Yes or No 2: Rak Mai Rak Ya Kak Loei (2012) Movie Script

Don't peek.
How could I?
This way, this way.
- Take off the cloth.
- Hey, that's naughty.
Happy anniversary.
It has been a year.
I got something for you, Pie.
Really where?
- Wanna know?
- Where? Where? Where?
Let me blindfold you.
Can I look now?
- Aren't you?
- Yes.
So cute.
You have it made for me?
- It can be opened.
- Sure?
Hey, no! Not now.
Inside, there's something
I want you to read
on the day that you
don't love me no anymore.
Why are you saying this?
Perhaps there's a day
you feel reluctant to say.
Open it on that day then.
Perhaps it might change your mind.
Kim, remember my words:
I will never
have to open it.
"Yes or No 2"
Come Back to Me
Oh internship?
Apply several places,
Still waiting for the reply.
There're a couple places that promising.
Mom hold on.
Phuket is calling.
Am I gonna get the internship?
Geez, only me?
If that's the case, I'm sorry.
My mother won't allow me to go alone.
Yes, yes.
They offer only one position.
I don't take it.
Not just Kim,
I want Puey to go with us too.
Dear God.
Make they take us three together.
Why you bake a cake?
I'm not upset today.
Are you tired?
Not anymore.
By the way, I just rejected Phuket.
They want me to go there alone,
so I don't want.
What a pity. You like it there.
Why don't you go?
Because you and Puey don't.
I've induced all of us to go together.
I gotta pray hard.
Just a few places left.
I'm worried that we won't be together.
Nah, no more talk.
Will you hug me, please?
You gonna get it.
- Pie.
- What?
- What am I gonna get?
- Get this!
I can do an internship anywhere.
But the supervisor should be dark,
small and robust.
Dear god please
I want the supervisor is white,
tall, skeletal.
Hey psst... keep it quiet.
Yes. It's me.
Sorry. Would you send me the address?
OK, thank you.
I'll report for duty within next week.
You're so nice.
Thank you. Goodbye.
Puey, Kim
we've got an internship
at the same place.
Well, Pie... actually, I...
Here it comes, here it comes.
Hot barbeque here it comes!
For you who gets your
wish in Nan province.
Within a blink of an eye,
you become interns.
Kim, I've got a friend in Nan.
You go there
and I'll visit you later.
They say those hill-tribe girls
are so cute.
Where is it, aunty Inn?
She means 'there it is'
'Nan there it is'
There it is.
There it is.
There it is. There is a mess.
A mess!
There. There it is!
- Pie.
- We need to talk.
You've been lying to me almost a month.
I have no chance to tell you, Pie...
Oh, yeah?
why do you wanna go away from me?
Are you out of your mind?
I don't wanna be far from you
I just wanna go where I want.
That would bring benefits
to my dad's ranch.
Pie, this is my future.
Future that you don't want me with.
You'll dole out kindness to others
and someone will fall for you.
What are you talking about? Ridiculous!
I want to be near you is ridiculous now?
If that's what you think. We...
What? We what?
Didn't I told you?
That no matter what
don't say that word!
Don't say it when you're emotional.
Pie, come on.
Just a couple of months.
It isn't a big deal.
We have cellphones and holidays
I can visit you.
Or you might go visit me.
Please, don't be childish.
I'm childish?
And you, Kim?
Hiding things like this is mature?
Where are you going?
Please come back.
- No, I'm going home.
- Again?
You go home every time we fight.
Cause it's where I can't follow, right?
I get it.
You can have it that way,
but in two days I'm leaving.
Please see me off, alright?
It isn't a big deal,
It's just a few months.
Papa, we can't wait any longer.
I think you should talk to her.
Tiger, look...
I think...
We better go. It's getting late now.
Just a minute, papa.
Tell you something.
Girls won't sulk for long.
If we try hard enough.
From here to Nan.
How come she wouldn't forgive you?
- Let's go.
- From here to Nan?
She hasn't answered my phones for 2 days.
Take my advice, Kim.
Find a new girlfriend.
Believe me when you find
someone else, she'll call you.
Girls are all the same.
Talking about your real life?
No, sir. I'm taking it from yours.
Let's go.
Wait a moment dad!
Have you got your migraine pill?
Eyes mask?
Security blanket?
Surely you don't have this.
Are we good now?
Knitting it all night.
I was so sleepy.
I love you, Pie.
Take care of yourself.
Better go now. I'll be fine.
People are looking.
Listen Kim, I'll drop you off
and go see Brutus in his office.
Not a good idea.
It looks like me pull some strings.
Do Not Enter
I'm the new intern.
Is Mr. Brutus here?
Come in. Are you Kim?
- Yes.
- Come sit down.
I knew whose daughter
you were when you called me Brutus.
Call me Jo when you are here
and that is Su.
Here we attentively
take care of water resource.
Soil, rice, tea, and coffee.
Sprout field must be taken best care of.
Can't be neglected.
Who's that hooded figure?
Be careful.
Don't use too much fertilizer!
Yes, Jo.
Oh, you.
This is Kim, new intern.
Nice to meet you.
Today is the day I've been waiting for
I'd like to officially welcome
you two as our new trainees.
You are the fourth generation of trainees.
I believe you love the sky, sea...
and Nemo fish just like me.
Right, Pie
and Puey?
We also have 2 other trainees.
In and out the office like regular staff.
She's Meena
and he's Maysa. Get acquainted.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- Hi.
- Hello.
Are you guys relatives?
No we're not.
She's girl next door.
Why your names
are in order? Meena, Maysa.
- Well...
- The thing is
our moms are close friends.
I'm Duang. At your service.
You can ask me anything.
I'm handsome and a charming kind of guy.
For you, Pie.
Finally we meet.
Right. Thank You.
We're ready to assist any chores
we are tough girls.
Are you serious?
Especially me.
You guys are lucky.
He hasn't ordered
special dishes for so long.
For Pie.
I can do it.
Veggie... Veggie... Veggie...
Look delicious, right?
But I'm a vegetarian
so I don't eat meat.
Such a good guy, right?
We happened to be meat eaters.
Puey, don't make a fuss.
It's a good idea.
Vegetables are good for health.
That's right, Pie.
Just what I thought.
I choose the right girl to love.
Oh, I'm blushing.
How's that?
Are you alright?
It's slippery.
Welcome for the second time.
- Second time?
- We already met, remember?
You look shabby
go clean up first.
I look shabby?
Oh, my name is Kim!
No signal in this house.
Go to the guardhouse over there.
Why don't you go there after dinner?
It isn't far.
Let's eat.
Thank you.
My name is Jam.
Is this stir-fried vegetable?
Salad with light dressing.
Is this roasted pork?
I'm hungry. Can I eat it now?
Tell me. Is it delicious?
I give you another chance.
Tell me.
Is it delicious?
Let me do the cooking from now.
I place myself into your care then.
Let's go loading up the crops.
It's still dark outside.
No. It's dawn already.
Come. Come. Low ah. Low ah...
- Low ah?
- Low ah.
Oh! You mean 'load up'
Your pronunciation isn't clear.
Read my lips... 'load up'
Oh, Jam. You look great today.
Yeah. Thanks.
This is Kim, trainee from Bangkok.
Jam, I requested
a song for you last night.
DJ asked:
'Whom do you dedicate the song to? '
I told him 'To the right one'
To the right one from the short one.
Kim... Jam... Don't mind him.
Help me with the vegetables.
Okay, say it.
Are you tomboy?
No, I'm a girl.
Are you sure?
But I'm a girl who...
attracts to girls.
I knew it.
Hello. Good sales?
Let's go Kim.
There's a cat.
This temple is the most
respectable in Nan.
Initially called 'Wat Phrom Min'
It was built 400 years ago.
Do you know why this temple is unique?
The Buddha image hall
was built next to the temple.
The murals here are exceptional
for their painting and coloring techniques.
Here it is. The famous painting.
'The Great Whisperers'
The Great Whisperers?
There's a poem about it.
You might feel cold if I keep my word
of love in the water.
Should I keep it in the sky.
It might be under stars and cloud cover.
Should I keep it in a castle
I'm afraid someone would take it away.
So I keep it in my heart always.
You want to be a local guide
or agricultural officer?
I told you about good stories.
Nice scarf.
It'd look prettier on me.
No, I'm not.
Jo, Nan, goodbye.
There's signal here to make a call.
Wait, stay with me.
Why? Afraid of ghosts?
It's dark and I'm new here.
Make it quick.
Lot's of mosquito's over here.
Pie? Do you hear me?
Hello, Kim? Hello?
How are you? I couldn't reach you.
Why this late?
I've been waiting all day.
I've been working, Pie.
There's no signal at the house.
I walk all the way
to make a call. It's dark too.
Is the house scary?
Can you live with it? Who with you?
It isn't scary, Pie
I'm staying with another trainee. A girl.
What's she like? Cute?
Does she know you've got a girlfriend?
You can totally trust me
I'll call you
at 8 pm every night, alright?
Right after work.
Alright. Alright.
SMS me during daytime.
At least we can chat.
I miss you.
Same here.
Have some sweet dreams.
I love you.
Yes, ma'am.
- Thank you, Jam.
- Let's go.
Whisper... I love you.
Just a bit. I'm alright.
There's an air conditioner in the office.
They say:
'If you feel hot, switch on the AC'
Want someone to take care,
open up your heart.
Think about it!
Help me, please.
Patient, princess.
You gotta be patient.
His name is Duang...
Is he cute?
Is he hitting on you?
Sure. Pretty girls like me.
But I'm not interested.
I have my love.
I have vegetables for every meal.
I'm becoming vegetable myself.
Not tired. I just miss you.
I eat stir fried 'Morning Glory' today.
Puey's gotta broken heart.
It is the fifth time
in a month and a half.
If you want something delicious,
come see me here.
If I'm there, you'll feel the thunder
after we finish the internship.
It's not too long.
Pie... look at the moon.
We look at the same moon.
It means we aren't so far away
from each other.
Are you alright? Need my help?
No, I can handle it.
Your face looks pale.
Eat something.
Just a minute.
Can I have some.
Of course. Go ahead!
Feed me.
Your hands are clean.
Help yourself.
Dirty now. Feed me.
Gao, you're funny.
I've been looking for you.
Why are you messing with them?
Go! Go back to work.
Here. Have some hay.
why do you study agriculture?
My family runs a grape ranch.
I wanna help improving the ranch.
And it's my liking.
What about you?
I was born in Bangkok.
Moved to Chiang Mai
with my dad when I was seven.
He work at the provincial agriculture office.
I've been going into the woods
with my dad and sister.
My sister's Noey.
My dad's name is Pang.
And I'm Jam.
We're bakery family. Isn't it cute?
In high school,
I chose to study for an undergrad.
At first, I thought
a pretty girl like me
should become an air hostess.
But when these villagers
being thankful to the sprouts he brought
I felt I wanna be like my dad.
He's my hero.
Agriculture is the only thing I want.
When he knew about it,
he grumbled a lot.
He thinks a girl
shouldn't be out in the field.
But I'm not afraid of it.
I'm sure I'm tough enough.
Nan is my favourite province.
I think their community,
culture, and nature
are blended in perfect harmony.
When I gotta have an internship,
this place was it.
In fresh year...
My friend ordered
peanut butter sandwiches.
At first, I didn't know what it was.
But it's super delicious.
Now I eat peanut butter
sandwiches everyday.
What do you like?
I like jam.
The grape jam we made at home.
Super delicious.
If you don't believe, try it.
Are you done talking?
Yep, done.
Any question?
I can give you more details.
Nope. You already gave all details.
Hey. Already 9 pm!
Well, I had a lot of work, Pie.
And I was so tired.
I took a rest before calling you.
You're tired. So am I.
I have work to do
and wait for you to call.
If you aren't sure
you can call me at eight.
Don't make a promise.
I'm sorry.
It's my fault.
I did have to work, Pie.
Don't get mad at me.
Have you had dinner yet?
No. I haven't eaten anything yet.
I'm so hungry, Pie.
Feeling so tired?
Yes I am. A lot.
But it's all gone
when I hear your voice.
Are we good now?
Smile for me.
Then, Smiling?
I'm smiling.
I don't believe you.
you must be pulling a long face.
You're bluffing
certainly bluffing!
Are you smiling?
I do.
A lot.
Pie, I gotta go now.
We've just talked. I still miss you.
I gotta go into the woods at daybreak.
I'll call you exactly at eight.
OK. Bye bye.
I'm sorry for troubling you every night.
A lot of mosquito's here
and I feel sleepy.
OK. Let's go home.
Wait Jam. Wait a second.
I can trust in your love, right?
Pie... Yes!
One hundred percent,
one million percent, Pie.
You should go to bed.
I love you, Pie.
Ah hello? I'm losing you.
If I keep my love in the glowing water,
will that love get cold and soaking wet.
If I keep it in the empty room
I'm afraid your love will be lonely.
So I just keep my love inside my heart
I can't put it anywhere or leave it apart
I keep my love inside me here.
It feels frustrating not to let it be shown.
The difficulty for me alone...
How's it Kim?
- Fine, Jo.
- OK.
We stay here tonight
so we can start at dawn.
Su, collect samples of Uangnan.
Yes, boss.
No signal?
It's on and off.
Is she your first love?
How long have you been together?
Three years.
Long time, huh?
And what make you love her?
No, it's embarrassing.
Come on.
Well... Pie,
is like a kitten.
She likes me to stroke
her hair before she goes to bed.
There's a night that I stroke her hair
until the morning.
I was late for my exam.
She's superbly neat.
She can spot every tiny bit of dust.
I have to mop
up the room 3 times a day.
She's isn't a picky eater.
She eats whatever I cook.
Sometimes she woke me up
to cook for her.
She likes my cooking.
But I can't make loud noise.
When I wanna listen to music
or play games.
I gotta put earphones on
so she won't be irritated.
Is she moody?
Yes... But...
She'll be fine
after eating chocolate cake.
Sometimes should we have a fight.
I go out and buy one for her
even though it rains.
And when you feel angry or upset.
What she did she do for you?
She did leave me alone,
not disturb me at all.
Aw... and then?
I'm a simple person.
Just hot milk can make me feel better.
All this...
You think it's good?
I'm happy to make her happy.
off to bed.
I'm tired now.
Are you alright now?
Don't do that.
Just hang on.
Hey. Look over there,
and guess how many fishes
there are in the pond.
I see none?
Oh, actually there're two.
All done. See it doesn't hurt.
What happened to Meena?
A bike crash.
Are you alright?
Quite a bit of ache. A dogs
chased my bike so I had a crash.
She's chicken.
Why a big girl is afraid of dogs?
Ride yourself home
I'm off.
You said you'd give me a ride!
Are you crazy?
Who said?
can you give Meena a ride?
Her leg hurts
she can't go by herself.
Alright, alright.
- Pie, bye bye.
- Bye.
Maysa, wait up!
Exactly what I thought.
What do you mean?
I know Meena and Maysa's secret.
Which is?
That they're couple.
What's the matter with you, Pie?
Everyone knows about them.
They've been keeping a low profile.
They are not.
Maysa might be.
But Meena...
she's so obvious.
Doesn't it sound familiar to you?
That's what you do to Kimhan.
Silly boy!
It's Puey!
What, tootsie?
Not tootsie
I'm a tomboy.
Have you become a tomboy?
I got broken heart, my man
doesn't love me, so I cut my hair.
Oh yeah?
He doesn't love you?
Let me see my girl closely.
Let me see my man with long hair.
- No.
- C'mon.
No, I don't like it.
Stay still.
Come here.
So cute.
My lovely Pie...
Who's that?
This is Kim. I told you
she'd come here to have an internship.
Why didn't you come sooner?
Hello I'm Duang.
Make yourself at home.
- Hello.
- Hi.
There are a few single of us here.
So I posted my status on FB.
'I'm single and lonely'
'All I have is misery'
Alright... Pie,
call Meena.
Have her set a big banquet.
Bigger than yours.
See you later.
Kimhan Buranaphan.
Agricultural girl!
What are you doing, Kim?
Don't take it off.
It's cute.
Me wearing a wig?
You must be joking.
You look cute.
You really look cute.
Come on. Wear it for me.
- Just a day for me.
- I can do anything for you.
Why you have to force me to do this?
Everyone thought you having long hair.
Wouldn't it be ridiculous
if you take it off?
Yes, it's ridiculous, Pie.
Wear a wig to keep an image.
Here we go again.
Isn't it true?
How many times
have you forced me to have long hair?
Have you ever done it for me?
Pie, you're such a dictator.
Don't love me then.
My dear Kim!
I just took a peek at your
internship application.
You're studying agriculture,
is that right?
at the party tonight...
I'll find you something special.
For Kim, my special one.
Tell me and I'll fetch it for you.
She likes shells. Seashells.
Kim likes seashells, rare ones.
OK, you're at the right place!
Maysa, we're done feeding this tank.
Let's go to the next one.
Eak gave me a ride.
Too many things to carry.
Of all people you know why Eak?
Are you jealous?
Who's jealous?
Are we a couple?
Why should I jealous?
What did you say?
I can't take this anymore.
Me neither.
How's she?
Kim, are you alright?
I'm having migraine.
Can you go home by yourself?
I'll see you there.
She isn't feeling any better.
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday, my dear.
- May you have a lot of happiness, tiger.
- Thank you, dad.
May you have a lot of sexy girlfriends.
Dad, don't interrupt. I haven't
finished bidding her birthday wish yet.
Anyway, Kim.
On your birthday, I wanna tell you
I'm so happy to have a kid like you, tiger.
- I love you.
- I love you too, dad.
Happy Birthday, Kim.
Checking your debit credits?
It's so true like Puey said,
'Long-haired girl are hot'
Did your bit on the sid text you?
stop kidding me.
It isn't funny.
I can tell from your voice it is so.
Stop kidding me like this. You hear?
when will you ever care
how other people feel?
What's wrong with you?
Why are you mad at me?
Why am I mad at you?
What day was yesterday?
Did you remember?
Of course, I did.
So? Was what you did yesterday
all you intended to do?
What are you doing?
Don't leaving like this. I don't like.
Kim, this is too much.
If you wanna pack and walk out...
We're done.
You finally said it.
This mobile phone is currently unavailable.
Did you get any electrical shot?
Isn't it cool? I did it myself.
I'll treat you a big meal then.
No need I just wanna do it for you.
You don't need to repay me.
Not having to listen
to your phone every night is enough.
How about sneak out the work tomorrow?
Jo and Su will know about this?
We need to dash off at daybreak.
OK then
leave home at 5 am.
Here it is.
There's good coffee here,
Do you like it?
They look good on you.
- What is this?
- Spicy chicken soup.
Umh... Kim is sleeping.
She's having migraine.
Tell Kim that Pie called her.
Well, excuse me.
It's Jam.
I'll tell her that you called.
Good bye.
Kim, see me in my office.
I got the package and dropped
it at your house.
That's when I know you're not there.
Why did you sneak out the work?
You could have told me.
So I was aware and took care
of those sprouts.
I'm sorry.
You couldn't do this just because
I'm your family friend.
- I never think like that.
- And you induce Jam
into the town next day?
Almost all sprouts in your care died.
If you know yourself that you're terrible
and all you care is gallivanting off.
Why don't you go back
to your dad's ranch?
Or help him run the resort?
No need to cause trouble here.
I'm sorry.
I'd like a chance to make it up.
You may not let me pass the internship.
I just want another chance.
Drink this and you'll feel better.
Won't you eat anything?
- Who hurt you, Aunty Inn?
- No one.
Have some congee aunty Inn,
you'll regain your energy.
Are you tired?
Drive all the way from Bangkok?
Aunty Inn, have some.
No, I'm not hungry.
What happened aunty Inn?
Who hurt you, aunty Inn?
No one. It's me who hurt them.
I found someone so I took a shot.
I gave him... my whole heart.
his wife showed up.
Aunty Inn...
Let me stay here for a while.
Those caterpillars can't be wiped out.
Let them go. There're only a few.
Think of it as saving the ecosystem.
How could I let them go?
This is me, not you who's so kind
and let them eat all plants.
Here is a hill-tribe snack for you.
- Thank you.
- It's just a simple snack and coffee.
I'm drooling over it.
I love snacks, so let me try it.
- Yummy.
- By the way, Jam.
I've been here for a couple of days
I haven't seen Kim taking any lunch break.
Jo rebuked her the other day.
She sneaked out to see her girlfriend.
All the way to Chantaburi?
If her dad knew this.
It's all my fault.
If I...
had stayed home
and picked up that package.
Jo wouldn't have known.
You don't have to protect her.
Kim is charming.
By the way, do you like her?
I don't hope for anything, aunty Inn.
I'm just...
To be around her...
To do something for her...
I just wanna see her happy.
You don't answer my question
I guess you don't like.
Do you know why
I took an escape here?
When you fall in love...
with the one belongs to someone else
acknowledging the reality is painful.
The more you know
how much they love each other
the more pain you have.
And it'd be more painful
if you choose to be a intervene.
You have to keep every feeling inside
waiting to be seen that you're right here.
Am I so wrong, aunty Inn?
Perhaps, it's just
the wrong timing that we have.
Time goes too slow
to make us meet in time.
We met at the wrong time
and it's you who hurt.
I haven't seen Meena lately.
You seem not to care her
aren't you afraid of losing her?
I'm working this hard for her.
When this thing is over,
she'll understand.
What if...
she finds someone new?
The problems between
two people isn't scary.
It just get scared
when a third party get involved.
You two are on your own tonight
I'll meet Brutus,
we'll be out getting drunk.
Don't drink too much
you know it isn't good for you!
Your curfew is at 2 am.
Got it?
Oh... excuse me,
when did my mother possess you?
My mom isn't dead yet.
- Are you cursing grandma?
- Silly. You nuts! I'm not.
Wrong again! Do it like this.
Aunty Inn, hello.
Oops, hello...
Sorry for not calling you first.
I couldn't reach you.
I'm wrapped up in my work, Pie.
Are you tired, Pie?
- A little.
- Let me take care of this.
Are you hungry, Pie?
I'm fine.
this is Jam.
this is Pie.
I'm Kim's girlfriend.
Come. Come here, Pie. Quick,
let's make Kratong together.
You're here at the right time.
It's Loy Kratong Day.
Loy... Loy Kratong...
Loy... Loy Kratong and I...
Let's make Kratong.
We've got many materials over here.
I'll float Kratong with Kim.
Aunty Inn, I'll pick up more flowers.
Can I go with you?
Yes. Come with me.
Take it easy. Oops, have fun, kids.
Take it easy.
Pick them slowly.
There'll be a battle I guess.
Is it fun doing an internship here?
Well... yes it is.
I like Nan. I like woods,
and mountains.
I love being an agriculture student.
What do you like?
I'm studying fishery. I like seas.
It's strange
Kim like mountains,
you like seas.
It doesn't sound
like you have things in common.
Where is everyone?
- Maybe having a cat fight over there.
- Hey!
Where are you going? Stop.
You'd be dead!
- What should I do?
- You can't do anything.
The bomb has landed. Kaboom!!!
Right in their face.
Let them settle down.
All we have to do is to observe
and see how things go.
Then we can patch up. Trust me.
Trust me.
How could you get in here?
Hey, what are you doing?
They're caterpillar.
We don't want any butterfly in here.
What's wrong with having caterpillars?
This is an agricultural field.
Is it supposed to have these creatures?
I just take pity on them.
That thing you did...
All want to become butterflies.
I don't care.
They eat my plants
that I persistently grow.
I think you did the right thing.
Some caterpillars
deserve to be crushed.
They ate the plant
that someone attentively grow.
It takes time and endeavor
to be grown.
I think you did the right thing.
Pie, do you like
Northern Loy Kratong festival?
Isn't it beautiful?
You look beautiful tonight.
Anyone hungry?
Are you okay, Pie?
The noise is so loud,
my ears hurt.
I'm going home.
I'm having headache and...
sleepy too.
You can't go back alone.
It's already dark.
Yes, I can.
I'm not afraid of ghosts like you.
You should take Pie out.
She's come all the way to Nan.
Have fun, Pie.
Wait, wait.
It's already dark. Are you sure?
Let's go home. Go!
All of us.
What does she think of you?
And what do you think of her?
You've come all the way
just to ask about somebody else?
That person is messing with my guy.
Who's your guy?
Oh Kim!
You're the one who broke up with me.
I was being sarcastic. OK?
I said it because I was angry.
Are you going take it serious?
Why, Kim?
Where has the same old Kim gone?
The one who understand me,
no matter how crazy I am.
Why don't you put yourself
in my shoes?
So you'll know
how many crazy things I endure.
I sneaked out just to celebrate
my birthday with you.
And so?
Did you care?
You made me wear that stupid wig.
And gave my number to that man.
You knew that he's hitting on me.
For what?
To delude others not to know
that I'm a tomboy?
Are you ashamed of me?
Are you afraid that people know
you're dating a tomboy?
What if I say I didn't give
your number tu Duang?
I never forget your birthday.
Here it is.
Don't you wanna know
what's inside?
I'm kind of busy.
You should ask yourself.
Do it for me.
If you hadn't meet Jam.
Would I have been this guilty?
The same old me
who's such a silly girl
the same old headstrong girl.
All of a sudden,
everything I do is wrong.
Keep it for yourself.
It isn't me who need it.
Will you be graduating
after this internship?
Yes I look forward
to the graduation ceremony.
- Will you go to grad school right away?
- Not yet
I wanna help my dad at the ranch first.
OK. Have a safe trip.
Send my regards to your dad
and aunty Inn.
Wait. Bring this to Jam for me.
I couldn't find her anywhere.
Heard about internship extension and
help us with the ranch research?
- Really? OK. So be it.
- Yes.
Have a safe trip.
"Cute smile"
"Kim... Kim... Kim... I remember it now"
"Kim ate all food I cooked"
"I thought she's tough. Now I know
she's afraid of ghosts. Ha! Ha!"
"Why do I feel this way?"
"Get a bit closer"
"I fed Kim myself"
"I'm so happy..."
"I wish there's no 8 pm"
"She's got a girlfriend. That hurts"
"Again!! She's got a girlfriend"
"It is wrong to miss her?"
"Because I want her to love me"
"Kim is back. Yeah!"
"Thank you for thinking of me"
"My Kratong is right behind Kim's"
"Jam. Jam. Jam. Jam. Jam"
"We met at the wrong time
and it's me who hurts"
let me say something.
You're my first love.
No matter what your answer is.
Just give me the answer.
I'll be waiting.
Let me go into the woods with you.
Jerky beef.
It isn't burn this time.
But it isn't cooked either.
I knew it.
We're lucky that Su brought a spare.
It's edible for sure.
Something bit me.
My skin is turning red.
It'll give me an itch.
What are you thinking of?
I'm calling your name several times.
Nothing. I'm just muddling.
Are you sure you can?
Come on. Let me do it.
I thought you're fit enough.
Give me some push up.
I'm so sorry.
For what?
For choosing to be with me?
I also feel...
that when we're just friends...
we're so much happier.
You should go, Kim.
Do the thing that you don't
have to apologize anyone.
It doesn't matter
who came first or later.
What matter is whom you love.
Thank you...
for never making me feel distressed.
"Come back"
"I love you, Kim"
Thank you.
"Kiss my nose before you go to bed"
Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday to you.
Have a lot of happiness.
May your wishes come true.
May you never get a migraine.
May you never be annoyed with me.
I know I'm not such a
good lover.
But from now on...
I will try my best
to become your good girl.
Thank you so much, Kim.
Thank you for loving me.
Thank you for caring me.
I love you, Kim.
Pie, are you going to let her
standing in the rain all night?
Who's it, mom?
Nobody stands in the rain
until she dies of old age, mom.
You should go back, Kim.
There's no use being here.
Can you give me another chance?
You used to have it.
My mom used to tell me...
that our kind of love
wouldn't last long.
Girl and girl...
How do we take care of each other?
How can we be married?
I used to dream having a baby.
Having a perfect family.
But I didn't care.
I chose you.
But one day when you
didn't love me anymore
you just disappeared.
I never stop loving you.
When I was crying over a broken heart,
where were you?
How could I know that...
you won't let me down again?
What would you do
to make me confident...
that our love will always last?
Go back, Kim.
Our love is over.
Miss Pie?
She's at the rest room,
she's there very often.
Stomach ache.
No, no need to visit her!
Yes, yes, I will tell her to call
you back when she's feeling better.
Yes, yes, goodbye.
Miss Pie, why don't you talk
to him for once?
Ahh no, waste of time.
I really wonder,
who can ever make you say 'YES'
Hello, Mindara speaking.
(Pie's real name)
Oh, It's not okay.
I've already said that I won't
share my booth with anybody.
Then please let the person
come and discuss it with me.
Anyway is fine.
Here you go. The reservation certificate
with the date stamped.
I've made the reservation
at the very first day.
If you are going to say there has
been a mistake in the reservation.
Then tell the person to come and show us the date
to see which one of us made the reservation first.
I'm afraid it was at the same day.
What about we'll expand the area
by twice the size?
- And then...
- Do what you need to.
But can I keep this spot?
There has to be
a little movement on your spot.
Then we will divide and mark it clearly.
Miss Pie...
Another person already
made the reservation here.
And when did they made
the reservation?
11 am.
Hello miss Kimhan,
(Kim's real name)
This is Miss Mindara,
the owner of this booth.
Nice to meet you.
Then please discuss this
I'll go get some help
to expand the area.
Som, can you go and discuss
with the workers around here first?
Oh, OK.
We haven't seen each other for a while,
you look more beautiful, Pie.
Dad keep saying
he misses you everyday.
You are getting more girly,
even long hair.
My girlfriend
wanted me to let it grow.
My girlfriend is very cute
but she's too strict,
very moody and self concerned.
But I love her a lot
maybe I love her kind.
And why do you have to tell me
about your girlfriend?
But well...
You can let your hair grow
for whoever you want.
It has nothing to do with me.
Don't step past the line.
Will you marry me Pie?
Are you insane?
- What are you thinking about?
- Really, Pie
this whole year I've been gone,
I've never given up on you.
There is nothing about you
I don't know.
You drink warm milk
when you are mad.
You looked at the cellphone
at eight every night.
I've been thinking everyday
about what you said.
I wear long hair just like
you wanted me to do.
Perhaps there's a day
we meet by chance like this.
You'll see that I do it for you.
There's one thing I wanna tell you.
Why does our love
need legal marriage?
Why do we gotta have a baby
to prove our commitment?
Any couple with legal marriage
and kids can break up.
It was my fault.
I know.
But I'll make it right this time
I'll spend my lifetime
making you to believe in me.
I love you so much, Pie.
That I can't love
someone else in my life.
If you still love me...
Why don't we start over?
You nuts!
You haven't got my permission to hug me.
Just a second.
I miss you.
I won't let you go anywhere this time.
Now, do you like it?
Look here, if you hesitate
whether to stay or leave, you can open it.
Maybe it can change your mind.
What does it say?
That day won't come, Pie.
Now let see, oouw...
are you single?
Want to be my girlfriend?
Wanna love you,
like in a dream that you by my side.
We live together.
Winter, spring, summer, autumn
love you like in a dream.
Wanna tell you...
I'll be right here waiting for you.
With a prepared heart,
a heart with you...
Wanna love you,
like in a dream that you by my side.
We live together.
Winter, spring, summer, autumn
love you like in a dream.
Forever you and me.