Yip Man 2: Chung si chuen kei (Ip Man 2) (2010) Movie Script

Thanks to Zhou Qingquan,
the wounded lp Man and his wife
nahsoF morf epacse ot deganam
Hong Kong, 1950
Here we are, rother lp.
Sorry for all the hassle.
Not at all.
We're from the same village.
It's been vacated for
a few months only.
I talked to the neighbors.
They're very nice.
Thanks so much, Kan.
See if it's suitable for
your martial club.
It's pretty spacious.
ls it big enough?
It's very spacious.
Day 8
Master Ip.
You haven't recruited
any pupils today?
What's the matter, Auntie?
lt's a big space.
Can l dry my clothes here?
Please go ahead.
Wing Sing!
l told you to leave the
heavy stuff to me!
You're pregnant!
You shouldn't do that!
There'd be no more water
had I waited for you.
Next time l'll be back sooner,
all right?
l told you not to
exhaust yourself.
Are you all right?
Feeling better?
Mom, I need to pay my school
fees in two days.
Who is it?
Time to pay your rent!
Mr Ip! Mrs lp!
l don't have the cash.
Don't open the door!
Mr Ip! Mrs lp!
Day 9
No pupils yet today,
Master Ip?
l'll dry my clothes then.
Let me help you.
You help me?
It's no big deal.
You teach Wing Chun?
Master! Someone wants
to learn martial arts!
You want to learn
martial arts?
Just checking out.
l don't know what
Wing Chun is.
Let me give you
an introduction.
As a matter of fact,
Wing Chun...
is a close combat style
from the South...
No need to tell me
all these.
Let's fight. I'll pay you
school fees if I lose.
I'm Ip Man of Wing Chun.
You haven't beaten
me yet.
Are you ready to
accept defeat?
Ready for what?
l've no idea what
you're doing.
Do you have some
idea now?
Master Ip, I never knew
you're so great!
Young man, hurry and
accept him as your master!
You can pay me the school
fees now, right?
Why are you leaving,
young man?
What to do now, Master lp?
You finally got
a potential pupil
but now he's gone!
That's him.
Can this uncle be that
good in martial arts?
Are you kidding me?
He looks totally harmless.
He actually resembles
a laundryman.
You're not really here
to learn martial arts.
Go away!
OK! We're challenging
you to a fight!
No need to take it off.
What are you
talking about?
Asking Hand.
I told you not to take
your clothes off.
Please accept me, Wong Leung,
as your pupil!
In that case...
I'm Tsui Sai-cheung.
Ngai Kwok-hing.
Wong Kwun.
Please accept us as your pupils!
l'm his first pupil.
You call me ig ro.
Pour some tea
for the Master.
Forget the ceremony!
Pay your school fees first.
Wing Chun combines
defense and attack.
You attack and fight
to beat your opponent
as quickly as possible.
Look! This is "Dispersing Hand."
Dispersing Hand.
Simultaneous defense and attack.
Got it?
Who is Master Ip?
Leung! Did you ask
them to come?
Master, can you beat ten men
at the same time?
It's better not to fight.
Continue your practice.
What if so many men really
come with weapons?
You should collect school
fees from them.
l know.
You say that
all the time.
l'll collect them later.
Everyone, stop for a minute.
What's the matter?
It's time to pay
your school fees.
What is it?
Time to pay your
school fees.
Whoever with cash
can pay me first.
Master, l'll pay
My mom is ...short of cash.
So l'll pay the
rest next time.
Next time, then...
Master, I only have
this much...
Next time, then!
Go home and eat!
Thank you, Master!
So little!
What should we do?
l can't help it!
You know the
economy is bad.
When my pupils
ask me to help out,
as their master,
l can only agree.
We better ask the landlady
to cut us some slack.
Sure, ask her to cut
us some slack.
I accommodate you;
you accommodate me.
Everything will be OK, right?
Excuse me, two pieces of cake,
You want an egg tart?
No thanks.
Don't run!
You dared to steal
a roast duck?
You asshole!
Stop eating!
Give it back to me!
Stop beating him...
Pay up!
l don't have the money.
I'll take your dad
if you don't pay up.
No, please let him go.
Give me!
Stop it! Stop it!
Stop beating him!
What's the matter?
He stole our roast duck!
I'll pay for him!
Give it back!
I'll pay for him.
Let's go.
Uncle Man, l know
where my dad is.
Take me to him!
He's here.
He can't recognize anyone,
Uncle Man.
The Japanese had put
a bullet in his head.
He can't recognize
who you are.
Quan, I'm Ip Man. Quan!
Scram, you Jap!
Scram, you Jap!Scram!
Let's go, Uncle Man.
lt's my fault.
It's not your fault, Uncle Man.
lt's my fault.
Let's go.
He rather be homeless
than comes with me.
So I stay here to keep
him company.
When I manage to work
at a restaurant,
l can give him some
leftovers to eat.
Otherwise, he would
have to starve.
Don't worry, Yau.
We'll take care of
your dad together.
I'll employ anyone
recommended by lp.
lf you can write for me
for half the wages,
you can start right away.
No problem.
Sit. l'll find someone
to give you some work.
Please stay, Ip.
Let's have some tea later.
Thank you!
You're welcome.
Take a seat.
All right.
Thank you, Uncle Man.
You better work hard, Yau!
I will.
World Boxing Championship
Tournament in Hong Kong
Wanna learn martial arts?
l take you there later.
l practice Hung Kuen.
Learning from you?
lf not, then why did you
tear off my bill?
I don't care who you are.
Your bill was on
top of my poster.
Want to know what
Wing Chun is?
You want me to beat
you up?
One on one.
l'm not going to bully you.
You guys don't interfere.
And no eyes or throat!
Cut the bullshit.
l'm in a hurry.
Do you accept defeat?
Do you accept defeat?
The Dispersing Hands should stay
in the center.
Relax more.
Who is lp Man?
What's the matter?
Your pupil Wong Leung
has injured our man.
He's in our hands.
Go pay your ransom in the
fish market Lee Hung Kee.
Let's go!
Lee Hung Kee
You are his master?
I think it's just
a misunderstanding.
Let's talk.
Can you release
my pupil first?
Release him!
Leung, are you all right?
l'm fine.
Why did you
injure him?
He wanted to fight but
wasn't as good as me.
I couldn't really help it,
could l?
What did you say?
I'm not as good as you?
Take it easy!
You're both young men.
lnjuries are inevitable
in friendly fights.
l'll visit your master
and explain to him.
May l know
who your master is?
Doesn't matter.
He's better than you anyway.
y the way, did you
bring the ransom?
Take it easy.
eat him up!
Master! Watch out
for your back!
Strike him down.
Master! l'm here!
So you really can fight
ten men at once.
Wait till we have
escaped first.
Follow me closely.
Follow me closely!
Leung, let's go!
Jin Shanzhau?
Don't move!
What are you doing?
Master Ip,
you guys go!
Thank you!
Screw you!
What's going on?
Have you caused
trouble again?
No, Master!
We were fighting...
and he brought
his Master.
Jin Shanzhau!
You think you're in
charge here?
Not at all.
Mr Hung, let's talk.
You're armed but you
want to talk?
lt's not that.
This asshole stirred things
up on my turf.
That's why l...
Where's your turf?
This road is mine,
so is that piece of dump.
Come, say it again.
Whose turf is this?
It's all Mr Hung's!
Get lost!
None of your business here!
Which school are you from?
How are you,
Mr Hung?
l'm lp Man...
from Foshan Wing Chun.
That's how it happened...
Your pupil and mine
had a friendly fight.
My pupil was too strong
and injured yours,
but he...
You mean Wing Chun is
better than Hung Kuen?
I didn't mean that,
Master Hung.
Who permitted you to teach
martial arts?
Do you know the rules?
l really don't know
the rules.
You don't know?
Let me tell you then.
You are to be open to
anyone's challenge.
If you aren't beaten when
the incense burns out,
then you are qualified
to teach.
Those are the rules of the
martial clubs.
You got it now?
Cut the speech.
Martial clubs have rules,
so do police stations.
I'm arresting you for inflicting
injuries to others.
One, two.
Cuff these two bums and
take them back.
I have another pair here.
Take him too.
Take your stuff.
The foreigner is waiting.
My friends!
Welcome! Have a seat!
You have a little something
for me?
Your money stinks.
But I like it.
So how is the boxing
competition going?
We sold a lot of ticket.
lt sells very well,
no problem.
Well Done!
What about manpower
and security?
He asked you about manpower
and security.
All taken care of.
No problem.
Great! Thank you!
What will be my cut
in this competition?
Leave us first.
Let me handle it.
I know how to negotiate.
How much should we
give him, boss?
You tell me.
l'll tell Master Hung.
l'm not gonna talk about
that now, thank you.
You've done well,
that's all.
Don't worry. The cops are
just showing off.
Everything will be fine
after the bail.
Master Jin, so sorry to have
involved you today.
So sorry to have involved
you today.
This ear has been deaf
since it's hit by your rod.
What did you say?
I said so sorry to have
involved you today.
That's all right.
lf you hadn't hit me
with a rod
at the cotton mill that year,
who knows what I'd be doing
in Hong Kong.
Police! Open up!
Open up!
What's the matter?
May I speak to
lp Man's family?
I am his wife.
Your husband's arrested
for injuring others.
Please bail him out
as soon as possible.
Mr Leung!...
Mr Leung!
What is it?
You have to save
my husband.
I'm short of cash...to bail
him out.
Wait for me.
lt's a pain to open martial
clubs in Hong Kong!
Too many schools,
masters, and rules.
And then there's this Mr Hung.
He has too many men,
pupils, and money!
So what?
You wait and see.
l'll have my revenge.
When I'm out,
I'll smash his fish stalls
and poison all his fish.
Don't you see...
you sound exactly like them?
You were quite fierce
when you fought.
Who's the kid?
What make you think l'm a kid?
Watch your attitude!
Master Jin is your senior.
That's OK.
He's a young man after all.
Look at him.
He's just like me in the past.
If you want him to be good,
find him a wife.
Like me,
a family with a wife and kids
will make one down to earth.
l want to bail my husband out.
Who's your husband?
lp Man.
Do you have the money
with you?
lp Man.
You can go now.
Hurry up!
I'm here to bail out
Jin Shanzhau.
Brother, open the door
for me, please.
Hurry up!
My wife.
is your family going to
bail you out?
Don't worry, Master.
They will release me
in a couple of days.
Go first. Go.
l won't see you off.
I need to bother
you again.
l want to bail
my pupil out.
ls that all right with you?
Brother Man, I... don't have
enough money.
Master Ip!
Wait, Master Ip!
Honey, do you have cash?
What do you need
cash for?
lt's emergency.
You're always like that. No!
Help me, Honey!
Come on...
Last time!
You're the best, Mommy...
Take the cash, Master Ip.
l'll pay you back as soon as
I can. Thank you.
Don't worry!
It's such a pain to open a martial club
in Hong Kong, let's forget about it.
Just visiting other masters.
No big deal.
l don't wanna fret over you,
like before.
We've gone through everything
during the war.
There's nothing to worry
about, right?
Don't worry too much.
You had a busy day.
Go to bed now.
I fought in similar arenas
many times before.
ut it wasn't stools
lt was all knives!
lp Man.
Have you heard
of him before?
The name sounds so lame.
No, l haven't.
Who can be better than
Master Law?
You're being modest,
Master Cheng.
Are you going up
later on?
If you'll go, l'll go.
Let's stop talking
and have some tea.
He has arrived.
this is Ip Man.
He wants to teach martial arts
in Hong Kong.
So here he is to welcome
to your challenge.
lp Man.
If you surrender or fall off
the desk, you lose.
lf you can stay put when
the incense burns out,
I'll call you Master lp.
If there's no question,
let's start.
No way, walking up like that?
No style at all.
Hello, masters! I'm Ip Man...
of Foshan Wing Chun,
pupil of Chen Huashun.
I'm honored to meet you!
Which master wants to play?
Master Law, what are you
waiting for?
Let's see who wants
to go first.
OK, I'll go first.
e careful, brother!
Master Law, are you all right?
l'm fine.
lf it were knives,
it would have been death.
One shouldn't fight like that.
Go away!
That desk is very
slippery indeed.
Thank you for
letting me win!
Come on! Don't let it stop!
Master Cheng, your turn.
Master Cheng, going up.
Master Cheng,
the desk is very slippery.
Thanks for sparing me.
Thanks for letting
me win!
Who else is interested?
Master Ip!
Master Hung!
Welcome to the martial
arts society.
Don't forget to pay
your monthly fees.
What monthly fees?
It's a rule.
Everyone has to pay.
$100 a month.
lt saves all the trouble.
If anyone still thinks
I'm not qualified,
l'm ready to accept
more challenges.
ut if it's only to satisfy
your personal gain,
I cannot accept it.
lt's up to you.
Don't look me up when
you have trouble.
You can leave now.
Master, medicine.
You wanna die?
Drawing on my newspaper?
l just want the readers
to know the content better.
Has the response been bad?
Everyone in Hong Kong is talking
about Wing Chun Vs Hung Kuen.
That's awesome!
Keep writing in this style.
My paper depends on you.
Get to work.
Awesome, Yau!
Wing Chun Vs Hung Kuen:
No Clear Winner Yet
Don't do your homework.
Eat first.
Let's eat.
Please give me some congee,
You've been eating less lately.
Come and eat.
Where're you going?
Didn't you see?
I'm going upstairs to wash
the tablecloth.
You're really going to wash
the tablecloth?
Of course, why else
this big bowl?
You think I'm washing
my hair?
Where are you going?
To learn Wing Chun.
Wing Chun?
There's nothing here!
Not according to the newspaper.
Nothing! Scram!
You better learn Hung Kuen.
The scumbags won't let others
learn Wing Chun?
Scumbags, I dare you
to come down!
What are you doing?
Didn't you hear?
Come down!
Come down if you have guts!
Come down if you dare!
Are you crazy?
You wanna die?
No guts?
They want to learn
Wing Chun.
What are you doing?
eat him up!
They've come down.
Take your weapons.
Hurry up!
Come out!
This incident affected
our neighborhood.
l understand.
We've decided not to
lend you the rooftop.
l understand.
l'm sorry.
Sorry, I got to go.
Bye, Kan.
I guess you know already?
We can't practice
here anymore.
Master, it's not our fault.
They started it!
They provoked us to go down.
Let's go and reason with him!
Tidy up the place
before you go.
Move the wooden stakes
to my place.
Everyone's worked hard
for the competition.
Share this with everyone.
Thank you, Master!
For you.
Thanks for your hard work.
How dare you come here?
l'm here for your master.
Take a break.
What is it?
Trouble at the martial club?
l'm here to tell you
though I've lost my club,
l will continue to teach
martial arts.
I'm not doing to
pay a penny to you!
Don't harass my pupils
or cause others trouble!
It's you who's causing
me trouble now!
You don't follow the rules!
Without me as the go-between
with the expats,
how can martial clubs
here exist in peace?
You choose to compromise
with the expats.
lp Man,
you only care
about yourself.
You don't have 200 men
to feed.
You can ignore the expats
and play noble.
I know your feelings.
We're trying to survive.
But as masters,
we should teach
our pupils well.
My conscience is clear!
At any rate...
if you got any complaints,
come to me directly!
So long!
Stand there!
You think you can
leave just like this?
Then what do you want?
We were not done last time.
Let's carry on.
Be careful!
Honey, we've been waiting
here for a while.
The kids are hungry.
Are you guys done
with your discussion?
Master Hung,
is it more important to win
than to have dinner
with your family?
What do you want to eat?
We want ice cream!
l'll buy you ice cream
after dinner.
I won't hold you anymore,
Master Hung.
Come in.
Put them there.
Come, put them there.
Why did you bring the
wooden stakes back?
They've rented the rooftop
to someone else.
So l'm storing them
here for the time being.
go back and rest.
Come here to practice
tomorrow morning.
Come here to practice?
Yes! Come earlier tomorrow.
Goodbye, Master.
can I have a word
with you?
Leung, have a cup of tea first.
Have a seat.
Master, my impulsiveness
has cost you your martial club.
l'm sorry.
Get up. Come.
Get up.
Sit down and we'll talk. Come.
how's my martial arts?
Of course it's great.
You can beat so many people
by yourself.
What about twenty years later?
ln twenty years,
you can beat me easily.
Everyone will get old.
No one can remain No. 1 forever!
Leung, you have
great potential ...
for martial arts.
ut you only focus on...
I want you to learn Chinese
martial arts,
because they incorporate
the Chinese spirit
as well as self-cultivation.
It's important to be neutral,
striving not to strive.
Do you understand?
I'm thinking.
You want to hear a story?
That Jin Shanzhao,
Master Jin...
Once upon a time...
l whipped his ass
with a broomstick.
He came to my house in Foshan
to challenge me to a duel.
And he broke everything,
making my wife really mad.
Look, martial arts!
Play over there, kiddies.
Let's go.
Carry on!
What a coincidence!
l just happened to pass by.
What do you want,
Master Hung?
I have extra tickets.
You want to go?
It's western boxing.
My Hung.
Your eyes are red.. Are you OK?
They've been like that
since l woke up.
Perhaps it's the heat.
I'll drink some cool tea.
It's not bad to teach
martial arts here.
Move them over here
in three rows.
And three rows over
there as well.
Hurry up.
So here we are!
Master Hung, come say hi.
I'll introduce you to the
boxing champion.
Mr Twister.
He's Chinese kung-fu master,
Master Hung.
How are you?
The foreigner is throwing things.
Ignore him.
How's your talk with
the foreigner?
When are we getting
our money?
He glared whenever l touched
on money.
Then it won't lead to anywhere.
He asked to do a pro bono
this time.
Pro bono?
We closed our fish stalls
to work here.
Don't be mad.
We can't afford to
piss him off.
Just treat this as a diet and
lose some weight.
That's not his first time.
Master Hung.
You can refuse to pay,
but my men need to eat,
so you better pay.
Don't discuss money
with me now.
What else can l discuss
with you? Love?
Who do you think you are?
You collect money for me,
you don't share it!
Do as I say,
you are not qualified to make
deals with me!
Sorry, so l'll have judges...
Stop it. The foreigner devil
is pissed off.
If he doesn't pay,
we'll just quit!
lf you quit, you quit that
fish business too!
I can get anybody
to take care of it!
OK! No problem!
If you quit,
he'd take away your fish stalls.
Just hang in there.
No way! I've tolerated
him too often!
Will somebody get this yellow piece
of fat out of here!
You're making too much noise!
Are you speaking the
Devil's tongue?
You! Get out!
OK! We go!
I can't hear the Devil's squeal.
Let's go!
We're quitting. Let's go.
Let's go!
Look, many lives
depend on you.
Stay and work.
let's go!
Don't be mad.
Let's wait and see
where that asshole
will end up.
Master Ip.
Master Hung.
Thanks for your tickets.
The other schools will have
demos later.
Ask your pupils to demonstrate
their kung fu
so more people will know
about Wing Chun.
l won't be holding you.
Hi, fellas!
Hello there, Taylor.
arely broke into a sweat!
l thank you!
Go get ready.
Go get ready.
You go too, both of you.
Go up and demonstrate
Shaking Hands.
lt's quite good.
Suffer some losses to publicize
martial arts.
What's all this,
some pantomime?
Why are they dancing
and screaming?
lt's not pantomime, Taylor.
This is Chinese boxing.
They believe the screaming
gives them strength.
Oh, yeah?
Well let's go and give them something
to scream about, ain't I?
Go for it.
Chinese boxing...
Ladies and gentlemen, it looks like Twister
wants to get in on the action.
Boxing Champion
Vs Chinese Kung-fu is cool!
Thank you! Thank you...
Very nice!
Punch me.
Punch... me.
Hit me!
More power! Come on!
Come on! Come on!
Come on!
Now that is power!
loody Foreign Devil!
What's the matter?
So this is Chinese boxing?
You should stick to dancing.
The Champion said Chinese
Kung-fu was useless.
Go back to dancing.
What did you say?
What did you say?
Come on!
Stop beating him! Stop it!
Carry him out!
Stop fighting! Stop it!
Stop fighting! Stop it!
What should we do?
Relax Fatso! Enjoy the show!
Stop fighting! Stop it!
Stop fighting!
Stop fighting!
Stop fighting!
Come on!
ack off!
Everybody, stop it!
Stop it! Stop fighting!
Carry him down first.
Help me, Cham.
Excuse me...
Let us pass!
Master of Ceremony!
Come here!
We were demonstrating
Chinese martial arts.
If you didn't like it,
you could have left.
ut you should apologize
for injuring us!
He wants you to apologize.
What? Apologize?
What is this some stupid
Chinese tradition,
that winners have to
apologize to the losers?
If l have to do that,
I'd be apologizing everyday!
You want an apology
from me, old man?
Then you beat me
in a fight right now,
then l'll apologize.
He said, if Master Hung
can beat him,
then he'll apologize.
Let me fight with him!
l'll beat him till he
apologizes to me!
Slay that Foreign Devil!
Masters, let me handle this.
Please get down
for the moment.
OK! Let's get down!
Right! Fight like that!
Stop! To your corner!
reak! reak!
Very well.
Master Ip. Leung is all right.
He's resting inside.
Master Hung!...
Are you all right?
l'm fine.
In the next round,
Master Hung,
instead of combating with him,
test his midrib.
It's not that easy.
OK. Go for it.
Kick the Foreign Devil down!
reak! reak!
One, two,
three, four,
five, six,
seven, eight,
Are you OK?
Look at me.
Are you OK?
Me? Yeah!
One, two, three,
four, five
Are you alright?
Shit! Master is out
of breath.
Master, sit down and
rest a bit.
He's just getting tired. OK.
Stop fighting,
Master Hung!
I can't let the Foreign Devil
look down on us.
Don't get hurt
for your ego!
l can abide in order
to survive,
but l can't let him insult
Chinese martial arts!
Master! Master...
One, two, three,
five, six,
Are you OK?
Let go!
Let go!
Go home, boys!
Master Hung,
you're my most
respected master.
Hung Kuen Grandmaster Died in
Western Boxing Match
Hung Kuen Grandmaster Died
For His Country.
Western oxing Champion
Was a Bully.
Wallace! You've seen what the local
newspapers saying about us?
l ask you to organize one,
one boxing competition.
And look at the trouble
you got us in!
l'm sorry, Sir.
l know what to do.
I'll take care of it.
You'll take care of it?
You'd better take care of it.
l do not want to be in the newspaper
once more for bullying the Chinese!
It's alright, sir.
I promise. We will have no further
trouble from now.
What's going on?
Sit tight!
None of your business.
Sit down.
Who's the editor-in-chief?
What's the matter?
Take him back.
Open up.
You'd better remember that this is what
happens to people who mess with me.
Hold his hands!
Hold him tight!
lt's not wise to beat him like that.
He will write a scathing report on us.
We better waste him.
l know what to do.
Let me handle it.
Fatso! You take care of him!
There had been a lot of rumor
in Hong Kong recently.
This is due to a boxing competition
that had been arranged.
Unfortunately, a Chinese boxer
rather over-estimated himself
and challenged our champion.
Twister reluctantly accepted
the challenge,
and although he held back
during the fight.
Unfortunately the Chinese boxer
was so weak
that he couldn't stand up
to Twister's fists.
And after a few punches,
he tragically died.
We are sorry for this
regrettable accident.
To quell this riot and
give Twister justice,
I have decided to organize a
Chinese-western boxing competition.
Twister will fight the Chinese people
in a fair manner on the stage.
In order to protect my name
and reputation,
I've agreed to fight
any Chinese person.
Now from what l hear,
the Chinese like to use this!
And I would like to
stick to that tradition.
So I've agreed to fight
any challenger
for as long as
this thing burns!
And this is a pretty
big joss stick,
so it's gonna give plenty of opportunity
for any challenger to come forward.
But be warned!
l would not hold back!
y the time this thing
has burnt to the end,
there will be no more Chinese boxer,
because I'd have kill them all!
In fact I don't even think
that we're gonna use this thing
because l doubt that there
is any Chinese fella
that has the guts to get
in the ring with me!
Chinese burns incense not
only to tell the time!
Besides telling the time,
what's important
about the Chinese tradition
of incense burning
is that it represents
our modesty
which is inherent to the
Chinese culture.
Mr Miller,
l'm challenging you
to a fight!
You're making a big mistake!
Zhun, hurry up.
Don't let the Landlady
wait too long.
l'll take you
there in a moment.
Mom, why are we staying
with the landlady?
Dad's practice will affect
your brother.
Come, let me.
I'm so sorry for the hassle,
Don't worry. Come.
Let Zhun carry the small one.
Let Zhun carry this.
Mr Ip, you must defeat
the Foreign Devil.
l'll carry it up first.
Don't worry and
practice well.
ut don't practice
till too late.
You have to win.
We have to go.
Go back.
l live by myself.
Make yourselves at home.
You can sleep here.
Don't be scared.
Keep writing.
Keep writing!
l'll still publish it tomorrow!
What's the matter?
What are you writing?
Still writing?
You're not afraid to die?
Undaunted by Western oxer,
Wing Chun Expert...
Entered Chinese-Western Boxing Competiti
Is that good?
Why not "Western Dog
Will Be Demolished"?
Defend news with blood,
expose truth with conscience.
You have conscience,
but do you have the truth?
l do!
You've guts? l tell you the truth.
You ruin him!
This Foreign Devil...
detests and despises Chinese.
l give you the materials. You report them.
I guarantee he'll be over.
What's the matter?
Mrs Ip, what's the matter?
You're in labor!
Zhun, call your dad
right away!
Don't distract him.
l'll ask Auntie to come then.
Zhun, watch over your mom.
Master Cheng, this way.
Let's start!
The Chinese-Western Boxing Match
is about to commence!
The hall is packed with
locals and expats.
lt's bustling with excitement.
There are both Chinese and
Western umpires.
I believe the match
will be fair,
just and open.
Ladies and gentlemen,
do not leave your radio!
Ip Man, knock him down
in 3 punches.
No, knock the Foreign Devil
down in 3 punches!
Master lp, your opponent
is a boxing champion.
Are you convinced your
Wing Chun will prevail?
Master lp, all Hong Kong
citizens are behind you.
Master Ip, are you fighting
for yourself...
or in defense of Chinese
martial arts?
Ladies and gentlemen...
The most awaited Chinese-Western
oxing Match
has officially commenced!
Ladies and gentlemen!
And now, for the long-awaited
Chinese-western boxing tournament,
please, give a roaring welcome to the
undisputed champion of the world!
The Twister!
Let's welcome the boxing
champion, Twister!
Twister has come on stage.
You are the best.
Excuse me, sir, to your corner.
Here, to your corner, please.
To your corner!
lp Man was eager to knock
him down. Good!
Gentlemen, I want a clean fight.
l want a clean fight.
When I say "fight", fight.
When l say "break", break.
You have to follow my instructions
at all time, is that clear?
l can finish you off
in two punches!
Return to your corners!
This should be a piece
of cake, mate.
You just go up there
and get him slaughtered.
Master lp, punch him like you
punched me.
It's too easy to punch you.
What did you say?
They keep testing each other.
Come on!
To your corner!
To your corner!
Master lp was knocked down!
The umpire's counting!
One, two, three...
Get up! Master lp!
Looks like this punch
was too strong.
Can Master Ip stand up?
four, five...
six, seven...
eight, nine...
Master Ip is OK!
He's stood up!
Master Ip has kicked
the Twister down!
One, two...
three, four...
five, six...
Are you OK?
Get back! ack to your corner!
To your corner!
He's over.
You can surely beat him.
Master! Good fight!
That Foreign Devil
has stamina.
He's endured many of the
Master's punches.
Master lp attacked with
a volley of punches.
Master lp! Master lp...
Foreign Devil!
Still hitting after time's up?
To your corner!
That's unfair!
He kept hitting after time's up!
Come on,
give me some water.
Master! Master...
Talk about it.
What's going on?
OK. Give me one moment.
rad, please,
could you come?
Please tell the Chinese guy,
no more kicks like these.
According to the decisions
by the judges,
kicking is prohibited
in this match.
According to the decisions
by the judges,
kicking is prohibited
in this match.
lf you don't agree,
you forfeit the match.
And Twister will be announced
the winner. Is that clear?
lf you don't agree,
you forfeit the match.
And Twister will be announced
the winner. Is that clear?
Are you kidding?
No kicking?
Wait! Wait! Wait!
One more kick,
you'll be disqualified!
Master Ip was felled by
Twister's right punch!
Get up! Get up!
Get up!
Stand up! Master!
I can't let the Foreign Devil
despise us!
l can abide in order
to survive,
but I can't tolerate insults to
Chinese martial arts!
...three, four...
five, six...
Are you OK?
Come on!
Come on, man!
Instead of combating
with him,
test his midrib.
It's not that easy.
Get up!
Nine! Ten!
Dad has won!
Dad has won!
l know Master Ip!
Who doesn't here?
Fok Yuen Kap, Wong Fei Hung,
Ip Man and I!
We're the Four Dragons
in Foshan!
Fatso has told
me everything.
Your actions embarrassed the entire
Hong Kong Police Force!
Arrest him!
He says "Hello".
y fighting this match,
I'm not trying to prove
Chinese martial arts
are better than
Western boxing.
What I really
want to say is...
though people have different
statuses in life,
everybody's dignity is the same.
I hope that from
this moment on,
we can start to respect
each other.
He says he didn't come here today
to prove which is better,
Chinese or western boxing.
Although people have different
status in life,
he doesn't believe that one person's
integrity is worth more than another's.
He hopes that we could start
to respect each other.
That's all.
Thank you!
That's all,
Thank you!
Master lp! Master lp...
What would you want to
do most right now?
I want to go home.
He takes after you.
Name him.
How about lp Ching?
l want him to become
a righteous man.
He looks just like you!
Congratulations, Master lp!
You won!
Uncle Man, l just made
a new friend.
He wants to learn kung fu,
so l brought him.
Come in.
How much to learn
martial arts from you?
What's your name?
ruce Lee!
Why do you want to
learn martial arts?
I wanna beat up people
I don't fancy!
How presumptious!
Come back when
you've grown up.
In 1956
became Ip Man's pupil
Bruce Lee was
deeply inspired
and based his martial arts
on Wing Chun theories.
In 22 years' time,
Ip Man
had spread Wing Chun
all over the world,
helping Chinese martial arts
to flourish everywhere.