Yotsuya Kaidan (Illusion of Blood) (1965) Movie Script

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Why do so many samurai
sell their swords now?
The sword is the soul of the samurai.
We must eat.
I see.
I want money.
Oiwa... Is it you, Oiwa?
Takuetsu? I need no masseur.
No, listen, a word.
There's something I must tell you.
Osode, who comes to my place,
is bringing a new woman tonight.
A house of ill fame. I'm not interested.
Don't be surprised.
The new woman is Osode's sister.
What? Oiwa?
What is it?
Samurai Tamiya...
You and Oiwa are a lovely couple.
Why did Samon, your father-in-law,
make her leave you?
Because I'm poor.
Not my fault, but my lord's ruin.
You're right.
But your father-in-law's just as poor.
He made Oiwa come home,
but he's just as poor as ever.
Or she wouldn't have decided
to sell herself, would she?
Wonderful. A real Osafune?
My offer. Your hand, please.
The market price is this.
You're hurting me.
What're you doing?
No! I won't sell it!
The money wouldn't last long.
Better to be a samurai.
Don't say that.
I'll keep it!
With this, I'll get back at all those
that let me down.
How about some grass toothpicks?
How about some grass toothpicks?
How about some Edo incense?
Sister. I'm sorry to keep you waiting.
Shall we go?
I told Takuetsu this morning.
What is it?
Father's so poor, I thought
of selling myself...
But my baby's moving inside
and seems to be criticising me.
You can't forget Iyemon,
your husband, can you?
You've a fiance, Yomoshichi, too.
So it's selfish of me, but...
No, it's all right.
I'm relieved to hear it.
The moxa's hot, but you must bear it.
Did Naosuke pay?
Yes. Sells patent medicine,
but he seems well off.
He's in some shady business.
The kind that gets you ahead.
Squeeze him all you can.
If it's not enough, I'll pay more.
If you agree, we'll start
a nice new business.
Tell me.
Tell me.
Same clan, but beneath us!
A lackey and after me!
I won't listen!
Joking? Maybe before, but we're equals now.
We've no lord.
You're in hell now.
I'm different!
You are?
You're not in a sex hell, are you?
Never mind. I don't use my money or power to
make women obey me. My good point.
I'm happy to wait until you want to
become my wife or just pleasure me.
Oh, come on!
Now, now, it's not like you!
Never saw such a stubborn woman.
Leave him to me. All right?
This one's very quiet. Be polite.
Yes. Thank you.
Sorry to make you wait.
Look here, Takuetsu, can she do that?
Make a guest pay and no sex?
Yes, she can.
She's fussy.
My Oiro is always peeking.
What does she do?
If it's a priest,
she won't even untie her sash.
Big news!
Don't be so noisy.
A new customer, so I sent Osode.
Don't be a boor.
As soon as he saw here he said, "You're...!"
She began to cry.
He's her long-lost fiance.
Yomoshichi Sato?
I don't know who he is,
but what a coincidence.
This isn't funny.
What's to become of me?
Why are you working in such a place?
What reason could you have?
Looking for a man?
What a cruel thing to say!
You're a ronin too. You know how hard
it is for us. Ronin. a masterless samurai
I come here for my
father's and sister's sake.
Ask the people here.
I hardly ever submit to my guests.
Stupid words!
What if a man uses force?
You may get away once in a while,
but not always.
Why couldn't you wait for me?
I became very ill at home.
When I recovered...
I was a ronin without any means.
My men and I began to sell fancy goods.
But I never forgot you for a single day.
That's why I drifted here.
If this is hell, we'll sink as man and wife
and be together.
Will you see father today?
Yes, I will!
I'll be waiting.
I see. Oiwa didn't come.
Just as you thought.
You're sure about that?
If you doubt me, go up and look.
Naosuke, you look fed up. What's wrong?
Naosuke! Naosuke!
He's not going to attack
the other client, is he?
What happened to those two?
Left by the back way.
What's wrong with Naosuke?
He loves Osode and her fiance appeared.
What? Yomoshichi Sato?
Was it?
How strange.
What brings you here?
Words I did not expect to hear from you.
You're my father.
A son-in-law is a son.
You were my son-in-law once.
But I called Oiwa home,
so you are no longer my son-in-law.
Deciding alone is not fair.
I've not agreed to it.
I don't like you.
We lost our lord, so I am poor.
Our lord became mad...
Mad due to his bad blood.
Be still!
My plight's not my fault.
So you say, but shorn of my fief,
I can only make umbrellas.
Not only I, tens of thousands
of ronin share my fate.
So loyalty means nothing?
Loyalty does not fill my belly.
It's the same with you.
Unsamurai-like words!
Oiwa is my wife. I love her dearly.
I will not end up like this.
With new work, I can make Oiwa happy.
You don't impress me!
Don't you know how Oiwa and Osode feel?
If you don't know, you're selfish.
Loyalty is being selfish?
You're not only selfish, you're inhuman!
Where's the money you stole
when our lord's house was abolished.
I refrained from mentioning it
out of samurai mercy.
Ill got, ill spent.
Would it have pleased you if
I'd used it to help support you?
What? Even hungry,
samurai do not steal.
But sell women's chastity?
You! Iyemon!
Unsheathe it if there's a blade in it!
Get out! Don't come again!
Since you know about the money,
you stand in the way of my success.
You'll never be a samurai again!
As things are,
this world's not worth living in.
Who is it?
It's you, Iyemon?
It's Iyemon.
Poor fellow.
I skinned his face to be safe.
You may have been rivals,
but you didn't have to do that.
Naosuke, a word with you.
He gave me a hard time. What a heavy corpse!
You needn't have skinned him.
You might have let her see him.
You never get things right.
So what? Love makes you act strangely.
A rascal like you can love too?
It's a nice feeling to love someone.
What happened, Yomoshichi?
This face!
What's this? What a sight!
What happened? I came to ask him
to let me see you.
What? Father?
What a pitiful sight.
No one held him any enmity.
May he rest in peace.
Yomoshichi's been mutilated!
What? Yomoshichi?
What total desecration!
I understand how you feel.
I think Yomoshichi came
just as father was in danger.
He tried to help him and both were killed.
Why am I so unfortunate?
My love and my father both dead!
May I speak.
What is it?
I knew about Osode and him,
yet I tried to win her with money.
My love was unrequited,
so I can't help being suspected!
Please do whatever you like with me, Osode!
Fine words for a lackey.
Please do with me as you like.
No, he was with me. He couldn't come.
But you mean what you say?
You're sorry for your behaviour?
I feel so sad.
I wish I could show her what's in my heart.
All right then. Look here, Naosuke.
Use this short sword.
Find the culprit and help Osode kill him.
Prove you're innocent.
Yes, I will. I'll get revenge.
Very well, I'll do it. Yes I will.
Shut up!
Always crying.
Aren't I poor enough without having a child?
Professionals don't make husbands worry.
You don't mean that.
We keep you from your work.
Hire a boy to look after it.
What is it?
You go out very often now.
Keep out of it!
See you soon.
Sorry it took so long.
Thank you.
Let me. Please.
Good boy. Good boy.
I hate to hurt your feelings...
But he loved you so very much before.
Yet, he's so harsh now.
He's depressed every day.
When I think of the old days,
they seem like a dream.
I long forthem...
Still, he has important work to do.
He must avenge father,
so I cannot complain.
You're right.
So you're still waiting for Osode?
It's like an engagement...
It's a pleasure waiting
for her to yield to me.
I'm surprised. It seems a stupid idea.
That goes to show you're an amateur.
How can you put up with it?
I've got an adequate alternative here.
He's so impatient.
I see.
What do you mean 'I see'?
Why don't you make up your mind?
Ito's in the service of a great lord.
He'd get you a position,
if you marry his daughter.
Accept the divine favour of Kwannon.
Let me alone. I won't ask your help.
Talking big.
To succeed, one must be a rascal
if need be.
This sword's not for show.
It's dangerous. I know. Put it away.
You're only after a girl,
but my object's a big fief.
Is that so now?
Help me please. When you get it.
Very well.
Empty talk.
It's Oume's nurse.
What I promised you...
the family's secret medicine.
My lady is waiting for you tonight.
Please do not forget.
No, I am all right.
You are back?
I was dozing.
The baby's asleep for a change?
It is so hot, he is being difficult.
I know it bothers you, but please...
It's nothing.
Sometimes I have a fit of temper.
Think nothing of it.
Are you... going out again.
Yes, someone's waiting for me.
Good news, Oiwa.
I may find a position with a lord soon.
Is that why you're going out?
I did not know, so...!
Oh yes, I wanted to give you
this medicine. That's why I returned.
To think I almost forgot.
Good for women.
Thank you!
Drink it now.
Wait. Your haori... Haori. A half coat
designed to be worn over a Kimono
Please return early.
I tell Lady Oume that
you have a wife and child.
But she turns deaf ears to me.
This way.
What is it?
Is that medicine really potent?
I'm not certain, it's only hearsay.
I haven't seen it work personally.
Don't worry.
Iyemon Tamiya is here.
My son-in-law? She's a wilful girl
but please take care of her.
Yes. I'm honoured.
Did you give him
our family's secret medicine?
Yes, I did.
I see.
Oume asked me to see you got it.
A mere girl, but her obsession
is overwhelming...
Omaki, clean things up.
If your wife's face becomes ugly...
Oume thinks it will help you to decide.
Perhaps her nurse suggested the idea.
How can you say such a thing, Master...?
By the way, another thing
Oume asked me...
You would like to serve my lord?
Yes, please help me.
I promise to see about it.
Thank you. I am very grateful.
But for that, lyemon...
bring a betrothal gift if you ask for
Oume's hand in marriage.
The light is not on.
Excuse me.
I brought a boy.
His name is Kohei.
What is it?
What's happened?
What's the matter?
Miss... What's wrong?
What's the matter?
Since a while ago...
I've been getting breast pains.
That's too bad. I'll put the light on.
Just a moment
Hang on. Hang on.
In a moment.
Oh, no oil...
The money... is in the bamboo holder.
Will you buy some rice too?
Yes, I'll tell Kohei to do it.
Well, well, Mister Tamiya.
How's Oiwa?
She feels a burning pain...
Her face?
How does her face look?
She's in the mosquito net, so...
Takuetsu, do me a favour.
Who's he?
The boy I promised to find you.
His name's Kohei.
Greet your master.
Thank you.
Takuetsu, a word.
I'll pay you.
It's you? When did you...?
I'm glad you're back.
What is it?
My face, my breast, everywhere...
I feel as if I'm burning up.
So painful, I feel I will die.
Is it really painful?
How was the medicine?
After I drank it.
It worked.
What is it?
What? No, that medicine...
That medicine. Wasn't it...
Wasn't it some mistake?
What's that? Do you doubt me?
No, no. I do not doubt you,
I would not...
A samurai and doubted by his wife!
You're cruel!
Let me go!
What a thing to say!
Why would I doubt you?
Let go! Let go, I said!
What is it? Have you gone mad?
I'm in such pain!
My face, my breast... I'm burning up!
It is sad to die without avenging father!
Revenge is out of date now!
It's not for me!
How can you say that now?
Find another husband and ask his help.
You know whether I can or not!
Or have you found another woman?
Yes I have, and what will you do about it?
You will force me to leave,
and give him a stepmother?
Take him then!
Don't you love your own son?
Are you in your right senses?
Have you gone mad?
Oiwa, don't cry.
There's something I want to tell you.
I need money at once.
I'll borrow this.
No, not this comb!
It's my mother's keepsake.
It has been precious to us for generations.
Something else then!
You were not like this.
Who's been influencing you?
I only want to serve a lord!
Even if you abandon your wife,
and make her feel miserable?
You will never be happy.
Shut up!
This isn't enough!
I have nothing else.
I'll take this.
The child needs the mosquito netting!
You keep the mosquitoes away.
It's your duty.
Let go.
Oiwa, let go of it. I said let go!
Let go!
Did the mosquitoes sting you?
Poor baby.
Good boy, good boy.
It's pitch dark.
Are you there?
I bought the oil for the light.
What happened to the mosquito net?
Oh, your kimono...
I'm ashamed. My husband returned,
saying he needed money suddenly.
What a thing to do!
You've got a high fever.
They say becoming cold is
very bad for this sort of sickness.
There's a stiffness in your arm.
Unless it's removed, your husband
will always make you trouble.
And you'll never be happy.
For a long time I've...
Why don't we do it together?
Propositioning a samurai's wife?
Takuetsu, how dare you!
Oh, your face! Your face!
Don't... don't you know how your face looks.
Here, look! Look!
Is this my face?
Poor lady!
I will confess!
I will tell you everything!
I cannot bear having you worry
over money matters.
What's this?
In a vault, it's useless.
Spend it, make it useful.
Use it as a betrothal gift.
I cannot pardon my husband,
but I hate the Ito family more!
He also told me to have an affair with you,
so he could leave you.
If I refused, he would kill me.
So I had to do it. Please forgive me.
My tooth dye.
You've just had a baby.
Should you use it?
A woman should look nice.
I'll dye my teeth and comb my hair...
Then I will say a word of thanks to my
husband and the Ito family.
It's terrible, with your looks...
The child's here.
You... You're a cruel man!
You're the boy Takuetsu brought?
You're terrible! I heard it all!
Shut up!
If you've heard, I've no choice.
Why me?
Why do this to me?
Then you put the corpses
on either side of the door?
Yes, and nailed both down.
To warn people not to sin.
Sin? She didn't, did she?
Ssh! Be careful!
You did a horrible thing.
I'm to dump them into the river?
And say your wife
and boy left home?
She must be bitter in the next world.
Even if she is,
what can a woman do?
Haven't you ever been in love?
Where's the door?
By the post.
Not here.
Has to be...
Not dreaming, were you?
That's strange.
Don't joke.
You asked me to help you tie a stone to
the door and dump it in, so I...
That noise?
I'm sure I closed it.
Hey, hey, hey, don't be funny.
Hey, hey.
Hey, hey.
Where are you off to?
I give up.
What is it?
There. There.
They walked here, then fell down?
Stop joking.
How can corpses move?
Oh! Look at the eyes!
Be quiet!
Oh! Oh! Dead! Dead!
Dead! The... the baby's dead!
Your baby!
Oh, sister!
Where have you been?
I'm so glad you're safe!
Don't just stand there,
Tell me everything! Come inside!
What is it, Osode?
My sister! She's here!
What's that?
My sister who's left home!
She's outside!
Don't be silly! She can't be.
Why? If she appears anywhere,
it wouldn't be here.
It will be at Iyemon's wedding.
But she's right there!
All right, I'll have a word with herthen...
Sister! Sister!
Where did she go?
Not here.
She left home with Kohei.
That's right.
She was right there.
I opposed her coming here,
but gave in to her pleadings.
When we are married tonight...
I'm entrusting her in your care.
Please rest assured.
But for her sake, too,
please recommend me to your lord.
Don't worry, things are going well.
Please help me.
It is your wedding night.
Your bride is waiting for you.
So am I to consummate our love?
Shall we leave, my lord?
Then, Oume...
Excuse us.
Our hopes have come true.
We were destined...
...to be together.
I must find a lord
to serve and make you happy.
Why would that make me happy?
What? It would be a disgrace
to make you live here.
For your sake, I must serve a lord.
Why don't you say anything?
There's no need to be shy.
Raise your face.
Raise your face and smile.
"My husband, may we be blessed
and share a long life together. "
Now, say what I just said.
My husband, may we...
I am happy as I am.
What shit! I thought I'd caught an eel.
A tortoise-shell comb. It'd cost 5 ryo.
Iyemon! I looked all over for you!
What, may I ask, brings you here?
Iyemon, tell me the truth.
About what?
Where did Oume go?
No one's seen her since the wedding night.
I'd like to know too.
You'll have to ask Oume herself.
Iyemon! Feigning ignorance?
Please tell me the truth!
I ask you to! Please!
If she's disappeared,
it's my former wife's curse.
How can you be so shameless?
You're the one who's shameless!
The medicine my wife
drank was from your box.
Rascal! From now on, we're strangers!
And I refuse to recommend you!
Return my money then!
You took a bribe, yet refuse to help me.
You're no friend, Kibei!
Enough! That was a betrothal gift!
I know nothing!
You and I are equally guilty
about the medicine.
I'll report it if I have to.
If you report it,
you'll never find a lord again!
Will I, or won't I?
Look for her in hell!
Can't you rest in peace?
You ghost!
Two unusual funerals today.
A man and a woman nailed to both
sides of a door drifted to a bridge.
Is it their funeral?
There are cruel people in this world.
Even sold the clothes of their backs.
Stop such unlucky talk!
What evil thing did they do
to deserve such a fate?
Osode. Will you pay your rice bill?
I'm sorry.
Don't be troublesome!
Be sure to pay tomorrow!
Don't be so harsh. Go home.
That's all for today.
Thank you.
Will you wash these old clothes?
You're kind to give me such work.
Who sold this to you?
Who? It came from a pawnshop.
I'm sure it's what my sister wore.
I doubt it.
Lots of people wear the same stuff.
Wash it and the man's kimono.
Both are very dirty.
I'm counting on you.
It's still wet.
You're back?
No eels today.
Is that so?
I got fed up and went for a drink.
That's no surprise. I can smell it.
Why do you run from me?
Still married in name only?
This is past a joke! I can't stand it!
It's poisoning my life! Think how I feel!
Not until you avenge Yomoshichi!
Yes, I promised to avenge him, but...
Please wait until then!
If you say that, I can't do anything.
Never mind. I'm sorry.
I really do love you.
Listen, Naosuke.
The rice shop man came to remind me,
and I owe the sake shop.
I know. Money?
They'll lend 5 ryo on this.
This comb! Where did you...?
I found it.
Mother's keepsake! I know it is!
My sister's precious comb!
It's so strange.
The kimono brought for me
to wash was hers too.
So? There are lots of similar kimono.
The comb.
No, not this comb, please!
I see. If it's so precious, I won't pawn it.
Thank you.
Hey, it's safer to put it
on the family altar.
Yes, yes.
Please don't take it away.
No, my lady, I'll respect your wish.
So will you please prepare my supper?
Yes, yes.
I like you being funny...
Right away.
Say, Yomoshichi, Osode's
still true to your memory!
But like this comb, Osode will become
mine soon. Remember it!
Naosuke. It'll be ready soon.
Naosuke. Naosuke! Where are you?
Osode! Osode! Osode!
What's the matter?
What are you doing here?
It's nothing. Nothing at all.
You gave me a fright. Your supper's ready.
A rat took the comb!
What? That comb?
The one I put on the family altar?
It's here! It's right where I put it!
My, my, it's kind of you to come
to offer incense so often.
Master must be happy.
It's my duty to offer incense
to my father-in-law.
My, my...
But why did he fall into that moat?
It's very strange.
Lady Oume is also missing.
I wonder where she is?
She had a lover, it seems,
and ran away with him.
There's no one here.
I found it.
The recommendation Master wrote for you.
I see. He was more honest
than I thought.
Your gold pieces made him so.
If you take it to the proper place,
your position will be assured.
Good work.
When you realise your dream,
don't forget me, or you'll regret it.
I'm amazed. You're a rascal too.
I risked my life for this.
Listen... Osode's here.
She came to work again?
To see Iyemon about her sister.
Sister? You mean Oiwa?
Yes. You saw her while she was here.
You'd know about her.
No, I don't know nothing
about her at all.
I can't believe she became intimate
with Kohei and ran away with him.
I know nothing about this.
Then what about this?
Oh, my, how'd you get this?
It'd cost 5 ryo, even 10 ryo maybe.
Wouldn't it?
I've wanted one like this!
It's perfect for me?
Leave the comb alone!
What're you doing?
Something the matter with you?
Do you remember this kimono then?
This is a fine kimono!
It suits me perfectly, doesn't it?
How did you get it?
Then it's hers?
I... I don't know.
But you said...!
I don't know!
Blood! Blood! It's blood!
Please tell me what you know.
It's not me! Iyemon did it!
He did a horrible thing to her!
He gave her medicine
and tortured her to death!
Once we're powerful,
no one will dare curse us.
Confident, aren't you?
By the way, how about Osode?
Putting me off, and enjoying herself.
You still won't admit defeat?
Too timid to try?
She's only a woman.
I know that, but I'm head over
heels in love with her.
What can a woman do even if
she becomes a ghost?
Show her you're a man tonight.
Are you ordering me?
I'm tired of the whole affair.
I don't like cowards.
I won't let you help me any more.
I won!
I'm off.
Sure, go! Go home!
I'll do it.
Do it. Do it.
Sounds like revenge.
She's been taking advantage.
I'll take what I want!
Naosuke is back!
That's enough hugging
the family altar!
Answer me!
You're back?
That it?
I didn't come back to hear such
a half-hearted greeting.
It's no fun.
Do you want a drink?
It's not sake I want!
You won't accept my cup of sake?
What? What's the meaning of this?
Sake? I'll drink it. I'll drink any amount.
Yes, I'll accept it. I'll accept your sake.
It's good!
May I have a drink?
You? Going to drink? Very strange.
It's like a wedding ceremony.
This is interesting, isn't it?
A word, Naosuke
No more words. Let's do without them.
I know what happened to my sister.
Happened? What...
She was murdered.
Murdered? Who... who did it?
Iyemon, her husband. I have proof.
Iyemon? I see.
You must hate him. I don't blame you.
Naosuke! Please avenge her!
Are you telling me to kill Iyemon?
Avenge my fiance, my father,
and my sister.
Will you, will you, Naosuke?
Yes, I promised you I would.
Yes, I will, I will, I shall.
Look, Osode.
My arm is itching to do it, so I will.
If you will...
From tonight, we won't be
strangers any more!
I offered you a sake cup.
That means we're not strangers.
Our nuptials are over!
Oh, you're that man?
A wonder you found this place!
We were hassled by the authorities,
so we moved.
I have just the one you'll like...
Not today.
Yes, Ma'am
Show your face. Don't be shy.
A handsome man.
That's not what I came for.
Get out of here.
Please come this...
Wait! Please listen!
I'd like Osode's address.
That's all: You've got no money?
I was very sick that time
and almost died.
I recovered enough to get up.
Please tell me. Please.
It's embarrassing if you look.
Yomoshichi, I'm sorry about
not avenging you.
Excuse me, Osode. Are you ready?
Hey, let's leave the light on.
No? Let's leave it on.
No? It'll be all right.
No harm leaving it on.
Atchoo! It went out.
Yomoshichi? That's crazy!
Did I see a ghost then?
Did you tell him her address?
Oh, I needed that!
The door. We're busy now.
Excuse me! Please sell me some incense!
No incense! Sold out!
Wake up in there!
Someone's stealing your washing!
What? A thief?
Thief! Rascal! Thief! Thief!
He's fast! Where did he go?
Damn thieves...
It's you, Naosuke?
Hello, I'm Yomoshichi Sato.
Open up!
Ghost! A ghost!
It's a ghost!
What's wrong? Who is it?
It's a ghost!
Is it true?
Osode! Osode!
That voice!
I've got to see.
No, stay here!
It's not a mistake. You're Yomoshichi!
It's so strange!
What is he, anyway?
Yomoshichi... As well as ever?
You're a masseur.
Don't be embarrassed.
We're both ronin now.
I'm lucky. Will you massage me?
Listen Osode, this is your home?
Yes, it's...
Hey, masseur...
Please don't...
Are you going to insult me too?
Don't insult me!
Hey! You!
I'm her husband! Yes, I am!
Yes, I'm her husband! I am!
We've just become husband and wife.
I'm sorry.
Give her up. She's mine.
One woman and two men.
It's up to you to decide.
Which will it be?
I became this because I wanted
to avenge my sister! And...
And what?
After we met that night,
someone killed you.
I couldn't recognise your face,
just your clothes! At my father's home!
My clothes?
So I thought...
Ah! I see now!
That was Gengo, then.
He's been missing since that night.
Why is that?
Intending to see your father,
I borrowed Gengo's coat.
Then I became ill again,
so he went to buy my medicine.
Someone with a grudge against me
mistook him for me.
I'm so upset!
I made a mistake.
If I'd known, this would've
never happened!
What will I do? I'm so upset!
Osode! Osode! Wait, Osode
! can't bear it!
Osode! Osode!
Hey, I killed him, thinking it was you!
Why you...
It's because I loved her! Remember that!
Osode became my wife, so we're
going to the other world together!
I'm happy to die with you.
Iyemon... wouldn't understand...
this kind of feeling.
Your husband seems to be sleeping.
Yes, thanks to the help of you all.
Peace be with you.
Thank you very much.
It seems your husband
is cursed with a ghost.
Yes, that is why he becomes delirious
with fever sometimes.
If you repeat the sutra, the fever will go.
Thank you.
Take care.
Nao... Nao... Naosuke!
What? There's no greater villain than one
who's never been in love?
Do you mean me?
It's more than clear that you're a villain.
I see. That's so, isn't it?
Get a hold of yourself.
Tomorrow, you see the lord.
You will serve him.
Yes, yes, that's so.
So go to sleep again. Have a good rest.
Lie down. Lie down.
We've succeeded so far.
What if we lose everything?
Husband, are you leaving?
I must see the lord today.
Husband... are you going to desert me?
No, no, I wont.
I just want a lord to serve.
You understand?
You wish to be a samurai again?
If there were any other way, I...
Empty words.
You will desert me... forever?
You say that, but you...
Priest! Priest!
Oh, horrible obsession!
But I will succeed and show you!
You! Oiwa!
I will succeed with this!
Look! A recommendation to a lord!
Rats! How dare you nibble
my recommendation!
Be careful! What's the matter?
Your recommendation soiled?
It's silly!
See? Like this! Look!
Look! It's fine... See?
What's wrong?
What ails you?
Priest! Priest!
Go to hell!
There is no such thing as happiness.
How can I make you understand?
Not until I find a place in
the world worth living in.
I won't lose!
I won't lose!
Even if my head is cut off,
I'll show you I can move.