Yokomichi Yonosuke (2013) Movie Script

"Tokyo, 1987"
"The March-born cat is crying"
"From morning to night"
"You must be tempted"
"The abandoned cat and the roommate"
"Better not fall from the window"
"Don't make me repeat it over and over"
"Beyond the window are the
cherry blossom trees"
"I guess you want to go out and play"
"Would you like to try our new gum?"
Here you go, enjoy
Free samples of our new
gum The new Kiss Mint,
a avor of the forest
The new Kiss Mint. Would
you like to try it?
Thank you, enjoy
A avor of the forest!
"Stop your alarm clock!"
- Fresh arrival?
- Fresh?
Oh, yes, I just moved
here today from Nagasaki
Ah, you must be a student
I'm Kogure, unit 205
Uh, I'm Yonosuke Yokomichi
That your real name?
Well, yes
Huh, unusual name. Common in Nagasaki?
No, not exactly
Say, is that alarm clock always on, mm?
Yeah, who knows if anyone's even home
Maybe the person's dead
I guess that's common in Tokyo...?
No, of course not
Shoot, the beef...
The beef
I'm cooking stew
- Want some?
- I'd love some
Wait, really?
Oh, uh... No thank you, then
Yes or no?
Um, well, I guess...
Well, which is it?
In that case...
"Hosei University Entrance Ceremony"
This is your first step towards allowing...
your abilities to blossom
Once again I remind all you freshmen...
that in this day and age,
such self-awareness and diligence...
are what will instill in you the capacity
to serve as leaders...
who will guide our society towards
continued progress
This blows, huh?
Excuse me?
I had a weird dream and got a hard on
Sorry, what's your major?
Business admin
Me, too! What's your name?
I'm lppei Kuramochi
Yokomichi? What's your full name?
Yonosuke Yokomichi
Okay, Okay
Excuse me
Sorry, excuse me
Was this school your first choice?
No, I applied to Waseda but got rejected
Me, too! Man, we're like
best friends already
But I'm gonna apply to Waseda again
to transfer next year
What, take the exam again?
I mean, we have a long life ahead of us
We do?
We can't have everything
decided here already
- Decide what?
- You know, life
Life... right
Hey, I have a question
This goes to Student Affairs, right?
We turn this in to Student Affairs, right?
I heard you can also mail it in
Oh, thanks
Straight from high school?
Uh, yeah
My name's Yui Akutsu
Oh... I'm Yonosuke Yokomichi
It's like a comedian name
- Your eyelids
- My eyelids?
They're stylish
Say, what're you doing afterwards?
I was going to check out the clubs
Well then, if you don't
mind, can I come with you?
It's lonely going around alone
Oh, sure
Come join the fishing club!
Fishing is great!
You, come fish with us! You'll love it!
Hey, Yokomichi!
- Who's that?
- Um, well...
- Your friend?
- Not really...
Sorry, my friend's here. I have to go
Man, they grab you and won't let go
Who're you? What's your major?
Uh... business admin
Wow, same as us
And you were...
We met at the ceremony
You're from... Chiba, right?
No, Nagasaki
They want me to join the samba club
- So do it
- No way, man
So what's your name?
Yui Akutsu
I'm Kuramochi
Something on your eyelids
Glue on your eyelids
Oh, it's a type of makeup
Yeah, it looks weird
Hey, you shouldn't...
This thing on your eye...
That's enough
What's your problem?
What's your problem?
It's rude, we just met
I don't even know you
You see, I have a tendency
to get too excited
I think I got too carried away just now
Wait, don't do that
Your eyelashes will come off
Ow, that's gotta hurt
- I can't take this!
- Stop this noise!
Kiyoshi, I don't remember you
reading books like these
It's a record of one man's despair
Oh, right
One must embrace it
That's so deep
You know, Auntie was worried about you
She said you shouldn't be a writer
because writers commit suicide
So you're studying mass communications, mm?
Great, they say media is the Third Power
Together we can change the world
Yes, sir
What's the first and second, mm?
Say, Yonosuke
- Dance
- Huh?
Listen to me
Dance while you're still young
Don't bother asking why
As you go on dancing,
you'll be on the other
side before you know it
What other side?
You know, the other side
Ozawa, you understand, mm?
Oh, yes, I do
One day you'll understand
Come on, Ozawa, dance
Yonosuke, you too
No thanks, I'm already dancing
I'm already dancing
What the hell am I doing?
Samba, of course
I need to get into Waseda.
I don't have time for this
Looking good, Yonosuke
You look good, too
- Good, now turn
- Turn?
No, like this
I didn't want to come to this camp
But Yui kept inviting me
You don't say Yui-san?
Not since the day we met
I decided not to use san san with
any new girls I meet
Helps to break the ice
You think so?
Just learning from high school mistakes
Freshmen, time for a meeting!
In Samba style!
Remember to turn off the light
Yes, sir
You think lshida-san is going
out with Kiyodera-san?
Huh, I dunno
You see, I...
What, you like Kiyodera-san?
No, what gave you that idea?
Oh, you don't?
By the way, are you a virgin?
Aren't you?
I'm not
- You are
- Am not
C'mon, don't lie
I'm telling you, I'm not
Shut up, it was a classmate
What was her name?
Who cares?
What about you?
No, I am not a virgin
It was pretty recent, though
Rinse all the shampoo off
Not Kiyodera-san
Yui Akutsu, right?
How'd you know?
She's the only girl you're friends with
You're going out?
I dunno if you call it going out,
but... that's the thing
What's the thing?
Well, like, we're in the same...
industrial theory class
- And...
- Interesting class?
No, it's totally boring
Anyway, ever since that first day we met,
it's been awkward
I wanted to fix things,
so I invited her to get coffee
But she turned me down, so I got persistent
I kept asking her over and over,
and we finally had coffee
And so, she says she went
and bought a book shelf,
but can't assemble it on her own
So that means I've gotta do it, right?
I dunno
No, I'm telling you
Sol go to her room, and...
you know, we kissed
- What? You kissed?
- Yup
Hey, hey, hey-
No pointing
- You left out stuff
- I didn't
- You left out stuff
- I didn't
It was just magical, you know
You ever had that?
I dunno
It was this natural transition...
from the bookshelf to kissing
Yeah, I just got here
I'm about to see him
I know
Where's Tomoyo?
I see
Don't worry, I won't yell
I know, I know
Go ahead
Thank you
Sorry for the trouble he's caused
And you are...?
I'm the manager here, Handa
Been looking after him
since he finished junior high
I'm very sorry, sir
Why'd you keep my daughter out so late?
Well, it was his birthday that day, you see
He was stuck here late, working overtime,
when your daughter suddenly showed up
So it's her fault now?
Tomoyo says she wants to
live with you after junior high
How old are you?
I'm 18
You're just getting started
Why decide your life now?
I don't know what she told you,
but my wife and I met in college.
This isn't the same
Sir, the kid's not an idiot
You stay out of this
It's true I didn't finish high school,
but I'm...
going to save up and open my own shop
So what? It doesn't matter!
Sir, please...
Tomoyo's still in junior high
She needs to experience things
All I'm asking is that you let her
think about her life
Where's Tomoyo?
In her room
Has she eaten?
She'll be eating by tomorrow
- Want rice?
- Not yet
By the way...
I went to lchigaya for work today
I had time so I walked to the university
The campus has all these tall buildings now
Yeah, I saw on the Internet
And you know what?
All of a sudden,
I remembered Yokomichi
Yokomichi... Oh, Yonosuke?
Right, Yonosuke
Man, haven't seen him in ages
Wonder how he's doing
Actually, we sort of met because of him
Wait, did we?
Remember when we went to
that samba training camp?
Oh, I remember
I was in the bath with him
when I told him about us
Told him what?
About what?
What was it?
I forgot
You a student?
Yes, sir
Party while you can
Yes, sir
Here's your room, sir
After you
Getting the hang of it?
More or less
Got a fat tip, huh?
Don't tell boss. He'll take it
Do you get big tips, too?
Sometimes, but after a while
you won't want to work anymore
Here you go
You're late, man
- What's that?
- Mm?
This suit?
Installment payment
- Coffee, babe
- Yes, sir
What is this place anyway, mm?
This? A joint that's popular
with girls in the biz
Biz? What business?
You know, models, budding actresses...
So stop fidgeting
It's embarrassing
You're embarrassing
I study media, remember?
My colleague and I went
around to talent agencies
We just got back from
Sony Records, you know?
We spoke to the manager,
and what can I say?
He's totally interested in our event
My colleague Kinoshita-san
is unstoppable right now
Hey, are you listenin?
Wait, is that...?
Is that what?
You know her?
Yeah, well, kind of
Anyway, I'm thinking of starting a club
that puts on dance parties
Enough about you
Who is she?
A socialite that preys on men
A party girl, as they say
What's a party girl, mm?
You know, like...
They irt with guys,
show up at parties...
Mysterious figures
They irt, mm?
They're mysterious, mm?
Her name's Chiharu Katase, sort of famous
My friend from back home...
Uh, yes?
Interested in a gig?
Mind if I borrow him?
- No, uh... what?
- Come with me
You're going?
I guess I'm going
Wait, you're going?
Here's your coffee
Hey, did something happen?
You need to come to practice.
The parade's coming up
Parade? What parade?
The samba parade, of course
Oh, samba
Not really in the mood for samba right now
Say, where's Kuramochi?
Haven't seen him lately
Well, you see, he refuses to leave my room
Why? Is he depressed?
Quite the opposite, I think
Kuramochi is lucky
He falls in love with someone
his age... so much easier
What? What're you talking about?
Wanna hear it?
- No, long story, right?
- I'll make it short
No, gotta go to my next class
Hey, wait just a minute
Listen, I've got a little
girl trouble going on...
- Did You eat lunch?
- No
Shall we eat together, then?
I'll return the 50 yen I borrowed
I'm sorry, but I don't know you
Wait, didn't you loan me 50 yen
at the cafeteria once?
Remember? I was short 50 yen,
so you noticed and...
- not me
- Not you?
You got the wrong guy
Wanna have lunch anyway?
Wait, what's your name?
Well, I'm Kato
Cool, I'm Yokomichi
Hang on, Kato. I'll get my bag
Let's go
So are you going to explain
about your "pinky?"
Who said anything about my pinky?
Kato, were you even listening to me?
Well, not really
So you see, this Chiharu-san told me...
that I need to become a real man
I really meant it
'With the company in this state,
I'm willing to abandon everything
and elope with you
It's true I can't promise
I can make you happy, but...
But still,
if I'm going to be unhappy, I'd rather...
I'd rather be with you
Please, not in front of my brother
Here, and here
Sign them
Sign them
Thanks, you were great
All I did was sit there
It's fine, it was all I needed
So you're a student?
Uh, yes, and I also work here
Oh, you do?
Maybe we'll meet again
Uh, yes
By then, you'd better
have become a real man
A real man?
A man I could fall for
Let me tell you, since
we're not even friends...
What? We're friends now, right?
Uh, well, whatever the case...
A woman that toys with a BMW-driving guy.
Seems to be out of your league
She's not toying with him
The BMW guy is just head over heels for her
- You got a driver's license?
- No
Without a license, you don't have a chance
I better get going
I guess you're right
I guess I need a license, at least
Hey, you know...
Wanna get a license for real?
I was thinking of taking driving lessons
There's a discount for referring friends
5% off for both of us, pretty good
But are we friends?
We're friends
We're friends, huh?
You don't sweat at all
Don't touch me with your sweaty hands
You know her?
She approached me yesterday
She asked me on a date
No way, impossible!
What does that mean?
She said to bring a friend. Wanna come?
You mean, a double date?
It's gotta be a trap.
It's too good to be true
Fine, I'll tell her no
No, don't do that! I didn't say no
Weren't you into a certain "pinky?"
Man, a double date...
You better get it nice and organized
Fine, I'll do it,
but I'm not really into girls
Yeah, right
Stop acting like you're so cool
I'll come over today
Huh? Why?
- You have air conditioning?
- Yeah
- I don't
- Not my problem. Now turn around
You sweat all over the desk
You're such a dork
I do samba and stuff
Oh, I see, that's nice
About Kato-san...
Oh, right, Kato
What is he like?
What's he like?
You know, he's pretty much
the same all the time
All the time...?
Which is... like how, exactly?
Well, I guess, like, if
you ask him a question,
he'll answer you
If he asks a question occasionally,
you know, I answer back
When an opinion is requested,
it's met with a response
Kato, you're late, man. I was waiting
Where's your friend?
She should be here soon
She's always on the dot
I see
She's here
Good day to you
Good day to you
Hello, ma'am
Doing well?
What if it's not a good day?
How should I know?
- That's not her dad, is it?
- He's the driver
- Like in the movies.
- Shut up
My old friend, Shoko Yosano
Hi, I'm Kato
Oh, I'm Yonosuke Yokomichi
You shouldn't...
A wonderful name, with alliteration
Anyway, shall we go?
Hi, table for four
Sorry, we're pretty full
We can seat you separately, though
Should we try another place?
I'm fine sitting separately
I'm quite fine as well
Hi, can I order something?
Sure, just a sec
- Can I get a napkin?
- Sure, just a moment
Say, your friend Mutsumi...
seems to be really into Kato
She quite fancies handsome men
Here you go, burger with everything. Enjoy
So Shoko-chan, what does your dad do?
Well, it's diff cult to explain
Some shady business?
Oh, it's nothing shady
It's called waste soil disposal
Waste soil?
They dump soil into the
sea to create landfill
He says his dream is to
fill Tokyo Bay one day
Sure he doesn't mean bury
a body in Tokyo Bay?
Did I say something funny?
Bury a body in Tokyo Bay!
I'll mention that to him
No, don't! Then he'll
really bury me in Tokyo Bay
Oh my goodness...
Shoko-chan, Shoko-chan
Are you in any clubs?
Yes, I'm in the poetry club
Poetry, really? I'm in the samba club
You're joking
Careful, Shoko-chan
The fork and knife
Oh, my hat
Ketchup on your nose
Yonosuke-san, are you... here!
I'm so glad you're here
wait, you may not! Hang on
Just a second
Be right there
Good day to you
Good day, yeah
I telephoned a few times,
but it seems you're never home
How'd you find out where I live?
I called and asked Kato-san
Oh, I see
So, why the sudden visit?
Oh, would you like to go to the pool?
The pool? When?
Right now, of course
I can't, it's too sudden
It'll be delightful
Pool, huh?
This is my older brother...
Well, half-brother
Ooh, she said it
I'm Katsuhiko, her brother
Well, half-brother
Have some champagne
And some prosciutto
Well, cheers
What're you doing here?
I'm not exactly sure myself, actually
So you're dating Katsuhiko's sister?
What? I am?
I dunno, that's what I heard
No, we're not dating
Anyway, that's not important
Just promise me
Don't tell anyone about the other day
Pretending to be your brother?
Yeah, that... Okay?
You're amazing, Yonosuke-san!
He's like an Olympic swimmer
You can stand, you know
Is that lady, Chiharu-san...
your brother's girlfriend?
Oh, not at all
- Really?
- Yes, I mean, she's...
Oh, never mind
Anyway, your swimming is marvelous!
How did you get so fast?
I grew up near the beach
I used to swim everyday
That sounds lovely I'd love to go there
Not much there, but you should come someday
I certainly will I've never been to Kyushu
You should definitely come
- Can I really come?
- Sure
You're going home to Kyushu
for summer break, yes?
Well, yeah, I'm going...
So you're inviting me to
come visit then, right?
Turn that off, man
Look, this is where I collapse
I thought you were embarrassed
about doing samba
You actually love it
I know, so watch!
Yup, you collapsed
Apparently I told them,
"Forget me, just go"
Can't believe I said that
I was unconscious from a heat stroke
Say, were you going back home tomorrow?
Staying here today, too?
I'll depart and arrive here.
That's cool, right?
I guess so
Could you just stop that video?
The samba rhythm's seeping into me
Hey, Kato
What do you want?
About Chiharu-san...
That again?
You think she's like a...
a prostitute or something?
Ozawa seemed to suggest as much
After I eat this I'm going out
Where to?
For a walk
I'll go with you
You don't need to come
I'm coming
Hey, where are we going?
Look, mosquitoes. Let's go back
I said you can go back!
The only thing up ahead is the park
I heard parks at night are
full of thugs and dangerous
Hey, remember when I told you.
I'm not really into girls?
You said that?
You see,
I prefer guys
Are you saying you're...
What? No! You're not my type
Anyway, now you know
If it makes you uncomfortable,
just don't come anymore
- I can't come over?
- I didn't say that
You're not shocked?
What do you mean, why?
This park is for people like me
You see, I...
I'm here seeking that sort of company
I shouldn't be here, then!
Exactly, you shouldn't be here
Okay, I'll wait here, then
That's not the point!
It's fine, I won't get in the way
Go on
Aren't you going?
Shut up
What're you doing?
You ate this like a rodent
Gave you the bigger one
- You sure?
- Yeah
What's so funny?
Oh, nothing
It's a bit creepy
Well, it's completely trivial
What is it?
You see, today I passed
by a really sweaty guy
He reminded me of someone,
but I couldn't remember
I just remembered who it was
You're right, it's trivial
I told you
- Cheers
- Cheers
It was a good friend just
as I started college
We met when he mistook me for someone else
So, were you into him?
What? Into Yokomichi?
No way
His first name is Yonosuke
I'm not even kidding
Yonosuke Yokomichi...
Sounds vaguely familiar
Maybe from a magazine
I really doubt it
He was weird, but a rich
girl took a liking to him
I forgot, you never met him
Of course not
That's right...
Huh, I feel kind of lucky
What does that mean?
It's like the fact that I knew him...
makes me luckier than you, somehow
Unusual for you
- Complimenting someone like that.
- You think?
You said no one in college was interesting
Did I say that?
I misspoke, then
He was definitely interesting
Wait, is he...
' What?
- Sorry
Look, it's Kiyoshi
How's high school, mm? Studying hard?
Sure, good to be back
Quit messing around with girls
Better study hard!
I'm home
You're late
Shoko-san's already here
Welcome back
Thought you coming tomorrow
I was suddenly able to come.
I called you a few times
She says you weren't home
Said you done collapsed doing samba, mm?
What you smiling for?
So, you do lotsa cooking?
You funny
Used to ies?
Oh, no
Lots out here in the country
Know what a y sticker is?
I'm afraid not
Don't got these in Tokyo, mm?
Don't touch it!
Honey, Yonosuke says the oven's empty!
That right?
You'll love this
Thank you
I could hit that with my eyes closed
This here's sea bream, horse mackerel
Thank you, it looks delicious
Ito's gonna do it
I like this hitter
Second best man after me
He did it!
See, my hunches are always right
- Sir, I'll pour some more.
- Why, thank You
Which gentleman hit it?
Ito... san
She's adorable
Ito-san! Ito-san!
- Be safe.
- I will
Yonosuke-san, good night
Good night
- See You tomorrow.
- See You
You marrying her?
She's a terrific gal
But aren't you too young, mm?
No, it's not like that
Then what is it?
I'm not really sure myself
How could you not know?
Who is she, then?
Tell us who she is
Like I said, she's just a friend
Just a friend?
I think so...
Hey, he's here!
Look, Yonosuke's here!
Park here
Can you hold this?
Help him back in
Left, left
Keep coming
Okay, you're fine
Left, left
Keep coming
I hear some honking
Keep coming
You're fine
Sorry, just a moment!
He took off
'Will he come back?
I'm sure he will
Over here!
Back up a bit
What the hell were you doing?
I was doing my best
Been a while
Oh, hello
Hi, I'm Kurihara
Good day to you. My name is Shoko Yosano
- I'm Koike
- Koike-san
Thank you
This is Shoko-chan
We know
Sakura's dating Jiro now
I know, Ozawa told me
oh, yeah?
Long time no see
Let's go
- Sorry we're late.
- No sweat
You and Shoko-chan fighting or something?
Huh? Why?
It's obvious
She was sitting in the back
No, she gets carsick in the passenger seat
How's Ozawa doing?
Wearing some ashy suit,
studying mass communications
He did say he wanted to be a TV announcer
You're jokin.
No, I'm serious
What a nice day
Your swimsuit is cute
Really? Yours are adorable, too
This is great
There they are
Yonosuke-san! Apologies for the delay!
So hot
Man, I'm exhausted
Me, too
Someone's toss was terrible
Hey, man
Shoko-chan, you were jumping
Yeah, jumping all over
Been dating her long?
Well, I don't know if
I'd say we're dating...
You're dating Jiro, right?
Let's not talk about that
They have grilled shellfish over there!
What, you're still hungry?
Let's go
C'mon, let's go
Let's eat squid
Whoever thought of eating squid first?
You gonna walk Shoko-chan
to her hotel tonight, mm?
It's fine, ma'am, I'll take a taxi
Don't waste your money
Go deliver some sweets
to Grandma along the way, mm?
What? It's the opposite direction
Grandma gave us that jelly
you eating, you know
Aw, if I knew that I wouldn't have eaten it
Yonosuke-san, we can go
as we enjoy the walk
Gimme a break...
Your grandmother is really quite adorable
Adorable? Grandma?
Yes, like her apron
It's the apron that's adorable
It's choosing that apron
makes her adorable, mm
Did I get that right?
I imagine the beach is pretty at night
From having too much fun
You were outdoing yourself
I suppose, Yes
I am a woman, after all
Yonosuke-san, you really
don't understand women, do you?
Seeing you eyeing your ex-girlfriend
all day makes me sad
I can't help it
You used to date her, right?
Did Kurihara tell you?
It was obvious without being told
Since you were paying so
much attention to her...
Was I paying that much attention to her?
Yes, you were
Sol signaled to you that I was sad
You did? When?
I shouted to you that they had
grilled shellfish, remember?
Wait, uh... l don't understand
I'm allergic to shellfish
Is that a real allergy?
Yes, I myself suffer from it
The world's full of allergens
yet to be discovered
I'm sorry
I'm glad I came here to your hometown
I was kind of worried about it at first,
but having you around has been pretty fun
Hey, Shoko-chan...
Um, uh...
I'm not sure if this is something
I should ask, but...
Uh, well...
How to put this?
Can I...
kiss you?
Okay, well, excuse me...
Um, would you mind...
turning your head this way a bit?
Perhaps this isn't the appropriate time
to say this either, but...
What is it?
I think I see people...
Who are they, exactly?
Not sure, maybe fishermen?
What's going on?
Let's run!
- They're refugees
- Refugees?
What do we do?
We gotta tell the townspeople
- Wait
- What?
Wait, please
We have to go!
Wait, she has a baby!
Yonosuke-san, Yonosuke-san
We have to go!
We have to go to a hospital!
Are you two Japanese?
What'll happen to the baby?
Don't worry, we'll take care of her
Were they boat people?
Refugees from Vietnam, probably
The baby! They said she's fine!
They took her to the hospital,
and she was severely dehydrated,
but now she's safe with
her mother at a shelter
I'm glad, really
I'm so glad, too
I'm so incredibly glad
This episode taught me...
what a truly useless person I've been
Me, too
You should get the phone
Hello, this is Yokomichi
Yonosuke, it's your mother
What do you want?
Listen, your grandmother, she's...
Oh, here's Yonosuke
Look how cute he is
Sure is cute
Grandma's so young here
Lemme see
That's me. Handsome, eh?
She kept everything, mm?
These really are good
Just heard this morning,
couldn't make it to the funeral
Not a big deal
So you were still here
Yeah, might as well stay for a bit
You know,
I really liked your grandmother
After we broke up,
I still saw her to learn knitting
Oh, really? I didn't know that...
She was really light
But we all carried her coffin
Everyone was bawling
I...I've never seen my mother crying before
It's only natural
When I die,
I wonder if they'll cry for me
As they remember me...
I wonder
'With you, they'll probably
remember you and laugh
What? Why?
I don't know, just a guess
Hey, when did you get back?
I came back last week
Boss asked when you're taking shifts
I can start as early as tomorrow
I know you've got a job,
but you better show up here
You're our only freshman
In fact, if you have time, go recruit some
Only freshman?
Didn't you know? The other two quit
Quit samba?
No, quit school
I had to call your parents, man
Oh, so you heard?
Yeah, you dropped out of school
Oh, no, not that
You see, I...
got pregnant
No, I meant, got her... pregnant?
Yeah, so Yui got pregnant
- Want some Coke?
- No, not now
So you're sure?
Oh, yeah, yeah
She saw a doctor
So, what're you gonna do?
Yeah... man
I mean, I do think she's pretty
shocked about this, too
But she's oddly calm about it
She said, "My mind's already made up"
About what?
Not sure...
- You didn't ask her?
- I'm too afraid to ask
Maybe it's about...
Marriage... Marriage...
Wait, am I gonna get married?
You're asking me?
Right, sorry
- Okay, Okay.
- It's not okay
But I guess... l can't help it
I knocked her up, after all
What do you mean, you can't help it?
The pregnancy was careless, but...
You need to remember,
there's a baby at stake here!
Anyway, you need to sit down
and talk it over with her
A real heart-to-heart
Yes, sir
And let me know if I can help
I will
- Loan me money, then
- Sure
What? I'm just kidding
It's fine, I barely use money
No, that's all right
No, it's all right
- are You okay?
- I'm fine
- are You hungry?
- I'm fine
It's me, Yonosuke Yokomichi.
Remember? Yonosuke
Oh, long time no see. How long's it been?
Since the summer
You a friend of Lil Chiharu?
This is my mother She's visiting
Hello, I'm her friend, Yokomichi
Much obliged to you looking after her
I'm not being looked after
Well, I sure am glad...
I got to meet a friend
of yours before leaving
Ma, you oughta go to the
restroom before going
Oh, I reckon I do
Over here, ma'am
Hold this
Careful, now
Oh, I can hold that
Where are you from?
- What?
- Your hometown
A small town in the northeast
Not that rural, but...
Well, it's the boonies
I wouldn't have known
What do you mean?
I bet you were popular
Oh, I don't know...
Well, I suppose that's true
I'm sure
Say, what happened to Shoko-chan?
I haven't seen her lately
Oh, well, maybe I'll see you again sometime
When shall I see you?
When shall I see you again?
When... shall we?
Let's see, your name is... Yuta?
Uh, yes
Mind telling me your age and occupation?
Um, I'm 19 years old, a student
Okay, and what's troubling you?
Well, I'm in love with someone
Right, perfectly normal
Yes, and, uh...
She happens to be older than me
I'd like to go to a lot of
different places with her,
but I'm kind of having trouble
You ask her out but she says no?
No, it's just that I know I'd have fun,
but I'm not sure if she'd have fun with me
So you're scared
I guess, yes
"Today around 5 o'clock
PM, there was an..."
Around 5 o'clock PM...
Chiharu, something wrong?
Huh? Why?
You seemed off after that call-in
What? Really?
I guess I was lost in thought or something
Hey, hey, hey-
You know, "Around 5 o'clock PM"
is hard for me to pronounce
It's your northeastern tongue
Making fun of me?
No, no
Jingle ending
Today around 5 o'clock PM...
Sorry to keep you. Let's go eat
What should we eat?
Oh... l don't care
Hey, are you upset?
No, let's just go
Where should we go?
- What?
- Dinner
Today around 5 o'clock PM,
there was an accident at Yoyogi Station
Two men jumped on the tracks to
save a woman who fell from the platform
They were 26 year-old Korean
exchange student Park Seung-jun
and 35 year-old photographer
Yonosuke Yokomichi
The three were transported to a hospital,
but were later pronounced dead
It was delightful!
I've never seen you so active
Was I active?
Yes, and aggressive, too
Man, I didn't think you'd come
I heard about it from Kato-san
You could've asked me directly
Well, if you recall, we
hadn't talked in a while,
and we had embraced a
number of times before that
It just felt terribly awkward
Say, Yonosuke-san
Do you have time afterwards?
Perhaps we could eat together again
Actually, right after this,
I'm supposed to help my friend move
Ah, I see
Well, I guess that can't be helped
But how about next Sunday?
Oh, certainly!
Next Sunday!
So you're dating this Shoko?
Well, that's the thing
What's the thing?
- Oh, I got a job.
- Doing What?
A normal job, real estate broker
Isn't that stuff shady?
No no, it's a legit company
Well, there's only six
employees right now, but...
Seems like it's doing well
Hey, thanks for the money
I was able to save face with Yui's mom
Yui's stomach is this big now
That stuff really is mystical
What is this heavy box?
Dirty magazines?
Don't slack off, man
I appreciate it
I'm gonna...
give it my best
For the sake of the baby
that's about to be born,
I'll give it my all
You were...
the only one I could ask for help
I'm gonna try...
to make this work with Yui
Hey, let's get on Neruton
The dating show on TV, man
We're gonna audition for it.
Right, Kiyoshi-san?
Yonosuke, I swear I'm getting on Neruton
That's nice
You've got time, right?
No, I'm actually going on a date
Save it for another day
I can't
From now on, I decided I'm gonna be...
more serious about this
About... what?
About Shoko-chan, of course
Good day to you
Good day to you
it's a fine, splendid house
you've got here, sir
He's waiting, hurry
Apologies for the wait
So, you're a student?
Yes, sir
How long have you been dating?
Oh, well...
Father, I've already explained this to you
It's not serious or anything
We're still students, and...
Students or not, you're still man and woman
What're you studying?
For now, uh... business administration
Yes, well, I'm still an amateur
Does it look promising?
Promising? Uh, graduating?
Father, you don't have to
interrogate him like this
You chose to date a guy with no promise?
Of course he has promise
He has more promise than
anyone I've ever met
Well, that's that, then
Since you're here, make yourself at home
Pardon me
Sorry about this He insisted
on dragging you here
No, it's... fine
I was hoping to ask you this
when we're alone, but...
So... we're, uh...
we're... dating... right?
Well, um...
from your standpoint...
how exactly do you feel about me?
Oh, well... l...
I, uh...
I must say...
I like you
Me, too
I like you as well
Oh, so... we're in agreement that
we're... dating, yes?
Can you come out of the curtain?
Um, what?
Please go somewhere
I'm so shy right now
- Good day to you
- Good day to you
Oh, that's a wonderful hat
Thank you
- Come in.
- Thank You
Oh my, look at all this!
Bought them all at the supermarket
Here, a cake
Wow, thanks!
I'm impressed, Yonosuke-san
I tried
On your own?
I'll take that
Thank you
One for me
Oh, looks good
- Here.
- Oh, cool!
'Will the noise be okay?
The neighbor's rarely home
Thank goodness
And... Merry Christmas!
And a happy new year!
Look, it fell in!
Wow, cool!
Who's that?
It's Oscar Never heard of him?
And that one?
That's Little Pierre. He gets shot to death
And that one?
That's Charlotte
She kills herself
Huh, what's the story?
Oh, you've never read it?
You really must
Shoko-chan, come, look!
Oh, my!
Wow, look! It's snowing!
It's beautiful!
Shoko-chan, look at all this snow!
One, two, and...
This is amazing!
There's so much snow!
And we didn't even notice!
This is amazing!
When did this happen?
Maybe when I was drawing
Say, you're going home
the day after tomorrow, yes?
Yeah, I need to visit Grandma's grave
I see... Well, I'm going skiing
I guess I won't see you for a while
Hey, what's wrong?
Okay, well... excuse, uh...
Excuse me
Sorry, just saying your name
Oh my goodness, Yonosuke-san!
- Shoko-chan
- Yes?
One more time
Ahem, pardon me
Oh my goodness, I'm so shy!
Are your feet okay?
Ah, Yonosuke-san. Happy new year to you
Oh, happy new year
What happened? You okay?
Yes, I'm quite alright.
Just tripped while skiing
Why didn't you tell me?
I'm sorry, I didn't want to worry you
Of course I'll worry
Worrying about each other
is our job, so let me
lf l ever get hurt, you'll
be the first to know
From now on I'll say your name without san
Is that okay?
Sure, that's fine
Sh... Shoko
Sh... Shoko
I'm home
Oh, you're home
Good to be back
How was it?
There's a letter here for you
That name, Yokomichi...
It sounds vaguely familiar
The one I was dating in college, remember?
- Yonosuke-san, right?
- That cheerful young man
This is from his mother
I got nostalgic the other
day and called his home
Is he doing well?
You must be exhausted.
I'll pour you some tea
"To: Shoko Yosano From: Yonosuke Yokomichi"
"For Shoko Yosano's eyes only"
- Thank You.
- Take care.
It's off
It feels rather cold
Let's stay together tonight
Sure, would you like to come to my home?
No, I mean... just the two of us
Like maybe at a hotel or something
Oh, but, wait, no... what?
I really want to be with you
Does that, um... mean...
what I think it means?
Probably... yeah
But my cast was only
just removed today, and, and...
It's just too sudden
Right, I'm sorry
But I just really want to
spend tonight alone with you
Do you get to stay a while this time?
Yeah... Well, until next weekend
Where're you going next?
Tanzania? Where's that?
Ai-chan, I'm impressed!
All these exotic places...
Don't you get tired?
Well, we did fight over
mosquito nets last time
Mosquito nets?
What are mosquito nets?
Look what you've done
Got her all interested in your lifestyle
Wanna ditch those silly exams
and come to Africa with me?
What're you calling silly?
You know...
It's Daddy. Excuse me for a sec
Say, Shoko-san, do you
still remember your first love?
Why, all of a sudden?
I do remember
What was he like?
How to put it... it's a bit hard to explain
He was an ordinary guy
Yeah... ordinary
He was so ordinary, it was funny
Ooh, is there someone you like?
Like I explained, it's not that
we shouldn't love each other
All I ask is that we clearly define...
when it's appropriate and when it's not
In other words, meal time...
is not kissing time
Yes, I understand
Oh, by the way...
It's not a present
What is it?
Chocolates, I think
Someone gave it to you?
No! You think any other
girl would give me gifts?
I suppose not
Anyway, I just noticed it
in my mailbox this morning,
and opened it assuming it's for me
Don't, not that one!
Why? Is it a woman?
There's no sign of any life.
Rumor says the tenant is dead
The alarm clock used to go off regularly,
but even that stopped eventually
I doubt there's anyone here
Like a Buddhist mummy
Some monks holed themselves
up and rang a bell
When the bell stopped ringing,
the people outside knew he had passed away
No, a woman lives there
Who is it?
We're not suspicious people or anything
It's this thing... They're probably gifts
Hi, sorry, I'm from unit 207
This was accidentally delivered to me
It's from someone named luchi-san.
Does that name ring a bell?
I'm busy right now
Did you just say... luchi-san?
Luchi-san? Chocolates?
For me?
- Nice to meet You.
- No, the pleasure is mine
- Hello.
- Looking forward to more
Could I get a picture?
Great, thank you very much
"Gazes w The Photos of Keisuke Murota"
Good luck
Hey, 207
Oh, wait, wait...
It's coming
- You okay? Go slowly
- I said I'm fine
Hey, long time no see
Did your water break?
My water?
No, just labor
We're three days early, man!
Sorry, slowly, slowly...
- Really, I'm perfectly fine
- Does it hurt?
The door, lock the door
- Hey, Can You lock it?
- Now?
Hey, careful, man
- You okay?
- I'm fine
I'm fine
How do I do it? How?
How? Oh, forget about it
I'll go first
Ow! Dammit!
Hey, grab my sandal!
I said I'm fine, okay?
You'll be okay. Just hang on tight
Don't worry about him
Hey, shut up!
Aren't they cute?
Which one?
Oh, so adorable
She has your eyes
She's my friend's, not mine
Hello, Yokomichi speaking
Oh, hi, it's me
Oh, what do you want?
Nothing, I'm just calling
You need money?
Say, the fruits get there?
Yeah, I already ate 'em
Weren't they sour?
Wasn't so bad
That's swell
How's Shoko?
She's fine. She's going to France to study
Yeah, but only two weeks
That right? She's an
impressive gal, alright
Well, I gotta go. Doing
the dishes right now
Stay warm, mm?
Well, if isn't Yonosuke
Oh, hello
I guess it's been a while
I haven't seen your lights on,
so I assumed you'd moved out
I only come home to sleep
Huh, so you've been busy
Yes, I guess so
Hm, when I first met you,
I wondered if you'd survive,
but seems you've plugged the holes
- The holes?
- I mean, you still have some
but there's less now
I guess I've...
grown a little
Yeah, I guess you have
It's a handsome camera
Murota-san lent it to me
The chocolate guy
Oh, the photographer?
Hey, would you mind sitting there?
But why?
C'mon, please
Should I act natural?
Oops, made a mistake
What? Hurry, hurry
Just a sec
Just don't move
Is that your first roll of film?
Yeah, my first roll
If you don't mind,
may I be the first to see your pictures?
Well, after you, of course
Sure, but I'm not confident
they'll come out okay
Oh, it doesn't need to be
I simply want to be the first woman
to see your work
I doubt it'll be anything special...
But sure, I'll develop
them before you get back,
and keep them stashed in my closet
That's a promise!
The bus!
Let's go
Hurry, hurry
Are you okay?
Yeah, are you?
You Okay?
Hey... Stop!
Well, thank you
What? I'll go to the airport
You see, I'm not so good at being seen off
How about I see you off
Oh, c'mon
Have a great trip!
Well, okay, off I go
You're the best!
Dear Shoko-san, thank you for
your phone call the other day
It was so nice talking with you
after so many years
I'm sending you what I
promised on the phone,
though it may not be anything special
It's almost three months since
Yonosuke passed away
Having lost my only son,
I am very sad, of course,
but I know I can't cry forever
When I do cry, I see Yonosuke's face
Always that carefree smile...
I've been feeling so glad
that Yonosuke was my son
This may be an odd way to put it,
but maybe the best thing that
ever happened to me...
was being able to meet Yonosuke
Please come by and visit when you have time
Maybe we can get together
and reminisce about Yonosuke
I imagine it'll be one
funny story after another
Yuriko Yoshitaka as SHOKO YOSANO
Sosuke lkematsu as KURAMOCHI
Ayumi Ito as CHIHARU
Go Ayano as KATO
Aki Asakura as YUI AKUTSU
Mei Kurokawa as SAKURA
Arata lura as MUROTA
Jun Kunimura as SHOK0's father
Kitaro as YONOSUKE's father
Kimiko Yo as YONOSUKE's mother
Producers: Toshikazu
Nishigaya Yasushi Yamazaki
Cinematographer: Ryuto Kondo
Lighting: lsamu Fujii
Sound Recording: Masato Yano
Art Director: Norifumi Ataka
Editor: Takashi Sato
Music by Ren Takada
Original Story by Shuichi Yoshida
Screenplay: Shiro Maeda and Shuichi Okita
Directed by Shuichi Okita