Yeux sans visage, Les (House of Dr. Rasanoff) (1960) Movie Script

The Professor? No, not yet
I'll tell him as soon as he finishes
Man's greatest new hope
is the recapture of physical youth
This hope... afforded by the heterograft
But the heterograft, that is to say
the transplanting...
...of living tissues or organs
from one human being to another...
...has hitherto been possible
only when the two subjects in question...
...demonstrate a perfect
biological compatibility
What we must now do is modify
the organism receiving foreign tissues
One method is to use heavy
radiation bombardment to destroy...
...the antibodies which form
an obstacle to the heterograft
To achieve this end, however,
the intense radiation required... such that the patient
cannot survive
So exsangunination is practised
The patient under radiation
is drained of the last drop of blood
There was a call for you, Professor
The forensic people... you know,
the morgue. You're to go right away
Your paper was a perfect tonic
Thrilling, wasn't it, Carlo?
What a wonderful future you showed us
As to the future, Madame,
we cannot wait that long
He's changed since his daughter
vanished, he makes strange remarks
It's a strange business,
but that's how it looks to me
Gnessier's daughter vanished
from the clinic, her face an open wound
The lack of facial tissue of course
confirms your supposition
The car crash, the facial burns,
then prolonged immersion in water...
And the rats... don't forget the rats
True. Yet the description
of this drowned girl fits Simone Tessot
I asked the Tessot girl's father
to come in... something doesn't sit right
It's odd that the body should have
been naked but for a man's coat
Why should Gnessier's daughter,
disfigured in a car accident...
...feel the need to strip naked
before drowning herself in her despair?
And that vast open wound
in place of a face is odd, too
The edges are so clean
that it might have been done by a scalpel
Here he is
Doctor Lherminier... Inspector Parot,
from the Missing Persons Bureau
I deeply regret the unfortunate
circumstances occasioning this meeting
Please explain
This morning, two bargemen retrieved
the body of a girl from the Seine
The period of immersion tallies
with your daughter's disappearance
The description also tallies -
facial tissue destroyed,
the eyes undamaged
It is her
Monsieur Tessot is here, Doctor
Tell him we have an identification.
It is not his daughter
I called him in case...
Yes... of course
Forgive me, Professor...
I'm Henri Tessot
I came about my daughter,
but they tell me she was yours
Are you certain, Professor?
Quite certain?
All too certain, unfortunately
It was such a shock when they called me...
I thought I would go mad
It's ten days since we saw Simone.
Something must have happened to her
Strange that I should have to comfort you,
for whom some hope yet remains
I've simply got to find a room
He gets more and more like his father
as he grows older
Remember old Gnessier, the notary?
He wasn't exactly skinny, either
He doesn't enjoy munch luck, anyway
Lost his wife four years ago,
now his daughter
Paris, fame, fortune...
what does it all add up to?
Who's the young man?
The daughter's fianc, a doctor.
He works with the Professor
- And the woman?
- His "secretary". A foreigner
She looks upset
Go home, my boy
- No, let's leave
- I like things done properly
Let's go. I can't take any more
Be quiet!
For my beloved daughter
Doctor Gressier's residence
No admittance to patients
and their visitors
Where did you find this? I don't like
the way you poke into everything
I haven't the time to explain to you
just now
You see here your name
bordered in black
What are you imagining it means?
I don't have to imagine -
I see, I live horrors
What have you done now?
What had to be done, for your sake
All of it is for your sake
The announcement of a death,
the name substituted...
That girl died after the operation,
you see
I took another risk,
and pretended that it was you who died
Since people think you are dead,
they will not ask questions...
...or try to find out
what is going on here
Christiane... your mask!
You must get into the habit of wearing it
Where have you hidden it?
The habit...
No, no, I only meant the habit
of wearing it until we are successful
Please don't cry, darling
I shall succeed, I promise you
I don't believe that any more
You have no reason to doubt me
I'm a man of distinction, am I not?
You shall have a real face,
I pledge you my word
I'm not allowed mirrors,
but I can see my reflection in the window
If the windows are open,
there are other shiny surfaces...
...the blade of a knife, polished wood
My face frightens me,
my mask terrifies me even more
Have faith, Christiane
Look at me... wasn't he successful
with me?
You had a face, though. Ravaged perhaps,
but not destroyed like mine
He's lying to me, because he knows
it was his fault
His fault? It was a car accident,
pure chance
He always has to dominate,
even on the road. He drove like a demon
I nearly died after the accident.
Why didn't he let me?
I wish I were blind... or dead
Who is this?
Why don't you say something?
Would you like this spare ticket?
My friend hasn't turned up
I'd be delighted,
but I thought of buying a cheaper seat
There's no need to pay for it
Sorry to be late. My class overran
I was so anxious to pass on
the good news. I've found you a room
I can't believe it. I'm so pleased...
how can I ever thank you?
Thank me after you've seen the room,
I think you'll like it
- Whereabouts is it?
- A very nice area
Same again for the young lady
I'll drive you there. The owners are friends.
Trees everywhere, you'll see
It seems a long way
I made a big detour.
The traffic is so heavy at this hour
There's the train that will get you to Paris
in less than 20 minutes
Don't you feel lonely,
so far away from your family?
A little, sometimes
Those dogs... how many are there?
You see? You'll be well guarded
Mademoiselle Edna Grnberg...
Monsieur Dormeunil
Delighted. A drop of port to pick you up
after your journey?
No, thanks. I don't want to stay long
We're not in that munch of a hurry
In a moment, I'll show you your room
It has a lovely view over the trees,
I'm sure you'll like it
I don't know...
I'll have to think it over
You really must see the room
Of course, you can't judge properly
in the dark
It's not that... but being so far out
isn't very convenient for me
Not convenient?
It's very convenient here, very convenient
Perhaps, but... I don't want to be too late
getting back tonight
I must meet a friend.
I'll let you know tomorrow
Tomorrow will be too late, my dear
I'll start after diner
This time I must try a larger graft...
...removed in a single section
People are all the same.
They love animals when they're young
Then the animals grow up, eat too munch
and get dumped in the woods
I don't think one should ever
do things by halves
Especially as the second half
is by far the easiest
- Did she eat well?
- Yes, luckily. She was wasting away
She's happy this time. She believes
I showed her how well it is healing
It looks perfect,
so munch better than yesterday
I was so afraid
Don't be. I, too, believe this time
I can only hope
To achieve such a thing...
God, it would be beyond price
I have done so munch wrong
to perform this miracle
I have done you great wrong, too
I know, but I shall never forget
that I owe my face to you
Yes, I sometimes forget that myself
With good reason,
it shows so little now
What have you decided about Edna?
Look after her, feed her.
I'll let you know later
Edna has escaped... that way
- No other details come to mind?
- No
Yes... Edna said the woman always
wore a big pearl necklace
Wound around her neck like a choker,
if you know what I mean
Yes, but it doesn't help too munch
You may go now, Mademoiselle
Pretty, isn't she?
Another one with blue eyes
All of them students, all the same age,
all the same type
All mysteriously disappearing
This one's Swiss, so we'll have
the embassy on to us, telephone calls
Talking about the series of blue-eyed girls,
what about my one?
Brought in for shoplifting
Let her go with a lecture.
But get her address... you never know
This sort of thing will land you in jail
I've never done it before.
I don't know what got into me
You'll be up in court next time.
Give me your address
Now hop it
I was certain of success
To think you doubted me
Now you have your pretty face
Your true face
You can start living again
Yes... but how can we let people know
I'm still alive?
To start with, you'll travel...
a long trip
I'll arrange papers for you.
You can choose a name for yourself
It'll be fun
A new face, a new identity
You're more beautiful than ever.
Now there's something angelic about you
Angelic? That I wouldn't know
When I look into a mirror,
I feel I'm seeing someone...
...who looks like me,
returning from far away
What about Jacques?
Jacques? Yes,
that does pose a problem, of course
I'll explain to him.
He loves you so munch
He'll be very happy
Smile... not too munch
Try Pentothal. I'll come at once
Another emergency
Will you come with me?
Not using make-up, I hope
No. Why?
No reason. You look good, that's all
See you tomorrow, darling
I won't be long.
I'll come and say good night
- You seemed anxious, examining her
- You're imagining things
Why are you lying?
I've learned to read your face.
Tell me the truth
It's failed
February 15
February 20 A week after healing
spots of pigmentation appear
Later palpation reveals
small subcutaneous nodules
On the 12th day
necrosis of the graft tissue is evident
The first ulcerations -
signs of rejection of the graft of infection
The dead graft tissue
must be removed
Take any dog, and everything works
I'm stuck with this beastliness
Say something... this is aggravating
- Are you mad? Who were you calling?
- Nobody
Do you realize how rash you've been?
I know the dead should be silent,
then let me really die
I can't bear it any more...
...afraid to look at one's face,
to touch it...
...for fear of feeling the cracks
and furrows
Calm down, my dear. Trust him.
He will succeed, I know it
You're lying. He'll experiment
as if I were one of his dogs
A human guinea-pig,
what a godsend for him
You've no right to say that
I want to die... please!
Give me one of those injections
the dogs get when things go wrong
Stop that!
You must kill me.
I can't bear it any more
Come at once!
It was Christiane's voice, I'm sure
You thought you heard it... Have you
mentioned this to Professor Gnessier?
Of course, but he insists
the body was his daughter
I know, I was there.
What can I tell you?
A joke in bad taste, perhaps
I deal in facts,
and these statements by witnesses...
...are nothing but "seems", "possibly",
and vague details
A red taxi picking a girl up...
A pretty woman with a pearl choker
like a dog-collar...
...going off with another one
A pearl choker like a dog-collar?
That rings a bell with you?
Yes, it reminds me of someone
I thought that was all over
I hoped so, Mademoiselle Paulette
Mrodon, but the high-ups think...
...I was too lenient
So I suppose I'm for it.
Must I go to jail?
A court case first
If I know my parents,
they'll never get over it
I've been thinking... there may be a way
to get round all this
Of course, it would involve
munch discretion, and some intelligence
I can be very discreet.
As to intelligence...
...if it's not too complicated...
Don't worry, it's just a little service
you can perform for us
- What must I do?
- Bleach your hair, for a start
- You're joking
- Jokes aren't in our line
- You have to be much blonder
- It won't suit me
Never mind. Next you'll see a doctor,
who'll send you to a clinic
- But I'm not ill
- You'll say you are
Brief her on the details
At the clinic, you'll complain
of headaches... I'll write this down
I'll give you a note
to take to Doctor Gleize
He'll give you one for Doctor Gnessier
What? Wait, I'll note that
She could come in tomorrow morning
Don't worry, I'll keep an eye on her.
It's only to check out a possibility
If anything happens, I'll alert you
You're doing well
Thank you, Doctor
She was admitted this morning
- Referred by?
- Doctor Gleize
Severe pain?
Yes... sometimes
Do an opthalmoscopic
and an electroencephalogram today
Doctor... are they going
to shave my head?
No... I hope not, anyway.
It would be a shame
Don't be afraid...
we're friends, aren't we?
Tell me how many fingers
I'm holding up
And this time... how many?
No... two
- What do you think, Doctor?
- I'm very hopeful
Can you make him better?
Certainly... just trust me
- What's your prognosis?
- What is yours?
We're in agreement
Close your eyes
Open your eyes
That's it, you can open your eyes
You'll feel a slight electric shock.
It won't hurt
Send me the trace
as soon as you've finished
No signs of anything wrong
with this Paulette Mrodon
Haemorrhage in Number 15, sir
See to that, Jacques
Here's the trace, sir
Nothing evident. Discharge her tonight,
that will free a bed
We may well have an emergency
Am I supposed to give you this form?
- May I make a call?
- To Paris? What number?
Mum? It's Paulette. Everything's fine,
I'm coming right home
- What do I owe you?
- No charge
How can I get back to Paris?
There's a buns. Turn left as you leave,
a 15 minute walk
Can I give you a lift
as I'm going your way?
Inspector Parot? It's Jacques Vernon
She's left already?
They don't hang about at your clinic
They don't seem to be kidnappers,
I'll check anyway,
to make sure she arrived home safely
Thanks for calling us
Two men want to see you at the clinic
Not now. They can come back tomorrow
Good evening, Professor.
We're sorry to bother you at this hour
Did Mademoiselle Paulette Mrodon
in fact leave the clinic this evening?
How did you know she was to leave?
She called her mother
to say she'd be back. She never arrived
So we've come to ask about her
It's easily verified. My orders
were that this patient could go home
- Has Paulette Mrodon left?
- I'll check
So you're interested
in this young lady?
Yes, she's involved in a case,
and we wanted to talk to her today
I have a feeling
that you're a little late
Paulette Mrodon...
I remember now - a girl with blue eyes.
She made a telephone call
I told her
where she could catch the buns
I'm sorry, but once they go through
these doors...
...patients are no longer
my responsibility
I understand, Professor.
Forgive us for having bothered you
Good night, then, Professor
Since you're leaving, Jacques,
please show these gentlemen out
I'm sorry to have troubled you
Don't worry about it,
we're used to following up false trails
I quite understand
what must be going through your mind
All these coincidences...
I wanted to be sure in my heart of hearts
Quite right, and now we are sure
Speaking of hearts, I'm sure
you'll soon find things looking brighter
You're young, Doctor,
you have your life before you
Christiane, put that down