Yonkers Joe (2008) Movie Script

Ladies and gentlemen,
this next race is
a claiming race for $6,500
for three-year-olds and up.
The pacers are approaching
the starting line,
and they're off.
It's Golden Girl going to the front...
They got a few
pieces down, but no craps.
B.J., crib, some wheels.
But the Rabbi's with it,
so you'll be pitching
right out of the synagogue.
Maybe they'll make
you honorary Jew, hmm?
Well, you get a
day's pay out of it,
but you're gonna have
to deal from the shoe.
We used to have
three spots a night.
Now I get a $5.00
and $10.00 poker game
'cause these fucking casinos
got the entire planet broke.
Everything is comped
with these fuckers.
You know, we could take
them off at the crap table.
Take 'em off?
The casino? Huh?
There are mirrors
on every table,
spotters all over
the place.
Fucking eye in the sky,
every 12 feet apart.
What are you gonna take,
a walk around the block?
Come on.
You know my move.
I know you got
a great move,
but the casinos put
something in the craps
so that nobody can
switch 'em.
Well, how come I never
heard of that?
It's a federal beef,
You know, bumps did
a three and change
for going against the casinos.
It's still on paper.
Look, I got to go. I got to go.
My daughter's in town.
Oh, don't worry.
Don't worry. I'll find something, ok?
What about your kid?
Uh, I don't know.
I don't know.
All right.
Well, take care of yourself.
Well, you want odds
on that come back?
No more bets.
Swing shift.
Table 6.
They're going
in and out.
Looks ok.
She in the book?
All right.
Here we go.
Here we go. Want a 4?
They're out again.
Right there.
Yeah. Go.
You've been made.
Excuse me?
What are you
talking about?
Excuse me.
Hold the dice,
Excuse me.
Could you come with us, please?
Tell 'em to grab
the beard, too.
- You too, sir.
- Me?
Absolutely. Right now.
Take your chips. Let's go.
That's ok.
We won't be long.
I didn't do--
Sorry, guys. Um, ok.
Uh, I'll be back.
Gonna take 'em to DGE.
We got her. Come on.
Miss, have a seat.
Were you cheating?
- What? I--
- Were you cheating?
I-- I--
I'm a cosmetics
- Yeah, I bet you are.
- I-- I am.
Find table four.
Zoom in on section three.
Now look, Miss,
this would all go
a lot smoother for you and...
your man if you just
come clean.
I don't even
know him, ok?
- You don't?
- No, I don't.
Look, look, I come here all the time
and nobody bothers me, all right?
This is-- this is
ridiculous. It is. Look.
Look, I'm not upset. I just want
to get out of here, all right?
Get the hammer.
A hammer? N-no.
This is insane.
- I want a cop here now.
- Oh, really?
All right, play it.
All right, freeze it.
What are you doing there?
- Um...
- Sit down.
Uh, ok.
I'm getting my makeup out.
What, I-- I can't
do that or what?
Where's the dice?
I don't know what
you're talking about.
Lady, we know our equipment.
Where the fuck are the dice?
I don't...
take a look at this.
They went out
on her roll.
Any big winners at the table?
You find anything on her?
What about this guy?
You know him?
I've seen him before.
How ya doin'?
Yeah, how ya doin'?
how's it going?
- Let me see your hands, Honey.
- Yeah, sure.
Where's the dice?
I don't have any dice.
- I know you don't.
- I don't.
W-what does that mean?
It means that,
without any money lost,
anything found on them,
no harm done.
That's very cute.
See, my bosses
are bean counters.
They need proof.
I don't, though.
I don't give a fuck what
you do out on the street.
Don't fuck with me.
Take your shit,
get the hell out of here, and don't
come back. Get her out of here.
- I'm filing a complaint.
- You do that, sweetie.
And you...
maybe it's a fluke,
you come running up
like the white knight at the
last second, but I doubt it.
Been in the game
too long.
Consider yourself the
luckiest man in Atlantic City.
Now fuck off.
What's with this rouge?
It's talc and oil.
The eye sees it
as ultra-red.
Shoots the back of
the second mirror.
That's why we couldn't
see through it.
- Well?
- Well.
Stanley was right.
They're marking the dice.
Yeah? You see it?
Yeah, I saw it.
That's just terrific because I'm not used
to getting treated like that, you know?
Come on, Jan. How was I to know
they were gonna back-room us?
- Oh, you knew.
- I didn't know.
- You fucking knew.
- No, I didn't know. Come on.
Stanley said they were
marking the dice,
so I figured you smeared
them up a little bit,
you know, make a few false
moves, get a reaction.
I mean, the worse that could
happen was they ask us to leave,
which they eventually did.
- No.
They kicked us out,
After they snapped
our pictures.
Don't you think they're gonna
pass those pictures around
to the other casinos
on the boardwalk?
No, they don't need to.
I mean, they got us on tape.
Oh, really?
That's-- that's just great.
So this casino thing,
is it over or what?
- Oh, no, no. It's not over, no.
- Great.
- Come on, Jan.
- Uh-huh.
What are you worried about?
There's nothing to worry about.
- Come on, Honey.
- Don't "Honey" me.
Yeah, it's Joe.
Yeah, the results come in
from Belmont yet?
Ooh. No, no, no.
I couldn't make it last night.
Uh, what's the spread
on Boston?
No, no, it's too high.
No. All right. I'll call you back.
Jeff. Hey. It's Joe.
Yeah, what are you
showing on Boston?
No, come on. You keep moving it around.
There's no room there.
I'll tell you what,
you know what?
Give me the Knicks
plus 7 1/2 for a dime,
and give me, uh...
give me Buddy's Revenge
in the late-night double.
$50 box. Yeah.
You know what?
I got a call.
All right, I got to go.
I'll call you back. All right. Bye.
Hey, Irene, yeah.
How you doing?
All right.
Yeah, I'll be there
Yeah. Bye.
He participates. It's not that.
They all love him.
He's always been a model client.
Then what is it?
Well, as you know,
he's very high-functioning.
He reads, he writes, he
has excellent comprehension.
It's just that his
mood swings are intense.
Irene, what did he do?
It's not just
one incident.
His whole attitude is
becoming more and more hostile.
In the 12 years that
he's been with us,
he's never used
profanity like this.
You know what? I'll donate more,
whatever it takes to get over this.
Oh, no, no, no.
It's not a question of money.
He turns 21 in three weeks.
He's got to move on.
You need to come
and pick up your son
next Wednesday
I can't take him with me.
That's impossible.
I'm a salesman. I'm on the
road constantly. You know that.
That's good.
Joe loves to travel.
He takes the buses, the
subways, everywhere by himself.
Wait a minute. What are you saying,
that I should take him to work with me?
He can't stay here.
He attacked an employee.
We have a no-tolerance rule
against that sort of thing,
and I'm gonna tell you
right now,
so will that group home.
All right. What happens
if I don't take him?
Well, then I am gonna
have to refer you
to some state-run
Come on, Irene. You know
what those places are like.
You would do that?
I'm not the one
who makes that decision.
Well, isn't there
another place
until he's ready
for the group home?
Well, there's
the Golden Angels.
It's a private facility
in Greenburgh,
but it's expensive.
All right. How much?
It's a great deal
of money, Joe,
Plus there's a lot
of red tape involved.
You mean tax forms,
work stubs,
all that nonsense?
The whole 9.
Look, the logical place
for Joe is the group home.
It's where he belongs.
He'll get a job and
he'll live productively.
That's all I want.
Well, good.
If you take him now,
he'll see what it's like
to be with family.
And in 6 months,
you can reapply for the next
transitive training session.
In 6 months?
You're killing this kid if you
put him with me for 6 months.
He was supposed to enter
the program in three weeks,
but he's simply
not ready.
Let's go, let's go.
Joe Duma's the winner!
If you can
get him to agree
To go into the group home
on his own
And stop the cursing and fighting
within the next three weeks,
I'll take another look.
All right.
There it is.
He got it.
Hey, what, do you got a little
hand action going back there?
All right.
Whose deal?
My deal.
Come on, ante up.
What time did that fuck say
he's getting back?
Why don't you just deal
the damn cards?
I'm waiting on him
same as you.
All right.
One for you,
one for you.
One for little boy blue,
and there and there
and there.
Ok, I bet that.
Yeah, I--I'm in.
I'm out.
I'll raise.
There's 14 and change
in the pot.
You can go all in.
You know that?
Hey, this game's pot limit,
not table stakes.
I can go
in my pocket.
You're betting into trip 10s.
You got to have three kings full.
I don't have
three kings full.
No guts, no glory.
I'll call.
I'm sorry, but I'm gonna
have to bet the pot.
I'll call.
Aces full.
You played that hand
to catch an ace?
There was only two out.
They were both in my hand.
You said you didn't have
a full house.
All the years I've
been playing cards,
I never seen a hand
played like this.
I think there's something
going on over here.
Something funny's
going on.
I think there's something
funny going on here!
You want
your money back?
You shuffled the cards.
You dealt them.
I can't help it
the way they turned out.
That's why
they call it gambling.
You don't like it,
take your money back.
Go ahead.
Take it back.
You're pretty good,
my friend.
Lyin', fat fuck.
Hey, hey!
What the hell you doing?
Joe, not for nothin', but how'd
you get him to deal the cooler?
I didn't see nothin'.
Got to keep your eyes on me.
I'm a little fast. Let me show you something.
Oh, Gee. Huh?
On the cut, baby.
I came in on the cut.
Double George.
What'd I tell you?
You see that?
He's the fucking
Did you see me give him
the "what do you do," huh?
Oh, yeah, real good.
Ha ha ha ha!
You're my hero.
That's it. Come on.
Let's all take a bet.
All right,
I'm clean now.
Oh, he's clean.
Ha ha ha!
It's a nice suit.
It's white.
I can see that.
You know, I'm sorry
I haven't been around much.
Been having
to travel.
Work things.
I got your letters,
I'm not much
of a letter writer.
Don't worry.
You'll be back with your
friends before you know it.
I can go back there?
Well, I mean
to the new place.
I'm not going there.
Listen, kid, you're
going to go, ok?
Let's not talk
about it now,
but let's be
realistic here.
I know a girl.
Oh, yeah?
She's pretty.
Is that a fact?
She likes me
very much.
Well, who could
blame her,
you know,
a nice boy like you?
She showed me her clit.
It's pink
and sensitive,
and sometimes
it hides on you
and you have to find it
with your tongue like this.
All right.
Let's go inside. Come on.
We have a pitching
game here in the middle of the 9th.
Got a tie ball game...
Hey. Heh!
How's my robe?
It itches.
It itches?
Come here.
Come here.
Roll here. Come on.
You got to keep your eyes on me.
I'm a little fast. Let me show you something.
All right, here.
Watch this, here.
All right.
This is called a Fast Jack move.
- Fast Jack.
- Fast Jack.
Here's what we do.
All right.
You see that?
They're pulling 6.
You gonna fade to 6, right?
We're gonna fade to 6.
Who else wants to bet?
Anybody else want to bet?
- They were red.
- That's right.
They were red.
Now look at them now.
They're white.
You see that?
You like that, huh?
See, I use the two
different colors.
This way I could watch
the switch.
I could watch if there's
any leaks involved.
See what I'm saying?
Why don't you try it? Go ahead.
All right, just--
all right. That's it.
All right, yeah.
Easy with the money.
Put the money down.
Just roll the dice.
That's it. All right.
So, Joey, um, you know,
they said that--
Miss Santini says you're giving
them a hard time over there.
Anybody bothering
you there?
- No.
- No?
They're my family.
They're your family?
All right.
And what about the guys
you live with? I mean, uh,
huh? Are they
nice guys?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Um, but, J-Joe,
you can't keep--
Just stop for a second.
Look, look. I spoke to Miss Santini,
and she says that if you keep
cursing and fighting, you see,
they can't let you
in the group home, ok?
I'm not going there!
No, what do you mean,
not going there?
- Look look, look. You got to go there, ok?
- No.
- Listen to me. You'd be on your own.
- No.
You're gonna make new friends.
It's gonna be really nice--
I said no!
Joe! Come back here!
Joe! What the hell
is wrong with you?
Get inside. Joey!
Hey! Hey!
What the hell is wrong
with you, huh?
Nice people
don't act this way.
That's right.
Stare at me.
Go ahead. Stare in these eyes
and see how much I like this.
You are gonna learn whatever
the hell they want you to learn,
And you are gonna go wherever
the fuck they want you to go,
because it's gonna be them or
me, and it ain't gonna be me.
I'm sorry, ok?
I didn't mean it like that.
Look, I know
I wasn't there and all,
But I was a phone call away, ok?
Your mother
wasn't there either.
My mother's dead!
Your mother's not dead, and
stop saying that, all right?
Just stop saying that.
Listen to me.
She took off, ok?
What was I
gonna do, huh?
Hands off, fruity pebbles.
Look, I don't even know what to
say to you anymore, all right?
What do you say maybe
I get you tickets
to, like, some wrestling matches.
How's that? Ok?
I wrestle Greco-Roman.
I tell you what,
I'll take you
somewhere nice.
Yeah. You like
nice, right?
Come on. Come on.
Let's-- everybody likes nice.
Come on. Come on.
How you doing, guys?
- Hi, fellas.
- Hey!
Hey, Stan.
Hey, Joe.
Hey, this is Joe.
That's my kid.
I'm making belly
strippers for 30 years.
Some half-ass hustler is gonna
score big with this paper,
and me?
I get $12 a deck.
Well, I've heard it before,
Stanley, ok?
Hey! Get away
from there, please.
All right, just...
it's ok.
Just tell Stanley
you're sorry, all right?
Tell his mother to go
eat a bowl of cocks!
My mother has been dead
for a very long time, kid.
Let's dig her up
and fuck the skeleton.
Oh, shit.
I'm sorry, Stanley.
I like him.
Listen to me.
Listen to me, ok?
You can't talk like this
to people, all right?
You're not
a kid anymore.
Just sit down.
Listen, I need a full line
of tops for the bait tomorrow.
What do you need?
and do me a favor.
Would you give me
the sand finish?
You know, the polished ones
are too slippery.
Yeah. In the cabinet.
Joe, I think I found something.
Two guys out of Miami.
They got a ton of money.
Perfect for the turn.
Listen, every time you want
to do something like that,
you know what happens,
you know?
These double-cross moves
always come back to haunt you.
Joe, listen to me.
These guys are rank suckers.
They go off big
in Vegas.
We can take down some
serious numbers here.
Yeah? Well, you know what?
I don't mind robbing
these guys.
I don't mind robbing anybody,
but I don't do it
with my mouth.
I do it with my hands,
all right?
I'll get that move.
someday, huh?
See these, kid?
These are tops, ok?
You know why
they call them tops?
They got no 5s, they
got no 3s, and no Aces.
You see?
We get away with it
Because you only see three
sides of the cube at once.
See that? Here.
I'll give you $20
If you can make
a 7 with these.
I think you're making
a big mistake here.
No, no, not maybe.
Maybe we can go
another way.
What do you mean?
The casinos
in Atlantic City,
What do they use to make the
dice glow, make the 7 light up?
Black light gel.
But you need an ultraviolet
lens or filter to see it.
You know, like the eye
in the sky.
Kid, come on, please.
Please stop that.
Can you get me
any of that stuff?
All right, forget it.
You know what?
What do I owe you
for the tops?
Ah, we're even.
Please. It's ok.
Let him have it.
Go ahead.
All right, come on.
Here. I'll give you $20
for trying to make the 7.
I didn't make the 7.
That's ok.
Come on, let's go.
I'm sorry about the kid,
you know.
He's, uh-- I--
- See you later.
- Bye.
Just a sec!
This is Big Joe.
Hey, Big Joe.
I'm Janice.
- Hi. How you doing?
- Good.
We got some stuff
from Gino's.
Come with me.
Janice, this is a very
beautiful house.
Oh, thank you.
I have to use
the bathroom.
Oh, yeah, sure, sweetie.
Just straight down there.
Dad, I'm using
the bathroom.
All right. Go ahead.
So what's
the problem?
I need you to help me
do something, all right?
I got to convince this kid
to get into the group home.
Well, I don't know
what the big deal is.
He seems
very sweet to me.
- Sweet?
- Yes, sweet.
Sweet? He ran out
in the street naked,
he beat the shit
out of an orderly,
and then he told Stanley
to eat a bowl of cocks.
It's not funny.
No. Well, Stanley needs
to eat a bowl of cocks.
Listen to me. I am stuck
with this kid for 6 months
if I don't get him into
that home in a few weeks, ok?
It's not the end of the world.
Joe, it's--
What's your
address here?
It's 1524 Pelham Manor.
Excuse me.
You come sit down
and eat
right here in the chair
of honor.
Want a breadstick?
Let me serve you some...
Oh. This is my high school
grad ring. See?
Hey. Hey, you. Uh-uh.
You know, your father tells me
that you'll be graduating soon
from that place
where you live.
Come on,
hurry up and eat.
Chasing the shots
is running tonight.
Well, I don't think
I can make it tonight.
What? Are you
kidding me?
I've been waiting
He's a mudder
and it's gonna rain.
Well, the problem is
you make grocery money
and I blow the whole
So who says you have
to bet on every race?
I can't bet one race.
I'm broke.
There's this guy and
he went to the doctor
and the doctor says,
"I have good news, I have bad news.
The good news--
the bad news is you have cancer
and you're
gonna die.
But the good news was
the nurse in the hall...
Um...the bad news was
the nurse in the hall--"
No, that's the good news.
"The nurse in the hall...
I'm fucking her!"
"I'm fucking her!"
He's a character.
# if you want to see her #
# tell her that you aren't
very far away #
# oh oh oh #
# we can't complicate it #
# make sure we say it #
# we have a love
we can't betray #
# I'm gonna find my way
to get to you #
# and make our dreams
come true #
# the road ahead of us
isn't far #
# ahh ah ah... #
Hey, Joe, want to bring
that music down?
Come on,
give me a break.
# you know I need you,
you know I love you #
Mr. Duma,
it's Irene Santini.
Hello, Irene.
I just want
to let you know
That I spoke to the
administrators at the group home
and they've done everything they
can, but their quota is filled,
so it's not possible
to take Joe Junior on,
not in the time
that we discussed.
I'm sorry.
I mean, come on, Irene,
he's doing so good.
He's not cursing
or anything.
The filing is done and it's
too late to begin the process.
You told me three weeks,
so what do I do now?
The next session for the group
home begins in the fall.
I told you, I can't
keep him here that long.
At this point,
there is simply no other option.
All right, what about
that place we talked about,
that Golden Gates
or something.
Oh, you mean,
the Golden Handle?
Like I mentioned, it is
a great deal of money.
What about if I'm willing to
pay the whole thing in one shot,
you know, for the year?
If that's what
you really want to do,
then I will pass on
my recommendation,
and I'm sure that
it will help.
Yeah. All right, thanks.
# used to be
all by myself #
# I needed someone else #
# to give me... #
You know, they grabbed
my picture at the casino.
Janice's too.
They got us on tape.
That's how you
discovered the gel, huh?
What were you,
playing to smear?
Ah, you know,
it don't matter.
They got you on tape,
you're fucked.
They got us on tape
doing nothing.
Janice was just picking up
the dice and throwing it.
That's it. The tape
could prove that.
You know, and I could walk
into any casino I want.
I just can't take down
the money.
Joe, you're not thinking
about going back
to Atlantic City,
are you?
No, I'm not going
to Atlantic City.
I'm going to Vegas.
That's a whole other
ball of wax.
Security in Vegas is 10
times tougher than A.C.
That's right. And if A.C. has it,
you can bet that Vegas had it first.
You better believe it.
So if we're gonna
make a move,
I say we make a move in the spot
where we can grab the most money,
and that's Vegas.
Move? What move?
Even if you can get
the dice into the game,
how are you gonna get
them back out again, huh?
A table gets hot,
every rat spotter
and high-line surveillance
device is gonna be on you.
And on top of that,
they got cameras,
they got tape
No one can overcome that.
No one.
Look, Joe, Joe.
Why are we fucking around here?
Why don't we just turn these
two schmucks from Miami?
It's a sure thing.
We don't have to take
any chances.
It's not a sure thing.
And I need money now.
You get me that black light gel
and I'll come up with something.
All right.
Here we go, my boy.
You stick with Teddy, you'll learn plenty.
Your daddy's got a set,
let me tell you,
monkey balls.
You're gonna knock all five
of these levels into the game
in one shot.
Uh, levels or fronts
are square dots,
which means there's
nothing wrong with them.
We got to get them in so your daddy
can match them up with the tops.
And the tops is what
gets us the money.
We just got to
dirty them up.
Come on.
Now shake 'em up.
Shake 'em up real good.
Yeah, real good.
Come on.
That's good.
Now, you see, now they look more
like the one's they're using.
Who's got the rest?
All right, come on.
I'm laying it down. I'm laying it.
Come on, I'll lay 150.
Come on, put it down.
Bring it there.
Clean it up, boys.
I'm laying he ain't
making it.
Come on, who wants
a lay in?
You're laying 120.
Well, look who's here.
It's aces full.
Hey, Mickey, where you at?
I hope you brought your checkbook.
I'm just jocking,
just jocking.
What you doing here?
Me? What the fuck are
you guys doing here?
I bought a row of
tickets from Benny.
I do it every year.
Got to support the locals.
Benny who?
You guys want to
dance, go find a dance floor.
I'm here
to play dice, ok?
Who's in the middle?
There's 100 open. Let's go.
Yeah, I'm a really
good dancer.
I know you are.
- Who's he?
- That's my son.
Looks just like you.
That's me. 7 away.
All right, come on.
All right, there's 300 in.
I'm good. Let's go.
I'm in for 100.
I'm laying in.
Let's go, let's go.
Come on.
All right.
Come on, come on.
Let me have the dice.
Ok. All right.
You ready?
Coming now.
Come on, baby. 6.
Ok, here we go.
Here we go, here we go.
Smack 'em, guys,
smack 'em.
I'm laying 200.
Ok, put it down.
Here we go.
Get out of here,
will you?
Get him out
of here.
That's money.
Winner, gentlemen!
A winner!
He may be fat and ugly, but
he sure can throw them bones.
$200 coming out.
Come on, I got 200
coming out.
You want to change this
for me?
Come on, come on. Don't hold
me up here. Give me the dice.
Let's go.
This guy's got bad dice.
What are you
talking about?
Let's see your pockets.
Get your fucking
hands off me.
This guy's got extra
dice on him.
What are you, fucking crazy?
I'm out of here.
He's a cheat and these
other guys are with him.
Yeah, I'll bet he's afraid
to go to sleep at night
thinking somebody's
going to steal his shoes.
Shut up!
I got nothing in my
pockets, fellas, all right?
Nothing's here. Look.
See the rabbit ears?
Nothing there,
including my money.
If somebody's cheating
here, I want my money back.
This guy cheated me
once before.
I ain't gonna let you get
away with it this time.
You know what, don't you
coat it for me. All right?
I came here, I lost my
money, now I want out.
Ok, I'm outta here.
You ain't goin' nowhere.
Come on. Let's get
him out of here.
Joe Duma's the winner!
Who's this belong to?
Come here.
The retards
like the zoo.
All right. Break
it up. Game is over.
go home.
- You ok?
- Yeah. Yeah.
What the fuck was that all about?
I don't know.
I got made going into my pocket.
Fucking Tom is still
steaming from the cooler hand.
Should have
just brushed.
We got us an awful lot of man here.
That damn knocker
didn't know what hit him.
Yeah. That's right, Teddy.
Encourage him, ok?
Encourage him.
This is the kind of shit that got him
tossed out of that spot in the first place.
Here, Fitz. Take this.
What the hell is the matter with you--
attacking this guy?
You know you're not supposed
to put your hands on anyone.
You know that! I told you:
Nice people don't act this way.
Now get in the car, Joe.
I wish you were dead
instead of ma!
Hey, hey.
Don't say that.
- I said get in the car.
- Don't say that.
- I'm going home!
- What home?!
You got no home, kid!
That place is done with you. It's over.
Now get in
the fucking car!
Fuck your mother!
Joe, Joe!
No good here!
I fucked yours. I fucked
yours and look what happened!
Huh? Look what happened
when I fucked yours!
Come on. Joe.
Calm down.
Calm down,
calm down.
Come on. Come on. I'll take
care of him. I'll take him home.
Calm down. Calm down.
Come on. God! God!
You ready up
those Miami guys.
- All right.
- I am done with this kid!
You got it.
Get in the car.
Go home.
How did
you get here?
You take the New Haven line
to new Rochelle,
Mamaroneck Road,
and then you
walk four blocks
and you catch the number 35
to new Main Street
and you walk
the rest of the way.
Oh. You know, you
could have called me.
I would have come
and got you.
Back in the bunk--
that's where I live--
I named it that,
'cause it sounds cool.
Now everybody
names it that.
My friend Brian-- he can only
take the bus when he's with me.
'Cause they
all trust me there.
And I'm never late.
My friend Brian had reconstructive
surgery on his eyes and his lip.
He's still ugly.
You really like it where
you live, don't you?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
In the morning,
in my room,
when the sun comes up
a certain way,
my face looks good.
Oh, I think your face
is beautiful.
All the time.
I hurt someone today.
I hit him good.
- He tried to hit my dad.
- I know. I know.
He told me
what happened,
and you were very
brave-- you were.
But I just don't think
it's a good idea
to hurt anyone,
no matter what.
I'd do it again.
I'll do it again if they
make me go to that place
Where no one
comes back from.
You know what?
Maybe the reason no one
comes back from there is
because, I don't know, 'cause
they like it so much. Right?
You know, your father
really cares about you.
He's just--
He just has a hard time
showing it sometimes.
Does he care for you?
He told me about
your wrestling medal.
Yeah. He did. He came right to
the racetrack and showed it to me.
You should-- I'm telling you,
you should have seen his face
When he was bragging
about you, how you won.
First place-- was, the
second class division?
- Middleweight.
- Middleweight.
That's what I meant.
I have
very powerful legs.
Yes, you do.
Yonkers Joe's not much
of a letter writer.
I know, and he can be
a jerk sometimes.
I know.
But it's just because--
because he's different
From a lot of people,
you know?
A lot like you.
Do you understand that?
I have
a very good build.
Oh. Oh, you do. I'm gonna
have to contain myself.
I'm gonna go get you
a pillow and blanket,
and you are gonna stay
right here tonight.
Go 8! Go 8!
Janice, I won!
See? You should have done
some reading about tactics.
Bet to win
and what happens?
- We won.
- Yeah. We won.
- I'm gonna get my money.
- All right.
You know where to go?
Hey, Joe. Joe.
Let's go.
Come right back.
Bye, sweetie.
He's been doing better,
don't you think?
Listen, thanks for
coming down, you know?
The kid really
likes you.
No problem.
Stop worrying.
He'll be fine.
Oh, goody, your shadow.
You didn't tell me
he was gonna be here.
Hey, Joe.
- Hey.
We were just
bragging about you.
This is Bam and Dino from New York,
but they live here now.
Good to meet you.
Dino, this is
my wife Janice.
How you doing,
Good. How you doing?
These guys, they did some
business with Carmine in Yonkers.
Yeah. We were supposed to be a part
of those British junkets to London.
- Missed a hell of a score.
- Heh.
I know all about it;
you're top of the line.
We heard what
you did in Gibraltar too.
They actually signed
the casino over to you?
It was hardly
a casino.
You know, we've been around the
counters for years, you know.
Bam here fucks with
those snappers himself.
Is that right?
I can hold up
a crap.
I got a little
bum shot going.
Ooh. That'll
get the money.
Listen, you guys
are serious about this?
They just need a few
details, Joe, that's it. Yeah.
We're not 100% convinced
about the eye in the sky.
Now, how are you
gonna block that,
even for a second?
I'm not.
I want the eye
watching me.
I want them all
watching me.
This way we don't have
to worry about a blow.
Do it again.
Hey, I'm looking right at 'em.
I--I don't see anything.
That's a good switch.
- But where's the leak?
- Leak?
Every move has a leak.
You know, an angle
where you can see
the other dice
in your hand.
There is no other
dice in my hand.
That's impossible.
It's on the back
of your palm.
Uh. Uh. I spilled.
I'll talk
to you guys later.
I'll see you upstairs,
ok? Can't talk here.
I gotta go. I'll meet you guys
back in the club house, all right?
Joe, hold on.
He's just pulling your prick a little.
Hey, Joe.
What, they got hot horses?
They're all hot to Joe.
I won.
I was number 8.
Congratulations, son.
Hi! I won.
- Joe.
Joe. Hey, Joe.
Hold on. Hold on.
My dad--he lost,
but I bet three...
Here's the works.
It's a dead
ace-deuce splitter.
- Perfect. Joe, can we--? Listen. Man!
- What?
- I couldn't get the black light gel.
- What?
Listen, man.
Let's be realistic.
We have a better shot at
moving tops on the president
Than beating a casino.
Now, listen, we can
turn these guys.
They know you're capable.
All you got to do is show them the way.
- All right?
- Yes.
- All right.
- All right. Ok. Yeah.
- All right. Let me get my kid, all right?
- Yeah.
I won.
Can I have my money?
I--I had three bets.
I was number 8.
Joey. Hi. Heh.
Hi. Come here.
It's ok.
Come on. Come here.
What the hell is
the matter with you?
- I won.
- Come on! Let's go!
- I won the money.
- I know you won. A lot of people won.
Ok? A lot of people
win with this.
What are you
doing in there?
- I won!
- Ok. That's only for the owners and the jockeys.
You cash the tickets up there. Come on.
It'll be all right.
Just come on.
Hurry up.
Hey. Is he ok?
Yeah. He's ok.
Hurry up. Come on.
I got to put
that bet in, ok?
- Joe?
- Come on. This horse!
I got to bet it now.
Come on!
You want to tell me
what's going on?
- Just come on!
- Aw, jeez.
Come on, Janice.
I don't want to get shut out, all right?
I only got one play
today and this is it.
Ok. Fine.
Just tell me what's going on.
These two guys from
Miami, you know?
They're half-assed
They think they're with it.
They don't even know they're alive.
Come on.
Stanley wants to put
'em through, you know?
Come on. Let's move
here, please.
Cut the crap, ok?
All right, Joe. Look.
That's where you cash your tickets,
right over there.
Go over there,
cash your tickets. Ok?
Go ahead. And then come right back here.
Come right back
when you're finished, ok?
Look, Stanley wants to
turn these guys, Janice.
That's why
we're down here.
"Turn"? What does
that mean?
He wants to take 'em to Las Vegas,
you know, play it on the square.
Use their money.
Take a shot with it.
Well, why would
you do that?
Well, why not? They think I'm
gonna move loaded dice to the game.
We told them up front,
"you could still lose with loads.
there's no guarantee."
I pretend to move.
We use their money.
Right? If we win, great.
- If we lose, it doesn't cost us nothing.
- Wait wait wait.
Pretend to move?
I don't get it.
What advantage
does that give you?
You'll be gambling
on the square.
Wouldn't you want
someone to give you
- 100 large to Gamble with?
- Yeah.
I mean, 'cause that's what
they're coming up with-- 100,000.
But it still doesn't
mean you're gonna win.
You know,
this is ridiculous.
If these sick degenerates
didn't have to bet every horse
in the goddamn race,
I could've been down by now.
Just tell me
what's going on.
No more bets.
Do you believe this?
That's 'cause everybody's
gotta bet every horse.
Hey, hey. Joe. Joe.
Come on.
Look, Stanley will go off with
half that bankroll in chips
if the dice
don't go our way.
We will get the money.
What happened to you do it
with your hands, not your mouth.
What happened to that?
You know what, Janice?
I don't like it, either.
But I'm tired of
the whole thing, you know,
and I'm tired of Stanley;
I'm tired of these guys.
And you know
something else?
- We're not qualified to take care of the kid.
- Shh!
Can I tell you
something? Can I?
- Yeah.
- Just one thing.
You're full of shit.
- Did you get your money?
- Yeah.
# there's just
one place for me #
# this is it #
# yeah, just
one place to be #
# this is it #
# I'm so happy
to be here #
# when I look around
it's clear #
# yes, it's perfectly
plain to see #
# there's
the cream of the crop #
# this is it #
# on my list
at the top #
# this is it #
# couldn't ask for
nothin' more #
# like a home that I Adore #
# if there's one place
I fit, this is it. #
Come on.
to the grand plaza.
There's no obligation
to buy.
Your prints
will be at the counter.
Honey, we'll take
our own pictures, ok?
Thank you.
Holy shit.
These guys must really
want to impress you, huh?
Yeah. It's all right.
Ha ha! More than
all right!
Thanks for helping out
with the kid.
Yeah. You mentioned
that already.
Viva Las Vegas!
Hey, suckers!
Hey, Teddy.
Do you know they've been
together for 20 years?
Who's that, my man?
- My balls.
Hey, that's pretty good, kid.
I gotta remember that.
what do you think
of these egg rolls?
Not much.
There's nothing for me.
Oh, God. Give me that.
Lookit here.
These egg rolls.
These egg rolls has dropped from
a $40,000 allowance
to a claimer.
He should win
going away.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
He's also the favorite,
got the best weight,
the fastest time, and
everybody's picking him.
- That's right.
- Can't possibly win.
Oh, God.
You are the worst handicapper
I know, you know that?
What do you
wear that for?
- I don't know. 'Cause I like it.
- Yeah?
'Cause I like you.
- Hey, Jan.
- Yeah?
Remember those monitors
at Atlantic City?
Yeah. Why?
The camera.
I could get in so close
to the shooter that
I could actually see
the dice in their hands.
I mean, but how could the camera
stay on everybody at the table
at the same time?
- If the person--
- Wait, wait, wait.
Could we just talk about
something else, please?
This is important, Janice.
Like what?
Like, I don't know.
How about your son?
What about him?
Well, ok, I-- I
think it would help him
if he knew that you
cared about him, you know?
So he could do well
at that group home.
They're not gonna
let him in the group home.
What do you mean?
Why not?
Red tape bullshit.
I don't know.
I spoke to the woman
that runs the place.
You know, she told me
about a spot that--
it's like the Taj Mahal
for kids like this.
It's very expensive.
That's why we got to
make this score, Janice.
Wait, wait, wait.
You don't got to put him in that place.
Listen... has it really
been all that bad?
You know, the time
he's spent with us?
Why don't you just
let him stay awhile?
I-- I'd help you out.
I would.
You want to get
realistic here, Janice?
Why? He's your
fuckin' son.
I mean, he's your blood.
What's more realistic than that?
You believe in God?
Do you believe in God?
- Yeah. Why?
- Yeah. Well, so do I.
Nancy and I were
young and healthy.
She was pregnant.
I don't care what the doctor said.
You know, I didn't
push her; she fell.
'Cause we were going at
it like two stupid jerks,
- like animals.
- Wait, wait, wait.
Are you saying that that's the
reason he turned out this way?
How could a mother take
off and leave her kid?
How could a woman
do that?
I don't know, but it's got
nothing to do with who he is.
It's payback
for what I do.
What the fuck
are you talking about?
Come on.
I'm always figuring,
figuring it in my head.
And his head
don't work.
It's fucking perfect.
His head works fine.
And if you believed that,
you should have quit
a long time ago.
Hey. I gotta live.
Ok? I gotta eat.
This is what I do.
Nobody gets a pass
in this life, Janice.
And this kid is
my fucking sentence.
You know what?
You're a fucking asshole.
You got a kid who loves you,
who needs you,
and for whatever the fucked-up
reason, you won't let him in.
You won't let anyone in,
and you know why?
Because you got
no fucking balls, man!
You're so fucking scared,
you can't even see.
You know what?
I'm out of here.
I'm going home.
- This is stupid.
- No. That's not true, what you said.
- Oh, it is true.
- That's not true!
What are you looking at?
You can't see me anyway.
It's not even
about us anymore.
It's about your kid,
who's more of a fucking
man than you are.
- The kid doesn't even like me.
- Oh!
That is such
You are so fucking
full of shit!
You know, I may be old
and I may be ugly,
but I am not
full of shit.
You want to know why
I wear this thing?
I wear it all the fucking time.
You want to know why?
Because it reminds me
of who I am.
A dumb, Yonkers girl
from Lincoln High.
I have done fucking
nothing with my life,
but I don't bullshit...
and I promise you...
we got a chance to do
something good here...
and you are fucking
blowing it.
I mean, you're ask--
I don't know what
you want me to do. I don't.
You're not ugly.
It's all right.
Oh, jeez.
What are you doing?
What's this?
A present for you.
Oh, that's so sweet.
I love the wrapping.
- It's pink.
- Yeah. Ha ha!
That is
definitely pink.
"The plaza." Hmm.
Oh, my God, it's us.
Ha ha ha!
Look at you.
Oh, you look
so happy there.
Look at your father.
He's got a little smile.
Oh, oh, I love this.
Thank you so much.
My friend Joe.
Come here. Mwah!
Mm. Oh, I'm sorry.
Oops. Ha ha! Yeah.
Oh, that was
so sweet of you.
Thank you.
Ooh. Ooh. Heh heh.
Ok. Oh, no.
No, no, no, no.
That's enough.
That's enough.
No, no, no, no.
Joe, Joe, Joe, stop.
Hey, hey, hey,
slow down, Joe.
Hey, what
are you doing?
Come on, J--
Joe, come on.
Stop it. No.
No. Please.
Please don't do this, Joe, please.
Joe, don't do this.
Joe! Joe, get off!
Stop it! No!
Stop it! No!
Goddamn it!
Get off me!
Get off me! No!
What the hell
is wrong with you?
Huh? Huh?
Are you crazy?
You son of a bitch.
- Huh?
- Get off.
What the hell
is wrong with you?
You hurt her?
You fucking
hurt her?
Stop. Please.
Please get off.
Leave him alone.
He'll never change,
all right?
- Are you all right?
- Yes.
- Are you all right?
- I'm ok.
Bring him back,
Go get him.
Oh, shit.
Hey! Look at me.
Look at me. Huh?
What you did--
What you did
was inexcusable.
You hurt somebody
who cares about you,
who loves you very much.
Janice loves you.
Everybody loves you.
Just let me go home.
I'll be right again.
You don't have to see me.
You don't have to write me.
Just let me go
back to the bunk.
Don't you think
I would if I could?
I know how bad you
want to go back there,
- But there's no going back.
- Fuck you!
Fuck you. You turned
your back on me,
And that's a rotten
fucking thing to do.
Stop it, Joe.
S-stop it.
I shouldn't have done that.
- I shouldn't have done that.
- Joe, listen to me.
- Listen to me.
- I don't belong here.
I have three chromosomes,
and you have two.
That's why I'm
so fucking ugly.
Nobody's ever
gonna love me.
You know
that's not true, huh?
There's something
out there for you.
We just got to find it,
that's all.
I'm not gonna
turn my back on you.
You went through
some shit now.
Every man goes
through shit.
Every man has got
problems, right,
And you're a man,
I wear musk for men.
That's right.
Listen to me.
We're gonna do this
together, ok, me and you.
You're fine.
You're not ugly.
You're ok,
but right now,
you're gonna go upstairs,
and you're gonna apologize
to Janice because that's
what a man does.
Now come on.
Come on.
What's out there?
There's nothing
but desert out there.
Come on.
There's the shuttle
to New York.
I know.
Joe has something
to tell you.
I'm sorry.
All right, all right.
Come on.
Sit down.
Just sit down.
Listen. He was screaming
your name out there.
He's-- he's sick
about it, Janice.
I mean,
he knows he's wrong.
Are you
still my friend?
I'm your friend,
And I want
to forgive you,
But you can never, ever
do that again to anyone.
That is not how you show
affection to a woman.
- Men don't act that way.
- That's right.
That's exactly it.
That's it. That's it.
It's all right.
It's all right.
Shh, shh, shh, shh.
It's ok.
Shh. It's ok.
It's ok. It's ok.
I know.
Joe, it's me.
Open up.
What's up?
Well, what's
going on here?
Look. We got two apples
building at the table downstairs.
We got to make
a move right now.
I'll be down
in a minute.
Oh, Jesus Christ.
You know you're gonna put
me in a hell of a jackpot
with these guys if we
don't do this thing.
You put yourself
in the jackpot, ok?
- Listen. I came up with something.
- What?
What, what, what?
You came up with something?
- Yeah.
- Well, then tell me about it.
I want to know
right now.
- I mean--
- Uh, Joe. It's ok.
It's ok.
I'd like to hear it too.
Let's do it. Come on.
Hey, come on.
- Hey.
- Hi, Stanley.
The eye in the sky
is gonna be watching me
because I'm
the shooter, right?
What happens if I grab
the dice with an open hand
and show that I have
nothing in it?
Oh, come on, Joe.
How you gonna make a move
with nothing in your hand?
You're the expert,
When the player shoots
and the dice are in the air,
- can you see them?
- What?
Can you see the dice
in the air?
Well, there's no reason to even
look at them when they're in the air.
As long as they hit
the backboard,
nobody touches them,
what's the matter?
- That's right.
- Wait a second. Wait a second.
Are you saying that you can
switch the dice in midair?
I'm gonna show you.
Joe, come here.
I want you
to sit over here.
I want you to help me out
here with this, ok?
Here. Put this
over here. Come on.
Just sit down
over there.
All right? Here.
Ok? All right.
Ha ha ha!
See, here's
what I'm gonna do.
Here. Watch.
The eye in the sky
is gonna see this.
I'm gonna pick up the dice
with an open hand, right?
Now watch.
Good job, Joey.
I don't understand.
What just happened?
Yeah. It couldn't
be more simple.
I hold on to one
of the die.
Do you understand?
I only let one go.
Stanley, come on.
I'm gonna whip it
really fast, right?
When that dice hits
your side of the table,
All you have to do
is let go of the load.
You don't even
have to look.
Do it just
like Joey did.
Just let it go.
Let it fall down.
Come on.
Janice, you'll be
on my right side.
I could cling
to you afterwards.
Well, that's still
only one die.
What about
the other one?
- You do it twice.
- You do it twice.
What's the matter?
You never made two moves before?
That's great.
It's great.
- Eh, no. It won't work.
- What?
You don't have
the black light gel.
I got it.
- You got it?
- That's right.
I got it.
It's back home.
We could be back
here in two days,
And one more thing--
Teddy remains.
Joe, the Miami guys
are my play.
I put it in motion,
What do we need
Teddy for?
Because the Miami
guys are green.
That's why I need
you and Teddy
At the table
to guide them.
They don't know
what they're doing.
We got about 8
or 10 rolls
Before the heat
comes down,
so every bet counts.
I don't need to wake them
up with any bad money plays.
Ok. All right.
Now, how you gonna get
the loads out of the game?
I'll move them out.
You just get them in.
Then you're clean.
You got nothing on you.
We ain't
bullshitting nobody.
All right. All right.
Let me go down,
deal with them.
Thanks, Travis.
That's a half
a yard for you.
It's a 3-4 splitter.
Combine this with the ace-deuce
and knock out the 7s.
Hey, that combo is gonna
make us a lot of low numbers.
mostly, 4s, 5s.
Now, I reversed the
deuces on the weight
So you can
identify them.
Now, the spots,
they go
From the right
to the left
When the 6
is up.
- Can you see that?
- I see it.
All right. Here.
Watch this. Take a look.
- Oh, damn.
- What do you think?
Yeah. I got to admit it.
The gel is great.
It's the same shit
they stamp your hand with
At the track in Miami.
I got it at the raceway.
You have any problems?
Nah, nah, nah.
Just melted it down.
No. It's perfect.
I can't
make the drop.
I thought about it
for a long time.
If I get made,
I'm ruined.
I mean,
I blow my business,
My license to sell,
it's a good idea.
No. No, no, no.
It's a fucking
great idea.
I just
can't do it.
I mean, come on.
The only way we could
have a problem
Is if you don't
drop the dice.
I mean, I've seen you
make much harder moves
For much less money.
Joe, even if we get by,
this is Vegas.
They get wind
of my business,
They're gonna know
that I'm around mechanics.
I don't mind
lumps for trumps,
But, you know, we can
wind up in the can here.
I still think
our best bet
Is to turn to
these Miami guys.
I mean, they're
raring to go.
They'll do anything
you say, you know?
Why don't we just stick
to the original plan?
That was never my plan.
Oh, damn it, Joe.
I'm a hell of a lugger and
a pretty good takedown man,
But I ain't never been
much of a mover.
- You know that.
- What mover?
We're talking about
opening your hand
And let the dice
drop out.
Joe, you know,
with your past, this is not
gonna be like bumpsy, you know?
They're gonna throw
in a conspiracy charge,
and you'll do
a dime over this.
Is this worth 10
years of your life?
All right.
All right.
- I got an idea.
- What?
Well, I think
this might work.
The kid.
Let him do it.
We already
know he can.
How's that?
I seen him
do it.
It got by me.
anything happens,
What are they
gonna do, huh?
They take one
look at him.
They slap him on the hand.
They throw him out.
I could do it.
I'm good at this.
Damn right.
It could work, Joe.
Yeah, right.
The skies will fall
from fucking heaven
before I involve
my son in this.
Ok, Joe. All right.
Then what do you
want to do here, huh?
We got these guys
waiting back in Vegas
You want to see that money
go out the front door?
Dad, I could help you.
I could drop the dice.
That's not why
you're here, Joey.
Jesus Christ,
What are we
gonna do here?
Look, Joe.
Why don't we just turn
these Miami schmucks, huh?
Otherwise, they're
gonna lose every dime
of the money,
every dime.
He's right, Joe.
I mean, is it better that
we let the casino get it?
Come on, Joey.
Let's go.
Well, I still
don't understand
why you're marking dice
you're not gonna use,
and don't give me that bull about
them wanting to see them after
because I'm the one who's
supposed to get rid of them.
Oh, fuck.
You're gonna make the
move yourself, aren't you?
- You're crazy.
- No. You're fucking crazy.
You can't do it,
ok, not alone.
I got the gel.
I get the dice
in the game, I'm clean.
You get out of there,
they got nothing.
- The bad dice will still be on the table.
- So?
So they'll find them.
That's right.
They can't prove it's me.
No. It's crazy.
You know what?
I'll do it.
I'll make the drop.
No. I can't.
I got to cling to you.
Ok. Then I'm
not going in.
I'm not. I'm not
gonna help you, ok?
It's nuts.
Are you telling me you want
After what happened?
Especially after
what happened.
I could help you, dad.
All right.
I could help you.
- What are you doing?
- I could help you.
What are you
doing, huh?
I could
drop the dice.
I could help you.
I could drop the dice.
I could make the move.
I could help you.
Dad, I could
help you.
All right.
Go wait over there.
Go ahead.
Joe, what
are you doing?
Just wait
over there.
Look. He could
drop the dice.
We could tell him
to wait right here
for us
at the Vegas club.
Are you fucking crazy?
You can't pressure him,
and he won't freeze up.
if anything happens,
I take the blow, not him.
And if you do take the blow,
what happens to him?
Right. You hadn't
thought of that.
Forget about it.
It's a bad idea.
listen to me.
You're gonna use
your son like this?
- It's not about me this time.
- Bullshit. Bullshit.
- It's about you.
- No. It's not about--
Hey, listen to me.
It's not about me this time.
It's about him.
I'm telling you,
he has caught
Every bad break
a human being can catch,
including me for a father.
All he wants to do
is help me,
And I have done
nothing for him.
I don't buy it.
Janice, I've been
alone all my life,
but I'm never lonely
until I look at this kid.
Right or wrong,
I want to help this kid
right now.
Please, let him feel
like he's part of something.
He's part of this.
Let him help me,
He could do it.
I know it.
- Ok.
- Good luck.
Come on.
Can I get you
- Yeah. Give me an iced coffee.
- Sure.
Mopping all the hard ways.
- Shoots. 6.
- All right. Ok.
Keep the change.
get them, baby.
Get hot. Get hot.
This is your night.
Come on, man.
Let's go.
Roll the dice.
Roll the dice.
Come on.
Come on.
- 8 is the point. Mark it.
- All right.
Line away.
Come on, shooter.
Make some money here.
Number 7.
Lucky 7.
- 8. An easy 8.
- Nice, nice, nice, nice.
All right. It happens.
It happens. It happens. Yeah.
New shooter
coming out.
Yo, 11 and
around the world.
Not any craps
And make sure those
hard ways are lucky.
Little Joe.
Let me have
the 5, 6, 8, 9, and 10,
And, here, put this
on the 10.
So, what do you got,
Give me odds on 4.
Let me have
the 9 too.
All bets down.
Hey. Hey, how you
doing today?
Do you happen to
have any I.D. On you?
I'm good at this.
I'm sorry, kid, but
if you don't have I.D.,
I can't have you
at the table.
Hey, leave
the kid alone.
Pop, come on, brother.
All right. Let's go.
Give me the 4.
- 6.
- Looking for a 4.
Hey, kid,
I'm not kidding.
You got to get
out of here.
Come on. Now.
Give me full odds on the
nickel and all the numbers.
Probably his kid.
Yeah. Need more
money, my man, more money.
Give me that 4, man.
Give it to me.
A 5. 5.
Pay the man.
Pay the man.
You watch it. You watch it.
We're still alive.
One more time.
number right now.
- Yeah! Yeah!
- Nice.
Nice dice.
Dice, come on!
Makes the carry over
from the 5.
A 5.
Press it up
one more time.
One more time.
Another 5.
Believe that, pal?
Want you to hold it.
Chips coming in.
Watch the layout
over here.
Come on, boy.
Come on, daddy.
Come on, daddy.
- 4 is the point.
- Yes.
Keep doing it.
Come on. Come on.
Now. Now.
You should take
them out now.
Don't whisper.
It wakes up the dead.
All right.
Hold those dice.
Bring them in.
Bring them in.
Sir, would you
open your hand?
I said open your hand.
Give him the dice.
Look at table
craps 19.
Make sure
they're our dice.
Thank you.
Looks good.
Let me check
the shooter.
Shooter is clean.
Change the dice.
Give him that.
They're in the middle
of a roll.
What kind
of shit is this?
Nobody changes the
dice when I'm losing.
Very good point.
Very good point.
Hey, quit cock
blocking, will you?
I'm on
a streak here.
He's right.
What is this,
a schoolyard game?
You know what?
This is bullshit.
They shouldn't switch the dice.
That's for you.
Thank you.
Yeah. Take me down, too.
This is bullshit.
Had enough with this shit.
Take me down.
Give me
a couple reds.
Excuse me, ma'am.
May I have the glass, please?
Oh, I'm just gonna--
Ma'am, you can't
take out the glass.
Pass the dice.
I'm out of here.
I'll be right back, ok?
Ma'am, you can't
take out the glass.
can I just finish it?
Color me up.
I'm done.
That was some move
you pulled.
- Joe, Joe JR. Is not in there.
- What?
I talked to them.
He said
he never came in.
- What are you talking about?
- I don't know.
I've been walking up and down
the strip looking for him.
All right.
Stay here in case he shows.
- Where are you going?
- I got to go find him.
What are you doing?
You can't go back in the casino.
Where else am I gonna go?
It's the only place he knows.
All right,
but don't panic.
- I won't panic.
- All right. Joe!
Joe, where you going?
Come on.
The bus will take me
all the way
to Grand Central Station
in New York City.
Then I get
on the number 7
to route 100,
and it takes me
all the way home.
Come on. What are
you doing here?
I called Miss Santini.
You have to dial
a 1 first.
She said Janice
sounds very nice.
I told her
that I was sorry
and I want to go
back to the bunk.
You know, this greyhound must
be a three-day ride, you know?
Two days, 10 hours,
and 50 minutes.
I told Miss Santini
that every man
has got problems,
and I'm a man,
and I have problems,
but my dad says
that the group home
sounds like a nice place,
and I believe him.
She said that
I could go home
until the group home
is ready for me,
and in 6 months, they're
gonna need me very much.
Yeah. Well, I need
you very much.
I want you to stay
with me.
I want to go
to the group home
and get a new job
and meet new friends,
but you can write me.
You can write letters
if you want to.
Ok, but I want you
to come home with me
and Janice, ok,
on the plane, all right,
And then we'll
talk about it.
I love you, dad.
I love you, dad.
I love you very much.
I know.
Hey, wait a minute.
You take this money.
Take some money.
Need some money?
Here. When you
get back there,
you call me, all right?
I'll be
waiting for you.
Joe Duma the winner.
Ha ha ha!
What happened?
Did you find him?
I found him.
Where is he?
He went back to
the place he likes.
You let him go?
He let me go.
You're not gonna
believe me, Janice.
What happened,
he called Miss Santini.
He got on a Greyhound
bus by himself.
He had maps, schedules.
He had everything
all planned.
You should see
how happy he was.
# now that the words
have all been spoken #
# and hang like the fog
across the bay #
# some of the trust
has since been broken #
# it doesn't have to be
this way #
# where do we find the will #
# to carry on? #
# it's there in the eyes
of beloved ones #
# where do we find
the strength #
# to pick ourselves
up off the ground? #
# it's on the smiles
of the young #
# what of the eyes
that gaze upon me #
# and lower as I go
passing by? #
# what of the trust
that came before this #
# and what about the tear
in their eyes? #
# where do we find the will #
# to carry on? #
# it's there in the eyes
of beloved ones #
# where do we find
the strength #
# to pick ourselves
up off the ground? #
# it's on the smiles
of the young #
# where do we find the will #
# to carry on? #
# it's there in the eyes
of beloved ones #
# where do we find
the strength #
# to pick ourselves
up off the ground? #
# on the smiles
of the young #
# on the smiles
of the young. #