You Don't Know Jack (2010) Movie Script

You Don't Know Jack
Man: You know, she
had that same look
Of agony on her face,
Just like mother.
The same one mother
had, you know?
- Woman: Yeah.
- Man: You bore witness to it.
Awful waiting.
She was
struggling to die.
Yeah, well, it's not
living, you know.
- Woman: No.
- t's not being alive.
You know, they started doing
this in europe already,
But not here.
- Really?
- Yeah.
- Holland.
- Holland.
Never here.
Way too puritanical here.
I don't know why I didn't
think of this sooner.
I was limiting myself.
It'll be your own field
of specialty, jack.
You're gonna need some
business cards, you know?
We'll be swinging
singles again,
Just like when
we were in our prime.
Remember those two
nurses we were dating?
Two nurses?
Oh, that was me, not you.
Scratch that.
You know, you could
grab a box, jack.
- t wouldn't hurt you.
- Well, I'll get the door
Then I'll-
I'll come back out.
Yeah, the best thing about
living in my storage room...
( sniffs )
ain't bad...
It's a short commute.
( sniffs )
ain't bad.
- ( engine stops ) -
( car door opens )
You left
your varsity jacket,
Your grandmother's afghan and
your nose hair clippers.
That's the last time I'm cleaning
up after you, neal nicol.
Hi, jack.
- remember her being much
happier at your wedding.
- Ante up.
- Yes, dear.
- ( coins rattle )
- 'm in.
Oh, by the way,
neal, mazel tov.
You're gonna bean ex here soon.
How's it feel?
Like losing 138 lbs
without having to diet.
( guys laugh )
Obitiatry, stan.
The doctoring of death.
in suicide clinics?
Really? 'm a doctor.
You want me exiled to boca raton?
Come on. Come on.
Planned death is gaining acceptance
All over the world.
Why not here?
Can we, for christ's sakes,
just play cards, please?
Because you can't put those
decisions in the hands of patients.
Well, whose hands are
we gonna put'em in?
Doctoring's a healing profession.
I can't even...
a death profession too.
Medicine, medicide.
- Cards, stan?
- Uh, three.
That's 10 in a row.
That's 10 in a row he folds.
You know you're allowed
to bluff once in a while.
- don't bluff.
- The guy is a study in pure non-fiction.
- Let him alone.
- Yeah.
You know I love you, jack, but most of
your colleagues think you're a nut.
Remember they used to call you
the "screwball pathologist"?
Would you save me the schpilkes and
stay retired for crying out loud?
I'm not retired.
Retired means one is
no longer occupied
With one's profession.
I may be unemployed,
but I am occupied.
- Stan: Eight.
- King high. It's yours.
- And it's your deal.
- know it.
- What?
- My- My hands are grea.
- With what?
- have pizza fingers.
- Pizza fingers?
- You ever hear of them?
Woman on tv: At the oak hill
care center in farmington hills
Where david rivlin, a
38-year old quadriplegic
Who's been confined
here for three years,
Has asked to be taken
off of life support.
The michigan courts have
yet to make a decision.
Mr. Vlin, who sustained
a spinal cord injury
During a body-surfing accident
almost 20 years ago,
Tried desperately
to live on his own
Until the cost of live-in aides
became too much for him.
The state would only
offer rivlin...
- ( cartoon music playing
) - ( screeches )
( phone ringing )
- Yeah?
- Woman: Turn on channel 7.
No, I'm-
I'm watching sylvester.
- Hurry up. - t's the one
where he chases the frog.
- Do it now.
- Why?
You see this man?
He's being kept alive against his wishes.
Jack: Oh, yeah.
Oh, margo.
- Margo.
- Yeah?
Look what we got here.
A veritable gold mine.
Here, look.
- ( clatters ) - Oh, excuse me.
I'm sorry.
- That's all right.
- t's a veritable plethora.
- Look at all this stuff.
- Woman: Yeah, it's real metal.
- These things too?
- Margo.
What does this have to do with Mr.
- What is that?
All right. - Okay?
- That's a motor.
- Margo: Whatever.
- What else?
- think...
- You wa those bolts?
- Let's take the whole shebang.
- Okay. Okay, is this it?
- 'll give you the whole thing for $15.
How's about $10?
You know, this is
what you do it for,
To be able to put your
stamp on medical history.
A word to the wise: Be careful
where that shit'll kill you.
( hands clasp )
Thanks, neal.
AA I'll be home for christmas...
"today we have some...
What we're doing here today
Is groundbreaking.
It will- t's gr-"
You know a better word
for "groundbreaking"?
Why don't you try
to relax, jack?
I mean, he asked to see you, so
you could make him understand.
- Oh, for god's sakes.
- t's just a demonstration.
So I should go in there and
not say anything, baby?
- s that better?
- didn't say that.
Just stand there, look at
him and do a mime show?
He wants to understand
how you're going
- To help him end his life.
- know why we're going to see him, margo.
I'm asking if you know another
word for "groundbreaking."
- ( dings ) - So I'm
hearing different things.
I have a source that says the
oakland county prosecutor
- s gonna intervene.
- Woman: Seriousl Mr. Lessenberry,
They do not pay me
nearly enough money
To comment
on local politics.
I understand that.
I'm not asking you to comment on politics.
I'm asking you if you've
had any communication
With the prosecutor's office.
Woman: We are a hospital.
We provide medical care.
( heart monitor
beeping slowly )
Jack: My mercitron
machine, david.
I built it
just for you.
You see...
We have a monumental
opportunity here, david,
To not only...
End your own suffering
But to give
your death a meaning.
By providing your organs
To more useful citizens,
You will be
benefitting society...
Just so you know,
We're gonna offer them up
On a first-come-
first-serve basis.
( clears throat )
I don't know
if you know this,
But I cannot give you
the injection myself.
It's illegal.
But you can release
these solutions
On your own.
The saline drip is gonna
Activate the thiopental.
This is gonna
put you to sleep
And set off this timer.
You'll fall
into a deep coma
As the lethal dose of
potassium chloride
Stops your heart.
Uh, I know you have
no motor skills,
So I added this.
You can move you head
slightly side to side.
Don't do it now, but
I'm gonna place this
Between your teeth.
Put it in
and move your head.
Very simple- Move
your head side to side
Just a little bit
and it goes.
- The time comes, you just let
your teeth do all the work.
- ( alarm beeping ) -
this is outrageous.
- Jack: No it's not.
- Get that thing out of here now.
- He's just receiving new information...
- Jack.
...So he's bound to react.
Just give him a chance to calm himself.
Could you just give him a
chance to calm himself?
Please leave immediately
of I'll call security
And have you thrown out.
- Please leave.
- 'm sorry, david.
I don't need
your security.
- Certainly don't need that.
- Get it out of here.
David, I'm sorry
for this upset.
Doctor, please.
- 'm sorry.
- Man: And take that thing with you.
Lessenberry: It took a
couple more months,
But the doctors finally did allow him
to be taken off of life support.
And what
a brutal way he went.
- Brutal? - Brutal.
Think about it.
Is it really any different
than what the germans did
- n nazi germany?
- Whoa whoa whoa whoa.
- Hmm?
- Do you want me to print that?
- Print what you want.
- We're talking about hospitals,
- Not nazis.
- Well, they do the same thing...
Starving people to death.
They cut off their feeding
And their water
and they let them die.
And it's all legal.
The United States supreme
court has validated
The nazi method
of execution.
( lessenberry laughs
) excuse me.
You- You obviously don't
approve of the current method.
No, I don't.
Do you?
Starving people to death?
No, I don't think so.
It's inhumane.
If a person's
allowed to die,
Then you inject them-
painlessly, quickly.
You don't let them
wither away.
It's inconceivable.
It's unspeakable.
What would you charge
for this procedure?
You don't charge people
For mething like this, Mr.
What's wrong with you?
You- You've really got
some story here, doc.
Don't be surprised if this
gets picked up nationally.
Is your turkey okay?
I don't like fat.
( knocks on door )
Selfish bastard.
You hog all the ink in
the detroit papers,
Now you're in "newsweek"
And there's
nothing about me.
- Oh.
- What about me?
Look at this.
"blunt and feisty, he's
the first american doctor
To advocate
physician-assisted suicide."
They're gonna have to
take me seriously now.
- You're not a local quack anymore.
- No no.
- You're america's quack.
- America's quack!
- ( laughs )
- Look at this.
You earned it.
- Neal, congratulations.
- "newsweek" magazine.
So how are
we gonna celebrate?
Uh, you want
a glass of water?
- Yeah, that'd be great.
- Great!
Jack: So when were
you first diagnosed
With alzheimer's, mrs.
Mrs. Adkins: About a
year ago I think.
It was
three years ago now.
And what did your doctor say
- When he told you?
- Well, it was like a bomb.
He said
she had alzheimer's
And it'd come to a point
Where she wouldn't
be able to...
( cries )
( exhales deeply )
- There is-- - ...D
ress herself.
She wouldn't be able
to take a bath.
Jack: What-- what are some of
the other fears you have?
That I wouldn't know
that this is my husband
And my children,
Or "who am I?
Jack: You're sensing
the loss of things.
Loss loss
loss loss loss.
So let's talk
about that if you could.
What happened today,
for instance?
- What happened today? - You tell me.
I don't even know what happened today.
She went out
into the yard and then--
What I could see was
She stood there
in the yard
And I could see
from behind her
That she didn't know
where she was.
She didn't know
to turn around,
That was the bacdoor
of the hwuse.
She didn't know that that was the
gate to go out to the street.
She just-- she didn't
know what to do.
I don't remember.
Jack on tv: When I
talked to your doctor--
First of all, he would
hardly speak with me.
But when he did,
What your doctor was trying
to communicate to me
Was that you're not
imminently terminal.
- Do you understand?
- Yes, I--I-- I understand.
- And I understand-- - margo:
Should I make some tea for us?
- Jack?
- Thats frightening.
- Jack, do you want some tea?
- If I don't make this decision right now,
I'll never be able to.
Margo, I don't know
what we're doing.
Look at her.
Look at her.
She looks well to me.
She looks
quite capable, no?
She's not
the right one.
But she has the right.
As a patient,
It's her choice.
I refuse to die
a slow death.
Margo: Come on, jack.
You know how things are gonna be perceived.
- I don't care.
- The media's gonna all over it.
- I know. - You're gonna
have to tell her yes.
- I know.
- You have to be strategic.
Margo, what do we
care about the media?
Who cares?
Sometimes in life
There are strategies
that you have to take,
Because we have to be very
careful about our purpose.
- Our purpose is important.
- Well, what about her?!
Who cares
what people think?
It's what
my patient feels.
She doesn't know each day
what she's gonna find
When she looks
in the mirror.
She doesn't know if she's gonna
see herself there anymore.
This is her terror.
This is what she goes through,
day in and day out.
The terror of being...
- Jack.
- She's running out of time.
I understand that.
Look at me.
If it was me,
if I was her,
If I was in the same
situation, would you do it?
- You, margo?
- Yes, me, margo.
- Would you do it for me?
- Of course I'd do it. Yes
- You would do it?
You know that? - Sure.
If I saw the same look of
determination in your eyes
As I saw in hers,
of course I'd do it.
No question about it.
My own sister--
in truth, I'd do it.
- You'd do it?
- Mm-hmm.
That's your answer.
Yeah, I know.
I just wanted to work
this through, you know?
Just go through
the variables.
- Mrs. Adkins: "who am I?
" - jack on tv: And you're aware of your decision?
- Mrs. Adkins: Yes.
- Let 'em come after me.
Let 'em come after
a real physician.
Mrs. Adkins: ...
The end of my life.
I think I'm gonna make
us some tea right now.
Make it strong,
will you?
- Margo: Yeah. - Jack on tv: ...
The word for "the end of life."
- Death.
- Margo: By the way...
Jack on tv: This
is what you wish?
- Yes. Yes, I do. - ...
Where are we gonna do this?
Woman: Some people think we
brew up poisonous potions
Like witches
from gallows hill.
Others think it's "take
two hemlock pills
And meet your maker
in the morning."
Well, surprise surprise--
There's no such thing
as a hemlock pill.
We offer assistance
And advanced directives,
S-- "do not resuscitate"--
Wills, hospice care,
But we do not
dispense drugs,
We do not pull plugs.
We started this chapter
because we believe
That to each person, their
own way of death...
With dignity.
Oh, miss good,
I can carry
that for you.
That would've been nice, dr.
But it's a little late
now, don't you think?
And it's "missus.
- Missus?
- Yup.
So-- so you know
who I am?
What do I look like,
June cleaver?
What can
I do for you?
Well, uh...
I, umm--
I have
my first patient,
- But what I don't have...
- Is a place.
- Yes. - And you'd
like to use my home?
- ( engine starts )
- well, no.
I thought
you would know a place,
But if I could use your home,
that would be just fine.
- Sure. - Well, if you're
gonna come to my home,
You're gonna have to
dress more cheerfully.
( clacks )
If you've never actually
tested that before,
How do you know
it's gonna work?
Because I made it.
I wish you had a stronger
argument than that.
( chuckles )
Hey, whatever I can do to lend
a hand tomorrow, let me know.
Oh, on this one, neal,
This first one,
I want it
to be me and margo.
- Just us.
- ( phone ringing )
Am I hearing a phone
Or is it my...?
I've gotta remember to
install one by the couch.
Your house.
Dr. Kevorkian's.
This is debby.
Oh, hang on,
miss good.
Janet good.
- Ooh, there we go.
- Hey, janet.
Janet: I don't know how to say
this, so I'm just gonna say it.
I'm sorry.
I know it's the last minute,
But my husband ray-- he's
a retired police captain
And he feels
very strongly
That we can't use
our house.
- He feels that it would put us at risk.
- Jack: Are you kidding me?
Lady, are you kidding me?
I've got margo
at the airport
Picking these
people up as we speak.
- You can't do this to me.
- Oh. Yeah, well,
I could make
some other suggestions.
There's nothing further to
be gained by talking to you.
What now?
Call the whole thing off?
- ( grunts )
- although...
( phone clicks )
( insects buzzing )
I hope she like parks
and volkswagens.
( sighs )
Mr. Adkins: Jack's made
all the arrangements
Mrs. Adkins: Mm-hmm.
Margo's going to
Take me
to the airport shortly.
It's best for me
to go home,
Should anything happen
with the police later on.
Jack: Okay.
( beeping )
Mrs. Adkins: Our gardener
comes on Thursday.
He's going
to plant marigolds.
Marigolds protect
the garden.
It's not too late, my dear.
You know?
We can stop right now.
You wouldn't offend me.
Do you understand?
You wouldn't offend me.
Tell me when
to flip the switch.
- Whenever you're--
- ( clicks )
Adkins: Mmm.
Thank you.
( flatlines )
Jack: "when a patient
in agony dies,
Then a doctor's true
calling implies
One should do what is best,
at the patient's request,
For humane, quick and
painless demise."
- ( camera clicking ) - (
police radio chatter )
( siren blares )
( door opens )
I told you
they couldn't keep me.
- Margo: Come in, come in.
- They've got nothing to charge me on.
All right.
All right.
Man: Has he no regard for
the sanctity of life?
How dare he call
himself a doctor?
What can we charge him with?
The medical examiner said
He had no choice but
to rule it a suicide.
I just can't stop
thinking about yesterday,
How it all went.
I guess somehow I just
thought the whole thing
Would be nicer.
Could be nicer?
- Yeah.
- How, "nicer"?
Does this look like
compassion to you, david?
He kills a woman and he
calls it compassion?
- ( silverware clatters ) - jack: If
this guy thompson wants to arrest me,
Let him arrest me.
I don't care.
I'm not a busy man,
you know.
Margo: We have to
get you a lawyer.
- I don't want a lawyer.
- ( sighs )
Jack, they're threatening to
bring you up on murder charges.
- You need a lawyer.
- I don't know any lawyers.
There's this one guy I
see on tv all the time.
You're gonna get him.
He does these
Medical malpractice
Is that a new wig?
It's rum raisin.
I think it makes me look
a little more fetching.
What do you think?
Is that silly?
I don't know.
I-- I don't know.
I don't understand wigs,
but that's just me.
One day, you know, I'm
going to turn around--
Girls, I don't think the
good doctor sways to fancy.
- Hide the perrier.
- ( giggles )
- This way.
- How good can this guy be
If there's
no elevators?
Let me tell you something
about dick thompson.
He may be a card-carrying
member of the religious right,
But he doesn't have a pot to piss
in, charging jack with murder.
He didn't kill anyone.
Nullum crimen, nulla
poena sine lege.
- "no crime..." - "...
No punishment without law."
- Man: Yeah.
- The man knows his latin.
( chuckles ) I also know
mcnally, the district judge,
And no way in hell is he
gonna let this move forward.
But understand, these
extremists will do
Everything under the sun to
stop you from doing this again.
They have no recourse
to stop me.
Did you videotape your
conversations with janet adkins?
- Yeah.
- Yes, I did.
- Why? - Good.
Well, you see, courtrooms
are theaters of conscience.
If we show your patients
pleading for your help,
If we lay out the gut-wrenching
emotions of it all,
That's your
golden ticket.
No jury will convict you
with me at your side.
- I simply do not lose.
( chuckles ) - ( chuckles )
He's a wolverine.
- Wow.
- Yeah, I was a theater major.
I did an unforgettable
giles corey
In "the crucible"
senior year.
My mother ill has the
reviews in her pocket.
- Really?
- Man: Yeah.
- I can't afford to pay you.
- Man: Oh, you don't have to pay me.
I'll do it for free.
Let them keep trying to
prove this is a crime,
And we'll keep proving
it's a civil rights issue.
So that do you think?
She's a good judge
of character.
That's a wig
she's wearing.
- Oh.
- Rum raisin.
- Jack.
( laughs ) - I like it.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Jack: The-- "the
morning drive show"?
Lessenberry: Yeah, he wanted me to ask
you if you'd come on as a guest.
It's on 6:00 to 10:00 in the morning.
It's got a big audience.
You know, people driving
to work listen to it.
He keeps it pretty light.
Well, I never heard of it,ord.
But I'll do it, sure.
black, white, red, brown,
feel the vibration...
Man: Good morning, everybody.
This is "the bob bender show,"
"the morning drive show.
" today it's a special edition--
It's "the morning die show," because of
my special guest, dr. Jack kevorkian.
He's a local boy from
here in "de-troit."
You might know him better as dr.
I like to say he is the last
doctor you will ever need.
I actually heard somebody refer to you as dr.
Frankenstein the other day
Because of your rather active
organ-procurement program.
Well, I'm gonna take
that as a compliment,
Because anyone who's read
the story of frankenstein
Knows that he was
a benevolent man
And it was society who
made the monster bad.
Bob: Well, I find it
impossible to believe,
But our lines are lighting
up and my producer tells me
40% to 50% of our callers
say "heyyou're right."
So maybe I shouldn't go on.
Let's quit while I'm ahead.
- Well, don't die on me now, doc.
- No no no.
Sorry, I had to say that.
Tell me a little bit about your mercitron,
- Something I hope the-- - see?
He's doing good.
- Yeah.
- Sharp as a tack.
Jack over radio: It's good that
people realize what's at stake here.
I me,
self-determination is
A basic human right
And everyone
should have it.
By flipping the switch
on your suicide machine,
- Kind of like hitting this button here.
- ( button clicks )
Well, sure,
or carbon monoxide,
Which actually is a
quicker procedure.
And I can assure you
as a pathologist
Gas inhalation always
leaves the deceased
With a rosy,
colorful afterglow.
Bob: Well, hopefully our
listeners aren't listening
In their garages this morning.
If they are, open the door.
( evil laugh ) we're getting
rather ghoulish here
At 7:55 in the morning.
You are live with bob bender
And I hesitate
to say "ve," doctor,
Because we're talking death with dr.
And if you want to end it, call dr.
- That's k-e-v-o-r-k-I-a-n.
- Jack: This is not an ad.
I just don't want to give
the wrong impression.
I am not here advertising.
I'm-- I'm--
( tools clinking )
- Hi, there.
- ( ratchet clicks )
Oh, no.
Not you, lady.
- Oh, stop it. Stop it.
- Stay away from me, lady.
I don't bite.
I'm sorry I backed out on you that way,
But that's water under the bridge.
I think we need to have a conversation.
- Water under the bridge?
- Yeah.
I ended up using my v.
W. Van in the park.
Water under the bridge?
That was very
resourceful of you.
- Oh, thank you. - I know that you're
upset, but you have to let it go.
We need to have
a bigger conversation.
And that's
a much better sweater.
It's more cheerful.
( knife clinking )
Jack: You know, I don't get
many visitors up here,
Women especially.
With your charms,
I'm shoed.
I hope you like it.
- I made it just for you.
- Thank you.
You know, doc, you
have to stop pushing
For organ donations.
It'd be better if you just
focused on one thing at a time.
That sounds like
it comes straight ou
Of the old
hemlock society playbook.
I'm the first to admit
hemlock has its faults.
That's why I'm here.
That's why I agree
That it should be self-determination
without compromise.
And for the record,
I also agree
That "terminally ill"
is an undefinable term.
So I say establish
your criteria--
You know, multiple doctor
examinations, psych assessments--
Make sure that all physical
treatments have been exhausted
And maybe the blessing of a
priest or a rabbi would be good.
Funny. My mom used to make these
for us, only with a pickle
And no crusts.
Sorry about the crust.
I usually cut them off,
But somehow I thought
you'd like crust.
She was tortured in a nursing
home till the day she died--
Mind gone, bed sores the
size of dinner plates.
If you looked in them,
you could see her spine.
Who was it for you?
Your mother?
Your father?
I don't see any pictures
anywhere of anybody.
You know, maybe you're right,
what you said before.
One thing at a time.
Fair enough.
So, umm...
I was snooping around
a little bit.
- Oh yeah.
- Can you tell me
About marjorie wantz
and sherry miller?
Sure. Ms.
Miller has m.S.
And she's had it
for a decade.
She has hardly a
motor skill left.
Her husband took off a month
after the diagnosis.
And we've got mrs.
Wantz who has severe pelvic pain.
She's had 10 operations,
all for naught.
The pain's completely
I've thought
about it a long time.
A long time.
Yeah, I have,
And I have no qualms
About my decision.
I could do it tonight.
What is it you want?
- Put it in plain english.
- Yeah, I want-- I want to die.
- Jack: That's plain enough.
- Yup. Yup.
You don't wanna have one more
thanksgiving with your kids?
No no no.
I just want it
over quick.
I have no fear.
I have tried, myself,
Three different times and
I have not succeeded.
I tried it,
as you know, with the car.
- Mm-hmm.
- I put the hose on the exhaust
And into the window.
I stayed in the car
over three hours
And I tried it three times.
Nothing happened.
I get a half hour, an
hour sleep at night
With all the pills and
slping pills I take.
And it's--
when you've got no quality
Of life left,
It's-- no.
No more.
If I do one of you,
There's a chance they'll
send me to jail.
I won't be able
to dthe other.
( police radio chatter )
- ( siren blaring ) -
( car door opens )
It's right there.
( camera clicking )
What's going on here, huh?
They're dead.
Wait till you see this.
- ( men chattering )
- excuse me.
- Man #2: Excuse me.
- ( camera clicking )
Two at a time now.
What's next,
a baker's dozen?
- Right this way.
- Don't touch that.
Jack: I'm gonna say all you
did was drive me up here.
Neal: As long as they don't
put us in the same cell,
- I'm fine.
- Jack: You should be so lucky.
No no no no no.
Sir, it's just him we want.
Dr. Jack kevorkian has been
involved in a double suicide
At the bald mountain recreation
area up near lake orion.
We're trying
to get in touch
With our correspondent
up at the scene there
About 40 miles
north of detroit.
Details are sketchy.
- Again, it appears that dr.
Jack kevorkian... - Neal: Fieger!
...Has indeed assisted a
double suicide this evening.
- Woman: Here we go.
- We're going to go live to the scene now
- And stay on the story.
- Man: Bobby!
Where's jack?
- Man #2: Can you comment
on-- - this is ridiculous.
It's absurd.
No crime has been committed.
Release him.
Release him now.
Man #3:
Everybody settle down.
- ( people chattering ) -
fieger: Is this live?
- Dr. Kevorkian!
- This better be live.
- Can we get your statement, sir?
- Two very sick
But wonderful women died here
tonight by their own choosing.
Kevorkian was only acting out
As-- as--
as their physician.
He did not force anyone
to come up here.
Mr. Thompson, if
you're watching,
Have the gall to charge dr.
Kevorkian tonight.
Bring it on!
Do it tonight!
Reporters: Mr. Fieger! Mr.
Fieger! Dr. Kevorkian!
( softly ) don't let
them do this to me.
( softly ) this is how you
play the media, jack.
Get ready to become the most
famous doctor in the country.
Isn't this murder?
Would you care
To comment on the religious
aspects of this?
Woman: What were they
suffering from?
( silent )
I need you to do your job, dr.
So I can do mine.
Science itself gives us no
arguments, mr. Thompson.
Man: That's the way
you're gonna do it.
Jack: I told you I'm not
gonna touch your food.
It would be an admission
of guilt, you know?
I can go for weeks
without food,
- Like ghandi. - Fieger: You're
looking worse than ghandi, jack.
- Jack: Yeah.
- You look like one of your patients.
It's been three days.
Come on.
I'm not moving.
I'm not paying that bond.
You don't have to.
I did.
- Come on, let's go.
- Jack: You didn't.
You paid my bail?
Yeah, I bailed you out.
Let's go.
What kind of lawyer
does that?
What the matter
with you, geoff?
Don't you see I'm denying
myself nourishment?
I'm-- I'm--
I'm starving to death
For three days
to make a point.
- I get it. I get it.
- This is a protest.
They violated my rights.
You're not supposed
to bail me out.
It defeats the purpose.
Oh, I should fire you,
you know?
We're facing an indictment
on wantz and miller.
- Oh.
- Here.
What's this?
This is full of fat and sugar.
Are you trying to kill me?
Just eat
the fucking pie, jack.
- ( groans ) - (
phone ringing )
Oh, and another thing--
The state revoked
your medical license.
Good. They took away
my career years ago.
It didn't stop me,
did it?
Yeah, ll, it stops suppliers from
providing you with your poisons.
That's what
I've got neal for.
Where the hell
are you going?
Well, come on,
I'll give you a ride.
- My car's up here.
- No, I need the exercise.
I need to get
the blood flowing.
We've got an offer
to fly to new york
To do
the barbara walters show.
Well, if barbara walters
wants me badly enough,
She knows where
to find me.
Don't make this
complicated, jack.
- Can't it.
- This is important.
One too many passenger
rides in a f-86 sabre
When I was
stationed in seoul.
Flying scares the daylights
out of me, geoff.
Nighty night!
( classical score playing )
Barbara walters: Doctor,
let me be frank.
You're aware that people
think you are a ghoul?
It's emotionalism.
When heart transplants
first started,
There was the same
prevalent feeling,
Even among doctors,
that it was wrong.
It was contrary
to god's will,
Contrary to nature.
Isn't it
ghoulish to rip
A person's chest open
And take out a heart,
Or a bypass opation?
Ether is
the same thing.
You have ether, been
around for centuries--
It wasn't used,
Not till 1846.
It was discovered in
1543, and before that
Everybody was being operated
on while they were awake!
Surgeons were cutting them
open while they were awake.
Did you know that, geoff?
- No. - Oh, yes.
And you know why it was banned?
Because of religious dogma.
of the foolish notion
That there's a god almighty
who wills us to suffer.
Do you turn
patients down?
I turn-- 97% to 98%
Of the patients who contact
me, I turn them down.
Should there be
second opinions?
Always a second opinion.
A third opinion. ( chuckles )
- But there wasn't in your case.
- No, there wasn't,
Because no one
cooperates with me.
What do you say
to people who say,
"dr. Kevorkian, you
are playing god"?
I say to them,
"so what?
" ( chuckles )
When a doctor gives you a
pill, he's playing god
Because he's interfering
with your natural process.
All doctors believe
they're god.
They shouldn't,
but they do.
But I prefer that
than the doctors
Who are more interested
in their stock portfolios
Than they are
in their patients.
( chatting )
Did you see the way
she looked at you?
She probably thought
I was unattainable.
She was very smitten.
- ( chuckles ) - I knew I
should've called her barbara.
- Coffee?
- Yeah.
- Decaf?
- No no, decaf's for cowards.
Thompson: The autopsy proved that mrs.
Wantz had
No anatomical evidence of
disease in her entire body.
It was all in her head
and he knows it.
And mrs. Miller, although
she had a terrible disease,
Could have lived
for many years
If she had been more willing to
participate in her own care.
Ah. So you're a doctor too now, dick?
( chuckles )
Your honor,
there isn't one iota,
One scintilla, one
speck of evidence
That he murdered marjorie
wantz or sherry miller.
This is all part of your
puritanical persecution
- Of dr. Kevorkian. - Enough.
I've reviewed the indictment.
I'm dismissing
the charges.
The act of assisting a suicide
is not a criminal act
to our current laws.
But without a medical license,
he cannot dispense medication,
- So don't do anything stupid.
- He won't, your honor.
I'm gonna kick your ass
till my legs fall off.
It was a clear victory
for the most important
Civil rights issue
of our time.
So you're obviously not happy
with the judge's decision.
- Where do you go from here?
- Governor engler needs to push a ban through
The state legislature--
something, anything--
Unless you want
michigan to become
The suicide capital
of the world.
Lessenberry: Michigan
residents, by a 5:1 margin
Said that they'd acquit him of
murder if they were on a jury
And over 70% believe that
doctors should be able allowed
To help a terminally-ill
patient commit suicide.
( van door closes )
I'm a deeply religious man, mr.
And what kevorkian proposes goes
against every fiber of my being.
- If this were accepted...
- Room service.
...How on god's green earth
would we prevent abuse?
Neal: Nobody here ordered
any room service!
- Jack: Who is this? Hello?
- Man: Open the door.
- Who is this? - Man: It's the police, jack.
We know you're in there.
- Jack: What is this? - Get out of the way.
Get out of the way.
- Don't you push me, sir.
- Where is it, jack?
Nothing is going on here.
We're just talking.
- Man #2: Where are you folks from?
- California.
- Nothing illegal is going on.
- Why are you harassing us? We're not criminals!
- You don't have to say a word.
- What's in the case?
Thompson: I know that too
many sick people lack access
To care and support, too many families
are saddled with medical expenses,
But if this were legalized, it could
lead to cost- containment strategies.
- We're here to prevent a suicide.
- We came to save your life.
- Check this out.
- Who the hell asked you to?
- Who the hell ask you?
- I'm sorry, isabel.
Where is the suicide poisons?
Where do you keep them?
- Don't they have to have a search warrant?
- A srch warrant?
This is not the world I
raised my three boys in.
It's not a world
I'd recognize.
"not a world
I would recognize"?
What is this dick
thompson bullshit?
Lessenberry: I believe
it's called journalism.
Both sides deserve
a voice, geoff.
Well, fuck that
and fuck you!
You think you're hot shit because "the
new york times" is printing you?
Look. There's only one
side to this story-- ours.
Don't let me cut off
your access to jack.
( distant siren )
( police radio chatter )
I feel
for our patients.
- They deserve better.
- Neal: Yeah.
Jack: Someone like isabel,
she deserves respect.
What are we doing
sneaking around
Like we're thieves?
What is that?
- We're the good guys.
- Yeah.
They bust down
the motel door
With crowbars and guns
Like we're-- we're some
chicago bootleggers.
We have to hide 'em
in places like this.
We have to
handle these things
In the backs of vans in
the middle of the night,
Drop bodies off
In emergency room
parking lots.
We're not criminals.
We're not criminals.
The criminals are those who
are trying to stop us.
Those are the ones that
should be ashamed.
Woman over radio: 0-1-5-0-6,
saginaw motel.
saginaw motel.
Reported assisted suicide.
Dr. Jack kevorkian.
This may count as loitering.
We shouldn't be out here too
long without an attorney.
- Let's go.
- Yup.
Woman over radio:
0-6-1-1-9, 0-6-1-1-9,
- Suspect not on premises.
- ( radio chatter continues )
- Female, late 50s.
- Woman #2: 7-8-5, no resident here.
Woman #3:
R-34, roger.
C-3-3-5, cleared out
number 1 to number 3.
Jack: Please tell me what
it is your daughter has
In her brain that won't
let her accept the fact
That you can pay a
bill with cash?
- Please. I did.
- And the one thing--
- What you don't do-- what you don't do...
- Calm down.
- Shh. - ...
Is pay with a check.
You don't pay bills
with a check.
Why, my dear girl?
Becae bills paid by check
Leave a paper trail.
A paper trail is something
someone can follow,
And just so you know--
Just so you know,
What I predicted
has come true.
The cops traced--
- The cops?
- They traced it
To my storage file.
They broke in
and they took--
Whatever, who knows?
--All my personal files
To do god knows
what with.
- And now they padlocked it...
- All right.
- ...So I can't get in!
- I'm sorry about it, jack.
- I'm sorry.
- You're sorry?
I'm sorry it happened.
No one would expect this to happen,
And mr. Fieger can get
everything back for you again.
- Oh, mr. Fieger's gonna do it.
- Just calm down.
- I have explained to you.
- Nobody's gonna put
Humpty dumpty together again.
Do you understand? He is gone.
- He is finish.
They have my files! - Shh. Shh.
I'm sorry about that.
There was an overdue bill...
- That's right. - ...
And ava sent the check in.
- She just wasn't thinking.
She wasn't thinking. - She wasn't thinking?
- Wasn't thinking? You're being so generous.
- That's right.
It was stupid.
It was blatant stupidity
- On her part and your part.
- Keep your voice down.
- Stupid! Stupid. She was being stupid.
- Hold on there.
- Stupid stupid. - Don't you
talk about my daughter that way.
- I'll talk about her that way.
- Do you hear me?
- You calm down. Now stop it!
- I am completely calm!
- Calm down! You're not calm!
- You know, I can't trust you.
- I can't trust you and I can't trust her.
- You can't trust me?
Either one of you. Together.
You don't make it easy for me.
You're supposed to make it
easy for me, but you don't.
How dare you, jack?
How dare you?
You did this for the last time.
For the last time.
All my life, I've been
making it easier for you.
- Yeah, you make it-- - all my life!
Do you hear me?
- Look who's yelling now.
- And it's been no walk in the park!
That's right, it's been
no walk in the park!
And I'm going to tell you something
else-- nobody takes care of me.
I want to ask you: Who do
you think takes care of me?
- Nobody! Not you, jack.
- I'm gonna take care of you.
- Certainly not you!
- Right now I'm gonna take care of you.
From now on, all you're gonna
do is operate the camera.
That'll take care of you.
Believe me.
You'll be fine with that,
'cause you can't screw that up.
- Okay, is that what you think?
- As for your daughter--
- I have news for you.
- As for your daughter, the jury is out.
You'll be doing it for yourself.
You do it for yourself.
You're gonna do it.
How's that for news?
- You'll do it, jack!
- That's fine by me.
- I'm through with you!
- ( alarm beeping )
- I'm through with it!
- Go ahead, set the alarm.
Who cares?
Is this us?
- ( door shuts ) -
( alarm stops )
You set that off.
Where the hell
is she going?
( typewriter clicking )
Margo, could you step
into my office
For a second?
I need to talk to you.
My dream was
to be an olympic skier.
And after the car
accident, there was...
A chance--
Well, they told me that
there was a chance
That I'd get the use of my legs
again, but it never happened.
I doused myself with
gasoline one night
And lit a match.
You know, the only thing worse
than this nightmare existence
Is the nightmare of a
botched suicide attempt.
I wish I could help you, son,
but it's not possible.
What-- what you're
What dr.
Kevorkian is trying to say, glen,
Is that you're
clinically depressed,
And under these circumstances,
we can't help you.
If you deal with
your depression,
You can lead a fulfilling
and satisfying life.
And we'll help you find
someone that will do that.
( distant barking )
takes years--
Years before it compromises
your daily activities.
I don't think we can help
you now is what I'm saying.
But if and when
the time comes,
We'll be here for you.
( knocks on door )
You know I've never been
one to hold grudges
And I'd like to let
bygones be bygones.
What do you say?
So we're reconciled?
- I hope so.
- Well, that's good.
It's good to see you.
Good to see you.
You need to get ready.
Ready for what?
Dinner at mr.
Very nice.
What's that?
Oh, it's a notice of sale.
I mean, this whole
building's kaput.
Well, don't worry about it.
We can live together.
We'll be known as the
unemployed kevorkians! Yay!
What does that mean?
It means...
I got fired.
A few weeks ago.
You're just
telling me now?
Jack, we had
a falling out.
What happened?
I'm your sister.
What else?
( chanting ) life is god's choice!
Life is god's choice!
- Margo: Oh, my gosh.
- These are my new daily visitors.
Life is god's choice!
Are you going to kill every
single person in a wheelchair?
Disabled people are not worthless.
They are not a drain on society.
You cannot rid the world
of inconvenience.
You are worse than an .
Oh, shut up,
you witch!
These are not
comparable issues.
Some great minds have died with
the assistance of their doctors--
Sigmund freud,
king george.
Jack: If it's good
enough for the aristoi,
It's good enough for
the hoi polloi.
He is leading society into
an age of enlightenment,
- You idiots! - Woman: Only
god can create and destroy.
Have you no religion?
Have you no god?
Oh, I do, lady.
I have a religion.
His name is bach--
johann sebastian bach.
And at least my god
isn't an invented one.
- ( car starts ) - ( chanting
resumes ) life is god's choice!
Life is
god's choice!
Life is god's choice!
Life is
god's choice!
Life is god's choice!
- Life is god's choice!
- Man: Who do you think you are?!
Life is god's choice!
- Life is god's choice!
- Who do you think you are?!
Life is god's choice!
Life is god's choice!
Life is
god's choice!
( chanting fades )
( silent )
Life is god's choice!
Life is
god's choice!
Life is god's choice!
"a fart on thomas putnam!
( all laugh )
Of course, that was the lone
laugh in the entire play.
"because it my name.
Because I cannot have
another in my life.
Because I am not
worth the dust
On the feet
of them that hang.
How may I live
without my name?
I've given
you my soul;
Leave me my name.
Woman: Oh.
Is there
any more to that?
- ( laughing )
- no.
- Margo: Oh, jack.
- That was beautiful, jack.
- Thank you.
- I didn't know you knew that.
That's very good.
That was great.
- It's all I know.
- You didn't like the sea bass?
It was
a bit fishy, but--
- Oh.
- No no no no.
Why did
you never marry, jack?
He was engaged once.
She worked at hudson's
on woodward, downtown.
- I knew her. I saw her.
- Let's not go there. Let's not go there.
- You never even liked her.
- No, I didn't like her.
- Jack: Let's not go there.
- All right, I won't go there.
Oh, come on, come on.
Tell me about this fiance.
- ( groans ) - margo: Come on, jack.
Say a few words.
- A little something?
- What can I tell you?
- We broke up. It was-- you
know-- - I think the truth is
That girls just make you
shake in your boots, jack.
- Okay. Yeah.
- All right then.
Somebody needs
some coffee.
So come, margo,
Come where it's safe.
Governor engler's gonna be signing
a ban in a couple of months.
It'll make assisting a
suicide a four-year felony.
Oh, that's laughable.
It's a fucking charade,
And I'll appeal it when
the time is right.
In the meantime, if you
have anything lined up,
I suggest you get
it done pronto.
Neal: We'd have been
shit out of luck
If I hadn't traced
those two down
At a wholesaler
in kalamazoo,
Where it just so happens an
old flame of mine works.
A couple of happy-hour
margaritas sealed the deal.
Then it was
worth the drive?
( chuckles )
it's always worth it.
Jack, I just ain't sure
these are gonna be enough.
I'll make it work.
I can ration it.
Anyway, I think
I've got an idea,
A way to recapture
the gas.
Let's stop over
at the hardware store.
Oh, and that's--
I apologize for putting
you through is, ma'am.
( wheezing coughing )
It's the emphysema.
I know.
Yes, I know.
I know.
We'll just wait for it to pass.
Let him have this one out.
Go ahead.
- ( breathing heavily
) - and we breathe.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Okay, so we're--
I think we're ready
for the box first.
Like I said
to you before,
Because of the
circumstances I'm in now,
We have to use this because
I'm saving the gas.
You understand?
We're going to recapture the gas.
They won't give me
more canisters,
And I have
other patients to serve--
Two others, and I--
Maybe this isn't such
a great idea, doctor.
- I don't think it's gonna hold.
- I think it's gonna be fine.
We're almost there.
Just a little
more tape right here...
- There. - ...
Just to keep it in. Here we go.
Like we talked about
before, all right?
What we said-- neal is gonna
turn on the gas canister...
- Okay. - ...
When you are ready.
So we're gonna get
the signal from you.
- Yes, sir.
- Sorry for this.
- This is not usual-- - no no.
No no.
This is not usually what we do,
but we've run out of luck here.
- It's okay.
It's all right. - Okay.
( gas hisses )
All right.
Thank you for
a great life, cheryl.
You too.
( gas hissing )
You're so brave.
Take-- take it off.
Take-- take it off.
- Take it off. Take it off.
- ( hissing stops )
- Getting hot.
- Hot?
- Watch his-- watch his-- - hot.
- Getting so hot.
- It's what?
- Getting so hot.
Hot. - Hot.
- He's burning up.
- Okay, maybe we-- this has got to wait.
- Oh, I think so.
- No no, please.
I wasn't-- I wasn't
prepared for the issue.
- I'm awfully sorry.
So let's-- - it's all right, doc.
It's all right.
Now, please.
Do it now, please.
( wheezes ) do it.
Okay, let's do it
this way.
You kn,
let's get rid of that.
Just-- let's just put the box on.
It'd be better.
This is gonna
be easier, hugh.
- This--
- watch your head.
- Down.
- Okay.
- Watch your head.
- Jack: Here it is.
- Neal: Mind your head.
- Jack: Mind your head.
Just push it-- that's it.
That's fine.
This is gonna
be easier now,
Because the gas will
escape now.
It won't heat up.
Just like that, hugh.
Okay? Okay?
Now air is gonna get through,
so you'll be all right.
You're not gonna heat up.
Let me just get this.
Here we are.
Okay. Once again, when
you're ready, hugh,
We'll have neal turn
the gas on again.
I love you, darling.
- I love you.
- I love you.
( crying )
it's okay, darling.
( gas hisses )
- Hugh: You-- -
woman: I love you.
- ( clip clatters )
- woman: Oh god.
- ( crying )
- ( gas hissing )
I love you.
I love you,
I love you.
( crying )
( whispers )
he's gone, my dear.
I'm gonna type out the
final action report.
And give it
to you tomorrow.
So you ever gonna
say anything?
Because nothing irks me more than
having you sitting there simmering.
God forbid
I should irk you.
Well, just spit it out.
You've got something to say.
The great jack kevorkian.
You know better.
- That's right.
- Nothing gets in the way of the mission.
The mission?
What mission.
Is that what
you call rationing,
Taping a fucking sheet of plastic
around a poor guy's head?
We should've waited
till we had more gas.
- Oh, and when would that have been I wonder?
- I should've insisted.
He was-- he was-- he
was-- he was done.
Do you understand?
He wand it done.
He was begging for it.
We wanted to go.
We were ready to go.
He was beggingus to stay.
He wanted it done.
You saw that.
Yeah, I saw it.
It freaked the shit out of me.
Well, it worked out.
It got done.
I knew it would.
We can't be cutting
corners anymore.
This isn't the old days.
We're not down in the
lab winging it anymore.
Jack, the next time it
doesn't feel right,
Call it off.
These are
my decisions
to make, neal.
Mine alone.
Yes, sir, kemo sabe.
( typewriter clicking )
This is the one we got
Through the search
warrant at kevorkian's,
And you can see where he's whited out
a number of lines and typed over.
And this is the one
found in nicol's trash
By a concerned activist.
Mr. Gale's desperate pleas
to take off his gas mask
Were deleted and replaced
with the phrase...
"patient became flushed, agitated.
Breathing deeply."
"increased rate of respiration
and muscle tension
- With no overaction.
" - this directly contradicts
- Mr. Nicol's photocopied version...
- "saying 'take it off.'"
...And suggests that dr.
Kevorkian was attempting to cover something up.
"saying 'take it off'
once again,
He fell into unconsciousness.
The tragedy is that mr.
Gale did not want to die that day,
But dr.
Kevorkian didn't care.
An inquest will be held.
Thompson: He lied
in his report!
Fieger: He is the most
honest man I know.
- Honest to a fault!
- Man: Could we continue please?
Mr. Nicol, when mr.
Gale said, "take it off"--
He was talking
about the plastic tent
On his head,
not the gas mask.
And his lungs locked up.
That happens with emphysema.
Then why would dr.
Feel the need
to correct--
You're grasping
at straws here.
It was a simple
typographical error,
Which I had
pointed out to him
And he corrected.
He typed up a new copy whieh was
going to go in our records.
Before you ransacked
his apartment!
But this typo, in its original,
was four lines long.
Why wouldn't he just rip it up and
start again if it was a mistake?
To save on paper.
Kevorkian is
Incredibly cheap.
It was
a very emotional day,
As they all are.
And I'm sure
when he typed it up,
It was in the middle
of the night
And he was trying to do
three things at once
Like he always does.
Gale, please,
For your husband's sake,
The truth.
( clears throat )
My husband of 22 years
Faced death so many times
from his seizures,
He used to pray
not to wake up.
He talked about
shooting himself,
But he didn't want to leave
me the mess to clean up.
So here's your truth, mr.
As sick as hugh was,
I begged h
not to make the call.
I begged him every
night for nine months.
And then before christmas,
I asked him what he
wanted for a gift--
The last gift I'd
ever give him--
And he said, "there's only one
thing you can get me, sweetheart.
It's an appointment with dr.
I find no factual basis
to proceed.
- ( jazz music playing )
- ( people vocalizing )
- ( people chatting ) - fieger:
Exonerated once again.
Jack, 15;
thompson, zilch.
Wow. No wonder everyone's
drinking at this show.
( margo laughs )
Is that santa claus
stepping on a baby?
- Yes. - Janet: Tell me
about doc's christmases.
It looks quite morbid--
Well, except for
the flower that is.
Thank god
I'm not a shrink.
Margo: Our grandparents,
our aunts, our uncles,
The armenian holocaust was
the same as the jews.
Only our parents--
barely teenagers--
Were able to flee.
Growing up, all we heard were those
terrible stories of all the bloodshed,
And it frightened jack so.
It's all dealing with the
melancholy age-old struggle
Between warmth of life,
the iciness of death.
Only I'm sure that theme
would be better served
Had a real artist done it.
Margo: Many nights he would
just sit in his bed--
Lights on a must--
you know,
Clutching that little
dog of ours so tightly.
Wait a minute. Wait a minute.
He had a dog?
You're looking
so intently.
- Yes. - What are you feeling?
That's what I'd like to know.
- Jack, it's, uh-- it's--
- it's, uh--
- Hi.
- Hi.
- It's, um-- - I know
what you're feeling.
You're feeling it's--
it's macabre.
Stan: It is macabre, my friend.
Jack: Yes, but you're
looking at it nonetheless.
It's like war.
War, you're drawn to it,
But after you've been through it,
you say, "oh, that was grotesque,
Macabre, strange, ugly.
That's the feeling I'm
trying to convey.
- I'm sold.
- I heard "sold."
- How much, jack?
- Whatever you think is fair.
- My patients thank you in advance.
- Good.
This is from
my private collection.
( phone ringing )
Man: Dr.
Kevorkian, I'm afraid we have
Some bad news regarding
your sister.
It appears she had
the heart attack
A couple of hours before
she called 9-1-1.
Perhaps she thought that whatever
it was, it would just pass.
I'm terribly sorry
for your loss.
Wouldn't you like
to see her?
( whispers ) no.
( flute playing )
Jack: "by late, much
too often deceived,
By too early a death
now relieved
Of the burden she bore,
My sis margo gave more
To my life than she
ever received."
The whole question
of death and dying
Involves the most profound and
complex ethical questions
That we must decide
as a society.
At no time have the
people of michigan
Or the michigan legislature
granted jack kevorkian
Or any other individual
the sole right
To decide who lives or
dies in our state.
- Thank you. - Thank you, governor.
Over here.
Just bring it right over here.
- We're going to save some of that stuff.
- ( honking )
- ( men chatting )
- ( silent )
We all
support you, jack.
Oh, thanks, fellas.
Thank you.
- Could I?
- Oh yeah.
- ( honking ) - jimmy!
Yeah, give me a hand here.
I'm signing
- Okay? Wait a minute.
- gonna grab me a plane
that'll take me back
home to my folks...
( geese honking )
maybe real soon...

( engine stops )
just as soon as I get a
few dollars ahead...
I got it in a settlement
a couple of years ago.
It beats the hell out
of your apartment.
- ( chuckles )
- a lake.
- ( geese honking )
- oh!
- Geese? - Yeah.
( chuckles )
Well, it is a bit
romantic for my taste.
Well, sue me for trying to put a
goddamn roof over your head, jack.
- Well-- - I'm not letting
you live in some y.M.C.A.
- Come on.
- Fine.
Only I haven't
taken this yet.
And if I do,
I'm paying the rent.
No charity case.
Okay, I'll take it.
- Yeah?
- Let's go.
Let's go.
Don't you have work to get back to?
Like what?
"like what?
Like appealing the 15-month
ban that's tying my hands.
What's on your mind, jack?
They made a law
specifically to stop me.
- I want to challenge it.
- ( paper rustling )
I want to test it.
What is this?
Thomas hyde,
30 years old,
Lou gehrig's disease.
Are you gonna go along
with me on this?
I'm with you, jack.
- ( grunts ) - jack: Okay,
don't strain too much.
Don't strain.
Don't strain.
- Ah!
- He's gonna get a cramp here?
Does he? Yes. All right, that's
enough of the physical stuff, tom.
No more physical. I just wanted you
to move a little for the record.
So now, tom, tell me:
What is it you wish?
In plain english.
( camera clicks )
( clears throat )
Bond is set for $50,000.
Are you gonna pay that today?
Oh, that is beyond
egregious, your honor.
That is no way I'm going to pay
a bond like that, your honor.
You can forget it.
You can forget it,
- Because this is the last time...
- Fieger: Jack.
...You people unjustly take
away from me my liberties.
- I need a moment with my client, your honor.
- The last time.
And I will not-- hear me
now-- I will not eat.
- Jack.
- Guaranteed.
- I apologize for my client.
- You are assisting in my suicide.
( whispers ) please.
Jack jack jack, just come on.
( door buzzes )
( doors clanging )
Fieger: Jack, this is better
than I could've imagined.
Every paper is treating
you as a victim.
Don't even think
about paying my bond.
- Let 'em convict me.
- You're not getting convicted on my watch.
Here, jack.
Come on.
- Jack: Huh?
- Have a bazooka.
- Bazooka?
- No, it is not cheating.
It's just
a little apple juice.
I put some vitamin
drops in, that's all.
Go ahead.
- Vitamin drops?
- Yummy. There you go.
I've seen you before, haven't I?
What the hell is in there?
You've seen better days, doc.
Just drink it down.
- I sure have.
- ( chuckles )
That's it.
That's sweet
of you, janet.
- Oh, my pleasure, doc.
- Share some with me.
No no no, you have it.
I'm on the wagon.
- ( chuckles )
- ( door buzzes )
- "because it's"--
- ( door clangs )
- "because it's"--
- ( door clangs )
What's this?
I know this.
I know this well.
Why can't I--
"because it is my name.
"because it is"--
Jack's voice: "...
My soul."
"because it"--
How could
I not know that?
"because it is my name.
- Because I cannot have"--
- ( door clanging )
"because I cannot have
another in my--
Because I cannot have
another in my life."
- "because it is my name.
" - ( door buzzes )
"I have given you...
My life.
"I've given you my life.
"because I would--
Because I would"--
no no no.
- "because I-- I cannot
have"-- - ( door buzzes )
"because I cannot have"--
let meot--
- ( door clanging
) - ( mumbles )
"I cannot-- I cannot have
another in my life."
- ( mumbling ) - (
door clanging )
( door buzzes )
"how may I live without my name?
"I've given you my soul.
You were right.
It's nicer.
It is nicer.
( mumbling )
"because it is--
because it is--
Because it is my--
Because it is"--
( chatting )
It's been 19 days.
I'm granting mr.
Fieger's request
To reduce
your bond to $100.
- Thank you, your honor.
- ( people whispering )
( whispers ) if you want
to fire me, go ahead.
Jack on tv: So is
there anything else
You wish to add, tom,
or have heidi tell us?
Or, heidi, is there
anything you would add
Before we conclude
this discuion?
( both crying )
I'm sorry, honey.
That's all
I wanted to say.
It's too much for us.
( crowd chanting ) jail jack!
Jail jack!
Jail jack!
Jail jack!
Jail jack!
Jail jack!
Jail jack! Jail jack!
Jail jack!
- ( reporters speaki ) - mr.
Thompson, what happened?
I remind kevorkian this
"not guilty" verdict
Does not change the fact that
we still have a ban in effect.
- ( crowd shouting ) -
I think mankind took--
Took an historic
step today
Out of the dark ages.
It makes me think of
the nuremberg trials.
When a law is deemed
immoral by you,
You must disobey it.
You must disobey it.
- Thank you.
- Dick.
The man's invincible.
So am I.
I just got word that the
court of appeals is
Gonna hear arguments
on your ban!
Hell, I'm gonna
win that too!
Jack: Why can't we have
clinics doing this stuff?
Every city should have a clinic
where someone can go to.
As a matter of fact, I just got an idea.
I'm gonna have one of my own.
How does it feel
to be victorious?
I never feel victorious.
I just go ahead
and do what I do.
This isn't a victory to me.
It's just common sense.
Neal: You don't need hardly nouhing.
The walls are good.
Janet: No, they're not.
You can't leave it white.
- What's wrong with white?
- You want something that's cream
Or robin's egg blue.
Something that's warm.
that's peaceful.
Jack: Should it be
higher, you think?
Well, I don't have any window
nails on me right now, doc.
Well, you know, neal, it's
not like it's 500 lbs.
You just lift it up--
there it is.
- That looks good.
- ( grunts )
Jack: It's not centered enough,
but who cares, right?
- There you go.
- I think it's perfect.
- Yup.
- No, I couldn't tell
Because I've got to go
outside and see it. Here.
Oh, yeah.
Oh, yeah!
Fieger: So if you're unconscious,
they have the right
To turn off the feeding
tube and let you die.
But if you're
conscious, rational
And begging
for assistance,
To be allowed to die,
We refuse.
We refuse.
Now how is it possible
That a mentally-
competent adult
Does not have the right to
look a doctor in the eye
And say "I've had enough"?
"I can't endure
anymore pain.
Help me.
I've had enough.
- ( gas hissing ) - fieger:
Do we really want
The government making
those decisions for us?
It can't be.
It just n't be.
Man on tv: In a rented
storefront in warren,
Kevorkian aided the death of a
kanuas city, missouri, woman
- Who had been inflicted with lou gehrig's disease.
- Forget it. Forget it.
Are you trying to say you
didn't know who I was?
You didn't really think it was gonna
be an armenian bakery, did you?
You've got 24 hours to vacate.
Not a minute more.
Neal: If we can get into
another storage unit--
Not storage unit,
but another place,
We've got
a place to move--
Move all the crap so
we don't have to--
You've got to store it
Or they're gonna throw
it out on the street.
- Oh, shoot.
- ( doorbell rings )
- Neal: Ray boy.
- Jack: They shut us down, ray.
They just shut us down.
You know,
the same kind of thing,
Spurred the '67 riots,
you know.
You remember? Of course you remember.
You were there.
You were a captain,
weren't you?
What's the matter?
- Ooh.
- Hey, jan.
- Janny?
- Hmm?
- What's going on?
- I've got the cancer,
They diagnosed me
this morning.
They've given me
six months,
But I'm not
rolling over like that.
Here, make yourself useful.
Put that in the oven.
- Here.
- Oh, what you got,
- Pecan sandies here?
- No, it's chocolate chip.
- Here, here's another one.
- Yeah
So what's new with you?
( oven door clangs )
They shut us down,
So we're gonna have to,
You know,
find another place.
We will.
We'll find another place.
Don't worry.
( distant train whistling )
( geese honking )
Hey, jack.
Hey, geoff.
They don't want
to eat today.

I'm sorry to hear
about janet.
( sighs )
The court of appeals'
ruling just came in
And they ruled
in our favor.
They said that the law
was so poorly worded
That it could not
be upheld.
Well, I'm glad to hear
There's still some smart
people in power left.
That was
the good news.
They also ruled that there's no
constitutional right to commit suicide...
I take back
what I just said.
...And that aiding
in one falls under
An old common-law
definition of murder.
Common law?
What the hell is that?
We're gonna retry him
on sherry miller
And marjorie wantz.
Those two weren't terminal
And it's my job to see
they get justice.
- Are you really certain that-- -
I've got him in my crosshairs now.
The public doesn't want
another trial.
From all I hear, they're
ready to turn the page.
I stopped worrying abouman:Blic
perception public crusader ago, david.
- Or attention- grabbing egotist?
- Okay, jack?
- I'm okay. - You be the judge as dr.
Jack kevorkian
Appears at the courthouse
Locked in an old-fashioned
wooden pillory.
Prosecutor dick thompson can
only hope his roll of the dice
Finally muzzles the
maverick physician.
Top defense lawyer mayer
morganroth has his money on jack.
- Woman: Why the stocks?
- This is a clear manifestation
Of the existence
Of the inquisition
in the state.
Medieval punishment for
a medieval concept.
- This is not a trial.
- Thompson: Your honor, please.
What law have I broken? Tell.
What law he I broken?
Some antiquated common laws.
Common law.
- Do you know that it's a crime...
- You honor--
...To convert from
christianity to islam?
- Did you know that was a common law?
- May I continue please?
Also, it's a crime not to
believe in the bible.
That's a common law.
This is not a trial.
- Your honor-- - this is t a trial.
It's a lynching,
And I'm not gonna participate
in my own lynching.
Can we all presume-- just
for the hell of it--
- That we are really in a courtroom, okay?
- No, I will not presume.
- That there's a judge, a jury...
- I refuse to presume.
...And real witnesses.
Can we presume that this is a real trial?
No, we can't, because
there is no law here.
- Am I wrong?
- You're wrong!
Prove it.
Cite to me one...
Common-law case
of assisted suicide.
- One. Go ahead. I'm listening.
- I will ask the questions, sir.
- We're all waiting. Cite one.
- Are you gonna answer my question?
- Smartass. Go ahead and do it.
- Your honor.
Judge: Dr.
Kevorkian, I'm warning you.
You know, your honor, you
may cite me for contempt,
But I am finished
with this farce.
M not gonna be a part of it.
I just can't.
- I'm so sick and tired...
- ( gavel clacking )
- ...Of this fusion...
- Resume the stand, dr. Kevorkian.
...Of religious
dogma and medicine!
Can I ask for a recess, please?
Just a couple of minutes, your honor.
- Recess. - Thank you, your honor.
Thank you.
( people chatting )
( chuckles )
Can't-- there's nothing
anybody can do
For me and there's
certainly no step...
Time to give it up, dick.
Or I would not be here.
- ( people chatting ) - woman: Go on.
Go on.
I told you those videotapes were
going to be our golden ticket.
We have to take this to
the supreme court, geoff.
We have to do it.
We've still got
to get a law
- Legalizing assisted suicide, no?
- Congratulations.
Hey, jack. Come on.
You won. Enjoy yourself.
Morganroth is right, jack.
You'll never see another courtroom again.
The house of cards
is falling
And engler's
going down with it.
- Ladies and gentlemen!
- Man: Come on.
Fieger: Please please, I have
an important announcement.
I have decided
to run for governor.
- Hear hear!
- ( cheering )
- Man: Whoo!
- Fieger: Fieger for governor!
your finest!
Next stop--
Fieger: David gorcyca,
oakland county prosecutor.
It has
a nice ring to it.
You know, you owe me after the way
I demolished thompson for you.
And I know you'll stay
out of jack's hair.
Thomson blew away too
many taxpayer dollars
On these prwsecutions.
I've no intention to
waste one more nickel.
As long as kevorkian
stays in line,
He can assist as many patients
as he damn well pleases.
No worries. Jack's learned to
listen to everything I say.
Jack: You know, I'm
only operating
By the grace of
this prosecutor.
"go ahead.
You can go do your thing
In some dark little
corner of the universe,
But do it quietly.
" you know?
Oh, the lingering
of death.
What a business.
Keep death alive.
Hospitals don't make
money otherwise.
Drug companies either.
If you're rich and
you have the money,
You can pay to die.
But the poor, they
can only afford
To stick it out
and suffer.
They say complacency
is a virtue.
Oh, stop whining.
You make me more nauseous than my chemo.
You have full reign.
Just deal with it.
( sighs ) I think the
biggest mistake of my life
Was not getting married.
- Excuse me?
- I could've, you know,
Kept the family name alive.
- Why not?
- Procreate?
Yowould've made
that big a sacrifice
To keep the family name alive?
You would've done that?
Well, sometimes, you've got to
get your hands a little dirty.
Well, could you have
loved though, doc?
That's the bigger question.
Could you have loved?
You didn't put sugar
in here again.
Don't get up.
We need to have
a conversation.
You know I'm not lugging
This thing around just
'cause it's sexy.
And you're the only
doctor in my neighborhood
That practices euthanasia.
Oh, we're not there yet.
You've got
plenty of time.
( crowd chanting on tv ) fieger!
Fieger! Fieger!
Fieger: Okay okay, let's
keep these signs up.
Let's keep 'em up there.
Oh, don't drop that.
( laughs )
did you get a t-shirt?
Get those buttons
out there.
Woman: What is your
official stance
On the assisted suicide issue?
I give my word to the
people of michigan
That I will not be supporting
doctor-assisted suicide.
Woman: Even with your history with dr.
What I've always said
is I support
The individual's right
to choose.
But I repeat--
I will not be supporting
doctor-assisted suicide.
Woman: There you
have it, folks.
Now back to you, john.
This is megan
from channel 4 news.
There's something
happening here, people.
And if you don't know what
it is, it's geoffrey fieger.
Megan: The 47-year-old fieger's
flare for the dramatic
Has enlivened a campaign
that most analysts
Said would be
dishwater dull.
No longer advocating
for kevorkian,
Fieger is now
advocating for himself
And campaigning with
michigan voters,
Lling himself as the
Fieger: Governor engler is
dumber than dan quayle
And twice as ugly.
He's a racist
and he's a liar.
Megan: It's the acerbic
tongue of geoffrey fieger's
That republicans say they'll
make the major issue
Of this upcoming race.
( camera clicks )
God had his chance
to come take me.
I'll go to him instead.
( gas hissing )
Are you gonna
look at me, doc?
Or is it
an armenian thing?
- Is what?
- You know, keeping it all inside,
Just keep it going.
Is that an armenian thing?
- Oh, I don't know. - Actually, how
could it be an armenian thing?
Margo was just as armenian as you
are and she talked my ear off.
( chuckles )
she told me everything.
She could share.
You don't share.
What do you
want me to share?
- I'm afraid-- - I know.
I know.
- No, you don't.
- Yes, I do.
I'm not afraid
for myself, you dope.
I'm afraid for you.
Your little band of kevorkians
is shrinking into nothing.
Will you come closer?
I can't see you right there.
- Right here.
- Yes. Okay.
See, you know margo and
I were the only two
That could tell you to shut up.
( chuckles )
Look. You need more
people in your corner,
Not less.
People that you can trust.
And the only way people
trust each other
Is if they know each other.
And nobody knows you.
How did it feel
When your mother
was dying?
You were a doctor,
a healer,
And you were helpless.
How did that feel?
( sighs )
you know, I failed her.
I failed my mother.
She once said to me
"imagine, jack,
The worst toothache
in the world.
Now imagine
that toothache
Being in every bone
in your body."
That's what was
happening to her.
She was my mother.
I devoted my life to her.
( distant train rattling )
So how did--
how did you feel?
I remember--
I remember being in this
little hospital room--
This clly little room,
A lone window
in the red brick wall--
That's what it faced--
And all these doctors
circling around my mother
Trying to keep her alive.
And I was helpless.
I was powerless,
and ineffectual.
And I felt
I walost.
That's how I felt.
Thanks, doc.
- Ray and the kids--
- jack: Yeah.
( whispers )
give my love to margo.
Hey, guys.
( train tooting )
( geese honking )
( chattering )
Janet: Your little
band of kevorkians
Is shrinking
into nothing.
- ( cameras clicking ) - (
chattering continues )
( reporters shouting ) jack!
Jack! Dr. Kevorkian!
Dr. Kevorkian!
Jack, over here!
I'm afraid for you.
You're not the bestpokesperson
for the cause, really.
We have to take this to
the supreme court, geoff,
'cause I don't
have forever.
Your little band of
kevorkians is shrinking
Into nothing,
Kevorkian, a question!
Man: Dr. Jack kevorkian was
among the who's who on hand
To celebrate "time" magazine's
75th anniversary gala
At radio city music hall.
The big night was attended
by many of the faces
Who have appeared on "time"'s
covers over the decades.
Janet: You need more
people in your corner.
I'm afraid for you.
Man: ...
Joe dimaggio to jerry falwell
To raquel welch to
henry kissinger.
I'm afraid for you.
Your little nd of kevorkians
is shrinking into nothing.
Jack's voice: I don't have forever.
We have to take this
To the supreme court, geoff.
Fieger: Jack, I'm dealing
with the religious right.
- Jack: My condolences.
- Fieger: And the disability group-- I mean,
They think you want to kill
the whole lot of them.
What have we accomplished?
No law has been passed.
I mean, this is the prelude.
This is the beginning.
The battle of concord,
- The battle of lexington--
- what are you thinking?
I'm thinking
of the supreme court!
I'm thinking of
going all the way.
If they want to silence me,
let them prosecute me,
Convict me,
send me to jail
Like martin luther king,
- Galileo or-- - the supreme
court has already said
That the states do have the right
to outlaw doctor-assisted suicide!
See? You don't listen.
You don't listen! They also said
That they would hear a case
if the right one came along.
If it was for a particularly
suffering individual,
They would hear it.
You don't listen.
( door closes )
( geese honking )
Jack: Okay, tom, so
have you discussed
Your wishes with your
wife and family?
Do they want you
to go on?
( slurring ) yes,
They understand
It's my decision.
He's saying, "it's my decision.
Now, tom,
I will be administering
direct lethal injection,
What's called "active
You don't want to
wait a month or so?
No, I do not.
Jack: How about two weeks?
Two weeks?
A week?
Can you wait a week?
Okay. Okay, we'll stretch
it out another week.
You're doing
the deed yourself?
This is really crossing
into uncharted territory.
Well, so I set sail.
Rudderless, I admit,
But that's the way it goes.
Jack on tv: This is gonna allow
me to do direct lethal injection.
I'm all alone, neal,
And I'm running
out of time.
That first day
35 years ago
You came down
to the basement lab
And talked
to all us med techs.
You were the only doctor
in our whole hospital
We didn't think was a
pompous son of a bitch.
Well, that was
your first mistake.
( chuckles )
I let you stick
needles in me,
Transfuse cadaver blood.
Shit, you weren't the only one
that got hepatitis, jack.
Hell, we h
some good times.
( chuckles ) you had
purpose, jack.
You had purpose and I
guess I needed some too.
And I know that
this is your decision,
But if you decide to pull the
plug on somebody yourself,
You're gonna
be flying solo.
( phone ringing )
- Yes.
- This is melody youk.
I'm-- I'm sorry
to call so late,
But it's tom.
He can't wait
any longer.
He's terrified.
Oh, okay.
I'm on my way.
Just say your
goodbyes then, melody,
Because I don't want anyone to
be there when I do this thing.
I'm on my way.
( car honks )
( people chattering )
- Jack.
- Lessenberry: Hey, jack.
Look what I got.
I want
a national debate on ts,
Because once that happens,
they have to charge me.
- They have no choice, right?
- With murder, maybe.
I want to put
euthanasia on trial.
Let the people decide
if it's murder or not.
You want
to sacrifice yourself?
Because you'd go to prison
for the rest of your life.
You know I know
barbara walte.
She likes me,
But I want
a bigger audience.
You know mike wallace,
don't you?
No, I under-- yeah.
I mean if--
If you put him
on the air,
Will you be dealing with
a rational human being?
Well, I can't promise rational
with kevorkian, mike.
But if you're asking
if he's sane,
I'd say yes.
He knows exactly
what he's doing.
( stopwatch ticking )
Mike wallace on tv: Dr.
Jack kevorkian, who has acknowledged
Helping more than 130
patients kill themselves,
Tonight reveals that
two months ago
He killed one
of his patients himself
And recorded it
on video tape.
Tom youk led
an active life.
He restored and raced
vintage cars.
But two years ago
at age 50,
He was diagnosed with
lou gehrig's disease,
A devastating
incurable illness
That destroyed
his muscles.
He lost the usof his
legs and then his arms.
His family says he was
in terrible pain,
Had trouble breathing
and swallowing,
And was choking on
his own saliva.
Jack on tv:
And we're ready to inject.
We're going to inject
your right arm. Okay?
Mike: First the doctor
gave him seconal
To put him
to sleep quickly.
Sleepy, tom?
Tom, are you asleep?
Are you asleep?
He's asleep.
Mike: Then he injected
a muscle relaxant
To stop his breathing.
- And this?
- Paralyzes the muscles.
But he's still alive at--
Jack: He's still alive,
but that's why--
Now you see-- now this lack of
oxygen is getting to him now.
But he's unconscious, deeply,
so it doesn't matter.
- Mike: Is he dead now?
- Jack: He's dying now,
Because his oxygen's cut
off, he can't breath.
So I'll now
quickly inject
The potassium chloride
to stop the heart.
Now there's
a straight line.
- Mike: He's dead.
- Jack: Yeah.
- The heart has stopped.
- Melody: I'm shocked that it's come to this,
That in thf '90s
We have to make such an
issue out of something
A person should be
in control of--
Their own life
and death.
And those who say
that jack kevorkian,
Death, is a fanatic?
I'm fighting for me, mike,
For me.
Because this is a right I want.
I might wind up being
terribly suffering.
I'd like to know there's
a colleague out there
Who will come to me
in my time of need.
Now that might sound
selfish, and maybe it is,
But if it helps
everybody else,
Then so be it.
( stopwatch ticking )
This whole thing's making
me sick to my stomach.
Well, he admits on national
tv that he's a killer.
50 million homes heard him
say "fuck you" to us.
I want that
whole interview
And I want him convicted.
Let's make
it happen, john.
He's gone too far.
- ( gunshot ) - (
geese honking )
I'm gonna
represent myself.
What, you're firing me?
Finally I get to say
what I want to say.
No lawyer,
not even you,
Can address
a jury theay I can.
( gunshot )
- Migrate, will you?!
- ( gun cocks )
- Jack, you don't know shit about law.
- ( gunshot )
They'll hurt you.
No, I'm gonna hurt them,
Because if I lose, I hurt
them; if I win, I hurt them.
Well, you're lucky
you're in michigan,
'cause if you were in some other
state, they'd fry your ass.
Here they'll just toss you in a cell
and throw away the key forever.
- This is not a game.
- No, it's a game.
It's a game that
if I lose, I win,
Because I go
to the supreme court.
I get this debate in front of
the people where it belongs.
That's an assumption.
What if you're wrong?
- Never been wrong. - Are you willing
to set back the legalization
- Of assisted suicide for god knows how long?!
- I'm not gonna start now.
- Migrate, will you?!
- Jack, jack, would you forget the geese?
Migrate! Look at you,
hiding behind the boat.
- ( gunshot ) - (
geese honking )
You know, I never
minded feeding them,
But look at this.
All over there's poop!
Watch where you're stepping.
Look at this.
- Geoff.
- ( gun cocks )
- Yeah?
- Your problem--
You don't see
the big picture.
My problem is that
you're a stubborn fool.
For a brilliant man, you show
an alarming lack of judgment
- When it counts the most.
- I don't care what happens to me,
And I'm not afraid
because I'm right.
- ( crowd cheering ) - engler
on tv: Thank you very much!
Man a grateful john engler enjoys
the thrill of his victory
For a third term as
michigan's governor.
He trounced his
demoatic opponent.
Man #2: Geoffrey fieger has to
feel somewhat humiliated today.
- This is a man who is not used to losing...
- ( typewriter clicking )
...Not used to losing
the big es, certainly,
The voters of michigan have
pretty resoundingly said,
"geoffrey, we might hire you
if we had a legal case,
But we don't want you
to be our governor.
( chanting ) death is not welcome here!
Death is not--
Woman: Pretrial hearings
get underway today
On the people of the state of
michigan versus jack kevorkian.
Now this is following that
controversial broadcast
Of the videotape showing dr.
Jack kevorkian
Giving a fatal dose of
chemicals to thomas youk
On the news program "60 minutes.
A wide array of protest
groups have amassed
Here outside the oakland
county court house,
Contentiously voicing both
their opposition and support.
One way or another, this is dr.
Jack kevorkian's fifth trial
And it very well
may be his last.
Woman #2: I've looked at all
the motions, gentlemen.
Mr. Gorosh, I'm
denying your motions
To quash all the charges against dr.
no basis to dismiss.
But I do think there
is an argument here
That murder
and assisted suicide are
Incompatible charges
by definition.
Well, that may be something to be
debated in a law school class,
But not in my courtroom.
And, mr. Skrzynski, I'm
granting your motion
To limit testimony
on the murder charge
But not
on assisted suicide.
A person's pain and
suffering is very relevant
When defending an
assisted suicide charge.
The trial starts
in five days.
Okay, thank you.
It just occurred to me--
Why don't we drop the assisted
suicide charge altogether?
What are you saying?
I'm saying that
what proved lethal
In all our other cases was
The family members
Juries hearing about the
conditions of the victims,
How much pain
they were in
And all that bullshit.
So if we drop
the charge,
Make it all
or nothing on murder,
The widow,
the brother--
Theyon't get
to testify.
Just take all that sympathy
out of the courtroom.
Judge: Do you understand, dr.
That you are charged with
first-degree murder
And delivery
of a controlled substance
And that the assisted
suicide charge
- Has been dropped?
- I do. Yes.
Judge: You understand
that you could spend
The rest
of your life
in prison?
Whatever is
left of it, sure.
You understand
what prison is?
Did you see "the shawshank
redemption," sir?
Do you understand you may not
disrupt or inconvenience the court
In any way,
shape or form?
I will act like
the guest that I am.
You're no guest.
You're the defendant.
Man: What do you think of dr.
Jack kevorkian
Actually helping people
kill themselves?
Well, my grandma's
very sk
And everyday
she asks me
"bring me jack kevorkian.
Doctors are
supposed to uphold
The hippocratic oath,
though, save lives.
Some people are dying
And they should be dying
gracefully with dignity and honor.
But I don't think we ought to put
them out to pasture this way.
I think he rocks.
He gives people a choice
Of whether or not
they want to suffer
terminal illnesses or not.
Dr. Jack kevorkian is one
of the most audacious
Serial killers this
country has ever known.
Let's say your mother
wanted his help,
Wanted to kill herself.
What would
you think of that?
Well, if she was
mentally competent,
I would ask her
what she wanted
And support her.
Woman: The names of
dozens of other people
Who have died with the
help of jack kevorkian
Laid out on the courthouse
lawn to make a point.
Conviction is important,
cause jack kevorkian is
The most public symbol of the euthanasia
movement and we need to stop him.
Skrzynski: Please tell us, dr.
Did mr. Youk's a.L.S.
Contribute to his death at all?
- No. - Skrzynski:
Then how did he die?
He was poisoned by intravenously-
injected substances.
Jack on tv: Is homicide
always murder, doctor?
- No, sir.
- When is it not murder?
Skrzynski: Objection.
That's a legal question.
Sir, you may question him in
regard to his autopsy report,
But nothing further
that's legal.
- But why? Look, I-- -
judge: If you had consulted
Your attorney, he'd
tell you why.
Uh, okay.
- Is euthanasia always murder?
- Skrzynski: Objection.
Always homicide?
- Yes, sir.
- Yes, it's always homicide.
And you stated
that homicide
Is not necessarily
always murder.
Out of pure logic,
wouldn't you say
That euthanasia is
not always murder?
Skrzynski: Objection.
Calls for a legal conclusion.
Jack: No, it calls
for simple logic.
It's-- it's--
it's a syllogism.
It calls for nothing
but syllogism.
Again, you're asking him to
make a legal conclusion.
No, but this is a
mathematical conclusion.
It's simple arithmetic.
I don't know shit
about the law either,
But I know when I'm
watching a train wreck.
Yeah, well, I told him
gorosh is a putz.
It can't possibly
be a fair fight.
You gotta do something, geoff.
- Dr. Kevorkian.
- Oh.
Tom's brother's flight
from France
Got delayed,
but he will be here soon.
Okay, don't worry.
We'rgonna get you both
on the stand to testify.
I know you want to call melody
youk as your first witness,
But what is it that she's
going to testify to?
Well, she's going to
testify about my intent,
What she observed and
our discussions--
Dr. Kevorkian, that has
no relevance here.
I assumed your counsel would've
advised you about this,
That once the assisted
suicide charge was dropped,
You could no longer put these
witnesses before the jury.
Yeah, but I'm talking
about what went on,
You know,
as to my intent.
Your feeling compelled to help mr.
Is not a legal defense,
And you're already aware
that a person's condition
Has no bearing in
a murder case.
But that I didn't kill
her husband, you see.
- This is relevant.
- Okay. Okay.
We'll make
a special record
Outside the presence
of the jury.
I will rule on that.
- Okay.
- All right?
- Can I-- okay.
Thank you. - Thank you.
Melody, did you tell me
It was your intention
Or tom's intention
- That I kill him?
- Melody: Oh, no no no no.
That was not our intent.
And when I met you, I felt
it was not your intent.
It was never your intent
or our intent that tom--
Jack: There it is.
There it is. You see?
--Other than released
from suffering.
So the word "kill," did it ever crop up?
Or "murder"?
Ugly words.
Ugly ugly words.
You're talking
about mercy killing.
And her statements
can't show
Your state of mind.
They only show hers.
Therefore, I cannot allow her
to testify before the jury.
But wait.
I want to say something--
That-- I have
so much I want to say.
I have been waiting for four goddamn
months for this opportunity!
You may call it
mercy killing.
I call
it something else.
I call it
a medical service
For an agonized, incurably
suffering patient.
That's what I call it.
All right?
Why don't-- what difference
does it make what you call it?
When you have these fine
stipulations of law
Standing in the way of a
dedicated physician--
And I am
a dedicated physician.
I mean, my integrity
would be destroyed
If I turned my back
on that patient.
I would rather
be dead.
It-- it's far worse.
You could-- you could take my life.
It would be worse.
This was a service.
This was a service.
It had nothing to do
with "kill" or "murder"
- Or wh-- it was a service.
- ( sobbing )
It was a medical service
that was being done.
I can't be clearer.
I can't be clearer
than that, your honor.
I see the emotion,
I understand it, but
it's not relevant.
Please step down, mrs.
Jessica cooper has already ruled that dr.
Kevorkian's side
Can't put into evidence that
there was suffering here
By the victim.
Does that make any sense?
No, 'cause, see, I think
it's an improper ruling
Both in terms of the
nature of this trial
And criminal defenses
in general.
You're entitled to put forward
any plausible defense
To explain
the context of your act,
And she's already limited
him from doing that.
It's like watching
a man hang himself.
I've been watching
the television.
Once you knew they were dropping
the assisted suicide charge,
- What was your plan?
- He doesn't let me help him.
- Hey, what am I supposed to do?
- You're supposed to
Get creative, that's what
you're supposed to do.
Why didn't you argue that
youk's wife and brother
Were eyewitnesses
to the event
That the prosecutor's
calling a murder?
Then judge cooper would've had
to have let them testify.
But that window's
closed now.
- Did you ever pass the fucking bar exam?
- ( elevator dings )
There are those who would say about dr.
Jack kevorkian,
"right message,
wrong messenger."
And who is
the right messenger?
Now I'm confused about this, dr.
You said you had
another witness.
I'm not allowing
his testimony
On the same grounds I
didn't allow mrs. Youk's.
I'm sorry you flew all this way, mr.
Would you like
to take the stand
In your own defense, dr.
( whispers )
I'm sorry.
Cooper: Sir, would you
like to take the stand
- In your own defense?
- Oh, I heard you.
I did.
You know,
I don't lie
And I-- I--
I don't exaggerate.
And, um, you know,
you never said why.
You accuse me
of these heinous things,
But you never said why.
Did you?
No, just saying.
I'm just saying.
You know,
just so you know.
Cooper: Sir, let's keep
to the relevance here.
Oh, this is--
oh, it's not relevant?
I guess it's not.
It's not relevant.
I will ask you again.
Would you like to take the stand
in your own defense, sir?
It's now or never.
The defense...
Skrzynski: Not since
ruby killed oswald
Did we see a murder
on television.
Jack kevorkian came like
a hit man in the night
With a bag of poison
to do his job.
What would happen
if he got his way
And made
the state policy
What could go wrong?
Well, there are 11 million
souls buried in europe...
- Oh! - ...
That can tell you that when you make
a state policy
Some catastrophic things
can evolve
- From opening up that box.
- How dare you?!
- How dare you...
- Cooper: Dr. Kevorkian!
- ...Compare euthanasia with the genocide?!
- ( gavel pounding )
- How dare you!
- Melody: You have crossed the line!
- Where is your decency and respect?
- Cooper: Order in the court.
Order in this court.
We will take
a brief recess.
( people whispering )
Do you see
a criminal?
Do you see
a murderer?
If you do,
Then you--
you must convict.
And then take the harsh
judgment of history
And the even harsher
judgment of your children
And their children if
they should ever come
To need this choe
in their lives.
I just ask you
to think about that.
Guilty of the lesser charge
of second-degree murder.
- ( murmuring )
- woman: Yes.
Cooper: And with
regard to count two,
What is yourerdict?
Woman #2: Guilty of delivery
of a controlled substance.
Woman: He's out of time.
You invited yourself here
to make a final stand.
You invited yourself
to the wrong forum.
Our nation tolerates
differences of opinions
Because we have a civilized
and non-violent way
Of resolving
our conflicts.
We have the means
and methods
To protest laws with
which we disagree.
You can criticize
the law,
Lecture about the law,
Speak to the media
or petition voters,
But you must always stay
Within the limits
provided by the law.
You may not
break the law
Or take the law into
your own hands.
No one's unmindful
Of the controversy and
emotion that exists
Over end-of-life issues
and pain control.
I assume the debate
will continue
In a calm and reasoned forum
long after this trial
And your activities have faded
from the public memory.
But this trial was not
about that controversy.
This trial was
about you, sir.
You've ignored
and challenged
The legislature and
the supreme court.
Moreover, you've defied your
own medical profession.
This trial was about
About your disregard
for a society
That exists
and flourishes
Because of the strength
of our legal system.
No one is
above the law.
You had the audacity to go
on national television,
Show the world
what you did,
And dare the legal
system to stop you.
You publicly and repeatedly
announced your intentions
To disregard the
laws of michigan.
Because of this,
I am imposing
The maximum sentence
of 10 to 25 years.
You may now, sir,
Consider yourself stopped.
- ( clapping ) - man: Yeah, doc!
Yeah, doc!
Man #2: You the man, jack!
You the man!
( men cheering )
Man #3:
Hey, jack!
( silence )
( door clangs )
- ( jazz music playing )
- ( people vocalizing )
( classical score playing )