Yom Yom (Day After Day) (1998) Movie Script

Keep your mouth closed.|Don't let the air out.
I'm tired.
It's almost over.|Slowly. Slowly.
We're almost done.|Almost done.
Yes, another second.
I feel like a horse.
Yes, we're slowing down...
Don't stop,|keep walking, go to a walk.
Are you trying to kill me?
We're checking,|we're checking...
Your E. K. G. is fine.
Really?|- Yes.
Are you surprised?
Don't leave that here.
It's in the way.
Twenty trays of bagels...
Twenty trays.|- Twelve on each tray.
That makes...|- We'll see in a minute.
Wait a minute, wait, wait.
Four, five, six, seven, eight.|That's for you. - Forget it.
Stop it. Here, take it.|One, two, three...
You coming tomorrow to close|the deal?
I don't interfere with his affairs.
That's between you and him.|- A little uptight, your brother.
Let him pay up. Won't hurt him.
Someday you'll lose too.|- I never lose, buddy.
I was born to win.
Take care.|- You too.
It's not easy, Didi.|It's not easy.
You're going in one direction,|I'm headed in another.
So tell me where you're going,|I'd very much like to know.
Do you want a divorce?|- What?
What did you want to tell me?
It's not easy with you.
You always use|those agressive words
that spoil my appetite.
Go ahead, say it.|- Say what?
You wanted to talk,|so we're talking.
What did you want to tell me?
If it's about you being sterile,|then I know.
I've had my tests, Moshe.
What are you talking about?|What's the matter with you?
What are you getting upset about?
What got into you?|What's all this about sterility?
You're depressing me, Didi.|- I'm sorry.
You're depressing me.|- I didn't mean to.
What's with you?|Why are you talking about kids?
People see us, hear us,
they'll know what|we're talking about!
Moshe, it's important.|If we want to adopt a kid,
you have to decide|if you're with me or not.
Would you calm down?|Who's talking about adoption?
Who? Where did you get that idea?|From my mother?
Can you see us with kids?|Raising kids?
We don't even know|where we're going.
Besides, if it hasn't happened|so far, there must be a reason.
Everything's fine on my end.
So what do you think the reason is?
We're not headed in the|same direction.
We're getting off the subject.
I don't know, whenever we talk,|it's never fun.
All our conversations|have to be depressing.
Besides, once and for all,|I don't want any kids.
That's that. I don't want to raise|children in this crazy world.
I don't want kids|in this nutty, stupid country
where you never know whether|you'll get up tomorrow morning.
Stop spewing out those|worthless political ideas.
Want to go to Eilat?|- Eilat?
We'll get away,|get a change of air.
Not a bad idea, huh?
Your idea?|- Yes, sure.
Just the two of us?
I'm sure my dad|wouldn't want to come.
If we're with people who love us,|what's wrong with that? What?
Didi, what's the matter?
You mind if my mother|comes along?
Is that it?
What?|- Nothing, I tell you.
What? You don't want|my mother to come along?
Don't put words in my mouth.
I want us to separate.
What?|You want us to separate?
Are you back with him again?
With him? With whom?
You know exactly who I mean,|you bitch.
How dare you bring all this up|with no reason!
You disgust me with your scenes.|I'm leaving!
It's just stuck there.|It's stuck right there.
Me looking for you in the middle|of the war, thinking a scud hit you.
And you, in the shelter,|screwing my best friend.
Why are you dragging that up? That|was 5 years ago. I've been honest.
Did you sleep with him?
Aren't you ashamed of yourself?
How could you?
Moshe, let me think about|what we'll do, okay?
I'll think about what we'll do.|I'll think about what I'll do.
You really screwed up my appetite.
So you're thinking|of getting a divorce?
We're not getting a divorce,|we're separating. It's different.
That's terrible.
Why?|It's not the end of the world.
A lot of people do it nowadays.|Divorce isn't what it used to be.
I thought you were just separating.
What's going on with them?
He's lost without me.
Moshe. - What?
Moshe.|- What? What?
Didi is your wife.
I know it, but you don't.
Mom, I have a meeting.|I have to go, okay?
I'll see you tomorrow at ten.
Where can I reach you?
You don't need to reach me.|We see each other every day.
But in the evenings.
All right, remember...|Write down a number. 415-234.
And add an 8 at the beginning,
and don't call before 2 am.
Miss Pasha?|- Grisha,
not Pasha. I'll write it down|for you at the cash register.
Heavy traffic on the Paz bridge...
Anything to report in your area?
It's a- okay.
How's things?
A- okay.
What...?|What are you doing tomorrow?
Say, Grisha, are you really sure|you don't want to see me anymore?
What happened? Why don't|you tell me what happened?
By the way, if you need anything,|I have a lot of new stuff here.
Sweaters... some cool dresses,|shoes.
Come over, honey.
And I'm crazy about you,|you know that.
You really don't want|to see me anymore?
Grisha, will you come?
I'm mad about you.|Mad about you.
You really don't want to...
Hey, how's things?|How's things, Mussa?
Hi. What's up?|- How are you, buddy?
Have a look around,|there's lots of new stuff.
Take your time.
Okay, I'll talk to you later.|Bye, honey.
What's up?|Did you see my brother?
What?|No... no...
Can you manange?
I'm looking for something.|- What?
Maybe you can help me.
Depends what it is.
What are you looking for?|- Something unusual.
A present?
A present for my wife, yes.
Know what I was thinking?
Give her that.
What is it?|What is it for?
To film, stupid.
To film what?
How would I know?|The memories. Your memories.
Do you already see me buried,|or what?
What's the matter with you?|Do you see death everywhere?
Maybe give her a TV set?
I've got all the brands, Mussa.|Triton, Sano, Sonyo,
Sanyo, Silora... Metz.
Color, digital.
So she can spend all day|watching the news?
What's over there?|- It's a complete apartment:
Dining room, kitchen,|living room,
bathroom, even a new toilet.
We emptied the house|of some Germans
who went back|where they came from.
Do you sell single pieces?|- Come on,
take what you want,|just pick something already.
Say, Mussa,|are you still seeing Grisha?
Watch your finger.|Watch you fingers!
I'm watching.|- Move your arm off. Move!
My back's broken.|You and your TV sets.
Wait a minute, let's take a break.|- Come on, two more...
Let's take a break.|- Mussa, it's thirty steps, come on.
I don't feel well. - We're|almost there. One more floor.
Be careful.|- One more floor.
So tell me, what's she like,|the doctor?
I don't know.
What do you mean,|you don't know?
Didn't you see her?
Jules, Jules, I can't go on.
Just a little more.|A little effort, Mussa.
Watch out for that cable.|You're stepping on the cable.
Shitty idea.|Stupid present.
Five years together.|It's worth the hassle, no?
Five years... and|what does she get for them?
This monster from hell!
I can't...|- Here, two more steps...
I can't, I can't.|- Two more steps.
You're a complete moron.
Turn around,|turn around like that.
That'll be easier, no?|Not comfortable?
So turn this way.|Better now?
How are you?|- Fine.
How was your morning?
I start living in the evening.
I prefer the night.|I like nights.
Blood. Earth. Man.|They're all linked together.
Quite the poet.|- Yeah.
I've always been a poet.
Will he come?
You should know that this house|is his strongest childhood memory.
It's worth a fortune.
Come on, let's get going.|He's waiting.
Do you like it?
Everything's complicated|in your family.
First you have to persuade|the son, then you,
and all this|in order to persuade him!
His name is Yussef Abu Warda|and he's my brother.
Look, I'm generous,|and you know it.
But I want to know one thing.|- Well?
Are we here to make a deal|or to get a tan?
So?|- You decide. Take things in hand.
Look, I have to persuade him.
So go ahead.|Persuade him.
It's a good price.
We'll talk later.
I'll call you tonight.
May I come in?
What are you doing here?
Your mother.
May I drink?
My mother called you|and told you to come here?
Want some water?
Why does my mother|call you all the time?
She doesn't.
She's my patient, that's all.
I'm in bad shape, right?|- Very bad...
I know, I can feel it.
Lie down.
Fear... of hypertension.
Take that off, please.
It's an illness you can|live with for many years.
What do you mean?
Deep breath.
It means that it's an illness|you mustn't neglect.
I'm not neglecting it.
I don't mean you.|I mean the illness.
Why do you...|left side, please.
Carry everything on your shoulders?
Yes, all right.|Sit up.
Would you tell me what I've got?
There could be many reasons.
Bad nutrition,
lack of exercise,
fatigue, fatigue...
Heredity. - Heredity?
You know, every sick person
was healthy before getting sick.
Just a minute, mom.|I know it's you.
Do me a favor.
May I get dressed?
Tell her everything's fine,|okay?
But everything is fine.
You're just saying that|to make me feel better.
What exactly do you want?
A complete checkup?|Epiridamol...
Right face.
Right face!
March! Left, right, left, right...
left, right, left, right...
Mark time! Left, right...
Parade rest.
Sergeant, sergeant!
You again?|- Look, here's an order...
Don't move!|Back to your place.
I'm forbidden any efforts.
They haven't found out|what's wrong yet, exactly,
but I think it's hypertension
and if I continue|I might get a stroke
and then I'll be of no use|to you at all, see?
When have you ever been|of any use?
Go to the infirmary,|rest there until I check this out.
My doctor gave me this.|I'm not making it up.
Back to your place!|I'll check it out later.
Back to your place!|- Can we have some water?
Not now!|- We're drying up here!
Just some water!
No drinking now.|Carry on.
We're drying up here.|- Just a little water.
You can drink later.|Let's continue.
Mark time, left, right, left...
We're dehydrated.|Left, right...
Let us have a drink! We've been|in the sun for half an hour!
Shut up!|- Okay, I'll shut up!
I'll decide when you drink.|- Okay, you'll decide,
but get on with it, will you?
The more you talk,|the longer it'll be.
About-face!|- What...?
Not a word!
March! Left, right, left.
Mark time. Left, right, left.
Parade, rest.
Ten minute break.|Go drink and get back here.
Thank you very much.
About time!
What are you doing?|Get up!
Weapons at 60 degrees.|- Having fun, Jules?
Sixty degrees!
Magazines in!
On the ground!
Ten rounds each at the target
at will...
Whoever's done,|raise your right leg.
I can't...|I can't fire any more.
Mussa.|- I have hypertension.
Mussa, run over|and check out the targets.
What? -Run over to the targets,|check the hits.
Everyone?|- You!
Why me? I don't...|- Go see your hits.
I'm not going over there|with all those rifles aimed at me!
Come on, let's get this over with.|Do what you're told.
I'm not going over there|with all those rifles aimed at me.
Stop kicking me.|Where do you think we are?
Go on,|go check out the targets.
First lower your weapons.
We're lowering them...
Get to it!|We're cooking here!
Gimme the dice.|- No, it's my turn.
Talk. Bet.
How much?|- A hundred.
Your turn.
Roll them, roll them...|- Watch out...
Roll them.
Gimme a hundred.
Lend me a hundred, come on.|- Here. Don't screw up.
Open. Talk.|- How much?
Seven.|- Seven. Roll.
Show me the dice. Show me.|- Why? What's the matter?
Show me the dice!|- Let go!
Jules, enough!
Okay, okay...
Take it easy.
Take it easy, it's nothing.
Bring a chair.
Sit down.
Here, drink that.
How did you know he was cheating?
Excuse me.
He wasn't cheating.
I'm telling you,|he wasn't cheating.
There's nothing to understand.|The guy won.
He won, that's all.
Your arrogance is making you crazy.
You're nuts,|totally nuts, Jules.
Admit it.
And your maladies are better, huh?
Shut your face, asshole.|Fuck you.
Fucking country.
At forty you're stuck in some|shithole with a bunch of baboons
who are playing at cowboys.
I'm telling you,|I'm getting out of here.
I'm leaving this shitty country.
Some "peace".|What fucking peace?
We're gonna die here, like flies.
Believe me.
December is better.
December is better.
I forgot my pajamas.
Gotta tell them.
Anyway, there's too many people.
They're everywhere.
I'll take the little chicks too.
Talk to him, don't talk to him...
Too many people.
A country of psychos.
I'll take the little chicks too.
A country of psychos.
Tell me, what's going on|with Didi?
What are you talking about?
How are things?
How are things...|What do you mean?
I don't know.|How's it going?
Something's going on.|You should know.
Nothing's going on.|- Don't play the innocent with me.
Are you guys together|or not?
Do you love or not?
Together or not,|do I love her or not...
What if you found her|with someone now?
I'd pay him.
Believe me,|I have no idea.
I have other things on my mind|right now.
Are you okay?
Go on, throw up.
Throw up, throw up,|easily said.
You throw up!
Feeling better?
No.|- Here, clean there.
I'm not well at all.
Want me to drive?|- I don't feel well.
The winner gets 150 shekels...
Mimi, 129 here.
I hear you, over.
Anything interesting?
Only in the paper.
Tell me.
I think it's that army slop|that screwed me up.
The army slop screwed you up,|the olives screwed you up...
the army...
This screwed you up,|that screwed you up...
My stomach hurts,|I have diarrhea...
See you. Give us a kiss.
Call me tonight.|- Yeah.
Don't disappear on me.
Don't forget to bring the bag!|- This is a car, not a tank!
Hello, David.
Hello, Yossi.
Mimi. You look great.
Yeah, right. Hi...
Come on, Mimi.|- I'm exhausted.
Come tell me what's|happening with you.
You tell me.|My life is boring.
Did you quit smoking?|- Yeah. - Good.
Are you staying at home tonight?
Are you going out tonight?|- Tonight? No. Where would I go?
Where's Moshe?|- I wish I knew.
He's late, as usual.|Who knows where he is.
Are you going out tomorrow?
I don't know yet, Mimi.
Maybe so...|Want to come along?
No, I'm working.
And tomorrow morning?
I don't know about|tomorrow morning yet.
We might have a meeting|about the house...
I don't know.
About Yossi's house? -Yes.|- His parents' house?
There's talk about it. I don't know|yet whether to sell or not.
But there's talk about it.
Yes. There's talk.|You must have heard already.
No, I'm interested, that's all.|It's interesting.
Nothing's been decided yet.|- Okay, but where does it stand?
I'm interested.|- I know you are
but I'm telling you|that nothing's been decided yet.
Yussef's not too eager|and I can understand how he feels.
We'll see...|Depends on their offer.
Whose?|Who are you talking to?
Some entrepeneur who wants|to develop the area...
Build a hotel or something.
What a way to treat money!
Arrange it properly.
Let go, let go...
How much did you bet?|- Two hundred.
What on?|- On the seven.
And you?|- Two hundred on low.
No, high.
One more time.|Gimme a kiss, doll...
Roll them.
Take the money. Go on.
Why are you so restless, Moshe?
I have to go.
Me too.|Last round.
Before mommy comes looking|for her little Moshe.
Last round...
Another hundred.|- One hundred?
Two hundred.|- 850.
Last one.|- Roll them.
Wait, what did I say?|High or low?
I have to go.
That's mine.|- What do you mean, yours?
I put 200 on high.
Here's your 200.|- 200 more.
Why?|- I put 200 on the table.
Moshe, wait!
What are seat-bealts for?|To hold up your pants?
Who do you think you are?|Where were you all day?
You know how I worry about you|when you disappear like that.
Come on!
How could you do that to me?
Do you have nothing to say?
What do you do all day?|Do you want to drive me crazy?
Noon isn't 5 pm.
The phones were out of order.
Where were the phones|out of order?
At the pool.|For my back.
At the pool, for your back,|with Jules.
Moshe, we have to talk.|This can't go on.
Look at me.
How do you do it?
How do you manage|to stay so young?
So what do you think?
It looks like shit.|- Shit?
What's that?
What's what? Those are|the lower level foundations.
What's that monstrosity?
This will be the parking-garage.
I didn't think|it would be like this.
What did you think?
You tore down all the houses,|the whole neighborhood!
Yes, but we're building|a big shopping center.
What you see|is only the parking-garage.
This much construction in 3 months,|who would believe it?
Three months...|Do you remember the old buildings?
Think about what will be here.
You're working three shifts here?|- Three shifts, around the clock.
That's an Italian machine.
One moment.
Accident on the Galilee road...
Police are directing traffic...
Everything's okay there.|What's the problem?
I heard there was a traffic- jam|or some blocking vehicle
so I wanted to know if...
This is the Voice of Israel|from Jerusalem.
It's 7 o'clock|and here is the news.
The prime minister has promised...
Didi, come here,|I want to show you something.
Come, look at this filthy sponge|on the floor.
And the soap. And all|the towels are wet. What's this?
An uncared for body|stays sick...
You're mad at me, is that it?
What's so funny?
You have a meeting at 9,|hurry up.
Hurry up, hurry up!
How can I hurry up? How do you|expect me to function during the day
if nothing changes in the morning?
Don't go to work,|don't wake up,
do what you want, Moshe.
I've told you a hundred times.|A couple is like a factory.
If it's not managed properly,|it goes bust. Get it?
And you're telling me that?|- Yes. Everything is going bust.
Wipe that condescending look|off your face.
I'm talking to you.|Answer me.
Keep cutting out papers|and fiddling with your stupid marker!
And turn off that radio! Goddam|news first thing in the morning!
Go complain to your lovers,|not to me.
I don't exist, okay?
You see?|How do you expect it to work out?
Are you fed up? Is that it?|You want to leave me?
Fine, do it.|At least that'll be the end of it.
You're sick.|I'm married to a mental case.
Keep talking,|I don't care...
Moshe, you don't understand|anything.
Just leave me alone.
How are you, Mosh?|- Very well.
I'm glad you came.
See, that's me|with my brother Jules.
Let's go out to the yard,|get some air.
You know, I always|used to tell my wife:
"See him, my brother Jules,
"my own flesh and blood,|but not a bit of sensitivity.
"No feeling, no sensitivity".
Just the opposite of you.
At last I get the chance|to tell you.
You can talk to him,|you can tell him.
At least you're not|ashamed of your parents.
By the way,|how are they?
They're fine. Thanks.
Fine? Why do you think|they refuse to negotiate with me?
Do I scare them?
My father doesn't like you.
We decided to make you an offer|to buy your plot at Golda.
You misunderstand.|I do not sell,
I buy.|Selling doesn't interest me.
I'm buying up the whole area|by the sea, including the house,
and not just part of it.
I see.|But you know our problem.
They want to keep part of the land|as a memento.
They don't have a long-term view.
What's the matter with your father?|Why won't he talk to me?
Does he hate me that much?|- I wouldn't go that far.
That's the way he is.|Doesn't talk no anyone.
Tell your mother|I'm willing to give you everything
but she knows exactly|what I want in return.
Look, he'll sell in the end.
But you have to understand him.
It's all he has left.|It's sentimental issue.
Don't waste my time.|Look, I'm not mad at you.
We're still friends.|But this is impossible.
I can't accept your offer.
I understand.
It's lovely here.|- Thank you.
I'll be off.|My mother will be disappointed.
But never mind.|It's not important.
Come here, let's shake hands.
Say, could I ask you|for 20,000 shekels in advance?
You know, a friendly gesture.|We have a small cash-flow problem.
Are you busy later?|We could go get some coffee.
Why not?
Did you see that guy?
Practically undressed me|with his eyes.
Some guys are like that.
I want to deposit 20,000 shekels.
Account number 287-426-17.
How are you?|- Fine.
Those married men.|Only have one thing on their minds.
Terrible, isn't it?
Are you married?
Yes, but not really.
What do you mean, not really?
Want to come to the movies|with me?
This is a hold-up!|Everyone on the floor!
I said, on the floor!
I'm capable of anything!
Hands up!|Give me the money!
I haven't got any!
Gimme the money!
Coastal highway all jammed up...
This is 129.|It looks like...
Looks like there's a robbery...
in progress at...
I think it's at the Horev Center.
It's all over.
I think someone ought to...
maybe go help out.
These things happen here too.
Breathe deeply, that'll help.
I'm not in my best shape.
Usually I'm tougher than this.
How are you?
Too wrapped up in your game|to say hi?
Who's winning?|- They are.
Who are they?
I was just passing by|and I thought...
Mussa doesn't have a cellphone,|but he has you.
Any idea where I can find him?|I have a game tonight.
Anyway, how are you?
I'm okay.
It's Hanna's birthday.|Maybe he'll be there.
Well, I have to go.|See you.
Look, Didi, if things|aren't great...
we could go to the movies.
Moshe, I'm getting you something.
I have some goodies today.
Your favorite peppers.
So do you think|it's a good deal?
Did you set up a meeting?
The ball is in our court.
Does Yussef know?
Patience. We have to wait|for the right moment.
You'll talk to him?
I don't think|this is the right time.
If only I had a grandson.
What's that got to do with it?
We're talking about|a business deal here.
You have to admit|that it's a good excuse.
A lovely house,|a nice piece of land...
Here we go again.
Maybe you could adopt.
No, thanks.|I'm not hungry.
Do you want meat? I can get you|some roast from yesterday.
I just got attacked|by a bank-robber.
Unbelievable.|He almost killed me.
You're such a liar.|It's really sick.
I didn't ask you anything|and you go making things up.
Why don't you answer me, Moshe?
Tell me, are you a moron?|- How about you?
Think you own the market?
Sorry, sorry.
Sorry.|- Be careful!
You be careful too.
Crossing right in the middle.|I didn't even see you.
You got me all confused.
What do you think you're|doing here? Take it easy!
No violence.|- You don't own the market.
You can't do whatever|you want here!
Why this violence?
You can't just run over|anyone who crosses.
Why get violent immediately?|- Drive on the road!
You want to kill me?|Want to hit me?
Come on then, hit me.|- Fine, so get out.
Don't you touch my car.
What's the matter with you?|Why all this violence?
Why all this violence?
Why are you banging up my car?|- Because I feel like it!
Don't touch my car.|- I'll touch anything I want.
Just look where you're going.
Look at this country.|It looks just like you!
You should be ashamed.|Get out of here.
Stop yelling.|- Aren't you ashamed?
Why are you yelling?|- Get lost.
Stop yelling.|- Get that thing out of here.
Sorry. Move on.|Let me pass.
Hello, Grisha.|It's Mosh.
Talk slowly,|I can't understand.
Grisha, it's Mosh.|You asleep?
No. Weren't you supposed|to call me earlier?
Yes, I was busy.|Am I disturbing you?
Hello. Can you hear me?|How are you?
Since you ask...|I dunno... So-so.
What do you mean?
I'm feeling a little sick.
It's the season.|Everybody's sick now.
Yeah, I don't know...|My back aches
and my head feels heavy|and my eyes sting...
You're telling me about backaches?!|I just had to take Voltarene.
Did you take anything?|Did you see the doctor?
Want to come up?
Are you alone?|- No.
But if you like,|if you're not too far away...
Say in twenty minutes?|Is that okay?
Well, I'll call you later.|- When?
Tomorrow, the day after...|I'll come by the salon, okay?
Yes, but Mosh...
Is he coming?
No, you can relax.|He's not coming.
So I can stay.
Why not?|Would you rather sleep alone?
Give me a kiss.
What? What?
Jules, would you mind|if we saw less of each other?
Grisha? -What?|- What's going on?
You know...
Okay, okay. We'll talk about it,|but not now.
You think Moshe|suspects something?
Anyway I've known you|much longer than he has.
So don't worry.
I don't love you, Juliano.|Don't count on me anymore.
Do you still live|in Kiriat Motzkin?
Yes, always.
How do you get here?
I take the bus.
Which line?
The 52.
Can't you take a cab?
Can't afford it.
Is it a direct bus?
It's the only one.
How's business, Nadim?
Very good.
Yeah? -Yes.
Will the deal go through?|- No. No deal.
No deal? -No.
Do you think Jews are|potential buyers for Arab land?
When are you going|to get married?
God willing...
Did anyone tell you|your dress is nice?
So I'm telling you.
Thank you.|So what do you think
of Jews as potential buyers|of this land?
Are you bored?
A little.
Yossi, where's Moshe?
You insist on calling me Yossi.|My name is Yussef.
I know, but Yossi...|sounds more Israeli.
I do it for your sake.|Where's Moshe?
I don't know.|He's gone.
Where to?
Will he be back?
Did something happen|between him and Didi?
I really don't know what's going on.|Really, Mimi, I don't.
Aren't you interested?
What did you get Hanna?
Nothing.|- Nothing? How lovely!
Did you bake it or buy it?|- I bought it.
Sometimes you ask|too many questions, Mimi.
And sometimes|it's not appropriate.
Where did you buy it?|Is that such a complicated question?
Can't you tell me? What if I ever|want to get one like it?
At Salim Brothers.
When?|- Two months ago.
So you froze it?
No, I heated it up.
Why are you being rude?
All I did was ask|where she bought the cake...
Mimi, not now, honey.|This isn't a good time.
But they're so overpriced.|How much was it?
Many happy returns.
Where's Moshe?|- He's gone.
Did you see the cake|Didi got you?
Shall we have a toast?
This is the Voice of Israel|from Jerusalem. It is 5 o'clock.
The US emissary left Jerusalem|on his way to Damascus
to discuss negotiations|concerning the Golan Heights.
They want to give back|a part of the Golan.
I'm against it.
What do we get in return?|Nothing.
Do you think it could help us?
Yes?|Are you listening?
You're not listening to me.
I'm listening, I'm listening.
Well?|- Well, what?
What do you think?
I don't, Grisha.|I'm trying to concentrate.
To concentrate?|- Listen...
Either we screw or we talk.
I can't do both.
You can talk while you screw...
I can't. It's too much.|- It's not so complicated.
I'm not in the mood anymore.|- What do you mean?!
Besides, the air-conditioning|doesn't work.
I never had|air-conditioning here.
Grisha, I can't...|You're pressuring me.
Where are you going?|Moshe.
Be strong.
Is she gone?|- Yes.
She was wonderful.
My heart is with you.|She was very special.
I know she loved you all|very much.
I|loved her too. Be strong.
O God full of mercy,|offer eternal peace
under the wings of Your divinity,
amongst the saintly and pure
who shine like the firmament,
to the soul of Hanna,|who has left this world.
May she rest in paradise.
May the merciful God|protect her eternally
and keep her soul living.
The Lord be her abode.|May she rest in peace.
In the name of Allah,|Allah the merciful,
King of Judgement Day.
We shall serve You|and You will help us.
Guide us in the way|of righteousness,
Set us in|the footsteps of those
who have been blessed|with your grace.
May Allah have mercy on you!
Can I help with the funeral?
There will be no funeral.
She asked to have her body|given to science.
Allah will give her peace.
She died in her sleep.
Her heart stopped.
She died like a bird. In silence.
Without a sound.
Give me some water, I'm thirsty.
It's intolerable,|not to bury mother.
It's what she wanted.
She couldn't stand graves|nor funerals.
She hated all that.
She never told me that.
There were things she|kept from you.
Give her body to science?!
That's really not her style.
Yes, it is her style.
That too is her style.
Do you hear me?|3,000 shekels.
He's a friend.
Let me talk to him.
Wait a minute. Wait.
Bring them and come down|to the bakery.
I'm not signing.|- We've already discussed it.
Do you accept 3,000 shekels?
Let me speak.
Are you out to ruin me?
Don't talk like that.
What do you want?
I'd rather buy than sell.|Let's go downstairs.
Wait a minute.
The street is no place|for doing business.
Let's go down and talk.|The street is no place for business.
If this goes on, we won't sell|and we'll lose everything.
You know what?|I'll wait here.
That's what we agreed on.
I don't want any yelling|in the street.
Do you always want to be like this?
Go on... go on.
Let me bargain.
I've told you a thousand times,|I'm not selling.
Leave me alone.
What a smell!|- Good, isn't it?
Yeah. When I was a boy, I used|to come here with my grandfather.
I'd walk around among the rolls,|the bread, the bagels...
Long before Jules was born.
There was nothing here|at the time.
I love this romantic view the|Jews have of this country,
with their biblical stories|and pioneer tales.
Whereas we're still the same.
Yussef and I...|Our father, Mu'alem, was a teacher.
And what became of me?|A real-estate agent,
who goes from whore to whore|and trashes cars.
And my brother is retired|and owns a bakery.
It's no different|in the neighboring countries.
The places, the memories,|they're destroying everything.
Everything will be wiped out|and all we'll have left is books.
So we're talking politics now?
I want to know one thing.|Are we here to sign an agreement?
Did we come to sign?|I brought a notary.
Shukri, get the documents...|Sign the contract.
A promise is a promise.|Especially coming from Hanna.
That's true,|but I'd rather sign a contract too.
What if you die before me?
Then you'll have to deal|with Jules.
Everything is ready.|Here's the contract for you.
If Jules is involved,|I'll lose.
Is that satisfactory?
Is it okay?|Everything's clearly written down.
No. I'm not signing.
Wait, where are you going?|- Youssef!
Where are you going?
Moshe, is that you?
I'm at the corner cafe.|What are you doing?
Want to come and have|dinner with me?
But you're already eating!
Yeah. I meant, have a drink.
It's sad at home, Didi.|Very sad.
Look, I'm not dressed|and I don't feel like talking.
Why?|- What are you eating?
Nut and chocolate cake.|Last one.
Sure... - Really it is.
Why are you laughing?|- You always put on such a show.
What are you doing?
I'm reading.
What are you reading?
What do you have to offer|besides the corner cafe?
Want to go to a movie?
I don't know.
I met your mother|at the Lebanese border.
I already had a profession,|the family trade.
We didn't exchange a word.
I looked at her.
She was so beautiful.
I couldn't take my eyes|off her.
She was ten years older than I was,|and so beautiful.
Three months later|I settled in Haifa.
We met on the bus.
She talked to me.
Yes. Mussa.|She took the initiative.
Yes... An Arab who reads|Dostoyevski, why not?
Even then she was|full of contradictions.
I told her right away|that I was an Arab.
It wasn't so simple at the time...
with all the hatred around.
Every week I'd go get her from|home,
from her father's house.
That went on for two years.
Her father was the one|who brought us closer together.
Your grandfather.
When you were born,|we started to be ashamed.
Each in our own respective way.
Our relationship always|was mysterious, special.
When my father died
I inherited a lot of land.
She wanted to work.
My inheritance allowed me|to help her.
So we bought this bakery.
I miss her so much, Moshe.
No songs of victory,|No songs of praise
can help us now,
So sing a song for peace
Don't whisper a prayer.
Just sing a song for peace
Cry it loud and clear...
Let the sun rise
And the dawn shine
The purest of prayers
Will not awaken us
He whose candle is extinguished
and who's buried in the ground
will not be awakened by sobs
and will not be brought back.
No one will bring us back
from the dark abyss
No song of victory,|no song of praise
will help us now
So just sing a song for peace
Don't whisper a prayer
Just sing a song for peace
Cry it loud and clear...
English: Ruth Shek
Eng subs ripped by|-=McLane= -