Yi Ngoi (Accident AKA Assassins) (2009) Movie Script

What's wrng, miss?
l hae a flat tire.
Drive t the side first. Dn't blck the rad.
Srry, l need t make a call first.
urry. Yu're blcking the traffic.
Send smene t help me.
l'm at Yin Chng Street.
y car is blcking the rad.
ve the canvas, ld man.
lt's frm upstairs!
ell, plice? i'm at Yin Chng Street.
man was hit by falling glass.
Plice is n its way.
Sir, er here.
ister, what's yur name?
elp me.
Cntrl, is ambulance n its way?
...and he cllapsed here.
What's wrng with yur car?
l hae a flat tire.
We need t clear the street fr the ambulance.
What shuld l d?
Yu can still mve yur car. urry!
Release the handbrake. We'll push frm behind.
ister, hang in there.
mbulance is cming.
e is dead.
Fatty, cllect the payment.
"ne message"
ccrding t the plice,
this was a falling bject accident.
Our surce reveals the ictim...
...is a riad gang bss.
he victim is a riad bss.
OCB is taking er...
...the inestigatin.
Plice has n further cmments
at this mment...
w will plice cnduct...
... the inestigatin?
here was n eidence t indicate murder.
hey'll cnclude it was an accident.
he cigarette butt has yur saliva.
But i'm clean.
l've neer been arrested.
hey wn't suspect me.
Remember hw many jbs we'e dne?
We'e always been discrete.
But yu slipped this time.
lf the plice finds yu, they'll trace it t us.
Our jbs will n lnger appear as accidents,
but murders.
Yu can't g back nw.
l picked up the cigarette fr yu.
Yu gt me.
Brain must nt find ut abut this.
l want t play.
l meet clients, l cllect payments,
y jb cmes with risks.
Why are yu keeping secrets frm me?
We have n secrets.
e's ne f us. Tell him.
l left a cigarette butt at the scene.
But i hae it nw. Brain desn't hae t knw.
w careless f yu. lt's fine nw.
Well dne.
Why did yu lie?
What d yu mean?
Why tell Uncle t lie?
l was trying t stp him
frm ging back t the scene.
w can i eer trust yu again?
Shuld we g ur separate ways?
But we'e been partners fr s lng.
Yu are wrking fr me.
Dn't let mistakes jepardize ur safety.
eryne, i'e quit smking fr gd!
here's always smene watching.
We're nt the nly nes in this trade.
ny mistake
can cst ur lies.
w are yu?
r. Wng?
his is he. re yu...
Yes. urn int p Liu Street.
Take the plastic bag in the trash can.
Keep walking.
Put all yur belngings in the bag.
Yur wallet and cell phne.
What next? D yu see N. 1 65?
G t the sixth flr.
Put the phne in the bag. Toss it.
Lks delicius.
What's the sn's mtie?
n ld grudge?
lnheritance mney? lnsurance scam?
Desn't matter t us.
"Wing Wah Pawnshp"
Srry i'm late.
Des electric leakage happen t trams?
N. Trams run n direct current.
What if we tip ver the tram t kill the target?
lt's difficult. Keep thinking.
We culd kill him frm up clse.
Liking firing pisn dart frm an umbrella.
But that wn't lk like an accident.
w abut electrcutin thrugh
the tram track?
We culd cnnect a wire...
...frm the tram's inerter t the track.
But that'll blw the tram's fuse.
nd where d yu place the inverter
n the tram?
hink f smething else.
w abut a car crash?
N. The street is t crwded.
w abut at night?
l said n.
Use electricity.
lectrcutin nly wrks...
...when the tram's cable is cnnected
t the track.
w can it wrk?
w t get target int psitin?
hat's very hard.
We're n the right directin. Keep thinking.
l gt a ht dg fr yu.
ram cable.
lf we hang a wire frm the cable,
target will cme in cntact
with it when crssing the track.
w will it cnduct electricity?
Will the wire cnduct electricity?
Water cnducts electricity.
w d we hang a wire frm the cable?
We'll fly it.
ard t fly it in rain!
Keep practising.
Frecast predicted rain tnight.
lf it des, we'll take actin.
N rain.
Get ready.
car accident is hlding me up.
l need to cme from anther side.
Fatty, are yu in psition? Almst.
Uncle, why are yu smoking?
Why can't i during wrk? Leae me alone.
But yu quit already.
l did?
Why would i d that?
Uncle is ill.
ind yu wrds, fats.
Uncle is not well. Should we abort?
l'm fine. here's n prblem.
What shuld we do?
Can you d it?
Yes. Why nt?
Are yu sure?
eavy rain.
ae you cut the line?
lt's appraching psitin.
Uncle didn't release the ballons.
Ballons? What ballons?
he camera can't see yu in the rain.
l trust yu.
Find Uncle immediately.
Was this an accident?
Are yu a tenant here?
Yes. What is it?
Are yu r. o?
Yur flat was broken into.
r. o, your dor was pened...
...s i called the police.
hank yu.
r. o, we need to see your lD.
"o Kwk-fai".
r. o, please take ff yur hod.
hanks. Reprt t Control.
Contrl, i need a Cde-Five.
ale Kwok-fai, iD# 337287(4).
What time did you leave hme tday?
Did yu see anyne suspicious?
l left home early this mrning.
Yu can check your belongings.
Not wanted.
r. o, here's your lD.
hank yu.
Do yu want to contact your family?
No, thanks.
Other flats in this building ...
...were als broken int.
his was nt an accident.
he number yu're trying t reach...
...is not aailable at this mment.
A deadly car accident tok place
at Nrth Point last night.
A bus lost control and left 2 dead
and 8 injured.
he accident happened at apprximately
he 1 02 Bus was n its way...
... to ei Fo
when it lst cntrol and ran up t the sidewalk.
he bus driver ...
...is still uncnscious.
lnitial plice inestigation indicated
it was an accident.
l'm wrried abut you.
We're dne here?
Aren't we waiting for rain?
Fine, abort.
Yur place?
ow long hae yu been ill?
l'm fine.
Wait, am l?
l can't recall.
ow did l becme frgetful?
l can't remember things l hae dne.
We'e known each ther. Yur wife...
She was killed by a speeding car.
lt was terrible.
But i beliee in you.
Smeone wanted you dead.
lt was a set-up.
Yu tok them already.
When d we start wrk?
Keep your eyes on that psitin.
What's the job?
Wman will contact you.
Who's the target?
l'll tell yu later.
Yes, it's taken care f.
"For Rent"
ow long has it been acant?
Not lng. About a mnth.
Who was the last tenant?
An old couple lied here for years.
he wife passed away.
ere is the key.
l'll bring you the rental contract later.
Sunny Diner.
l want to rder take-ut.
ls this a prank?
"r. Chan Fng-Chow"
"Commence surveillance."
Did i screw up? l remember abut the ballons.
he job is dne. Don't worry.
No, l remember about the ballons.
lt's better not to remember.
Where are yu?
l'm collecting the payment. You?
ow d yu know who to cntact?
Fatty tld me abut the client.
l'm replacing him to collect the payment
for all of us.
Fatty couldn't have told you. You follwed him.
What are you talking abut?
ow did Fatty die? lt was an accident.
No. The bus was after me.
lt was a set-up.
lt was an accident. 2 dead and 8 injured.
We bth knw all accidents can be staged.
Are yu suspecting me?
Who rdered the hit?
No ne. i dn't know.
Who is the insurance agent?
Yu're making eerything up.
Yu're lying. Stp foling yurself.
l thought yu'd believe in me.
Who rdered the hit?
Yu're crazy.
Yu betrayed me.
Damn yu!
We can't apprve the mney
before the prcedure is completed.
l hae t ask my boss.
l'm following up with r. Wong's case.
ow about the other client?
he old man.
l've told you he fell out of a windw
from the second flor.
"Flawless. Cleer an."
m, you als read it in the papers?
Yes, the victim's father was my client.
l met him on the day he killed himself.
When he gae me his father's death certificate,
he acted strange and kept saying he was srry.
Smeone saw him ...
...taking the eleator to the roftop.
Right, l shouldn't have let him ...
...leae the ffice alone.
"Did r. Wong kill himself?"
l'll pick yu up after work.
Call me. We can have dinner tgether.
What d you want t eat?
Yu're messing it up. l'll do it myself.
ow about the other client?
he old man.
e fell out f a windw from the second flor.
"...fell from second flor..."
Take care of him.
Didn't you hear the dorbell?
Why are you messing up the flat?
ake sure yu clean it up...
...when you moe out.
ere's yur cntract.
What is this?
ere's anther one.
Are yu alright?
l'm sorry.
ow did l fall out f the windw?
he dctor said it was
because l tok to many pills.
l don't remember anything.
Smeone pushed yu ver.
Who did it? Why?
l'm busy. l'll call you later.
Last month a deadly accident tok place...
...at Nrth Point.
he bus driver finally woke up...
...frm coma last night.
and gae his statement.
l killed Fatty.
Uncle, what did you say?
l drpped the balls.
hey hit the bus.
hat's hw Fatty died.
lt was an accident.
lt can't be. No.
lt can't be!
Why did you lie?
ow can i eer trust yu again?
ow did l fall out f the windw?
he dctors said it was
because l tok to many pills.
Yu tok them already.
l knew yu'd betray me.
Yu're making eerything up.
lt was an accident. 2 dead and 8 injured.
l killed Fatty.
l drpped the balls.
hey hit the bus.
lt was an accident.
l was wrng.
Yu're crazy!
"Renvatin Ntice"
l'm sorry.
Dad, the wrkmen's quotatin
desn't seem right.
What did you say?
Why did you do this t us?