Yossi And Jagger (2002) Movie Script

- Psycho, pull off the stone.
- I'll pull them all off just choose.
Let's do this.
Is it deep enough?
how deep are we goin to sepel it?
ten meters?
It's deep enough.
still half meter.
we didn't sleep for days.
Samucha, you are having fun,
keep it up.
- Yossi is not going to like it.
- He can keep digging, i'm dead tired.
Bro, everything ok?
You're mean with him.
- Take it easy, we were just joking.
- Really?
What's up? it was only a joke.
He wouldn't hurt anybody,
it's against his tibetan religion.
- What a bad smell!
- it's all rotten.
come on, discusting!
It's an ecological disaster.
it's full of worms.
Are we gonne ask for food supply
or we should wait for the next one?
It's going to be all right,
if we won't die for the bad smell first.
Which smell?
Pull everything off.
- what's that ?
- A transistor that i got.
You upgraded yourself,
with high tech.
Naah, it doesn't connect.
Adams, you idiot, help me out.
The commander is coming..
what's up bro, are you stoned?
You never know!
They are tired,
let them rest a bit.
Come on guys, let's finish and leave.
- It's not deep enough.
- I told you.
- It's ok.
- No it's not.
Yaniv, do you wanna say some
last words?
- It's to hard for me.
- Do u want me to start?
yes, Sir.
- You have been good cows...
- And chickens.
Amen. drop inside
that smelly stuff.
Come here a second please.
- I will leave with Lior for an hour.
- where?
we need to check the zone
for the training tomorrow.
- Didn't you do it last week?
- Something doesnt feet me there.
maybe i should come with you,
i wouldn't mind to change view alittle.
It doesn't bother you, ain't it Jagger?
For me it's ok.
Lior already know the zone,
we'll make it quick.
Let' them rest, i want them to work
We'll be back in an hour.
Next time, don't be so sad.
Let's go, Lior.
- Come on!
- I'm not a swiss, wait.
- There is no time.
- What a bugger!
- What did you say?
- What a bugger!
Is it rape Sir?
For similar sentences
i send other soldiers to jail.
Focus, please.
- I cannot believe it.
- What can i do, i'm an animal.
It's a rabbit!
He is looking at us.
Hurry up!
Ofir, shut your mouth.
Gotta pee, Damn...
Call Yossi for me!
Ask him out,
Or you'll have to deal with me.
- I'm afraid.
- About what?
Yaeli, in the worst scenario
send him to hell.
Ciao, Goldi.
Gotta go, they are calling me.
Hi guys!
what a crazy bud!
- Ofir, how are you doing?
- Great. You look good!
i wear the lens.
you look good as well,
did you have an hair cut?
- How are you doing?
- Freezing out.
- Did you come back this morning?
- Yes.
Refrigerators got broken
and the meat got spoiled.
do you know where is Jagger?
Where is Yossi?
Went with Jagger to the field to
check the model.
- Didn't they go already?
- Is there some problem.
I'm going in.
Do you have the key to your room?
- It's on the door.
- Fine.
I'm going to be a bit busy,
do not disturb me.
Do you need anything?
warn the chef that i'm here,
i'll be hungry later.
Don't get your head bigger.
- What is it?
- A transistor, a gift from my mom.
Who knows if it connects here.
I cannot believe
you are going to leave.
Why don't you leave as well?
We'll leave for the east.
Why you insist to stick in the army,
you already got yourself an officer.
- You can't be without me.
- Calm down.
Let's go under the light
not under the shadow.
Till when we are goin to continue...
Do you really like
this gay music.
Here Radio Normality.
We have online Yossi,
a tough, commander of company,
a real fag
who ask to listen Meir Ariel.
Tell me something
of your moments of fear,
it's easier
let them put it in your ass.
let's loose the fog.
Let's go under the light
and not under the shadow.
Till when we are going to continue...
i bang only the fighters.
This time i say:
''Oneg, if you do the pilot,
i'll be a parachooper.''
- Is Oneg his real name?
- I swear! It's too cute.
In the tibetan buddism
it's a good name to have.
I almost forgot,
i brought some movies,
hope you like them.
Adams, check
if there is some tibetan movie for you.
Give it to me.
''Stand by me'' ?
Where is ''Fuck me 2''
and ''horny Mission 3''?
I need you.
Stand ease.
It's all garbage !
Tell him the kitchen is closed.
- What's missing?
- What doesn't it missing!
there is nothing fresh,
a part from some chiken.
just boxes and they all stinks.
Prepare for him a sushi of meat,
He likes it very mutch.
Everything is going to be all right.
Hadad, open ten boxes
of meat, Sasi, warm the water.
Its going to be all right, go.
wait, do you want to help?
Get some aromatic grass.
Hadad, move your ass.
Did you know that 2 years ago
i travested myself as a rabbit?
you should see the pictures!
With the ears like this.
Shit, what are you doing here?
please verify that at the check point
they aren't masturbating themselves.
i'm serious.
- What are you doing here?
- Hi.
- You know where is Yoel?
- No.
Yossi, wait a sec!
i see also Goldi is here.
Say, Isn't Jagger back with you?
Yes, he is in the control point,
You and Jagger are close, right?
In which sense? what did you hear about that?
that you are a sort of couple. no?
Well, that you are his friend.
I like him very much
and i thought to ask him out,
maybe one of these days,
during the weekend.
I don't know...
Are you sure you really want it?
Sometime female soldiers think
to be in love with their commanders
but it's an illusion, the uniform
and ranks can be confusing.
i'm not confused, i'm sure
i feel something for him.
Jagger is fantastic.
No offense,
but he is not likr other men.
Not only cause he is cute,
with those lips...
also that, but not only that.
he's simple,
and different.
I guess he realy has it.
You know if he has someone already?
Have you been here the whole time?
No, i just arrived.
- Everything ok here?
- Yes, fine.
If it's true, why not saying perfect?
Are you ok?
Let's go eat.
Where have you been?
This place is dirty like hell.
Did you tell him?
Disgusting, have to wash my hair.
- Maybe you should come with me?
- Don't know, haven't seen Jagger yet.
What are you doing?
I told you for 5 minutes.
Do you think this is
the way to cut?
-Have you been told you are a nazi?
-I'm an artist.
A nazi artist.
Make sure the bread is on the table,
i can take care of myself.
I'm starving... Yaniv!
On my way!
Did you come to eat
or something happened?
There are good news.
First of all the spring rolls ''California''
home made.
Get some.
Heavenly. You're a genious!
- What are you doing here?
- i have no clue.
what do you mean?
You have been the whole morning
with Yossi. He didn't say anything?
I doubt he knew something about it.
They are more than
simple warnings,
they are already in the stripe,
they'll get in today
and it's going to get ugly.
And this should be the good news?
Yaniv, give me more please!
Why bad?
War is always a good thing.
The smell of burned meat
early in the morning !
Relax, where is your sense
of humor go?
Tonight we are going to kick their asses,
or we are screwed.
Grilled chicken with triumph
local grass and zenzero.
Weather you like it or not,
you won't leave here,
you won't go to Cordon Bleu school,
promise !
I promise to invite you in some years
to my restaurant,
french,lebanese, not to miss.
- There is bad karma on this table.
- What ?
The light of their aura is terrible.
There is a limit to everything.
They were 3 days
in the mog under the snow,
it's not wise
to let them out again.
Did you become gay?
are you their mom ?
I have a mission to accomplish,
did you forget?
No, but we came back just an hour ago
they are tired,
they can't get into action again.
And with the full moon
they will see us till turkey.
- Why don't you bomb them from the top?
- bullshit!
Who cares of the full moon!
In a while you'll tell me
that Mercury is retreating.
I hate the idea for
another ambush tonight!
Let's hope it will be a traumatic ambush,
I forgot why i became comando.
in an ambush you can't do nothing,
you just eat salami and chocolate.
we only miss the waitress
that serve cappuccino
to be
as the fags of Shenkin.
''Any interest in
the menu of the day?''
i hope you die in lebannon.
You would like to fuck
as the fags of Shenkin,
they screw like
you'll never fuck in your whole life.
Did you take it in the ass?
You walk in a odd way...
What are all these bullshits?
We are just joking.
why are you laughing?
what would you do if i'd tell you
i'm a fag?
- Can i speak to you honestly. sir?
- Go ahead.
You are cute as a female,
i'd screw you.
I thought you didn't know what's
going on there.
I'm out.
Let's focus on the details.
Let's finish eating first.
do you mind
if i say it to the soldiers now?
Be my guest.
Guys, we're going to
another ambush overnight.
I know you planned to rest,
but listen,
it won't be any easy.
everyone will be responsible
of their own stuff.
I don't want surprises tonight.
It's 10 past 13:00,
there is not mutch time,
i see you in an hour
in the instructions room.
Its going to be allright, don't worry.
Tell me something,
It doesn't bug you he is married ?
On the contrary, i'm here
to have fun, not to get married.
- Are you in love with him?
- What are these questions?
You might be laughing, but in high school
i used to like the guys like Yoel.
At the beginning he tried to
do the sensitive man,
but who looks for preliminares?
Thus i told him: ''Leave to me
the clitoris, you take care about the fucking.''
- And what did he say?
- It's what he wanted to hear.
I don't know what to say.
I'm looking for somehting different,
someone who is male,
but also with good manners,
that hugs me,
caress me and kiss me everywhere.
But in the end, he fucks you , ain't it?
- Stop teasing me.
- I'm not teasing you.
I understand what you say,
but i decided,
i'm going to bed only
with someone i'm inlove with,
this way it will be perfect,
with the bathroom
full of foam, and the candels
romantic music and chapmpagne
slowly, slowly...
- Where have you been?
- Nowhere.
- I know why the commander arrived.
- Wh?
- The ambush.
- Are you sure?
Talk with Yossi, i have to go
to give rest to the sentinel.
You really have no limits!
We should meet
when we're home once.
- Do you have a crash for me?
- Yes, but not like for Jagger.
Bitch, give me a kiss.
- Who is the cutest here?
- Me?
- He is not here.
- wait for him.
Mission to accomplish,
did you forget?
How much violence, what nerve,
with so much compassion i cuddle.
people suffer to much from love.
Beg me tonight,
cry for me.
No matter how difficult is,
i'm always under the impression
that is not enough,
that there is still a lot to do
and i get scared and run away.
i can't be happy.
and i can't be sad.
the world is tough,
i can make it only with the force,
just with crazy acts.
I hope everything burn,
whispering, beg me,
beg me...
i came to your window to play
with guitar and flowers...
- What are you doing here?
- You didn't stay for the dessert.
Yossi, The commander is looking for you.
On my way.
- is my bed comfortable?
- Sorry, didn't know it's yours.
Doesn't matter, I'm only joking.
- Do you like it?
- I don't know it.
You look great today.
Goldi made me up.
- Isn't it too much?
- No, but you don't need it.
- I'm waiting for Jagger, do you know where he is?
- No.
- Ok, i'm leaving.
- Wait, i have to talk to you.
What's up?
- You are hopeless with him.
- With whom?
with Jagger?
i don't think he is the guy for you.
How do you know?
did he talk about me?
did he tell you anything?
take it easy.
and even if you are not his type,
it's his problem.
Yaeli, everyone
would like to have you.
you smell so good.
what are you doing, are you crazy?
how could i forget?
You sleep with someone only for love..
are you nutts?
you have an ambush tonight,
go back to work!
Hi and bye, you can't stay here.
- i have to tell you something.
- it will have to wait.
- but I...
- Yaeli, you're in the way.
- what's wrong?
- something got into my eye.
let me check.
check it out.
- and now?
- the lens came out.
- Enough!
- It calms me down.
you are getting on my nerves.
what is it?
it used to belong to my mother,
it comes from hungary.
it's an hungarian play-station.
- ''Bamba'', the food of the gods.
- without the bag.
do you know how noisy it is?
- Leave her alone, how is she supposted to know?
- Boys, don't fight!
this is for you, open a big mouth.
and this is for you.
let's go.
give me few minutes
to fill the bag of good food.
there is no time, find your friend,
move your ass
and come to the car.
i'm waiting for you.
- we have to go.
- wait a sec, my lens dropped.
found it.
come on, Yoel is gettin nervous.
- Moment, let me say bye to Jagger.
- Ciao, honey.
lets go already Yael
i'll check on you all the time,
don't worry.
everything is going to be all right.
- it will be perfect.
- let's go.
how far is the village?
do you care to focus?
we checked it out
already a hundred times.
- you can never be sure enough.
- you're right.
tell me Yossi,
would you stay with me
if they would cut my leg?
could make it easier in some positions...
and if i'd burn my face
or i'd have one eye only?
- with or without the eye?
- with and without.
sort of ''The english patient''.
- i don't like hearing you talking this way.
- what's better?
- that it ill be injured like that, or die?
- enough!
and what if i die?
and what if i die without
you telling me today you love me?
and what if i die instead?
tell me something
about your moments of fear.
it's easier
to take it in the ass...
Enough, someone could come in.
i was forgetting,
it is too gay for you.
let's see something more male-style.
i suck again an aubergine...
Grow up! What do you want from me?
i'm sorry that it's not easy for me, sorry
that i can't surprise you with a fucking ring,
this is not fucking american movie!
Yes sir.
No problem sir.
- Idiot!
- Sir, you wanna fuck with me sir?
- Listen.
No, you listen.
Next holiday we take 1 room
in the hotel,
with double bedroom,
king size or queen size,
i'm tired
of separated beds.
and when i leave, you'll meet
my mother, my father and my dog.
cause i'm tired, do you understand?
i'm really tired.
this is the deal,
i've never promised you anything,
or you accept this situation
or you get out of my life.
things will change very soon.
what is it this junk?
do you want to enlight
the road till damasco ?
sorry sir.
what's the problem?
I guess you didn't understand
that this is going to be a hot ambush.
you thought i was going to distribute
blankets and chocolate?
with hot ambush
i meant it's going to be cold
and this cause you are going to loose blood,
cause Samucha
enlightned us with the watch
and Sasi went out with the broken stretcher.
i know you are tired
and that not everyone
understand why we go out again,
but you don't have to know always everything.
i'm asking you to make an effort,
be professional
and be caeful.
because i have no intention
to meet your mothers soon.
not today, not tomorrow
maybe at your wedding
if you remember to invite me.
start couting yourself.
- One.
- Two...
Twelve and the last one.
we'll meet
in 15 minutes in that location
check again
your equipment.
Ofir, paint your face dark
- screw me and let's end it.
- what is your problem?
what's my problem?
It's since i've met you that everyone
say you are so cute
and you deserve everything.
you stick with Yossi
and you screw Yaeli
even if you don't care about her.
Instead i love her.
why are you laughing?
do you think you're better than me?
what is wrong with you?
Yaeli is cute, but i don't screw her
nor i plan to do it.
The soldiers are waiting for your orders,
- Lior?
- What?
Nothing, forget about it.
what have i told you?
no news, good news.
this woman doesn't get laid because
his boyfriend is a soldier.
difficult for them to find intimacy.
she will find it when she will have
someone to screw with!
surely he gat laid somewhere else,
she shoudld do the same.
everybody do it.
let's say whose more manly?
Popay or plutu?
- Plutu or Van Damme ?
- Plutu.
Salami with choccolate?
you don't know what you are missing,
it's a perfect combination!
have you always been
so picky on tastes?
just since when i'm in the army.
it's a way
to put some order in my head.
to find a corner for me
in this shit.
Come on!
neither a little taste?
Check out the moon, it's so close!
- did you fall asleep?
- No.
so what did i say?
that you are in love because
he is beatiful as an angel and with good manners,
not an animal
as the other men
and that it seems that
he has something huge..
you dreamed about this!
Sharon Stone or Michelle Pfeiffer?
Pfeiffer or Yaeli?
i saw the way you look at her.
she can go fuck herself,
i don't care anymore about her.
in 30 minutes its dawn.
Lior, did you hear me?
- did you hear me?
- i've heard.
- i'm sorry, i was concerned a little.
- a little?
it doesn't matter now, the important is
everyone is fine.
let the men retreat.
Helmet on the head, ispection.
In line.
Hold the fire!
anyone seen something?
he is shooting in the direction of the trees.
Stop the fire!
- See anything?
- No.
here Zambia 64, i've heard one
explotion in the point 65, what happened?
do you know anyting?
reply please.
shoot a rocket.
restart the count.
restart the count.
- One.
- Two.
- Three.
- Five, the four is missing.
- Restart.
- One.
- Two.
- Three.
- Who is the four?
- Jagger, Sir.
- Five, four is missing.
- Six, four is missing.
four is missing, seven is wounded.
Samucha !
Eleven is here, keep on counting
Commannder, Yaniv lost the hand.
Adams, sanitary soldier!
Where is the sanitary soldier?
We are here, we set on a bomb
all night, there are wounded.
what happened?
How many wounded are there?
we have to evacuate, there are wounded,
we need to evacuate!
who are the wounded?
is Jagger ok?
i repeat, we have to evacuate
there are wounded,
we need an elichopper
Adams, don't worry,
it's going to be all right.
Hadad, Psycho!
- what do i have to do?
- Push here to stop the emorragy.
Lior, can you hear me?
are you ok? talk to me!
tell me where is the wound,
can't see nothing.
Elicchopper, here 65.
Do you recognize the point 6632?
The elichopper is arriving
i can hear it.
where is it ?
we are 100 meters far
from the landing point.
where does it hurts ?
tell me, so i can help you.
hold me tight.
Calm down, don't talk.
- do you love me?
- don't be an idiot, sure i do!
it's like an american movie,
a fuckin american movie.
The elichopper is arriving
don't make her fall asleep.
don't fall asleep,
think about the good things,
i'll come with you.
Queen size, i promise.
Lior, wake up!
can't feel the pulse anymore.
The elichopper is arriving
keep it up another while
they will take you to the hospital
i love you.
i think he is dead
Commander 65
here commander zambia
When do you evacuate ?
commander zambia, here commander 65
i have four wounded
my second is seriously wounded
we are waiting for the elichopper
and we are starting to evacuate
i went to meet Adams yesterday
he said they will give him
a medal.
- And Yaniv?
- E' vivo.
But he won't be able to prepare anymore
the sushi with the meat
Did you recover?
you coming?
Vardale, that's Yossi,
he was the Lior's commander.
thanks for coming.
he says that Lior was the best
second in command he ever had.
and everybody loved him,
all the soldiers.
Sit down.
Its true,
everybody loved Jagger
Sorry, loved Lior.
we called him Jagger
because he was like a rockstar
i loved him too
very much.
i tried to tell him
the day that everything happened.
i believe he also loved me
but he didn't have the time to tell me that.
it's funny,
all in a sudden i realize,
about how little i knew him.
we all were busy
with our things
who thought
that we were going to be short in time?
i don't know,he never talked
even when i asked him,
he has always been discreet.
i think about my son and i realize
that i know nothing about him.
i didn't know if he has a girlfriend,
i didn't know about you.
i realize not to know him
at all,
i neither know
which was his favourite movie
or his favourite song.
what did you say?
''Come'', by Rita,
it's the song he liked the most
he liked it
even changing the words.