You Cast A Spell On Me (2015) Movie Script

( ringing )
- Morning, baby.
- ( whimpers )
( dog panting )
- Hi, Danny.
- Hi, Sara.
Come on.

( chattering )
- ( brakes squeak )
- ( girl gasps )
Colin: I'm actually having a
Halloween party this weekend.
Lacy: So, we're having
a Halloween party?
- Guy: Hey.
- Girl: Hey.
- Guy: Come on.
- Girl: Bye.
It's gonna be
a pretty cool
Halloween party.
- So, yeah,
you should come.
- Lacy: Okay.
For sure.
I will be there.
Oh! There's my friend.
Is it cool she comes, too?
She's a physiatrist,
but don't hold it against her.
She's totally cool.
No problem.
Okay, see you then.
- Bye.
- Bye.
- Hey, man.
Sorry I'm late.
- Uh, no problem.
- Prepping for
that board meeting.
- Ah, that's today.
Sure you don't
wanna come back.
Your father's even
more difficult to deal with
- since you left.
- I'm not sure I'd be
much help there, Bud.
Besides, I'm allowed to take a
job outside the family business.
Somebody should
tell that to my mother.
What do you mean no
to a Halloween party?
I've never met
anyone who loves Halloween
as much as you.
It's not a Halloween party.
It's an excuse for girls to wear
clothes that are too tight
and to get drunk.
Give me haunted hayrides
and eight pounds of candy.
( sighs heavily )
What are you, eight?
Sara, you have to come
to this party.
Colin is really great,
- and he has a lot
of single friends.
- Just what I need.
A room full of guys
who think they have
the magic touch with women.
No thanks.
- Plus, I have a boyfriend.
- You have a sort of boyfriend.
He doesn't live here,
and you guys see each other,
like, three times a year.
That doesn't make him
any less of a boyfriend.
Look, we can forget
about the guys altogether
and have a ladies night out.
Come on.
I need this.
You know how
miserable I've been
since I lost my job.
- Okay.
- Yes!
- I'll go.
- ( laughing )
You know your dad could
really up this deal.
We could outvote him,
but if he's not
onboard to expand,
it's gonna be
a tough road.
Well, Tate family
is not exactly
great with change.
Well, you know how well
they took my, shall we say,
- "active independence."
- ( chuckles )
( clears throat )
- Excuse me.
- Just a sec.
- Pardon me.
Oh. Hello.
How can I help you?
My friend
would like an Americano,
and I'll have a dark roast.
Of course.
Anything to eat?
I'm good.
Do you want anything to eat?
- Good.
- Nah. Thanks.
How much do I owe you?
It's on the house.
Why, thank you, Anna.
May I have your name?
Yeah. It's Matt.
Thanks, Matt.
Is there anything else
I can get for you?
How 'bout your number?
- ( laughs )
- ( giggles )
That's not fair.
She was ignoring us.
So you hijack her brain?
Only for a second.
I gave it right back.
If I had your abilities,
I wouldn't do that.
- You say that.
- I say it 'cause it's true.
None of that
at my Halloween party.
I've got too many
normal friends now.
I love normal.
Here you go...Matt.
Well, thank you, Anna.
Ah, I think
this is for you.
Thank you, sir.
Ever feel rundown?
Like you just won't make it
through to 5:00?
Elixir Of Life Juices
has the cure
for whatever ails you.
We have stress busters,
energy boosters
and cold killers
designed especially
to keep you at your best
all day long.
Well, the commercial
is playing well all over town.
Our employees say
that people mention it
three-- for times a day
in each of our stores.
Now would be an ideal time
to move into new neighborhoods.
I'm still not
sold on buying out
Just Juicery.
That's six more stores,
not one or two.
It's a huge
financial commitment
and a risk.
Would you rather
control these stores or allow
a competitor to step in?
Well, they failed.
What makes you think
we'd do any better?
Because our product
is better.
Jason, Just Juicery has held
some of the best real estate
in this city
for the past 10 years.
Considering the traffic in
their Broad Street store alone
- makes it worth the risk.
- I agree.
And we'll hit a ceiling
if we don't expand.
Then why don't we examine
the possibility of bottling
in retail sales?
There are other expenses, Jason.
Buying a factory, supplies.
Things we've never done before.
Not to mention
FDA testing and approval.
- I did say, "Examine."
- Yes, and in a few years.
After we have expanded
into other cities and states.
It might be
something to look into.
But we're not there yet.
Why don't we take
a look at those properties
and get back to you.
We're agreed then.
We will consider taking over
Just Juicery.
And that concludes
today's meeting.
Thank you very much.
Thanks for the backup,
Of course.
You know I always do
what's best for the company.
Hello, Mother.
They burned the beans
at that coffee shop of yours.
You know,
it makes the coffee bitter.
Yeah, well,
I don't go there
for the coffee.
I'm guessing
this isn't about work
or you would have been
at the board meeting.
As a matter of fact,
why weren't you there?
Oh, I knew
you could handle things.
- How did Jason
react to the plan?
- Not well.
He's determined
to block the expansion.
- I think he feels cornered.
- Well then,
this isn't gonna make
things easier.
Oh, no.
No, I'm not discussing
Lizzy Paris.
She's smart.
She's fun, attractive.
She comes from a great family,
and you and Lizzy
have been
thick as thieves
since birth.
It's not Lizzy
you're interested in.
It's the Paris family.
I get it.
You and Maggie
have wanted us together
since puberty.
But it's not
gonna happen, Mom.
I like Lizzy
just not that way.
Matt, think of the business.
Our coven, three families
working together...
It's a fragile balance
and one that the council
wasn't too happy with.
So we need to appear
as a united force.
Well then,
why not pair up
Colin and Lizzy?
They're far more suited
for one another?
Colin is a lovely person.
No one is saying he's not.
But he doesn't have
any abilities-- none.
How does that help
the Paris family?
Or the company
in the long run?
Mom, that's awful.
That's life.
We have to think about
the future.
No, Mother, no.
I'm not dating Lizzy.
You're right.
You're not.
You're marrying her.
I'm sorry, sweetheart.
This is bigger than Elixir.
It's bigger than you.
The entire council
is in agreement.
You're 35.
We can't wait any longer
for you to make your own match.
You say that like
you've approved of anyone
I've ever dated.
Well, maybe I'd approve
if you ever dated anyone
inside the council.
There, what,
12 families in the council?
Kind of a limited
dating pool, Mom.
But that doesn't change the fact
that you turn 36 in a few months
and you know the rules.
Within your 35th year
if not married to a witch,
you lose your powers.
Yada, yada, yada.
Okay, what if I find
the love of my life before then?
Oh, Matt.
You would never survive
without your particular gifts.
( sighs )
- How long do I have?
- ( sighs )
Till the 31st.
One week?
Speak with Lizzy.
Move forward with
the council's decision
and I promise I won't argue
if you two don't want
a traditional ceremony.
A witch council traditional
or a traditional traditional?
Either way.
Lizzy will meet you
at the house.
Man: I'm sorry
I'm not very exciting.
You must have lots
of interesting clients.
( sighs )
You're fixating again,
People say all sorts of things
when they're upset,
especially in a divorce.
Why are you
so focused on this one?
Because I can see it on
everyone's face when I talk.
Even my friends
don't think I'm interesting.
And it's only getting worse.
Here in your office
is the only place I feel...
Listened to.
And I'm paying you to listen.
Well, maybe you feel comfortable
because you're being honest
about your feelings.
Have you tried expressing
yourself to your friends?
Oh, yes, so they can
come right out and tell me
how not exciting I am?
You're projecting again,
You need to find a way
to move on
and allow yourself
to be happy.
Don't you think
it's been long enough?
It's only been
seven years, Dr. Cain.
I don't think
I'm nearly ready.
My family's crest is green,
but if you prefers yours,
we can,
you know...
Either way is fine.
I think we should
incorporate both.
I think our parents
would appreciate it,
and I think gold and green
would look lovely together.
Symbolizing life
and prosperity.
It's starting to get
cold out here at night
I think we should
bring in some heaters.
How many members of the council
did your Mother say are coming?
60, no more than 70.
I don't think
that should be
a problem at all.
I know.
You don't want
to marry me.
You're saying
you want to marry me?
It's not as though
I'm gonna meet some
young eligible
warlock at a bar.
I've chosen this life
and there are certain...
realities to it.
It sounds so romantic.
Mmm, we're good friends, right?
And we have
a good time together.
Of course, but...
this isn't when we make it
magically snow in July.
Or rearrange letters
on the theatre marquee.
Isn't it though?
Life is an adventure, Matt.
I know we're not
in love with each other,
but we love each other
in a different way.
It's not the same.
Look, I don't know
what's gonna happen,
but I know
that we're gonna have
a good life
and a good time together.
And-- and we like
the same things.
And-- and I know
that you're gonna
treat me well.
And you know
that I'm not gonna turn into
some overbearing weirdo.
And we get to keep our powers.
And that's all we could
really hope for, right?
Imagine if we were normal,
like Colin.
You think it's easy for him?
A magical family
with no magic?
Knowing that one day
if he brings home
a nice normal girl to one
of those powerful witch families
on this side of the country.
How long do you
think that's gonna last?
How many of your
boyfriends memories
have your parents wiped?
( both chuckle )
I think I lost count
by the time I got to college.
Me, too.
See, Colin's not better off.
How are things going?
They're going.
Do you have a minute
to talk about the food?
I have all the time
in the world.
( sighs )
( rock music playing )
- ( purring )
- Oh, um...
but maybe later, huh?
( scoffs )
I'm gonna have to learn
to start saying no
to these offers.
I can't believe you're upset
about marrying Lizzy Paris.
An arranged marriage
to help me keep my magic.
I think I'm doing
just fine on my own.
Yeah, right.
Says a guy
whose greatest skill
is whisking
any girl off her feet
at the touch of an elbow.
Good point.
I wonder if there's a spell
to help me stop doing that?
Colin, where's my drink?
I have no idea.
I stopped reading
the spell book at 10.
I have to deliver
these drinks.
Drink up, witches!
Uh, please?
Just a little while longer?
This guy
is really amazing, Sara.
( sheepish laugh )
I can tell that there's
something there.
Of-- yes.
- Thank you.
- Okay.
Excuse me.
( giggles )
( rap music playing )
( clears throat )
( sighs )
Oh, thank God.
Hey, hope I'm not
No, no, not at all.
You don't like parties?
No, I like, um,
birthday parties,
dinner parties,
- barbeques...
- ( laughs )
Not music vibrating
up your legs parties.
- Well, why are you here?
- My friend.
She, um--
she dragged me out
for a girls night
and now she's
in there with some...
random guy.
( both laugh )
- ( nervous chuckle )
- Oh, I'm sorry.
I'm Sara.
- Matt.
- ( chuckles )
( magical spell )
Why are you touching my elbow?
( nervous laugh )
You just had a bug
on there or something.
- Got it off.
- Oh.
- You're good.
- Thanks.
- ( clears throat )
- Thank you.
( chimes tinkling )
Maybe you'd like some
M&M's, huh?
( nervous laugh )
I already got some.
So, you're a witch, huh?
You're quick.
What gave it away?
Let me guess.
You're a caster.
Do you have
any other abilities?
Oh, um--
I can fly.
That's a rare one.
Not in my family it's not.
I can't believe
we haven't met before.
Well, maybe you
haven't been running around
with the right kind
of witches.
( both laugh )
- Apparently.
- Fair warning.
Don't try and use any
of your magic charm
on me.
It's not gonna work.
No, I...
- I have a boyfriend.
- Oh.
Well, I...
have a something as well.
Lady problems.
You know...
I've been told I'm a--
I'm a really good listener.
- Is that so?
- Mm-hmm.
And apparently,
I'm gonna be here
for a few hours.
What do you say
we get a bottle of wine,
couple of glasses
and you and I we--
we'll talk this thing out?
You get the wine.
I'll get the blankets.
- Done.
- Done.
( dance music playing )
( magical twinkling )
The witching hour
So, tell me about this
mystery woman.
Is she some mad sorceress
you have no control over?
Oh, you know a lot
of mad sorceress's, do you?
Too many.
And none nearly
as skilled or powerful
as they think.
No, she's not mad.
There's nothing
wrong with her, actually.
But she's not the one.
I don't know
if I believe in "the one."
It doesn't much matter
in this case.
Our families our close
and, um...
Well, they expect us
to get married...
Next week.
An arranged marriage.
( laughs )
You do know
you're your own person.
You can say no.
Well, there're bigger
issues at hand.
Our families
run a business together.
- Elixir Life Juices.
- Yeah, I've been there.
You guys make great smoothies.
I swear,
every time I get sick
I go in and get
one of your health boosters,
and I wake up
the next morning
feeling amazing.
Like magic, huh?
So you are really
marrying a woman
just to keep
a juice business together?
You can't just be...
I don't know,
good friends?
( laughs )
Well, it's tradition.
The council insists.
Oh, right. Yes.
The council.
What about you?
Where's your boyfriend, huh?
Mmm. Um...
( nervous laugh )
Alex doesn't live here.
He's in Geneva right now.
As in Lake Geneva?
As in Switzerland.
He's a physicist.
He's spending two years
at the Large Hadron Collider.
Physicist, huh?
Suddenly I feel so inadequate.
I don't understand
half of what he says.
( both laughs )
Two years is a long time
to spend apart.
Yeah, I mean...
Well, he comes home
a couple times a year,
and we call.
He's changing
the face of science.
So, how can I possibly complain?
- Yeah.
- ( clears throat )
You ever get lonely?
But, hey.
All couples
have ups and downs, right?
- Yeah.
- ( laughs )
- More wine?
- Absolutely.
Great party.
Well, your dad sounds like
he's an amazing man.
When did he pass?
I was pretty young.
The cyclone.
A freak weather accident.
Until then,
I thought my father
was invincible.
When he died,
I realized that...
I-- he was just um...
Yeah, I guess.
But my mom took over
for the both of them
and here I am.
How 'bout
some more wine, huh?
Oh, boy.
We, uh...
( laughs )
We really did
some damage here.
- That's the rest?
- That's it.
That's all there is.
Look at us.
( both laugh )
To your mom.
I will drink to that.
Oh. It's morning.
We talked all night.
That cannot be right.
It's 7:00 a.m.
( birds chirping )
( both laugh )
I got to go to work.
I got to go take a show--
I have a patient at 8:00 a.m.
I cannot believe this.
I have to go to work.
A patient? What?
You can fly
and you're a doctor?
Yes, well-- well,
I believed my grandmother
when she first told me
that I could fly,
I quickly figured out
that I couldn't at nine
when I jumped off
the top of a jungle gym.
Two broken ankles
and a collar bone later,
I figured I needed a--
a backup plan.
( both laugh )
So, um...
You're not
really a witch, huh?
Alas, no.
Wouldn't that be so much fun?
There's something
very wrong with this moment.
I know.
Normally we would
exchange numbers and...
go get drinks.
But you are getting married.
And your boyfriend
is in Switzerland
saving the world.
I still want to see you again.
That's wrong, isn't it?
( both laugh )
Let's not ruin this night.
Let's keep it
just the way it is.
One perfect night.
How're we supposed to do that?
( both laugh )
We're gonna say good-bye,
and we're gonna hug.
I hate it.
- But you're right.
- Mm-hmm.
( magical chimes tinkling )

It was, um...
It was great
to meet you, Matt.
You too, Sara.
Let me get you
a ride home here.
Your friend
had to leave hours ago.
Oh, no.
I'm just going to,
um, you know
fly home on
my broomstick.
Of course.
( laughs )
I'll be fine.
No awkward
second good-byes.
Are you sure?
I don't think...
( exhales ) Oh, my.
12 minutes...
19 minutes...
36 minutes?
( sighs )
If only I could just...
snap my fingers!
And the taxi...
( laughs )
That was lucky.
Hey! Hi.
Thank you for stopping.
Oh, hey.
Oh, don't tell me
you've been out back
the whole night
with that girl.
Oh, nothing happened.
Basically nothing.
I am exhausted though.
Can I crash for a few hours?
Look, you know I love you
like a brother
but if you ever disappear
with a strange girl
you marry Lizzy...
Come on, man.
I won't do that.
All right,
it's all yours.
You wanna know
something weird?
Uh... probably not.
This girl...
my charm didn't work
on her at all.
She sat outside
with you all night.
In 50 degree weather,
I'm pretty sure
she was charmed.
No. No, she wasn't.
I think she liked me.
Like the real me.
Weird, huh?
I forgot
what that felt like.
good night, bro.
Yeah, night.
Hey, would you
do me a favor?
Why don't you use
some of your mad skills
to clean this place
when you wake up?
Yeah. You betcha.
What is the emergency?
You should've seen
this woman, Dr Cain.
She looked
right through me...
It's like
I was invisible.
You're projecting.
she didn't even see you
walk up to her.
But no,
in this case I tapped her
on the shoulder.
And then I waited
for her to turn--
What's wrong?
Your-- Your pen...
Your pen floated...
( stutters )
on its own.
I'm sorry, what?
The pen...
( stutters )
I don't know.
You-- you let it go.
But then it--
it floated... on it's own.
Pens don't float.
But I saw it.
I was looking right at it.
Okay... Ahem.
Have you seen
anything else...
odd, recently.
Other objects moving
on their own?
Or people talking
to you...
that maybe
no one else sees?
Dr. Cain,
I'm not hallucinating.
Your pen floated. I swear,
I've never seen
anything like it before.
in moments
of extreme stress...
I wasn't stressed before,
but I'm definitely
stressed now.
( exhales )
So am I right
or is your dad?
Both right.
Elixir has the money
to acquire Just Juicery.
But you would need
at least three
of the new stores
in order to make money
in the first year.
They're existing juice stores,
how hard can it be?
it's not like
we're reinventing the wheel.
Yeah, but Just Juicery
is exiting the market.
And I don't think
it's because they're tired
of mixing kale
and spinach all day.
That's what your dad said.
You wanna look
at their books?
No, I don't wanna look
at their books.
I don't work
at Elixir anymore.
I got my own job.
You hired a new accountant.
Use him.
Have you met Craig?
He's the idiot nephew
of one of the council members
that Ben wanted to hire.
He can't even add.
I still don't know
why you left the business
in the first place.
I left because I've spent
the last 20 years
in a magical world
with no magic.
And a father
who's pretty ... about it.
I just needed to feel normal
somewhere, anywhere.
How's that working
out for you?
( laughs )
Look, talk to Craig.
And just try not to alienate
my father.
He doesn't take
too well to being kept
out of the loop.
And if you get Just Juicery
to give you their books,
I will take a look
at them.
Thank you my friend,
I appreciate that.
( laughs )
there's one other thing
that I need to ask.
No, I will not balance
your checkbook, Matt.
Manage your own finances.
with the wedding coming up...
I'm gonna need a best man.
( laughs )
Uh, yeah.
Yeah, of course I will.
And I will hunt you down
if you try to run away.
( laughs )
( sighs )
You're still thinking
about that girl, aren't you?
It's hard not to.
She's pretty great.
but pretty great for you
is what,
two dates? Maybe three?
You're just stuck on her
because you can't have her.
Probably right.
( sizzles )
You okay?
Yeah, probably just tired.
All the locations
passed inspection.
Oh, fantastic.
I'll call the lawyer
and we'll investigate
what kind of offer
they're looking for.
( sighs )
Oh, boy.
It's just a step,
it's not a decision, Jason.
Nobody's going behind
anyone else's back.
We know that.
Don't we, hon?
And I hate to rush in,
but I've got Maggie
in the back
waiting to start the planning.
Oh, of course. Go.
I know you're upset
about the sale, dear.
It's not just the expansion.
We started this business
the three families.
And now
with Matt marrying Lizzy,
and Colin
out of the company
We're handing
over all our power.
you can't believe that.
You mean, you can't.
Mark my words we're hanging
the keys to the kingdom.
And all because we have
the one kid who can't cast
the simplest of spells.
You've always been amazing
with decor.
Thank you.
And believe me,
Lizzy has inherited
my talent.
She put together
a romantic anniversary dinner
for Ben and Me.
Straight out of the pages
of a magazine.
And to have the wedding
in your beautiful home.
Abby, it's gonna
be a stunner.
We're doing the right thing
here, aren't we?
Putting Matt
and Lizzy together?
Of course we are.
Lizzy may be only 33,
but Matt's just got a couple
of more months before he's 36
and loses everything.
Are we really sure
that would happen.
We've never actually seen
someone's abilities fade
at 36.
For all we know
that's an old wives' tale.
That's because we've
never allowed anyone
to remain unmarried.
In our day there was
so many more families.
Remember? The Roches,
the Banantis, the Zevons...
There must have been
20 of them.
But so many of the kids
that we grew up with
decided to leave
the life.
Matt and Lizzy
just don't have the pool
that we had.
Such a shame.
I never felt pressured
to marry Glenn. Not once.
We're their parents, Abby.
We know
what's best for them.
And I'm sure
this is exactly
what Glenn
would have wanted.
Let's face it, council
wasn't thrilled.
when three families
splintered off.
Started Elixir of Life.
But we're helping people
with our abilities,
in the only legitimate,
hush-hush, way that we can.
But Matty
and Lizzy together...
an approved match.
Two of the most powerful
witch families.
It's going to ensure
that our powers continue,
generations to come.
And that Elixir of Life
is going to thrive for years.
I understand why, I do.
I just--
I don't want Matt to think
that I'm choosing the council
or the company over him.
You're not.
He knows that.
But Abby, we are in
very real danger
of losing the council
over the next
few generations.
That's why we need Matt
and Lizzy and their children.
You just want
little grand-wiccans.
( laughs )
So do you.
Of course.
Let's get this show
on the road.
( bubbles )
I hear
Colin's party was fun.
Yeah. I don't have
the tolerance for all-nighters
like I used to.
( laughs )
What were you doing
up all night?
Honestly, I was talking
to this girl all night.
Nothing happened,
I promise.
Well, I appreciate
your honesty,
but we are getting married
on Halloween night.
And I've been pulling my weight
and I just...
really appreciate it
if you took this seriously.
I will.
I mean, have you thought
about the fact
that we're going
to have to have kids?
Well we have
an elixir for that.
( laughs )
No, you're right.
Okay, I'm sorry.
Apology accepted.
And... why don't you try
one of our new energy boosters.
Clearly you need it.
( fizzing )
( gurgling )
Even more than I thought.
Well, looks like you'll
be buying a new blender
this afternoon.
( fizzing )
- ( kettle whistling )
- Uh, I don't even know
why I keep going
on these interviews.
I mean I almost
never hear back.
Or when I do,
it's to tell me
that I'm overqualified
or they decided
to go another way.
You will get a job,
I promise you.
The waiting is
the hard part.
Says you.
You're practically bursting
at the seams
with new patients.
So why do you look
so distracted?
( sighs )
I shouldn't say.
Okay, if it's that
patient-doctor nonsense,
just make up a name
and say it's a hypothetical.
- Okay.
- Mm-hmm.
Yesterday, a patient...
- a hypothetical...
- Yeah.
May have said
he saw my pen float.
So he's crazy.
Except that totally made up
hypothetical patient
has never hallucinated
So what,
your pen was actually
Come on, seriously.
The guy is clearly a nutter.
Oh, do you have
any more sugar?
It's the only vice
I can still afford.
Yeah, I'm sure
I'm overreacting.
It's just--
It's so... it's so weird.
Did I ever tell you about the
position over at Object Power,
the one with full bennies
and the super generous
vacation days?
Yeah, I think so.
Or how about the one
at the start-up
over on 11th St.
with the barbecue
on their balcony.
( whispers )
I love you so much,
but I wish
you would disappear
for just like 30 seconds.
Just like 30 seconds
of silence.
( sprinkling )
Yeah... I'm sure I can.
But I don't know
how much help I would be.
We didn't exactly part
on the best terms...
Are you in the bathroom?
Where is she?
Where'd she go?
I know
that you haven't talked
in a while,
but he would seem
like a really nice guy.
What was his name?
Okay. Fine.
You don't have
to call him.
Great. I'll have
Kurter come over this afternoon.
Thank you.
Why wasn't I informed
about you asking to see
Just Juicery's
financial records.
I was planning to send a memo
around this afternoon.
Oh, so now
it's a done deal?
No one said that, Jason.
I just thought
it would be helpful
to make
an informed decision.
It was
actually Colin's idea.
Leave my son out of this.
He chose to leave us,
so his opinion
means nothing to me.
Then again,
maybe he's got
the right idea.
Maybe the whole Tate family
should branch off.
Is this because
no one was on board
with your idea of bottling?
Do you want to explain
to the FDA
how we can cure a cold
in three hours?
I sure don't.
To them, it'll just
look like a recipe.
They don't need
to know it's a spell.
I don't understand
what your problem is.
This is a good proposition.
My problem is you
and your mother
have connived
to form the perfect powerhouse
with the Paris'.
Trying to get the upper hand
in the company
and kick us out.
I see what's going on here.
That is not true.
My mother would never
be so calculating.
Prove it to me.
Tell her, "no."
Put a stop
to this expansion.
And put a stop
to your wedding.
I will do no such thing.
( thuds )
Well if that's the way
you're gonna handle things,
we're done talking.
Watch out, boy.
I've got powers
you can't even begin
to imagine.
( whispers )
This is ridiculous.
( snickers )
Clearly, I'm exhausted.
Do I tell Alex
about Matt?
Was Matt even anything at all?
I did kiss him.
And I did like it.
Yeah, let's run this test
once more.
And then we can head home
for the day.
Hey, is everything
all right?
Yeah... I mean...
I think so.
Why are you calling me?
I'm still at work.
No, I--
I didn't call you,
You just...
you just popped up.
( laughs )
On my computer.
I was thinking about you
and then suddenly...
there you were.
Sweetie, it doesn't work
like that.
Maybe you accidentally
hit a button.
No, I didn't touch
the thing, Alex.
My hands were actually
no where near the keyboard.
I mean, it doesn't matter.
It was an accident.
Um... I can tell you're
having a rough day.
So... why don't you
call me back
in a couple of hours
and we'll talk about it?
Well, I have patients
until 7:00 p.m.
That's 1:00 a.m. your time.
Tomorrow morning then.
Tomorrow morning.
- Okay, I love you--
- ( chimes )
What is going on?
The Denisovs know
they're making dinner
for 63 people...
Lila and Freddie Wayne
are going to be out of town
for the event.
They are thinking about
a more traditional menu,
but I want to make sure
you kids are okay with that.
I'm all for tradition,
no one is eating
eye of newt soup
at our wedding.
That recipe has been
in my family
since the 1700s.
It also has eyes in it.
You don't actually
eat the eyes,
it just makes
the broth taste delicious.
I think we're fine...
scrapping it altogether.
After all,
you don't want the Denisovs
scrambling to find 63 newts
at this stage of the game,
now do we?
Lizzy, Matt. Of course,
this is your special day.
What would you like?
Nice pumpkin bisque, perhaps?
Fine. So that's a "no"
on the pumpkin bisque.
why don't we go through
the guest list?
Give the children a moment.
You know.
we need to talk.
Matt, I know
you're not thrilled
about the situation,
but the wedding
is in three days.
That incident at the table
wasn't my first problem.
Oh, that.
Happens to the best of us.
When you have
you're first baby,
you'll accidentally
send things into walls.
Just don't do it
in public.
That was a mess
we had to clean up
years ago.
Lot of memories to wipe.
Yeah, I think
it's more than that.
Jason came to see me
this morning.
He accused you of conniving
with the Paris' to get
more power.
I exploded the display
in my office.
And I sent cups flying
You know, there are rules
about violence.
It's not acceptable,
in any capacity.
If he calls the council,
you could be brought up
on charges.
What if
he's the one doing this?
- What do you mean?
- Think about it.
He's against the marriage,
feels like he's being pushed
out of the business.
Now my magic is a mess.
I can't lift anything,
I can't move anything.
I'm starting tornados
in the backyard.
You think Jason Tate
hexed you?
Our families have been
friends for generations.
His son is your best friend.
What other explanation
is there?
Could it be your age?
Maybe your magic
is waning
the closer you get
to your 36th birthday.
And, Matt, that is why
I want you to get married
on Halloween.
Thanks, Mom.
You don't need
to remind me.
But, no. Okay, that is not it.
This is more serious.
If you've been hexed,
there are ways to find out.
( exhales )
What if Jason
is behind this?
Then we go
to the council.
But first thing's first.
We don't make any accusations
until we have proof.
( thunder crashing )
There has be a logical
explanation for this.
( sighs )
I'm crazy.
( sighs )
This is ridiculous.
This is ridiculous,
what am I doing?
One more time.
( exhales )
Is there anything
I can do to help?
Given your problems,
I think it's best
if you don't touch the potion.
Good point.
( exhales )
- Oh, dear.
- What?
You're not being hexed,
but your powers are being
siphoned off somehow.
You're not in full control,
which is why
you keep having mishaps.
Could Jason transfer
my abilities to Colin?
I know it sounds crazy.
Mmm, not so crazy,
but that would take
a lot of dark magic,
and you can't hide dark magic.
This is quite the opposite.
If you had fallen in love
with a mortal,
you would have told me, right?
Love can sometimes cause
accidental transference.
I've never seen a case
this extreme and,
well, it's pretty rare
occurrence anyway,
so I don't imagine
it would have happened to you.
Well, there was this girl.
you're getting married.
Mother, nothing happened.
Okay, I kissed her,
but I don't love her.
We have to find her.
Well, that's gonna be a problem.
I don't really know her.
She was just a guest
at Colin's party.
Well, then we have
to ask Colin.
For once I'm glad
he and his father don't speak.
I'm sure that Jason
would relish the opportunity
to tell this to the council.
I'm crazy, crazy, crazy
And losing my mind
Played a game
of hide and seek
My bestie I did find
Things floating
Some over here,
some over there
It seems for all
the world to see
I have magic
left to spare.
( giggling, snorts )
( laughing )
I'm hungry.
I want cook--
( gasps )
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God, no.
Make it stop.
I don't wanna be crazy anymore.
( gasps )
( cell phone ring tone plays )
Oh, no.
Where's the...?
( ring tone
continues playing )
Where's my phone?
( ring tone plays )
I just had to call you.
I was really worried
that you were mad at me.
I'm sorry that I keep
talking about the jobs.
Oh, no.
No, no, no.
It's, um...
It's okay.
Yeah, uh,
I know it can be frustrating,
but you just, um...
you just gotta--
you gotta hang in there.
You don't sound so good
You were trying to tell me this,
weren't you?
I was being a terrible
and selfish friend.
Are-- are you finally ready
to end things with Alex?
Is that what's going on?
No, no, no, no.
I'm just, um...
I'm a little out of sorts.
Well, do you want me
to come over?
We could have a sleepover
and watch some terrible
'90s movies
and eat some raw cookie dough.
No, no, no, no!
No-- not tonight.
Just, um...
No. Soon.
I think, um...
I think it's best
that I just have some tea.
That's okay.
I mean, I really don't have
the extra money
to spend on groceries anyways.
My interview today
was awful.
You know what?
I'm-- I'm sure you're wrong.
I'm sure they're gonna
call you back,
and they're gonna
offer you more money
than you could have
ever imagined.
They're gonna be
throwing money at you.
- ( phone beeps )
- Oh. Weird.
Sara? That's the company
from today. I gotta take this.
Okay. Bye.
So that's what was happening
with the coffee cup.
You're losing
your abilities.
Sure does seem that way.
And the council can't help?
- The families?
- We can't go to them.
You of all people
know how they react
when one of us
loses our magic.
So, why did you come to me?
I'm as magical
as a fruit fly.
Mother thinks
it has something to do with
the girl at your party.
The girl, huh?
I know.
I'm a terrible person.
But, you said she was mortal.
How could she be taking
your magic?
it was an accident.
Really powerful love
can sometimes...
I don't love her!
I don't even know her.
Which is why we're here.
Do you know her?
Because we really need
to find her.
And if she's running around town
spouting off Matt's magic,
she could really hurt herself
or somebody else.
I don't know her.
I mean, I saw her briefly
when she left with Matt
to go outside,
but I didn't recognize her.
Matt, what did you say
her name was?
Does she have a last name?
I just don't know it.
( laughs )
What does she do?
Doctor, nurse or something.
She said she had patients.
You talked to her
for seven hours,
and you don't know her last name
or what she does for a living?
What did you talk about?
- Our lives.
Our families.
- ( gasps )
Not as witches, as people.
I told her about
the juice business.
She talked about
her grandmother.
She did come with a friend.
And the friends name was...?
No idea.
The friend ditched her
for some guy and,
well, Sara didn't want
to talk about her.
Oh, she's got a boyfriend.
What is wrong with you people?
Is anybody faithful anymore?
His name's Alex
and he's working in Switzerland
for a couple years
at the Large Hadron Collider.
That's something.
I mean, there can't be
that many people named Alex
that work there.
All right.
( telephone ringing )
( swooshing )
Oh, man.
( groans )
( sighs )
Okay. Okay.
( exhales )
This isn't going away.
Which means...
I have to learn to control it.
- ( chimes tinkling )
- ( gasps )
( inhales, exhales )
- ( chimes tinkling )
- ( gasps )
( swooshing )
( gasps )
Well, I may be
out of my mind,
but at least
it's a useful kind of crazy.
You're kidding me?
There's nobody
named Alex there?
Not in the directory.
- I'm doomed.
- Wait.
Wasn't there a spell
that traces magic?
If she accidentally
latched onto your magic here,
couldn't we use the spell
to follow it?
Blood hound.
Not the most
reliable spell,
but, yeah,
we could try it.
I'll need a few things I don't
normally keep around the house
and, uh, it'll take
a couple hours.
Okay, great.
I'll go with you.
We'll meet you after work.
Are you crazy?
I can't go in the office.
I can cause the place
to spontaneously combust.
You have to.
You're investigating
a major expansion.
I mean, if you don't show up,
you're just gonna give my father
more ammunition against you.
I suggest you
just keep your head focused
and try to spend a day
without using magic at all.
Oh, easy for you to say.
Colin's right, honey.
We'll go as fast
as we can.
- Hi, Danny.
- ( swooshing )
( barking )
Go, go, go, go!
Oh, right.
You can do this.
It is just a coffee shop.
It's just a coffee shop.
Medium latte.
( sighs )
Excuse me. I...
( snickers )
- ( chimes tinkling )
- Excuse me.
Can I help you?
Medium latte.
Of course.
May I have your name please?
Have a great afternoon.
Do you think this will work?
Oh, I hope so.
'Cause if not,
I am out of ideas.
( liquid bubbling )
Do you have
a few minutes to talk?
Of course.
Okay, um, listen,
about last night.
No, I'm so sorry. I--
I know that display
must have been upsetting.
You know,
things have been
crazy around here
and I just...
Don't want to get married.
No, I'm happy to do
whatever we need to.
Happy? You unleashed a hurricane
at your mother's table
over an appetizer
for the reception.
That's not happy, Matt.
Our families need us, right?
Our kind keep leaving
the council
and more kids are being
born without magic.
We're not free to just
be with whomever we want.
Is this about the girl
at Colin's party?
- No.
- Mmm.
No. Listen.
I'm not crazy enough to think
that she's my soul mate,
Yet, we did have
a genuine honest connection.
I know.
We're, uh--
we're just friends.
I mean,
we're practically...
I don't know how
to get around that.
Do you?
You know what's funny?
Growing up
I always thought
I'd marry Colin
and you would be
the godfather to our kids.
And even in high school
when he realized
that he didn't have powers
I thought,
he just needs to find
his own magic
and maybe I could be the one
to help him.
Because you love him.
You have to tell him, Lizzy.
I know.
God, could you imagine
both of us ending up
with non-magic?
The council would throw a fit.
Yes, they would.
( both laugh )
Would it be so bad
if we just,
I don't know,
I'm sorry.
Did Miss Lizzy Paris
just suggest
- we rebel
against our parents?
- Mm-hmm.
I never thought
I'd see the day.
I mean,
even if it is a possibility,
I'm really not sure
how to go about it.
Because 63 people
are gonna be showing up
at your mother's house
expecting a wedding.
Well, you say that like
they weren't gonna throw
a Halloween party anyhow.
This year it'll just be
more grand than the years past.
We do have to concede
the possibility
that the council
will kick us out.
It's their right.
Or we'll end up
36 and powerless.
Could you imagine
what that would be like?
Yeah, I think I can.
I mean,
I think I could live
a normal,
non-magical life,
but, you...
just love your powers.
I mean, do you even know
how to open a door?
Lizzy, um...
I think I need
to tell you something.
( liquid bubbling )
Colin: I've never seen
this spell before.
What will it do?
This silt will create
a route or routes
to show us where the magic
has traveled, I hope.
This was more Matt's
father's area of expertise.
But this situation has me doing
all sorts of rare magic lately.
( chimes tinkling )
It seems Matt's magic
is siphoning off faster
than I imagined.
Sara must be
pulling it off him
and leaving
a little bit behind
wherever she goes.
From what I can tell,
soon he might not have
any left at all.
Man: She asked,
"Would you like to go out?"
I said, "Yeah, sure."
But she was pointing
at the door
and she meant that I
should go out before her...
( swoosh )
I want you
to listen to me carefully.
It is time
to stop blaming yourself
for the end of your marriage.
These things happen.
You and Arianna
didn't work out.
And it wasn't because
you're a terrible person.
And it's not because
she's a terrible person.
You must didn't work
Do you understand?
- ( chimes tinkling )
- Yes.
That's good.
Now let's talk
about your next step.
I'd like that.
( chuckles )
- We said we would...
- No.
Let's stop pretending
Lizzy wasn't gonna find out.
Wedding vows
require casting.
Which I can't exactly
do right now.
I'm not mad, Abby.
I'm just here to help.
Come inside.
- Well...
- Well, yeah.
I think I'm gonna go inside.
( liquid bubbling )
I think Lizzy likes you.
- Really?
- Yeah.
( liquid bubbling )
So, you've heard of this
happening before?
Not for a long time.
And I can't find
a specific reference to it.
So we have to go
straight to the source.
I just hope
that great grandmother
isn't upset
about being disturbed.
( chimes tinkling )
(swooshing )
( coughing )
it's Abigail.
- ( gasps )
- We need your help.
I should say so.
There is all kinds of trouble
in this room.
That would be me.
I kissed a mortal,
and it seems that my powers
are transferring to her.
It must be a great love then.
I don't even know her.
Dear boy.
Have you never heard
of love at first sight?
Heard of, yes.
Believe in, no.
This has happened before then?
Only a handful of times
that I know of.
And not for a hundred years.
Very rare.
Exceedingly rare.
But then,
true love always is.
I said I don't love her.
I don't even know her.
We understand
you don't think you're in love,
but you're not the most
self-aware person.
Maybe you don't recognize it
because you've
never seen it before.
What do I do?
You must find her.
If it was a mistake,
you can
call your powers
back to you.
But if it is indeed
true love,
then you both must accept it
and allow it into your worlds
- risking everything.
- ( chimes tinkling )
Magic has been my whole life.
I don't know
what I'd do without it.
Don't worry about limits.
Just focus on your true feelings
and it will come.
We've tried looking for her.
We don't know
where else to look.
Go find the one who is wise
in the way of people.
We can't tell the council.
Not the council, Matthew.
( chimes tinkling )
Find the mortal who advises
other mortals.
The shrink.
Dear, the psychiatrist.
( sighs heavily )
Find the psychiatrist
as soon as you can.
( bell dings )
She wants you to see
a psychiatrist?
Because it's so easy to find
a good one on short notice.
See a shrink?
That's the advice?
Thanks, but no thanks.
Maybe it would help you
to speak to someone.
My friend Lacy
knows someone.
Someone who was at my party.
Someone who disappeared
halfway through the party.
- Sara.
- Yeah.
Hey, Lacy?
Yeah, it's Colin.
Yeah, yeah, good.
Did you say you have a friend
who was a psychiatrist?
Yes, Sara.
Look. I need to make
an appointment with her
for my friend.
- Mom, I'm so sorry.
- No, it really is for a friend.
I know how much
you wanted a wedding.
Oh, all I ever wanted
was for you to be happy.
Maybe this is the end
of your magic.
Maybe not.
But the world changes, Matt,
and I guess
we just have to learn
to change with it.
Lacy will get you
an appointment
for this afternoon.
I had to embellish a little,
tell her you were totally crazy.
Oh, well,
This afternoon?
We have the board meeting
about the acquisition.
We got it covered, Matt.
In fact, Colin is going
to come with me to the office
to explain things to his dad.
- I am?
- He is?
You are.
Happy to help.
Um, I have
an opening today at three.
What's his name?
Uh, Michael-- Matthew...
He's seriously cra-cra.
( both laugh )
Okay, no problem.
Just, uh, give him the address.
Are you available tonight?
Still in the mood
for some raw cookie dough?
I'm about to do
something drastic
and I'm meeting a friend.
Who? Drastic?
What is it?
I'll tell you about it later.
- I'm there.
- Okay.
( sighs )
( clears throat )
- ( swooshing )
- Hey, babe, what's up?
Is this important?
Yes, Alex.
We need to talk.
Really, Abby?
You get my own son
to go against me
and then Matt
doesn't even have the nerve
to be here for this vote.
Matt's under the weather, Jason,
and you know exactly
how he'd vote.
You know what,
I'm nobody's pawn, Dad.
I've looked through their books
and this is a good investment.
Well, I got a memo
from Craig this morning
saying it could go
either way!
He's wrong.
I see great potential here.
Worse case as far as I can tell
is breaking even,
and I think it's gonna be
far better than that.
Now, I'm not siding with Jason,
but tell me.
How can we succeed
when Just Juicery failed?
The same way we've succeeded
in our own business.
Their budgets
are sloppy and wasteful.
We're not.
Well, I for one
am ready to vote "Yes."
You said, "We."
Does that mean
you're officially coming back?
I may have been
a little hasty
running out on
the family business.
( laughs )
What is it?
What's wrong with you?
- You know who he
reminds me of.
- Why-- why do you...
( chimes tinkling )
( laughs )
Sugar, um...
You make tea
for all your patients?
Here are the ground rules.
You can tell me anything.
This is a safe space.
No judgment.
Isn't it your job to judge?
Not judge.
( swooshing )
Ugh! Ah!
Let me take that.
Do you need me to wipe...?
No-- um...
Hot. Okay.
Yeah, here.
Give it to me.
Oh, I know it's hot.
It's definitely, um...
It's very hot.
Um, I'll just clean it off.
( swooshing )
Um, you know,
it's clean.
It looks totally,
totally clean.
Thank you.
( sighs )
I'm guessing you've had a,
uh, interesting couple days.
I don't know
what you're talking about.
You said this is
a safe space, right?
That, uh, magic,
your magic?
It's mine.
Well, at least it used to be.
( laughing )
Your magic.
You have magical powers.
What are you--
what are you,
like a--
like a witch?
A warlock, actually.
With magical powers.
Till I kissed you.
And now,
I can't seem to do anything.
So, smoothies.
They really do cure colds.
Among other things.
This is so weird.
Why me?
It's complicated.
Does your fiance know?
I mean,
maybe she can give you
some of her magic.
We're not supposed to be able to
transfer abilities.
It's very rare.
And, I don't have
a fiance anymore.
I don't have an Alex...
So I--
I can't just touch you
and-- and give you
your magic back?
Because I would.
I would give it...
No, I would love
for you to touch me,
but I'm--
I'm kind of afraid.
- Yeah, I get it.
- Yeah.
So what do we do?
I know this is gonna
sound strange...
coming from a grown man.
But I think
we should call my mother.
( ring tone sounding )
Yes, of course, sweetheart.
I'll be right there.
What's wrong?
Uh, Matt's bringing Sara
to the house.
- Oh.
- Do you need help?
I think it's best to limit
exposure to the girl,
at least for the moment.
Well, call me
as soon as you can.
Well, I think we should go
to my office.
I could use a little support
talking to my parents.
Oh, hi. Come on in.
- Hello.
- Hey, darling.
Hi, Mom. Dad.
- Yes...
- Is something
the matter?
Oh... well...
I think...
You should have a drink.
Is this
about the wedding?
There isn't going
to be a wedding.
Ahem. What?
- Well...
- Well... ( giggles )
Not... this Saturday.
Or to...
Matt Andover.
Okay, so we're
just gonna go.
( sighs )
- Should probably have this one
as well...
- Yep.
( Abby chanting incantation )
What is your mom doing?
a protection spell.
This might work better
if we were all focused
and not flirting.
- Sorry.
- Yeah, sorry.
Okay. Hopefully
we don't blow up the house...
I want you
to both raise one hand.
Now very gently...
Press your hands together.
( fizzes )
Are you all right?
Anybody in pain?
I'm good.
I'm perfect.
I don't remember
saying to kiss.
Try to use
your powers, Matt.
Oh, thank God.
( sighs )
Here, I want
you try something.
- Here.
- I thought...
I returned your powers
to you.
I just have a feeling...
Go on, take it.
How is this possible?
You're an aorist.
You gain the powers
of those closest to you.
It's very rare magic.
You have
your own magic now.
Will it go away?
I don't think so.
Should be easy
to control now.
Thank goodness for that.
I've already broken
almost every dish I own.
( laughs )
That makes two of us.
If you were getting
married this weekend,
we could have a whole
new set of dishes.
( laughs )
This is better.
It's gonna take
some getting used to,
being able
to move things around.
( both laugh )
- So crazy.
- It's much more
than that.
You can change moods,
sometimes the weather.
You can even read
people's minds.
Mmm, I don't know that I want
to read people's minds.
Well, you say that now...
It is discouraged,
( laughs )
what happens next
with us?
Anything we want.
- Sara: Okay.
- Matt: Oh, come on now
keep it G-rated, guys.
Oh, God, sorry.
So not sorry.
( all laugh )
And this is Sara.
It's really nice
to meet you.
I've gotta ask...
on a normal people scale...
what kind of holiday
is Halloween to you?
Is it like Christmas?
- Or Easter?
- Fourth of July.
- Oh.
- Me, it's Thanksgiving.
- Yeah...
- Fireworks and 17 courses
of food.
Well... that's
my ideal holiday.
Our generation
is still working out the menu.
Well, at least
we have candy corn.
Well, and eyeballs
in our soup.
- ( laughs )
- Eww!
Trick or treat!
( chattering )
What if the council
doesn't like me?
What if they erase my memory?
They're going
to love you.
It would be irresponsible
to erase your memory.
With your new powers
you could wake up tomorrow
and accidentally
blow something up.
I'm being serious.
Your family can trace
it's lineage back before
the Mayflower.
My family is like from...
everywhere you can possibly
be from.
You have more power
than most of these
witches here.
You'll be great.
Come on.
Oh, hi.
I mean,
I just hope...
now that I've rejoined
the company.
I hope that you can be
a little less combative
with the Andovers.
You know they just want
what's best for the company.
Just like everybody else.
It wasn't about
the Andovers or the expansion.
I was just feeling
like I just lost you
and now I might be
losing the company, too.
Dad, you're not
losing anything.
- I'm... I'm right here.
- I know.
And now that you're marrying
Lizzy Paris,
we'll have
a majority vote.
- Dad, stop it.
- I know. What?
I'm kidding.
Can't tell you
how happy we are
that you two
are together.
- Lizzy.
- Me too.
Me three.
Um... cheers!
Cheers indeed.
You need meet my future
Oh well, they're not
engaged yet.
But it's...
it's any day now.
I don't wanna.
She's an aorist.
Did you hear that?
I've never
actually met one.
You think she'd be willing
to join the council?
I can't imagine why not.
( cackles )
- If you don't mind...
- Yeah.
- Excuse us.
- It's so nice to meet you.
- ( Sara giggles )
- Matt: Okay.
- Let's dance.
- Yeah.
Do you think
they liked me?
( giggles )
Yes, they loved you.
( laughing )
I still don't know how
to explain all of this,
I mean, literally.
It's not like
I can tell people.
Well, you're gonna
get used to it.
When it comes to your family,
we'll just...
be careful
with our abilities.
Now when it comes
to kids,
they have a tougher time
learning about their powers.
Kids, huh?
Well, if I were you,
I would start planning
our first date.
Before any kids.
I could do that.
all this happened
because we kissed.
What happens
if we kiss again?
Let's find out.
I never believed in
Fairy tales
or storybook dreams
Glass slippers,
Prince Charming
Never existed to me
But now that I found you
Nothing appears as it seems
This must be some
Kind of magic
'Cause I never been in love
Until now
Cast your spell
I'm enchanted
Kind of feels like
You're working the plans
This must be
Some kind
Of magic