You Can't Say No (2008) Movie Script

Hey, does that
thing still even run?
Yeah, yeah it does.
My dad wants to
buy your house.
And flip it.
That's just what the
neighborhood needs.
I also heard your
wife was a total MILF.
What did you just say?
Dude, do you even
know what a MILF is?
Mother I'd love...
Get outta here.
Go on.
My dad also says you're
a total fucking loser.
Oh yeah, well
you tell your dad
to go eat a bag of dick donuts.
Hey guys, how are ya?
Enjoy your walk.
Little shit.
Hey baby when you
go to the right
I make you nervous
day or night
I wanna hold you
in your fantasy
'Cause you got me and
that will be alright
Losin' you is all I gotta do
I'm so excited I
don't know what to do
Yeah baby when you
don't feel right
'Cause losin' you will
keep me up at night
Hey baby when you
go to the right
I make you nervous in
the middle of the fight
You want to show me
that you go down tight
But you got me and
it'll be alright
- Losin' you
- Dad!
Oh, what's up dude?
- How's it going?
- Hi Dad.
Hey sweetie.
How was camp?
I don't remember.
How do ya not remember?
I don't remember.
How does he not remember?
How do ya not remember what...
The counselors gave
a performance today.
Oh that's right.
How did it go?
If you ever get a new phone
I can text you the video.
Okay smarty pants.
Where's your mom?
- She's in the...
- Are you going
- on a trip?
- I am gonna
- go on a trip.
- I was talking.
So maybe you should grow up.
So maybe I should tell
Dad about your girlfriend.
You are so stupid.
Oh my god, Mom!
Mom, Penny hit me on the head.
You're just
being such a little dweeb.
I didn't do anything.
You apologize to your brother.
And you do the same.
You know we're a family.
We really gotta stick together.
Now why don't you
two go to your rooms
for some quiet time.
- I love you.
- I love you too, buddy.
And I love you.
Hey, I love you.
Oh I got this.
What are these?
Oh, where did you get those?
What are they and they
do they have rice in them?
They're nothing.
Can I have them?
But they're fun.
Well they're Mommy's
and you can't have them.
Dang it.
To your room buddy.
Quiet time.
What are those?
I'm getting new boobs.
You never told me you wanted
me you wanted new boobs.
Do I need to tell you?
The kids ruined mine
and I want new ones.
So why do you have
bags filled with rice?
I'm size testing.
Those are big.
When are you back
from your dad's?
Monday night.
Are you sure you
wanna take your bike?
Yeah, why?
Because last time you went
on a long trip it broke down.
These came from the attorney.
They need to be signed
and back by Thursday.
I will sign them
and get them to you.
Oh shit!
I have an interview
on Wednesday.
Can you watch the kids
for a couple hours?
What do you have
an interview for?
But you hated sales.
My severance isn't gonna
last forever though, is it?
Well I will watch
them while you go
but you can't forget
things like this,
'cause what if I wasn't
free, what if I was busy?
Don't forget you need
to clean out your shop
from the garage by next Friday.
I know.
I'll do it when I get back.
I'm gonna go.
Will you give your dad
and Miles a hug for me?
Yeah I will.
Bye kids.
- Bye Dad.
- I love you.
- Love you.
- Love you Dad.
I'll miss you.
Well I'm moving back to Rosa
'Cause I think I
miss the feeling
Of that smooth concrete
beneath my feet
I miss my glories
I think I must be going
'Cause this town
just ain't be showin'
The same kind of lovin' that
Going back to Santa Rosa
Yes I'm going
back to Santa Rosa
He's gone.
How are you?
- I'm okay.
- No you're not.
I'm okay.
Come over.
I have the kids.
Oh, right, yeah.
Well how are you
and Grant doing?
Well you're
never gonna believe this
but Grant and I have agreed.
Oh my god, Jenny
are you serious?
- Ew.
- So good.
I can return the favor.
Wow, okay.
How, how did you pick someone?
Well, we
just met at a bar.
And that worked for you?
You guys should try it.
What was that?
That was nothing.
I'm fine.
I'm really happy that
you guys worked it out.
It's good.
Why don't you come and
see us this weekend?
You haven't been
over for a while.
I know I would like to
but I'm just not sure I
can get away this weekend.
deserve to get away.
I know, I do deserve it.
well I have to go.
I love you.
Love you too.
Oh, totally busted
you in my campsite.
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to wake you up.
I was just down by the
lake taking some pictures
and then I got lost
on my way back up.
No problem.
Beautiful bike.
I'm Allison.
Well the least I can
do since I woke you up
is offer you a cup of coffee.
Well since you're
offering, sure, yeah.
I am right over there.
Somewhere over there.
Well are you sure?
No, I'm not.
But I hope so.
Alright, well I'll find it.
I'll see you in a bit.
- Cool, thank you.
- Cool.
Don't get lost.
Getting lost is the fun part.
Hey, bring your bedhead.
Okay, I will.
You guys are gonna
have fun with Nana.
I will see you back on Monday.
Where are you going?
Well I just have to take a
little adventure by myself.
Because when
people get divorced
they need to find
themselves again.
I read it on the internet.
I love you Mom.
Mwah, I love you.
Grown up.
Can I come with you?
Well next time, okay?
Do you miss Dadda?
I miss him.
Dad is fun.
I love you.
If I have to pick,
I'd say Jamaica.
You've really been everywhere.
I love traveling.
It just, you know it gets
a little lonely sometimes
by myself.
But you know but...
Why don't you get
a travel partner?
No, only sometimes, maybe.
But no.
Yeah, the right partner.
The right partner, perhaps.
So what do you do?
Um, right now nothing.
But I'd like to get
back to my old business
one of these days.
Your old business being?
I make, I make
underwear for dogs.
No not really.
Fuck you.
No I actually, I make
things outta metal.
This is my best seller.
That's actually really cool.
Opens beer bottles.
- No way.
- Yeah.
That's cool.
I would definitely buy one.
Well thank you.
But I need more than one
sale to support my kids.
So, where did you sell them?
An out of date website.
- Sounds good.
- Bad ass.
I'm keeping this.
It's yours.
Dude, if you really love
this you should get back to it.
You're right.
I always am.
Wow, okay, I'll remember that.
- You should.
- Okay.
So I was thinking of
going swimming later.
Do you wanna come?
Okay, I would love to come.
But, my dad's expecting me.
I should, I should get going.
Okay, your loss.
Well if you wander
and get lost again
you should get
lost in Santa Rosa.
Come by the vineyard.
Aw, I might just do that.
You should.
Well, thank you for
the caffeine fix.
You're very welcome.
I had a really
good time with you.
Me too.
Next time you are coming
swimming with me though.
Okay bossy, I will
come swimming with you.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
Well do you need help
- cleaning this mess up?
- No, no no no.
- Go.
- Are you sure?
- I got it.
- Okay.
Don't leave the
butter out too long.
No, never.
Okay, thank you.
Safe travels.
Careful driving that thing.
You too.
- Don't worry.
- Okay.
Do do do do
Do do do do do do do do
Do do do do do do
Do do do do do do do
God dammit.
The time has come
for me to be free
I wanna travel the world,
I got things to see
And I know my feet
How's it going man?
Need a hand?
Actually you got
a phone I could use?
Of course.
There you go.
Thank you.
Nice bike.
She'd be a lot nicer
if she was running.
Hey, the password's beer.
Beer, that's a good password.
Your call
has been forwarded
to an automated voice
messaging system.
No luck.
No luck.
Need a ride into town?
Yeah, alright.
Alright, thanks.
Help you get your gear.
Thank you.
I'm Will, man.
So, I don't mean to
be nosy, but I mean,
you're riding an old bike
and got a lotta camping gear.
You ain't got no cell phone?
I threw it at a moving car.
Why the hell'd you do that?
It was getting
me into trouble.
Guns don't find
themselves you know.
Guess you don't got kids, huh?
Two of them.
Hey bro, you
should get a phone.
Thank you Will.
I'll send one of my
boys to pick it up.
Should I go with him?
Nah, go have a
beer or something.
Any good places around here?
Hella Cool bar
three blocks that way.
You can leave your
gear here if you want.
Okay, awesome, thank you.
More than true
and hanging lights
Like wrinklees
left on the line
For the Tommy Silvers
And air so fully
But now I know
Just exactly where I stand.
Also we
talk with Bob Weir,
the singer, songwriter and
guitarist and founding member
of the Grateful Dead.
His new album is inspired
by his time working on a
Wyoming ranch when he was 15.
In the evening the
old boys would pop a cork
and they'd tell
stories and sing songs.
And I was the kid...
Here you go.
Um, thank you,
that looks good.
First door on the right.
Thank you.
My sheets are tearing
I can't get out of bed
Somebody body
call in a doctor
To come and fix my head
I've got it bad, really
bad, let me tell you why
But I don't feel too hot
She's got me on
the good one now
And I can't help
but play along
Hey, hey, hey
I am so sorry.
I'm gonna just buy you
another beer right now.
I didn't have any of
your burger though.
I did have a fry.
I can't believe I just did that.
Nice one.
What are you doing here?
Well I was on my way to
Jenny's for the weekend.
And I saw your bike
being loaded up.
And the guys at the auto
shop said that you were here.
Where are the kids?
With Nana.
Looks like you
found some company.
What can I get ya?
I would love a little
something something.
And can you get him a beer too?
She drank mine.
Sure, two beers coming up.
So which way are you
going over to your dad's?
Going east to Squaw Bridge.
Oh I love that bridge.
I'm gonna jump off.
Oh that didn't
sound right, did it?
No, it did not.
That bridge is really high.
Yeah, but the
water's really deep.
I've wanted to jump
off since I was a kid.
Why is it so important
that you jump off now?
I don't know, Alex.
Life's short.
I don't wanna be
laying on my death bed,
saying to myself god dammit,
I wish I'd jumped
off that bridge.
You sound like your dad.
Here you go.
Thank you.
And for you sir.
Sorry about that.
Can we get the check?
Yeah sure, of course.
I'll be right back.
I'm going with
you to the bridge.
Well if you die, then
someone should really be there.
It's a long way down.
I know.
Are you sure
you're in the right spot?
I think so.
And people jump off this
bridge all the time, right?
You're freaking me out Alex.
Jump, you pussy!
Fuck you!
Monday morning.
Yeah, some time Monday.
Bike needs a new part.
Won't be here until Monday.
What are you gonna do?
See if my dad can come get me.
You wanna use my phone?
Nah, I'm gonna
finish up in here
and head over to the bar.
Do you want a
ride to your dad's?
totally outta your way.
I'm fine.
Yeah okay.
Have fun at Jenny's.
What else haven't I known
about you all these years?
So you're proposing
that we play a divorced
couples Truth or Dare?
Yeah, if you
wanna call it that.
But each day I pick one
thing and you pick one thing
that we can do or
ask each other.
Like jump off Squaw Bridge.
Which I didn't do.
Yeah but now the rule
is you can't say no.
What if you pick
something and I don't do it?
Then the game is over
and you're a loser.
Oo I hate losing.
How you guys doing
on those beers?
Oh, we're good.
Can I get you anything else?
Yes, do you have two
pens and a piece of paper?
I do.
Thank you, we will
give these back.
So if can also be
anything that you always
wanted to do with one another
but maybe never asked.
Like I don't know, I
mean use your imagination.
Oh don't be creepy.
Just make your choices and fold,
like write on one
side and then fold it
and put your initial on the top.
Oh thank you Mrs. Alex.
Oo, is that how you
treat your students?
Yeah, when they're really bad.
Are you in or out?
I'm in.
I have a question.
Is it one of your four?
I mean if you want
an honest answer.
Okay, fine.
I'm using my first one.
The game starts now.
Were you really
going to Jenny's?
Huh, first question.
She's so good.
At least we made some
pretty amazing kids.
I guess now we know it's
girlfriends for Penny, huh?
God, I know.
For now.
God, she sure sends
you a lot of emoticons.
I like it.
I think it's her way of
reminding me that she loves me.
Where are we going?
To the city.
I have a friend that's
gonna hook us up.
What does that mean?
That's my dad.
Oh, answer it.
Hey Dad.
what are you doing?
I'm in the car with Alex.
You're on speaker phone,
so don't say anything
Hi Alexandra.
Hi Buck.
My grandkids in there?
You two
getting back together?
What do you want?
You still
coming up here?
We are at some point.
Alex is giving me a ride.
Why are you calling her phone?
Well I sort of
got into a car
accident this morning.
How do you sort of
get into a car accident?
Are you okay?
Do you need us to
come pick you up?
No, no no, I'm fine.
I'm in the hospital now in town.
God damn insurance thing.
Don't worry about it.
Miles is coming to get me.
What happened?
He hung up.
That's so your dad.
I should go.
Yeah, we should go.
Oh my god.
Let me help you.
Oh Alex, thanks.
Oh what the hell
did you do to your neck, Dad?
It's nothing.
They're just making me
wear this damn thing
so I don't sue 'em.
Well I'm sure if
you're wearing it
it's for a reason.
You ever check in?
- I thought that was your car.
- Miles!
- What the hell did you do?
- He said you were gorgeous.
Aw, you look great too.
Hey, Hankie.
Oh hey Miles.
Oo, we just got back
from the hospital.
That's great.
Here Dad, put this
behind your back.
Oh no no no no no,
here, look what I got.
I just went by my house.
This has 15 different
massage settings on it.
Yeah, I think there's an
outlet right back there.
Do you mind plugging that in?
All Shiatsu my friend.
Well thank Miles.
Anything for you Bucko.
And listen, if you need
an extra set of hands
around the vineyard,
anything at all,
you just gimme the word, okay?
I'm fine and I
don't need anything.
So good to see you guys.
You gotta come up
here more often.
I know.
I wish we could.
Alex and I are...
I don't know what I would
do without your old man.
It's so special what
he does with my grapes.
- Ugh.
- Yeah,
the 2014 Syrah.
- Yes.
- Double gold.
Did you hear that?
Anyway I gotta get
back to the fundraiser.
You guys should come
by the pillow fight.
It starts in a few minutes.
Pillow fights?
It's gonna be awesome.
Hey, you can go if you want.
- I think I will.
- I'll stay here with Dad.
Can you enter?
Yeah, $20 donation
and then you get to
challenge somebody.
Great, I challenge you.
Yeah, I'm gonna
use my first one.
On a pillow fight?
I can use it for
whatever I want.
You scared?
No, I'm not.
You're on.
Oh, I wish I could see this.
- Oh sweet.
- Let's do this.
Oh and Matilda's gonna come by
with some food for you
in a little bit, Bucko.
Uh Miles, I've told
you time and again
don't call me Bucko or
I'll knock your teeth out.
Well not now because
Alexandra's here
and I got this on.
I just think you're gonna
like her, that's all.
It's my new chef.
She's so amazing.
Oh and I almost forgot
those DVDs from eBay,
they just arrived.
Dad you can't do that.
Sit back and relax, alright?
- Okay.
- Rest up
for Kung Fu night, Bucko.
Hmm, yeah great.
You just, you know what,
why don't you all
leave me alone?
- Just get on outta here.
- Gees, grumpy.
Skate on outta here.
See you later Grumpus.
So long grump.
Pull a pump up.
It's good to see you two.
The wagon broke down
somewhere outta town.
I think so, yeah.
Have you tried
the Samurai red yet?
No I haven't, but I will.
It's fabulous.
I'm sure it is, Miles.
All thanks to your dad.
- Hi.
- There you are.
When are we doing
the pillow fights?
I'm challenging you.
Oh that's terrific.
This is Hank and Alex.
These are my friends.
This is Pepper and she just
works here at the winery.
Okay, cool.
Hey, what's up Hank?
How's it going?
Are we having an after
party here tonight?
No, no, no we're not.
Where are the pillows?
They're in my car.
Come with me.
I can't.
I actually, I have to,
thanks so much.
Sign up Alex, here for
the fundraiser et cetera.
Hank are you available?
Uh, sure.
- Yeah.
- Terrific,
'cause Alex and I actually, we
really need some alone time.
Alone time, okay.
Come on stud.
Yeah, let's go.
God I gotta come up with
an excuse for firing her.
She cannot take a hint.
I'm sorry for using
you like that.
Oh no, I don't mind.
I hope Hank doesn't mind either.
Yeah, he doesn't care.
You know we're not
together anymore.
Really, what?
We're signing divorce
papers next week.
Oh my god, what happened?
Hank had an affair.
- No.
- Yeah.
Oh my god, I'm so sorry.
Well, we had other
issues, trust me.
I mean if it wasn't him it
probably would've been me.
Jesus, I'm sorry.
What are you doing
here together then?
That's a great question
with a complicated answer.
I, I need a drink.
Let's go over here.
The leaves are green black
been with that girl
the last couple of hours.
Hasn't he?
- Alex?
- Yeah.
Whoa, you alright?
- Yeah.
- No, she's...
I knew it.
Are you and Miles dating?
Is that what's going on?
It's that he's so into
that girl that he's with.
Really, you think so?
Yeah, it's obvious they're
both so into each other.
There's no way.
Uh no, I'm good.
I'm good, thank you.
Are you okay?
Are you alright?
Ugh, oh okay.
Ah yeah.
You're gonna be okay.
Um hmm, I know.
Is he watching?
Is who watching?
Oh god!
What the hell?
That's disgusting.
That was gross.
You puked in my mouth!
I'm going back.
Don't tell Miles.
Who is it?
I'm Matilda.
I brought you something to eat.
Just a sec.
God dammit.
Oh Jesus Christ.
Okay, come in.
I can't reach my clothes.
Thank you.
Do you need clothes?
No, I actually prefer
to be in my underwear.
Oh that looks good.
I'll help you
if you put clothes on.
Okay, fine.
Hey, here.
I mean if you wanna
try it, I'm here for you.
I mean I'll even try
to stay outta your way.
I don't know.
No, whatever you need.
A shoulder to cry on.
Look here, a lid to
keep the sun away
from your fair beautiful skin.
- Thank you.
- Looks like
you guys are having a good time.
We are.
Oh, thank you for
getting those pillows.
We're fighting first.
That's good.
Miles is doing some really
cool stuff these days.
Oh is he?
That's so great.
How is Pepper?
Oh she's so funny, hilarious.
Hey, everybody
come over here.
I've got a microphone
and some words for you.
Miles is doing such good
things for schools these days.
Oh yeah?
God that's so great.
He's looking really good too.
Hello everybody, thank
you so much for coming out.
Friends, Sonomans,
strangers on my property.
I wanna thank you
all for coming out
for this wonderful cause today.
Your local schools.
Give yourselves a huge
round of applause.
Thank you so much
for being here.
And now our first friends up.
We have Hank and Alex.
Alex, guys, choose your pillows.
Choose them wisely.
Here are the rules, folks.
Three knock downs
is a knock out.
You got it?
You can only use your pillows.
You cannot punch,
you cannot kick,
you cannot scratch,
you cannot shove.
If you break these rules you're
automatically disqualified.
Folks, let's let
these games begin.
You have fun in
the parking lot?
Just as much fun as
you had with Miles.
Good, 'cause you can
do whatever you want
with whoever you want.
Good, then you won't
care that she kissed me.
Get her Hank!
Destroy her for me.
The boy goes down.
It looks like we have an
incredibly powerful contender here.
There's a lotta story
here to this fight.
And he's back up.
Folks, what's gonna happen next?
I hate you!
Then it's a good thing
we're getting divorced.
Oh that's not okay.
Oh hey, hey hey!
That's what I was talk.
I'm afraid folks that we have
an automatic disqualification
for my friend Alex Murphy.
It's not Murphy.
It's Jackson!
How was the pillow fight?
That bad, huh?
Try some of this.
It's yum.
Fountain Grove Appalachian.
I don't feel
like drinking wine.
Just try it.
I wanna know what you think.
Jesus Christ Dad.
It's for the pain.
Didn't the hospital
give you pain pills?
This works better.
Where do you get weed?
How's the wine?
'Course you got
weed from Miles.
What, did he buy a weed farm
for cancer patients somewhere?
What's wrong with you?
Where's Alexandra?
Don't know and don't care.
By the way that's some
damn good wine, Dad.
I know.
Do you like this one?
It's a little, like sweet.
Which was unexpected
for this kind.
Hello Hank.
Can we talk?
Can we talk outside?
Hey, did you give my dad weed?
- What?
- Nirvana,
that's the name of the weed.
It's good for pain
and sleeplessness.
Oh wow, that
sounds really good.
Yeah it is, would
you like some?
- No.
- Okay.
Why are you even here?
I don't know why I'm here.
Maybe I should leave tomorrow.
I don't want you to leave.
I was just,
I was just jealous
of you and Miles.
Is that why you
kissed slutty McGhee?
I didn't kiss her.
She molested me in the parking
lot and puked in my mouth.
That chick is insane.
That's gross.
It is gross.
Is that why you
kicked my ass today?
Yeah, I'm sorry.
Just, the past came back
to me with that chick.
So you're really
jealous of Miles?
Yeah, yeah, I don't know.
You, he's paying all
this attention to you
and he's doing fundraisers
for school kids.
And he's rich
and he's giving my dad
Shiatsu massage pillows.
Seriously, Hank.
This isn't easy for
me to admit, you know.
I don't even have a job.
I know it isn't easy for you.
But, it's good that
you're talking about it.
I'm glad that you're
talking about it.
Can we keep playing
the game tomorrow?
You sure that's
such a good idea?
You backing out?
I am not!
Am I interrupting?
- No.
- Good.
- No you're not.
- Good.
I found those pills that
we discussed earlier.
What's that?
Molly, round two tomorrow.
Yeah, Alex told me all
about what you guys are doing.
I just think it's so bold
and it sounds like good fun.
- I'd really like...
- What the hell
haven't you guys talked about?
I'm sorry.
I'm gonna go pour
some more wine.
Maybe put on a few tunes.
- Alright.
- Sounds great.
I caught my dad smoking
weed today out of a bong.
It's not funny.
It's definitely funny.
Oh my god, yes.
Um, that's good.
Um hmm.
And these our papers?
Um hmm.
Are you still up for
the magic pill pick today?
Yes I am.
Okay, here goes.
Oh Hank, seriously?
Ha, your rules.
I hated that job
in high school.
Well that's why I never asked.
This is really your fantasy.
You have no idea
what that outfit did
for me as a teenager.
What outfit,
what magic pills?
Those my Pop-Tarts?
- Yeah.
- Will you make me one?
Um hmm.
I'm gonna go shower
so I can go into town
and mug some poor
girl after her shift.
Oh do you think you can handle
finding us a place
to stay tonight?
I'm already on it.
Gees, don't seem so shocked.
- Yeah.
- There you go.
Um hmm.
Uh, what's going on
between you and Alexandra?
What do you mean?
Well most people
about to get divorced
don't do the things you
two seem to be doing.
I don't know, it's
complicated Dad.
Probably like you and Mom were.
That wasn't complicated.
I just fucked it up.
I regretted it ever since, too.
Mind if Alex and I
go somewhere tonight?
No no, no problem.
It's Kung Fu night.
I used to ask you
to watch Kung Fu movies
with me all the time.
Did I?
No, but you like
watching it with Miles now.
Henry, Miles is
just this lonely kid
trying to figure it all out.
I mean he's got lots of money
now because of what happened
and I'm sure not a day goes by
where he doesn't
wish he had his dad
or the rest of his family
with him instead of me.
Now can I have my Pop-Tarts?
Hmm, num num.
Oh and would you go and get
my clothes from the bedroom?
I'm taking Matilda out
to the vineyard today.
You can open your eyes now.
- What?
- Check it out.
- Oh!
- Yes.
Uh huh.
Well done.
I hear
there's a tree net
on the property somewhere too.
That's excellent.
Woo, watch your head.
Whoa, this place is badass.
- Yes.
- Yes!
This tiny little stove.
That is a loft.
Beers in the fridge.
Oh, there's
an outdoor shower.
Deck, whoa.
We're in a tree, we're
staying in a tree tonight.
We're staying in a tree.
- That's right.
- That's right.
Let's get a beer.
No prob.
Let's go find this tree net.
Let's do it.
You sure you wanna
do this with me?
Are you sure you
wanna do this with me?
That looks
so goody on you.
Thank you.
That's an amazing flower.
I think it's super beautiful.
You know what I always
hated about you?
You always shut
me out when you were mad.
I know.
You know what I always
hated about you?
It's that you never trusted me
to make a decision on my own.
I'm sorry.
I know, I'm sorry.
Me too.
Me too.
I always hated
all the mess piles
you left around the house.
You wanna kiss me?
I do.
That's Penny.
Hi Mom!
Oh hi sweeties.
Hey, hey kids.
Oh hey Dad.
What are you guys
doing together?
We are on a tree net.
Here, this is the ground.
Whoa, that's awesome.
Wow, you're really high.
What's so funny?
You guys are acting kinda weird.
Nothing sweetheart.
Your brother's right,
we're really high.
In the trees.
Yep, in the trees.
What's going on?
Are you with Hank?
- Oh, hey Nana!
- Hi.
I can't see you
anymore, it's frozen.
Oh I can see you just fine.
Bye Mom, love you kids.
I can't believe we just
talked to our kids online.
We're horrible parents.
So horrible.
I wanna remember this moment.
I'm gonna take a picture.
Um pictures.
You want me to do it?
Okay, you take some.
It's nice.
I wanna tell her
that I love her so
I wanna tell her
that I love her so
I wanna tell her
that I love her so
I like your boobs.
You do?
I like them a lot.
- Wow.
- In fact,
I like them so much, I
wrote a song about them.
Wrote it a long time ago.
Just never told you.
You are full of it.
You never wrote a
song about my boobs.
I totally did.
Well sing it.
Okay fine.
Wrote this when I was
going through my R&B phase.
You never went
through an R&B phase.
You just close your lips
and open your heart, baby.
Baby I love your boobs
And I don't want
you to change them
They are so firm
and plump and sweet
They're like a
midnight treat, yeah
B double O-B-I-E-S
Baby I L-O-V-E your boobs
What do ya think?
That is the corniest
and most sweet song
I've ever heard.
Well I'll that
as a compliment.
You wanna touch them?
Yes I do.
Touch the other one.
I wanna feel your skin.
Um hmm.
I'm ready to do yours.
Let's go.
Are you ready?
Is this what you wanted?
You look so hot.
Just like the girl
who meets the landlady.
Oh yeah.
Come here.
Oh gimme that corn dog.
Did you really just say that?
Oh god, right there.
I forgot to tell you
but I think my dad has
a crush on Matilda.
That's very cute.
Isn't it?
- Oh.
- Good morning.
I had fun with you yesterday.
I did too.
You first.
You're finally trusting me.
- Oh that one.
- I'm excited.
I can't believe I'm
finally letting you.
Mine's not a forest
and you like it.
Alright, fair enough.
Fair enough.
Since when?
A long time.
Why didn't you
ever say anything?
We haven't been
the most open couple
in the past few years.
A three way.
Should we do mine first?
I think we should.
Probably a good idea.
Cheers to a good day.
Alright, you're gonna
be careful, right?
Is that the new
Gillette ball shaver?
Don't laugh.
This is an extremely
delicate procedure
you're about to perform.
Okay that's a lotta
shaving cream.
Oh yeah, okay.
That sounds right.
Shit, yes okay, go.
Um hmm.
Ah, whew.
You know if you mow the
lawn around a mailbox,
the mailbox looks much bigger.
The mailbox is
plenty big, okay?
I'm gonna need
you to hold 'em up
and stretch 'em out.
Ah, hold 'em and
stretch 'em, okay.
Here we go.
So how are we gonna
pick the girl?
What girl?
The girl for the three way.
I never said anything
about there being a girl.
No fucking way.
You have to.
I do not.
Do remember your teenage
fantasy last night?
That's totally different.
How is that different?
God dammit.
A guy?
You know what,
you weren't upset
when you thought it was a girl.
It's just a little knick.
You'll be fine.
Have you always
wanted two dudes?
I have.
Okay, you know what, I'm done.
I'm done.
Okay you need to lie down
because it looks like a
train wreck down here.
Oh god.
Say I do do this.
How's it gonna work?
Anything goes.
No, no no no no.
We need rules.
Ah that tickles.
That tickles.
Unlike you, I haven't been
with anyone else in 16 years.
And I'm giving you the
opportunity to be there when I do.
You take it or leave it.
Good luck finding a dude
that's gonna be into
that sorta thing.
Miles is into it.
You're joking, right?
You're fucking with me.
Yes, I will be
fucking both of you.
You're done.
God dammit.
I look like a six year old boy.
With a super large mailbox.
Where's Alexandra?
Having dinner with Miles.
Didn't feel like going, huh?
Something wrong?
Stop worrying.
I'm not.
I know you better than that.
You should really put
your neck brace on Dad.
You know I really hate it
when people tell me what to do.
Yeah, you and me both.
That's a little sweet.
Sir, care for a tini?
And here is your twist.
Whatever you guys
need, I'm here for you.
Should we do this?
Yeah, let's go.
I will just fire up the playlist
and I will meet you
guys in the master.
Do you really wanna do this?
Let's do this.
Does anyone need lip balm?
A little refresher.
Thank you.
No, no.
Oh someone
is very smooth.
Hey Miles, I...
Oh my god!
Oh god.
- Um.
- Alex.
I just wanted to know if you
had any more, you know weed.
Oh god.
- Um.
- I do.
- Need any help?
- No!
- Miles.
- Alex.
I think we should
leave them alone.
Talk to me.
I know it was embarrassing
but we did it together, right?
I never wanna do that again.
I can't believe
your dad walked in.
At least he wasn't
in his underwear.
I'm not ready
to come out, okay?
Here's your clothes.
And a pillow.
You okay?
Yeah, I'm fine.
I'm not going anywhere.
Oh hey, Matilda and I are
cooking a family meal tomorrow.
You wanna come?
- Yeah.
- Oh good.
You okay?
I talked to Jenny
before I left.
And she said that a three way
helped her and Grant connect.
I don't know what
I was thinking.
We've been connecting.
I know.
I just wanted more.
So, are you into Miles?
No, god no.
I just, wanted to
try to make us work.
'Cause Jenny and
Grant made it work
and I thought we would work too.
I think they made it work
because they love each other.
This is gonna suck.
Maybe it won't.
I don't know.
What are you doing?
Making my stew
for family dinner.
Matilda's coming over to help.
Alex is going
home tonight, Dad.
Excuse me.
I'd really love it if you would
stay for dinner Alexandra.
It would make me very happy.
Can you go into town
and get me some stuff?
Sure, what do we need?
I need a loaf of fresh bread
and some local beer in bottles.
You wanna come with
me, need anything?
No, I'll stay.
You can help us with dinner.
You know I think I'm gonna
go take a shower though.
I'll be back down in a bit.
Can I watch?
Jesus, Dad.
You know what you need?
You need some of my homemade,
organic ground coffee.
That sounds good.
No high fructose corn syrup.
Oh that's good, Dad.
- Hey!
- Hey.
I was just about to
come up to the vineyard.
Oh man I wish I
knew you were coming.
Dad and I aren't there today.
No worries.
I'm gonna be in town
for a couple of days.
I'm staying up at the
campsite up in the park.
That's a great spot.
Dad and I used to hike
there all the time.
Um hmm.
How was the rest of
your motorcycle trip?
Oh, it sucked.
'Cause my bike broke down.
Oh no.
- Uh huh.
- Bummer.
I get to pick it
up tomorrow though.
Hey, do you want me
to give you a ride?
I would love you
giving me a ride, yeah.
That came out wrong, didn't it?
Did it?
Just I've got it
covered already.
Hey, you do know
that's the second time
you turned me down, right?
Uh yep.
Here's my number.
It was really nice
to see you again.
Was good to see you too.
Let me know when I can
come up to the vineyard
and meet that
crazy dad of yours.
I will.
- Alright.
- Good to see you.
Good to see you too.
- Okay.
- Alright.
Have fun shopping.
Yeah, have fun
driving and drinking.
I will.
Have a nice day.
- It's a character...
- Ah, good year.
Apparently twins and
IBS can skip a generation.
Nice ring.
Oh Henry makes them.
You should really
start making these again.
I wish I could afford to.
This stew is so good.
Oh I'm glad you like it.
It's different
than your usual, Dad.
Well Matilda
help me with that.
She added her own sherry and...
A lot of sherry.
That's so sweet.
Well man, I am done.
Oh god, here we go.
Hey, at least I'm
wearing my brand new
four and half
pocket blue shorts.
Woo woo.
Dad those shorts are purple.
- No they're not.
- They're purple.
Can you tell him those
are purple shorts.
No, let me take a closer look.
I think they might be lilac.
These are, oh
maybe they're lilac.
Alright, I'm going
in the hot tub.
I'll clean up.
Oh, hot tub, yeah.
No you guys, do not.
I'll clean up.
I will clean up.
I'll clean up.
You coming in?
I might.
I think I'm gonna go pack.
Alexandra you are not
driving home tonight.
I need to use the
little girls room.
Oh yeah, use the
one in my bedroom.
And knock, you never know
who you're gonna walk in on.
Oh Jesus Dad.
- Too soon, too soon.
- Hey, hey,
what do they say about not
being able to take a joke?
So last night was...
I don't wanna talk about it.
It's just the thing
about last night.
Is that...
I just wanted to say I
think of you like a brother.
You realize how weird
that sounds now, right?
You're like a brother to me too.
You know I've been thinking
about Hank Murphy's Garage.
What about it?
I thought you were
gonna come in.
What's wrong?
I know where you went today.
What are you talking about?
Really, Hank?
While I'm here.
Why are you going
through my stuff?
I'm not gonna let you
do this to me again.
I should've gone home.
I'll see you next
week at the attorney.
I didn't do anything.
- Yep.
- Yeah, very.
So why can't I sleep at night?
- Goblins.
- Goblins!
Dark and
mysterious forces.
You've always
been so sweet to me.
I've always thought of
you as the bees knees.
Oh Alexandra.
It was really
nice to meet you.
You too sweetheart.
Are you leaving?
Bye Miles.
Take care of him.
I will.
- Yes.
- Are you ready for this?
I'm just, am I ready?
Put your hand behind your back.
- Okay.
- Okay keep it there.
No cheating.
Got it.
Always cheating.
Alright you're stuck,
I'm stuck, we go again.
- No looking.
- I'm really glad
you came out tonight.
- Me too.
- Cool.
Alright, one, two, three go.
Still stuck.
Still stuck.
One, two, three.
I'm still stuck.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
- Go.
- Yeah, yeah.
Ace on two, ace on two.
Okay, so I talked to a business
investor friend of mine
and he checked out
this website of yours.
He digs your stuff and you
can expect an e-mail from him.
- Seriously?
- Yeah.
You did that for me?
Better get back to
it, Mister Hank.
Thank you.
Really, you're awesome.
Um hmm.
So they say.
Yeah, is that what they say?
You should keep playing.
Okay, okay.
Can I ask you a question?
Of course.
Why did you come
up with an excuse
for me not to come
to the vineyard?
Because my wife was there.
We're signing divorce
papers next week.
She picked me up after
my bike broke down.
Well that's convenient.
So you guys still get along?
Yeah we do.
She still there?
We got into a fight.
She left about an hour ago.
What did you guys
get into a fight about?
She saw your note.
I'm sorry?
So, you spent the last
few days with her.
Hard to explain, but
we were trying to see
if we could make things work.
Come dance with me.
I really like you Hank.
I really like you too.
But I love my wife.
Tell your friend thank you.
But, my weird brother
wants to fund my business.
I wanna keep it in the family.
You're a good guy.
I should get outta here.
Yeah, go.
I've been meaning to
tell you something
ever since you
showed up with Alex.
What's that?
This is gonna sound like
sappy shit coming from me
but I don't give a rat's ass.
vulgar, but keep going.
I think we're on this Earth
to experience love.
And take it from
someone who knows,
love never feels more meaningful
than when you don't have it.
Is that it?
Oh, she called about
10 minutes ago.
She forgot her makeup bag.
Asked if you could take it back.
Where is she?
I don't know.
Sounded like a bar.
With the eminent crowd
That's awful.
That's it?
Hey, hey sweetheart.
A fax came in for you.
With some very
specific instructions
as to what to do with it.
Oh he also paid your bill.
First off,
I hope you're not
drinking someone
else's beer again.
Second, I miss you already.
Third, I can only
imagine how hurt you felt
when you saw that note.
I'm really sorry.
I was an idiot for
letting you leave
without telling
you what happened.
I met her on my trip
and I know what that
note makes it look like.
I'll explain everything,
but right now
I just wanna tell you
how much I love you.
I love you a lot.
The fourth part of this letter
is also my fourth pick.
Meet me at the bridge.
I wanna give it another shot.
But with you this time.
I know how much you
like to sleep in.
And I have something to
take care of in the morning.
So let's make it noon o'clock.
Sleep good.
Oh, and I
L-O-V-E your boobs
Num num
Everything good?
Can I take the bus tomorrow?
You're my man.
Wanna watch a Kung
Fu movie tonight?
I do.
Mind if Matilda comes down?
Of course not.
I like her.
Because she's coming anyway.
No running in the house.
I gotta go.
Good morning.
Good morning.
Can I have the other one?
Thank you.
Give her a hug for me.
I will.
Come on Tilda
take off and run
Run Venezuela
Everybody now
How's your new phone?
Pretty sweet.
You ready to
have a phone again?
I am.
So you're using
emoticons, huh?
I am.
Hear they're a good way to
remind someone you love them.
Is that Pop-Tart for me?
Oh yeah.
It was a very sweet letter.
I came here all prepared
to give you some big speech
about finding
purpose in my life.
But then I realized,
that the most important
thing I needed to say to you
was that my life doesn't
have a purpose without you.
I'm glad you came here
tonight finish the game.
This isn't part of it.
Alexandra Murphy,
will you remarry me?
You guys jumping or what?
This is stupid.
Just do it.
Can you jump from here?
You only live once!
- Oh my god!
- Oh god
that did not look good.
break Medivac 39
advisory it might be difficult.
Woo hoo!
God I can't believe I
almost jumped from there.
You can jump, you just have
to jump from right there.
- Right here?
- Yeah.
You didn't hear that from me.
Thanks man.
So where were we?
Well, I just asked
you to remarry me.
Before I answer,
I have a question.
And this is my last one.
What is it?
Do you remember the
last thing we said
when we got married?
I promise to keep
things fun, spontaneous,
exciting and hold your
hand through everything.
I'm sorry that I
can't remarry you.
Just the thought
of starting over
after everything we've been
through, I can't do it.
I understand.
No you don't understand.
I love you Hank.
But I don't wanna remarry you.
I just wanna work on the
marriage that we already have.
And you wanna do your last one?
- Yes, I do.
- Okay.
It's so high!
- Let's do it.
- Alright, let's do it.
On three?
- One.
- Two.
Seems like we seem
to see eye to eye
Then everything
is lovely outside
But I bet that we could be
The best of
friends in the end
So take my hand in yours
Sure feels nice to spin
Through this lovely
little world with you
And I bet that we could be
More than friends in the end
Do do do do do do
Do do do do do do do do do
Do do do do do do
Do do do do do do do do do
I've got the feeling
That you know just
what you're doing
When you tease
me like you do
I'll play the sucker for you
If you're asking me to
And I bet you know
that I'd do anything
To see a stream of
sunlight in your eyes
No surprise
And I bet that we could be
The best of
friends in the end
Do do do do do do
Do do do do do do do do do
Do do do do do do
Do do do do do do do do do
Do do do do do do
More than friends in the end
Do do do do do do
More than friends in the end
Do do do do do do
More than friends in the end
Do do do do do do
More than friends in the end
And I bet that we could be
Best of friends in the end
And I bet that we could be
The best of
friends in the end
And I bet that we could be
More than friends in the end