You Got Served (2004) Movie Script

Now, that's what I'm talking about.
Yeah! I like it like this!
These two crews right here
is what I call bad.
I'm talking bad as utter bad.
But it's up to you to decide...
...which crew walks away
with this here $600 in the hat.
Okay, let's settle down!
Let's settle down, now!
Now, by round of applause... decide
who the baddest crew is tonight.
Let's hear it for Vick's crew.
What's up?
Let's go!
All right. Let's hear it
for David and Elgin's crew.
Well, well, well. Seems to me
like the money in the hat goes... David and Elgin.
-What you mean?
-Told you, boy!
That's what I'm talking about!
-Vick, y'all did your thing.
-No, that's twisted. We won.
No, no.
Whoa, whoa, now, young blood.
Don't come up in here with all that.
That ain't how it work.
You heard the people. You lost.
Now, you don't like the result,
you take yourself... take your little crew,
you get to practicing... bring it back,
we settle it on the floor like men.
-All right. I want no trouble up in here.
-That's what I'm talking about.
-All right, Mr. Rad.
-Hey. Y'all were off the chain tonight.
-Yeah, y'all really hooked it up.
-But you're missing one thing.
Really? What's that?
Me and my girl, Toya. She's the bomb.
We wanna get down with y'all.
Yeah, I seen her. She tight.
-So what's your name?
I'm gonna check y'all out.
El, dog, we was on point tonight.
They was feeling us.
I mean, can you imagine...
...when we blow up
and we in front of thousands of fans?
El, what's up with you?
I'm tired of my mom always asking me
what I'm gonna do with my life.
She working double shifts now
because they went up on the rent.
It's messed up,
because Liyah got into Princeton.
That's cool and everything...
...but even with the scholarship,
she can't afford to go.
Now she's stuck at L.A. Community
College, working to save up.
This is killing me.
I saw Emerald
on the Shaw last night.
Gotta do what we gotta do.
-Ball up.
-Come on, baby.
-I can't believe we back here, man.
-Me neither, but it's just this once.
All right, let's get up here.
So if it isn't
my dancing delivery boys.
I knew you'd be back.
Your timing couldn't
have been better.
My last kid had to retire.
He was running his mouth
too much.
-Let's hurry up and get this over with.
-We gotta work pretty late.
-You might as well crash at my house.
-Cool. Come on.
Came out here,
You know, he immediately,,,,
Good morning, baby.
Mama's late for work.
David and Elgin are asleep
on the floor.
-Lord knows what time they got home.
Let them sleep in.
They look tired.
And, Liyah, baby,
make them some breakfast.
It's a gift, You can't work on bouncing
a ball off a guy's head,
You're not a kid working on that,
It just comes to you,
He's a freak, a phenom,
He one of the tightest dudes
up there,
Got a lot of crazy moves
with the ball,
It was kind of hard to guard him,
you know what I'm saying? He look--
-Hi, David.
I didn't know where I was
for a minute.
Well, sorry for waking you up.
Looks like you could use
a cup of coffee.
So El tells me the crew's
been winning every battle.
You know that's how we do.
When's the last time you saw us?
I'm embarrassed to say.
I think that Christmas you did
the show at the Fox Hills Mall.
-Dang, girl, that's messed up.
-All work and school. No play.
You know how it is.
There's something different
about you.
Well, it's been, what, three years
since y'all moved to Baldwin Hills?
You're bugging me out.
Well, I better get to work.
-You want a ride?
-No, I always walk.
I insist. Let me drive.
No, really. I work right down
in South Central Hospital.
It's the only exercise I get.
Dang, girl. With a physique like that,
you must walk three, four times a day.
You are so crazy.
-You can walk with me if you'd like.
No, let me.
Let me help you with that.
The door?
My bad. Right. My bad.
Come on, girl.
-Where you at?
-Walking to work.
-You seen D?
-Yeah, he's here.
-Put him on the phone.
Here. El wants to talk to you.
-Hey, what you doing with Liyah?
Calm down, man.
I'm just walking her to work.
Look, some white kid out
of the County...
...gave me this tape last night
after the show. "Wade" or something.
-You ever heard of him?
-Wade, Wade....
Yeah, he got a homeboy named Max.
They competed last summer
in San Diego.
I asked around, and he's paid.
I'm talking cash money,
millionaire paid.
-Why'd he give you the tape?
-I'm waiting to watch with you.
All right, I'm on my way.
-I'm gonna get back.
-Thanks for walking with me.
Maybe I'll see you soon?
What's up, man?
What was you doing with Liyah?
Just talking. It's been a long time.
It ain't nothing.
Yeah, you right.
It better not be nothing.
I'm saying,
you my boy and everything.
When it comes to baby sis,
I will hurt somebody.
-What's this?
-This is an official challenge,
There's your answer right there.
-This is the real, $5000 challenge,
-Did he just say $5000?
-We got this.
-Y'all put up five grand,,,
,,,and we'll put up five grand,
Your crew versus our crew,
-We'll let you pick the place,
-We'll even let you pick the time,
And as much as we don't wanna
take your money,,,
,,,the word is you're the best crew,
We have to show everyone
who the best really is,
-Come on, now.
-We gotta tell the crew.
-We'll tell them tonight after the battle.
-We're about to get this paper, dog.
All right, all right, all right.
That's time.
Time to see which one of these crews
y'all like best.
How about these folks right here?
All right, all right, all right.
What about this side here?
What's up?
Take it to that bank!
It would seem to me like the money
in the hat would go to your team.
But we have a little situation here.
David and Elgin's crew came up to me
right before this kicked off and said:
"Look here, Mr. Rad. We'd like to
challenge them for double or nothing."
The question is....
Look at me.
The question is, what you gonna do?
Sit down, take your time,
work it out amongst each other.
-Chatter, chatter, here we go.
-Let's do it, yo.
Then it's on.
-That's right! That's right!
-Yeah, boy!
Gather round, gather round.
Come on, come on.
That was hot, man.
Catch up with y'all later.
I got a date.
Rico, we need
a group discussion.
We just got a $5000 challenge from
some rich kid out of Orange County.
Show me the money. What-what!
Marty, can you get Oscar
to be down with us?
He don't battle no more.
-You think you could ask anyway?
-Yeah, I'll ask.
All right, cool.
Look, this is serious, y'all.
I'm talking practice every day,
even on the weekend.
Y'all gotta be on point.
If y'all ain't down that night... don't get that money.
-We gonna have to put money up?
-Me and D will put up money.
We gonna split 3000
and y'all divvy up the rest. Cool?
-I'm with it.
-I'm down.
Yeah, I'm ready to get pizz-aid!
I'm not with it. I mean, why y'all two
get 1 500 each?
We a crew. Win or lose as a team.
-They're putting the money up.
So? They getting it back.
It's like y'all making money off of us.
Sonny, why you tripping?
We gotta put the money up
to practice in the gym.
I think we should split
the whole 5000.
Then you put up 5000 for the battle.
And when we win, we'll all split it.
-That's what I thought.
-You wanna do this?
-Let's do it!
All right, I'm about to go get
our winnings from Mr. Rad.
-All right.
-What a night.
-Hey, Rico.
-What's up, Lil Saint?
Y'all was the bomb. When y'all gonna
let me get down with you?
Never, punk. You can't even move.
Rico, why you hang out with this
little thug? He ain't sh--
Look, why don't you mind
your business?
He got everybody hating on him.
It won't happen in front of me.
Sonny, you can't say nothing
about Lil Saint to Rico.
He'll kill somebody over him.
Ric, he worships the ground
you walk on.
But I ain't gonna lie,
he is a little badass.
And he does dance like a white boy.
I'm out of here. Come on, son,
let me take you home.
Who's hungry?
-Let's bounce. Let's bounce.
-I'm hungry.
You know what I mean?
-Man, that battle was crazy.
-All right, cool.
Hi. I told you I would see you soon.
I was at the battle.
I would have showed off
if I knew you was coming.
Wait, David.
I been knowing you all my life.
You think I like you or something?
-No, but--
-Because I do like you.
And the moment you all
have been waiting for.
Beautifull has arrived.
Oh, wait. Hold it.
Is this Mr. Man?
-How you doing?
-Girl. He's hot.
David, this is my crazy best friend,
And that's with two L's. You got
to accentuate the L's, you know?
Let it roll off your tongue.
-Oh, Beautifull.
-Nice to meet you.
-Nice to meet you too.
-Li, what you doing here?
-I got somebody to work for me.
-You shouldn't be missing work.
-You shouldn't be all up in her mix.
-Yo, D, we gotta bounce.
-Where you going?
-None of your business. Come on.
-All right, see y'all later.
Your brother's cute.
-Look, man, this the last time.
-You said that last time.
-Whatever. I don't want to hear it.
Y'all put up five grand
and we'll put up five grand,
Your crew versus our crew,
Straight up, We'll let you pick the--
Hey, Rico.
Hey, y'all hold up, all right?
-What up, little man?
-Hey, can I play? Can I play, please?
-Next time.
-Oh, man.
Just go chill. When I'm done,
I'll take you to go get some ice cream.
-All right.
-All right. For sure. Come on, y'all.
-Get it, get it, get it!
-Got him.
-Travel. What, y'all blind? He traveled.
-Come on...
-...quit crying. This is street ball.
-Still cheating.
When you gonna learn?
Can't battle us on stage or the court.
No matter what, we'll spank you.
We got all this right here.
-All this around here, player.
-Except for the girls.
I was with yours last night.
Ball up. No basket. We going back
this way. Here we go. Come on, y'all.
-~Keep the game going. I'll be back.
We were surprised
to hear from you.
-Didn't think you were up for a beating.
-We don't get beat.
This should be fun.
Next Saturday night,
the warehouse, 1 1.
-What's so funny?
-Your crew, man.
Y'all need a week?
These kids need a whole week.
To what, practice?
See, my crew, we don't practice.
-We just do it.
-So do we.
-So do it.
-Oh, we'll do it.
-Tonight then, baby boy?
-Tonight it's on.
And I ain't your baby boy.
Mr. Rad's warehouse. Y'all suckers
just make sure y'all there by sundown.
Just bring the 5 G's,
all right, man?
That's right.
We'll see who the sucker is.
Hey, yo, D.
Man, I gotta talk to you.
What's up?
What'd you get into?
Look, we battling Wade and his crew.
-Man, they try to clown us, D.
They said we're scared.
-I ain't scared. You?
-Hell, no.
Then what's stopping us
from taking they money tonight?
Nothing. Except we don't
have 5 G's to put up.
I got about 2 G's saved up
from Emerald.
-How much you got?
-About 1 500.
Come on, man. You know
I had to hit up the mall, man.
-So we got 3500.
-How we gonna get 1 500 by tonight?
I'll get the money.
You just get the crew together.
You crazy.
-But I always got your back, man.
-For sure.
That's what I like.
-Hey, baby. Grandmama's heart.
Come give me some sugar.
-How you feeling today, Grandma?
-Oh, well....
Got arthritis in my leg.
Threw my back out at bingo...
...because you know when I win,
I do my dance.
Blood pressure's up
and I think I done caught the gout.
But as you know,
I ain't one to complain.
-How are you?
-Okay, I guess.
-Something's wrong. I feel it.
-You having sex?
-Now, come on, Grandma.
I diapered it.
I can ask about it.
It's nothing like that.
I came by to say hi. That's all.
You talk to your grandmama.
Right now.
I need to borrow some money.
Tell me what you need the money for.
And don't lie to me.
This crew tried
to chump my crew today.
And I wasn't having it,
so I told them we'll battle tonight.
That's that pride talking.
You got that from your granddaddy.
-How much money you talking about?
-1 500.
That's a lot of money.
Granddaddy also taught me never
to give up.
You're a smooth talker like him too.
Well, let me see what I got
in my stash.
These kids sure get crazy.
-Here they come.
-Here they come.
I thought you said Sonny
was gonna meet us.
I told him I would pick him up,
but he said he had a ride.
-I'm gonna call him at his house.
-D, man, we can't afford to lose.
We never lose. Why start now?
-Hey, he not picking up.
-He'll be here.
-Mr. Rad.
-What you say, young blood?
-How you feeling?
It's a beautiful day in Mr. Rad's
neighborhood. It's $5000, man.
Reminds me of the good old days.
We used to race each other
for a quarter.
I win that quarter, we all be down at
the store licking on the same Popsicle.
-Here's the money.
Well, this is a little more money
than will fit in my hat... I got a little friend of mine
I'd like for y'all to meet up.
Mr. Chuck.
Mr. Chuck here is L.A.P D.
He's off-duty. He's just here to make
sure that everything goes accordingly.
Mr. Chuck, why don't you show
everybody what you're working with.
Everybody good with that?
Fine. Thank you, there, Mr. Chuck.
We'll keep this thing nice,
fair and square.
This a lot of money we talking about.
Money ain't the most important thing.
Friendship is the most important thing.
No matter what, win, lose or draw...
...we gonna be friends after this.
There will be no fighting.
We understand each other?
All right, let's do this.
Hey, guys, Sonny's here.
-What's up, Sonny?
-Yo, Sonny!
Yo, Sonny, what's up, man?
I forgot to tell you.
We got a surprise guest.
Go ahead, David!
You peeping this, man?
They're taking all our moves.
That's our move right there.
That's your move right there.
-That's your move right there.
-He sold us out.
Sonny sold us out.
You all right?
Look what they're doing to it.
Get back!
What's the matter with you?
I said, in the beginning, no fighting!
You don't come in here with all that!
We gonna do this the right way!
All right, now,
by round of applause.
All right, I've got it.
I said, I got it. I got it!
That's right, baby.
-Let's do this again.
-We'd love to take your money.
-Back over there. Get back!
But this ain't fair.
Y'all stole our moves!
You just mad.
Because tonight
you suckers got served.
Get your head up.
You lost the money. It's gone.
You can't lay around
in your misery too long.
Do not walk out of this place
and start to second-guess your talent.
You got your ass whupped tonight.
But I done seen y'all whup many a ass
right in this same place.
Now you lost. Tell you something
my father told me, remember this:
If it don't kill you,
it make you stronger.
I can't take this tonight, man.
El. El.
Sonny gonna get his.
Don't worry about that.
Let's go.
-Tell me last night didn't happen.
-lt happened.
Damn. Tell me Sonny didn't dis us
and Wade didn't play us for $5000.
We can make some
of that back tonight.
Emerald said we could roll.
-That's straight.
-I'm still bugging, though, D.
How the hell we lose 5 G's
in 1 0 minutes, man?
-What was we thinking?
-I just didn't know they were so shady.
Man, I know I didn't.
-Looking for a new man?
-What about your crew?
They don't battle if they don't win.
So what's up, El? D? Can I be down?
Sure, man. Cool, cool.
Yo, ball up.
-Teams? Y'all not on teams, man.
I'm gonna head out, man.
I gotta do something.
-What time will you swoop me up?
-Meet you there.
I'll meet you there.
I'm always on time. 1 0:00, all right?
-Hey, could you spot me a 20, dog?
I don't got it.
-Man, all I got is $1 0.
-That's straight. See y'all later, man.
-Let's do it.
-Y'all wanna run threes?
-Who you blowing your horn at?
We are ladies, okay? You are
supposed to say, "Excuse me, miss."
-It's David.
-I know.
Excuse me, miss. How are you today?
You see? That was much better.
-What are you doing here?
-I came to pick up my girl.
And you? What you doing here?
Where you going?
-Wherever my man wants to take me.
-Okay, then.
So, Beautifull,
you need us to drop you off?
I push my own wheels.
Thank you. Have fun.
Oh, what's up, Rashann?
Yeah. Yeah, man, I'm cool.
Hey, let me call you back,
though, all right?
Everybody still tripping
off the battle.
I hate that I can't do anything
to cheer you up.
No, this is good.
What's up, Marty?
I'm gonna call you back, all right?
All right.
Now, what were you saying?
Something like
you was all in love with me?
-I didn't say that.
-No, but you was thinking that.
-Hold on, hold on.
-Come on, dog!
-I need you to come through earlier.
-Earlier? How early?
-Now? Come on, I need a minute.
-Want me to give it to somebody else?
-No, no, no. Look, I'll be there.
-What's up?
-I gotta get up out of here, Vick.
I'll holler at you later, dog.
Let's go, ball up!
D, come on, man, where you at?
-I know you did not turn off my phone.
-Yes, I did.
No more calls.
You're with your boys every day.
And when you're with me...'re all mine.
I see you got attitude.
I like it.
That's a lot of merchandise, player.
We can handle it.
-Where's your partner?
-He gonna meet me at the spot.
Come on, D, pick up, man. Pick up.
Damn. Yo, D, it's El, man.
Where you at? I'm at the spot.
Look, plans got moved up.
Hit me back soon as you get this.
Better yet, just come the hell over!
Hey, it's dark outside. What time is it?
I was supposed to hook up
with your brother.
Eight messages?
Dang, somebody blowing me up.
It better be your boys.
-Who is it?
-ls he all right?
All right, tell him to sit tight.
I'm on my way.
-El! El, are you okay?
-Yo, El, we came as soon as we heard.
Oh, so now you want to show up?
Don't say nothing.
I don't want to hear it.
-What happened?
-You left me out hanging, that's what!
Hooking up with my sister
was more important.
-Shut up, Liyah!
Just so you know...
...we ain't cool.
We ain't boys. We ain't nothing.
I swear you ain't getting
with my sister.
-I turned off his phone.
-I could be dead right now!
You gonna stand in my face
and take up for him?
Go home and stop acting like a ho!
Hey! ~Keep it down.
Don't be talking to her like that.
Whatever I say to her ain't got nothing
to do with you. Get out my face, D!
-You all are gonna have to leave.
-I'm out.
-My man is tripping.
-El is on--
You got busy with his sister
and left him?
I don't roll like that.
I'm sorry, dog, but you do, man.
I mean, you did it with Dawn,
...and with the triplets--
-You killing me.
-It's true, though.
-You always leave us hanging.
-Not this time.
I wouldn't do it.
And Liyah just ain't some girl.
-I'm out, man. Out.
Why are you sitting here in the dark?
About what?
About a lot.
I can't play ball.
Can't get with my crew.
All because my leg is messed up.
This ain't never gonna be the same.
Sitting in here for three days straight...
...mad at the world
isn't gonna change anything.
And, El... need to call David.
-I'm caught out because of him.
-Why blame him?
-He was hooking up...
-...instead of taking care of business.
-But I already told you--
Emerald don't give a damn
about why David didn't show up.
All Emerald cares about
is the stuff that I got jacked for.
Liyah, where am I supposed to get
the money to pay Emerald back?
Maybe David can talk to Emerald.
-He wants to help.
-I don't need nobody to do nothing.
I'll handle Emerald.
And how you know
David wants to help?
Didn't I tell you to stay away?
-Elgin, don't start.
-He's playing you, Liyah.
Now, stay away from him.
Yo, D, Lil Saint keep bugging me
about joining the crew.
-Little man can't dance.
-I could work with him.
-Or he could be, like, our mascot.
That's a good idea. What you think?
-I'm cool with that. Call him over.
-Hey, Lil Saint, come here.
-What's up, Ric?
-He is so cute.
You one of us now, Saint.
-For real?
That's right. You in the crew now.
Yeah, Rico, I'm just like you now.
You got to keep the deal: no cursing,
hustling, no getting in trouble.
No running with them dudes
you've been with.
Yeah, them dudes
you running with ain't safe.
-It's my word.
-Okay. Practice, 6:00 tomorrow.
-All right, boy. Get out of here.
-All right, Saint, man.
-Has anybody talked to El?
-No, he won't accept my calls.
-Mine either.
-I been trying to reach out to him.
Everybody's talking about your beef.
Forget that. I'm talking
about your Oscar hookup.
-ls he gonna be down with us?
-He ain't into battles no more.
Man, he's into the pureness of the art.
He's all spiritual and whatnot.
If there's anything we can do
to get him, holler.
I'm about to go shoot some hoops.
You wanna come?
No, I'll catch up with y'all later.
-For sure.
-All right, man.
Come on, Saint.
-Your boy is really tripping.
-Did you tell him I called?
Yes, but he bugs out
every time I say your name.
We been boys for too long
for it to end like this.
Please don't tell him I told you...
...but El's in trouble.
When the guys jumped him,
they took Emerald's stuff.
I thought it happened
before Emerald's.
-Can you please talk to Emerald?
There ain't no talking to that man.
I gotta help El get this money.
And I was supposed to be with him
that night.
-Liyah, what you doing here?
-Hey, you tripping!
-I'm tired--
-Don't disrespect me!
-You disrespect me by putting your--
-Go home!
-What's wrong with you?
-You lost your mind!
We were trying to figure out how
to help you.
And you come in here and pull this?
Here you go.
Here you go.
You know what they say.
Hot chocolate make the pain go away.
-Who says that?
Anything's that hot and chocolate, girl,
you know you can't go wrong.
I can't believe Elgin
put his hands on you.
I would have took my shoe off
and did damage.
-Things are so messed up.
-You think?
There ain't no thinking about it, girl,
you in love.
I mean, David is not like these
other Joes you been kicking it with.
And Beautifull is here
to keep it real with you.
This is that Mary J. Blige, real love.
I was like this with my boo.
-You call all of your men boo.
Remember? He was my first love.
Then there was Toby-boo
and now Lamar. He's my boobie-boo.
But what I'm saying is, I know
what real love looks like. Okay?
And you in love, child.
And you know what?
You can stay here
as long as you need to.
You know you my girl
and that I got you.
-Thanks, B.
-You're welcome.
Now, I'm gonna get my makeup kit...
...and we gonna have a girls' night,
have some fun.
-I'm gonna get your money soon.
I'm just glad you're alive,
thank the Lord.
-I can't believe--
-Grandma. Hi.
Hey, if it ain't my future doctor.
How's school?
Oh, I could have done better
on my exams, but I had a lot going on.
You always make me proud.
I'm worried about you
and your brother.
What's this your mama tells me
about you not speaking?
Look here. Whatever's going on,
I want it to stop right now.
Do you understand? Start talking.
-He hit me.
-No, I didn't!
Have you lost your mind?
You never put your hand
on any woman.
-She better stay away from David.
-I'm gonna see him.
Do it and see what I do to him.
Wait, you know what?
You win, okay?
So I won't see him.
-You happy?
-For sure.
I hate you.
Liyah, baby.
Sit your ass down.
Now, you leave that girl alone.
I'm not telling you
you can't protect your sister.
But if she's making a mistake, you got
to let her so she can learn from it.
Do you understand?
I asked you a question.
Elgin Barrett Eugene Smith lll.
Do you hear me?
Yes, ma'am.
Okay, then.
I gotta get going.
Come on and walk an old woman
out to her car.
My feet feel so swollen
it's like walking on water.
Bye, baby.
I heard you got a beat-down.
Yeah, I got jacked.
Look, I was gonna call you
soon as I got your money.
I didn't want to disturb you until then.
I called you 1 0 times...
...and you don't return my call?
-No. I mean, yeah, I was going--
-Now you want to talk?
I didn't tell you to talk!
I'll talk. You listen!
I don't know where you're gonna get
the money from to pay me back.
But I do know you'll make a valiant
effort in that regard. Am I right?
Now you talk.
I could work it off.
Your days as a courier
for me are over.
How do I know you didn't set this up
yourself to get my money?
-Look, I didn't even know--
-Hey, I don't trust nobody!
In my eyes, you're guilty
until proven innocent.
I want my money.
You'll get your money.
Now, that's what I wanna hear.
I'll even let you tell me when you can
get me my money.
Six months?
I usually say 24 hours.
But since your partner called me
and begged me... leave you in one piece...
...I'm gonna give you a few weeks.
Don't play me, El.
You do...'ll never walk...
...Iet alone dance, again.
Now, excuse yourself.
Yo, D!
Marty, work with them.
What's up, man?
Your new crew's wack!
Where did you get them?
-Why you busting my crew out, man?
-Go sit down.
Hey, Ric, man, you taking
this loyalty thing a little too far.
I mean, if you got down with me
and Marty, El won't care. I need you.
We'll be up against another crew
in a few days.
We'll be up against another crew
in a few days.
Wanna make some money?
I'm always down to make money,
but I can't.
I saw El the other day.
He got a new crew too.
-Yeah, and I'll tell you like I told him.
It just don't feel right.
You and El is like Shaq and ~Kobe.
Together y'all do damage.
It ain't the same
when one's not in the game.
Look, y'all both my boys, but if I can't
never get the old crew back... and Saint just might have
to do our own thing.
The way El's acting...
...I don't think we
ever gonna be cool.
Look, man, let me get back.
All right?
Yo, Saint, let's roll.
You and me.
Right now. Look, look.
That ain't even cool, man.
It don't matter.
Let's bounce.
Yo, D.
-What's up, Ric?
-What's up, player?
Chilling. That jersey's tight.
Where'd you get that?
Rico got it for me.
-Rico take good care of you, don't he?
Watch out, man.
I ain't gonna have much more
of you swinging.
-lf you hadn't left him out in the cold--
-I didn't. This between me and my boy.
-He ain't your boy.
-Chill, Vick.
-Why you trying to start?
-What you wanna do?
-Yeah, what you wanna do?
-Hold up. This ain't going down.
Y'all mad at the wrong people.
Y'all need to throw that hate
towards Wade and them.
All I'm saying is, you need to find
the love again, because this... ain't right.
-Come on, Saint. We out.
-Yeah, we out.
-What's up, Ric?
-The Big Bounce...
...that's what's up.
Check this out. Read this.
Fifty thousand dollars?
Yes, man. Enough money
to change our lives.
Look, a chance to be
in a music video.
I'm talking putting some kids
on the map.
-And getting paid.
-Yes, man, it's ours.
Tailor-made for us, El.
I been praying
for something like this.
I owe Emerald a lot of money, man.
And this could be my only way
to pay him back.
And I could pay
my grandmama back.
Man, I gotta win.
Yeah, we can win.
-But you gotta get David in--
-Ain't no David, man.
Think Wade's crew gonna get in?
You know it. They already saying
the Big Bounce is theirs.
No, not this time.
Wade ain't getting this.
This is mine.
-Fifty thousand dollars?
-And a shot to rock a music video.
We gotta do it with the old crew.
-Rashann, Saint, El--
No, man.
I'm tired of El dissing me.
I'm gonna win this money, then break
him off some so I don't owe him.
But that's just the way that story ends.
I'll catch up with you. 50,000!
Hey, what's up, y'all?
I'm La La from MTV...
...and I'm chilling
at the L.A. Convention Center... sunny Southern California.
I'm surrounded by crews.
It is the semifinals
of the Big Bounce competition.
It has been off the hook
for real, for real...
...and I'm gonna keep you updated
on what's going down.
Mr. Rad, come here. I want you
to meet my friend, Beautifull.
-Hey, Beautiful.
-That's Beautifull with two L's.
Nice to meet you.
So, what's going on
with David and Elgin out here?
I been trying to talk to these two.
I can't seem to get through.
They need to stop
all this messing around.
Wait a minute,
are y'all feeling this right now?
I'm talking about the hottest crews
from Los Angeles, California...
...competing for $50,000!
Do y'all hear me? $50,000 for real!
Mr. Rad, I'm really worried
about Elgin.
Liyah, I've known you kids around
this neighborhood all your life.
There's one person that you can
talk to around here, that's Mr. Rad.
Now, come on.
Elgin owes Emerald
a lot of money and--
Ain't nothing to worry yourself about.
I done took care of that.
-But how--?
-I got a friend, Mr. Chuck...
...and neither David nor Elgin
have anything to worry about.
Let's just say...
...that Mr. Emerald has had
what they call a little change of heart.
-But how did you know--?
-Mr. Rad knows everything...
...that goes down
in Mr. Rad's neighborhood.
-And I took care of that.
-Thank you.
We should tell David and Elgin.
They're freaked out about it.
Oh, no, no, no. Let's just let them
keep on freaking out.
That'll be good.
Might get some sense into their heads.
Because if they don't pull it together,
little Wade or whatever his name is...
...he'll walk away
with this money again for sure.
Here's the deal.
...but only five are gonna make it
to the finals tomorrow.
And the winners are gonna appear... multi-platinum recording artist--
Y'all ain't ready. Lil' ~Kim's video.
There go Dave's crew right there.
Let's go, D!
That's a damn shame.
Where your boy Saint?
Ain't he supposed to be here?
He, like, the little mascot,
ain't he?
Yeah, for sure,
but I ain't seen him all day.
Man! I'm La La. I'll be back tomorrow
for the finals, so stay tuned.
-I knew you'd be here.
-What's up, stranger?
So is there any brains on that menu
or common sense... can order?
-Not now.
When? Someone needs to let him and
El know how ridiculous they're being.
I'm gonna get with a crew myself
and make me a video...
-...and get some money.
-Can you give us a minute, please?
You want me to go sit
at a table by myself...
...Iooking all lonely?
Yes. I'll be over there soon.
I came here to make sure
you were okay.
I'd be a lot better if we were together.
Look, I'm not trying to stress you.
My crew lost to El.
Even with all our drama,
something in me was cool with it.
I hope he wins.
I know he needs it.
-You seen Rico?
-I think he's with El and Vick.
We got to find Ric. Saint got shot.
-My God! What happened?
He was with Lanky and Bug
and some dude sprayed the car.
-How is he?
-ls he okay?
I heard he got hit twice,
but the hospital's giving no info.
-We gotta find Ric.
-I'm going.
No. I don't feel like dealing
with your brother, okay? Trust me.
Miss, I'm looking for my brother.
-What's his name?
-Teshawn Miller.
-We call him Lil Saint.
Teshawn's family left
about an hour ago.
He's not my brother,
but blood couldn't make us any closer.
-We need to see him, okay?
-You wait in the waiting room.
Come on, y'all.
-How's Saint?
-Did you see him yet?
-Not yet.
-There anything we can do?
No. We just wanna see Saint.
We're waiting to see Teshawn.
~Kids, I think you should talk
to Teshawn's family.
Doc, no disrespect,
but we are Teshawn's family.
All right?
-I can appreciate that, but--
-But what?
What, do you want it in writing?
What do I have to tell you?
I mean, he eats in my crib, I buy him
clothes, I keep him out of trouble.
I'm closer to that kid than anybody.
Just let me go in, all right?
I just wanna let him know I'm here.
I know he's looking for me.
Look, we'll all wait out here
if you could just let Rico go in, Doc.
Look, I'm sorry
to have to tell you this...
...but Teshawn died a few hours ago.
-A bullet...
...pierced his lung and caused
severe internal bleeding.
We tried to contain it.
We tried to revive him.
He didn't come back.
There's nothing more we could do.
I'm so sorry.
No, man! Just let me go!
-What's up, Ric?
-What's up?
-How you holding up, man?
-I'm all right.
El, I been thinking, though.
I was always going on to Lil Saint
about how important friendship is...
...and how you gotta look out
for family and friends.
You know what he would say?
He said, "Like Elgin and David do?"
El, I wanna be in the competition.
You can get down with me
and my crew.
I don't wanna just get down,
I wanna win.
That's what I'm saying.
We'll get this paper.
It's about more than money.
Look, I wanna be the man
Lil Saint thought I was.
Hasn't losing Lil Saint made you
realize life is too short for all of this?
We need David to do it as a team.
-Look, we don't have David.
-You could.
I told him to come over here
so I could talk to him.
-I said you were at Grandma's.
-You and Ric set me up?
Look, you call it what you want, man,
but we need to end this now.
-Hey, D.
-What's up?
-What's up, Ric?
-What's up?
I stopped by Lil Saint's mom's earlier.
She not doing too good.
I know. I just came from there.
Why am I here?
We want you and El
to stop the madness.
El, I wish you the best of luck,
all right, bro?
Stop being so stubborn
and at least listen!
Ain't nothing to talk about.
Ain't gonna happen.
This feud is stupid, selfish
and it affects a lot of people.
Rico and the crew
have been down with y'all for years.
Don't they deserve the chance
to win this competition?
And you're always talking
about how you'll help Mama.
If you win this, you could help her.
You're not gonna win this competition
without David and you know it.
Come on, y'all, let's just do it for
Lil Saint. I mean, he loved the crew.
If he'd been in the battle
with one of y'all crews...
...he wouldn't have been in that car.
He'd be here right now.
But the rules say
the crews are locked down.
And you gotta compete
with whatever crew you started with.
Dang, that's messed up.
Look, I'm sorry, Ric.
David ain't getting down with my crew
no matter what.
Wish your brother good luck for me.
What's up, what's up? This is La La
from MTV. Check it out.
Do you see all these people?
This is not a joke.
It is day two, the finals
of the Big Bounce Competition.
Five of the dopest crews are left
and only one crew... going home $50,000 richer...
...and only one crew is gonna get
to appear in Lil' ~Kim's new video.
Hey, guys, look what we have here.
Gonna use them tired-ass
moves again?
You funny now, but you won't be
when we get on the floor.
Yeah, we'll see who gets
the last laugh.
Do you think you know who's gonna
be the hottest crew in Cali?
You gotta stay tuned
right here to find out.
-What's up, Vick?
-What's up, El?
She just needed the official name
for the crew.
-What did you tell her?
-We gotta get busy.
-Where the kneepads?
-Right here.
-Y'all ready?
-Look at this.
-All right.
-All right. You ready?
Sure, I'm ready.
Make some noise!
Ladies and gentlemen.
Man, y'all are in for a treat.
Whichever crew wins today, you're
gonna wanna remember their faces...
...because the next time you'll see
them will be Lil' ~Kim's new video.
Give it up for Lil' ~Kim!
Now, for those of you who don't know,
my name's Wade Robson.
Thank you.
Now, I've choreographed some
of the hottest videos ever to hit MTV.
I've worked with artists such as
Britney Spears, NSYNC...
-...Pink, Mya...
-He's so cute!
-He tight!
...but I've never seen anything...
...Iike what these crews
have done here.
So I want y'all to give it up
for Wade's Crew.
Settle down, settle down,
settle down, settle down.
All right, next up,
we got Bug and His Boys.
We got the Furious Females!
The Pomona Pit Bulls!
Last but not least,
the Lil Saints.
So without further ado...
...Iadies and gentleman,
it's showtime!
Yo, yo, yo, this is wild.
This is the bomb!
It's about to get crazy
up in here!
Now, this right here
is what I call a real competition.
I'm so glad
I'm not one of those judges.
This is gonna be
a really tough call.
Settle down, settle down.
Man, this is gonna be
a really tough decision.
All the crews were incredible, right?
Give them some love!
They deserve it.
Let's see what the judges think.
That's ridiculous.
You can't do that.
What is this?
All right, everybody.
Listen up.
All the crews were hot.
They all did their thing.
But looks like we've got
ourselves a tie.
Well, the winners are...
...both Wade's Crew...
...and the Lil Saints.
That's wack.
We ain't tied with these busters.
You're right,
because we're better than you.
Man, better than you'll ever be.
Look, listen to me.
You cannot do this to these boys.
This ain't just a prize to them.
This is bigger than that.
This is Tyson and Holyfield to them.
You gotta pick a winner.
He's right.
-But what do you want me to do?
-These dudes are gonna fight.
What did I tell you?
Get over there!
Wait a minute!
What's the matter with you?
...Little Miss ~Kim, trust me on this.
You have to let these boys battle it out.
Listen, this how it work.
This is crew against crew.
Just like we do it on the streets.
-Just like that.
See, now you're talking.
-That what I'm talking about.
All right, everybody.
We decided to take it to the streets!
These two crews are gonna battle
it out for you, straight street-style.
Listen up...
...y'all tear this mother up.
Get grimy and dirty.
Straight street.
-How street you want us to get?
-You know how I like it, baby.
Straight hood.
No rules?
Hell, no. Just do the damn thing.
No rules.
-So y'all adding people to the party?
-What, you got a problem with it?
I'm cool. Remember, no rules.
Let's do this!
Hey, Oscar, what's up, man?
Thanks for coming.
-Thought you don't battle no more.
-This isn't about that.
It's about Lil Saint and your crew.
It's all love.
-Hey, Marty, what-what?
-Let's go, let's go!
-We got this.
Still missing one by my count.
All right, let's do this.
-No, we got it.
Come on, let's bury this.
Let me help.
Look, El, it's either David
and all of us...
...or it's none of us.
El, remember, man, we're a team.
Let's do this.
Okay, here's how it's gonna go down.
The beat will play for five minutes.
When I yell "stop," that's it.
...the audience will decide
who's gonna take home the money...
...and who's gonna be
in my new video.
So may the dopest crew win.
DJ, drop it like it's hot.
All right, listen up, y'all.
Listen up, y'all.
God, now that Lil Saint's with you,
we ask you to bless him.
We ask you to bless our family,
our friends, our crew.
-Give us the strength to win this battle.
In your name we pray. Amen.
Lil Saint, this one's for you, baby!
Let's go!
Back off, back off, back off!
Yeah! That was insane.
Man, that's love.
All right, settle down, settle down.
Settle down.
Settle down!
Settle down.
Man, both crews were incredible.
It's ridiculous.
Damn, my heart's beating fast too.
That was crazy.
Right now we're about to find out
who's the best on the scene.
First up...
...I want y'all to give it up
for Wade's Crew!
Okay, okay. Nice.
Settle down a little bit.
...the Lil Saints!
Yeah! All right. All right.
All right, settle down! Settle down.
All right.
Lil' ~Kim and myself would like
to present the Lil Saints...
...with the Big Bounce $50,000 award!
-You did it, man.
-No, we did it.
El, my boy.
That's all you got for your girl?
Yo, this is bullshit, man.
We had you.
-This ain't over yet.
-lt is now, baby boy.
Y'all just mad. Because today... suckers got served.
Served. Served.
Served! Served!
Oh, my God! Oh, my God!
The Lil Saints have won $50,000!
I'm La La! I'm out of here!
Peace, y'all!