Yo soy sola (2008) Movie Script

I couldn't be happier!
I'm so happy to hear that!
What about you, Lina? Where
have you been all these years?
I have a husband, three children
and a cat called Simon.
No! I have a cat!
So what? We can both have cats!
What about you, Vera?
I am a writer. I write poems,
stories and big books.
I am a singer.
And you, Ine?
I have a wedding dress, just like my
mum, and my husband is a pilot.
You spend your time flying!
Oh, flying wears me out sometimes!
Isn't she lovely?
It is not funny at all.
It torments me.
"It torments me. "
Come on, Lina! You always say the same!
It's just a game.
That is precisely why! Playing
the happy woman torments me!
We don't play! We are happy!
We're just thinking our lives ahead.
I am Vera.
And this is part of my life.
I am 29 today.
I will be 30 in a couple of days.
I am a Wonder Woman fan.
I like daisies, the autumn
and sour cherry candies.
I also like writing.
I like my job and I am good at it.
Look! Look, honey!
My report is on the newspaper.
Won't you read it?
- I have read it about 30 times.
- But it's not the same!
- What time is it?
- Eight fifteen.
Turn the lights off. I need
some more sleep.
Won't you say happy birthday?
I said happy birthday last
night. Come on, give a kiss.
You come and kiss me.
It's my birthday!
Thank you.
- Your father?
- No. My boss.
How odd!
Yes, I saw it!
Of course I saw it.
I am very happy!
Just today!
Ok. Fine.
Can you answer the phone Pablo?
I really don't know mum.
I'll call you later, ok?
Yes, mum, fine. I'll call you later.
She's so nosy!
We'll buy the curtains today.
- Thank you very much.
- You're welcome.
Did you like the chocolates?
I usually send flowers but.
Daisies. I mean daisy-shaped
chocolates. Of course.
Vera, you job was excellent.
It deserved to be published.
So, the column is published
every fortnight and we'll discuss.
The content of each report in advance.
So, you mean.
Let's get started!
Oh! And these are the contest rules
you asked me this morning.
Legal size paper, ok? I put
my faith in you!
Thank you very much!
Thank you! See you tomorrow.
I'm sorry, honey! You
wouldn't guess what happened!
- The movie started ten minutes ago.
- I know. I'm sorry, honey but.
When I was leaving, Tanio
called me to his office.
- To give you more chocolates?
- Silly! I got the staff position!
He also gave me an approving smile
on the contest I told you about.
How odd! He used to be a jerk
and now he gives you chocolates.
Don't be silly! What? Are you jealous?
Yes you are! You are jealous!
You are jealous!
Will you stop it, please?
- I like it when you are jealous.
- Will you stop it, please?
You are always trying to
change the subject.
It was just a joke. Don't get mad.
Will you be long? I need the computer.
I'm using it.
You're not writing anything.
Because I am thinking. But I am writing.
I'm not writing now, but I am
writing. Do you understand?
Shall we have dinner?
I'm not hungry now.
Would you like to have
dinner right now?
Yes, I'm hungry!
Well. Cook something
for yourself.
I'll get something
at the delicatessen.
Why don't you order
over the phone?
Because I don't want to.
Shall I get something for you?
Can I use the computer
while you are out?
- What do you want?
- That.
- You said you were not hungry.
- It was an hour ago!
What's up? Are you in a bad mood?
I am talking to you!
- Are you in a bad mood?
- Yes! I am in a bad mood.
Can't you see that I am in a bad
mood? I don't want to talk now.
You always say you don't want
to talk. You'd better talk now or.
It will hurt you.
Because you swallow it and
then it will hurt you even more.
- Are you analyzing me?
- No.
Are you a shrink?
No. I just try to help.
I'm not analyzing you.
Ok. Show me what you wrote.
Wait! Don't!
I know you are upset about
the novel. Come on, let's talk!
- I don't want to argue.
- Let's read it together.
Don't read it! I said no!
Don't read it! Thank you!
Why? I show you everything
I write.
But it's not the same. I write novels,
you write reports. I won't argue!
You are crazy, Pablo.
- I am crazy?
- Yes.
You are crazy! Look at you!
Staring at me all the time.
- Stare at what?
- Stare at me!
- Stare at you how?
- You pester me all the time!
You get up my nose! This is
my place. I need tranquility!
Oh! Now Zarathustra
needs peace in the mountain!
Screw Zarathustra!
Screw Zarathustra!
I live here, too. And look
around. It's all a mess!
You have invaded the house.
There are papers all over the place!
The phone rings all the time!
It's you! It's always about you!
I can't even have
dinner peacefully.
Dinner has nothing to do with it!
You're speaking nonsense, Pablo!
Dinner has to do with it!
And who the hell prevents
you from having dinner peacefully?
Nobody does! But I am fed
up with this dinner issue!
When did you last
go to the supermarket?
- I don't know.
- You never went!
I don't have time to go
to the supermarket, Pablo.
I am not interested in going
to the supermarket, you know!
Do you understand that?
Lady Vera is not interested in doing
the shopping, cleaning, tidying.
Or being quiet when
others need concentration.
You are only interested in you!
To hell with the rest!
I understand perfectly.
Have you seen my pink blouse?
Can you see? There are thousands
of them! It's so difficult to choose!
You'll find the perfect for you.
You have plenty of time, In,s.
Are you crazy, Vera?
Time is never enough.
There are so many things to consider.
Everything must. Hi!
Everything must match; the
tablecloth, the dress, the hairstyle,.
- The decoration of the place.
- Hi!
You're always late, Nina! Hi!
Did you choose one?
No. I was telling Vera about it.
I want to be dazzling that day.
Marcos must think I am the woman
of his dreams when he sees me.
- Well, choose it together.
- Are you crazy?
He can't have a clue about it.
It's a surprise!
It's tradition, Vera.
- Can I show you?
- Sure.
Vera! Vera!
What's up with you?
You're acting strangely.
Nothing. Just daydreaming.
These are Roberto's designs.
It's ten o'clock. It's my turn.
Pablo, would you like some?
I can't find it, mum? Please, come!
How do I look, Verita?
- You look wonderful, mum.
- Oh, come on!
- What were you telling me?
- I said I can't find it, mum.
Vera, just today!
Do you need it right away?
Well, yes.
It must be in the trunk room.
Perhaps your father took
it in the middle of our divorce!
What time is it?
Nine fifteen.
Oh, my God!
You may check downstairs.
Have you seen my purse?
I bought a lipstick.
What time is it?
I told you in the trunk room!
The keys are in the kitchen.
- What does he look like?
- I don't know. We've never met.
It all started online.
He works with Susana. She introduced us.
He's divorced. He is a psychiatrist.
He has grown up children.
What time is it?
You have already asked me, mum.
How strange! He said at nine.
He was probably an idiot.
He wasn't worth it.
Sure. He was probably an idiot.
It's ten thirty. I am going
to Gabriel's concert.
I don't know where you are.
I'll be late. Bye. Pablo.
Hello mum. How are you?
Shit! I've broken an egg!
At the supermarket, mum.
Where else?
I think my report will be
published on the Sunday edition.
No, mum. I'm not happy.
I don't know if I will take
part in it. I haven't even started.
This is gross!
Nothing, mum. Have you
ever broken an egg?
I'll call you later, mum.
I'll clean this up.
Because I don't need a maid! I'll
clean it myself! I don't need a maid!
I'll call you later. Bye!
A double treble stitch... And half
stitches on each treble stitch of the
previous row. Two chain
stitches and a treble stitch.
Repeat three chain stitches up.
Two chain stitches and repeat one
half-stitch on each half
stitch of the last row.
We'll repeat this procedure
three times. Then.
Let me see, Pablo.
Come on. Stand up.
Come on.
- Wait a second.
- It's just a second! I want to.
- What is it?
- I want to see if it fits you.
- What's that? A coaster?
- No! It's a scarf.
- It's for a dwarf!
- Don't move! Stand up straight.
It's too short, isn't it?
- Would you like a long scarf?
- I don't know. But it's itchy.
Is there anything in the oven?
The cake!
How's the cake?
Mmm! It's delicious!
Who taught you?
Nobody. I taught myself.
In fact, I took my grandma's
cookbook. Doa Petrona's recipies.
I read it. It's great.
It has about one thousand recipes.
Look at you! You are a
hard working ant now. Good!
Oh! I almost forget! Tanio called.
The contest was postponed for a
week. He wanted you to know.
I don't care anyway.
You don't?
I thought you did.
No! I don't care! I told you I was
not taking part. Why do you insist?
Hey! I'm not insisting! I just
thought you had though it over.
And you had changed your mind.
You are so. Unpredictable these days.
Why unpredictable?
Now you have started knitting
crochet and it seems you won't.
Stop until you do it properly.
However, I think it's
all right! I think it's good.
You don't understand
anything at all, Pablo!
You don't understand
anything about the cake I made!
You don't understand anything
about the crochet I knitted!
You didn't understand
anything at all!
Calm down. You're
What's wrong?
Do you think I want to do this?
Do you think this is what I like?
No, it is not what I like doing!
I don't want to make cakes!
I don't want to knit crochet!
Do you think I like that?
What I think doesn't really matter.
What you want matters!
Please! It's not about
me, it all about you.
No! It's about us!
It's about us because I understand
when you say I am selfish.
I understand when you feel I
don't take care of you or the house!
I understand all that. And.
I am terrified to think our
relationship may go to pot!
Because I am trying to be
the woman you want me to be.
Oh, please don't! I like
the woman you are!
I don't know who I am!
I don't know who I am! And I'll
probably never know! I'm scared!
I am Catalina. But people
call me Lina.
Like In, s, whose real
name is Mara In,s.
I'm an Aquarius, my ascendant is
Taurus with a Cancer moon.
I am 27.
I feel uneasy when
I think I will be 30 soon.
I feel kind of. Old!
I'm not from this city. And I still
find it hard to find my way here.
The city is too big and complicated
for me because I am a simple girl.
Or at least that's what I think.
Although it's cloudy outside,
there is something deep inside.
It's the passion in your heart
which is burning day and night.
It's music to iron,
dream and imagine.
It's music to iron and
feel we are together.
Music to win someone's heart, to
imagine, to forget or fall in love.
It's music to iron. See you
on the next episode, my darlings.
And, as always. Sweet,
romantic, dreams!
Hello Elvira? Were you sleeping
again? Has anyone called?
Mind your own business! No
one in particular is calling me!
But if anyone calls,
don't forget to tell me, please.
- Hi! We are home.
- Hi!
Is everything okay, Lina?
Yes, Luca.
Anita fell asleep at nine.
She had eaten her chicken.
- Everything okay!
- Shall I call you a taxi?
No, thank you. I'm in a rush, Guillermo.
Wait. Here is your money.
Oh! Don't worry. Give
it to me on Thursday.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Good night, Elvira!
Has anyone called?
I'm going to kill you!
You could have set fire to this
boarding house and you are.
Only interested in your messages!
Who in their right mind would
leave lit candles in the bathroom?
- What happened?
- The curtains caught fire!
One day, I'll throw your crappy
good-luck candles away!
Okay. I'll buy a new one.
When he kissed her lips, Sleeping
Beauty opened her eyes and.
Offered him a tender smile.
Eventually, there was a splendorous
wedding to celebrate Zarzarroza.
And the Prince's marriage.
And they lived happily ever after.
Ine, it's me. I can't find you.
I'm a bit late. Wait for me. Bye.
- Hey!
- Hi, Lina! You're late again!
- I'm sorry! I left you a message.
- I didn't hear it. Let's go. It's late!
- I saw a fortune teller.
- And?
She's wonderful! She really sees.
Sure. What did she see? When
will your prince charming arrive?
How can you believe
in those things?
It's good for me! You don't believe
in them because you don't need to.
You have no problems. You don't...
I have no problems! Come on!
You have no idea how difficult it.
Is to choose a wedding dress.
I'm going mad!
I have an appointment with Roberto
Piazza in ten minutes, and I still.
- Don't know what dress I want!
- Look! The dresses I told you about.
Come on, Lina!
Don't you like them?
- I don't like them. They are awful!
- How can you say that?
They are not my style or
Roberto's. I can't wear that.
You know what?
Go to Roberto's on your own!
I won't go with you.
Music to cry, to imagine, to sigh,
to forget. To win someone's heart.
Music to iron. See you soon
boys and girls. Good night.
And, as always. Sweet,
romantic, dreams!
There is nothing to worry about.
The man of your dreams is near.
He's quite close, opposite you.
Hello. Yes, it's me!
My cousin told me about you.
Hi! I'm Exequiel.
So, you like Chinese food.
- Yep, I like it.
- I love it.
I like Chinese products like
perfume. Look at this!
Dragons didn't exist. It's a myth.
It's a traditional. Environment.
Wow! 15 pesos a chop suey!
How expensive!
- Anything to drink?
- Yes.
- What would you like to drink?
- I'd like a "Cocucha-Cola".
I'd like mineral water, please.
- She didn't get the joke.
- No, she didn't.
Because she's Chinese.
I think I'll take some pasties.
What about you?
- Yes, me too.
- They must be big.
Look. Just for me!
I've done breadcrumb
statues since I was a child.
I was around seven or eight.
I call myself a breadcrumb artist.
Just like a balloon artist twists.
Balloons or a graphic artist twists
gr. Graphs. And all that.
Well, I twist breadcrumbs.
My mum says it is fine art.
What would she say, she's my
mum. She says I should take it.
Seriously. And she may be right!
But I'm not persevering. That's bad.
Art implies perseverance. Tortoises
are my specialty because it's.
Just two parts; head and caparace.
Hey! You are in a dream world!
Come back!
I was saying. I'd like to make
a Tyrannosaurus Rex. It's a.
Tremendous challenge! But the
problem is that bread goes moldy.
And working so many
hours for nothing.
Karaoke! I love it!
I need to go to the toilet.
Just a minute.
You can dance to the toilet.
- It was good meeting you.
- Sure.
- If you want, we may.
- I'm a bit tired.
- Well, someday.
- Who knows!
- Ok. I'll call you.
- Lf you want.
- Tomorrow?
- Bye Ezequiel! Good bye!
It's Exequiel, with an x.
Hey, Lina!
You forgot the signs.
Oh, thanks.
I just want to tell you that I tried
to be funny. That's all.
Good luck.
Hi, Ine. Isn't he gorgeous?
You ask me who?
Aren't you watching him?
He's more handsome than ever.
The guy was an asshole.
I'll tell you later.
- I'd like to dedicate this song...
- we can know who is?
To Mara Rita.
In less than 24 hours, you'll
meet the man of your dreams.
You may say I'm crazy,
but I'm going for him.
I'm not sure. But I don't care.
Ine, I have the feeling
that today is the day.
The fortune teller
said so, you know!
I can't believe it!
There he is!
Yes, he's with other
men. But wait!
They are saying goodbye.
Follow that car, please!
But, it's Nacho Donati's car!
I know. He's my boyfriend.
I'll surprise him.
How much is it?
Seventeen pesos.
Here you are.
Ine, listen!
No, I can't see him.
There is a crowd in here.
There he is!
How embarrassing!
He's there with two
bitches who are harassing him.
Ine, I have a plan. Call me
in five minutes. Bye!
Did you watch my
program last night?
- It was great!
- Did you see my assistants?
They were amazing!
Pineapple daiquiri or margarita?
Peach daiquiri.
There was no coincidence.
It's a bad start!
Excuse me! The
same drink, please.
If we try, we may
get to an agreement.
What sort of agreement?
The sort you prefer.
I am an open girl.
From Barcelona?
Segovia! Excuse me.
Hello. Hi sweetie!
I'm at a party.
I can't hear you.
Really? I might go later.
But don't wait for me, uh!
You never know!
Was it your boyfriend?
Sort of.
So why are you
here on your own?
First, because I AM
on my own!
Second, because I'm
looking for you.
It's a joke! I'm Lina.
Let me guess!
How did you know?
Because I'm a witch.
That's my job.
Really? What else
can you tell me?
I should read you daiquiri.
Go ahead!
Let me see.
Wow! There is something
wonderful in store for you!
A close encounter perhaps.
What kind of
close encounter?
A close encounter
of the third kind.
You are a brave girl!
Brave. I like that word.
Wait! Wait!
I don't know what's
wrong with me.
It's okay. Just relax.
Hey, be careful!
I just can't believe it!
It's the first time!
The first time?
You've been lucky.
Perhaps you are tired,
aren't you?
It's normal.
I don't know you,
but you know me.
This is a difficult situation.
I need to trust you.
What are you
talking about?
- Listen, Linda.
- Lina! My name is Lina.
Okay, Lina.
I'm serious about it.
I am no idiot.
I know my carrier
is in your hands now.
So, please. I think we
must forget it all.
We must keep it
a secret. Okay?
We may reach an
agreement if you want.
I work in the TV studios.
I know people.
Are you kidding me?
You are an asshole!
No, no. Don't
get mad, Linda.
If you speak,
I'll be a dead man!
- You're crazy!
- Please don't tell anyone about it.
Please, Linda. It's the only thing I'll
ask you. Please swear it to me.
I don't swear!
Then, promise me.
It's my public image.
The media is
ruthless with artists!
It really is, Linda!
How can I make
you understand?
I am Mara. Just Mara.
I like my name.
It doesn't say much.
Probably that's why I like it.
I like simple things.
I don't think there
is much to say.
Important things
were already said or written.
Sometimes I find
the words I lack in books.
In order to understand the point
of view of radical feminists, we.
Must start with Shulamith
Firestone's analysis about...
The Dialectic of Sex.
According to this author, the fact
that women give birth is central.
To women's subordination to men.
Gender inequality originated in.
Patriarchy forced on
women through their biology.
I'll read you a quotation from Carla
Lonzi's essay Let's Spit on Hegel.
It says; "We must not be thought
responsible for human race...
continuity. Let us not give birth
to children for the State or men.
Let's do it for ourselves. "
Would you like to
add something, Mara?
So, read the texts and tell me your
doubts and thoughts. We'll be.
Opening the debate next week.
See you next week.
Hello Mara. I'm calling on behalf of
Mr. Brutrach. We need the final.
Statistics. Please call. Bye
Mara. You are not at home. I'm
Tom s. I just want to talk to you.
Madrid is a lonely place, like me.
I'll call you black. Take care!
I am like the she-wolf.
I broke with the pack
And fled to the mountains
Tired of the plain.
I have a son, the outcome
of love without marriage...
For I couldn't be
like the others, another ox.
They laugh and point at me.
Sheep bleat as they see the she-wolf
Because they know
she-wolves come from the scrub
Poor tame flock of sheep!
Don't fear the she-wolf
For she will not hurt you.
Hi, Mara. Are you there?
It's me, Vera.
I am like the she-wolf.
I broke with the pack
And fled to the mountains
Tired of the plain.
It's Vera again. I've been calling
you. Where are you?
I'm worried about you.
Call me.
I have to tell you something.
I'm pregnant.
Tom s?
Then who?
Artificial insemination.
I had been thinking
about it for a long time and.
But why?
What do you want to know?
Nothing. I don't understand
why you didn't tell me before.
I didn't tell anybody.
What's wrong?
Nothing. I'm surprised.
I'm very happy about it.
I'm very happy. Congratulations.
People freeze in the
hope of an explanation.
Are you okay?
They are not sincere. I
can see how they react.
It's crazy.
Tom s!
I know you don't like surprises.
I wanted to tell you I was coming.
But I couldn't find you anywhere.
Come in!
When did you arrive?
This morning.
I propose a toast for this
city and this reunion.
To tell the truth, I am
doing well there. Isn't it great?
I had many opportunities.
The university is incredible.
But I miss people.
You won't reject the
scholarship, will you?
I didn't say that.
You wouldn't do
such a thing, would you?
What do you think of me?
I thought about
something else!
I've been thinking
about us all this time.
And I realized I love
you more than what I thought.
Don't! Tomas, don't.
It's not like that. You have a life,
a scholarship. I. I have mine.
What upsets you?
The fact that I love you?
No. It's not that.
No. It's that.
It's not possible now.
Go away, please.
May 1968 was a turning point in
feminism. The fray took the road...
to liberalism.
Organized political parties.
To liberalism.
Organized political parties.
Imagine, Sartre.
Congratulations, Mara.
Everything is perfectly well.
The worst stage is over. Now we
can say your pregnancy is okay.
Good luck.
Doctor, if my child wants
to know about his father?
Forget about it, Mara.
It's impossible.
But, do you know who he is?
Donors have no name. Nobody
knows them. We spoke about it.
I keep trying to imagine what
the baby will look like...
but I can't not even in dreams.
There is a baby. I know it because I
can see myself carrying him. But.
But I can't see his face!
Whose eyes will my baby have?
His hair.
What will his nose be like?
His facial features, his body.
Who will my baby look like?
Thank you for coming.
I want to tell you something
I didn't tell you.
I don't know why I
didn't tell you about it.
And you must know about it.
I'm pregnant.
Who's the father?
I did artificial insemination
three months ago.
I don't regret it.
I want this baby.
But something has changed.
I don't regret it, okay.
It's not that. I don't regret it.
I want you to know that.
I want you to know that.
I want you to know that I'
ve considered your proposal.
And. And I think
it might work.
We might try.
Are you serious?
You can't talk to me like that.
You have no right to do so.
Who do you think you are?
You can't control
other people's lives!
Are you asking me
to share your decision?
I'm sorry, but I
can't help you.
I'm leaving for
Madrid tomorrow.
You were right. It would be
crazy to reject the scholarship.
I am In,s. Mara In, s
to be more precise.
Mara just like my mum, who is
called Mara Rosa like my granny.
That's why I am called Mara.
My brother broke the run of girls.
They called him Mara anyway!
Jos, Mara. It's not so bad.
My dream will soon
come true. I can't believe it!
In fact, I always knew
it would come true.
What's that dress?
I'm a bride.
You are beautiful in it!
When I grow up, I'll have a real
wedding dress and I'll marry.
Oh! It has always been
her greatest dream!
It's unbelievable!
Children grow up so fast!
I'm sorry about the church.
Would you like some more coffee?
No, Mimi, thank you. We have
to get up very early tomorrow.
Oh! Don't forget we have
the menu tasting tomorrow.
- You didn't tell me about it!
- Well, I can't handle everything!
Tomorrow noon, Inesita?
Yes, at twelve thirty.
- Twelve thirty?
- Yes, twelve thirty.
- I won't make it.
- You won't make it?
- I have a meeting.
- Come on!
Well, I'll try to manage.
I don't know if I'll make it.
Don't worry Mario,
we are not all going.
- I must go.
- Dad!
I have to check the beverages. My
daughter marries once in her life.
Are we all going?
Roberto is right!
Beverages are essential!
- Besides, it's a matter of men.
- Absolutely!
First hairstyle trial.
Hire antique car.
Meet with DJ.
Can you help me, Marcos?
Shall I include these egg cups?
What cup eggs, honey?
Are you silly? Cup eggs
to serve soft boiled eggs!
Honey, I hate soft boiled eggs!
So do I. But the babies.
What babies?
Let's go, honey. Please!
Wha's wrong with you, Marcos?
Are you in a bad mood?
We are choosing stuff for your
house, my house, our house!
Don't you care?
Party favors. Carioca dance.
Make up artist. Table linen.
Dress trial.
Oh, my God!
How do I look?
You look good!
Don't you like it?
Yes, but there is a
problem with the armhole.
Hello honey!
Yes, I called you because we
have to rehearse the waltz dance.
Yes, I said rehearse.
My dad wants to rehearse
the waltz dance with me!
Are you in a bad mood?
I don't understand you!
You know what? Bye!
Beauty spa. Waltz instructor.
Invitations. Centerpieces.
Jasmines perhaps. Stop it, Marcos!
You are not listening!
About what?
About jasmines!
Concentrate on this;
color and perfume.
Color, white. Perfume, good.
Definitely jasmines!
Do you like them?
- Because.
- Shall we turn the lights off?
- No! We have to decide this first.
- Come on. Turn the lights off!
It's very important. I was all day
trying to decide.
- Ouch, Marcos!
- What?
- My hair!
- I'm sorry.
- You're spoiling my hairstyle.
- Okay, but.
Flowers are important for many
reasons; centerpieces, decoration.
My aunt who lives in the
countryside. You know what?
My aunt and uncle who live in the
countryside are coming on...
- Thursday. Stop it, honey.
- What's up?
They are having dinner at home
and mum wants you to go.
- On Thursday?
- Yes, next Thursday.
- My hairstyle!
- I can't on Thursday, Ine!
It's my bachelor party on Thursday.
Sergio arranged it.
Next Thursday?
Yes. And Sergio said I must
take a piece of your underwear.
Can you imagine what I'll take?
- Where are you going?
- To the toilet.
Hello, Li. It's Ine.
Listen. Marcos' bachelor party
is on Thursday. When is mine?
We forgot completely! We
must organize Ine's hen party.
Yes, Lina called me. We forgot.
Fine. Bye.
So, we'll propose a
toast for In, s and Marcos.
And for the triumph of love!
- At least in someone's life.
- In my life.
Pablo said he would
call before coming.
- Wrong apartment! It was for the A.
- Oh, wrong apartment! What a pity!
What are you laughing at, Ine?
Come on girls, I'm not silly!
Who did you hire?
Nobody! I don't understand.
Eat something!
I'm eating.
It's taking long, isn't it?
Come on, girls!
I'm so nervous! I've
never been with one.
Ine, what are you
talking about?
Lina, don't get me even more
nervous! I just imagine he'll.
Strip naked and grab me.
Wait! Wait, In, s!
There is nothing like that.
Nobody is coming.
We didn't think about that.
We know you don't like it.
You don't like this kind
of things. Neither do we.
Come on, In, s! Don't be sad.
This is our way of celebrating.
It's all right, girls.
It's all right.
I am a bit sensitive.
There are so many expectations, the
pressure of. I'm fine, believe me.
I need to go to the toilet.
Just a minute.
- So, table number twenty.
- Yes.
And table nineteen also.
- Hi!
- Hi honey!
- Good morning.
- Good afternoon! It's just after ten.
- We have finished with the tables.
- Yes, we have.
Would my baby like some milk?
Mum will serve you some milk.
Have the people from Mar
del Plata sent their confirmation?
So what?
What about last night?
What did you do?
Plenty of drinks! They
dressed me up like a whore!
They took me to a male
strip show. The typical thing!
Ali, you ordered
the flowers, right?
It all is so strange!
Move our stuff; sleep
in our beds for the last time.
Yep, it's strange.
I remember the
day we met in Bariloche.
At Rocket!
Inesita, your
dad is calling you.
I'm going.
Marqui, I'm very nervous!
Everything will be alright.
Trust me. Relax.
I love you.
It's the best I could get.
Thank you, dear.
Bunny, don't move, please?
Bunny? Why bunny?
Am I as plump as a bunny?
It's just a term of endearment!
You are right! I'm as
plump as a bunny!
- Oh my god! You are wonderful!
- No, I'm ugly!
- You are wonderful!
- Ugly!
- Say something boy!
- You're okay. I don't know.
You can give your
opinion, can't you?
Hi! How are you?
It's twelve thirty, my son.
Hurry up, please!
It's too tight.
I'm out of breath.
Come on! It's just
for a short while!
But I can't breathe.
Don't make jokes. It's late!
It's no joke. I can't breathe.
What's wrong with you?
I feel I can't breathe.
I'll get your mother.
- Marcos?
- He is in the room.
Excuse me. I'm the
hairdresser. May I come in?
- Mario!
- Oh, hi dad!
Where is Marcos?
Marcos is getting his hair done.
He'll be here in a minute.
You are not wearing your kippah!
I told you dad. There
is no religious ceremony.
I have an extra one!
Give it to me later.
I have to find Alice.
I have the feeling
there will be trouble here.
Don't start with
that mum, please!
Go, go. Have fun!
Oh, my dear Mario!
How are you?
It's so nice to see you!
You were very kind to invite us.
It's been a pleasure!
You two look as good as always!
Honey! I'd like to introduce
you to the Justice of Peace.
My husband.
- Carlos Arregui.
- Marcos needs you.
Honey! I was saying that it's very
kind of him to come on Saturday.
- Have you heard me?
- Yes, I heard you.
I was telling your wife that we
must start on time because it's my,
mother-in-law's birthday. We'll
throw a surprise party. We hired.
- Puchito.
- Who?
Puchito. He's a clown for adults. If
I arrive late, my wife will kill me!
Don't worry.
We'll start in a minute.
Excuse me. My son needs me.
Incredible! Children always
need their parents!
I can't breathe! That thing you
sprayed on me is paralyzing...
- my head!
- Of course! The windows are closed!
Oh sweetie, my baby!
This heat can kill anyone!
Mario! What are you
doing there? Get a fan for him!
Are you serious?
He's feeling really sick, Alice.
I am serious! He is just hot!
We are all hot today!
Mr. Bretman! Mr. Bretman! Is
there long to go? We said twelve.
Thirty and it's one o'clock.
You know, my mother-in-law.
Yes, I know.
I need a fan! Where
can I get one?
I don't know, sir.
- It's an emergency!
- I don't know, sir!
That's Marcos, father, right?
Yes, he is.
- I can't breathe!
- Could you please hurry up!
Shit! I need an
extension socket!
What? Why on earth did I send
you to examine the party place!
You don't even know
where the sockets are!
What's up?
Oh my god!
I'm going to die!
I'm going to die!
Oh my god!
Lt'll do you good.
Mum, In, s says she is here.
Mum said they are late.
You'll have to wait.
Who is late? Can you
be more specific!
I don't know. That's what
mum says. It's not my fault!
Do something, Mario!
Your son has gone mad.
What can I do?
I'm leaving. Bye!
The same as before.
He's worse actually!
Oh! Please do something!
You are his parents!
Marquitos! Stand up, my dear.
Stand up.
Marcos, stand up!
Give him a slap! It's
a childish behavior!
Wait a minute! He's my son!
I've never given him a slap!
So, please mind
you own business!
It IS my business!
It's embarrassing!
And you are so inefficient!
I will not allow you to insult me!
Don't listen to her!
Go and get Mr. Goldstein, please.
Who the hell is Mr. Goldstein?
Marquitos, pediatrician!
You said twelve thirty!
It's just a second!
Lend me your phone!
A phone?
Here you are! And buy some
chocolates to your mother-in-law!
Are you drugged, Marquitos?
Baby, tell mum the truth!
Here is Raul.
What's up?
What happens?
I don't know. But, it's
late and they haven't arrived.
Yes, at twelve thirty. What
can I do? Tell Puchito to wait!
Panic attack.
Something common
these days.
Anguish attack.
So, it's a disease?
I can prescribe
a medicine for it.
I'll prescribe Rivotril.
Do you know where I can get
Rivotril, or something like that?
Excuse me!
What do you need?
Just. Rivotril.
Carlos may have some.
He's a doctor.
Carlos, do you have?
- What's the name?
- Rivotril!
- He needs some.
- Rivotril?
Come on, kid, don't play
with me! Put an end to this sham!
It's a psychosomatic
disease, madam.
Don't worry him or
he'll get worse.
Okay. But my daughter.
Can she marry him or not?
That's not important now!
Is it not?
Is it not?
There are two hundred
people waiting out there!
My daughter is waiting
to get married!
The most important
day in her life!
And you say it
is not important!
Mum says you
still have to wait.
Did you tell mum that
I'm out of breath?
Everyone is out of breath. That's
why Marcos is with the doctor.
Doctor? What doctor?
What are you talking about?
Your mum says we
have to wait. What's going on?
Here comes the bride!
Give her a big clap!
Everything is all right, sweetie.
Come with me. There is a little
problem to solve. A little one!
Then we'll start the party.
Help me.
I'm dying, Ine!
What's wrong?
You are shivering!
What's up?
Can you leave us alone?
Well, you must
wonder what happens.
Everything is fine.
Marquitos has had a last-minute
issue. But he'll be okay.
So, let's have some snacks.
And, have fun!
Music, please!
I'm sorry!
Don't worry.
Everything will be okay.
I feel I can't.
You can't what?
I can't.
What is it, Marqui? Speak.
I can't get married!
I love you, Ine.
But. This is not what
I want. I don't know.
Please forgive me!
Forgive me!
Forgive me!
Difficult times followed.
It took me long to get over it.
It took us long to get over it.
Things do not always
turn up as we expect.
Dreams don't always come
true in the way we imagined.
But it's always worth trying.
Excuse me!
She's beautiful, isn't she?
She's gorgeous!
I have something for us all.
I asked Lina not to read this email
until the three of you were together.
From here, I imagine the moment.
The midday sun filling
the hospital room.
The smell of Vera's daisies.
And the eyes of the baby
Mara is holding in her arms.
Somehow I want to be there.
I want to feel close to you.
And share, this time,
real happiness.
We have a reason to
be happy, don't we?
I'm fine. It's been a long time since
the sun last came out in this city.
But, I started to like cloudy days.
Marcos is sitting
for exams next week.
We'll find out what
future holds in store for us.
I spend my time looking,
looking for myself.
You can't imagine
how much I need you!
But I know you are there.
In front of the computer.
And that we only need to press
"send" and get our messages