Yi tian tu long ji: Zhi mo jiao jiao zhu (Kung Fu Cult Master) (1993) Movie Script

There was a legend
that Kwok Ching and his wife Wong Yung
got the sword of Yeung Guo
They mixed it with fine gold
and made two swords
One is called To Lung
and the other named Yee-Tin
And they wrote what they learnt
together with Ngo Fai's many tactics
and the secret of the most powerful
Kung Fu Scroll the Lunar Secret
was hidden inside the swords
Whoever got it, whoever
could rule the world of martial arts
The supreme
of the world of martial arts...
Thus, no matter evil or virtuous
in order to get these two weapons
numerous fights were caused...
Two groups were thus formed
One, was headed by Shaolin
And their opponent was the Fire Sect
which came from Persia
They called themselves the Ming Sect
But, they were named
the Evil Sect by others
They're so mysterious
and always went against Yuen Dynasty
Ming Sect always caused riots against it
Their headquarters were located
at the Bright Summit
Branch leaders, Purple, White, Gold
and Green were all powerful
They were: Queen of Purple Dragon
King of White Eagle
King of Gold Lion
and King of Green Bat
Groups were strongly against each others
Their fellows couldn't make friends
with each other
Otherwise, they would be killed
Chang Tsui-san
the 5th student of Chang San Fung
was righteous and heroic
disregarded the unreasonable rules
fell in love with Yan So So
daughter of King of White Eagle
and he be-friended with
King of Gold Lion, Tse Shun
King of Gold Lion's master Shing Kwun
in order to help Yuen's Government
to destroy Ming Dynasty
he killed Tse Shun's whole farmily
Tse Shun risked his life
to seize the To Lung's Sword
to take revenge for his family
he killed many innocent lives
Tsui Shan and So So didn't want others
to know Tse's whereabout
they went to a nobody-land
lce and Fire lsland
to live in seclusion
Although he got the sword, Tse Shun
couldn't get the secret of it
until the 1 00th birthday
of Chang San Fung
Tsui Shan brought his wife
and his son Mo-kei to visit his master
Crab in sugar candy
I want it
Please give me one Alright
Mo-kei, enjoy it
Thank you, mom
Good boy
I asked you not to get off the cart
This is the foot of Wu Tong Mountain
I think it doesn't matter
It's hard to say
For To Lung Sword
they can do whatever in mind
Dad, why do they want
God-father's To Lung's Sword?
I have told you many times
Don't mention your God-father's name
don't you forget?
I won't do it next time
Remember, no matter who asks
about your God-father
No matter how they push you
don't tell a word, remember?
Yes, dad said
we can't betray our friend
Or, it'll be non-righteous
Good boy
I think Master will like you
Is your Master kind?
He is the kindest one among the kindest
Chang Tsui San...
It hurts
It's The Cry from Jinx
it'll affect one's mind
Resist it with your inner power
Or, you'll be hypnotized and lose your mind
Who are you? Show up now
Jinx's Palm?
I think you're the notorious Jinxs
Chang, if you want your son back
tell us where the King of Gold Lion is
Stop dreaming
If we hit your son with our Jinx's Palm
What do you think?
How dare you?
The kid is innocent
Why do you ill-treat this kid?
If you let him go
Wu-tong and the Ming Sect
will appreciate so much
Are you threatening me
with Wu-tong and Ming Sect?
Even that old jerk Chang San Fung's here
I won't give it a chance
Won't you?
Master Master
I, Chang San Fung
beg you to let the boy go
I see, the famous Chang San Fung
is just a fatty
I'm all eyed
Right, my name is being exaggerated
It's not a big deal
if you're afraid of my Jinx's Palm
ask your student
to tell us where Tse Shun is
Tsui Shan, told them then
Master, Tse Shun is my buddy
Right, how can I be non-righteous?
That's right
In this martial-world
how can you be non-righteous?
How can you face others then?
Please give us some faces then
Old bluffer
step aside if you're afraid of death
Or you'll die on your 1 00th birthday
It's useless to sigh
You assholes
I think today is my birthday
I shouldn't quarrel or get angry
But you two forced me to break my rule
I want to teach you a good lesson
How dare you beat my boy?!
If you hit him once
I'll hit him 1 00 times
Hubby, your master is so hot tempered
He's always hot tempered
OK, let's release the hostages together
OK, I don't think
you'd pull off a shunt
One, two, three
Watch out Go!
Jinx's Palm?
Take Mo-kei to Shaolin, no...
Take him to Wu-tong
I'll get the antidote from the bastards
No way, if we go on like this
Mo-kei will be killed
Brother, how is he?
Jinx's Palm is so powerful
I think, we have to wait
for Master's antidote
Mo-kei he...
Mom, I feel so painful
Don't panic, Mo-kei
Here are some candies
If you feel painful, eat one
It's sweet
So you'll forget the pain, got me?
Shaolin, Ngo-mai, Hung-tung, Wah Shan
and Kun-lun's representatives' approaching
they claim
to celebrate Master's birthday
In fact, they want Uncle Chang to tell
where the King of Gold Lion
Today is the birthday of my master
He asked us
not to make any grand celebration
So, he may enjoy a peaceful birthday
Thus, we appreciate your visit
and we'll express our thanks later
Please go back
We dare not disturb Master Chang
But he has to hand out
Chang Tsui San and Yan So So
and tell us the whereabouts
of the King of Gold Lion
Then we will leave at once
Master No-mercy
what do you think it is?
How dare you get anyone you wish?
To take revenge for the victims killed
by Evil Sect
We want to get Tse Shun by any means
If you do not hand us the wanted
I'll fight with you then
I've heard that you're great in kung-fu
I, Sung Yuen Kiu
would like to offend you now
Chang Tsui San, if you won't come out
your seniors will be killed
Master No-mercy, don't go too far
You're willing
to show up with your bitch!
Where is King of Gold-Lion?
I won't tell you my buddy's whereabouts
You deserve it!
You, be friend with that murderer
I'll wake you up
Damn nun...
Watch my powerful Yee-tin Sword!
It's no big deal
If not were your master Kwok Shang
my best friend
I wouldn't have given you face
Yee-tin Sword is with you
that'll only bring bad luck to the world
I'll keep this sword
for your master for 7 years
ask a better student to collect it
Chang San Fung
how dare you protect your sinful student?
If we attack you together
I don't think you can kill all of us
When you're exhausted
you'll be in deep shit too
How dare you? Are you threatening me?
Master, I'll be wholly responsible
for this case
They come for me only
Let me settle it myself
OK. You may settle it yourself
but about fighting
I've never given a damn
Are you threatening me?
you want me
to tell brother's whereabouts
In fact, you want his T o Lung Sword
and to be the supreme only
I'll never betray my friend
But I don't hope my master
at his old age to risk his life with you
Well, I'll give you an answer now
Tsui San!
Why do you kill yourself?
Mom, why did dad do so?
Mo-kei, recognize each face
remember them one by one
You've to remember all their faces
for each of them is stained
with your dad's blood
Did they push dad to death?
You have to take revenge for your dad
Don't let them escape
Miss Yan, we feel sorry
for the death of your husband
Now, you're the only one
who knows where Tsu Shun is
Master Hung Man, come here
I'll tell you
But will you let my son and I go?
Monks don't take his words back
OK. I'll tell you only
Miss, can you make it clear?
King of Gold Lion is living there
Wish you to get the Sword soon
Madam... Where is he?
She didn't tell me
No? You do want to get the sword alone
Mo-kei, mom cheated them
See, how powerful
is mom's cheating skill?!
Remember, don't ever trust any woman!
More beautiful the woman is
more capable is her to tell lies
We've to take revenge for brother
No, save Mo-kei first
You have terrific inner power
So what?
These years, I've never got a way
to cure you from feeling cold
If the Shaolin monk
hadn't jumped from here
he'd have cured you
with his Great Solar Stance
Great Solar Stance?
Great Solar Stance
is the mysterious kung-fu of Shaolin
It's as powerful
as the Great Lunar Stance
But the Scroll has been lost for years
Accidentally, a cooking monk in Shaolin
discovered it inside sutra
After he learnt the kung-fu
he defeated over monks and escaped
then he came to challenge me
Chang, you're really great
Great Solar Stance can make you famous
in this world of martial arts
But I think, you're not virgin
before practicing such kung-fu
Otherwise, I couldn't have defeated you
I can't imagine this kind of kung-fu
isn't invincible
Why should I try so hard
to practise it then?
Chang San Fung, see you
If he wasn't dead
his kung-fu would have saved you
My dear boy, no matter how
you've to be virgin to practise kung-fu
So, your kung-fu would be more powerful
Don't think I'm a 1 00-year old granny
My dicky erects every morning
What's that?
Why isn't mine do the same?
You're weak
What's the matter, Ching-su?
Ngo-mai's Master No-mercy
sent her student Chow Chi-yu here
to get back their Yee Tin Sword
Chow Chi-yu?!
How do you do, Master Chang?
Is No-mercy's temper better?
She's studied Buddhism in recent years
she's great improvement
You're a polite girl. It's lucky for her
to get such a good student
Mo-kei, return the Yee Tin Sword to her
Brother Mo-kei, are you the son
of Mr. Chang Tsui Shan?
Yes, Brother Mo-kei
is the orphan left by my uncle
I'm Sung Ching-su
My dad is the eldest brother
of Wu-tong's Seven Heroes
Thank you, Brother Mo-kei
Chi-yu, why not stay here for few days?
Let my student Yuen Kiu
teach you our sword stance
as present
Thank you Master Chang
Brother Mo-kei
Are you watching them?
Master Chang loves you so much
I think you'll be his successor for sure
Don't worry
Mo-kei can't practise kung-fu
We'll take care of him
Sister Chi-yu, why not practise together?
He was hurt by Jinx's Palm 8 years ago
he can't practise Kung-fu in his life
Ching-su, Master wants to practise
Tai-chi Sword for 3 months
We have to stay with him
in the secret cell
In these 3 months, you've to take care
of everything in Wu-tong
Thank you, Dad
Ching-su, you have to work hard
In the 3rd generation of Wu-tong
Mo-kei can't practise kung-fu
You're the only one
that we have to depend on
Master Chang specially made
Give one to Mo-kei per night
so it can stop him from feeling cold
Ching-su will take good care
of Brother Mo-kei
What are you doing?
Go... Go
Brother Mo-kei, what's happened?
Someone peeped at you
They're so bad. I'm so scared
They've all gone
But I'm scared too
Why not come and accompany me?
I know you wouldn't accompany me
Let me accompany you
I know you care me most
Are you hot? No
You're sweating
How dare you!
Chang Mo-kei
you think you're a lady killer?
Brother Ching-su
will there be any accident?
Don't worry, I'm in charge now
You jinx
you dragged your parents to death
You only know
how to flatter Master Chang
So he passes you his inner energy
to keep you from coldness
If he'd passed me his inner energy
I'd have been top graded kung-fu master
Your mom is jinx
You can insult me, but not my mom
I wonder are you the blood of my uncle
Maybe you're a son of a bitch
Go to hell
Brother Ching-su
Catch him, I wanna chop his hand off
I see, Wu-tong is not heroic at all
My friend, who are you?
Friend? I'm not a friend of yours
Come down if you have guts
Wu-tong's kung-fu is nothing special
The kung-fu of Ming Sect
is much more powerful
Sister Chi-yu
attack her with your Yee-tin Sword
You bitch
Yee Tin Sword is really in Wu-tong
Aren't you leaving?
Watch out
don't let the dogs of Wu-tong kill you
I don't allow you insult Wu-tong
You must be insane
I'll chat with you after the fight
Bitch, I'll let you see
how powerful my sword is
Thank you, I come for this Sword in fact
I want to break
this non-breakable Cold-chain
Wu-tong's Sword Stance
Here... run
Your kung-fu is so bad
Forget about me, go now
No, they'd kill you if they catch you up
Kidding, you bring me to this dead end?
Chang, you allied with the Evil Sect
and mess our temple
Now, with the name
of Acting Manager of Wu-tong
I exile you
Wu-tong students have my order Yes
Kill with no mercy Yes
Miss, I've cragged you down
Call me Siu Chiu
How dare you seduce man
in such critical moment?
Where can you go?
It's soft?!
Why do you loosen your hands
without any notice?
For I touched yours...
Dumb-bell, you must be educated
by your dad
My dad died years ago
You're called Chang Mo-kei
Is your dad Chang Tsui-san?
My Chang, I'm your maid Siu Chiu
Get up first
Siu Chiu
is the maid of King of White Eagle
I offended King of White Eagle
so he locked me up
I went into fugitive
I've heard Yee Tin Sword is in Wu-tong
I wanted to make use of it
Luckily I met you and you saved my life
Get up first
I'm not your Mister
You touched me again
You're the grandson
of King of White Eagle
so I have to greet you Mister
In fact, I haven't seen my grandfather
since birth
What kind of noise is it? Monster?
This way
That way...
I can't imagine
there would be visitors for me
You are...
I'm the soul of hell
Are you the student of Wu-tong?
I'm Chang Mo-kei
I haven't eaten human flesh
for a long time
Chang San Fung made me suffer here
It's not too much to eat
one of his student, right?
Are you the cooking monk?
You remember me?
The girl after you is so attractive
She must be more delicious than you
She isn't Wu-tong's student
Come and eat me
You're heroic too!
Mister Chang, how are you?
It's cold
What have you done to him?
He's already been serious injured
Hey, who hurt you?
I was hit by the Jinx's Palm 8 years ago
Nothing can cure it
It must be Master Chang passes you
inner energy in these years
He loves you so much
Senior, I know you can cure him
I beg you to cure him
My Great Solar Stance
is the only solution
But why should I cure Chang's people?
Chang Mo-kei, unless you scold
your Master Chang as asshole
Then I'll teach you Great Solar Stance
to cure you from coldness
You don't save him. That's OK
Why did you hit him?
Just scold Chang as Shame-less asshole
for three times
Then you'll be free
from this kind of suffer forever
and you'll have invincible power
This is a piece of cake
Follow me
Chang is a shameless asshole...
Shameless asshole...
is you
OK, I'll see
how can you get through this night
It's cold Cold?!
Mister how are you?
It's cold Still very cold?
So cold...
Will it be warmer?
I can't imagine Chang
has such a brave student like him
I'm still living...
Mister are you alright?
Siu Chiu
are you having any weapon with you?
Why do I feel
something solid pointing at me?
What is it?
Shit, will that make her pregnant?
So soon?
What did you say?
Nothing, I said I wake up soon
Mister, you could stand last night
I think you'll be alright
Stop dreaming!
You're lucky last night
You'll feel ice-cold 2 to 3 times a day
If no one uses inner energy
to keep your life
You'll die
You hard-hearted
Chang Mo-kei
if you don't learn my Great Solar Stance
You'll suffer coldness
for the rest of your life
Leave Wu-tong, and be my student
Master Chang is so nice to me
I can't do that
You're sick
Why do you push him
to learn your kung-fu?
I was defeated by Chang San Fung
I'm so furious
I want my student to be more superior
than any of his student
Why not teach me?
If a woman practices Great Solar Stance
one year later, she'll have flat chest
with hairy hands and legs
with beard and man's voice
Do you want it?
Forget it
Mister, his backbone is broken
he moves with that ball
Why not promise him now
after learning his kung-fu
then we can take our words back
Wu-tong's student
is always righteous and virtuous!
I'm a Wu T ong's student
but he forces me to study his kung-fu
there must be trick
I won't learn it anyhow
I don't think you can force me
to get your kung-fu
Can't l?
Siu Chiu
Let me help you
I don't allow you to do so
Great Sun appears
the blood flows backward
Don't press my head with the ass
Air from belly goes through
the whole body
It's breaking
Blood sea
T op of the back
Solar Pool
Door of life
Chang, you have the 1 st grade
of the Great Solar Stance
You have my kung-fu now
You can never get rid of it
I'll push you to learn the 2nd grade
Unless you die
or you're betraying Wu-tong
I'm useless
to let that evil bitch
hit Mo-kei down the cliff
I was late
I could only killed the bitch
but couldn't save Mo-kei
Please kill me
as compensation to Uncle Chang
I'll kill you now
Yuen Kiu, you can't save Mo-kei anyway
It's useless to kill him
Brother Ching-su tried his best
Mo-kei is such a poor boy
Death may be a release to him
Shaolin invited us
to launch a raid to Bright Summit
We'd maintain peace and righteousness
of the world of martial arts
Yuen Kiu, lead your juniors, Ching-su
and Chi-yu to go with you
Yes, Master
The 9th grade Great Solar in the Sky
Chang, you've got all stances
from Great Solar Stance
From now on, you're full of mysterious
and powerful energy
Your wound is cured too
From now on, it's hard for you to die
Master, you made it!
Thank you Master
Aren't you unwilling
to learn my kung-fu?
It should be a suffering instead
I know you didn't mean to teach me
You just want
to lose the face of my Master
So, I just tricked you
to teach me your kung-fu
I have to take revenge for my parents
I wished to learn it most
You're cunning
Not only pretty women
aren't trustworthy
You can't even trust
those seem to be kind-hearted!
I wanna kill you
I have the same kung-fu as you
How can you kill me?
Watch out, he's so powerful
Senior, please forgive me
You cured me by your kung-fu
Thank you for your lesson
You cunning guy
If I can make my revenge
I'll come back to save you
You'll die terribly
Let's wait and see
Let's see who'll die first
Let's go
See how long will you two get together!
You'll not have happy ending!
I've made it
Shaolin, Ngo-mai, Hung-tung
Kwun-lun and Wah-shan
All of you're stained
with the blood of my parents
I want you to repay it
Your look is horrible
If you were me
You kept every hatred
inside your heart for 8 years
to be bullied and insulted all the time
When you have a chance to release
you'll act like me
Are you going back to Wu-tong?
Sung Ching-su
is the only son of my uncle
I can't take revenge to him
No way
I won't go back to Wu-tong
With the help of my Great Solar Stance
I can go everywhere
I'll go to Bright Summit
to see my grandfather
And I'll beg him to unlock you
Thank you
We risked our lives together
don't call me Mister anymore
I love to serve you
Will you let me serve you forever?
You're so nice to me
I'll always remember it
Now you're so powerful
I think you'll attract many girls
I think, you'll soon forget me
No, once there is sun
I won't let you leave me
Crab in sugar candies...
See, there're candies for sale
These were the last thing
that my mom bought me
After I was hit by Jinx's Palm
she gave me 3 candies
She asked me to eat when I felt painful
When they were dead
you ate the first one, right?
I dried these two
So, I've to keep it properly
Take us some wine and food
Schools of martial arts are
launching a raid to the Bright Summit
I'm sure they'll destroy the Evil Sect
If we're late
we'll then miss the great moment
So what if you can catch them?
It means more people
will be sent to hell only
There are branch leaders
and the invincible Elements Flat
Don't you think a small potato
like you can destroy them?
How ignorant are you!
She must be somebody in the Evil Sect
Arrest her
Let's hide up first
You're putting a quart into a pint pot!
Is she somebody in the Ming Sect?
I've never seen her
Let's deal
about the raid to Bright Summit
I'll try my best
Do you know them?
Of course, they hit me
with Jinx's Palm 8 years ago
Don't panic
Many powerful kung-fu masters are here
we can't compete with them
Mr. Deer
How do you do?
Master, we all depend on you
Please send my regards to his Majesty
See you
Who is hiding here?
Come out!
What are you doing here?
Kid, what are you looking at?
He seems to be familiar to us
Forget it
a couple is enjoying chatting here
Let's go
I just wanted...
Luckily you didn't move. See
This guy must be somebody
Even Deer Man and Crane Man
seem to be his fellows
Guy? This is a woman
Woman? She's like my mom
She's pretty
so you said she's like your mom
You're like my mom now
Still kidding?!
The Bright Summit is surrounded
by the schools
Let's hurry there OK
The Evil Sect is well prepared
The Elements Flags are all in position
Even Wai Yat-Siu
King of Green Bat has come back to help
Even though he's against
King of White Eagle
If Queen of Purple Dragon
and King of Gold Lion are back
It'll be difficult for us to fix them
If King of Gold Lion is back
that's perfect
We can seize his To Lung Sword
Do you want my Yee Tin Sword too?
That's what I want
I dare not
She can read my mind
Luckily she didn't know
I wanted to rape her too
You rape her
I'll take her students instead
What a hand job for you, pal
My pleasure
What are you two talking about?
Well, we decided to donate
the treasure of the Evil Sect to the poor
Queen of Purple Dragon is the Holy Lady
of Persia's Ming Sect
She's disappeared for many years
It's believed that she's gone to Persia
After a severe fight
King of Gold Lion were blind
It's not difficult to handle him
But King of White Eagle and
King of Green Bat are difficult to handle
Uncle, I have an idea
Go ahead
King of White Eagle has a grandson
He's the son of Chang Tsui-san
He's called Chang Mo-kei
He died few months ago
King of White Eagle doesn't know it
And old man
if he meets his grandson again
he'll be very happy
If his grandson attacks suddenly
sure he'll have a great chance
to kill him
Great idea
So we can kill King of White Eagle
and King of Green Bat easily
And rob all the money of them
Sell all the woman to be hookers
We're from decent schools of martial arts
how can we do so?
You're using my passed nephew
I don't agree to do so
Isn't it good?
We just want to help the poor only
I agree with Master Yuen Chun
You asked someone to act as Chang Mo-kei
Who is the most suitable person then?
The son of Mr. Sung is the best choice
I won't allow our Wu-tong student
to do such thing
You cunning bastards
are discussing evil traps
Watch out for being hit by thunder
Bat's down
It's King of Green Bat, Wai Yat-siu
Wai, let my wife go
Your wife is so fat, it's no big deal
for me to suck her blood
Damn it
No-mercy, you killed my wife
If anyone is bitten by Wai Yat-siu
one will lose one's mind
and obey Wai only
If I don't kill your wife
we'll have one more enemy
You can't compete with her
Wai doesn't know how powerful
Yee Tin Sword is
he used Mrs. Ho to be his shield
I believe that he's hurt
by the energy of my sword
Your Highness
Have the schools arrived the hillside?
Your Highness, they have arrived
Set the elements position
When they come half way
I want half of them to die
I'm back
Your Highness
Bat, I'm glad you come to help
That means, you really love our sect
Old man, I've got some information
and I fought with No-mercy too
Her Yee Tin Sword is really powerful
Are you alright?
Of course, I'll be alright
Set the position now
Someone who claims himself
the grandson of King of White Eagle
named Chang Mo-kei, just kill him
without a warning
What did you say? My grandson?
They'll send someone to act as
your grandson to assassinate you
If our Holy Fire Table is still here
I won't scare her Yee Tin Sword
If our Master Yeung didn't disappear
With his Magic Stance
he'd have killed them easily
It hurts
Are you hurt?
Of course
But I can't lose my face
in front of them
Never mind
I'll help you to cure your wound
It's useless, you've to suck the poison
out the wound
No problem
Yes, I didn't take my words back
What a good buddy
See, the wound is on my ass
It's alright if you don't suck
but you shouldn't kick me
So many people
They don't seem to be the man
from Ming Sect
Why are there so many flags?
This is the code of our Sect
They've rushed into the forbidden zone
of the Elements Flag
Elements Flag?
Don't retreat
We're from decent schools
we can't be cowards
If you want to be coward
you'll be killed
You're right
You go first
Chi-yu, give me the Yee Tin Sword
Yes, master
Let's chase
Pals, I'm Siu Chiu
the maid of King of White Eagle
This is the grandson of White Eagle
Mr. Chang Mo-kei
You're Chang Mo-kei?
Yes, I am
The order of King of White Eagle
who claims to be Chang Mo-kei
whoever should be killed. Kill him
Rush over there
I'm really Chang Mo-kei
Don't even know who's enemy
you deserve to be beaten
Great Solar Stance
Hero, which school do you come from?
Master, he's Chang Mo-kei
He's the son of Chang Tsui-san?
Why is he so powerful?
Where are you taking me to?
This is the forbidden zone of Ming Sect
What? Forbidden?
Shall we go in?
Other than the master of our Sect
can enter before his death
If he dies outside
the ones who carry his corpse
should commit suicide in here
How about you?
I'm a maid, King of White Eagle
doesn't let me join the sect
Don't go
Damn it, if you move one more step
I want you to die terribly
If I stay here, I would die terribly
You fool! Mister, let's go
Commander, what'll we do?
This is the grave of our ex-masters
There are many traps inside
If they go in, they'll surly be killed
Let's go back to help
What's the matter?
I'm scared
Don't be afraid. Look
They're all skulls
I think they're the ones
who carried the corpse
Why don't we go out?
We're surrounded by the Flag Soldiers
So many men outside
I don't want to hurt
my grandfather's men with my kung-fu
I think, we have no choice
but to go forward
I know there is a road
to get to the Bright Summit
You're only a maid of King of Eagle
why do you know that much?
I heard it, thus I know it
My grandfather locked you
with such heavy chain
There must be some reasons
Who are you? Don't cheat me
Don't you trust me?
I just want to know the truth
Mister, I have made an oath
I can't tell anybody
But I promise, I didn't mean
to hurt your grandfather
and I'll never hurt you
Please let me keep some secret
will you?
I promise, when it's time, I'll tell you
OK. Let's talk later
There're foot marks on the floor
Yeung Ting Tin, you're the master
of the Evil Sect, but so what?
Even you took away my lover, so what?
Can't imagine you would die here
I, Shing Kwun, am now using the schools
to destroy your Evil Sect
I want to take your Magic Stance too
Then I'll be invincible
and to be the Pope of Yuen Dynasty
Even I don't have the To Lung Sword
I can be the supreme
of the world of martial arts
The ex-master of Ming Sect
disappeared for over 20 years
In fact, he died right here
This may be Shing Kwun
the foe of my God-father
I see, he became
the dog of Yuen Government
He set a variance
between the schools and Ming Sect
That's why he dragged
my God-father's family to death
Chang Mo-kei
Didn't you die?
What's the enmity
between you and Ming Sect?
What's the enmity
between you and my dad?
Why did you drag them like this?
Yeung Ting Tin took my lover from me
I had adultery with his wife for 3 years
At last he discovered that
That's why he got mad
But he still wanted to kill me
My lover wanted to cover me
she committed suicide
I stayed 20 years
in the Shaolin as undercover
I just wait for this chance
to destroy Ming Sect
You seduced his wife
and ruined his Evil Sect
and you claimed yourself reasonable
What a shame!
No matter it's right and wrong
It's not your turn to criticize me
Chang Mo-kei, I'm sending you
to see your parents
Get lost
What kind of kung-fu is it?
Great Solar Stance
I can't imagine
I'd be defeated by you
In fact, Chang Tsui-san had a secret
What is it?
Get lost, I try to break it
with my Great Solar Stance
Don't use Great Solar Stance
I'm afraid it would collapse
Are we waiting for death then?
We've to find other exit
There're some words
Those who come into this cell
Should bow to the skeleton
or the soul will give you trouble
We're going to die
we'll be souls too
We don't need to be scared
Maybe we'll be saved
We should respect the dead
Come and bow
Master Yeung
we're forced to disturb you
If we have a chance to get out
we'll take revenge for you
to kill Shing Kwun
Please bless us
What are these word?
It's the Persia language
Can you read it?
After bowing to me
You'll have my Magic Stance
After you learnt it
you can push the stone open
and reach Bright Summit
the Magic Stance is written on the rocks
He was really wise
he knew Shing Kwun wouldn't bow to him
So he designed such trap
Practise now, then we may get out
But it's not right
to steal Ming Sect's kung-fu
It's written that
after you've learnt it
You should pass a message
on behalf of Master Yeung
ask King of Gold Lion
to be his successor
the Magic Stance
should be kept by him too
and get the Holy Fire Tablet
from Persia's Ming Sect
He wanted your God father
to be his successor
Since you're his God-son
it doesn't matter to learn his kung-fu
But, how long should it take?
It's written that
for ordinary people, it takes 30 years
For those great kung-fu masters
It just takes 3 hours
I have the base of Great Solar Stance
I just need 3 hours
Go ahead then
King of Green Bat, you're hurt
Don't waste it...
Where are the women?...
Over there
Do you want me to eat your blood?
We're the red cross
We come to save
He's bleeding
Beat him
You come to save, don't you?
We save those from strong sex desire
and to save those
who reincarnated wrongly
Kill you and let you reincarnate again
Kill him
You bastard, if I were not
hurt seriously I would kill you
Old bluffer
I've stopped the bleeding for you
King of White Eagle
you're really something
We break even
Dad, he's hurt
Why don't you kill him?
He fought against five, instead, he won
If we take such chance
how can we claim ourselves heroes?
What's the matter?
You don't attack
We, Wah-shan School will attack now
Men, remove your rings and chains
Women, undress
Or, you'll be killed
I can't imagine I'd be bullied
by such jerks
Old bluffer, let's fight together
for our beloved sect
The Evil Sect is going to be terminated
Chi-yu, go with your sisters
to kill all the people from Evil Sect
and extinguish their holy fire
Yes, Master
King of White Eagle
you're a great kung-fu master
Your Eagle's Claws Stance
in the world of martial arts
is as great as
the Dragons Claws Stance of Shaolin
You'd better commit suicide
Old Bluffer, don't be so impulsive
I, Chang Mo-kei request you
to stop for a while
Mo-kei, aren't you dead?
Is he the son of So-so?
That's your grandson?!
Thank you for your concern
Today, the fight between Ming Sect
and the schools
is all a trap set by Shing Kwun
the master of Tse Shun
Please keep calm
and not fall into his trap
Bullshit, the Evil Sect
is so brutal
Wai Yat-siu needs blood for practicing
Tse Shun killed many innocent people
they should be killed
Yes, I need blood for practicing
but I need chick's blood
pig's blood and my blood only
On that night
Mrs. Ho of Kwun-lun school
was killed by you
I didn't bite her
About manslaughter?!
Old nun, you killed more than me
Shing Kwun serves Yuen
he wants us to kill among ourselves
Master, I hope you'll understand
As you said
Where is Shing Kwun now?
He went undercover in Shaolin
for over 20 years
He's masked
How dare you frame my Uncle Yuen Chun?
Where's Yuen Chun?
He sneaked into the graveyard
and wanted to steal the Magic Stance
Master Yeung was dragged to death by him
Siu Chiu, make it clear
I won't let anybody hurt you
Kid, you insulted Shaolin
what a big mouth you're having
Try my Dragon's Claws Stance
Master, would you let us go
if I can defeat you?
So go ahead
The Dragon's Claws Stance of Shaolin
is powerful than our kung-fu
This guy is really powerful
If I have 6,000 points
He has at least 1 0,000 points
Dragon's Claws Stance
OK. Terminate my kung-fu now
I just come to stop your fight
Not to create any more troubles
By the way
I used the kung-fu of Shaolin
It's not an insult at all
Please forgive me
OK. Let's go
Chang Mo-kei, let me challenge you
They pushed my dad to death
Now, they come
to slaughter without reasons
I have to take revenge for dad
No way, if I duel with them
it's being trapped by Shing Kwun
Want to hold my temper
to be supreme
I can fight against the Government
Watch out
you should take care of her sword
Right, don't fight with her
Master, please go ahead
Magic Stance
Damn you nun
Siu Chiu
Thank you, mister
Brother Mo-kei
in fact I was forced to trap you
Please forgive me
I've never minded that
Please bring this sword to your master
Anybody wants to challenge me again?
Mister, don't die...
Let's attack them together
I'm sure we can kill him
His girl is so pretty
Rape her
Who dares to take their advantage
Who is going to be Wu-tong's enemy
Just a misunderstanding
Let's call for hookers
Don't rape
You're the bastard, let's go
Mister, you can't die. Don't leave me
I'm protected by Great Solar Stance
I won't die
But I can't use my kung-fu in this week
Mo-kei, take a good rest
If you have time
come back to visit Master Chang
Since we protected you
we've gone against the other schools
We should leave as early as possible
or we'll be blamed
of being allied with Evil Sect
So what? Who do you think you are?
Maybe, we'll save your Wu-tong one day
What are you bull-shitting?
Ching-su Uncle
please bring the Yee Tin Sword
to Master Chang
don't let No-mercy get it anymore
Mister Mo-kei
Take care
Yau Tin Tsing, Wai Yat-siu
and Elements Flags, greet Master Chang
I'm not your master
It's a tradition that
whoever uses Magic Stance is our master
Our Sect has been split
in all these years
Two Fairies
King of Gold Lion
and Queen of Purple Dragon
they left after fighting
for the leadership
You saved us today
Other than you
who is qualified to be the Master then?
But Master Yeung's will
was my God-father to be his successor
Either you or your God-father
is the same
You Highness
Wah-shan School
is coming back with a troop
they want an attack
Damn it, what a bastard
I'm Chu Yeun-chang
now it's an emergency that
please instruct us what to do
Since many of you are hurt
we'd better hide up in the graveyard
What do you think?
If you're willing to be our master
We will do whatever you instruct
Listen, my followers
Get to the graveyard and hide up first
After we've recovered
we'll take our revenge
Bravo, Holy Master...
It's really a blessing
to have you be our leader
Chu Yuen Chang, I just take the post
temporarily for my God-father
May I be frank
although you kept on refusing
to be the Master
I could tell from your eyes
you're willing to be the Master
We have so many followers
and we fight with the gov't continuously
we have strong power
Since you want to take revenge
after being the master
you'll have greater chance to take revenge
and you may turnover Yuen's Dynasty
and to be the King
It's not impossible
Cut the crap
King of White Eagle is old
King of Green Bat is so care free
They can't assist you much
No matter what
Just instruct me, I'm willing to help
From your eyes
I can see you're ambitious
If I make you my right hand
you'll have better success
You're really wise
I do want to be the Master
But the wise people
is usually disgusting
I understand
Get out of here
Master, please let us go
Wah Shan is a decent school
but with you jerks
Master, don't kill us
I'll tell you some secret
Go ahead
We've got some information
the days before
Wu Tong's students were attacked
by some monks
They seem to be from Shaolin
All the students from Wu-tong
were caught
Don't be afraid
they're just being kidnapped
not being raped
we've discovered that
Mr. Yan of Wu-tong is hurt
He is ahead
Uncle Yan Master
Uncle Yan
How are you?
We met some Shaolin monks
on our way back to Wu-tong
They poisoned us with Scent
which is the most poisonous thing
in this world of martial arts
those who smell or are it'll lose
his kung-fu and energy
Only the special antidote can solve it
I held my breathe, so I could escape
My brothers were all arrested
But later, I met two monks
They were so powerful
I was seriously hurt
They broke all my joints
They're so cruel
Let's go to Shaolin
and get my uncles back
It's sold up Right
All hired? Right
Yes, you may ask them Over there?
Master, all the doctors around are hired
and all the herbs are all bought
by one person
It's strange
It may be done by the Shaolin monks
No, he's living nearby
a place called Green Willow Villa
I think, they're sure that we need herbs
to cure Yan
So they set this trap for us
Green Willow Villa?
My master is long waiting for you
May I know his name?
You'll know it later
Damn it, do you want to trap us?
Speak up, or I'll suck your blood
My men's blood is stink
If you want it
I've prepared some fresh blood for you
What's so mysterious
Why don't you tell us your name?
I'm Chao Min
a nobody in the world of martial arts
It's meaningless to you
If you're scared, please leave
Watch out
Mister, she's the one
we met in the restaurant
Grandfather, King of Bat
she's the master of Jinxes
There may be a severe fight later
You're really something
Couldn't think you're so powerful
when I saw you last time
I can't imagine
you could defeat the schools
and be the master of the Ming Sect
What a young hero
May I know why did you buy all the herbs
and hire all the doctors?
I've heard that
Mr. Yan is hurt by Shaolin
I'm afraid he'd be mistreated
by poor doctors
so, I caught all the poor doctors here
But instead
I've prepared
the Black Jade Paste for him
We're not friends, why do you help us?
Making friends with heroes
is always the practice
of our Yuen Government
You're the No.1 kung-fu master
in the world
this doesn't mean anything
The Black Jade Paste is
the most wonderful medicine in the world
How can she give us that easily?
You're Manchurian
My dad is Emperor Yu Yang
Shaolin is so foolish to challenge you
We'll help you to terminate them
Master, is it Yee Tin Sword?
We'll settle our own matters
We don't want the interference
from the government
Thank you very much
Master Chang, please stay
I've prepared some food for you
I'll get changed first, may I be excused
We're leaving
Are you sure there is Black Jade Paste?
Damn it, how cocky she is!
Isn't it true or not?
It smells nice
It's nice
This may be a trap, we'd better go
Master, we're so tired
We lost our energy
They're poisoned
My brothers were all poisoned by this
I'm the only one who held the breath
What we can do?
I'll get the antidote from her
Siu Chiu, take care of here
You do keep your promise
You come to drink with me
Why do you trap us?
Master Chang, no one asked you
to touch the wooden sword
It's because one of you is greedy
That's why they're poisoned
Bring me the antidote
Master Chang, are you begging me?
Or forcing me?
Where are the Jinxes?
Ask them out
Are you scared of them?
I won't tell where they are
So you'll be scared
Don't think that I won't beat you
because you're woman
I know, so, I decided to...
attack first
Yuen is such powerful that
it has the greatest territory
You're just a man
How can you beat our government?
The totalitarianism of Yuen
is hated by the people
I just work for the will of people
We have voluntary armies
to fight against Yuen
It's the will of the people
Can you beat the will of the people?
Master Chang
why not play a song with me?
Stop playing
I love it
Master Chang, do you want to see my leg?
Just tell me
Why do you take my shoe?
You're so cunning
how can you claim yourself heroic?
I'm not hero
I'm a cunning woman
Have you heard that? Woman is cunning!
I won't argue with you
If you don't give me antidote
I'll burn your Green Willow Villa
I won't give in a damn
but your fellows are seriously poisoned
If they can't get the antidote
within 2 hours
they can never regain their kung-fu
Time is running short
Jinx's Palm
This isn't Jinx's Palm
Yes, I don't know it
I just want to scare you
If I didn't take back half energy
you'd have been killed
You don't wish to kill me
You like me
Bull shit
You love your maid more?
or love me more?
If you still don't give me the antidote
I'll kill you
Go ahead
Answer me, or I won't give you antidote
I know you love that maid most
But I have made No-mercy go there
How cunning are you!
Go, if you go like this
your fellows' kung-fu
can never be regained
I have no choice
Give me or not?
Once more, are you giving me?
No matter how, I won't give it to you
Aren't you scared of me?
I'll be your woman sooner or later
I don't need to resist
Anyway, no one will help me
You can do whatever you want
Chang Mo-kei, I can give you antidote
and the Black Jade Paste
you've to promise me three things
where are those people of Ming Sect?
They seem to be disappeared
Master, look
No-mercy again
Siu Chiu, leave us alone
No, Mister asked me to stay here
No matter how, I have to delay
You bastards
what evil deeds are you planning?
Master, they seem to be poisoned
Damn you, if you dare to come over
I'll drink all your blood
What are you looking?
I have too much blood
it's alright to spit some out
I have let you go once
Now, I have a chance
to kill the evils
for the world of martial arts
it's not heroic to take such advantage
Bitch, get lost
Bitch, if you can resist stances from me
I'll let you kill
How dare you
Or, I'll take three stances from you
I'll let you do whatever you want
if you defeat me
What a sharp tongue
If you can resist three of my stances
I'll let you go
Come on
Siu Chiu...
How are you?...
Are you alright?
I can stand it
Two more
Master, she's seriously injured
Why not let me kill her?
I should not take my words back
I dare not
Siu Chiu, leave us alone
One more
You're looking for death
I can't help you
Siu Chiu
King of Bat, take the antidote to them
Mo-kei why did Chao Min
give you antidote?
Be careful of tricks
I wanted her to take 3 in front of me
It should be real
Siu Chiu
What a couple
Bitch, how dare you come?
Why not?
Your Master promised
to do 3 things for me
That's why I give him the antidote
to save your lives
I just promised to do 3 things
which aren't against conscience
Not against heroism
I won't let you marry such pretty girl
Siu Chiu
Isn't it against conscience?
Master Chang, not that easy
When I have something in mind
I'll look for you
I've never met such cunning woman!
This woman must be a great foe
of our Ming Sect
There must be some stories
behind the raid against Wu-tong by Shaolin
We have to go to Shaolin Temple now
to get the truth
Master, are you alright?
Master No-mercy
Emperor Yu-yang wants you to be his guest
After you
Why is it so quiet?
Master Chang Mo-kei
together with King of White Eagle
and King of Green Bat
want to meet your master
Our Master has his order
he doesn't want to see anyone
We come a long way to here
We want to see him now. It's urgent
Please tell your master
He doesn't want to see you
Go back
Wait, from your movement
it doesn't seem
to be the kung-fu of Shaolin
You have your head newly shaved
You aren't a real monk
I said he's fake
Master, let's go in and check it out
Mister, look
Kill Shaolin first, then Wu-tong
We, Ming Sect is the supreme
of the world of martial arts
It's a trap
Are all the kung-fu masters
of Shaolin killed?
They may be poisoned by Scent
I think most of them may be nabbed
What is the matter?
Kill Shaolin then Wu-tong
They must have gone to Wu-tong
Let's hurry there
Do you want to leave? Not that easy
Master, you'd better leave first
Master, what's the matter?
Hung Shang from Shaolin
wants to meet Master Chang
Follow me
Shaolin has had the greatest disaster
We were raided by the Evil Sect
Other than me
no one is alive
The kung-fu Masters who launched a raid
to the Bright Summit
were all arrested by the Evil Sect
Master Chang, if you don't do something
the whole world of martial arts
will be under the control of Evil Sect
Get up first
Watch out, Master
The monk is fake
He's from the Evil Sect
Where is your dad and your uncles?
Mo-kei didn't die
He joined the Evil Sect
and learnt lots of Evil Magic
My dad and 4 uncles were not prepared
they're assassinated by him
Five of them... Master!
Ching su, what happened?
Ching su, how dare you assassinate me?
Even a scapegoat couldn't cheat you
you should be the man of the world
You're a great in kung-fu
It's not wise to be a Taoist here
Why not follow me
to work for the government
to enjoy prosperous life together
Chang San Fung, do you remember us?
I see, the troubles in all these years
were designed by the government
Right, you're right
Our Majesty wants to make you
the Pope of our government
If you're willing to work for us
your school
will enjoy prosperity together
and your students will be the generals
to settle the riots for my government
I, Chang San Fung, dare do everything
but not to be a tribal betrayer
Chang, you don't work for us
all you have to do is to only go to hell
Don't panic
I just want to scratch my back
Chang, how much blood do you have?
Protect Master
Don't. Let me handle it
Magic Stance
Master, are you alright?
How are you?
Ching-su, that bastard assassinated me
Why are you so powerful?
You asked me to keep my virtue
I haven't used that
Every morning
it's erected
No woman likes me
That's why I'm still a virgin
You have chance, use it
Cut the crap
Your Highness
How can you be that impolite
to Master Chang?
How are you, Master Chang? I'm Chao Min
Your Highness
Master Chang, don't be tough
Do you want your students to be killed?
Men should die once
but we should die meaningfully
Master, don't panic. I'm here
Master Chang, do you remember?
You're promised
to do 3 things for me
Will you keep your promise?
If only they aren't against conscience
and not heroic
I'll help
you can't use the Great Solar Stance
Just tie himself up, alright?
What a sharp tongue
I'll seal your mouth sooner or later
Second, don't use your Magic Stance
Alright, I promise
what kind of kung-fu will you use?
Whatever, Master
Teach me any kung-fu of Wu-tong?
Isn't it alright?
It's alright
Master, come on
Tai Chi, grows from nothing
Master, you start that so late
I couldn't stand. Quick
Mo-kei, now I teach you
my self-developed tactics
since 1 00-year-old
Tai-chi Fist
It's the origin of motion
The origin of everything
Positive and negative is connected
Can't be separated
Elements help each other
They are against each other
Keep calm
Mind your respiration
Concentrate your mind
Pay full attention
Turn soft to hard
Use both soft and hard
In Tai-chi
There is soft and hard
Use both soft and hard
Generate the force as you wish
Mo-kei, you're protected
by the Great Solar Stance
You can learn
all kinds of kung-fu quickly
Tai-chi, just remember it's meaning
not the stance
Forget all your stances
Thus you can make it
Can your remember?
I've forgotten
What is the name of these stances?
What's the surname of your dad?
OK, just remember
to beat them with no mercy
you have such a good student
You have a good grandson too
I'll let you go now
This should be the third thing
Chang Mo-kei
I won't let you repay me that easily
The lives of the schools
are controlled by me
If I don't go back within three days
they'll all be killed
What do you want?
Today, you're lucky, let's go
Not that easy
Don't go
OK, I won't go
I'll stay here or more days
You'd better prepare the funerals
for your friends
You may go
but Ching-su can't
Your Highness, don't leave me
Such heartless dog
It's useless for me to keep it
Take it if you like
Master, I deserve to be killed
I'm useless
Master, just let me go
How can you face your dad?
Since we grow up together
Please beg Master to let me go, please
Uncle Sung has a son only
If I kill you
he'll have no descendant
Master, I've terminated all his kung-fu
Please let him stay alive
Master, thank you
Thank you...
Chang Mo-kei
you still have to do one thing for me
if you want to save the schools
come to the capital to look for me