Yohan - Barnevandrer (2010) Movie Script

What are you doing?
Sitting here playing.
Be useful for a change.
- What?
- The harmonica uncle gave you.
you're refusing to sell it?
Then you won't be needing this.
You're lucky to get porridge.
Come on, let's go.
- Look for the harmonica in the barn.
- It's not there.
Hush. Search again.
Maybe it's under the barn.
- Look.
- Oh yeah, look at that.
Fredrik and Arne,
put these on.
Enjoy the nice weather.
Who knows how long it'lllast?
Fredrik, put this on. Even though
the sun is shining, the air is cold.
- Fredrik, come here.
- But it itches!
- Fredrik, it's cold outside.
- No!
- Come, Fredrik, the piglets.
- Did you find the harmonica?
Search more and then prepare these.
- Me?
- You are going to wealthier people.
Let's sell this mirror as well.
We'll probably get some flour for it.
You see, father?
Everyone but Yohan makes sacrifices.
- He won't even sell his harmonica.
- No one should sacrifice anything.
- The pigs get us plenty.
- And dad's going to shoot the bear.
- Are you?
- Only if it gets aggressive.
Your taxes are to be paid over here.
And I have a proclamation
regarding mandatory schooling.
Stop, Elseros, stop!
- We'll get at least 20 crowns.
- Maybe even 40.
The reward is 50 crowns,
A sow with two cubs
is not a peaceful grass bear.
Is your head as empty as your hat?
- Where did the other cub go?
- I think it went this way.
- There is no time for this.
- The cub is worth a few crowns.
You are so stupid.
That tiny hide won't get us much.
I'm sure it's over here somewhere.
I'm having a look.
Stop. Get back here.
We don't have time for this.
Luckily the priest allows for
a Sunday church market.
- Well, as long as it helps the poor.
- Oh, he has already arrived.
I wish
those child wanderings would stop.
Do you really allow people
trading livestock on Sundays?
Indeed. Piglets!
Maybe my wife would fancy one.
Hi, how are you?
- Well, I will manage.
- Should I check in on you?
- I think it'll be a girl this time.
- You might be right.
Let me know if you need help.
- That was a fast one.
- That's an Aamot boy.
I'm getting some water for the pigs.
What are you doing?
Where is Elseros?
- I need to talk to father.
- Show me.
The mother is dead.
- What happened?
- They have killed the bear.
- Didn't you hear the gunshots?
- Gunshots?
- Grassboy needs food.
- Grassboy?
Well, his mother was a grass bear.
One of the piglets ran away.
- He's fast as lightning!
- Another Aamot boy!
Look out, you...
I've got you. Don't be afraid.
Get away from me, you little rat.
I will butcher that pig.
You can't do that, it's not yours.
- What's this little fellow's name?
- I don't know. Maybe it's Lightning?
No, no. Not the piglet... You.
- Where are you from?
- From the mountains. And you?
- Which mountain?
- Olai, come here.
- I caught it.
- Are you two brother and sister?
Don't talk to strangers.
Pigs for sale!
Large piglets.
- Come and buy!
- The best in the county for sale.
- His name should be Lightning.
- Lightning?
Who bids 1 crown for Lightning,
the fastest pig in the world?
And that one should be Thunder.
1 crown for Thunder!
Since you captured the piglet,
you can pet Grassboy.
We should shoot it to get
enough money for flour as well.
- Fine mirror, is it for sale?
- Only for a fair price.
- Right, and what is a fair price?
- Only fourleft!
You have some clever children.
I know a rich farmer at Larvik,
he pays well.
- They are not for sale.
- You misunderstand.
I offer a service.
You will have fewer mouths to feed.
Our oldest son has wandered.
I would rather eat dirt
than let my children wander.
Then let me know when your precious
children will have to eat dirt.
How can you decline so definitely?
How can you be so certain?
We agreed on this, Marta.
- Scrape everything out of there.
- More.
Why is that thing in here?
- Father said okay.
- Has it eaten our porridge?
- It is us who need food!
- That is for certain.
Hungry, huh? And you too?
We don't have rye, and no apples.
Soon we will have nothing!
- Marta. It will be fine.
- The oats box is empty soon.
- But we have delicious grouses.
- You know that's not enough.
If only the spring could come.
What will become of us?
What will become of us?
- Do you really have to leave?
- Yes.
But you were going timber floating.
Won't the ice melt soon?
The ice willlay for a while, so
there won't be much timber floating.
But I believe
the ocean is free of ice.
Maybe I should have
sold my harmonica.
No, don't worry about that.
I know the captain of a ship.
Maybe we'll go to Rotterdam
or New York. Or maybe Buenos Aires.
I know that Rotterdam
is a large city.
Maybe I could find mother
a nice dress.
In the meantime you must help Knut
take care of things at home. Goodbye.
Take care of yourself.
- We're going to school.
- What about me?
- There are no more skis.
- I can take one of Fredrik's.
- Stay home and take care of Arne.
- Or try the sledge father's making.
Come in.
I apologize.
I had to take care of the animals.
Come on in.
I told you to help mother.
can I use one of these boards?
Help yourself.
I've made a board ski, Arne.
Grassboy, watch out.
On two feet. Come on, Grassboy.
Look, Arne! Mussels!
Let there be one inside.
A big one.
And let Father come home.
Look, Arne!
- Have you forgotten Elseros again?
- No, she has what she needs.
That bear cub!
That bear cub has to go.
Stop... Young man.
That hay, you sell?
- My horse is very hungry.
- I'm afraid we need it ourselves.
You eat hay?
I didn't think so.
But our horse will die.
Not enough hay.
- You want my horse to die?
- I'll give you a little bit.
Young man,
you are a very good person.
Your kindness is very good.
It will come back to you some day.
Take this. If you get sick, eat them.
- Does it help against coughing?
- Yes. Also, oranges are very good.
You can buy them in Kristiansand.
Or-ang-es. Or-ang-es.
- Ready for a barn party?
- We didn't get much for the skis.
With that little amount of hay?
- Where are the skis?
- We've just taken responsibility.
- You sold the skis?
- You can use Father's sledge.
- Quiet, now.
- Did you sell the skis?
The gypsies were here.
My harmonica! Knut!
You sold Grassboy and you sold
my harmonica! You sell everything!
Grow up, Yohan! We've got
bigger problems than that.
I know where they are.
Yohan, wait. Don't go!
Yohan, it will be dark soon.
Come back. Stop him!
- Mother, are you all right?
- The baby's coming!
You better watch out
so mother doesn't lose another baby.
Yohan, don't leave!
- Svein, prepare the horses!
- But the wolves?
You weren't born
on this mountain.
Hold on tight.
Will we get there in time?
They're hungry.
More are coming!
The snow is too deep!
Yes, like that.
- Hurry up, the baby is coming!
- Take the horse.
Get down.
- I'll take it from here.
- Get away. Go to the barn.
He's going to the last farm.
Then it's settled.
Sign here.
I will get food there
and maybe something for you.
An orange.
When you eat the orange,
you will stop coughing.
For the ferry.
Go in peace.
Get going. You have brought
Mother enough sorrow as it is.
- Goodbye.
- Farewell.
Yohan? Go in peace.
- I only got 50.
- Yeah, but you got boots.
- I got 60 and these.
- You will get back home soon.
They told me to ask for Aslak.
Are you Aslak?
- Is that Aslak?
- Don't worry. That's just how he is.
Do you have your shoes?
- May the angels watch over you.
- You're not the one wandering.
- Be careful.
- I will.
I didn't think he could get
any meaner than last year.
Maybe he hasn't learned how to speak?
Hurry, Olai.
- Hi.
- Hello.
I thought your father
wouldn't let you wander.
He had to leave to get work.
Why are you here?
This has almost become
a sign of spring.
My stomach aches.
Same arrangement as last year,
I presume?
Come on, Olai.
The boy from the mountain!
- Lexya, let the boy go.
- Is my bear cub here?
Why are you alone in the
middle of the night? You run away?
- He's with the other children.
- What about his parents?
They have to send their children
to rich people.
- We never send our children away!
- We also have little food.
Let the boy go. Hurry up, so you
catch up with the others. Good luck!
Come on.
We won't wait for you again.
He can speak.
Look at this. It's from America.
- It's from America!
- Can I try?
- It sure will get crowded today.
- You could say that again.
Thank you.
- Thanks a lot.
- But it was here!
The coin... I don't understand.
- I've lost my money.
- Run! Meet us on the other side.
That little one?
He can't run that far. He'll burst.
Come on board.
- Olai, don't go near the railing.
- Okay.
- Go!
- Keep an eye on him, Yohan.
What are you waiting for?
Rolf? Watch Olai and my stick.
I have to run.
Run fast! I won't wait.
What's going on?
I told you to watch Olai!
I told Rolf to watch him. I need the
money to buy a gift for my brother.
We can help each other.
- Are you okay?
- Yes, sure. I'm fine.
- Let me see. You can't keep going.
- Yes, I can!
Show me.
You need to grow up.
That's why they send us away.
Is that why yourlittle brother
is wandering? To grow up?
Let me have a look.
- What did you have?
- Flatbread.
It was Aslak.
I saw him opening Nils' bag.
And you didn't say anything?
They've moved on without us.
They probably took the track.
You again? What are you doing here?
- We are going to Kristiansand.
- We had to take the shortcut.
Oh, so you're in a hurry?
Then today is yourlucky day.
Get in, and you can teach me
a shepherd's song.
Olai! Where are the others?
I have something for you.
With these rocks you can make a fire,
and get some variety in your meals.
And I want you to have this flute.
Practice every day
and the summer will fly by.
Thank you so much!
- Are those oranges?
- Yes, they are.
- Can I taste it?
- Run along back to the barn!
There's a stream down there.
Hurry up. I'll wait for you,
if you need a drink.
- I'm too exhausted.
- He just keeps walking.
We have to rest now.
I will get him to stop.
Aslak! Aslak!
Olai needs water!
We are tired and thirsty.
Aslak, we need water.
- Are you thirsty?
- Yes.
All right, weaklings.
Yohan Aamot?
That way.
I wasn't supposed
to go to the first farm.
- You will go that way to Nome.
- But it wasn't...
Straight ahead, through the forest,
up the alley, to Nome.
Good luck.
- Here, you can have it this summer.
- Thank you.
Goodbye, Yohan.
Have you seen them before?
- Do you eat them?
- Oh, yes.
We make them into meatballs-
- and sell them to ladies in Arendal.
- Those strange hens?
- Gustav, the food is on the table!
Gustav, that's me.
- I'm Yohan.
- Come on.
Maybe they'll think you're a kitchen
girl and throw an apron on you.
We'll see.
This is more than I can bear!
I asked for a kitchen girl and they
give me a skinny little shepherd boy.
Maybe Nome asked for
a shepherd from the west.
A shepherd? I asked for
a kitchen girl, and I need her now!
So... Who are you?
I'm Yohan. Yohan Aamot.
What a kitchen girl...
Since you're here anyway,
you might be useful.
Katrine, will you show him around
the farm? Come on, children.
I've worked here for two years and
still don't know all his business.
He always comes up with new things.
He came here as a child wanderer.
Just like you.
Worked on farms
far away from home.
Am I a child wanderer?
Yes, but I guess you also came here
to marry a rich farmer girl?
No! Eew!
Here we accommodate
royalty and the cows.
Here you can lay and dream about your
beautiful, gorgeous farmer princess.
You just wait.
Are they nice?
Just follow the rules
and you'll be fine.
And he is quite thrifty,-
- so don't eat too much.
While he's watching.
- Sweet dreams.
- Sweet dreams yourself.
You're not up yet?
- You like it around the cows, huh?
- I watch cows back home.
All right, but here you will have to do
more than keeping the cows company.
Come on.
Pay attention to the road.
Every morning
run down here and get my mail.
And afterwards you can eat breakfast.
Tidy things up around here.
Put all the sticks
in a heap by the road.
Let's go!
Are you done?
Then you let me know!
Go help out in the kitchen!
Gustav said you were
quite the working man.
- I saw a fox.
- A fox?
With cubs. I found the den.
Really? You can't tell Nome.
He pays 2 crowns for each cub.
2 crowns. Why?
Because the ladies in Arendal
make hats and furs from the hide.
Try it out.
- I want to ask about the fox's den.
- You have to show it to us tomorrow.
- Leave the foxes alone.
- Are you refusing?
If you want furs,
just find them yourself.
- Dinner's ready!
- You will regret this.
Get up. I have something
I want to show you.
These rocks
outline my property border.
On the other side is the
neighbor's farm... Eikeli.
He has put out animal traps
all over his property.
I can only promise you a beating
if I find any of my cows over there.
You're not the biggest of boys,-
- but I think
you can be useful nonetheless.
They're pretty wild today.
You can do this.
Good luck, Yohan.
Show them who's in charge.
If the bear shows up,
just rattle this-
- and it will flee like a little dog.
- Look! Gullsi crossed the border!
- We got him.
Let's tell father.
Gullsi, not there.
Have you already
forgotten what I told you?
I'm sure this will make you remember.
Put out your hand.
Put out your hand.
Put out your hand!
I am a righteous man.
But if you don't do what I tell you,
I have to teach you a lesson.
Now are you going to tell us
where the fox den is?
Not even if you ask a million times.
There's a bear behind you!
Get away!
- Hello! Go away!
- Wait!
Get away!
Why are you running?
Move off!
I didn't know
you were a shepherd at Eikeli's.
He's strict.
And you're sweaty.
I'll race you to the top!
Let's go down to the lake.
Gullsi? Rosa?
You're playing with the girl
next door and forgetting my cows?
I'm sorry.
Be glad Rakel and Tobias found them.
After you have eaten, you can
chop wood for the rest of the night.
What have you done?
I'm not allowed to give you butter.
What happened?
Anna from Eikeli's farm...
She screamed.
I ran over.
I chased away a bear.
But didn't you tell Nome?
Your father
would be very proud of you.
Take this shawl. It will keep you
warm when you're out shepherding.
- Are you injured?
- Eikeli... He...
Has he hit you?
The bear came back and I
scared it off. But the cows went mad.
And Rosa stepped in a fox trap.
It hurts.
You're burning up.
- Do you feel better now?
- A little bit. But my feet are cold.
Place your feet in here.
Nice and warm, huh?
Being a shepherd can
be a stinky job sometimes.
Come here.
It'll soon pass.
I need to go back to the cows.
Stay under this tree, okay?
- Oh, there he is.
- Yohan!
Where is the shawl?
Have you lost the shawl
I gave Katrine?
No, I just lent it to a girl
that was sick.
Oh, stop horsing around.
- You're soaked!
- The girl next door? Eikeli's girl?
Let me get you a shirt.
Here, drink this.
- Where's Anna?
- None of your business.
- Is she sick?
- You're crossing the border!
- Just tell me if she's sick.
- She's dead.
- You're lying. You're lying!
- You're crossing the border again!
If any of your cows cross over
to my side, I will kill you!
Your farmer must be crazy.
Get away!
I told you to leave!
How dare you?
You will neverleave my cows again!
Do you hear me?
Gustav, Katrine.
You've got a job to do!
She's dead.
Rasmus! Rasmus!
Come here.
Help me up. Thank you.
- Do you need a hand with...
- No, does it look like I need help?
- Help the horse into the stable.
- Yes. Come on.
What's that noise?
Get her to shut up orI will.
Anna, you're not dead?
No, but a message came from home.
- Mother is dead.
- I want to go home!
We have to live here.
- Does he hit you too?
- I only played with the animals.
Yohan, can you take Olai with you
if I don't get better?
Stop it. You will get well.
I will go to Arendal
and get an orange.
Then we can escape from here.
- Do you have oranges?
- No, not today.
Dried fish?
Would you like some strawberries?
Johannes Aamot. What a surprise.
Already back from the seven seas.
I'm always at your service, you know.
Have you already forgotten?
I'm not interested in your services.
Well, it was just a joy for me
to arrange work for your son.
Which son?
Next challenger!
How much do you bet?
Who dares to fight
the oriental man?
Grassboy, you've gotten so big!
What are you doing here?
So you thought
you could just run away.
What a tragedy.
I just ran into your father,
He was so glad to hear that you were
going to make 60 crowns.
But then Aslak
finds you running away.
What am I now going
to tell your father?
What will they think when I tell them
their dear son ran away from work?
Well, I'm going to be nice to you.
Prepare the wagon.
We'll take him back right away.
Are you there?
Tell Mr Seland I'll be back later
if he comes by while I'm out.
- Sorry.
- Come here, you rascal!
You little crook.
You are coming with me.
I've seen you, little rascal.
Yohan, is it you?
Pardon the boy, Mrs Gimle.
His name is Yohan.
He's a music lover.
Can he stay untill'm finished?
But, of course.
Come here and sit down, Yohan.
Thank you, Mrs Gimle.
Yohan, did you bring your flute?
Come on.
Do you remember that song
we sang on the way to Kristiansand?
Take a bow.
Terrific, Yohan!
Now have some food.
You were the hero of the day.
Anna is really sick.
She will die.
The farmer hits her and Olai too.
I think I know someone we can ask.
Someone who can help us.
- Look, ladies! Yussuf's brass pots.
- And look at our rings!
They're beautiful!
- May I see?
- Hello!
They're in the attic.
- Are you ready?
- If anyone comes, I'll sing out.
What's this?
The very best.
Good for you. Good for your husband.
Good for your aunt.
Keep watch here.
- I told you to stay away.
- Look at these rings!
Olai? Anna?
Don't be afraid.
These are very good
for your moustache and muscles.
Very good.
Buy some for your mother!
- Don't you recognise me? I'm Jan.
- Jan?
- Come on down.
- Are we going home?
Get some more torches.
- Look, brass pot. Cheap, not expensive.
- No, get out of my way.
- Careful.
- We have many nice knives. Come!
Someone's coming!
I am certain I saw
bear tracks here yesterday.
If Eikeli says bear is in cave,
then bear is in cave.
But I saw him standing there!
No. Bear... here.
- The bear is here.
- Oh, come on!
- Can I come up now?
- Yes, hurry.
- That's it for today.
- Thanks.
Thank you, nice farmer.
Such people should not be allowed
to have children at their farm.
She sleeps all day...
All she does is sleep.
No, stop! When Anna is well,
we celebrate with party. Not now!
Go to bed so you'll get better.
Anna gets better and better,
Lexya gets worse and worse.
Come. There is an old friend
I would like you to meet.
Good morning.
Good morning!
Sorry, I didn't mean to...
I'm a bit jumpy these days.
An aggressive bear is roaming about.
- Is this the Nome farm?
- Yes.
Is my son Yohan Aamot here?
I thought he had left the cows.
When we found the cow that had been
killed by the bear, it was too late.
- Yohan was gone by then.
- I didn't want Yohan to wander.
None of my children should wander.
I heard he was spotted in Arendal.
Pardon me, but I heard the girl
at Eikeli's has also run away.
- Then I better get to Eikeli's.
- Wait.
In case you run into the bear.
Hey, everyone! The farmer.
Everyone knows what to do.
Sit here quietly.
- You want to party?
- I never party.
You returned, my friend.
You want to buy some herbs?
- I have done that already.
- You can buy more.
- Welcome to our place.
- Your place, huh?
This is my property. I bet you have
something that belongs to me.
Check all the tents!
Is this necessary?
We have good soup. Eat with us!
- Soup?
- Fine soup. Good for bad mood.
It happens to be you
that's my bad mood.
A rumour is circulating
that you are hiding small children.
But you wouldn't do that.
Would you?
The farmer searches
for children with a rifle?
Maybe children are lost in the woods?
Or maybe...
Or maybe the children
have been stolen!
Are you saying
gypsies steal children?
Farmer say
gypsy steal children.
Yussuf bids farmer a good night.
What was that?
- What was what?
- What do you think?
The farmer needs help.
Get away from me!
There they are!
After them!
Hurry up.
Anna, run!
You can't stay here.
Olai, be careful!
There are traps here!
- Under here, quick!
- But Olai...
Stay on the trail.
Eikeli has many traps here!
- Traps?
- I have a trap around here.
- A trap?
- Okay, two.
They're everywhere.
Check the bushes. I'll go
and check the old moose trap.
But hurry! We must find the children
before they find the trap.
Why are we doing this?
We agreed to go looking for the bear.
- Be quiet.
- Oh my God.
Now we have him.
Somebody help me!
You help Eikeli back to the farm.
Roger and I will follow the bear.
- Olai?
- Over here.
- Are you hurt?
- I landed on something soft.
Stay there. Quiet as a mouse,
until the men are gone.
You must have really messed up,-
- since Nome wants you
to work for me.
You're no good at this either.
You think
you'll be able to pick blueberries?
That moose saved yourlife.
Thank you, kind moose.
So this is where you're hiding?
We know you ran away.
Father is really angry now.
Now Gustav must herd the cows.
Mind your own business.
It's just the Nome children.
Did you think we were out
picking blueberries? We're spies.
And now we found you.
Your father is angry.
You don't know my father!
He was furious to hear you were
a weakling who ran away from work.
- You're lying again!
- Let's go and tell on them.
- Wait.
- Tobias, wait.
- Why don't we stay here?
- What about when the snow comes?
- We'll eat fish!
- The water will be frozen.
We need to go far away.
They'll find us here.
We need to go to Arendal. There
are ships there that go to America.
- We can build a hut over there.
- No, we have to go now, Olai.
Can't we...
He's over there.
That bear is aggressive.
He is gone now.
- Don't move.
- We need to light the fire again.
Gather some dry grass...
But be careful!
Not wet grass!
Dry grass.
Don't even think about it!
Come here, stupid!
Get away!
Not there!
Come here, stupid!
Going after the smallest ones.
How dare you?
Please light up.
I knew it.
You old, ugly, stupid-head!
- Is he alive?
- Oh, yes! He's very much alive.
Father... I had to run away.
I didn't get the wages.
You haven't done anything wrong.
No one is angry with you.
You've done everything right.
This doesn't look too bad, does it?
Eat as much as you'd like.
Say thank you first.
Lefse from Audnedal
with butter and sugar.
They're delicious. Go for it.
I'd like to buy
the bear hide from you.
How much would you like for it?
- Well, it's a bit burnt.
- How about 100 crowns?
It isn't worth more than
1 or 2 crowns.
- Let's make it 200 crowns then.
- Doing well with your steamboats?
I just want something
to remind me of my shepherd.
I'll give you 40 crowns in advance
for two of your children next summer.
Thanks for the offer, but my children
will not wander again.
There you are.
I asked him to come.
Can I get an explanation
for this tea party?
What are my children doing here?
Anna... Olai.
We're going back to the farm.
Eikeli... You are relieved from the
arrangement you made with the state.
From now on the Aamot's
have custody of Anna and Olai.
And I need to talk to you
about your stable boy.
Fill these cups, will you?
So... Rakel.
Here you go... and sorry.
Thank you.
Yohan! Yohan!
Anna! Come here, Anna.
Yohan, you smell burnt.
Come on, we'll take you home.
Let's go.
Some coffee, please.
Look... gypsy kids.
Go and buy a cinnamon bun.
- An orange, please.
- Only one?
Yes, please.
- One of those, please.
- One of those with sugar on top?
- Here you go.
- Thanks.
I didn't think gypsy kids
liked cinnamon buns.
Hurry, let's find some lefse.
Give me some lefse, fast!
Hey, I'll give you this jewel
if you give me that cinnamon bun.
- I don't want any eewel.
- Jewel, farmer boy. Jewel.
- Leave him alone!
- Did you buy that orange for me?
It was for my baby brother.
You got one the last time I was here.
But today I'd like a cinnamon bun.
- There's no cinnamon bun in the bag.
- You're lying, gypsy!
- Go away, Meany!
- What did you say?
Stop, I'll give you the bag.
But show me the jewel first.
- Look at it glittering in the sun.
- I can't see any glittering.
But we'll take it nonetheless.
Let's go to the others.
And here is your cinnamon bun.
- What's in the bag?
- Not a cinnamon bun.
It's only a lefse!
- Come on!
- Wait for us!
I was the one who got it! Wait!
- Yohan?
- It's Yohan!
- Yohan!
- Hi!
Yohan, back already?
Are you in one piece?
- I've missed you!
- Hi, Yohan.
Arne is better? Totally well?
I promised you an orange. You can
save it in case you get sick again.
Have you run away from work?
And is this your pay?
How dare you bring them?
- Johannes!
- Marta!
- I've missed you.
- So good to see you again.
I brought something for you.
- What is this?
- A barrel of salt.
And we have flour, rye, oats,
carrots, radishes, rice...
...a daughter.
- This is Anna.
- Hi.
Your daughter Anna.
And this is Olai.
- Come on now.
- Knut?
I brought this for you.
Here you go.
It's yours.
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