Yol Arkadasim 2 (2018) Movie Script

It was a hard time
This memory got me down
Loneliness has struck me
Come to me whenever you want
My door is still open to you
My loneliness hits the moon
It reflects back on my wall
Sing it!
Ill sing it.
...open to you
My loneliness hits the moon
It reflects back on my wall
Wake up, wake up my heart
Sing it!
Ill sing it all.
Loved ones
Trains loaded with love
Ride along the empty rails
Those who make the lovers sad
Keep riding along the way
My door is still open to you
My loneliness hits the moon
It reflects back on my wall
Hands up!
Here! Here! Mara ice cream!
-Have a nice day.
-Thank you.
Great! Its hard as concrete.
Here! Mara ice cream!
Youre great!
Youre wonderful, my brother.
Ive tanned!
Look, Im all red and white.
I look like a football fan
fresh out of a national game!
I think you look excellent.
eref, am I supposed to play
at a dner shop?
-What kind of prompter are you?
-Here, brother.
Look, youre getting requests!
Thats great.
Okay, we have a request
from this gentleman. Lets see.
Chef, two half loaves and two ayrans.
Onur! Onur!
Ill deal with this. Leave it to me.
Where are you going?
Sir, heres your order!
You say:
"Im your promoter, leave it to me,"
then you attack the men
with ice cream!
I actually landed the first hit.
I have no idea how they grabbed
the ice cream and beat me up with it.
They hit you and applied cold therapy
at the same time!
-A complete beating!
They gave you a good whipping
with the Mara ice cream!
-What shall we tell Selim?
Ill deal with it. Ive got that.
Whats that in your hand?
Oh, I actually came here for that.
Youre entering a contest!
-What contest?
-A singing contest.
-A singing contest?
They produce a single
for the winner.
And they make a video too!
And theres a prize of 50,000 liras!
-For Gods sake, dont be silly.
-But why?
Do I look like I can win a contest?
I play at a dner shop!
And Ive just been fired from the place!
You can win it! Leave it to me.
Leave it to you? This is where
I ended up when I left things to you!
I left it to you, and here I am!
I dont want to hear
the word "contest" again!
-Shut up! Ive heard enough!
-Onur, listen to me.
-eref, I want to be left on my own.
Leave me alone.
I cant take any more of your nonsense.
-Excuse me.
eref, I said eave me alone. Alone!
On my own. You understand? All alone.
Just me!
Im going to be alone.
Ive had enough. I need a rest.
Okay, you rest your head.
Ill see you at home.
Tonight is an important night.
-Whats going on?
-Sit down.
-Dont tell me you forgot.
-Forgot what?
So you forgot about today. Great.
-Whats going on?
-Alright. Nothing.
-Is it your birthday?
-Is it my birthday?
-Is it our wedding anniversary or what?
-Youre close.
Im close? Dont be silly.
Today is our first anniversary
as road trip friends.
-Exactly on this day last year,
we set out on a road trip together.
But of course, you forgot.
You males, youre all the same.
-And you?
-Im not a male. Im a proper man!
What on earth is
a "friendship anniversary" anyway?
-Ive never even celebrated my birthday!
-You say that because its convenient!
eref, thank you.
Youve prepared a nice surprise, but...
Im really not in the mood.
And you did lots of silly things today.
Something else must have happened.
Its all over your face.
-What happened?
What is it? Tell me.
-My mother.
-Did she text you again?
-What did she say?
What could she say?
She wants to meet me.
Ive been turning her down for five years,
but she still wants to meet!
eref, dont tell me the same things,
for Gods sake.
"Shes your mother,"
"You must meet her," and so on.
Am I supposed to hug the woman
who left me all alone at the age of three?
You know why
Ive never celebrated my birthday?
I was too embarrassed to invite
my friends, as I had no mother!
So lets not talk about this.
Im going down to the house.
Why dont we sit together some more?
Happy anniversary.
But Im really not in the mood.
Give me the key.
Give it to me.
Is this the anniversary cake?
-You couldve waited a few minutes
before you dug that tunnel.
Come on.
I just tasted it while waiting for you.
-Be careful!
-Wait, Ill take it.
Dont touch it. Ill take care of it.
-Come over here.
-Ill wash my hands.
Go on.
The water is cut.
Onur, we really need to plan
for this contest now.
When are we leaving?
Where do we stay?
eref, Ahmet called me from my old job.
He said theyre hiring.
And I told him Id come.
You can tell Selim.
Im quitting the music business.
-Back to being a pharmaceutical rep.
-Why would you do that?
Youre earning your living
making music!
-Earning my living?
-So you think were doing fine now.
-Of course.
Youve been winding me up
to "follow my dreams" for a year,
-and now Im singing at a dner shop!
-Whats wrong with that?
Even Tarkan used to sing in weddings.
What was Tarkan singing? Tell me.
Was Tarkan singing wedding songs?
Stop talking nonsense.
Just look at this mess of a house!
Before I met you, I was living in
a three-plus-one apartment.
How many rooms here?
-Not even one. Zero!
We can barely stand next to each other!
The toilet is next to the bed!
When you go to the toilet at night,
you almost shit in my mouth!
I run the water
so you wont hear the sound.
I still hear it!
Onur, this contest
will change both our lives.
As your promoter, I promise you. Trust me.
I dont trust anybody anymore.
We used to have girlfriends.
What happened? Where are they now?
Mine left me and went abroad.
Yours doesnt even answer your calls.
-Maybe she didnt see them.
-For three months?
Please, accept it.
My shyness on the stage,
the stupid places you booked for me...
We failed.
So you really dont want
to make music any longer?
I dont.
I dont want this silly costume...
that you force me to wear either.
I dont want this either.
Take this. Look at it, and think.
Im going to my room.
I cant even go to my room!
I cant even make a good fuss
in this house!
Selim, well pay back our debt!
We have some payments due.
We cant get them.
We found the man who owes us.
We threatened him.
He said he owed someone else.
He didnt pay us.
-Is that so?
So thats what happened?
Let me see you enact that.
-Act it out!
Youre the man asking for his money.
And youre the man not paying.
Where did you speak to him about this?
In Beikta. At the wharf.
Youre the ferry.
Youre the sea.
And youre the seagull.
Act it out.
Good. Seagull, get in the action!
And you, act it out.
Why arent you paying your debt?
I owe other people.
I need some more time.
-Ive got no more time for you.
-Then Im not paying my debt.
What do you mean youre not paying?
I owe a debt to Selim!
Why did you stop?
In this part...
-he did something bad.
-What did he do?
He swore at you.
-What did he say?
-I cant say it.
What did he say? You tell me.
-I wont say it either
-Say it.
-He said: "Fuck Selim."
-Say it properly!
He said: "Fuck Selim!"
Mind your words!
Take them away and run them over!
And Nevzat, bring that swearing jerk here.
-We stand by our debt!
-We stand by our debt!
-Well pay it back!
Sir, eref is waiting outside.
Shall we let him in?
Hello, Selim.
Onur has a beautiful voice.
But he cant fill the venues.
You know that, right?
Something is missing. We booked him
for the bar and it didnt work out.
The club, it didnt work out.
I got him to play at a dner shop
to gain some experience.
And you made a scene there
on the first day!
Its not like you think.
I heard three guys made fun of him
while he was on the stage
and you attacked them
with Mara ice cream!
Well, it is like you think.
eref, what am I supposed
to do with you guys?
I have an idea
to help Onur pick himself up.
-Ill get him to enter a contest.
-What contest?
A singing contest.
They make a single for the winner.
And they produce the video too.
And then, what next?
The boy takes off!
And once he takes off,
he plays at your venues only!
I know I already owe you.
If you lend me 20,000 liras more,
Ill pay you back
with interest in three days.
-What do you need 20,000 for?
-We have some expenses to cover.
But Ill pay you back many times more!
And theres a 50,000-lira prize!
eref, to this day, you havent kept
a single promise youve made me.
How am I supposed to trust you?
Nevzat told me the same thing
on the phone.
So I brought you this.
Whats that?
Im giving you the deed for the land
my family left me as a guarantee.
-How much is that worth?
-Sixty- or seventy-thousand.
Why bring it to me? Go sell it.
I cant. This is the last thing
I have from my family.
It has great sentimental value for me.
-Have you given your power of attorney?
-Ive given it to Nevzat.
That was the first time
Ive done this in my life.
It was very special for me.
Ill give you the money for the sake
of that boy with a beautiful voice.
Thank you very much.
Well bring back the car in three days.
I promise.
What car?
Can we borrow one of the cars
at the dner shop?
Well need it for the tour.
Okay, eref, enough.
No car. Get out of here.
That land has a great sentimental value
for me.
Youll take care of it, right?
Look, eref.
This is my grandfathers jug.
Your grandfathers jug?
Its 150 years old.
My grandfather trusted it
to me before he died.
Ive been taking care of it for 20 years.
It brings me luck.
I kiss my grandfathers jug
every morning before I start work.
if I tell you Ill take care of something,
I will.
Now get out of here.
-Come on, eref.
-Yes, sir.
Take this deed to my father.
Tell him to take it
for this months rents.
-He said hed pay it back.
-Do what I say.
The rents are late this month.
I dont want my father to make a fuss.
Okay, sir.
Hey, handsome!
I havent seen your face in three days.
Whats up?
What are you doing here?
-That car?
-I borrowed it from Selim for the contest.
I gave it a bit of a repair.
Im going to an important job interview.
Please go away.
Stop playing hard. Get in the car.
I know you want to.
People will misjudge us. Go away.
Not before I persuade you
to enter the contest.
eref, look, I dont belong on the stage.
You see? We have to accept this.
Your promoter has that covered too.
I booked a few venues before the contest.
Youll get on the stage for some practice.
Ive got that covered.
Youre slowing down the traffic. Move on!
Ive never had a dream of my own.
Let me make an effort to help
my best friend realize his dream.
I even got the payment
for the first gig in advance!
Two-thousand liras.
-Two-thousand liras?
-Okay, put it down.
I can no longer do without Onur
and you cant do without eref.
Okay, those are nice words,
but I dont trust myself.
And you, I dont trust you at all!
I feel like if I said yes to you,
something bad would...
-Are you alright?
-Im very fine.
Why dont you order two cups of tea?
Lets enjoy some hot tea right here.
-Open it.
What happened?
My mother.
She sent a message on Instagram.
With a photo of us together.
Let me see.
You were so little.
People are little when they are babies,
Right. Its a great photo.
Its nice, but the problem is,
its our only photo together.
Onur, why wont you meet your mother?
She told you a thousand times.
She wanted to divorce your father
because he cheated on her.
Your father didnt let her see you.
He made her lose track of you.
And your mother was so sad,
she went to Belgium
and settled there with your aunt.
-She did the right thing, somehow.
-You shut up somehow, eref.
-Im already in a bad mood.
-Okay, okay.
Dont start sulking.
Look, were on a beautiful road trip.
-Youll be famous in two days!
-Come on.
-Paparazzis will be chasing you.
-Whats that?
Just wait.
We found Onur Gzel in
the nights of stanbul.
Onur, weve been seeing you
out at night so often.
-What will you say?
-Where did you find that?
-I bought it at the fuel station.
-Youre crazy.
So Onur, answer our question.
You were seen out with a woman
at the bar last night. Is she your lover?
Were only friends.
Friends dont do to friends
what you did last night!
-Ask me about my work!
-You did some good work last night!
I dont want to comment on this.
Okay, so lets get to the serious matters.
Onur, theres a rumor that you havent
been seeing your mother in years.
-Are you thinking of meeting her?
-Okay, put it away.
-Onur, please answer the question.
-Put that thing away!
Onur Gzel attacked our cameras!
Shock, shock, shock!
Coming up next:
Onur Gzel attacks our cameras!
Enough! Turn that thing off!
I trusted you,
and youre already acting silly.
Why wouldnt you trust me?
Were riding along sweetly.
Okay eref, enough.
You keep saying Im not to be trusted.
Im offended.
What can I do? I just dont trust you.
If you keep talking like that,
Ill jump off the car.
- Dont be silly.
- Say: "Youre my brother. I trust you."
-Or Ill jump off the car!
-Youre my brother...
but I dont trust you.
Say: "Youre my brother. I trust you."
-Ill really jump off the car!
-eref, close the door!
-Say it or Ill jump!
-Youll cause an accident.
-Say it or Ill jump!
-eref, dont be silly! Close the door.
-Im about to jump!
-eref, thats a horrible joke!
-There I go!
-eref, stop it!
-Come here!
-Dont worry, what could...
eref! eref!
-I told you, you were about to fall!
-Help me!
Pull me up!
Are you hurt?
My head is bleeding!
-I have blood phobia!
eref! Get up, eref!
Just look at us.
And weve only just set off!
I fell down by accident.
Stop bearing down on me.
Its my fault for going on a road trip
with you again!
-Is your head still bleeding?
-I dont know. Take a look.
Why did you press my t-shirt
against your head?
That was a brand new t-shirt!
-Onur, dont show me blood!
-eref, wait! eref, get up!
Get up! Hes not getting up...
eref, get up! Wake up!
eref, stop it! eref!
We hit something! What was that? Wait.
-Oh no!
-Miss, are you hurt?
-Are you alright?
-Do I look alright?
Where on earth is this hospital?
Look at the mess we got in because of you!
-Are you alright?
-Im fine.
-Whats your name?
What sort of name is "ilek"?
She must have lost her memory!
-Whats my name?
-I dont know!
-She doesnt remember my name.
-She doesnt know your name, idiot.
-What happened to you?
-My wrist hurts.
Her wrist hurts.
That reminds me of something.
-There was this guy in our neighborhood...
The one who was hit by a car.
He kept saying his wrist was hurting.
-What was his name? With thick hair...
-No, not him.
-No, not him either.
-Okay, whats the story?
I get stuck
when I cant remember the name.
I cant tell the story.
Why does the name matter?
Tell us what happened.
-No, I need to remember the name.
-Oh, God.
The one whose son stole his money
and wasted it on horse races.
-No, not him either.
Ill tell you when I remember the name.
Alright, dont tell it.
Not when you remember either.
He lost everything he had.
He was out on the streets. Miserable.
-To hell with him! Who is this man?
-How would you know?
-I tried my luck.
-You know what? Its Serdar.
She doesnt know her own name,
but she got the name.
-The hardware dealer?
-Yes. The one with thick hair.
So what happened
after the car hit Serdar?
Were almost there.
Dont keep me speaking. Just look at us!
The girl calls herself ilek!
Perhaps I should call myself Armut.
And we should call you Elma.
And we should go to the emergency room
and say: "Hello, were all fruits!"
-Thank you very much, Doctor.
-Get well soon.
eref, could you give back
the stethoscope?
Ill give it back once the song is over.
-When will he recover?
-Weve given him a strong tranquillizer.
-But hell get well soon.
-Thank you.
Over here! This way!
-What happened?
-Hes so thick-headed
that it took six injections
to tranquillize him.
-Are you alright?
-Yes, Im fine.
The doctor told me to keep
the bandage on for a few days.
-Come on.
Could you please sit down
for a few minutes?
Well have a few questions for you.
I dont like slow songs.
-Whats wrong with the gentleman?
-They gave him a tranquillizer.
Lets sit over there. eref, come here.
Turn around. Sit down.
What is the matter?
There has been an accident.
We heard the gentleman hit you.
Will you file a complaint with him?
There was no accident, Mr. Officer.
Were friends!
He stopped to pick me up on his way,
and we were fooling around
and as he drove the car towards me,
and bump!
He gently bumped into me.
Thats all.
Im not filing a complaint.
Are you really friends?
Of course we are.
We are clearly, indisputably friends.
Were buddies! High five!
There you go. Were also milk siblings.
I mean, her mother was my milk mother.
When we were babies,
we sucked on the same breasts.
Such is our friendship.
Way to go, buddy. High five!
Right, buddy. Those were the days.
Do you have anything to say?
Hold that.
My bus has arrived. Im off!
-Where are you going, sir?
-To the operation!
Ill get off at Zeytinburnu!
Onur, come in! Theres room.
Thank you. You told the police
we were friends.
You saved us. Thank you.
Oh, no, were not friends.
Were milk siblings, remember?
Im sorry, I get a little silly
when Im under distress.
Onur sometimes acts strangely.
Id like to apologize in advance for him.
efer Yldz. Yldz Organization.
You must have seen it on the car.
-Yes. Im ilek.
-And Im Onur.
Nice to meet you.
What do you do?
-Im a YouTuber.
-A YouTuber?
I have a YouTube channel.
Its called ilek Zaman.
Do you know an app called Travel Mates?
Of course we do. We met through that app.
I wish we hadnt, but yes, we do know it.
I use that app. They became my sponsor.
I go out on trips and ride in random cars.
I make funny, entertaining videos.
And just before you bumped into me,
I was on my way to a car.
Were sorry to have interrupted your work.
Dont worry. It was an accident.
-Did you take some good footage?
-In fact, it didnt turn out very good.
-No way!
-Shut up.
-Why dont you film us?
-What do you mean?
Were going to eme
for a singing contest.
A singing contest? When?
-In two days.
-Where are you going now?
I booked some extra gigs for Onur,
to warm him up for the contest.
I dont know.
You met on Travel Mates, after all.
Singing contest, extra gigs...
Its a nice story.
Weve got so many stories!
So were set, then.
Great! Well done.
-Well done!
I havent done anything wrong.
Okay, Im driving. Lets talk later.
Well, we agreed about this with eref,
but perhaps you dont want it.
No, really.
Weve interrupted your work already.
Id like you to come with us,
but Ill appreciate it
if you dont film me.
You just film me!
Ive told Onur a thousand times
that we should start a YouTube channel
and upload videos of him singing.
-He never paid any attention.
I dont know. I feel Ill embarrass myself
if I put things on the internet.
I dont really have the courage for that.
When you talked about YouTube
and fun videos,
-I got a thousand ideas.
-Can you film right now?
So turn on your camera.
eref, wait a minute. Okay. Not right now.
Come on, youll like it.
But you have to come here,
and I have to go over there.
Ill go over there and hell come here.
Wait! Her foot is hurt.
Let me pull over first.
-Itll be great.
-Are you ready?
-Im ready.
Were ruined!
-Okay, Im ready.
-But I told you.
-Dont film me. I dont want it.
-Okay, you sit back.
Oh, no.
Theres a traffic radar up ahead!
A radar!
Come inside!
Sir, have you got a spare dime?
I need to get back home, to Krypton!
Youll hurt yourself!
You were scared, werent you?
You were, right?
Yes, we were scared.
-But it was great.
-It was great but I was so scared.
How do you come up
with this kind of silly stuff?
I saw this somewhere before.
Can you play the video?
-Come here.
-Play it.
-Its great.
Its great. I remembered this move
the moment I saw the trailer truck.
In my mouth.
-Nevzat, tune in my music.
-Yes, sir.
It was a rainy night.
I came home a little drunk.
When theres alcohol in your body,
certain organs want to get to work.
You were conceived that night.
I cant say you were a stray bullet...
"bullet" might be too dynamic
a metaphor for you.
Looking back now, I think...
if your mother had been asleep
that night...
or if I had dozed off, or...
at least if I had used protection...
none of this would have happened to me.
What happened, Dad?
I gave the deed you gave me
in place of your debt to me
to someone else,
in place of my debt to them.
But I learned today that the deed
had a debt attached.
Because of you...
worthless guys have been giving me
a fuss over nothing but a dime!
I may have suffered because...
I wasnt using protection that night.
But today Ill wear protection...
not to hurt my hand!
Come here.
Get up! Get up!
Youre embarrassing me
in front of the guys.
I did my best for you to become a man,
for you not to get into dirty business.
If youre going to do business,
do it properly.
Dont make me regret
not using protection that night.
Give him his deed.
- Is this where Im playing? "Ak Olsun"
- Yes.
-Its not another stupid place, is it?
-Of course not.
Lets get our stuff off the car.
Come on, ilek.
I need to answer this call.
-Wait for me at the door. Ill join you.
Selim, I swear I only borrowed the car.
Ill bring it back after the contest.
Did you steal my car too, you jerk?
Didnt you know?
I shouldnt have told you.
What was the matter?
The deed you gave us turned out
to have a debt attached!
-Youre kidding.
-Do I sound like...
...Im kidding? Do I? My father...
-...made a fool of me because of you!
-You gave the deed to your father?
Please, I stand by my debt.
That place is...
-...very important for me.
-That piece of land
has no value for me now.
Neither do you.
I really had no idea about this.
Ill pay back my debt after the contest.
I promise.
Well do much business together.
-Ive got much business to with you!
This is really a misunderstanding.
Forgive me. Forgiveness...
...is compassion.
Hello? Selim?
Im coming.
He stole the car too!
You handled this very well.
Get ready. Were leaving. Come on!
Come on!
Okay, Ill take care of it!
eref, Im not singing in this place.
It will be a nice experience
for you before the contest.
I dont want that experience!
-Weve already been paid!
-So what?
You shouldve thought of that
before bringing me to tavern.
You said it was a bar!
Lets ask ilek.
ilek, is this place that bad?
Why are we asking ilek?
Right. Ill upload the last video
we filmed to the channel.
Onur, weve come all the way here. Please.
eref, I have my own life,
my own standards.
You know the schools Ive studied at.
My personality, my character.
-I dont belong here, man!
-Onur! Welcome.
You dont recognize me?
-I dont.
-We were together at high school?
At high school?
In the same class?
High school, same class...
-Not her either.
-I dont remember you.
-Im Yeliz!
Youre Yeliz, but I dont remember you.
Im Tufan, man! Its me!
Tufan, 342.
-Right, Tufan. How do I look?
Good. Different.
Well, you used to be "very Tufan"
back then, but now...
youre really Yeliz!
-Hello. Im eref.
-Hello darling.
-And Im ilek.
I was so excited to see you on the poster.
I was so happy.
We used to play in the school team
together. Double strikers!
He crossed the ball and I hit it!
I crossed and he hit it!
-Well, people may misinterpret that...
-You know, this guy...
all the girls were after him.
I was too, but I couldnt show it.
I was "too Tufan" back then.
-A really big one.
-Thank you, Tufi. Its nice of you, Yeliz.
What was your name, darling?
Or are you his sweetie?
-No, Im not.
-Nice to meet you! Im Yeliz.
-Or are you his sweetie?
-No way!
Youre such a sweet thing.
What breed are you?
We had a great laugh.
I need to go now. My guy is here.
He might make a fuss.
My friend, Im so happy to meet you.
-Youre in the right place.
-Im so happy too.
This will be a long night.
We have so much more to talk about.
So much more!
You know what well talk about?
-I dont know.
-All sorts of things!
All sorts of things!
Perhaps you want to sing here now.
Youll play as double strikers
after many years!
Dont get Yeliz into this.
I told you before.
-Im not going to sing here!
-Weve been paid in advance!
-Well get in trouble.
-I dont care if we do!
Im not wearing these silly clothes,
and Im not getting on that scene!
I dont care! Im not doing it!
Mountains, enemies,
liars have come between us
Everyone kept telling me
That youre a devil
When I heard you left me
I couldnt believe it
You have no conscience at all
Dont make me beg to God
Dont harden my heart
Dont ask about me, Im scarred
But I hope Ill be alright
Dont make me beg to God
Dont harden my heart...
Who the hell is this guy?
Hes my friend from high school!
-No way.
-I swear. Thats my Onur! What a voice!
Look, that guy is way out of line!
What do you mean hes out of line?
Keep your nose out!
Im the only one
who can nose about your life!
That guy next to Yeliz
looks like hes up to trouble.
Okay, you be careful. Ill talk to him.
Good evening, sir.
-Is something wrong?
-Who the hell are you?
Im Onurs promoter.
Oh, good. Now go and tell your man Onur
that no man in this world can ever
wink at the woman
sitting next to me!
There must have been a misunderstanding.
Onur would never do that.
So you say Im lying, right?
Am I lying? Mind your words!
-Calm down!
-You shut up!
-Sir, please!
-Shut up!
-Stop filming me!
-No, sir, I wasnt filming you!
Put your hand down! Dont make me crazy.
No, you dont make me crazy!
eref! ilek!
The man is bleeding!
Okay, bring it on!
Get out of here!
-Ill show you!
-Go away!
Why break another window
when theres a broken one already?
-eref, get in the car!
-Onur, wait a second.
Wait for me! Ill be right back!
-Come here!
I cant beat them. Lets go.
Let me see. What is it?
-Because of your Tufi!
-What does Tufi have to do with it?
I saw what you were doing
to each other on the stage!
-What did we do?
-"All sorts of things!"
"All sorts of things."
Because of this silly attitude of yours,
Im going back to stanbul tomorrow.
You understand?
Wait a second!
-What happened?
-We got on the road again
and were already
in a mess on the first day.
Onur, its too late to go back!
Im going back early tomorrow.
You do as you like.
You cant go back.
What do you mean I cant?
Of course I can.
Selim is looking for us in stanbul.
Hes looking for us?
Didnt you get permission from him?
I thought I did,
but it turns out he hasnt given it.
Hes a bit angry with us.
-Hes angry?
-He gave permission at first.
Then he called and scolded me,
perhaps because the dner shop is empty.
Hes angry with you!
Ive got nothing to do with it.
Im going back tomorrow.
You cant, because we borrowed
his car without permission.
You cant borrow something
without permission, eref.
Thats called stealing.
We kind of stole it.
We took it, to give it back later.
Lets not change our plans.
I promise you. Tomorrow will be
a much better day than today.
Enough of this nonsense.
I have an '80s and '90s party
booked for you.
And then a wedding.
Theyre both paying 2,000 liras each.
And now we have this Selim problem...
Nothing will go wrong
in these other gigs, right?
Nothing. I promise.
When you win the contest,
youll be glad Im your promoter.
-Just dont make me curse after you.
ilek is a fine girl.
Shes brought fresh energy
to our journey.
Yes, shes alright.
And shes beautiful.
And were in strawberry season!
Shes beautiful, but I dont care.
Why? Youve been cold to her.
Im fresh out of a relationship.
I dont think I can easily
trust anyone now.
That all depends.
Dont condition yourself.
No, this is clear. I dont want this.
Me, I dont want it at all.
Shes not my type, to begin with.
I wonder if youre anybodys type at all!
I deserve better. Thats for sure.
This relationship thing
has really worn me out.
You say: "It wont end this time,"
every time.
Every time, you say:
"Ill be happy forever."
But it doesnt work out.
Every time, it ends.
I no longer want the happiness
at the start of love,
nor the sorrow at the end.
Falling in love is just no good.
And you know why its no good?
Love makes you sad,
making people sad makes you loved.
Thats how it is.
You know what, youre a monster.
The figs are so fresh.
You must have some.
Take a bite.
-Im going to bed.
-Where are you going?
You shouldve stayed
until the figs are gone.
BLOCK CONTAC eref, the Superman video we filmed
yesterday is getting lots of views.
-Onur, did you hear that?
-Dont wind him up. Please.
Too late. Im all wound up.
Ill pay for the fuel and get
some stuff to eat, okay?
-One hundred liras, please.
-Ill go to the toilet.
How can I help you?
You work here now?
eref, what happened to you?
Are you alright?
A small accident. Im fine.
-Get well soon.
-Thank you.
Where are you going?
Im going to a singing contest with Onur.
To eme.
-Im his promoter.
-Thats great to hear.
-Why didnt you answer my calls?
The night when we first met,
I told you about my ex-boyfriend.
You remember?
-And I told you he looked like you.
-I got back together with him.
So, thats why I couldnt answer
your calls. Im sorry.
Well, as long as youre happy...
Thank you.
You know what? He works here too.
He works the pump.
He works the pump.
Thats great.
Darling, can you come over for a minute?
Darling, you remember the man
I had told you about?
Oh, the man you said looked like me.
Darling, come closer.
Ill tell you something.
-Do I look like this man, dear?
-Do I look like this man?
-Why, darling?
What is this?
What kind of a mess is this?
What kind of a look is this?
Brother, turn left.
What an ugly chin!
-Do I look like this thing?
-Veli, dont do that.
Are you crazy?
Its not like youre Brad Pitt!
Alright, Im not Brad Pitt.
But Im not that thing either!
Darling, this is so bad. So bad!
Darling, please, dont do that.
Alright, Im sorry.
He doesnt look like you.
You know, Im bleeding inside.
Really, Im bleeding inside.
Heres your money for the fuel!
Im at a loss for words!
Too bad!
What happened?
eref, stop it!
-Get away, its coming!
The brush is coming! Stop the machine!
Youll hurt yourself!
Stop the machine!
eref, are you alright?
eref, what do you think youre doing?
Lets go. Were late.
Come on.
Dont look at me. ilek, get in.
Shall I change my clothes?
-Your choice.
Alright, stop worrying about this.
I still cant believe it.
For Gods sake, tell me,
am I the kind of man to be left behind?
-Im doing great, Im telling you.
-Its her loss.
She was dating her boyfriend
because he looked like you anyway.
Imitation is flattery.
No, thats not exactly how it works.
He dated eref because
he looked like his ex-boyfriend.
So eref is the imitation here.
-Yes, Im the imitation.
-Never mind. You can find another girl.
-Come on, smile!
-How can I smile?
-Please, dont.
Ill tickle you! Thats so sweet!
-Dont do it, Im feeling weird.
-Okay, Im stopping.
Just one more!
Stop it! Or Ill jump off the car!
Dont do it.
He actually jumps off the car.
Yes, I have.
Let me lock that door.
-There you go.
Thats the way!
Its the organizers.
Hello? Yes?
Yes, its me.
That seems to have gone loose.
-Would you like me to help?
-Let me open it.
They make these things so frail.
Ill tighten it a bit.
-Its not too tight, is it?
-If I pull it that way, is that better?
-Its good now. Thank you.
Thank you too.
Onur! ilek! Come over here.
Theres a wish tree here. Come over!
-Its so sweet!
-Come, lets make out wishes.
Okay. Give me one.
What did you wish?
-They say it doesnt work if you say it.
-I think thats superstitious.
Tying rags on a tree isnt superstitious,
but that is?
I dont care, Ill say it.
I wished for a new love for myself.
Thats nice.
Tell me yours. Im curious.
Okay, I wished to learn what you wished.
My wish came true before yours.
Because you have to tie the rag tight.
eref, what did you wish?
I placed a bet for
the Barcelona-Valencia game tonight.
I hope I win.
I played for 10 liras. It pays 22.
-Hes recovered.
-Im fine right now.
-Youre fine.
-Lets take a photo over there.
-Lets take it here.
-Come on.
You go over. Ill take your photo.
Okay, you dont come, wild man.
Go over there and pose for me.
-Come over here.
Get ready! Now!
-Let me see it.
The bride...
-Its so cute!
-Its really nice.
-Its a bit strange, yes.
-Its great.
Ive always dreamed of myself
in that white dress.
-Here you are.
-Here I am.
This is the location the girl shared.
Sorry, the lady.
Did this man come here?
I havent seen him.
You havent?
-I havent.
-Are you sure?
I am.
Anything else I can help you with?
Do you have any change, darling?
Brother. Come here.
Come closer.
Do you know this guy?
I do.
I wish I didnt know
that five-letter name.
I dont want to say his name.
He might come back.
-When did he come here?
-They came a few hours ago.
He had a man and a woman with him.
He said they were entering
a contest or something.
They went that way!
You look so much like eref.
-Are you related to him?
For Gods sake,
I dont look anything like him!
What on earth is he?
What kind of a face is that!
-That chin...
The phone is ringing.
-What are you doing?
-My pocket is too narrow.
eref, stop it!
Its Cemre.
Will you answer it?
I dont know. Should I or shouldnt I?
Yes, Cemre?
-Hello, eref?
-Yes? Why are you calling me?
eref, four strange men came here.
They asked about you.
-Oh, really?
Youre alright, arent you?
Youre not in trouble?
-Of course not. Everything is okay.
-Oh, good. Alright, then.
What else?
Nothing else.
Okay, you dont have to apologize.
Oh, youre really exaggerating.
Shes crying.
Cemre, get back on your feet,
and hold onto your boyfriend,
get used to being without me.
Please dont cry.
I hung up first.
What did she say?
Oh, its nothing.
His number looks like mine!
-What did she say?
-She says shes very sorry...
like shell come back
right away if I want her to.
And I dont actually look like
her boyfriend.
Im much more handsome
and my sex appeal is much greater,
my libido is so high and so on.
Its too late for these things, girl!
Thats my brother! High five!
Thats the way.
-Theres no trusting women, brother.
Why is that so?
Because weve been let down
enough times,
so we have no trust left in women.
-I dont agree with you at all.
You cant generalize that to all women.
Thats not the way to insinuate.
Its an '80s and '90s party, right?
Of course. An '80s and '90s party.
I took the right turn, didnt I?
Its the right place?
Yes, were in the right place.
Come on.
You said it was an '80s and '90s party?
Well, here are the eighties...
...and the nineties.
You booked me a nursing home gig?
On this beautiful day when
we celebrate the 100th birthday
of Ms. Neriman,
I invite Onur Gzel to the stage,
with your applause!
Well have a lot of fun.
Its going to be great.
Before I died
I had many friends
-What are you doing?
-Before I died
"Before I died!" Change it! Change it!
Switch to the next song! Next song!
Im going to die tonight
Nobody can stop me
You cant stop me
Neither can the stars
I fall down your eyes
like falling down a chasm...
Im sorry.
Nothing can stop me
not even your eyes
What are you trying to do?
Youve prepared a deadly repertoire!
You said it was '80s and '90s,
so I picked the repertoire accordingly!
Forget about death!
Its not good for the audience.
Change the song!
Lets get moving, with something faster.
Get moving! Let me see your hands!
Shh, shh, calm down
Dont lose your temper
Shh, shh, calm down
Dont lose...
This mortal life, these mortal men
Who cares if youre wise or cruel
This mortal life, these mortal men...
You messed it all up! Wrap it up!
Wrap it up! Next song!
Dont look back, traveler
The night has come to take you away
Dont ask about me, traveler
Dont call me where you go
Dont you come back, traveler
Destiny has come...
Lets thank Onur Gzel with our applause!
On this beautiful day when we celebrate
the 100th birthday of Ms. Neriman,
we would now like to get her birthday cake
over here, with your applause.
Sixty! Seventy!
Eighty! Ninety!
One hundred!
You see, Ms. Neriman is still so lively.
Ms. Neriman, you really dont look 100.
Youre like 97 at most!
Happy birthday Neriman
Happy birthday Neriman
Happy birthday, happy birthday
Happy birthday Neriman
Blow it! Blow it!
Is she breathing?
-Why are you looking at me?
-The woman.
-She died!
What are you implying?
You sang one song
about death after another
and encouraged the woman to die!
-She felt like dying!
-Oh, really?
What about your tactless jokes?
She doesnt look 100, shes 97 at most...
-You made the woman grow cold of life!
-Calm down.
Stop accusing each other.
They said the poor woman
was in bad health lately.
It was her time to go.
May God bless her.
But she let our her last breath
in a rather strange way.
God forgive me!
Just as people said happy birthday.
Shut up!
-Lets look ahead.
Im singing at a wedding, right?
Just a normal wedding.
Right, a normal village wedding.
Youre playing the wedding tonight,
and tomorrow night is the contest.
-Its all going as planned.
Just a second, its the phone.
Whos calling?
-Its about the contest organization.
-Answer it. I wonder what theyll say.
Lets find the wedding place
and Ill get back to them later.
You can park on the left.
You take out the stuff and go in.
Ill talk to the organizers on the phone.
This guy is going completely crazy.
Why arent you answering your phone?
Selim, please stop chasing us.
Ill make it all right, I promise.
-Your promises have no meaning for me.
-Were of no use to you.
-Were at your mercy!
-Ill decide what to do with you.
Once I come over there.
Where the hell are you?
-But look...
-Tell me!
Okay, Im telling you the address.
We invite everybody on the dance floor.
Dont leave the dance floor empty.
Heres the brides henna
Heres the brides henna
Let the brides mother cry
Let the brides mother cry
Theyre our son and our daughter
Theyre our son and our daughter
Let the mother-in-law
eat her heart out
Let the mother-in-law
eat her heart out
Here comes the wedding crowd
Let the mothers-in-law dance
Hands up!
Weve been playing for an hour.
Nobody is dancing or having fun.
-What sort of wedding is this?
-Ive just heard it.
The bride and the groom eloped together.
Without the consent of the families.
So the wedding is a bit tense.
Get off the stage!
Lets have everybody on the dance floor.
Ill take care of it.
-The back section!
-eref, please.
-This is your happiest day!
-Hands up!
-Yes, sir?
Where is the driver to pick up
the bride and groom?
No need for a driver, sir.
Ill take care of it.
-The bride and groom are coming.
-Wait, wait!
Dear visitors,
here is that long-awaited moment!
Now, a strong round of applause
for the bride and the groom!
Come on!
-Im filming.
Make sure you film it!
Okay, calm down.
What are you trying to do!
Im sorry, I really didnt mean it!
-What do you think youre doing!
-Okay, calm down!
-We can work this out!
eref, on the next table?
Im very sorry.
Please, lets not ruin this night.
-Okay, okay.
-Please. Lets continue.
The next song is from the groom,
for the bride.
Lets hear it:
What does the groom tell the bride?
Who in this world loves you the most?
Of course its me
Who is the one to praise you the most?
Of course its me
My black-haired, sharp-eyed one
Mercy, mercy me
For Im in trouble
Without you, my life is a waste
My days without you are worthless
Pity me
Dont deny it
Say it, say it Play on.
Im out of words!
Look at the wedding you booked!
-Im trying my best!
-Oh, are you?
Of course its me
-I really dont deserve this.
-You deserve much more,
but I dont even know what to say to you.
Of course its me
Which of us
constantly avoids responsibility
and blames the other
for every problem?
Of course its me
Of course its me
Of course its you! Stop accusing me.
The cake is coming soon.
Ill do some warming up.
Its about time you worked that stage!
Lets both do our jobs!
And now, with your loud applause,
here comes the wedding cake!
Bravo! Id like to invite the families
of the bride and the groom
onstage to cut the cake.
Applause for the families!
Please, come on the stage.
The families, please!
At least be with your children
while the cake is cut.
Yes, please. Lets cut the cake together.
Im getting angry.
Ill set myself on fire, I swear!
-Here they come, with applause!
Please, lets applaud the families!
Great! Smiling faces.
Okay, lets gather around the cake.
Sing something nice for the families
Okay, Ive got it.
eref, the bride is on fire!
-The bride is on fire!
-Sir, pass me the lemonade!
Sir, did you put alcohol in this?
-You burned the bride!
-Sir, I...
You got our son in trouble, and here,
you ended up in trouble too!
-Were not forcing him to marry her!
-We dont want her anyway!
Its not like we like your bride so much!
Sir, please!
Please, stop it!
Dear families, please!
Dear families!
eref, please break them up!
Please, calm down!
This is a wedding!
Please listen to me.
This is such a shame!
This girl and this boy fell in love,
and they wanted to get married.
Isnt this such a shame?
Youve been standing between them
with your sulking faces all night!
And now youre fighting.
What sort of family are you!
Youre supposed to share their happiness.
Now, everyone will get on the dance floor.
Well play music, and youll dance!
And this couple
will go home happy tonight!
Right, dance!
Come to the orchard
come to the garden
Speak your heart, become a legend
Ley-lim, ley-lim, ley-lim
Speak your heart, become a legend
Ley-lim, ley-lim, ley-lim
If your mother doesnt let you go
Pretend that youre sick
Ley-lim, ley-lim, ley-lim
Pretend that youre sick
Ley-lim, ley-lim, ley-lim...
He gave us the wrong address!
That jerk gave us the wrong address.
eref, I cant waste any more time
with the tent. Im exhausted.
Okay, okay.
Im tired.
ilek, this is a nice place, isnt it?
Yes. I love it.
-I mean, its nice, but...
Im not sure if well be comfortable here.
I used to come here with my parents
very often when I was little.
-Ive missed the place.
-Who needs a hotel!
-Alright, were staying in a tent. Okay.
-Ill bring the suitcases.
-Thank you.
ilek is a beautiful name.
- Who gave it to you?
-My mother.
When she first got me in her arms,
I smelled like strawberries.
-Its a beautiful name.
-Thank you.
-Where are they now?
-They both retired. They live in zmir.
What about yours?
-I think we shouldnt go into that.
-We cant get out.
-Oh. Im sorry.
Its alright.
I cant meet my father very often
because of my stepmother.
And my mother left me when I was little.
I told you we couldnt get out of it.
-Right. So how shall we go out?
-I dont know.
Youre great on stage. Really.
You have a great voice.
But you seem to be a little uptight. Why?
You see how I changed the subject?
I do, but we cant get out of this either.
-This is complicated too.
You know, when youre little...
you want your mother to see
everything you do.
Even when you jump in the water,
you say: "Mom, look!"
You feel better
when your mother is watching.
When I lost my mother...
I think I lost my first spectator too.
Thats why, when I go
in front of an audience,
I feel like Ill lose their attention
right away.
I dont know, its strange.
I both want everybody to see me,
and to be seen by nobody.
Im sorry.
Ive reminded you of bad things.
Its okay. Im used to it.
So, Ill make another move
to change the subject. Are you ready?
-Im ready.
-Do you have a girlfriend?
Thats a rather bold move.
I mean, I feel youre a bit too shut in.
I thought,
maybe you have a jealous girlfriend.
No. I dont have a girlfriend.
We separated.
But its not been a long time.
-So I may be a little shut in.
-I see.
-So where is she now?
-She went abroad.
-And then?
-She said: "Wait for me," and left.
I waited. And she didnt come back.
"It was something like death
but nobody died."
-You like him?
zdemir Asaf.
Whos that?
The poet who wrote that poem.
I dont know him.
I saw this poem on the newspaper
I was clipping my nails on.
-And I memorized it.
-Im joking! Hes my favorite poet.
-Mine too.
-Im feeling a little cold.
-Me too.
-Its getting rather cold.
-Right, quite cold. Its chilly today.
Sorry, youre getting really cold.
And he didnt bring the suitcases.
I cant give you my shirt either.
My trousers, I definitely cant.
-Anyway, its alright.
-Well, okay.
Im sorry, but...
when a woman says "Im cold,"
you have to find a solution.
Right, right, I...
Perhaps I should come closer to you?
Maybe if I do this, youll get warmer.
What do you think?
-Its silly, but not bad.
-This is silly.
And Ive got this arm, if you want it.
Perhaps I should put it on your shoulder.
It might make you warmer.
-Lets see.
-Lets see.
Like that? But that wont help.
Like that.
-Are you warming up?
-Im warming up.
-Me too.
-Onur! Whats going on?
-Sorry! Im sorry!
I have a tic for frogs!
-eref, stop it!
-What happened?
-Oh, its his tic again!
-Is this another joke?
No, its real this time.
-Onur, Im sorry. I forgot about it.
-How will it go away?
-It wont go away easily.
-eref, to hell with you!
Thank you. Were you kissing?
Okay, no frog sound here.
Well have to sleep in the car tonight.
I cant sleep by the lakeside.
I cant either. Ill be too scared alone.
-But please, stop laughing.
-Okay, sorry.
How did this tic start?
When I was little,
at a school picnic, a friend put a...
-in my mouth. A friend just like him!
-Dont say that.
Film him.
I bought you a present to forgive me,
and look how you talk about me.
A present? Why?
I thought Id definitely make you upset
on the road, so I bought it in advance!
Thats a surprise.
Whats that!
Thats a horrible joke! Put it away!
Okay, Im putting it away.
Stop it.
Okay. Im going to sleep. Good night.
Good night.
Youll come with us to the contest
tomorrow, right?
Well, in fact,
I was planning to leave you tomorrow.
I was going to join my friends, but...
I can text them and cancel it.
Im pleased.
-Ill get warm clothes from the trunk.
-Come close.
Whoever sits on that back seat
falls in love with you!
Mind your words! Shell hear you.
-Im too afraid to sit on the back seat.
-Dont be silly. Go to sleep.
-Im glad Im on the front seat.
-Shut up!
-See if I look pretty from here?
-Stop it! Shes coming.
-Am I pretty?
-Stop it! Dont talk nonsense.
Good night!
Good night.
Good night.
No, no, no. Its not what you think.
Wait a minute. eref, wake up!
Okay, Im waking up.
-Good morning.
-Good morning.
-Weve slept until noon!
-Come on, well be late for the contest!
Oh, the contest. Its today.
Did you talk to your friends?
Youre coming with us, arent you?
I texted them last night
but they havent written back yet.
What shall we do?
I was going to meet them
at a rest stop anyway.
-Lets go there and talk to them.
-Is it on our way?
Yes, it is.
Alright, well stop by.
And then well get on our way.
Lets change our clothes
before we set off.
Youre right.
What are you doing, idiot?
Go change outside.
Sorry, I forgot. Youre right.
Im coming.
Oh, its Onur and eref!
-Ill talk to them.
-Oh, ilek!
-How are you?
-Hello, how are you?
Youre incredibly funny.
That video when you fly near the car
like Superman!
We laughed so hard!
-You hear that?
-Right, right.
But your frog tic was really something.
The kids just showed it to us.
I laughed so hard I was breathless.
Yes, that was so funny.
The frog tic?
I think eref gave you
a stuffed frog as a present.
I was going to upload the video
that eref filmed at the wedding,
where he dropped the bride and groom.
I really didnt mean to upload this.
I uploaded the wrong video.
Im very sorry. Believe me.
Little frog, little frog
Where is your tail?
Kids, stop! Please!
-I have no tail, I have no tail...
-Kids, please!
-Get out of here!
Onur... I uploaded the wrong video.
Im really sorry.
So youve been filming me secretly?
-I told her to film you.
-Well done!
I was filming them just to keep
as memories. Really.
Just for memories.
So, now that weve shared the frog video,
whats next?
How about this: You start filming.
Ill tell you how my mother
left me when I was a kid.
Thats more dramatic.
Youll get more followers.
Okay? Come on, start filming.
-I think Ill join my friends.
-I think you should.
Good luck for the contest.
-ilek, wait a minute!
-eref, okay. Shes gone.
She told you
she didnt mean to upload it!
You shut up!
She got in the car because of you anyway.
Great. You dont trust me,
you dont trust ilek.
You dont trust anybody.
Thats a great idea. Everyone is terrible,
and only youre great.
Who are you to teach me lessons!
Im not going to be a student
of your silly lessons!
-See? I guess you dont have an answer.
-Im offended.
Im going to the toilet.
-Selim, greetings.
-Finish it.
Finish up.
-eref, whats going on?
-Relieve yourself for the last time, Onur.
-Relieve yourself for the last time.
Please, listen...
Lets wash our hands thoroughly first.
Whats going on?
Theres no soap left here. Just a second.
Just a second.
I think the tap is broken here.
If I could use yours...
And theres no soap here.
Shall I try?
Let me try.
The sensor is broken.
Let me check that one.
This is broken too.
Nevzat, wait a moment. Ill...
Give that to Selim.
Ill have some for myself.
-Nevzat, enough.
-Okay, sir.
-Get over there.
Get on your knees!
Get down!
Down, down!
Selim, whats going on?
Selim, why arent you talking?
This is where words end, eref.
I really didnt know the land
had debt attached.
It makes no difference anyway.
Well pay our debt.
-Just let us enter the contest.
-What land? What money? Whats going on?
eref borrowed 20,000 liras
from us for your expenses.
He gave us the land in exchange.
And we gave the land to Selims father
in exchange for the rents.
When the deed turned out to be invalid,
his father screwed Selim.
Sorry, sir.
Heres your deed.
This is no longer about money, eref.
Did you give them the land
you inherited for the tour?
Look, Im not sad about you.
But Im very sad that this boy
with a beautiful voice will die.
Die? Selim, what are you talking about?
Let Onur go.
Do what you want to me.
Dont touch my brother.
You, sing for me one last time.
How can I sing here?
A love song.
Selim, I...
Love, flee my spell
Love, return from the dead
Love, find a way
And come into my world
Go on.
-This is not a good place for singing.
-Go on!
Leave the lights off, Nevzat.
-Are they still after us?
-I think theyre not.
-Slow down!
Im sorry.
Have we made peace now?
Do we have a choice?
Why did you borrow money
from these men?
I dont know. I couldnt bring myself
to accept you quitting music.
-Where did you spend 20,000 liras?
-I paid part of the money for
extra gigs to give you morale
before the contest.
-Didnt you say we got paid for those?
-We did, but not that much.
And I spent the rest on the road,
for the motel, the contest and so on.
Youre really something, man!
I dont know.
It seemed like a good idea at first.
What shall we do now? Theyre after us.
Lets go to the police.
I got 20,000 liras from these men.
And I also borrowed their car.
-We shouldnt go to the police now.
You know what we should do?
Lets go to the contest.
You win the contest,
and well get the 50,000 liras.
Ill sort out the rest. I promise you.
If these men catch us, theyll kill us.
And youre still thinking about
the contest!
And how come youre so sure Ill win?
Brother, I trust you.
Youre going to win this contest.
You win, and leave the rest to me.
Ill sort it out.
Alright, lets go to the contest. Come on.
Great! But I need to speed up.
Were running late.
Alright, speed up.
Were smelling terrible.
And Ill go on stage in these clothes.
-You smell bad.
-Stop smelling me.
I should get myself a t-shirt.
Im smelling bad too.
Pass me my short-sleeve t-shirt.
-Whats that?
-The short-sleeve t-shirt.
Ill wear this white one.
Move your seat.
-It doesnt come out?
-Okay, wait.
- Wheres your t-shirt?
- I know where my short-sleeve is.
- Lower right, front.
- What does that mean?
-This one?
-Come on, do I wear that color?
I dont know, its in your bag!
Dont yell at me.
Find your own t-shirt.
I must come over there, right...
You couldnt find a damn t-shirt!
-Here it is.
-Oh, was it that one?
-But whos driving the car?
Hit the brake!
-The brake doesnt work!
-eref, do something!
-I cant!
-Stop the car!
Calm down.
-Are you alright?
-Yes, Im fine.
The car is on fire!
We have to get out, quick!
This way! This door!
From the side.
Onur, run! Its going to explode!
-It didnt.
Onur, come back!
Its going to explode now.
-It again didnt.
Lets go and get our stuff.
See, it exploded.
I told you!
You cant do a single thing properly.
I agree.
Look at my face!
People are too afraid to stop!
If we can finish this trip in one piece,
Ill count that as success.
We shouldnt have unbuckled
our seat belts. Seat belts matter.
Cars have changed,
but seatbelts have remained the same.
Because theyre important.
Youve got to wear your seat belt.
Is that a public service ad?
Youre talking nonsense again.
Stop a car. Lie on the road if you must.
We need to go to a hospital.
What hospital?
We have to make it to the contest.
-We have very little time.
-You dont understand do you?
They would never let us in like this!
Destiny doesnt want us to get there.
Accept that!
Lets say its for the best
and give it up. Its over.
Onur, Im aware that Ive got us
into a lot of trouble,
but please let me make up for it.
Look, if you give up today,
youll ask yourself all your life:
"What wouldve happened
if I had entered the contest?"
I dont want you to regret
your decision later.
Why dont we learn the answer right now?
Come on.
Whats going on, kids? Are you alright?
-Muzaffer Usta?
-Yes, its me?
Were Onur and eref.
We came to your repair shop last summer.
You remember?
-Muzaffer Usta,
we need to go to eme, fast.
So go!
-How are we supposed to?
-Just bugger off!
He means, can you give us a lift?
Come in then, brother.
But, were in a real hurry.
So hold on tight!
Im kidding.
This car is a Broadway!
This is as far as I can take you.
Thank you. Well find a way to get there.
-May God help you.
This way.
-Where is the place?
-Almost there.
Left, left!
You didnt finish the song.
Selim! Please let us go!
Look, we made it to the contest.
I promise, well make up for it all.
-Are you still thinking about the contest?
-Please, let me enter the contest!
If I cant win, then well talk.
I really feel great right now.
Looking like this?
Please, Selim!
Selim, Im begging you!
Let us enter the contest.
Youve already lost this contest.
-Please, Selim!
-Give me your blessings.
-Be blessed, brother.
It was a rainy night.
I came home drunk that night.
I wanted to give you a sibling.
To make sure you learn how to share...
you dont get spoiled...
and be a proper man.
But not every bullet you fire
hits the bulls-eye.
We tried a lot after that.
It didnt work out.
I kept firing blanks.
And then, you grew up like a dog.
How did you find me?
Your whole world belongs to me!
Didnt I tell you not to get into
dirty business,
not to play the mafia game?
Dad, it was these guys!
They gave me that invalid deed.
It was them who embarrassed me
in front of you.
Were you going to shoot these idiots
for a deed?
Why not? Should they go unpunished?
Walk on!
Im not done with you.
-Im not done with you.
-You are! You are done!
Its all done. Get him in the car!
What the hell was that?
I dont know!
Run, run!
Right! From the right!
From the left!
ilek, lets leave. Theyre not coming.
-What shall we do now?
-I dont know.
-What should we do?
-I dont know.
Are you hungry?
I am.
Lets eat over there.
Okay, lets eat.
Ill see what they have to eat.
-Lets order here.
-Ill take a look and order something.
Im sorry you missed the contest.
Its alright. Dont be sad, son.
There must be a misunderstanding.
Because my mother died.
I mean, for me.
Because when she left me...
I was three years old.
Thats why I dont remember her at all.
When I was little, I tried to remember
her face when I missed her.
Of course, I failed.
So I would replace her with actresses.
one day, my mother would be
Trkan oray...
the next day, Fatma Girik.
Filiz Akn.
Its hard to grow up motherless.
But I did it. I succeeded.
So lets leave it the way it is. Okay?
If I wanted to remember my mother
one day...
Id remember Trkan oray.
And Id be happy.
Onur, dear!
Please, listen to me.
I dont want to listen to you.
Onur, I understand you. Youre right.
For years, I was too afraid to see you.
I know how upset you are with me.
Five years ago, I had a major accident.
I barely escaped death.
Even on the last moment,
when I thought Id die,
I could only remember your face.
Thats when I understood.
That no matter what, I didnt want to die
before I saw your face one more time.
Your friend eref was of great help.
Im grateful to him.
-Yes, eref.
He called me and encouraged me
to come here.
He even paid for all my expenses.
Onur, I know its too late
to talk about these things.
But all my life...
Ive been waiting to live
these five minutes.
I wanted to see up close
what a handsome man
my son had become.
I cant say: "I can die at ease now."
Because I died the day I lost you.
My son!
Wait a minute!
Whats going on here?
I couldnt let you live without a mother,
when your mother was alive.
I know well what its like
to be without a mother.
Okay, I understand.
Look, I found my mother
after so many years. Thank you.
-I feel terrible.
-eref, calm down.
-Im a bit upset right now.
-eref, its alright.
eref, Ive met my mother after 30 years.
I want to enjoy that.
I dont want to console you.
Stop stealing the scene! Enough.
-Youre right.
-eref told me some things.
-Are you alright now?
-Were fine. Lets sit down.
-Ill tell you everything.
Youre such a beautiful man.
-Am I really beautiful?
-Yes, you really are.
-We have so much more to do together.
-Like what?
All sorts of things!
-Come on.
-Lets go.
Sit down.
What shall we eat?
-What shall we eat?
-Were hungry!
-Arent we?
-Yes, were hungry.
Ms. Glmser!
Im hanging up now.
Well call you after the concert.
-I have a surprise for Onur.
-Thank you.
Mountains, enemies, liars
have come between us
Everyone kept telling me
That youre a devil
When I heard you left me
I couldnt believe it
You have no conscience at all
Jealous eyes, lying words
infidels have broken our love
Everyone lied to me
And disparaged you
You couldnt trust me,
you thought I cheated on you
You have no mercy at all
Dont make me beg to God
Dont harden my heart
Dont ask about me, Im scarred
But I hope Ill be alright
Dont make me beg to God
Dont harden my heart
Dont ask about me
Ive let myself slide
But I hope Ill be alright
Mountains, enemies, liars
have come between us
Everyone kept telling me
That youre a devil
When I heard you left me
I couldnt believe it
You have no conscience at all
Jealous eyes, lying words, infidels
have broken our love
Everyone lied to me
And disparaged you
You couldnt trust me
you thought I cheated on you
You have no mercy at all
Dont make me beg to God
Dont harden my heart
Dont ask about me, Im scarred
But I hope Ill be alright
Dont make me beg to God
Dont harden my heart
Dont ask about me
Ive let myself slide
But I hope Ill be alright
Dont make me beg to God
Dont harden my heart
Dont ask about me, Im scarred
But I hope Ill be alright
Dont make me beg to God
Dont harden my heart
Dont ask about me
Ive let myself slide
But I hope Ill be alright
But I hope Ill forget you