Yip Man (2008) Movie Script

Fo Shan's citizens were well off
and practiced kung-fu as a hobby.
Martial clubs became popular, turning Fo Shan
into a province renowned for martial arts.
Martial Arts Street in Fo Shan, 1935
Another competitor
Okay, let's start practicing
Come on, ready...
One... two...
Sir, a Master Liu is looking for you
May I know who you are?
I'm the patriarch of the Liu Fist Sect
I just started a martial club in Fo Shan
I hear that Master Ip is a Wing Chun expert
I'd love to practice with you today
Can we do it some other day?
It's not convenient right now
Since I'm already here,
let's just play around for a bit
It's all private. No one else shall know who wins
It's not a matter of winning. I'm having dinner
In that case... I'll wait for you
Master Liu
Have you eaten yet?
Please join me
You want one?
No, thanks
Is the food all right tonight?
Very good indeed
That's good
Very quick
Leave it, Uncle Wang. Close the door first
Master Liu
Are you okay?
I'm fine...
Let's start again!
Okay, here I come
All touch!
Thanks for being lenient, Master Liu
Thanks for teaching me. I've learnt a lot
The pleasure was all mine
Regarding this private duel, Master Ip...
I won't tell anyone. Don't worry
Thanks so much. I'm totally grateful
So long
With "Move 1000 Catties with 4 Taels"
Ip pushed Master Liu's whole body away
Isn't "Move 1000 Catties with 4 Taels" Tai Chi?
I thought Master Ip practiced Wing Chun
Anyway, he pushed him away with one hand
Liu refused to admit defeat
Ip kept chasing after him fiercely!
But Liu remained indignant after being hit
He jumped at Ip like a hungry dog
These tea leaves are pretty good and cheap
Thank you
Got to go Farewell
Goodbye Goodbye, see you next time
Who put these here, Uncle Ping?
Your brother
I thought Liu was good but he's so bad at defence
and was beaten up like a pighead
He co-owns his dad's restaurant. He's always idle
Ask that kid to serve the customers
Good morning
Brother Ip!
Morning, Master Ip
Is Quan here yet?
He's waiting for you upstairs
Been here long, Quan?
You're always late
I'm busy
Busy with what?
Drinking tea, eating, practicing
What else?
This tea smells nice
I'm talking about you
Have you ordered yet?
I got something to discuss with you
Let's eat first and then we'll talk
This just came out of the oven! Try it...
Heard that you had a duel with Master Liu
and had beaten him quickly. Is that true?
Who told you that, Lin?
My brother
Should've told me earlier. I'm his disciple now!
But you've been a disciple of every master
Was the duel private, Brother Ip?
We have things to discuss. Leave us for now
Then I won't disturb your private conversation
Morning, Master! Morning
Heard that you were beaten by Ip Man
Everyone in Fo Shan knows about it now
Nonsense! Who told you that?
Yuan at the restaurant
Everything is costly in Fo Shan these days
So what?
That means the economy is good in Fo Shan
Everybody can afford to spend money
Is that so?
Clothing is the most important in our daily lives
There will be lots of demand for future clothing
I'll open a cotton mill to provide cotton for them
I want you to be my partner
I don't know anything about business
But I do
I'm not in need of money
Who's Yuan? Show yourself!
I am
You rascal. You ruined my reputation
I must teach you a lesson!
He's my brother. Let's talk
Calm down. Okay, Master?
Your brother? He ruined my reputation
He said I was beaten by Ip Man
What's gonna happen to my martial club?
Who will want to be my disciples?
I didn't do anything wrong. I told the truth!
You're bullshitting again! You... Master...
Master Ip is upstairs. Seek him out if you have guts!
What? Go!
Take it easy, Master...
Don't be angry, Master
I've been wronged, Master Ip
Please tell everybody
you've defeated Master Liu in a duel
Master Ip...
You got to clear my name
You liar, why're you bothering Brother Ip?
I'm no liar
I saw the duel when I was picking up my kite
Your kite was cut and fell into Brother Ip's house
You saw the whole duel between the two masters
Isn't that too much of a coincidence?
That's exactly what happened
Even if it's true, you shouldn't have told everyone
You're not supposed to admit to certain things
What's wrong with admitting to the truth?
That might cause embarrassment for others
What embarrassment? I don't know so much
This is embarrassment!
You don't need to do that, Lin
Why're you laughing? You think I'm invisible?
Captain... it's no big deal
What no big deal?
Leave! Don't you leave!
Captain, it's no big deal
I saw everything. I'm warning you...
I'll nab whoever that causes trouble on my turf
I didn't cause any trouble
Someone ruined my name. I'm here to claim justice
What justice? I am justice
You hooligans are fighting all the time
What age are we in now?
Still talking about martial arts?
We're talking about arms and guns!
Guns. Got it?
You know, Captain Li...
We martial artists are energetic
Sometimes we might be a bit too loud
But that doesn't mean we're not civilized
We're civilized folks. Please don't pull the gun
Cut me some slack
Lin, set a table for Captain Li. It's on me
Yes... Captain Li, this way please
What you looking at? Get lost
Don't look Don't look... Get out of the way
Master Liu
As you please
Why so secretive?
I'm really not good at business
Take this to set up the mill.
Pay me back if you make a profit
It'll be a while before I can repay you
Take your time
Another request: Take my son as your disciple
There're so many martial club masters. Ask them
None of them is better than you
We're similar
Brother Ip
Brother Quan
I learnt some new moves. Practice with me
You got so much time. You found your brother?
Let him be
He'll come back once he spent all his money
Let's try
Dad, did Uncle Ip agree?
Let's go watch over there
You draw very well, Zhun
What new moves have you learnt? Let's see
Brother Ip, my master says
this move is offense and defense all in one
Attack while defending. Defend while attacking
Aren't they the same?
Go away, ignorant kid
Here I come
This move attacks the midrib
Stop reciting mantra. Hit your target
Mom, I'm done with my drawing
So beautiful. Show it to Dad
Hit to disperse. Disperse while hitting
My last move was "disperse while hitting"...
Dad, look
Wait. I'm not free at the moment
You don't get it? No
Come again if you don't get it
Try again
Dad doesn't want to see it
There you go What?
That was "disperse while hitting" Once more, Master Ip
couldn't see clearly
ee? What you wanna see?
You guys fight every day. Aren't you tired?
You okay, Brother Ip?
Sorry, Mrs Ip
Goodbye, Mrs Ip
I wasn't talking about you
No, there're things to take care of at the mill
I gotta go, Uncle Ip
Okay, see you next time
Bye, Ip
Talk to me if you're not happy
No need to throw a tantrum
Okay, please take a look at your son's drawing
Spend more time with him instead of your pals
Let's go inside, okay?
Where's the martial club street?
Martial club!
Go straight ahead
One, two...
Which martial club should be challenge first, Bro?
One... two!
You teach martial arts here?
Come in if you wanna learn
Who's the patriarch?
I am
My name is Jin
I come here as Fo Shan is famous for martial arts
I'd like to practice with Fo Shan's martial artists
Provocation rather?
I'm obliged
Stand aside
See how I'll beat these out-of-towners!
Not here. Stand over there
What about it?
Wait and see!
Very good!
Where's your master?
You wanna hack me to death?
Our master is not here
Weather is so treacherous in Fo Shan these days
Let me
What are you drawing, Zhun?
He's ignoring you. Spend more time with him
So early, Lin?
I'm not here to fight. Just a few words
What's the matter?
Some out-of-towners are provoking all the clubs
Their kung-fu is too good for all the masters
Can you look into that if you can?
That good?
I gotta go, Mrs Ip
Hang in there, Master Liu!
We depend on you, Master Liu!
Damn it
No one in Fo Shan knows martial arts at all
I thought everyone was Wong Fei-hong here
It turns out you are just bums
You can't even fight, let alone defend yourselves
Brothers, our efforts have not been wasted
Nobody in Fo Shan knows martial arts
We'll be rich this time
Brothers, let's keep it up
We open a club here to show them our might
We will be No.1 in Fo Shan!
You think you're good by beating a few nitwits
Wait till you beat the best
Who's the best in Fo Shan?
Ip Man, of course!
Come with us!
See how we shall defeat Ip Man
Dad, there're lots of people outside
What can I help you?
Sir... they...
Are you Ip Man?
I'm Jin. Heard that Fo Shan's famous for kung-fu
I understand, Master Jin. I understand
You bring a crowd here to challenge me to a duel?
Of course
We're opening a club here to show our might
To open a martial club...
you need a good site. No need to fight with me
Please leave!
Uncle Wang, take Zhun inside
Ip Man!
Don't dillydally. Are you scared?
You think our house is a martial club?
Who's going to fight with you? Get lost!
You heard that. I won't fight with you
Please leave immediately
I heard Wing Chun was invented by a woman
That suits you just right
Are you afraid of your wife, Ip?
No men are afraid of their wives
There're only men who respect their wives
Don't worry, Mrs Ip. I won't beat him to death
If you fear he'll lose, I'll use only one hand
If that's not enough, I can use no hands at all
Fight with him, Master Ip! Beat him up!
I'm too disappointed by Fo Shan. Damn it!
So many martial artists but none of them good
Shut up!
Don't break my things
Get out of my way!
You rascals
You come at the right time
This place is small. Please get outside
and close the door on your way out
You have to redeem our honor
Ask them to leave. Hurry up!
Can I just watch?
Get out
Hurry up! Get out!
Get out! Get out!
Wing Chun, Ip Man
I really wanna see...
how a man can fight like a woman
Good kung-fu does not depend on age or sex
but on how well you fight. You will know later
I'll pay!
I'll pay!
Dad, Mom said if you don't start fighting
everything in the house will be broken
Little rogue
Mind you language
You all right, Master Jin?
I'm fine!
How about that, Master Jin?
My kung-fu isn't too bad, eh?
That's enough
My northern boxing has lost to your southern one
No, it's not a matter of northern or southern style
The problem is you
So who won?
Look how depressed he is. He must have lost
Get lost! Go back to your hometown!
Get lost, you out-of-towners!
Master! You fought very well, Ip!
You've redeemed the honor of our martial clubs
I was just lucky...
Don't be modest. You are Canton's treasure!
Thank you
Take a look. It's imported
Master Ip, flowers for your wife Thanks
How much, boss?
On the house, Master Ip
I can't let you pay. You saved our honor
How can that be?
You're running a business
Don't stand on ceremonies. Next time
Okay, next time
Fruits, Master Ip
You're too kind. I can't For the kid
Thank you Please come again. Goodbye
Say thank you Take this
Thank you You're welcome... Farewell
How are you, Master Ip?
How are you?
How are you, Master Ip?
That isn't bad at all
Yes, this is the best in our shop
It's our honor if it can be placed in your house
Thank you
What's the occasion?
Uncle Man. Auntie
You plan on opening a martial club...
why didn't you inform me first?
When did I say that?
Everybody in Fo Shan knows about it
Everybody in Fo Shan but me
Let me help you, Uncle Man
Please accept me as your disciple, Master Ip
Master. Madam
You must be the one spreading the rumor
Keep order for me
Come. Go yourself
I don't care. Yao has to be your first disciple
Come on. You've known me long enough
I don't like having disciples
Be quiet
Stay in order
Stay in order and hail: Master Ip! Master Ip...
Master Ip! Master Ip...
On July 7, 1937, the Marco Polo Incident broke out.
Japan invaded China,
robbing its people of their livelihood and causing
rampant starvation all over the country.
In October, 1938,
Fo Shan was occupied by the Japanese army...
...who destroyed factories,
infrastructures and buildings.
The population of Fo Shan shrunk
from more than 300,000 to just over 70,000.
Only a dozen factories in the whole city
remained in operation still.
Ip's residence was also confiscated and
turned into the headquarters of the Japanese army.
Ip's family was rendered homeless,
living an abject existence.
Cheng, I'll step out for a sec. Will be right back
It's cold outside. Wear a jacket
Hurry up. Me this side, you that side
Be careful, Zhun. Don't hurt others
I'll give you more, Master Ip
Thank you
Don't push! One by one
Don't push
One by one
You get out of the way!
The mill may be old but it's still productive
Fo Shan is very chaotic these days
You left already. Why did you come back?
Who's going to feed the workers otherwise?
All my money is invested in this mill
I can't pay you back for now
Don't worry. I almost forgot
No, I'll consider you a shareholder then
Let me calculate...
you should have ten percent shares
It's really unnecessary
Stay and help out, now that you own it too
Uncle Ip
You'll be helping out? That's great!
Everyone will be lively under your leadership
And I can watch you practice Wing Chun
Ip, stay for lunch. It's lunchtime for the workers
Yes, let's have lunch together
No, thanks
I'm not free. Next time
Dad, why didn't you ask Uncle Ip to stay?
He doesn't like to owe people favors
Dad, you used to practice martial arts, right?
Why did you stop?
I get hungry when I exercise
So I need to exercise less, okay?
Got it. I won't play outside from now on
You'll only stop playing today. Go eat
Hurry up and eat
This congee is a bit too thick
But you need to eat some
Be careful it's hot
How much rice is left at home?
Don't worry
I've pawned everything worth pawning
I am strong. I can look for a job
It's not the end of the world
You look for a job?
I didn't need to work. But it's different now
There's always a first time
We have enough people here
We don't need to hire more. Sorry
Boss, are you hiring?
Thank you
You want to hire me, Boss...
You, you, you... Come up here...
You want to hire me, Boss...
You're looking for a job, Master Ip?
Come, come up...
Thank you
Brother Ip!
You can't dress like that to work
I didn't expect to pour coals here
How are you, Master Ip?
How are you?
How are you, Master Ip?
So many martial club masters here?
The boss here used to practice martial arts too
That's why he likes to employ martial artists
By the way, are you still practicing?
I'd rather used my time to scrape a living
I can't finish it all. Help me, okay?
Eat some
How're your wife and son?
They're fine. Thank you
Did you find your brother?
I couldn't locate him since he left
Don't know if he's still alive
I don't even have the chance to say sorry
What have you lost?
I lost an iron box
What iron box?
Japanese solders are coming!
Dear workers
This is Colonel Sato
He appreciates Chinese martial arts
He knows Fo Shan is famous for martial arts
He wants to find Chinese martial artists
to fight with the Japanese
Would anyone want to go?
Would anyone want to go?
Would anyone want to go?
You want us to be sandbags?
There's no door, I tell you!
Whoever that wins will get one sack of rice
Whoever that wins will get one sack of rice
I'll go!
Don't get into trouble
I'm going too! Me too!
They took all our rice. Now I can get them back
The world is fair
Forget it
Help me find the iron box
Let's go. It's okay. Come
Be careful
Come, let's line up
Come, come, come...
Anything else?
No, let's go Yes!
Thank you, General!
Got to beat them all
Let me join in the fun
They're not good enough for General Miura
I'll show the Chinese what Japanese kung-fu's like
Find three men to fight with me
Give them rice even if they lose
Yes, sir!
I've done you a favor again
General Miura will fight with three of you
You can get rice whether you win or not
The rice is not important. I just wanna beat them
Who will be going?
I will...
Let go of me... Stop shouting!
Lin, you and you... The three of you
You've spit blood. Stop fighting
We've lost
General, they admitted defeat
Your really wanna die?
You asshole!
Lin, how are you? Lin...
Were you tired today?
Pouring coal is not tiring at all
I saw Lin today
Really? How is he?
Not bad
I didn't expect to see him again
Master Li, Master Hong
Master Ip
Did you see Lin?
Lin? No
No, I didn't
Let's eat first
Lots of us received rice yesterday
General Miura was very satisfied.
Anybody wants to go today?
Anybody? Li...
Where's Lin?
Anybody wants to go?
I'm asking you. Where's Lin?
I don't know
Of course you do. You took him away
Anybody wants to go?
You'll get rice if you win
If Master Ip is going, I'll go too!
Me too!
I wanna have a good fight with the Japanese
Anything else I can do?
No, you can go
Can I fight three more people?
He said he wanted to fight three more people
That's it for me...
Why did you open fire?
Li! Why did you open fire?
Li! Why did you open fire?
Who let you open fire?
He took the rice even though he's lost
so... I wanted to teach him a lesson
This place is for tournaments only
Never open fire here anymore
Got it!
Please calm down, General Miura
I'll arrange the next tournament for you
Who else wants to fight?
Li! Open the gate!
Master... Open the gate!
Tell me, was Lin beaten to death?
Open the gate
Open the gate!
Please open the gate
I wanna fight ten people!
You crazy? Please don't
I wanna fight ten people!
He said he wanted to fight ten people
Let's see how good he is
Unit 5!
Unit 1, Unit 3, Unit 5
Be careful
Stay back!
Come back again
He wants you to come back again
I'm not here for the rice
He said... he would come back
What's your name?
He wants to know your name
I'm just a Chinese
His name is Ip Man
Be careful in the future
I don't know what Miura might do
Why am I a lackey?
Their deaths got nothing to do with me.
I'm just an interpreter
I need to scrape a living too!
Scrape a living?
You watch your countrymen get beaten to death.
Where's your dignity?
I don't have any
You do. You have lots of it
If you have the guts, go beat them up!
Beat as many as you can!
I'm an interpreter, not a lackey...
I'm a Chinese!
I'm back
You're back?
Have you been good?
Good boy
Are you tired today?
Go wash your face first
You're so good
I realize today I'm useless
I can't do anything
I practiced marital arts before
But so what?
This world...
is minuscule
I'm so useless
I don't care what the world is like
I only know I'm very happy now
As long as you, me, and Zhun...
can stay together, everything will be okay
It's essential for a family to stay together
Get off! Get off!
Get off...
Stand over there! On the side!
Stand over there...
Who's the boss? Come out!
I am
I just took your goods. You can buy them back
Is that okay?
I don't have money
Don't beat my dad anymore!
Wing Chun?
Damn it! Wing Chun?
Don't beat him!
Do you have money?
I don't
Do you?
I'll keep beating you till you have!
The goods haven't been sold...
I don't have money
Uncle Ip! Uncle Ip...
Please save my dad. He's almost beaten to death
What's the matter, Yao?
Let me go see what happens. It's okay
I'm very reasonable
It's fine if you don't have money now
I'll give you some time to raise it
As for the goods, I'll keep them for now
Master Ip
Dad, are you okay?
I'm fine. Go help Uncle Fu
How can I help?
I thought your martial arts were impractical
Now I know it's very useful
I should've learnt some martial arts from you
At least I can defend myself
Uncle Ip, please stay and teach us martial arts
so that we can defend ourselves
Master Ip
You're such an expert. Please teach us
Yes, Master Ip. Please teach us
I'm a businessman
I know nothing other than running a business
I can't protect them, but you can
In peaceful days, it's okay if you refused to teach
But in bad times now, shouldn't you do something?
Teaching martial arts is very costly
Are you paying their fees? You owe me again?
Uncle Ip, I'll be your first disciple
Dad, I wanna be taller
Why hasn't Ip Man come back?
I... I don't know...
Find him
I don't know where he is
I don't know howto find him
How big is Fo Shan?
How difficult can it be to find him?
Fo Shan is indeed very big
Please don't...
I really don't know where he is...
Useless thing! Enough!
Paper, stone, scissors!
You lost You colluded?
Hide well
That way
I'm coming. I'll find you guys
What're you here for?
Miura wants you to go back and fight him
Go away
I can't
Why not?
Why not? What do you want?
What do you want?
How pretty!
Let's go. It's not safe here
Let's go, Cheng
You're a piece of shit!
How could you let Ip run away?
I'm sorry...
Even Colonel Sato could not stop him...
I've tried my best already...
Shut up!
Utterly useless!
Tell them...
to dig Ip out! This is an order
Yes, sir
Little Sis
Brother, eat something
How's the master?
Okay. They are all fine
See if it fits?
So are you well adapted here?
That's good
I'll let you know when the meal is ready
I'm fine
I really don't know what to say
Thank you
It's okay
We better leave Fo Shan as soon as possible
Quan is trying to find a solution for us
Where shall we go?
Hong Kong
In fact, it doesn't matter where
I still have some friends in Hong Kong
If something happens to me...
What can happen to you?
Nothing will happen to you
They are here again! Let's scram!
They are here! They are here!
Is the money ready?
We won't give you money!
What did you say?
I'm not afraid of you! You can't bully us!
You want me to beat you up?
Damn it! Whoever dares to resist...
just beat him up!
Stop it!
No wonder they dare to resist
They've found a bodyguard
You spurned me for opening a club in Fo Shan
And today, you wanna mess with me again?
You wanna chase me away?
No one wanna chase you away
Ip, have you ever been hungry every day?
Everybody is hungry nowadays
The first day I came to Fo Shan, I told myself...
I would never be hungry again
I will never be hungry again!
Keep beating!
Beat them!
Yuan, why you still idling here? Go!
Kill them!
Kill them!
How can we get near him?
Let's go!
Master, you were so good!
Stop there!
You know what you're doing?
I know. I'm a robber
You're robbing the Chinese
I'd rather be the bully than the bullied
I want everyone to be scared of me!
Your brother asked me to give this...
Don't talk about him!
You know your brother is dead?
He's beaten to death by the Japanese
He looked for you everywhere but couldn't find you
Everyone needs to choose his own path
That guy told Miura you're at the cotton mill
Don't go back, ok?
I gotta go. Remember, don't go back
Scram! Hurry up!
Where's Ip Man?
Where's Ip Man? Tell me!
Don't say a word
You, come here
Where's Ip Man?
Tell me!
I'm asking you!
Hang in there. I'll figure out something
Speak! Speak up...
I'm here! I'm Ip Man...
I'm here... Li!
Wait! Wait!
Please wait!
Li, tell Miura the workers are innocent
Ask Miura to release them
I told you not to come back. Why did you?
Tell him!
He dares to hit me... Can't we put him to death?
I know what I'm doing
Li Yes
Since the day you resisted the Japanese army
you've already been a dead man
But you're talented, you can be useful to us
So I'll give you one chance to be loyal
to the Japanese Emperor
Teach our army Chinese kung-fu
That way, we might still spare your life
He wanted you to teach the Japanese kung-fu
I won't teach the Japanese
You wanna see me fight? I'll fight with you
He said he would think about it
He wants to have a duel with General Miura
Take him away!
Take him away!
Quan, take my wife and kid away from Fo Shan
Master Ip...
General, you really wanna fight with Ip?
Of course
He's an expert
But he doesn't look like...
he wants to teach the Imperial Army
He must have other motives trying to fight with you
General, don't fight with him
Let me simply shoot him dead
He challenges me to a fight
because he thinks he's better than me
If I refuse to accept the challenge
but shoot him instead...
isn't that the same as admitting defeat?
Fighting with a Chinese
is not just a matter of personal honor for you
It has to do with the national honor of our Empire
Are you saying I will lose?
I only fear for the worst
I will win for sure
I'll let the whole China know I've won
Yes! I understand!
I want you to teach us instead of killing you
because I appreciate your talent
But I don't think Chinese kung-fu
is better than Japanese
We will fight in front of everybody
That's why we need a fain' tournament
You invaded our country and killed our people
Stop being hypocritical
Excuse me
Let go of me! Let me go back! Let go of my mom...
I promised Ip nothing would happen to you
It's too dangerous to go back
I heard the Japanese are fighting the Chinese
Who's fighting? Ip Man
Look, the whole place is sealed up now
In the past...
I wished he could be with me every day
So I always complained about his practice
Every time he had a duel with someone...
I would throw a tantrum
I never truly supported him
doing what he liked
This could be his last duel
I fear there won't be another chance
Why don't you give me this chance?
General Miura says...
For the sake of Sino-Japanese cultural exchange,
he is having a fain' tournament with Master Ip today
to share their knowledge in a friendly manner,
and to bring true peace between the two countries
Fain' tournament? Is it possible?
That traitor will surely be killed by the Japanese
That's right
Shut up!
Here comes Master Ip!
General Miura talked about a tournament
But I don't give a damn!
Listen up
If you win
I will kill you
Remember this!
You better let Miura win later
Or he won't let you live
It's more important to stay alive
Although martial arts involves armed forces
Chinese martial arts is Confucian in spirit
The virtue of martial arts is benevolence
You Japanese will never understand the principle
of treating other people as you would yourselves
Because you abuse military power
You turned it into violence to oppress others
You don't deserve to learn Chinese martial arts
Ip Man! Ip Man!
Ip Man refused to be subjugated by the Japanese army...
...and used his fists to call forth
the unity of the Chinese people.
Assisted by his good friend Zhou Qingquan,
the wounded Ip Man successfully
fled Fo Shan with his wife and son.
On August 15, 1945,
Emperor Hirohito of Japan announced
that Japan would surrender unconditionally.
The Chinese finally won and
ended a war that lasted eight long years.
In 1949, the Grandmaster Ip Man settled in Hong Kong.
He started his first Wing Chun class at
Kowloon Hotel's Staff Association Headquarters,
turning a new leaf in his life.
In 1967, Grandmaster Ip Man started
the Wing Chun Athletic Association to foster...
...the spirit of Wing Chun
with a group of like-minded enthusiasts,
fulfilling the most cherished dream of his later years.
Until now, Wing Chun has become a world
renowned branch of Chinese martial arts.
The lineage of Grandmaster Ip Man's disciples has
exceeded 2 million people.
There are lots of talented people among his disciples,
including the most illustrious action star of all,
Bruce Lee.