Yes, God, Yes (2017) Movie Script

You got mail.
But these changes are different for guys
and girls guys are like microwave ovens
right ladies are more like conventional
ovens guys just need a few seconds like
a microwave to get switched on while
ladies typically need to preheat for a
but do not be tempted anyone want to
take a guess at what the boundary is
there Chris marriage yes marriage
exactly right
anyone know what the purpose is you have
yeah exactly well a man and a woman
received the sacrament of matrimony God
calls on them to create children in His
image any sex that happens outside of
one man one woman in one marriage is
against God's plan yeah
what about sex with yourself
well can you create life from sex with
yourself no right so it's against God's
plan and now for the Bible passages that
back to south let's start with Galatians
please so that was an interesting class
yeah I didn't know masturbating with us
then of course it is using cyber sex
assistants probably why just wondering
you're making me do one Titanic's after
the qartheen choice is probably sin too
just in case you were wondering that
next I only heard you do that because I
couldn't hear what Kate said when you
ask for too much
mm-hmm which just happens to be before
they make out and steal the car window
at Kate's left hand against another room
with this sheet.
Whoever therefore eats the bread or
drinks the cup of the Lord in an
unworthy manner will be guilty of
profaning the body and blood of the Lord
the body of Christ
the body of Christ in the body of Christ
Alice hi come and have a seat
just trying to hook my new computer up
to the Internet
I like photos and documents on there but
I'm still not online yes and I hope the.
Pope hasn't been emailing me so what
brings you by sister Louise said I
should see you oh yeah what's that
because I kept my communion wafer why is
that because I didn't confess all my
sins this morning
you know the congregation absolves their
sins just before the Eucharist so when
we say I'm not worthy to receive you but
only say the word and I shall be healed
right clearing our sins Frank calls you
need an ethernet cord
so what oh don't go anywhere I'll be
right back
got it
got it Ethernet cord he's ever heard of
that so we're all set.
You heard yourself I'm waiting to meet
how long must I be here in dark harbors
you never stay for long.