York Witches' Society (2022) Movie Script

[introduction music]
[eerie music]
-[birds chirping]
-[church bell chiming]
[Heather screaming]
[grunting and groaning]
[Priest] The people have spoken.
-Let me go!
-You've consorted with
and borne their offspring!
I am compelled to
deliver your judgment,
Heather Gray.
-Shame on you!
[bell chiming]
[crow squawking]
-One last chance,
Heather Gray.
Confess, admit your sin.
You are the last witch
in England.
You have consorted
with the devil.
And then I will ease your pain,
and slit your throat
before you burn.
-You have a daughter.
Think of her.
I will find her,
and I will slaughter her.
Won't you please
our young King James?
Admit what you are.
You have consorted with a demon.
-It is time.
The men I told you about,
they're coming.
-Tell me where the child is,
and I will be lenient.
-The bad men?
-Yes, the bad men.
[chain clanks]
-Do not say I was unjust.
-[Heather grunting]
[fire cracking]
[Matthias] I'll find your spawn,
if it's the last thing I do.
I will follow you through Hell.
I will wipe your filthy
bloodline from this earth.
-I curse you.
Matthias Alistair.
So long as a Gray walks
this land.
Take this.
The Goddess will keep you safe.
.your soul is cursed
and forever damned.
I curse you!
I damn you to the hell
that is neither death nor life!
I curse you!
[incidental music]
[birds chirping]
[sentimental music]
[indistinct distant chattering]
[bell chiming]
[ominous music]
[gravel crunching]
A's across the board, Chris.
I swear it.
-You don't
need to convince me.
Grades is the least
of my concerns.
-Ah, yes. Here we go.
The old "Don't
forget to socialize."
-Making friends is an
important part of life, Amber.
It hasn't been easy for you,
all this moving around.
Now's your chance to form some
real bonds if you can just.
I won't be here forever.
-[bell chiming]
-I should go.
comes in many forms.
Not just through study.
You know.
-I have to go.
-I have something for you.
It's here somewhere.
[birds chirping]
-Chris, it's.
-It's been a tradition
between mothers
and daughters in your family
for generations.
Your mother would have wanted
you to have it today.
-Thank you.
I'll make you proud.
-You already have.
Goodbye, Amber.
[footsteps receding]
[button clicks]
[car trunk closes]
[door opens]
-[Kirsten] Hi!
I'm Kirsten.
Your roommate.
-Hi. Oh, okay.
I'm Amber.
I thought that I--
-You thought
you had your own room.
But this is cool, yeah?
-All the rooms here
are shared.
[door closes]
[gasps] Wow.
I love your pendant.
[objects clanking]
I didn't think
anyone was gonna come.
I mean, you have missed
all of Freshers week.
[chuckles softly]
Um, so have you
joined any clubs yet?
-I just got here.
-Yeah, it's my thing.
Look, I have managed to
distill the perfect blend
of social groups
in order to support my
personal, creative,
and social growth here.
-That's crap.
You don't need that.
Yes, I do, Ambs.
I'm the first person in
my family to go to uni.
That means I intend to network
the shit out of this place.
I think I just about have
the balance right too.
-Well, that's great.
-All but one.
The York Witches Society.
[eerie music]
[Amber] The York what?
-The preeminent
social group.
They're playacting the witch's
thing for sure,
but it is symbolic.
I mean, strong women
and all that.
The elite.
They have influences
in all the key positions
around the university.
They are the who's who of who.
Entirely too exclusive
for the likes of me.
-Sounds more like
the York Bitches Society
if you ask me.
But you do what you like.
I'm here to study.
-Her eyes seem to twinkle
With her smile
She flips
-Heya. Do you wanna hang out?
-Her golden hair
as you walk by
-I mean, I'm working, so.
-She's trying
To be the girl you need
As sweet as candy.
Like candy.
-[door squeaks]
-You're welcome.
Gotta go. Film club.
Wanna come?
Okay, bye.
[door closes]
[Amber] I'm really considering
dropping Dr. Cooper's class.
If it wasn't mandatory,
I'd have done it by now.
-But we're just
getting to the exciting stuff.
The Reformation.
She is coasting, though.
She's phoning it in.
Been trotting out the same
lectures for the past 20 years.
-[eerie music]
-[Kirsten gasps softly]
-What is it?
-It's them.
The York Witches Society.
[receding footsteps]
[eerie music]
-Well, that's the
saddest thing I've ever seen.
Come on, let's get some lunch.
I stand corrected.
[eerie music]
[camera clicks]
[Dr. Cooper]
The Malleus Maleficar , m
or TheHammer of the Witch .
A guide to finding, torturing
and exterminating witches.
Followed closely by King
James's own book, Demonologie,
which expanded on how witches
consorted with Satan
and kickstarted
the witch trials.
Thanks to the printing press,
it went viral.
[student chuckle]
-Single mothers,
old women with dementia,
disabled children.
Oh, yes, [sighs] there were
methods of torture
and killing children and women
that have yet to be equaled.
Burnings, savage beatings..
[projector clicks]
This brings being stoned
to a whole new level.
-[student chuckle]
-[projector clicks]
[eerie music]
-Is that all you have to offer?
-Well, I think we're just
about out of time here.
-I said.
-[projector clicks]
-.is that all you have to offer?
Some snide remarks?
This violence against--against
the innocent, against women,
against anybody
who is different.
[Dr. Cooper] Was different.
is that Amber?
This is history.
I suggest
you read a few papers,
and, uh, we can discuss
at your next seminar.
-[Amber] I've read your papers,
Dr. Cooper.
Your abysmally small body
of original work.
I see from the date
of your last thesis
that your academic achievements
are few and far between.
In fact, it's been years
since something relevant
to contemporary academia
or social change
has come from your fingertips.
You, Doctor. you dispense
the gruesome details of the past
like it's a shopping list,
reeling off the blood and guts
of the darkest time
in our history,
and all you have to bring
is some tired jokes!
By the end of this,
we will have learnt one thing:
What true, dead social theories
and jaded academics look like.
[projector clatters]
[door closes]
[students applauding]
[bell ringing]
[birds chirping]
[footsteps approaching]
-Amber, are you okay?
[Kate] Hey! Amber!
Slow down.
Quite a show.
I liked it.
What'd you think?
Yeah, good show. Creepy Cooper.
-Pretty disrespectful.
-Excuse me?
-Ignore Jessica.
She's got no filter.
Anyway, wanted to catch your ear
for a moment, Amber.
We think you'd
make a great member
of the York Witches Society.
-[chuckles] No, thanks.
-We'll definitely
think about it.
-Kate definitely
just meant Amber.
-Even if I did want to
join your little teatime coven,
which I don't, it'd be
both of us or nothing.
-Think about it.
-Amber Gray?
-Please come with me.
The dean would like
to speak with you.
-Text Alanda, make sure
she's in that meeting.
[footsteps receding]
[Dean Rathbone] At which point,
Dr. Cooper tells me
that she extricated herself
from the classroom
for her own safety.
-I was just
making a point.
-Please, Miss Gray.
I understand you are upset,
but we cannot allow
our students here at Lilith
to feel it is appropriate
to threaten a professor.
-I'm not upset.
Dean Rathbone.
I did not threaten her.
I merely mentioned--
-I really have limited options
here, Amber.
Some of the faculty board have
already mentioned suspension.
A few of our hottest heads have
called to talk about expulsion.
-Bloody hell,
that was quick.
Please, Dean,
you must understand.
I was only--
-[knocks on door]
[door opens, creaks]
-[Alanda] Dean?
-Just heard what happened.
Hey, Amber.
-I've just been
pointing out to Miss Gray
that this behavior will not do.
-As president
of the Student Union,
do you have any comment?
-Well, Miss Gray
is new to the college, Dean,
so I think some leniency
should be shown.
I propose that I take
Miss Gray under my wing.
Introduce her to
the York Witches Society.
We can show her the ropes
and what's acceptable here
at Lilith.
-You've got to be
kidding me.
-Be quiet, please.
-If Miss Gray agrees
to help with our preparation
for the upcoming Samhain
I think you could
consider her redeemed.
Oh, we have a meeting tonight.
W-we can bring her
into the fold.
-It's settled.
Thank you, Alanda.
Okay, leave.
I don't get a say in this?
-The Burning Belle,
tonight, 7:30.
Don't be late.
[paper crackles]
-I am an alumna
of the YWS myself, Miss Gray.
It is exactly
the right thing for you.
You have potential, Miss Gray.
Don't throw it away.
-[footsteps receding]
-[bell ringing]
[door opens]
-Shit, then.
How'd you guys get in here?
[Emily] How'd you get
to have your own room?
[door closes]
-Well, I said
we'll look after her.
Show her the ropes and all that.
And Boney agreed.
-You don't mean join us.
-Why not?
[Jessica] Because we don't know
anything about her.
She could be anybody.
-Oh, come on.
She is cut out for greatness.
Isn't that what we want?
-I like her.
-But not at any price.
-She's a loner.
I'm with Jessica.
-We were blown away
by whatever she did
in there with Cooper.
[Kate] Charlotte's right.
I think she'd be perfect for us.
-Let's test her.
See if she really
has what it takes.
-Hmm, but not
her runt of a friend.
[Alanda] Okay,
so let's vote on it.
[Flora] But what about Kirsten?
Kate, we're supposed
to always be seven.
won't pass the test.
[Flora laughs]
-All in favor?
[Alanda] Good.
Because I already told them
where the gathering is.
Now, you lot gots to bounce.
[door opens]
[crickets chirping]
[bike creaking]
[owl hooting]
[bell jangles]
-Yep, this is it.
The Burning Belle.
This just gets better.
[knocks on door]
[door opens, creaks]
After you.
[door closes]
-[footsteps approaching]
-[floor creaking]
[bottles clank]
Bloody hell.
[footsteps approaching]
They're about to begin.
[bottles clinking]
-That's Jess's brother, Rob.
-Oh, we'd almost
given up on you.
Just stay there.
-Sorry we're late.
-Be quiet.
Wait there.
Don't speak.
[footsteps approaching]
-As the empires of men
rise and fall,
we, the York Witches Society,
have been tasked with
the preservation of knowledge
and power breathed
into the earth
by the Goddess.
-As surely
as the sun brings the dawn
and the moon keeps vigil
in the night sky,
the YWS will bring order
and goodness to York,
to Britain, to the world.
[footsteps approaching]
[floor creaking]
-Balance through judgment.
through commitment.
-Peace through fairness.
-Love through sisterhood.
-Amber Gray,
Kirsten Childerson,
we have deemed you women
of stature and social merit.
From this moment, worlds of
opportunity lay before you.
Doors of prosperity
may open in your path.
Unending influence can be yours,
should you but choose
to take up your mantle
as a member of
the York Witches Society.
Are you prepared to
undergo the three trials?
Witches, are you prepared to--
-I am.
-I said don't speak.
-This is the most
ridiculous thing I've ever seen.
-For heaven's sake, Jess,
get the lights.
[Flora] You might think
this is a joke.
But if you don't at least
respect the tradition
held by this group
for the last 400 years,
we'll make sure
the dean hears about it.
[Kate] Easy, Flora.
[Jessica] Amber, I know it's
your first year here
and you think you're all that,
but I really wouldn't
take this opportunity
to join us for granted.
Isn't that right, Kirsten?
-I mean, I'm sure
Amber's just adjusting.
-No, I really
think it's all horseshit.
The thing is, Amber,
we take this very seriously,
So, all you have to do
is go along with it
for a couple of nights,
and then you and your shadow
here are off the hook.
-Plus, I went out
on a limb for you.
Boney will kick you out,
you know.
-Yeah. Okay. Fine.
[Kate] Lovely.
Well then, you won't mind if
we carry on the traditional
initiation necessities tomorrow
night then, will you?
-I suppose not.
-Tomorrow night.
Eleven forty-five p.m.,
the college grounds.
[footsteps receding]
-Shall we get back
to college, actually?
I think the union bar
closes at eleven.
[eerie music]
[footsteps approaching]
[Kate] One of the first tasks
for every new witch
to accomplish
is one of courage.
The mallet.
As per tradition,
the new witch will strike
the old college bell
and shout their name.
All without getting caught.
[receding footsteps]
You ready?
[footsteps receding]
[footsteps approaching]
[bell chiming]
-Kirsten Childerson!
Kirsten Childerson!
[footsteps approaching]
[footsteps receding]
-[bell rings]
-Amber Gray--ow!
[crow squawking]
[ground rumbles]
[wind blowing]
-[whispers] Hey!
[mutters] Get down!
-[shouts] Louder, bitch!
-[bell rings]
-Amber Gray!
-[ground rumbles]
-[wind blowing]
[tombstone cracks]
-Come on, Amber!
Put some gusto into it!
We can hardly hear you!
-[bell ringing]
-Amber Gray! You dumb witches!
-[ground rumbles]
-[wind blowing]
-[tombstone cracks]
-[girls laughing]
[Porter] Hey. Who's there?!
This is private property!
[running footsteps]
[wind blows]
[eerie music]
[girls giggling]
[girls cheering]
[Alanda] Come on, Flora!
[Flora] [panting]
I'll catch you up.
[Alanda] The Burning Belle!
Tomorrow night at 7:30!
Don't be late!
-[Flora panting]
[light clicking]
[light clicking]
Oh, perfect.
[lamp buzzes]
[eerie music]
[wind whooshes]
[panting] Oh, god. Okay.
[wind whooshes]
[loud thud]
Who's there?
Who's there?
[loud thud]
Who's there?
Help! [panting] Stop!
[loud thud]
[loud thud]
[Demon growls]
-[Flora sobbing]
[loud thud]
I'm calling the police!
[Demon growls]
-[Flora sobbing]
[wind whooshes]
[cycle bell rings]
-This used to be
the gallows, literally,
until our great-great-great
took over
as the local constable.
He didn't like seeing
dead thieves or witches
hanging or burning
for all to see.
Nobody comes here now.
-No, thanks.
-Not for me either, thanks.
-I don't do business
with new folks
until I've had at least
one drink with them.
-I'll come back
to town with you.
I need to pick up
a few things for tonight.
And I'll find out why
Flora hasn't turned up yet.
-Okay, y'all.
Don't mind if I do.
-If you fancy a fire,
there's plenty of wood outside,
and there's an axe
here somewhere.
[lamp buzzing]
-What's with the lights?
We're off the grid out here.
There's a genny round the back.
Come on, Jess.
It's now or never.
-I'll be back.
An hour tops.
[Emily] Okay. Are we
doing this or what?
-Let's get this over with.
-Come on.
It's gonna be great.
[lamp buzzing]
[footsteps approaching]
[car engine starts]
I'll make the first one.
And then you make
the rest of them.
[straw crackling]
-That's it?
That's the trial?
You dragged me away
from study for this?
[Emily] This is the rest
of the trial.
Your task is knowledge.
You must learn all key facts
and spells before midnight.
-Why midnight?
-Well, that's when
we come back to test you.
And if you pass, you're in.
You make the dolls,
and you learn the craft.
It's important for tonight.
-Yay. What's tonight?
-The Samhain.
This is all some
Halloween party game?
Come on, Kirsten.
We're out of here.
This is kids' stuff.
-Feast of the Dead, Samhain,
All Saints and All Souls.
This is a special night.
I'm staying.
I'll leave you to it then.
[footsteps receding]
[straw crackling]
-This place
gives me the creeps.
[water dripping]
What's that noise?
Oh, great.
An indoor pool.
[eerie music]
[door opens]
[crickets chirping]
[eerie music]
-Where are you, Flora?
[eerie music]
[door closes]
[eerie music]
[doll splashes]
[Kirsten] Let's see.
[doll splashes]
Oy, I've just made those.
Get them out.
I'm not doing them again.
-All right. [exhales]
Then you can
turn me into a toad.
[eerie music]
[Kirsten] "Light the sage--"
Uh, I'm listening. What?
-"Light the sage
and guide it right; by door--"
[both] --"and window
cleanse the light."
-Wait, that's not a spell.
It's a nursery rhyme.
-What nursery rhyme?
Okay, let's try this one.
"I call to the Goddess with
sandalwood and brightest ribbon,
"waxing fast
and holding strong,
"gently soothe
this fevered brow
whereupon my--"
-"Whereupon my
energy is safest now."
Yeah, these aren't spells.
They're nursery rhymes.
-Amber, how on earth
do you know this stuff?
-Show me the book.
let's try this one.
"I invoke the Goddess"--invoke!
"I invoke the Goddess
to touch this charm
"wherefrom my mother
it was born, and
Goddess be my light--"
-"Goddess be my light.
"Help to keep me safe as the
shadows fall upon me this night.
"I invoke the Goddess
to touch this charm
"wherefrom my mothers
it was born,
"and Goddess be my light.
He-[ground rumbling] as
shadow-[wind blowing]s night."
[water dripping]
[books slams]
[Charlotte] What's going on
down there?
Are you two okay?
-Yeah, yeah, we're okay.
Um, we're freezing.
Ca--ca--can you put
the heating on,
or get us a sweater
or something?
[Charlotte] Hang on.
I think I've got something
in the car.
[footsteps receding]
[door closes]
-You want to
talk about it?
-[eerie music]
-[crickets chirping]
[owl hooting]
[car door closes]
[car door opens]
[objects clanking]
-Hey, it's only me.
-God, what are you doing
creeping up on me like that?
I wasn't creeping.
I can only go so fast
with this pile.
Here, take the axe.
[wine flowing]
-You say nothing,
-I won't. But come on, you know
something happened.
You must have
some kind of power.
You're a witch.
-I knew the moment I saw you.
That pendant.
-That is the most
ridiculous thing you ever said.
And you said
a lot of ridiculous things.
-But we have to find out.
We have to do something.
See what powers you have.
You are letting this stuff
get to your head.
-"What is wanted is not
the will to believe but--"
-If you don't
stop this right now--
-"but the will
to find out."
Don't you want to know?
-Shut up, okay?
If you breathe a word of this.
I'm not a witch.
What happened
was some kind of, you know,
collective hysteria.
Like moving statues
or apparitions.
-This is fantastic, Ambs.
-[Amber exhales]
Don't touch me!
I've told you before, okay?
I don't need you.
I don't need friends.
I don't need anybody.
-What about Flora?
-I couldn't find her.
-We'll have to
start without her.
[footsteps approaching]
Let's begin.
[Amber] I'm going through
with this farce ceremony
to get the bloody thing
out of the way.
I just want to get back to
my studies and on with my life.
And you're only here
because of me, remember?
[straws crackling]
[eerie music]
[straws crackling]
[eerie music]
-Welcome all.
Kirsten Childerson.
step forward, please.
Amber Gray,
step forward, please.
As the empires of men
rise and fall,
we, the York Witches Society,
have been tasked
with the preservation
of knowledge and power,
breathed into the earth
by the Goddess.
-As surely as
the sun brings the dawn
and the moon keeps vigil
in the night sky,
the York Witches Society
will bring order and goodness
to York, to the world.
-Balance through judgment.
through commitment.
through fairness.
-Love through sisterhood.
Amber Gray, Kirsten Childerson,
we have deemed you
women of stature
and social merit.
At this moment, worlds
of opportunity lay before you,
doors of prosperity
will open in your path,
unending influence
will be yours,
should you join us as witches.
Are you prepared to be tested?
[both] I am.
a spell for healing?
-I invoke the Goddess.
I invoke the Goddess
to take my pain.
to take their pain.
take the--the--the pain.
-Take the pain,
to renew, refresh,
and strength regain,
by wind and fire.
Come on, you got this.
-I invoke the Goddess
to take the pain,
to renew, refresh,
and strength regain.
By wind and fire,
through blood and bone,
release, restore,
renew again.
-Amber. a spell for love.
No. Something else.
A spell for this special night.
All Souls.
A cleansing spell to release
all souls from Purgatory.
-Adijure te
Spiritus Neguissime
by the mighty Goddess.
Adijure te Spiritus Neguissime
by the mighty Goddess.
Adijure te Spiritus Neguissime
by the mighty Goddess.
I compel evil this night,
show yourself,
come into the light.
Exorciamus Te Omnis
immundis spiritus.
That we may cleanse the world.
That you may leave
only good in your wake.
-[thunder rumbles]
-The earth listens to me.
The earth quakes at my word.
The mighty Goddess is within me
and I compel evil
this night and forever
to show your face
so that you may be shamed.
The Goddess has spoken.
[wind blowing]
What was that?
[Demon growls]
This place is so drafty.
The wind just picks up.
It's a vortex.
Honestly, Jessica,
if you're
bringing people out here,
you should really
get this place fixed up.
-Are we done here?
[Demon growls]
-She said
all souls, not demons!
[Charlotte] I mean,
I don't know about you lot,
but I'm bloody starving.
Let's eat.
-Let's have some fun.
[Demon growls]
[wind whooshes]
[girls laughing]
-The only Latin I remember
is vacca stulta.
[girls laugh]
[Kirsten] I don't get it.
-No. Of course.
Amber, where did you
go to school?
-I moved. A lot.
I can say "goodbye"
in 20 languages.
Okay, my turn.
What is it exactly
that you do here?
The witches, I mean.
What's the witch thing about?
-[girls laugh]
So, we don't have any powers in
any magical sense,
it's true.
But we do have a sisterhood.
We have rituals.
We have rules.
We support each other.
One day when Emily's heading up
some major corporation or.
[girls laugh]
-Alanda's running
for Parliament--
[girls laugh]
-or Charlotte does.
whatever Charlotte does.
[girls laugh]
-.this bond we have
will be the support we need.
-But there's only
a handful of you.
-Of us.
Amber, you are one of us.
-And then,
there's the alumni.
-Plus, how cool
are the dresses?
-Amen to that.
-[Amber chuckles]
-Kirsten, you know
you're not in, right?
-What about
peace through whatever
and all that love
through sisterhood stuff?
-Kirsten, I'm curious.
How come you know so much
about witchcraft
but you couldn't manage to learn
a simple four-liner?
[girls laugh]
Oh my God.
[girls laugh]
Played me like a game
It made me go insane
You took my heart and smiled
You kept it for a while
Making me believe
I was all that
You needed you
Oh baby
Why you gotta go
And leave my heart and soul
I'm standing in the back
With so matter of fact
You had me at hello
It seems so long ago
Played me like a game
And made me go insane
-I do like that pendant.
Sorry. It's just I've seen it
before, you know?
-What do you mean?
-I've seen it before.
-In one of my books.
-You're mistaken.
It was my mother's.
-I may be a bit dim
in Latin,
but I know my witchcraft.
-[Jessica laughs]
-[Amber] Give it a rest, Kirs.
-To the best
YWS initiation ever!
[girls] Hear, hear!
-I need
some fresh air.
-Yeah, me too.
[door opens]
[door closes]
I can hardly see a thing.
[Amber] Yeah.
What's with this place?
-Come on.
I need to go to the car.
I've got some cigs in there.
They'll kill me, but hey.
I am what I am.
Keep close.
We don't want to get lost.
-Where did you park?
I can't see the car anywhere.
[car buzzes]
-Got 'em.
[car door closes]
[wind whooshes]
-What was that?
-I didn't see anything.
Are you okay?
-We should
get back to the pub.
Did you see something?
Yes. I don't know.
I don't want to stay out here.
[footsteps receding]
[pop music plays]
-They've forgotten
how to use a car.
-I'll be downstairs
in the basement packing up.
Do you need me for anything?
[Alanda] Uh-uh, we're good.
[wind whooshes]
-I think
we're going the wrong way.
[Charlotte] Why?
-Well, it didn't take us
this long to get to the car.
So it shouldn't take us
this long to get back.
-[car thumps]
Is this a joke?
I've just gone round
in a circle.
-How did we get back here?
[voice screaming]
Did you hear that?
[Amber] You really
don't hear anything?
[Charlotte] Hear what?
Are you okay?
[voice screaming]
[Amber] It's all around us.
[voice screaming]
-Hit the lights.
[car clicks]
-There! You see?
-There's nothing there.
-Do it again. I saw it.
[car clicks]
-All I see
is a blinding white light
every time
that the car lights come on.
No. A silhouette.
A man, I think.
He came by here earlier.
And I can--I can hear him too.
Hit the lights again.
[shouts] Charlotte!
Charlotte! Charlotte! Charlotte!
Where are you?!
[distant shout] Charlotte!
[eerie music fades]
[eerie music]
[Amber sobbing]
[bell ringing]
[Amber breathing heavily]
[wind flashing]
[wind whooshing]
[voices muttering]
-[gasps] Oh!
-[Demon growling]
-[gasps] Oh!
[Demon's eerie whispering]
[Matthias] Gray!
[ominous music]
[Matthias snarling]
[Charlotte grunts]
[gasping and choking]
[Matthias snarling]
[Charlotte screams]
[Matthias snarling]
[Charlotte screams]
[door opens, closes]
Something happened.
Something happened to Charlotte.
Something--somebody took her.
-What do you mean,
somebody took her?
-I don't know.
it grabbed her and she--she.
-What? She what?
-Something took her.
-I'll go and get her.
-No, no, you can't.
You can't go out there.
You can't.
-You stay away from that door.
We have to find her.
-Because what if--
-We're not leaving
our friend out there.
Move out the way!
[door opens]
[footsteps receding]
[Kirsten] Jesus, Amber!
Come and help!
[girls] [shouting] Charlotte!
[lamp zaps]
-Oh, crap.
[girls] [shouting] Charlotte!
-[flashlight clicks]
-[girls] [shouting] Charlotte!
-I'll get the lights
back on and come and help.
[girls] [shouting] Charlotte!
-[owls hooting]
-[Alanda] Charlotte!
[Jessica] Charlotte!
[owl hooting]
[ambient sounds of the night]
[wind whooshing]
[approaching footsteps]
-Oh, it's off.
What did Jess say?
First, check that it is off.
[eerie music]
[Jessica] Charlotte?
[faint echoing]
[ominous music]
[Emily] Charlotte!
[eerie music]
-We should have
stayed in the pub.
-What is wrong with you?
Our friend is missing.
Where's Em?
[Jessica] Em?
-Next. Check
there's enough fuel.
[wind whooshes]
Charlotte? Is that you?
And turn it to 220 volts.
[dial clicking]
-[leaves crackling]
[crackling and whooshing]
[eerie music]
[Jessica] Emily?
[Jessica] Emily?
[wood creaking]
[Emily] I'm over here!
-Stay there!
We have to stick together!
[Emily] I can't see you!
-Follow my voice.
-[Emily sobbing]
-[Jessica] Charlotte!
Jessica, where are you?
[Jessica] I'm here.
[Emily crying]
-Follow my voice!
Can you see us now?
Emily, where are you?
I can't see you!
-[wood creaking]
[Jessica] Em?
-[wood creaking]
-[water dripping]
[Emily screams]
[blood dripping]
-What was that?
[Jessica] Emily?!
[eerie music]
-Emily. Emily.
[Emily] Flora, she's--
[Alanda] Get her up! Get her up!
Help me, Kirsten!
All of you, help!
[Jessica] Is she dead?
[Amber] Of course she's dead.
[overlapping chatter]
[blood dripping]
[eerie music]
[girls screaming]
[girls gasping]
[door closes]
-[Alanda] Get the lights!
-They're not coming on.
[girls gasping]
-What the fuck is going on?
-Flora's face.
Hanging like that.
[Emily sobbing]
[Kirsten] Don't you remember?
Dr. Cooper?
We saw it in class.
And it's here too.
[Emily crying]
This is a witch hunt.
-Now is not the time
for games, Kirsten.
We are not witches!
And Charlotte's still out there!
[wood creaking]
[Jessica] It's you.
-What do you mean,
it's me?
You think I did that to Flora?
Are you fucking kidding me?
-I don't know what I mean.
I don't know, but I feel it!
This has something
to do with you!
You're weird.
There's something about you.
Something really wrong.
-Where's Kate?
-She--she was
in the basement
when we left her
to find Charlotte.
-She went out
to turn on the genny.
-Oh my God.
Somebody call the police!
[Jessica] There is
no signal here!
[knocking on door]
[Kate] Hey, let me in!
-It's Kate!
Kate! Kate!
-Why would Kate be outside
if the lights are still off?
It might not be her.
-Of course it's her.
-Let her in, Amber.
-Maybe the genny
is out of fuel?
-Let her in!
Give me the key
and I will let her in.
-There is a killer
out there somewhere, Jess!
-[distorted] Amber, let me in.
-Open the door!
Let her in!
-We need to make sure
it's really her.
[tense music]
Let me in, Amber.
[pendant clinks]
[Matthias snarling]
Matthias Alistair.
Please, let me in.
[Amber] Heather Gray.
Amber Gray. It's me.
-You must be
Heather Gray's descendant.
-[Matthias snarling]
-[head thuds]
[wood creaking]
-I want to go home.
If that's not Kate,
then who is it?
I want to go home now!
-It's not Kate.
Em, she probably left.
She didn't see us
when we went to the woods
and she must have left.
-Okay, come on.
Let's go home now.
-No, we need to
stay here together
until the police come.
We need to find Charlotte.
-We need to leave.
-What about Kate?
-Listen to me.
We have to leave right now.
-Kate's not here.
Maybe she did leave.
-Amber's right.
We need to go.
We go to town, and we get help
to find Kate and Charlotte.
-Charlotte's car?
-Where's the keys?
-They fell.
-[Jessica] I'll get them.
-I'll come with you.
-No. You stay here.
If anything goes wrong,
you can magic us out of here.
-I'll go!
-Is there another way
out of here?
-There's the old
barrel hatch in the basement.
[wood creaking]
-All right. Get back.
Catch me if I fall, yeah?
-[hatch opens]
-[Alanda grunts]
[Alanda grunting]
[bell ringing]
[Alanda grunts]
[loud rattling]
[Alanda panting]
[crickets chirping]
[owl hooting]
[water dripping]
[Emily] Yeah.
[Amber] Wait for me.
I'll find them.
[wind whooshes]
I know
they're here somewhere.
[keys clattering]
I've got them! Come on!
[girls squealing]
[girls shrieking]
[Jessica] Go, go, go, go, go!
[Amber] Put the key.
[Jessica shushing]
[Charlotte gasping]
[car engine revving]
[girls shrieking]
[car engine revving]
[Charlotte screaming]
[rope creaking]
[Charlotte screaming]
[tires screeching]
[engine revving]
[girls shrieking]
[Charlotte screaming]
-[car crashes]
-[glass shatters]
[wind whooshes]
-[Alanda crying]
Oh, my God.
Oh my God, Charlotte.
My god, did I kill her?
Jesus, who killed her?
Who put her there like that?
I mean, who did that to her?
Oh my God. Emily.
-[Alanda sniffles]
-[Jessica] It wasn't you.
We didn't see Charlotte.
None of us.
We couldn't help Emily.
It was an accident.
It was nobody's fault with Em.
-This was your fault.
Your fault.
Kirsten's right.
You are a witch.
You conjured this thing up
and you better fucking
get rid of it!
-Leave her alone.
-You shut up!
-What're you gonna do? Hmm?
Fix it, witch.
-I can't.
I don't know how.
-You must know.
What happened in the basement.
-What happened in the basement?
-And at the initiation.
You know it's Matthias.
-Who the fuck
is Matthias?
-What happened
in the basement?
-Please, Amber.
We need you now.
-Who is Matthias?
The witch hunter.
He swore to kill any descendant
of Heather Gray.
He's hunting Amber.
He vowed that he would not stop
until he killed
the last witch in England.
-It was a bedtime story.
My mother would tell me over
and over again, the same one.
About a bad man
that would become a demon
and I'd fight him.
I just thought
it was a fairy tale,
a really dark fairy tale.
-That makes you
the last Gray witch.
-You should have told us.
You should never have joined us.
-I didn't know.
And I didn't want to join your
stupid coven anyway, remember?
I don't want to!
I did it for Kirsten.
[Alanda] Well, it's too late
for that now!
You just--you just need to
get us out of here.
[Kirsten] You conjured him up.
There must be a way to return
him to. where--wherever.
-Well, find it. Fast.
I'm not going to die, not here,
not like. not like the others.
-Shut up. I need to think.
-We need to
get the lights on.
I'm not having her do
any spells in the dark.
And we need to be able
to see him.
He is using the dark
to hide from us.
I want to see what's happening.
You're right, Amber.
You don't need anybody.
You don't need friends.
You can't keep them.
You just get them killed!
-I'll turn the genny on.
[Alanda] I'll go.
I'm stronger and faster.
It could have got us when we
were running back from the car.
But it didn't.
That must mean something, right?
Maybe it's had enough?
[wood creaking]
This will have to do.
I want you to watch
from the window.
Hey, Amber.
If you see anything coming
for me, you better scream.
-Come back.
-[approaching footsteps]
-[crickets chirping]
[axe clanks]
[eerie music]
[axe swishes]
[axe swishes]
[wind whooshes]
[breathing heavily]
-[axe swishes]
[crickets chirping]
[owl hooting]
[dial clicks]
[generator rumbles]
[steady rumble]
[generator dies down]
[generator rumbling stops]
Come. On.
You bitch!
[generator rumbles]
-[wind whooshes]
[gasps again]
[lights buzz]
-Turn the lights off.
I can't see.
[running footsteps]
[Alanda crying and panting]
-Something's wrong.
Kirsten, something's wrong.
[Alanda crying and panting]
-[wood creaking]
-Open it.
Alanda! Jess, come and help!
[Alanda panting]
[Amber] Alanda!
-[axe cracks]
-[Kirsten screams]
We should pray.
-The cellar doors
are unlocked.
[footsteps receding]
[Jessica crying]
[footsteps approaching]
[Jessica crying]
Hey, look at me.
-He killed Alanda.
We're going to die.
-No. No. We can't.
Don't you see?
It's the power of three.
Good things come in threes.
It's a magic number.
It's powerful.
The witches in Macbeth ,
the Holy Trinity.
Nothing can beat three.
Tell her, Amber.
-Kirsten's right. Three.
We have to survive
if there are three of us.
Everybody knows that.
-You really are a witch?
-I am.
-Then you can
get us out of here?
[Kirsten] She can.
Because we're friends.
We're gonna get
through this, okay?
-So what do we do?
-We need to help Amber
figure out
just what power she has
and how to kill this thing.
I'm not going out there again.
-Nobody's going outside.
One thing is clear.
If he's not invited,
he can't come in.
We're safe if we stay inside.
-I have to go out there.
I have to fight him.
-No. No.
He's too strong out there.
That fog, the dark.
-I'll bring him to us.
-No, no.
-It's okay.
It's okay, Jess.
I can do this.
I can.
But I'll need your help,
both of you.
We need to lay a trap.
-[wood creaking]
-[wind blowing]
[water splashing]
[girls breathing deeply]
[wood creaking]
[wind whooshing]
-Why doesn't he come?
-We need bait.
One of us needs to be alone
in here to lure him in.
-No. He'll come.
[Kirsten] Think about it,
all the others were on their own
when he came.
-Too risky!
-I can do it.
-No, we stick together.
-We are not getting
out of here until you kill him.
That means that
we need to lure him in.
-It's me he wants.
-We need to
break the circle.
The circle's keeping him away.
[wind whooshes]
-It's okay, Jess.
It's okay.
It's okay.
Stay behind me.
Stay close.
[eerie whispers]
-The earth listens to me.
The earth quakes at my word.
The mighty Goddess
is within me
and I compel evil
this night and forever
to show your face
so that you may be shamed.
The Goddess has spoken.
[words echoing]
[Kirsten] What are you doing?
-I'm calling him up.
The earth listens to me.
The earth quakes at my word.
The mighty Goddess
is within me
and I compel evil
this night and forever
to show your face
so that you may be shamed.
The Goddess has spoken!
[pendant rustling]
[wind blowing]
[eerie music]
[door slams]
[wood creaking]
[Matthias] [growling] Gray.
[growling] Gray.
[objects rattling]
You know why I'm here.
[Jessica thuds]
[Matthias] You must die.
-Amber, get back.
[Kirsten thuds]
[Matthias] I made a vow.
There will be no escape.
You will die.
[Amber gasping for air]
-Here you are, Gray.
[Amber gasping for air]
-I've waited for you.
Hell is waiting for you.
[objects rattling]
I can see into
your black soul.
[Amber groans]
[objects clanking]
[Matthias] You have power.
Show it now.
-You killed Heather Gray.
-And many like her.
[Amber crying]
[Kirsten] [voice-over] [echoing]
The Goddess will keep you safe.
The Goddess will keep you safe.
Please, Amber,
we need you now.
The Goddess will keep you safe.
[pendant rustles]
-You want to resist me.
You will fail.
-Let us go and I will
release you from the curse.
[Matthias] It's not for you
to release me.
When my work is done,
when this land is rid
of witches,
then I will be free.
I just want to confirm
that England will not
be sullied by your kind.
-You have failed.
I exist because you have failed.
You have slept for 500 years,
and in that time,
I have grown stronger.
I am powerful because of you.
I am the mighty Goddess.
My power knows no bounds.
Let evil know
that it is Amber Gray
who has destroyed
Matthias Alistair.
[Matthias snarling]
[Amber chants in Latin]
-[in unison]
By the mighty Goddess.
-[Matthias screaming]
-we drive you from here.
Unclean spirit, satanic power,
infernal invader,
in the name of all those
that you have killed,
we release you from Purgatory
and send your soul to Hell.
-[Matthias screaming]
[fire crackling]
[pendant buzzing]
[door creaks, closes]
[unbuckles seatbelt]
- Hmm Hmm
Hmm Hmm
Her eyes
Seem to twinkle
With her smile
She flips
Her golden hair
As you walk by
She's tryin' desperately
To be the girl you need
As sweet as candy
Like candy yeah
Like candy yeah
Yeah sweet as candy
Yeah yeah
She tries
To get your attention
With her eyes
She'll tease
Pretend she's just
One of the guys
She's tryin' to make you see
That she is
The girl you need
As sweet as candy, yeah
As sweet as candy,
Yeah yeah
Like candy
Like candy
Like candy
Like candy
Like candy