Yesterday After Tomorrow (2024) Movie Script

Here's delicious tea for you, my dear.
Thank you. May God bless you.
I made it just the way you like it.
May God bless you.
I'll drink it.
- Will we live here?
- No.
We're just here to say hello
to the jinns and leave.
Don't even joke about that.
So, we left Al Safa to come live
in this terrible neighborhood?
No more of Abdulalim's pies,
or Sereh's yogurt, or Za'afor's fries.
Why would you bring us
to this boring place, Mom?
Hello to the occupiers of the house.
If anyone can hear me,
this is my brother Mazen.
Take good care of him.
- Possess him!
- Possess who, you idiot?
Only the weak get possessed.
Mom, you changed everything in this house.
- Why did you leave the old kitchen tiles?
- May I come in?
Come in.
Dear God, bless us all.
It seems you've gotten very rich,
even though Mazen
is from the upper class in the North,
from the multilingual people
speaking half Arabic and half English
and saying things like,
"Yes, Mommy" and "No, Daddy."
You think you're important now.
You, what do you want?
I want money. The worker's payment.
- He's angry and wants to be paid.
- Why is he angry?
Does he think we're not going to pay him?
Have him bring the rest of the boxes.
We're coming.
Thank you, Rakan. You helped us a lot.
No need to thank me, Mrs. Sanaa.
If it was up to me, I'd take on your role.
- I'd cook, mop and wash...
- That's enough.
Don't get too comfortable.
- Okay.
- Go. I'll be right out.
- I'll bring the money.
- Mazen, that's rude.
Thank you, son.
You're welcome.
Call me if you need anything else.
Back off. I'll be right out.
What about the money?
Mom, I'll go pay the workers
and come right back.
Why are you angry?
- We just want our money.
- Don't worry about that.
- Don't be angry.
- All right.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.
Thank you. You did a great job.
Do you need anything else, cantaloupe?
No, thanks. I'll see you later.
- Of course.
- Be safe.
You're going to get a cold.
Here, dry yourself off.
No, he's strong and can't feel a thing.
When I hit him, you can't get mad
or tell me I hate my brother.
Stop it, both of you!
Help me fold this laundry.
- Which one is my room?
- The one upstairs.
The one on the right.
It hasn't changed since you were a child.
I had awful taste.
I decorated it.
In that case, I've never seen
a more tastefully decorated room.
Do you remember any of it?
The room or my father?
You used to race around in this hallway.
You'd ride that car of yours and say,
"I'm the fastest guy in the world."
Thank God I have my own room.
I don't want to share it
with annoying people.
Finally, I never have to smell
your stinky socks.
That's enough, Mazen.
Do you have to argue all the time?
And you, come with me.
Come on, stinky boy.
- Ouch!
- Come on, move it.
Mom, you hurt me.
Shower so we can have dinner together.
By the way, it's just natural secretions.
- It's the smell of harmless bacteria...
- Watch your step.
- How can I even stop it?
- I said watch your step.
Be careful.
Do you care about all this junk?
Just give me those boxes
before they're ruined.
I'm just saying,
if anything gets lost don't be upset.
- Carefully.
- Come on, take it.
- Well done.
- Ma'an.
Why don't you come help me in this rain?
Or did you just get your nails done?
Just hand me that box.
- Move it.
- Ma'an!
- See him splashing me with water?
- "See him splashing me with water?"
Can't you stop bickering for one moment?
Give me that box!
I wish you'd left him
at the mosque as a child.
Be quiet or I'll leave you
at the mosque now.
It's too late now.
Dear God. Hurry up.
Let's finish so we can go upstairs.
This one's ruined.
Come up slowly.
Where is he?
He went to sleep.
Mom, this thing is ancient.
Why would you even keep it?
Leave it alone.
- Did you want the pen or scissors?
- The scissors.
- By the way, these need oiling.
- Then why don't you oil them?
Careful. Don't break it.
Wait, Ma'an.
Looks like the flood will never end.
Why won't this open?
Such a perfectly timed vacation.
I have a horror series to watch.
- I'm going to binge-watch it all.
- Come on, the weather's perfect.
If we were still in Al Safa,
I wouldn't have stayed home for a minute.
You know, I feel the same way.
Sitting on the sidewalk...
eating seeds and telling lame stories.
By the way, I've been meaning to ask you
about when you
sit on the sidewalk in the summer.
- Don't you feel the heat?
- The heat?
I'm not spoiled like you.
You've never even used an Arabic toilet.
- Why use a hole?
- They're the same thing.
They just raised the hole for you
so you can sit, you spoiled brat.
Do you think it's a stage to be raised?
You know, Arabic toilets require steps...
Should I leave the house
so you can speak more freely?
Finish unpacking already.
This is...
Why does Mazen's face look like that?
How old was he here?
He was six or seven years old,
and you were three years old.
Where's my picture, then? At the bottom?
There was no need to take pictures of you.
That was your father's camera,
God rest his soul.
It's been nine months and he still doesn't
want to grace us with his presence.
Please, move away from the TV!
Oh, I'm sorry.
Why don't you want to join us?
Don't you think
you're taking too long or what?
- Let him be. He's comfortable.
- He's the only comfortable one.
I was born after nine months, so...
- How does he resemble his father?
- In a few ways.
He's handsome and smart.
And whiz.
- What?
- Whiz, from wisdom.
That's not right. Say it right.
Whiz, from wisdom. It's right.
- Fine, whatever you say.
- You just like to correct me.
And for the record, if he's born premature
he'll look like you.
- Do you see your mom?
- What's wrong with his mom?
She's strong, so never upset her.
Love her a lot, because I love her a lot.
That's what I thought.
Hello, my dear.
- Careful, don't hurt your brother.
- I really don't know.
- Who is this boy growing up to be?
- Look at the camera.
- Who's this handsome boy?
- Who do you take after?
Who's this amazing boy?
This is the first time
I've heard his voice.
He loved recording memories.
I always wondered why I loved films.
Believe me, he wasn't a nerd like you.
You heard him say I take after him.
You're neither handsome, smart, nor wise.
You're not like him at all.
Mom, why have you never
showed us these things before?
Help me close those windows
before the water gets in.
- Mom.
- Come on, close the windows.
Mazen, come on.
Let's check the upstairs windows first.
He's the only comfortable one.
I was born after nine months, so...
Bro, how many times
are you going to watch that video?
All my life, I've wondered what things
would've been like if he was still around.
In a few ways.
- What would his personality be like?
- He's handsome and smart.
- Would he have been an angry man?
- And whiz.
- Would he be tough on us?
- What?
Would he have had a loud voice
that would have shaken the house
when he yelled?
Or would he have been kind?
- Whiz, from wisdom. It's right.
- Calm and caring?
Fine, whatever you say.
I feel like he was a mix of everything.
- For the record, if he's born premature...
- Ma'an, drop it.
- Do you really never ask these questions?
- Do you see your mom?
- What's wrong with his mom?
- She's strong, so, never upset her.
Of course I do.
But what's the point?
Our mom will never
share anything about him.
You don't know what she's going through.
So it doesn't matter what we go through?
Are you still watching that video?
- Look at the camera.
- I really don't know...
Well, I want to talk to you.
Have a seat, Mom. What's wrong?
Tell us what you need.
Your wish is our command.
For a while...
after your father passed away,
may he rest in peace...
May he rest in peace.
He left nothing behind but the two of you.
And I spent all my time raising you.
You're great men now and any mother
would be lucky to have you as sons.
But for a while now, I've been...
I've been feeling like...
For a while now, I've been feeling like...
I'm ready to get married again.
But if you don't feel
comfortable with this, it's fine.
We can forget about it,
as if I never brought it up.
You must be joking, right?
Let's get this straight.
You refuse to tell us anything about
our dad and now you want to replace him?
No one will ever be able
to replace your father.
Well, since you know that,
why are you trying to replace him?
I want you to meet him. He's coming
tomorrow to meet me officially.
He's coming to meet you officially?
- As if you've never met him before?
- Mazen!
Can you relax?
What's his name?
- His name is Emad.
- I won't meet him!
Mazen, please, I need you to be
the man of the house tomorrow,
like you've always been.
Meet him.
If you don't like him, then that's that.
We'll forget about it.
- Okay.
- Then you meet him.
Please, you have nothing to lose.
Do you think my problem
is with you getting married?
Mazen, we have nothing to lose
just by meeting him.
- He's excited to meet you.
- And who is he to say that?
He's coming tomorrow at nine o'clock.
Be ready.
Are you an idiot?
Don't you have any morals?
I know the situation is nerve-racking.
I don't get it either.
But Mom has sacrificed a lot for us.
Now she's asking something of us.
She has no right to ask this of us
after hiding the truth
about our father's death her entire life.
Even so,
she's still your mother and has the right
to decide how she wants to live her life.
Get out and close the door behind you.
But you're acting like a child
and you think you're the man of the house.
I picked out this watermelon myself.
It's sweet as sugar.
The secret to picking the right one
is the sound.
I see you every day and then I go
I say, one look is refreshing
On which I live for tomorrow
Does he think this is The Voice?
For my night
It seems so.
That's full of pain
Although the look is not...
Enough. Stop.
- We get it.
- I'm sure you'll love it.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
What do you do, Emad?
It's a labor of love.
- I work with watermelons.
- Your job is to sell watermelons?
As well as pomegranates, apples,
and pears. It depends on the seasons.
Sometimes I sell figs too.
But this...
- This is my passion.
- What's your last name?
- Donut.
- Al Qureishi.
A fine family.
Much obliged.
Do you smoke?
- Mazen just means...
- No, it's okay, kid.
Ask whatever you like.
I mean, a strange man came
to propose to your mother, so it's fine.
God has burdened me with the addiction.
When I get the urge, I grab the pipe.
- Do you mean a vape pen?
- Vaping is for guys your age.
You get strawberry and bubble gum flavors.
I'm talking about a pipe with tobacco.
The real deal.
When is the morning call to prayer?
- At four-thirty.
- And in winter?
At five-thirty.
As you know, the nights are long
and the days are short in winter.
Okay, where do you
see yourself in five years?
- Is he here for a job interview?
- Listen, I'm a hardworking man.
I spend my days
between my home and the farmer's market.
If I find time,
I go to a caf with my friends.
We reminisce about the days
when we were young.
Please. You're still a young man.
I won't pretend I'm not past my prime.
Just when it comes to your biological age.
I know this must be weird.
Someone coming to propose to your mother
at our age, of course.
But I promise you, if I get the chance,
I will stand by your side and support you.
How great.
Who sent you our way?
I heard about you from good people,
and I'm here asking
to be a part of your family.
We'd be honored to have you.
It would be my honor.
These good people were wrong
to send you to us.
There are no women
available for marriage here, Mr. Emad.
- Mazen.
- Please, excuse yourself.
Enjoy the watermelon.
I'm sure we will.
Close the door behind you.
Why did you do that?
Do you want to marry
our mother off to that weirdo?
- He said, "Watermelon is my passion."
- So what? Can't a man make ends meet?
Are you just being stubborn?
- What if I am?
- It's not up to you to decide this.
What happened?
Did you like him?
A lot...
Mazen said you weren't
available for marriage.
- Why would you do that, Mazen?
- You want a bumpkin farmer?
You deserve better than that.
- He's a businessman.
- Call him whatever you want.
No one is taking my father's place.
Mazen, your dad is no longer with us.
Exactly! You can't even say his name.
You just want to move on to a new man.
Watch your mouth! I'm still your mother!
Calm down. It's not that serious.
How is it not that serious?
Everyone is treating us like fools.
None of them want to say what happened.
Least of all our own mom!
Isn't any of that serious to you?
Mazen, go to bed...
before you say something you regret.
That's the smartest thing
you said all day.
It's okay.
He'll cool off, and we'll talk then.
No, I was rash.
Emad is a good man.
If he would just lay off the watermelon...
Ma'an, go to bed.
Yes, ma'am.
It's been nine months and he still doesn't
want to grace us with his presence.
Please, move away from the TV!
Ma'an! Get up! Come on!
No, I talked to her. Don't worry.
Talked to her? Who did you talk to?
Get up. I have to show you something.
What are you going to show me?
What time is it?
It's seven minutes past five!
Just come with me.
If you woke me up for nothing,
tell me now.
It's not for nothing. Just get up.
Are you seeing what I'm seeing
or do I need new glasses?
No, your glasses are working perfectly.
Do you just do
whatever pops into your head?
We have no idea what this is.
I say we go back to bed
and mention this to no one.
Dude, this is the best thing
to happen in this depressing house.
Aren't you curious about it at all?
I am, but...
But what?
There's an ancient, glowing door
right in front of us.
What are you? A mosquito?
Why do you care?
If I vanish, I'll be out of your hair.
I wish.
But not like this.
Do you see your T-shirt?
What's wrong with it?
It's the most comfortable one I have.
That's my point. You just buy anything.
What if it's insulting Islam?
Why would a T-shirt
have insults to Islam on it?
Subliminal messages,
intellectual conquest, Freemasonry.
- Or are you ignorant?
- Don't be so pessimistic.
That's all nonsense. Listen to me.
You're beating around the bush
because you're scared.
Stay here and I'll go in.
No, I'm not scared.
I just haven't planned for this.
Okay, you can plan for both of us.
It's just like our house.
It seems like
we're in a parallel universe.
Fine, Sanaa. I'll look for it here.
I found it!
- Do you need anything else?
- No, thanks.
Dad! It's me, Mazen.
- He can't hear you.
- What's going on here?
It looks like the portal
sent us to the past.
May God protect us from all evil.
He's not some kind of jinn.
Can you feel the electromagnetic energy?
- I can't feel it.
- Mazen!
Mazen, come here.
Be careful, dear.
And thank you so much.
The place looks wonderful.
Thank you.
Take this and help decorate
by blowing up some balloons.
There aren't any more balloons.
There's a box full of them over there.
This is better than last time, right?
I had to blow them up myself.
Don't even dare bring up last time.
You deserved it.
- Why?
- The cake was late.
That delayed the birthday.
I went to the baker
but the cake wasn't done yet.
- You should've stood over his shoulder.
- How would that help?
How would standing over him
make him bake any faster?
How come when I went
I got him to finish it faster?
Sanaa, you would even scare away jinns.
Why are they bickering?
You don't deserve help.
Blow them up yourself.
You're a dictator. Do you know that?
It's just a lover's spat
with a dash of tough love.
- Your dad's asking for it.
- She hits me, then says I need a beating.
As in, "love hurts"?
But, you know, this is the first time
I've seen my mother laughing like this.
You're exhausting.
You deserve it.
She looks happy.
Come here, you!
Ma'an, are you two up?
The phone you are trying to reach
is currently unavailable.
Please try again later.
What are you still doing awake?
- I want to play.
- You want to play?
You know tomorrow's your birthday, right?
How old are you going to be?
- Five years old.
- What? Fifty years old?
So, you want to be older than your dad.
We'll get you a car.
What type of car do you want?
- A four-wheel drive.
- Is that so?
Okay, you got it.
We'll get you one.
Come on now. Let's sleep.
Wait, you're scamming me.
Where's my good night kiss?
I love you.
Good night.
I'm almost done. I just have
a couple of things to do tomorrow.
Thank God, we got a lot accomplished.
But don't forget the decor for the stairs.
And you, don't forget to get the cake
before the birthday.
You never let anything go, do you?
I didn't expect him to be this height.
I thought he was a giant.
You were as tall as a dwarf.
Of course he seemed like a giant to you.
Can you comprehend that we're in the past?
Yes, I get it. We went back into the past.
Even the chemistry changed.
Everything changed.
Come on, let's go back.
Why? Why would we go back?
We finally have an opportunity to meet
our father and get closer to him.
- We could even bring him back with us.
- No.
We can't change anything in history.
Don't start with all your nonsense.
We have to go back now.
Our mom will worry about us.
If we brought our father back with us,
don't you think she would be happy?
Mazen, we can't mess with the timeline.
Anything we do could have
negative consequences in the future.
Have you ever heard
of the butterfly effect?
- What?
- The butterfly. The butterfly's wing.
People in the past stepped
on a butterfly and tore its wing
which led to disasters
in the future and present time.
What butterfly are you talking about?
Do you really believe in this stuff?
When was the last time
you saw a butterfly in Jeddah?
It doesn't need to be a butterfly.
It can be a cockroach or a fly.
Call it the "lizard tail effect"
for all I care.
The point is, we have to go back
and we can't mess with fate.
Ma'an, listen to me.
We're already here.
We'll stay for two days and go back.
You can learn about time and the timeline,
and the butterfly,
and the lizard tail too.
Come on, don't ruin this.
Don't be childish, man.
Why are you in such a hurry?
Do you want us to stay
and watch them sleep?
Not to watch them. Let's get to know them.
Stay if you want. I'm going back.
This can't be happening. We're stuck here.
Ma'an, calm down.
- We're stuck in the past.
- Only time will tell.
We'll go back, but not now. Calm down.
Do you understand me?
I'm telling you we're stuck!
Ma'an, you're a rational person.
You see that the portal is not working.
All we can do is rest for now
until we find another way to go back.
We can get to know our dad
while we're here.
We have nothing to lose.
No, we can't. Look for a key.
Every door must have a key.
We got in without a key.
I'm not going to sit around and wait.
And one more thing.
Can you please cover up a little?
You're distracting me.
Believe me, the portal will open.
It's only a matter of time.
And we need to find
who's responsible for this.
Who do you mean?
Whoever stepped on the lizard.
Calm down.
Ring around the Rosie
A pocket full of posies
Ring around the Rosie
A pocket full of posies
Ring around the Rosie
A pocket full of posies
Ring around the Rosie
- Mazen.
- What is it, Ma'an?
Wake up. Good morning. Get up.
You slept, too?
It's my fault for relying on you.
What's all this noise?
It's your birthday.
Act like you don't know.
I don't want you to ruin the surprise.
Do you think you're funny?
How old are you now, you useless man?
Wait, Mazen.
Ring around the Rosie
A pocket full of posies
Go and play with them.
Ring around the Rosie
Play with them. Come on.
A pocket full of posies
Ring around the Rosie
A pocket full of posies
Come here.
Ring around the Rosie
I caught you! I did it!
I caught you!
A pocket full of posies
Something important
must be happening today.
Why would the portal take us to this day?
- Do you remember this day?
- Come here.
- Come to me!
- No, I don't.
But I have a more important question.
Why are you whispering?
Raise your voice. Nobody can hear us.
No, we don't know what's happening
and what might affect the timeline,
so lower your voice.
Man, I'm telling you nobody can see us.
Ma'an, what's wrong with you?
Isn't time traveling and space your thing?
And today is my birthday. Live a little.
- My God.
- Wait a second, everyone.
Something broke but everything is fine.
Just stand still.
- I'll just clean it up.
- I told you.
Careful not to cut yourself.
How did it break? Aren't we invisible?
We're starting to materialize
in this timeline.
What does that mean?
Our cells are forming and taking up space
in the space-time.
Hashem, I'm going in to bring the cake.
Okay, I'm going to grab the camera too.
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to Mazen
Happy birthday to Mazen
Happy birthday to Mazen
- I want this one.
- They're all yours.
- Is someone else coming?
- Everyone's supposed to be here.
I'll go and see who it is.
- How are you, Son?
- That's grandfather Mohammed.
What do you want, Dad?
I want to see my grandson.
Sanaa told me it's his birthday today
so I brought him this present.
I think you were clear that you didn't
want to be involved in my life at all.
You weren't even there
when I married the woman I wanted.
But this is my grandson,
and he carries the family name.
As for Sanaa, I was in the wrong.
Well, you can stay in the wrong, then.
What do you want me to tell you now?
That you were never present?
You weren't there when I needed you
during the worst two events in my life.
When Mom died...
you weren't there.
When I was hopping from house to house,
I was told to get a guardian.
I would find some random man to stand in.
And if one of them had time
he would take care of me
while you weren't around.
When I grew up, I thought it was a shame
to get married without my dad's presence,
so I called you.
And you didn't show up then either.
And now, you're here to feel like a father
through your grandkids, right?
Is that all you heard?
Yes, Dad. Sanaa is pregnant with a boy.
Just go, please.
You don't get to appear again and ruin
my life every time you feel like it.
I will leave, Son.
But just so you know, one day you will
understand I was only worried about you.
The only thing I can say now is...
I wish you success.
They must have dinner prepared.
You were cute when you were little.
What happened to you?
I swear, the minute I saw your face
I lost my will to live.
But that doesn't explain
why your face is ugly like that.
- Thank you so much for the gifts.
- Don't mention it.
Your company was a delight.
You don't need a birthday to visit us.
- Pay us a visit at any time.
- Exactly.
- Goodbye.
- Take care.
I'm so tired I feel like I'm going to die.
I'm going to go shower.
I smell like kids and cake.
You always smell like this, my love.
You're going to wash the dishes now
as a punishment for saying that.
Don't wait until tomorrow either.
Wash them right now.
I've been getting punished with the dishes
ever since you got pregnant.
- What?
- Am I wrong?
- Where's my son? Mazen!
- That means I'm right.
Well, listen.
Who was at the door earlier?
Why did you call him?
I thought you might forgive him now,
after you became a father too.
On the contrary.
Because I'm a father now,
I'm more shocked and baffled
at how he was able to treat me like that.
Try and give him the benefit of the doubt.
His wife had just passed away.
It was hard on him.
My mother had died
and my father wasn't there for me.
It was harder for me.
I get how you feel, my love,
and I understand what you're saying
but are you going to spend the rest
of your life not speaking to your dad?
Are you really going to hold it
against him for the rest of your life?
You know, Hashem,
I genuinely would do anything
just to spend some time with my dad,
may he rest in peace.
May he rest in peace.
I realized something lately.
Even with all the struggles
that my dad made us go through,
I realized that it was somehow
his way of showing us love.
That was the best way
he knew how to love us.
At least he was present in your life.
For my sake.
And for the kids' sake. It would be nice
for them to have a grandfather.
Just so I don't forget,
you were going to shower
and I was punished
by washing the dishes today.
You know we look alike, ugly face.
So you admit that you're ugly?
Exactly, this is
the ugly face I'm talking about.
Who are you?
- Wait, let me explain.
- Don't bother.
You bastards have nothing to explain.
- Bastards?
- Just leave it.
Sorry, we got the wrong house.
We're leaving now.
Take your friend and leave. Get out!
We're leaving now. Calm down.
No, we're not leaving without
explaining it to him. You're our father.
- Mazen, you idiot.
- Are you drunk?
- Yes, he's drunk.
- You're the drunk one.
And I'm serious. You are our father.
Listen to me.
My wife and son are upstairs.
So you're going to leave quietly
or I swear I'm going to tie you both up
and teach you manners.
You taught us to be like this.
Get out! Leave now!
Are you enjoying this beating?
- Let's go!
- I swear to God!
If I see you here again
I'm going to call the cops!
- As if it's that easy!
- Seriously?
Why are you dragging me away like this?
Do I look like a child to you?
Why didn't you let
me finish talking to him?
What were you going to say? "Hello, Dad.
We're your kids from the future."
- You think he would've believed you?
- Ma'an, it's no time for your crap!
You saw it in there!
He could have killed us!
This is not a movie, you idiot.
The guy inside is our father.
Don't act like a know-it-all
when you don't understand anything.
It would be best for you to shut up.
I understand that you hate him.
- I don't hate him.
- Yes, you do.
You forced yourself to hate him
so you wouldn't grieve over his death.
As time went by,
you started hating yourself
and you became angry all the time,
which made you hate Mom too.
But how was it her fault?
You shouldn't resent yourself forever
because he passed away and left you alone
or you're going to lose all the people
you still have left around you.
Mazen, can you believe that 24 hours ago
we were sitting in our room
wondering what Dad looked like?
And 24 hours later
he kicked us out of the house...
as if we were flies.
And he beat us, too.
But we met him.
This is so exciting.
We time traveled back to the past
and we met him!
It really is like we're in a movie.
We traveled back to 2003.
You're making it sound like we went
to the future or went back to the 60's.
It still counts as time travel.
Do you know what was
interesting about 2003?
The most exciting things
were driving around
or playing Uno in Al Tahlia.
And even if you wanted to go to a mall,
you had to hide among families
and pray for the security guards
not to see you.
Where's the fun in that?
Security guards?
Scientists have spent decades
trying to find a method for time travel
but you and I did it, Mazen.
- We did it!
- Okay, let's break the rules.
Let's go find something to eat.
I'm starving.
That's normal.
Time travel can make you hungry.
But don't worry, I've got this.
May God help us.
May God help us.
Happy birthday, Son.
- Hello, Mazen's mother.
- You're home early!
- Close the camera and come here.
- I swear.
They asked me to do overtime.
What can I do?
I'm not doing this for you.
I'm doing it for the baby.
Okay, my love,
turn off the camera and come here.
Your love?
Is this love or a threat?
Let me just show them how I look before...
I'm documenting history.
If I don't appear in the next video,
that means I'm not here anymore.
- Just turn off the camera.
- Okay, I will.
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to Mazen
Happy birthday to you
Someone else has to blow the candles
during every birthday.
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to...
I remember back when I used to play
In the neighborhood with my friends
Before mobiles were around
When we only used the land line
We used to wait for the afternoon
Just to play on the Sony
The city wasn't crowded
And we used to listen
To Miami radio station
Just drop us off here, please.
- How much?
- Ten Riyals.
- Isn't that a bit expensive?
- Not really.
Pay him.
- The cash I have is new.
- So?
How is he going to accept it?
He'll definitely think it's forged.
You're only mentioning this now?
How was I supposed to know
that I'm going to travel to 2003?
I had the cash in my secret pocket.
What's the problem?
If only we weren't forced
to do what we're about to do.
Ma'an, run!
I swear this is money.
Use it after 20 years. It'll be useful.
What kind of money is this? Stop!
It's money! Use it in 2023.
You thieves!
My God.
Everyone's problematic.
Shame on you.
Go and sit down. I'll talk to him.
- Hello.
- Welcome.
The paper on the door says,
"If you're struggling,"
and we're struggling right now.
- We were in the car...
- Okay?
...and we couldn't pay the driver.
Look at my clothes.
It's okay if you don't have money.
You can order whatever you want.
- I'm poor.
- What can I get you?
- Four cheese sandwiches.
- Okay.
- And two cups of tea.
- Okay.
- Thank you so much.
- Sit down and I'll bring them to you.
How amazing!
I swear, my brother. You're a genius.
Just eat.
You know, there's a study that says
the more flies in a restaurant,
the more delicious the food is.
Then why don't you eat
straight from the trash can?
Enjoy it. Just eat.
- What source did you get that study from?
- It's out there.
You just don't read these things.
I need to ask you...
what are we going to do now?
I don't know.
We're going to figure it out.
The least we can do is tell him.
We can't tell him.
He can't know that he died.
- Then let's at least go back home.
- Okay.
Just to find a way
to go back to the present,
not to save him.
Mazen, we're not going to save him.
But I have to do something before that.
What is it?
- Don't forget to pray to God.
- Hello.
Did you already forget
that we don't have money?
The thing that
we came here for is priceless.
It's just juice.
This is a treasure.
I still don't know why
they stopped selling it.
One sip will change your whole mood.
What are you doing?
Are you going to steal?
I knew you were a thief.
Fill up your pants.
We're borrowing them, nothing more.
Of course not.
Mazen, put them back
before anyone sees you
and cuts off your hand.
Man, toughen up.
It's okay, we're in the past now.
- We'll fix it in the future.
- You're going to get us in trouble.
Act normal.
You idiot, we're in so much trouble.
Sir, why don't you have
any strawberry-flavored Mirinda?
We'll get it tomorrow.
Please do.
Listen, if we get caught
we don't know each other.
I swear we have treasure right now.
Try it so you can understand.
It's warm.
Did you put it in your boxers?
It's in a sealed box.
You're gross.
They wrote instructions to keep it
in a cool and dry place.
My boxers have a hole in them.
There's great ventilation.
I'm going to leave you
and your stolen goods.
I need to go to the bathroom.
Check this out.
Maybe we should get a phone card.
Are you planning on stealing a phone, too?
Well, we're already thieves.
Do you know what he's doing
despite all of this?
- Seven, three, four, five, eight, zero...
- What?
One, zero, one, one, eight, three...
He wasn't careful,
so they lost fifty pieces.
- Fifty! Do you realize how much that is?
- Excuse me.
Okay, sir.
Okay, I'm going to hang up now
because I have customers.
Okay, goodbye.
- Welcome to the store.
- Thank you.
What would you like to buy?
We have the newest editions
of Nokia phones.
You'll love them.
- Show me what's new.
- Okay.
The Nokia 6600 is all the rage
in Saudi Arabia these days.
Check this out.
What do you think?
Check it out. This has a camera
that takes photos and videos, sir.
It's the latest edition
after the "Vault" and "Resistor,"
both of which made big waves
in the phone market here in Saudi.
- Show me, please.
- Here you go.
Did you give this edition
a nickname or not?
No, not yet.
But we're thinking of names
such as "The Pearl" or the "Sharp Shooter"
because it captures amazing photographs.
No, man, these are such old names.
This needs a new name that draws you in.
Look at the color.
To sell this phone, call it "The Panda."
Okay, what do you think
about calling it "The Panda"?
I literally just said that.
Really? I didn't hear you at all.
- He's going to go bankrupt in the future.
- It seems so.
Do you even want this, or no?
Photography is forbidden either way.
And shame on you
for selling stuff like this.
- People like you are ruining our youth.
- Calm down.
What's happening?
If you want, I can give you a discount.
Is the snake game in color?
You're kidding me, right?
Are you guys messing with me?
We're looking for a working bathroom,
that's all.
You'll find it in the back, sir. Go ahead.
I hope it's clean.
- The Panda!
- I hope you're constipated.
Please, be constipated.
If not constipation, then diarrhea.
The door!
You don't seem to be following the steps.
I'm on step three now
and nothing is coming out.
Just squat!
I'm going to get a cramp.
Aim and lock on to your target, Ma'an.
I'm telling you, my eyesight is terrible.
Okay, then plant your feet.
Listen, not to freak you out
but sometimes rats climb up from there.
- Why?
- I'm sure you managed, right?
I'm going to hold it
until we get back home.
You're going to hold it until 2023?
It's a simple task. This is the toilet.
You just have to stand like this.
Are you going to make fun of me, too?
It's not personal. Let's just go.
Hello, dumbass. Where have you been?
- How are you, Rakan?
- Mrs. Sanaa?
I'm so sorry.
I didn't mean to use any profanities.
- Have you seen Ma'an and Mazen?
- No.
Maybe they're in the bathroom.
Yes, they're in the bathroom.
- Who's in the bathroom?
- Ma'an.
I mean Mazen.
Actually, both of them
are in the bathroom.
But not together.
They're in separate bathrooms.
Rakan, they didn't do anything wrong.
You don't have to cover for them.
Thank God.
I thought they were in trouble again.
When was the last time you saw them?
Back when you were moving in.
Why? Is something wrong?
- Do you know if they went out with anyone?
- No.
Mrs. Sanaa, is something wrong?
Everything is fine. Thank you for calling.
It's okay, my dear. It's fine.
Do you remember falling on your head?
No, I never did before.
Something changed.
The vase that we broke
is the butterfly's wing.
Leave the butterfly for now
and let's go follow them.
- Let's see what's happening.
- No.
Look at what happened
because you broke the vase.
No problem. We'll get them a new one.
Do you realize what I'm saying, stupid?
We're in phase four. It's too late.
Have you ever seen a lizard
getting its tail glued back on?
What's done is done.
We have to go back now.
Do you know what happens in phase five?
Worlds collide.
The universe breaks apart. Your eyeballs
might pop out of your hands.
Fine, let's go in now.
But how are we going to
get into the house?
I have the key.
I don't think Mom changed the locks.
Let's go.
- Who is it?
- Greetings, Mrs. Sanaa.
- Hello, Rakan.
- How are you doing? Are you okay?
I'm fine, thank God.
Give me the updates. What happened?
Did they come back?
Did you hear anything about Mazen?
No, they haven't come back.
I don't know what to do.
Mrs. Sanaa, did you search well?
Did you look under the table?
Or under the stairs?
Maybe they fell
into the air vent or something.
I searched everywhere. They're not here.
May God help us.
How's everything with you?
I hope you're good now.
I'm good, Rakan.
Are you feeling better?
Hello? Mrs. Sanaa.
Sit down.
"Sit down."
I know the investigation techniques
you've used ever since we were kids.
"Sit down! Where did the kids go?
What did they do?"
I swear to God,
I have nothing to do with any trouble
caused by Ma'an and Mazen.
I even do the opposite.
I always advise them.
I tell them, "Hey, Ma'an and Mazen,
your mother is an old lady.
Don't raise her blood pressure
and her blood sugar.
Causing problems is unacceptable."
But they never listen to me.
So, I have nothing to do with this.
Mazen and Ma'an disappeared two days ago.
- Did you notify the police?
- I did.
I feel like I'm going mad.
I don't know what to do.
Of course, Mrs. Sanaa.
A mother's heart aches.
I feel like I'm going crazy...
They disappeared but I feel like
they're still here with us.
They're lost, but still here.
I get you.
Show yourselves. Get out of this house.
- Come out from the sewage.
- Rakan, they didn't turn into jinns.
How would I know, Mrs. Sanaa?
You said they're here but they're lost.
I didn't want to embarrass you
so I went along with it.
Happy birthday to you
It is nothing.
Happy birthday to Mazen
Happy birthday to you
May God help me.
Happy birthday to you
Mrs. Sanaa, you took me 20 years back.
Back to when I was a child.
Mrs. Sanaa, I always wished
to be treated like this innocent child.
I wish my family cared about me
as a human being.
As a person.
To celebrate my birthday,
bring me a cake,
and hire my favorite character.
And if they couldn't hire the character,
they could have at least got me a mask.
What are you talking about?
Mrs. Sanaa, would you believe
that they were kind to me once?
They had a party for me...
for my birthday.
They brought me something.
I don't know whether it was a cake or...
cement mix.
Do you know how I found out it was a cake?
They brought it
with a picture of me at school.
That's when I knew that
this was supposed to be a cake.
They didn't get my favorite character,
They gave me my mother's veil instead.
So I wore it.
And I stole her cloak
to complete the full Batman uniform.
Anyway, I went out to the street.
Everyone ran away from me, Mrs. Sanaa.
Then I realized...
why there's no black Batman.
May God help me with my hardship.
Did you see that?
- Do you have hacking skills, Mrs. Sanaa?
- It's not Photoshop.
How could this be, then?
Two of Mazen in the same video!
This is an old video.
We've had it since 2003.
- They must have traveled back in time.
- Right.
- Right?
- I thought I was going crazy.
But there's no other explanation.
- Yes, I thought the same.
- But how did they go back 20 years?
Mrs. Sanaa,
are there any other cassette tapes?
Let's move so you don't poke your eye out.
So, what's the plan, boss?
Think with me.
There must have been something
that made the portal open.
Or maybe it only opens once a year.
Please, I won't stay in 2003
for one more minute.
Me neither.
I remember it was raining last time.
How's the rain relevant?
Maybe we have to be wet for it to open.
That's how magic works.
What is this nonsense?
That's not scientific or logical.
Maybe the portal only opens from one side.
That's a terrible idea.
Your idea is worse.
Dude, I meant maybe it's the same
as the movie you bored us with.
The one about the people
who go back in time.
The Return With The Jacuzzi.
- It's Hot Tub Time Machine.
- That's the one! "Hot Tub Time."
Didn't they have to be wet to return?
Do you see a Jacuzzi in here?
But maybe the portal is like
the ones in the Monsters, Inc. movie.
We open it, and we go somewhere else.
How can we open it?
We need scream energy.
Calm down.
Scream with me. My voice isn't enough.
For your mother's sake, shut up.
That's a non-scientific act.
Do you see the portal opening?
Mazen, hold on.
The moment your head
got cracked open when you were little,
the scar appeared
on you right away, correct?
- You're right.
- It means that time is not linear.
- Explain it, please.
- Time is not linear.
The past, the present, and the future
are all occurring at the same time.
You mean when we went back in time,
the time in the past
and the future were the same?
We can send a message to the future.
And how are you going to do that? A text?
No, it has to be a place
that didn't change in the house.
Where could it be?
I have an idea.
That's the last one.
Mrs. Sanaa, are you sure
there aren't any other tapes?
- It's Mazen and Ma'an!
- I wish, Mrs. Sanaa.
I'm starving so I ordered some food.
Here you go, enjoy.
Thanks, man.
Now you'll taste the best barbecue ever.
I have to take this tape home with me
and review it two or three times
until I find a lead on what happened.
I'll let you know.
You just want to blackmail me.
What do you mean, blackmail?
Who has time to blackmail anyone now?
What do you want with the tape?
I want to watch it until I find a lead.
Don't you have a family
that worries about you?
- I do.
- Okay.
Why do you ask?
Don't you want to go sleep at your house?
Mrs. Sanaa, if you asked me for a favor,
I'd do two for you. I'm here to serve you.
Mrs. Sanaa, I'm like a jack of all trades.
I'll impress you.
- Did you forget about my Batman story?
- Go to sleep, son.
Get up. Go to sleep.
- Really?
- Go home.
- But, Mrs. Sanaa...
- Move it.
- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.
What about the food?
- Just go home. Move it.
- But I want to eat.
You're officially crazy.
If I put it under the tile,
Mom will definitely notice
and she'll find it.
Tiles get loose all the time.
It's not a big deal.
She may not even notice it.
You don't know our mother like I do.
What if this doesn't work?
Can you be optimistic?
They're back!
Go hide, fast.
Hide, fast.
Where can I hide?
The house is huge. Hide anywhere.
- My dear, do you want water?
- Yes, please. My throat's dry.
- You again?
- I'll leave.
What brought you here again?
And where's your friend? Isn't he here?
I should take you guys to the police.
Don't resist.
Listen, where's your friend?
I'm sorry!
I swear, I'll go for the throat.
Your name is
Hashem Mohammed Sa'ad Al Khudari.
You fought with
my grandfather Mohammed because...
you married my mother Sanaa.
And he didn't attend the wedding.
How do you know so much about me?
Just listen to us for one minute,
and if you don't like what you hear,
we'll leave.
- We can't leave.
- Speak already!
I'm Mazen.
Your son, Mazen.
- Are you harassing me with my son's name?
- We're not harassing you.
I know that it's hard to believe this,
but we are your kids from the future.
You guys are robbers and thought
if you got caught like last time
you could just make up
some crazy story, right?
No, I swear to you
we came from the year 2023.
We live here in your house.
Well, our house.
But in the future, which is our present.
We came here by mistake.
What idiot would believe your crazy story?
Look at the watch.
Good for you! It looks like my watch!
You idiot! Are you crazy?
Look at it.
- How is this possible?
- Because this is your watch.
Anything that happens to it in the past
has to happen to it in the future,
in the timeline we brought it here from.
Do you understand now?
I'm trying to comprehend...
But how? You're almost my age.
And you...
I'm your son who's still not born yet.
Who's Qutaiba?
I'm Ma'an.
So, your mother also won in naming you.
Thank God she did.
Did you really want me
to live with the name Qutaiba?
- Am I going to fight for the Umayyads?
- You're very disrespectful.
Looks like I didn't spend much time
at home after you were born.
Looks like you take after your mother.
Or did something happen to her?
Did we get a divorce?
No, you didn't get a divorce
or anything like that.
Let's focus on the subject at hand.
You have to help us.
- How can I help you?
- Things are changing because we're here.
The timeline is changing.
- What do you mean?
- Like what happened to the watch.
And this scar I got.
I didn't have it
before we went back in time.
I am trying to comprehend this.
The portal that brought us here
isn't working anymore.
- What portal?
- The old door in the basement.
That's the portal.
Your mother...
I can barely wrap my head around this.
How do you think she'll take it?
- What do I tell her?
- We can't tell her.
Why not?
You know how she worries.
She's upstairs. If she comes down here
how can I explain you to her?
Tell her we were sent here.
Sent by who?
- Tell her we're your buddies.
- What does that mean?
Your friends.
My dear, are you talking to yourself?
No, my friends from college are here.
I haven't seen them in forever.
- He doesn't know how to lie.
- Tell me about it.
- Don't forget to charge Mazen's car.
- Okay, I won't.
How do I explain that?
Don't tell her anything.
We'll laugh about it later.
Do you always have an attitude like this?
What's wrong?
Boy! In front of me?
He's always like this.
I'm waiting.
I told you, he's 24 years old
and the other one is 20 years old.
What should I do?
You told me to wait 24 hours and I did.
And now it's been 48 hours.
I keep telling you,
they don't go out without telling me.
Yes, I know they are adults.
Do you understand when I tell you that
they don't go out without telling me?
I know in my heart
there is something wrong.
I'm waiting!
This is the door that you guys mentioned.
How did you come through it?
- We opened it.
- The door suddenly lit up.
We went inside it
and it took us somewhere else,
just like the Jacuzzi movie Ma'an watches.
What kind of movies are you watching?
No... it's a science fiction movie.
It's called Hot Tub Time Machine.
People time travel inside a Jacuzzi.
Like Back to the Future.
Kind of.
Maybe it only opens from the outside.
I mean, from the other side.
I also said the same thing.
Mazen said it was a dumb theory.
Did it work?
No, it's just your shabby lights.
Stop being sarcastic.
Dad, last time the door opened.
- But the same...
- The portal doesn't work.
It doesn't open at all now.
Something has changed.
Speak to me in Arabic.
I mean, once we got here
the door was closed.
Now it doesn't want to open whatsoever.
How come?
You found it under the tiles.
They are breaking
the time barrier to reach you.
how did they go back to the past?
- Through the door?
- Maybe they didn't go back.
the past,
the present
and the future
are all happening at the same time.
Rakan, are you on something?
I used to sniff glue, but I quit.
God help us.
The door.
Auntie Sanaa, the door.
- Yes, the door.
- This is the same door.
It's the same one. I saw it.
One minute. Just a minute.
Where are you going?
Look, Auntie Sanaa.
It's the same door.
Down to its wood and nails.
Just like the saying, "In the flesh."
But this one is used with objects.
Let's go.
- Where are we going?
- Come on. I'll explain.
Auntie Sanaa.
Is Mazen's and Ma'an's grandfather alive?
Weird. I've never heard you
talk about him or anything.
Their father didn't have
a good relationship with him.
When Mazen was born,
we stopped visiting him.
Honestly, Auntie Sanaa,
the subject I want to talk about...
I know I have no say in it, but...
I'm saying it because Ma'an and Mazen
are like my brothers.
And since I'm an only child,
I count them as my brothers and more.
- And you are like...
- Rakan, get to the point.
What is it?
Honestly, Auntie Sanaa...
Ma'an and Mazen would like to know
who their father is.
And I know that this is hard, but...
I'm worried that your relationship...
with your kids...
will end up like your husband's
relationship with his father.
I don't like family problems.
I don't know what to tell them.
If I tell them, Mazen will hate himself.
I would rather have him hate me
than blame himself
for his father's death.
I can't let that happen.
Auntie Sanaa,
don't be depressed.
Take it easy.
This time...
Okay. Listen, Auntie Sanaa.
I'll play a song
that will send your dopamine levels
through the roof.
Listen, and tell me what you think.
Why did he let him pass?
He came out of nowhere
Why did he let him pass?
He fooled him easily
Why did he let him pass?
Why did he let him pass?
Move your head like this, Auntie Sanaa.
You have to.
To the front.
Okay, I'll take it easy.
Enough being sad.
I'm glad that you are a friend of my kids.
Me too.
It's been a while since I've been here.
It's me, Noor.
- Hello, Madam Sanaa.
- How are you, Noor?
- I'm fine. How are you?
- I'm fine, thank God.
How's Dad?
He has good days and bad days.
Come in. He waits for you every day.
Madam Sanaa came to visit.
How are you, Dad?
Who are you?
I'm Sanaa.
Your son Hashem's wife.
Where is Hashem?
Hashem passed away.
Pray for him.
I saw him recently.
May he rest in peace.
May he dwell in...
Who are you?
I'm Mazen.
Give me a kiss.
- I'll give you a kiss.
- Okay.
Where is Hashem?
Hashem passed away, Dad.
He's with God. Pray for him.
Auntie Sanaa,
show him the picture.
It may trigger a memory.
Dad, what does this door mean to you?
Why would you
bring the driver in with you?
Go warm up the car, Abdulrazaq,
and I'll come out shortly.
- You're calling me Abdulrazaq!
- I'll be there in a minute.
the door in this picture...
The door?
It takes you...
to where your heart belongs.
I don't understand what you mean.
The heart...
The heart will guide you,
the same way it guided me to my wife,
may she rest in peace.
- May she rest in peace.
- But of course...
it depends on the weather.
Weather like today.
Where is Hashem?
Hashem passed away. Pray for him.
I didn't want him to die.
I want to see him...
I want to go back to him
and tell him that I'm sorry.
- Do you think he will forgive me?
- Of course he will forgive you.
May he rest in peace.
How would you go back to him?
- Who are you?
- I'm Sanaa.
Hashem's wife.
Where's Hashem?
Madam, as I said,
he has good days and bad days.
Well, I'm going, Dad.
Take care of yourself.
When you see Hashem at home,
tell him his father wants him.
Have him come visit, and bring the kids
with you to have breakfast on Friday.
Be careful so you won't end up like me.
Bye, Dad.
He kissed me, Auntie Sanaa.
And, on top of that, I got kicked out.
I swear, if it weren't for his age,
I would have knocked him out
in two seconds.
But I didn't. Out of respect for you.
And he called me a driver.
Me! A driver!
If he saw your car,
I don't know what he'd say about you.
I'm sure it'd be worse.
So, did you get anything out of him?
He wasn't making any sense.
I knew it was for nothing.
You are back at square one.
Not necessarily.
He talked about time...
and the door.
And he said if something happened,
and that time
is affected by circumstances...
- Auntie Sanaa.
- There are specific climates...
Auntie Sanaa, what is
this rocket science you're talking about?
I haven't even completed primary school,
Auntie Sanaa. My brain is plain.
Don't bring me
into this rocket science stuff.
I can't wrap my head around it.
Just tell me what you want us to do.
We'll experiment with time.
Everything has its price
I'll experiment with the laws of time
Since it passed us
I don't care, let it be what it'll be
Don't say it's treacherous
Or untrustworthy
Everything has its price
My heart is dead and almost buried
If the butterfly effect was unavoidable
I wouldn't mind paying the price
Everything has its price
Time moves forward, and I push it back
And justice isn't in the picture
My conscience is dead
I can't trust any of you
Life isn't fair
No one follows the straight path anymore
It's never on your side
No matter how hard you try
Life is so hard
But we keep getting up no matter
How many times we get knocked down
I'm stuck in the middle of the maze
And can't find my way out
To the point I started asking myself
Who am I?
Who am I?
Who am I?
Who am I?
We're stuck between the present
And the past, so tell me, who am I?
Who am I?
Who am I?
Who am I?
We're lost between the present
And the past, so tell me, who am I?
Who am I?
Who am I?
Who am I?
Come. Come here, my dear.
Mazen, wake up!
Mazen! Wake up!
- What's going on?
- It looks like there's a fire.
Ma'an, you have to find a way
to open the portal. Right now.
I would've done it
two days ago if I knew how!
You're smart,
and I know you'll find a way.
Try everything
you've learned in your life.
Let's try together!
Mazen! Hold on, where are you going?
I feel like this is the day.
How can you be sure?
I just have a feeling.
- But we agreed...
- I know.
We agreed that we wouldn't save him.
But if I get a chance...
I'll save him.
- Mazen, why are you so stubborn?
- It's not stubbornness!
For Mom's sake,
try to understand me at least once!
For once!
Don't you want to know how it feels
to have him in your life?
Of course I do.
But I'm content.
Maybe God sent us here so we can move on.
so we can save him.
- Open the portal. We'll need it.
- No, Mazen.
Mazen! Screw you.
You'll die. You'll die, you idiot!
Dad, keep talking! I can hear you!
- Where are you?
- Mazen, in here!
Mazen, in here!
- Ma'an! Are you okay?
- Mom, I'm okay!
- Where is Mazen?
- Mazen went into the fire!
I told him to stay here, but he didn't!
He went up!
What's wrong?
If I don't come back in 15 minutes,
close the portal!
No, Mom! Mom, I'll come with you!
Take care of yourself.
- Get him out, Mazen.
- Dad, please! We'll get him out together!
- Where is Mazen?
- Don't worry.
Where is he?
- He's not there.
- What do you mean he's not there?
I can't find him!
Didn't you live through this day before?
Didn't you find him then?
Where could he have gone?
You got old and forgot?
Try to remember! You've done this before.
Things are not happening
the same way they did that day!
- Please come with me.
- Go!
- Mazen!
- Thank God!
- Mom, how did you get here?
- I came to bring you back with me!
Take him and get out.
- Where are you going?
- There's something I need to do.
Mom, if something happens to them,
you and I will...
Get out!
Stay with me, Dad.
Come on. Stay with me.
Get up. Come on.
It's a simple wound, huh?
It is. Come on.
Get up with me. Push through.
Are you crazy?
I'm not leaving without Hashem.
- I need to find him.
- You and Mazen must get out now!
- Hashem!
- Mazen, dear, come with me.
This is the day I die, right?
No, come with me.
Push through.
I'm glad I got to see you as adults.
- I'm so proud of you both.
- Please.
Dad, get up! You won't die!
We'll get out of here!
I'll take you to the hospital!
Just push through and get up!
We both know that
I won't get out of here today.
Dad, get up!
I won't leave you!
Get up, Dad!
I don't understand why
you suddenly weren't in my life!
I need you to promise me
to take care of your mother.
- Do your best. Promise me.
- Don't leave us.
Don't leave us.
Promise me!
Promise me!
- I won't leave you, Dad! Get up!
- Promise me.
Son, look at me.
Look at me.
Promise me
that you'll take care of your mother.
Promise me.
Promise me!
Where are you going? Are you crazy?
- Did you lose your mind?
- I lived 20 years.
For 20 years, I thought about
what I would've done in his last moments.
- I won't keep thinking.
- His last moments?
What do you mean?
Hashem never comes out today.
He always finds a way to solve anything.
He won't leave me alone, right?
Ma'an will be born without his father.
Mazen will grow up and have
more and more questions about his dad!
And most likely
you won't know what to tell him.
You won't know what to do!
It will be hard to raise them alone.
Hashem will come out.
- Hashem!
- I hoped that would happen.
Every moment I stood there in your place.
But you must prepare yourself.
For you and the kids.
And for me.
And I want you to know
that you are enough!
You will be enough.
You will raise two wonderful boys
that a mother could only dream of.
It will be hard.
I have to go get my son.
Stay with me.
Do you think that God will forgive me?
Of course.
Of course.
I don't know what you will do without me
but I'm sure you'll do just fine.
Life without you isn't worth living.
my dad...
Tell my dad that I forgive him.
He asked me about you today.
Does he forgive me?
Yes, he does.
And you...
Do you forgive me?
Of course, my love.
Take care of them
and make them take care of you...
Ma'an, bro.
Since you're a nerd
and know all about programming stuff,
there is a video I deleted by mistake
and it went to the recently deleted.
I want you to restore it.
Can you do that?
What's the video about?
It's about our duties to our parents.
Duties to our parents?
Move your phone
before I throw it in the water.
Why do you treat me like this, Ma'an?
Clips about obeying your parents
don't come back.
Come on, Mazen.
Watch out, Mom.
Quickly, let's go.
Yes, Ma'an, this is the video!
Yes, get the other video down there.
It's very exciting.
Exciting how?
This video is about domestic violence.
Domestic violence.
Restore it, please.
Yes, thank you.
It's very exciting.
Come on, Mom, stay with me.
- Mazen!
- Stay with me.
Come here.
You idiot!
- Where's Mom?
- She was behind me.
Where is she?
Did you see her go through the portal?
You went through and left her?
I'm sure she will follow me.
How will she? The house is on fire.
The door probably burned up.
My mother's gone?
My mother's gone?
I shouldn't have listened to you.
I shouldn't have let her go in alone.
Screw you, Rakan!
- How do you open this damn portal?
- Your mom is the one who knows how.
Get your friend out of here,
before I beat him up!
The portal only opens
under certain weather conditions
and the room must be filled with water.
I'm going to get water.
Get up.
Get up!
What are you waiting for?
Let's go!
I need to think.
You need to listen.
I told you we couldn't stay there,
but you insisted on
doing what's in your head!
What did you gain from this?
You have neither a father nor a mother!
Are you happy now?
Guys, calm down. What's wrong with you?
You are brothers.
He's nothing but trouble.
All my life, I've been patient with you
and your attitude.
I always said it was okay.
You were upset.
You were in a bad mood
and I should leave you alone. It was okay.
Enough. Enough!
I've had enough. I'm disgusted.
Have mercy on me!
Have mercy on us!
But I should have gotten it
a long time ago...
that you don't care about anyone.
Not your mother, or your father,
or anyone but yourself!
You are selfish.
You hear me?
You are selfish.
Okay, I'm selfish.
All my life, I've been trying to
stand in for our father.
Who taught you how to drive?
I fought with half the school
and neighborhood kids
so no one would make you feel inferior.
What you need to understand is...
that in this day and age
people like you get stepped on.
The movies that you used to love to watch.
Who brought them to you?
Do you know how hard it was?
I did everything in my power to not let
anything make you feel lesser!
Even the parent-teacher conferences.
I attended them.
And who stood by my side?
Do you know?
Mom has been struggling with depression
since I was four years old.
Do you have any idea what it was like
to be the man of the house at that age?
Oh, yes, I'm selfish.
I'm selfish.
- Mom!
- Mom!
Auntie Sanaa!
Auntie Sanaa.
I'm mad at you, Mom.
I'm mad at you because you hid the truth
about our father's death.
Even if I was the reason he died.
I'm mad that you hid it all these years
and had to carry the burden by yourself.
I'm mad that you tried to convince us
you were fine when you were not.
And you made me feel like I had to
pretend I was fine, even though I wasn't.
You never took the time
to tell us what happened.
But thank you.
I'm thankful that you tried to be
the best father and mother to us.
I know that the task wasn't easy.
I know I didn't make it easy on you.
I'm sorry, Mom.
I only meant to protect you guys.
I didn't want to hurt you guys.
Protect us?
Protect us by crying with us.
We should celebrate together,
and face the world together.
That's how you protect us.
You were broken after our father died.
You should've told us you weren't okay.
You should've told us.
Yes, this is the watch.
The moment he showed it to us...
I told Mazen to show it to him.
When he did, he knew.
- Is he lying to you?
- Mazen.
We were thinking about hanging
this picture. What do you think?
But we need to get a few frames.
- Look.
- It's a nice idea, Mom.
But let's do it tomorrow.
- Why?
- Well...
Because I spoke with Emad
and he's on his way over.
I told him not to bring watermelon.
I told you he'd understand.
I had a talk with him
and told him to do this.
Ma'an is a liar, Mom. He's a big liar.
- When did you tell me that?
- Cut it out.
I didn't have to say it out loud.
Maybe I did it subconsciously.
What's with you?
Can't we have a moment of peace?
He's a liar. He acts like a know-it-all.
He acts like that, but in the end,
he'll wind up in the trash.
- "I'm cocky. I get mad quickly!"
- "I'm crazy and stupid!"
- Am I stupid?
- Cut it out.