Yes, I Do (2018) Movie Script

It's a big day.
Good luck, son.
Thank you for coming.
[laughing nervously]
I'm having
trouble breathing.
I'm breaking out.
He'll understand, right?
[bride]: I don't know
what's wrong with me.
I love him...
I really do.
There's a wedding
about to happen.
I know.
You're in it.
Okay, it's okay.
You don't have to.
I'm sure
he'll understand.
I'm horrible.
No, you're not.
You're a good person.
It's okay.
Do you want to do this?
Do you?
I do...
Go... Go, go!
Oh, Charlotte...
[church bells ringing]
Hey. Thanks for coming.
Please be seated.
we have joined here today
to share
with James and Charlotte
in holy matrimony.
In their time together,
they have seen their love
and their understanding
of each other
grow and blossom,
and now have decided
to live out
the rest of their lives
as one.
Do you,
James Cooper,
take Charlotte
to be your wife?
I do.
Do you, Charlotte Bennett,
take James to be
your husband?
Do you?
I do...
[James, sighing]: Again?
[rain spattering]
I'm so sorry.
Good morning!
Everything looks good.
Looking good.
Mm, okay...
What do you think?
Okay, it's ridiculously
but how many times does a girl
get to be Maid of Honor
three times
with the same bride?
Oh, no, no, no,
no, no.
The wedding's
still 30 days away.
You just have to get over
the actual wedding part.
Think about
you have going on in
your life right now.
You have a meeting
with the editor-in-chief
of Chocolate Monthly Magazine
with the chance of winning
their next big contest.
You have plans to
open your next shop,
not to mention the hype
around creating
your next, big flavor
which no one's ever tasted
I mean, compared
to all that,
this wedding thing?
It's a piece of cake.
Bad reference.
The point is, it'll be easy.
James is handling
everything wedding,
so all you have to do
is show up and say, "I do..."
Hello, beautiful.
Oh, let me
get this here...
That look on your face.
What look?
Of absolute trepidation.
You're not...
Just hear me out.
You are.
You're the one...
I knew it.
And what happened...
had nothing to do with you or us
or anything like that.
And we've been
over all that,
but it's all in
the past, right?
Yeah, I love you.
I love you, too.
I love you more than anyone
in the whole world,
I want to spend
the rest of my life with you,
and have a family with you,
and grow old with you,
No buts.
Okay, there's a but.
Look, I don't know
what it is, James, okay?
It's like I've developed
some sort of...
hyper-sensitivity to weddings,
and not just
our own wedding, okay?
When I go to a friend's wedding,
I just... I don't know...
it's like I literally break out
into hives or something.
You know?
I mean,
ours is a month away,
and I'm already starting
to get the itch.
Okay, a hyper-sensitivity
to weddings,
which causes you
to break into hives?
You do know that's not
physically possible, right?
Well, says who?
Says any reasonable
person, Charlotte.
I'm a reasonable person.
Until you start
over-thinking things.
I mean, you analyze
and calculate
and ponder
every possibility
instead of just letting things
be what they are...
which works
great for your business
and your masterful
chocolate creations,
but not...
in a relationship.
I know.
It's all set.
I've planned everything.
I haven't even mentioned
the word "wedding".
I've been calling it
the "exchange of vows" day.
It's paid for.
Guests have
been invited.
I just...
can we just... just...
a teensy-weensy bit longer?
I think I've been
a teensy-weensy bit patient
You left me
at the altar...
and guess what,
I understood why.
I mean,
you were taking over
the chocolate factory.
Business was booming.
It was busy times.
You were amazing.
I can't go
through it again.
James, it's just a phobia,
I'll get over it.
I'm going to work on it,
and I am going to get over it.
I told you, I don't
want to elope, okay?
I want a wedding...
but at a church,
with someone who wants
to get married,
not just be married.
I'm so sorry.
She's never late.
Remind me of
your name again?
Hannah Reid.
I'm the factory manager,
and her best friend.
You're sure she knew
the meeting was today?
I'm just going
to give her a call again.
Good idea.
It's me, again.
Ms. Sweeney is here?
Founder and Editor in Chief
of Chocolate Monthly,
soon to name
America's best chocolate...
ring a bell?
She's waiting...
Where are you?
She'll be here.
I couldn't get out of bed!
I totally forgot!
Was she mad?
No, actually,
she was very nice
about it.
What did you tell her?
Food poisoning.
I'm so miserable without him.
Then be with him.
It's just
the wedding.
If getting married
is your greatest fear,
then let it scare you.
Just don't let James know
it scares you.
What do you mean?
There's an old saying...
the definition of courage
is being the only one
who knows you're afraid.
Mind over matter.
That's it.
What if
I break out again?
Tell him it's pollen!
Do you love him?
Of course I do.
Do you want to spend
the rest of your life with him?
I do.
Do you want
to have a family with him
and laugh with him
and cry with him
and grow old with him?
I do!
See how easy it is to say,
"I do"?
Yes, I just have to
prove it to him, right?
I have to find
the right words, you know?
So he'll hear the
sincerity, right?
He'll know it's
different this time.
Yes! Do it!
But what if...
Go! Conquer!
Just don't
wear that.
You busy?
Just, you know,
the usual.
Servicing these
never seems to end,
you know?
Any luck?
My grandfather's convertible?
No, um...
I got a tip from somebody
that said that it was sold
to a guy in California
who restores and sells them,
so... still kind of hoping
it pops up.
Well, I know your grandfather
would be really proud
that you're trying so hard
to find it again.
Five years.
Haven't given up yet, so...
It'll happen.
What's up, Charlotte?
You didn't come here
to talk about my family,
did you?
I really need
an oil change.
Oil change?
I changed it a month ago.
I have been doing
a lot of driving.
6,000 miles?
- Maybe.
- Wow.
Do you have money?
What, you're charging me now?
I'll give you a coupon.
I didn't...
I didn't come here
to get an oil change,
but the word "change"
is important.
Look, I've changed,
okay, James?
I can see.
I can see that
this, this fear,
it's irrational maybe,
of the whole wedding thing,
but I mean,
this time,
you really showed me,
you know?
I am over the fear.
Do you still want to marry me?
I do...
I deserve that, yeah,
and you deserve to be mad,
but listen,
in 30 days,
I am going to be
at that altar.
Okay, look,
I love you...
there's a reason
you haven't gone through
with it.
I'll be there!
You'll see.
I canceled everything,
Charlotte, okay?
Church, guests,
caterers, all of it.
There's nowhere for you
to be in 30 days.
I'm not going to let him
be the one who got away.
That's rich.
Look, I know
my track record, okay,
but I can see clearly now.
The rain is gone,
and you can see
all obstacles
in your way.
Gone are the dark clouds
that had me blind.
Okay, ha-ha.
You laugh,
but I'm going
to make him believe in me.
It's so obvious.
The wedding.
One slight hiccup...
you said he already canceled
the wedding...
So I'm going
to uncancel it.
No, no, no, no,
I'm going to...
I'm going to do
better than that.
I'm going to give him
the wedding of his dreams.
I'm going to organize it
and design it,
and most importantly,
I'm going to be there.
In 30 days,
I'm going
to say "I do!"
[mother, on Skype]: I'm sorry
for not taking you seriously,
but James is right.
You won't go through with it.
Just promise you'll come.
Real estate
is booming in New York.
I hardly have
a minute to myself,
much less another trip
across the country
to watch you say you won't.
I won't.
You know,
if your father was still alive,
he would agree with me.
You're a lovely girl, Charlotte.
You're just not meant
to get married.
It's a new age, dear.
Spinster doesn't have
the same stigma it used to.
Bad connection, Mom,
got to go.
Call me any time.
Love you.
Love you.
Planning a wedding?
Planning a wedding.
Right, yeah.
Let's make a list.
yes, good.
Wedding dress.
Wedding dress!
You already
have one...
I didn't keep them.
You're only supposed
to wear them once, right?
Number three
was only a month away.
You didn't shop for a dress?
I was putting it off.
Okay, now you're going
to be putting it on.
So that's number one.
Venue... church.
What church did he want,
same one?
Yeah, yeah, James never wanted
to do it outside.
Book the church.
Flowers, new invites...
everyone's going to need
to be told it's back on.
Cake, food, music...
band or D.J.?
I'm good!
I'm good!
Ooh, pretty, pretty
Ooh, ooh
Ooh, pretty woman
Pretty, pretty
Ooh, pretty woman
Oh, my gosh.
look at this one.
Oh, no...
Charlotte, look.
He'll die.
Oh, no, no, no.
This one.
It just... it just gushes.
So do you.
You would look dashing.
Oh, best not to use
the word "dash".
Well, there is a number
of selections upstairs.
We could run up there
and take a look.
Ix-nay on the un-ray.
I can't...
I can't do this.
It's okay, we'll...
we'll ease into it.
Okay, all right.
What are you doing here?
Your delivery van
is due for maintenance.
Didn't you do that
last week?
Did I?
Oh, yes, allergies.
It's not allergy season.
It is somewhere.
So how did it go?
How did what go?
Didn't you have a meeting
with the lady from the magazine
Yes, but no.
I wasn't feeling well,
so it's today.
well, good luck.
I meant
what I said.
I'm going to be
at the altar this time.
I've been planning
our whole wedding
by myself.
Is that what this is?
did you break into hives
shopping for a wedding dress?
I have to get
back to work.
That's her.
How do I look?
Ms. Sweeney.
Oh, please,
it's Nicole.
Nice to meet you.
I don't know
how you do it,
surrounded by all this.
At least I spend
most of my days
in a publishing office.
Well, it's actually not
a problem these days.
I physically can't eat it
without getting
some sort of reaction.
You're allergic?
Yep, started a few years ago.
And you make chocolate?
Well, I still remember
the flavors,
so I do it
by smell.
I'm kind of
a chocolate sommelier.
It's weird.
No, it's extraordinary.
The same thing
happens to me
when I eat strawberries.
My skin gets
all prickly.
It's terrible...
but I don't make
fruit tarts for a living.
You know, the irony
of your situation,
that is something
I can market.
I'm already seeing
the cover.
Charlotte, confectionary genius,
can't enjoy
her own creations,
savors the world!
clears throat]
I think you met Hannah.
- Yes, hello.
- Nice to see you again.
Well, uh,
let me show you the factory.
Well, we have our own farm
in South America,
and then the beans
are imported fresh,
and they are cooked, mixed,
and melted here.
How do you derive
your unique flavors?
Um, there's no exact formula.
It's more instinct.
A dabble here, a dabble there,
maybe a little cross-breed
this bean with that.
It's instinct.
It's a gift.
and Charlotte.
Nicole, this is Oscar.
It's very nice
to meet you.
This is his shop.
Was his shop.
Yes, well...
I worked for Oscar
for 10 years,
and then
I bought it from him
two years ago.
I've had a love
for all things chocolate
ever since the very first time
I went trick-or-treating.
I even went as a chocolate bar
one year.
Anyway, um,
Oscar taught me
everything I know.
She taught me
all the things I didn't.
If God allowed me
to pick a granddaughter,
it would be this young lady.
That's very sweet.
Yeah, well,
Oscar hand-makes everything,
so he really is the Picasso.
Ah, but it's the flavors
that has those people
lined up outside the door.
Me, I'm just an extension
of her brush.
Well, these look great.
thank you.
So tell me more
about this new flavor
you're coming up with.
Oh, it's
a salty-sweet combination
with a couple
of twists.
I'm still in
the testing phase,
but it's getting
really close.
I think it's going
to be one of our most
popular flavors yet.
Well, have you thought
of expanding?
Oh, yes,
a second store to start,
and then my ultimate dream
is to have
a shop in Times Square.
No, not at all,
and if you win this contest,
anything's possible,
and it's perfect timing.
Open up another shop,
get people in other markets
excited about your current line,
and then, when your buzz
is at an all time high,
you knock it out of the park
with your new chocolate.
Well, that's the plan.
This is something
I take very seriously.
The competition
is stiff.
I've been traveling
all over the country.
So I would like to stay here
for a few days,
get to know the
people who come here,
your employees...
Yeah, that
would be amazing.
Um, this is James, my fian...
He does all our mechanical...
mechanic... stuff.
James, this is...
It's been...
a while.
Wait, what?
You look great.
Not the same girl
you let get away, huh?
Let get away?
It's great to see you.
Great to see you.
Charlotte, this is...
Nicole, yeah.
Yeah. I'm aware of that.
I just introduced her to you.
Yeah, no, um...
that Nicole.
That Nicole?
I know...
it's crazy, right?
I had no idea
you were the lady
from the magazine, right?
That's me.
I rebranded it
as Chocolate Monthly,
and everything
just fell into place
after... you and I broke up.
Well, it's great to see you.
Absolutely delightful.
I have some phone calls to make.
We have
a lot to talk about, Charlotte.
we do, too.
I'm staying
at the Starboard Inn.
Small world, huh?
The same Nicole Sweeney,
one of the world's most
renowned chocolate connoisseurs?
That's the Nicole
he was dating before you?
I only knew
her as Nicole.
Wow, for someone
who doesn't like chocolate,
he sure can pick 'em,
can't he?
It's like God
laughing at me
for leaving him
at the altar...
And she has no idea
about the two of you?
No, and I don't
want to tell her.
Why not?
Because it'll complicate
the competition.
Besides, you know
how some women can be.
She'll see me as the one
who stole James's heart.
You mean,
broke his heart?
I mean, if
she finds out
and thinks I'm some
terrible person,
then what is she
supposed to think
about my "fantastic
I mean, you've seen her.
She's gorgeous...
which is so
confusing to me
because James
always described her
as being
so... plain.
Men always say that
about ex-girlfriends.
Doesn't mean anything.
Okay, so what?
She's his ex.
It was, what, like,
five years ago?
He's in love with you.
[breathing heavily]
No, I'm good.
I don't get it.
I could walk through
a whole poppy field in Oz,
but wedding flowers...
Mind over matter.
Mind over matter.
Hello? Jimmy?
So out of all of the
chocolate factories
in all of the world...
You really didn't know
I live around here, huh?
Not at all.
I've never been.
I've never met Charlotte either.
She seems
like a sweet girl.
Yeah, yeah,
Look at you.
Your business has really...
taken off.
But you're still doing
odd jobs
like fixing delivery trucks?
Yeah, you know,
I just...
I like to help out
where I can.
How loyal.
So how have you been?
Like I said, the magazine
is going really well.
That's good.
Uh, small talk
is just so awkward, isn't it?
We have so much
to get caught up on.
I thought you were engaged
a couple of years ago.
I was.
Uh, am, or...
I was.
You were, or you are?
I was.
So, single then?
You know, it's complicated.
I like complicated.
Let's grab dinner.
Yeah, that would be
complicated, too.
Come on,
what are the chances
of us running into each other
like this?
It's fate.
I feel like I'm giving
up all my secrets here,
I've missed you, James.
We haven't seen each other
in five years, Nicole.
All the more reason.
Look, I just...
I can't right now.
I'm swamped
with everything, and...
it's great to see you.
So then coffee, tomorrow.
Yeah, okay.
Sure. Coffee.
There's no such thing as
being allergic to weddings.
You haven't seen it.
I have a garden.
I grow flowers.
Flowers decorate
my office,
but wedding flowers?
I can't stop
Dress materials,
in certain flowers,
food allergens
in a cake, maybe,
but weddings, no.
The only thing
you're allergic to
is chocolate.
Yeah, and isn't that
a cruel joke?
[Nicole]: You know,
when I first read the article
about your chocolate
and how it was
sweeping the area,
and how people
would drive hours
just to come
and have a taste,
that was only half
the story for me.
Your profile was
what impressed me,
the story behind the flavor...
this young, vibrant woman,
her passions,
with business smarts
that could rival
any CEO in the country...
but what hooks me
was your reason
for expanding,
so that more people
could experience
the joy of your creation.
Yeah, it's a bit hokey,
though, huh?
Mm-mm, no.
It's authentic.
So you really think
I have a chance?
My little factory
all the big chocolate giants
out there?
If your new flavor
lives up to your reputation,
you have a real shot.
Great, um...
I'll walk you out.
Could I ask your advice
on something else,
girl to girl?
Of course.
How well do you
know Jimmy?
I mean, I know
he works for you,
but other than that.
Oh, I'd say
pretty well.
He just seems so...
He does?
Clearly, he's still jilted
by his ex-girlfriend,
or ex-fiance,
whatever she was.
I think he's
still engaged.
That's not what he said.
Oh, he didn't?
What did he say?
I went to his place
earlier today.
It's clear
he still has his walls up.
He didn't go into detail,
but a woman can tell,
especially as well
as I know him.
She must have been a very,
very manipulative woman.
Well, I heard that
she was very, very nice,
and that she loves...
loved him a lot.
Like, a lot, a lot.
What about you?
What do you mean?
He's attractive.
You're... cute.
I'm not butting in,
am I?
Butting in?
He doesn't know it yet,
but I intend
on winning him back,
and I thought, well,
maybe you could talk to him
and convince him
people change.
Oh, I knew we were going
to be friends.
If I thought I was stealing
your man,
I would be mortified.
Me too.
[door buzzing]
[door buzzing]
Good morning.
Yeah, it's, uh...
6:30 in the morning.
Oh, is it?
I'm having some car trouble.
I brought coffee.
So, what's wrong
with your car?
It's making
a strange noise.
A strange noise.
What kind of noise?
I don't quite know
how to describe it.
It's not really making
a noise at all, is it?
Okay, I just
wanted to talk.
And it couldn't have waited?
I have to ask
you something.
Well, okay,
ask away.
Is there still, like,
a thing between you two?
No, I...
She thinks
there is.
I doubt it.
Why didn't you
tell her about us?
Look, I just...
I know how she can be,
and unfortunately,
it could jeopardize
your chances
of winning
the contest...
but look...
there is nothing
between the two of us.
You mean...
the two of you?
But obviously,
we should keep us
to ourselves, right?
Well, I mean,
that's up to you, okay?
but knowing Nicole,
yeah, that's probably
for the best.
Now I'm going to go
get ready for the day.
Thank you for that.
Invites are
going out soon.
moving forward.
I'll believe it
when I see it.
I'm counting on that.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Okay, I'm practically
busting at the seams.
I've kept something
from you,
and I don't like
doing that.
I feel like you and I
should be 100% honest
with one another.
Yeah, agree.
Look, there's something
that I...
You don't have
to be nervous.
It hasn't been
announced yet,
and you have
to be sworn to secrecy.
Cross your heart.
cross my heart.
Brace yourself.
The winner...
will have
a storefront...
in Times Square.
You're joking?
But that's...
Your dream.
I know.
You in New York City.
Anything is possible.
Your life is about
to change, young lady.
It is?
I mean,
I can't choose favorites,
but if your new flavor
lives up to everything
you've done...
I'm just saying.
Your ship
has sailed in,
and it's made of chocolate.
Yeah, wow again.
Okay. We need to send out invites,
so we need addresses and numbers
of James' family and friends.
Oh, he has all that.
Okay. Check.
James doesn't like roses.
Light pink.
Okay, pink,
Maid of Honor,
working on that.
I emailed Mrs. Goodmanson.
I am reordering the same dress
from the second attempt.
She said it should be ready
by the wedding.
Good, check.
[doorbell ringing]
Okay, I know
I should have called,
but I sometimes get these
spontaneous thoughts,
and I just...
I can't help myself.
Let's hang!
Okay, yeah, let's.
Ms. Sweeney! Hi!
Oh, I didn't realize
you had company.
Oh, it's all right.
We're just hanging.
What is that?
What is what?
We were playing
a game of Pictionary.
Oh, I love games!
Let's play games.
- Yes, let's.
- Yeah!
I'm so tired of work.
Let's not discuss any business,
Okay, I'm going
to go heat this up.
I'm going to go
pop it in the oven.
Oh, you know what?
I got it.
It's okay...
make yourself at home.
So what was it?
what was what?
What were you drawing?
Oh... that's the problem.
I'm such a terrible drawer.
I can't even remember
Oh, come on,
that's half the fun.
Let me see.
No, I...
I'm terribly embarrassed.
Uh, you know what?
I was thinking,
why don't we
just go out?
I brought food.
I'm just so...
stir crazy.
That was the word!
It was stir...
That's charades.
We're flexible.
[Charlotte]: So flexible
that we thought,
let's just get out of here,
you know.
Let's just go out,
have some fun.
What's going on?
I am very confused.
That's because
it's very confusing.
Do tell.
All right.
turns out
I'm the terrible,
manipulative woman
who broke James' heart.
You said
there was nothing...
That's 'cause
we broke up...
sort of.
I kind of...
called off the wedding
a few days ago.
Didn't you already do that
once before?
and listen, I'm just...
I'm trying to
prove to James
that it was
a huge mistake.
He planned
all of the weddings before,
so now I'm planning
the next one.
That's what we were doing.
Well, I don't understand
why you wouldn't just tell me.
well, I tried,
but we got distracted,
and I just...
I didn't really know
how to word it...
because you have
a history with James,
and you care about him...
and suddenly,
I was the Wicked Witch
of the West.
And you thought
it was going
to get
in the way of the contest.
I mean, what kind of girl
do you think I am?
An ex-girlfriend?
I don't blame you.
I would have done
the same thing.
I'm really sorry
I mislead you,
and I really hope
that we can still have
an open, honest
if there is still
a relationship.
With James?
No... us?
Do you love him?
Oh, yes,
very, very much.
Well, then I won't interfere.
You're not upset?
As long as
you promise me...
you're not going
to break his heart again.
Yeah, never.
Thank you so much.
when's the big day?
Uh, 25, 24-ish days.
And he's aware?
More or less.
Which one?
It's complicated.
Well, I'm so happy for you.
You have quite the month,
with the contest
and expanding business,
and now you're getting married.
Lucky girl.
The food's on me.
I'm going
to leave you two at it.
I really wish you and James
the best...
I won't get
in the way.
Uh, thanks again, and...
have a good night.
Do you believe a word
of what she just said?
Not a one.
Why wouldn't you
just tell me?
I was worried
it might interfere
with you
and Charlotte.
That's what Charlotte said.
That's nonsense.
I told her the same thing.
I'm happy for you.
Look, I know
I came on pretty strong,
but I couldn't help myself.
I mean,
you're a pretty great catch.
Am I?
I can't imagine a girl
letting you out of her sight
for a moment.
You are far more
forgiving than me.
The girl has a track record,
and in this case,
literally a track record.
She actually ran.
Yeah, I know,
I was there.
Thank you, though.
What makes it so different
this time?
What's changed?
I'm kind of waiting
to find out.
[Nicole]: Okay, sure,
it's a sweet gesture
on her part,
but I would hate
to see you get hurt...
Seems to me
she's only doing this
because you've said no for real
this time...
and they say people want
what they can't have.
Once she has you...
poof, she's gone!
I'm just saying this
as your friend, of course.
Of course.
I'm so sorry!
[fake British accent]
Go about your business.
Nothing to see here.
[Nicole]: You just need
to look out for yourself.
You're so forgiving.
Yeah, would you give me one sec?
I just...
one second.
[clearing throat]
[fake British accent]
Oh, excuse me, sir.
I'm really sorry,
I'm late for work.
Oh, do I know you?
No, definitely not.
You're that chocolate lady,
aren't you?
Are you serious?
What is all this?
[normal voice]:
I... mm...
Look, she just...
come on, look
at her, right?
She's charming,
and she's trying to charm you.
No, we were
just catching up.
Oh, yeah, I bet.
Look, she knows
about us.
I know, she told me.
She knows about me...
my track record.
That, too, yep.
Well, and she
wants you.
That doesn't mean
I want her.
Well, maybe
not now,
but wait until
she's like...
"Well, I would have never
left you at the altar,
and I would never
let you go,
and you're the one for me,
I mean, she's not going
to say it exactly like that,
but she's going to...
Just say what,
that she's happy for me,
and that you're
a great girl,
and that the two of us
look cute together?
She said that?
You're paranoid.
No, just, just...
How are the wedding plans
Don't mock me.
I'm not.
for your information,
they are going
very well, okay?
I am going to give you
the wedding of your dreams.
Oh, really?
What's your escape route
going to be this time?
Not funny.
I'm serious.
I know, train, right?
It's going to take place
at the train station.
You are so funny
that I forgot to laugh.
You want to come in
and have some coffee?
What, with her?
Come on,
are you kidding?
1966 Beaumont
[Oscar]: Do you think
that's your grandfather's car?
white interior.
VIN number?
- Hang on.
- Uh-huh.
This is it...
this is it!
Going up for auction
in 10 days.
I can't believe it!
When did this come out?
This morning.
I thought it looked
like the same one.
You don't get
that color combo
very often,
so I came over.
This is incredible.
I've been looking for this
for five years.
I mean,
what are the chances?
Thank you, Oscar,
thank you!
Oh, ho, ho.
Man, I sure wish
my grandfather
could see it.
Well, it's something
you can pass down
to your grandchildren.
That's starting to look
less and less likely
these days.
She's trying,
you know.
Hasn't really been herself.
I hardly recognize her.
Look, I know
she's let you down,
but I'm really hoping
you can give her
another chance.
A third.
She really does mean it.
Truth is, Oscar...
I don't think I could ever
actually say no to her...
But I have to admit,
it's kind of nice seeing her
work for it, you know?
Why not let her sweat it out
a bit?
yeah, she's sweating.
Good luck
with that car.
Thank you!
Thank you.
I'll take you
for the first spin.
And I'll look forward to it.
So I heard that
the wedding is back on.
That's the plan.
Well, third
time's a charm.
You know, it really is meant
to be a sacred institution,
not to be entered into
I guess
that's why it wasn't.
Well, not too many people
trust their feelings
up to the last minute...
or last second,
in your case.
I thought
I was being a coward.
Cowardice would be
getting married
when you weren't
ready to embrace
what it really means
to be husband and wife.
I'll take it...
but listen,
it's very important
that it happens at the church.
It's James' church,
and he really wants
to have the wedding here.
Well, there is
a luncheon scheduled
for the day
that you requested.
I could have it moved
if you're certain.
Absolutely certain.
Oh, my gosh,
thank you.
Thank you so much.
It's really going
to mean the world to him.
And you.
And me.
But remember,
commitment starts
with getting through
the entire ceremony...
and God will be
and judging...
Roseanne's Wedding Cakes...
should be right about...
Oh, hi.
What are you doing?
Uh, just...
shopping, and...
you too?
Oh, it's just
a little something
I picked up
for James.
I just want to help him
spruce up a little.
Think of it
as a favor to you.
I like the way he's spruced.
Most men just don't get
their full potential.
Have you ever seen him dressed
in anything other
than a pair of jeans and boots?
Uh... no.
There you go...
and you, my friend,
might be
on the cover of my magazine.
I'll take you shopping, too.
So, your big moment's
coming up.
The tasting, I mean,
not your wedding.
How's your new creation
coming along?
Just... great.
Well, I should get going.
[Nicole clearing throat]
It's me.
I got you a little something.
For me?
Yes, for you.
let's see what we got.
You like?
They're, uh...
They're nice.
They're... classy.
Well, I think
you deserve classy.
Why did you buy me
I was out,
and I saw them,
and I figured
I would surprise you.
Maybe we can have
that dinner...
a dress-up dinner.
We've hardly had
a chance to catch up.
Not tonight.
Well, what about tomorrow?
let's talk tomorrow...
but thank you
very much.
I haven't bought myself
new clothes
in a long time.
You're very welcome.
Do you have time
to have a quick tea?
Yeah, sure.
Uh, quick tea.
One quick tea.
Let me run these
and I will be
right back.
"Chocolate connoisseur!"
"The sommelier
of confectionary!"
I mean,
who does she think she is,
and why is she
judging me?
Try and keep your eye
on the prize, all right?
The pen really is mightier
than the sword,
so wait until after
the tasting's over,
after she loves
your new flavor
and names you
the winner,
then let her know
what you really think.
You know what?
I bet she's going
to try and take him out
to the most expensive dinner
that she can possibly afford,
and then she's going
to impress him
with all
of her world travel
and celebrity hob-nobbing,
flatter him with all the things
that they have in common.
That won't impress James.
Yeah, well, most men don't know
their full potential.
just go see him
and tell him why
you're the one.
No, I have.
Then tell him again.
He needs to
keep hearing it
until he knows
your full potential.
but what am I supposed to say?
I mean,
I've already said
my car is making
every single noise
in the whole wide world.
We still need
his guest list.
That's a valid reason.
Guest list...
She really is,
like, an artist.
I mean...
you should put that
in your magazine.
Well, she hasn't won
the competition yet.
Wait until you try
her chocolate.
You don't even
like chocolate.
Then just ask
They come
from all over.
How are you not furious
at her?
She left you
at the altar.
Most girls
don't get the chance
to say I do,
much less I don't.
It wasn't like that.
What about you?
I would have thought
you would have gotten married.
Oh, no.
I never met the right man
after you.
I wasn't the right guy.
I think you were...
you just weren't
Mr. Right Now.
Story of my life.
I wasn't ready.
Story of my life.
I think about it, though.
Think about what?
My wedding that never was,
my dream wedding.
I mean,
what girl doesn't?
I'm sorry,
it's probably not a good subject
with what you've been through.
No, no.
No, it's fine.
I want to hear about it,
You're going to think
I'm silly.
Try me.
All right.
I want to serve...
popcorn and funnel cakes
at the reception.
Are you serious?
I just told you.
No, that's just...
it's ironic...
because that's my plan.
Come on!
I mean, who would have thought?
[Nicole]: Well, I want there
to be traditional wedding things
as well.
but I don't like roses.
Come on.
What color?
Yeah, that's...
Oh, I have a whole list.
I mean, how is it
even possible?
She wants carnival food
at her wedding, too,
and light-pink peony
is her favorite flower?
Just a coincidence?
Yeah, but what if it isn't?
What if they're meant to be?
Don't say that.
You should have
heard them, Hannah.
Moment of truth.
All right.
Yeah, unreal.
I love
the hint of strawberry.
No, no hint.
Yeah, definitely a hint.
Oh, my gosh,
I must've mixed it in.
I got distracted!
I can't...
she's allergic.
She got under your skin.
It happens.
Yeah, well, that's exactly
what's going to happen
if she eats that batch.
It's going
to get under her skin.
Her throat's going
to get all prickly.
I'm just going to have to create
a whole other batch.
Everything is going wrong.
I don't know, Hannah...
I give up.
Just a few hiccups.
You make a new batch.
In the meantime,
we have
a wedding to plan,
and you're not giving up
on that either.
- But...
- No buts.
The last thing on our checklist
is the invites, right?
Which I didn't even get
from him last night.
You go concentrate
on the chocolate.
I'll go to get the list.
we're a team, right?
We got this.
You look amazing.
What's the occasion?
I have an appointment.
An appointment?
an appointment
is when you go to the doctor.
You're dressed to impress.
Well, that too,
and I'm late.
What's up?
Charlotte asked if I could get
the guest list from you.
The guest list?
We're sending out
the invites.
The wedding's on.
They'll be there,
and so will she.
Well, look,
it's in here somewhere.
I'm really late.
I've got to run.
Feel free
to have a look.
For your "appointment."
Light-pink peonies?
A list?
Everything you overheard
Nicole say she liked.
She obviously saw this
before she told him any of that.
So she was playing him.
and she still is.
He looks all dressed up,
on his way to an "appointment."
An appointment?
I bet.
You better figure out
a way to stall him.
He's dressed to kill,
trust me.
Well, where is
this so-called appointment?
I didn't ask.
Never mind.
I have an idea.
[phone ringing]
Hello, Charlotte.
Hey, James.
Uh, listen,
I am so sorry to bother you,
but I'm stuck
on the side of the road,
and every service station
I called
said they can't send anybody
for an hour.
What's wrong?
My car just... died.
So... could you come
and take a look at it?
I'm on my way somewhere,
and I'm already running late.
You know me, I probably just
turned the wrong knob
or something.
Pretty please?
Cherry on top?
Where are you?
look at you,
looking all snazzy.
Yeah, do you like it?
Looks okay.
It's growing on me.
I bet it is.
What did your car
do before it quit?
I don't know,
it just sort of...
Well, look,
your cap wires are loose.
Not sure how they could have
just fallen off like that.
Okay, there.
Go ahead and try
and start it.
What are you doing?
Big hurry, huh?
I bet.
Yeah, and I'm
already running late.
What are you...?
My keys are in there!
Oh, are they?
What's wrong with you?
What, yours is locked, too?
I have to be there
in 15 minutes!
I'm never going
to make it in time now!
Oh, yeah, and I bet
it's real important.
Looking all snap.
The new James Cooper.
She's got you all
bundled up and packaged
just the way
she likes it, huh?
What are you talking about?
Don't worry,
she'll get over it.
You think...
you think
this is for her?
Ah, yeah.
Charlotte, I was
on my way to the auction,
to bid on my grandfather's car.
Say what?
Oscar found it, the one
I've been looking for
for the past five years?
The one
he restored himself.
The one
I've been waiting for
to come back
onto the market.
It did, okay,
and the auction's today.
Oh, crud.
Is there still time?
It was sold
10 minutes ago.
All right.
Who's the numbskull
who locked the keys
in both cars?
Hello, Oscar.
Good afternoon,
Ms. Sweeney.
Is Charlotte here?
She's out.
What can I do for you?
Well, I'm just making sure
everything's on track
for Saturday.
There's going
to be a lot of press,
and, well,
I just want to make sure
she doesn't leave me
at the altar.
Ah, yes.
is this it?
No, she's still blending
the final mix.
It's not quite right yet.
But it'll be ready
for Saturday?
Oh, yes.
And it's going to be terrific,
isn't it?
If you're fair,
it'll be the most amazing thing
you've ever consumed.
Well, this is
the new concept wrapping
she showed me
for her new chocolate.
It is.
I'm dying for a taste.
Well, if you eat that one,
you'll wish you were.
Were what?
Why, what's wrong with it?
Charlotte mentioned you get
a reaction to strawberries.
Oh, yes.
Thank you.
let Charlotte know
that I'm going to call her
with details.
Of course.
Why wouldn't I be fair?
Because nothing's ever fair
in love and chocolate...
is it?
Thank you,
You're welcome.
That is bad.
I don't think
he's ever going to
speak to me again.
I wouldn't
if I was him.
Thank you.
It's my fault...
bad intel.
No, look,
it's mine.
I'm the one who's
acting stupid.
It's just her.
I don't ever want
to see her face again.
[phone ringing]
Now, that's funny.
Isn't it, though?
I want to apologize.
For what?
I admit I have been...
trying to win James over...
but business is business.
Oscar said your new flavor
will be ready for the tasting
on Saturday.
Yes, it's really close.
I respect that.
What do you say we shelve
our current competition
and focus on the one
that matters most at the moment.
For how long?
Until after the competition.
A momentary
How diplomatic.
It's the one.
Absolutely magical.
Talk to me.
Oh, it's nothing.
It's just...
I made this for him, too.
Thought maybe
he'd finally like chocolate.
Engine trouble?
I know you're mad at me...
but I'd really like you
to come tomorrow.
Never been a big fan
of chocolate.
You know that.
I think you'll like this one.
I made it for people
like you,
people I'm...
trying to win over.
Hey, Charlotte.
Hey, Jimmy.
No slacking off!
It honestly wasn't planned.
I literally just
bumped into her.
Yeah, right.
That's a violation
of our terms!
We never defined
our terms.
Uh, what terms
are we...
Listen, just come tomorrow.
Biggest day of my life,
and it won't mean anything
if you're not there.
You do know the irony
of what you just said, right?
I'll think about it.
It's a large crowd,
eagerly anticipating
the moment
that Charlotte unveils
her new, secret flavor,
and none other
than Nicole Sweeney,
founder and editor in chief
of Chocolate Monthly
and one of the world's
leading chocolate connoisseurs,
has been touring
the country
to name
America's best chocolate,
shall be the first
to taste this new creation.
It's not just
the most original
and best-tasting
that will win the award
and be on the cover
of my magazine,
but it's also the story
behind the chocolate
that's very important.
Who is Charlotte Bennett?
What drives her?
What itch does she
like to scratch?
[reporter]: Hold that thought.
Here she comes now.
Bon appetit.
Are you ready
for your big moment, Charlotte?
I am, Nicole.
And you're confident
that this is the best
you have to offer?
Never more so in my life.
That's a lot to live up to
for a woman
of your reputation.
I've made a lot of mistakes
in the past, Nicole,
but I believe the key to
making a great chocolate
is learning from
those mistakes
and being true
to yourself.
Only then
is what you have to offer
I believe that's
a word you use a lot
in your reviews.
So, your new flavor
is called "S.J."?
What does this mean?
It's personal.
Very clever.
Add a shroud of mystery
and create a buzz
all of its own.
[clearing throat]
My throat...
it's all prickly.
I'm allergic
to strawberries!
There's strawberry in this!
I told you
I was allergic to strawberry.
I can taste strawberry
in this!
No, I would never
do that!
Jimmy, let's go.
I need water!
I need water.
No, I...
She's going to write
a review so bad,
no one will ever buy
my chocolate again.
James will never marry me.
It's over.
Oh, this will pass.
There's more chocolate
to be made.
how could this happen?
There were no strawberries.
Perhaps one dash too many
of something else.
Back to the
drawing board,
but first...
I want to show you something
that's going to cheer you up.
Come on.
Come on!
there we go.
Keep them closed.
Okay, keep them closed.
Oh, okay.
Here we go.
Keep them closed.
Over here,
keep them closed...
and one more...
step a little bit.
There we go,
open them!
It's his
grandfather's car!
Oscar, how did you...
Well, I contacted
the auction house,
and they forwarded
my information
to the buyer.
He got ahold of
me right away
after he heard
the situation.
Lives a few miles
from here.
What, really?
Turns out...
the man has a weakness
for your chocolate.
I threw in
an extra gift
by offering
chocolate for life.
if you ask me.
Yeah, it's a...
it's an amazing bargain.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
Oh, you're welcome.
Go call him.
Uh, no.
I think James has probably
had enough of me.
I'll just have someone
bring it to his garage.
You know, I really thought
he was going to like chocolate
this time.
Wait a minute.
Who cleared the table?
I did. Why?
Where's the wrapper from
the piece of chocolate
that Nicole ate?
Oh, it's right over here.
What are you doing?
Okay, look.
This is the strawberry
batch, right?
The one I mixed
the other day.
I got distracted,
I made a mix,
but I shoved it,
There's one missing.
Okay, look.
It's a blank wrapper,
but the new ones
all had S.J. engraved on them.
You must have accidentally
mixed them up.
No, no, no,
somehow, she...
she did it on purpose.
How would she even get it?
We're the only ones
that even knew
these other ones existed.
not exactly true.
So, you feeling
any better?
A little bit.
I'm still
so humiliated.
Well, I mean,
it was obviously a mistake.
A mistake?
She did it on purpose.
I could tell by the way
she was looking at me
when I ate the thing,
there was something
up with her.
No, why would she sabotage
the biggest moment of her life?
Well, I think
it's pretty obvious.
She knows
that the two of you are over,
and she knows the reason why.
When did you
steal it, Nicole?
Steal what?
The piece of chocolate
with the strawberry in it.
So you admit it.
Look, the only thing I admit
is that I got distracted
one day,
and I added some
strawberry to a mixture
that I never
intended for you,
but I put it
in the back, and...
look, somehow,
she took a piece.
She found one,
and she took a piece.
Look, this...
Okay, this is just
a generic wrapper.
The one
I gave you
had S.J. embossed
on the wrapper.
You switched them!
Oh, my goodness,
you're losing your mind.
You really think
that I would
purposefully give myself
a severe allergic reaction?
When you dropped it
on the floor,
that's when you made the switch.
I can't believe
that you went
through all of that
just to make me look
like a horrible person
in front of James.
Just let me say this, okay,
and then I'm gone.
She doesn't know you
the way that I do,
and she doesn't know
how you brush my hair
out of my face,
and you'd find
ridiculous reasons
to fix my car,
but it's really just because
you want to see me.
You were always
so selfless,
and you made me feel so loved
and so special and important
and so lucky
that I had someone like you
in my life
when I needed you.
I love you,
and I want to be your wife,
and everything is ready,
and I am going to be there.
Do you think
he's actually going to be there
after everything you've done?
I do.
I'm sorry.
Been looking for you
since last night.
You weren't home.
I spent the night
at Hannah's.
Kind of thought
I might find you here,
since this is where
you always used to come
after we had
a fight.
We also almost
got married here once,
if you remember.
You deserve
so much better, James.
what's better?
Well, for one,
someone who doesn't
leave you at the altar...
Yeah, I guess
that's the least
one could ask for.
The Charlotte Bennett
who was going to marry me
two years ago
wasn't ready to be married,
but I made her feel
like she was supposed to be...
and the Charlotte Bennett
who was supposed
to marry me a year ago
was trying to make up
for what she did
the year before that.
This year's Charlotte Bennett,
now, that's complicated,
but I think this year's
Charlotte Bennett...
is ready
to get married.
Why would James Cooper
still want to marry me?
Because you like
how I brush the hair
out of your eyes...
and how I come up
with reasons
to fix your car
or your delivery truck
when they're perfectly fine...
and you know
that you make me
feel so loved,
and important,
and smart.
Even after I broke
your heart?
You didn't break
my heart.
You're what keeps it beating.
Try it.
I'm not big on chocolate.
Yeah, I know.
It's different
this time.
Just try it.
What does S.J.
stand for?
Sweet James.
Oh, my goodness.
You like it?
This isn't chocolate.
This is an out of body
Oh, you shouldn't
eat that!
How long does it take
before you...?
No, it's immediate.
I'm back to me!
That's good...
you still have
a wedding to plan.
You are
the love of my life
And I'm so glad
you found me
You are
the love of my life
Baby, put your arms
around me
Yeah, 'cause this is
how it feels
When you finally find
something real
My angel in the night
You are my love
The love of my life
You look stunning.
Are you ready to do this?
I am.
Look at you.
Look at that.
Sweet ride.
Any idea
how this happened?
They say a little rain
on your wedding day
is good luck, right?
Where's Charlotte?
She'll be here any minute.
Now, go on and take your place,
go on.
Hey, boys,
looking good.
Where the heck is she?
All right,
that's it.
Where did you put the ring?
You didn't
give me the ring.
You had it last.
No! What?
No, I...
Oh, my gosh,
I left it at work.
Don't panic,
I'll get it.
I'll meet you
at the church.
Okay, okay, thanks.
You can drive in that?
I can do anything today.
I do.
Best day ever.
No, no, no.
Come on, that's right.
You've got it, yeah.
Don't, don't,
don't, don't, don't...
don't, don't even...
Oh, my gosh.
Where's my phone?
Where's my phone?
It's in my purse...
which is in my house.
This isn't happening.
Ugh, what did I do
to deserve this?
Never mind.
Okay, what would James do?
Oh, come on.
[engine sputtering]
Got it.
Got what?
The ring.
Charlotte left it at the office.
Where's the bride?
I thought she
was with you.
I don't know.
Thank you.
You didn't.
No, my car broke down...
for real this time.
Get in.
Thank you.
Thank you so much!
Okay, it's just...
it's just...
just drive.
I don't know, Hannah.
Just tell her
I'm at home, okay?
I can't do this anymore.
[James]: Hi.
- You good?
- Yeah.
Well, let's
get married.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Let's begin.
Do you, James Cooper,
take Charlotte
to be your wife?
I do.
Do you, Charlotte Bennett,
take James
to be your husband?
You may exchange the rings.
You may now kiss
as husband and wife.
[propellers whirring]