You and Eye (2023) Movie Script

[crickets chirping]
[wind howling]
[droning music]
[computer buzzing]
[Eye] This is Jason.
He was born
and grew up on this farm.
Early on, he was diagnosed
as mentally disabled
and was left alone
to his own devices.
After his parents died
in a car accident,
Jason managed
to stay on the farm
and carry on creating me.
His best friend, Eye.
I organize his schedule,
pay bills, run errands,
oversee deliveries
from the outside world.
[computer beeping]
[doorbell rings]
[Eye] I take care
of Jason's nutrition,
vitamin and mineral levels...
What? No! [chuckles]
[Eye] ...and make sure he gets
a proper social education...
Oh, Ida,
when will you learn?
[Eye] recommending
videos to watch.
[salon piano playing]
But the main thing I do,
is let Jason know
when it's time to work.
Let's get to work.
Eye, break down
these walls for me.
No, no, sell,
sell all United Pharma stock,
just direct it
towards charities.
[computer beeping]
[reporter 1]
United Pharma's internal data
has just been leaked to news
outlets around the world.
Lots of organizations have
already called for a boycott
of United Pharma products.
[reporter 1] Our sources
tell us United Pharma factories
have been hacked
and brought to a standstill.
[Eye] After work is done,
we like to have some fun
and fool around
with fiction and reality.
[tense music playing]
Cooper's numbers are up,
Sanchez's numbers are up.
They keep climbin'
while our guys
are goin' down
to the bottom.
Well, it's not happening,
those are our biggest clients,
we gotta turn this
around right now.
This is what
I want you to do.
I want you to stop
making Rose look good
and focus on making
the other candidates look bad.
Do something unconventional,
be creative.
[music from Modern Times]
[toilet flushing]
[ominous music]
[Eye] Nobody has ever
invited Jason anywhere.
So I told him to go.
I guess whatever
happened afterwards,
happened because of me.
[string music playing]
[city din]
It's you, it's Jason then.
-[Jason] Yes!
-[Veronique] Yes? Hello.
Nice to meet you,
so nice.
Yeah, nice to meet you.
I just wanted
to say, um...
thank you so much
for the association,
for the charity.
It's-- your money has been,
like, so much help.
You can't imagine
how many doors it has opened,
it's our biggest donation
and, I mean,
the whole organization
is really, really grateful
for all you've done.
Do you have some things planned,
these next few days?
Maybe I could show you
some places and, uh,
actually, tomorrow
I'm going to my cousin's house.
We're going to have lunch
on this really nice yacht
and I thought
maybe you'd like to...
come along?
[seagulls crying]
[man speaking French]
[Veronique speaking French]
Okay, you all right there?
-[Veronique] Yep.
Go on, go on, perfect!
He has a friend
called Alex
and he's really in love
with, uh, this actress.
-[Jason] Mm-hm.
-[Veronique] And--
[man speaking French]
[man continues speaking French]
Okay, so, he would like, uh,
Alex's face to be
on the body of this actor,
uh, in a sex scene
that this actress had.
You see, so, it would
look like Alex is having sex
with this actress
in this film.
-But, um--
-It's a joke!
-It's just a joke,
you know, it's--
it's a bit of fun.
[man speaking French]
And he was wondering
if you could help him do it.
Oui, yeah.
[pensive music playing]
[computer beeping]
How did you learn all of this?
[Jason] In school.
[Veronique] What kind of school
would it be, it was...
Special school?
Like a school
for gifted students
to develop
their talents and...
Men-- mental illness?
[crickets chirping]
[man speaking French]
[Veronique] Hey, wait for me.
I'll be back soon.
[dog barking]
Hi Veronique,
it's, uh, it's-- it's--
it's Jason again,
I'm, um, just...
Did you see
my computer at all?
Um, because it-- it-- I can't
find it anywhere and-- and...
A video clip
has been posted
on social media
that went viral within minutes.
[ominous music playing]
I'm confused here,
which clip--
Everybody on these
TV things, I can't believe it.
This repugnant video
is a fake!
[speaking French]
Could you take me to the
nearest airport, please?
Yes, no problem.
[tense music playing]
Let me out of this car.
Let me out of this car!
Let me out
of this car, okay?
I said
let me out of this car!
I'm not, no,
I'm not gonna--
[computer beeping]
[man speaking French]
[door clicks open]
Who are you?
[Phil] I work for a firm
that wants to help you.
Pissed off a lot of people with
that little sex clip you faked.
So much so that
some of them want you dead.
You fucked up
their lives...
and careers
and they lost a lot of money.
They're not gonna
let you off the hook easily.
Now, we can help you
out of this mess, I promise.
But first,
you need to help us.
We got this
back for you.
They stole it from you
and we stole it from them.
[keyboard tapping]
-[door bursts open]
-[Tom] Hello my dear
young friend,
how are you?
Are you angry?
-[Jason] Sure.
-[Tom] Sure.
Sit, darling,
eat something.
It's good food.
I was wondering,
could you make a digital me?
And hook me up
with some, uh,
digital ladies? [chuckles]
With big boobs,
blonde, big boobs--
-[slaps own rear]
-...butt, y'know?
[Jason hums]
Okay, I'll leave.
See you later!
[Melvin] The key here
is that the artwork
looks 100% real.
We got lucky
with the first one
but we can't rely
on luck on this new one
and we can't leave it all up
to your new friend, Da Vinci.
We need somebody
who's really good
at analyzing
these kinda things, y'know?
Before we show it,
make sure nobody
can detect it's a forgery.
[pensive music playing]
[Phil] We research the effect
on reality that fake media has.
You were recommended
as the best, at catching fakes.
What's your secret?
I really
don't have a secret.
It's-- it's all algorithms
that analyze data,
they do all of the work,
I promise you.
I just, um, create the coding
that tells them what to do.
[Phil] Your job
is to determine
if the videos we make here
are 100% believable.
Take a look at these two clips
and let me know which one
you think is real,
and which one is fabricated.
[ominous music playing]
-[Kim] They're both real.
-[Phil] No, one is a fake.
[Kim] The one with Cooper
taking the bribe is fake.
How do you know?
[Kim] From the root of the file,
I see it was made yesterday.
The one with Cooper not taking
the bribe was made a year ago.
I say
the older one is real.
[Phil] Can you change
the information in the root,
to the same day
as the real one?
[Kim] Yeah, that's pretty easy,
copy and paste.
It's really well done.
How big is your CGI team?
[Phil] One guy.
[birds chirping]
So he just works
and sleeps here?
He likes it down there.
Does he come outside?
[Phil] No.
I mean,
he hates the sun.
You have to understand,
he's, y'know, he's a savant.
He's, uh, strange.
Mm! Tom, do you want
to take this down to him?
Phil says
he likes fresh fruit.
Okay, thank you.
[Kim] Mm-hm!
[pensive music playing]
[reporter 2] Governor Cooper
can deny it all he wants.
On the video,
we clearly see him
walk into the room,
open the suitcase,
count the money
and leave with it.
[Cooper] I emphatically
deny ever taking a bribe!
Yes, I was in that hotel room,
yes, they handed me a briefcase.
When I opened it,
saw that it was money,
saw that they were bribing me,
I shut the briefcase,
I walked out
of that hotel room.
The video was leaked.
I know,
we've been trying our best
to keep things under wrap
but as far as I'm concerned
this is a great thing.
Cooper's corrupt.
He's been accepting bribes
for years, everybody knows it.
We have to tell the media
it's fake!
I really don't think
that's a good idea, Kim.
I mean, we have a corrupt man,
a racist man, out of politics.
This is illegal.
What would you rather,
him running around
and stealing money
from innocent Americans?
[reporter 1] Our sources
in Washington D.C. tell us
the FBI has found evidence
of serious irregularities
in Governor Cooper's
campaign finances.
These include
corruption and fraud charges
that date back
for several years.
[bird chirping]
Kim! This is Catherine.
She heads our research
and development department...
-Pleasure to meet you.
-...and her assistant, Johan.
Johan, pleasure.
Um, can I get you
anything to drink?
No, thank you.
Let's get started.
Absolutely, uh, they're just
here to take a look at Jason
and learn a bit more
about his algorithms.
Okay. Right here, please.
[keyboard tapping]
Wait, wait,
what're you doing?
I need to buy that.
No, no.
This is highly
classified information,
it doesn't leave
this facility.
It's really secure.
We work for the same company.
[Phil] Different divisions.
I want to talk to him.
Seems like you're creating
a new programming language.
Did you invent it?
Did anybody
help you with it?
[echoing] Tell me about these,
uh, new projects of yours.
Where can I find them?
Who, or what,
is "The Eye"?
I think
I'm going to go to sleep now.
[Catherine] We want to
transfer him to our facility.
But he feels
like a prisoner here,
that's why
he doesn't want to talk.
I think he likes it.
He'll like it
where we're taking him.
We need to study him
in a different environment...
to understand how
he constructs his algorithms,
how they connect
to the internet.
It's dangerous
to do it here.
He might leak
our secrets all over the world.
We will have it
under control.
I have it under control,
thank you very much
and I need him here.
I have a project I'm working on
and the deadline is ASAP.
This is bigger
than faking pornos.
[tense music playing]
[computer beeping]
Toux deux, toux deux, be cool.
[Phil groans]
Not cool.
Don't worry about it,
Da Vinci stays with us.
And that Catherine,
she sends all her guys
to Da Vinci's house,
grabs all his computers
and she still
can't quite figure out
what to make with
all that data and information.
She's talking about
a new programming language,
called "Eye", E-Y-E.
I want to know
all about it but for now,
focus on the new artwork
because it's gonna be big
and also there's a nice bonus
for you when it's all done.
[door clangs open]
When am I getting
out of here, Phil?
[door shuts close]
When am I going home?
[Phil] I spoke to my superiors
about just that
and they said
if you get this one right,
they're ready
to offer you a regular job.
[Phil] You'll get to
move out of here,
get your own home,
work from there--
[Phil] It's under
our protection,
get all the equipment
you need, everything!
I don't wanna
do this anymore!
Shut the fuck up, Jason!
What other options
do you have?
Go out there on your own?
You've no friends,
no family.
Who's gonna protect you
from the bad guys, Jason?
You are a bad man.
Oh, no, Jason,
far as I'm concerned
anybody trying
to hurt you is a bad man
and I'm here,
keeping you alive.
They've gutted your house,
stolen everything you own
and they'll be
waiting for you.
You wouldn't last
a day out there.
One day, somebody's gonna
walk into your home
and find your decomposing
body on the ground.
Huh, and it will look like
you had a heart attack.
I'm your only
fuckin' friend.
[music swells]
[keyboard clicking]
[Phil] We need to recreate
this whole town in 3D.
so we can
move it around, place...
people at different
vantage points
recording footage
on their cellphones
of the missile
being launched.
Six witnesses.
Six videos,
and I need it by yesterday.
I think the nightmare situation
is a fake video
of a politician saying,
"I've launched nuclear weapons
against a country."
The other country reacts
in minutes? Seconds?
Then we have
global nuclear war.
We have a fake news phenomenon
that is not going away
and so add to this
fake images, fake audio,
fake video
and you have an explosion
of what I call
an information war.
[ominous music playing]
[Kim] Hi.
[emotional music playing]
His laptop is tracing
the movements of his fingers.
[Kim] And a massive
amount of data
starts to upload itself.
What kind of data?
[Kim] All data needed
to recreate real places,
up to the smallest details.
I've never seen
anything like this.
[Phil chuckles]
This, is amazing.
Hi, Kim, it's Jason.

I brought you some tea.
Thank you.
[door creaks open]
You better go.
[Kim] The guy didn't move
for 30 hours.
I thought he was dead,
what am I supposed to do?
Next time, wake me up.
Now there's new evidence
that has resurfaced
in the case
of the chemical bomb attack
several days ago
in the city of Aslan.
This attack reportedly killed
more than 70 civilians,
including children.
New video clips taken
by phones from eyewitnesses
clearly show that
the deadly rocket was fired
from anti-government rebels
from a mountain range
just north of the city,
not by the government's military
jet as previously thought.
[Rose] I am not afraid of
anyone, anybody, or any country.
We have our reporter
on the ground
in the rebel-held territory
in the city of Karnesh.
[field reporter] This city
is under a massive attack,
huge explosions.
I saw a refinery on fire
and a barrage of rockets
coming from the west.
[ominous music playing]
We started this war.
Right here.
in the fucking basement!
[Phil] It's called
fuckin' politics, Kim!
Slash and burn,
rough and tumble,
that's the name
of the game.
That's how
you get ahead.
You change the rules, you change
the way you fuckin' play it.
We're doin' things here
that nobody's ever done before
and we're going to
set the new rules.
-[Kim] New rules?
-[Phil] Yeah!
You're talkin' 'bout
people's lives.
-[Phil] Correct.
-Jason's life!
Keeping him like a slave in
your fucking dark hole basement?
[Jason groans]
Crazy lunatic,
with matches ready
to set
this whole world on fire.
You got yourself
into this mess.

So what we're gonna do,
is we'll create
a library of words and sentences
for this guy to say.
So we can control everything
coming out of his mouth, got it?
Thank you!
Thank you very much!
[Phil] Get this guy
recreated up to
the fuckin'
tiny boogers in his nose,
get him to sing and dance
like a puppet.
[keyboard clicking]
Excuse me, what--
what the fuck did you just do?
I deleted everything.
Kid, why the fuck
would you do that?
Relax, Phil,
think of it as a joke.
Not so funny now,
is it?
I think
you're playing around, okay?
Get this--
get this the fuck back up.
I'm done here.
Good night.
I'll show you
a fucking joke.
[door shuts]
[door creaks open]
[tense music playing]
[knocking on door]
[Phil] Come in.
You're doin'
great work for us.
But unfortunately
we're not moving forward
with the algorithm
side of the program.
We're letting you go.
Tom will drive you
to the airport in the morning.
You signed an NDA.
If word gets out,
we'll come after you.
[birds chirping]

[keyboard tapping]
[tense music playing]
[door creaks open]
[door creaking]
[Kim] Jason.
It's Kim.
Let's go.
[engine starts]
We're talkin' about
big money, big politics here.
No rules allowed.
All tricks, all games.
And you're just...
their ultimate weapon.
We have to make things right.
[announcer speaking in French]
[Jason] Ugh, Kim?
-Jason, what's wrong?
The noise,
and the light,
-it's too bright.
-Okay, hold me.
[Jason groaning]
We're going over there,
in the shade.
-[Jason groaning]
-Jason, Jason, okay.
-What can I do? What can I do?
-I don't feel good.
-Okay, I'll be right back.
-[Kim] Hey.
-Hey, I'm here.
-All right.
[Kim] It's okay.
[people speaking French]
[Kim speaking French]
[water trickling]
[reporter 3]
The US and its allies
the military attack
against rebel-held
territories in response
to the deadly
chemical attack in Aslan.
The city of Karnesh appears
to be the main target.
Its oil refineries
and industrial structures
have been decimated.
There is a great number of
casualties among the civilians.
[man speaking Arabic on TV]
Jason, Jason what's wrong?
Hey, hey, hey, what's wrong?
What can I--
[Jason groaning]
Jason, what can I do?
Tell me,
what can I do?
[Kim] Jason, are you okay?
I gotta get us
some food.
I'll be back soon, okay?
It's okay, I'm--
I'm fine.
[floorboards creaking]
[distant city noises]
[street din]
[keyboard clicking]
[hand smacking]
[city noises grow louder]
Hey, Jason.
What's that, a dead bug?
Well, it's not a bug.
It's a drone.
[ominous music swells]
With a tiny microphone...
and a camera.
Is it still working?
No, it's dead.
Put your clothes on,
it's not safe here anymore,
we have to go.
[speaking French]

[tense music swells]
[drone buzzing]
[music fades]
[music plays]

[muffled music]
[night din]
[glass clings]
When did you start
getting into computers?
[Jason] I was seven.
My family
was really poor...
so I tried
to come up with a system
to win the lottery.
I couldn't do it...
so, instead
I photoshopped a winning ticket
for seventy million dollars.
Did you try and cash it?
Well, my-- my father
went down to collect it
and got arrested for forgery.
He got really mad,
he hit me in my head
and banged it against the wall
and I almost died.
Y'know since then...
well, I--
I guess I never felt the same.
I became detached...
from the world
and the people around me.
[Kim] So, like, entering
the world of algorithms?
Oh, yeah,
I understand algorithms,
I can predict their actions.
Have you ever been in love?
[crickets chirping]
[ominous music plays]

[ominous music swells]
[Kim] The system you invented,
what do you call it?
[Jason] I call it "Eye".
[Kim] You're letting Eye
read your brain signals...
analyze blood pressure,
eye movements.
That's how you're able to do it
so fast and be so precise!
You think of something and,
Eye does the rest for you?
[Jason] Yes.
So you're the password.
The signature, the--
you're the only one
who can access the network?
[Jason] Yes.
That's amazing!
You're infused with Eye.
That is a lot of power.
What else
do you do with it?
Where is the data
coming from?
[Jason] Satellites, cameras,
phones, cars, home devices.
[Kim] How does it gain
all of this access?
[Jason] I can walk
through any wall.
-[Kim] So...
-[Phil] Okay, we're online.
[Kim] Eye is some sort of
game with real-world data?
[Jason] Yes.
[Kim] What is the objective
of the game?
[Jason] To make
a better world, I guess.
[Kim] Okay, but how do you
make the world better?
[Jason] Charity activities.
Food, medical programs,
[Kim] Too bad
it's not real money.
[Jason] It's real money,
Eye takes care of it.
How does it make money?
[Jason] These?
These are financial brackets.
And, uh,
so it's got trading, patenting,
licensing, investing.
Digital currencies.
These transactions are real?
[Jason] Yeah.
How much is this worth?
[ominous music swells]
Who else knows about this?
[Jason] Only you.
[Kim] Disconnect
from the network, turn it off.
[crickets chirping]

[Kim] I had to disconnect,
what if somebody else
was listening to us?
[Phil] What, are you
a security expert now?
Go back and get him
to explain how The Eye works.
[suspenseful music playing]
Why are you lying to me?
[Kim] Lying about what?
[Jason] You say
Phil doesn't know where we are.
[Kim] He does? How?
[Jason] Listen to this!
[Phil] Go back and get him
to explain how The Eye works.
[Kim] Just--
just give me a few more days.
What was I supposed to do?
I saw what they did to you!
I saw
how they treated you!
How you were
locked in a basement!
What was I supposed to do?
Told them that,
if I could get you alone...
that you would open up
to me and he believed me.
[Jason] You faked
this whole thing?
Falling in love with me?
No, no.
I fell in love with you,
I'm in love with you.
-You're a liar.
-[Kim] I'm not lying.
I love you.
You have
so much knowledge.
You are amazing.
We can use Eye
to get away.
We can upload the files
and let the world
know the truth.
We can--
we'll get away together.
[Jason] Together?
[silenced gunshot]
[Kim wheezes]
[body thuds]
[tense music swells]

[phone rings]
You know what?
This is really some mess.
And we need to get it
cleaned up ASAP.
Do you understand
the consequences if we don't?
[birds chirping]
[Phil] What just came up?
What's this?
Unusual pattern warning.
A wire transfer
for 15,000 Euros.
Made to...
Nico-- Nico Pizza.
A small pizzeria in Luberon.
[Tom speaking French]
Okay who made the wire?
Koto Djibuti, in Niger.
[Tom speaking French]
Who they deliver the fucking
pizza to? Let's see...
[crickets chirping]
[Delivery guy speaking French]
I don't speak French.
Ah, uh, um,
I have a pizza
and a bottle
of water for you.
And you also
pay a ride to Carpentras.
I got the money
you asked for.
So, come on, let's go.
Come on.
[Phil] Get the fuckin'
bank account the wire came from.
Thank you.
[Johan] It looks like
the account was created
just for
this one transaction.
It was closed
right after the wire was made.
Altogether, it was active
for a few seconds.
Where did the fucking money
come from into the account?
[Johan] DJ Wirelex,
registed in Caymans.
It was open
also for a few seconds,
made one transaction with
digital currency and closed.
Who owns DJ Wirelex?
[Johan] Koto Djibuti.
[Phil] Find him.
Looks like he existed
for a few seconds too.
He's a fake.
[computer beeping]
Looks like,
we've got the pizza guy.
He's not alone.
[Phil] There you are.
We got him.
There is the brasserie
you asked for.
[faint tribal music plays]
-[Jason] Hello.
You okay?
You got the money?
Okay. Follow me.
[cabinets creaking]
[Abdel Anush Al-Jabiri]
Try on this.
[tense music swells]

[Phil] He's with
Abdel Anush Al-Jabiri.
Two years, human trafficking.
I guess
he's back in business.
[Phil] It says he's heading
for Fos-sur-Mer.

-You see this gondola?
Go right there, over there.

The ship leaves in the morning,
it's heading for New Jersey.
Yeah, okay, we have a stowaway
in one of the containers,
all right?
And we're not leaving
until we find him.
And you want me to find him?
There's over 14,000
containers on this ship,
it's gonna be a major delay.
There's many companies here,
he could be
on any one of these ships.

[repeated thudding]
[seagulls squawking]
[ship horn honks]
[computer beeping]
[reporter] He won four states,
including California,
delivering a massive blow
to his rivals,
Sanchez and Bolton.
On the flip-side,
Henry Goodwin won
the last five states
that went to the polls.
[reporter] Here we go,
it's Rose versus Goodwin
and it's going to be
a very close race.
Both candidates
are running head-to-head
in all
the battleground states.
Let's take a look
at the numbers.
one point lead for Rose.
Florida, about
a half-point advantage for Rose,
according to some polls
and a half-point
advantage for Goodwin
according to others.
it's the same situation.
This is
as close as it gets.
[Phil] All right, so the ship
arrived about five minutes ago.
Got my men
all over the place,
I'm gonna check every container
that gets unloaded.
We're gonna get this guy.
[Phil] Damn right.
Question is, where is it?
Ah, there's the ship,
is that the ship?
[Phil] No, it says,
five minutes ago.
Let me--
let me call the guy. [sniffs]
Ya, hey, Phil Paxton here,
I'm just calling about the ship
coming from Marseille,
the Chinese ship,
at the New Jersey dock?
Well, yeah, it says it arrived
five or ten minutes ago
and I don't see it so, probably
looking in the wrong place.
Two days ago?
No, no, no, GPS told me
it arrived five minutes ago,
we've been tracking
it this whole time.
So where are
the fucking containers?
If the containers
were unloaded,
they're scattered
across the 50 states.
How can that happen,
you were just trackin' it
-until five minutes ago?
-Fuckin' GPS system got hacked.
So what, now,
what-- what do you think?
Is he trying to blackmail us?
Is he gonna hurt us?
What are we
gonna do with him?
Naw, man,
he's a scared kid,
he's gonna
climb back into hiding.
[mysterious music plays]
[Eye] I need you
to do something for me.
I want to
understand you better.
I need you to implant
chips under your skin.
[Jason breathes rapidly]
[Jason grunts]
[Jason grunting]
[ominous music swells]
[Jason grunts]
[Jason gasps]
-[frogs croaking]
-[birds chirping]
[hopeful music plays]

[keys clicking]
Ladies and gentlemen!
Please join me
in welcoming Harrison Rose,
a gift to humanity
and the future President
of the United States.
I'm here for you, America!
[man] You made
a great speech, great speech.
-[Rose] Thank you, yup.
-[man] You nailed it, boss!
...standard, The best
of the best and together--
What's the matter
with your nose?
We will make this country--
[Rose] Who the fuck
is fuckin' with my nose?
That's not the real one!
-[woman] Here's the real one!
-...and together--
-Holy shit!
-We shall build this country--
It already has
[Rose] I don't wanna
look at this crap.
-[Melvin] Yes, sir!
[Rose] I want you to find out
who's behind this, all right?
And you, take your hand outta
your pocket, talkin' to me!
-Yes, sir.
-So what do you know
about this kid?
Seems like somebody
hacked the livestream,
uploaded to the internet
and it's gone viral.
[Rose] Well if you knew that,
why didn't you prevent it?
[sighs] I--
All right,
take him with you, huh?
Sorry, sir.
[Rose] Who the fuck
is doin' this, huh?
Go find out
what's happenin' here.
Yes, yeah!
[Rose sighs]
Fuckin' Pinocchio.
[birds chirping]
[Jason] Blah, blah.
-[computer] Blah, blah.
-Blah, blah, blah.
[computer] Blah, blah, blah.
-[computer] Blah.
Do you solemnly swear
to tell the whole truth
-and nothing but the truth?
-[computer] Yes.
-Say it louder.
-[computer] Yes.
-[computer] Yes!
[various scattered speech]
Five, four, three,
two, one!
It is time,
to deal with
this fackers of reality.
Did he just say "fuck"?
He did, he said,
"Fuck the constitution,
fuck the people."
[man] No, he didn't,
he's talkin' 'bout honesty.
Is this the one
being broadcast?
Who gives a flying fuck,
if they don't eat?
-[crowd booing]
-No, no, no, it's not a match.
We gotta stop
the feed right now.
I have to keep the feed on,
state regulation.
The feed's been hacked,
this is not the real Rose,
-we've gotta stop it now!
-Throughout my life,
all my actions, have been...
dedicated to getting laid.
-[crowd raging]
We got a problem here.
The media stream
of presidential candidate Rose,
has been hacked!
Who is doing this?
We are
tracking sources, sir,
they're coming from
all over the world.
[Edgar Goodwin]
And, whoever is responsible
for these manipulations,
it has got to stop.
Can you drop me here?
I'm on camera in five.
All right, go,
pay attention to this.
What happened to this tape you
were supposed to get of Goodwin?
The one
with the underage hookers?
Yeah, how's it goin'?
-[Phil] Not good.
-[Rose] What?
-[Phil] It looks bad.
-[Rose] What's the problem?
Our guys can't do it--
it-- it-- it--
there's always the detail off,
to trace the fake.
So you're tellin' me
that your guys couldn't do,
in three weeks,
what the other guy
could bang out in a couple days
in his fuckin' basement?
Go somewhere else.
Where am I supposed to go,
Rose's fake speech
is the most viewed clip
on social media,
it's number one on all
the top platforms.
[reporter] You see, what we call
"fake" is not perceived as fake
by huge numbers of people.
Our latest polls show that
55% of Americans
thought that Rose's fake speech
was real
and the real speech was faked
after the fact.
This is a fuckin' disaster.
Faking disaster boss,
we're down three points already.
[Rose] Oh, that's pretty funny
Melvin, "faking disaster"?
You think that's clever?
A little pun, here?
-[Melvin] No, sir.
-Then what're you fuckin--
you're not taking this
seriously at all?
Do you still wanna job? How long
we go back there, Melvin?
-[Melvin] Long time, sir.
-Well, you better get
-your head wrapped straight.
-Yes, sir.
[Rose] And boy wonder, hey!
Talkin' to you,
what do you know?
We have a team of experts
looking at the footage,
so far it seems like--
[Rose] Seems,
did you just say "seems"?
That's not good enough.
-[Phil] It seems impossible--
-[Rose] It's not good enough!
Don't you put
worries in your voice to me.
Who do you think
you're talkin' to?
You wanna job here, or not?
[reporter] We've had
a number of blockbuster videos
in this campaign
and here comes another one
-starring Phil Paxton.
-[girl] Hey, you're on the news.
[Phil] Oh, yeah?
[reporter] Several compromising
videos of Phil Paxton,
the media director
for Harrison Rose's
presidential campaign,
have evidently
surfaced on social media.
They apparently show him,
and I quote, "Having sex
and doing drugs
with underage prostitutes."
Most of the footage
is clearly too graphic
to show on this network.
This is all very disturbing.
[reporter 2] This is a major
blow to Rose's campaign--
-It's not me.
-[reporter 2] Big embarrassment.
-It's not fuckin' me.
-[reporter 2] Looks like
it's gonna be real hard
for them to get out of this one.
Do you need glasses?
I mean-- who is it then?
It's not fuckin' me!
Fuckin' Da Vinci,
he faked me!
-[girl] Da Vinci, really?
For cryin' out loud,
do some research
before you hire anyone
for your campaign.
Where the fuck
are you going?
I am getting out of here
before the media comes!
Authorities discovered,
on a private cloud storage
belonging to Rose's
former strategist,
Phil Paxton,
damning evidence
that he was behind
faking the footage
of the Aslan bombing.
[reporter] Phil Paxton,
media director
of the Harrison Rose
presidential campaign,
has been arrested
this morning in Manhattan.
[Rose] So, let's be candid
about Phillip Paxton.
The reality is,
he had almost nothing
to do with my campaign.
I, uh, I, just remember--
I remember seeing him around,
asking people
if they wanted coffee.
[Phil's lawyer]
My client is innocent,
he never had
cloud storage.
It's all a lie just
to hurt his campaign
-and we're gonna prove it.
-[reporter] Very likely that
the dominos are gonna
start to fall.
In fact, we're anticipating
the FBI's gonna release
a statement within minutes.
A senior advisor to Rose
has been arrested
in the investigation
of a vast coercion conspiracy
behind Rose's presidential bid.
There are reports that FBI
is going after Infinite Data,
a political consulting firm
where Paxton had been
one of the senior employees.
[reporters yelling in unison]
[frogs croaking]
[reporter] Ladies and gentlemen,
we've enjoyed bringing you
the election results
this evening.
We should have results
any moment now,
numbers are coming in
and the polls are closing.
-[Jason] Attaboy!
-[reporter] This just in,
they have called
Michigan for Goodwin.
Good win, Goodwin.
[reporter] It's final,
Goodwin is the next President
of the United States.
[Goodwin] As difficult,
and as challenging
as these times are,
we still have great freedoms
in this country of ours.
And with great freedom,
comes great responsibility...
-that we are all--
[reporter] The President
in waiting has been shot!
[Jason] No!
-[reporter] The President...
-[Jason] No, no, no, no, no!
-...has been shot!
-This must be a fake!
-[crowd yelling in fear]
-[keys clacking]
It's not a fake, it's real.
He was assassinated.
Shot through the heart.
Now he's dead.
[Jason] Stop that.
Stop that!
I said, stop.
I said--
[ominous music plays]

[Jason] I said stop!
Shut off, shut off!
Shut down!
Leave me alone!
Get out of my life!
[Kim] Hi, Jason.
I missed you.
How have you been?
I see
you have a nice house...
near a beautiful lake.
Looks nice and clean.
I really like it,
very much.
I'm here, with you.
You and I...
we can make
the world a better place.
[ominous music swells]
We have everything
that we need.
You and I.

[music ends]