Yip Man: Jung gik yat jin (2013) Movie Script

Your pupil is on TV, Dad.
Did he contact you?
We had tea and he walked me home.
Ip Man was my Dad.
Judging from his scholarly appearance.
Few could tell that
he's a martial arts expert
and Master to a world
renowned action star.
My parents both hailed
from wealthy Foshan families.
Nothing was lacking in our family
until the Japanese came
and seized everything we had.
My two young sisters
were starved to death.
Dad believed a man should see the world,
and he's a man-of-his-own-word.
Despite his chronic stomach illness,
he came alone to Hong Kong in 1949.
Where is this place?
Over there!
Thank you!
You're welcome!
Who is it?
I'm looking for Lee Man, my name is lp.
Master lp
Lee's out but he told me to expect you.
Come in.
My name is Leung Sheung.
They say you're famous in Foshan.
Perhaps I can see for myself?
You will, someday.
Why not today?
Not on an empty stomach!
Hungry? Be right back!
I'm a martial artist myself,
but I've never come across Wing Chun.
I'd love to see it!
I hear it was invented by a woman
and that it's awesome.
I'm ready...
when you are, Master lp!
Let me clear the room...
Don't bother!
You win if you knock me off
this newspaper.
Are you alright?
I'm fine!
Please take me as your pupil, Master lp.
Let's talk after lunch.
Try our local specialty,
Indeed, all-in-one!
Fewer dishes to wash, too.
No more four-course meals these days.
That was a lifetime ago for me.
The recent influx of immigrants
made it hard to make a living.
You won't get a job without a sponsor.
But you must have good connections,
so that shouldn't be a problem.
You don't really need a job,
just open a martial arts school.
Not unless it's absolutely necessary.
Don't you want to teach?
Yes, but I don't want to run a school.
Come this way...
This is Master lp.
Hello, Master lp.
Master lp is from Foshan.
His Wing Chun is awesome!
He'll give lessons on our rooftop
from now on.
Please help tidy up
the place and make room.
King! Sei Mui! Give us a hand!
This way, Master!
With capability comes strong personalities,
making it hard to find a sponsor,
and hence a job.
But such is fate.
If Master had a cushy desk job,
he may not have
become the Grandmaster that he is.
If I wasn't heading the Restaurant
Workers' Union
and had a say in most things,
he may never have taught on our rooftop,
and I couldn't have
introduced Wing Chun to others.
Barbecued pork buns!
Chan Sei Mui is a dim sum girl.
She's a huge fan of martial arts novels,
dreams of upholding justice
like her fictional heroines.
Tang Sing is a cop
who doesn't say much
to anyone but Master
and keeps everything to himself.
Lee King is the darling of her factory.
She's tough with a strong sense of justice,
often speaking out for fellow workers.
You should make hay instead!
Wong Tung is a prison warden
who's a quick learner.
Master says he has a temper like a bull.
Ng Chan is a tram driver
and Wong Tung's best friend.
People come from all walks of life.
Yet Master has three "unteachables"
wise guys,
and those who can't make ends meet
have no business learning kung-fu.
I think what made him the Grandmaster
was his no-nonsense teaching approach.
He's flexible and never rigid,
so all pupils can learn quickly.
Some are always itching to pick a fight.
That move doesn't count!
What are you doing?
Enough bullshit! What do you want?
Bullshit? What about you?
You're a lousy player, spare me the crap!
I dare you to repeat that!
With pleasure!
This is chess and you're shit!
You're asking for a beating!
You don't scare me!
They seem to know kung-fu.
This is Wing Chun!
The hell it is!
Screw you!
Police? I want to report a brawl!
Please hurry!
I'm not finished with you! Come back...
What about the damages?
Take this!
50 cents? Hey...
Come back, kid!
Another mess!
What do you want me to do?
Play deaf, dumb or blind?
We learn from the same Master,
turn a blind eye!
Tang Sing,
we're both civil servants.
You don't scare me
because you're no better than I am.
You put criminals behind bars,
and I watch over them.
So who's more important?
You, of course!
But you trashed someone's shop.
He called us,
and the case is booked.
Tell me what to do!
Figure it out! You're the cop!
I taught you for a year
and you go around picking fights.
If I teach you for another year
either you will kill someone
or someone will kill you.
Kung-fu is pointless if you can't use it.
It is not about picking fights.
Kung-fu is about developing your
physical well being.
There are other ways to achieve that.
Jogging, skipping rope,
football, swimming...
Then why don't you jog?
Stop the backchat!
If I teach you how to swim
you can swim far or save a life.
But never push others into the sea.
Kung-fu is not about picking fights.
Only brutes use force, wise men use virtue.
When practicing kung-fu, integrity is vital.
Here's your punishment...
Polish the wooden dummy.
Everyone wants to do good.
But in reality
it's never up to us.
Even if you can't help it,
at least try not to hurt someone.
I'm really confused.
What's right and wrong?
I can't tell anymore.
Follow your conscience?
Or go with the flow?
You must choose carefully!
Wing Sing!
Wing Sing!
Hong Kong's specialty, "meal-on-a-plate".
Tofu, pork, beef and vegetables.
Four courses...
Let's eat!
Something wrong?
I wish Chun were here.
I told you to bring him,
but you wanted to check things out first.
He just enrolled in a good Foshan school,
I don't want to unsettle him.
When he's here,
I'll order an extra dish.
A six-course meal!
Let's eat!
12th November 1950
I thought this blanket is warm enough.
But the cold weather has surprised me.
It's not big enough for both of us.
Take it!
Your hands are cold!
I'll pass you some of my inner strength.
Who could it be at this hour?
I'll get it, it's drafty out there!
What is it?
We have something for Mrs. lp.
You're very pretty, Mrs. lp.
Thank you!
We'll let you get back to bed, good night!
Good night!
I thought you've a lot to tell me.
I thought so too.
Mine is a wrinkled face.
Don't look at me like that!
My blurry eyes can't spot wrinkles.
I can back away... better now?
No, the closer the better!
Back then four unions staged a strike,
other unions rallied in support.
The relationship between
employers and workers worsened.
As the union chief,
I was caught in the middle.
Meetings have become highly confrontational.
My foreman worked for
3 years 7 months and 10 days
without taking a single day off.
It took the boss
just one minute to fire him!
Most employers have no conscience!
Calm down! Let's talk, alright?
Our boss owes us
two months' pay,
and just sacked a pregnant colleague.
Leung Sheung, you head our union.
Will the union stand up for us?
I was fired for being an unionist.
I lost my job.
What will happen to me?
How can I feed my family of six?
You have done nothing.
Do you want me to pull a knife on him?
I know how you feel
but it's no use to be reckless.
Please calm down!
H Ow?
Let's call a general strike!
Show the bosses we mean business!
Then there'll be no way back!
You're such a wimp!
No, he just wants to save his own ass.
Your boss gave you lucky money.
That was for the New Year.
Everybody got it!
Be reasonable!
But Leung Sheung had a big one!
What are you hinting at? Don't slander me.
How do you know I got more than others?
It goes without saying!
Listen to me!
A strike is effective.
You read the newspapers.
The bus drivers got what they wanted.
But the head of the tram union was deported.
So? Are you scared?
Your move!
Whose side are you on?
Everyone chipped in for the gift.
Stop yelling!
You'll cost us our jobs!
Mind your tongue!
Speak your mind but
don't yell at the ladies.
Stop pointing!
I've been more than reasonable!
She started it!
Just whose side are you on?
Can't you tell how much
I have done for you?
For me?
My family hasn't eaten in three days!
They're starving.
And you, you're a turncoat...
What? You want to pick a fight?
Don't... Let's talk...
Well? You want to fight?
Let me...
Sing, let go of him!
Listen to me!
If you don't stick together,
how can you stand up for yourselves?
Sing, are you mad at me?
I was thinking, Hong Kong isn't any better.
Maybe it's time to go back to Foshan.
Don't let him work!
We want a pay rise!
We demand a pay rise!
Pay rise! Pay rise!
Break them up!
Break them up!
Yes, Sir!
Are you okay, Sir?
Go, go!
Let go of me!
She's done this before. But this time...
she beat up a gweilo!
I'm Chinese and only a constable,
I've done everything I could.
I hope you'll understand.
When was the last time you attended class?
I have been very busy.
The workers are striking during the day,
and meeting illegally at night.
I take English lessons on Saturdays,
and target practice on Sundays.
Passing the review board,
is very important to me.
A turtle jelly, please!
Does Mrs. lp feel at home here?
That's good!
Did Lee King really beat up the gweilo?
Not personally,
but she was with the mob.
No sugar?
Next time I'll teach you "Sticking Hands".
The gun you use is foreign,
but your fists are your own.
You can point your gun at anyone,
but never use fists against your own kind.
My treat.
It can help you think clearly.
I want to release the girl Lee King.
Lee King?
Lee King? Are you serious?
She hit my head!
Sorry, Sir!
Sorry, Sir!
Sorry, Sir!
Lee King, you may go!
First you arrested me, now you let me go.
I'm not sure if I should thank you.
Violence is not the only option.
I only know that you work for running dogs.
Running dogs?
Is Tang Sing coming?
I've told him about
our farewell dinner for Mrs. lp.
What did he say?
He said...
Never mind, he knows about it.
You're setting a huge table.
Master has invited
an old friend and his family.
It was destiny...
Have some tea, Mrs. Lee.
It's fate...
that we ran into each other!
Have some tea, Mr. Lee
Thank you!
You don't have to be so courteous,
I'm no longer a boss.
I've prepared your favorite rice wine.
Let's have a toast...
Thank you for your hospitality, Mrs. lp.
Don't mention it.
Good girl!
Times are different now.
Everyone is having a hard time.
It's good to see old friends from home.
Thank you for looking after
us during the War.
That was nothing!
Let me toast you!
Cheers! Have some tea!
Mrs. lp!
When will you come back from Foshan?
Not until Chun is on holiday.
Chun is now in college.
The chicken is ready...
Let's dig in!
Let's eat!
The best behaved gets the drumstick!
I bet it's you.
Here's a drumstick for you.
Say thank you.
We don't want drumsticks.
Leave it for our baby brother.
Very well!
Speaking of him...
Where is the baby, Mrs. Lee?
I didn't eat any drumstick.
Please don't sell us!
Don't sell me, Mom!
You still don't get it, do you?
Baby brother was sold not
because he ate drumsticks.
Mom sold him for money to feed us.
It wasn't my idea,
it was your Dad's.
I'm so sorry...
Mrs. Lee!
I can't feed a family of eight,
I had to sell one
to feed the others.
Shame on me!
If one can't even make ends meet,
what good is kung-fu to him?
I can't even help a friend in need.
Keep your papers safe.
Take as much as you can,
Chun needs them for school.
You're not taking this?
No, I'll do the buttons
and pockets when I return.
That was the last time I saw Mrs. lp.
Because on New Year's Day in 1950
border restrictions were suddenly enforced.
Mrs. lp was not allowed to
return to Hong Kong.
Master didn't seem
to mind living alone, though.
He carried on as usual,
but I have often seen him lost in solitude.
Barbecued pork buns!
Radish cake!
Barbecued pork buns!
The latest issue! Put it away!
I'm on duty! Want anything?
Barbecued pork buns.
Barbecued pork buns.
Tea please!
Remember... do it slowly.
Don't rush... get it?
What are you staring at? Stay focused!
Brother Sing!
Please watch out for us.
Take good care of Brother Sing for me!
Brother Sing!
It's warm in here,
take off your cap.
I'm fine.
Take it off!
He's bald!
He looks funny!
Please give it back!
I have to go.
These girls are impudent!
Don't be upset, please come again!
This is for you!
Thank you, Sir!
It was said no half decent man
would want to be a cop,
who was no more than
a thug dressed in uniform.
And those gweilos stuck
their noses in everything,
except the Walled City,
which was rife with criminal activities.
Even the police were reluctant to go inside.
Ordinary citizens only
go to nearby streets
for cheap dental work.
Who calls the shots there?
Have a seat over there, Master!
A local tyrant, no less!
There's a gang boss in the Walled City
known as Dragon.
Legend has it that, on a stormy day,
he came out of nowhere,
stood in the courtyard,
raised a flag and shouted three times.
Since then,
armed with an icepick,
and his powerful kicks,
he challenged every gang inside the City,
and fought his way to the top.
From now on, the Walled City is mine!
He ends up controlling
everything inside the Walled City.
Does Dragon really exist?
Of course! He's the local despot!
We seldom see Tang Sing after his promotion.
But he would send money
every now and then.
Please give this to Master lp.
Yes, Sir!
Saying it's his tuition fee.
The others chipped in financially,
and took turns looking after Master.
Time for your medication.
Be careful, it's hot!
Yeung Siu-tong!
In 1953,
I lost the union election.
Leung Sheung!
Auyeung Chi-ming is elected!
It's their loss for electing someone else.
But Master could no longer
teach on the rooftop.
It was decided
we'll chip in and rent a place
for him to open a school.
He refused at first.
But we finally convinced him.
Yet he was adament about
not putting up signage,
A signboard means business.
You can't buy kung-fu
like you do with abalones.
Let go of me!
You can't hide from me, junkie!
I'm only two days behind.
Don't push me too hard!
You'll get nothing if I die.
I won't let you die!
Now move it! Let go of me!
Stop it! How much does she owe you?
$10, including interest.
Take the money and leave!
Get lost!
Thank you. I'll pay you back!
Don't worry about it.
Just kick the habit!
I tried, but failed!
They say life is like a dream.
But I say dreams reflect life.
A toast to the new school and more pupils
who can fight like me!
Stop boasting!
Do you have a wish, Master?
I wish you'd spare me trouble.
He means you!
What is it?
Never mind... it's nothing!
WhY Can't you just say it?
In fact...
I have an announcement to make.
King and I are getting married.
Like me,
you sure have eye for a good wife!
Congratulations! Cheers!
Didn't I tell you?
You'll get your man for sure!
Let's dance, Sei Mui!
Please join us, Master!
We're going...
They say life is like a dream.
But I say dreams reflect life
that is full of separations and reunions.
A short life
embraces old age and youth.
Dazzling nights,
melancholic mornings.
Angels in Hell,
phantoms in Heaven.
When you wake from your dream,
you realize you're at
the end of your journey.
Thank you!
Thank you!
Thank you!
You sing, I write.
I can make you a star
through my columns.
No, thank you!
Don't tell me you're not for sale!
I'll share a drink with you.
Thank you!
You sure can drink!
One more toast, then!
Very well!
How dare you!
Out of my way!
Go to Hell!
That's enough!
Stupid old fart!
It's spicy...
Help! It's spicy hot...
You have a lot of nerve!
You bet! That's Wing Chun!
Are you alright, Miss?
Thank you!
May I know your name, sir?
I'm just a nobody.
You sang well!
Thank you!
Master, we're attacked by
Wing Chun school!
That's right!
This is outrageous!
We have no quarrels with you.
Why did you beat up my pupils?
Who are your pupils?
That's him!
He said our school is useless.
He even verbally abused your parents!
Fix him good!
Shortly after 11 last night
a peculiar mass brawl broke out
at Temple Street in Yaumatei.
Thank you!
Feel free to browse.
Newcomer Wing Chun
took on the famous Pak Hok
and fought for supremacy.
Each school sent out its best fighters
in one of the most earth-shattering battles.
Master of the Wing Chun school...
They misspelt your name as lp Mon!
Who leapt onto rooftops
and walked on walls,
routed Pak Hok's twin-sword assault,
and devastated everything in sight.
Pak Hok suffered heavy casualties.
How exaggerated!
Pak Hok kung-fu Academy
They made us out to be a bunch of wimps!
I read it.
We must teach them a lesson.
We don't always have to resort to violence.
I'll post my thoughts in the newspaper.
The falling leaves understand
the world's worries,
while the cicadas are oblivious
to departing sorrow.
If the spring breeze doesn't care
for the rain on the eaves,
why should the setting sun care
about staying or leaving?
What does it mean?
It means lp Mon...
It's Master lp Man
Very well... this lp Man
shouldn't let his pupils loose when
he can't even care for himself.
That's complete nonsense!
That's not what happened!
A wandering leaf
is free to go anywhere.
Self discipline always comes before fame.
There's no end to learning
and practicing kung-fu.
Master lp says even
though he's not settled down,
he has few worries.
His concern is self discipline over fame,
and he is very sure of himself.
What he doesn't know, though
is how powerful his opponent is.
A scholar and a warrior!
Hurry, it's almost showtime!
Is Master lp in?
Who is it?
He's inside.
Ng Chung from the Pak Hok School.
A small gift.
I'll take care of Master Ng.
In order of seniority,
it's surely my duty.
I must receive Master Ng personally.
I was most impressed by
the imagery of your poem.
And I truly admire yours, too
and share your sentiment
on one line in particular.
Which is...
There's no end to learning
and practicing kung-fu.
It makes me even more curious
about Wing Chun.
Shall we compare notes in private?
With pleasure!
Leave us alone!
Sei Mui, let me take a peep!
Where did they go? Come on...
I almost broke your furniture, apologies.
Thanks for the oranges, Master Ng.
They're coming out!
Master Ng!
Master lp!
Keep it UP!
Wing Chun Academy
Your patronage will be
greatly appreciated...
You're not angry, Master?
But I am!
How can he open a school?
He's still a beginner!
We can still use this mug.
Did he have your blessing?
Did he tell you
his school is across the street from yours?
That, he didn't!
How can you tolerate this?
Ng Chan
Master lp
You jacket is rather unusual.
There are neither buttons nor pockets!
One slice is enough.
Is it too sour?
No, it's my stomach...
Then you must avoid anything acidic.
Sorry, I don't want to waste food.
What can I do for you, Miss Jenny?
I was looking for someone
to address an envelope,
when I thought I'd drop by
to show gratitude.
Address an envelope?
I've to send a photo
to my aunt in San Francisco
for match-making.
The address...
has to be in English.
I'd pay someone to do it.
I learnt English at school here,
perhaps I can help.
That's great!
Should the recipient's name be in Chinese?
Yes, I think that should be okay.
I hope you'll find your Mr. Right.
Stop the thief!
Stop! Police!
A cop!
A cop is in here!
A cop!
A cop has come in!
Police brutality!
I work for Dragon
Shut up!
Officer Tang.
I've heard of you.
What do you want?
I hear you like to help people.
I do what I can.
I know you're vying with Kam
to be the next Chief Inspector.
You're well informed.
if Kam was chosen for this job,
he won't be much help to anyone.
But you're different.
Am I right?
You should work with someone with ability.
I like helping people too.
Chief Inspector Tang!
I'm just a sergeant.
This money...
should be enough to get you there.
You want me to become Chief Inspector?
Because you can then help...
anyone you want.
There's a lion dance contest In two days.
Pak Hok's Ng Chung is favoured to win.
But I think...
the winner should be Chun Wai's Ngai Ba-tin.
Do you think God will grant me my wish?
It doesn't smell!
Ngai Tong? You're under arrest!
What have I done? Shut up! Move it!
Luk Fu
Come with us!
Two of our men have been arrested.
Can we still compete?
I won't buckle!
We're on!
Sing is over there, Master.
Why doesn't he come over and say hello?
Let's sit down!
Those lions are ganging up on Master Ng.
Come up!
Hold on to me!
Are you here to compete or to fight?
Give them a hand!
What should we do, Sir?
Let them fight!
Escort the officials out!
Please follow me!
Let's go!
Beware of the needles on his sleeves!
Master Ngai!
Let's call it a day?
I'll only take orders from...
the one who defeats me.
My apologies, Master Ngai!
You have a lot of nerve!
Let's go!
Our medicated wine is not bad,
infused with eagle claws
and bear gall bladders.
You can either drink or apply it.
What a way to make a living,
drinking medicated wine.
It's tough heading up a school.
People are fooled by
our cheerful demeanor.
But we're actually under great pressure.
I'm sure you'd understand!
My wife used to adore me.
Because I know kung-fu,
it gave her a sense of security.
We got married, then I opened the school.
I was challenged day in and out.
So she felt unsafe and insecure,
and opts for just about anyone else
but a kung-fu instructor.
How fickle a woman can be!
Master Ng,
you have such literary talent,
you can be a school teacher.
You are far superior, Master lp.
I can't blame her, though.
Young thugs are always at the door.
Finally I found a solution.
What solution?
Between you and me...
it's very simple.
Whenever a challenger turns up,
I'd tell him...
I'm going to lock that door
and here's the key.
If you want to leave,
you have to kill me for it.
Or else...
run now before I kill you.
Nine out of 10 would leave right away.
What about the tenth?
The last one has guts,
and he'd become my pupil.
It's hard for a pupil to find a good master.
But for a master to find good pupils,
it's even harder.
I can't agree with you more!
Have some tea!
You must be careful with what you eat.
I cooked these myself.
As good as those from a restaurant.
A bit salty, though.
I'll pay you for it.
Please don't!
I washed these already.
If you like, I can cook for you again.
Wake up! Time to go to work!
Come on, get UP!
Get up...
Your friend died in peace.
I'm scared.
Of what?
Of being alone...
when I die.
Please hold.
Master lp! A call for you!
Were you by Mom's side?
Master lp
Are you alright?
In 1960, Hong Kong's economy was poor.
Life in Foshan was considerably more stable.
Mom passed away in July that year.
I stayed with her until the very end.
Nothing too serious. Mr. lp was in shock.
Thank you, doctor.
They sent Dad to Queen Mary Hospital
Perhaps he was overcame with grief,
he didn't recognize anyone.
He couldn't recognize any of us!
Wing Sing!
Don't you recognize me?
What are you doing here?
You should be in
San Francisco for your date.
I found him already.
Move over...
ready! Smile, Master!
There's my wife.
Wong Tung and Sei Mui got married in 1961.
One more...
Wong Tung quit his job after he got married.
I don't know why.
Then he decided to
teach kung-fu for a living.
He asked Master for a signboard,
and he inscribed one for him.
Authentic Wing Chun
Some thought Master was
partial to Wong Tung.
In fact, he was the only one
who dared to ask.
If the others had asked,
he would have done the same for them.
Now that you put up a signboard,
if you wish to turn someone away,
you must have a good excuse.
No wonder he refused
to have a sign for his own school.
It's not in his character to find excuses.
He'd lay it on you straight.
With a baby on the way and money was tight,
Wong Tung took in whoever came along.
Unfortunately, few went to him for lessons.
Nice place!
Interested in boxing in the Walled City?
Chan won five bouts in a row,
and made a ton of money.
Hi, Sis.
We're not interested.
Very well.
I'm off.
Think it over.
Very well!
Wong Tung won 10 bouts in a row.
I'm very happy with the pool.
I'll keep the money for Tung.
I'd be even happier
if Wing Chun loses for a change.
Wing Chun doesn't lose so easily.
What do you know?
Master lp who teaches kung-fu upstairs?
You are his son?
After Mom died, Dad wanted me to join him.
I finally came in 1961.
Took me ages to walk to Shamshuipo
where I found his school.
Dad was a great wanderer.
Everyday we go for a walk after breakfast.
He'd take me to Central and
Sheung Wan,
where he'd point out different stores
owned by his classmates
from St. Stephen's College,
among them Tang Shiu-kin,
the philanthropist.
Yet he has never called upon any of them,
as he was reluctant to ask for help.
He never forced me to do things
learn Wing Chun or
to help out at his school.
There's no difference being
his son or his pupil,
I'm off job-hunting, Dad.
Except I get to spend more time with him.
Pardon me.
Back then,
I often saw a woman who brought him meals.
I asked Dad how I should address her.
He just said "whatever".
So I decided to call her Northern Lady.
I felt relieved that
Dad was being looked after.
Let's eat.
Is it good?
I finally landed a job
with a shipping company,
working night shift with room and board.
But on occasions,
I'd go back to Dad's for dinner.
Happy New Year, everybody!
Take a seat! Dinner will soon be served.
How's work, Chun?
It's alright.
If it doesn't suit you,
come back and help out.
Hello! Happy new year!
You can stir-fry this rice cake
or make soup with it.
I'll take that.
Thank you.
You should just ignore her.
Dinner is ready.
Thank you, Sheung.
It's nothing!
Master, your favorite shrimp.
I have red packets for you.
I put them in your drawer.
Let me get them.
To his health.
No, we pass.
It's lucky money from Master.
I said no.
Thank you, Master.
Don't be like that.
She's not Mrs. lp.
Let's eat.
Dig in, everyone.
I have to go back to work,
let's eat.
Can we take back
the blanket we gave Mrs. lp?
Don't they want someone looking after you?
Don't worry! I'll eat your rice cake.
I'm more worried about your catching a cold.
My pupils rented this place.
I don't want to bother them anymore.
What's wrong? ls it your stomach?
Go see a doctor, if not to the hospital.
They say this is good for pain.
Try it.
Better than being in pain.
Drink up.
Don't ever give me that stuff again!
But you were in pain.
Never touch opium!
Remember your friend?
I just don't want to see you in pain.
Please forgive me.
I'm not blaming you.
Honey, tell them to unload everything.
In the summer of 1962,
Dad and I rented a flat in Mongkok.
Northern Lady used to visit at first,
then for some reason she stopped coming.
That year,
I started to learn Wing Chun from Dad.
The Government announced today...
daily water supply is cut to four hours.
Turn it off downstairs!
Turn off the tap!
Olives-in-flight! Up here...
Dad took on more pupils back then.
Some would even picked him up in fancy cars
and drove him home for private tuitions.
Rumors got out that
Dad only taught for money.
The winning lottery number is 03420877.
No. 3 typhoon signal is hoisted.
Typhoon Wanda is
forecasted to hit Hong Kong.
A higher signal will be hoisted later.
Citizens are advised to stay home
and take precautions.
Stay away from windows and open areas.
But I will never
throw a match.
People come to see Wing Chun.
Call it off for all I care.
You're a nobody without my arena.
Who do you think you are? The star?
Don't you dare go against my will!
If I can make you,
I can also break you.
Tung-tung, let's hang this up for dad...
$100 on Wong Tung to win.
I bet $40.
Wong Tung!
Iron-Fist Ngai Ba-tin vs
Wing Chun's Wong Tung
King, babysit for me.
Sei Mui!
The typhoon is coming,
where are you going?
I have a sweet deal for you.
Let's make it more interesting.
How interesting?
5 to 1 if you kill him.
I'd love to make you happy,
but it's not easy to kill this guy.
Don't worry, just wait...
Help is on the way.
Can I have your autograph?
Will you take me as your pupil?
And me, too! Chan, give him the address.
Very well!
Have a soda pop for good luck.
Thank you!
Now I get it.
Nail him!
Brother Tung!
Let him have it...
They've drugged Tung!
Save him!
Beat him up...
Beat him up...
Ignore him!
Carry on!
Stop the bout!
Is this a boxing match,
or a game of death?
You had him drugged, asshole!
I am calling the shots here.
The hell with you!
I'm taking him with me.
Finish the bout,
and he can go with you.
Carry on!
Are you okay?
Out Of my way!
I won't care if you're pregnant or not!
Who are you? Why are they here?
I am lp Man, I come for my pupil.
Have you sought Dragon's permission?
Where is he?
Thank you!
They've drugged Tung!
Brother Tung!
Brother Tung!
Hang in there, Tung!
Master has come to take us home.
Tung! Hang in there!
You're okay?
They've drugged him!
Take him back to the station.
Anything can happen inside the ring.
Don't blame us if your pupil
wasn't good enough.
I won't interfere if the fight was fair,
but that was plain murder.
You have to answer for this.
He made me lose money
and you came looking for trouble.
You'll have to pay for this.
What are you waiting for? Arrest him!
This is the Walled City,
it's outside the police's jurisdiction.
Hang in there, Tung!
If I take them out of the City,
can you do your job?
As soon as they set foot outside,
my men will arrest them.
Very well.
Take Tung and Sei Mui with you,
and ask your men to wait outside.
Do as I say, go.
Give me a hand!
Hold on!
Sing! Get going!
Ip Man, you have no say on my turf.
I'm not after your turf.
I'm after you.
We shall see!
Stay alert!
Run along!
Take them away!
Yes, Sir!
Are you alright?
One day in 1968,
Dad asked me if I had time to accompany him
to visit Northern Lady who had lung cancer.
So we went to the Haven of Hope Hospital.
It was quite a journey
to Rennie's Mill in those days.
First by bus, then by ferry,
before ending with a long walk.
Dad said nothing throughout the trip.
One slice is enough.
It's my stomach...
I'm sorry.
I don't want to waste it.
When did you find out
that I didn't make those dishes?
I knew the first time you came.
Bing Kee's dishes are known to be salty.
Why didn't you say something?
Sometimes things are best left unsaid.
I don't really understand...
what the doctor said.
Do you still remember
what I was most afraid of?
I promise...
you won't be alone.
When the time came,
Dad was with her the whole time.
They say life is like a dream
but I say dreams reflect life
that is full of joy and excitement.
A short life
embraces sorrow and worries.
One of Dad's pupils went to the U.S.
When he came back
he was already an international film star.
Long time no see.
These are my pupils.
Nice to meet you, Grandmaster!
Good, be seated.
I remember you don't like cold tea.
I can manage.
American cigarettes
What's the big deal?
No thanks.
I prefer to walk.
Let me walk you home.
Are you tired?
Do you need a ride?
I'd rather walk while I still can.
They say you didn't approve of me.
Do you still consider me your pupil?
Am I still your Master?
Of course... I'm not saying...
Wing Chun can never be changed.
There'll be no progress without changes.
I want to film you practicing
with the wooden dummy.
I want to introduce Wing Chun to the world.
To the world? Good idea.
After we're done with filming,
I'll buy you a new apartment.
I'll do it when the time is right.
Then one day,
Dad asked me to film him
with the wooden dummy.
He said...
the footage is for posterity.
Do you need a break?
Wing Chun...
belongs to everyone.
One's conduct should be
modeled after a tree,
the trunk is rooted
while its leaves flourish.
Whereas one's attitude
should be like a coin,
square on the inside
while smooth on the edges.
Ip Man-The Wing Chun Grandmaster