Yong-eui-ja X (Perfect Number) (2012) Movie Script

Perfect Number
It stopped raining
It's a bit cold today, Yoon-Ah
What are we going to do with this?
Oh, no
Hope it's not dead
"No, it's not.
Leave it, I'll take care of it later"
- See you
- Ok
See you
Good Morning Lunchbox to go, right?
It's our new dish
Please try it.
thank you
Have a good day
Good morning!
One Hand Roll, please
The Good Morning Lunch guy
who comes in everyday
I think he likes you
You noticed it too?
You know how guys are
just so attracted to me
You surely can talk
Why don't you
go on a date with him?
You know I have Yoon-ah
What about her?
She's in middle school
She won't oppose if you get married
I won't see anyone
until Yoon-ah gets married
And I don't really like dorky guys
The nth triangular number is n(n+1)/ 2
The proof of this formula
S is sigma K equals one to n
n-2, n+1
Who the hell cares about
those stupid formulas?
Why don't you play it?
Don't just pick chords
If that's a note C
If you play the twelfth fret
What note is it?
It's a C, an octave higher
If you play a C and G together,
what do you get?
That's a C chord
That's correct
It's also called the perfect fifth
because it's perfectly consonant
Music is
It all sounds different to our ears
But it's only a matter of how to assemble
chords in consonance
Of course, notes like C, D, and E already have existed
like numbers 1, 2, and 3
The person who found out the relationship
between these individual notes
and made formulas called chords
- Is Pythagoras
- Doped-gores
This triangular number
we are studying right now
Pythagoras discovered it
I'm home
- What's wrong?
- I feel sick
Sick where? Oh my goodness
Hold on
Excuse me!
- What's wrong?
- I'm not sure
What are the symptoms?
Her breath is irregular
Fast and slow
She's having a cardiac arrest
Clear the airway
and prepare CPR
- Yoon-ah!
- Please step aside
Lift your head
You alright?
Ma'am this is medicine
the man you came with left it for you
Good Morning Lunchbox to go. Right?
It's the hospital bill you paid last night
Please take it
This lunchbox is the interest
Yoon-ah likes math unlike other girls
You're a math teacher. Right?
What was that?
- There's something
- You told me to date him
Thought you said you don't like dorky guys
Something must've happened
Is he free-diving?
Beginners should never try it
Fucking asshole
Son of a bitch
You laughing? Die, bitch!
Die asshole! I'm going to kill you
Asshole! Don't laugh!
Is that you, Yoon-ah?
Where's your key?
Thought I couldn't find you?
Fucking bitch
You bitch
Thought you could run away?
You sleep well?
Thought you can live without me?
No fucking beer?
Get up and sit down, you bitch
Girl, I went all over town
every bar and club in Daejeon
Leave us alone please
Leave you alone? Fuck me.
Auntie, your daughter's home
Hi, Yoon-ah
You've grown up beautifully
Your daughter'?
That's some fucked up family tree
Come in. Go inside
Come say hello to your uncle
You little bitch!
Don't yell at her
Tomorrow, I'll wire you every penny I have
Let me see your face
- Wow, very scary
- What are you doing?
Go away
Look at her boobs
Just leave!
Damn, leave her alone!
What? Let's have fun
This is nice and fresh
I'm going to kill you
Oh yeah? Let's die. Let's do that
Alright, fucking kill me
Stay still
Fuck yeah
You fucking bitch
Fucking slut
Fucking bitch
Fucking bitch! Move
Come here bitch!
"- Stop!
- Come here, fucking bitch"
Let go of me
- Auntie!
- Where you going, bitch?
Don't hurt her
Is this funny?
Oh my god
He must be dead
Who is it?
It's next door
Hold on, please
Don't come out
Are you alright?
Yes. I'm fine
I heard some noise
A roach
There was a roach
Did you kill it?
The roach
Oh, yes
I killed it
I see
Are you going to call the police?
The police?
I will turn myself in
I have to turn myself in too, don't I?
What are you talking about it?
I hit him first
And I held him so he wouldn't move
Don't even think about it
No way
You were in your room
You didn't see anything
Got it?
I think I can be of help
It won't be too late to call the police
after you hear me first
Who is he?
It's my ex-husband
He tortured my aunt everyday
- He threatened her
- Yoon-ah
Are you going to turn yourself in?
No, auntie
If you go to jail, I'm going to be all alone
No, auntie
You two did it together
No. I did it alone
She didn't see anything
She came after I killed him, seriously
The bite mark
Whose is that?
I did it all
It's impossible for you to strangle him
and hold his hands at the same time
Will the police find out?
They will know better than me
No, not my Yoon-ah
Oh, no
If you turn yourself in
there are extenuating circumstances
But you might have to do some time
Yoon-ah might not get off clean either
You might not be able
to think clearly now
but if you let me help you
I'll protect you two no matter what
Was he supposed to come?
Did you plan to meet him here?
No, he came unexpectedly
Did he call you?
He doesn't know my number
I'm sorry
By any chance,
do you go see movies often?
Mang-won district near Han river
Dead body found, calling for back-up
Hey guys
That head is like a rotten watermelon
Do you think you'll get something?
Look here
The fingerprints are destroyed
It might take up to 2-3 weeks
to identify the body
- 2-3 weeks?
- Yes
What kind of lunatic did this?
The asshole grinded the body
to hide the victim's identity
The killer is an acquaintance
Perhaps, the closest person to the victim
So what?
We can't even ID the victim
What good does that do?
What now?
Are you going to fool around
until forensics come out?
The face is smashed so badly
I don't think we can match a dental record
I don't know if you can ID the body
You're really good at
making people feel worse
That's a real talent
Don't step around there
This is going to suck
The only thing we have
is the body with two balls
The disposal of the body
seems too timid to be a psychopath's job
The tires are all flat
Is it abandoned?
Lift that
Is that a key?
Guess the bastard was in a real hurry
to make a mistake like that
He didn't pay and left his stuff
I was going to call the police
Have you seen any visitors?
No idea
There are so many who come and go
The victim is 36 year old
male living in Daejeon
The name is Kim Cheol-min
It's fortunate you found it
The victim was staying in a motel
just before the murder, since November 7th
Luckily, we found the motel key at the scene
The DNA from the hair in the motel
matched the body's DNA
Cause of death?
According to the autopsy,
he was killed by strangulation
We found a consistent pattern of an electric wire
used in heating devices on the victim's neck
We analyzed it as the electric wire
often used in irons
Estimated time of death?
We estimated it as November 9th
in between 4 P.M. and 11 P.M.
So the victim was walking alive
before 4 P.M. on the 9th
- Correct?
- Yes
"to be exact, he was alive till 736"
Based on what?
We found an abandoned
self-service rental bicycle on the scene
Self-service bicycles?
You can easily rent the public bicycles
by entering your resident registration number
It was rented from a kiosk in Sang-am district
It was rented with
Kim Cheol-min's resident number
So you have a suspect?
Considering the travel path and radius,
Kim Cheol-min's ex-wife,
Baek Hwa-sun is our prime suspect
The reason is?
Now, we need to find out
Thank you
Kim Cheol-min was found dead
He was brutally murdered
We had some trouble locating you
because your address was changed
According to the registration files,
he doesn't have any relatives
Do you know of any distant relatives?
I don't think he has any
I see
When did you meet him last?
I haven't seen him since I moved to Seoul
You haven't talked to him
during the recent months?
If you don't mind
what did you do on the 9th?
November 9th
I worked
And after you got off?
I took my niece to a movie
Guess it was a nice outing for a change
What's wrong with your hands?
Your hands
I got hurt at work
A few days ago
It's me from next door
The detectives were here this afternoon
I did as you told me
Ok. they're coming for Yoon-ah soon
What did you do to it?
How did they find out so quickly?
Did they find the body?
Just answer like a machine
only to the questions asked
They might be watching you from near
So even if we bump into each other,
act like usual neighbors
I'll warn Yoon-ah also
Did you tell them about the movie tickets?
You told me not to show them
until I was asked
Where did you put the tickets?
In my wallet
No, no
The movie flyer,
fold it in half and put the tickets inside
Not many people keep movie tickets
They might get suspicious
if you take them out from your wallet
I will
I'll always call you around this time
I was wondering
If we really should do this
You have to trust me
The only family she has is her niece
She wanted to live out her sister's dreams
She was going to raise Yoon-ah for her sister
It is so sweet of her
I admire her
So she left town
Did Kim Cheol-min come here recently?
About a week ago
He went crazy here
trying to get Hwa-sun's whereabouts
So did you tell him where she was?
Are you insane?
What did he do this time?
Is he in trouble again?
He was murdered
Whoever did it, I am grateful
Hwa-sun will finally get some sleep at night
A real good sleep
Thank you
You said you saw a movie
with your niece on November 9th
Do you have the tickets by any chance?
The movie tickets
No, I don't
I have this though
Movie tickets
For November 9th
You saw this movie?
Detective Jo, what's with you?
Why are you keep insisting
Baek Hwa-sun is the killer?
She has a clear motive for murder
And her hands
It's due to strained ligaments
You saw the scar on victim's neck
When you choke someone to death
with a thin wire, you will get a sprain
That's a coincidence
There's no such thing
as a coincidence to a detective
Isn't it too perfect to find tickets
in between a flyer from the recycling bin?
What's wrong with perfect?
When are you going to become a real detective?
From now on,
it's about who cracks down first
Put out the cigarette
Let me warm up with it
It's cold
Turn off the engine, idiot
What's wrong with you, stupid?
Baek Hwa-sun
I think the cops are watching right now
Isn't that the guy who went in first?
I think so
It's all here
How did you end up
watching a movie with your aunt?
You're in middle school
Don't you have a lot of friends?
Guess you're very close to your aunt
She listens well too, right?
She'll do whatever her aunt tells
Anybody can use a credit card
I didn't use her card
She never gave it to me
So your aunt used it?
Thanks for the drink
What is wrong?
What are you doing?
Excuse me
I can't believe I ran into you here
this is so weird
It's good to see you
Hey, do you remember
the woman living next door to you
That case I told you earlier
She's the prime suspect
She has an alibi but
an alibi is there to be broken
It could be
Get in
Alright. See you later
Doped out Pythagoras!
Right, right
It's been a while Doped-gores
It was good to see you
What happened?
What did you tell the detectives?
They're probably still here
Here. Act natural
as if taking something from me
Get inside
She was looking out the window
the whole time
As if she was waiting
Of course
The guy next door was talking to a cop
who thinks you're a suspect
Must be really nervous
I ran the credit card
"She bought the tickets exactly at 7:52"
So you believe Baek saw the movie
And on Kim Cheol-min's phone record
He ordered some Chinese on the 9th
and nothing else
He has never talked to Baek
Ok. think of it this way
The niece could've swiped the card
and says she didn't
Even if Baek went there herself,
there is plenty of time
But there's no proof that she didn't see the movie
Don't you dare look at me like that
So this is all about that
Goldbach's conjecture
Go where?
Goldbach, stupid
Like right now,
there is suspicion but no evidence
It will drive you nuts
Did you get anything from
your school friend?
Nothing interests him except for math
Have you ever seen a genius?
It's not divisible, it's a prime number
Yo, Kim Seok-go
So you're a genius?
What are you going to
do with your genius brain?
Prove? Prove what?
Have you ever heard
of Goldbach's conjecture?
No way
So go on
Every even integer greater than 2
is the sum of two primes
True or false?
Nobody has solved it in 300 years
What do you think?
Then it's done
Do you must prove it?
If I don't prove it, I won't know the truth
I want to know the truth
The truth
You want to find the truth
By the way,
making a problem no one can solve
or solving that problem
Which is harder?
You prove that
How would I know?
Here. Lilac is the taste of love, true?
Prove that, say "ahh"
If you want to prove it, chew it well
That is love, dude
Bitter, huh?
We went to high school together
It's an unexpected variable
but it's going as calculated
Don't worry
But you need to be more careful
about such actions
I'll trust you completely from now on
Did the cops question Yoon-ah?
Yes. She said they were waiting
outside the school
Can you get Yoon-ah on the phone?
Hold on
What did the cops ask you?
They showed me a picture
and asked if I've met him recently
I told them I haven't
They asked again about going to the movies
What did you tell them?
I said I saw the movie on the 9th for sure
And I told them about my friend
I ran into at the movies
Good. that's good, Yoon-ah
And one more thing
If they come again, don't be scared
Just do as you're doing now
Okay, Yoon-ah?
I will
Things are really happening as he said
Surveillance tapes from the theaters
Oh my head
the moment finally has come
Don't be intimidated
Just watch the elevator camera
Detective Jo
Detective Jo!
Baek Hwa-sun
Did they come?
The two came
They did come to the theaters
So the friend story is true
I just need to find Baek leaving alone
They indeed saw the movie
What's wrong with you?
What are you doing?
Shouldn't you be asking around
Kim Cheol-min's acquaintances?
Money problems, women problems
Middle, high school friends
People from military service Co-workers
Don't go looking for motives
Go find people with motives
Got that?
Got that? Answer me!
Yes, sir!
What, now what!
They want me to take
the lie detector test tomorrow
I don't think I can do it anymore
I should've turned myself in that day
I think it will be better
to turn myself in right now
What would happen to Yoon-ah then?
No. Just do as you've been doing
You don't have to lie
Don't worry about that
I don't know what's going on
Why is everybody asking about the 9th?
You don't need to know
The cops will soon find another suspect
You said you trusted me
that I'll protect you no matter what
I do
I trust you
Tomorrow will be the last crisis
Please lift the sleeve on your left arm
I have a lot of appointments today
So let's do this quickly
Don't be nervous
From now on, answer "no" to my questions
Are you a man?
Is your name Baek Hwa-sun?
Good. We will start now
Has Kim Cheol-min ever come
to your workplace?
Have you ever met Kim Cheol-min
at your workplace?
No. I have not
You said you saw a movie on November 9th
Is this true?
Did you watch the movie
from the beginning to end?
Did you meet your ex-husband,
Kim Cheol-min on November 9th?
Meet him?
Yes. On November 9th,
did you meet Kim Cheol-min?
No. I did not
You didn't see him?
Not even once that day?
There's no need to continue
with the next question
Thanks for your time
- Is it over?
- Yes
Wait, you skipped an important question!
Ms. Baek Hwa-sun
Did you kill Kim Cheol-min?
Did you kill him?
Who the hell are you?
No. I didn't kill him
It's a lie
What are you doing?
It says it's a lie
You're not an examiner
I won't accept this
Wait, don't turn it off!
Ask her one more time
Baek Hwa-sun. Did you kill Kim Cheol-min?
We won't be seeing you anymore
Get home safely
Hey, Sang-joon
Come on.
It went well as you said
Okay, you did good
Let's eat
Why doesn't he call?
It would be nice if he joined us
I didn't think about that
I'm sorry
I'm really super grateful to you
Every single day
Yoon-ah, promise me
You have to forget everything
You have to go on
Alright. Don't worry
Can I eat now?
You saved them, right?
My flowers
I know everything
You like my aunt
That's why you helped us, right?
I wanted to thank you
And my aunt waited for your call
Here's your order
I'll help you with the bill
Thank you
Bon apptit
What can I get you?
Sunshine Morning Lunchbox, please
Sunshine Morning?
Thank you. Bon apptit
Good Morning Lunchbox to go?
You will have to eat something else today
I heard it's going to get colder starting tomorrow
Clear Morning Lunchbox, please
I'll never forget your care, I Thank you
Mr. Kim, I'll see you later
I see Okay
I understand
Dude. Who killed you?
Stop, stop, stop!
She passed the polygraph
And the polygraph said she killed him
The examiner said anyone would do the same
if you ask with that look
Look here, compare them to the other people
Do they look like they're enjoying
an outing to the movies?
I know you don't want to accept
Are we going on a stakeout?
Hey, Hwa-sun
I went to Daejeon the other day
and heard the news from Madam Jung
Did the cops come see you?
They came a few times
I was worried that
you might be harassed
for no good reason
I'm alright
If there's anything I can help
No. It's ok
You've been helpful every time. thank you
It's raining
I'm alright
No. You might catch a cold
Who are you and where have you been?
Take care. I'll call you later
No. I don't think
I regretted letting you go like that
I won't do that anymore
Get in
Auntie, it's him calling
Was everything okay today?
Who was the man you came with?
I know him from
where I used to work in Daejeon
I see
He loaned me some money before
He came to see me and
I couldn't just make him leave
So we had tea
You don't have anything else to say?
Then I'll call you tomorrow
What's wrong?
It's nothing
Hey, drenched Doped-gores!
Where have you been?
Look at all these books here
Look at these, you're hopeless
This math formula It's sickening
You truly are doped out Pythagoras
Did you find the killer?
No. I'm totally screwed
Your next door neighbor
She really screwed me up
I must be getting old
I was pretty good back in the days
but now I'm a big mess
I'm looking for another suspect,
but don't know where to look
Where is that fucker?
A mustache
Look at all these old notes
What is this?
Nothing. I was bored
Hey, this is Goldbach's conjecture
Are you still working on this?
Are you not going to drink?
I sure am
Are you getting some progress
with this conjecture?
Right. that's why no one has proved it
in several hundred years
This is difficult, conjecture
You're right
My brain is getting dull,
It's getting difficult
If I fail to prove it,
I'll ask when I get up there
Up there. He will know the truth
Whether Goldbach's conjecture
is true or false
In the most beautiful and simplest proof
You, a philosopher
Drink up
Hey, Seok-go
Are you seeing anyone?
I've been married for 3 years
Also, it's been a year since I got divorced
Ugh, I really truly don't get it
You know what my wife
said when she left me?
She left a famous line
Do you know what love is? She asked me that
She implied that I never truly loved her
But shit. think about it
What is true?
what is real?
What the fuck is real love? Shit
You said love is bitter
You said
Love is bitter
When did I say that?
Li Lilac! Right?
You remembered that?
You're a mathematician
Doped-gores is smart
I am so jealous of you, Kim Seok-go
You are awesome doing all this math
This is what's real. Mathematics
What the heck is the Perfect Number?
I'll never forget your care. Thank you
Are you up?
Yeah hey, last night
Why did I drink so much last night?
I didn't do anything weird, did I?
I feel really shitty
Good luck on your test
Are you coming straight home after school?
- Yeah, see you later
- See you
You still go to this place?
Didn't I tell you?
I always buy my lunch there
Don't you feel awkward?
Eating lunch prepared by a murder suspect?
Though you wouldn't care about
something like that
I'm going to wash up
I think I'm sobering up
It's getting cold.
Go under? Okay under
Aren't they cold? It's not summer anymore
These people here are
always the same like clockwork
So I've heard
they are precise like a clock
We're always fast or slow living life in a hurry
If we free ourselves from clocks,
will we be more punctual?
Who is he staring at?
Aren't you going to pick up lunch?
You have to eat
No, no, no. I'm not a cop today
I came as a customer
Let's see. What should I get?
What are you getting?
He always orders Good Morning Lunchbox
Okay then, two Good Morning Lunchboxes, please
Did you find out? Hold on
Sorry but do you have a piece of paper?
Okay. So what?
Hold on
Sorry. the pen isn't working
Choi Chan-min?
Okay, be right over
Thank you
Hello Mr. Nam, you came again
Here you go
How much is it?
- It's 12 dollars
- 12 dollars?
I stopped by on my way to work
I wanted to try the lunchbox you make
You're busy from early in the morning
What should I get?
Aren't you leaving?
Oh yeah. I am
Do you go ice climbing?
I heard that is great
Heard the snaps on this thing is terrific
I don't do ice climbing
but the customers have complimented on it
Excuse me, please look around
I don't think we should see
each other anymore
I came here to tell you that
I'm not saying we need to do anything right now
We have our own situations,
so let's take it slow
Did you forget everything
I've done for you?
Watch me
Watch what I will do
You're late
It's okay. No one's watching us
You were charged more
this month for the water
I hear some leaking sound at night
I was wondering if you knew
You want me to fix it?
No, it's fine
Alright then
See you later
By the way
Your clothes seem gaudy today
And your make-up is heavy
Detective Jo!
What are you doing out in the cold?
- I brought some hot
- Left the bicycle
Left the bicycle with flat tires here
Meticulously destroyed
the victim's face and fingerprints
but left the victim's things on the scene
You're saying the killer
left the bicycle on purpose?
What if he did?
And tell us the time of the murder?
Why would he do that?
To prove Baek's alibi
In order to prove Baek was in the theaters
when Kim Cheol-min arrived here
That's why the tires are flat
So no one can ride it
Then the window of time for murder is
spread out and Baek's alibi becomes insufficient
You still think Baek killed him?
What if
"Baek was at home in between 6 and 6:30"
And Kim Cheol-min was killed there
No way
How can she move the body
from her house to here in 30 minutes?
She even has no car
Did she grab a taxi?
Also, she had to rent the bicycle
She can't do all that by herself
It's impossible, right?
No way
Especially, a woman by herself can't
The victim's clothes we found here
What was the size?
What about it?
That's not important. I found another suspect
Did Ms. Baek ask you to kill Kim Cheol-min?
Hwa-sun could never kill someone
or hire a hit man
And do you think I'm stupid?
Even if I like the girl you think I'd kill someone?
Then you killed Kim Cheol-min
without her knowing?
Because in order to be with her,
Kim Cheol-min had to disappear
What did you do on November 9th?
Look here guys
When will you stop bothering Hwa-sun?
Until we have no reason to
November 9th
He's not our guy
Geez man
He has a clear motive
A motive!
So the motive
The reason
There is someone but
Yeah? Who?
But there is no motive
Write question #1 on the board
and if you have the time, do it up to #4
So you are the disciple of Doped-Goras
Excuse me?
Back in school, your teacher's nickname was
Doped out Pythagoras
Aren't his problems difficult?
Everybody says it's hard but I like it
Oh yeah? Why?
His problems have blind spots
that mislead people
It might seem like a geometry problem
But it's actually a function
You're killing them all
Go on
Yes, sir
Study hard
Let's go to the break room
What's up? Obviously, you're not here
to check out my tests
Don't take this personally
According to this, you skipped
the morning class on November 10th
And you came to work in the afternoon
What happened to you?
A cold
What do you mean?
And you were absent on the 9th
I heard that you sometimes skip morning classes
to do your math research
But the administrator was surprised
that you were absent on the 9th and 10th
Said you never took off for two days in a row
I haven't?
Is that weird?
A scrupulous person like you
It's odd you didn't come to work
for a mere cold
On top of that,
you were absent the day before
Did you go see a doctor?
What do you want from me?
I suddenly want to ask you this
Making a problem no one can solve
or solving that problem
Which is harder?
Did you pity Baek Hwa-sun?
She killed a person
I have to go
See you later
The next door. He is here
What're you doing at my place?
You're home
I'm almost done
Isn't Kim Cheol-min about 5ft 6in?
Don't they seem too big?
These fit you
Don't they seem too big for 5ft 6in guy?
Guess so
But you can wear pants however you want
I felt uneasy so I thought well and hard
But this has to be an unmotivated murder
That's why there's no suspect
You think a psychopath did it?
Usually, when a murder happens
the killer will do anything to hide the body
Bury in the mountains or sink it in a reservoir
Even if he didn't have a car
Han-river was right in front of you
If I were him, I'll tie the body
with something heavy and sink it under water
So you're saying
the killer left the body
on purpose for others to find
Yeah, he's a psychopath
He wants the world to know what he did
At least that's my guess
Then think about it this way
The killer wanted the body to be found
That's right
Then this actually makes sense
Nov. 9th Absent
Nov. 10th Absent
His problems have blind spots
that mislead people
It might seem like a geometry problem
But it's actually a function
There was an empty noodle bowl
and he was gone
So you didn't see him
the day before his murder either?
Chinese food
think it was around midnight
He asked about food delivery
I gave him the number for a chicken delivery
Over the phone?
So you've never really seen
the guy's face. Have you?
No, no wait!
You going up?
Stop right there! Hey!
Until now
I only focused on Baek's alibi
But the alibi wasn't important in this case
The problem was the dead body
But I
I hope I'm wrong
Looking at the homeless,
you said they are precise like clockwork
And you said when one gets free from clocks,
one will become even more precise
That's for people who are aware of time!
For people living within the clock!
I have no idea what you're talking about
Did you kill someone?
Even if you solve this problem,
it won't make anyone happy
Nor change anything
You think it's going to change anything?
Yoon-ah must be really gifted at math
What brings you here?
It's just that
I received these at the store today
Stay away from Baek Hwa-sun
You bastard can never make her happy
Is there anyone you know who might do this?
Should I call the police?
No, no police
You said you trusted me
that I'll protect you no matter what
Please let me in
I have to ask you something
You like me, don't you?
That's why you're helping me. Isn't it?
The past few days, you feel like a stranger to me
You sent those pictures, didn't you?
You don't want me?
Isn't this what you want?
I should've known
there's nothing free in this world
All men are the same
It's so obvious
Do whatever you want, do it
Who cares if you're a pervert
I brought this unto myself
Why are you doing this to me?
I barely escaped from a lunatic
How can I live feeling so suffocated?
What is it you want from me?
Go home
Yoon-ah's waiting
Do you love Baek Hwa-sun?
Who? Who are you?
How much do you love her?
Can you die for her? Huh?
What the
Who the hell are you?
What the fuck? Asshole
Who the hell are you?
Come here fucking
- Asshole!
- You want to die?
Who the hell are you?
You're that fucker
You sent those pictures, didn't you?
You messed with the wrong person
You crazy asshole
Did you find it?
He could be a real criminal
Look closely
Not over there, look up!
If you don't break up with him
I'm going to kill him myself
I got it
I saw him for the first time on November 9th
Kim Cheol-min
that filthy piece of trash
He was lurking in front of the apartment
As soon as I saw him,
I knew he was Hwa-sun's ex-husband
How did you know right away?
I know everything about Hwa-sun
What kind of music she listens to
What kind of things she likes to talk about
Which TV series make her cry
Since when?
What the hell happened?
Your friend is a total psychopath
Just now, he was caught in the act,
trying to kill Nam tae-woo
He also confessed
to the murder of Kim Cheol-min
And we talk through the walls
The walls?
I can hear everything Hwa-sun says
She knows that too
So she talks to me through the wall
She said to kill Kim Cheol-min
She said she's miserable because of him
So I did what she asked
But how could she date another man?
I should've killed her first
I found this in your mailbox
You received threatening calls
at the same time every day. Didn't you?
We searched the call history
from a payphone booth
The guy next door, he is a total psycho
He just confessed
to the murder of Kim Cheol-min
Stop there! Captain's going to be back soon
- Just give me ten minutes!
- Detective Jo!
Wake up, bastard
Get up and look at me
Stop with the acting
You didn't kill Kim Cheol-min
At first I thought
You took pity on Baek
and she asked for help
So you unwillingly helped her move the body
But the Kim Seok-go I know
He won't kill anyone for no reason
Because he is rational and logical
But I overlooked something
That as long as the logic fits,
you can be the most brutal person
That day, I saw the way
you looked at Baek
Oh, this bastard is in love
Then, when Kim Seok-go falls in love,
what would he do?
When his loved one is in danger
He will plan something. Right?
A flawless and perfect plan!
That's interesting but
A hypothesis needs a proof
in order to become true
Fucker! Are you going to ruin your life
for that woman?
I just confessed to the murder of Kim Cheol-min
Even if you solve everything,
my trial would've been over by then
If I get convicted in the first ruling
and I don't appeal,
then Kim Cheol-min case is over
No, no. this is wrong
You're out of your mind
This is not love
This is not real
How can you waste your genius brain?
It's not about my brain
It's my heart
You shouldn't have let me catch you
Let me ask just one favor
Ms. Baek
I don't know where to begin
I don't know what's happening right now
But I came here to confess
the things I've been hiding
Seok-go wanted me to give this to you
I don't know what's in the letter
But it's probably not
what I'm about to tell you
It makes sense you don't know anything
Because you've been doing
what Seok-go's been telling you
It's only natural that you
passed the polygraph
You never lied
On Nov. 9th, you actually did dine out
and see a movie with your niece
But you probably wondered why people
only kept asking about Nov. 9th
because you killed Kim Cheol-min,
on the 8th of November
Yes, Seok-go isn't innocent
He's guilty of a crime
Mang-won district riverside murder
Kim Seok-go is the killer
He really did kill someone
That day,
the first day of murder on November 8th
Seok-go probably contemplated
over the dead body
If the police finds the body,
they will find the real killer
Even if the body is never found
he thought you would live your life in agony,
worrying when the body will turn up
So Seok-go decided
to commit another murder
His plan was to trick us into believing
the body was Kim Cheol-min's
Just in case, no matter what happens
he couldn't back out
He perfectly blocked off his own exit
to make it impossible to undo
Seok-go made someone you don't know
into Kim Cheol-min
And kills him in the same way
So the body we found wasn't
the real Kim Cheol-min
And then some place where no one knows
Seok-go probably hid Kim's body
so that it can never be found
But you see
The person Seok-go wanted
to deceive perfectly
was you, Ms. Baek
That's why Seok-go stalked you
But then, an unexpected variable
me, popped up
Protecting someone until the end
Even taking the blame for
someone else's murder
Is this possible for a normal person? I'm not sure
Are you his family? Are you his wife?
You're not even his girlfriend
From the beginning,
he planned to take the blames for you
So now
Everything is up to you
I just don't want that stupid bastard
to be miserable
This is my heartfelt honesty
And it is the truth
I want to thank you for everything
Because of you,
I was able to keep going with my life
I don't know
I don't know!
Auntie, what are you doing?
Huh? Hand me that
Wow, you put everything in order
May I bring in the ones outside?
Until you showed up in my life
I only thought about dying
I believed math was
the only perfect thing in life
So when I couldn't find
the answers anymore,
the joy became agony and despair
Maybe it was the loneliness
- Hi
- Hi
We just moved in next door
My aunt made it
I can't guarantee the taste
Is there maybe something I can help?
It's nothing, bye
That guy is a bit
But you can't guarantee the taste?
I'm joking
You know what's in those rice balls?
That's when I realized
There's something essentially as beautiful
as the beauty of math in this world
Those rice balls were good
That's great
If you want, you can eat it every day
You really came
Hello, sir!
I'm late
Hwa-sun and Yoon-ah
Thank you so much
Mr. Nam seems sincere and trustworthy
I hope he makes you happy
Please forget everything about me
and what had happened
Don't ever feel sorry for me
If you are not happy,
all my effort becomes meaningless
If you ever turn yourself in
because of guilty conscience
There's no longer a reason for me to live
This is my last request
I'll always pray for your happiness
Always, Kim Seok-go
Seok-go, wait
Just need a word
- What is it?
- Please Seok-go
- Stop the bus
- Isn't that Baek Hwa-sun?
Can you see me?
Can you hear me?
I'm sorry, Seok-go
Sorry I said I feel suffocated
I shouldn't have said that
Seok-go, I
Seok-go! Why did you do all this for me?
You can't just go away like this
- Let's get going
- Seok-go
Seok-go, Seok-go!
Ms. Baek!
- Seok-go!
- Ms. Baek!
What will happen to him?
This is all because of me
You're the sole reason I'm still here
I'm so sorry
Ryoo Seung-bum
Lee Yo-won
Jo Jin-woong
Director: Bang Eun-jin