You Can Live Forever (2022) Movie Script

[opening theme music]
[train door opens]
[train door closes]
[lighter clicks]
[soft rousing music]
[car honking]
[thudding footsteps]
I'm making spaghetti for dinner.
You still like spaghetti, right?
[Jean-Franois] [praying]
Jehovah God, our Father,
we thank you for this meal
you have provided us.
And we thank you for
bringing Jaime to us safely.
We pray that she will feel your
love and wisdom in her heart.
We ask you these things
in the name of your son,
Christ Jesus, amen.
They used to be
one of my favorite bands.
They did?
Yeah, I saw them play
in Montreal
on the Tinderbox tour.
[Beth] Really?
I used to go to
lots of shows
before I met your aunt.
I don't want to know about that.
I do.
[dishes clanking in sink]
Does Jean-Franois
ever do the dishes?
He worked all day.
[Jaime] So did you.
He's studying to become
a ministerial servant.
There's a lot of reading.
I hope you packed something nice
to wear to the meeting tomorrow.
Oh, I was thinking
maybe I'd skip those.
No. Absolutely not.
I know they're important
to you, but--
The Truth is a huge part
of our lives.
I don't want to have to bother
your mother about this. Okay?
Besides, you might enjoy it.
[dishes clank in sink]
Though rosy lips
and cheeks with...
You're, uh, Jaime Buckley?
[Jaime] Yeah.
Class started 15 minutes ago.
There was a problem
with the paperwork. Sorry.
Though rosy lips and cheeks
within his bending sickle's
compass come...
[chairs scraping]
Where you from?
Thunder Bay.
How's your French?
It's not good.
Well, lucky for you
there's English school.
Why'd you move here?
Family stuff.
see you around.
See you around.
[soft music on cassette tape]
[music stops]
[water splashes]
[Jaime sighs deeply]
[Beth knocks on door]
What do you think?
Of what?
This dress?
For the meeting tonight.
That's tonight?
You know it is. Come on.
I chose the only one
that wasn't frilly.
I can't just wear this?
Jeans? No, never.
We leave in 20 minutes.
[footsteps receding]
[mellow music theme]
[car doors closing]
[car engine starts]
[lively chattering]
[Frank] Please rise.
Come and spread
The joyous news
For those who choose
To follow Christ's
Eternal word
Jehovah's message heard
Those who've died
Return to life
Free from pain
Free from strife
[Frank] Please be seated.
Thank you
for that beautiful song.
And welcome, everyone.
[in French]
Brothers and sisters,
Jehovah has given us the chance
to live forever
in his righteous new system.
There's nothing of value
in Satan's worldly temptations.
We see proof of that every day.
And as it is revealed to us
in Ephesians,
"For we wrestle
not against flesh and blood,
but against principalities,
against powers,
against the rulers--"
[Marike] Jaime.
How come
you're hiding out here?
I thought we'd be leaving
right away.
The sisters like to visit
after the meeting.
They really like to chat.
[Jaime chuckles softly]
I'm Marike.
Do I call you "Sister Marike"?
It sounds weird
when you say it.
Feels weird to say.
Was it your first meeting?
No. I use to come a couple times
when I was a kid.
But my parents...
They're not in the Truth?
[Beth] You ready?
I guess we're leaving now.
Guess so.
See you later?
[Jaime] Bye.
[school bell ringing]
[lively chattering]
Hey. Did you find
your classes okay?
Uh, yeah, thanks.
I didn't mean to make you feel
uncomfortable last night.
You didn't.
I was already
feeling uncomfortable.
I guess you heard why I'm here.
My sister told me.
I'm really sorry
about your dad.
It's only for a little while.
My mom just needed a break
and then I'm gonna go back home.
I can barely even speak French.
Mine's okay.
Maybe I can teach you.
[Marike] Or you could get
a French boyfriend.
No, thank you.
You should come over
this week to my house.
For dinner.
[car door closes]
[Beth] It's getting late.
Yeah, I know.
I just have this whole
science chapter to catch up on.
[Beth] Do you want some cookies?
Yes. Thank you.
[footsteps receding]
[plate clanks]
Marike from the meeting asked me
over for dinner this week.
She did? That's wonderful.
You should go!
Marike's a lovely girl...
her sister is, too.
It's just dinner.
Take it easy.
[Beth chuckles]
[doorbell ringing]
[door opens]
[game playing over TV]
Oh. We didn't have a chance
to meet the other night.
I'm Frank.
We're really glad
to have you here.
Make yourself at home.
Girls, can I have a
hand in the kitchen?
[man speaking French over TV]
You must be the new friend.
I'm Amanda.
My aunt made these.
Dessert! Thank you.
How are you settling in?
Good, I think.
Must be a lot of big changes.
Uh, do you two mind
putting these on the table?
[man speaking French over TV]
I just don't have time anymore
when I'm pioneering every day.
Especially with having to
make dinner and then
now, I'm doing
a lot more laundry
because he's doing all these--
-[Gary clears throat]
Time to give thanks, hun.
[praying] Thank you,
our Father, for this food
you've blessed us with
this evening.
Thank you for choosing us
to be your witnesses.
Thank you for the honor
to preach your good news.
Please forgive
our transgressions
And give us the strength to
overcome cruelty with grace,
and hatred with love.
Jehovah is our strength
and our shield...
[Amanda] Potatoes?
[indistinct conversation]
[Frank] Thank you.
[Jaime] These are really good.
That was on my list.
[Marike] What list?
Places of we're gonna visit when
we went to Europe.
My dad and I were supposed
to go next summer.
You'll go one day.
What else was on your list?
London. Barcelona.
Prague is supposed
to be really cool.
All the obvious places, I guess.
Those don't sound obvious.
There's this one town in Italy.
Lucca, it's called.
It's got this ancient tower
with oak trees
growing out of the top.
Sounds really beautiful.
Have you ever been to Europe?
No. But my mom did once.
She brought back
tons of pictures.
Where is your mom?
She's not in the Truth anymore.
Do you ever see her?
Not since I was six.
We're supposed to imagine
that she's dead.
Do you play the piano?
-It's easy.
-It's not.
Come here.
All you have to do is
press the key I tell you
when I say so.
[piano note plays]
Oh, you're right, it is easy.
One step at a time.
Now this time wait for me.
[piano notes playing]
[piano note plays]
Okay, this time, I won't
tell you when to come in.
[piano notes playing]
Did I do it right?
Mm-mm. [chuckles]
[soothing piano chords playing]
-[door opens]
-Girls, I just put Evan to bed.
Do you mind keeping it down?
It's getting kind of late,
don't you think, Jaime?
Yeah, I should
probably get going.
[door closes]
Sorry. I...I didn't think
you'd still be up.
I couldn't sleep.
I'm sorry if you were worried.
We just ended up
hanging out and talking.
It's fine.
Do you want some tea?
Sure. [clears throat]
[Beth] Did you have a good time?
Uh, yeah.
[cup and saucer clank]
Yeah, it was nice.
Do you know
where Marike's mom is?
Did you ask Frank that?
Marike said that she left.
[Beth breathes deeply]
[teapot clanks]
-[tea pouring]
-Kate was disfellowshipped.
She got kicked out?
No one's allowed to have
any contact with her.
What did she do?
She chose to leave.
And that's all
I'm gonna say about it.
Marike said that she's
supposed to pretend
that she's dead.
I know how that must sound,
but it makes it easier
for the kids.
We've all had to make sacrifices
to live in the Truth.
[Jaime] Have you?
Of course.
But like that?
[Beth] Jean-Franois and I
really wanted to have children.
But when we got married,
we decided that we would
wait until the new system
to start a family.
But the new system never came.
Not yet.
I'm really happy
you're making friends.
Are you sure you want tea?
You look so tired.
Maybe I'll just go to bed.
[Beth sighs]
[door slams]
Wanna hang?
[ship's horn blaring]
[seagulls squawking]
So...are you a Jehovah?
[Jaime] Who told you that?
[Nate] Uhh, I don't know.
People were just saying.
They're called
Jehovah's Witnesses.
And no, I am not.
[Nate] Oh.
Hey, is it true
that you guys think, like,
birthdays and Christmas
are, like, Satanic?
No. They say pagan.
[ship's horn blaring
in distance]
So, why'd you move here again?
My mom kind of lost it
after my dad died.
She just needed space.
That sucks, man.
[Jaime] It's okay.
How'd he die?
Heart attack.
He was at work.
I was at school.
I got called
to the principal's office
and everyone was laughing
because they thought
I got in trouble.
[exhales] Sorry, man.
Is... is-is it okay
that I asked?
Most people
don't say anything.
I think they're afraid
to sound stupid.
[Nate chuckles]
I will never be afraid
to sound stupid.
[Jaime chuckles]
[soft music]
[Jaime] How did you even
get keys to this place?
[Marike] My brother-in-law
works here a few nights a week
as a security guard.
I made a copy.
-[Jaime] Really?
[Marike] Isn't it beautiful?
It's Jerusalem at the time
of the crucifixion.
Is this a JW thing?
No. This is much too fancy.
Somebody painted it
in the 1800s.
It used to travel
around the world
and somehow
just ended up here.
Well, it kind of
looks like something
from one of your magazines.
Are you trying to convert me?
Not unless you want me to.
So, you, uh, you really
believe in
this Armageddon stuff, huh?
[Marike] What stuff?
That you'll all live forever
and have wild animals
as your pets?
[Marike] It's not going to be
the end of the world
like you think.
It's more like a renewal.
What about all the fire
and brimstone stuff?
There'll be war and famine.
All that's already
happening though.
It's just another sign
that this whole system of things
is coming to an end.
So, is there actually
gonna be an Armageddon?
There'll be a huge war.
And when it's done, that's when
the new system will start.
And that's when
you get your pet lion?
Are you making fun of me?
No. I'm sorry.
I wanna hear.
It'll be paradise.
[soft music]
Nobody will die or get old.
And everyone who's died
will come back to life.
[music fades]
Are you okay?
I should just probably
be getting home.
-Well, I'll walk you.
-No, that's okay.
You can show me how to
get out of here though.
[Marike] Sure.
[soft rousing music]
[wind blowing]
[spoon clanks in bowl]
Have you been baptized, Jaime?
What? I was just asking.
[Jaime] I'm not, no.
Is that something
you'd consider in the future?
Um, I'm not sure it's for me.
[Frank] Baptism is
the most important promise
you'll ever make.
No need to rush.
You wouldn't marry someone
before dating them, would you?
When people come into the Truth,
there should always be
a period of courtship
before the big commitment.
Is that supposed to make her
want to be baptized?
[Frank] I thought
it was a good analogy.
What about field service?
I-I don't know.
I've never done it.
[Frank] Well, you should
give it a shot.
It's pretty rewarding.
Take her out next time.
Only if she wants to.
[cutlery clanking]
You should sleep over tonight.
I would have to check
with my aunt and uncle first.
I'll get my dad to call.
They won't mind.
[dishes clank]
[crickets chirping]
[blankets rustle]
[soft music]
[Jaime's soft groan]
You fell asleep with these on.
Come over for dinner tonight.
Aren't you getting sick of me?
I don't think that's possible.
Um, I have plans after school.
Cancel them.
[chuckles] I can't.
But I'll come over after.
Ugh, fine.
[both laugh]
Good night.
[Marike laughs]
[soft music]
[students singing in French]
[lively chattering]
[video game playing on TV]
So, you're gonna go and, like,
knock on doors with them
and everything?
I don't know.
So, you are a Jehovah. Mm.
Don't you worry about
getting caught down here?
Doing what?
Oh. Well, my parents
would actually
have to notice me first.
That's heartbreaking.
Hm. Poor me, right?
[soft chuckle]
You have a private basement
where you can smoke up
and play video games.
You have your own car.
You don't get to
complain about them.
You have it all.
I don't have my own car,
and I don't have a girlfriend.
Shit. Can you give me a lift?
[car door slams]
[car engine revving]
[Amanda] Who was it
that dropped you off?
Oh, that's just Nate.
Yeah, he's in my English class.
Is he your boyfriend?
[piano note plays]
[piano chord plays]
I don't know
what she was thinking,
asking all those questions.
It's so rude.
You're a guest.
You mean about Nate?
It's fine. I don't care.
It's not like
you're into him.
Yeah, we're just friends.
Does your aunt know?
Know what?
That you go to his house?
[Jaime scoffs]
Why would she care?
All we do is hang out
and play Genesis.
What do you mean you--
you play Genesis?
Sega Genesis.
It's just video games.
[Marike sighs]
You know what a video game is?
[Jaime chortles]
[Marike chortles]
[Jaime laughs]
Do you wanna stay over again?
I made you something.
You did?
[paper rustles]
It's your ancient tower...
In Lucca.
[soft piano chords playing]
[door opens,
light switch clicks]
[door creaking]
[door hinges squeak]
Where are you going today?
Um, we're going to Vine.
We're going to start
with the cul-de-sac there,
and I think there's
some apartments around there.
We're going to--
-[juice pouring]
-[Frank] Good morning!
[Amanda] I made pancakes.
Are you hungry?
Yes, please.
So, what did you decide?
[Jaime] About?
Field service.
Marike and Evan are
going out this morning.
I-I wouldn't know what to do.
Oh, there's nothing to it.
"Advertise, advertise,
the King and his kingdom."
I think you might be really good
at pioneering, Jamie.
I won't even be able
to talk to most people.
I'll do the talking.
Come on. It'll be fun.
[whispers] This one time.
You can borrow
one of Marike's dresses.
No. No dresses.
Field service report
for Marike and Evan.
[Marike] And Jaime.
I don't want a record of this.
You don't want a record of
our very first
field service together?
[knocking on door]
[metal music in distance]
Was that good?
Are you kidding me?
He took a magazine
and he donated five dollars.
[pasta pouring]
[soft rousing music]
[Marike] Voil.
No. This is all wrong.
Just taste it.
[Jaime] I...
[Marike blowing]
See? Perfect.
No, not even close.
This is too soupy.
You're not supposed
to use milk,
just butter, because milk
dilutes the cheesiness.
[Marike] Do you know toy boat?
[Jaime] No.
[Marike] You say it--
you say it ten times fast.
Toy boat.
It's a tongue twister.
We have to say it together.
-[Jaime] Toy boat.
-On three.
One, two, three.
[both] Toy boat. Toy boat.
Toy boat.
Toy boat. Toy boyt.
Oh, I...
Agh! I can do it.
-Yeah, again.
-I'm not really good at this.
[both] Toy boat. Toy boyt.
Help. Help me.
How do I help you?
[Marike gasps]
You can live in my house.
It's okay.
Oh! [laughs]
Offbeat Italians...
Offbeat Italians? [laughs]
[reading] "Play Pong on
the early '80s game system
or sip mixed drinks
to the beat of the background--"
[muted chatter on TV]

Do you ever
go swimming down there?
No. [chuckles]
It's freezing.
[soft chuckle]
There's this lake
near where I live
and if you fall in,
even in the summertime,
you have about 30 seconds
before you die of hypothermia.
[Marike chuckles]
We should live up here.
Find a little boxcar
in the woods?
And live with all our other
orphaned brothers and sisters.
You read Boxcar Children too?
[Marike] Mm-hm.
My mom read it to me
when I was little.
[Jaime] Mine did too.
Some of my best memories
are from my mom reading to me.
Sometimes I wish I didn't
remember anything about her.
Don't wish that.
[seagulls squawking]
[phone ringing]
[into phone] Hello?
That's really good, Mom.
I'm glad you're feeling better.
I love you.
[hanging up phone]
Well, that's some good news,
don't you think?
Yeah. Do I have to
go back right away?
I don't see any reason to rush.
Okay. Because it's a lot,
with school and everything.
We love having you here.
And I'm sure your mom
could use the extra time
to get back on her feet.
So, let's just...
take it slow.
[Nate] Hey!
[Jaime] Hey, what's up?
Do you want to see
a movie tonight?
Maybe. What's playing?
Dracula just came out,
if you're not too scared,
or I kind of wanna see--
-Oh, shit.
[Nate] What?
I just have to go
to the meeting tonight.
You'd rather go to a Jehovah
meeting than see Dracula ?
I'm sorry. I promised.
[Nate] Promised who?
Right. Right. Okay.
All right.
Well, your loss. Have fun.
I'm sorry.
Hm, okay.
[Marike whispers] Hey.
[Frank reading]
"And the dry, desiccated earth
will become a pool
and the thirsty land
springs of cool water."
I love what Isaiah
is getting at here.
He's telling us that Jehovah
has a plan for us.
A plan for restoration,
restoration for the righteous.
[lively chattering]
[Marike and Jaime giggling]
Hey, guys.
Jaime, this is Simon.
We're gonna get going now.
Okay, bye.
Jamie, do you mind
staying behind for a sec?
I could use a hand.
Is that okay?
[Marike] I'll stay too.
No, no.
You gotta ride with Dad.
[Jaime] It's fine.
You sure?
Must be nice to have
found a new friend so fast.
[Jaime] Yeah.
We were new here once, too.
It's not always easy,
especially when you live
in the Truth.
Yeah, Marike doesn't seem
to have a lot of friends.
[Amanda] That's not true.
She has the whole congregation.
And now she has you.
The meetings
are pretty long, huh?
They do drag a bit. Yeah.
[Amanda] Well, they're
really important to us.
I know.
It can be hard for kids.
Evan always gets bored.
But he doesn't horse around.
He doesn't draw on magazines.
I'm sorry. I-I didn't--
My sister's not usually
so easily distracted.
[Amanda] It's fine.
You're new at this.
It's not all meetings, you know.
Pioneering brings me
a lot of joy.
I get to share the Truth
with people.
There's so much about this life
that's wonderful.
[soft music]
[Nate] Hey.
[Jaime] Hey, what's up?
[Nate sighs] I was bored.
I thought you might be here.
You bummed about something?
It's my birthday.
What?! Happy birthday.
Oh, you're not allowed to
celebrate those, right?
That's shitty.
It's not that.
This is just the first birthday
I've had since my dad died.
My mom called the other day,
and she didn't even mention it.
wanna get some cake?
[customers chatting
in background]
Can-can I have a bite?
You may have one crumb.
Hey, I need
at least ten crumbs.
I don't care
if it's your birthday.
[Jaime laughs]
[Nate chuckles]
Five crumbs?
[Jaime laughs]
[Nate] Deal.
[fork clanks on plate]
[Jaime clears throat]
[door opens then closes]
Hey, what are you guys up to?
It's her birthday.
It's not a big deal.
We're on our way
to get our skates sharpened.
we just saw you guys.
I'm sorry if we interrupted.
You didn't interrupt anything.
It's fine.
I'm sure we'll see you soon.
-[Nate] Um...
-[door closes]
[plate slides]
[Jaime sighs]
[plate sliding]
[sighs] Cup of joe.
It's not a cup of joe.
[Nate slurps]
[door closes]
Jaime, can we have a word?
What's going on?
Take a seat.
[Beth] Frank called.
He's concerned.
Look, I know this is
gonna sound funny,
but he's worried
about your influence.
My influence?
You're... worldly.
You know we don't
celebrate birthdays.
Is this about the cake?
Are you serious?
I'm sorry, I was sad.
My friend wanted to cheer me up,
so he bought me some cake.
You can do whatever you want.
But if you want to spend
any more time with Marike,
you need to respect her beliefs.
It's not like I invited her
to celebrate with me.
They ran into us by accident.
I know,
but she and Amanda
and who knows who else
saw you, okay?
People are talking.
All we're asking is
that you're respectful.
We're very happy
that you're friends
and we want you to be able
to stay that way.
Are you going to stop us
from being friends?
Frank would like it,
if you're going to
spend time together,
that you do it in
a more supervised setting.
Like with a chaperone?
This isn't a joke, Jaime.
If you two are gonna
hang out so much,
you're gonna have to take part
in community activities
while you do.
I already go to the meetings.
And that's good.
There's also Bible study,
field service.
There's a lot
you can do together.
You know, if you're still
planning on staying.
You understand?
I said fine.
I'll try not to embarrass
you guys anymore.
If you wanted me to leave,
you should have just said so.
[heavy footsteps receding]
[Jaime breathes deeply]
[Marike] Hey.
Are you allowed to talk to me?
What? Of course.
We're not gonna get in trouble?
What are you talking about?
I-I just thought we weren't
allowed to hang out
unless it was in
Bible study or whatever.
Who told you that?
My uncle did.
Your dad called him.
Look, I'm sorry
if I got you in trouble
with that whole birthday thing.
I really didn't think
anyone would see us.
It's really
not that big of a deal.
Your dad's not mad?
My dad loves you.
Everyone does.
Hey, I got you something.
I thought you weren't allowed
to give birthday presents.
Did I say it was
for your birthday?
Hm, right.
Sorry, we don't have
any wrapping paper at home.
[Marike chuckles]
[paper rustling]
When I saw it,
I thought of you.
It's a meteorite.
Mm-hm. Do you like it?
I love it.
My mom called the other day.
She wants me to come home.
She's feeling a lot better.
-She is?
That's good.
So, are you going to... go home?
I don't really want to.
I don't really
want you to, either.
[gentle music]
Come with me to Bible study.
It won't be so bad.
My dad's gonna forget
about all of this.
-Promise to come?
[gentle music]
[Sister Camille reading]
"Is there anything of which
we can say,
"'See, this is new'?
"It has already existed
for all time.
"No one remembers
that which is gone...
[gentle music continues]
[door opens]
[Mathilde] Are you sure
you don't want a ride?
[Marike] Oh, you're in
the opposite direction.
Thanks, but we'll walk.
Are we allowed to do this?
We're just walking home.
[Jaime] If you say so.
So, what do you think?
[Jaime] Of what?
[Marike] Of the whole thing.
Oh, I wasn't really
paying attention.
It was okay.
Would you want to pray with me?
Come on.
It makes me feel good.
Would you just try it?
Close your eyes.
Jehovah, thank you
for bringing me Jaime
when she needed me most.
And when I needed her.
Pioneering this weekend?
Good. See you then.
[footsteps receding]
[heavy footsteps]
-[Jaime] Hey.
-[Nate] Yo.
Where are you coming from?
[Jaime] Bible study.
[Nate laughs]
[Nate] For real?
I got in trouble.
[Nate] For what?
Being worldly.
[toy robot slides]
Ooh, what does--
what does that mean?
I don't know. Being normal.
So, they're making you
take Bible study?
They're not making me.
It's just if I want to
keep hanging out with Marike,
I have to.
They're trying to
turn into a Jehovah.
Don't worry, I'm not gonna get
all religious on you.
It just sucks that
I have to keep pretending.
We kissed.
Wait, you and Marike?
No, me and Jehovah.
[Nate chuckles]
Yeah, me and Marike.
Well, what was it like?
I don't know. I'm...
I'm not even sure
if it was a real kiss.
[Nate] Well, was it weird?
It happened right after
she said a prayer.
So...yes. [chuckles]
Well, you gonna do it again?
I don't know.
[Nate] So, you like girls, eh?
[Nate] Cool.
You're the only person here
who knows.
[Nate] Really?
Are you surprised?
[breathes deeply] No.
It was pretty obvious
anytime I've seen
you guys together.
Yeah. That's the problem.
[car doors closing]
[Marike] Let's try here.
[Jaime] How are we gonna get in?
[Marike] We get lucky.
[doorbell buzzing]
Thought you said
you were good at this.
[doorbell buzzes continuously]
[door buzzes]
[door opens]
[Marike chuckles]
[door closes]
[Marike] So, what do you
think about Simon?
-Marc-Olivier's friend.
We should all
go out together sometime.
It could be fun.
Like go to a movie
or something?
Yeah. Something like that.
I don't think my dad would mind.
So later this week maybe?
[car door opens then closes]
[soft emotional music]
[meteorite thuds]
[car arriving]
[car honking]
[Simon] How's it going?
You like movies?
-[upbeat music on car radio]
I lose my sight
I'm a queen
I'm a drum
I'm a sorcerer thief
[music continues playing]
[soft rousing music]
Come here.
[soft rousing music continues]
[door closes]
Turn around.
Please just turn around.
[heavy breathing]
Should we go back?
[breathing heavily]
Not yet.
[soft intense music]
[Marc-Olivier] Here ya go.
See ya.
[car door opens then closes]
Wait a minute.
She forgot her scarf.
[seatbelt unlocks]
[car door opens then closes]
[both kissing]
[car honking]
[Jaime breathing heavily]
[water dripping]
[soft romantic music]
[knocks on door]
[door opens]
Hey. How was the movie?
[door hinges squeak]
[door closes]
How did Simon and Jamie
get along?
I don't know.
They don't have a lot in common.
Not like you and her.
Do you ever think about Mom?
I do.
You don't even remember her.
[Marike] I remember some things.
You were so little
when she left.
Don't you miss her?
Of course I do.
I feel like I'm not allowed
to ask about her.
Just don't ask Dad.
[door opens then closes]
[Marike sighs]
[Beth] Should I pack a lunch
for Marike as well?
So two lunches?
Um, just throw in an extra
fruit roll-up or something.
[Beth sighs]
You two have been going out
in service so much lately.
It's really nice to see.
It's not so bad.
[doorbell rings]
[paper bag rustles]
Enjoy yourselves.
[Jaime] Okay. Bye.
[rock music blaring on speaker]
[music stops]
[Marike] We actually
didn't do too badly today.
Talked to seven people,
gave away a bunch of magazines.
I definitely want to do another
call to that house on Pine.
That lady there seemed like
she might be interested.
Uh, do you remember
how many magazines she took?
No, I don't remember.
I'll just put down
that she took one Citadel .
-Yeah, put that.
What are you thinking?
I'm just imagining
you being baptized.
[Marike] That's what
I was thinking about.
Right. Sorry I asked.
[seatbelt locks]
Not gonna let me go?
[car door opens then closes]
What do you got next?
Social studies.
Mm, no.
Mm, yeah.
Skip with me.
Yeah. You never skip?
No. Won't we get caught?
Nobody cares.
[locker closes]
[lock clicks]
Okay, fine.
But I get to pick what we do.
[soft romantic music]
Does this actually count?
This is just for us.
Do you recognize yourself
as a sinner,
needing salvation
from Jehovah God?
Do you have to say it like that?
Do you recognize yourself
as a sinner?
I do.
And have you repented
of your sins?
I have.
[mug thuds]
Do you dedicate yourself
to the truth
forever and ever?
[whispers] I do.
[both chuckle]
[mellow music]
[girls kissing]
[Jaime] We should go
next summer.
[Marike] Where?
[Jaime] Backpacking.
You don't want to?
[Marike breathes deeply]
You just have to be patient.
I wish you were my first kiss.
I wish you were mine.
Did you have a boyfriend?
No...but there was this girl.
It wasn't like anything serious.
I wasn't very nice to her.
Are you jealous?
No, of course not.
You have a boyfriend.
This is so different.
I know.
[soft music]
Do you want to go in
for a second?
You can. I'll wait.
What's wrong?
Yeah, right.
You're being weird.
I can't stop thinking
about what you told me.
About that girl.
I know it's not fair,
but I hate it.
I hate thinking about it.
It's over. It's been over
for a really long time.
And it wasn't even a real thing.
[soft rousing music]
[car engine revving]
[door closes]
[Beth] Jaime?
[Beth] Hi, sweetheart.
Are you okay?
Yeah, I'm fine.
[footsteps thudding on stairs]
[light knock, door opens]
Dinner's ready.
It's just us tonight.
JF called, said
he won't be home till later.
You can go ahead without me.
I'm not really hungry.
Are you sure?
I'm not feeling very well.
I'm probably just tired.
[Beth] I'll put a plate
in the fridge for you
in case you change your mind.
[footsteps receding]
[Jaime breathes deeply]
[Jaime throwing up]
[paper rustles]
[soft intense music]
Are you okay?
They know.
I think JF saw us.
He came to see my dad
last night.
Is he mad? Your dad?
He thinks this is...
all a big test.
Is that what you think?
Everything is a test.
Are you afraid
that they're gonna kick you out?
They wouldn't do that.
They did it to your mom.
No. She left.
Would you?
Would you come with me
if I went home?
I want to.
[Jaime] Okay, so come with me.
I'll talk to them.
I know what to say.
I have to get back.
You're gonna try, right?
I promise.
[girls kissing]
[melancholic music]
Coming to the meeting?
I-I didn't think...
[Beth] You don't have to come.
-No, she should come.
I'm giving
my first talk tonight.
I'll get changed.
It's fine. Let's just go.
Welcome, everyone.
I feel very humbled to be able
to open today's meeting.
Please open your songbooks
to page 48
for "Come Spread the News."
Brother Josu,
would you lead us in song?
Come and spread
The joyous news
Paradise for those
Who choose!
To follow Christ's
Eternal word
Jehovah's message heard!
Those who've died
Return to life
Free from pain,
Free from strife
Make new the Earth
In Jesus' name
Eternal life
We soon shall claim!
[Jean-Franois] Thank you.
[reading] Ecclesiastes 2.
"I said in mine heart,
Go to now,
"I will prove thee with mirth;
therefore enjoy pleasure:
"and, behold,
this is also vanity.
"I said of laughter,
It is mad,
"and of mirth,
What do with it?
I sought in mine heart
to give myself unto wine..."
[high-pitched whine]
I'd like to share a verse
that I've always cherished.
I think you'll agree
it's one of the loveliest verses
in First Corinthians.
"Love is patient
and love is kind.
It is not selfish or boastful.
Love is not jealous,
not full of pride.
It is not quick to anger.
Love does not rejoice in evil.
It cherishes truth.
It can bear all things.
True love is belief... is hope.
And above all,
love simply endures.
For eternity."
I wanted to end
tonight's meeting
with these thoughts on love
from Corinthians
for a reason.
And that's because
I have some news tonight.
Some very happy news.
I'm overjoyed to announce
the engagement
of my youngest daughter, Marike,
to Brother Marc-Olivier Lavoie.
They're going to be married
next spring!
[congregation clapping]
[intense music]
[congregation chattering]
[Jaime sobbing]
[melancholic music]
She's upstairs.
[door shutting]
[heavy footsteps]
I know this doesn't
make sense to you.
They can't force you
to do this.
Nobody forced me.
It was my idea.
All it matters is
that in the new system,
we're both there. You and me.
That's why
you're getting married?
If we both live in the Truth,
we won't have to be apart.
What am I supposed to do?
Nobody wants me here.
[Marike] I'll talk to my dad.
He'll talk to your uncle.
It'll be okay.
You won't have to leave.
Am I supposed
to marry Simon then?
When paradise comes,
we can be there.
We'll be together forever.
We can do all the things
that we planned.
You don't have to do this.
Just come with me.
[Marike] I can't.
Why are you doing this
for something
that's never gonna happen?!
It is gonna happen. So soon.
I can't be there without you.
I don't believe in it.
You don't have to.
I can believe enough
for both of us.
Please. [crying]
I love you.
Stay. Stay.
[Jaime cries]
[Marike sobbing]
[Marike sniffling]
[somber music]
You're doing the right thing.
[Jaime] You got what you wanted.
I didn't think everything
was going to happen so fast.
That's not why I wanted you
to come to the meeting.
Yes, it is.
That's exactly why you asked me.
The congregation
is all we have.
[car door opens]
[car door closes]
What are you doing here?
I don't know.
I came to say goodbye in person.
Come visit me sometime.
Yeah, maybe I will.
[Jaime huffs]
Um... oh.
Take care of your guy
for me, all right?
[skateboard rolling]
[Beth] I know things can be...
confusing at your age. But--
[Jaime] I'm not confused.
[brakes squealing]
[Beth] I know you're not.
She is. [sighs]
I'm sorry if I made things
difficult for you.
I just hope that they don't do
anything to you because of me.
That's not while
you're leaving, is it?
Because if--
-It isn't.
You're not gonna pretend
I'm dead, are you?
I love you.
No matter what.
[car engine revving]
[soft rousing music]
[Beth sniffles]
[alarm beeping]
When do you have to go?
Argh, my train leaves at seven.
-[Angella] Aw.
-[Jaime chuckles]
Go back to sleep.
Just lock my door
when you leave.
[Angella whispers] Okay.
I'll see you next week?
I'll call you.
Have fun with the Jehovahs.
[train rumbling]
[car engine revving]
Your aunt told me you were
coming in this weekend.
I asked if it was okay
if I picked you up.
Is it okay?
Well then, get in.
[baby cooing]
That's Luca.
[Jaime] Hi, Luca.
[baby coos]
How old is he?
A year and a half.
He looks like you.
when he's really annoyed at me,
he makes this face
that reminds me of you.
Let's take the long way.
[soft emotional music]
[seagulls squawking]
School's good?
Yeah. I finish next year.
I went to Europe.
Last summer.
I know.
Your aunt gave them to me.
She never told me that.
I asked her not to.
You really read all of these?
About a million times.
Was it like we imagined?
You should have been there.
[Marike sniffles]
[wind blowing]
Are you okay?
I think about you all the time.
About us.
Do you?
Every day.
[Marike] No, wait.
[seatbelt locks]
Not gonna let me go?
[ending music]
[music fades out]