Yodha (2024) Movie Script

is a task force ready
to protect the country
whatever the circumstances.
It's made up of the finest officers
from the Army, Navy and Air Force.
The Yodha's first commanding officer
was my father,
Major Surender Katyal.
The Yodha Task Force took part
in many dangerous operations.
Papa would often tell us stories
of his missions.
It suits you, son.
But you need to earn it.
And then you must respect it forever.
To protect the country
and honour the uniform,
Yodha fought the enemy
with all their hearts.
Even sacrificed their lives.
I decided that day -
either I'll merit a Yodha uniform,
or my corpse will be wrapped
in our flag.
Final warning to the police!
Do not advance!
Or we start shooting the hostages,
one by one.
Their deaths will be on the conscience
of the Indian administration.
The Yodha team is in position,
ready for the attack.
We cannot attack without permission
from high command.
Why are there so many guns
in this polling booth?
Because this is the border.
Hey, hurry!
How can forest officers stop us?
They're not forest officers,
they are the Yodha Task Force.
They can shoot a bullet right
through your brain. Hurry!
Yes, brother.
Pick it up!
What's going on?
What the...
Khan, who fired?
Arun, wait! Villagers and police officers
are inside.
Two children too.
It's a civilian situation.
Till we get the orders,
we must start negotiation.
No one taught us how to negotiate.
By the time we learn Bengali,
they'll have crossed the border.
Arun, give me five minutes.
I'm sending our commandos.
Please hold on.
- Rohit, come in. What's your position?
- There are civilians inside.
- Movement at the south-east window.
- Keep me posted.
- We don't have a clear shot.
- Khan.
We can't confirm any window.
Damn it.
Hurry up!
What's happening? Move!
You in a hurry?
Sorry, but the kid has no passport.
Do you have one?
She's annoyed with you.
No! She's teasing.
Just wait. She'll turn around.
Now turn!
Turned down.
She's gone.
Hello, Mrs Katyal.
Now she turned around.
What the hell's wrong with you?
Are you a kid?
Not yet. But we could try
and have one - if you want.
You're just impossible.
Where are you going? Listen!
OK, next year. I'm in no hurry
You think this is a joke?
How many times, Arun?
Don't you believe in
the chain of command?
If you want to fight single-handed,
become a wrestler.
- I did box at college.
- Just shut up!
Any idea how risky that was?
I'm trained to take risks.
I could be at the border one day,
VIP security the next day,
then on a mission. It's all risky.
But the biggest risk I ever took
was proposing to Mrs Katyal.
If this mission is successful...
I don't think it's that successful,
Mr Katyal.
Carry on with your attitude,
and it will not succeed.
OK. Wait. Sorry, madam.
Promise. The day Priyamvada Katyal
orders me,
I'll obey her orders.
Besides, on important missions
like this,
small mistakes can happen,
Do not go far away from my sight
Do not go far away from my heart
You mean the whole world to me
You're the dawn and dusk to me
My life is all yours
My life is all yours
The words I could not bring
to my lips,
I speak today
My life is all yours
My life is all yours
My life is all yours
The music in your eyes
calls me close to you
Your touch is like a soft balm
that soothes my heart
My name can be heard
in your heart
like a gentle heartbeat
My life is all yours
My life is all yours
You mean the whole world to me
You're the dawn and dusk to me
My life is all yours
Let me know how you feel
deep in your heart
I will tell the world the story
of our love
Let me know how you feel
deep in your heart
Tell your heart I have gathered
all the stars for you
My life is all yours
My life is all yours
My life is all yours
Excuse me.
Ma'am, we have a hijack situation!
Any confirmation?
Negative, sir.
All the window shades
are down.
Shubhash, wait for the order.
There are maybe 4 or 5 terrorists.
Probably Lashkar.
The pilot has cleverly said he needed fuel
and landed at Amritsar.
Total occupants?
176 passengers, 12 crew members
but most importantly -
Mr Anuj Nair. The country's
top nuclear scientist.
Our nuclear programme head.
He was returning from an official trip
with his security commando.
Sir, are we sure the hijackers
haven't recognised him?
I hope not.
Find out.
Colonel Chand and the Minister
are observing the situation.
Once we know what's happening inside,
we can make our plans.
- On it, sir.
- Let's get them, guys.
Pathak, get me the details of the
scientist's security commando.
I have it, ma'am.
Mr Nair is a high-risk target, the
Yodha Task Force look after his security.
- Yodha?
- Yes, ma'am.
Mr Nair's security commando
is Flt. LT. Arun Katyal.
What are you doing?
Come out, quickly.
What were you doing?
What the hell are you doing?
Stop smoking!
Idiot! Go. Take him.
Calm down.
Move it!
Move fast. Idiot!
Let's go.
Keep moving.
Move. Go on, sit down.
You get angry too quickly.
Easy now.
They're waiting for us outside, sir.
It's time we got out.
Everything is under control, sir.
Sir, this is Priyamvada Katyal.
She'll negotiate with the terrorists
on our behalf.
Priyamvada Katyal?
Sir, the commando on the flight is Arun.
My husband.
Mrs Katyal, this concerns
the country's top nuclear scientist.
- Are you sure you can do it?
- It's my duty.
Arun is our best chance
to save the plane
and the scientist.
I'll do my best, sir...
Incoming from the flight.
New Delhi. Control Room.
Why isn't the petrol tanker coming?
It will. But I must talk to you first.
Madam, you do the listening.
I do the talking.
5 million rupees cash,
and our three men freed.
Mushtaq Azhar, Omar Farooqi
and Maulana Kazi.
Tell your government to release them
and organise the money.
Or no one here survives.
Send the petrol tanker.
The countdown starts now.
We can't agree to your demands.
It'll take time to find out
where your men are imprisoned.
But if you don't release
some passengers,
nothing moves.
The petrol tanker won't either...
Find out where these men are.
I need all the info.
The terrorists don't know
the scientist is on board.
- We must get him out quickly.
- What shall we do?
Sir, we're ready.
- We await your orders.
- There's no signal from your officer.
How do we know he's ready
for the operation?
Hey! What the hell are you doing?
Show me your hand.
Show me your hand.
Arun is a trained Yodha.
He can handle the situation.
Sir, he must've seen our smoke signal,
but is unable to respond.
No, no, no. This is a
civilian crisis situation.
And your Yodha is known
to attack first.
No. I can't take this decision alone.
- I'll must check with my seniors.
- Sir!
Sir, there's no time.
We must send our forces now.
Excuse me.
Can we have some water?
Everyone is thirsty.
Hey, hero, I'm not your servant.
No one wants water. Just stay put.
- Shall I go and get it?
- Sit down!
Son, please. I'm very thirsty.
What's going on? What the hell
are you doing?
Nothing. It was a mistake.
Hands up!
No water for you. Get it?
Put your hands up. Up!
Let go.
Sir, Delhi...
Don't move.
I must talk to a passenger.
I'm not here to play games
with you.
Do as I say, or everyone dies.
Your demands cannot be met.
How do I know all the passengers
are safe?
I must know that everyone is safe.
- Let me speak to a passenger.
- Just send the petrol tanker!
Unless I know everyone is all right,
I cannot help you.
Let me talk to a passenger. Now!
No one make a sound.
Must I explain it to you personally?
Bring this guy.
Sit down. Sit!
Tell her everything is fine.
Go on.
Tell her everything is fine.
Tell her everything is OK.
Yes, madam?
Tell him he must wait
for further orders.
We cannot take any risks.
What's your name?
My name is Arun Katyal.
I'm from Delhi. My pin code is
Sir, identity confirmed, sir.
Arun Katyal, Yodha Task Force.
- Tell them no one's hurt.
- Yes.
Arun, how is the scientist?
Give me your passport.
Tell her to meet our demands.
Or everyone dies.
Arun, we're ready.
Don't do anything till you get the orders.
This is not a border situation.
A scientist and the lives
of 120 passengers are at stake.
Please wait for the orders.
Yes, yes. Everyone is fine.
Dad and I are OK.
Call my mother.
She lives in Kurukshetra. Sector 101.
Tell her to meet our demands!
Give them what they want,
or else they'll kill us all.
Time lost is time gone.
Arun, what do you mean?
We must proceed with caution.
- Arun, what's happening?
- Passport?
He's a heart patient.
He must have his medicine.
He's a heart patient.
It's time for his pills.
Jalal! VIP passport.
Indian VIP passport.
Fire! Fire!
Keep the ambulances on stand-by.
Arun's mother lives with him.
His dad lived in Kurukshetra 101.
Is he trying to send us a message?
Kurukshetra? Sector 101?
What's all this?
He has started the mission.
The SOS code:
"Time lost is time lost gone."
Keep moving.
Stay here. Sit!
Now sit.
Put out the fire!
Sir, we don't have much time.
We must attack.
We cannot take any chances.
Colonel, we need to buy more time.
Sir, the situation is still
in our control.
We can get the scientist out.
- What happened?
- The fire alarm.
What are you doing?
Jalal, bring the scientist
to the cockpit.
Sir, get down into the hold.
If the petrol tanker isn't here
in 10 seconds,
I'll shoot your scientist.
10 seconds.
The tanker is on its way.
Don't hurt him.
The petrol tanker! Hurry.
Shubhash, go, go, go!
The tanker has no fuel.
Stop that truck now.
Don't panic. Move back.
Shubhash, stop. Stop!
Take off!
We have no fuel.
We can't go anywhere.
Take off now, or I'll shoot you.
Sir, hurry.
Catch that VIP!
Sir, jump out. Please.
Sir, people are jumping
out of the cargo hold.
We must attack, sir.
Flight 814. You are not clear
for take-off.
Air traffic control hasn't cleared
you for take-off.
Do not take off.
Take off now!
Sir, I think we have a signal.
We can see a green hi-vis vest.
- Waiting for orders, sir.
- It must be Arun's signal.
Sir, we can still send
the commandos.
I will shoot you.
- Is that the scientist?
- No, sir. It's Arun.
They may take off any minute.
We have to switch on the runway lights.
Turn on the runway lights!
Let them go.
Today India has suffered great
humiliation internationally.
The hijack situation forced
the government to concede
to the terrorists' demands.
Despite that, two days later
when the aircraft was returned,
it arrived with the dead body
of our nuclear scientist.
Which raises the question -
did the government fail?
Or was the Yodha Task Force unable
to stop the hijack
and protect our nuclear scientist?
Sir, sir.
Without government permission,
the Yodha Task Force
carried out a rescue operation,
resulting in the death
of our scientist.
Do you believe you are above
government authority?
Because of you many lives
were endangered.
A scientist died because of you.
Is Yodha a protective force
or an enemy?
Yodha is not the enemy,
the government is.
A system that doesn't care
is to blame.
Because of this incident our country
has suffered great humiliation.
There's an inquiry against this Yodha.
Are you facing an inquiry?
Sir, tell us what happened?
use of brutal force in public,
endangering public life,
damage of public property,
insubordination of the functioning
protocol of Yodha Task Force.
The list is very long, sir.
Jalal Saeed.
He shot our nuclear scientist.
We must find him.
Sir, this is an inquiry,
not a press conference.
You stand accused.
When I saw the smoke signal, sir,
it was my duty to get the scientist out
and save the other passengers.
If the commandos came in on time,
our scientist might've survived.
Enough! Just answer the questions
you're asked.
Additional secretary, MoD,
negotiation in-charge,
Mrs Priyamvada Katyal.
Yes, sir.
In your statement, you mentioned
that you instructed Arun
to await further orders.
Am I right?
- Yes, sir, but the situation...
- Thank you. Thank you very much.
You may please sit down.
Mr Sameer Khan,
Yodha Task Force.
In your report on the recent
border incident, you stated that
Arun ignored the chain of command
and acted independently.
- Is that right?
- He had no other choice.
Mr Khan, yes? Or no?
Yes, sir. But the mission
was successful.
Thank you, Mr Khan,
for reminding me.
You may sit down.
Unfortunately, your Mr Arun failed
in this mission,
and our nuclear scientist was killed
because Mr Katyal
likes to play the hero.
I was only doing my duty, sir.
Your duty is to obey orders,
not to play the hero.
Anyway. Let's cut it short.
You're all suspended
till the end of the inquiry.
We shall see if the Yodha Task Force
is needed in the future.
The government will decide that.
Thank you, gentlemen.
Arun, please listen to me.
I heard you. I heard every word
you said.
Please try to understand.
I couldn't do anything.
Everything's on record.
It's out of my hands.
But it was in your hands
that day.
My job was to negotiate,
and I did.
You know negotiation
is not a part of Yodha's job.
You were doing your job,
I was doing mine.
- No one's to blame.
- But I'm the only one suffering.
Don't shout!
Thanks to your system's negligence,
the Yodha Task Force
and I are being punished.
And the unit my father created
is about to be shut down.
I have seen fate change
I have seen the world change
I have seen my closed ones change
I have seen even God change
I have seen fate change
I have seen the world change
I have seen my closed ones change
I have seen even God change
I have seen everything
that was mine change still,
I will bear it
The Yodha Task Force was in charge
of Amritsar operation.
The government spends a fortune
on them. They're crazy.
They neither obey orders
nor do they use their common sense.
How will they protect common
I believe we should
close this unit down.
They're not a protective force,
but a rogue force.
But if even you change,
I shall die...
But if even you change,
I shall die...
I can't take it, guys.
My salary hasn't been paid
for three months.
I have a wife and kids.
I can't fight the system anymore.
Saxena, Arun is fighting for us all.
We must back him up.
He started this mess.
Don't talk nonsense.
He only reacted after he saw
the signal.
But the orders were to wait.
Now we're all paying for his actions.
I'm sorry, Arun.
I don't know if it was right or not
for you to take action,
but I can't put my career
on the line because of that.
I've accepted the Ministry's offer,
tomorrow I'll be transferred.
You are my only hope
Don't break it...
Don't rob the one who
has already been robbed...
I have seen lies change
I have seen truth change
I have seen rocks change
I have seen glass change
I have seen everything
that was mine change still,
I will bear it
But if even you change,
I shall die...
How alone I feel
No one could ever guess
Everyone comes to me
to burden my heart
The world has abandoned me
Now those who belonged to me
are now estranged
The wind, the earth, the stars
have turned against me
The waters, the trees,
the shores too
Those dear to me
Have turned on me
One by one, friends have turned
to foes
I've seen the moon eclipsed
I've seen the stars fade away
I've seen people reveal
their true colours
I've seen it all with my own eyes
I have seen everything
that was mine change still,
I will bear it
Brother, it's been six months.
I've asked for a transfer.
Why don't you give up?
Just apologise.
Who knows how long this will go on?
Khan, I'm not fighting for myself,
but for the survival of the Yodhas.
Arun, you can't fight
the whole system.
You know that. Listen to me.
The Committee's on a two-week break.
The inquiry will resume after that.
I request you
to sign the divorce papers by then.
Divorce papers?
Don't let your professional problems
ruin your personal life.
I didn't send the divorce papers.
Some people can't tell the difference
between personal and professional.
Just think about Arun's old mother.
That's who I'm thinking about.
No one wants to live in
a toxic atmosphere.
I think you both are making a big mistake.
Arun, talk to her.
Priyamvada, let's just sit
and talk about it, please.
Arun, what are you doing?
Talk to her.
Here. But the Yodha Task Force
should not shut down.
But if even you change,
I shall die...
But if even you change,
I shall die...
Today is an historic day
for South Asia.
It's the first time since Independence
that an Indian head of state
will attend an oath-taking ceremony
of a Pakistani head of state.
On this occasion a peace agreement
will also be discussed.
After the oath-taking ceremony,
Pakistan's prime minister will offer
prayers at the Qaumi Mosque.
A new ray of hope shines
on the India-Pakistan relationship.
Perhaps soon the Mumbai and Amritsar
terrorists will be brought to justice.
On this occasion both leaders
will discuss a peace agreement.
India hasn't still recovered
from their defeat at Amritsar.
The truth is they don't want
peace and neither do we.
They want to show the U.N.
that India does not want war.
We'll strike them so hard that
they'll never look
at Kashmir again.
We need more agents operating
in India.
Don't worry.
Lashkar is always one step
ahead of the Indians.
Some of their soldiers
might come of use to us now.
Tell Jalal his package is arriving.
Thank you, sir.
Excuse me. Someone dropped
their boarding pass.
Thank you, sir. I'll check.
Will the passenger on the Delhi
to London flight, Arun Katyal,
kindly collect his boarding pass
from the ticket counter?
Will the passenger on the Delhi
to London flight, Arun Katyal...
kindly collect his boarding pass
from the ticket counter?
Hi, I'm Arun Katyal.
I handed over that boarding pass to you.
It isn't mine.
Sir, it's in the name
of Arun Katyal. Look.
Perhaps you dropped it.
Arun Katyal? Yes, he's here.
We're waiting for the last passenger.
Please send him quick.
Yes, sir. Sending him.
Sir, hurry! The gate is about to close.
They're waiting for you.
Sir, all the passengers are on board.
Please hurry, sir.
Sir, it's the final call.
Yes, yes. Sending him.
Hurry, please.
Mr Arun, will you hurry? Please.
Thank you. This way, sir.
Use small plant pots.
Have greenery on your balcony!
If everyone grew plants,
end of global warming.
Sir, please speak softly,
and move ahead.
Thank you.
- Keep moving, sir.
- I am moving.
Don't worry.
No one will take your seat.
It's not a city bus, we're boarding
an international flight.
What's wrong with today's parents?
Letting young kids travel
on their own.
Excuse me.
What did you say to me?
Sir, my parents didn't pay for my ticket.
I work for this airline.
I'll fly a plane one day.
One day? Why not today?
Let her fly it.
I just want to get there.
Thanks. Hi.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
I said thank you.
Excuse me.
First time?
Too much time.
Oh, let me help you.
- Do you drink?
- No.
No problem. If they serve drinks,
give me yours.
Sir, please take your seat
and fasten your seat belt.
- Who's the head cabin crew?
- Sir, return to your seat.
We'll get you whatever you need...
I need to speak
to the head purser. Now.
I'm the head purser. Sir, please return
to your seat.
I'm the on-board air commando.
Is everyone seated?
Did any passenger board
the flight at the last minute?
Sir, only the ground staff
can answer that.
And the checked shirt? 3F?
He must in his seat.
And the girl next to me?
Tanya Sharma. Airline crew.
She's going to London to complete
her training.
Call her here. Check her passport
and travel history.
- But she's a crew member.
- I know.
She can fly the plane.
Just do as I say.
We have a situation.
I must talk to the pilot.
- Are you sure it's not a fake threat?
- Don't know.
I got these messages
on my secured network.
We can't ignore the situation.
These could be terrorists' names.
Must be a part of the negotiation.
Amritsar is the nearest airport.
We'll inform ATC and can land there.
No, sir.
Absolutely not.
As soon as we land, they'll start
negotiating with the government.
We must stop them now.
Go to frequency 7500,
and send the three names
to ground security.
In the meantime, I'll check
the background of all other passengers.
Sir, the pilot is squawking
at frequency 7500.
It's an official hijack now.
The cockpit is still secured
and the plane is on the right
flight path.
Any other details?
The in-flight commando was sent
the names of the terrorists.
We've sent the info
to the Ministry.
We're checking the other
passengers' backgrounds.
The names were sent on his phone?
Who is the commando?
Arun Katyal.
- Arun?
- Yes, sir.
Oh hello! Excuse me.
Are you a cop?
Are you a flying officer?
So they let kids fly planes
these days?
I'm not a kid. OK?
I have 200 hours flying experience.
So you're an intern,
flying on a free ticket.
Who do you think you are?
I'm not an intern.
I know all there's to know
about flying.
- Who are you?
- That's my question.
What have you done?
Don't worry. He's alive.
- Maybe he was up to something.
- Maybe?
Strong magnetic strips.
You only need a handful
to jam the entire system.
I don't how many more strips
we're talking about.
Maybe this is how they plan
to hijack the plane.
Hijack? Meaning?
Please calm down, ma'am.
Has the flight really been hijacked?
Is he a suspect?
Get the doctor in 4D.
Found anything?
OK, guys, what do we have on Arun?
Sir, you'll remember after
the Amritsar incident,
the Yodha Task Force
was shut down.
All the commandos asked for a transfer,
including you.
Arun's inquiry was never completed.
He tried everything.
He wrote to the ministry,
met other officers.
Finally, when we decided to have
armed commandos on international flights,
Arun got himself transferred.
Given his experience,
the transfer was easy.
He could've had any job he wanted,
even back in 2001.
Why now?
Maybe he wanted to be
a flight commando.
An officer who tried desperately
to save his unit,
could he go rogue?
The system can be cruel, Sharma-ji.
Even our best can lose themselves.
Connect me to Madam Secretary
Priyamvada Katyal. Now.
Okay Sir.
Medical kit?
He's breathing.
What is that injection?
What's going on?
- Quiet!
- What did you do to him?
Oxygen mask!
Stay clear.
What did you inject?
An anti-epileptic.
So he wouldn't have a seizure.
You killed him.
He was alive.
Check his pulse.
He's dead.
We can't keep him here.
His body will start smelling.
Cargo section?
Low temperature will preserve
the body.
Aren't you the same Yodha who faced
an inquiry in 2001?
Lower the temperature.
Sir, connecting to the flight
in 10 seconds.
Sir, there's a reply
from the Ministry.
Excuse me. Someone dropped
their boarding pass.
Air Bharat 175.
Hello, Air Bharat 175.
This is ground security, New Delhi.
Ground security.
This is Arun Katyal.
I'm the on-board air commando.
Listen, we have a situation.
You need to help me.
This is no joke or hoax.
I know this is no joke, Arun.
- Khan?
- Yes?
Tell me what's going on.
Are all the passengers safe?
For the moment.
Khan, I sent three terrorists' names.
Located them?
Arun, calm down.
Let me talk to the second-in-command.
There's another security officer
on your flight.
Seat number 11F.
Will you get him please?
Seat 11F. Call the flight
security officer here.
Khan, I've checked all the details.
I have no leads.
I need your help.
Where is the 11F passenger?
Don't know. He went to the toilet.
I have no leads.
I need you
to investigate and find...
Sir, there's a problem.
Officer Amandeep Singh is dead.
What do you mean he's dead?
There was a fight in the lavatory
sometime back.
During that fight Arun...
Are you mad? It's a trap.
Arun, what happened to Amandeep?
I want to know which organisation
the terrorists belong to.
What's their connection
to this flight?
What's going on?
I first need to know
the terrorists' identity.
Give Laila the phone.
Tell me, dammit. Khan!
They're your friends.
They are not names of terrorists,
these are their code names.
Their real names are Ronak Rajput,
Amit Yadav and Ajit Thakur.
They belong to your old regiment.
They're now in a Pakistani jail.
Arun, what do you want?
Why are you doing this?
What is your plan?
Move along. Clear the space.
Step back!
We're still negotiating with the Pakistan
government to have the men released.
- Then why would Arun...
- What's the point of negotiating?
Negotiation was never Arun's style.
Sir, a body was found outside
Delhi airport. Rakesh Sinha's.
- Who?
- Rakesh Sinha, sir.
His ID and boarding pass confirm
that he was the air commando
on Delhi-London flight AB175.
- What?
- Yes, sir.
This is the flight's original
roster copy.
His duty was on the Delhi-Dubai
flight 275.
Arun should not have been
on this flight.
The plane is entering
Pakistan's airspace.
Captain, you'll soon be entering
Pakistani air space.
Do not tell their air traffic control
about the hijack.
No one must find out that
an Indian soldier is the
suspected hijacker.
It'll damage our peace
talks with Islamabad.
Right now Arun is our prime suspect.
Don't worry, we have the situation
under control.
There's no point talking
to ground security.
They won't get it.
- Hello?
- Sir, the call is disconnected.
Shit! What's happening, man?
Who cut the call?
The plane is visible on our radar.
Only communications are cut.
Probably on purpose.
What are you doing?
The flight over Pakistan
has been hijacked.
It can't be a coincidence.
We must turn back.
Sir, they're trying to contact ATC.
Intercept the message.
VHFR receive to area control.
Area control to AB175.
Go for your transmission.
Confirm your frequency.
This is AB175 requesting
emergency landing.
ATC Amritsar, this is AB175.
We must land in Amritsar.
It's an emergency.
Mister, what are you doing?
Calm down, sir.
It's standard procedure.
Will everyone please move
to Economy?
Not for long. Please.
No need to panic, sir.
Please shift.
You're scaring everyone.
I know, it's the only way to save
this flight.
Please, move to Economy.
Ma'am, please go ahead.
Move forward.
Tanya, I need your help.
Pull the window shades down.
Please, sir. Go to Economy.
No need to panic.
Please, listen.
It's standard procedure.
Keep moving, guys.
No need to panic.
Doctor, please cooperate.
Please, sir. Go ahead.
It's routine procedure.
No need to panic.
There are enough seats
for everyone.
Settle down. Please be seated.
Don't panic.
Follow the instructions.
Don't be scared.
The situation is under control.
They're framing me.
The terrorists gave them
my friends' names on purpose.
Shut up! I've had my eye on you
from the very start.
Don't move.
You're crazy! I'm not a hijacker.
Shut up!
Sir, sit down.
Everything is fine, guys. Please.
- Khan?
- Morning, ma'am.
We have a hijack situation
and Arun is on that flight.
He took control of the plane
after take-off.
The plane has already entered
Pakistani air space.
Are we suspecting Arun?
He's using his friends
as ransom.
He wasn't meant to be
on that flight at all.
Serving his country meant
the world to him.
He never gave up, even when
trying to save the scientist.
His efforts were ignored.
That's why he wants revenge.
Khan, you know him.
Yes, ma'am, I know him.
Arun cannot sit back and watch.
Nor will he ever negotiate.
We have to take a call, ma'am.
Very well. Keep all options open.
Keep trying to contact the flight.
Talk him through...
When sir arrives, I'll brief him.
Madam, he should be here
any moment.
I'm coming.
It's time for a new relations between
our countries.
Sir, we have a situation.
We must talk to the Pakistanis
at once.
Sir, that's what they want,
to disrupt the peace agreement
and avoid resolving the Kashmir
Give me time, sir.
I think we can handle it.
And till then?
We must act normal, sir.
Sir, it's an important day for us.
Sorry to interrupt.
We are ready.
Bloody traitor!
People like you get bolder
by the day.
You don't understand.
They're planning something big.
This isn't just a hijack.
I have to stop them.
Shut up!
Stop your blabbering!
Let's take him...
Laila, cockpit.
Back off!
Captain, please open the cockpit.
I'm sorry, Laila, we can't.
Hijack protocol is on.
We cannot open the cockpit door
under any circumstances.
Captain, I told you we must go back.
Why aren't you turning back?
Arun, ATC Amritsar has not confirmed
that we can land.
We can't turn back
till we receive orders.
For the moment,
we're decreasing altitude.
No, no, no. Dammit!
Captain, why are you not
listening to me?
Hijack protocol is on.
And I'm in charge of this flight.
If you don't open the door,
I'll force my way in.
Punch in the code.
Laila, punch in the code.
Bring up the coordinates.
Breaking news: an Indian flight
has been hijacked.
The hijacker is an Indian army officer.
This is taking place as the
two leaders meet...
What the hell's going on?
How did the story get leaked
to a news channel in Pakistan?
This can't be a one-man job.
The scum planned it carefully.
Go to the airport now.
Search every corner.
Ladies and gentlemen,
please welcome
the Prime Minister-elect
of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.
We have news that an Indian
Delhi-London flight has been hijacked.
The hijacker is an
Indian army officer.
What is this, madam secretary?
- Laila, punch in the code!
- Just stop.
We must save this flight
and turn it back. Punch in the code!
Whose bag is this?
I can hear ticking.
Move back!
Move back!
Move back!
Move back!
Captain, what's going on?
The fuel is being dumped.
Thank you for flying Air Bharat.
Hope you're having a pleasant flight.
And you, mister,
it isn't time for you to die.
Talk to your government.
Assure us safe passage
to Islamabad.
Our government thinks
I'm the hijacker.
- If they get suspicious...
- Yodha!
That's why Jalal chose you
for this mission.
So everyone would assume
you're the hijacker.
Why aren't you answering
your messages?
Who wants to play hero next?
Who's next?
What do you people want?
This can't be a simple hijack.
Smartness, eh?
Remember who they think you are.
An Indian army officer who's hijacked
his own country's plane
and demands his friends'
freedom in exchange.
My government won't take long
to see through your plans.
So what if they do?
In a country where people can do
anything for money,
nothing is impossible.
By the time your government
figures it out, it'll be too late.
What do you plan to do
in Islamabad?
Ready for some turbulence?
Stop. Or I'll empty this gun
on the windows.
Don't move.
I need a walkie!
The fuel is imbalanced.
The coordinates are locked.
I can't disengage the autopilot.
Cross feed the fuel.
I'll check the avionics system.
I'm sorry.
Breaking news from Pakistan.
An Indian commercial flight
has been hijacked.
It's alleged the hijacker is
an Indian army officer.
This news has not been confirmed
by the government.
Tanya, check the air pressure.
The cargo hold pressure
is dropping, sir.
Check the pressure relief valve status.
Tanya, what's happening?
Is it on auto? Or manual?
It's blinking randomly, sir.
ECS is not responding.
The controls are jammed.
Magnets! They've jammed
the whole system.
That's why the cargo hold
is heating up.
The oxygen level is plummeting.
Now what?
I'll try to disengage the autopilot
Try climbing to 15000 ft
and turn back to Delhi.
Oh, really?
Delhi is still far away, sir.
Time for you to give up.
May Allah help me and guide me.
Excuse me, sir, what do you feel about
this historical moment?
I'm glad the Prime Minister invited me
on this special day.
I'm sure good things will follow.
We'll let both leaders
start their meeting.
We'll meet later for a briefing.
Come, sir.
Sir, another question.
You're here to make peace with Pakistan
while one of our soldiers
has hijacked a plane.
What kind of peace agreement is this?
Sir, don't worry.
We are on it.
Your flight training will come
in handy today.
The air pressure is dropping.
Know what that's called?
A back-up plan.
That will hurt.
You're right.
Not jumping out this time?
I've dealt with many Indian soldiers.
You're a sentimental lot!
And crazy too!
Now smile.
Why are you bleeding so much?
Never mind!
Blood has no value
in your country.
You'll keep bleeding
and you'll keep losing.
Both you and your country
cease to exist.
Whether I exist or not,
my country will exist forever.
The flight has reached Lahore.
We can't wait any longer.
Madam, we have your officer
from New Delhi.
Any update, Khan?
Ma'am, we are not able to connect
with the flight.
I have no idea how news of the hijack
got leaked.
The situation is getting
out of our hands.
This isn't some random
terrorist group,
it's him, ma'am.
All right.
We'll try contacting the flight via
Islamabad's area control.
Keep checking the radar for the
flight status. Keep me updated, OK?
Yes, ma'am.
We can't get this plane in control,
nor the air pressure.
And if it drops further,
anything can happen.
There's only one solution.
Cut all the autopilot circuits.
- For that, we'll have to cut the power.
- Meaning?
How will we land the plane?
If we don't control the plane,
we can't land anyway.
We'll fly where the flight takes us.
Tanya, be ready.
Ready, sir.
That lever...
The minute I pull this cable,
pull that lever down.
Don't be scared. It's just a fuse.
Can I help, Yodha?
So hot... isn't it?
What is it, sir?
Something wrong?
It's sulphur.
The cylinders are full of sulphur.
And all the cylinders here
have been filled with it.
Highly inflammable.
Based on the flight's current location,
let's work out its flight path.
Just see this.
It's flying towards Islamabad.
You've broken the
pressure relief valve.
That's why the pressure
is dropping.
And these cylinders are turning
into a live bomb!
Thanks for the honour, sir.
You see...
it's almost impossible
to smuggle a bomb on board.
But who checks fire extinguisher
So it's not a hijack,
it's a crash.
Not just a simple crash.
When these cylinders explode
it'll cause more damage over
Islamabad than 9/11.
This is crazy.
Who gains anything?
When your army shot our brothers
in Kashmir,
who gained anything?
we'll be avenged
when Kashmir is free.
As this plane approaches land...
What was that?
Maybe they've shut down the transponder.
We've lost contact.
What are you doing, Arun?
Ladies and gentlemen,
put on your oxygen masks -
there's storm up ahead.
The plane has eight emergency exits
and if you do not wish
to fall out,
remain seated with your
seat belts fastened.
- Arun, the flight is...
- Hello, my lil' pilot!
Punch in frequency 7700
and contact ATC.
ATC, this is AB175.
Can you hear us?
Can you hear us? Air Bharat 175?
This is AB175.
Can you hear me?
Sir, we're connected to the flight.
Sir, the Indian plane is online.
Hello. Arun.
Arun, can you hear me? Hello.
Arun, what are you doing?
You must land at once.
Stop this hijack.
"We need a clear path
to Islamabad.
"And my three friends should be free and
sitting in a chopper at Islamabad airbase.
"If anyone tries to intercept
this flight,
"no one will survive."
You can't fly a hijacked plane
to Islamabad, Arun.
Do it, Priya.
- Time lost is time gone.
- Enough!
Hello, Arun?
Just check what happened.
Time lost is time gone.
Maybe that was a panic message.
During the Amritsar hijack,
he sent us the same message.
Something big is going
to happen.
This is no ordinary hijack.
The target may be something else.
What could be a bigger target
in Islamabad
than the peace agreement?
Sir, look at this simulation.
I think we are the target.
They don't get it, Jalal,
and they never will.
Anyway, we're heading
towards the target
and the bomb is getting ready.
By god's grace,
Diwali will be celebrated in Islamabad.
This looks like another 9/11, sir.
Jinnah Hall is being evacuated.
This meeting cannot be cancelled.
That's what they want.
It won't be, sir.
When the Pakistan PM finishes
his prayers at the Qaumi Mosque,
the two leaders will meet
in a safe place.
Sir, the Pakistan Air Force is ready.
Have you gone mad?
Signing a peace agreement
under these circumstances?
We have to stop this.
Sir, we have no choice.
It'll be an international embarrassment
for Pakistan, sir.
Sir, if may I-
If we back away from
this peace agreement,
people will point fingers
at Pakistan.
The PMO must get ready
for the meeting.
Sir, I request you to leave
for the mosque now.
When you reach the PMO,
after your prayers,
we'll have accompanied the Indian
delegation via another route.
And the flight?
We have only one option, sir.
We must shoot it down.
Are you serious?
You'll shoot a civilian flight?
No choice, sir,
Even if we evacuate Jinnah Hall,
their mission will still be successful.
These magnetic strips are so useful!
Amandeep started to suspect you,
so that's why you...
Don't stress, Yodha!
Your death will not be in vain.
But your time ends here.
See you on the other side soon.
Sir, just look outside.
News of the hijack is spreading.
Anger against India is mounting.
Protesters might storm the building
at any time, sir.
The hijacked Indian plane is heading
towards Jinnah Hall.
People are enraged.
Is this a trigger for war?
It'll be tough getting out.
Rafiq, I am taking the Indian delegation
to the bunker.
Send troops to the mosque.
Evacuate Jinnah Hall.
Copy, sir.
They're escorting sir
to the bunker for safety.
- We must go.
- No.
Take as many people as you can
and go. Hurry.
AB175. You're in a no-fly zone.
Your freedom.
This is AB175 ...
Send me his picture now!
Sir, we've found a dead body
in the airport toilet.
- Whose body?
- Anirudh Saha. Co-pilot.
Someone else boarded
in his place.
- Who?
- Ahmed Khaled.
A Lashkar terrorist.
It means Jalal's outfit
is behind the hijack.
That means Arun...
AB175. You are engaged.
Ready to fire.
The fighter jets have locked target
on us.
They'll take us down
before we reach Jinnah Hall.
You, your mission - it's all over.
You will not even get an inch
of Kashmir.
PAF34 to Command.
Flight on target, sir.
Ready to engage.
Firing in 3, 2, 1...
Oh, shit! Abort, abort, abort.
Sir, the plane has changed direction.
2000ft. There's nowhere for us
to land.
We'll have to land
on that lake.
If the cylinders explode
on descent,
we'll have a chance
of survival in water.
There are houses on either side
of the lake.
The plane may explode before landing
and the blast could impact the mosque.
After the oath-taking ceremony,
the Pakistan PM will go to pray
at the Qaumi Mosque.
The mosque?
Is that the intended target?
Thousands of Pakistanis will be inside,
and their PM.
Their real target is not our leader,
but Pakistan's PM.
If an Indian plane hits the mosque
and their PM is killed,
it's war.
PAF34 to Command.
Flight on target, sir.
Waiting for orders, sir.
The plane is flying too low.
Too risky to shoot it down.
Target engaged.
Before we crash,
we must inform them that
Pakistan's PM is the real target.
Mayday! Mayday!
Please secure the Pakistani PM.
The target is Qaumi Mosque
not Jinnah Hall.
Waiting for your orders, sir.
If the plane descends any more,
we can't shoot it down.
Don't shoot it down.
A humble request, sir.
We don't have a choice.
The plane is flying too low.
We can't fire.
Mission abort, boys.
Mission abort.
Wrong name.
I tried to warn you, didn't I?
The senior staff just don't understand.
How will the country run
like this?
If both countries make peace,
what happens to our business?
Don't hurt him.
I have the solution.
Come on, boys!
Time for action!
Sahir, Arun isn't the hijacker.
Where is madam?
- Sir, she's inside.
- I want to talk to her now!
Move away! Hurry.
Get into the car!
Mayday! Mayday!
Please secure the Pakistan's PM.
The real target is the
Qaumi Mosque.
I copy that, Yodha.
The target is not Jinnah Hall,
but Qaumi Mosque.
The target is not your leader,
but the Pakistan's PM.
And now you will kill him,
because your wife and your
country's honour are in my hands.
That's the right answer!
The decision is yours, Mr. Yodha.
Will you save the honour of your country,
or just these 200 passengers?
The choice is yours.
Don't worry about me.
When I killed your scientist
there was nothing
you could do.
Now I'll kill your head of state,
there's still nothing you can do.
Your father created the Yodha unit
and you'll destroy it.
I'll take care of your wife as well.
You didn't want her anyway.
He might be trying to trap you.
His plan has already failed.
If we let the terrorists win again,
the scum will attack again.
Please don't do this,
we can't go back.
We will save these 200 passengers
and our country's honour as well.
And the blast?
There must be water tanks in the cargo hold
that supply water to the flight.
We can control the air density with
that water. Save this plane.
Brother, what if he stops the blast?
Even if he does,
how will he land?
If the bomb doesn't kill him,
the landing will.
But his end has come.
Found it!
Turn towards Qaumi Mosque
and start descending,
and prepare for landing.
Brace for impact, guys!
Heads down. Grab your ankles.
Stay down, everyone.
We're coming close. 600ft.
We'll explode at any moment.
Check the air pressure
and lower the landing gears.
It's done. The air pressure
is under control...
The rear landing wheels are jammed.
I can't hear you. Say that again.
The rear wheels are jammed.
We can't land.
We'll crash.
Tanya, try the gravity gear extension.
It's jammed too.
The hydraulics must be jammed.
We're very close to the mosque.
We're coming close.
If the wheels don't open now,
we'll crash.
Evacuate. Evacuate!
Our leader is held inside.
We can't hold our position for long.
- Let's go in.
- No. This is not your jurisdiction.
Until the Pakistan army arrives,
we must engage them in negotiation.
Sorry, sir.
Negotiating is not the Yodha style.
You don't get it...
Let's go.
Where is sir?
The bunker...
Enough! You're making a ruckus.
A special guest has come
all the way from India.
And this is how you behave?
Now that you've come this far,
show yourself.
So what if we couldn't kill
the Pakistani PM?
Anyway one leader had to die.
So let's kill yours.
You have one, two, three, four,
five... six seconds.
Nice to see you, Yodha.
Remember me?
Last time I shot your scientist,
this time it's his turn.
Sorry, sir.
Then it'll be your wife's turn.
And the war continues.
These are tough things you know.
But what to do?
This is our business.
You wouldn't understand.
Never mind.
For you it's over now.
You haven't signed the
divorce papers yet?
You signed, but I'll sign
when I feel like it.
Think over it.
Time lost is time gone.
Aww... so sweet!
Are we in a love story?
Say goodbye. Your movie is over.
I am the hero of this movie.
The end.
Smart boy! You're going to die
at my hands.
Now you can tell your sob story
in jail.
Where are you going, Yodha?
Why so generous?
Nothing will change,
even if I'm caught.
The war for Kashmir will not end.
This is a business, Yodha.
There can never be peace between
India and Pakistan.
I will freely devour delicious biryani
sitting in a Lahore jail,
having the time of my life.
You won't be able to do anything.
You're done? It's over?
Go! Have the time of your life.
O Motherland, we shall die for you
Your sons shall never accept defeat
When you come under attack,
call us to your side
Give us the chance
to sacrifice ourselves
Again and again
Our lives are nothing
when compared to you
Only the brave sacrifice
their lives
You are the Motherland
We bow to you
Bowing to you, we forge ahead
Forever will the fearless wind blow
Our flag will soar to the sky
May you be ever free,
ever flourishing
Our flag will touch the stars
What value has my blood
If it does not flow for you
Forever will the fearless wind blow
Our flag will soar to the sky
May you be ever free,
ever flourishing
Our flag will touch the stars
Our flag flies high in the sky.
Our flag will touch the stars
Our flag flies high in the sky
Our flag will touch the stars
Mission accomplished, madam.
This mission isn't over yet, soldier.
Was that a joke?
- I don't like jokes.
- I don't like you.
Forever will the fearless wind blow
Our flag will soar to the sky
May you be ever free,
ever flourishing
Our flag will touch the stars
Your team spends too much money.
Be careful next time.
Welcome back, Yodhas!
You are the Motherland
We bow to you
Bowing to you, we forge ahead
Forever will the fearless wind blow
Our flag will soar to the sky
May you be ever free,
ever flourishing
Our flag will touch the stars
You are the Motherland
We bow to you
Bowing to you, we forge ahead
Forever will the fearless wind blow
Our flag will soar to the sky
May you be ever free,
ever flourishing
Our flag will touch the stars
O Motherland, we shall die for you
Your sons shall never accept defeat
When you come under attack,
call us to your side
Give us the chance
to sacrifice ourselves
Again and again
Our lives are nothing
when compared to you
Only the brave sacrifice
their lives
You are the Motherland
We bow to you
Bowing to you, we forge ahead
Forever will the fearless wind blow
Our flag will soar to the sky
May you be ever free,
ever flourishing
Our flag will touch the stars
What value has my blood
If it does not flow for you
Forever will the fearless wind blow
Our flag will soar to the sky
May you be ever free,
ever flourishing
Our flag will touch the stars
Our flag flies high in the sky.
Our flag will touch the stars
Our flag flies high in the sky
Our flag will touch the stars
Our flag flies high in the sky
Our flag will touch the stars