Yongseoneun Eupda ( No Mercy) (2010) Movie Script

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The Dream Pictures
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iKorea Export Insurance Corporation
Executive Producer
KANG Woo-seok
SUL Kyoung-gu
RYOO Seung-bum
l said, up on my signal, idiot!
The point was the flutter
right before the sunrise.
l'm sorry l got nervous.
The weather was
perfect today...
Now we have to come back
lt takes sweat to get
a masterpiece, right?
Forget it...
Let's get out of here.
- Oh, come on...
- Why did l bring him along?
Hey, did l want to be here?
You dragged me out here!
For God's sake!
Now what?!
Written and Directed by
Kim Hyoung-jun
So, she died from over-excitement
during intercourse?
A death in the saddle?
ln so-called 'sweet death,' C.O.D.
is usually heart attack for men
and cerebral hemorrhage,
for women.
That's why some say that
men takes in sex through their hearts
and women through their brains...
l'll leave it to yourjudgment.
But the autopsy showed
no sign of cerebral hemorrhage.
She was anaphylactic to penicillin.
You mean antibiotics?
But, that's used everywhere...
For an anaphylactic, even a small
dose of penicillin could be fatal.
The husband takes out a lucrative
insurance policy for his wife...
and visits the hospital to get
an injection for a fake sore throat,
comes home and
has sex with his wife.
A trace of antibiotic in the husband's
semen is passed into the wife's body.
This small hospital receipt played
a crucial role in catching a murderer.
lt looks like you did, sir.
Are you really going to leave?
Stay for another semester.
l'm sorry but l want to move on
and live with my daughter.
l'm tired of living with bodies.
So it is for Hye-won...
lt's fortunate that we have experts on
Gaucher's disease in the country now.
Hey, isn't she coming in today?
She is being delayed
by a few days.
Doesn't she know how much
her dad misses her?
Hang on...
Kang speaking.
l'll be on my way.
My mother would flip if she
found out what l do at work...
What an atrocity in
a countryside like this?
She's chopped up
pretty good.
The hell with a day-off...
Just my luck, eh?
Why should l get
socks for him?
What am l,
a personal assistant?
What's her problem?
Oi! Min!
Yes, sir!
Are you setting up the line
or what?!
People are coming across, idiot!
Yes, sir!
Hey, get out of there!
Come on, out!
Get behind the damn line!
Hey, you! Mister!
You, over there!
Where do you think
you're going?
Are you out of your mind?!
Are you all right?
l am so sorry...
Huh? Do l know you?
Class 21 of Police Academy, sir.
l took your psychology classes.
The horn-rim glasses who came
to my house for questions?
Yes, the horn-rim glasses...
You're right. l didn't recognize
you without the glasses.
lt's been over 5 years and
l never graduated...
but you still remembered me!
l'm honored, sir.
- Hey, doc!
- Hello.
lf you're done talking,
get back to yourjob!
What an atrocity in a
quiet countryside...
This way, professor.
Thank you.
Do your goddamn job instead
of knocking people off their feet!
The victim's name is Oh Eun-ah.
She has been reported missing.
What a beautiful body.
Pink nipples, a deep naval and
perfectly shaped pubic hair...
lt's upsetting to think that such
a beautiful body will rot away.
The perpetrator rearranged
the dismembered parts...
back into the positions
before they were mutilated.
Well, except for one arm.
What a psycho!
Why go through the trouble of
chopping it up in the first place?
What do you think the crime scene
and the body are telling you?
Well, if the killer placed the
body in a location like that...
Maybe it wasn't his intention
to hide it.
You're over-complicating
the matter.
Dismembering a body is
usually grudge-related...
lnvestigate the people around
the victim and it's game-over.
l'll bet it's a crime of passion
or grudge-related.
Why would a robber want to
mutilate the body, huh?
lf l were the killer,
l would've gotten rid of
the fingers and
dumped the head elsewhere
in order to impede
identification process.
But, why is only one arm
is missing?
The missing arm, he could have
misplaced it.
You can easily make mistakes
when you're nervous.
Especially when it's not
a couple of pieces but six.
lt's definitely possible. lt's not
slices of pizza we're talking about...
Let's get started.
Come on. Let's give
the man some room.
Detective Min can stay.
ls that okay with you, Chief?
Of course...
Let's get out of here.
A dead body is no longer
a person.
lt's evidence.
The C.O.D. is brain damage
from fractured skull.
Soil containing granite was found
inside the nostrils, mouth and ears.
And, trace of salt was found
all over the body.
lt appears the killer dismembered
the body by the sea
in order to avoid
cleaning up the blood
and dumped the body parts
near the mouth of the river.
The weapon used is likely to be
a long and hard object.
Most damage was done
near the crown of the head.
ln order to deliver a blow directly
perpendicular to the crown,
the killer was either
over 6 ft 6 or...
he struck his victim while
she was kneeling down.
She was struck right
on the head.
But if her face hit the
flat ground,
there is little chance that soil
gets into the mouth or the ears.
Therefore, l believe she was murdered
where there are mounds of granite soil.
ls there such place in the town?
Granite soil can be found in
a cement factory.
ll-seong Concrete, Ltd...
Because of the Coastal
Reclamation Project,
there are tons of such factories
at the seafront of Kunsan.
So, the killer murdered the victim
at a cement factory,
dismembered the body by the sea
and dumped it near the river bank.
What about the suspects?
The victim had a boy friend.
We haven't been able to locate him.
Find him!
The rest, split into 4 units and
dig up every single cement factories.
Hey, Byung-do...
Who the fuck...?
A cop, you asshole!
Heads to the floor!
So, you saw him yesterday?
At the Chung-ang junction.
Down the road...
Be precise, asshole!
At the junction... Turn right
at the second traffic lights.
Hey, Byung-do!
What the fuck?!
We're working round the clock in
How could a murder
take place here?
lsn't there a point in time
where the factory stops running?
Did you hear what l just said?
Those trucks come in
without a pause of a second.
- Easy, boys!
- This is like a fucking desert.
Detectives! Do something about
the protesters, instead of hassling us.
They don't seem to run
out of the energy.
Save the estuary!
Protect locals' livelihood!
What's going on?
Out of the way!
Be quiet! This isn't a
fucking market place!
Hey, Byung-do...
Let's have a heart-to-heart
conversation, you and me.
You whacked her because you
couldn't pay back her money, right?
What are you talking about?
l haven't seen her in a month.
l'll show you how you
can screw yourself.
Where were you on
the night of 15th?
l was feeding the horses.
l said where?!
What the f...?!
Trying to kill me with a stare,
you little fuck?
Fucking bastard!
Take a seat, asshole!
God damn it!
l told you we don't know either!
You're wasting our time and labor.
Do you have any idea how you're
costing me by the second?
The Iock's broken. Reach
underneath the door...
There's string.
PuII it and the door wiII open.
There you go.
Come here.
Hello, gorgeous!
That's my daughter.
ls she still studying
in the States?
How did you know that?
You told me when l came by
your house 5 years ago...
l remember it clearly.
You have a good memory.
She is so beautiful.
She's coming back tomorrow
for good. After 13 years.
You must be thrilled.
You have the crime scene
We found the arm in
a granite mound.
lsn't that weird that the killer
only left one arm there?
The killer murders his victim
at the factory,
dismembers the body
in the tideland...
then, goes all the way to the estuary
while leaving one arm
at the murder scene.
l think the killer wanted to say
something about the 3 locations.
There's got to be a commonality.
A commonality?
Perhaps, a message for us.
A message?
Environmental activists...
protesting for tearing down
of the embankment...
ll-seong Concrete, Ltd...
the sole supplier for the
embankment construction.
They say that motiveless crimes
are on the rise...
But, l simply don't believe that.
Fundamentally, there is
no crime without a motive.
Remember to consider
all the possibilities.
There is always a motive
for a murder.
Hey, probie! The ink on your
record card still hasn't dried.
l admire your enthusiasm but
it takes more than enthusiasm.
The granny in the canteen
has enthusiasm, too.
- Chief!
- What...
You can't let a probie present
a high-profile case like this.
l did a good preparation.
Detective Min.
Yes, sir.
You ready for the presentation?
Yes, sir.
Don't let your nerves get you.
Be articulate.
Come on, Chief!
Well. you got nothing out of
your suspect!
l'm still working on him...
Let's get rolling.
The environmental group
''l love Venus''
has been systematically impeding
''ll-seong Concrete's'' production
while continuing with their daily
protests at the seafront.
They are particularly concerned
with issues relating to River Keum.
Venus? Like the bra company?
This is a book written by the
group's leader, Lee Seong-ho.
'River Keum is a reincarnation
of Venus, the goddess of beauty.'
'But the government built
an embankment
at the at estuary
severing her waist in half
and they chopped off her legs with
Coastal Reclamation Project.'
'Now with the Grand Waterway Project,
They're building 3 lock gates and 1 dam.'
'Now the river is
cut into 6 pieces.'
'Divine goddess, forgive
the barbarity of the fools
who is tearing your beautiful
body into 6 pieces.'
'l am planning to punish
them for their foolishness.'
That's a touching story!
Venus... my ass!
What the hell's the
matter with you?
So, ''ll-seong Concrete,'' tideland
and the River Keum estuary...
Yes, sir.
The Venus and dismembering
of the body over these 3 locations.
The killer is a lunatic
environmental activist.
That's correct, sir.
But, your claims are circumstantial
and none factual.
On the day of the murder,
there was a confrontation
between the workers and the
environmentalists at the factory
and the factory stopped operation
for 20 minutes,
leaving enough time for murder.
This is the leader of ''l love Venus,''
Lee Seong-ho.
Lee suffered from polio and
has a class-4 disability.
So, the twisted foot print
and the hole represent...
The affected leg and
the walking stick, sir.
Bring him in for violation of mass
demonstration law and question him!
- 5cm apart is good.
- Okay.
Don't worry about
the damaged ones.
- Okay.
- Like this.
Somebody had a drink or two.
Lee Seong-ho?
Who are you?
- Well, l...
- The police, sir.
We have some questions for you.
What the f...?!
You're here to arrest me.
l have to pay for what l did.
The environment is on loan for
our use from the future generation.
ls it a crime to try to protect it.
You're not being questioned for
violation of demonstration law.
Oh, you said l was
a murder suspect.
Did you just laugh?
You must think this is funny.
l'll show you how you can
screw yourself!
River Keum is as beautiful
as the goddess herself.
lt provides a habitat for
thousands of migratory birds.
Coilia fish swim back up
from the sea to lay eggs in it.
So l call the mouth of the river
the womb of Venus.
Cut the crap about womb.
Are you lecturing me?
l don't care about Venus or her womb.
Just tell me if you killed her or not.
What the...?!
Because of the embankment, the
locals couldn't get their boats out
and subsequently, lost their
livelihood and left their homes.
And, the estuary died out, too.
Detective, you have interests
in environmental issues.
l learned from your book.
l supposed your family
had to leave, too.
What the hell are you
on about?
You want to get
some coffee?
What was that about?
Let's give the girl a chance.
Come on, Chief!
Shortly after losing his livelihood
to the embankment,
your father died and your sister
took her own life.
What does my family's tragedy
have anything to do with this case?
Doctor Kang?
Lee Seong-ho asked me
to give this to you.
Lee Seong-ho?
l'm sorry.
Dad, I'm arriving
on Thursday instead.
Renunciation procedure
is taking Ionger than I thought.
Your hatred for the embankment
and obsession over River Keum...
lead to staging a dramatic performance
of murder and mutilation of the body.
Detective, that book isn't
a crime novel.
lt's like saying all authors of
crime novels are criminals.
Mr. Lee, it was a fine
and dry day, today.
l'm sorry for soiling
your shoes and cane.
l sprayed some water
at the entrance.
Your foot print matches the print
we found at the crime scene
even the position of the cane matches.
What's your name, Detective?
Min Seo-young.
Min Seo-young.
Detective Min.
You have something on yourjacket.
Well done.
That was impressive.
You got yourself a killer.
Professor! We got the kiIIer!
It was a young environment
activist caIIed Lee Seong-ho.
I wanted to Iet you know
before anybody.
HeIIo? Professor?
Kang Hye-won...? She arrived
in the country Iast week.
l'm not feeling pretty right now.
Let's get this done and over with.
You said you sawed off the limbs.
Who helped you?
Why do you keep staring
at the clock?
You have to be somewhere?
Look at me!
You, crazy bastard!
Professor, what brings you here?
Where is Lee Seong-ho?
l heard you got the killer.
ln the questioning room.
He is still being questioned.
ls he trying to pierce the clock
with a stare?
Detective Yoon!
What's up?
l heard you got the killer.
Can l see him for a second?
Will you get a confession
out of him?
l have some facts
to confirm with him.
He's a total nut case.
He confessed
to sawing off the limbs...
and now he's just staring
at the goddamn clock.
We have our men out
looking for the instrument.
When we find it,
he's a dead meat.
l won't be a moment.
What the...?!
What the hell are you doing?
Why did you lock the door?
Open up! Now!
Are you listening to me?
What took you so long?
We lost the whole day.
You didn't have to go
to the airport.
Where is my daughter?
Let's have a talk about that.
Who the hell are you?
l don't see why that's important.
lt's your daughter's life that's important.
What do you want?
Cutting to the chase, are we?
l gave some thought to killing
and mutilating Oh's body
so that people will think about
the meaning behind it.
But, that wasn't very effective.
So l thought...
if l murdered and cut up Korea's
top medical examiner's daughter...
Bastard! l'll kill you if anything
happens to my daughter!
l'm not... finished...
Listen to me carefully.
l want to make a deal with you.
Get me out of here in 3 days.
Then, the victim of the second murder
will no longer be your daughter.
Do you think it's possible?
- What if it isn't?
- But, you confessed!
You're right, l did.
The police are out
to recover the evidence.
When they do, you're finished.
So will your daughter be.
You know why people get weak?
lt's because they have
something to lose.
Who the hell are you?
Do you know me?
l know you well.
You do?
Don't give too much thought
to my words.
What to do, what to do...
The clock is ticking.
Your daughter grew up to be
quite a lady.
Didn't you hear me
banging on the door?
Are you ignoring me?
Professor, You're back!
Did you find the
instrument of crime?
lt was an electric saw.
lt was where Lee said he left it.
lt had trace of blood on it.
lt's gotta be it.
Where is it?
ln the lab.
Didn't you say your daughter
was coming back today?
She's being delayed
by a few days.
Hey, what brings you here?
l heard they found
the instrument of crime.
Oh, that...
lt's right here.
l'm gonna finish what
l'm working on first.
l know it's urgent...
but, like other babies
it has to wait for its turn.
Where is Dr. Kang now?
ln the autopsy room, l think.
That professor of
yours requested for
a psychiatric evaluation
on the nutcase.
A psychiatric evaluation?
He must be going out of his mind...
He's playing a cop now
questioning the suspect...
lt's game-over once
the evidence is processed.
Why would he do that?
You have his autopsy report?
Not yet.
Are you out of your senses?!
What about the blood result?
They said it'd be ready
by tomorrow.
You're kidding, right?!
You gotta twist their arms if
you want any work done!
They won'tjust deliver it
over to you like a damn pizza!
Go make some coffee.
l'd be better off if she
didn't talk at all...
Yes, bro... Pardon?
ln the autopsy room?
Now? Well...
all right.
l'll be right over.
Detective! What brings you
here at this hour?
Shouldn't you be busy?
l said it was urgent.
Professor Kang wanted
to see me.
What are you doing here?
l'm here for your autopsy report.
Why are you sweating so much?
Do we have the result
on the blood sample?
l was about to start.
We'll have it by dawn.
ls that why you called me over?
l'd better hurry back.
Did you request a psychiatric
evaluation on Lee?
Let's have a word.
l saw Lee briefly, earlier on.
lt appeared he could barely walk
without the help of a cane.
l just can't see how such a man
could commit the crime.
Are you suggesting that
he may not be our killer?
Maybe we're relying too much
on what we see.
And l, depended too much on
the autopsy result.
But, he gave a confession and
we recovered the evidence.
He put the body on display
and gave out a confession.
lsn't that almost too easy?
l suspect there may be a pitfall.
But, we're requesting for
a warrant in the morning.
l'd better double check my report
before it's too late.
You'd better consider
all possibilities
and go over the facts again.
l never broke a regulation
in my 20 years in the force.
l appreciate that.
l have to talk to my daughter.
Call her.
l'm sorry but it's not possible.
Call her now!
lt's me. ls she okay?
There's someone here
who wants to talk to her.
He's being such a pain.
You think you can kill her now?
Where are you?! l'll have you killed
if anything happened to her!
The number you have diaIed
cannot be recognized...
l will... kill you.
Baby, where are you?
Are you all right?
Dad, I think this man is
trying to kiII me. HeIp me!
No, baby! Don't you worry.
Daddy will come and get you.
Hang in there, sweetheart.
Hello! Hello!
How can l believe that you'll
let her go if l set you free?
Do you have any other choice?
Where is the murder weapon?
l don't remember.
You gotta help me help you.
You must have taken care
of the saw.
You're better than l thought, doc!
Just answer my question.
Where is the murder weapon?
You seem to be more confident
about tampering with the evidence.
Talk to me!
People's memory is
a funny little thing.
Cut the crap!
Well, the important thing is
why did l kill that girl?
Refresh your memory.
Are you really a cop?
You don't look like one.
Just tell me what you know.
Do you know this man?
l don't think so.
Do you any man that Oh Eun-ah
used to hang out with?
There wasn't any.
Except for that Byung-do bastard.
Min Byung-do?
Was he her lover?
A lover, my ass!
He is a complete asshole.
Where can l meet him?
l don't know.
He must be feeling horses somewhere.
Feeding horses?
You know,
the screen betting shops.
Are you sure you're a cop?
Hey, Detective!
You stayed here all night
keeping an eye on me?
Do we have the result?
Yes. Only that all that effort
went down the drain.
What?! You haven't finished?
l have. Only that...
it wasn't human blood.
What do you mean the blood
didn't belong to human?
He fucked us around.
l thought it was
weird that he gave out to the probie.
All we needed was
one piece of evidence!
What did you do to his face?
lt wasn't me.
Who did that?
Find the evidence!
lt's the top priority.
Split into 3 team and search
the factory and Lee's house.
Find anything you can.
What are we looking for anyway?
Let's be simple.
Go to Lee's house and bring in
any sharp objects or tools that
may have been used as weapon.
There's gotta be something.
Hey, Min!
Yes, sir.
You stay here and get
the autopsy report.
But, finding evidence is
more important.
l told you to
get the report ages ago!
He likes you.
Go get it now.
Even if we have the evidence,
we need the report for the warrant.
Detective Min?
Professor, where are you?
I need your report.
l called in sick.
l wasn't feeling too well.
The report isn't ready yet.
ls it urgent?
I don't know...
As you suspected,
the test resuIt wasn't good.
It was dog's bIood they found
on the saw.
Chief went berserk teIIing everyone
to bring back the murder weapon.
The murder weapon?
Yeah. The assauIt weapon
that struck Oh.
When are you coming in?
ShaII I drop by your house?
HeIIo? Professor?
Hey, sweetie.
How have you been?
What happened to you?
Lee Seong-ho asked me
to give this to you.
Don't miss out a single detail.
Yes, sir.
What's with the mess?
There's a scalpel.
Over here, sir!
- Where?
- Come on! Hurry!
There is a trace of blood... and the
size and shape looks about right.
The punk left it out in the open.
No wonder we couldn't find it.
Come on. Let's go back.
Okay. Let's go.
Did she get poked by something?
lt's a cut.
A cut?
lt's not an ordinary knife but
something sharp like a scalpel.
The wound is on an awkward place.
Maybe it was inflicted on purpose.
l'm sending it over now.
Please look into the man.
Did l ever ask for a favor before?
Yeah, it's urgent.
Excuse me, sir.
What are you doing now?
You put it in the wrong way.
You should put it face down.
lsn't that Seong-ho and Pyeong-sik?
His name is Pyeong-sik.
I knew him weII.
He was an orphan but Seong-ho's father
took him in and raised him as his own.
He and Su-jin were Iovers...
But, after she died, both Seong-ho
and Pyeong-sik Ieft the viIIage.
High schooI girI gang-raped!
Victim kiIIs herself
Defendants are from
weII-do-to famiIies
SchooI-girI rape:
defendants waIk free
Park Pyeong-sik!
Park Pyeong-sik!
Where is my daughter,
you bastard!
My daughter...
where is she?
You want your daughter back?
Do you?
Then follow the rules.
l don't like this any more
than you do!
Hye-won! Baby!
Wake up!
Hye-won! Hye-won!
A possible murder weapon was
recovered from Lee's house yesterday.
Based on the lab result, we'll proceed
with the request for warrant.
ls it true that Lee committed the crime
as part of his environmental protests?
ls it related to the
Grand Waterway Project?
That'll be all for today.
Once we have the warrant
tomorrow, this case is closed.
Oi, Min!
Yes, sir.
Do you have the coroner's report?
Not yet...
He could not be reached.
Are you kidding me?
What in God's name...?!
How difficult can it be
obtaining a piece of paper?
lf you don't get it by tomorrow
We can't get the warrant.
And, drop this in the lab, too.
Yes, sir.
Was Lee a medical student?
Why did he have a scalpel
in the house?
He is a lunatic. That's why.
Something as sharp as a scalpel.
lt wasn't human blood.
You didn't leave the room
even for a moment?
l told you l didn't.
Not in the last 3 days.
Please think again.
This is really important.
That's right.
l went to the autopsy room
when Dr. Kang called me.
You were there, too.
What happened to your face?
Why did you go around
asking for trouble?
ls it because of the trial?
ls that why you killed Oh Eun-ah?
l remembered who you are.
My testimony was true
to my findings from autopsy.
Doc, you're going around in circles
when you have so much to do.
They recovered
the murder weapon.
The murder weapon?
l did everything that l could.
There is nothing more l can do.
lt's all my fault.
Please let my daughter go.
l'll still go to jail...
You could have told me where
you kept the murder weapon.
What can l do now?
lt's up to you to figure out.
Letting me out is
yourjob, not mine.
ls that how much you care
about your daughter?
What can we do now?
The time has almost run out...
Son of a bitch!
When this is over,
l'll kill you
with my own hands.
lt doesn't matter.
This is not it, either.
The blood type doesn't match.
Oh was type-O but this is B.
God damn it!
That wacko must have killed
another one.
ls he a serial killer?
Look. The thickness doesn't
match either.
lt looks good enough to me.
Does it have to be an exact match?
What are you gonna do about
the press statement?
Find a weapon that's
an exact match to this!
Pardon me?
Make one if you have to!
We know he is our guy.
We gotta nail him down somehow!
hat can l do now? We have
your confession and evidence.
You still don't get it, do you?
Maybe you aren't
as smart as l thought.
l'll ask you one more time.
did l...
kill Oh Eun-ah?
She was such an easy girl.
Easy with her body, a loud mouth...
even with her heart.
Don't you get it?
Do what you're good at.
Where are you going?
l'm busy today. Let's talk
some other time.
Did you meet Lee again?
l said l was busy.
Why did you tamper with
the evidence?
What is happening to you?
Tell me!
Just give me a little more time.
l don't have much time now.
l'll explain everything later.
Just let me go.
You are under arrest for
obstruction ofjustice.
- You have the right to remain silent...
- My daughter's been kidnapped.
Excuse me?
lf Lee is indicted,
l'll never see her again.
But, why...?
Please. You have to trust me.
Defendents: Choi DW, Lee YJ, Moon YM.
PIaintiff: Lee Seong-chan
Victim : Lee Soo-jon
Lee Seong-chan...
Lee Soo-jin...
Father, Lee Seong-chan...
Sister, Lee Soo-jin...
Lee Soo-jin was his sister?
That's really not possible.
lt's a Class A-security file.
Not many peopIe
have access to it.
Come on, for old time's sake...
l don't have the authority.
l could go to jail for this.
lt is really important.
l beg you! Please?
The case you asked about...
was a gang rape case of a school girl.
Defendants were kids from
powerfuI famiIies and
they were released on grounds of
insufficient evidence.
Witnesses incIuded Oh Eun-ah...
What?! Oh Eun-ah was
the witness?
And Prof. Kang who was
the coroner...
What brings you here?
What are you doing
to Prof. Kang?
What are you talking about?
Where is his daughter?
ls it because of the trial?
ls that what the professor said?
You think they walked because
of Dr. Kang's testimony?
Don't talk about things
you don't know.
He gave a testimony based on
his findings.
lt wasn't his fault.
This won't bring your sister
back from dead.
Mr. Detective!
What do you think
of Prof. Kang?
l admire him.
You admire him, do you?
Do you know what kind
of man he is?
l know him better than
you do, at least.
And, he thinks the same
of you, too... right?
Where is Hye-won?
You know what?
You can try to forget your past
but you can never erase it.
What you're doing now
will never be forgiven.
ls this what you're looking for?
ls it a match?
lt's a precise match.
So, it's been right under
our noses all along?
Lee gave out the murder weapon
and it matches the wound.
lf you file for a warrant now,
we'll get it in time.
Good job, Detective Min.
You are a curious cat,
aren't you?
Who is this?
I'II teII you what
Dr. Kang is up to.
Wait... Damn!
This is all l could get. He must
have kept himself busy at night.
Good job.
l didn't do this for money.
You will avenge Eun-ah's death?
Yeah. For good.
l'd like that.
What's in the bottle?
Detective! Detective!
You want to help her?
You bastard!
She was getting in the way so
l thought l'd give you a hand.
We're running out of time, doctor.
What have we got?
Lee says he'll tell us everything.
He's already given a confession.
lt must be his last attempt
at getting away.
We have the murder weapon.
There is no way.
What did you just say?
I toId her we shouId go home
but Su-jin said she wouId stay
Ionger with the boys...
l came home alone.
l paged her over and over again
but she didn't call so l went back
and found her on the beach
with the boys...
lt looked like she was
having a good time.
Don't lie!
My baby would never do that!
Please tell the truth.
Lastly, we would like to call
Dr. Kang to the witness stand.
lf a relatively inexperienced
teenage girl
engaged in a forceful intercourse
with multiple partners
the inside tissue would be
badly damaged.
No such signs were found
in the victim's vagina.
The state of the
victim's vagina suggests
that she had a
normal intercourse at best.
ls it safe to assume that
the sex was consensual?
l cannot be 100/ conclusive
but it appears
to be a case of fornication
than a rape.
Based on the eye-witness account
and the coroner's testimony,
the court finds the defendants
not guilty.
l didn't kill Oh Eun-ah.
Have you lost your mind?
What are you saying?!
My client was investigated
under duress.
He gave a false confession
after being physically assaulted.
Do you even know what
duress means?
We have the murder weapon.
Your walking stick.
Listen to me carefully.
They all know that
you're the killer.
They just don't have
the supporting evidence.
So what?
Give this to the police.
They'll do whatever to
come up with
evidence that will tie
you to the murder.
But, if they have this
then that's a different story.
So, while they hang onto this,
you'll get me out.
Overturn your statement
at 7am tomorrow.
And, when they mention
your walking stick as evidence...
l'm not the only one who
uses a walking stick like that.
Did you find any evidence on the
cane that links to the murder?
Who else walks on three
other than you?
There is no direct evidence
to suggest that you're the killer.
Didn't they find my foot prints?
Where they recovered the body is
less than 1 km from where you lived.
There is a more than enough chance
you could have been there.
Again, it falls short of proof
beyond a reasonable doubt.
What other evidences do you have
that connects to me the murder?
Dr. Kang said that even my foot prints
couldn't be sufficient evidence.
You are the killer, motherfucker!
Even if you are not!
There seems to be signs of duress,
on top of insufficient evidence.
Should we take this to court?
Ourjob is to find evidences.
The judge will make his judgment
as to whether you're guilty or not.
What now?
What do you mean Lee
is not the killer?
Dr. Kang sent me his autopsy
report this morning.
He found a trace of semen
inside the victim's vagina
and a finger print which he
missed out in his initial autopsy.
What does that mean?
He said
there was no evidence of rape...
Even if there was semen,
doesn't it belong to Lee?
The blood-type of the semen's
donor is the rare RH-A type.
lt's not a match to
Lee's blood type.
And the finger print doesn't
belong to Lee, either.
This tracks back to Min Byung-do.
God damn it. What's the matter
with the doc?
We have no grounds to
hold Lee in custody.
Let him go and have the other man
brought in for questioning.
Min Byung-do!
You are under arrest for the
murder of Oh Eun-ah.
- Don't move!
- Shit! Let go!
Let go!
Fucking bastard!
Son of bitch!
Good to see you.
Where are we headed?
Let's go home first.
We're expecting a guest.
Look at you. Here is
what you asked for.
There were two autopsy reports
on the case, though...
The one that was used in the trial
said the sex was consensual...
whereas the other said the body was
too badly damaged to determine this.
Are you saying that Professor
purged on the stand?
That case had problems
from the beginning.
The kids' parents were
powerful people.
The trial was a puppet show.
l'm sure the witnesses
were bought up.
l found something else, too.
The 3 defendants...
they all died.
Choi Dae-wook and Lee Young-je
died from car accident in Jan 2003.
And the third one got killed
in a club. lt's a cold case.
Now that Oh Eun-ah is dead,
it's the professor's turn...?
Doctor, your plan worked out.
The timing was perfect, too.
Where is my daughter?
Detective Min seemed to
think so highly of you.
She must be so disappointed after
founding out the truth about you.
Where is my daughter?!
Was that the only way?
How could you do it again?
Was it easier the second time?
l did everything you told me to do.
Where is my daughter?
Did you hurt your hand?
Be careful.
l'm sorry about your sister, too.
Do you?
l mean it. l really do.
So, please... don't do this.
Why did you do it, man?
Pardon? Lee Seong-ho was released?
Are you serious?
Prof. Kang is in danger.
Dispatch a unit now.
What the fuck do you mean
where to? To Lee's house!
Yeah, l swore.
Fuck! So what!
My family's misfortune came
with the construction of embankment.
She said, ''Fuck, so what?!''
To me!
Step on it, punk. That little
bitch will be sorry.
Easy, man.
Fuck, so what?!
Was it really an honest testimony?
My sister, a whore!
You really believed that?!
My testimony was based
on scientific analysis...
You think my sister was having
a good time with them?
A scientific analysis?
The hell with that!
Hye-won! Stay awake honey!
Stay awake!
Hye-won. Hye-won...
lt's Gaucher's disease.
lt's how her mother's bleeding
never stopped while giving birth.
The condition is genetic.
lt's so rare that the only
experts are in the States.
She is all you should think about.
But, l can't...
How else will you pay for the
bi-weekly bone marrow transplant?
They'll provide you with
means to look after her.
But, l can't do that.
lnside of the
victim's vagina is clean.
Her body has been in the sea for
too long for me to be conclusive.
Well, there is no conclusive
evidence of rape, either.
That's right, too... but...
You tell them the
facts you found out.
Just keep from saying
uncertainties like
that the body had been
in water for too long.
Are you Prof. Kang?
Who are you?
My daughter Su-jin...
She is not a girl like that.
Please tell the truth
about my daughter.
She would never do
anything like that.
l only provide facts that l found
out from scientific analysis.
Please, sir...
Don't let
my daughter die twice.
Please tell the truth.
l beg you.
l'm sorry. l'm so sorry.
lt's me who did wrong.
So, please...
l trusted you.
You should have told the truth.
Kill me. l beg you, please!
Shred me into pieces.
But, my little girl... She has nothing
to do with any of this.
What you said made
my sister a whore.
People pointed condemning
fingers at her.
And, me!
Hatred started growing.
Every night,
when l had dreams about her,
l thought of you.
l'm so sorry.
lt's all my fault.
Hye-won didn't have an easy life.
Please don't touch her.
Please let her go, please!
Hatred began spreading
all over my body like cancer.
And, l couldn't help myself.
l hear you.
lt's all my fault.
Stop it, now.
Please let her go.
But, it's too late now.
Son of a bitch!
You fucked me around?!
Motherfucker! Motherfucker!
Come on! Where is
my daughter?!
Motherfucker! Motherfucker!
Let's go to her, now.
Please let her go, please!
Grab it! Grab it now!
Let's go! Now!
Fuck you, motherfucker!
Pick up the cane. Let's go!
Stop it. l'll tell you.
So, stop it.
lsn't that Prof. Kang's car?
What the f...?!
What's he doing?
She is waiting for you at a house
near the embankment.
In the house we abandoned when
the embankment was buiIt 13 years ago.
This was his revenge.
Don't go inside, professor!
Where is Hye-won?
Lee planned out everything.
- Where is my daughter?
- Don't go inside!
- Dad's here, honey.
- Professor!
Baby... Daddy came for you.
Let's go home now.
You can't be here....
You can't be here.
l'm sorry baby l took so long.
Come home with daddy, now.
Let's go home, baby.
Wake up!
Hye-won! My baby!
Where is she?
My baby! Where...?!
Hye-won? Hye-won?!
Hye-won! My baby!
Pink nipples, a deep naval and
perfectly shaped public hair...
Where is my girl?!
My baby!
My baby...
My daughter!
Where is she?!
Dad, l think l'll have to go
on Thursday...
Renunciation procedure is
taking longer than l thought.
Dad, l think he's trying to kill me.
Help me!
like this?
Where is she?
Painful, isn't it?
Do you see what you did
to your own daughter?
Painful memory is far more
agonizing than pain in the heart.
You'll live the rest of your life
in that pain.
Hye-won wanted
to see her dad so much.
Shut up!
She cried so much saying she
wanted to see you, hear your voice...
lt was hard to kill her.
l said shut up!
Her last words were that
you'll never forgive me.
Leave this to us, Professor.
My poor girl...
She suffered so much.
Don't be so sad...
The pain only really begins now.
Was that a gun shot?
Step on it, damn it!
This was what he wanted.
l can't...
l can't...
forgive myself, either.
You know what's harder
than to die?
It's to forgive.
Because it takes too Iong a time
of agonizing pain to forgive.