Yogen (Premonition) (2004) Movie Script

At the end of Meiji period, who had been certified by the psychological experts...
as the "See-Through" supernatural specialist
Mihune Chizuru
She is known as "The Vision of Thousand Miles"
she is very famous at the time, but took poison for suicide at the end
many rumors flowing around about why
but there is one certain explanation:
before she took suicide, a pretty woman told her everything
this pretty woman is...
the girl on the newspaper headline, herself!
dad looks quite happy
yeah, but mom doesn't look quite happy
because there is a man who always work
what can I do? The work just keeps coming
everybody has a job, how come only you're so busy? right? Nana?
yeah, dad is weird
I know, I'm in trouble if I speak...
is there public phone around? mine doesn't work
not around here I guess
god damn it!
we just passed by one but now it's very far away
no, i'm not going back
please, if I don't make this call I'll be dead
if we turn around now it will be midnight when we get to tokyo
it's about my career future, I beg you!
then,if you promise me something, I might!
what? you even bargain with me for that?
Nana, this time dad is going to sing with us
ready~ go!
- Dad, I want you to sing too
- Ok...
uMessage Transferring...v
mom, this is broken, can't open it
usmall saloon was hit by a truckv
uSatomi Nana]5 Years old^v
well, ask your dad for help
uabout 8 o'clock pmv
wait a second
what's wrong?
Dad, mom
Tonight around 8 o'clock, in Fukushima ken...
there is a saloon collide face to face with a truck
in this accident...
Satomi Hideki and his wife Satomi ayaka was luck to escape this tragedy
In the car, 5 years old young girl Satomi Nana...
According to police investigation, the truck driver was dead in the accident
And from the investigaiton, the driver might be napping
The truck took away the life from 5 years old Nana
At the scene, the wreckages splatter everywhere even after several hours
Saw the newspaper?
- Newspaper?
- The newspaper said!
Before the accident happened, the news is out!
you saw it too right?
can't see it?
Newspaper, newspaper
- it's around here
- stop it!
on the newspaper, it says that I...
...the story is about it grabbed and eaten us all
but, because not thinking at that time
doesn't feel very horrible
just in his hand...
when I grab it, just feel...
in the middle of the palm...
Please give it to me
I took it
You must be tired
Oko teacher, you feeling alright?
i'm fine
if I have good mood, the image will be more clear
I'm so sorry, make you feel happy
is also our ultimate goal
sometimes let the experimenter to concentrate is also very tough
I know, don't worry
- then let's proceed to the next one
- please
please read this newspaper
yes newspaper
I resist
the submitter is anonymous
this is the teacher's "Mind Photo" right?
i'm sorry, not today
if I offended you please forgive me
but please give it a try no matter what
this is not part of the research is it?
it's your private problem right?
i'm sorry
please wait
as for myself, I beg you once more! Please!
you divorced right?
Teacher can also see the past?
have you heard of "confession record"?
about the long past, far away future, every record
it's all kept in somewhere in this universe
you mean, that kind of place exists in reality?
it sends out message from there
according to those message, human will evolve a lot of consequences
about "Foretell"... do you want to know?
Horrible news
someone name this phenomenon as "Horrible news"
if you know anything, could you please tell me?
it's been researched for a long time,
where does he live is still a myth
besides you, there are a lot of people feel interested about it
someone send a message from Yamanashi KEN
he said he received the newspaper
please speak more about that mean in detail
but, it's also the last contact
after than, he's gone missing
not discovered now, might not be found anymore
stop now, if we keep continue...
then it would be too dangerous
that scar...
it's deeper than 3 days ago...
Help! Mom! Mom!
Satomi teacher, here is the name list for the conference next week
please fill that up and pass it down
uCan't not Attendv
Satomi teacher, here is the name list for the conference next week
please fill that up and pass it down
- what are you doing?
- I'm doing it for kindness...
what kindness! it's redundant!
but it's free for one month anyway
- I hate newspaper, I hate it when I see it!
- ok
hello? I'm Tachihara
are you the teacher?
I'm Tachihara from the university
anyone here?
uthe rotten woman body in the bathroomv
uauto timer causes 19 people died!v
uAxe attack!v
uHashimoto Risa suicidev
uLighting bolt killed 4 peoplev
uthe machinegun in the hallway of high schoolv
uGiant billow flips fishing shipsv
uGhost shadow contactsv
uthe Ghost shadowv
you there?
oh, it's you
what's wrong?
I just want to hear your voice
what happened?
can I go to your place now?
what can I do? everything has been changed
it's still about the newspaper
What are you saying? I'm not crazy!
Hello, hello?
teacher saw it too
- that kind of newspaper
- what are you trying to say?
- Wakakubo
- I got the newspaper too
it's the same as the teacher's
wait a second, I...
I didn't do anything
that's good, just do nothing
I didn't do anything
that's good, just do nothing
I can't do anything...
you got it? teach also...
Wakakubo! are you ok?!
what's wrong with you?
are you alright?
who is it?
your ex-husband
I finally understand through all these days
the newspaper
sayuri is dead...!
I knew it, but I couldn't do anything...
it's the same happen to Nana
I'm like killing people, it's not different at all!
stop, don't speak
it's because of Me! everytime...
I'm always late!
- I...
- alright!
Nana, and that girl's death...
it's not your fault at all!
the Mind Photo, she also left
don't be guilty, there is no time
let's go to a place together
I still can't believe
this is when we just inside the hospital
this is the picture half years later
this is 13 years old
sitll left some remnant
at the beginning, it is written on notebook
after it's full, it was written on the wall
then the fecal matter
then I use nail
injecting sedative does not help at all
finally, if the guard is loosen a bit
bytes off the private part to write the blood letter
we can't do anything
so that's it?
it's just death anyway
we're all gonna die
what's wrong with you...
just reading the newspaper, reminds me that day
reminds me my Nana
at that time...
it's fine if we don't turn back
it's fine if I forget about the work
it's fine if i don't read the newspaper
it's better if I'm dead!
I feel the same way as you do!
Leave me alone!
you're a coward!
- I'm Tachihara
- I'm Miyamoto
what's wrong?
about the phone number you gave me, I found the address
uFujisan cliff collapsing, 8 people diedv
Today afternoon about 5 o'clock,
the mountain located in the Kawasaki KEN, Niikawagun
which is Fujisan had a serious cliff collapsing
up till now, already 8 people confirmed dead
right now the recue had begun at the scene
it's terrible
I wrote it myself
becomes truth
it's embarrassed, there is no time
it's hard to say
if it is not her research
I might still be hating you
what time is it now?
I can't feel time at all
yesterday I got this thing
Gas explosion happened in Hitaka city, a family of five people have all been killed
how to treat the prediction in the Horrible news...
is what I care the most
I want to try it on my own
it says on the newspaper that the people should be dead...
if I warned them before things happened
this is a monitor recording
because I can change the prediction, no one knows what will happen
but I've changed their fate
because of this
my body have something like this appeared...
scars like this...
what will it be in the future
I'll try my best to record them down
Killers attack, 3 people family are killed
it will happen after 2 hours
give them a phone call, maybe we can save them
just like that person did
if you keep writing down
I'll be like that man
what should I do?
why you want to search the newspaper?
it's because I believe you
that day
Nana was dead
that day
if I trusted you
I wouldn't lose Nana
I'm sorry
Don't worry
We'll find a way out
forget it
I'm fine about that
being afraid isn't going to help
I'm right here
reading all these data
I'll be back tonight, don't go out
uover hundreds of people diedv
uThe train in Xiaotaku Ken derailedv
udeath listv
Tatibara ayaka
u5 o'clock pmv
Please, pick up!
what's wrong?
- what's wrong?
- don't go up!
Don't take the train!
- No!
- Misato!
can I take a look at her?
her face...
is gone
here we are
I had a dream
don't worry
we're well prepared
we can't...
live together again
I love this photo the most
the apartment we lived in when we just merried
at that time, I'm so happy
better than here
just,the wall is too thin
Nana's crying always brings complains of the neighbors
you snore too loud, I even hit you
what's wrong?
don't worry
it's coming!
it's no use to runaway
no use!
what's wrong?
your scar...
don't touch me
what do you want?
I finally calm down
and now it's you
you're the one who broke up first!
I've heard enough about the weird newspaper!
how can I say to make you understand!
I'm like this already, don't bother me anymore!
Ayaka, no!
don't come here again!
Ayaka, Ayaka
why is this...
how's going?
Doctor, doctor
it's no use to change the future
Nana's death, mine, it's all our destiny
we can't do anything
teach me, Wakakubo
right now the scene has just begun the recuing
terrible huh?
trying to change the prediction from the newspaper?
your fate
is your choice
you also changed the prediction on the newspaper?
please teach me
am I dead?
it would be great if I'm dead
what's that mean?
it's a dream, it's truth
it's alive, or it's dead? I can't even tell
- what should I do?
- hell!
let you go to hell!
go back to the most painful moment
let's ask Dad for help
Ayaka, come out from there!
what are you doing!
come here!
what's wrong with his father?
don't lie to me!
it's full, can't put anymore
what are you doing?
come on, give me a hand
what's wrong?
i can't see the road
you'll fall off!
but bear blocks my view, I can't see
where are you going?
- Nana
- what?
- Hurry!
- what?
Dad is weird
uSaloon collide face to face with a truck, 3 people family died instantlyv
your destiny
you choose
let's ask Dad for help
Ayaka, come out there quick!
- what are you doing?
- you wait here!
don't move!
Nana, Hurry!
- I made it!
- what?
Hurry up, go go hurry!
I finally made it!
uSatomi eikiv
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