Yevadu (2014) Movie Script

Tell me!
Brother! Searched all her friend's homes,
not found her anywhere.
She's not in girls' hostel too.
Not there too?
Where is your daughter?
It's been 3 days since I saw her.
Don't know where she is
and how she is!
Do you know who is asking
about your daughter?
Veeru bhai!
Whatever illegal business in Vizag,
Veeru bhai rules the roost.
Police, court, port!
Veeru bhai's word is law!
We don't have the strength
to take on you, sir.
Trust me, I really don't
where she is!
If Veeru bhai likes your daughter,
she's really lucky.
Send her, she'll live happily.
If not, she'll die.
Veeru bhai is searching you
like a mad dog.
I'm scared of the thought
you getting caught with him.
You said you love someone,
he too loves you?
More than me, father.
Then, go away with your lover.
Go away to somewhere.
Where were for 3 days?
Where are you now?
- Near your flat.
If someone is after you,
why didn't you tell till now?
You want me to marry not
for my love but for his fear.
Am I right?
Till now he saw only you!
He'll see me now!
No Sathya, if I wanted this,
I would've told you about him long back.
What do you want me to do now?
Bhai, she has a boy friend.
They just left home to marry.
Boys, get her!
Met me at wrong time.
Touch her!
Take her!
I dare you to touch her!
I'm scared to see you like this, Sathya.
I don't want fights.
I want you.
Only you!
If you're with me, I'll live.
Take me away from here.
Dwaraka Bus Station
Are you happy now?
- Tell me.
They boarded Hyderabad bus.
You hid your daughter, right?
I'll do anything to save my daughter.
Husband kills wife with suspicion
and kills self!
That's tomorrow's headlines!
- Yes.
She cheated me.
I don't like Sathya too.
It seems they're heading
towards Hyderabad.
Okay, brother.
Don't leave any clue behind.
Brother, bus is arriving.
Deepthi, come!
Why are you pushing me?
- Sit down!
What's this?
Leave her!
Deva, burn down the bus!
He's still alive!
Call Dr.Shailaja.
Did you see the patient?
- Yes.
70% burn injuries.
Half of the face is completely burnt.
Any time brain may get infected.
There are 24 stab injuries
on his body.
It was an accident, right?
- That's what confuses me too.
Despite injured and burnt,
how could he still live...
He wants to live!
He has hope of living,
don't we have the confidence
to save him?
But patient is in coma.
But nobody has turned up
for him till now.
If anything happens...
This is not your life!
The life I gave you!
Open your eyes!
You would've never got
so surprized in your life.
You didn't have an ordinary surgery.
Be patient for few days.
You will understand everything.
Search...find him!
His heart is all hot Sun
and raging fire...
His heart is seeking like upcoming
deluge and devastating fire...
My heart is burning...
My dream is ablaze like desert...
My dear, this distance between us
is reducing me to ashes...
My dear, you're in my heart
and breathe...
This flat isn't yours only!
It's ours!
When a flower hit me...
a smile reached me...
It's a sweet memory of
something you said...
When moonlight caresses me...
When tears roll from my eyes...
It's the memory of your eyes
looking at me...
Every day, every moment of my life
is dedicated to your love...
It wants me to get out
of it immediately...
My life has become a journey...
Every step is filled with dangers...
Body has turned into
a deadly weapon...
Just one mission...
Just one path...
My hunt will not stop...
Are you here to buy the flat?
Sold out, you can go.
Did you see the growing demand?
Have you checked the papers clearly?
- Are you Sathya?
No, I've occupied the flat
since it is vacant for 1O months,
and selling it to you.
Why are you angry, sir?
Can anyone think you can cheat
with that innocent face?
Yours is a kid's innocent face.
How many times do I've to tell you?
Who are you?
Sathya's friend.
Should he have to come at this time?
If I don't recognise him,
he'll know I'm not Sathya,
if I recognise him,
he would know I'm fake.
To hell with my life!
He's your friend, right?
- I know.
We're friends, we've a lot to share.
What bothers you?
You go.
Get ready cash immediately.
You please come in.
What's your name?
Do you know who am I?
I'm Sathya's uncle.
I raised him.
He fears me.
Will you catch a red bus to reach
city if you've a friend here?
Okay, stay and push off silently.
I'm giving you 2 days time.
If you stay even a minute extra,
I'll not spare you.
Why are you going there?
Stay in that corner.
I told you to go there,
why are you going there?
Is there a room behind this?
I didn't know this.
If I knew it, I would've taken
Rs.3 lakhs extra from the buyer
What? Did Sathya tell you
this secret too?
Fool! He can't keep secrets.
Why did you come to Vizag?
For interview or entrance exam?
I'm here to kill four people.
Deva brother, can't see anywhere here!
Can you give the same
answer to Veeru bhai?
Can you?
Please, don't move!
The man with tattoo marks
is searching me only.
If they find me, that's all!
Why Veeru bhai's men are after you?
I'm a girl, right?
- What?
Moreover very beautiful too.
One find day he appeared
very handsome to me.
Can I take a photo with you?
Please take a photo.
I want her.
My difficulties started from that day.
Ever since Veeru started chasing me,
boys who used to ogle at me in Vizag
got drunk and sleeping at home.
Recently he went to my home
and threatened my parents.
Thanks for saving me.
If they come back for you again.
If they come, what?
They will come, I must escape as usual.
If they come again,
tell them you've a boy friend.
But I don't have a boy friend, right?
I do have, right?
Boy friend means you've to meet
every day, right?
But I'm warning you,
wherever I go,
that gang will come after me.
I too want that only.
What do you do?
I want to become a heroine.
Yes, it seems there's a shortage
of heroines in film industry.
Is the time 10 now?
- Why?
Watch out, a crow will get down
looking stupidly.
Next a bull gets down.
Chewing grass!
Few sheep follow them.
Brother, someone is sitting with her.
He may not know she belongs to us.
Get him.
Brother, he's coming.
Who are you? Why are you with her?
What is she to you?
If she's your sister,
then I'm your brother-in-law.
What is he saying?
- He says he's her lover.
Are you cracking jokes?
Who do you think we are?
Deva...Deva's men!
What's the proof?
- Proof?
Goons don't have ration cards
and Aadhar cards.
If we tell, believe us.
I don't believe, call Deva.
I'll talk to him.
If you talk to me,
it's like talking to Deva.
Did you beat me now?
Not you, I beat Deva.
- What?
You said if I talk to you,
it's like talking to Deva, right?
It's okay if you had beat Deva,
had you beat me...
Why is he beating?
Not you, he beat Deva.
Am I right, brother?
You're brilliant, brother.
Come Deva, let's walk and talk.
I'm not your friend,
I'm not Deva.
You're playing dubious game with me.
Talk to Deva directly.
Tell me.
A man here says
he's her boy friend,
it seems he'll talk to you directly.
Tell him talking to you
is like talking to me.
What does he lose there?
I'm getting beaten up here.
He won't listen to me.
He's asking proof.
Talk to him directly.
Tell me.
Can't hear you?
- I'm Deva speaking!
Please say it little louder!
- I'm Deva!
Why are you shouting man?
Please talk normally.
If every Tom, Dick and Harry
claims he's Deva,
how can I believe it?
What's the proof?
Brother too doesn't have
an Aadhar card, right?
Hey, tell me, where are you?
I'll come there.
No mood, let's meet tomorrow.
Time and place, I'll decide.
I gave you 2 days time,
already one day is over.
If I see you here tomorrow...
Will you chew me?
- Any doubt?
You said something about
killing four people.
Did you kill anyone?
I'm going on that job only.
- Who is he?
How do I appear to him?
Why did you bring me here?
A friend will come here, let's wait.
I'll be back in a minute.
I'm Deva here!
You told me to come, right?
I'm here.
Keep quiet, how can Deva come
if I call him?
I'm really here.
Turn back.
Is Deva useless man to
come if I call him?
Stop man!
Where are you?
I'm Deva!
Come out, man!
Who are you man?
What are you doing?
Who are you?
What are you doing? Tell me!
Who are you?
-10 months ago, one night,
a bus left Vizag to Hyderabad.
Two passengers in it,
Deepthi and Sathya!
Who are you?
Is it painful?
If you feel the pain after
killing so many people,
the girl doesn't know anything
but to love,
how painful it would've
been to her?
Talk to him.
Where are you, Deva?
Brother, someone's killing me.
Who is he?
Who is he?
Find Deva immediately.
Please leave me...
I asked that day just like this
to leave Deepthi.
Did you listen to me?
Please don't kill me.
Till now you enjoyed killing,
now enjoy your death!
Don't know who he is,
he killed him without spending
a penny on Govt. expenses.
Isn't it too much?
How can people use current
for murders too?
Already people are reeling
under severe power cuts.
Any clues, Suresh?
Hey ACP! What happened?
Isn't there anything you
don't know, Veeru?
Some people plan and execute
such things meticulously.
Like you!
The man who did this too!
He meticulously planned
and executed it.
He did leave just one clue.
What's that?
He could've killed him with a bullet
or stabbed to death,
but he killed after
torturing him,
Vengeance flows in his body
not blood!
I think he's home.
LS it you?
Why did you come empty handed?
Didn't get anything to munch?
Fan isn't working, check it.
If you want to sleep peacefully,
wake up!
Know about crimes happening
around you!
A never before sensational murder
took place in Vizag.
Murder happens ordinarily
but you sensationalize it.
The murdered man
is none other than,
Veeru bhai's henchman, Deva!
The killer didn't murder him
with gun or knife,
but with current shock!
He electrocuted him to death!
A small let up at times
endangers your life!
Be careful!
I'm telling you!
That killer doesn't need baton,
gun, knife or bomb!
Just enough if your home has power!
Without your knowledge
you'll die in seconds!
The killer may be next to you.
But you may not know.
If you take it easy and behave silly,
it may put your life in danger.
Save your lives!
Why did you switch it off?
- He's scary!
Sir, I blabbered non sense
with my loose tongue.
Please don't take it
to your heart, sir.
Please forgive me,
I'll go away. - Where?
Won't I get little place in
this vast world, sir'?
You're the only man
who knows about me,
if any other person knows or if you
leave this home till I'm done,
your photo will appear
in the next crime story.
No need of such a bumper offer.
I can't take it.
Bye, I'll go sir.
- Where to?
Someone has come here
as that ACP says!
Who could it be?
Brother, I'm Deva's henchman.
- Tell me.
Deva told me to find the girl you like.
I found her.
But before he could tell you,
poor Deva died...
Some girl's matter, deal with him.
Tell me!
Where should I come?
Did you read the news?
Bloody idiot is dead!
If not I would've killed him.
I'm over acting, right?
Would you like to do?
- What?
As heroine!
Would you like to act?
Asking if I would act?
If I get a chance,
I'll kill it.
Come, kill!
- Who?
Director sir!
Ram told me about you, sir.
I've dreaming to act under
your direction, sir.
When the hero of the film
kills hundred warriors...
I'm not that film's director!
That was Rajamouli!
Isn't it in your films Sumos fly in air
and bombs rock the scene?
That's not me, it's V Vinayak.
- Which film did you direct then?
By the way, who the hero
of our film is, sir'?
How would I know?
Hero is here!
- Who are you?
What's this?
- For you, brother.
Please take it, brother.
What did she see in you, brother?
I've been after her for 6 months.
Not working out.
It seems she saw you somewhere
3 months ago,
that's all! She discarded me!
Can't understand the
taste of girls, brother! Actually...
Who are you talking about?
That girl in red dress!
What is Ram telling him?
- Explaining the scene to hero.
You're the director, right?
I'm the director,
but he's supervising director.
Then, who'll explain the scene to me?
Am I not here for it?
I'll explain you.
3 months ago you saw him,
2 months ago you fell in love with him,
and for a month you want to tell him.
Today you've seen him.
You'll say I love you to him.
Fantastic scene, sir!
Did you explain the scene
to her, director?
As you gave in writing,
I mean as you told you.
Shruthi, you rock the scene!
You mustn't be seen in this scene.
Only your character must appear.
This is just audition only.
If you do well, if he's impressed,
you're the heroine.
Isn't it, sir?
- As you say, sir.
What's going on here, sir?
Who is the hero?
Veeru bhai's younger brother.
He's my next victim.
Sir, you may kill him,
why are you involving me, sir?
Ever since I saw you 3 months ago,
my mind, my heart my soul,
I've given everything to you!
I don't have anything left with me.
But I must tell you one thing.
Brother! That girl may have blabbered
some nonsense on seeing you,
you don't bother about it, brother!
Anyway you're arranged
marriage type, right?
I'll manage her, leave it on me.
Bye, brother.
What should I do to meet her again?
Tell me what's the scene for today?
I'll kill it.
Don't use kill for everything.
I'm dying with tension here.
Did you explain the scene to her?
Did you tell me?
Scene is very simple,
yesterday you said I love you
to the hero,
today hero will say I love you.
That's all, isn't it, director?
You changed the scene, right?
Inform the director about
scene changes, sir.
If not I've to go blank
before them.- Then?
That is...
- Come back running like yesterday.
Am I right?
- What an involvement!
Here comes the hero!
Go running to him and
come back running.
Sir, fate is very strange.
He doesn't know
what is happening there,
she doesn't know it's your sketch,
though I know both,
I don't know what to do,
story, screenplay, direction superb!
Tell me.
You said I love you yesterday
and left me!
Do you know I couldn't sleep last night?
Heart was beating rapidly!
I've decided!
- What?
What's it, brother?
I said I love you to her,
she ran away without saying a word.
That's what you call as shyness, brother.
- Then what?
If a girl runs away if a man
says I love you to her,
it means she has fallen for you!
Then, it is shyness!
How is it?
- How is my performance?
I'm dying with shock here.
Your taste isn't that good, director.
- Mine?
How can he be my hero?
Do you want Megastar Chiranjeevi?
Hero must be like Ram.
He has everything a girl
would dream of.
I'm going crazy on seeing you...
My heart has developed wings...
My lips have turned high voltage...
Come on warrior hero!
I'm a mischievous girl...
Hey prince charming, come to me...
Don't follow me, O damsel...
There's no place in my heart...
I'm lphone, touch me,
O handsome hero!
Connect to me as your Wi-Fi!
There's no signal for your
network in my area...
How much ever you may try,
you'll never get my line...
How long can you live solo
with me here?
Don't try your charm on me,
don't kill with your piercing eyes...
You won't lose anything
on coming with me, right?
It isn't any grave sin to have
a cup of coffee together...
Your fate will not change
with one date...
Uninterested romance is tasteless...
I'll raise your heart beat
and temperature...
It isn't that easy,
stop day dreaming...
I feel like killing myself.
- Why?
I don't get it.
I'm going mad.
If I don't see her, I'll die.
There's still time for it, brother.
Till then enjoy.
- Greetings sir.
A person I know very is missing
for the past 1O days.
Do you've his photo?
- I do have, sir.
How long she's missing?
- 10 days, sir.
-10 days?
Stay here...stay!
Tell me.
-10 months ago we killed Deepthi
and Sathya in a bus.
Why are you talking about it now?
A man is hereto lodge complaint
that Deepthi is missing for 10 days.
"10 days?
Stop him!
I want him.
Stop I Say!
Bring down the body.
What happened here?
So many people are here!
Not one of them has seen
what had happened?
Did you see what had happened there?
That's why I lifted my hand, sir.
Who are you?
- Sathya?
Do you remember me?
No, don't kill me,
I'm a police officer.
Police is one who stops the crime.
But like you who supports crime.
Can you recognise him?
- Easily.
Get the caricature artiste.
Tell me his identifications.
Left eye must be little smaller.
Done, sir.
Is it him?
- I'm sure it's him.
If I need you in the case,
I'll call you.
How could you tell his
features perfectly?
It's not a face to forget, sir.
I've seen it quite closely.
What brings you here, ACP?
Inspector Shravan is dead.
Actually this murder is also
connected with you.
Many people take photos with me, ACP.
You're a celebrity, right?
See if you can recognise him.
You met me at wrong time!
I don't know him.
- I know.
I know you'd say this.
Keep it with you.
You need this more than me.
If inspector's photo has 2,
Deva was 1!
He's still alive, boys!
Get him!
Where is Sathya?
Have you gone blind?
I'm asking about Sathya.
I'm also telling about Sathya only.
Whose flat is that?
That's my own house.
It was lying vacant for 10 months,
so I grabbed it.
Where is he?
- Who is he, sir?
Who else is there in that house?
If they know the killer is with me,
they'll kill me also.
Who else? I'm living alone there.
Not him, get the man who described
this man's features to ACP.
Brother, we brought him.
- Call him.
Who could he be?
Why is he coming here again?
You killed them and
you yourself giving the information.
And they believe it.
Super man!
Super sir!
Did you call me, brother?
Were you the man who saw him?
- Yes.
He's killing my men
one after the other.
Not him but he's killing them.
What did he say while killing CI?
Whatever I say here is
what he said there!- Shut up!
I'm giving clues and
the fool isn't smart to grab it.
I thought I was alone in Vizag,
there are many more.
What did he say?
He said he'll see fear in your eyes.
His calculations didn't go wrong.
I can clearly see the fear.
I want him.
you see him, inform me immediately.
To see him or
to inform you on his sight,
I must be with you.
- Why?
Because, you're the next target.
- So he said, brother.
What an act! Great!
Bye brother.
I too saw him, sir.
- In this photo.
He won't listen to us,
brother will take care of him.
Found the girl Veeru bhai likes!
- Where is she?
Crossing the road.
Do you know the girl who loves me?
My brother likes her.
I don't know what to do now!
If my brother comes to know,
he won't show mercy on brother too.
He'll kill me.
Only if he comes to know, right?
Your brother won't know about this
girl until you tell him, right?
Be patient for few days,
I'll take care of him.
You're a real friend.
I'm Deva's henchman.
- Who is it?
That clay I called to tell about
finding the girl you like.- Tell me.
I found the girl for you but
your younger brother is after her.
Do you know about whom you're talking?
I know you won't believe me, brother.
Cut the call, I'll send photos.
Deva's man called on phone,
he said about finding the girl.
Brother, that's a fake call.
There's no such girl.
I'll take care of it.
Brother suspects me.
he won't spare me.
Fear will raise the bill but
will it solve your problem?
What do you know about my brother?
Had I been in your place...
- If you were...?
What would you do?
Kill him!
How long should I live as
Veeru bhai's younger brother?
If I leave the girl fearing
my elder brother,
I'll lose the girl I love,
but if I kill Veeru bhai,
I'll be left with two!
One, my heart beat!
My life!
Second is Veeru bhai's position!
It isn't you who will get it but me!
Sorry brother!
Brother! If you had told me
you love that girl,
I would've left 1O girls too for you.
Did you think of killing me
for one girl?
Once you get the thought
of killing me,
it won't die down!
To kill that thought.
You must die!
- Take him away!
Please brother...please brother...
Sorry brother...
Tell me, brother.
I may feel pity and
save my brother any moment,
he mustn't live!
Switch off your phones.
Take him to some faraway place...
Brother, I'm Deva's henchman.
I gave you the information about
your brother coming to kill you.
Tell me.
- Didn't get it yet?
Claiming I'm Deva's henchman,
I was the one who killed Deva.
I invited Deva to a lonely place,
I made Inspector to come to the mall,
I made your brother to fall
in love with the girl you like.
I brainwashed him to kill you,
I gave the information that
he's coming to kill you,
I'm not killing your brother,
you're killing him.
If possible save him.
Don't kill me...please...!
When we see our beloved ones die,
unable to stop them from dying
or save their life,
if we are helpless,
how would that pain be?
Do you understand it now?
If you've guts, come face to face.
Only you remain now!
I'm coming!
Hey, move!
He said he'll come here.
I'm here, brother!
He's the man who has seen him.
That's why I called him.
Nana, give photos to everyone
and tell them to search.
Take it.
I'm a girl friend of every lover...
I'm the lover of every mad man...
Hey stop Hindi and sing in Telugu!
Near the Gajuwaka centre...
Bangle stores Ganga Rao...
In the name of seeing the size,
he pinched my hand...
Oh Poor girl!
Near Juvvalapalem junction...
Tailoring shop Tiger Babu...
He took my measurements
with his eyes...
Khadar Sheikh Khajawali in the
name of selling scent...
Caressed my body all over...
Military hotel Munna...
Koteeswaram Pandu...
Beauty parlour Bunty...
Every one jumps the wall at night...
Mischievous Malli is my close relative...
He bought tickets to
watch film in Imax...
But before reached climax,
he took my x-ray...
Stop it mischief girl...
Stop narrating tales...
You got hooked to another man
before interval...
Malli who booked tickets
got booked...
I was an innocent girl,
a different kind among girls...
Why are you blaming me?
You double game player,
come down from high...
I know your front and
back history...
I swear on my mother
and grandmother...
I swear on Goddess Mysamma...
My youth is faultless...
But still the young man doesn't believe it...
Where is Ram?
What's all this?
Where is Ram?
There was a boy student next
to my house...
He took private tuitions
to teach me English...
But when I went to his home,
he raise my tensions with English kisses...
He was just a kid studying LKG...
If such a girl lives next door,
he would get spoilt...
He would get ruined
with you around...
I'm little beautiful
and little magnetic...
If men ogle at me,
won't I get worn out?
Who is he?
He's dancing over me...
Whatever I say he's there
to condemn it...
If I go overboard, he may take
the wind out of my sails...
I know you're here!
Come out!
Where is he?
Using him you cheated me into
killing my brother.
Send all of them out.
Veeru bhai, he too left along
with others.
Get him boys!
- Come on boys.
Where are you?
- Leave her.
I cut your lover's throat that day!
If you don't come out,
I'll cut her throat.
Look behind you!
Where are you?
Hey Ram, he's here! See!
I'm not Ram...I'm Sathya!
Next victim will be you!
Are you Sathya?
Only face changed not vengeance...
come on!
I warned you then but
you didn't care to listen,
You killed Deepthi
and committed a mistake,
your second biggest mistake
is leaving me alive!
Do you want to live?
Before your head hits the ground,
if you wish to live but unable to
stop getting closer to your death,
you'll understand then,
how dangerous death would be!
I used you for my...
- Why feel sorry?
In fact I must thank you.
If you had not come...
Tell me!
- He's still alive!- Who?
Charan is alive!
How can he be alive?
- He's in Vizag.
Did you inform Dharma?
- No.
Tell him I say...tell him!
Charan is alive, brother!
How can he be alive?
That's what baffles me, brother.
Not even a trace of him must remain.
Kill him!
- Okay, brother.
Where are you, boys?
Kill him, boys!
Who are you?
Stop there!
Who are you?
Why did you try to kill me?
Tell me!
Someone is still alive!
Who could it be?
It means he didn't come for me.
For this face!
Who is he?
Who are you?
This is not your life!
The life I gave you!
Who is it?
- It's me!
Where are you?
When I called you on phone,
without asking how was I doing,
you asked where was I,
and came all the way to meet me,
what happened?
Who is after my life?
Who face this is?
Why did you give it to me?
This isn't a face
to be given to anyone.
Who is he?
My Son!
He's my son...Charan!
He's one among all!
If necessity arises,
he's one for all!
Got him?
It seems you got few men
to beat up my friend.
Call them now.
Were these the same goons
who came yesterday?
Yes. Poor guys would've come ignorantly.
Brother, he's beating me.
Hey boy! What do you think of yourself?
Nothing brother,
you beat my friend yesterday,
it seems you gave a warning too!
What is that, brother?
Do we've to repeat the warning
to every kid on block?
Were you not here yesterday?
If I was here yesterday,
you wouldn't have come today, brother.
By the way, what was the warning?
Are you so great?
He's my younger brother,
whatever he says must is a
rule in this college,
if anyone refuses or
raises hand to beat him,
their bones will get broken!
Same to same, that's the warning!
Remember the warning.
- Why not?
That's what we do every day
after waking up.
I'll ask you again.
- Okay!
Come here.
- Go!
He'll beat me again.
Then, we weren't here
but we're here, right? Go!
Kiddo, give him a good punch,
I'll do the rest.
What was the warning?
He's my younger brother!
If you dare touch him...
Brother, he beat him!
You said about some warning, right?
I mean...he's his younger brother,
if you dare touch him,
he'll take care of it.
Shut up!
Let's go, if we stay here
we'll get kicked.
You came and beat my friend,
that's okay,
it seems you threatened him
with a warning,
I hate threats!
If so, I'm sorry.
- Bye, brother.
- No way!
What do you mean?
Will you beat him too?
You gave some warning,
I forgot it...
What was that, brother?
- Cool down, brother!
Neither he's younger brother
nor is he elder brother,
how can a warning come
in between, brother,
if you spare me, brother,
I've to take these item boys
to hospital.
Go, let's meet again.
Why meet again, brother?
No need!
You're a good man,
you must be fine.
Come, let's go!
This is our college,
fights and differences should
be settled between us,
how can people from outside
come and threaten us?
We enjoy freedom only in college.
If we fear here,
we'll fear all our life!
Do we need this?
Pride and competition is our life...
Youth and enthusiasm is ours...
Right to grow is ours...
Rules and speed is all ours...
War and determination is ours...
Young hot blood is ours...
Winning always is our motto...
This is our philosophy...
Come whatsoever it is devil-may-care
attitude is our youth's mantra...
That's all ours...
That's the mantra of youth...
If you dare touch,
we'll cut you down to size...
It's white paper,
write your life on it...
What is eternal?
Fame is for eternity...
Be courage...
stand up, my Telugu warrior...
Let anyone be a hurdle, if you've
self confidence, world is yours...
Only few inspire the world...
Be one of them and
live for eons in hearts...
If you're born to rule, wherever
you're, it'll come to you on platter...
If your eyes can talk
and if it has life...
You'll be the foundation stone
to new history written...
Hey coffee please!
Every morning my coffee
is coming late.
I'm getting late to hospital,
do you know how bad it is?
Serving you coffees,
I always went late to school,
tuitions and college!
You've made me a cook
from childhood.
Okay son! You know my day won't
start without your coffee.
Come here, son!
Get ready, I'll get your coffee.
Serve breakfast quickly.
I'm hungry.
To have breakfast,
you need to prepare it. Cut it.
Whenever I'm here, it's a duty.
It seems you had a fight
in college again.
This time it wasn't mine
but his, mother.
How long will you roam around
with these silly boys?
By the time your father
was of your age,
he made me fall in love and
it was 3 year old love.
Love? He?
Love has so much of management
and techniques.
He's not that smart, mother.
He's mass and he's not class like me.
For his short temper, any girl would
get scared and run away from him.
Whatever you may say,
if my son likes a girl,
she must be really very lucky.
Who is it?
Who are you, dear?
- Are you Dr.Shailaja?
Who is it?
- Wait son, I'm inquiring.
Is Charan your son?
- Yes.
Can I come in please?
What do you want?
I want your blessings, mother-in-law.
Who is it, mother?
It seems she's my future daughter-in-law.
My bad luck, is she here?
Who is that poor girl?
- You?
- You'?
Buddy, I think new admission
to the college.
The girl is coming behind you
in white T-shirt,
I'm booked for this life!
Turn back and see her, buddy.
She's too high for you,
somehow I must divert him.
That girl in black dress?
Black? Buddy, white!
- I'm ashamed to call you as my friend.
Why? Didn't you like her?
Where's your high range and
her low range? Here only!
What a physique you have!
What a lousy figure she is!
Did you see your complexion?
Look at her complexion.
How's your smile and
how is her smile!
Are you praising me or her, buddy?
You only!
Can I compare your beauty with hers?
- Isn't it?
Off late I think I'm compromising
little unable to find a girl friend.
I saw her for the first time.
For your praise, I thought I'm really
handsome till this moment.
Pavan Kalyan film!
Got just 2 tickets only.
Buddy, this is Pavan Kalyan film!
- Let's go next time.
Can you please give 2 tickets
if you have?
Counter is there, go.
Girl! Give it to her.
It means that day you both...
I'm little crazy but it's worth.
You should've suspected after that.
As your mother said we're
really fools!- You're right.
What's your name, girl?
It means Manjunath...
Call from some Manjunath.
Manjunath's phone call.
Take it, from Manjunath.
Who is he calling at odd hours too?
Mother, don't scold her...
I'm his lone friend, morn.
Don't say like that, please.
Mother, don't be moody!
I'm feeling guilty.
Go away! You didn't feel like
telling your mother too.
I thought of telling you,
but she came down here.
Every mother would like to ask her son.
I'm asking you.
- What?
After marriage who would you take
care better, me or her?
May I tell you something, morn?
I don't know whether I remember
her or not on seeing you,
but whenever I see her,
I remember you always.
You never get caught!
Few people come into our lives
if we wish,
few people come unexpectedly.
But I didn't know then a news item in paper
would change my son's life forever.
Vultures eyeing prime property!
Minister is hand in glove with land sharks!
A famous man financing it!
Brother Dharma okays land grab!
Water please!
Look at that scene.
Are you feeding your daughter?
Didn't I tell you not even Govt.
can take over that place?
You said you can clear it.
This white beard man came with a plan,
he said so,
someone published entire deal
in newspaper,
I thought you'd silently
finish the matter,
what's this commotion?
Let's forget it, stop it.
Stop it.
Take my daughter inside.
If we stop once,
we'll get stuck forever, KP.
I'm not in this business trusting
men, Ministers, money or courage,
fear...fear in men, I trust that
more than anything else.
Fear is my investment.
About the news in paper,
it's natural for a deer
to think of hunting tiger,
but only tiger must hunt if at all!
Deer must die
if anything has to die.
Journalist belongs to that
area only, brother.
He must die in his neighbourhood!
Go inside son!
- Why father?
I said go inside!
Stop there!
He wrote the article for you.
Why are you leaving him alone?
Watch...all of you must watch him die!
You must see what would happen
if you go against Dharma.
Nobody should go.
Please sit down, sir.
Get a tea for brother.
- Okay, father.
Why is the area so crowded?
No! They're Dharma's men.
- Leave me.
Please listen to me.
- He's dying there!
No please!
Brother, he's my friend,
he's not from here.
He doesn't know anything about here.
I'll send him away, brother.
Go away from here.
Charan, please go away.
Get up...
Why are you indifferent?
When a man was dying right before you,
why everyone was watching it silently?
Do you know who ordered that murder?
If you know about him,
you'll ask that question.
If anyone goes against,
he knows only to kill not talk.
If we want to live, we mustn't think
of him and mind our own work.
What's your ambition?
I want to become a leader.
- Leader?
You're afraid of some cheap
third rated goon.
How can you become a leader?
This is not enough to
become a leader.
You need something else!
Go and find what that is!
Start it now!
You promised to meet my dad today.
Do you remember it?
You are...?
Please come in.
Please sit down.
Manju told me she's bringing Charan.
I came before in that fear.
- Fear?
Nothing, if you understand him,
your sugar and liver would be fine.
BP will also be under control.
What if I fail to understand?
You've to sell your car
and buy an ambulance.
I mean when he talks straight,
we feel he's crazy,
if he talks bravely,
we'll get angry,
but he has very little patience,
he'll listen to only two words.
- For the third word?
He'll scold.
At times he'll beat too.
Can you tell me if your son
has any good qualities?
He'll look after his mother
like his daughter,
he'll take care of wife like mother.
Won't he see anyone as they are?
If your sarcasm crosses limit,
he won't care for father-in-law too.
Keep it in your mind.
I'm telling for your good only.
Manju, I'm very straight forward...
- Okay, I'll send you immediately.
Just meet him and then leave.
Why are you rushing?
How come you're here, mother-in-law?
- Mother-in-law?
To tell your father about Charan.
She has told him.
- Keep quiet, come.
Mother! Did you tell him everything?
Did you give him information
or warning?
She gave clarity about you.
I don't know what they told you about me,
what you think about me
is more important.
I saw my daughter's love
for you in her words,
I saw your mother's confidence
in you in her words,
what more can I ask to like you?
Manju isn't my responsibility,
she's my life!
Now, it's yours!
I must be your life partner...
I must be in your heart...
I must be the story of your life...
I must walk with you like your shadow...
I must be the true self of you...
I must be your breath...
Showing me in a new angle to myself...
Making me think I was born for you...
You've made me come to you...
You shared happiness with me...
You changed the meaning of my name...
You've made me think I'm you...
I don't know to cook!
Expecting you in dream,
I waited till morning...
You didn't come...
No trace of you...
I was outside your eyelids...
Thought of coming in if you
close your eyes...
Why don't you sleep?
Moreover scolding me...
I'm in a delusion that
I'm not in this world...
Will you leave me alone?
If you say there's something
in your world more than me...
How can I believe it?
Unwittingly my sight alighted on your
beautiful waist and got crushed...
What can I do?
Something is rushing in me and
a mischievous thought is pushing me...
Towards you...
It's your mistake...
Competing with each other in words,
thinking something...
We can't live separately...
Pushing you away...
reducing the distance between us...
We must unite...
Hey old man, come here.
Get signature of everyone in the
area who are above 18 years.
Entire area is being
handed over to Dharma.
We'll vacate the place in a month.
We don't have any objection for it.
It's written like that.
We've fixed my daughter's
marriage in 2 months.
If you ask us to vacate
the place now...
Then, do one thing.
Send your daughter to me,
why does she need marriage?
I'll have honeymoon and
send her back to you.
Where is your daughter?
Any more objections?
You've just 2 days time.
If you sign it,
I'll take the papers.
If you don't sign it,
I'll cut your hands and take it.
What's in marriage?
If we're alive,
we can arrange it anywhere. Come.
What happened, father?
Sign the papers.
- Sign? Why?
Bukka was here.
We must vacate the place in a month.
Leave the place?
Where can we go?
I was born and grew up here.
How much you struggled to raise me?
Hiding your hunger,
saving every penny,
you built this hotel, father.
How can we go away leaving
everything behind, father?
What's this?
- Why are you crying?
You know the girl recently but still
you hit a man for touching her,
but someone here is ruining your lives,
why are you shedding tears?
So many are here, go and ask him.
He'll kill!
Do you think you all are alive?
Fearing he would kill,
you're dying a death every day.
Charan, you don't know, leave it.
This isn't as simple as college fight.
He's Dharma!
What if he's Dharma?
He too is a man, right?
Won't he get hurt if we beat?
Won't he bleed too?
Son, your world is different
from our world.
We don't have the guts
to go against him.
Our lives are like this.
We'll live like this only.
Why should we live like this, father?
I'll not sign the papers, father.
What he says is true!
We're so many,
can't we take on him?
Who would you take on, son?
Can't you understand on seeing them?
It seems he'll take on him.
Hey, take him inside.
Come son.
Son, go now.
Go home, switch on AC and sleep. Go!
Dharma, the project we're planning in
that 25 acre plot would be like this.
A man from that area is here
to meet you, brother.
Hey, come here.
It seems you ordered us to vacate
the place in a month, sir.
-4000 families, sir.
They'll be left on streets.
- Can't avoid.
If you decide, you can find
place elsewhere...- Impossible.
What you're doing is wrong, sir?
How can you prosper building
on our graves?
Till today nobody dared to cross
the gate and come before you,
today I came,
tomorrow another and
then another will follow,
in few days the number will swell
into hundreds and thousands.
What the hell will you do then?
What you said is true!
If a voice of protest
returns from my home,
another voice of protest
will take birth.
It mustn't take birth.
What did he say?
Hundreds and thousands will turn up!
Tell them to come,
let anyone dare cross that gate
and take his dead body.
Let me see, who will come?
Did you see?
The fear with which I beat my son,
it has come true, son.
He died and his mother didn't have
a chance to see his last breath.
Look at her!
Our lives are like this only.
That's all!
Where is his house?
Charan, no!
Enough of what has already happened!
He's Dharma!
Where is his house?
You made a mistake!
You committed a grave mistake
by killing him.
An hour before we didn't
have any connection.
From this moment other than me
you won't think of anything else!
I want to kill you right now.
But you mustn't die!
The fear of you in people must die!
I'll kill it.
From this moment,
that area belongs to me.
10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 70, 100!
Send as many men as possible!
Every time this will be the result.
People there didn't see my son that day,
they saw a hope!
Till now they thought he belonged
to different world,
but now he appeared like one of them.
Brother, they burnt the papers
we gave for signatures.
People of that area are
trusting him too much, brother.
He's alone,
what the hell can he do?
Anything would start with one man only!
You're seeing my empire!
It all started with one man only!
Nobody dared to stop me that day.
But today, I must stop him!
Brother, leave him to me.
I'll take care of him.
Did you see your photo?
Once you saw him and
half of our face is gone.
If you see him second time,
what will be left of you?
Except the hair on skull!
Dharma, his blood is hot.
He's fearless.
Whoever he listens to,
they must instill fear in him.
Hey get UP!
You appear to have made good money.
You've so much,
why is your son taking on Dharma?
You husband is already dead.
Shouldn't you look after your
only son carefully?
What's that stare for?
What if anything happens to your son?
You'll be left alone, right?
Tell him to stop everything.
Unable to bear my son's mischief,
his school teachers used to
come to me with complaints,
like you,
so he has scared you too!
What makes you so proud?
- My son!
He does what he says.
I don't know what he told you,
but be prepared,
he will do it!
You've lost your husband but...
People like you call say
I've lost my husband,
but before he died,
he gave me a man!
You can leave now.
Shall we go?
Sir's BP has shot up,
give him a tablet.
If mother and son are like this,
how could his father may have been?
Dharma, we can't avoid,
we must teach him what fear is!
Tell me, uncle.
Are you going to your area?
Who will save your mother then?
- You want mother?
We're in your house.
If you want your mother, come here.
Your selection is very nice.
Where is she now?
Why did you leave her here?
If you come immediately, okay.
If not...
Till now you would've heard
about me from others only.
Watch now!
Tiger has left to hunt!
Decide now whom you want first
and where to head first?
Tell me.
- Where are you, brother?
What happened?
He's playing with your daughter
in our home.
- Leave her!
What happened, brother?
- I said leave her!
Tell me, brother!
Stop everything immediately
and come back.
Stop it boys!
Tell me, brother.
Leave that place immediately.
- What happened, brother?
I said leave the place.
- Okay, brother.
Did he ask you to leave?
Have you stopped the hunt, eh?
Your daughter is very fortunate.
She doesn't know what her father is!
The moment your men left the place
without moving a brick,
people there have understood,
that you can't do anything.
Now just one thing remain,
people of that area scaring you!
Who would dare to scare me?
Those poor people?
Come...come there.
I'll show you, who fears whom!
Hey! What did you say?
Would these people scare me?
Tell them, let anyone of them dare
to stand before me.
Tell them to come.
Hey boy! Come here!
What do you feel on seeing him?
I want to break his head
with a stone.
You've the courage
which people here lack.
Come with me.
If you stay few more days with them,
the little courage in you
would also die.
Then, you get used to it.
You'll get used to the life of fear,
get used to life of remaining silent,
sadness, hopelessness and
slowly fear!
You'll get used to fear also.
Do you remember?
The man who stood for you
was killed before your eyes.
The man who went for you was killed
and they refused to give body also.
Till there are scared people,
there will be people to scare them.
He's coming with 10 people
to scare 1000 people.
But if those 1000 go against him!
Punch of those who fight against is
more powerful that those who threaten.
To win war, you must wage war!
Bloody life! if we live we'll get world
if not lose just life.
Are you done?
Ants can unite and kill a snake,
grass can be twined into a rope,
those are just stories,
a deer will get sacred
on seeing a lion!
That is absolute truth!
No one will come forward.
That's it.
Hey old man! Do you trust him?
Go man!
Will you go or shall I kill
you too like your son?
You bloody!
Let's bash up the bastards!
Bloody bastard!
Do you want my daughter?
Ants can unite and kill a snake,
grass can be twined into a rope,
those are not just stories,
this is absolute truth!
The fear which I saw in their eyes
till now, I can see it in your eyes.
Never again dare come this side.
If you come, you know the
consequences, right?
You can't move a single brick also.
Go alive!
GO...go man!
We chased him out, son.
All these days if we go against them,
they'll kill us,
if we beg them, they'll spare us,
we lived by handing our lives to them.
Now we've understood.
Our lives are not anyone's fiefdom.
What a boy!
He's a heart stealer!
He's drowning girls' hearts
in moonbeam, rain and snow...
If I don't see you,
I'm getting pimples..
When you look at me,
I'm developing dimples...
Life without you is
handle without cycle...
If you're with me,
I'll glow like 1000 watt candle...
If you touch me,
my shyness gets punctured...
Seize me and apply tincture
with your kisses...
You've given me a beautiful locker...
You've lit the cracker in heart...
I'm running fever because of you...
Will you caress me with
your cooler like hands...
I'll do the favour
if thermometer freezes...
I'm like Apple phone in a wrapper...
Open me like a super man...
I've seen a different colour
that isn't there in a rainbow...
I'm waiting for you sleepless...
I'm biting away my nails in tension...
I'll give up the vow of fasting...
I'll start the meeting of kisses with you...
I've hidden a treasure of beauty...
I'm giving you a warm welcome...
You're beautiful like full moon...
I'll taste your love now...
I know you can't move a brick there.
It's 3 months since
I paid you Rs.10O crores.
With interest it is rs.115 crores,
I'm giving you 5 days time,
if you fail to repay...
If cat is blind,
it seems rat danced naked.
What else then?
He used to piss on seeing you.
He's warning you now.
-25 years!
It's 25 years I've ruled!
Killed everyone who tried to stop me.
Watching one, the other and so on,
people were scared of me,
for 25 years till this man came
to take on me head on!
There's no fear in his eyes or
shiver in his body,
and his knock-out punch is matchless!
What should I do with him?
How to stop him?
Do you know the difference
between him and us?
Our strength is in the
people behind us,
but for people behind him,
he's the strength.
Every moment he lives,
it would be hard on our lives.
Fear psychosis will rule our lives.
He mustn't live.
Mustn't live.
Brother, Charan is going
to Vizag in 2 days,
to attend a marriage
in friend's place.
When is he coming back from Vizag?
I must know.
Dwaraka Bus Station
Come...come fast!
Brother, bus is coming.
Our gang is here!
You stay here,
I'll be back in a moment.
If I kill you, Dharma promised to
take care of my political career.
Why do I need you then?
You're my friend!
I can't kill you.
You got scared again!
Don't backstab,
attack from front like a man.
Come on!
Come on I say!
Send the body to his mother.
You went overboard about
your son's capabilities.
Now, he's dead and lying before you.
Wake him...wake him up!
I saw you then!
Though you were wounded severely,
I saw your will to live!
You need a face to live.
To keep hope afloat of many people,
I wanted my son's face.
That's why I took the decision.
I wanted to tell this with you,
but you left.
Ever since then I've been
searching for you.
What happened after Charan died?
You asked me what happened
after his death,
go, you'll know it.
Mother, come.
Grandpa! Brother has come back.
- Which brother?
Charan! Son!
Are you still alive, son?
He came here! me.
You kicked on my chest because
he was with you, right?
what's this?
Dharma sent us.
Whoever it may be I don't care!
Go back.
He took my leg and lives,
he did everything that he could do,
but he couldn't puncture the
courage you instilled in us!
Bloody bastard couldn't take
a brick from here as you said!
Just a week's time only!
We'll raze down everything.
Did you see?
We killed police officer too.
Who will come for you now?
Who will come?
Hey old man! Who is it this time?
Stop there, you bloody bastards!
Where are you running away?
Stop I Say!
Our hero is back! Come on!
With the courage given by my son,
they kept the fight on for a year.
But if he was alive today...
- He's alive!
Charan is still alive!
I'm alive but I'm dead for
a year now for everyone.
But though Charan died a year ago,
he's still alive in everyone
heart in that area.
That is real living!
If I don't live like him,
my life has no meaning.
I'll live.
I'll live like your son Charan.
Let's talk to Sharat Kunal on getting
elected as Youth wing President.
How could you reach to
this position?
There are no short cuts
to become a leader.
You must put in hard work.
Most important thing is trust.
People must trust us.
Most of the leaders cheat people, right?
Such leaders don't have any future.
People who betray don't have...
Brother! He's alive!
If he's alive, he won't let us live.
Not let us live.
What? ls your son alive?
You killed him, right?
Don't you trust yourself?
But he says he's alive,
he says he's alive.
Are scared that he has come
back alive from death?
Am I scared?
You're shivering on hearing
that he's alive.
What would become of you
on seeing him?
Be prepared, he will come.
Let him come.
If he's your son,
if he knows his mother is here,
he'll come, right?
- Brother!
He's here, brother!
That's him!
How could he survive?
In few days hundreds and thousands
will turn up here.
What the hell will you do then?
Kill every one of them!
Lynch them all!
Till now you walked 99 steps to
go against him and not to lose to him,
take one more step
to win over him forever!
Come on, let's lynch them!
Hey one step forward,
I'll kill her.
No...don't come.
I'll kill her.
I couldn't avoid it, brother.
If you want to save your life,
I want a life.
What's in position and power?
Staying alive is enough!
I saw my death when I saw you
1O minutes earlier.
But if I die, I'll not die alone.
I'll take you also with me.
Can't you see?
I've one more responsibility...Manju!
She couldn't believe Charan is no more.
Fearing she may hurt herself,