Yes or No 2.5 (2015) Movie Script

I'm hungry.
Give me a second.
Can you eat the fruit too?
You know I hate fruit.
Stop forcing me to eat them.
They're full of vitamin C.
Just eat them, okay?
It's good for you. Here.
-Just one bite.
Just a tiny bit.
No way.
Was that so hard?
Refreshing, right?
So delicious.
It was on your mouth.
On my mouth...
It's good for you. Eat lots.
I know it's good for me.
Hey. It's too much.
Where are the rest?
Why are you the only one here?
Jib wanted to see a concert.
Is that why the owner
has to close up shop all alone?
Aww. Poor thing.
Hey, stop talking so much, partner.
Come on. Let's go home. I'm tired.
Okay. Home it is.
Give me a moment.
You've been gone all day.
I miss you so much.
Come on. Let's go home.
Here. Let me help.
Oh. Thank you.
You just moved in?
And I'm sorry for making so much noise
this early in the morning.
My name is Fa. Nice to meet you.
Pleased to be your neighbor.
Hey, Fa!
You live here, Wine?
What a coincidence!
So... you know each other?
Fa was my Junior in college.
Fa, this is...
Pii, my roommate.
You moved all the way from campus?
That's right. It's my fourth year,
so I want a little bit of change.
This place is beautiful,
the location's good, and it's close,
so I moved here with your ex-crush.
Come again?
Hey, girl.
Wine lives right across from us.
It's so meant to be.
This is Jade,
Pim's boyfriend.
Jade, they were...
our Seniors.
Don't you have to meet a client?
Get going. You're already late.
Oh, yeah... Sorry, I forgot.
If you'll excuse me.
I'll see you later.
Wow! New design, ultra slim....
and so much longer! Want to try it?
Nah. The other one's good enough.
Why change?
Well, if you don't try,
how will you know if the new one's better?
-Come on. Just one.
-You try it if you want.
I want the same one.
I want this one.
Please? Pretty please?
Fine. The same one then...
The same one is fine. Let's go.
We're buying the same thing.
Hey, ladies.
What's up?
What are you shopping for?
Nothing. Just buying stuff for the room.
Hey, are you guys hungry?
Eat at my restaurant?
You own a restaurant?
It's near here.
-Do you want to go?
-Yes! I'm so hungry. Let's go.
-Let's go.
-Let's go.
-Let's go.
-Let's go.
-Let's go.
-Come on.
Wow! This is all mine?
You've gone through so much trouble.
It's really nothing. This meal is on us.
Dig in!
Let's eat.
You're not eating?
I'll be back later.
Open up, darling.
Good girl.
Pii, what the heck?
Think hard...
before getting close to her again.
I know.
I'm still not over her.
Don't you want to find someone new?
It might help you get over Pim.
There's just no one--
There's no one
or are you not paying attention?
Hey... there's Fa.
I think you two seem quite close.
Right? Plus, Fa seems to... fancy you.
-I don't think--
Don't put up a wall.
It doesn't hurt to try.
Here. Start eating.
It's not hard...
to make sushi... if you have the will.
Let's try it together, shall we?
First, wet your hands.
Here. Okay.
Wow! You're such a professional!
Of course.
What's this?
Why's it... Let's try again together.
Here. Let's see how you do it.
-So what's next, Pii? This one?
-Give it a try.
It's because you didn't wet your hands.
-My hands are wet. Look.
-No, Fa. Try again.
Why did you stop?
Why did you shout?
You made me jump. Want to be fired?
Fa, you keep going.
Be right back.
What is it with you, Jeed?
I wanted to ask if you want me
to put food on Wine's table now.
But you were busy wooing that girl.
By the way, who was that, boss?
She's such a cutie.
Oh, she's Wine's girl.
What? Then why were you two cuddling?
Cuddling my butt!
I was teaching her how to make sushi.
I'm trying to match Wine with her.
Really? In all these years
I've never seen Wine like anyone.
I'm going to make her like this one.
You just watch.
It's not pretty like the ones you made.
what matters
is the thought you put into it,
not the presentation.
But it's actually kind of cute. Really.
Ready? Wine's hungry.
-Hurry up. Wine's hungry.
One... two... three. Let's go, quick.
I made this myself.
I'm sorry it doesn't look that nice,
but if you...
I think it looks quite appetizing.
I told you she'd like it.
Told you so.
Call me Pirakan, baby.
Pii, enough with it. I'm not buying it.
You don't like this, darling?
How could I like it?
You've been doing this to everyone
since we were in school.
That's quite full. How many rolls
of toilet paper did you use?
Two. How are they? Full enough?
It's... nice and soft.
Must you squeeze so hard?
Hey, a parade.
-At the amusement park? Are you going?
Hey! You should invite Fa!
This is a working trip.
Then just work for a little bit,
and spend the rest of the time with her.
Have a bit of fun.
If a given thought makes you sad...
don't hold on to it.
Let it go to make space for someone new.
Or else...
if you still can't find anyone...
I'll sacrifice my body...
and be your wife.
Are you crazy? All hell would break loose.
If you don't want all hell to break loose,
learn to open up your heart.
Even just a little bit.
As for the rest, leave it up to...
Pirakan the Cupid.
Alright? Is that okay?
Is that okay?
That's enough. Stop.
I... need help with something.
Come. Come here.
-Do my makeup.
It's just that I have to go
to a party on campus,
and the theme is fancy.
However, I don't know how to do my makeup,
so I want you to do it for me.
I want to look drop-dead gorgeous.
Hey... Are you free tomorrow?
Of course I am.
And do you like amusement parks?
Yes, yes, yes!
I love amusement parks so much!
Great. I'll tell Wine then.
So I'm going with Wine?
Done. You can open your eyes now.
Wow. Your eyes look so beautiful!
Wow, Fa...
I'm so damn pretty.
Thank you so much. It's so pretty!
I-I'm sorry.
I-I'll clean it up.
Thank you so much for today, Fa.
I probably couldn't have done this
without you.
It's nothing, Pii. You better get dressed.
I should go now. It's nothing.
But Fa...
wait for me here.
If you get bored,
you can just go for a walk.
I have to get to work.
Okay. Go ahead, Wine.
Hey... Why did you hit me, Mr. Bear?
Mean old Mr. Bear!
Wine is also mean. Everyone's mean to me!
You're leaving me too?
At least...
keep me company for a bit.
Mr. Bear, did you know...
that I have a secret crush on someone?
Someone cute...
and kind.
Her name... is Pii.
Can you tell me why
I can't stop thinking about her?
Oh, but you can't tell Pii, Okay?
Let's make a promise.
This is our hug promise, okay?
Mr. Bear, you have to keep my secret...
love Pirakan more than anything
in the world.
I wonder
if she'll ever have feelings for me.
Please ask her for me, okay?
Sorry, Fa. Have you been waiting long?
It's okay, Wine.
The parade is here.
Want to see it?
Seems like you really like balloons.
Well, Mr. Bear gave it to me.
Isn't it cute?
Mr. Mascot Bear?
Oh, Pii.
So she snuck away to go play with you.
-What do you mean, Wine?
the person who was supposed
to be the bear got sick,
so I had to call on Pii for her help.
Pii wouldn't stop complaining
that I made her close the restaurant.
And how many bears were there
in the amusement park?
We had one per animal.
Didn't you know
that it was Pii?
I really need to get to work.
Is it okay if I drop you off here?
-Sure. Bye.
Fa, what's up?
You don't need to pretend
like nothing happened, Pii.
I found out that you were that bear.
Aren't you going to say something?
like you.
I think we...
Let's just be sisters.
I... say this because...
I actually... do have feelings for you.
But, isn't this already nice as it is?
I just don't want us to be
in a relationship
and have fights and breakup.
Being friends or being sisters...
lasts longer, Fa.
Be my little sister...
like this.
What do you say?
I'm the kind of person who...
says what's on her mind.
If I say that I like you...
I really mean it.
But if you want us to be just sisters...
I'll be that for you.
That was my first kiss.
Are you okay?
Fa, are you okay?
Fa, open the door for me.
What are you doing?
Hey, I have something
to tell you about today.
Today, after we went to the park together,
I've decided to give it a try.
I've given it some thought.
What you said was right.
Maybe being with someone new
will make things better.
That's nice.
I'm happy for you.
Speechless, Cupid?
Thanks you so much.
If it weren't for you, I probably
wouldn't know what to do with my life.
Why is this happening, Fa?
Oh hey, Wine.
Are you going back to the residence too?
-Don't you have an umbrella?
Then you should come with me.
I was about to head back myself.
Let's go.
Wine, there's a puppy.
It's all wet, Wine.
Let me pat you dry.
-What is it?
I... think... you should wear my shirt.
It's... wet.
Shoot! Wine!
-What are you laughing about?
I had just used that handkerchief
on the puppy.
What did you do? Why are you so wet?
You're going to catch a cold.
I'll be fine.
Have you taken any medicine?
Nah. I'm going to bed now anyways.
Don't, Wine. What if it worsens?
How about I make you some soup
and bring you some medicine?
Hurry and change that shirt.
I made you some soup.
Come on in.
Keep me company for a while?
Looks yummy.
So delicious.
So... how was work today?
It was good.
I took some photos for a magazine.
Like, holiday fashion
or something like that.
Then all of the sudden... it poured.
And you wouldn't carry an umbrella.
That is so you.
What can I do?
I've always been like this.
You better take your pills,
so you can go to bed.
Thank you... for taking care of me.
I always care about you.
Thank you so much.
What are you doing?
Wine is sick,
so I made her some soup.
Are you sick?
You're so mean, Pim.
You didn't even make enough for me.
Way to take care of your man.
How are you feeling?
With Pim's soup,
you'll be better in no time.
My girlfriend's a great cook.
Let's go back to your room, Pim,
so Wine can get some rest.
-Take care.
-Get well soon.
Want to see a doctor, Wine?
No. I'm getting better.
Take care of Wine for me.
-I'll be right back.
Can we talk?
do you know
how Wine feels about you?
How can I not know?
Then why are you being nice to her...
and giving her false hope?
You flirted with Jade in front of her.
Do you know how hurt she is?
Now she's sick with a fever...
as if she's dying.
You have a boyfriend.
As for Wine...
she has Fa.
have you ever loved Wine?
My answer won't help.
In the end, nature made women
to be with men.
That can't be changed.
Human nature...
doesn't work like that.
dictate our own nature.
Other people don't matter.
But no matter what you choose...
I want you to make it clear...
so no one has to keep on getting hurt.
I'll let each of you share with the class
what you've translated.
You can choose your favorite line
from a book.
Who shall we start with?
Pimrada, let's start with you.
Yes, Miss.
This is fromWuthering Heights
by Emily Bront.
I personally like this line
because it's the heroine's line.
She's talking about the hero.
"If all else perished, and he remained,
I should still continue to be."
"If all else perished,
and she remained,
I should still continue to be.
And if all else--"
Just a second.
You're a great wordsmith,
but I want to comment on something.
The word "he" refers to a man,
so it shouldn't be "her." Okay?
Yes, Miss.
It might sound wrong for others.
But sometimes I think the word "she"
might be the best word for me.
You'll finish it in no time.
I'm not talented like you.
I think I'll have to, like, take...
Oh, Wine is here.
How was class today?
Not that much fun.
It was so boring.
And... Pim.
Where are you heading?
Are you heading home?
Want a ride?
It's alright. I have a date with Jade.
Hello, ladies!
-What are you up to?
Where are you dragging Pim now?
It's a secret.
Secret? Well, I actually
don't want to know. Just go already.
But you just asked.
Let's go to the movies, Wine.
-Jade's here. Hello, Jade.
-Sit down.
-Sit down, son. Are you kids hungry?
At ease.
They're so cute.
Is there a special event today?
Seems like everyone is here.
I'm sorry for not dressing up properly.
I didn't know--
It's alright, sweetie.
Oh, it's just casual.
-This is casual. Just eat.
-Have some food.
As you know, Mom and Dad,
and Pim's mom and dad,
Pim and I have been together
for a year now.
After we finish exams,
we'll be done with university.
After I graduate, I'll probably
take over my dad's business.
Things will start falling into place.
I'm just a typical man.
All I want is a woman...
to make my life complete.
Today, I want to ask you
for Pim's hand in marriage.
I want your daughter to complete my life.
I'm happy. Both I and my wife
do not protest this.
If Pim's fine with it,
I'll be happy to have Jade
take care of my only daughter.
Thank you, sir.
What do you say, Pim?
We're still young, Jade.
It's this too soon?
I think... I'm not ready yet.
It's not like we're getting engaged
in a day or two.
We'll be graduating soon,
so I want us to be engaged first.
I'm possessive of what's mine, you know.
I'd hate to have someone
steal you away from me.
She's a typical girl.
All girls get shy when their boyfriends
propose out of the blue.
It's normal to panic.
-You two are perfect for each other...
-That's right.
...and both sides of the family approve
of this. No need to worry about it, Pim.
What do you say, Pim?
Will you marry Jade?
Well, then...
I'll let the two of you decide.
Then let's talk about the ceremony.
I'm thinking about a small ceremony,
just family and close friends.
Just a small gathering is enough,
and then when we...
What's the matter with you?
I'm getting engaged to Jade.
What? Engaged to Jade?
Today, Jade asked my mom and dad
for my hand in marriage.
What? Are you serious?
when are you guys getting engaged?
After exams.
After the exams? In less than a month?
Pim, this is your whole life.
Think about this!
Do I still get to choose
when I'm in so deep?
-Where's Wine, Pii?
Wine's showering.
When will she finish?
I have something to consult with you two.
What is it?
Pim's getting engaged to Jade.
Are you joking? This isn't funny.
I'm not trying to be funny, Pii.
Today, Jade asked Pim's parents
for her hand in marriage.
What did Pim say?
Can't you figure it out?
Why would I be here if she had said no?
Wine's running a fever.
Then... I'll get her something hot to eat.
It's not right, isn't it?
still like Pim.
Isn't it difficult to change one's heart?
Pii, right?
Wouldn't it be nice if the heart asked us
before falling for someone?
So what should the two of us do?
Oh, us?
Let's breakup.
I better go now.
Take good care of yourself.
Get better soon.
Stay warm, take your medicine,
and go to sleep.
Then... I better get going.
Can I come in?
Pii... Fa and I...
broke up.
Are you nuts? You were just kissing...
No! We didn't kiss.
Wait... How did you see it?
Just by accident. I didn't mean to pry.
I know about you and Fa.
Don't beat around the bush.
How did you feel...
when you saw Fa and I going in for a kiss?
I feel like...
I'm a little kid...
who lets the balloon flies away...
because I didn't...
hold on tight enough.
And how many more balloons
have to fly away...
before you learn?
I just don't want to get hurt
or disappointed.
Things are good the way they are, no?
Am I wrong...
for wanting things to stay this way?
It's impossible, Pii...
when the way you look at her...
is way beyond sisterly.
Don't wait until the day she's gone
to realize...
that you can't live without her.
The word "love"...
should be said to whoever wants to hear it
when they still want to hear it.
It's better than saving it...
for someone who feels
absolutely nothing for you.
What's this?
What are you doing?
Pii, are you...
That day...
you asked the bear to ask me, didn't you?
I have the answer.
I'm here to tell you.
I'm sorry...
for everything that happened.
It's my fault.
And I know now...
that I can't be your sister.
If I've said anything...
-to make you sad--
-So you know?
That's it?
You forgive me so easy.
Would you rather I stay mad?
No, no. I'm... I'm sorry.
Each second we spend angryat each other
is a second we spend
not loving each other.
Do you understand now?
Wow! How quotable!
-My sister is amazing!
Enough with being sisters.
-What did you say? Sister?
-Ouch! I'm sorry.
-What did you say?
-My lovely Fa.
-"My lovely Fa"?
-My lovely Fa.
I'm sorry. So sorry.
Call me sister again and you're dead.
Well, I better take this bear suit off.
It's really hot in here.
I... can help you change out of it.
This bear suit...
is quite warm.
Then let's... wear it together.
This is an infinity ring.
It represents a never ending love.
So I...
want to give it to you.
Because I...
Because I...
I want to give this to you because I...
"Love you."
I don't want it.
you haven't said it to me yet.
Why? Is it so hard to tell me you love me?
Well, I...
Well, I...
love you.
I just woke up, so I can't hear that well.
Can you say it louder?
loves Fuengfa...
more than the whole world.
That's all I wanted.
Now, was that so hard?
Before now...
I was afraid of love.
But it was also love...
that dissolved that fear.
Such a sweet talker. Now we're talking.
I feel like I've seen
this kind of ring before.
Where did you see it?
We got these rings custom-made.
Only I, Wine,
and our classmates have them.
But... where did you see one?
Pim owns one of these.
She wears it on her necklace at all times.
Is... Is this true, Fa?
I'm pretty certain about this.
Pim is very possessive of this ring.
Wine, wake up. Quick.
Wine, wake up. Something's going down.
Wake up, quick.
What's up with you? Out of tampons?
It's in the drawer.
Wine, you asshole. I said wake up.
Are you sleep-drunk?
Get up, quick. Get up.
Hey, listen to me.
The ring... Our year ring...
Where did you put it?
I've lost it a long time ago.
I've told you already.
Lost? Or did you give it to someone?
What's with you?
I said I lost it, so it's lost.
Then why did Fa tell me...
that Pim also has one?
What did you say?
It's true, Wine. I've seen Pim
wearing this ring on her necklace.
She hasn't taken it off in a few years.
You decide...
if you'll try one last time...
or let her get away.
Congratulations on graduation.
You're finally done with university.
Now that I've graduated,will you miss me?
Of course I will.
This is a bit shocking, isn't it?
We won't see each other anymore.
I have something to tell you.
Actually... I've been wanting
to tell you this for some time now.
I like you.
If one of us... were a man...
wouldn't that be nice?
I like you...
but we're both women. It just can't be.
Well, I...
Well, I was born a girl.
Can't you love me...
for what I am?
Thank you for having feelings for me.
But I really can't return it.
This ring...
represents my feelings... for you.
I've already given it to you.
You can do whatever you want with it.
Thank you...
for your honesty.
Okay, Fa.
Pim's trying on dresses upstairs.
Let's go.
Which one do you like?
Whatever. You go ahead and pick.
So it's true that you still have it.
You rejected me that day.
Today you're getting engaged to Jade.
Yet, you still keep my ring.
What's on your mind?
What are you feeling? Can you tell me?
I don't know what I should feel anymore.
Is there any point to it?
No matter what,
we can't change who we are.
All of this...
because I'm not a man?
Is that really it?
It's not your fault. It's because of me.
My parents would never allow it...
no matter how much I love you.
We've come too far.
We can't go back and change anything.
What are you going to do?
How can you be with Jade?
This is for life, Pim.
I can take care of myself.
I promise.
No need to worry about me.
Keep that promise, Pim.
Take good care of yourself.
What are you doing, Jade? No.
Just a little bit, Pim.
Why are you still embarrassed?
Enough, Jade. I don't like it.
We're about to be engaged.
Why keep delaying it?
Jade! Just because we're getting engaged
doesn't mean you can do
anything you want to me.
I'm sorry.
Do you know
how happy I am that we're getting engaged?
After being engaged for a while,
we'll get married.
Then you'll belong to me
and be with me forever.
We'll build a family together.
I'm such a lucky man.
I should leave you now.
I just wanted to drop by and see you.
See you at the ceremony.
Mom! Dad!
Jade! My child.
How are you? Are you ready?
-Yes, Mom.
-You're so handsome. I'm so proud.
You look just like your dad
when he was young.
Hey, Pim.
Pim! Pim! Mom!
Mom! Where's Pim going?
-Calm down.
Dad! Where's Pim going
Mom! Where's she going?
Are you sure?
I'm not going against my nature anymore.
How did you get here?
Today is...
your engagement day, isn't it?
I'm not engaged.
I really couldn't force myself
to go through with it.
I'm sorry it took me this long
to realize it.
I'm sorry...
for being selfish
and for never being sure about anything.
I hurt everyone.
I'm all confused now.
What does that mean?
So... you ran away
from your engagement ceremony?
You can't do that.
What will your parents think?
How worried they must be.
I know.
I thought I could choose Jade.
But he's not the one. Jade's not the one.
I know now...
that I can't spend my entire life
with someone I don't love.
You like watching stars?
I like sitting next to you more.
Thank you... for waiting for me.
I love you.
Wine, let's go for a walk.
It's time to get up, Pii.
What's going on? It's still early.
Didn't you say you were going
to take me for a walk? Get up already!
When did I say that?
You said it last night.
Can't you remember?
Last night?
-I remember.
If you remember then get up!
Pii, get up right now.
-You want me up?
-You're getting me up?
Fine. Then this calls for punishment.
Pii! You naughty girl!
-Enough with the PDA.
We're here too, you know.
Why? Are you jealous?
Who's jealous of you?
I have my own soulmate right here.
But you, Pii,
now that you're with Fa,
you better not rubberneck.
Can't have lots of girls like in school.
Wine, why are you
selling me out like this?
Lots of girls, Pii? How many were they?
-Wait. Wait.
It's in the past. Wine's just joking.
I'm not doing that anymore.
You're my one and only.
-For real.
-Come here. Come over here!
I think I've ran away for long enough.
I want to go back and make things right.
Let's go home then.
I'll come with you.
-But I think I should--
It takes two to tango.
I won't let you go back
to face your problem alone.
It's about time!
Who did you bring?
This is Wine.
We've know each other
since my freshman year.
I love Wine.
But sweetie,
you're in a relationship with Jade.
-You're getting engaged.
-I know.
I thought I could change my heart.
-But in the end I--
-You cannot do this.
I won't allow it.
I'm sorry, Dad.
But I really do love Wine.
I'm happy.
You dare call this happiness?
You ran away from the engagement
and disappeared.
Jade's family cut all ties with us.
They want nothing to do with us.
Do you know what people are saying?
I should hide my face in shame!
Have you ever thought about us?
I'm sorry.
I know... that I'm a bad daughter.
What I did was horrible.
I disappointed both of you.
But I want you to understand...
that I really can't love
anyone else but Wine.
How can you love each other...
when you're both women?
Though we are both women...
it doesn't mean...
I can't make Pim happy.
The reason I came here today...
is to ask for a chance.
The thing is... I love Pim.
And I promise...
that I'll make her happy.
Please, Dad? Will you give us a chance?
Don't cry, sweetie.
I'm sorry, Mom.
It's alright.
I'll talk to your dad.
Your name is Wine, right?
Yes, Mrs--
Just call me Mom.
take care of her for me.
So what are you going to do next?
We're in so deep...
I have to keep on going forward...
and prove to Pim's dad...
that I can take care of his daughter.
And now Pim had just graduated.
I guess we have to wait and see.
Do you regret...
not getting married?
Of course.
Now I don't get to wear a pretty dress.
Plus, the groom has ran away.
Want to wear a wedding dress?
It's every girl's dream
to wear a white dress, have a wedding,
and prepare to be a wife.
And... what if...
I don't want a wife?
Will you be my life partner?
Will you marry me?
I have the same dream you do.
Let's spend our lives together.
Let's make each other's dream
come true, okay?
Maybe I should bring you
to visit my parents abroad, too.
Okay, Pii?
Are you faking this? Pii.
There's no way you snore this loudly.
Did you hear what I said?
You two... Do you love her?
Will you have her?
This isn't your wedding.
Don't be so teary, bridesmaid.
It's just you never sweet-talk me
like this.
Such conviction.
Scene 30C, first cut, take three.