You and I (2011) Movie Script

Do you love me indeed?
I love you very much.
You are beautiful.
Lesson 7.
Part 1.
What is your name?
My name is Peter.
Hey, Lana Lana.
My name is Vadim
I am 21 years old.
I'm sexy beast.
Shut up!
Lana, come with us
I'm having a pool party
at my place.
No. Every day you ask me
the same thing.
Get over it!
Come on. I've got the new
Loving You," Dance Dance Dance.
Revolution Ultra Mix 4
on my X-Box.
What a douchebag
Now it's her turn to bug me.
Why are you so hard on him?
His father could
get you a good job
I'll do it myself.
I want to do it myself.
And you think you'll find
a job in Moscow?
Over the weekend?
With a friend you met on the computer?
I don't know. Yes.
- Maybe.
- Oh, God, Lana.
Swim with the tide.
Otherwise, God knows
what'll happen with you.
Words that aren't Russian
take me away
from this shitty place.
Little people break to China,
little people fall to pieces,
ugly, pretty, major, minor,
shoot to kill nobody misses.
Prison labor.
Every day my mother tells me
how lucky we are
we are not like them.
We have jobs We are free.
There is one difference
between me and them.
I can go to Moscow
I was born here.
In this town
my choice is simple
work in the slaughterhouse
or sleep with Vadim.
I hate this place.
This place sucks.
Yes, Janie?
So where is she now?
More lies about
being stuck in traffic
I'm stuck in traffic.
Is Moscow.
Oh look, the bitch got
a new Porsche.
Fuck off.
Why do you always
have to be late?
Every day you're late.
Okay, so what were
you really doing?
The smell of pig never
leaves my clothes.
When I become a model
I'll bathe in perfume.
Make me a star, Edward.
You stole my pills again
I did not.
Get out of my room.
Then why do pills
show up in dry-cleaning?
Because you were too high
to remember where you left them.
- Your dry-cleaning.
- I didn't steal your stupid pills.
Now get out of my room.
Absolutely impossible
to deal with that brat.
Stupid bitch thinks I'm
a pill freak just like her.
Fuck everything.
Except t. A.T.u.
They're nihilists.
Beautiful nihilists.
We're meeting them after
the concert, I swear.
What is
So we can do anything.
See you tomorrow.
Dad, I'm so over your
never-ending business trips,
being forced to live
in this place
and always feeling so alone.
Lana, hello.
Lana, where are you?
No, I can't hear you Lana?
- Hello.
- Hey, are you here?
What platform are you on?
Okay, yeah.
Hold on
I don't know if I can...
okay, I see you.
- Hi.
- Hi.
I'm so glad you're here.
Let's take a picture.
First one of us together.
You should take it.
Your arms are longer.
- That button right there.
- Okay.
So what should we do?
We can go back to my place
but my step monster's
probably gonna be there.
Can we walk?
I really want to see Moscow.
No, Lana, you can't walk.
Moscow is so big
I mean it takes like a month
just to cross the street.
You know, Janie,
in Moscow all dreams come true
I feel it.
Dick head!
I'm loving the photo
you have send.
I send you photo of me
at beach of...
Dima, question.
What's a good beach in Russia?
Oh, not the Black Sea
Something sexy.
Are you sure?
Sounds like a lavatory cleaner.
Okay, Sochi it is then
Thank you, bye bye.
You butt plug.
Also with visa is again problem.
Travel agent say to fix
will cost of $2,000
I'm sorry,
But can you send this amount?
Oh my big handsome Bill
I cannot wait
till you can hold me
in big strong arms
I am loving you so much.
Love Olga.
Fucking genius
I mean, people say
New York is tough,
but Moscow I think
is much worse.
Everybody so could,
Nobody ever smiles here.
If you smile too much
it means nothing.
In Russia you have
to earn smile.
Okay, like her.
How would you get her to smile?
Trade in dog for vibrator.
Ana? Ana?
Good, the wicked witch is gone.
Come on, my room's down here.
This your mom?
She was very beautiful.
New iPod.
It's so small
I have all of t. A.T.u. 's
music on it too.
And Ani DiFranco CSS, and le Tigre.
- Everybody.
- All on this little thing?
- You are so lucky.
- I guess.
Stuff is just stuff.
Unless you don't have stuff.
You have your own bathroom.
Your room's so big.
Is this what you talk to me on?
Yeah, my dad got it
for me for my birthday.
He wasn't here,
but he's never really here.
Let's see how many hits we got.
- Shit, we didn't get any.
- Any what?
Um, I took one of your poems,
I made it into a song
and I posted it on YouTube.
Little people break like China.
Little people fall to pieces.
Ugly, pretty, major, minor.
Shoot to kill.
- This is what I send you?
- Yeah.
It's cool, rig ht?
- I know why we have no hits.
- Why?
You sing like squeaky brakes
on Russian train.
Okay here, let's see
what you can do.
Record here.
There's the lyrics.
Little shadows run, night.
We can be as one, time.
Some kiss and tell, time.
We can live as one, love.
It's an exercise in.
Always telling lies in.
Always breaking hearts in.
Changing body parts.
Little people break like China.
Little people fall to pieces.
Ugly, pretty, major, minor.
Shoot and kill now.
Um, this is my friend Lana
Lana, this is my stepmom.
Janie has no respect
for her parents.
Maybe you can teach her
some manners.
I let you go to the concert tonight.
But don't come back home late.
No later than midnight.
The concert doesn't
start till 23:00.
Then 01:00.
As soon as it's over, home.
Ugh, crazy.
Almost forgot.
- For me?
- Mm-hmm.
- It's beautiful.
- Open it.
- Hi, guys.
- How are you?
Looking forward to seeing you
at our show tonight.
We love you.
- Yours..
- T.A.T.u.
What is he saying?
He say tickets are fake.
No, they're not fake
Check them again.
Lana, they're not fake.
I bought them in the store.
No, they're not fake.
They're not fake.
I want to talk to the supervisor.
No, go and get the supervisor.
I want to talk to a supervisor.
Go get a supervisor!
Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.
What next?
I don't know, Lana.
I don't have a plan B.
What hottest club in Moscow?
Then let's go there
Lana, there's no way
we can get in there.
We are nihilists.
We do whatever we want
I know that guy.
- Who?
- He's Edward Nikitin.
- I've got to meet him.
- Never heard of him.
Where are we going?
The line's back there.
He owns model agency.
- Come.
- Lana, where are we going?
What are we doing?
What the fuck are you doing?
I'm so sorry.
What is this?
I'm so sorry.
- Oh, you're from America.
- Yeah.
- Oh, this explains it.
- What?
I love America.
It's very good place.
- I am just coming from New York.
- I'm from New York.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
- Very good.
- Hi, I'm Lana.
Okay, you enjoy club, yeah?
Nice try, darlings.
Better luck next time
I can't believe you did that.
Now we're never gonna get in.
Girls! Girls!
First time?
Have luck.
You're the girl that bumped
into Edward Nikitin earlier,
aren't you, darling?
Well done, you got in then.
Why don't you come and take
the weight off your feet?
We're got a lovely booth
over here with champagne.
Come on.
Sit down.
Right then, these are
oh, doesn't matter. The only one
that matters is my boy Dima.
Your boy? So does that
make you his father?
No, darling. I'm more like his mother
I'm his manager.
Hey, I know you.
You were singer for Bang.
- Boom.
- What? Bang boom?
The band is called Boom
It's fucking great.
Now I start little solo career.
And what do you do?
Oh, Lana's the new hottest
model in all of Moscow.
I can believe this, yes.
No, not really.
No, maybe not now,
but someday you will be.
Edward would
like you to join us.
Not just now, darling.
We'll be over shortly, okay?
Always keep a man waiting.
Right, long enough Shall we?
Mm min,
How are you?
Right, go to work.
He's over there.
Come on, Dima You can do this.
Who is that guy?
That's Max.
He's t. A.T.U.'s manager.
- Oh my God, they were here?
- Oh yeah.
- Do you know them?
- Dima used to plow one of them
I can't remember which.
They're great-looking
girls though.
Go on.
Want one?
What did he say?
What happened?
- If I make single.
- Yeah?
- ... He's interested.
- You're a star!
You're a star!
Well done, Dima.
- Go on, have your best snorting powder.
- Nyet.
Want a little tickle, darling?
Good girl, yeah.
Hey, how are you?
Having the time
of my life. You?
Edward's going to introduce
me to Terrine.
- Who the fuck is Terrine?
- He shoots for "Vogue. "
You're very lucky.
It's 3:30.
We've got to go
Lana, we've got to go.
Hey, you come to my party
tomorrow at Taza.
Very good. Very big party
You be my guest, yeah?
- Yes, of course.
- Good.
My apartment's just up this way
I spoke to your father.
If I let you in,
tomorrow you go to rehab.
Fuck your rehab
I'm not gonna come back.
Come on.
Come on. I know a better place than
my stupid apartment anyway.
Go! Go! Go!
Isn't this better than
being at my apartment?
Having a good time?
I don't speak Russian.
Don't speak Russian?
Europe or America?
George Bush McDonalds.
Hey! Good stuff, man!
What's up?
Let's spin the girls.
Don't be afraid.
Come on, you'll like it.
Come on, Lana.
Oh my God.
Look who's here!
Come on in, girls
Vanya, we have guests.
Everything you've got
on the table!
This better be good stuff.
Do you want a drink?
I'll be there in a second
Make me a drink.
Hey, look what I got.
Way to go.
No holding back, come on
Give us everything.
First time in Moscow?
You want to be a model?
Any luck?
How long have you been trying?
I don't know Three years.
I have somebody who promised
to help... Edward Nikitin.
Oh, Edward Edward.
Good good good.
Bye bye.
See you tomorrow.
See you tomorrow
I'll take the blonde.
Do you want the American?
I don't think so.
At least, not yet.
So "Yes" is the most
important word in Russian.
- Da.
- Da da.
You will fuck both of us.
- Da da da da.
- Da da da da.
We're flying
I'll be seeing you.
- You okay?
- Mm-hmm.
- I'm going to go to the bathroom.
- Mm-hmm.
- You stay here.
- Yup.
I don't go home any more.
Endless parties,
getting drunk
switching off reality.
My life has become
totally meaningless
I am so fucking weak
- Are you okay?
- Yeah.
I'm okay.
Come here.
Where the fuck are we?
I don't know
I am bad person
I say mother I will only
come for some days.
I don't want to go home.
Thank you for coming
to our show.
We hope you liked it
It was cool.
- We love you guys.
- T.A.T.u.
- Good morning, Natalya.
- Good morning.
I want you to listen
to something.
Always running free.
Little people break like China.
Little people fall to pieces.
Ugly, pretty, major, minor.
Shoot to kill, nobody misses.
Little people melt like vinyl.
Little people reassemble
I found it while
browsing on YouTube,
but there's something
in the lyrics.
What do you think?
Not bad.
Who is it?
I don't know.
You want to see something cool?
I've always wanted
to put one up of my own,
but I've never had anyone
to share it with.
Dima, look this way!
I'm going to sing.
Kiss for luck?
That's right.
We should go talk to him
and here are surprise
congratulations from t. A.T.u.!
Happy birthday, happy birthday
happy birthday to you!
- Max, hi. Hi.
- Hi.
You are staying, aren't you?
He'd be made up if you did.
- Is he gonna do something new?
- We're working on it, Max.
He needs to sing something new.
Dear friends,
we continue our celebration.
It's time to give it up
for the group "Boom"
Had the world on lock.
Living like I was Don Juan.
Love 'em and leave 'em.
Always deceive 'em
I was bulletproof, no vest on
Made me see what's real
and what's fake.
We did it all,
but it went too fast.
What the fuck?
He played this stuff
for my 16th birthday
I want to have you
at my crib tonight.
It might be your lucky night.
In what way?
Terrine will be there.
He s shooting for Vogue.
If he likes you,
you could be the new cover girl.
Let me ask Janie.
Go ahead.
Hey, what is crib?
It's a stupid way
of saying house.
- Okay.
- Okay!
Both run out of things to say
I said, "Papa, classical,
European, Japanese...
who needs this, huh?
Now it's time for Russia
Russian devochki models,
Russian money,
Russian fashion...
I thought we were meeting
- Terrine.
- Yeah yeah.
- When is that?
- I'll organize it tomorrow.
Okay, come
I show you my father's
art collection.
Very famous, very nice and big
beautiful paintings.
Very famous in Russia,
you know?
Tonight you sleep here, okay?
If you lucky you sleep in my bed
with silky sheets.
Ah, you like my jaguar?
It's nice, huh?
Anyway, this is very good...
very good pattern.
I like it.
Good for clothing.
This, $2 million.
Very many colors.
Very happy Abstraction.
Very good
Bottle, guitar, happy
singing, dancing.
$200,000 each My dad get it.
I only like Love
It's very good.
This here woman, she is happy.
She is drinking.
This... my favorite.
Butt, socks, caviar,
naked, upside down Very good.
My dad give all this to museum
and Mr. Putin let him
back in country.
These are all designer clothes.
You know he thinks he's getting
lucky tonight, right?
It's kind of like a two-for-
the-price-of-one thing.
Hey, don't ruin this for me.
- Why, do you like him?
- No.
Then let's go 'cause
I'm ready to leave.
Where, huh?
I want to meet Terrine.
Well, I'm not gonna sleep with him
so you can get a job interview.
Are you?
Hey, girls!
What do you want?
Champagne? Vodka?
M&Ms? Snickers?
I don't have any coke,
but if you want I organize it.
Anything you want.
My pleasure.
Oh, I love this bed.
Look at this.
- I'm so tired.
- Me too, me too.
Look. Spinning, yeah?
It's good, huh?
Janie, baby.
Janie baby, come.
- No thank you.
- Janie, baby.
- I'm good.
- Janie baby, come.
You're not like my friends
that I can't trust.
It's very nice for me
for my soul.
So you're saying we're different
than every other girl?
Yeah, I like you
Edward, the question is
how much do you like us?
A lot.
Yeah? Do you want us
to like you?
- Oh yeah.
- Yeah?
Then you should be a sweetheart
and fuck off.
Oh, you funny funny girl.
So funny.
Good night, Edward.
Thank you.
You have everything you want?
Good night, Edward.
Funny girl.
Okay, you call me if you
need anything, yeah?
Maybe you want robes.
Or pajamas.
- Come on, go already.
- No, you come on!
- Girls, very nice.
- Good night. Okay.
- See you in the morning.
- Okay okay.
You want some pajamas?
What do you like?
I get for you.
You want a fur?
You want a car?
I buy for you.
Anything you want.
He means well.
No, Dad, I didn't drink
not a drop.
I promise, seriously
I know I have to work tomorrow
I know.
Sure sure
Lana, what are you doing?
I try to stop bed.
Fuck, I'm so dizzy.
How does it work?
- Oh my God, that's so weird.
- Fuck.
Lana, they're words Look.
Oh my God Oh my God.
- Make it hide.
- Oh my God.
Make it go away Make it go away.
Okay okay.
So gross Ugh.
Every night.
My only hope is the light.
That's shining from inside you.
Cause you believe.
In what we are.
You believe.
In what we'll be.
Give me strength.
So I can stand beside you.
this was the best moment
of my life.
Lana, this will be
the best moment
of your life.
Who taught this idiot to park?
Hey, you want to knock me
in the fountain?
And cut his ponytail
if he wants to continue
working for me.
Papa, guess what.
Where is my son Vadim,
the next Puff Daddy?
Welcome to "Night Life"
Tonight we are
at the club Taza,
where oligarch Aleksey Mitronov
is celebrating his birthday.
- Weakling.
- 50 kilos!
Pop, Pop, Pop!
Look, it's Lana!
The Strakova girl?
She's in Moscow now.
And this is Dima, Dima Shiskin.
He is a superstar.
Oh, yeah?
How much money does he make?
Ask him to take you into his group
I'll pay for it.
Good morning, pussycat
She went out.
All right, get up.
Let's go meet Terrine.
You see, Lana..
These things are not for free
I don't have money.
You don't pay for this
with money.
This is your way out.
You're not going to have
another chance like this.
Do you understand me?
What does this...
what does this mean?
Go take a shower.
Pick a dress.
- We need to get going.
- Where?
To see Terrine.
So Terrine only speaks English.
Relax, huh?
He's just photographer.
- You like my car?
- Da.
Yeah, it's good.
Put arms up Put arms up.
Oh, Jesus Christ Okay.
Helpless helpless
helpless helpless.
Good good good good
You got a book?
Okay, open your mouth.
I said do you have a book?
Yeah, a book.
A book with head shots in it
Jesus Christ.
All right, open your mouth
I don't have money for book.
Oh my God. We've got
a little sob story going.
All right, good.
Got it. All right.
Let me see you walk.
Walk. Walk walk walk.
Right over there, go.
Stand up there Spin her!
Can I see right at the end
where she looked right at me?
- Fucking brilliant.
- That one is good.
Don't think with
your dick, okay?
This is important stuff
and that's just slutty.
- Okay okay.
- Uh, hey.
What have you got
that's special?
I won a beauty competition once.
- Yeah? Where? Where did you win it?
- In Gorsk.
- In what?
- Gorsk.
Gorsk? How many people
live in Gorsk? 12?
- 14.
- Okay, stop spinning her.
Let me ask you something.
What have you got that's different?
That is unlike
anybody else in this room?
Every model has to have
something that is unique to her.
What have you got?
No, I'm not going hunting
I don't want a deer in the headlights
I want some focus.
Let some fire out of your eyes
Let the fucking thing...
You got nice eyes
You got cute hair.
Every girl in Russia has that
Turn around.
Turn around.
Face that way.
Fact that way, okay?
Look, hold your dress.
Let me see your ass.
Let me see your ass. Tight.
Face that way.
You know what?
What am I supposed to do
with this ass?
Show widescreen movies?
I mean for fuck's sake.
That's not an ass.
That's a continent
and I am not
a satellite photographer.
All right, all right Hey hey.
Just keep it down. It really wasn't
that funny. Don't be sycophantic.
I will find money
I will get a book.
Do you want to make her a star?
All right, you know what?
I don't... I don't...
I'm gonna start over because
I liked her lips darker.
Come here. Come here
Come here.
Come here.
You need to have a plan B.
You understand what that means?
Because plan A, this,
is a nyet-nyet.
Don't look at him.
There's nothing going on
Bye bye.
- What a zero.
- Tsk.
All right, let's get
these guys back.
All you little pied-eyes,
over here, come on.
Get some attitude.
Get up on the chair and you come down.
I've got to go.
Tell Vanya I'll be back.
- What did she say now?
- She'll be back soon.
Is Edward coming later?
No, he's not.
His father called him back
to Switzerland
for important business.
You know what you should try?
Escort service.
What difference does it make?
Whore, model... it's all the same.
Do you want to be a model too?
Then you're here
to borrow money.
What do you mean?
Why else does anyone
come to Edward?
He's going to invest
in single for me.
Probably not
I just need little
money for single
it's going to be big
you know, but...
- Lana, where were you?
- I saw Terrine.
Edward took me
I woke up, you were gone
and he was here.
What happened?
I asked you a question.
What happened?
Grown-ups don't put out
before getting what they want.
Oh, Lana,
Janie. Lana.
Where are you going?
You need to have a plan B.
There's nothing
going on. Bye bye
Grown-ups don't put out
before getting what they want.
So, like I said, big mess but,
you girls,
you take bedroom, yes?
And I sleep here, yes?
Like family Big family.
I'm going out for food.
Yes, keys on table
I'm going to make phone call
I'll be back in a second
Lana, I saw you on TV.
Dima is my hero!
Ian, I know.
This is why I pay you, okay?
You worry for me
It's why I pay you.
Okay, call me back Goodbye.
- It's okay.
- I thought you were done.
It's just Ian.
Nothing much.
How do you like my crib?
What happened?
I just need money
for a new single.
Then I'll be...
I'll be back on top
I have an idea
I know where to get money.
Hey, Ian, guess what
Lana knows somebody who can
put money into group.
What, they've got money
in the small towns?
Fucking cheeky bastards.
She arranged meeting
so we give her money
for her photo book.
A finders' fee?
You're fucking mad.
It's coming out of your end.
Look, you want to make
single, yes?
- Yeah. Right.
- Okay.
Okay, and how does
she know this fella?
- She knows his son.
- Fair enough.
Give me a call
when you find out the time.
- Okay.
- Yes, bye bye. Fucking mongrel
Ian loves the idea.
We're good to go.
Hello, Janie.
- Hey, did you get food?
- No.
I found way to get
money for book.
Really? Cool.
Can I smoke in here?
What are you smoking?
Maybe a little some for me?
Yes? No?
Fucking step monster
canceled the credit card
I thought you talked
to your stepmom.
No, Lana. Why would I talk
to my stepmom?
She kicked us out.
It's okay.
I have a little money.
Why you act so strange?
- I'm not. I'm fine.
- Hey, look at me.
This place is way too fucking small
I need some fresh air.
You want to go to Vanya's
I know he give you drugs.
What are you talking about?
- Give me my money.
- No.
If you spend that money
on drugs, we are fucked.
No, Lana, you're fucked.
Isn't that what this is about?
Poor little Lana wants
to be rich so bad
she'll fuck some idiot just because
he has a big penthouse.
At least I'm not drug addict.
No, you're a slut.
Last night was a joke.
It meant nothing to me
because you're not real.
Nothing about you, Lana,
is real.
Oh, and you want to be a model?
Nobody actually wants
to be a model, Lana.
Do you know
how stupid you sound?
So what happened?
What happened?
Hey hey hey hey.
What's wrong?
Of course not.
Why do you listen to her?
You're beautiful
You're not real!
- Where's Vanya?
- In his room.
No. Kay.
- Here is one more.
- New song.
These girls are great
I can tell they are from here.
We've got to find them.
No lies to deny
We're too scared to cry.
And when we cry for help
no one will break our spell.
- Say that again.
- What?
What you just said.
That's quality, that is.
Is that what you write down
in your little book?
Can I read it?
Come on,
don't be like that, love.
Finding talent is what I do.
Come on.
Oh, we change here.
WEEK-3 happened?
Don't worry.
Why are we stopping here?
Because man who give us
money has dacha. So we go
Lana! Hi!
I've been waiting for you
to come back! I missed you!
He is Vadim.
Son of man who stopped train.
Oh right.
Fine-looking young man. Hello, Vadim.
Hi! How are you?
Come on out! Welcome!
Yeah, we're coming out.
Hi, how are you?
Oh, Vadim, they're beautiful
Oh, you shouldn't have.
- I'm Dima, pleased to meet you.
- I'm Leonid, nice to meet you.
This is Lana
Lana, ohhh.
Very happy to finally
meet you, Lana.
Your eyes, your nose...
what a beauty!
- Hello hello.
- Hello.
And this is Ian, Dima's manager.
Ah, beautiful beautiful
Beautiful beautiful, da.
Thank you.
Where is that paparazzi?
Come here.
Okay, mate.
Oh, okay.
- Come here, Lana.
- Two big men for the newspaper.
- Okay, smile.
- Yes.
My dear guests, good luck
and nice to meet you.
Long story short, let's drink
To your health!
It's a beautiful boat.
What exactly is it you do?
Ah, property.
I give you money no problem.
Cash in a suitcase.
In a suitcase.
And Vadim will be in group.
Of course.
Yeah, of course.
Uh, great looking kid
your Vadim.
I mean rule number one:
He's got to impress the ladies.
Boys and girls,
My guests,
my friends.
In honor of
my beautiful boy Vadim
the next Puff Daddy.
And beautiful Lana girlfriend.
To Vadim!
To Vadim.
Okay, Vadim, go sing now.
Vadim sing.
Vadim sing for me.
Friends, everybody
let's cheer my son!
I'm with you, son.
Don't screw this up!
You are so beautiful.
To me.
You are so beautiful.
To me.
- Can't you see?
- My beautiful son.
Check him out!
Everything I've hoped for.
Every girl in our town
want to fuck him.
You like?
You are so beautiful.
To me..
- It's crap.
- Shut the fuck up.
- But it's crap.
- What's crap? What did you say?
What did I say?
Sorry, I said it's crap.
- I'm sorry, he's completely crap.
- Shut the fuck up.
He's really drunk.
Please forgive him
Ian, come here.
I said you don't know what you mean.
- Sit down.
- I fucking do mean it
I fucking discovered
the Mondays, darling. Fuck off.
Hey, hands off!
Don't forget who I am!
It sounds like, I don't know,
two cats fucking in
a black bin bag, darling.
Now watch out, manager.
To me.
You, get off your knees!
Get on the stage, singer!
Well, supermodel, is he not
good enough for you either?
You'll pay for this disgrace, darling
You'll see.
What's up?
We lest everyone.
Have I?
What do you need them for?
You have now better friends.
Why do you do this?
Why do you?
Papa, she had nothing
to do with this.
It was her idea
to bring those jerks.
She will now pay
for this insult.
I said, drop it!
It's done.
Lana Starkova?
You're fucking fired
because I've finished with you.
Okay, fine.
My fucking ears are hurting.
My ears are hurting,
my head is hurting, yeah?
Excuse me, love.
You got any aspirin?
Any aspirin, love?
Oi, listen you Right, listen.
Hey, I've been through
shit like this 1,000 times.
This ain't over yet.
From here on in
things can only get better.
Dima, look at me Look at me.
When have I ever let you down?
That's right.
I have never let you down
I've never ever let you down.
Cause you believe
in what we are.
You believe in what we'll be.
It's fucking magic.
Order in the court
Lana Starkova?
You are charged with violating
Article 213 of the Criminal law..
Three months penal service.
For what?
I didn't do anything
I repeat,
three months penal service.
Please, Your Honor,
forgive her.
She's just a young girl.
No, Mama.
Fuck your laws.
This case is closed
Take her away.
Max, it's Ian.
You're going to be very excited
when you hear this, Max.
We're really onto
something different here.
Music reflects the world
around us, doesn't it, Max?
I mean you remember
when the wall came down.
It was Bruce Springsteen
and David Hasselhoff
and so on and so forth
and such like.
It was sex, drugs and rock
and roll, wasn't it?
I mean we loved it didn't we?
Every night we're all alone.
Every night,
my only hope is the light.
That's shining from inside you.
Cause you believe
in what what we are.
You believe in what we'll be.
Give me strength.
So I can stand beside you.
No truth to conf...
I mean, it's raw emotion, Max
Do you know what I mean?
- That's what I brought-
- We. We brought.
That's what we brought
you today...
raw fucking emotion.
Dima's found his soul.
It is very good. I mean it's a smash
It's a fucking smash.
- You wrote it yourself?
- Da.
- Every word.
- Do you have more?
I mean the boy's
on a roll, Maxie.
- He's a fucking genius.
- One thing.
It sounds like a girl wrote it.
Yes, I mean absolutely.
And I think that was
the big breakthrough...
that Dima's got in touch
with his inner woman.
I don't know.
But still,
it's a girl song to me.
No, of course. but what
you don't realize here, Max,
is that it takes
a man with huge testicles
to sing a power ballad,
and that is what we've got here.
Make no bones about it,
it's a fucking power ballad
I mean it's just
so fucking sellable.
Come on, Maxie,
let's talk dollars.
- It will be a big hit.
- So let's talk big money.
Absolutely. Handle this right,
we can make a lot of money.
Whoever created this
should get their share.
If we can find her.
In what we'll be,
give me strength.
So I can stand beside you.
No truth to confirm,
no lies to deny...
What's this, Max?
That's our fucking tune
Max, I'll tell you what...
I'll tell you what's
fucking happened here.
Me and Dima had put
the tune on YouTube
for a bit of a tester and these
fucking tarts have stolen it.
I mean has no one got any
fucking integrity any more?
Can I tell you what I think?
Fucking lies, Ian.
This is heartfelt and honest.
Unlike you, Ian.
- Get out!
- Max.
And you?
No conscience left whatsoever?
Max, the percentages
are there to be negotiated.
Okay, Max.
What I'll do is I'll give you
a call tomorrow, okay?
Give you a chance to sleep
on it, okay, darling?
Speak to you tomorrow, Max
Yes? Ciao for now.
You could have jumped in there
and helped out a bit.
Dima, come on, darling.
You know, you win some, you lose some.
When do I win?
Listen, you're fired.
- You're really fired, okay?
- Fired?
Don't be a donut, Dima
You can't mean it.
I mean it's Ian and Dima
Dima and Ian.
I am Max
I've been looking for you
I manage a band
called t. A.T.u.
You and I holding tight.
You and I got to fight.
You and I side by side.
You and I satisfied.
You and I feel so right.
You and I holding tight.
You and I side by side.
You and I
for the rest of our lives.
Way cool.
I like your song.
- Yeah, we really loved it.
- Do you really?
If I say it's good it is good.
So you've written a lot
more songs, yeah?
Yeah, I just haven't
finished them yet.
You wrote these lyrics
and composed?
You've got a great future.
I do?
I didn't do it by myself
I know.
Lana wrote the lyrics.
Well, she's good.
You are good too.
Where is Lana?
I don't know
I told you..
Swim with the tide man
I understand one thing...
the world is shit.
Lana Starkova.
Come with me
I'm so sorry, Lana
I haven't been
very honest with you.
After my mother died
my mother wasn't there,
my father wasn't there.
The drugs were there
I know
I never slept with Edward.
- And Dima...
- It's...
it's okay I know.
I was going to come back
after I got the money.
But I thought I could do
everything on my own.
- I learned some Russian.
- Da?
I love you
I love you too, very much.
- I like your scarf.
- Shut up.
There's one more thing
I have to tell you.
It's kind of a long story
and a little complicated,
but you know what?
Hold on. Hold on.
I'll be right back, okay?
She'll be so surprised.
- Ta-da!
- Ta-da!
This is Lana.
Lana, this is t. A.T.u.
- Hi!
- Hi!
I told you it was
a little complicated.
But they're gonna get you out
and they're gonna be singing
our song at the concert.
Yeah, we really like it.
Every night we're all alone.
Every night my only hope
Is the light that's shining
from inside you.
Cause you believe
in what we are.
You believe in what we'll be.
Give me strength.
So I can stand beside you.
No truth to confirm.
No lies to deny
We're too scared to cry.
You and I holding tight.
You and I got to fight.
You and I side by side.
You and I say goodbye.
You and I feel so right.
You and I holding tight.
You and I side by side.
You and I for the rest
of our lives...
man and wife?
Look after each other.
Cast aside to an angry street.
Criticized for what we believe.
If we hide.
Maybe we can make it
through this.
No truth to confirm.
No lies to deny
We're too scared to cry.
You and I holding tight.
You and I got to fight.
You and I side by side.
You and I say goodbye.
You and I feel so right.
You and I holding tight.
You and I side by side.
Did all this happen
so we would end up here?
No, this is where it begins.
What's a good name for a bird?
Marsha? Who falls in love
with a bird called Marsha, you donut?
Do I look like my name's Olga?
My name's Bill.
Yeah, so?
So why, fucker,
have I been sending you money?