You and Me (1938) Movie Script

You cannot get something for nothing.
And only a chump would try it.
Whatever you see that you really want...
you may have, provided you buy it.
You'd like to live a life of luxury
wearing ermine wraps,
a bracelet perhaps
or this sparkling gem.
Remember they cannot belong to you
until you pay for them.
You cannot get something for nothing
You've got to lay it on the line.
The cars we ride in
you have to pay for them.
The wines we thrive on
you have to pay for them.
The food we live on
you have to buy.
You must supply
The do-re-mi.
You speak of things that money
cannot buy
For instance, can you name a few?
Just try.
Beauty to attract the man you love.
You have to buy.
Gems of art to cultivate the mind
You have to buy.
Even vim and vigor and good health
you have to buy.
Sunny skies and mother nature's wealth
you have to buy.
Cheese and roses
Snow tubes and statues, perfumes and pistols
piccolos and dynamos,
garbage cans and feather fans
candy sticks and building bricks
silver chests and booby tests
aeroplanes and streamlined trains.
Let's see the color of your dough.
You cannot rearrange a plan
made by man
since the world began.
You cannot get something for nothing.
Only a chump thinks he can.
Put it back.
Put what back?
Come on, give.
I never did it before.
Why did you do it this time?
Satin. I never had a satin blouse.
Are you going to turn me in?
Please don't.
You don't know what it is to want
something terribly.
To want it so much that...
Is something the matter, Miss Roberts?
Yes, there is.
Look, there's a sludge on the front.
You certainly have a right to complain.
If you come with me to the
adjustment desk...
Of course.
Miss Roberts will take care of you.
I hope you won't hold this against
the Morris store.
I'm sure we can straighten it out,
can't we?
Oh, yes.
And thank you.
You are a swell guy.
Now listen.
Just because I'm a pushover,
don't get the idea the next one will be.
Beat it.
And the next time you want a satin blouse
wait until you can pay for it.
Yes, mam.
Don't thank me. Thank Mr. Morris.
He hates having scenes in his store.
All of the little kiddies
like this here goosy gander rocker.
It's cute, ain't it?
But I think it's goofie-looking.
But most little kiddies like the
goosy gander rocker.
Look, honey. Look.
Well I don't like it and you're
a shiffless skunk.
Now, listen, sweetheart...
all the little kiddies like the
goosy gander rocker.
and you're gonna like the
goosy gander rocker
or I'm gonna wrap the goosy gander rocker
around your fat little neck, get me?
Yes, sir.
Okay, lady.
She'll take it.
Oh, pardon me.
Darling, are you sure you like it?
Oh, yes, mother, I just love it.
You have the real child psychology.
That's what I like about Morris's.
It's salesmen are so specialized.
Are you the man who sold me
this thing?
Yes, mam.
You told me it opened cans.
Lady, that ain't the half of it.
This little thing is one of the wonders
of the ages.
It's a screwdriver, a bottle opener,
a cheese slicer,
ice pick and vegetable parer.
If it had one more little gadget,
I'll bet it could cook.
It doesn't open cans.
Oh, yes it does.
Now you watch me.
Now first, you do like this.
That's to make the touch a little more sensitive.
then you grab it like this and turn it
to the right
then to the left, then you listen...
You act more like you're opening a safe
than a can.
Ain't that funny how them habits
hang on?
Jerome, I've never seen anything
so brazen in my life.
The man practically admitted
he was a safe-robber.
Well, he is... or was, I should say.
Now, who but an ex-safecracker could handle
one of those newfangled kitchen gadgets?
But you...
That gives me an idea.
Yes, sir.
Make a note to put a safe in one
of the front windows
and have Patsy Mason open it with one
of those new can openers.
Jerome, don't you realize that I, your wife
come in contact with these people?
You know, sometimes
I think you've gone a little off.
Peopling, actually peopling a decent store
with convicts.
Ex-convicts, my dear,
who've been recommended
here through probation officers.
And the store isn't peopled with them.
There are 50 working here, perhaps.
Fifty out of 2500.
What's the difference?
If the public ever finds it out
your business won't be worth a nickel.
How are they going to find it out?
No one knows them,
very few of them even know each other.
You see...
You see, Mary, that's the idea.
They're not set apart.
They don't stand there like
sideshow freaks.
Just because they made one or two mistakes
that any of us might make.
Have you something in your past...
that you never told me?
I'm sorry, Mary, nothing that romantic.
Then why?
Look, Mary...
Most people think
if they pay a few dollars to
community chests
and goodwill agencies and so on
they've done their duty
and they can shrug aside
all responsibility.
But you've got to do more than that.
Don't be ridiculous. What can
you do more than giving money?
In my case jobs.
You see, Mary...
no matter how good a person's record
has been in prison
they can't get out on parole
unless they have a job to come to.
Now, if somebody doesn't give
those poor guys a chance to go straight
how are they going to stop being criminals?
Oh, nonsense. They were born that way
and there's no use trying to change them.
Do you know, Mary...
that since I've started this experiment
I haven't had one case of backsliding?
Oh, Jerome, I don't know why
you have to be such a problem.
Mrs. Marvin's husband just collects stamps
but not you, oh, no.
You must have thieves and jailbirds
for a hobby.
And one is fourteen...
and five is twenty. Thank you.
There's a customer asking for you.
Can't somebody else take him?
The gentleman asked for you, Mr. Carter.
Says you know his feet.
What can I show you, sir?
Something in a buck.
Okay, sir.
White, tan or gray?
Did you have to come here?
What's the...
White, with rubber soles.
What's Joe gonna do?
Why don't you ask him?
I'm asking you.
Cut it out, will you?
Is white buck smart this season?
Very smart, sir.
Okay, what do you wanna know?
Is Joe going away?
That's what I hear.
What's he got on his mind?
It ain't your work, I can tell you that.
Why don't you leave him alone?
I can't stand it, Gimpy.
My conscience won't let me just
stand around
and see a guy with Joe's talents
rot in a job.
You ain't got any conscience.
Yeah, it kills me every time
I look at you, Gil Carter,
second story man turning into
a stool jockey.
Well, I gotta make...
Tie up my shoe.
I ain't gonna buy nothing.
And tell Joe I wanna see him
before he leaves.
And I don't mean maybe.
Listen, I'm telling you...
this is a good racket and I oughta know.
There isn't a racket I haven't tried.
Look at that grip.
Let me try it.
We have an instructor here...
If you wanna learn any new grips.
I'm just a salesman here.
I'm sold.
Oh, and I want some tennis shoes.
What do you think I need?
I wouldn't know anything about that.
All shoes are on the first floor.
I'll show you while they're wrapping
the racket.
Step this way, please.
Do you play?
Tennis, you mean?
You look like you'd be pretty good.
How are you?
Well, I never had any complaints.
Who have you played with?
Oh, a lot of good players.
You wouldn't know them.
I'd like to play with you some time.
What? Oh, I'm sorry, but...
I'm leaving town tonight.
This gentleman will take care of you.
You'll find your racket at the wrapping counter.
Thank you. Good-bye.
Good luck.
Thank you.
Hey, Joe!
Hello, Gimpy.
I just seen Mickey.
I don't think he likes you going away.
So what.
I'd be careful, Joe. He's a hard guy.
That worries me.
He wants to see you before you leave.
Why don't you go to old man Morris
about Mickey and them guys?
He knows you're trying to stay
on the level.
He'd make them lay off.
Since when have I been a squealer?
Okay, Joe. Don't get sore.
Sure you don't want me to go with you
to the bus station or anything?
Thanks, I got something to attend to
before I go.
I fixed up a couple of letters
for you to take along.
Well, they may help.
I hate to see you leave, Joe.
It isn't because anyone's found out
about you, is it?
No, sir.
Everybody's been swell.
California's a long way off.
I take it then that your reason
is something personal.
Yes, sir.
That's it, it's something personal.
Mr. Morris, look.
I wanna thank you, see.
When anyone asks me now where I worked last,
I don't turn around and walk out.
You're supposed to be a very
dangerous character.
They told me that a man with your record
would never go straight.
I'm glad that you proved them wrong.
Keep it up, kid.
I know it hasn't been easy.
Good-bye, Joe.
you can always come back.
Hello, Joe.
Hello, Mickey.
You got a minute?
Now, listen, Joe. I got a proposition
oughta interest a smart guy like you.
I'm leaving town tonight.
I figured you wouldn't stick to no
8 o'clock job much longer.
What are you gonna do?
Get another 8 o'clock job.
Then why the trip?
They tell me the climate
will do me good.
Everything grows big out there.
Yeah? Well don't get too big
for your old friends, Joe.
We might not like it.
That'll be too bad.
Been waiting long?
Seems like days.
Where's your grip?
Oh, I checked it at the bus station.
I've been looking at that again.
Just imagine some girls will go in there
and buy it and think nothing of it.
Just smell 'em, isn't it?
Joe, it's Hour of Ecstasy.
Is it?
Joe... you just don't understand, I guess.
There isn't anything in the world
can build a girl up like good perfume.
It does something for her soul, kind of.
It must be very simple to be a man.
Would you like to be one?
Uh... yes, I don't know.
Sometimes I think it would be easier
to be a man.
But then, women are somewhat...
You don't think very much of women,
do you?
I never did.
I'll never forget the time you stayed up
all night to tell me not to get discouraged.
After you found out I'd been in jail.
I didn't find out. You told me.
I never told anybody else.
Why did you tell me?
I could never believe that a fellow
and a girl could be friends like this.
It is unusual.
Where are we heading?
I don't know. I thought you knew.
What do you say we go
and dance around once?
I'd love to.
Let's go.
It may sound funny, but I get a kick out of
going into a place like this.
There was a time that I couldn't.
Against parole rules.
No drinking...
even couldn't go where they served it
or they'd put you right back in storage.
Well, here we are.
It's pretty good.
Very good.
How about a drink?
I'd love it. Lime with lots of ice.
Beg your pardon.
Bread and butter.
how about a real drink, just this once?
I better not, Joe.
Aw, come on.
I'm gonna have one.
I'm gonna need one pretty bad
when I have to say good-bye to you.
Come on.
All right. I guess I'll need one, too.
Swell, here.
You sit down here and I'll be right back.
Do you like dancing?
No, thank you.
One little dance won't hurt you.
I'm sorry, I'm with someone.
Why, if you're sorry,
why don't you get rid of him.
Honey, you're only kidding.
You ain't with nobody.
Come on, get up out of there.
Relax, sonny, relax.
You heard what I said. Get up!
Joe, don't!
Joe, please don't do anything.
Come on, break it up. Get back there.
Where do you think you are?
We're all ladies and gentlemen here.
There wasn't going to be no fight anyway.
He was just four-flushing for the dame.
He was cut short when you got here,
wasn't ya?
Break it up, boys, keep on dancing.
Don't look back.
You shouldn't fight.
I guess I shouldn't.
Not me.
I wonder if they transfer
those records to California.
You're not going to start worrying
about that again.
You're starting new.
Joe, years from now you'll hardly
remember all this.
You'll see.
You'll meet some girl and...
fall in love and settle down
just like everyone else.
You're no different.
I am different.
You ought to forget that.
You have no record.
You've never been in jail.
That's why you're going away.
I wouldn't get married like that.
No, I guess you wouldn't.
I guess you're going to tell her.
And that'll end it.
No. Not if she loves you enough.
I'd like to sing you a song...
about the sort of man we girls
all dream about.
If he ever comes along,
he may leave happiness or misery.
But it's heaven just the same.
They call him good for nothing
He isn't much to see...
but I've a funny feeling
he's the right guy for me.
In a waterfront dive
full of wretches and vagabonds
planning their ill-gotten gains
there came a mysterious stranger
with the salt of the sea in his veins.
Though he seemed to be going downhill
in a world of forgotten men.
Still he gave me the queerest
sort of thrill
that decided me there and then to say
doggone you, snap out of it.
This is love
There wasn't a doubt of it.
They called him good for nothing
He isn't much to see
But I am sure that he is
the right guy
for me.
There will come a day
when he'll sail away
without even saying good-bye.
Though I'll swear at him
and I'll flare at him
I'll be his
till the day I die.
And as I stand bewildered
watching the lonely sea
I'll always say that he was
the right guy
for me.
Do you think a girl would mind that?
If she knew I changed?
You'll find someone.
We gotta go and get you a good seat.
I heard it isn't so good to sit
over the wheels.
All right, come on.
I wanna fix my face.
All right.
Ignore him.
Don't pay any attention to him.
I won't. Don't worry.
I won't be a minute.
But you're always sitting down.
Come and get it.
Don't look at him.
He's dying to start trouble.
Just keep ignoring him.
Come on.
You did the right thing.
Come on.
He must have fainted. Come on.
Let's get out of here.
Stand clear, please. Stand clear.
Well, good-bye.
Were you trying to ask me
to marry you tonight?
Because... if you want me to, I will.
Hey, driver! Stop it, will you?
Stop it!
Swell trip, wasn't it?
This is a fine start.
Have you changed your mind yet?
I don't wanna talk you out of anything
but maybe you'd better wait till tomorrow
to think it over or something.
No, my mind's made up.
But I want to be fair.
I'll give you 20 minutes.
You're not trying to back out.
That's why I was going away.
I couldn't be around you anymore.
And I couldn't ask you.
I know, Joe.
You'll never be sorry, Helen.
Aren't you even going to kiss me?
Let's get married tonight, huh?
Right now?
Can we, this late?
Gosh, I don't know.
The information Bureau. They know everything.
you can ask them anything.
I knew a boy once...
You don't have to tell me about him now,
do you?
But, Joe, it was just a boy...
I know...
Oh, I'm sorry, I...
I was just thinking I didn't know
anything about you before and...
And what, Joe?
Well, I get crazy when I think
there was another guy, maybe, or...
or something, or...
Let's skip it, huh?
You can skip it, Joe.
There's never been anybody.
I knew it, see?
That's the crazy thing about me.
I knew it all the time.
How do we get to this Information Bureau?
The subway.
This is going to be a life sentence, kid.
You bet.
No time off even for good behavior.
You can't get rid of me, Joe.
Get rid of you?
I wonder if you know
what you mean to me.
A whole new life.
With you I can do as you said.
Forget that I was in prison.
You're not getting such a bargain, Joe.
Do you know what kind of girls
an ex-con usually meets?
Jailbirds and dames like that.
If a guy is gonna hang around with them,
he might as well stay in jail.
I know what you're gonna say.
I feel sorry for him, too.
Bur I just don't wanna be around him.
Maybe I'm too suspicious.
That's what prison did to me.
I could never trust them.
Joe, I...
I love you more than anything
in the world.
Keep remembering it.
I know I can trust you.
You'll never lie to me.
You'll never let me down.
Come on, let's go.
How many more flights are there?
Shhh! You'll wake up the landlady.
Why doesn't she keep the lights on?
She thinks I'm home already.
I never stay out so late.
I always get married in the afternoon.
Joe, are you hurt?
I'm dead.
Shh. She'll hear you.
The Statue of Liberty.
She lives down the hall.
Nice place you got here.
Yeah, here we are.
Here. Shhh!
All right.
Joe... don't laugh but...
it's good luck to be carried over the threshold,
Don't catch on fire.
There goes my last match.
Move a little to the left.
There's a lamp there.
I think there's a lamp.
I found the lamp.
Statue of Liberty.
How do you like it?
Softest floor I ever fell on.
Get up from there.
Get up and get out of my house.
Oh, Mrs. Levine...
Don't Mrs. Levine me.
That good for nothing bummer...
But Mrs. Levine, we're married.
We were married tonight.
Aw, shush.
I don't believe you.
If you were married,
you would have told me, Helen.
I didn't know it myself until tonight.
How wonderful! Look, Abie.
You see?
Joe, this is Mr. and Mrs. Levine.
Joe Dennis, my husband.
How do you do?
Pleased to meet you.
How are you?
Zol Zein Mit Gluck.
That means it should be with luck.
You are a fine boy.
But you are getting
the best little girl in the world.
I know it.
They're both going to live here, eh?
Of course, where else?
That's Mr. Kelly.
We must be disturbing him.
Oh, so we are disturbing him, huh?
I'll fix him.
You go to sleep
or we don't stop making noise.
Six weeks rent he owes me.
And he should complain from our noise.
Kinder, tonight you can make
all the noise you want.
Come on, Abie.
Maybe I bring up a bottle of wine
and be sure the young people
have a good time.
With a bottle of wine you gonna show
the young people a good time.
Go, go bring the luggage, go.
You know, darling, I wasn't going
to throw you out.
Just him.
Good night, kinder.
Good night.
Good night.
Come on, come on.
Good night.
Zol Zein Mit Glick.
Neue Gluck.
I think they like you.
I think they like you, too.
Let's clean up the place, huh?
Yeah. Gosh, what a mess you made!
Mess I made?
You made it.
I never make a mess.
Well, you did this time.
Oh, no I didn't.
Oh, yes you did.
Okay, okay, I did, I did.
Here's your hat.
Thank you.
What's that?
And that?
I don't know, but er...
Isn't there something missing?
Yeah, you know, a...
Behind you.
Well, I guess you'd better unpack
your things.
All right.
You can have one of the top drawers
and half of the middle drawer.
That's all you get.
I'll help you.
What a mess.
Took me a long time to fill it.
I'm gonna frame this some time
ten years from now.
Joe, I'll empty the drawer.
You empty your grip.
I just happened to think that...
We better not say anything at the store
about us being married.
Why not?
They don't want their employees
to get married to each other.
It's a rule.
I didn't know that.
Don't sound like Morris.
We know we're married.
Don't we?
Hello, Helen.
Still living at the same address?
Mrs. Levine.
It's an awful nice place.
I hope it is.
I'll drop in some evening.
See you... Wednesday.
Gee, it's tough trying to eat
a turkey sandwich
and get a henna rinse
both in your lunch hour.
Hiya, Nellie.
Hello, Gladys.
Her name ain't Gladys.
Daisy, isn't it?
Oh, I remember, Elsie.
I don't know how I forgot it...
Excuse me.
It's all right.
What are you doing tonight, Nellie?
Not with you. I gotta steady.
Why don't you have a date with Helen?
I don't believe I can.
I have a date.
You wouldn't even break it for me?
Don't be so smart.
You ain't the only pebble on the beach.
Oh, I forgot about my henna rinse.
What does she mean by that crack?
Nothing. She's just trying to build me up.
Jealous already?
Not if you give me a date... Gladys.
Not even to go on a honeymoon?
Where are you going to get the money
for a honeymoon?
I cancelled my ticket to California.
Go ahead, kid. Pick your honeymoon.
Come on.
Potato salad, cucumber salad, turkey,
deviled egg, Swedish meatball, celery...
What have you got, Joe?
Cream fish, salmon, smoked herring,
shrimps, anchovies...
Say, you don't like fish, do you?
No, the fish are crazy about me.
They follow me around like dogs.
The regular dinner?
No we're not having the dinner.
We just came in for a few appetizers.
We're having dinner in Italy.
Baby, you don't cut. You wind.
Just like this. See how simple it is?
You wind it up. Then you go like this.
Hey, one of those herrings
you had in Sweden just winked at me.
If he does it again, punch him in the nose,
butting in on our honeymoon like this.
It isn't that I can't do it,
I'm just too weak.
Eating with chopsticks is such hard work
I always work up a fresh appetite.
See what your fortune is.
Well? What does it say?
Ten stalwart sons will bless thine old age.
Manufactured by the Hong Kong
Noodle Company.
Come on.
Let's get out of here.
What's that?
A pancake, fraulein.
A pancake?
I'll fix it.
Yes, sir.
Yeah, a lot of fixing it needs.
Watch. First you squeeze the lemon, see?
Then you spread the apple sauce.
Eating your cake, Joe?
Go ahead, Joe.
I like to see you have a good time.
You know what you can do,
don't you?
I'll be seeing you down at the store
one of these days.
Who was that?
Oh, just a couple of guys.
Really? I'd never have guessed it.
I'm sorry.
No, I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to be nosy.
But you seem worried.
Joe, if you're worried,
I've got a right to worry with you.
We're married, darling.
Don't you think I know that?
Let's go. A fine honeymoon...
eating all the time.
Good evening, darlings.
Hello, hello.
We had such fun.
That's good, kinder, have a good time.
When I was younger, I could tell you...
That's all right, that's all right.
And have I got a surprise for you.
Haven't we, Abie?
I've got a separate room for your husband
Already? Why, we were only
married yesterday.
It's all right,
it's almost free for only 4 dollars.
But... but we just...
You know...
I kicked out that no good for nothing
Mr. Kelly.
He always hollered for quiet,
so I gave him quiet.
With nature in Central Park.
Gee, a suite. I never had two rooms
to live in in my life.
Okay, sold. And we'll use it as
a sitting room.
Okay, now, kinder,
come and see the surprise.
Go ahead, look, look.
You like fish, don't you?
Oh, sure, sure.
Joe's crazy about fish.
They like him, too.
They follow him around like dogs.
Come on, it's our special.
Mama didn't make gefilte fish in a long time.
Let's sit down and eat.
Oh, gaga, they don't need no company.
Good night, kinder,
and have a good appetite.
Good night.
Good night.
Oh, I forgot to tell Mrs. Levine something.
And get rid of the whale before
I come back.
Mrs. Levine.
Just a minute.
Will you do me a favor?
What is it, darling?
Well, er... you see...
The Morris Store
doesn't want their girls to marry.
And I heard today that they check up
on their employees.
So if anyone comes around asking questions
you won't give me away.
Leave it to me.
Will I call you an old maid.
And Mr. Levine, you'll warn him.
Listen, who does all the work
around here?
When the spotter comes around spotting,
Abie will keep his mouth shut.
I am the liar in this family.
Good morning, Mr. Morris.
Hello, Joe.
Good morning, Mr. Morris.
Good morning.
Good morning, Mr. Morris.
Hello, MacTavis, how's the wife?
She's fine now, Mr. Morris.
I sure appreciate your transferring her to the laces.
Those heavy bowls in the glass ware
were a wee bit too much for her.
Well, I'm glad to hear she's feeling better.
Thanks, Mr. Morris.
I didn't know your wife worked here.
Sure, we were five years
in the glassware.
I thought he didn't like his employees
married to each other.
Don't be silly. He gave us a $100 icebox
for a wedding present.
Someone has been kidding you.
Yeah, I guess they have.
Well, Helen, you're on the home stretch.
Yes, sir.
Is the job all right?
Yes, sir.
I wish there were more Morrises.
But you've got a good record, Helen.
Keep it up.
Now remember, no drinking.
Yes, sir.
No staying out at night.
Yes, sir.
And no falling in love.
That is, not yet.
No, sir.
Okay. Now I've got good news for you.
I think we can drop
the weekly reports from now on.
I'll see you...
a month from today.
Thank you, Mr. Dayton.
Why don't you drop around
Thanksgiving Day?
We might talk a little business.
My business is selling sporting goods.
Don't be a sap.
Listen, Joe.
I want you to come in with me.
Sure you do. I always had the brass
and all you had was a quick getaway.
Are you gonna remember that
for the rest of your life?
There was reasons for that.
Listen, I got a pretty sweet setup.
You'd like to make a little dough,
wouldn't you?
That mashie is $14,70.
Too much for me.
I'll be waiting for you on Thanksgiving Day.
I can't keep you from waiting.
Almost ready?
Gee, didn't we have fun last night?
I could even stampede out
to be with the Levines.
You know, I like to be with them sometimes.
It's the only time I get to be called
Mrs. Dennis.
We don't have to pretend around them.
Oh, Joe, I'd like to climb up to the top
of the roof
and holler to everyone who goes by:
"Hey, I'm Mrs. Dennis."
Why can't you?
Joe, I told you.
Are you sure you're right about...
Morris not liking it?
Of course.
Would you get me a bath towel,
They're in the closet, darling.
Can't you find them?
Yeah, I found them.
What's the matter, darling?
I found a bundle of letters
in with the towels.
What are they?
I really don't remember what they are.
I, er...
They look like love letters.
Can I open them?
No, I'd rather look at them first.
I really don't remember what they are.
None of my business, anyway, I guess.
Here's the towel.
Breakfast is on the table.
Aren't you gonna eat with me?
No, I've got kind of a headache.
I'm gonna go out and walk it off.
It's raining.
It isn't bad.
A guy wanted to see me today anyway.
Hey, you, will you stop dripping
all over my floor?
What are you doing down there anyway?
I'm looking for Helen Roberts.
She lives here, doesn't she?
Sure she lives here.
You know if she's home?
If you want to see her,
why don't you wait downstairs in the parlor?
Say, what kind of a place do you think
I run here?
Very nice, evidently.
But I still want to see Miss Roberts.
Just take your time, take your time.
Who shall I say wants her?
Dayton. Mr. Dayton.
Maybe. You better wait outside...
Oh, Helen...
It's all right, Mrs. Levine.
I know Mr Dayton. He can come in.
Thank you.
May I?
He's from the store.
But I don't like unmarried girls
having visitors upstairs.
I'm awfully sorry, Mr. Dayton.
Mrs. Levine is very strict.
Won't you sit down?
You seem to be pretty well protected here.
Is everything going all right?
Yes, sir.
What about Joe Dennis?
Do you know him?
Well I'm glad you're telling me the truth.
We've had a report about
you and Joe Dennis.
You have?
Yeah, you ride to work on the subway
with him every morning.
He rooms here, too, you know.
I know him that way.
Bad company can get you back into prison,
you know, Helen.
It's a violation of your parole.
And Joe Dennis is bad company.
He's an ex-convict.
Joe Dennis?
You both work at Morris's and I know
it's natural that you go to work with him.
That's why you should be warned.
I'll try not to see him.
will you warn him about me, too?
If you do he might mention it to someone.
And all the people at the store...
We don't hound people.
There's no reason to warn Joe Dennis
about you.
You never pulled a job with a gun
in your hand.
Don't worry, Helen. I've got to go.
You're a good kid and I'm all for you.
Thanks, Mr. Dayton.
Keep your chin up.
You know, in three months more
you'll be rid of me.
What's the matter?
I didn't hear you come back.
Let me take your coat.
You'll catch cold.
An old friend of mine was here
just now.
We talked a lot about you.
He'd seen us together on the subway.
He just left.
Didn't you here us?
Who was it?
Where's your hat, Joe?
You didn't answer my question.
Oh... the man...
I knew him at the store, poor guy.
Oh, your coat's dripping all over everything.
His wife got sick once
and right on top of that he was fired.
So I loaned him $5.
I went without lunch.
It felt very big-hearted and noble.
I guess I better put this in the bathroom.
I certainly never expected
to see that five again.
But sure enough up he pops today
and pans it to me.
Why did Mrs. Levine tell me that guy
was a spotter from the store?
I don't know.
If he was just a friend,
why did you close the door?
Oh, the door...
You pick on everything.
Doors are either open or closed.
How do I know why I closed the door?
Oh, Joe.
What's happened to you?
Something's changed you.
What is it darling?
What have I done to make you suspicious
of every little thing I do?
Please answer me.
Well, it's...
I happened to find out
MacTavish and his wife both work
at the store.
And you told me...
Oh, Joe, is that what's bothering you?
Mrs. MacTavish is Mr. Morris's wife's
She is?
Sure. Morris has to make
an exception there, doesn't he?
Don't you see how silly you were?
I just get crazy ideas.
I'm so crazy about you, Helen, that I...
Darling, we're crazy about each other.
It isn't you and it isn't me.
It's you and me.
I'm giving a little get-together
for the boys tonight, Gimpy.
Turkey and all the fixings.
I'd like to have you drop in.
Thanks, Mick, but I can't, I...
And bring Joe.
Joe wouldn't come,
even if I asked him to, I know.
When you come down tonight,
you bring Joe, see?
Aw, Mickey.
You wouldn't want me not to like you
anymore now, would you, Gimp?
I ain't never said a word about
that little job up in Detroit.
Mickey, be quiet, will you?
That's because I like you, see?
What if I should get to not liking you?
All right, what?
When you come down tonight,
you bring Joe, see?
There's gonna be lots of nice presents.
With Mr. Morris's best wishes.
Thank you. Merry Christmas.
Thank you, same to you.
Merry Christmas.
With Mr. Morris's best wishes.
Hey, Joe, how about a Tom and Jerry?
I oughta go home.
I mean, I got a date.
Girls don't like you to show up too early
on Christmas Eve.
They got things to do.
You know, wrap up packages and things.
Stuff you're not supposed to know
they got you.
Listen, Joe, you've been awful hard
to find lately and...
Oh, we get sort of lonesome
on Christmas Eve.
Okay, Gimpy, but just for a minute, then.
last Christmas I was in the inside
looking out
and thinking I'd go bats if I couldn't
get outside.
And now I'm out...
I don't know.
Come to think of it, it was kind of cozy
in that little cell.
My old lady used to send me cake.
The screws wouldn't let me have it.
Figured there was a saw hidden in it.
If they'd only known.
I could have sawn myself out
with a cake.
Boy what a cook.
Remember the chicken
we used to get Christmas.
Once a year.
And you started thinking about it
around the 4th of July.
It's funny. You can eat chicken now
whenever you want.
But you don't get such a kick
out of it.
And no old lady to tell you off.
Why do guys get married anyhow?
Some chump ate an apple once
and the rest of us guys been getting cramps
from it ever since regular.
Gee, for five years
she couldn't even talk to me.
Them were the days all right.
Was a nice bunch of boys up there.
Most of us are still together at that.
And that's the way it oughta be!
We gotta stick together.
You can't try to buck it alone.
That's right. You remember that new guy
that come up that night?
It was Christmas Eve, too.
Yeah, remember?
The first time we seen him
was in the mess hall.
We didn't know who he was.
But we got it over the grapevine.
A bigshot was coming up.
And the screws wouldn't answer
no questions.
And then, after lights out...
Remember how it started?
Can you hear me?
Can you hear me?
Is the coast clear?
The coast is clear.
"The coast is clear."
You, the new guy...
Who are you, pal?
"Who are you, pal?"
It's number 1.
Number 1?
Number 1.
Number 1.
The bigshot.
They finally caught up with him.
He took the rap.
How long you in for?
"How long you in for?"
Five years.
Five years.
Five years ain't so long.
Five years ain't so long?
Five years ain't so long.
"Five years ain't so long."
That's a lifetime.
Five years away from everything.
Lights, and music and beautiful dames.
Cooped up in here like a rat.
I'm going nuts!
I gotta get out of it.
I got plenty of jacks stocked away.
And a mouthpiece.
I tell you!
I tell you, I gotta get out!
I gotta get out.
Stick with the mob. Do you hear us?
Stick with the mob. Do you hear us?
Stick with the mob. Do you hear us?
Stick with the mob
and the mob will stick with you.
Yeah, the mob will stick with you.
Yeah, the mob will stick with you.
Do you hear us?
Yeah, stick with the mob.
Do you hear us? Stick with the mob.
Stick to the mob. Do you hear us?
Stick with the mob, stick with the mob
and the mob will stick with you.
and the mob will stick with you,
and the mob will stick with you.
and the mob will stick with you.
Can you hear me?
Sure we can hear you.
Is the coast clear?
The coast is clear.
Give us the high sign.
One scotch and a chaser for Joe.
And the same old round for the boys.
Hiya, gang.
Hiya, Joe.
Hiya, Joe. Hiya, Joe.
Hiya, Joe.
Being around with all you guys...
Hiya, Joe.
Seeing the same old faces...
Hiya, Joe.
Takes me back to the old days.
Hiya, Joe, stick with the mob.
And I feel like I'm part of the mob again.
Stick with the mob, stick with the mob.
Though I've gone straight
and gotten a job.
Do you hear us? Stick with the mob.
Still I seem to belong with the mob again.
Once you're in there's no escape
unless you let 'em hang in a drape
Think of the Big House once again,
pal, you were our buddy then.
You're part of the mob.
You belong to the mob.
Something screwy's going on.
What's going on?
What's it mean?
What's all the racket about?
What's going on?
What's all these goons running for?
Number 1 is up to something.
He must be stir-crazy.
What's the guy trying to do?
What's he up to? Is he on the lam?
Yeah, or he's taking a powder.
What is he taking the powder for?
Five years ain't so long.
Trying to run out on us.
He ain't got a chance.
The guy must be nuts.
They'll shoot him down.
He won't get to first base.
He can't break.
He's done it.
He's out.
There's a car waiting.
There he goes.
Hey, buddy.
Hey, buddy, hey, Chief.
They got him.
He didn't make it.
It don't work trying to go it alone....
Even the bigshot found that out.
And you can't beat it either, Joe.
Once you're in, you're in.
That's why we're getting together again.
Go on, Mickey, tell him what it is.
Yeah, go on and tell him.
Joe, this is big.
You gotta come in, Joe.
We're knocking over the store.
Yeah, sure.
There's a fortune just laying there
waiting for us to grab on to it.
Furs, silvers, silks, $30,000,
just waiting there
And us chumps working for nickels.
What kind of heels are you guys
doing this to Morris?
What did Morris ever do for us?
He gave you a break.
Nobody else ever did.
Yeah, he gets rich off of us.
Sure, and he gave us $10 for Christmas.
Come on, Joe, get wise.
The boys want you in.
Sure, Joe.
Aw, come on, Joe.
Come on, Joe.
They'd follow you over a cliff.
I don't want to go over a cliff.
That's just what I've been telling you.
I guess he's afraid his girl
wouldn't like it.
Helen wouldn't like it.
That little plaster saint.
Meaning what?
What are you trying to put over?
Are you and Helen putting on
a swell sister act?
Or is she taking you for a nice
juicy ride?
It's all right with us if she's trying
to keep her parole.
She'd be dumb not to.
But why build her up to us?
Didn't she tell you?
I know a babe that roomed
in the same cell with her.
You mean you didn't know it?
She's been making a sap out of you
all this time?
I didn't say nothing, Joe.
I knew it.
I knew it all the time.
I knew something was wrong.
But why did you have to tell me?
I was happy enough, wasn't I?
Come back when you've cooled off, kid.
We'll be waiting for you.
Is this a cake.
It melts right out of your mouth.
Gee, but so many eggs and sugar,
butter and chocolate etc.
I don't know if...
It's all right, darling. It's going to be mine
and Abe's Christmas present for you and Joe.
Thanks, Mrs. Levine.
You know, you don't look
like you feel so good, my angel.
I'm all right.
Did you tell him already?
What happiness that will be for him.
It gives me the gooseflesh.
I'll go and get you everything
for the cake.
But remember, the main thing in the cake
is the beating.
You got to be beating it,
and beating it...
Hello, darling.
I can't leave this stuff to kiss you
or it'll go flat.
Not very.
Where's the paper?
On the chair.
I'll be through in a minute, honey.
This is gonna be swell.
I hope.
Mrs. Levine's great great something
invented it.
Yeah? How many years ago was that?
Hundreds, I guess.
Let's see, Mrs. Levine is...
How old do you suppose she is?
Oh, I don't know.
How old do you think?
Oh... she told me once
when I first came here, but...
How long have you been here, kid?
I never asked.
About six months, I guess.
I remember she told me then...
How long were you in for before that?
Three years...
Hello, Joe.
Come on in.
By paying me the advanced fee my services
are at your disposal from now on
in case anything slips.
But let's make this clear.
Our arrangements don't call for the protection
of anyone but yourself.
Sure. That's understood.
Here's what you said. $1,000.
You'll find it's all there.
Naturally. If I don't I'm, not your lawyer.
And remember...
if it turns out that you don't
get into a jam,
the money is not refunded.
Well, so long.
I'll be seeing you.
I mean, I hope not.
So long.
What's the matter, Borton?
Mickey Bain?
Boys all lined up, Joe?
All lined up.
You got a mouthpiece to take care of them
in case they stub their toe?
Oh, sure, everything's all set for
Wednesday night.
The way you got it lined up it's a pushover.
We could walk in standing up.
You do it the way I tell you,
we'll come out the same way.
Come on.
You stick here. I don't want no visitors for a while.
Of course I ain't saying you're wrong,
I'm just saying you got me all mixed up.
I thought it was plain enough.
Oh, sure. I'm straight about that.
I meet you at the back of the store at twelve.
I didn't mean that.
What do you mean?
I know I ain't very bright, Joe.
That's why I gotta believe
what a guy like you tells me.
You get me believing one thing and then
saying all the time it ain't been true...
I mean, two weeks ago Mr. Morris
was the swellest guy in the world...
Shut up, will you!
Now it's all right to cross him up.
Shut up, for Pete's sake.
Lay off me, will you?
Okay, Joe, okay.
I'll see you tomorrow.
I'm telling you to lay off.
Yeah? Who says so?
The bigshot says so.
The bigshot.
But couldn't we make a deal?
Maybe we could work together.
The bigshot wouldn't dicker with you.
Why not? I'm willing to play ball.
What's he got against me?
He just don't like you.
Even if you won't talk to me anymore,
I gotta talk to you.
It's awful, you know,
living in the same house with somebody you love
and not talking to them or anything.
I don't blame you for being mad at me.
I thought I was doing the right thing
not telling you.
But I guess I wasn't.
I'll do anything to make it up to you.
Helen. The telephone wants you.
Okay. Who is it?
He's a friend of Joe's, he says.
Is this Helen Roberts?
What do you want?
Who is this?
It doesn't make no difference who this is.
You don't know me.
I'm a friend of Joe's.
And I'm tipping you off.
Tonight you gotta talk Joe into taking you to a show or something.
And keep hold of him, see?
What do you mean?
Dames can do that easy.
What are you talking about?
I'm talking about Joe.
Who is this?
Never mind who this is.
If you don't do like I tell you,
Joe's gonna get into trouble.
And it certainly shouldn't be done
with Mr. Morris.
Mr. Morris?
You keep Joe with you tonight
because then...
Because then he won't be there
when the job is being pulled.
Is that it?
Yeah, no... hey!
Hey, you! Are you still there?
Don't tell Joe I called you up.
Hey! Hey, you.
Mr. Morris, I'm Roberts from the blouses.
I know, sit down, Miss Roberts.
Thank you.
I suppose you're very busy,
I shouldn't have...
But if I hadn't come quick before
I thought it over...
I wouldn't have had the nerve.
Go on.
Mr. Morris...
when your life has a bad spot in it
and it's spoiling everything it touches
and it's liable even to take your life
away from you
Don't you think it's better
to just cut it out clean...
no matter how much it might hurt?
I do.
So do I.
That's why I came here.
Oh, you came anyway.
What do you mean I came anyway?
Nothing, nothing at all.
I just wondered.
If you wanna back out, just say so.
No, Joe, I don't wanna back out...
All right, then pipe down and come on.
Monaghan reporting.
Everything quiet.
It's a frame. We've been turned in.
Joe's girl's done it.
Your girl framed us, Joe.
A squealer.
Shut up.
Just a dirty little stool pigeon.
I said shut up.
Take the guns away from them.
Stop, I'm ticklish.
Where's your gun?
It's a heirloom.
This man has no gun.
So your brain clicked for a minute, did it?
If you aren't a pretty sight.
My wife wanted me to collect stamps.
I don't know why my hobby
had to be idiots.
If you had a grain of sense
you'd know I'd find out about this
without this young lady
If you can bribe a man for $50.
Don't you think
I can make him talk for $55?
For the love of Pete, Gimpy,
put your hands down.
You make me nervous.
Thank you, Mr. Morris.
And to think that the law says
that eight useless guys like you
have to be put in a nice
comfortable prison
and fed at the taxpayer's expense.
Well, you're not gonna get off
that easy.
My taxes are high enough already.
You're gonna work for your living,
the same as I do.
That's why I listened to Helen when she begged
me not to toss you back into the can.
I've done all that I know how
for you.
And it evidently hasn't done any good.
So she's talked me into letting her try.
She seems to think she can knock
some sense into your heads.
But I doubt it.
But maybe you won't resent her
and discount everything she says
the way you do me
just because I happen to be
your employer.
Will you need the guards?
Are you sure?
Now you listen to me.
I'm going.
But if any one of you leaves this room
before Miss Roberts says he can
he'll be sent to prison
for breaking in here tonight.
I know who you all are
and I wanna see every one of you
back on the job tomorrow morning
at 8 o'clock.
And that doesn't mean 3 minutes after.
Come on, boys.
and when you leave,
please turn out the lights.
Do you think the guy's on the level?
I don't know.
I still don't like the idea of being here
at 8 o'clock in the morning.
This job didn't pan out so well.
Maybe the next one will.
Sit down.
Say, what does she want?
Didn't you here me?
I said sit down.
Say, Joe, what...
Hey, Cuffy...
Aw, never mind, come on.
We might as well make ourselves comfortable
while the cops are downstairs.
Now you listen.
What I have to tell you isn't hard
to explain.
You should have learned it at school.
The school we all went to.
Only I learned something at that school.
Everyone didn't, I guess.
Something you've heard all your life
and laughed yourselves sick at.
You've heard it from long-winded reformers
You've read it in editorials.
It's the oldest chestnut in the language.
It's that... well...
crime doesn't pay.
I don't mean because you get caught
by the law and punished.
'Cause sometimes you're not.
I don't mean because it kills
something decent inside of you.
'Cause a lot of you wouldn't care about that.
What I mean is...
It doesn't add up in dollars and cents.
You can't make any real money stealing.
Yeah? We'd have made 30 grand out of this
if you hadn't butted in.
You can cut that down to
15% of 30 grand.
That's all the fence would have given you.
And not a cent more.
Shifty was gonna give us 25%.
Shifty would have given you 15%,
and that's all.
I used to know bigger people than you
who did business with him.
That's all he ever gave them.
Maybe I can show you better.
Let me prove it to you in black and white.
You figured the haul at $30,000.
Haul, $30,000.
that's what the fence
would have given you.
15% of 30,000 is...
4,500, I'll put that over here.
Now the payoff over here.
The getaway car, how much?
One grand.
Getaway car...
one thousand.
You sell it for half that,
say $500 there.
You could have stolen it,
but the brain in back of the job
didn't want a hot car on his hands.
Sure, we always stole it before.
Yeah. Imagine.
Buying a getaway car.
The trucks to haul away the hot stuff.
You can't hire trucks for less than 200 apiece
for the chances they take.
How many?
How many?
I don't know. Joe handled it.
Yeah, Joe.
Okay, I guess you'd need two.
Three then.
You were tipped off to bribe
the watchmen.
Mr. Morris had a little talk with them.
He told them the only way to save
their jobs was by going through with it.
Like nothing had happened.
Three watchmen
at 100 apiece
makes $300.
The two stockroom men you bribed
in the fur and silver departments squawked.
Why the...
And me trusting him like a mother.
They wouldn't risk their good jobs
for $50 apiece.
That makes another 100.
The getaway tickets,
we'll up them together.
One, two, three, four, eight of you.
Joe wasn't going.
Eight of you at $40 apiece, I suppose.
Let's call it $300.
I'll throw in the tools
and the money for the doctor,
and your guns
and all the other little expenses...
I won't even count them.
Oh, wait.
There's the mouthpiece.
Can't get a lawyer for less than a grand.
They always charge that.
Now, let's see.
28 from 45 is... $1700.
And now for the boss.
You think you're gypped by Mr. Morris.
That your wages aren't high enough
for the hours you spend working for him.
So you make up your mind you won't work
for this boss anymore.
But there's always a boss on any job.
You simply traded Mr. Morris
for another boss.
But this one doesn't pay your wages in advance
and get his profit afterwards.
This one takes his profit first.
And you get what's left
to divvy up among you.
His cut is a third, right?
Yeah, that's right.
A third of 1700 is 566,66.
That's the boss's share.
Subtracted form 1700 is...
four, three, three,
three, one, one.
to be split between eight of you.
Ten. There's two more guys
with the boss.
Okay, that makes it easier for me.
$113,33 for each of you.
and for $113,33
you throw away your jobs,
lose your homes
be hunted by coppers
and sooner or later be sent to prison.
Some of you are two-time losers.
If you get sent up again
you're in for keeps.
Only the biggest sap in the world
thinks crime pays any dividends.
But, sister, you ain't trying to tell us that
the bigshots don't make any more than that.
The bigshots aren't little crooks
like you.
They're politicians.
What's keeping them guys?
Get outta here.
Get in. I told you the bigshot
didn't like you, didn't I?
Get in!
Sister, you're all right.
Sure she's all right. Hey, Joe!
Gee, Joe, now I know why you wanted
to go straight.
Why didn't you tell us
like Helen just did?
That's talk we can understand.
He didn't know.
I tried to tell you, Joe,
but you wouldn't listen.
You mean you tried to tell him
what you told us and he wouldn't listen?
Joe ain't so easy to talk to.
If I had a girl like that,
I'd have some sense.
Where do you get girls like that, Joe?
I got mine out of jail.
They raise them smart there.
Smart enough to kid a guy like me
into marrying her.
I wasn't any bargain either,
I told you that.
But I told you.
I didn't marry you lying to you
and cheating you.
You should be pretty proud of yourself.
Just skip it that I ever married you.
Now, sister...
Just forget about it.
Let me go.
Don't pay any attention to that.
Let me go.
Gee, Joe, that was no way
to talk to her.
You oughta thank her instead of kicking
her teeth in.
You made her feel pretty bad, Joe.
Did you see her face?
A fella's got a perfect right
to ball his girl out,
but, gee, not in front of people.
Shut up, will you, shut up.
Aw, I know how you feel, Joe.
No guy likes to admit his girl's
that bright.
Shut up, shut up and get out of here.
All of you, go on, get going.
All right, come on.
Let him alone, come on.
Okay, Joe. Okay.
Mr. Morris told us to.
Where are you going?
I'm going away.
And Joe doesn't know a thing about it.
I can tell.
Well, I'm not going to let you do it.
You have no right to take
Joe's baby away from him.
Joe doesn't know about the baby,
Mrs. Levine.
He doesn't know?
I'm glad he doesn't.
He won't worry about
me like he might.
What are you going to do?
I can take care of a baby by myself.
Other women have.
I could take that Joe of yours
and spank him right over my lap.
This isn't his fault, Mrs. Levine,
it's mine.
You don't understand Joe.
I lied to him.
He can't stand that.
He found out.
Well, she was here this morning
waiting when I came in.
She had no one else to turn to.
But where is she now?
She doesn't want anyone to know
where she is.
But she's my wife, Mr. Dayton.
We're married.
Your marriage was never legal.
As you know, a parolee or convict
has no civil rights.
Any contract he signs
is null and void.
You'll get out of the marriage
she cheated you in to.
You're a free man.
But I don't wanna be free,
don't you understand?
I want my wife.
If you just tell me where she is.
Sorry, she doesn't want to see you.
And we think it's best, too,
if she doesn't.
You didn't send her back, did you?
Just because she married me,
I mean.
No, we didn't send her back.
We don't want her baby
to be born in prison.
Did you say her baby?
That's what I said.
See the papers?
Gee. That could easily happen to us,
you know.
Hello, Joe.
Glad to see you.
I mean...
I know what you mean.
Listen, you guys...
I want you to go in with me on something...
You got a lot of nerve.
I'm through, Joe.
Didn't you see that?
Yeah, but you got me wrong.
I wanted...
I thought maybe you'd help me find...
She's gone.
I told you you oughtn't to kick her around
the way you did.
Oh, shut up, will you? I did it...
and there isn't
anything I can do about that.
What I gotta do is find her
and tell her.
Don't worry, Joe.
If she's in town we'll find her.
Sure, this might have happened to us
if she hadn't kept us in the store.
She kinda belongs to us, too, Joe.
We're gonna turn this town upside down.
We'll turn coppers as much as it hurts.
We'll find her, Joe.
Yeah, we'll find her.
We'll take our days off.
I gotta find her.
I gotta find her.
Where have you been?
You've been a big help.
While you guys been doing leg work
I've been doing brain work.
Yeah, with what?
Well, I got to thinking.
If I was a girl...
and I was gonna have a baby...
where would I be?
In a side show.
I'd be in a hospital, that's where I'd be.
But we have looked there.
But I looked at the right time.
Gimpy, you mean...
you didn't find her, did you?
Mr. Dennis?
Which one is Mr. Dennis?
It's all over.
And your wife wants to see you.
Follow me.
I brought you this.
He's in the nursery.
Joe... I've been thinking.
Now we're...
don't you think we ought to get married?
I now pronounce you man and wife.
Here they come.
Come on, fellas, get ready.
Congratulations, Joe.
Lots of luck to you.
But where's Gimpy?
Yeah, where is Gimpy?
Well, he's got a right
to know what's going on, ain't he?