Yip Man 3 (2015) Movie Script

"1959 Hong Kong"
"lp Man's older son was studying in Foshan."
"lp Man lived in Hong Kong
with his wife and younger son."
"He taught Wing Chun and promoted the martial arts."
Master lp
So early?
Master lp, it's me.
You don't recognise me?
Siu Long
When I was little I asked to study with you.
You said: grow up first.
Please take me as a disciple.
Why should I accept you?
Because I will be your greatest disciple.
Why are you so sure?
Because I'm fast.
How fast?
Not fast enough, kid.
Can you be faster?
Not bad.
But did you really kick the water
or only think you did?
Licorice, licorice
Come on, somebody are fighting
Fight! Fight!
Come on.
Cheung Fong of Wing Chun.
Ip Ching of Wing Chun.
Stop! Stop fighting.
I told you two not to fight.
Big trouble. It's not the first time.
Break the shell, then remove the yolk.
What's with the ring?
The old folks say that adding silver
helps with bruising.
So, why were you fighting today?
It's always over whose kungfu is best.
I should've kept an eye on them.
What a fight, they really got hurt.
It's Ching's fault. He's so naughty.
So, where is this boy's father?
Cheung Fong is new here.
His dad picks him up quite late.
Fong, what does your dad do?
Is he always so busy?
Rickshaw puller.
Sorry, sorry.
- Sorry, Miss Wong.
- Master lp
I was busy at the kungfu school
so I'm late.
Let me see.
Ah Ching, what's this about?
Both kids were at fault in fact.
So I wanted all the family heads here.
Right. ls Fong's dad here yet?
I need to apologise to them.
No, like you he's late.
No problem, work comes first.
Don't eat that.
- You can't eat it.
- Put it down
The boy is hungry.
Miss Wong, how about this -
we'll give them dinner first.
Just let his father know,
' Okay?
" Okay.
Okay, Wing-sing?
Of course
Fong, have dinner with us, okay?
Take your book bag.
- Take care.
- We're off.
Thank you
- Very kind, Master lp
- Sorry to trouble you,
- Thank you, Mrs lp.
- Bye
Ah Fong, eat up, don't be shy.
Make yourself at home, eat.
Eat up.
Darling, the fish is delicious.
Cheung Fong -
not bad.
Who taught you?
My dad. Can you fight?
A little.
I'm Cheung Fong's dad.
Is my son there, please?
Yes he is.
Nice to meet you, Mr Cheung.
Please, come in.
Fong, your dad's here.
Tell me what went on today.
The kids were naughty and fought.
They'll learn in time.
Come here, Ah Ching.
Aren't you going to apologise?
Ah Ching is at fault too.
Ip Ching, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, Cheung Fong.
Shake hands.
Now you're friends.
I've taken you out of your way.
I apologise, Mr Cheung.
Good to meet you, Master lp.
I saw Fong working the wooden man.
He's good - he's been taught well.
Too kind.
But it's late.
You should rest.
I'll see you off.
Uncle lp has a wooden man too
Do you know him?
Uncle lp is very famous.
But one day
I'll be more famous.
Which of you
is better at kungfu?
Who do you think?
You of course!
Let's go.
Give me a look... does it hurt?
It's about to start.
Hurry! Hurry!
Bet on the winner.
- I told you, follow my lead.
- Great.
One at a time!
Bigger bets, bigger wins.
Move, outta the way.
Cheung Tin Chi, Cheung Tin Chi
How are you doing?
Come on, come on.
Brother Sang, Brother Sang.
- The boss is here.
- What?
The boss is here.
Not bad, kid.
Hit hard, fast.
Hey boss.
Come on.
- Wait here, I'll be right back.
- Okay.
Boss -
don't worry,
I've got it under control.
Two week's money.
- Open it.
- Okay.
You did good.
- Thank you.
- What about that other business?
The school?
No problem. Give me one month.
No. Two weeks.
Okay, I love a challenge.
Deal you
Remember, I want that school.
The rest means nothing without it.
Yes. Understood.
What kind of kungfu is that?
Wing Chun.
It's really powerful.
Martial artists come here every day.
We chat, drink tea...
Each school has its own table.
Master Tin.
- Master Chan, a rising star -
- Master Tin.
He has a lot of students.
Master Chan.
Now this table is amazing -
the best of the best.
It's my table.
Master Tin.
Just kidding.
The real champions sit there -
That's the Wing Chun table.
Master Tin.
Ah Lik, where's your master?
There he is.
Master lp.
Master Tin, have you eaten?
No - your treat?
Of course!
You know Master lp, of course?
- Master lp, hello. I'm Lee.
- How do you do.
- Mr Lee.
- Hello.
Lee is a reporter, and keen
to write about the martial arts.
He'll take photos too.
- Great.
- Okay with you, Master lp?
- Of course.
- Thank you so much.
- Master Lee, right here.
- Too kind.
- Ip Man, the center seat.
- No, no.
- It's yours.
- No, really.
No it's fitting, sit down.
Master lp, telephone.
I'll take that if it's okay.
we'll save your seat.
We'll wait.
Did you forget our date?
Wasn't it for...
For today.
Oh, I'll rush right over.
I've been waiting an hour.
The dancing is almost finished.
So don't bother.
Just pick up Ah Ching from school.
Oh, I'm in trouble.
- Master lp, please.
- Sit down.
Here, the middle seat.
- Okay, I give in.
- And why not.
Look sharp, eyes front, hold still!
One, two, three.
Master lp,
- Hello.
- you're here for your son?
Where's your wife?
She's busy today.
And you're not?
It's okay...
Master lp, you look younger by the day.
Must be his wife's cooking -
such tender meat.
Such a lucky couple.
Master lp
Mr Cheung
- hello.
- Hello.
- Picking up your son?
- Yes.
this medicine helps with bruises.
It's for your son.
Thank you, that's so nice.
How is Fong?
He's fine.
I'm glad.
Master lp -
I hear you studied
with Chan Wah Shun, yes?
So we're both from the school
of Foshan's Grandmaster Leung Jan.
So we are truly brothers-in-arms.
I heard that
Chan used fist and pole
better than swords and feet.
Is that true?
Having strengths and weaknesses -
It's normal.
How about you, Master lp?
I'm just a dabbler.
If we have the chance,
let's have a friendly match.
BYE, Miss!
Be careful.
Disciple -
What did you learn today?
- Mathematics.
- Mathematics?
Chinese, English.
How'd you do?
- Did you behave?
- That's all.
D'you go to school?
this man is asking for you.
How may I help you?
- Hey
- Move it!
- What's going on?
- Sit, don't move.
- Don't move.
- Looking at me?
Fatty, calm down!
How can I talk over your noise?
So sorry, sir, we gave you a fright.
- What's going on?
- Come, sit down.
Make room.
Don't be afraid.
You're a scholar, I'm a gentleman.
We're reasonable people.
This is prime real estate.
Sell your school to me.
It's a fair offer.
"Contract of Sale"
I'm not selling.
Won't you even read it first?
Go on.
I'm not selling.
Educated people are a pain.
They don't do as told.
Watch out, Boss.
What's going on?
They're forcing me to sell the school.
Think I don't know kungfu?
Ip Man, it's a business deal-
keep your damn nose out of it.
Hello, this is Chi yan Primary School.
We need police here right now.
Some thugs are causing trouble.
- Cut it out.
- Let him go.
Let my boss go
or I'll whack her.
- Let my boss go, now!
- Let him go
- Do it!
- Let him go
Don't rush, take your time.
Start from the beginning.
The three just barged in
and began smashing things up.
Hong Kong seems prosperous
but really it's a mess.
More wealth means more crime.
We're like Cyclops and his wife -
can't always keep an eye on her.
Truth is, we're understaffed
- and insanely busy.
- You're right
Hongkong's crime rate is going up.
It seems pretty lawless.
No, we still have law.
Call the police
and we come.
We'll crack this case.
The bastards won't get away with it.
Yes, yes.
We're relying on you, Sgt. Po.
Of course, it's my duty.
But Master lp
you know the score.
The police can't keep watch here all day.
We need your help.
Tell people to be careful.
- I will.
- Anything happens, call us.
- I'll come straightaway. Okay?
- Great, thank you.
- You're welcome. Let's go, men.
- Yes, sir.
- See you.
- Take care.
Ip Man,
you piss me off.
I'm gonna do you slowly.
Brother Sang
Chain up the school tonight.
Don't worry.
It'll be okay.
It's okay.
Don't worry -
the school won't shut.
Miss Wong
Master lp
Miss Wong -
Master lp
what's going on?
It was like this when I got here.
Will they demolish the school?
How will our kids get an education?
Dad, open the gate.
I'll help you - careful.
You're really strong.
Can't I be skinny and strong?
I'm big but not that strong.
My name is Hui Lik.
They call me Miss Wong.
Call me if you need help.
Come in,
Morning, granny.
Morning, Principal.
Morning, Miss Wong.
They'll be back for sure.
Then wait here for them.
Tonight we're staying here.
Miss Wong, funny meeting you again.
Yes, can I help you?
May I ask, do you have a boyfriend?
Would you like a boyfriend?
Haven't thought about it.
Don't get me wrong... but it's dark.
You shouldn't walk home alone.
I'm sorry.
Master lp
Hello, Miss Wong.
We've put you to a lot of trouble.
It's nothing.
Is my disciple giving you trouble?
No, Master lp.
Not at all.
He kindly offered to see me home.
That's all it was, Master.
Why don't you see me home then?
Hey, let's see Master lp home tonight.
Sure, it's pretty quiet.
Master lp, you did a lot for us today.
You should get some rest.
I'm fine.
I didn't have any other plans.
You guys, over there!
- Help, Master Ip!
- Take him.
Protect Miss Wong!
Yup, but we're definitely seeing you home.
UP there!
Let's go, men.
We checked everywhere; the fire's out.
Make sure there's no live embers.
- Go double-check.
- Okay.
the fire's extinguished.
But nothing's left but ash.
are you okay?
I'm fine.
But I underestimated those thugs.
Lucky you and your men were here.
- It was nothing.
- Thank you so much, Master lp.
Mr Cheung,
thank goodness you were there.
I was just passing by
I've finally seen your Wing Chun.
It's as good as they say.
People are too nice.
If all's Well
I'll get back to work.
The people want me to stay
and help guard the area.
It's arson, aren't the cops involved?
Yes, why wouldn't they be?
'Fatty' Po says they'll crack the case.
We've no reason to doubt his word.
That's good.
But they can't give 24-hour protection.
for a few nights
I might be out late.
Should I cook dinner then?
what'll I eat otherwise?
They can't do it without you?
It's not that.
But if I can help I will.
It's working.
Then do me a favour - turn it off.
So sorry, so sorry -
I was having dinner.
Come in, have a look.
Come, have a look.
The place has great fengshui.
It's an oasis of calm.
So the Wall's a bit chipped -
you can sweep it clean.
I'll open my kungfu school here.
You'll have lots of classmates then.
Is that good?
Great! I'll be able to practice
here and here and here!
How much is a month's rent?
HK$180. Water and electricity included.
I'll think it over. Thank you.
Sir, the rent is negotiable.
You pull a rickshaw?!
And you're going to run a school?
AS if!
- You're wasting my time.
- Where to, boss?
Sir, my report on the school arson case.
Then wait here for them.
Sign and I'll follow up.
Not necessary. I'm handling it.
Don't be silly, it's a small case.
Too small for you, sir.
Let me handle it, okay?
Do you understand Chinese?
The investigation into the school-
I will take care of it
because I am in charge.
So piss off.
Yes, sir.
What the hell-
you blind?
What's it to you? You own the road?
- Here comes more.
- You at it again?
When I was at tea this morning
people were saying
we'd become security guards.
Oh, don't worry about it.
Master lp doesn't listen to gossip.
Who said it anyway?
Lots of people.
Would you recognise them?
How can I help you?
I often have pain in my abdomen.
Do you have anything for it?
Crow And Phoenix Pills.
They help circulate.
Okay, I'll have a packet.
- Ip Man.
- Hi
- Why didn't you tell me
- Master Tin, have a seat.
What happened?
Have a seat.
They're saying at the teahouse
you've become a security guard.
That's so insulting.
I bet it's that little bastard's doing.
Have some tea.
I rue the day I made Ah Sang a disciple.
He uses my kungfu to do awful things.
It's disgraceful!
He shames my school!
See -
how could I tell you?
Well I'm telling you -
I'll teach him a lesson!
I'm going after him.
Master Tin.
Master Tin, calm down.
Uncle Chan, I'll pay for this.
Master Tin
Master Tin.
Let Sgt. Po handle it.
Too late for that.
I'll take care of this myself.
That little shit owes me respect.
He's no longer your responsibility.
It's true that he left my school
but I'm still his teacher.
Don't fret, I'll be fine.
Stop. What d'ya want?
I'm looking for Ma King Sang
I'm his teacher. Call him out.
Ah-Lik, where's Master lp?
Too late for that.
Master Tin was really furious.
Not sure why.
Master Tin?
Now what?
Why are you here,
Master lp?
So I see my teacher. What's it to you?
leave Master lp out of this.
It's my idea to come here.
Stop causing so much trouble.
Leave those people alone, give it up.
I always taught you
to do the right thing.
Look at yourself.
Know what you look like?
Dirty money and a pack of thugs -
really grand, you are!
Think about it - if you didn't pay them
would they still be there?
When you're around,
they bow and scrape.
Behind your back
they call you the foreign devil's flunkey.
What? You want to fight me?
So I'm a flunkey -
A flunkey with money
is as good as a king.
And you?
A poor teacher, so pure -
you have to repair umbrellas to eat.
Does that feel good?
You can't eat purity, can you?
Ask yourself-
Which of your students still remember you?
Which still care about you?
All of them,
they're with me now.
You'd stab me?
You thug! You want to kill me?
Hurt me and you won't escape.
Men, over here!
- Free Ah Sang!
- Don't worry about me.
Fight, brothers!
Free Ah Sang!
Free Ah Sang!
Police, stop it!
Get back, get back.
Get back
Go home.
Move and I'll shoot.
You playing with me?
Get out.
Say What?
Now you give the orders?
Know who owns this patch?
Gonna shoot me? Well?
What'll you tell your captain then?
Shut up or I'll arrest you.
I'll seal off this whole place.
See what you tell your boss then!
Don't believe me?
Just try me, you bastard!
What'll you do about the school?
Sang's boss has my captain in his pocket.
The two foreign devils
are in cahoots.
It's hopeless. The school is doomed.
Fatty, I trust you
because you're not like other cops.
But one word from a foreigner
and you drop the case?
It's not that, it's pointless.
So you didn't arrest the arsonist
or look after the people and the kids.
And now my disciples
are doing your work for you.
What else can I do?
What else can I do?
Master lp, you're a fighter, not a god.
Too late for that.
You guard the school day and night-
but for how long?
You know foreign devils run Hongkong.
The world's not fair.
But moral standards apply to all.
The ruler isn't always a superior person.
And the ruled isn't always inferior.
The world doesn't belong to the rich
or even the powerful
but to those of pure heart.
Have you thought of the children?
All that we do,
they're watching.
We need to be good role models.
All that we do,
is not for today
but for tomorrow.
"Toss it if you don't want it."
"Please sew on the button."
"Please sew on the button."
Mrs lp, my initial diagnosis
is to suspect a tumor.
It's not very encouraging.
But we'll learn more
once we have the full report.
Try not to worry too much.
Master lp
Master lp, Master lp
You work so hard.
Master lp, We all pitched in for the soup.
- Enjoy it
- Thank you
You're here night and day.
You need sustenance.
Where are your disciples?
They should have some too.
Thank you, thank you.
I had told you the blue one is better,
but you still buy the red one.
Great, great, another win.
So many fights - what's the deal?
Need money?
It's a living.
I need to eat too.
That time at the school,
you hurt my men.
You owe me.
How much do I owe?
It's not about that.
I admire you.
I wanna be your friend.
Sang, what's this about?
I'm talking about
the kind of friendship
that pushes another mam to the wall.
I'm buying a man's hand here.
You've so many men -
why do you need me?
Because he knows kungfu
and so do you.
And you fight well.
And if I say no?
Then go elsewhere for a crust.
The blue? Hand it over.
You won? Give it here.
Ah Sang -
That money -
I want it all.
How many more days of this?
You're up?
I didn't want to wake you.
Just a few more days.
When will you eat at home again?
I'll come back earlier.
Are you okay?
- Hello
- Hello? Master lp?
Yes, who's this?
Kowloon Hospital.
What is it?
Master Tin has been badly wounded
and he wants to see you.
Okay, I'll be right there.
I made the call.
Thank you.
Let's get to work.
Very good.
Go play-
Luckily it's only a hand injury.
It could've been a lot worse.
Thank you.
Ah Sang sent him for sure.
As a teacher, I'm a total failure.
Let's get some!
Yes, this one!
I have some cartoon slides
want to see them?
It's free.
- Hurry
- What're you doing?
- Help, help
- Help, me
Take him
What're you doing?
- Enjoy
- Help me.
You've got two hours.
Get the principal to the shipyard
or I sell the kids into slavery.
How'd you know I was in hospital?
You told them to call me.
No I didn't.
You didn't?
Mrs lp, where's Master lp?
What is it?
Tell me what happened?
Master lp!
What is it, Miss Wong?
A man abducted Ching, Fong and other kids.
If the principal doesn't go to see him,
he'll sell the children into slavery.
Hurry, find the principal,
tell Sgt. Po.
I want the principal and you bring a pole.
Just great.
And the principal?
On his way.
First let the kids go.
Shut up!
Son, don't be afraid.
I'm here.
Ah, so this is your son?
Lucky. I was hoping to get him.
Let him out.
Stand straight.
Calm down,
kid, come here.
Ah Sang,
the kids aren't to blame.
Don't mess with them, okay?
How am I messing with them?
I'm giving him an apple.
Don't be afraid, have some apple.
tell Dad to put down the pole.
Then we can talk.
Ching, don't be afraid.
Put down the pole.
Act like you mean it.
On your knees.
Master lp?
Hey -
What're you doing here?
There's no fight today.
You took my boy.
Master! Master!
Help me!
Ah Fong
So he's your boy -
Sorry. He's one of ours - let him go.
Lucky it was me who took him.
Anything could've happened.
Leave it alone. Go!
Ip Man,
you're a good fighter, yes?
Can you take on ten men?
Don't say I never gave you a chance.
One against ten...
or say eleven.
With every punch you land
I'll give him a piece to eat.
Master, they still have my friends.
Why are you back?
To pick the kids up from school.
Over here.
Get him!
Another step and I'll kill him.
Bite him.
What the...?!
Grab the kid, hurry.
Over there, quick!
Dad! Dad!
David, don't just stand there!
Grab that kid.
Kneel. Don't move.
Don't move.
- Hear me?
- I'm not with them.
Don't move! No one move!
Police. Don't move!
No one move!
Go in and take photos.
Don't move!
All those guys over there.
They'll make great news photos.
Great headline material.
Get 'em all.
I said don't move!
Ah Ching!
There was trouble at the school.
They abducted Ah Ching.
I'm so sorry, Wing Sing.
It's my fault
I was wrong.
It's my fault.
It won't happen again,
Go wash your face.
Good kid.
It's all my fault.
Don't cry.
Darling, I'm so afraid.
It's all right now.
But I might not be.
What do you mean?
The doctor said...
I probably...
have cancer.
The black spots indicate cancer cells.
These are tumours.
The cancer has spread too widely
for us to be able to operate.
Is it curable?
Normally, we'd prescribe medicines
but at this stage,
they're unlikely to get it under control.
Doctor, how much time do I have?
Maybe six months.
I'll get you more rice.
Just half.
Don't worry, you're safe.
The police are on your side.
Every day there's a new story in the paper.
Abducted children,
people being thrown from their homes.
My boss is unhappy.
And when my boss is unhappy,
I am unhappy-
for the time being all this
nefarious vice and corruption
that you so love to engage yourself in -
you'll have to take a hiatus.
I can't protect you.
Whatever you say.
Well, Frankie,
these chats are always a pleasure.
Hey Boss!
This Thai guy's incredible.
Elbows, knees, fists - all great.
Really fierce.
Put it up
It's my mistake, Boss.
I just meant to give the principal a scare
Not to create such a mess.
Ip Man - it's all his fault.
I'm sorry.
I don't ever want to see your face again.
Fuck off!
Ip Man.
Finish him off!
Get out.
Want any tea?
Listen, things have quieted down.
I'm not expecting more trouble.
the foreign devils can't be trusted.
Ah Sang's boss has it out for you.
Be careful.
So smart.
Mom, look!
You want me, I'm here.
What do you want?
So you're lp Man?
You're the best fighter in China.
Okay, let's deal.
It seems your Wing Chun is the fastest
so fast you're invincible.
Let's see whose fists are fastest.
Or mine?
Three minutes.
If you last
I'll let you be.
Hey, how ya doin'?
I want my balloon back.
Let it go, don't worry about it.
We'll get a new one, okay?
A new balloon.
Madame -
here's my rent.
I always said you'd come good!
Best of luck! You'll be raking it in!
Great! I can practice Wing Chun here!
Master - respect!
Sir, you teach Wing Chun?
You must know lp Man, yes?
Look, today's newspaper -
he's in the news.
He's so impressive.
I bet you two are great friends.
Introduce me sometime.
Here's the key. I'll leave you.
Don't forget to introduce me!
Did you write this?
My name is Cheung Tin Chi.
I'm also a Wing Chun fighter.
Can you write about me too?
I've seen lp Man's kungfu
it's not authentic Wing Chun.
I'll challenge him to a public match.
All the kungfu schools
respect lp Man's Wing Chun.
Sure, I'll write something.
But we'll see if the kungfu world...
will think you're qualified
to publicly challenge lp Man?
Have a seat, Master.
Got your camera?
Nice tea today.
Cheung of Wing Chun. A friendly match?
Who do you think - ?
Now - am I qualified?
Master Cheung is coming.
Congratulation, Master Cheung.
Eyes front, please.
Mr Wong, thanks you for your support.
I admire a fighter with guts and ambition.
If I can be of help, just say the word.
Thank you
Master Cheung,
you're fighting everyone
and take along photographers.
You don't worry people will talk?
I know lots of people think
I'm a show-off,
that I act superior.
But in kungfu
you need to establish who's tops.
And I want to tell people this:
lp Man
can't represent Wing Chun.
I hereby announce:
I'm challenging lp Man to a fight!
"Grandmaster of Wing Chun"
Extra, extra.
Wing Chun vs. Wing Chun
- Get your paper.
- I'll have one.
Darling, it's so ridiculous.
It's like the joke about Ah Mo.
He's dining with friends. He says:
We're all henpecked.
Want proof?
If your wife is the boss, sit over there.
All the men, heads held low, went over.
Only Mo stayed where he was.
They said,
wow, Mo, you're The Man!
Know what Mo said? He said,
well, my wife told me:
Don't sit in crowded places.
Funny, right?
Are you scared of your wife?
Are you Cheung Wing Sing?
Why'd God make women pretty but dumb?
They're pretty
so men will like them.
They're dumb
so they will like men.
Look, someone's challenging lp Man -
- When?
- Next month, on the 15th.
Relax the shoulders, punch fast.
This way, Master Cheung.
I want to sit there.
"Master lp"
Excuse me.
Master lp, what're you doing here?
I'm looking for Mr Chan.
You want to learn to dance?
I dance better than him.
I'll teach you.
And you can teach me kungfu.
Sure. Now?
When will you accept me as a disciple?
You got it all wrong.
I didn't say I wouldn't accept you.
I didn't open the door
so you'd leave.
Thank you.
Wing Chun vs. Wing Chun - who's the real deal?
It's an historic day for Wing Chun.
It will be like a battle of dragons!
Yes! ls lp Man the greater fighter?
Or is Cheung Tin Chi fiercer still?
Who represents the true Wing Chun?
Today at 3:00p.m.
the contest will begun.
We wait with bated breath.
Sgt. Po. Sgt. Po!
- Brother
- Master Tin
- Ah-Lik
- Where's Master lp?
No idea!!
What's the problem?
Maybe he's lost?
Relax, lp Man won't let us down.
I'm here.
It's 3:00p.m. Why isn't lp Man here?
It's time.
It's time.
Look, it's three.
Where's your master?
Gentlemen -
the match was scheduled for 3:00p.m.
Since lp Man has failed to show up
I hereby announce
the victor and true spirit of Wing Chun
Cheung Tin Chi.
Dad! Dad!
We won! We won!
Maybe he's stuck in traffic?
And this makes you a grandmaster?
Master Cheung, what do have to say
about Ip Man's no-show today?
To mess with classic Wing Chun
is to lose the forefathers' vision.
It's wrong both now
and into the future as well.
Our forefathers don't need worry
about the form's future.
I believe Master lp understands this.
So he chose to forfeit the fight.
This is also an act of great merit.
From today,
I, Cheung Tin Chi
will lead the true Wing Chun
to a glorious future.
- Bravo.
- True Wing Chun.
What'd you say?
You've no right to that claim -
you aren't qualified to fight my master!
- Settle down, stop.
- Stop.
Wing Sing! Wing Sing!
Please, someone call an ambulance!
Mr lp, her condition is worsening.
She needs to stay in hospital for a bit.
Well? Feeling any better?
When can we go home?
The doctor said it's better
for you to stay here.
You need rest.
85... no, you're right.
Give the letter to Cheung Fong.
Tell him to give it to his dad.
Nurse, nurse!
What it is it, madam?
Are you in pain?
Don't worry, I'll get the doctor.
Have some bullfrog soup -
it's good for you.
Darling -
I want a photograph with you.
You spend every day with me.
It makes me so happy.
But I could be happier.
People say:
Life belongs to you, and it doesn't.
I didn't get it before.
But now, I'm beginning to.
You belong to yourself.
And to this family.
But to this place as well.
There are things you should do.
I don't want you to have regrets.
I only regret not being better to you.
But I think...
you've been great to me.
If it wasn't for my sickness,
would you have taken the challenge?
That's the lp Man I love.
I've taken the liberty
of setting the date with him.
I haven't heard you practice in ages.
Will you let me hear that sound again?
Wing Chun,
Cheung Tin Chi.
Wing Chun,
lp Man.
- Ip Ching, the back way
- Okay.
I recognise that I'm defeated.
There's nothing more important
than the love of those by your side.
"Ip Man's wife Cheung Wing Sing"
"passed away in 1960 from cancer."
"lp Man taught lp Ching Wing Chun.
Martial arts guided his life."
"lp Man became a Grandmaster."
"Wing Chun has flourished,
generation after generation,"
"spreading across the world."