Yip Man chinchyun (The Legend Is Born: Ip Man) (2010) Movie Script

Cancel the Twenty-one
Give back Qingdao!
We swear on our lives!
Wing Chun Martial
Arts School
Mr. Ip
Master Chan
Please come in
Finish the lesson
for me
Yes, Master
How are you, Mr. Ip?
Girl's stuff, no substance
Watch your mouth, Man!
Master Ng Mui created this
Wing Chun fist style,
the secret is the control of
power with flexibility
It's my honour and pleasure to see this fine class
of disciples you have, Master Chan
Mr. Ip, I've heard that you're travelling
between Hong Kong and Foshan
Business must be doing well,
then. Oh, before I forget,
I must pay you the rent
No hurry, no hurry.
We're good friends!
You rent Mulberry Garden
to me at such a low rent;
I have not yet found an opportunity
to express my thanks to you
Seriously, it won't be hard to
pay back the favor, if you wish
Yes, Dad!
This is my youngest son,
Ip Man, my own flesh
and blood
Tin Chi!
This is my adopted son who has been
with us for a year now,
Tin Chi
The purpose of my trip here today
is to get them a superb master
A master?
Yes! They both have
a passion for Kung Fu
Please accept this tea to show
my commitment, Master
Please accept the tea, Master
As members of our school, you two must
observe the guiding principles
Martial arts learning - genuine
and authentic;
behavior- proper and discrete;
judgement - objective and rational
Understood, Master
Didn't you say that you
love Kung Fu, Man?
Many other disciples
will keep you company.
I have to go to Hong Kong
on business
Dad, take good care of yourself!
Make sure you look after
your little brother, Tin Chi
Dad, I will, I promise
Time to take the medicine, Master
Leave it there!
All hand movements are clearly
directed by the intention in mind;
if your intention is justified,
you're on the right track
Master, the medicine
is getting cold
You have shown improvement
The noble mind commands
authentic style- movements,
which allow stability when you defend,
and invincibility when you attack
The essence of Wing Chun is to follow
one's shadow, not his hand.
Focus on what you feel rather than
what you see. Understand?
Yes, Master
Maintain world peace;
establish the Greater East Asia
Co-prosperity Sphere
You are the hope of
our Empire,
Japan's future rests
with you
Tin Chi, wake up!
Are you having a bad dream?
What... were... you saying?
Are you hungry?
In fact, I'm hungry, too
There's nothing to eat at all
Look! Two huge rats coming out
to find something to eat!
You'll be dead if the
master finds out
Not him, it's me
It's... me... not him
Hush! Since you gave me
a toffee,
I'll help you out!
This is for you
Why do fried double-sticks
only come in pairs?
How nice if there
were three pieces
Drink this one, Master
This bowl is freshly made
You're so busy.
The medicine won't be
as effective if it's reheated
Chung So, you are dedicated
and dutiful,
I'll be happy to see you
inherit this school
Man is gifted in martial arts.
Give him the best
after I'm gone.
Go watch them!
Stay away, stay clear.
Have a smooth voyage,
Master! Give us
your blessing
Our beloved Master... Strolled slowly
and smoothly to the under world...
The sun is setting,
clear of obstruction and ill luck
Lower the casket... raise
the casket
Lower the casket
This is my promise and my oath to Master
Wah Shun: I, Chung So,
will exert all energy,
with all my might,
to make authentic Wing Chun
prosper for as long as I live
withdraw, reach out, strike
All right!
That's it for the day.
Go home
Tin Chi, you were
quite good today
Take a rest, Man!
Hey! Listen to Brother Chung So.
Let's eat!
Mei Wai, let me help you
set the table
Rest! Dinner's ready
All right!
Spend the Lantern Festival
with sweets.
Enjoy sweet dumplings
Tin Chi, how lucky we are!
A leather-silhouette puppet show
has opened across the street
Bringing us such
good business
It's not luck,
this was carefully planned
You're wonderful!
Ip Man, this was specially
saved for you
I've had six bowls already,
I'm so full
Why are you still
eating, then?
Go take a walk to help
your digestion
Tin Chi, business is
quite good;
I want to take time off
to look around
Lantern Festival, see if I'll have
some... romantic luck
Alright, I'll stay,
you fellows have a good time
Come on, let's go!
Wait for me!
Mei Wai, you can't just go.
Who will cook
the dumplings?
I'll go with you
when they return
No, thanks
Look! Foreigners can play
Chinese chess
Chinese can play
foreigners' games, too!
If foreigners are capable of
learning Chinese culture,
we can take up
Western culture, too
Let's go over there!
Let's go
See you later
You surely know what
good stuff is.
This is the biggest invention of
this century: The gramophone
It can contain your most
beautiful voice
Amazing! Even voices
can be captured now
This is an English folk song.
The story is that
King Henry Vlll
wrote it for a girl
who rejected his love.
Really? That's amazing!
The girl had character
Oh my God!
You scratched my record.
How am I going to
sell it?
I didn't mean it...
Well... I'll pay you for it
This is very expensive.
Do you have the money?
All right, boss,
I'll buy it from you
When the record is scratched,
the song won't play smoothly
Didn't I say I'd pay for it?
Is this enough?
May I know your name,
please, Miss?
I'll pay you back
Don't worry about it
Thank you
We don't have a gramophone at home.
What did you buy the record for?
I wasn't buying a record,
I was buying a feeling
You hit my head
with that thing. Pay!
Sorry, Sir! I don't have
the money
I don't care.
You've got to pay me
Where will I find
No money, eh?
What are you getting at?
Tricking people?
What? Get back!
Get up
I clearly saw
what happened.
The bamboo spinner fell on the ground,
it didn't hit you at all
How dare you
meddle with me!
I'm warning you,
if you don't stop right now,
I'll alert the police.
You need a beating!
No, she doesn't
You bums do!
To hell with you!
Hold it!
Please spare my life!
Please spare my life!
I'll never do this again, never!
Thanks for such great help.
It's much appreciated
Your act of chivalry
is greatly admired
Could you leave
your name?
Don't worry about it
Miss, he's Ip Man,
and I'm Siu Shan
I'm Yiu Choi
We are from the
Wing Chun School
You may call us the Three
Wing Chun Musketeers
Don't forget your record, sis.
Why bother with other people's
business. Are you hurt?
No, let's go!
Can I help you?
I'm looking for Ip Man
Ip Man?
He's out.
If you have something for him,
you can leave it with me
I was told to deliver
this letter in person
It's up to you.
You can wait if you want.
You can also feed
the huge mosquitoes
Huge mosquitoes? Wait!
All right!
You must give this letter
to Ip Man. Thank you!
All right!
Thank you
Uncle Ip!
Mei Wai!
Please go in,
Ip Man's home
What have you
brought back?
It's Sis' new toy
Be careful!
It's very heavy!
What's taking him
so long to reply?
Hasn't he?
Honestly, did you
deliver it in person?
I did!
Are you sure?
Keep this medicine
with you,
it's good for headache,
fever, diarrhea, everything
I appreciate it
You'll be on your own studying
in Hong Kong, Man!
Take good care of yourself
So long, Brother Chung So
Remember not to waste
any time in Hong Kong
Neglect neither your studies
nor your martial arts training;
do not forget
our Master's advice
Don't get involved in fights,
don't think you're better than others
Martial arts learning - genuine
and authentic;
behavior- proper and discrete;
judgement - objective and rational.
Don't worry!
Good morning
Good morning
Good Morning, Reverend
Good morning
Good morning
Good Morning, Reverend
Good morning, class
Practice more at home,
Is Ip Man at home, please?
He's gone to Hong Kong.
May I know who's asking
for him, please?
It's nothing important.
Thank you.
Good morning,
Brother Chung So
Let's eat fried sticks
These fried sticks look
very interesting
You are all big eaters, double sticks
aren't enough to feed you.
So I made them triple
Let's eat!
Why are you people
so unhygienic?
You want to know why?
Come on!
Do you know now?
Let me help you
Don't bother!
There you are! How nice!
Chairman Lee
Thanks for looking after me,
Mei Wai.
Here's a present for you.
How beautiful! Thank you
Tin Chi, you have given
tremendous help ever since
you joined the Jing Wu
Athletic Association
Don't mention it
Anyway, I have a present
for you, too
Thank you, Chairman Lee
These were selected
from my jade collection
They seem like a pair
Definitely, a pair,
like you two
I've never seen Chinese pigs
playing hockey before.
It's so funny!
Hey, you!
Mind your language.
My language?
It's none of your business
I heard you say Chinese pigs
Oh, no, no! I'm sorry,
I didn't mean Chinese pigs
I meant... Sick Man
of East Asia!
Come on, then!
I'll give you three minutes
No, two minutes
No, one minute
Just 45 seconds!
Take a seat
It's OK
Your Kung Fu is formidable
We call it Wing Chun
What's your friend's name?
He's wonderful
His name is...
Good morning, Ip Man!
Master Ip, morning
Say "Good morning" to him!
Have I met them before?
Good morning, Ip Man
Not this one, I'm sure
I'm not the boss here,
I'm the manager
How can I help?
I need some medicine
for a friend
What else would you
buy in a drug store, kid
Which is better to treat bruises,
powder or ointment?
What? He's injured?
What happened?
A fight? What else?
Who beat him?
I did
I thought he was your friend
That's how we became friends
Why did you beat him?
Boss, why don't you...
Why don't you
bring him here?
Here to receive treatment?
Treatment? Bring him here
so I can beat him, too.
Make sure he won't call us
'Chinese pigs' again
Where did you
learn about that?
From your friends.
You and your name are known
to everybody on this street now, Ip Man
You're popular kid.
So, you're studying Wing Chun?
Authentic Wing Chun.
The name was inherited from the school
taught by Master Leung Jan from Foshan
So you must be one of Chin's
(Nickname of Chan Wah Shun)
Authentic my foot.
So much so that you made me believe
you learned directly from Master Ng Mui
How long have you
studied it?
Finished the lower body strength
training yet?
What about
'targeted finger'?
You're in Wing Chun,
too, boss?
First, I told you
I'm not the boss;
I'm the manager here
Second, I am practicing
Wing Chun,
but don't know
if it's considered authentic
Do you want
to try it out?
Next time
I might be too busy
next time.
If you want to try me,
try me now
Better not,
if there is any injury...
Are you looking down on old folks
like me? Come on!
Mr Manager!
Hasn' t your master taught you that
when practicing with the others,
you reserve only the strength
applied, not the skill?
What, despise me?
I mean business then
Are you alright, kid?
I'm fine
Well, again!
Watch my medicine!
Be careful with the
Three-Prick Wine
Wait! You call this
Wing Chun?
Whatever comes from
my fist is Wing Chun
They are not Wing Chun
My Master said Wing Chun strategic
movements are 70% from the hands,
attacking an opponent's lower body
Your master wasn't wrong.
The traditional focus is
on the use of the hands
But that doesn't mean
it forbids changes.
Changes allow more flexibility
Movements can be adapted
in multiple ways,
such as leg movements in
a form of wrestling, and they all work
May I know your name, please?
I'm Leung Bik from Foshan.
People call me Sir Bik
Master Leung Jan
was my father
You're my senior!
So is my Wing Chun authentic?
You're funny
Come back the day
after tomorrow, kid
Come here the day
after tomorrow?
Don't you want lessons?
Of course I do.
But I can't afford
to pay you
Did I ask you to pay?
Customs inspection.
Open the crates, officers!
Hold it!
Inspection is not authorized.
The medicine was purchased
from the Japanese Chamber of
Commerce by the
British Embassy
Mr. Kitano said you can't open
this as it was purchased
from the Japanese Chamber of
Commerce by the British Embassy
I don't understand English
How dare a low-ranking
customs officer
display public contempt for the
Japanese business bureau
Should any damage be incurred,
who will be held responsible?
How dare a low-ranking
customs officer
like you display public contempt
for the Japanese business bureau
Should any damage be incurred,
who will be held responsible?
If smuggling is going on,
who will be held responsible, then?
Officers, open the crates!
Mr. Kitano said
you can't open this
What do you think
you're doing?
Do you know who
this gentleman is?
Do you know
how much Mr. Kitano
donates to Foshan
every year?
My apologies! Mr. Kitano.
You may take the goods
What're you standing here for?
Clear the way!
Of course I welcome donations.
But if they are from the Japanese,
I will definitely decline
Why did you make such
a comment, Chairman?
Japan's evil intentions became apparent
after the Russo-Japanese War,
they annexed our territory...
and built the Manchurian Railway,
aiming at economic invasion
Look at what they did in the North-East,
their ambitions are obvious
I think I understand
how the Chairman feels
But the thing is, the Japanese Chamber
of Commerce in Foshan
did not participate in the
North-Eastern affair
Mr. Kitano came here only
to do business,
not much different from other
foreign investors
So I think we should treat
his donation the
same way as others
I don't believe the Japanese
would make a donation
without a personal agenda
Well... after he's done business
for so long in Foshan,
this could probably be his gesture
of retuning a favor
Don't be suspicious
You're in business, too, Tin Chi.
Why don't you tell us what you think,
as a newcomer?
I tend to agree with what
Chairman Lee suggested
After all,
ourAssociation is on very sound
financial ground,
and is not urgently
in need of donations
Tin Chi, I'm going back
to the school
See you later
Try to talk Chairman Lee out of
being so stubborn, Tin Chi
Mr. Mayor, we are
all educated people
Why should we allow
the uneducated
to upset us?
You are right
Take care
The improved version of
Wing Chun
is the good use of'distant fist,
near elbow,
close wrestling, incorporating long
and short distance movements'
Wing Chun wrestling uses the reverse
joint principle;
no need to hold on
to your opponent
Your Master concentrated
on the long stretch
and low kick
My improved version
of Wing Chun
incorporates the short stretch
and high kick
Wing Chun should not be
described as 'authentic' or
'non-authentic' anymore
To me, Wing Chun is
one big family,
there is no distinction between
you, me, and him
Goodbye, Man Ip
Our surname goes first,
Ip Man, all the best
Same to you, goodbye
Let's go
Thank you
Thank you
You should have told me
you were coming back, Ip Man
Mei Wai
Ip Man's back, everybody!
You brought back
so many things
Only this one is mine,
the rest are presents
for you all
We know Ip Man is good to us!
This is for you
For me?
How am I supposed
to finish all these toffees
Don't eat them all,
some are for my brother to sell
Tin Chi's back!
There you are!
Long time no see.
You're still stout. Keeping up
with martial arts practice?
Do you want to try me?
Give it to me
One point for Man
Great! Another point
for you, Man!
What style is this?
Wing Chun!
The high kick doesn't exist
in Wing Chun,
where did you
pick that up?
Try me more first
One point for Tin Chi
Don't tell me this is
Wing Chun, Man?
This is fantastic.
Show me, Ip Man
It's wonderful!
Teach me, too
Me, too
Me first!
One at a time
Mei Wai, watch out!
Is this necessary, Man?
I'm all right.
Take it easy next time
Take a rest, Mei Wai
Let's learn it together
To reward your enthusiasm.
Come on!
This focuses on the reverse
joint principle
It's a different approach
like Japanese Judo,
there's no need to hold on
to your opponent
It's amazing!
I want to learn, too
Me, too
Count me in
Brother Chung So
Brother Chung So
Let me help you
Such a fat chicken,
let me take care of it
Remember what Master Chan
said to you, Man?
Time to go home
Let's go!
I ask you
Whose style is authentic,
our Master Chan's or
Leung Bik's?
Leung Bik?
Brother Chung So,
Mr Leung and our Master are
from the same school;
his style shouldn't be considered
deviant from authenticity
Also, Leung Bik is Grand
Master Leung Jan's son;
he practiced with him
since he was a child
But he never got along
with the Grand Master,
nor with his brothers.
Leung Bik is conceited
Perhaps... he held
different views
Despite a difference
in views,
he shouldn't have created
tension in the family
I remember after the Grand
Master passed away,
Bik's brother immendiately
put up a wall...
to partition the two families;
you can see how badly he was
received by the others
He's a bit strange,
but we can't assume that
his art is not competent
People often thought that Wing Chun
seldom uses wrestling moves
But he believes that by applying
the targeted finger style
or darting hand movements,
opponents can be overpowered
I've tried it and
it's very effective.
Comparing Bik's with the tradional moves,
his allow more flexibility
Let me tell you, the Wing Chun
Leung Bik has learned...
only accounts for a fraction
of his father's.
Most of his movements
are made up
How can one improve without
deconstructing the old?
You are greedy to aspire
for more before
you can manage the basic
Wing Chun principles
You'll end up
gaining nothing.
I'm fed up.
Enjoy your meal
Don't get upset,
Brother Chung So
Man just got back,
give him a chance!
Fine! He has his chance now
Show me the sort of deviance
you've picked up.
Get up, up!
Brother Chung So!
Brother Chung So!
Ip Man
Brother Chung So!
Stay away!
What happened to the things
Leung Bik taught you?
Brother Chung So!
Ip man should be feeling
sorry by now
Brother Chung So,
that's enough!
Was it Wing Chun that
he just demonstrated?
Does our school have
high kick like that?
Or elbow as low as his?
Now, I demand you all go on your knees
in front of our master and vow that...
you will never again learn anything that
deviates from our school tradition
They have nothing
to do with this,
Brother Chung So
It was me who wanted to try things out.
They never said they wanted
to learn it from me.
I'm the only one who deserves
punishment for this
I have taught you
all I know, Man
Thank you, Master!
Stop calling me master
Your master is Chan Wah Shun;
you have to show due respect
When I was young,
I was too emotional to try to
think from another's perspective
And my family
was too conservative
to accept my innovative
thus causing a lot of
misunderstanding and friction
In order to aviod conflict,
I decided to leave Foshan
Ip Man is gifted,
but he's such an ungrateful brat
Do you think
I should expel him?
Please give me instruction,
If you think I should,
please show 'the head'
when I toss the coin
Master, Ip Man is young
and restless;
he's doomed to make
some mistakes
And... perhaps it's not entirely
his fault.
I might not be competent
enough as an instructor
Why don't we do it three times
to decide on the result?
Thanks, Master
Thanks, Master,
thanks a great deal
You are...
We heard that your Association has
a reputation for the vision of
promoting martial arts on the grounds
of abolishing segregation of schools
So we're here to join
the Association
I'm glad that you share
the same vision.
How may I address you?
Before we enroll,
I'd like to see whether the
Association is qualified to teach us
I don't quite understand
what you mean
You need to show a sample
when you sell goods.
So we'd like to check out how competent
the masters are first
This is not how our
Association operates.
Don't make things
All right, then.
If you don't want to demonstate,
we'll be happy to take over
You just came to
create trouble
Hold it!
Wait a minute!
Chairman Kitano,
what do you want
from us?
Not much, I only
want to say hello
I don't think so,
it's more like picking a fight
This is a place to learn
martial arts;
I don't see why not!
Chairman Lee, allow me
Good! Good fight!
What are you doing?
Good! Good show!
Sorry that my daughter
isn't as capable
Valour is better demonstrated
by the young!
Come and have a snack,
Ip Man
Triple fried sticks
Yes! My creation
How can one person finish it?
It's for all three of us.
We each have one
You two have the crispy sides,
the middle part is not as crunchy
The triple stick is what you wanted
when you were a kid
I didn't say that
You really don't remember, eh?
It seemed that I had a sense of humour
when I was a kid
Too bad you have none left.
I won't eat any more
Mei Wai...
What have I said wrong?
No! Let's eat
Oh yes! I forgot to
congratulate you
On what?
On your successful career in business,
young and hopeful
What's more, Chairman Lee will recommend
you for Vice Chairman,
a bright future
lies ahead of you
Stop teasing me. I owe this to
Brother Chung So's leadership
What's your plan
after graduation?
I won't keep it from you,
but don't laugh at me, alright?
I'd like to start a martial arts school
to promote Wing Chun
What a wonderful idea!
If you start in Foshan,
I'll come up with
the capital for you
Not just in Foshan,
I want it all over the world
I want to show the world
how wonderful Wing Chun is
The world? Great!
Congratulations to you,
Guru of Wing Chun, who will breed
numerous splendid students
Thank you!
Also, when you
become popular,
let's make a film
to promote Wing Chun
to the whole world
You'll contribute the capital,
and me, the hard work
Good! What about profit?
Let's say thirty seventy
Fifty fifty!
You forty me sixty.
The congee is getting cold. Eat!
Done deal!
Let's eat first!
The mayor's son is here.
He wants to ask you out to a film
And Dad has agreed
on your behalf
Is that right?
Did he say what film?
Do you really want to go?
What about Ip Man?
What about your freedom
of romanatic love?
Freedom of romantic love?
I've waited so long,
but have yet to find my love
Perhaps Ip Man and
I are not connected
Do you really think so?
Or else how could I have done
so much but to no avail.
What else can
I do about it?
Look! A new film is on
I don't think
you're a fan of horrors.
Let's go have a drink
No! I want to
see the film
I'll go get the ticket, then
This way please!
Here's your ticket, have a seat.
Ip Man?
Miss Justice?
Aren't you the daughter of
the Deputy Major? How are you?
Hello! Watching
this film, too?
Yes, what a small world!
Miss Cheung was looking
for you, Man
Really? Anything important?
Let's wait until the end
of the film
You're not even
afraid of thugs.
I thought you're
the fearless kind
Of course I'm fearless
Don't touch me!
What's happening now?
Now Dracula is moving towards the female
lead and about to bite her
Is the biting over?
He's still biting,
still biting
Alright, you may open
your eyes now
Are you sure?
I'm Dracula
So am I
Scared the wits out of me.
Excuse me
Please allow me to take you home,
Miss Cheung
Don't worry about it,
Mr. Cho, bye!
Come on...
Miss Cheung, when will we...
Three yams, please!
Thanks for taking me to the film,
thank you very much.
See you
Buying yams?
Where did you pick up
your Englsih, Miss Cheung?
I learned it myself
My brother took English lessons
in Hong Kong, too
Perhaps you two can get together
and practise speaking it
Where are we heading now?
Tomorrow will be our Master's birthday,
we'll go buy a chicken
Let's leave, Mei Wai.
We don't speak English, neither do you!
Let's go
Didn't you say you had
something to ask me?
No need now
You're amusing,
yet I have a question to ask you
Please do
I've not got your name
Didn't you address me
as Miss Justice?
I like it
You're not going to tell me
My name is
Cheung Wing Shing
The feeling of thinking of a person,
whose name is not known,
is like listening to a song
without knowing the title
Or you know
the person's name,
but not what he's
thinking about
The feeling is like listening
to a song,
when the title is familiar
but not the tune
One, two, three, four
Is it hurting you?
It's not nice to me.
Beat it up
Watch me!
Like this, one, two
So slow, speed it up,
come on, come on
Don't laugh, laughing
drains energy
Look at you, being around
this log all day long
You've grown to be loglike,
hopelessly inarticulate
How can I be more expressive,
You can exercise your thoughts,
for instance...
Think of something you like or
somebody you want to be with
Well, I'll stick your name here,
then, Cheung... Wing... Shing
So you want to beat me
up every day?
No, no, no!
I just want to be with you
Ip man!
Go and help prepare dinner
I'm taking Wing Shing
out for dinner
Come over here, Wing Shing,
I have something to tell you
Go clean the study
Yes, Sir!
What do you want to
tell me, Dad?
You've made a major mistake,
Wing Shing
What major mistake?
The worst I could think of was giving
the Mayor's son the cold shoulder
You shouldn't have gone out with
that martial arts guy, Ip Man
If you loathe martial
arts guys so much,
why do you support the
Jing Wu Athletic Association, then?
I support them because
my job requires it
Our freidnship is not based
on a job.
I'm not a hypocrite like you
Me a hypocrite?
I'm your dad,
why won't you listen to me?
I'm just worried that you make friends
who are a bad influence
and bring disgrace
on the family
Unless you don't care much
about our family,
go back to your room
and reflect
For you
Thank you. I'm sure it'll bring
a lot of sweet dreams
I'm afraid that we might have
to stop seeing each other
What happened?
I'm here to see
Deputy Mayor Cheung
Please come in!
Please take a seat
OK, it's done
I hope to see you soon,
Mr. Cheung
The pleasure was all mine
See you soon
By the way, where can
I purchase "bone china"?
He wants to find out where
he can purchase some Chinese bones
Chinese bones?
The British simply
adore bone china
The British have developed
a taste for Chinese bones
I think he can get a better price
from the slaughter house
Go to the "Killing Animal House"
to buy some
Killing Animal?
Yeah, yeah, yeah!
Kill, kill, kill
In that place they kill chickens, kill cows,
kill pigs, kill ducks, kill geese...
Thank you
The British would like to
buy bone China
He wants bone china!
Just kidding.
Mr. Cheung says we can take you
to buy very good china bone
Just kidding
Thanks for doing
the favor for me
Your Englsih is not bad,
young man. Your name?
Ip man
So you're Ip Man,
here for Wing Shing?
I'm here to pay a special
visit to Mr. Deputy Mayor
Pay me a visit?
Something's happening, sis!
What are you
fussing about?
Ip Man's here
Ip Man's here?
He came to see Dad. I don't know
what they're up to. Come and see
Let me help you!
No, thanks!
Let's go to a movie tonight
What about the others?
Siu Shan and Yiu Choi
don't like dramas
What about Ip Man?
Ip Man... has company
Let me think about it
Don't think fortoo long.
The movie will be off soon
When do you want
to go, then?
Actually, I've already got
two tickets.
Too bad I couldn't get toffee,
only some chocolates
Good day, Master Ng.
This is a present from Mr. Chan
Thank you, Yiu Choi!
Take the presents
to the main hall
This way, please!
Thank you!
Look at these paper cuts, Man
Thanks for your trouble
Thank you!
Lay it out properly
Hey, move the left lantern
more to the left
All right!
Move the right lantern
more to the right
Is my writing all right?
Tin Chi! Ip Man!
Put these couplets
on the front door
I'll get the rice paste,
be back soon
Mr. Ip Tin Chi
Can I help you?
The Kitanos asked me
to deliver
a gift on your big day
Happy wedding day!
I really want to know
how you feel now
Thank you all! Cheers!
Hope you have
beautiful kids
I appreciate it
Please take a seat!
Mr. Ip, please sit down!
What a great evening!
Tin Chi's got himself a wife
and I've got a daughter
I'm very happy, too.
To me, Mei Wai is like
half a daughter
while Tin Chi is half a son
Now half a daughter is
marrying half a son;
half a son is marrying
half a daughter
The two halves together
form a perfect couple
Don't forget that Tin Chi
is my whole son
I'm most thrilled to see him
marrying your half daughter
You'll have another happy
occasion very soon.
I believe it'll be
Ip man's turn soon
Keep up the good work, Man!
Tin Chi,
have a wonderful
wedding night!
Congratulations on your promotion to
the Deputy Chairmanship, too. Cheers!
Thank you!
Why don't we fill up
the glasses?
Bottoms up!
Bottoms up!
Bottoms up!
Tin Chi, work hard!
I know, Dad. Cheers!
To my woman
To my man
Cheers again!
Come on!
He was very happy
and is a bit tipsy
Stay here tonight,
Ip Man. Go to sleep, go!
Yes, Sir!
Watch your step
Ip Man
Let's fill our glasses
again, Man
It's getting late,
President Lee
What do you mean
by late?
The night is still young.
Tin Chi said your martial
arts skill is superb
Come on!
Show me your skills
Next time!
Why next time?
Let's do it tonight
President Lee, seriously,
it's getting late!
Let's not start late, then
President Lee!
We don't need you here.
Retire to your room. Let's try again
President Lee!
Let's go!
Sit tight, off we go!
Master Ng, Master Ip,
where's Tin Chi? Isn't he coming?
It was his wedding
night last night.
I'll tell him later
Let's go in first
This way
I can't imagine the
honorable and
respected President ended up
with such a tragic death
We must locate the murderer,
the President cannot
die in vain
Show me in. Have you reported
to the police?
Not yet
We'd better report it first
Right away
Got it!
Where's my brother?
In his room
Ip Tin Chi!
Ip Tin Chi!
Ip Tin Chi, come with me
What's wrong?
You stay here.
You come with me right now;
I have to talk to you
What's the matter?
People should have
qualms of conscience
What're you getting at?
Didn't Lee Man Ho treat you
like his son?
Why did you do that?
What've I done?
Are you out of your mind?
Stop acting innocent!
Strangle me if you
have the balls
I have no clue
what you're talking about
You strangled President Lee,
only you used left hand
Lee is dead?
I won't let him die in vain!
Let go of him, Man!
What are you two doing?
Why start a fight?
Your Godfather was killed.
Look this man in the eyes.
He is the killer
All because he was strangled
with the left hand,
you're accusing me
of murder
I'm not the only one in Foshan
who's learned the strangling move
You taught me this move.
You know how to strangle
with your left hand, too.
The Japanese want to get rid
of their opponents.
You must be the one
who helped them
Tell me,
why did the Japanese send
gifts to your wedding?
I do business with
many foreigners.
It's no surprise that the Japanese
would send me presents
Swear that you have nothing
to do with President Lee's murder
All right! I, Ip Tin Chi swear...
Tin Chi, the police are here
Ip Man, have you reported
to the police?
Mr. Ip Tin Chi, we are here to take
Mr. Ip Man to the police station
Why are you taking
my brother away?
He's suspected of
President Lee's murder
Lee's servant witnessed
a fight and heated
argument between Ip Man
and Lee last night
The President was quite drunk
and my brother just escorted
him home
No need to start a fight with President Lee
after taking him home, right?
Arrest him
You're not taking
Ip Man away
There must be some understanding here.
My brother doesn't kill
Mr. Ip, please stop your wife from
obstructing our course of action
I'll go with them.
I fear not as I'm innocent
Ip Tin Chi, remember
you swore an oath
if you don't have enough
evidence to press charges,
you have to release him
Deputy Mayor,
Ip Man has been charged
with felony.
We need more time
to investigate
Ip Man is innocent,
you can't lock him up.
Miss Cheung,
we go by evidence; we don't bring
charges against innocent citizens
There are witnesses in this case.
If he's innocent,
why won't he try to
defend himself?
You keep saying
Ip Man is innocent;
do you have evidence,
Miss Cheung?
Unless you can prove his innocence,
stop making these empty claims
Ip Tin Chi has been elected President
of the Jing Wu Athletic Association
Thank you!
Thank you!
Mr. Kitano will donate
$300,000 to the Association
And will send his students here
to exchange knowledge.
Any objections?
Lee Man Ho...
killers in ambush
You can leave now!
How come?
Let's get out of here first
Come on!
At 10:30 pm,
the night of the murder,
Ip Man came to
my place
We stayed up and chatted.
He was drunk and
so spent the night in my room
Miss Cheung, are you
telling the truth?
Were you really with Ip man
on the night of the murder?
Your testimony
is critical to the case
If you're making things up,
you could be arrested
I swear the truth in my capacity
as the Deputy Mayor's daughter
However, I can't simply
take your alibi and
believe that Ip Man
is innocent
I need more
supporting evidence
More supporting evidence?
Is my daughter's chastity
not enough
to prove his innocence?
I guess I need the
Provincial Governor
to come and do justice
Dad, don't be too upset.
I had no alternative but to
make up such a lie. I'm so sorry
You sacrificed your reputation
to rescue him;
just to rescue a Kung Fu guy!
You must marry my sister
as soon as you can!
Dad, don't get mad!
Wing Shing!
Sorry! I'm not worth it
Worth it or not is only
for me to decide
I don't want you to
marry me because of this
Wing Shing!
That's not what I mean,
I want you to marry me
I'll take you as my wife with an official
ceremony and a grand wedding.
Your father need not worry
Mei Wai! Mei Wai!
Mei Wai, why are you
doing this?
Did you kill my Godfather,
Tin Chi?
Do you work
for the Japanese?
Did you betray your own people
for money, or for power?
It's not as simple
as you think
It's hard to explain
Mei Wai,
please don't leave me!
Listen to me
I beg you.
Please listen!
What other lies do you
want to tell me?
You can't die,
you'll be a mother soon
But you've killed,
you should give yourself in
It won't work! It won't work!
Listen! We should go
somewhere we belong
Where's the letter?
Who came?
Tell me, who came?
No... Nobody
Tell me who was here?
Brother Chung So...
he came to see me just now
I've caused my brother
enough damage,
I don't want to involve
Brother Chung So
Where are you heading?
I've done so much for
your career advancement
Dad even made Ip Man
the culprit for your crime
And you back out because
of this lowly woman!
I've done what you told me.
What more do you want from me?
Kill Ng Chung So;
he's aware that you're working for us
For you, and for us,
whoever gets in the way
should be eliminated
I don't want to
kill any more!
This is not an option!
Tin Chi!
Don't hurt her!
Tin Chi!
I gave you my word
on the honor of a samurai:
You'll be free to leave
after this mission
Don't say that you haven't been
given a second chance!
How can I overcome him?
If you can't do this alone,
we'll form a brother
and sister team
Tin Chi, come out!
Tin Chi, come out quick!
We don't spare traitors in the
Wing Chun Martial Arts School
He's no longer your senior.
Get him out here, now!
Tin Chi!
Tin Chi!
I beg your forgiveness, Master.
I've failed as a teacher
and a leader
Yiu Choi! Yiu Choi!
Ip Tin Chi, you traitor!
That's no way to treat
your fellow disciples
Watch out, Man!
I will!
Kill him!
Clear the way!
I beat you up, not in revenge
for being framed
But to defend Lee Man Ho,
the Master, and Dad's reputation
Why did you turn traitor when you
were so loved and respected by us?
I'm not a traitor!
I'm a Japanese sergeant,
Tanaka Eiketsu
I left my parents
when I was twelve to
become a spy in China
I miss my country,
I want to go home
I couldn't even see my mother
when she died
I have yet to be able to pay
my respects at her grave
It might not be a bad idea
to die now,
so everything can be ended
I'm a soldier,
which leaves me no choice
I'm relieved now as I've finally
carried out my mission
I don't need to hurt the people
I love any more
It's been a pleasure
to be adopted
by the Ip family and
be your brother
I have no regrets,
as Mei Wai has been my wife
Where's Mei Wai now?
Ip Man...
The essence of Wing Chun is to
follow one's shadow,
not his hand. Focus on what you feel
rather than what you see
Where's Tin Chi?
I feel guilty;
I wasn't able to keep his son
Captain, these crates have just arrived.
They are all Kitano's
Open them for inspection!
Where am I? Who are you?
I want to go home
There's one over here, too!
Help him out
Over here, too!
Any water? Give them some!
Will do!
Easy, get him out!
Dad, a beggar is
unconscious outside
Don't be afraid!
Give them some water!
At the critical moment,
he arrived in a hurry
with a long rod in hand,
beating the hell out of
the Japanese with
the authentic Wing Chun
'half-past six' rod style
However, his rod was slashed
into two halves
by your Uncle Tin Chi's
Japanese sword
Yet Tin Chi didn't let go,
he pressed even harder...
by attacking Ip Man
with Karate and Judo
How did my Dad react?
He was very alert;
he immediately used the two half rods
like a pair of wing-shaped swords,
and brandished them frantically,
at times mixing in some
unknown styles,
styles difficult to identify,
to beat his opponent
These mixed movements,
regardless of their authenticity,
were not only powerful
enough to win,
but also good enough
to save my life
From then on, I stopped believing
that martial arts schools
should be segregated to maintain
their own authentic styles
My eyes were opened and
saw a broader horizon
I don't understand how Uncle Tin Chi
picked up Japanese Kung Fu?
Yeah! Why? Why?
As a matter of fact,
your Uncle Tin Chi...
Why stop practicing?
Go and do more training and
practice. Hurry! Hurry!
Let's go and practice!
Telling stories again,
Brother Chung So?
You've gone over them
thousands of times
The thing is, every time
it's a new story to them
You're right! Children should
know about their past
Pay full attention
when you practice.
You are not allowed to eat
before you're done
Dinner's ready, Jun!
Stop the training.
Come and eat, everybody!
Dad says I have to practise
well before I can eat
What's more important?
Martial Arts or food?
Food! Dad!
All right!
Take a good rest.
Practise more after you eat