You Can Tutu (2017) Movie Script

[jaunty piano music begins] [Dad]
Time to go Tutu! We're gonna be late! Just coming. So. Ready to go get em kiddo? [hesitant] Um, yeah. Lets do this. Try and not get wet.
Ready? Go. [piano drowns teacher] [teacher] That's it, point and flex.
Really stretch those hamstrings. Well done Rosily,
balance, balance. That's it! [Tabitha] Girls. Shall we begin? [clumsy piano playing] [Dad clears throat] -[Kat] You must be Tallulah.
-My friends call me Tutu. Sorry were late. Still getting
used to the traffic out here. That's OK, we're just about to start. -I'm Dan. Dan Marlow.
-Oh hi, Im Kat. Kat Jackson. Nice to meet you Kat Jackson. Tabitha Montague.
Head teacher of Best Pointe Ballet School. Very nice to meet you Tabitha. -And you are?
-Im Tutu. Im the new girl. I do apologise. This class is full. The under 13s have been working hard on their choreography
for the Regional Competition. There is a Saturday open class
perhaps you could join, Tutu. Couldnt we make room for
Tutu in the routine? The choreography is set, Kat. I know,
but Tutu comes highly recommended. She danced the Swan Queen
in Swan Lake at her last ballet school. Well, I suppose we could do
with a stronger corps de ballet. -Hurry up and get changed pleased.
-Oh thats OK. Just need to put my shoes on. Dan, would you like to stay for the class?
The rest of the mums normally do. Yeah, sure. Thatd be nice. Girls, I would like to
introduce you to Tutu. She will be joining the class. [keys clash] Two minutes girls please
and then we will begin. -Hi.
-Why dont you have a normal bun? [Mariah] Did your mum do that for you? -No. I always do my hair like this.
-Wow. -Im Taniah.
-Im Mariah. -Im Rosily. Taniahs sister.
-Step-sister. -This is Man-orama.
-Its actually Manuela. M. A. N. U. E. L. A. Manuela.
Its Cuban. But my friends call me Mannie. Why arent you wearing
a pink leotard like everyone else? So now she can see? -I like to do my own thing I guess.
-Cool. Oh hi Dan, its lovely to meet you.
Im Janelle, Taniahs mum. And Rosilys step-mum. Nice to meet you Janelle.
[Janelle giggles] -Chanelle. Mariahs my daughter.
-It's nice to meet you. Hello Dan. Im Juanita.
It is very nice to meet you. And you too. I have to leave now
to open the restaurant, but please help yourself
to a little snack. It is OK Kat,
if you to take Mannie home? -No trouble at all, Juanita.
- Gracias. Good woman, our Kat. Adios. It's what gets me through to dinner. [Chanelle] I just wish Juanita
wouldnt bring such strong smelling food. Its not very. social. [Tabitha] Shall we begin, girls?
[feet patter] Good afternoon girls. -Good afternoon Madame Montague.
-Good afternoon Tabitha. [Tabitha] It was my intention today
to have a rehearsal for the Regional Competition. Are you familiar with the music
from "The Russian Dance" from the Nutcracker? Um, no Tab--
I mean Madame Montague. Well, for the benefit of Tutu we shall have to review
the basics before we rehearse, so I can assess her technique. Starting with plis please girls.
First position! On my count girls.
Five and six and seven and eight. [lilting piano accompaniment] [Tabitha]
Very nice, Taniah, Mariah. Slowly Mannie. So, where is Mrs Marlow, Dan? Ah, its just the two of us. Tutu and me. -Oh, I see.
-Youve just moved to Rupert Street? -Yeah.
-Some quite nice, small places there. [lilting music continues] Rosily, hold your gaze.
It might help you to stay balanced. She'll need more
than that to stay balanced. I suppose you need a physique
like yours to do carpentry. Such demanding work. It must be very tiring lifting things
and... hammering nails all day. And then to come home
and take care of Tutu in the evenings. Yeah, well it keeps me
out of trouble I suppose. Fourth with a small cambr back Fifth with a full circular port de bras. We shall have eight counts to end so that we can rise up
and pull into position in fifth. [feet shuffle] [children's laughter] [bell rings] [inaudible chatter] -Hi Mannie, hi Rosily.
-Do you go here too? -Yeah I do now.
-Cool. We all get to sit next to each other
at school as well as ballet. But not for English.
I do accelerated English. -There's Roly Poly.
-She's so clumsy. -It's embarrassing we're even related.
-What's your problem Taniah? Tutu, is such a weirdo.
[all laugh in assent] -She looks kinda cool.
-No she doesn't. Taniah's right, she doesn't Roly Poly and Cuckoo Tutu. Hey. How's my favourite little Tutu? Good day at school?
Made many friends? -Yeah, lots.
-Want to give me a hand with this? -Sorry Dad, lots of homework to do.
-What on your first day? They're like slave drivers aren't they? -Better get started.
-OK, kiddo. Well see you in a bit. [tender piano music begins] Mum. I wish you were here. ["The Garland Waltz"
by Tchaikovsky begins] Light. Light as a feather. Try Rosily. Try to be light-footed.
We all have physical challenges. You don't need to be able to see
the music to be able to dance. Is Tabitha always so... direct? I'm the first to admit that Rosily
does have a problem with her eyesight. We're very lucky to have Tabitha. She was the principle ballerina
at the National Ballet company. -Yes. I was a student of hers too.
-Quite some time ago now. -Not that long ago really.
-[mouths] Very long. [whispers] Go on! [Tabitha] You could all learn a lot
from Taniah and Mariah. See how Taniah holds herself.
So delicate, so poised. And Mariah's strength.
See the technical precision. Reverence.
Tutu could you stay back please. [gentle pizzicato guitar] Class dismissed. Mr Marlowe, could you come
and join us over here please? We have very high standards,
here at Best Pointe Ballet School. You will have to work very hard
to catch up with the other girls, Tutu. In a few weeks
we have the Regional Competition and you will need extra coaching. I suggest you join
Kat's extra class with Rosily. OK. Private tuition
is not cheap but it's essential if Tutu is to join the Regionals Sure. We'll work something out. Please ensure you see to her... uniform. -Her current attire is not acceptable.
-Ok, we'll work on it. And we wear our hair in a bun.
And I'm not sure what they are. Oh. Friendship bands. I don't want
to see them again in my class. [Dan] I'm after
the uniform at Best Pointe Ballet. Right, yeah. OK. [till pings] Oh come on. It's alright. What? -Hi there.
-Hi Kat. -Fancy seeing you here.
-I'm all ballet, me. Obviously. -Not a fan of pink?
-Not my favourite colour I like things that are
a bit more original. -But if it's the uniform then I guess.
-You did very well today. Thanks. Why did you change your hair?
I liked how it was before. I was just trying it out
for tomorrow's class. -[assistant] That's 19.95, please.
-Right, yeah. Thanks. Girls, we will spend every class now rehearsing "The Russian Dance"
for the Regional. But I have to make changes
to our choreography to accommodate our new class member. Let's start with the unison waltz section. Tutu stand at the back. It's an easy section.
You should be able to pick it up. Starting position please girls. On my count Janet.
Five... Five, six, seven, eight. [piano bursts into music] Your attitude is late, Tutu. [triumphant chord] [Tabitha] Totally shambolic.
The very least I ask Janet, is that you play at a consistent tempo. My choreography
is set for a reason Tutu. You cannot just make up the steps. Five, six, seven, eight. Oh! I think these lines
will work very well on the girls. What do you think Dan? It's um... Er... it's very... er -Tutu will look stunning in this.
-I think this would work much better. Oh! See the delicate weave.
Such workmanship. -It would be perfect for the skirts, no?
-I think it's beautiful Juanita. -Yes, actually it's stunning.
-Don't you think they look a bit bright. Colour is not a problem. I have others. [exaggeratedly]
It's just not very classic, Juanita. [Chanelle] I think that something
traditionally British would be more appropriate. Now I'm not sure we can call
what we have here, traditionally British. I've worked very hard on this design. Why yes. I didn't mean that...
What we have here is so... unique! What do you think Dan? Well they're
very unconventional and bright but you know I like it. And won't it help
the girls stand out on stage? I suppose,
it could be considered boutique. And I've a nail polish,
that exact same shade of emerald green. Well, it wouldn't be
a committee without the members. Well, then we've made the right call. -Well, I like original things.
-Yeah. Me too. Yes. I prefer bespoke design. I have to admit. I have
this massive obsession with antiques. Really? Well, you know I can't afford antiques but I like to find second hand furniture
and do it up. I just found this amazing deal online.
It's a chair that I'm going to paint and-- -[Kat trails off]
-I'm a bit of a restoration fan myself. [delicate music plays] [sighs] I haven't worked out
what I do after the dvelopp. -You're so good at ballet Tutu.
-You're awesome. [sings] A. W. E. S. O. M. E. -Awesome.
-Madame Montague doesn't think so. Well maybe if I keep on practising
I can show her I'm as good as Taniah. Or even Mariah. And then maybe I could get a lead role.
Maybe next year. -You could definitely do it.
-Do you really think so? You're like the best eleven year old
ballerina I've ever seen. It's like you're famous or something. My mum was a famous singer
in Paris. Your mum was a famous singer? That's her. Before I was born. Oh wow! Cool! -I like singing sometimes.
-Yeah? -I've heard you singing when you spell.
-Mannie does that when she's nervous. Not just when I'm nervous.
It helps me sometimes. When I have difficult words to spell.
But I like to sing songs too. -Well could you sing something now?
-Go on, Mannie! [Tutu] Yeah, please. [Mannie exhales] [soulfully ad libbing] La la la La la la Wow. If only Taniah, Mariah,
and Shaniah could hear you do that. [Kat] Let's start today's private lesson. A five, six, five, six, seven eight. Very good Rosily. Now pull up,
from the top of your head. That's it. Very nice, Tutu. Once again please girls. A five, six, five, six, seven, eight. [piano fades into orchestra] [music builds to climax] Oh!
[delicate piano music] I'm sorry Rosily. OK. Once more from the top. I'm sorry Kat, I know
I'm not supposed to do my own thing, but I can't help it. You danced the solo very well. But the roles have been decided.
Bring that talent to the corps de ballet. It won't happen again. I know how hard it is
to feel like you don't fit in. But give it time for Tabitha
and the girls to get to know you. Their bark's a lot worse than their bite. But we all need to be patient.
Your time to shine will come. [giggling] -You're really good with them you know.
-Everyone needs help sometimes. Tutu is very talented you know. There's an originality to her choreography
that is way beyond her years. Yeah. She's a born performer
just like her mother was. Is your wife a ballerina too? -No. Lulu was a singer. Jazz.
-Wow. So glamorous. Yeah, she was. But it's just me and Tutu now.
Has been since she was a baby. -I'm so sorry.
-Thanks. No need. Long time ago now. Can be hard.
Having to do everything on your own. I think you have done
a brilliant job though. -Tutu is so well adjusted.
-Yeah. She is a good kid. -Well. Oh! Thank you. This is me.
-This is me. -Ok. Bye.
-Yeah. See you. So erm...
Look. This chair. If it arrives and you needed some help.
Slap of lacquer. Or something. -I've got all the tools.
-Oh. Yeah. That would be great. -Great. So it's a chair-date.
-Cool. See you. Good work, Toby. The pyramids
are the stone tombs of Egypt's Kings. [teacher continues indistinctly] [all giggling] [girl laughing] What is this? Must have fell out your bag. I'm not surprised your mum left. I'd leave too if I had such
a freak for a daughter. Alright Tutu?
How was school? Hey what happened? The girls. They stole Mannie's book.
[sobbing] -They're so mean to Rosily and...
-Oh come here. You don't normally
let these things get to you. -What's different?
-Why am I the only one without a mum? Oh come on. Every family's different. But our little family has bundles of love.
That's what's important right. Why don't you invite Rosily
and Mannie over this weekend. -They're your friends, aren't they?
-Yeah. Well, they're welcome here
whenever you want, OK kiddo? -Thanks Dad. Love you.
-Love you. I've been so busy with...
This material is very hard to work with. I think last year's costumes would be
more appropriate with my choreography. They are very classic. But we've only got four.
We'd need another one for Tutu. I could make it. I think Janelle
could manage to sew another. [giggles] Of course I can. [upbeat piano music] [piano continues] [piano continues] [Tabitha] Well. That was better. I expect to see you all
at Tavistock High School no later than 9am. Rehearsal dismissed. Go ahead to the dressing room
I'll say hello to the judges. Sorry Dan. Little girls room. [Dan puffs] Lovely to see you again Carol. -Judy!
-Tabitha. -It's been forever.
-I had no idea you would be judging today. -How wonderful.
-Still teaching I see. Madame Montague's right.
You don't need to see the music to dance. Mhm. There. You look better already.
[giggles] Breathe.
[sings] B. R. E. A. T. H. E. [sings] Just breathe -Tutu, do you need a hand?
-It's ok. I always do it. [Chanelle] Aw. Poor thing.
Well you'd make your mother proud. Janelle, Chanelle, I need
to get these girls into their tutus now. -Please go to the viewing gallery.
-Good luck! Oh no. You don't say that Chanelle,
that's bad luck. What you say is
'Break a leg girls'! Break lots of legs!
Break legs! -Lots of legs!
-Right. Who's first. -Is Kat here yet? She'll be with the girls
during the performance. Right, yeah. Am I too late? Lunchtime was
very busy at the restaurant. -Yes, we can smell that Juanita.
-No, you're fine, don't worry. [Judy] First up today,
is the Block Ballet Academy. In your own time girls. [recording begins] [music continues] [inaudible] [Tabitha] Sloppy footwork. Where's their grace? Their poise? [music reaches climax] [Judy] Thank you Block Ballet Academy. [judge] Your own ballet class.
You must be delighted. [whispers] Here they come.
[announces] The Dalston Academy. In your own time girls. ["Dance of the Little Swans" begins] -They're good, aren't they?
-They're... very good. ["Dance of the Little Swans" continues] -You OK?
-Yeah, I don't normally get nervous. Breathe. B. R. E. [sings] B. R. E. A. T. H. E
Just breathe It's my word
for when I'm really nervous. [irritated] Quiet Mannie. -Rosily, where are your glasses?
-[Rosily stutters] My mum thought
she looked better without them. ["Dance of the Little Swans" continues] That choreography
looks very familiar to me. It's Judy's. From last year's regionals. I'm almost certain it is. ["Dance of the Little Swans" ends] Thank you,
Dalston Dance Academy. Thank you. [Tabitha] Out of the way girls.
Out of the way girls please. Just remember your technique girls and everything you could do
in your extra classes. Tutu, Rosily,
you've worked so hard. It will show. And no variations. Best Pointe Ballet School.
When you're ready girls. ["Russian Dance" music begins] They're really good, aren't they! ["Russian Dance" continues] [Judy]
Thank you Best Pointe Ballet School. For that creative interpretation
of the Nutcracker's "Russian Dance". Oh. [Tabitha] I would like to know
what's been going on Kat. [Tabitha] That was a debacle. I'm so sorry Janelle. Our girls did their best,
that's all we can ask. How's Mariah supposed to get into the
National Ballet School after that little flourish from Tutu? And Rosily. She clearly can't see
what she's doing can she? I shouldn't let Rosily
persist with ballet. She clearly hasn't got
the talent that Taniah has. You've either got it or you don't. At Mariah's
still got a chance at Cambridge. Thank you all for coming today.
Simply marvellous. And especially thank you
to the three ballet finalists for your performances today. Marvellous. The school that places first today goes through to the Nationals
in one month's time. And now... for... the results. [whispers] Come on, come on, come on. In third place [tense music] [Judy] Block Ballet Academy. -[Dan] Oh!
-[applause] You are simply beautiful. In second place... [tense music] Best Pointe Ballet School. [Dan whistles] [applause] -Not the way to behave.
-No... Well done. You were simply marvellous. Well I suppose it's been decided. She will have to concentrate
on the Common Entrance Exams. At least she doesn't have to
rely on anyone else for that. You were wonderful.
You should be happy. Good girl. [applause] [Judy] And so. As we know, in first place the winners, of today's Regional Championships, which go straight through
to the National Championships, is Dalston Dance Academy. You my darling were my favourite. I know you're at fault
for what's been going on. [Judy] Well, thank you all
for a wonderful day of dancing. It's been marvellous.
Especially the ballerinas. Wonderful. Now for some refreshments
and for some sausage rolls. Hey congratulations.
Well done. Heya. Hey.
Hey [chuckling] congratulations. -Can I have a word please?
-Yeah, sure. If Tutu can't dance as instructed there will no longer be
a place for her in this class. Working as a team is obviously important
but Tutu showed some real creativity. At her level of ballet
she should be following my choreography. She could learn a lot
from Mariah or Taniah. Tutu has a lot to learn. You might have your favourites Tabitha
but not all the girls can be the same. Nor should they be. Maybe they'd be more similar if they weren't
encouraged to be different. What is so wrong with being different. I think I might have made
a mistake in employing you, Kat. Hang on a minute.
Kat is the best thing about the school. As head of Best Pointe School
I have to do what is right for the majority of my students. We can't tolerate
this sort of rebellion. This is highly unusual but following
today's behaviour I have no choice but to suspend Tutu
from class for two weeks. And in that time she can
think about what she's done and whether she's prepared
to make changes for the sake of her class. OK, you know she can bark. But I think it's because
she knows you can dance. [laughing] Look, I don't... I don't know if I want
to be a ballerina anymore. I don't want to hear you talk like that.
What you danced out there, it wasn't what we practised
but I was very impressed. You're a real talent Tutu. -Come on.
-Bye. [gentle piano music begins] [upbeat music] [music continues] You made that up all by yourself? -Wow.
-Are you coming back to class tomorrow? -Er... I don't know.
-I hate going to ballet now. Mannie's got
Spelling Bee practice all week. So... it's just me.
And them. They always tease me about my glasses
but I can't dance without them. It's like a can't control
what I'm doing when I dance. And I what if I do
what I did again? So we're going to cut the three bars
at the bottom of page two and go directly to the top of page three and then play through
the rest of the music as normal. So while you study that Janet,
I'm going to make a phone call. [phone ringing] -It's ringing Janet.
-[mouths] Sorry. -[Judy] Hello.
-Judy? - Yes.
-It's Tabitha. Ah, Tabitha.
Fabulous seeing you last week. I have a question for you regarding
the choreography at the Regionals. Your girls did very well against Dalston. -Yes.
- But Dalston's choreography was supreme. It looked rather familiar to me. Girls. Gather round please.
I have some exciting news. The Dalston Dance Academy's
performance at the Regionals was of a high standard
but a complaint was lodged and I am pleased to say
that the judging review panel have agreed with me that
the Dalston Dance Academy's choreography was not their own original work. And therefore does not meet
the National Ballet Association standards. So Dalston Dance Academy
have been disqualified and we're going through
to the National Finals! [Mariah] Oooh!
[Tutu] Yes! -[Janelle gasps]
-[Dan] Brilliant! See, sometimes being original
does have its rewards. You've all been given
a second chance to prove yourselves. And I expect
full commitment from you all. And from you,
Tutu, nothing short of your best. I have decided to make
some changes to the choreography. And if we have any chance at all
of winning the Nationals, then Rosily
will remain in the corps de ballet with Mannie and Tutu
and so will Taniah. And a really spectacular solo
for Mariah is the best chance we have. [Janelle gasps]
That's my baby. Gave birth to her. Kat will help with the choreography. Five, six, five, six, seven, eight. [lively piano music plays] Well then.
Let's take a look at the costumes. [both] Mmm. Oh. I brought these from home. Little antique beads.
Maybe we could sew them into the tulle. That would be quite stunning
with Mariah's colouring. You've got quite an eye Kat. Why don't you speak out more often. -Just beautiful.
-No. I don't think so. They're too old. They're just not shiny enough.
See. They don't even catch the light. Classic white it is I suppose. [Tabitha] If you have quite finished
with your fashion parade over there Kat? We do have a rehearsal to run. [Tabitha] From the top please girls. Janet. Girls. Five, six, five, six, seven, eight. ["Russian Dance" begins] [rip] [piano thuds to a halt] And which of the girls
now have a rag as a tutu? It's Tutu's tutu. I'm so sorry about this Tabitha.
Tutu. Janelle. It'll take me hours to make another one. Let me do it for you
it's the least I can do. You will not touch my costumes. [snap] [Kat gasps]
See, look what you've done now. [Janelle] Me? You pulled it. Ladies! Please have some decorum. If you cannot behave like adults I will get Kat to deal with it. Kat, take the costumes home please. You will be finishing the tutus. I was thinking just sanded back. Rustic. -What do you think?
-That's what I'd do. -Can you grab me some sandpaper?
-Which one? Oh er... Probably... Dad, what's for dinner? [both laughing] That was delicious.
[sings] D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S. Delicious. -You've got a really good ear there.
-Yeah, Mannie, you should sing more. I get embarrassed singing
in front of other people. -Why's that?
-Maybe they won't think I'm very good. Well you shouldn't care
what other people think about you. If my mum had, she wouldn't
have become a jazz singer, would she Dad? That's right. I've got an audition for a musical. That's why I've been missing
so many ballet classes. I've been practising
with a singing teacher so I can get confident. -A professional musical?
-Yeah. -Wow.
-That is so cool. Yeah,
well done Mannie, that's really good. You should take your own advice Tutu. If you want to dance
don't let anyone stop you, That's right you know. What if I can't do what I'm supposed to? I thought you didn't care
what other people think. Well I hope you've been practising. Well actually, I've been working on
a new port de bras. I'd love to show you. Quickly Mannie.
We are starting in two minutes. I'm... I...
I can't go to Nationals. Oh? And why is that? Because I'm singing
in a musical in the West End. [Kat]
That's wonderful news. Congratulations. Well it is rather an inconvenience
to lost Mannie at the eleventh hour. I'm very sorry to let you down.
All of you. Yes. Well... We really can't stay.
Mannie's got rehearsals now. [both] Oh!
Well done! [Tutu]
Congratulations Mannie that's so exciting. [Rosily]
But... we'll miss you at ballet Mannie. -We'll still see you at school though.
-Yeah. Bye Tutu. Bye Rosily.
Bye Taniah. Bye Mariah. [Tutu] Bye Mannie! Hey, go you! -Made them especially.
-Thanks Juanita. What would we do without you?
And good luck at rehearsal, alright. -Thanks.
-See you. We will have to make some revisions Kat. At least we still have Mariah. -Mariah looks tired.
-She's working very hard on her routine. And she's studying
for the Common Entrance Exams. That's a lot of work
for someone her age isn't it? We've decided
to keep Mariah's options open. She'll need medicine as a fall-back if the National Ballet School
don't pick her up. [Chanelle] Mmm. Very nice girls. Good. Rosily, nice and light on your feet. Mariah, lift, lift more
into the chassez coup en tournant. [Mariah screams] [all gasp] -[Mariah sobs]
-It's OK, sweetheart. [Kat] It's OK. -I think it might be broken.
-Ok. Alright. -We're going to take you to A&E.
-[Janelle sobs] Put your arm around me.
We're gonna go nice and gently. Ready? -One, two, three.
-Oh, here Dan. You'll have to eat something
while you wait in A&E. There's no choice. We'll just have
to withdraw from the Nationals. I think we still have a chance. Rosily and Taniah
are just not up to dancing the solo. I know. But Tutu can. You're right. Tutu is the only who could. -I know she can.
-She's so like you Kat. Her style, grace, and poise. But she must learn to apply herself.
And to keep in line with the other girls. That's her only chance
of becoming a professional dancer. Otherwise she'll end up like you. We need people to believe in us
if we're going to succeed. No, Kat. To succeed in life,
you have to believe in yourself. [solemn piano music] [music continues] [gentle music continues] ["Russian Dance" plays] We can't perform the "Russian Dance"
as a trio at the Nationals. I'm not even sure the judges
would allow a trio to compete. -Judy still hasn't returned my call.
-Well perhaps you should try her again. Yes. Well. That's what I'll do then. -Kat, can I speak to you a second please.
-Sure. Well it's just an idea
I had about the tutus. [indistinct whispers] Oh Tutu. I love it! That's a great idea.
They're gonna love it. Well, this is our chance
to do something original. [Tabitha] Girls. Judy has confirmed,
trios qualify for the Nationals. Go team! But we'll have to throw out
the choreography and start again. Kat will be teaching you
the new choreography to a completely new piece of music. I have decided, we are going to perform
"The Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy". -I certainly hope you're up to it Kat.
-We can do it. I know we can. [gentle piano music begins] [Tutu inaudible] [gentle music continues] [music continues] [knocking] Can I come in? Your mum used to get nervous
the night before a performance too. So what we used to do
is we would play her favourite music. It used to calm her down. [soft jazz begins] Wrapped in your arms -This is really mum? Live in Paris?
-Mhm. She used to light up the stage.
Just like you. [Dan sighs] There's been something I've wanted
to give you of your mums for a long time. And I know that she'd want you to have it. [jazz continues] Those particular charms Disarm me, bashful boy Please let me confess It's beautiful. She used to wear that
every time she was on stage. And now I can too. Lulu would be so proud of you
dancing the solo. [jazz continues in the background] Won't equivocate
No doubt Over the talk in my mind The thought is a shout My vote is cast
You can look, you can laugh You're my favourite humour -Ow! Mum it's too tight.
-Oh sh. -Tutu hi.
-Tutu you're late. Quickly please. Hi darling. -Rosily, where are your glasses?
-I got contact lenses. -Oh that's so cool.
-I know. For when I'm performing on stage. -[tannoy] Ten minutes to go.
-Oh, I should take my seat. -Break a leg girls.
-[Tabitha] Let's hope not. [Chanelle giggling] -[Tabitha] Where have you been?
-[Kat] Sorry. Traffic. -Oh I love it.
-[Kat] Oh I'm so pleased. Oh I forgot.
Dad gave me this last night to wear. It was my mums. -I know I packed it this morning.
-Packed what? My headband. I know I did. I must have left it at home. Can you
please get Dad and tell him to get it. -I'm sorry Tutu, there isn't time.
-[Tabitha] You'll have to go without it. I can't. -You took it didn't you.
-I did not. You're always stealing things.
You're a bully and you're mean. [Tabitha] Girls.
Taniah, did you take Tutu's headband? No. I never do things like that. Take baby steps for mummy.
Just baby steps for mummy. Mum. It's fine. Excuse me, sorry, sorry. -What's going on?
-It's her headband. What Lulu's headband?
What's happened? -Is it broken?
-Tutu said she left it at home. -And she needs it.
-Alright, I'll go now. Sorry, excuse me. [applause] Welcome to the National Ballet
Association's National Championships. Today we shall see top ballet schools
from each region perform, competing for the National title So if I may, I present
the first of our ballet schools. The Symmetry School of Dance. ["Chopin Prelude Op 28 No 7" begins] [racy music] ["Prelude" continues] -Those costumes are really good.
-They're perfect. ["Prelude" ends gently] [inaudible] [applause continues] Our penultimate performance is The Fern Dean School of Ballet. [applause] [Russian polka begins] [inaudible] -Tutu we really can't wait any longer.
-Tabitha, just one more minute, please. -[Kat] I knew you'd make it.
-Dad! -Thank you.
-That's what dads are for. Ten minutes stage call for Best Pointe. Go get 'em kiddo. Good luck. Now we have everything we need.
Let's get out there and dance. -I'm so sorry Taniah. I really thought--
-I can be mean. But I'm not that mean. Wow Tutu. -You look.
-You look just like a real ballerina. Now you've just got to
go out there and dance like one. Do your best girls.
And enjoy it. Right. Just one more thing we've got
to show you about your costumes. Come here. [music continues] [applause] [inaudible] Sorry.
Juanita's cooking saves the day again. Oh hi, Janet.
Good of you to come and support the girls. -Erm. Would you like an empanada?
-Ssh. -They're good aren't they.
-[muffled] They're so good. Enjoy the show. -[tannoy] Final call for Best Pointe.
-Alright girls. Go for it. I'm not sure I can do this. I have never been surer of anything else. You can tutu. You can. Come on. [applause] Our final performance today competing
for this year's National Championship, is Best Pointe Ballet School. [applause] ["Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy" begins] [music fades down] [audience gasp] [electronised "Sugar Plum Fairy"] [pop beat kicks in] [whispering]
I assume this was your idea. No. It was Tutu's. [whooping and cheering] Bravo! Wahoo! [audience cheers] [applause] Thanks you. What an impressive afternoon. Such high standards of ballet. Just wonderful. Every one of you young ballerinas
should be very proud. And now for the results, which have been very close this year. [tense music] In third place... The Symmetry School of Dance. -You were most wonderful. Well done.
-Thank you. In second place... is... [tense music] -Come on Best Pointe.
-Come on Best Pointe. Come on. Fern Dean School of Ballet. Yes! [inaudible] And so... the final award and the winners of this year's
National Championships for the most inspired and original performance
our judges have ever seen, Best Pointe Ballet School. [whooping and cheering] Simply wonderful. -[Dan] Woo!
-[audience cheers] -We got first!
-We got first. Yes we did! I'm sorry Rosily.
I've been such a bad sister. I'm lucky to have
a sister as talented as you. Me too! Go Best Pointe! -Congratulations girls.
-[Kat] That was amazing. -I have never seen anything like it.
-You've made Kat and me proud today. All of you.
You were perfect ballerinas. Now, go and see your mum girls.
And your dad, Tutu. Well they'll be wanting
to congratulate you too. [Tabitha chuckles] -We couldn't have done it without you.
-Thank you. Oh thank you Tutu.
[chuckling] -We did it.
-Oh! You are a very talented teacher, Kat. Thank you Tabitha. But I always wanted to be
a prima ballerina, you know. The very best principle ballerinas
have only found their success with guidance
from the very best teachers. [both sigh] And then, when it was my turn
it didn't even feel scared. I just felt happy.
Because I could see everything. I know. Me too.
It was like... I don't it was so cool. So Mannie.
Tell us how the musical went. Mum said she couldn't even tell
it was my first matinee. -It's been quite a day.
-It has. Who would have though?
National Ballet Champions. [chuckles] You were so good Rosily.
I'm so proud. -Wasn't your sister great?
-Yeah. She was. We're all awesome.
A.W.E.S.O.M.E. Awesome. [everyone] Hey. -Are you OK?
-Yeah. I'm getting used to them. You were amazing
out there today you know. -Thanks Mariah.
-That's OK. [both laughing] Come on darling. Las empanadas!
[everyone cheers] k-Enjoy!
-[all] Thank you. Sorry. Are we late? No Madame Montague. There is someone
who's part of the Best Pointe team who I've never publicly acknowledged
and I feel that now is the right time. Janet. Your piano playing has improved
immensely over the last several months. And you are truly a valued
and treasured member of Best Pointe. Thank you Janet.
Thank you. Thanks mum. To Best Pointe Ballet School.
And to you. You can dance Tutu.
You really can. Yeah. I guess I can.
[all laugh in assent] [upbeat music starts]