You Can't Get Away with Murder (1939) Movie Script

Hi, Jane.
Woman: so I says to him,
"Listen Mr. Schwab,
I've been in Jen's
furnishing for 3 years,"
I says, "and there
ain't nothing
You can tell me
about BVD's."
Oh, hey! There's
your boyfriend.
So long, Madge.
See you in the morning.
Good night, Peg.
Hello, Fred.
Been waiting long?
No, just rolled up.
Well, what's new
in the luggage shop, eh?
Oh, I don't let's
talk about it.
Every time
I sell a trunk
I want to
stow away in it.
Ha ha!
The heat's got you.
I just want to go
some place, anywhere.
That suits me
Why, Fred...
get in, I've got some
great news for you.
How do you like
baked beans?
All right, why?
And codfish cakes?
Not tonight,
No, for breakfast.
The next
50 years.
What are you
trying to say?
We're gonna live
in Boston, darling.
Fred burke, have you
lost your mind?
Just my job.
Old man Haynes
is opening
A new branch
in Boston, darling,
And I'm it!
300 a month,
And no brass buttons.
Fred, when?
A couple
of months.
Maybe sooner.
Aw, you big ape!
Why didn't you
phone me?
And we'll have
a little apartment.
Oh no!
We're getting
a house.
And a lawn
with trees.
We're gonna live
in style, lady.
With a car
and a couple of dogs.
What's the matter?
Madge: the third night
this week.
I never know where he is
or what he's doing.
Oh, Johnnie's
all right.
He's probably
looking for a job.
He hasn't looked
for a job in weeks.
Been running around
with that Wilson fellow.
Frank Wilson?
There's a candidate
for the pen if there
ever was one.
Johnnie's only 19, Fred.
He looks up to
Frank Wilson
as sort of a hero.
He picked
a swell model.
Well, what can
you expect
From a kid that's
grown up in this
cheapness, gangs.
That's all
he's ever known.
Look Madge, you've
done all you could
for the kid.
Now it's my turn.
As soon as
we're married
And this Boston
job's settled
I've got plans
for Johnnie.
Bet you the gang
back at Kellys
Would turn green
if they knew
You let me in
on this.
Hey, hold it
down, kid.
Wouldn't be so
sweet if the cops
Caught up to us
and found out
This is a hot car.
Yeah, I guess
I'm a little nervous.
Hey, remember
this was your idea
of coming along.
Ain't getting cold feet
on me, are you?
Didn't I cop
this car for you
by myself?
I guess you gotta
have nerve for that.
Yeah, you did
all right.
'Course I don't blame you
for being a little shaky
Your first time out.
But don't let
that worry you,
The percentage
is all in our favor.
The odds is 4 to 1
that when a guy goes out
On a job like this
he ain't gonna be picked up.
And if he is,
It's 2 to 1
he won't be convicted.
Gee, I didn't
know that.
Yeah, that's
the real dope.
Read it in
the newspapers,
own figures.
Hey listen, kid,
the only time a guy
Goes to the bandbox
is when he don't
use his head.
Look at me.
I never done
a day in my life.
Yeah, and Madge always
giving me that stuff
About "crime don't pay."
Who said anything
about crime?
This is a business.
You mean like
a regular job?
Just as regular
as anything else.
Hey, don't you think
them wall street guys
Ain't got their hands
in everybody's pocket?
Yeah, I bet you
they have.
Sure they have.
They're smart,
but I'm smarter.
I pay income tax.
Gee, Frank,
no kidding!
Bet I do.
You don't think
I'm gonna let
Them federal dicks get
anything on me, do you?
I'm clean.
Yeah, you're
plenty smart.
You bet I am.
I got things
all figured out.
You're not gonna use
that thing, are you?
Oh, this?
This is just
good company.
Kinda warm,
ain't it?
Gimme 5.
Yes, sir.
Better shut off
your engine.
I can't do it,
Starter's not working.
Well, I guess it
won't hurt nothing.
You run this place
all by yourself?
Yep, been here
5 years.
You folks
from New York?
Noticed you got
New York plates.
How much
do I owe you?
That'll be 90 cent.
All I got's 5 bucks.
Ok, I'll get
your change.
[Register opens]
Get over there!
the idea?
This is a stickup,
get over there.
Get in that closet.
Operator, operator!
Boy, I didn't expect
it to be that easy.
Yeah, what
did I tell you,
All it takes
is brains and nerve.
Hey Frank,
did I do ok?
You done fine, kid.
I just been held up
by two fellas.
One of 'em
was just a kid.
They were headed north.
What kind of a car?
A black coupe a
with a New York license.
Hey, that looks
like a lot of dough.
Pretty good, that's why
I picked the joint.
Here you are.
Oh, boy!
Gosh, I didn't think
you were gonna
give me that much.
You earned it.
[Siren wails]
Hey, Frank!
The cops.
What do we do?
Come on,
keep your head.
Step on it!
Catches up to us,
you don't know
nothing, see?
Turn off the road
at the next bend.
So long, sweetheart.
Come on, get back
on the road.
Oh, nice shootin',
All right, boys,
the 10 ball on the bank.
Fred: two bits
you don't.
Kiss it good-Bye,
kiss it good-Bye.
Man: perfect!
11 and the 12 balls,
pretty good, huh?
Hello, Johnnie.
Been looking for you.
Well, you found me,
so what?
Madge tells me you didn't
get home last night.
What's it to you?
Well, she's
pretty worried.
Why don't you
butt out of this?
Madge and me can
take care of ourselves.
That's no way
to treat her, Johnnie.
She didn't sleep
all night.
That's because she
ain't a night watchman,
like you.
They get
plenty of sleep.
That's telling
him, Johnnie.
Come on, Johnnie,
let's go home.
I ain't going till
I'm good and ready.
Maybe you can string
Madge along, but not me.
Take it easy, kid!
Well, that's
how it is.
You been trying to
boss me ever since
You began
that cheap play
for my sister.
Sorry, Johnnie,
but you asked for it.
Now go on home.
Frank: off your beat,
ain't you, burke?
Yeah, a little
overtime job.
Maybe you're finding
overtime don't pay
so good down here.
That's what
I told Johnnie.
Beat it, kid.
Listen, burke, if
Johnnie is lucky enough
To be a friend of mine,
that's our business, see?
Now lay off him.
Go ahead, Johnnie,
I'll see you tonight.
Get this, Wilson,
I know what
your business is.
You're a cheap,
small-Time crook.
Some day I'm gonna put you
right where you belong.
You hear what he
said about you?
Why didn't you
sock him one?
I got my own way
of handling them guys.
Here, I'll take
Johnnie's cue.
The 4 ball
in the corner pocket.
Hello, Madge.
Gee, you got
a new suit.
Pretty nifty, huh?
You like it?
Where have you been?
Why'd you have to send
Fred burke looking for me?
Thought maybe
something might
have happened to you.
I told you I was
out of town hunting
for a job, didn't I?
But Johnnie, you
stayed out all night.
I had to get
a hitchhike.
I didn't get back
till a little while ago.
I saved some
supper for you.
Come on in
the kitchen.
Where'd you get
the new clothes?
Friend of mine.
Frank Wilson?
Aw, what of it?
I didn't ask
him for 'em,
He staked me.
Johnnie, why don't you
leave the fellow alone?
He's no good.
Been listening
to Fred again, huh?
I don't need to
listen to Fred,
I can see for myself.
You know what's
happening to you,
You're losing every
bit of ambition
That you ever had.
Ambition's no good
Unless you got
something to use it on.
I'm sick that hooey!
"Try, try again,"
"Work hard and you'll
win out in the end."
It's only the dumb ones
that fall for that stuff.
Is that what
Frank Wilsons
been telling you?
Johnnie, that
man's a gangster.
He ain't
never done time.
Get your hat on,
We're going
to celebrate.
Hey, what is it?
Never mind,
where's Johnnie?
He's in the kitchen.
All right,
get your things on.
Hi, Johnnie.
Still sore
at me, eh?
What do you say
we forget it?
I ain't forgetting
Johnnie, what happened?
I'm going out.
Out where?
Out, that's all.
Fred: Johnnie,
wait a minute.
I want to
show you something.
You can't
show me nothing.
What happened, Fred?
Oh, Johnnie's
sore at me.
We had a little argument
this afternoon
But I guess this will
straighten it out.
These are
railroad tickets,
To Boston.
Oh, Fred!
We're leaving
Friday morning at 11:00.
That gives us
3 whole days
to get married.
There are 3 of them.
One's for Johnnie.
I got him a job
with the company.
Fred, that's
the greatest thing
That's ever
happened to us.
Well, I hope so.
Let's go find him.
I wanna tell him.
Ain't it pretty
risky pulling this
so close to home?
I'm taking
all the risks.
You stay right here
and keep your eyes open.
I got myself
a gun, too.
Where'd you get it?
It's Fred Burkes.
I took it
from his room.
he's out with Madge.
I can put it back
without him even
knowing about it.
Crazy fool, you
wouldn't know how
to use it anyway.
You stay right here.
Hey, get out of there.
One yap out of you
and I'll plug ya.
Get out of bed,
I got a job for you.
Come on, come on,
come on.
Through that door.
Get over to that safe.
Open it up.
What's in that
tin box?
Get it out of there.
[Alarm rings]
Who is it?
Shut that door
and turn on them lights.
Where you been?
I had some business
to take care of.
What happened?
What happened to you?
That's what I want to know.
Gosh, when that bell
started ringing
I was scared stiff,
so I beat it.
Look, Frank,
gimme Burkes gun
So I can
put it back, huh.
I've been going
nuts thinking
something went wrong.
Hand it over so
I can put it back
While he's still
out with Madge, huh.
Come on, come on,
quit stalling.
Gimme the gun.
What gun?
What's the idea?
You didn't
give me no gun.
What are you
trying to pull?
You heard me, I said
you didn't give me no gun.
And you didn't
see me tonight,
And you ain't
seeing me now.
Get it?
You talk as if
you're in a jam.
You didn't...
ain't my fault
he got plugged.
He put up a fight.
Is he hurt bad?
Yeah, dead.
I got away clean,
nobody saw me.
With Freds gun.
with Freds gun.
And you
give it to me.
You took it from
the copper's room.
Don't forget that.
Where is it?
It's in
the pawnshop.
What did you want to
leave it there for?
They'll find it.
They'll trace it to Fred,
they'll pin it on him!
I'm gonna
get that gun--
Now wait a minute.
You sit down
and listen to me.
The worst he'll get
is a pick up.
He's out with Madge,
ain't he?
He's got an alibi,
air tight.
All I'll get if they
put the finger on me
Is the wrong end of
a stream of hot juice.
I never should have
listened to you.
Why did I ever get myself
mixed up in this mess?
Yellow as they
make em, ain't you?
I don't care.
I'm gonna cut myself
loose from you.
Fred and Madge
were right.
If I ever get out
of this I'm through,
I'm gonna
get a job.
Now listen, kid,
We're in
this together
And there's a murder rap
hanging over both of us,
You and me.
You can't drag me
into this.
I didn't do
no shooting,
I wasn't even there
when it happened.
It don't make
no difference
if you was in china.
You gave me
the gun, didn't you,
and that's the law.
And that's all the D.A.
And the jury care about.
And from now on, kid,
you and me are gonna be
just like Siamese twins.
There ain't gonna be
nothing happening to me
Without the same thing
happening to you.
You understand?
Well, Frank,
What do you
want me to do?
Gonna do just what
I'm gonna do,
Play dumb and keep
your mouth shut.
This is one rap that's
going in dead storage.
The cops--Suppose they
start asking questions?
All right, you
don't know nothing.
Yeah, sure.
But coppers got a way
of wearing you down.
Maybe this
will help you out.
There's only two guys
know I did the shooting
And one of them's dead.
And the other
one's gonna be
If he don't
keep his trap shut.
Good night, Johnnie.
Hello, Johnnie.
I've been
waiting up for you.
I thought you
were out with Fred.
Oh, I was.
But we got home
long before midnight.
Looked high
and low for you,
Wanted to tell you
the good news.
Fred and I are
gonna get married--
Friday morning--And you're
gonna be best man.
Well, aren't you gonna
say something,
Aren't you excited?
Yeah, sure.
Friday, huh?
At the city hall.
And then we're going
to Boston to live--
All of us--You, too.
Fred's got a job
for you.
A job?
A steady job with a good
chance for promotion.
Oh, Johnnie, you will come,
won't you?
Sure, I'll come.
I mean...
what's the matter?
Are you afraid
that this marriage
Will break us up?
It won't
change a thing.
We'll still be together.
Only now there's
going to be 3 of us.
Johnnie, maybe
we'll get a car.
Gee, doesn't it
all sound swell?
Oh boy, it's great.
Johnnie stone?
Madge: what's
the matter?
I'm taking him
with me.
All right, son,
get your coat.
Johnnie, what
have you done?
I didn't do nothing.
I wasn't even there.
Frank: shut up,
you sap.
What's he done?
Him and his
boyfriend here
Knocked over
a gas station
the other night.
Oh, but
I thought--
Yeah, they caught up
with us, Johnnie.
We made just
one little mistake.
They found some
We left in the joint.
Might as well
take it on the chin.
There's worse raps
than this, you know.
Come on,
come on!
Cop: I understand
there was a killing
In this neighborhood
Yeah, that
was a hot one.
Special patrolman,
fellow named burke,
Took his service gun
And stuck up
a pawn shop.
They got him,
didn't they?
What's the matter,
Past your bedtime?
[Whistle blows]
Man: and now, ladies
and gentlemen,
If you will step right
over this way please,
Step right up close.
This trip up
the Hudson river
is intended to be
Both educational
and entertaining.
I now call your
particular attention to
Those gray forbidding walls
up on my right here,
The cell block at Sing Sing.
Within those gray walls
are 2,682 men
Serving out a total
of over 20,000 years.
[Whistle blows]
Hey! Hey!
On her way Albany,
I'll bet she'll
be in New York
By midnight tonight.
First stop
125th street.
Just 10 minute's walk
from where I live.
You mean you used to.
Hey, look!
She's pulling in!
Nah, that's just to give
The rubbernecks
a thrill.
Wow, I wonder what
this joint looks like
To them chumps
from out there.
I'll write you
a letter about it, toad.
'Cause that's
where I'm gonna be
seeing her from soon.
Looking for Johnnie?
I hear the D.A. Filed
right through Burkes alibi.
Had him and that girl
twisted up like
a penny pretzel.
They give the case
to the jury yesterday.
Oh, thanks for the news.
And your pal's on
a visit with his sister,
In case that
interests you.
Hey, what are you
telling me all this for?
Aw, be yourself,
Here's one guy that's
cut all his teeth.
Yeah, well you
like to have me
Shove 'em down
your throat for you?
You--You mean the jury
found Fred guilty?
They, they couldn't!
But they did.
the gun there.
They claim he could
have done it
After he left me.
They're bringing
him here today,
To the death house.
But he's innocent.
Johnnie, tell me you believe
he's innocent.
Fred's lawyer
is taking it to appeal.
But there's only one
way to clear him.
Johnnie, we've
got to find out
Who stole Freds gun.
I've thought it all over.
Now, whoever did it
must have known
That Fred left his
gun in his room
When he was off duty.
What are you
looking at me for?
I didn't have
nothing to do with it.
No, Johnnie, but you
know somebody that may,
Frank Wilson.
Yes, maybe he's
heard something,
Maybe he knows somebody
in the neighborhood who'd...
well, who'd do
a thing like that.
He must know every crook
in hell's kitchen.
Johnnie, talk to him.
Beg him to help us
clear Fred.
Look, Frank don't
know nothing, see?
He would have told me.
All I'm asking you to do
is just to talk to him.
I can't stay here...
and let Fred...
it's been 3 months
now, Johnnie.
First you and then Fred.
I can't stand this.
I've got to do
Just talk to him.
I'll talk to him.
Say, I hear we
got a new boarder
For the death house,
Guy by the name of burke.
Man: hey, toad, what odds
you giving on burke?
Does he get the chair
or don't he?
I'll let you know.
I'll make some books
Just as soon as I
get some dope.
Hey, Johnnie!
What happened?
They're giving Fred
the chair.
What are we
gonna do now?
Pipe down, kid.
Birdies will
pick up your voice
And lay it right
in the warden's lap.
But don't you see,
it isn't ending
the way you said.
Well, it ain't my fault
that some dumb jury
didn't believe his alibi.
But listen to me,
they're putting him
in the death house.
He'll be a goner.
Aw, don't
be a sap.
Nobody's gonna go
for this job.
That's what you
said to me before.
That's what you
said to me when
they picked Fred up,
When they put him
on trial,
You been telling me that
for 3 months.
You said
it'll be a cinch.
I said it was
gonna be filed away
In dead storage,
and it's gonna be.
There's gonna
be an appeal.
There's gotta be,
that's the law.
Only this time
it's gonna be
In front of some
smart judges,
Not some
thick-Headed jury
That's too dumb
to know when
a guy's lying
Except when
they flip a coin.
Yeah, Madge
said something
about an appeal.
she don't--
Oh, women
always gotta
Have something
to sob about.
Yeah, but you should
have seen Madge
In the visiting room
Asking me if I didn't
know he was innocent.
What did you say?
Nothing, Frank,
Even when she
mentioned your name.
My name--
No, no!
She doesn't
suspect nothing.
All she said was to
speak to Frank Wilson.
She thought maybe
you could help
Find the man
that did the killing.
She said maybe
you know some guys
In the neighborhood
that would do such a thing.
Me sitting there,
Watching her face,
Scared maybe she could
read my thoughts.
Well, did she?
It all ended in me
saying I'd talk to you.
But you didn't
know nothing
Because you'd sure
tell me if you did.
That's the right answer,
It's always smart to
have the right answer...
like that.
Now listen, kid, I got
things all figured out.
You just keeps
your wits steady
And play dumb.
[Car approaches]
Easy, fella.
Hey, toad.
Take him in, boys.
I gotta go to him!
I gotta see him!
What you
crazy fool!
You'll spill
your insides.
I can't stand it,
I tell ya.
I feel like--
Taking his place
and waiting for
A stream of hot
juice to shock you
Into kingdom come?
Supposing I
beat you to it?
I could talk 'em
into giving me a plea
And putting you
in his place.
And I'd be
watching your face
Taking a long last
look at the river.
Lemme go!
You'd like waiting
in your cell.
Waiting for the barber
to come and give you
A nice clean shave
on the top of your head.
So's you look
squeaky clean
When the principal
keeper and the warden
Took you in and showed
you off to the 12
Pie-Eyed stiffs that
come to see you die.
Maybe you'd feel better
if Madge came up
To say good-Bye to you.
Let go!
Why you...
you guys looking
to get yourselves
chalked in?
There's the P.K.
Frank: get up.
Hey, what's
going on here?
I fell down.
Yeah, we were scuffling,
his foot slipped.
You better
be careful
Your foot don't
slip, Wilson.
I thought you two
were pals.
You came up together
didn't you?
You both work
in the shoe shop.
Warden: what's
the trouble?
These two birds
are getting
On each other's
nerves, warden.
Maybe we ought to
separate 'em for a while.
Very good idea.
I'm going to
find you a new
job, young man.
See me
in the morning.
Didn't mean to
do it, Frank.
Aw, forget it.
Man: cut a young, tender,
white leg-On chicken
In 8 pieces and soak in
rich, thick jersey cream.
Then lay it
in a frying pan
In a half-Pound of
fresh country butter.
Place the pieces in
the oven and cook slowly,
Turning them over until
a nice golden brown
On all sides.
Ain't that
Is that all
you do, Sam,
Think about
something to eat?
No, pop, sometimes
I dream about 'em.
Listen to this:
Take one half-Pound
of sweet butter,
3 ounces of chopped,
salted almonds,
1/4 pound of chopped,
fresh mushrooms,
A little
chopped parsley,
The juice of a lemon,
And grated nutmeg.
Add a glassful
of white wine
And put in the oven
for 20 minutes.
When done, pour
over the chicken.
Sam, at the rate
you're going
It'll take you 10 years
to read that book.
Oh, that's
all right, pop.
I ain't in no
hurry no how.
[Telephone rings]
Good morning, doc.
Yeah, I know, but
I can't come up now,
I'm too busy.
I just took some of
your horse medicine.
That'll hold me.
All right.
Just before lockup.
Take off your cap.
Pop, this is your
new assistant,
Johnnie stone.
This is pop,
your new boss.
I think
he's forgotten
his real name.
Pop will do.
I'll never need
another name.
How much time's he got?
You're doing 5 to 10
ain't you, Johnnie?
5? That means in
3 years and 4 months
The parole board
will yank him out.
Takes me 2 years to
break a man in on this job.
I told the warden
nothing less than 10 years,
Lifers preferred.
You know anything
about books?
I thought I was
getting an assistant?
will learn
As long as
he keeps away
From those
big shot pals.
Orders are to
keep him busy.
It's all in the line
of duty, pop.
You know how to handle
a typewriter?
Come in.
Sit down,
type something up.
Oh, hamlet's soliloquy,
Gettysburg address,
Anything at all.
Looks like
you're perfect.
Look, I didn't
want to come here
in the first place.
I told 'em to leave me
down in the shoe shop.
You what?
Johnnie: I don't know
nothing about books.
Pop: where you going?
You just told me
you didn't want me.
Well, I ain't crazy
about you either.
Maybe you can fix it
So I don't have
to stay here.
Oh, you want me
to help you
Get back into
the shoe shop?
Yeah, that wouldn't
make you mad, would it?
Got any suggestions?
Yeah. Sure.
Tell 'em I'm dumb.
Tell 'em I pick
things up .
Not me, son.
I'm not ratting out
at my time of life.
Yeah, but you just said
that you didn't want--
Aw, this is Sing Sing,
We're taking orders,
you and me.
I guess we just
have to get along.
Soon be time
for the whistle.
The boys will be coming
in right after mess.
Step in here and I'll
explain things to you.
Yeah, but I gotta
get out now!
Sorry, Johnnie,
I need you here.
I gotta get out
for a minute.
I gotta see
Somebody can wait.
You ain't
the warden.
But I'm the boss
of this library.
Oh, yeah?
Go ahead, why don't
you call the screw?
How's everything, pop?
Got the books ready?
I'll have 'em ready
for you in a minute.
Well, look who's here!
If it ain't kid stone
in the flesh.
Why didn't you
tell me, Johnnie.
Tell you what?
How 'bout giving
me the lowdown
On your sister's
You know, burke?
I don't know
nothing about him.
Well, you ought to know.
Johnnie, I got a system,
And I'm gonna
cut you in on it, too.
It's a clean up.
You know, I laid bets
on 21 guys
That they would
go to the chair.
And every one
of them went.
You know,
I cleaned up
About 100
cartons of butts.
So what.
what I want
to know is
Has he got a leg
to stand on
Or do you think he's
gonna get the chair?
Stop it!
All right.
All right, I only trying
to make a little dough
For the both of us.
Lay off me, see.
I don't know
nothing about it, see?
There's big dough
in it, Johnnie.
Big dough.
Take your books
and get out,
Or I'll knock
the bottom right out
Of your filthy
little racket.
Ok, pop.
Ok, if that's the way
you feel about it.
Think it over, Johnnie.
Think it over.
Snooping little rat.
All he lacks
is a tail.
Is that what was on
your mind, Johnnie?
They brought him
up yesterday.
He's innocent.
That's the old
familiar chorus
Over in
the condemned cells.
He didn't do it,
I tell ya.
He wasn't
even there.
You seem pretty
sure about it.
I am sure.
I mean--
Well, if he
didn't do it,
The sure way
to save him
Is to get a line
on the guy that did.
Is that the tie-Up
Between the shoe shop
and the death house?
I don't get you.
This is your first trip,
isn't it, Johnnie?
Well, Sing Sing's
no place
To play ball
by yourself.
They'd throw you out
before you got
As far
as first base.
I don't know what
you're talking about.
You look like
a clean kid, Johnnie.
But I think
you're carrying
A bigger load
than you can handle.
What do you--
Now you
listen to me.
I don't hand out
phony talk
Like those big shots
down in the yard.
And I don't pretend
to be like old josh
In the bible that made
the sun stand still.
He's the only human
that ever did that--
If he did.
But I've been
around a long time
And I've soaked in
a lot of jail sense,
And this old head of
mine's got a foolproof
Storage compartment.
So maybe I can help you
carry that load.
All right.
Better look around,
get acquainted.
Study this catalog.
Say, pop...
has an alibi got
a better chance on appeal
Than with a jury?
If it's
on the level.
What do you want?
Shoe shop books.
I got a list
for new ones.
What's the matter
with your regular runner?
Oh, he was
feeling kinda low,
He asked me
to help out.
I just saw Wilson.
He told me to
put you wise.
He don't trust this old
psalm-Singing stooge.
He says he's got to
talk to you today
And for you to meet him.
Messssime, get it?
a fast worker.
The faster
I get 'em,
The quicker
I'm rid of you.
Feelings mutual,
So long, kid.
I'll be seeing you.
One of your
big shot friends?
[Whistle blows]
Pop, how long does it take for
an appeal to go through?
3 months,
just about.
It's all right,
If you want to
go to mess now.
I'll wait for you.
[Machinery humming]
All set for
Friday night?
We need one more guy
to handle the screw.
What do you say,
Home for Christmas?
Do you think
I'm nuts,
I only got 3 more
years to lose
Then I'm clean.
Yeah, maybe.
If they don't
clean you first.
Think it over,
But don't take
too long.
Sam: a canned
apricot meringue pie
Is made by cutting
the apricots fine
And mixing them with
a half cup of sugar
And the beaten yolk
of an egg.
Fill the crust
and bake.
Apricot meringue
You know Sam, you had that
cookbook out 8 times already.
Yeah, I'm down to
the desserts now.
I ought to make
you out a new card.
Hey Johnnie.
Have you got anything
in there on
How to take
out a patent?
Yeah, I think I have.
Gee, Johnnie, you're
getting to know more
About the library
than pop does.
How come you're taking
a book out on patents?
Me and him are
inventors, Johnnie.
A new lock.
Sam: oh,
you make 'em
And he
picks 'em.
No, Sam.
You got us wrong.
We're going legit now.
This lock
is burglar-Proof.
Sam: seems to me
you're aiming
To make yourselves
awful unpopular
around here.
Aw, we're gonna give
the boys a break.
Look, send them out
as an advance guard,
Work up a crime wave,
By a crime wave--
Pull every lock
in the town,
A big beef goes up.
Then the legit steps in.
That's us!
We clean up.
It's the old story,
Demand and supply.
Keep it
under your hat.
Hee hee!
Under your hat.
Hi boys.
Hello, red.
Get your
diploma yet?
all set.
Well, so long, red.
Keep the home
fires burning.
I'll be seeing ya.
Sam: yeah,
in 15 years.
Checking in,
Well, I hope there won't
be any renewals, red.
Don't worry
about me, kid.
With 5 year parole
hanging over my head...
say, I'd be a sucker.
How 'bout
those warrants?
I'm expecting
the last one to
be lifted tomorrow.
I never thought I'd
throw that load off
For the rest
of my life.
is a fine feeling.
Must be great being out
in the clear again.
What's eating you,
You only got
3 years to go.
Why you can do
that with even
Taking your shoes off.
Where the old man?
Oh, he's up
at the hospital.
Doc wants to look
him over again.
Give him this,
will you?
What is it?
Oh, it's a...
well, it's sort of
a Christmas present.
Working on it
for 6 months.
Not bad, eh?
Hey, that's a beaut.
I bet you
pop will like that.
I figure the old man
can use it, what with
cold weather setting in.
You know, he's been
kind of slipping lately,
He's a great guy, kid.
Well, so long, kid,
in case I don't
see you again.
So long, red.
Good luck.
I don't like this book.
Ain't got enough
pictures in it.
Say, Johnnie...
I was just thinking.
You know, Burkes
appeal is about due,
And I got a lot of
dough on that guy.
You know anything
about it?--Big dough.
Where's pop?
He's up at the hospital.
He'll be back any minute.
You come with me.
They want to see you
over at the death house.
Death house?
Yes, Johnnie. Burke's
appeal's been denied.
Come on.
They're waiting for you.
Hey, Frankie!
What do you think?
Burke's appeal has
just been turned down.
Aw, that's a rotten
break for him.
That's a rotten
break for me!
I was taking odds
the guy wouldn't
get the hot seat.
Now I stand to lose
10 carton of butts.
Aw now,
ain't that too bad!
Hey, listen, Frankie.
You want to hear this.
Johnnie stone
was just called over
to the death house.
Where'd you get
that dope?
I was in the library
when the P.K.
Came for him.
Say, uh...
have you got any idea
what they want to see
Johnnie about?
Stand by, Collins.
Sit down.
Did they tell you?
Yeah, where is he?
I gotta see him.
I don't know why
they sent for you,
Johnnie. I told--
Why don't they bring him in?
I gotta talk to him.
It isn't his fault,
I know Fred would never
drag you into this,
But his lawyer insisted.
I told him you didn't
know anything,
That you couldn't.
But there's so little
time left.
You sure love him...
don't you?
Might just as well
be me.
Listen, Madge.
Nothing's gonna happen.
I've got something
to tell him!
Johnnie, you haven't
heard anything?
That's what I'm saying!
Well, what is it?
Tell me!
[Door opens]
[Handcuffs clanking]
Fred: better keep an eye on me.
Still got one hand loose.
I'm sorry, burke.
Rules are rules.
No exceptions.
Seems like old times--
The 3 of us together.
Listen, Fred.
Johnnie has something
to tell you.
Go on, Johnnie.
Let's have it, Johnnie.
Why don't you tell him?
You were saying--
How long have you got
That depends
on you, Johnnie.
Are you
Johnnie stone?
this is Mr. Carey,
Fred Burkes lawyer,
And this is
the district attorney.
I suppose you know
that Fred Burkes appeal
has been denied.
Mr. Carey thinks that
you may be able to help him
Get a stay of execution.
He wants to ask you
some questions.
It's your legal right
not to answer.
Of course, if you
know the answers...
it's entirely up to you.
Are you taking
everything down?
Go ahead, Carey.
John stone,
You took a plea
to robbery in
the second degree.
Yes, sir.
Was that the job
you were on
With Frank Wilson?
How long have you
known Wilson?
Ever since I was
a little kid.
And you've always
looked up to him,
Considered him
a big shot.
Haven't you,
I didn't say that!
Haven't you always done
what he asked you to?
Is that why you had
trouble with Wilson,
That day in the yard
when burke came in?
It was the same day,
wasn't it, warden?
The same day,
the same hour,
The same minute.
What did Wilson ask
you to do that time?
Nothing, nothing at all!
Did you have words
over burke?
No, we didn't say
nothing about Fred.
But you had been
thinking about Fred
a lot that day.
You were feeling
pretty low over
his conviction.
You didn't think
he'd be convicted,
did you?
No, I didn't.
Do you...
do you think
he's guilty?
No, he ain't guilty!
I mean...
well, Fred couldn't
have done it!
Then someone else
did. Who was it?
What are you
asking me for?
Because you're the one
who can tell!
I don't know what
you're talking about.
You knew Fred had a gun,
didn't you?
Yeah, sure, everybody
knew he had a gun.
Not everybody knew that
he kept it in his room
when he was off-Duty,
But you knew that!
You knew it, didn't you?
Couldn't you possibly
be mistaken about that?
No, I never even
saw the gun.
Well, maybe this will
refresh your memory.
"Frederick burke respectfully
petitions this honorable court
for a stay of execution
On the following grounds--"
First and second aren't
germane to this discussion.
Permit me to read the third.
"That the said john stone, now
confined in Sing Sing prison,
"Was fully familiar with
the habit of your petitioner
"Of leaving his
service revolver at home
in his desk when off-Duty;
"That the said john stone, in
the presence of your petitioner,
"Has on several occasions
handled the said revolver
And inquired in great detail
about the manner of its
loading and firing."
John stone,
isn't this statement true?
Fred burke was lying
when he said that?
Yeah. Yeah,
he was lying!
Now listen, Johnnie.
Fred's appeal has been denied.
You understand what that means.
You said that you know
he's innocent.
You can save him...
by simply telling the truth.
I'm sure that the warden
and the district attorney
Will give you every
protection you need.
I don't need protection.
I ain't afraid
of anybody.
I'm telling the truth!
Ok, Johnnie.
I guess that lets you out.
No, that puts him
right in.
All I'd hope to establish
was the fact that john stone
knew about Fred Burkes gun.
But his denial of any knowledge
at all makes everything clear.
I see now why
john stone is compelled
to deny that knowledge--
Because he is the man
who stole that gun.
He waited until burke had
gone out with his sister.
He went to Burkes house,
climbed the fire escape,
Sneaked into the room
and took the gun.
Then after the killing,
he returned to Burkes room
and planted the jewelry.
What jewelry?
The jewelry that was
stolen from the pawnshop.
You knew that was
the one sure way to pin
the murder on him.
I didn't do it.
I don't know nothing
about that jewelry!
Why wasn't all this
brought out at the trial?
Because burke knew that
he himself was innocent.
He was confident
of acquittal,
And he was trying
to shield the brother
of the woman he loves.
That's why he refused
to name john stone.
Only this morning
I got the truth out of him,
And that truth points
to one thing only:
Fred burke does not
belong in that chair.
You belong there,
john stone!
You committed that murder!
You're a crazy liar!
He's got nothing on me--
Him or anybody else!
Judge: have you
got any evidence
to back this up?
Well, Carey,
I'm willing to go
along with you.
That's why
I came up here.
But when you
ask me to consent
to a stay,
Well...after all,
you're asking
the court
To accept
a possibility
As a substitute
for a stated fact
That has been
passed on by a jury
And the court
of appeals.
I'm sorry.
You finished
with burke?
Thanks anyway,
Mr. Carey.
Come on, Johnnie.
wait a minute.
You lied to Mr. Carey.
Madge, I--
we've stood together
since we were kids.
I've loved you
enough to do
anything for you.
I thought you
felt the same way
about me.
I do, Madge.
Honest, I do--
Then tell the truth!
I don't believe
you killed that man.
You couldn't any more
than Fred could.
But Johnnie,
don't you see, you are
committing murder now!
So what do
you want me to do?
I know.
You're in love with Fred.
That's all that matters.
You don't care
what happens to me.
Get him out of it,
that's what you want.
Put me in his place
like Carey said!
That's what you're
all aiming to do--
Pin the killing on me!
Well, you can't do it, see?
You can't send me to the chair!
[Striking match]
What's the matter,
Frankie? Looking
for somebody?
Go on, beat it.
Heard the kid
got a summons.
Ain't jealous,
are you, Frankie?
You're getting on
my nerves, fella.
Oh, no, no, no.
I'm not getting
on your nerves.
I think Johnnie stone's
getting on your nerves.
Any time anybody says
"Johnnie stone,"
You get goose flesh,
like a cold shower
hit you.
There's only one way
for guys like you and me
To get rid of their
troubles: that's to
get out from under.
Listen, there's a dozen
guys in this joint
Who'd jump at the chance
I'm giving you.
You talk a good line.
Shee-Yeah. And I show
a good line, too.
Have a butt.
A gun?
Where'd you get it?
I talk a good line.
And there's
two more where
that one came from.
Look, Anank.
The kid's got
something planned,
something big.
Why don't you
hitch up with me?
Get the kid
to join up.
He'll fall apart--
Kids always do.
Then we get him
over the fence.
Lots of things
can happen outside
That couldn't
happen inside.
He might take a dive
in the river and
forget to come up.
Maybe you got
something there, scappa.
And remember,
Johnnie'd make
4 guys on this beat.
4 guys,
and only 3 guns.
I'll be waiting
for you.
What's the matter,
Why didn't you tell me
you hid that stuff
in Freds room?
Never mind that.
What happened in there?
They had the D.A.
And Carey--They gave me
the third degree.
Yeah, what'd you
tell them?
Not a thing!
Good boy.
That's playing it right.
"Playing it right."
I'm yellow, Frank!
Yellow clear
and through!
I should've talked.
I started to, but
they brought Fred in.
They cuffed him
to a chair.
I froze up, thinking of
me sitting in his place.
I couldn't go
through with it!
You still got time,
you lophead.
Why don't you go
and tell 'em?
Tell the warden
the whole story.
Tell him who took the gun!
Well, why don't you go?
I can't. I can't.
I keep thinking
of the chair.
Imagine that--
Counting the minutes,
Waiting for him to die
for something I did!
You gotta help me!
I'll break...
crack wide open.
you gotta help me!
Ok, kid.
I'll help you.
Just leave it to me.
How'd you like
to lose all this?
Lose it?
Sure, the whole thing:
Burke, Madge, the chair.
The whole setup,
So as you'll never
see it again.
How does that
sound to you?
You mean...
make a run?
It's a walk, kid,
with my setup.
Do you think we could?
I know.
Just leave it
to me, kid.
[Electricity hums]
Fred, what was that?
What time is it?
How's it look
outside tonight?
It's getting
kind of cold.
4 hours.
A lot can happen
in 4 hours, Fred.
Listen, Madge.
You can't let this
hit you too hard.
You've got to go on,
get something out of life.
I've gotten something,
Say, Johnnie!
I got just one more
shine left.
I don't want
no shine.
Say, boy, don't
let it get you.
We seen plenty
of changes
'Fore that old clock
strikes 11:00,
Ain't we, pop?
Finish it up, Sam.
[Blowing] yes, sir!
There you are, pop!
There's one you can
see your face in!
What I want is one
I can see your face in.
Hello, Sam!
Say, are you in luck!
I heard you were on
special duty tonight
in condemned cell.
Condemned cell?
Yeah, with the
mop-And-Bucket brigade.
You know, they gotta have
everything nice and clean
for tonight!
Doggone! Why do
they always give me
that job to do?
That's one place
I'd rather be
anywhere's else than!
Ha ha ha! Can
you beat that?
Say, I'd swing
a mop and bucket
Just to see that
show tonight.
If you got any business here,
hurry it up and get out.
Say, what's eating you?
You know,
it's on account of you
that I lost $11.90.
I oughta make you
give me a contribution.
You knew all the time
burke was gonna die.
Pop: Johnnie!
You can't get
away with it.
You've got your
contribution, toad.
Now haul yourself
out of here
Before I take a poke
at you myself.
You're gonna
hear about this.
I'm going
to the P.K.!
Just one blab out of you
And you'll find yourself
in solitary so fast
It'll make
your head spin.
And I've got enough
on you to keep you there
The rest of your life.
Ok, pop.
if you keep on,
I can see you
being shipped up
to Dannemora...
probably in
a straitjacket.
I know the symptoms,
I've seen it happen.
Nothing's gonna happen to me.
You gotta get a grip
on yourself,
And there's only two
ways to handle it.
One way:
Burkes dead,
Right now as good
as dead and buried,
And you gotta keep
on living yourself.
That's one way.
And the other way...
you gotta stop
playing solitaire.
I don't know whether
Burkes guilty
or innocent,
But I thought
you had something,
Something important,
and you wanted to
follow it through.
maybe you didn't
have anything,
Or maybe...
you couldn't
handle it alone.
Which is it?
You got 4 hours yet.
Not very long.
Yet it may be
a lifetime.
What are you gonna
do about it,
Quit pestering me!
Everybody's pestering me,
hammering questions!
Carey, Madge, now you,
all pounding at me.
I don't know why.
I never told you nothing.
I don't know nothing!
Why don't you leave me alone,
you old...stooge!
[Running water]
Pop, the medicine broke.
Doesn't matter now.
I'll be all right.
You better go to
the hospital, pop.
I better had.
Do you--Do you think
you can make it?
Pop: I'll make it all right.
Ok, Frank. Where's scappa?
In the hall. Slick work
breaking that bottle.
Well, kid,
the night.
I'm all set.
All right.
Here's yours.
What's the matter?
Don't I get one?
You don't need any.
Scap and I'll cover you.
Sure, don't worry,
kid. It's all set.
The mob'll be in
the river, waiting
for us to launch.
They'll come in
close, so don't stop
To kick your
clothes off, ok?
Now we better split
till chapel.
See you in church.
Ain't you going down?
Gonna wait for scappa
to make the yard.
Hey, what are you doing
that for? We're leaving
this joint tonight.
You bet I am.
Pretty steady,
ain't you?
Think you can
make it?
Might be
tough going.
What are you trying to do,
put the scare into me?
Quit it!
We gotta go, I gotta go.
I've been counting on it!
Ok, kid, I just
wanted to make sure.
Now, let this sink in.
Once you start going,
you got to keep going.
This is a one-Way
street, no turns.
So don't try anything.
'Cause if you do, the
screws will drill you.
If they don't,
I will.
Come on.
Come on, kid.
Wait a minute.
I want to talk
to you, Johnnie.
Yeah, well,
make it short.
Wilson, I don't know
where you fit into this,
But I know your sort.
I can tell when a man's
so crooked he'd crack
being straightened out,
And when all he needs
is the right kind
of a steer.
I thought I was
giving you that, Johnnie.
That when I'd reached
the end of my stretch,
I could look back
on one thing I'd done
that was a little worthwhile.
Are you going to fall
for this mush?
Maybe it was because
they kept dragging me
to the hospital,
I haven't been able to
see things so clear.
Maybe that was why
I didn't understand
till now the real tie-Up
Between the shoe shop
and the death house.
If you've got
something, spill it.
I never asked you
no questions, Johnnie,
And you don't have to
tell me nothing.
You've got
your own life to live.
But you've got something
weighing you down, Johnnie,
Something that'll save burke,
and you want to tell it,
And you're letting this guy
clamp your tongue.
No, you got me wrong, pop.
You're all wet,
Johnnie ain't
protecting nobody,
Except maybe himself.
Did you ever think
of that?
You wouldn't like to
get him in a jam, would you?
so they got you
in it, too, eh?
He told you
he'd pull you through.
Well, his way
ain't your way, Johnnie.
You ain't the kind
can dodge things so easy.
You still got to live
with yourself
The rest of your life.
you got to face it now.
Tomorrow will be
too late.
I'm asking you
to break away,
Fight this thing out
for yourself.
Maybe you'll
find it hard not knowing
where it'll lead you,
But your soul
will be your own.
You can sleep at night.
So, how do
you feel, pop?
I'll be all right.
You sure you
don't want to go up
to the hospital?
I can have one
of the men help you up
on the way to chapel.
No, thanks.
What's the matter
with pop?
Oh, another one of
his attacks, I suppose.
I had to get
a couple of men
to help him upstairs.
Is he feeling
any better?
Nah, I don't think so.
Hey, red.
Hello, P.K.
Just getting some
of my junk together.
I got bad news
for you, red.
They didn't lift
that last warrant.
no, you're kidding.
I'm sorry.
I just came
from the warden.
You mean...
you mean,
I got to rot here
another 10 years?
Anyway, I won't do it.
They can't make me!
I'm getting out,
you hear?
Now, take it easy, red.
I know it's a tough break,
but there's nothing
you can do about it.
Special chapel tonight.
You'd better go.
It'll get your mind
off yourself.
Fall out for chapel.
Going to chapel?
You better not
go tonight, pop.
How 'bout you?
No, I could sleep
better here.
Chapel, Johnnie?
[Organ playing hymn]
[Hymn ends]
If there were anything
in my power left
to do, miss stone,
I'd gladly do it.
But the governor.
There's that hope left.
Here's his answer.
The governor feels
without definite
new evidence
He shouldn't interfere.
I'm very sorry.
May I stay here...
Of course, miss stone.
[Metal clangs]
[Shuts and locks gate]
[Organ recessional playing]
What's the big idea?
If you're going to beat,
I'm going with you.
I thought you
were going out
the front gate.
They hung
another 10 on me.
May be rough going
tonight before we get
over that fence.
It'll be rough going
for any screw that
tries to stop me.
Ok. Just do
like I tell you.
Ok. Give me
the rope.
Keep an eye
on that screw.
If he makes
a pass at the light,
let him have it.
red, you weigh
the most.
See if it holds you.
Take it slow.
Ok, Smitty.
We'll show these guys
who can break out
of this joint.
Come on. Give me a hike.
[Machine gunfire continues]
[Alarm ringing]
What is it?
Guard on intercom:
there's been a break
in the yard, warden.
All available guards
into the yard,
and be careful.
Man: there's a break
in the yard.
[Steam whistle
and alarms continue]
Hah! Yah! Hah!
Man: anybody crash out
of their cellblock?
Second man: Wilson
and Johnnie stone.
[Machine gunfire]
[Steam whistle
stops blowing]
what do we do now?
We're staying
right here.
Yeah, but they'll find us.
They're sure to get us.
Don't worry.
I'm taking care
of you.
Red got out, and we've got
a boat looking for him
in the river.
Smitty's badly hurt,
and scappa was shot
off the wall--He's dead.
That takes care of 3 of them,
but there's still two missing.
Who are they?
Frank Wilson
and Johnnie stone.
Where do you think
they are?
I'm certain they're still
hiding in the yard.
All right.
I'll go down.
Men, cover those doors!
Wilson! Stone!
Can you hear me?
Drop your guns
and come out.
They're in that car,
Wilson and stone,
open the door!
Come out
with your hands up,
Or we're going to shoot!
Frank, let's make
a run for it.
If I thought they'd
finish you, I'd shove you out.
What's the matter,
Take a look at that.
Thought you double-Crossed me,
didn't you?
I seen you drop it
in the old man's cell.
I ought to plug you
for that, Johnnie.
I'd have done it anyway
when we got over the wall.
They'll get you
that way, sure.
Not the way
I'm going to do it.
Warden: Wilson!
Are you coming out?
What are you
gonna do, Frank?
What are you doing,
[Machine gunfire]
are you coming out?
I give up, warden.
I'm coming out.
What did you do
with your gun?
I didn't have none.
Where's Johnnie stone?
Inside on the floor.
Your men got him.
Come down.
Take him away.
Go get stone.
Get a stretcher.
Johnnie: warden...
Wilson...shot me.
Wilson...shot me.
He doesn't know what
he's talking about,
How could I shoot him?
I didn't have no gun.
Shut up!
What were you going
to say, Johnnie?
About burke...
he didn't do it.
I took the gun.
Gave Frank.
He's crazy.
I tell you,
he's crazy, warden.
You can't believe him.
He's dying.
He doesn't know what
he's talking about!
Put him in solitary.
You can't--
Take him away!
Get the governor
on the wire.
Bring a stretcher.
yes, Johnnie?
I'm sorry
for what I did.
Everything's gonna be
all right now.
Sure, Johnnie.
Everything's gonna be
all right now.
what, Johnnie?
You still want me
to be best man?
Yes, Johnnie.
We'll wait for you.
Where's pop?
Here I am, Johnnie.
I just wanted to
thank you for...
sure. Don't talk,
Johnnie, get some sleep.
That's right, pop.