Yol Arkadasim (2017) Movie Script

Keleson. Keleson. Keleson.
Ladies and gentlemen, Keleson!
Hello, ladies and gentlemen.
"Ladies and gentlemen",
or "Ladies and gents"?
Ladies and gentlemen, Keleson! Keleson!
I'm Onur Gzel, from Fevzi Chemistry.
Welcome everybody!
"Welcome everybody"? What's that?
Today, I'd like to introduce to you
a miracle product called Keleson.
It's applied as a foam
on the area with sparse hair.
And rinsed with water within two minutes.
With the micro gnarules it cont...
Micro granules.
Micro g... Granules! What was that?
Keratin micro granules.
Keratin micro granules.
I'll have to figure that out later.
Let's turn it up!
-Yes, darling?
-Listen, Onur!
I've told my parents.
There is no turning back now.
You're definitely coming!
I'm coming. I promised, I won't be late.
If you avoid meeting my dad again
he'll go crazy. You know that, right?
If you avoid it once again, this thing
will be over before it even starts!
Sweetheart, I texted you
my plan last night.
I have to be in Ayvalk on the first day
of the feast for the presentation.
I'll do this Keleson presentation.
And then I'll join you for dinner.
Your parents' house is a five minute
drive from the hotel anyway.
I checked it on the map.
You don't trust me at all.
Could that be because you promised
to visit three times before and didn't?
But I didn't promise. I said I would come
if I could get any leave, and I couldn't.
This time I'm coming.
I'm setting out tomorrow.
Whatever. This is your last chance
to meet my family.
If you still want to meet them, of course.
Of course I do, my love.
Say "I swear to God."
-I swear to God.
-Say "May I go blind if I'm lying."
May I go blind if I'm lying.
Say "May my body turn to ash, and let
my ashes be blown into the trash."
God damn me if I'm lying!
Are you kidding me?
Darling, I'm going into a tunnel now.
I may lose my signal.
You can't enter a tunnel while talking
to me! You have to apologize!
I'll call you in the...
Onur? Hello?
It will fit there easily. Go on.
It will fit in between. Don't worry.
-Okay, get in.
Go forward. Open the window.
Go forward now, brother. Now turn right.
Turn the steering right and go on. Go on.
I'm getting on the sidewalk!
That's fine. Go ahead.
The sidewalk is low.
Keep going!
No, move forward.
Drive forward. All the way, right.
Turn the steering right
and come this way.
-Like this?
-Yes, just like that.
-I've turned it all the way!
-All the way! Go on.
Yes, go on.
Good. Now make a sweet left.
-Is it okay?
-Yeah, keep coming.
Keep coming. Alright, slow!
-Now turn right and go forward.
Now turn left.
Alright, that's enough!
You can just leave it like that.
Just leave it like that.
-Thank you very much, brother.
-You're welcome.
Is he crazy or what?
-Here's your car.
-Where have you been? I'm roasting here!
There was no space here.
I parked down there. Sorry, Auntie.
-You crashed my car!
No way! That was there
when I got the car from you!
Someone has scratched this car before.
-What are you saying?
-It's scratched!
It's not a scratch!
You've crashed it! Am I lying?
I swear, I didn't do it. It was there
when you gave me the car, Auntie.
Don't call me auntie! You crashed my car!
-Say you did it!
-Why would I lie?
-Say you did it!
-But look...
You've crashed it, pure and simple!
-You've crashed it!
-Enough, Auntie!
Why would I lie to you? Don't make me mad!
-eref! What are you doing?
Get out of the way!
Here's your car!
Kamuran says he will not be
taking any more patients today.
But I had an appointment!
This is very important for me.
Unfortunately, sir,
there's nothing I can do.
I only need five minutes. Not even six!
I just need five minutes.
It's very important. Please!
I gave you these!
My God.
I'm going crazy! Who knows whose hands
are grabbing them now!
Believe me,
it was a momentary mistake, Kamuran!
Great. Momentary mistake!
It's all a momentary thing anyway!
I've done so much for you!
I fixed your whole body for free!
You didn't pay me a dime!
You were an ugly duckling.
And I made a swan out of you!
You were my swan!
And look what you've done.
You cheated on me!
You put horns on me!
You cheated on me!
So, if I want to visit later,
when could I see him?
Let's see.
-I'll be right back!
-Sir, you can't go there!
Here are your breasts!
One should see them in place, of course.
I tried to keep him out, sir...
Sir, I've been looking forward
to meeting you for months.
Let me introduce myself. I'm Onur Gzel
from Fevzi Chemistry.
I'd like you to give me five minutes.
I'll just pitch you a product and leave.
Here are some souvenirs that our
company has produced for you.
A Fevzi Chemistry notebook,
printed for you. Here.
We're having a conversation here.
Please leave!
I thought that you might not like it,
so here's a different souvenir.
Here's a souvenir for our
fever reducing suppository!
It works as a pen holder.
You put the pen in like this.
It will give your desk a touch of color.
Take it and get out of here!
We're talking!
Our funny headbands, produced in a limited
edition for the Feast of Sacrifice!
-Stop it!
-Sir, please!
-Stop it! Get out of here!
Did she have an affair with you too?
Is that what you're implying?
No, sir! That's for
the Feast of Sacrifice! It's a cow thing!
It's got horns on it!
What do you mean with that?
-Sir, please!
-Come here!
-Sir, please!
-Come here!
-Sir, it's not what you think!
-Don't do it!
-You were with her too, weren't you?
-Get out! Get out of here!
Nazmi, don't do that!
Hamet, where am I going to stay now?
You should've thought of
that before making this mistake.
Let's leave it behind.
Let's turn over a new leaf.
There are no leaves left! It's enough.
Alright. So pay my compensation
and I'll leave.
What compensation?
We haven't even filed your insurance!
Okay, so file it. I'm waiting. Come on.
Your dues will make up
for the car you crashed!
Shame on you!
If you don't want me here,
I don't want you either!
I don't want your uniform either!
Take it! You've driven me crazy!
-Go and beat him up!
-Come here!
Don't run, you prick!
Good morning.
Hello Deniz.
-How are you, Nazl?
-Hello Onur.
Onur, the boss wants to see you.
What is it about?
It must be
about the convention in Ayvalk.
-Why are you so happy?
-Life is beautiful.
The environment here is great.
I like my job.
I see.
Come in.
You asked to see me, sir.
I guess you've visited Kamuran.
Sir, believe me, he got everything wrong.
He attacked me without
even listening to me!
Look, Onur. Kamuran is a peculiar man,
but he's a very prominent
plastic surgeon in the industry.
-Right, sir.
-So I was somewhat upset about this.
I'm really very sorry, sir.
You're sorry.
-Sit down.
I'll do sit-ups. Sit down.
Oh, sit-ups! I thought...
-I'll bend my knees like that.
-When you bend them?
-Just like that.
-You're comfortable like this, right?
-Sit down.
-Is that good?
Look, brother.
-I can call you brother, right?
-Of course.
You've been working here for six months,
but your sales performance is awful.
Well, it's taken me
some time to adapt to the company.
If you could give me a little more time...
We don't have time.
We're competing against big companies.
-We're always out of time.
-Of course you're right, sir, but...
-Look, dear. I can call you dear, right?
Look, dear, I hate to tell you this
two days before the Feast of Sacrifice,
but it's very hard for us to work
with you under these circumstances.
There are so many people who
want to be in your position.
Sir, please!
I'm going to Ayvalk tomorrow!
I've been preparing for the Keleson
presentation for months! Please!
I'll work very hard.
And I'll make a great presentation
and get lots of orders. I promise!
Once I make a decision, I never go back.
Ahmet will go to the
convention instead of you.
Ahmet? Please, don't do this, sir!
I've prepared so well
for that presentation! I can do it!
Sir, I beg you! Give me another chance!
Shut up.
I know. It's hard for you to
leave this place. But don't worry.
Sometimes, to bring out
the energy inside you
you have to blow the fuse.
I understand, sir.
By the way, my darling...
-I can call you darling, right?
-Well, you have.
Darling, accounting is closed
today and tomorrow.
We'll file your layoff after the feast.
-We'll pay you whatever we owe you.
-And leave the car keys with the janitor.
And finally in life, never undertake
a burden unless you can "get it up".
Have a nice day, sir.
Bayram, don't you have a box or something?
I'm clearing out my stuff with a washbowl!
What happened, Onur? What did Fevzi say?
-I am fired.
You had prepared so well
for the presentation.
Who will replace you
at the convention now?
-That's bad.
I wish you the best.
would like FaceTime...
-You didn't call to apologize.
-Well done!
-I was a bit busy, darling.
-I'm sorry.
-Be glad I'm a compassionate person.
I'm calling to give you the opportunity.
Thank you for that.
-Yes what?
-I'm waiting for your apology.
-Oh. I'm sorry.
Oh, I'm so compassionate.
It's my worst habit.
-Your apology is accepted.
-Oh! I'm so glad.
We prepared wonderful dishes with my mom.
By the way you're driving, aren't you?
I told Dad the company gave you a car
and he was delighted.
Of course, I'm coming by car.
Mom's calling. I have to hang up.
What will you do?
I'll have dinner
with my high school friends.
-Oh. Again?
We have dinner once every year.
Why do you say "again"?
-Anyway, don't be late.
Are you looking at yourself?
I'm wondering if I should have
my hair dyed for the feast.
-What do you say?
-Well, you know better.
You're right. I know better. Goodbye.
-I flipped out.
I went to the boss and I said,
"I deserve to be the chief executive!"
-And I banged my fist on the table!
-He gave it to me, of course!
-Well done!
-Congratulations, chief!
Serdar, you said your company was entering
the stock market. What happened?
The shares are peaking!
-Oh, congratulations, brother! Cheers!
-Well done!
Onur, what about you?
Well, today, I...
...I was promoted!
-Cheers, brother!
-Let's drink to his promotion!
When I was selected employee of the month
for three consecutive months
they made me the first manager straight
away. That's how our system works.
I'm like the manager of managers.
You've got to do your job well.
If you do your job well,
you'll be rewarded for it.
-I'm not saying this because you're here,
but I would've believed
anything in high school
but not that you'd become
a pharmaceutical representative!
I thought, "This kid will
become a musician. He'll take off!"
-This guy would play guitar at the parties
and we loved it.
Everyone was mad about him.
-Why didn't you follow that path?
-Well, my dad said:
"Study and earn from your profession.
You can do it as a hobby," and so on
and I missed that train.
-Anyway, let's wish you well.
-Right. Come on, cheers!
-Let's drink to his promotion!
It's midnight, gentlemen.
Pass me the basket please.
Put your phones here, gentlemen.
Whoever gets the first call from
his girlfriend or wife pays the bill!
Onur pays the bill, gentlemen!
No, I don't think it's her.
She wouldn't call at this hour.
She's making a video call!
I have to answer it.
Yes, sweetheart?
Where are you? Aren't you home yet?
Onur's statement date has come!
Onur, run back home!
Come on, cheers!
Can I call you later, darling?
I'm busy right now.
You can't call me later.
-Alright, I'm paying the bill.
-So, let's drink for Onur!
Come on! Cheers!
-Onur, thank you.
-Hope you enjoyed it.
-It's time to leave, gentlemen.
-Come on.
-I'll take one for the road before I go.
-As you like. Come on, brother.
-Thank you.
-You're welcome.
-Enjoy it.
-Thank you, brother.
Onur, you still haven't called me.
And I'm so excited I couldn't sleep.
Don't forget your promises.
And don't be late!
Pay attention to your hair
and make sure the car is clean.
You know dad cares about
first impressions.
And I really care about the things
he cares about.
If you fail to keep your promise
one more time, I'll make you regret it.
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Found one travel mate.
Sorry, are you eref?
-Yes, it's me.
-I'm Onur.
-I'm pleased to meet you.
-Me too.
-Yesterday at the carpark, didn't you...
-Yes, I helped you yesterday!
Right, you kind of helped me.
-So we'll travel together.
-What's up with this car?
It's a company car. I'm a pharmaceutical
representative at Fevzi Chemistry.
-Fevzi who?
-He's the owner of our company.
-Can you help me with the bags?
-Sure, I'll take them.
Take this. That too.
-So you're a valet.
-Not anymore.
-What do you do, then?
-I do whatever work I find.
-What work do you find?
-I can do everything.
-You're kind of hidden unemployed, then.
-Not hidden. Right now, I'm very clearly,
-very obviously unemployed!
-That's a good one.
-What will you do at Ayvalk?
-I'm from there.
I'll visit my parents first.
Then I'll look for a job that suits me.
-What will you do?
-I'm going there for work too.
And I'll meet my girlfriend's family.
Oh! You must be excited.
-Well, we'll see.
-I know. I've been down that road.
-Oh, you're married?
-You have a girlfriend?
-Have you had one before?
You said you've been down that road?
Well, I hear of people getting married,
becoming lovers and so on.
-These are nice things.
-I see. I wish you a nice trip, then!
May God speed us.
We'll see.
I'm so sorry.
What are you doing?
I couldn't sleep much last night.
I'm very sorry.
-But I've entrusted my life to you.
-You're right.
Let's say you fell asleep on the wheel
and we crashed into a car.
We bounced off that and hit another car.
We made three flips and crossed over
to the other lane and rolled into a ditch.
The car is sitting upside down.
We're both stuck inside.
The car is on fire.
We're both in flames.
You start shouting.
And then I shout.
You say, "Brother, I'm burning so bad!"
I say, "I was just getting to know you!"
I fear for my own life at first.
But then I look at you.
My tender heart doesn't let me.
I somehow get myself out of the car.
I put out the flames on me,
but I'm not completely extinguished yet.
A single tear rolls down your face.
You turn to me and say:
"What can we do?
We have to accept our destiny."
When I see this, I get even more
carried away. I start shouting more.
"Help! Can't anyone hear me?"
What are you doing?
I'm enacting.
Don't enact! That's enough.
If we're tired, we can rest,
and drive on later.
-No need, brother. I can drive.
-You can drive?
Of course. I've worked as
a long haul driver for three years.
Never had an accident.
-None at all?
-Not a single one at all, brother.
-I've driven big trucks.
-Are you serious?
Of course. Just pull over after
those toll booths.
-Pull over.
-Alright, I will, then.
-I'll sleep a bit. You drive, okay?
-Of course. You can sleep.
You see what almost happened to us?
Yes, I see it.
-What's that?
-Sorry, I didn't notice the bump.
-Why isn't my seat belt fastened?
-I unfastened it.
-Why? Are you crazy?
-I wanted you to sleep comfortably.
Pull over. Can you please pull over?
Alright, I'm pulling over.
I thought I was doing you a favor.
The car is definitely damaged.
It's leaking oil. That's all we needed!
Calm down, brother. I've worked as a
car mechanic for two years. Wait a second.
Wait a moment.
Let me take a look over here.
Get in front of the bonnet.
Push down gently. Just like that.
Push down gently.
-Yes. Just push down gently.
Push down, brother. Keep pushing.
Push down. Okay. Slow down.
Okay, enough!
Enough, brother.
So, what is it?
It's leaking oil.
We need to find a mechanic.
I saw it, it's black. It's dripping.
I heard it too.
-So, it's leaking oil.
-Drip, drip?
-Drip, drip.
-Get in the car, brother.
-Come on.
-Did you see the sign?
-Will it take us that far?
It will take us another 40 kilometers
like that, guaranteed.
You said it would take us
another 40 kilometers.
It's not the car's fault at all.
It's my fault for believing you.
40 kilometers!
It's the fuel warning light!
You go another 40 after that!
I'm sorry,
but I need to tell you something.
Don't take offense, eref.
Turn it down!
-You like the song?
-What song?
This song.
-What are you doing in the car?
-My blood pressure is really bad.
The diastolic is too low.
The systolic is too high.
-Get out of the car.
-I don't feel good.
Get out the car!
I was just catching my breath.
-Push it!
Push it!
-Come on, push it!
-You push it too!
Stop it!
What's going on?
-Are you Muzaffer?
-Yes, that's me.
When you saw Muzaffer,
you thought I was a man, didn't you?
Are you a woman?
-I'm a real woman, brother.
-Don't talk to her like that.
Muzaffer, our car is leaking oil
-could you please take a look?
-Move your car, brother!
-You want us to leave?
-Move your car here!
-She wants us to bring it here.
-Go on!
She's a woman!
-Come on, brother, move it.
-Come on, one, two... Come on.
What have things come to?
You look like you're pushing it
but the whole weight is on me!
The weight is on you?
I've driven this car all along!
Are you alright?
-Is there anything on my face?
-No, it's all clean.
-I'm sorry. I've been a bit careless.
-I couldn't stop the car.
-But this is not going well.
-You're right, brother.
-You're just like my father.
I swear. He's frivolous, just like you.
We drove from Ankara to Istanbul
by way of zmir when I was a child!
What do your parents do?
My father is retired.
My mother is no longer with us.
-My condolences.
...she isn't dead! My mother left us.
Wouldn't it be better to tell
the story this way?
I feel it's less offensive
when I tell it like that.
And my father married someone else.
I couldn't get along with my stepmother,
so I visited my father less and less.
I do call him,
we speak on the phone, but...
...he tries to hang up
as quickly as possible.
You know that "crash" sound you hear
when someone hangs up the phone...
...that's not a nice sound at all.
And you know what's most...
I'm really very sorry, brother.
Don't be so harsh on yourself.
When I saw the swing, I...
What about your folks?
My folks? They're the same as usual.
They live in Ayvalk. I'll see what
they're up to when we arrive.
Brother, what time is it?
eref, wake up! The car is ready.
-Really. Get up.
Thank you very much. We appreciate it.
-How much do we owe you?
-300 lira, brother.
-300 lira?
Muzaffer, you took all day
to repair the car!
And you want 300 lira!
Just pay my money, dear.
Don't get me upset.
We'll share it. 150 to 150.
-But why 300...
-Just give her 150 lira.
I can't waste another minute. Come on.
-Give it to me.
There you go, 300 lira. Thank you.
We paid you the money,
but I feel bad about it.
Get out of here! Don't make me mad.
You've been scolding us all day,
and you took all day to repair the car!
And then you want 300 lira!
We object, and you say "Get out of here!"
-How can we get out?
-You can sod off!
This is enough trouble
for one day. Come on.
Alright, we're leaving.
But you should know that I'm offended.
You're right. I'm setting off
early tomorrow. I won't be late. Okay.
-Please, don't be mad.
-Oh, Onur!
Alright, Aysun, listen to me...
The signal cut off.
I'll call again.
-Hello, darling. I lost my signal.
No, I hung up on you.
Oh, you hung up on me. Okay.
Alright, sweetheart. See you, love. Bye.
-Your girlfriend?
-Is she mad at you?
-You messed up all my plans, brother!
I'm sorry. Don't you think
I can make up for it?
No, and since only I will be driving the
car from now on, there's no problem.
Now we'll pull over somewhere and sleep.
And we'll set off early in the morning.
You slept all day anyway. Isn't it better
for you if we leave at night?
-We can't. I have night blindness.
-You have night blindness?
-So I can drive!
-But I've been a long haul...
-For three years...
-So let me pay for the fuel, brother.
-What's that got to do with anything?
-No objections. I'm paying.
For God's sake...
-Hello, could you help us?
-Welcome. How can I...
Sorry, have we done something wrong?
I'm very sorry.
I broke up with my boyfriend recently.
And this gentleman
looks very much like him.
May that be the worst of your problems.
May I ask you a question,
if you don't mind?
What part of your boyfriend
did you like the most?
His eyebrows,
his eyes, his nose.
I don't know. He had a style of his own.
A style of his own!
Could you go the car?
I told you, I'm paying.
Alright. I'll leave you alone
with your idiosyncratic style!
Please don't get hung up about it.
Good day.
-Go away!
I'm not joking. I'm telling the truth.
I've always liked ugly men anyway.
-Ugly men love their girlfriends more.
They are more attached
to their relationships.
You say so?
Do you think I'm ugly?
Very much.
Thank you.
What do we owe you?
-See you later.
-See you.
What happened?
-The first sign of spring is here!
-Let's go.
-She's looking at you.
I'll call you.
-Okay. Let's go.
-Wave at her!
Alright, I waved at her.
She is working! Let's go.
-You'll call her?
-Right, I'll call her. Let's go!
Wave at her again.
She's looking at you! You want me to stop?
-Drive on!
She's working!
Let's pull over here and sleep.
You're right. There may be
all sorts of danger by the roadside.
That spot is good. Yes, over there.
-This is good, right?
-I think so, yes.
Come on, recline your seat.
Good night, brother.
Good night.
Sorry. I'm sorry.
What's going on?
Sorry, I had to wake you up.
I'm very afraid of the sound of thunder!
You're afraid of thunder?
You're a grown up man!
This is summer rain. It will cease soon.
How come you're afraid of thunder? Sleep.
I've been afraid of it
since I was a child.
My father always used to say to me,
"You've got fear of the sky."
Fear of the sky?
Sudden changes in weather systems
make me uncomfortable.
-So, may I ask you to do something?
Can you hold my hand?
-You're kidding me, right?
-I don't mean anything bad.
My mother held my hand
during thunderstorms
to soothe me when I was a child.
I've gotten used to it.
It's coming!
eref, I'm not holding your hand!
Just go to sleep!
There, hold it. Do as you like.
But no rubbing it
or sliding your fingers in between!
-I want it back as I gave it to you!
-Okay. Thank you.
I'll give it back as I took it.
I'll hold it just like this.
Okay? Don't misunderstand me.
I'll put it right here.
Thank you. Good night.
It's so cold. eref! Wake up.
Who turned on the air conditioner?
Did you turn it on?
It was getting too hot.
I had to turn it on.
It's burned half of our fuel!
The tank is still half full!
You always see the empty half!
Who are these guys?
They weren't here last night.
-The roof!
They've taken off the entire roof!
Let's take a look.
-I'll talk to them.
-You talk to them.
-Don't meddle too much.
-You start and I'll finish.
-Okay, wait.
Good morning. Have a nice morning.
Let's hope so.
That cream tube and that head,
whose are they?
This head? This is my uncle's head.
My late uncle was always very high!
-But you've taken those from our car!
-You've stolen them!
-So we'd like to get them back.
Why not?
Why would we give you what we stole
with great effort for free?
-Do you think we're stupid?
-Okay, we'll call the police.
Oh, call them here!
Don't waste your credit!
-Come on, call them!
-Don't call.
-How much do you want for them?
-100 lira.
80 for the stealing, and 20 lira
for the workmanship.
Our guys dismantled them gently
while you were sleeping.
-Did you hear anything?
-Nothing at all.
There you go, workmanship is very
important. I'm always fair to my workers!
-Alright, what is your name?
Kvan, we don't have much money on us.
So make it 50 and we'll have a deal.
This guy is a smart one.
He understood that we're broke.
And he's trying to rip us off!
Don't clap here!
-Alright, it's 70, just to make you happy.
-Make it 50.
-70 is too much! Are you robbers or what?
Alright, I understand, you're broke.
I'll make it 50 for you.
Just for you.
But don't tell anyone. You understand?
What are you celebrating?
Here's your 50 lira, Kvan.
But how can we mount these
on the car again?
That involves workmanship, of course.
30 lira for the screwdriver.
50, if we mount it.
-You do it, then.
-Alright. Our guys will mount it for you.
aatay, Kenan, start the music!
Let's celebrate this!
Come on, dance!
I see that potential in you! Dance!
Let it go!
-Let it go!
Let it go!
-What are you doing?
-Let's mind our business.
I stole a bunch of the hair.
I hope that's fine!
-Have a nice day.
-I wish you the best.
We got it real cheap.
-100 lira is a bargain!
-Don't be silly, please!
-What is he trying to do?
-What's going on?
I flashed my headlights and he went crazy.
I go right and he brakes right.
You're treating such people the wrong
You shouldn't be so civilized
as to flash your headlights.
-You know what to do?
Here's what you do.
What are you doing! Get your hands off!
I know how to sound the horn!
You'll make the guy really crazy.
That's how you should treat them.
Drive up next to him. I've got a couple
of words for him.
-eref, don't do it.
-Look, he's sliding right!
Drive up to him! I won't cause trouble.
Drive next to him!
The left lane belongs to us, brother!
We're a passenger car, you're a minibus.
Drive in the right lane!
Don't make gestures!
-Just a second.
-Stop it, brother!
-Calm down!
-Just a minute!
-Who are you gesturing at?
-At you. So what?
-Don't get us into trouble!
-Drive in the right lane!
-Who do you think you're gesturing at?
-eref, stop!
Mind your words!
-Mind your business!
-Hey you!
-Get in!
-Don't make me mad!
-Who do you think you are?
-eref, come here!
-Who are you? Pull over!
-Come here.
-Pull over!
Who do you think you're showing off to?
Don't pull me!
-Tell them not to pull me!
-What are you doing?
-Are you alright?
-Drive on.
-eref, are you sure?
-No, it's nothing. Drive on.
Did they beat you up too bad?
Beat up who? Me?
They messed me up!
It's alright, brother.
Don't cry. It's over.
Even the seat belt alarm
is ringing for me!
I can't restrain myself,
and get beaten up every time.
-Every time?
-Yes. I keep getting beaten up.
I haven't been able to beat up
a single person.
So why do you keep getting
in fights, then?
I attract trouble.
And I can't hold myself back.
I go in, get beaten up and
then sit on my ass.
You're really something.
-My girl is calling on video!
-Do you have a daughter?
What daughter? It's my girlfriend, Aysun!
Shut up for a minute!
I don't want to explain myself.
"We met on a phone application,"
and stuff.
Don't worry. You can speak as you like.
Okay. Yes, darling.
-Where are you, dear?
I'm on my way, darling.
-Who is that woman?
-What woman?
The woman in the car next to yours!
How am I supposed to know who she is?
I saw it with my own eyes!
She glanced at you!
Why are you driving right next to her?
She's in the left lane.
She's overtaking me.
Are you a pervert?
Why are you going after her?
Overtake her! I want to see it!
Show it to me!
Alright. Look, I'm overtaking her.
I overtook her.
See, I did it.
But don't do this. That's not you.
Darling, don't you know that
I'm a very jealous rabbit?
You know that, darling.
Come on, stick out your teeth!
Come on, my love.
But I'm a very faithful rabbit,
and you know that.
What is that sound?
I made it, darling. I was coughing.
The air conditioner is killing me.
That sound came from the car. What's it?
It must be from the engine, darling.
I'm in the car, you know.
The engine? That woman is
driving next to you again, right?
Right? There, I caught you!
Show it to me!
Show me inside the car again!
Hello, I'm eref.
-Who is that thing?
-eref was
hitchhiking on the road. So I took him.
We were going in the same direction.
You have a hitchhiker in the car?
In this day and age?
There are all sorts of people!
Robbers, hicatchers...
Highjacker... What was that word?
You mean hijacker.
Hijacker, right. A hijacker.
Shut up, hijacker.
Darling, eref is getting a little upset.
I should pull over now.
I'll call you at a better time, alright?
Call me back right away.
And get him out of the car, okay?
Get rid of that thing.
What are you doing, brother?
I'm very sorry. I wasn't going to
say anything, I swear, but
that rabbit impression of yours!
"You know that I'm a jealous rabbit..."
Is that so funny? Everyone does that.
Please turn right.
I know a great breakfast place there.
-Turn right there.
-Please! We're already late.
-What breakfast place?
-But please, before we go
do the rabbit impression
one last time. Please.
-Okay, shut up.
-But please! I'm begging you.
-I'm not doing a rabbit impression.
-I won't shut up until you do it!
Okay, shut up! Here's your rabbit
impression! There!
It's hard to tell if you're
laughing or giving birth!
Get off!
Thank you.
It's a nice place, right?
Why did we come near a stream?
It's so hard to get you to like
a place! It's nice and breezy.
What's going on?
I have this tic.
-Are you kidding?
-I swear, I have a tic!
-A tic for what? The stream?
-For frogs!
Whose child is he?
Can his mother take him?
When I was a child,
a friend put a frog in my mouth...
...at a school picnic.
Since that day...
Onur, you're acting silly!
We'll get in trouble!
I can't help it! I can't stop this!
Don't do it, boy!
He's got a rock!
It's a rock!
Don't throw that rock, dear! The frogs
will get scared and make a lot of noise!
Don't throw it, please!
-You pervert!
-What are you doing, man?
-I have a tic!
-A tic?
-He has a tic. I've just learned it.
-Oh, he has a tic?
-It's true!
-I'll tick him off real bad now!
You should be ashamed!
He's still blowing kisses! You pervert!
Stop it, you pervert!
-It's drying.
-Are you alright?
-Are you alright?
-My ears are ringing. I can't hear well.
-Is it too bad?
-No, it's not that bad.
How bad is it, from one to ten?
Why did we pay that man's bill?
-We didn't eat anything.
-I got a good slap, but that's nothing.
We're running out of fuel.
We need to get fuel.
I paid the bill at the restaurant.
So you can pay for the fuel.
Right, but I have no money!
-I've run out of money.
-You have no money now?
What am I supposed to do now?
I have so little left on me.
We have to get fuel, and we need to eat.
I need to get chocolates, flowers
and stuff for my girl's family.
I'm not even mentioning the return trip!
If you didn't have money, why did
you use the app? You should've hitchhiked!
Why did I find you on the app
and get you in the car?
To share the expenses, right?
How are we supposed to share them now?
Tell me, how are we supposed to?
Why am I travelling with a man
I only got to know yesterday?
You're right, brother.
I don't want to be a burden
for you anymore.
Please wish me luck.
Alright, put your bags back.
We've set out on the road together.
We can't quit here.
If you think I'm a burden to you,
I can stay here. Believe me.
Really, if I'm even the slightest
of a burden to you, I can stay here.
Why do you always say one
thing and do another?
Why do you say that? What I'm saying is
if I'm being a burden, just leave me here.
eref, get in.
What are we going to do?
We should check Travel Mates.
We may find someone going the same way.
Okay. Let's try our luck.
# Travel Mates #
Where Are You Going?
One Passenger Found
-Oh, there's someone going there!
-Who is it?
There, up ahead...
I'll call her.
-I'm here.
-I'm here too.
I'm looking around. There are many people.
-And there's a seal!
-Right, that seal is me!
-I'm Bahar.
-I'm Onur.
I'm eref.
Onur and eref, meaning honor and pride.
Society needs you both very much!
-What happened to you?
-A small accident, let's say.
-So it's small?
-Let's say so for now.
Because I feel embarrassed telling it.
May I help you with your bags?
-No, I'll carry them. Thanks.
By the way, the money for the fuel.
-We can do that later. No hurry.
-You really didn't have to. Thank you.
-Okay. So, I'll put in my bags, then.
-Okay. We'll join you right away.
-Why did you take her money?
-Should I have taken it from the seal?
You almost left me on the roadside
because I didn't have money!
-Shut up!
-You almost kicked me out.
-Shut up!
-I barely saved my dignity!
Right. Could you fit it in?
Right, put it like that.
It might feel sick.
-Your car is interesting.
-Isn't it?
I'm a pharmaceutical representative.
It's a company car, for Fevzi Chemistry.
-Fevzi who?
-He's the owner of our company.
Oh. I don't really like medicine.
I actually don't use any.
And the costume? Are you an actress?
No, I'm going to a protest to raise
awareness about Mediterranean seals.
It surely raises awareness!
Really? I had it custom made.
Does it look like a seal?
-I think it does.
-What do you think?
Yes, that's one hell of a seal.
There's a factory that dumps its waste
at the exact spot where the seals breed.
-So seals have private lives too.
-Of course they do.
-Are you studying?
-Yes, I am.
-At the conservatory, studying music.
Wow! It was exactly
what I most wanted to study.
-Really? Why didn't you?
-It's a long story.
My father said, "Study business management
and earn your bread from your profession."
And I closed that chapter of my life.
That wasn't too long.
If you like music,
you don't have to go to school for it.
Can you play that guitar well?
I'm not so bad. You?
I'm not so bad either. I mean, I wasn't.
Can you play it? It'd be great.
-Would you like that?
-Yeah, we'd love it.
-You sing along.
You said you wanted to be a musician.
Come on, sing along.
-Let her play, I'll sing along.
-Sing along.
What would you like me to play?
Play whatever you like.
I have a wide repertoire.
I'm sure I'll know it. I'll sing along.
You didn't sing along?
Well, I don't know the lyrics to that one!
You play the same notes,
and I'll sing something else.
-She fell asleep.
-Let her sleep.
I must have seen Casablanca
a hundred times.
You know what,
it may be my favorite movie!
-Mine too!
It really is. I just adore it.
It's my number one.
There was that scene
-where the man and woman met after years.
-And as the man waits at the bar.
-Right, that scene! I know.
-There was a pianist. He said...
-I can't remember that part.
-What did he say?
-It's on the tip of my tongue...
-I'm sure you know it.
-"We came together..."
-I haven't seen the movie.
I haven't seen it.
I said I did just to impress you,
when you got to the details,
I got nervous.
Are you crazy?
What's your horoscope?
-I'm a Leo.
-Aquarius and Leo get along very well.
-I know. Aquarius and Leo are...
Aquarius is the horoscope
that gets along best with Leo...
their close proximity, and such...
Because Leo...
I don't know about horoscopes.
I know nothing at all.
You might go into details again.
I don't want to get nervous.
Come on.
And you, eref?
-When did you see Casablanca?
What Casablanca?
I'm talking on the phone, guys.
Cemre, I'll call you later, dear.
I'll hang up first.
Who is Cemre?
The girl at the fuel station.
Yes, her.
So, what's your favorite movie?
-Fast and Furious Five.
-Have you seen the whole series?
I haven't, but it's my favorite movie.
Fast and Furious Five.
You should've given the others a chance.
I don't have to.
The fifth one set the bar so high.
I can't waste my time.
Fast and Furious Five.
Could you turn right up ahead?
Really? Are you getting out?
After taking another left there,
we'll arrive at the factory.
I see.
Time really flew by.
Really. It's flown so fast.
Life goes by so fast.
Yes, here.
-Thanks a lot guys.
-You're welcome.
Having come this far, perhaps we should
join you in the protest, right?
You said we were late.
No. I just checked,
and we're not that late actually.
-Are you sure?
-Of course, we're sure. Why not?
-Come on! eref, come on!
-Well, well...
Bahar! Where have you been?
-I'm sorry. I fell asleep.
-Who are your friends?
Onur and eref.
-Nice to meet you.
-We're pleased to meet you too.
-They'll join us in the protest.
-That's great.
"Don't touch my seals".
I guess you're the seals.
Great. Everyone is all dressed up.
You have anything we can put on?
Freedom to seals!
Freedom to seals!
What's going on, chief?
-Don't touch the seals!
-Don't come here!
Don't touch the seals!
Don't touch the seals!
What the seal is going on?
What are they saying?
Where are these seals supposed to breed?
How will their skins touch each other?
Let's get started.
Chief, let me ask you something.
Okay, these are seals. But what are
this rabbit and lamb doing here?
Things got tough, so they called
their friends from the forest!
As far as I know, lamb is a small sheep.
But this one looks very big!
-Mind your words!
-Please, you're being disrespectful.
There you go, the rabbit speaks!
I wonder if that's a rabbit
drawn from 62, or from 69!
I've worked in security,
I've never behaved like you.
Today is the eve,
and tomorrow is the Feast of Sacrifice.
And we don't have anything to sacrifice.
Perhaps we should all get together
and sacrifice this?
We could sacrifice these
for the whole neighborhood
and everyone would get enough pieces!
Don't make me mad!
-What if you go mad?
-Friends, help!
Let's not make a scene, please.
-Does it hurt?
-No, it doesn't.
-Are you sure?
-Yes, it does.
eref, are you alright?
I have some pain here, but I'm fine.
They beat Onur real good.
They didn't beat me up.
I was just slightly hurt.
Hurt? They smashed your face!
-No way. You're exaggerating.
Bahar, when I last saw him, a security
guard was shoving his foot in his mouth!
Luckily, the man's foot size was 45
and it didn't fit in his mouth!
He was tearing his mouth! Just like that!
This is really uncalled for!
Let's change the subject.
Are you feeling better?
I'm fine. I've been feeling better
since you dressed my wound.
Onur, your phone is ringing.
-I could call back later.
-I'll go away. You can speak.
-You want me to go away, too?
-Yes. Go away!
What did I do?
-Onur? You said...
What happened to your face?
Have you had an accident?
Show me around!
This is what's around, darling.
We were driving on with eref
and we saw some people protesting
a factory for Mediterranean seals.
We were excited,
and we wanted to support them.
A small incident broke out there.
That's it.
What the hell?
You don't give the cats a bowl of water!
You look for a stone whenever
you see a dog on the street!
What have you got to do with seals?
I'm actually a great animal lover.
And by the way,
why would they dump their waste
where the Mediterranean seals breed?
Well, right. Onur, where are you?
I'm on my way to Ayvalk.
Which sea is Ayvalk next to?
-The Aegean Sea.
-So, if a Mediterranean seal
is reproducing in the Aegean Sea,
what is it doing?
-Cheating on its spouse!
And you're defending those seals to me!
That's a shame! Shame on you!
But what's it got to do with...
No. The stress of meeting
my parents has made you crazy.
And that thing near you made you worse.
I'm now hanging up on you.
Call me at a better time and
we'll have a proper fight. Okay?
Alright, darling.
God damn you.
I don't understand. God what?
-See you.
-See you.
So you're going to Ayvalk
to see your girlfriend.
-Yeah, kind of.
-Kind of?
I mean, yes.
Good. That's great.
I'm leaving. The bus is about to leave.
Are you going back to Istanbul?
No, we're going to Ayvalk.
There's a protest there, too.
What protest?
Some people are hurting animals.
We'll see who and why.
I see.
-So, I wish you good luck.
-Thank you. I'm pleased to meet you.
I'm pleased to meet you, too.
-What were you pleased about?
-Bahar's leaving.
-We were having such a great time.
-Yeah, but...
Take care of the seals.
What happened?
-To hell with you.
-Let's go.
-I've packed up the stuff.
Come on.
I'm hurting! I'm hurting all over.
Nice girl, right?
-What? Who?
-Bahar. She is a nice girl, right?
She is.
What happened?
It's strange, you know.
All the Bahars I've met
so far were very beautiful.
I don't know.
She was the first Bahar I've ever met.
Your first Bahar turned out
to be the last one for me.
You're sure about Aysun, aren't you?
Shit, Fevzi's calling.
Over there.
Don't get out of the car,
and don't make a sound!
Don't breathe unless necessary!
I don't care. Who's Fevzi anyway?
Yes, sir?
What happened to your face?
I've had a small accident,
but I'm fine now, sir.
You had an accident in the company car?
How could I have it in the company car?
I was fired, after all.
You were fired, but...
...the janitors couldn't find
the car you drove in the car park.
Oh, I took that car in for service
the day you fired me. They said:
-"You can't get it back before the feast."
-You left it in for service?
Idiot. I can call you an idiot.
-How would you get to Ayvalk
if you weren't fired?
I thought I'd drive Ahmet's car,
but I was fired, so...
Alright, then. You couldn't
steal the company car, after all.
Well, of course!
What's that thing behind you?
Oh, that's my friend, sir.
-Your friend?
And then you say, "Why was I fired?"
Tell me who your friend is,
and I will tell you why you were fired.
-I'm hanging up.
-Have a nice day.
-Why did you get out of the car?
-I was bored to death!
You drive me crazy!
-There's something.
-Don't touch!
-Something on your cheek...
-Get off me!
I know you like it, too!
That guy is my boss!
-Are you angry?
Getting beaten up three times
in a day really wore me out.
Look at your face. You're all bruised.
There's a fly inside.
Don't worry about it.
Don't move!
Onur! Onur, wake up!
What's happening? What happened to me?
Where am I?
Calm down. I'm playing a game.
That's where the sound is coming from.
What is this? What happened to me?
We had a small accident.
We're at the hospital. But we're fine now.
-What happened? Tell me.
-We were in the car.
We were travelling together.
A fly came in through the window.
-I know that.
-And I wanted to smash the fly.
-The fly had landed on your chin.
-I know that, too.
And when I lightly touched you
to kill the fly on your chin...
-When I lightly touched you
-you smashed into the window.
-Smashed into the window?
Since I've done tae kwon do
for three years,
and your chin was right against my palm,
you smashed into the window.
-Anything wrong with the car?
-No, the car is fine.
I stopped the car and it's all fine.
If anything had happened to it,
I know many mechanics in Ayvalk.
I could've had it fixed for free.
-Oh, you know mechanics in Ayvalk?
-Yes, I know many.
Why didn't you tell me that?
It's really comforting!
I was worried for a moment
that you might not know any mechanics!
If you do, everything is perf...
What the hell are you saying?
What are you talking about? Look at me.
All I wanted was to drive from Istanbul to
Ayvalk with an average speed of 90 km/h!
And get there
in time for that presentation.
But we can't get there!
We just can't arrive in Ayvalk!
Look at me when I speak to you!
Why are you looking at me like an idiot?
Tomorrow at 1:00 p.m.,
I'll deliver the presentation of my life!
Presentation of my life! Look at me!
Don't look at me!
What am I supposed to do now?
Please, we're in a hospital!
You shouldn't shout here.
-I'm sorry.
-How are you feeling?
-I'm very angry.
-Let me give you a tranquillizer.
-Yes, give it to him.
-How are you, by the way?
I was feeling a bit weary
but the serum made me feel great.
Our patient is awake!
Get well soon, Onur.
-Thank you, doctor.
-How are you feeling?
I feel quite well.
What happened? Am I supposed to feel bad?
Don't worry. You're okay.
I checked your brain tomography.
It's okay.
Thank goodness.
Your electrocardiogram also looks good.
Your liver and lung reports are
also normal. I gave you a check-up.
And we saw no negative findings.
We also had a blood test.
Your sugar and cholesterol are all good.
You should've checked
if I'm pregnant as well!
We want you to leave here
in the best condition.
Because we're
the Ripoff Private Hospital!
Yes, we see, doctor.
You've ripped us off real good.
You should've thought of that before
bringing me to a private hospital!
Calm down. I understand, you've
been through a stressful situation.
You'll be kept under observation today.
You shouldn't sleep.
You can be discharged at any time
you want tomorrow. Hope you get well soon!
-Thank you, doc.
-Thank you.
We'll spend the night here.
And then we'll part,
and never see each other again.
Where's my phone?
-I can see it. I can see that it's there.
Don't show me my phone.
Aysun called a thousand times! Wait...
I'll put this over here.
Turn off the light. Don't make a sound.
My God, you're killing me!
Darling, I fell asleep as soon as
I came to the hotel.
I forgot to call you. I'm sorry.
You're so carefree!
I'm doing make-up and masks
to look nice for you.
But you've fallen asleep!
You don't care about me.
You look very beautiful. You're gorgeous.
Room service! I've brought your order.
How did you order if you were asleep?
I didn't order anything.
It must be the wrong room.
There must be something wrong.
Yes, it's wrong room.
The room service is leaving.
It's the wrong room. Go away!
I'll call you in the morning
when I wake up.
I can barely keep my eyes open.
I'll call you first thing tomorrow.
I promise, I won't be late.
Let's talk about it all
tomorrow morning.
I'd like to fall asleep now.
So I'll call you when I wake up.
Hang up. I don't understand you.
I'm angry.
Don't make me angrier.
Turn on the light. Without making a sound.
My neck!
My neck.
Okay, if I can get up early,
I'll be on time for the presentation.
And for Aysun. Everything is alright.
I forgot to tell you.
She forgot her bag in the car.
She called you,
and I answered as you were unconscious.
I told her we had an accident.
You see?
She got off her bus and came here!
-Welcome, Bahar.
-Hello, are you okay?
He's very well. The doctor said he should
remain under observation tonight.
He can leave at any time tomorrow.
But he shouldn't sleep.
-Get well soon.
-He thanks you.
-I can speak.
-He can speak. Speak to him.
-I'm so happy to see you.
-Me too.
-You're both very happy.
You shouldn't sleep. The doctor said
you'll be under observation tonight.
Okay, I'm not sleeping.
Let me rest my eyes a bit.
Onur, get up. Don't sleep.
Okay, I'm awake.
I'm not sleeping. I'm fine.
-What's going on?
-You're sleeping.
But you hit me too hard.
My neck is injured!
I forgot about that. Sorry.
Please, I was just wearing that big thing!
That was quite a slap, you know.
Can we talk about this tomorrow?
Because you really shouldn't...
...hit an injured person like that.
This is not gonna work...
-Is this better now?
-Yes, it's quite good.
So tell me. Are you going to
Ayvalk to see your girlfriend?
Yes, but in fact I'm going to a cosmetics
convention to make a product presentation.
-Cosmetics convention?
-Yes. It's very important for me.
Oh. Great.
What about you? How is your school going?
Where does your family live?
I'm trying to chat.
I shouldn't sleep, after all.
Okay. I'll tell you everything.
You have to listen anyway.
You have nobody else to talk to.
The invisible part of the iceberg!
You're sleeping.
-Let me sleep a bit.
Three words.
You Are Sleep!
-Sleeping Beauty.
-Sleeping Beauty?
-Good morning. Happy feast.
-Happy feast.
I'd like to be discharged.
Room 342, Onur Gzel.
Of course. Your bill is ready.
-Thank you.
What's going on?
-This is a robbery, right?
-Sir, are you kidding?
Is this the amount to be paid,
or the IBAN number of the hospital?
-Could you call someone in charge please?
-How can I help you?
-Just a second, Bahar.
Look, Mr. Man-in-Charge,
a serum wouldn't cost this much.
I know how much it costs you to buy.
Brain tomography. This kid's brain
isn't worth this much in total.
Please give us a discount or something.
Or let me put it this way,
your Ripoff hospital
really ripped us off.
Sir, there can be no discounts
on hospital bills.
We're not accepting this bill, sir.
I'm starting a sit-in protest outside!
Bahar, please. We're not here to sit.
Don't interfere, Onur.
I'm starting a sit-in protest!
As you wish.
-Could you give me your hand, sir?
Please, give me your hand.
We'll give you 300.
Let go of my hand!
What is the final price without taxes?
Don't be silly! Please let go of my hand!
This is a feast day!
Please, give us a discount.
Look at us.
We just can't get out of trouble.
-We'll come back again. Please.
-Let me go!
Stop this or I'll call security!
Shame on you!
I worked at a private hospital
for a year and a half,
and I've never seen such a thing.
But I'll keep the bill for this man.
If anything goes wrong,
I'll bring him back!
You have to replace him for free.
You have to give me a new one!
-What are you doing?
-Don't talk, go back slowly.
-Are you a doctor?
-Yes, I am.
-What doctor?
-I'm a radiologist.
Oh, he's a voyeur! Self-confessed.
Shame on you!
Go backwards slowly.
Let me tell you something. Wait a minute.
You've used all sorts of bad materials!
Let's say I'm making a fuss.
Do you think you've been treated well?
He's not responding to treatment!
He's even worse than before, guys!
This is a scandal, shame on you!
-Is this Fevzi?
-Who are you?
-What's going on?
-Stay out of this.
What are you doing here?
Sir, what are you doing here?
Weren't you going to eme for a holiday?
I was going to eme,
but I thought I'd stop by the convention,
as it's on my way.
Why am I explaining?
What are you doing here?
Sir, I had no bad intentions.
I've worked so hard for it.
All I wanted was to make a great
presentation and win your favor.
That's why you didn't leave the car,
right? Boy, didn't I fire you?
You did, but technically,
my layoff has still not been filed.
-So I thought I might still have a chance.
-That's what you thought.
And this thing has been aiding
and abetting you, right?
I aided him but I don't accept the
thing you said about bed. Not my type.
Sir, please, give me another chance!
You won't regret it!
Boy, don't you understand? I've fired you.
When I say a word, I mean it.
-Dad, my head!
-Oh! I'll get back to you! Don't move!
-Is it hurting bad, dear?
-Hey, stop!
-They're running!
Bahar, get up!
-Our principled stance?
-That's my car!
Run! They're running away in my car!
-Get in!
I'll show you!
Fevzi, calm down!
I'll show him what happens when
he steals the company car!
-I'll show him!
-Yes, Dad! Attack, Dad!
Come on, Dad! Beat them up!
I'll beat him up! I'll rip his head off!
Can't this go faster?
This is as fast as it goes
with the tube and head on top.
If we hadn't had that accident, we
wouldn't have come here and met Fevzi.
You messed everything up! I should've...
...seen through you way back,
when I got you in the car!
I should've researched your past...
...before I let you in!
He's left us in the dust!
This is all my stupidity. I'm an idiot!
If I had just...
...walked past you when I first saw you,
none of this would've happened.
-Hold on!
-What are you doing?
Slow down!
Fevzi, careful! Kids!
Where are they?
-They disappeared.
-Where did they go?
-I know where.
-Right, here.
-Did we make it?
We made it. And you still yell at me.
eref, don't make me angry.
You take the company car.
Be thankful I didn't say you "stole" it.
So am I to blame for it all now?
You're still trying to prove yourself!
Why do you care about my car?
Why did I steal this car?
To win my job back.
It's not even clear what your job is!
You said you'd go to Ayvalk
to visit your family.
I feel pity for your family. Who knows
what trouble you've been giving them?
Onur, calm down.
We couldn't finish
a six-hour ride in three days!
Look at us! We're devastated.
Stop the car.
I said stop the car!
As of now, this trip is over!
Everyone goes their own way.
Get out of the car.
eref, get out of the car.
I was going to get out here anyway.
-Where is he going?
-I don't care.
Onur, you should take a look.
Come on.
Let me introduce you.
My mother and father.
I used to visit them every feast.
Last year, I said
I was busy and I couldn't come.
They wanted to surprise me and visit me.
My dear ones.
My father was an old man.
The roads were busy
with the holiday traffic.
A traffic accident.
I lost them both.
Because I couldn't go to them,
I lost them both.
Since then,
I haven't been the man I used to be.
I can't get myself to accept
that they're dead.
You know what...
...this is the first time
I'm visiting them.
I'm all alone.
You're not alone.
Look, I'm here.
Thank you.
You should leave now. Don't be late.
No, I've given up.
Fevzi saw me.
I don't want to embarrass myself anymore.
You can't give up.
You've risked so much to go
to that convention. Look at you.
Right, but...
...how can I present? I'm so stressful.
I can come with you.
You can practice with me on the way.
-Do you think it would work?
-Of course.
-Okay, let's take a chance.
-Good. Come on, then.
You're a true travel mate.
I would even die with you.
Well, it's better
if we try to stay alive, brother.
You're right.
Before we leave,
can you take a photo of us?
-With whom?
-Mom and dad.
I took it.
I'll come again. Okay?
My eyes are closed.
eref, so are theirs...
-You're right. Let's go.
-Come on.
What's going on?
We'll tell you. We need to
get Onur to the convention on time.
Here they are!
I'll get out here. Keep in touch, okay?
-I wish you luck.
-Thank you. Goodbye.
-See you, Bahar.
-See you.
-Take care.
-Thank you.
Thanks to both of you.
It's almost 1 p.m. Onur, we'll be late.
Okay. I wish you the best, friends.
-See you, eref.
-See you.
See you, animal lovers.
-Come on.
-Don't worry.
-Hello, Ahmet.
-Onur, what are you doing here?
What am I doing here? Let me explain.
What's going on? Why are you hitting me?
You said you'd knock him down!
You're impatient. If you'd trusted me,
this trip could've been very different.
Shut up! Hold the guy!
He's a skinny-ass but really heavy.
-What is this, furniture?
-There! Over there!
-Put this on, quick.
-Hello. Fevzi Chemistry, right?
I'm the supervisor of this event,
lhan Okay.
I help companies with their presentations.
I have a great stage presence.
I can get you a good audience.
If you like, I can help you.
Let's do it together.
Thank you. We've prepared already.
We're fine as the two of us.
You're fine.
-The two of you.
-Shame on you!
I hope you screw up everything!
I hope you mess it up.
Who do you think you are?
-Who was that?
-I don't know.
Shut it.
The announcement was made.
Why is nobody coming?
-Do you trust me?
-Leave it to me.
-What are you doing?
Leave it to me.
Mr. Gzel, I have to say it now!
-Say what?
-I'll say it.
Dear doctors, pharmacists,
medical warehouse owners.
We're going to present you
an incredible surprise here.
For the presentation of Keleson,
the miracle product of Fevzi Chemistry,
I'd like to invite you
all over here. Yes, please.
Please, you come too.
And now, to present Keleson, here is
Fevzi Chemistry's genius boy, Onur Gzel!
Hello everyone.
Today I'm here to introduce you
a truly miraculous product.
What is it? Keleson.
What are the top two problems
of today's men?
The first one is hair loss.
And the second, we all know it!
That's why we focused on the first,
and developed Keleson for you.
"What is Keleson?", I almost hear you
asking. Keleson is applied as a foam
on the area with sparse hair.
And after waiting for only two minutes
it's rinsed with water.
With the keratin micro granules
it contains,
it paints the area with sparse hair
in the original color of the hair.
It provides a full and voluminous look.
With Keleson, baldness will be history.
And everyone's head will be beautiful.
Applause! Bravo!
Now, I'd like a volunteer
who suffers from hair loss.
You have enough hair.
Sir, would you like to come?
He's very willing! Applause!
-Yes. He's very willing.
-Welcome. Your name?
Sir, welcome.
This gentleman is just the kind of
volunteer we were looking for.
His hair is almost gone.
Let's begin our demonstration.
You see, our product is ready.
Now, the miraculous change
begins with Keleson.
Let's apply it to the
area with sparse hair.
All of it. Towards the front as well.
Some more. Use it plentifully, please.
We've applied our product. Now,
we massage the hair to spread it evenly.
Massage it.
-Like that.
What are you doing? Don't do that.
Now, there's one last thing to do.
And that's the simplest part.
We just have to wait
for two minutes. That's it.
And to brighten up those two minutes,
we've prepared a great surprise for you.
Yes, eref, go on.
# It was autumn
A cold morning #
# You fell down
A weak strand of hair #
# Why wouldn't you just stay in place #
# Why are my genes always against me? #
# I'm holding my tongue
Standing around with a bald head #
# I'm waiting
How will time ever pass? #
# I'm holding my tongue
Standing around with a bald head #
# I'm waiting
As bald as a coot #
# Bald, bald, bald
Where has my hair gone? #
# Bald, bald, bald
My eyebrows are left alone #
# Bald, bald, bald
I've lost it in my young age #
# Bald, bald, bald #
# Here is Keleson #
# Put it on my head #
# You don't have hair? #
# Keleson! #
Thank you very much!
But the product still hasn't dried.
-It hasn't dried, eref.
-Right, it hasn't.
-It hasn't dried.
-Wipe it.
Let's wipe it with a towel.
We applied it plentifully,
that must be why it hasn't dried.
Let's wipe it
and witness the miraculous change.
eref, wipe it quickly.
What did you use?
What did you put on the man's head?
-What's going on?
-God damn you!
God damn me.
Wipe it off. All of it.
-So let's continue with the rest of it.
-Let's not do that.
Please press this down on your head.
It will be better like that.
Freedom to animals!
-Freedom to animals!
-That's Bahar!
Stop using animals for experiments!
Stop using animals for experiments!
Animals! What are you doing here?
Get out of here!
-Security, throw them out!
-Wait, who are you?
Who am I? I'm Fevzi Chemistry!
Wait a moment, sir! Wait, don't!
-Wait a moment. eref! Where is eref?
-Throw them out!
-She's a frog!
-Come over here!
I had learned from my friends
before coming to the hospital
that we'd come to protest
at the convention,
but when you said it was important to you
I couldn't tell you. I'm sorry.
Never mind. You did the right thing.
I was trying in vain. We had already
ruined everything before you came.
Thanks to eref.
-Where is he?
-eref never stays in trouble!
He never goes into a fight.
He got out of it right away.
He was saying he'd even die
with me. Where is he now?
I wouldn't even go shitting with him!
Sorry about the language.
-No, don't hold yourself back.
-You know what, fuck him!
-I'm sorry.
-You went too far.
I'm sorry.
Take them out.
Protesters, out!
That's stupid.
Nonsense. I don't understand.
Just look at them.
Look at them. What are they doing here?
"Atrocious experiments"!
I'll experiment on you! Sorry.
-I'll be right back.
-Okay, I'll wait for you.
Thank you very much.
It's very generous of you to withdraw
your complaint after all that happened.
You should thank that thing
over there, not me.
Had it not been for him,
there's no way I would've withdrawn it.
By the way, you will never
find a job in this industry. Never.
Don't worry. I won't look for one.
I haven't given up on my dreams.
I was just taking a commercial break.
Let's go.
That's so sweet! Where did this come from?
Onur said he had to
take a present to Aysun.
-And I know many people here, so...
-I see.
How did you deal with Fevzi?
I said, "If you don't withdraw
your complaint,
-I'll give this to the press."
-Let me see.
No way.
-Well done!
-Bravo, eref.
Give me the lamb. We're late.
It's so young!
I got it small so they can
slaughter it next year.
Oh, my God.
Come on, we're late! I've arranged a car.
-See you, Bahar.
-See you.
What will you do here?
We'll go to the windmill and have
some tea. And then we'll go to Istanbul.
I see.
-I wish you a good trip.
-Thank you.
Do you think we'll meet again?
The only way you can see me again
is if you hurt animals.
And don't do that.
I'll make you regret it.
I won't.
Oh. Sorry.
-See you.
-See you.
Come on, Onur.
-See you, Bahar.
-Do I look good?
I'm sorry, we're late, darling.
But we've had great troubles on our way.
Hello, madam. Here's your present.
Come in.
Hello, everyone. Happy feast, everyone.
Sorry for keeping you waiting.
They haven't waited much.
There are some testicles left.
You want to eat it?
Thanks sir, we've got some!
Here, this is for you.
I wish you a happy feast.
-Let me kiss your hand. I wish you...
-What time is it, Onur?
-Aysun, dear!
-Stay out of this, Mom!
It's almost six o'clock.
We may have been a little late...
...but we went through such trouble
that you'll understand me when I tell you.
You took more than two days to come here.
And you brought this thing!
Don't say that. I told you,
we had such bad fortune that I didn't
want to upset you by telling it all.
Let's sit down and eat now.
And then I'll tell you everything.
I promise.
-Where is your father?
-He was so angry, he couldn't stay.
He went to fire his gun in the air
in an empty area!
I'm really embarrassed. I'm very sorry.
We called everyone because you were
coming. My aunt, uncles, grandfather...
We didn't call Aunt Rukiye,
but she came too.
-That's great...
-You've been keeping us waiting for hours.
-I'd like to apologize...
-Since I asked you to meet my family
everything has been going strange.
This is not good.
-I've been through...
-And he says he'll tell me about
-what he's been through!
-But I will!
I don't want you to tell me anything.
All you want from you now is for
you to apologize to everyone, one by one.
Kiss everyone's hand.
Hands up!
I've cleaned it.
Kiss it!
-eref, we're going.
-Where are you going?
I'll pick up this lamb,
before you eat it, too!
-What are we going to do now?
-I don't know.
You take that lamb back. Poor thing.
I'll never give it back. It's mine now.
You're going to live with a lamb?
Don't let it hear you.
It will be very angry.
It already has. Stop it, lamb!
I can't hold it!
How many of my friends have you eaten?
I could barely hold it down!
Don't do it, lamb!
Barely hold it down? You idiot.
-See you. Bye, Onur.
-What happened?
-Everything went exactly as it had to.
-Where is eref?
-He's talking to Cemre on the phone.
-Your costume still makes me twitch.
-Why is that?
When I was a child, a friend put a...
Oh, that's horrible.
But my favorite fairy tale as a child
was the Frog Prince.
But as you grow up,
you lose your belief in fairy tales...
...and get away from your dreams
the same way.
The little frog is kissed
by the beautiful princess,
and turns into a handsome prince.
Why would one stop believing that
a kiss can change everything?
But according to the tale,
this is upside down now.
Normally, I have to be the frog.
And as the princess, you have to kiss me.
But as you have the frog costume now...
-What are you laughing at, sister?
-This kid wants to call you sister!
-Oh, are you asking me out on a date?
I think so.
It's such a bad one!
-I told you it was bad.
-Who cares? It worked.
It worked?
Shut up, or I'll make the lamb attack
-You know this?
-The killer lamb!
-It will conquer the world!
-Hold it!
-Look what I taught it!
-What? It's just walking!
It follows me.
I'll teach it so much more!
Not just "baa",
but all the other letters!
That's my girl!
See? Well done, girl!