home.
Now you're home.
What? Why would you do that? Why?
We go on in two minutes,
so now's your chance.
Oh, you're so nice.
Now's your chance.
Please don't make me regret this. Just go.
I'm so sorry. Hi, I'm just, um...
I need to find someone,
but, um, I... I don't wanna embarrass them.
So if you... if you hear my voice
and you belong to me...
I'm looking for my phone.Sorry, guys.
- Sorry, I'm looking for my phone.
- Watch it!
Yo, what are you doing?
You've got this.
She does not have this.
She is not breathing, and she's paralyzed.
d Baby d
d I need your loving d
d Baby, I need your loving d
d Although you're never near... d
- I wanna go home.
- Seriously?
- Try and calm down, please?
- Grow up!
d Another day, another night d
d I long to hold you tight d
d 'Cause, Katie, I love you d
d Baby, I need your loving d
d Got to have all your loving d
d Baby, I need your loving... d
d Got to have d
- Mom!
- d All your loving d
Thank you. Katie?
Oh, honey.
I am so sorry.
You were right about this place.
You are the best mom.
I'm sorry.
Oh, I love you.
We gotta follow that?
I'm scared.
Guys, relax.
Just go with it.
I'm really sorry about what I said.
Ugh, don't worry.
Worse has been said to moms.
It's hard to let you grow up.
That's the truth.
It's just hard for moms.
It would've been way more fun
to come with you anyway.
- Really?
- Yeah.
Well, I... I came anyway.
Oh, my tears.
They're gonna make my glitter fall off.
Ugh, I spent about two hours
putting this bedazzle on.
d Baby, I need your loving d
d Got to have all your loving d
d Baby, I need your loving d
d Got to have all your loving d
Are you guys gonna help me
finish this song or what?
I think she's talking to you, Mom.
- No.
- H.E.R. is calling you on stage.
- No.
- You have to go.
I was talking to both of you.
Get up here.
All of us?
Just them, okay.
Wanna do it?
Yeah, let's do it.
d Empty nights, I call your name d
d Oh, sometimes I wonder d
d Will I ever be the same d
d Oooh, oooh d
Sing it!
d Baby, baby d
d I need you, and I love you d
d I want you, and I need you, baby d
d I love you, and I want you... d
Go, Tasha!
d I got you, and I love you d
d Baby d
d I've been losing sleep, baby d
d Baby, I need your loving d
d Got to have all your loving d
d Baby, I need your loving... d
I'm by myself. Okay, cool.
Wolfie, I love you, man!
Yeah, back at you!
d I need your loving d
d Got to have all your loving d
d Baby, I need your loving... d
Be careful with those speakers.
They're going back to school.
Guys, I told you
to take all that stuff out.
Take it out, now. All of it.
And just keep, you know, scrubbing.
No slacking off, okay? I see you.
Whoa, Dad.
You became, like, a scary dad back there.
Well, I mean, that's...
Sometimes you gotta put your foot down,
even with the ones you love, like you.
No, it was pretty cool.
I didn't know you actually had it in you.
Come here.
- You're still grounded. You know that?
- Oh, yeah, super grounded.
You got the point. Hey, no slacking off.
The whole thing.
The whole thing. The whole column. Go.
Hi, honey.
Hey! Oh, baby.
I'm so glad you're okay.
I wanna be a scientist, too,
and blow things up.
- You want to blow things up?
- Yeah.
It looks like you got
a lot of practice tonight.
Nando, how could you let this happen?
You said you'd text
if anything went wrong.
How could you let this happen?
You're the oldest, Katie.
Everything they did while you were at
that concert is your responsibility too.
I should ground you
for twice as long as Nando.
If it makes you feel better,
I was worried sick the whole time.
Like mother, like daughter, huh?
Now help your brother clean.
It's not so bad being the bad guy.
Is it crazy I'm already
looking forward to our next Yes Day?
No, no, no, the day is not over yet.
I still have one more thing I wanna do.
Hashtag, "Winning."
I cannot believe you stole this gorilla.
She didn't steal it.
She won it square and fair.
Square and fair. I did.
- My turn.
- Thank you, Mom.
- Why can't I get my feet?
- Carlos, come on.
Right on my face.
Nando, why do I feel like
you're gonna break my nose?
That's the only thing
I haven't broken today.
I love you, Mama.
I love you, baby.
Nando, are you sure
you got rid of all the catalyst?
Yep. I flushed it down the toilet.
- What?
- What's that sound?
I hope that's rain.
Mama, look! More foam!
- Whoops.
- Oh no!
d I just wanna shine d
d Like the sun when it comes up d
d Run the city from the rooftops d
d 'Cause today's gonna be my day d
d I just wanna climb d
d To the top of a mountain d
d Stand tall when I'm howlin' d
d 'Cause today's gonna be my day d
- Ah. Ah.
- Three!
- Ow! Ow!
- Two!
Nando, why?
I didn't sign up for this!
They'll never catch me.
I'm like a gazelle!
Yes Day forever!
d I just wanna shine d
d Like the sun when it comes up d
d Run the city from the rooftops d
d 'Cause today's gonna be my day d
d I just wanna climb d
d To the top of a mountain d
d Stand tall when I'm howlin' d
d 'Cause today's gonna be my day d
d I wake up and I stay up d
d 'Cause I'm sure
Good things will happen d
d If I get out of my way d
d I just wanna shine d
d Like the sun when it comes up d
d Run the city from the rooftops d
d 'Cause today's gonna be my day d
d I just wanna climb d
d To the top of a mountain d
d Stand tall when I'm howlin' d
d 'Cause today's gonna be my day d
d My day d