Yit oi dou (Passion Island) (2012) Movie Script

We have Passionate Leaves Weed
from Passion Island
Simon boss!
Are you being bumming lazy?
Of course not!
I am just practising a bit on my Korean.
Heard that your god mother is here.
Remember two very important things.
Firstly, she will be paying for her own room.
Secondly, no fresh flowers
or any other additional products can be
in her room... not even a bottle of it.
Why don't you come
with me to fetch her then?
What has got into you?
Get back to work.
So miraculous.
Rain can be seen here on this side
while sunshine is seen from the other.
Ah! It is exactly what Teresa Teng's song
"East Mountain Rainy,
West Mountain Sunny" is all about!
What can we do?
The world has become what it is now,
and all of you are only of this young age!?
Go on! Go on and cry!
I will not.
The little whale you mentioned,
does it know that
you are coming back to see him?
It has been many years.
The little whale
is now very old.
Maybe it already has grandchildren!
Or maybe it has been cut into pieces?
Very likely!
A bit closer perhaps?
Can't feel a thing
If only one of us can walk.
Would you rather that person be you or me?
Do I get a prize for the right answer?
If it's me, would you be taking care of me?
Are you trying to get out of this?
You have always wanted to teach me dancing,
You know how much I regret now?
Now you say
They said that the St. Mary statue
will be carried back into the Cathedral today.
Let's go tomorrow...
The Saint went on a world tour?
Come on.
Why don't you seek for God's help and
get him to teach me a lesson... bring it on!
I do not need his help,
I am already giving you a hard time.
Now that I cannot dance, you will do it.
Go and learn now, I will watch you!
Hey, don't forget to pick me up
after your happy Saturday,
don't forget about your homework!
If I see the little whales,
what do I say to them?
What would you want to say?
Joanna. Come over!
That doesn't sound right?
We have secret codes!
Just end with Harp! Harp! Haaarp!
the longer it sounds, the better it is.
OK then.
Bye Bye...
This would be Mr. Kim Ch...?
Your car... is ready now!
Please pass me the keys,
I know how to drive!
How do you know the directions?
Isn't this a map?
He left this book on the plane
Have you heard that
your god mother is back?
Lethal! I HAVE to pretend that
I do not know about it!
It's has been almost ten years
since I last saw her!
So rude!
Do you have to serve him?
No point losing yourself to such a loser!
What are you talking about!
The type of men! Who goes around telling
EVERYONE about how he was rough on you
Are we finished here?!
Let me handle him!
I am a better person now.
Your rotten self, have not changed a bit
I don't like to argue anymore
If I were to argue,
I would have already done so back then.
I got to stand in for my own work
given the state I am in now!
You are just not used to seeing me like this?
Indeed quite a bit, back then,
you don't even have your boxers
on every night!
You brought these kids
here to trash my hood?
Turn it upside down?
If I die any time soon,
I would like the kids witness
how your Passion Weed endanger
all beings on this island...
Didn't you say you don't argue anymore?
I can say it in a nicer and softer way.
The world has become how it is now,
is not caused by me.
I have not done anything.
Do you think these kids can change the world?
No one can!
Take a look at yourself!
What a horrible person you were
Not horrible now?
Would you like to have
a drink before you leave here?
Since I am here, why not?
If I were to change back to my old self,
I won't be able to recognize myself
Go hang out with your family then!
Babel, This is Joanna and
she helped with your mommy's delivery.
Go use your mouth to chat with her!
Even dogs cannot learn well with you!
Hey doggy, have you gone loony
with his Passion Weed?
Character emerges after eating them
Unlike people trying to
make bond pointlessly
Your mommy is my...
Doggy, don't become like him.
I will come back one day to save you!
God mother
My god daughter
Why must you mention "your mommy"
Why not "your daddy?"
God mother!
Those classic movies
you sent to me were great!
Really? I didn't think they were good
until watching them again recently
This place is boring.
No movies whatsoever
How old are you now? Seventeen?
What seventeen, twenty two now!
Twenty two!
Are you sure you've gone through puberty?
Evil! Me go then!
Amigo told me to come here
Amigo told me to come here
What languages do you know?
I don't want to go up there now.
How come?
We are already halfway there.
If this miracle is true,
I will ask God to grant me another wish.
Have some water!
Are you listening?
Send me a text message then!
Ask God to send me back in time,
before the accident.
Wouldn't that be better?
Why not ask him to send you back in time,
before meeting me.
That would be much better
Put me down! Just dump me here
if you want to get rid of me.
Yesterday, they made this
Passion Weed salad for me.
Usually, my dreams are
always in black and white.
But last night, I finally see colours.
Just like fairytales.
Mr. Simon,
I know you care about
what is happening to us.
But as they say, there is no prescribed
drug to cure emotions.
These days have been tough,
I don't ask for much
Mr. Simon said these
leaves of Passion Weed
can significantly improve antioxidants
within the blood circulation
Does this mean that
I would be able to walk again
after eating this Passion Weed salad?
I was the one who gave him
these "Super sized" portion of the leaves
and it made him never have
a change of heart again.
Let me talk to him...
where did you place my luggage?
Who should I introduce you as?
Do I need an introduction from you?
Hello both.
How do you do. I am from EPA,
the Environmental Protection Association...
Please have a seat first
Please take back the luggage and I will leave!
What luggage do you have?
Maybe two or three eco-sweaters at the most?
I am well mannered.
We have guests here now.
Let's not fool around and make a scene.
Water please!
Did you bring your own water bottle?
Sit down!
The EPA sent me to this island...
She was my wife from 1984 to 1999.
I would like to ask both of you...
ever since you set foot on this island,
have you seen the animals on the island,
or in the ocean...
Indeed, very adorable,
and with character
Maybe from eating
this Passion weed salad.
Have you tried these Passion Weed leaves?
Are there approvals from
international authority?
Are you slow or what,
these leaves are already
launched in the market
Have you not received the memo?
Don't eat them!
You don't know about any side effects.
Unless you are dead,
otherwise being paralysed
after eating would be irrecoverable.
Madame here is having the exact problem
Oh... really...
You have got nice legs.
Would I be able to
detect lies after eating them?
I have never doubt my husband
ever since we got married.
But I do know that even
if I give respect to all gods,
It would not be like
any story or movie plots
I would not be able to stand up
miraculously in front of the statue
Don't be like this.
Just let her cry.
Just let her yell.
Mr. Simon,
why are the both of you seperated?
You tell them
Why pass the question to me?
She has no clue all her life.
Are you putting me on the spot?
Look at me now.
I cry, I pretend that nothing has happened
and continue crying again
when I'm alone in the kitchen.
Don't be like this. Come,
I will cry with you in the kitchen. Yeah?
They are the only couple in the VlP area.
All your stuffs have been placed over there.
Oh, you are trying to isloate me!
How childish
I am naive! I am lame,
but I am not childish
You ARE childish
God mother! Hold on.
Boss, he is Mr. Chuell Kim
Nice meeting you!
Remember to eat some Passion Weed
Just call me Chuell
Amigo, your god son... Hey
He told me already!
My bro Amgio...
Amigo is his god son,
not your bro.
He said that he lost his car
when they worked in Korea back then.
Heard that it has been smuggled
over to the west part of the island.
He came here to look for it.
Oh! Not a problem...
No problem go on tell him,
tell him I can definitely help
He said he will definitely help
So much time on hand?
Part time job as a smuggler as well?
Would you want me to feed
you more to shut you up
So this is the charming guy
from last night?
God mother please.
I thought you wanted to be with Amigo
when you grow up?
I am asking,
why is the car so important to you?
Allow me
I can accept contradictions
between two people,
I don't need too much harmoniousness.
Then don't agree all the time!
You can sometimes oppose
since she is fine with contradictions
Should blend an even mix between you both
Is the report ready god daughter?
In the report, it says that he has
known his fiancee for 6 years,
been secretly living together
ever since her father objects.
Later his father-in-law found
someone to beat him up,
finally woke up after being
hospitalized for half a year.
By then, his fiancee has
already had a car accident,
where her soul entered another
world and never to return,
in other words, dead.
But to find this car with their episodes,
going to school together,
going to work together,
you pick me up,
I drop you off and so on.
Simply memories between
the two of them are all in this car,
so he is determined to find it!
That's it!
Well, teenagers slurs as they speak.
Clearly with not one
word more one word less!
Just like those Korean soap
you have been watching?
When did he tells you so much?
It's true! He told me all these
Isn't this from that diary of his
you have with you?
You took someone else's stuff?
This is between me and my god daughter
My god mother
No no no, his god son is his god son,
my god daughter is my god daughter,
Haven't you heard, haven't you heard,
her god daughter is not my god daughter
and my god son is not hers.
Toothpaste is yours, tooth brush is mine.
I have seen this a lot.
Incorrect, tooth brush is mine,
the tooth paste is actually yours
Treasure each other.
It's great that you can still laugh
at each other's jokes
The translator left,
we need to guess then! You two enjoy
Excuse me,
where are the Korean
imported vehicles?
Go over there and have a look
Sit back over there!
Don't follow me!
Go there
Never would
I thought of writing my own diary,
if you wake up one day,
I will burn it right away.
I miss your hand,
your mouth filled with vulgar.
I am grateful as long as
you are alive in this world.
Should there be only
one of us remain alive.
Then let it be me to leave this world.
my father will definitely harm you...
It is unfair to you...
I know you love me...
you have to walk away and leave me.
Soo Jeong, I can't live without you.
Put down your stuff!
Put them down! Give them to me!
Please stop!
How can you be so violent? Stop!
What exactly are you looking for?
None of your business
Please let me help you...
No! It's not this car!
Shit! Are you on the opposition team now?
This "Moby Dick"
movie is hypocritical.
In the end the whales are all killed.
Simon boss likes to watch
"Free Willy" with me.
He even teared.
One should walk the talk,
it's of no use if you are eating whale sushi
along with these theories
You think you're so great.
This place reminds me of the days
we spent watching movies together.
Good that you know.
I was so lost back then,
and the cinema is
my landmark for directions...
oh, "Body Heat" was my first movie.
I caught it together with you.
I was unable to speak for half a day
after watching that movie.
A movie without a protagonist is strange
because China does not agree
the complexity in mankind.
You would not understand
even if I try for half a day.
It is about a man who trusted
the wrong type of woman,
and ended up with a sad ending.
This is your second movie "Ghost".
Do you remember you turned your
head away to hide your tears from me
when the leading actor and
actress have to be seperated?
Sigh, Patrick Swayze died in 2009.
How about "The Godfather"?
Do you know your alphabets?
Why is it all messed up!
However messy,
I can locate anything with my eyes closed.
How would you forget you
bitterness about my skill.
It's a gift.
Stop looking for it. In part 2.
Do you remember the scene where
Al Pacino broke up with Diane Keaton?
It was something
You were even more absurd.
That one time we argued,
you locked the back door as
I stepped out to throw the trash,
not allowing me to get back in.
I have to look in my home
from outside the window.
You see, no point for me
to go any further.
In "Ballad of Narayama",
where you will be my mother,
and carrying you up the hill
and let the tigers finish you off,
saving the hassle of any coffin.
Out of Africa is more interesting.
I'd rather you die like Robert Redford,
and I can be Meryl Streep,
missing you forever. How romantic.
Dream on.
Twenty years ago,
Hongkongese would never dare
to bring you Mainland girls
out for socializing,
That was actually thirty years ago,
how the tables have turned now.
An lnconvenient Truth,
you have to watch it.
You will understand
after watching this movie.
Fantasy lsland
has been airing season after season.
Bad taste!
"The Old Man and the Sea"
is most suited for you...
No one left on this island
but you alone.
Now that's an happy ending!
Goodbye kiss?
Caressing you is the easy part.
It is fighting with you that
is the difficult part.
What now?
What is happening,
don't worry, don't worry.
Is it because of eating those stuff,
my hands are not coordinating right.
Soo Jeong! Please!
Get out of the car!
Don't leave me!
Bono, please send the guards to G23.
The pain of losing someone you love...
Have you read Byron's poem?
What is in that car you
keep on searching endlessly?
Be it secrets or be it memories.
Only a fool like you will lie to yourself.
What are you looking at?
There is no cure, let it rot.
Why not you pull the trigger
and end its misery.
Please watch it for me.
Hello! How are you!
How are you! How are you!
My name is Yu! Yu.
Yu! Yu, my name is Chuell
Chair? Oh! Chuell!
We both have the letter
U in our names!
Yu (in Chinese) means Chongqing,
and I was born in Chongqing
My Dad wanted to use "Chuell",
Mom wanted to change to "Joel",
both meanings are very similar,
but Dad said it has been decided,
being the man of the house.
"Chuell" it is, men.
Right! Men...
They must be drunk.
No worries,
my record high was serving 30 customers
at the same time.
Let me take you to the temple of Guan Di,
where you can give respect and make a wish.
You are just as interesting as your boss,
Does that mean that after giving respect
I can sing and dance on
my way up a mountain?
Well, haven't the doctor told you?
It is a good sign for your hands
and feet toughen,
it means that the blood veins
are flowing normally.
I would rather meet someone
like your godmother,
she and I can communicate.
Let me go...
Don't do this,
I drank too much.
Alright, I am sorry, really sorry.
Hit me then... hit me.
We always quarrel and fight in the car...
it will be more painful if it is calm.
Is this your picture?
Yes! Don't look! It's my boyfriend!
Is that so?
As handsome as me?
Where did you get it?
Where are the remaining items?
Let me return them to you!
My diary? Where is it?
Not here
That was what she wrote!
She no longer loves you!
She does not love you!
Give it back to me!
Let me go! Let me down!
I will let you down now!
Please go back yourself!
Let me go!
Drag him back for me...
Don't be like this!
Go back!
If you wanna die,
we shall die together!
Neither one of us will be
left behind in this world!
Dumb ass!
Nothing can save us,
if we don't help ourselves
Love means never
having to say you're sorry...
You have been in coma
for one month now...
Visiting you in the hospital today,
you seem to be very
contented and peacefully asleep...
I have already filled up the diary
with everything I can think of.
I cannot find any new content
to write further,
I have convinced myself,
I do not love you anymore...
I have turned into another person.
I think... I must have eaten
Boss Simon's Passion Weed...
I am usually not like this,
I have became another person.
Becoming another person?
Yes! Ever since you landed,
I have begin to...
No, even before your plane has landed,
I have already liked you!
Bring me some to eat?
You are already as mean as a beast,
it will be more dangerous if you eat it!
I have long become someone else!
Is this from those smelly leaves?
No matter what you are looking for!
I will help you until
you locate your missing car!
These people from the island
have been waiting to see
when we will rip each other apart,
We have not done those acts
in the recent years,
I have no idea how to
Eh! There are quite a
few couples here these days,
the place has become so lively.
Has the moon been casting its magic?
You can't blame everything on my account,
I have no such powers to
mess up the whole world
Are you sure?
Sure, we, the old folks are invincible.
Yeah? Really? Yeah Sure?
Surely yes!
You want to trap me here in this cabin?
You know I can definitely escape!
Nothing can tie me down...
I have kept every piece of your belongings,
not a single one has been thrown away.
Everything is here
You bastard
Your Papa
This phrase is so powerful!
Suddenly they are all so well behaved.
I'll take you to look for your bicycle
Go have a look!
Look what good you have done!
Hey! Hey!
I cannot get on your car anymore
I'll take you to look for your bicycle
I can no longer be with you,
whenever I am with you,
I will lose myself,
I do not want to be captivated by you,
cannot be captivated by you
Are you really leaving tomorrow?
I have to be talking to myself all over again.
Actually I feel that your husband
really wants to talk to you,
you should try to talk to him more.
Let me tell you one thing,
the leader of our organisation
actually has enough evidence
to stop mass production
of those Passion Weed.
This time I must be firm
and do the right thing,
I cannot be soft-hearted anymore
I can see that he has a very kind heart
I can't do it when I look at him
But I know once I leave here,
I'll be able to do it.
I am also a very extreme person.
Being here on this island,
makes me feel like returning to Chongqing,
and get a divorce.
I will re-marry him again here
Women are just so troublesome.
But I will still rather be
a woman in my next life,
as I will have no clue
how to handle them.
Not gonna be a third wheel now.
We have arrived where
the whale was spotted
That whale is still alive
There's no way to return it
back to the ocean?
Thank you!
They are still thinking of solutions,
but it doesn't seem to be easy at all
Simon Boss
You guys go over and help
Get your hands moving faster!
Pour more water!
It will not die so quickly
if there's some rain now
God father!
What should we do?
Remember him!
You have to remember this person!
Didn't you say that he has a gun?
Ask him to take it out!
Take one shot at the little whale
and take it out of its misery!
If not, kill him!
Can you all wait for a bit longer?
Wait for what?
What do you wish to wait for?
Be careful!
It's raining! It's raining!
The tide is coming up very soon,
Let's retreat
It rained.
We will think of a way, take her away!
Let's take her away!
Just get over here!
Tell those helicopters to be here at all costs!
Boss! The rescue helicopter!
Why do you always have to be so stubborn,
a rightful apology has
already been given to you
You have exhausted such
effort to save this little whale,
what more can I say.
It told me itself that
it will die infront of my sight
Still mad at me?
What great timimg for this rain to come
The rain is not my business,
I am not part of it, you know right?
That means you are in special good terms
with the higher powers then
Whoever does good,
receives good.
I know you are a good man,
but why does your left hand does good,
yet your right hand does the wrong?
Nah, I know I have done too little,
but you have talked plentiful,
if you stay behind,
perhaps you can change me!
Aren't you cold?
What a big baby...
Snuggle in!
Do you still recognise him?
Yup! Much older?
Somewhat different,
I just need some time to get used to it
Welcome to Passion lsland
Please wait, Someone is getting married
inside the chapel
but it's not their first time
Heck, I thought there are supposedly
many cute girls here
on this Passion lsland?
Hello, are you
the ambassador of Passion lsland?
Have you had lunch yet?
I do not eat lunch,
I do have have Passion Weed here,
wanna try some?
Mr. Simon,
can I have a few more words?
This island... is my home
Mr. Chuell Kim has a gift for you guys
This wreath will be thrown to you later
My gun that has left behind
for you all should be of no use,
need not return it to me,
I will give you more later,
one for each person,
double happiness!
Thank you
No no no! Wedding present
cannot be opened before marriage
No no no!
Can it be used now?
Oh no, I mean it is good luck
only when opened after marriage
Amigo was only about 8 or 9 years old then,
and he can paint something so magical,
I really wanted to cry when I saw it just now
So what?
Then what about covering
the painting with lime?
Is the lime more appealing that
his paintings?
Look it now looks like some
shit plastered on the wall
Now is it really that shitty?
That kid's drawing contains
such strong eco-message,
I don't care,
I have to tear those shit off,
please come over
and give me a hand
I didn't make him leave
I am the verbal type
just asking people to leave,
but you, you make them
leave by moving their stuff out,
Iook at how much talent is in this kid
Not only have I sent him to
South Africa for studies,
I have looked over his studies personally,
and letting him learn things he like-
From medical studies in
the mornings to music at night.
Well, you have sent him
to places that are not safe
It would not be safe for you.
Good that he is black,
no one would look down on him
You can be really bad on the surface,
but in fact... You have a kind heart...
It is always inside you.
Do not marry that guy from that
How would there not be any contradictions
in any passionate relationship.
Your memories breathe within my memories
Damn you, My memories are of mine only,
and it will not be overtaken by you
Can you say it again in Korean
Love means never
having to say you're sorry
The movie I watched last night
with my god daughter,
the one where the white actress
was talking non-stop,
the actor says
"I'll kiss you till you shut up"
"I'll kiss you till you shut up"
she did not feel anything
wrong after watching it
I have seen her watching that movie,
that actor really kissed till she shuts up.
We both have watched that
movie many times
I remember both of us got drunk
and puked all over,
actually we didn't feel like puking
until that scene came on.
Oh it was terrible!
Haha... That is one of the top ten classics.
Do you understand that?
Yes! Looking back at things now,
there are things that do not seem
to be of any issues.
Then whenever you feel that
I am talking too much,
you know what can be done
Cool! Let's get on with work then!
Anything you would like to say then?
How are you?
Good, I came back to see
Simon and Auntie Joanna,
then will be heading to Cambodia
as an health care assistant for
Medicines Sans Frontieres
Oh can you stay a bit any longer?
The day will come
Hey! How's it going?
Found what you have been looking for?
Still looking
Will there be miracles?
Will you be coming back then?
Hard to say
Tiffany will be going to Western Cape
with you in search for that car lot
Well, that's it.
Take it easy!
Do you miss me?
A little
Do you love someone?
You! Shouldn't you be
taking care of me all along?
Damn it!
Wait for me
How did you come here
You are back
Long time no see
OK, let's go to mountains
Let's go
Follow me, follow me
This place is still the same as before
Completely have nothing to change
Do you know, when you leave,
you only this tall
Hello! Hello!
Harp! Harp! Harp! Harp! Harp!