Yogi Bear (2010) Movie Script

Jellystone Park.
One of the nation's oldest and most
beautiful stretches of wilderness.
For years, families have headed out
from the busy city...
...eager to enjoy a little camping,
...and, of course,
observing the park's natural wildlife.
Boo Boo, I think it's time
I introduced myself to that pic-a-nic basket.
You know, Yogi,
we could just hunt for food.
All the other animals do.
Boo Boo, a pic-a-nic basket has
everything a bear needs.
And I'm not just talking about the treats
and snack-type goodies. No.
A pic-a-nic basket holds a lot more
than that.
It holds dreams.
What are we looking at?
I don't know.
Hook me in.
You sure it'll work, Yogi?
Well, you know, Boo Boo,
I'm smarter than the average bear!
All right!
Ranger Smith!
Sorry about that.
We got a 4-23 in Redwood Valley, sir.
- A what?
- A bear disturbance.
- I think it's probably...
- I know who it is.
Why didn't you just say
"bear disturbance"?
Well, I...
Uh, well, it sounds cooler.
I mean, we're park rangers, sir.
You know:
"To protect and preserve."
Did you just make that motto up?
Yeah, I did. Do you like it?
Ranger Jones, you know that, well,
being a park ranger, it's not about mottos.
It's about keeping the park safe.
That's where the glory is.
Protecting all of this.
Yeah, I know. Besides,
that motto was still in the testing phase.
It's not like I made T-shirts or anything.
Heh, no, of course not.
Okay, I'm gonna deal with that 4-23.
Okay, copy that, sir.
Um, I'm actually gonna hop
in the Armadillo, make some rounds.
Jones, you know that the Armadillo is
for head ranger use only.
I might need it at any moment to deal
with a park emergency.
Why don't you finish stacking
those trail maps?
Yeah, sure. Okay.
Yeah, because that's what future
head rangers do, they stack maps.
Oh, boy, oh, boy, oh, boy!
Our days of getting banged up
to grab a meal are over, Boo Boo.
From now on, the pic-a-nic baskets are
going to fall into our arms.
Soldering iron.
- Here you go.
- Thank you.
Okay. That should do it. Test rock.
Okay, Yogi.
Weight sensor triggered.
Basket in position.
Launch spring starts coiling.
Firing pin drops. And...
I'm so smart it hurts!
You're standing on the soldering iron.
Or it's that.
Hot, hot, hot!
There's the test rock.
Now we just wait here for a pic-a-nic basket
to fall into our arms.
Are you sure about this, Yogi?
People seem to get pretty mad when you...
A genius never questions his instincts,
Boo Boo.
When you have a mind like mine...
...you can't blink or you'll put a kink
in your think.
Oh, boy, oh, boy, oh, boy.
We've got our first customers.
And they have pie!
I wonder what kind it is.
Yogi, are you out here?
- It's Mr. Ranger.
- Aah!
Get rid of the test rock.
Destroy the evidence. I was never here.
Look... Ow!
Hello, Mr. Ranger, sir.
Did you just...?
Did you guys...? Did you...?
Oh, never mind.
Look, there was a complaint about a bear
interfering with a family picnic.
I see. And you'd like us to mount
some sort of investigation?
No, I think it was you.
What?! How can you even think that?
Are you feverish?
Let me press my lips against
your forehead.
Wait! You're not pressing your lips
against my forehead.
Hey, it's a lot better than the way
they take my temperature.
No, look, Yogi,
we've been over this many times.
Bears are supposed to avoid people,
not run around stealing their food.
I agree, sir. That's why my friend Boo Boo
and I would never think...
...of disturbing a family's pic-a-nic.
Huh. It missed.
Good day, Mr. Ranger, sir.
We'll keep our eyes peeled.
I wonder if he noticed the pie.
Ra... Smith. You have a vis... Over.
Didn't understand a word of that, Jones.
- Sorry. Some lady's here to see you.
- Send her in.
- Okay. I'll be in the Armadillo.
- Or you could be...
- Map stacking?
- Map stacking.
- Ranger Smith?
- Yes.
- Hello. I'm Rachel Johnson.
- Hi.
I was hoping to talk to you about
filming a documentary here.
Sure. I can handle you for that.
Handle that for you.
Sorry. My work isn't...
My brain isn't working right.
- I must have inhaled some jimsonweed.
- Oh.
Datura stramonium.
It's known to cause delirium...
...cramping and nausea. Heh.
- Cramping and nausea.
You've read
The North American Wilderness Guide.
Yeah, I like to highlight all the plants
and animals I see.
- I like to... Me too.
- Ha, ha! Yeah.
Ranger Smith. At your service.
You want to film a documentary
in Jellystone?
I sent you a letter about a month ago.
- Written on a piece of bark.
- That was you!
Yes. I'm sorry about that.
I was in Sumatra,
living among the orangutans at the time...
...and they get very nervous if they spot
anything from the modern world.
Really? Wow, that's amazing.
Then what did you use for ink?
Bird poop and spit.
So, what are you here to film?
Well, I was hoping to shoot
a local species.
Something to really capture the beauty
of a national park.
What animal were you thinking?
I heard you had an unusual brown bear.
- Brown bear?
- Yes.
One that talks? Those are so rare.
- None that I can think of.
- Named Yogi? Wears a hat and a tie?
No, that doesn't ring a bell.
I think he's standing on the roof,
trying to steal your lunchbox.
I smell PB and J.
I'm all done.
Oh, right. That Yogi.
Bankrupt? No, no, no. We're a city.
Cities don't go bankrupt.
They do when they're broke, sir.
We just have to find some money
I'm about to run for governor.
How am I gonna do that
when my own city is bankrupt?
Okay, yes. Thank you.
- Here's the invoice, Mr. Mayor.
- Yikes! Wow. Ha.
I'm gonna pretend I didn't see that.
Just bill it to the city, okay? Thank you.
Ugh. How did we ever go so broke?
- I think we just spent too much.
- Hmm. Is there anything we can sell?
You already sold the public golf course
to condo developers...
...two of the three fire stations to
that frozen yogurt company.
You were selling the library,
but it burned down.
Oh, yeah. That was gonna be one of
those make-your-own-doughnut places.
- No.
- Yeah.
- If you could dream it up, you could make it.
- Ah. Love those.
We gotta think of something here.
Well, if we don't have anything to sell,
maybe we can profit off what we can't sell.
I don't understand those words.
Like when we sold the bottling rights
to the water in Lake Beuclair.
- We made a fortune.
- Yeah.
Sinkhole Beuclair is a great place
to throw old mattresses.
- Oh, yeah.
- Hmm.
We just don't have any more resources
to exploit.
Or do we?
If we rezone Jellystone Park as agricultural
land, we can sell the logging rights.
This company says they'll give us
thousands of dollars an acre...
...just to cut down the trees
or something.
That'll be enough to balance the budget
and give each citizen a big fat check.
You have any idea how many votes
that'll buy me?
- Enough to be the next governor?
- Exactly.
You're fine, Yogi.
It's just a few scrapes and bruises.
I don't know, Mr. Ranger.
I'm pretty sure I heard my spine snap.
Well, you wouldn't be able to stand.
And you wouldn't be able to eat.
I'm okay!
Yogi, Boo Boo, I would like to introduce
you to Rachel Johnson...
...who's here to make a nature
What the heck was that?
I was saying hello.
I lived in a den with brown bears
for six months.
Only bear I've ever lived with
is Boo Boo.
And he only makes that sound after
he's eaten baked beans. Heh, heh.
I have problems with baked beans.
And for a little bear,
he makes a lot of stink.
Okay, I have some fantastic river otters
you can film instead.
- Could get a hat and tie on the slow one.
- No, you know, I really, really like these two.
- Would you guys mind if I shoot you?
- Huh?
Yogi, I think she meant with a camera.
Yes. Of course with a camera.
Heh-heh-heh. I knew that.
But not just any camera.
This isn't gonna make me look fat,
is it?
No, you are gonna look great.
Okay, just a few more adjustments.
Please, excuse the pre-tied bow tie.
My mornings are often rushed.
It's fine, Boo Boo. This is going to be
a whole new perspective for a documentary.
The Boo Boo cam will capture the true
wilderness in all its natural glory.
No other human in sight.
That sounds like my apartment. Ha, ha.
Uh, you know, because I live alone.
Well, plenty of women have tried
to change that.
It's just, I haven't found one that...
- Likes you?
- What? No. No, that...
Will return your calls?
Can you stop helping, please?
Sir, I can see you like this lady.
But your courting rituals need work.
What you need to do is follow her around
for two days making snorting sounds.
Then fight any male that looks at her.
And then, of course, urinate on her
to mark her as your territory.
Works every time.
I got it under control, Yogi.
- Boo Boo, you're rolling.
- Cool.
Yogi Bear, a brown bear commonly found
in North America and Alaska.
Weighing up to 1800 pounds, brown bears
are also the national animal of Finland.
I don't think you have to narrate.
But I liked where you were going with it,
Boo Boo.
- I was hooked.
- Really?
Yes. Now try to film from flattering angles,
if you know what I mean.
Pic-a-nic baskets may be delicious on
the lips, but they're a lifetime on the hips.
Oh, no.
Ranger Smith! Ranger Smith.
The mayor's here.
What's he doing here?
Why didn't he give us more warning?
I have to secure the area.
All units, lock down the park.
Repeat, lock down the park.
Jones, you know
I'm the only other ranger here, right?
- Ranger Smith, we need to talk.
- You could've just called.
Yeah, but I thought
this would be more friendly.
I'm really working on my people skills.
Anyway, I am closing your park down.
- Okay.
- What?
Oh, yeah, this place just costs the city
way too much money.
Jellystone hasn't made its operating budget
in 10 years.
You know, it's hard to compete with
all those amusement parks...
Oh, hey, you're not kidding. Oh, have you
guys been to Lincoln Log Land yet?
Oh, man, they have got a roller coaster
there, it's made completely out of logs.
It's just like they rode in the pioneer days.
It's unbelievable.
Sir, Jellystone is special. Okay?
It's turning 100 years old this very year.
Why, it's a landmark.
I would never let it be closed down.
Well, uh, you actually
don't have a choice.
Have you read the city bylaws lately?
Chapter 6. Section 73.
"Any municipal property
that can't generate enough money...
...to cover its operating budget...
...can be rezoned for other uses."
And since Jellystone loses money
every year, we're shutting it down.
Uh, sorry?
- I thought that went well.
- Yeah.
Just a second, Mr. Mayor.
Who says we can't cover our budget? Park
doesn't report earnings till next quarter.
Yeah, which is like one week away.
Come on, Smith.
You gotta be $20,000 in the hole.
We wish. Yeah. Try 30,562.
That's probably a couple hundred extra
for the map stand.
I think it's confession time.
- I only pretended to fix it.
- Thanks, Jones.
Sounds like you're in pretty deep
there, Smith.
Maybe we are. But this is one of the last
places families can go to be close to nature.
The world needs that.
Well, I'm not mayor of the world.
I'm mayor of this city.
And this city needs this park rezoned.
I'm sorry.
I feel awful about it.
Even though I look really good.
This is a new suit.
So, okay.
Maybe we don't have our operating
budget today. But you know what?
- A lot can happen in a week.
- All right. Have it your way. Take a week.
Hey, I'll even get you started.
What's the admission fee for one car again?
Four dollars.
Four dollars, huh? Four whole dollars?
Well, that changes everything.
Oh, my goodness.
Well, I only need to come back in here
like, uh, what, 10,000 more times?
In a week! Do I have time for that?
- Impossible.
- Oh, shoot.
You want-a some-a lasagna?
You hungry, buddy?
Of course! I'm always hungry.
I was talking to my pet turtle.
Here you go.
That better not be my beef jerky.
So, what's the big deal, Yogi?
This is the big deal, Boo Boo.
It's my masterpiece.
The Basket-Nabber 2000.
The most advanced pic-a-nic
basket-stealing technology ever invented.
Climb aboard.
This glider can steer...
...dive, shoot rubber bands at
pesky-type birds...
...and even has an air bag.
Had an air bag.
Sorry, Yogi.
Not to worry. We could cushion our landing
with all the pic-a-nic baskets we swipe.
Now, how's that copilot seat feel?
A little wobbly,
like it's not tied on very tight.
You won't feel that in the air.
Get ready to fly faster than the speed
of sandwich, Boo Boo.
We're gonna break the pic-a-nic barrier.
- Yogi!
- Uh-oh.
That's not his happy voice.
Don't move.
I'm switching the glider into stealth mode.
Stealth mode?
Wow. How are you able to...?
Ah, Mr. Ranger, sir. Welcome.
Can I interest you in a sody pop?
- There you go.
- When did you steal our vending machine?
I, um... I'm repairing it, sir.
This machine gives its sodas away
for free when a bear kicks it.
Look, a camper has reported some
missing fishing poles...
...so I'm gonna go out on a limb here
and say it was you.
Fishing poles? Sir, I'm a bear.
If I wanted to catch fish,
I would just use my...
Your paws, Yogi.
Isn't that kind of unsanitary?
What's that?
- What's what?
- That thing.
- What thing?
- The thing under the blanket.
- Blanket?
- The object right behind you.
Oh. Oh, that. Heh.
A sculpture.
I'm sculpting now. Mostly landscapes.
And where's Boo Boo?
- France.
- What?
- That's not close by, is it?
- No.
Then he's in the bathroom.
- Excuse me.
- Wait!
Hey, this isn't the bathroom.
I'm telling you, Mr. Ranger,
it's not for stealing pic-a-nic baskets.
It says "Basket-Nabber 2000"
right here, Yogi.
I do regret calling it that now.
I know I'm always saying,
"Stay away from the campers."
This is different.
Jellystone is in real trouble.
If I don't raise $30,000 in a week,
this park's getting rezoned.
Rezoned? What does that mean?
It means the park won't
be a park anymore.
The city will use this land
for something else.
So we have got to do everything
we can to help save it.
Which means you have gotta stop stealing
food so that campers will leave here happy.
But they do leave here happy.
Getting your food stolen by Yogi Bear
is special. People come here for that.
It's like catching a foul ball
at a baseball game.
Nope. It's like getting your food stolen
at a baseball game.
Come on, Yogi. Would it really be so hard
to be a regular bear?
You know, to forage for food,
to walk around on all fours...
...to hibernate a little, or a lot.
If nature had meant for me
to be a regular bear...
...it wouldn't have given me
such a good thought-cooker, sir.
I can't help it if my melon is
full of smart juice.
Yogi, your melon is hurting this park.
There are repercussions to stealing
people's picnic baskets.
Not in my experience, sir.
On the other hand...
Ranger Smith,
mind if I borrow the 'dilla?
It's an emergency.
Somebody parked without parking decals.
Jones, I would really prefer it if you focused
on just maintaining the park instead.
Let me deal with the visitors
until you've had more experience.
Sorry, sir. Guess that's just
the Eagle Scout in me, you know?
Always wanting to be in control,
be a leader.
Live up to this fanny pack
full of merit badges.
You know that fanny pack is for
first aid supplies, right?
A merit badge in first aid is the only
supply I need, sir.
Right, but it might not be the only
supply a hurt person needs.
You seen Rachel?
Yeah, I saw her.
She was heading up to Lookout Mountain.
She can't be far. I'll drive. Let's roll.
The sprawling beauty of Jellystone Park.
A timeless stretch of wilderness
untouched by man.
Ranger Smith.
Wow, heh.
What's with the fancy outfit?
Dress greens.
I always wear dress greens in the evening.
You know, in case there's, you know...
- I don't know how to talk to girls.
- Oh.
Why do you think
I spend so much time with animals?
All you have to do is scratch their backside
and you've got a friend for life.
Try that with people...
...and all of a sudden you're the weird girl
on the bus that nobody wants to sit next to.
Um, uh, listen. I was wondering, you know,
if you were...
I mean, it's getting late and we could, uh...
If you want.
I mean, it's not that... You don't... It's...
You know, it's not a worry. Don't worry.
Did you just ask me to dinner?
Yes. I did. Heh.
- Good, you got that, huh?
- Yes.
I just thought, well, it's getting late.
I happen to know this great place.
- Very gourmet.
- Really? Where?
So close you won't believe it.
Wow, how did you ever find this place?
This is a four-star porch.
And fresh from the hot plate,
I give you...
...rack of Spam.
- Oh.
Maybe "gourmet" was a bit of a stretch.
No, it actually looks wonderful.
You know, this really is a peaceful place.
It's something, isn't it?
I pretty much grew up here.
My father was a ranger
when I was a kid...
...and he turned this park into the number
one tourist destination in the state.
I mean, it was a park, you know?
Like families came by the hundreds...
...swam in the streams, hiked on the trails.
It was really something.
This is really good.
Anyway, I don't know.
Maybe it's my fault.
I spent so many years learning everything
I could about the park...
...so I'd be a better ranger.
Maybe instead, I should have come up
with a gimmick to get people to come here.
You know, change the name to
Extreme Jellystone.
- I think that it's perfect just the way it is.
- You do?
You're right.
There's no better place on earth.
- Hey, Mr. Ranger.
- Except a place without him.
Evening, Mr. Ranger, sir.
Madame Moviemaker Lady.
And yes, I'm using the fancy tense
to show you the utmost respect.
Hi. Ha, ha.
What do you want, Yogi?
Well, I was thinking about the park's
prickly predicament...
...and I would like to do my part to help.
This is all the money I have saved.
Almost $100.
I was going to use it on myself,
but I'd rather donate it to Jellystone.
Well, thank you, Yogi. That's...
That is very sweet.
- Where does a bear get money from?
- That brown box by the parking lot.
The park donation box.
Yep. But I want you to have it.
Consider it a gift to Jellystone.
That won't be hard.
Look, guys, I appreciate the effort.
But what this park needs is visitors
and lots of them.
Well, I can help you there, sir.
Just make me a headliner.
I will rock this place.
- Kick it, Boo Boo.
- Kicking it.
I like big butts and I cannot lie
You other brothers can't deny
That when a girl walks in
With a itty-bitty waist
And a round thing in your face
You get sprung
That's not gonna work either, Yogi.
You're right. We need something
flashier than music. Not a problem.
I've got this water-skiing routine
that will change the face of entertainment.
Got a little of everything.
Music, stunts, magic.
- And I jump over Boo Boo at the end.
- No, you don't.
- I want to try it.
- I don't care.
I hate to interrupt,
but you're not gonna water-ski...
...or dance or do anything
that might disturb the campers, okay?
If what you really want to do
is help save this park...
...you will lay low, stay away from people.
Think you can do that for me?
You have my word, Mr. Ranger.
I will be seen, but not heard.
Or seen.
You guys done with that Spam?
- Get out of here.
- Okay. Sheesh!
What's this?
Seasons pass applications.
not a lot of takers on those.
Fifty bucks for an entire year?
Including camping fees? That's a bargain.
If this were a place people wanted
to visit throughout the year.
Maybe Yogi was on to something.
- You said the park was turning 100, right?
- Right.
Well, a big event could really
pull people in.
Yeah, you're right.
We could have, like, a moss collection day
or a big squirrel chase.
- Or...
- Fireworks.
Yes. Exactly. Why didn't I think of that?
We could host a big centennial festival.
People always show up for fireworks.
If even half of the people
buy season passes...
...the park makes enough money
to stay open.
Right. Let's get the word out.
I think I can help with that.
That is great.
How did we pay for it?
We didn't.
It was some fast-food restaurant...
...but I rearranged the letters right
before the plane took off.
You're very cool, Rachel Johnson.
You're pretty cool yourself.
I do have my own kind of
natural swagger.
Jellystone National Park, 100th year
anniversary. There'll be fireworks.
Just stay calm, Jones.
You should be patrolling in the Armadillo
making park-impacting decisions, but...
- Hey, 100th year anniversary.
- Thanks.
But you're not there yet.
You still have to follow orders.
Even if those orders make you look
like a giant Cheez-It.
Mr. Mayor!
Hi, Mr. Mayor.
Why is it only going halfway down again?
Doesn't make any... No!
Oh, okay. Is it a double tap
or do I have to press it...?
- Oh, dang it!
- I got it, sir.
Yeah. That's exactly what I did.
Let me see one of those fliers.
"Come celebrate Jellystone's 100th
anniversary with fireworks and fun."
"And receive $10 off a season pass"?
He's gonna try to make the budget
selling season passes.
Yeah, ugh. It's not a very good idea,
in my opinion.
But nobody consulted me, because my job
is just to maintain the park...
...which is basically poking trash
with a stick.
Yeah. Yeah, why is a guy with your talent
doing this insulting grunt work?
You should be running a park.
Yeah, but Ranger Smith says
I have to pay my dues.
- Excuse me?
- What?
- He has to pay his dues? Ha.
- Ha, ha.
Nobody pays dues anymore.
You gotta be in charge now
while you still know everything.
- That's what I've been saying.
- Yeah.
Buddy, if it was up to me, you would be
the head ranger of Jellystone already.
- You'd put me in charge?
- In a second. Yes.
You know, if this centennial festival didn't
work out, I probably could relocate Smith.
You know, uh,
maybe you could help me with that.
Make sure it doesn't succeed?
Wait, you mean, like, sabotage it?
No. Oh, no, no, no.
No, I want you to be head ranger.
It just so happens that the only way to
do that is to bring down this festival.
But spend the rest of your life
as second-in-command if you like.
That's fine.
It's a perfectly valid life choice.
Well, you just think about it and give
me a call, okay? Here's my card.
So long.
Hey. Now why is it doing that?
No. Boy Scouts are loyal, thrifty, kind...
Hey, you're back.
Hey, thanks for getting those fliers out.
Let me tell you,
this festival is gonna be huge.
Hey, Ranger Smith, how long do you think
until I reach head ranger status?
Oh, no time at all.
I did it in 12 short years.
Ha, okay.
Are you serious?
Just be patient, Jones.
It'll be here before you know it.
This festival's gonna be great!
I can't wait 12 years.
Seasons pass order forms.
Seasons pass order forms. Thank you.
Seasons pass order forms,
$10 off today. Ah, enjoy.
I can't take it, Boo Boo.
Two days without a tasty treat to eat?
And I have to sit up here while they're
having a "happy birthday, Jellystone" party?
And they have doughnuts.
Yogi, what are you doing?
- Yogi!
- I'm going.
Wait. Don't do it, Yogi.
You promised Mr. Ranger.
You're right. I'm losing control, Boo Boo.
I don't know who's steering the ship.
I want you to handcuff me to this tree
and not unlock it no matter what I say.
Okay, Yogi.
- Okay, unlock me.
- Huh?
It was a bad idea. Unlock me.
Unlock me!
Okay. Here you go.
Folks, I hate to say this,
but there are no spots left.
Forecast called for thunderstorms.
Severe lightning. I fear for your young ones.
We're out of fireworks, I'm afraid.
It's just sparklers left.
Oh, no.
You look nice.
Your napkin matches your tie.
I don't need you to kiss up to me.
Got this guy for that.
That's a good point, sir.
You were gonna handle this situation,
yet there are quite a few people here.
Sir, I tried. All last night
I spent taking down fliers.
I blocked the entrance with a vehicle
to back up traffic.
I hung up "rabid squirrel" signs everywhere.
Those were hand-drawn.
- Nothing is working.
- You need to think of something, don't you?
Or maybe you're just not
head ranger material.
Mr. Mayor. Mayor's yes man.
So glad you could join us.
I saved you a nice spot next
to the porta-potties.
Oh, well, thank you.
Well, that's very thoughtful.
You know, I'm just so glad that these
festivities are going so well, Smith.
I just hope nothing goes wrong.
We are gonna pull this off, Jonesy.
I've seen hundreds of people filling out
seasons pass order forms.
The weather's great.
The fireworks, ready to go.
Even Yogi's staying out of the way.
Hey, guys. Sorry, just wandering around,
bored out of my mind.
Bored? But the 100th anniversary
extravaganza's going on.
Yeah, more like 100th anniversary
You know, because it's so lame.
People see fireworks every day
in the city.
They thought they'd
see something different here.
I knew it.
I should be out there doing my
water-ski routine.
I'm a shining star and Ranger Smith
is holding me back.
I don't know, Yogi.
Mr. Ranger is usually right about
these things.
No, Boo Boo, Ranger Smith is in denial.
I mean, he's lost it, you know?
I saw him a couple days ago.
He was filling his pockets with dirt.
He said he's gonna start moving the park
to his apartment piece by piece.
- How big is his apartment?
- There's still time.
I won't be able to do the half-hour
artistic program...
...but that was more for me anyway.
These people need the razzle-dazzle.
I don't think we've practiced
the razzle-dazzle.
You're not supposed to, Boo Boo.
That's where it gets the razzle.
Yogi, I really don't think we should...
Boo Boo, you've tried to stop my brilliant
ideas with common sense a thousand times.
Has it ever worked?
Then let's go, go, go.
What does that taste like?
- I'm sorry.
- Yeah.
Thanks again for helping with the fireworks.
I don't know where Jones disappeared to.
My pleasure.
You know, um, Rachel,
I've been wanting to tell you...
...well, how much l...
- Ranger...
No, please, let me get through this.
I'm not very good with words.
But I have never felt so...
...gushy. Ha-ha-ha.
- You know?
- Ranger...
You know what I did?
I went and I wrote a song about you.
It's like this:
Oh, no.
...saw you at the station
Had a heart palpitation
My sickness was love
And you're the medication
- Rachel
- The microphone is on.
And it comes around again
Rachel, Rachel, Rachel
The microphone is on.
Yes, the mic...
Hi. Hello...
...and welcome to
the 100th anniversary of Jellystone!
Thank you. It is so wonderful to see
so many people here today.
I've noticed many of you filling out
your seasons pass order forms.
We're more than happy to collect those
after the fireworks.
But first, please, sit back,
get comfortable...
...and enjoy the show!
- Terrific.
- Mr. Mayor?
That's not the right music.
I'll take it from here, Mr. Ranger!
Oh, no.
Full speed ahead, Boo Boo.
Not bad, eh, Boo Boo?
Looking good, Yogi.
- This cannot be happening.
- Oh, it's happening.
Hello, Jellystone!
No, don't encourage him!
They love me. I can do no wrong.
Watch this.
All right, Boo Boo! Turn up the heat!
Phase two, go.
I'm an unstoppable water-skiing
Oh, wait. There's more.
How about if I heat things up?
Don't need nothin' but a good time
And it don't get better than this
Yogi, your cape.
I know. It is magnificent.
And on fire.
Huh? Fire!
- Turn the boat!
- Huh?
- Turn, Boo Boo!
- Hang on, Yogi!
Too much razzle!
- Nice one.
- Thanks.
Let's go.
Out of my way!
This could not have gone more perfectly.
Hey, you got a little, uh...
Never mind. Let's go.
Mr. Ranger, I thought...
Yogi, that's the problem.
All the thinking.
Hey, you know what would be great?
If you didn't think.
If you could just be a regular bear.
You know, sitting in the woods,
minding his own business.
But no, you're different. You're smart.
And you'd rather spend your days
being selfish and destructive...
...while everyone else pays the price.
But I guess it wasn't enough,
screwing up my life.
No, this time you had to go
and bring down this entire park.
So tell me, Yogi...
...how smart are you now?
Hey, there! That was quite a show
you put on yesterday. Ha-ha-ha.
I can't wait to see what you do with this.
That's your new assignment.
Evergreen Park. Oh, I think
you're just going to find it delightful.
Oh, and, uh, Ranger Jones
is gonna be taking over here.
Ranger Jones?
Well, I have got a press conference
to plan.
You see, it turns out I've saved the city.
Don't forget to vote, my friend.
Brown for governor! Ha-ha-ha.
He's not gonna vote for me, is he?
Uh, no.
You did everything you could.
Doesn't matter.
This park needed a ranger
who could make it popular again.
I'm just some guy who knows
how old every tree is.
Fat lot of good that did Jellystone.
Face it. You and I are just two people who
care about things that nobody else does...
...and that's why we're alone.
Or maybe that's why we found each other.
Did you ever think of that?
Rachel, you and this park have
one thing in common.
You both deserve a better man than me.
I can't believe he's really gone.
Yogi, are you okay?
I'm done being special, Boo Boo.
Ranger Smith was right.
My whole life, I've been different.
But it's done nothing but hurt people.
The world would be better off if
I was only as smart as the average bear.
Yogi, what are you doing?
I'm leaving, Boo Boo.
- I am going to forage for food in the wild.
- Huh?
Might even catch some fish.
With my paws.
I'm just gonna grab a little something
for the road.
Some chips and soda.
And this. Peach pie.
Any more of that casserole?
Top shelf.
I'll be out there. Fending for myself.
Foraging for food in the wild.
Goodbye, horsepower limiter.
There's a new head ranger in town.
Let's see what you got.
I'm sorry, Ranger Smith.
No more food. No more pic-a-nickers.
How could this get any worse?
Ah, Evergreen Park.
Yes, it is simply delightful.
- Come on.
- I've got it, sir.
This is unbelievable.
Ah, Evergreen Park. Lovely, isn't it?
This isn't a park.
I can barely breathe in here.
Look at these trees. They're all plastic.
Oh, no, they're real.
It's just years of smog and pollution...
...have left a plastic-like coating on them.
Think people will be happy you're closing
the most beautiful park in the state?
Well, they will be when they find out
it's making the city rich...
...and giving each citizen a check
for $1000.
How is that even possible?
Oh, well, it turns out that there has been
some agricultural interest in the park.
And it's a lot more profitable than people
in station wagons making s'mores.
Have a good day, Ranger Smith.
I hate this car. I hate it.
Oh, hey, there he is. Ha-ha-ha.
Whoa, hey, Mr. Mayor!
I, uh...
Just finishing some stamping.
You are doing great, Jones.
I knew you were the guy for this job.
Quick thing. You'll probably notice
some giant trucks rumbling by.
We're just clearing a little patch of trees
for my press conference. No big deal.
Um, wait, you're cutting down trees?
Oh, yeah. Well, just a few.
It's nothing to worry about.
Actually gonna improve the park
quite a bit.
I'll bet one of the first things you noticed
as head ranger...
...is that you need more clear spaces here,
and you are absolutely right.
Now you can host concerts and
Boy Scout jamborees.
That's a pretty smart move there,
Head Ranger Jones.
I have some other park improvements
I want to run by you.
Oh, splendid, yes.
I think I have a few moments to hear those.
Look into the security arrangements
for tomorrow.
I don't want any surprises.
I'll hear what Ding-Dong has to say.
What do you got?
I'm hungrier than the average bear.
I wish I could find a bush that tasted
like birthday cake.
Pretend it's a gummy worm.
Pretend it's a gummy worm.
Yogi, I've been looking everywhere
for you.
Not now, Boo Boo. I'm busy foraging.
Come on, Yogi.
Jellystone is in trouble.
We need your help.
Nothing I can do, Boo Boo.
I'm average now.
My brain is out of business.
I wouldn't even be standing
if my paws didn't hurt.
Quit feeling sorry for yourself.
You know you're not an average bear.
Hey, hey, Boo Boo. You're right, I'm not.
I failed at that too.
Hey, come back here.
You've gotta save Jellystone.
What are you doing? I'm not...
Yogi, you have to use your smarts
for good.
And if you can't see that,
maybe you are just an average bear.
Come on.
Now do you understand?
What's going on, Boo Boo?
I don't know.
But whatever it is...
...I think they're just getting started.
Boo Boo...
...get my collar.
Nobody is gonna hurt Jellystone.
Where are we going, Yogi?
We can't get Jellystone back alone,
Boo Boo.
My thinker is good,
but Ranger Smith's is better.
He was going to a place called
Evergreen Park.
That's right. In the city.
The city? That's a long walk.
Don't be silly, Boo Boo.
I've already got a smarty-smart cheat
to keep our feet off the street.
Get ready for it. Here it comes.
Run, Boo Boo, run!
Hurry, Boo Boo.
I think we gotta jump for it. Ready?
All aboard.
Yogi, grab my paw.
Boo Boo, Boo Boo, Boo Boo!
I gotta get...!
I guess it makes a stop here.
Looks like Evergreen Park is about
two miles away from here.
Two miles? I'll have to tap into
my emergency rations.
Snack break.
Come on, Yogi. We need to keep moving.
It's not that far and it's all downhill.
Excuse me, Mr. Dirty Shopper.
Any chance my friend and I might
borrow your wheely-basket?
Is that chocolate?
Okay, Boo Boo, keep it steady.
I'm okay, Ma. Just...
Yeah, no, it's not Jellystone, but at least
there's nothing here to drive me crazy.
- Hey, Mr. Ranger.
- Hey, Yogi.
All right, Ma, I gotta call you back.
What are you guys doing here?
We need your help, Mr. Ranger, sir.
But don't worry, my days of goofing
things up for you are over.
Hey, move that shopping cart!
I'm okay!
I'm just gonna put this over here.
What do you want? I don't have a life
left for you to ruin anymore.
Sir, I know I messed things up
and I'm sorry.
I never meant to.
You and Boo Boo are the best friends
I ever had.
And I've never done anything
but think of myself.
And now Jellystone is just gonna be
a big field of stumps.
They've started cutting down the trees.
"Agricultural interest" is logging.
Oh, no, not our Jellystone.
We have to save it, sir.
I don't think we can save it, Yogi.
I'm no smarter than you.
I lost Jellystone.
I lost Rachel.
It's over.
Mr. Ranger, I've learned two things
from stealing pic-a-nic baskets.
Light mayonnaise is not nearly as
good as regular mayonnaise.
You can't fail if
you never stop trying.
You have to fight for the things
you love...
...whether it's a park,
a girl or a roast beef sandwich.
Don't give up now.
We're all Jellystone's got.
You're right, Yogi.
Jellystone's too important to give up on.
We gotta try. Come on.
- Shotgun.
- Aw.
I never thought I'd see this.
Happy 100th anniversary, Jellystone.
Isn't that Miss Movie Lady?
I gotta get in there.
You don't understand.
Let me in, please.
No can do. Park is closed to the public
until the press conference. Mayor's orders.
Then go talk to him.
Tell him what I told you.
I'm sorry.
I don't really take orders from a...
I lived with gorillas, pal.
I know rage.
You do not want me to go gorilla
on you.
Uh, I'll speak to the mayor.
- Thank you.
- Okay.
Ranger Smith.
I didn't think I'd ever see you again.
I know.
I don't know what I was thinking.
I think you're perfect.
I think any guy in the world would be
lucky just to stand next to you.
You really mean that?
Of course I do.
It's just, when I lost Jellystone,
I felt like such a failure.
But losing you has felt much,
much worse.
I'm like...
I'm like a genus without a phylum.
That's the sweetest thing anyone's
ever said to me.
- So, um, we're still here.
- Mm-hm.
Oh, right. Ahem.
So, what are you doing here?
- Come on, I'll show you.
- Okay.
I was reviewing the documentary footage
from Boo Boo's camera and I saw this.
Oh, my. I see it.
I have a bald spot back there!
I'm not talking about you, Yogi.
I'm talking about this.
Yeah, it's my pet turtle.
He hangs out at the cave all the time.
True. You know they don't come
out of that shell?
I tried one time to see what one
would look like without it.
But, nope, they're sewn in.
This is no regular turtle. See the bulging
frog-like eyes and the really wide mouth?
A frog-mouthed turtle?
Yup, Rafetus swinhoei.
But those are extinct.
For a hundred years,
but apparently one still exists.
And he lives in there. But they won't let me
through the gates to go find him.
But if Jellystone has an endangered
species living in it, then...
It has to be protected as a park.
That's the law.
That turtle can save this park.
Now I feel kinda bad about using him
as a foot stool.
You've seen the filmmaker?
Well, we spoke. About extinct turtles.
You're telling me there is an extinct turtle
living here in the park?
According to Miss Johnson's film,
there is.
An extinct turtle?
That's great. Visitors will come from miles
around to see an endangered species.
Yes, they will, and that is great.
We need to find this turtle.
Just to keep it safe.
Have a vet check it out. The whole deal.
The sooner we get to him the better.
Oh, we need a head ranger
who's good enough to find it.
Someone who thinks like a turtle.
I am that head ranger.
Well, then why are you still here?
He's back.
Come on.
You need to let us in this park.
That turtle needs protection.
Don't worry about the turtle.
We're handling it.
We'll make sure he's put in a nice zoo.
No. A turtle that's endangered can't
be removed from its natural habitat.
It's against federal law.
It is? Wow, I've never heard of that law...
...in chapter 4, subsection 6
of the Wildlife Protection Mandate.
Don't worry, Mr. Ranger, sir.
That turtle is safe.
These people have no idea where
my cave is.
The turtle's in the talking bear's cave.
Wow, that backfired.
Okay. You know what? Fine,
You win.
What are you doing?
I have a plan.
One of the advantages...
...of having lived here since
I was a kid...
...is I know this park
like the back of my hand.
Let's go!
Hold on, boys.
All right.
Hey, there, little buddy.
Hello, there.
Uh-oh. Sorry about that.
- Mayor Brown.
- This had better be good, Jones.
I found the turtle.
He was in Boo Boo's sleeping bag.
But now I have him secure
at the picnic area.
Jones, you're a hero.
Sit tight. My chief of staff is
on his way to get him.
Copy that.
Head Ranger Jones over and out.
He found the turtle.
Dang it.
Can't cross those rapids.
There's no way to get to him from here.
Well, there is one way.
There it is.
My masterpiece.
- You really think you can pull this off?
- I know I can, sir.
I'm gonna snatch that basket-type turtle box
and fly away like a fuzzy bird.
And I've got the best copilot
a basket-snatching machine could have.
- I don't know how to fly this thing.
- Well, you'll pick it up as we go.
Look, just be careful, okay, Yogi?
Copy that, ground control.
Basket-Nabber 2000 ready for takeoff.
- Flight systems check. Boo Boo?
- What?
- Can you reach the pedals?
- If I point my toes.
Flight systems are go.
Remember what I told you about flying
gliders, Yogi. Don't fight the wind.
As long as the wind wants me to snatch up
that turtle, we'll get along just fine.
- All right.
- Start pedaling, Boo Boo.
All right.
Here goes.
Hold on, Boo Boo. Fasten your seat belt.
But there isn't one.
- Here we go!
- Oh, Yogi!
The wind should carry you south!
We'll meet you there!
Take your time, Mr. Ranger.
This machine is equipped
with landing gear.
We'll touch down as soft as a feather.
This is your captain speaking.
We'll reach our turtle target
in about two minutes.
So let's go ahead
and start the beverage service.
- Yogi, look out.
- Aah!
- Trees!
- Yes, trees!
I got it. I got it.
I got it.
I don't got it!
Pull up.
- Hey!
- Pull up!
You did it, Yogi.
Oh. Yeah.
Ha-ha-ha. Great job, Jones.
I'll get this guy to the city zoo.
- The city zoo?
- Yep.
They got a nice spot ready
in the reptile house.
The city zoo doesn't have
a reptile house.
They're building one.
- Who is?
- Builders.
Sure you're trying to
protect the turtle?
Yeah, we love turtles.
Then you won't mind if I hold onto him
until I notify the Wildlife Federation, right?
All right. You're gonna find this out in a few
hours anyway, so I might as well tell you.
We gotta lose this turtle
to sell logging rights to the park.
Logging? The whole park?
Yeah, but who cares?
It's still a park, just without trees.
And they'll grow back.
Yeah, in like 200 years.
It doesn't matter.
Your career is what matters.
Ha-ha-ha. Turtle target acquired.
I need 20 more feet of altitude.
Engage the hand pedals.
You couldn't put the hand pedals
by you?
There's a suggestion box behind
the seat, Boo Boo.
Wait, you don't want to approach him
like that. He's poisonous.
He's in a basket.
But he can spit. Poison.
He'll aim at your eyes.
Melt them out of your head.
- I'm telling you, that turtle is deadly.
- What are you looking at?
- Hook me in, Boo Boo.
- Okay.
And fire!
Here you go. Huh?
Yogi, wait!
Here I come!
He's going for the turtle.
- Mind if I borrow this?
- Hey!
Look, Boo Boo! We got the turtle!
Hey, why aren't you in your seat?
That bear knows how to steal a basket.
Everybody after that glider now!
I'm not gonna let a bear
make me look bad.
Been there, buddy.
We're drifting too far right.
I wanna get us outside the park.
Don't fight the wind, Yogi.
Remember what Miss Movie Lady
said about...
Never mind.
- Hang on, Boo Boo.
- What do we do now?
Did you check the safety manual?
It's just a picture of us screaming.
We've got to deject, Boo.
Don't you mean eject?
Eject is up. Deject is down.
In case of emergency your seat can also
be used as a flotation device!
Hey, told you. Nothing to worry about.
I actually think I wasn't worried enough.
Let me see how our little passenger
is doing.
Wonder why they call him
a frog-mouthed turtle anyway?
Hey, guys, over here!
Yogi, grab the branch.
Got you, Mr. Ranger, sir.
- Welcome aboard.
- Yogi.
We were trying to get you off the raft.
Yeah, that makes more sense.
You guys did it. You saved him.
Oh, no.
They're gonna catch us downstream.
I'm on it.
No, Yogi, don't.
Problem solved.
They can't catch us now.
Yeah, because now we are headed straight
for the Jellyjarring Rapids.
- Grab a paddle.
- Tuck your head in, little buddy.
Brace yourselves.
Oh, come on, turtle.
Don't worry, I put safety belts in this raft
for just such an occasion.
You better hang on. Mr. Ranger said...
We're gonna be fine, Boo Boo.
Just sit back and let Mother Nature
carry us to...
I think Mother Nature's
kind of cranky today.
You okay, Yogi?
Who's that? I can't see.
Come here, turtle.
- Got him.
- Good work, Boo Boo.
We made it through the rapids.
Yeah, but that means the falls are
just up ahead.
Hold on!
Yogi. Yogi.
Now who says there are no rides
at Jellystone?
Yeah, you've definitely got
the thrill part down.
Please, take your seats.
The press conference is about to begin.
That's over a mile away.
We're never gonna make that in time.
- Ranger Jones?
- I messed up pretty bad, sir.
- I know. It's okay.
- I wanted to be head ranger.
Because you're a good head ranger and
I value leadership. I have a merit badge...
Can we talk later?
We're pressed for time.
Yes. Get in.
Boo Boo! Boo Boo! Wait up!
Well, well.
Guess who we found.
Starts with T and ends with a..."Urtle"?
It's over. Call off the logging.
The law says this park is now
a protected nature preserve.
You think I care about what the law says?
Or about some endangered
"frog-mouthed turtle"?
Or some stupid park for families
to have a picnic in?
I care about power, you pinheads!
And I'm gonna get it.
Nobody knows this turtle exists.
And nobody ever will.
You found the turtle.
Get this thing out of here before
anybody else sees it.
- Rachel!
- Oh!
Yogi, here!
Thank you.
- Yogi.
- I'm sorry. He was open.
Ha, ha.
Now if you'll excuse me,
I have a press conference.
I can still tell them what you did.
Oh, yeah? Without that turtle or a scrap
of evidence, go right ahead.
Well, you might as well tell them
Bigfoot is here. Ha-ha-ha.
And do yourself a favor, there, ranger.
Try to keep your dignity.
It's all you have left.
You know what? I'm taking care of
this thing myself this time.
That's the only way to make sure
the job is done right.
But that's why I'm the mayor's
right-hand man, right?
Because I don't make mistakes.
Hey, you know, people are wondering:
"Why should I vote for Mayor Brown
to be governor?"
Well, how about this:
Mayor Brown just turned the city's budget
from a deficit into a surplus!
And put $1000 into the pocket
of every citizen of this city!
Now before I sign the paperwork
that will save the city...
...why don't you all take a look at my
first campaign ad for governor?
Mayor Brown,
the right choice for governor.
We're out of time. Must be something
we can do. Anybody have any ideas?
Well, I guess this is going to be
a pretty sad documentary, huh?
Are you...? Is he still filming?
I needed more footage,
so I told him to keep it rolling.
I can plug that into the video feed
right up there.
I just need a way to distract the guards.
I think we can take care of that.
He supports public safety.
All right, hurry up, people. Focus.
Let's go save those orphans.
Hey, hey, hey, check this out!
- Kick it, Boo Boo.
- Kicking it.
Don't stop believing
Hold on to that feeling
He's tough on crime.
Hey, hey, hey, look at this. Keep your eye
on the little bear. Look at the skills.
And here's what Mayor Brown...
...proudly has to say
about protecting our natural resources.
You think I care about what the law says?
Or about some endangered
"frog-mouthed turtle"?
- Some stupid park for families to picnic in?
- No. No.
No. I care about power, you pinheads!
Oh, boy.
Nobody knows this turtle exists.
And nobody ever will.
There's about to be a riot out there.
I need you out front.
Okay. No. Hey, wait. Wait, wait, wait.
Please, please, please. That was not real.
Trust me, there is no such thing as
a frog-mouthed turtle.
He's right next to me, isn't he?
- We did it, Yogi!
- Up high, Boo Boo!
- All right!
- We got it! Yogi!
All right, and now...
Miss Moviemaker Lady.
Hey, we did it.
Hey, Mr. Ranger!
- Come on, Boo Boo.
- Okay.
I was wrong, Yogi.
I say from here on,
we just be proud of who we are...
...and fight for the things
we're passionate about, like this park.
And Rachel.
And pic-a-nic baskets?
And pic-a-nic baskets.
- Aw, come here!
- No, you don't have to...
Okay. All right, that's...
I'm good.
Here you go, Boo Boo.
Take good care of him.
Hey, there, buddy.
No, no, no, I never took a kickback
on anything in my entire career.
No one loves turtles more than I do.
And nature in general. I love trees.
Oh, no, you don't!
Himalayan snow leopard.
Welcome to Jellystone, home of
the frog-mouthed turtle. And brochures.
I'm Ranger Jones.
Ah, yes, Jellystone Park.
A wonderful little piece of paradise.
Where families come
and soak up the tranquility of nature.
It's a place that...
Never mind.
Hey, hey, hey!
Hi. Welcome.
Well, I am certainly glad that you are gonna
be staying in Jellystone for a while.
And what animal will you be observing?
Well, I thought I would observe
the courting rituals of...
...the American ranger.
I happen to hear the American ranger
is a very charming...
...intelligent, attractive species.
One that always keeps his cool.
Even when basket-stealing bears
push his buttons?
Listen, Yogi will be Yogi.
And I'm just not gonna let it
bother me anymore.
...I have more important things
to focus on.
Let's... Let's try that again.
Afternoon, Mr. Ranger, sir!
Hi, Miss Movie Lady!
I love this place.
Yogi! Hey!